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Comparing Two Democrats: Confederate Jefferson Davis and Joseph Robinette Biden, Jr.

Some would say that America is now in a second Civil War.

The first Civil War was between the Confederates and Union and lasted from April 12, 1861 to April 9, 1865. Elected President of the Confederate States of America was former Democrat Senator Jefferson Davis.

Davis was a compromise candidate chosen to appease both the moderate and radical factions in the Congress.

When the newly formed Confederacy opened fire on Fort Sumter on April 12, 1861, Grant wrote that, There are but two parties now: traitors and patriots. And I want hereafter to be ranked with the latter.” 

Motivated by love for his country, Grant decided to help the Union cause by serving again in the Army under President Abraham Lincoln.

Fast forward 160 years later to January 20, 2021 and the inauguration of former Democrat Senator Joseph Robinette Biden, Jr. as president of the United States of America.

Biden was also a compromise candidate chosen to appease both the moderate and radical factions of the Democrat Party and Democrat members of the U.S. Congress.

The American Civil War 2.0

The first America Civil War was about seceding from the Union and embracing enslaving of blacks. The first civil war became an armed conflict.

According to the American Battlefield Trust, “The Civil War was America’s bloodiest conflict.  The unprecedented violence of battles such as Shiloh, Antietam, Stones River, and Gettysburg shocked citizens and international observers alike.  Nearly as many men died in captivity during the Civil War as were killed in the whole of the Vietnam War.  Hundreds of thousands died of disease.  Roughly 2% of the population, an estimated 620,000 men, lost their lives in the line of duty.  Taken as a percentage of today’s population, the toll would have risen as high as 6 million souls.

During his 2nd Inaugural Address on March 4, 1865,  President Abraham Lincoln said, “Fondly do we hope, fervently do we pray, that this mighty scourge of war may speedily pass away. Yet, if God wills that it continue until all the wealth piled by the bondsman’s two hundred and fifty years of unrequited toil shall be sunk, and until every drop of blood drawn with the lash shall be paid by another drawn with the sword, as was said three thousand years ago, so still it must be said ‘the judgments of the Lord are true and righteous altogether’.”

American Civil War 2.0 is about destroying our Constitutional Republic and replacing it with a one world order. It also requires the enslaving of the American people.

It is yet to be seen if it will become a fully armed conflict, although we are witnessing groups like the pro-Hamas supporters calling for “the death of America” and their storming of the White House and violent marches across America waving the flag of the terrorist group Hamas and the burning of the American flag.

WATCH: Note that this group is called “pro-Palestinian” rather than pro-Hezbollah, note the Hezbollah flag in the background.

The American Civil War 2.0 is in essence not seceding from the United States but rather destroying it from within by a cabal of traitors.

Abraham Lincoln wrote, “America will never be destroyed from the outside. If we falter and lose our freedoms, it will be because we destroyed ourselves.”

This effort is spearheaded by an alliance of four groups.

The Red-Green-Rainbow Alliance

An alliance of four groups is the new Confederacy. These four groups are:

  1. The Reds. The Marxists, Leninists, Communists who want to destroy our merit based economy and replace it with a state run and highly regulated dictatorship, much like Cuba. The economy is now controlled by Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) policies at every corporation and business in America. Simply put, ESG measures how a company operates while impact measures what a company does.
  2. The Green Islamists. The Islamists are anti-American, anti-Semitic, anti-Christian and anti-Israel. It has become a driving force globally and across America after the unprovoked October 7th massacre by Hamas.
  3. The Green Eco-Nazis’ Movement. This movement is bent on taking total control of two things: oil and CO2. Taking control of our oil means controlling all aspects of our economy from the automobile industry with all electric vehicles, to how one heats and cools their homes, to the cost of transporting goods and services across America. Control of CO2 is control over our food supply. Plants require CO2 to produce oxygen and food. Control of CO2 emissions leads to increased control over the food supply.
  4. The Rainbow Alliance. The LGBTQIE movement has taken control of our children from K-24, demanding the right to castrate oneself, causing massive gender confusion and has lead to the implementation of diversity, equity and inclusion programs from the schoolhouse to the White House and from the school room to every corporate board room in America. This movement is set on destroying our faith, families and taking away our freedoms.

Here is the most accurate summary titled “The Hour is Getting Late” of Donald J. Trump and why he must win on November 5th, 2024. 

The Bottom Line

When in a Civil War one needs a wartime President.

In a January 9th, 2021 article Cherie Zaslawsky wrote, “Those with the stomach to watch the proceedings in Congress on January 6th witnessed a shameful display of cowardice, deceit, ignorance and treasonous collusion as most of the members in both houses, but especially the Senate, couldn’t sell out their country fast enough.

At the time  retired United States Air Force Lieutenant General Thomas McEnerny said:

“He [President Trump] has got to declare a national emergency…He should also use The Insurrection Act because we have an insurrection right now in this country…The Democratic perpetrators of this, plus the Russians, Chinese and Iran, have not disguised this cyber warfare on America… This is treason, folks! This is war!”

Stewart Rhodes, the founder of Oath Keepers, put it this way, in an open letter to President Trump:

“It’s time to honor [your] oath by defending the Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic. This is your moment of destiny. Will you take your place in history as the savior of our Republic, right up there with President Washington and Lincoln? Or will you fail to act, while you still can, and leave office on January 20, 2021, leaving We the People to fight a desperate revolution/civil war against an illegitimate usurper and his Chicom puppet regime?

You must act NOW as a wartime President, pursuant to your oath to defend the Constitution, which is very similar to the oath all of us veterans swore. We are already in a fight. It’s better to wage it with you as Commander-in-Chief than to have you comply with a fraudulent election, leave office, and leave the White House in the hands of illegitimate usurpers and Chinese puppets. Please don’t do it. Do NOT concede, and do NOT wait until January 20, 2021. Strike now.”

We know what President Donald J. Trump must do when inaugurated on January 20th, 2025.

He must drain the swamp from the schoolhouse to the White House, completely and totally.

©2024. Dr. Rich Swier. All rights reserved.

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Transcript of the recorded Interview of Joseph Robinette Biden, Jr. by Special Counsel Robert Hur, et.al.

Below is the recorded interview now transcribed by and between Special Counsel Robert Hur, Deputy Special Counsel Marc Krickbaum, Assistant Special Counsel for the DOJ (name redacted), two Special Agents with the FBI (names redacted), White House Counsel Edward Siskel, White House Counsel Richard Sauber, White House Counsel Rachel Cotton and Joseph Robinett Biden, Jr.

Here are snippets of Hur’s testimony before Congress:

This interview created quite a political storm as you will recall, suggesting Biden would not be capable of presenting well as a witness in a jury situation given his age and noticeable inability to testify clearly and memorably.

You be the judge.

Transcript of the recorded Interview of Joseph Robinette Biden, Jr. by Special Counsel Robert Hu, et.al.

©2024. Lyle J. Rapacki, Ph.D. All rights reserved.


EAGLE PASS, TEXAS: President Donald J. Trump ‘We’re going to take care’ of the dangerous border!

President Donald J. Trump visited Eagle Pass, Texas,  ground zero and the epicenter for criminal illegal aliens crossing the border.

Eagle Pass, Texas has become a symbol of Joseph Robinette Biden, Jr.’s now clear policy to destroy America, its culture and it people by flooding our nation with millions of cartel members, criminals, Chinese Communists, and Islamic terrorists who hate us and our Constitutional republic.

President Trump during his visit to Eagle Pass, Texas confirmed that he spoke with the parents of Laken Riley. Laken Riley was a student at the University of Georgia who was brutally murdered by an illegal alien from Venezuela.

While President Donald J. Trump visited Eagle Pass, Texas, Joseph Robinette Biden, Jr. visited Brownsville, Texas.

Here’s why Biden avoided Eagle Pass, Texas

President Donald J. Trump at the Eagle Pass, Texas border 

Here are a series of posts on X of President Donald J. Trump at Eagle Pass, Texas where he met with Governor Abbott, Franklin Graham, the Texas National Guard, and U.S. border patrol agents:

The Bottom Line

It is now clear that there are only two choices on the 2024 Presidential ballot.

  1. Voting for Biden who wants our borders to remain open and he wants to use American taxpayers dollars to financially support millions of cartel members, criminals, Chinese Communists, and Islamic terrorists who hate us and our Constitutional republic.
  2. Voting for President Donald J. Trump who wants to close the border, build the wall, deport millions of cartel members, criminals, Chinese Communists, and Islamic terrorists who hate us and our Constitutional republic,  in order to make Americans and America great again.

This post on X says it best:

Choose wisely on November 5th, 2024.

©2024. Dr. Rich Swier. All rights reserved.


CHUCK DEVORE: Dueling Visits Show Biden’s Border Crisis Is The Defining Issue Of 2024

Biden Visits One Of Border’s Slowest Sectors To Blame Congress, Talk Climate Change

‘Doesn’t Have A Clue’: Texas Lt Gov Dan Patrick Rips Biden’s Border Guidance, Lays Out What State Would Do

‘To Let More People In?’: Judge Jeanine Snaps After Dem Panelist Says Biden Needs Congress To Solve Border Crisis

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VIDEO: RFK, Jr. warns the DNC is planning to steal the Democrat primary election and give it to Biden

In an email containing the below video titled “This is about you” Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. explains what is going to happen on September 14th, 2023 in Washington, D.C., when the Democratic National Committee (DNC) will meet to confirm the party’s rules or make changes which could amount to stuffing the primary election delegate ballot box.

WATCH: This is About You

In his email JFK, Jr. wrote,

Here’s how it works: Let’s say a candidate gets 60% of the vote in a primary. In a fair election, they would get 60% of the delegates allocated.

However, in 2020 the DNC created a new kind of delegate: the PLEO (Party Leaders and Elected Officials). Only these officials are eligible. They are to be allocated according to vote totals, but since no official will dare provoke the wrath of the DNC by pledging to an insurgent candidate like myself, it means that all of them will go to President Joe Biden.

What that means is that I could win 60% or even 70% of the vote, and still the nomination would go to Joe Biden.

This scheme is a way to stack the deck in favor of party insiders. The DNC is returning to the days of choosing the nominee in backroom political deals. It is a blatant form of election rigging. 

They also have switched the first primary to South Carolina (where Biden did well in the 2020 primary) and taken it away from New Hampshire (where he lost badly). To enforce the switch, they are punishing any candidate who campaigns there by nullifying the NH vote and removing them from the ballot in Georgia, of all places.

I am taking this fight, on behalf of all voters, to the DNC. I have publicly called for real reform, where every vote counts. I have asked to meet with the DNC this week. No response yet.

You can help me show the DNC that the voters want real democracy…

Many expect that after the DNC steals their own primary election that they will then steal the 2024 presidential election as well. As George Santayana said, “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.”

Remember how the DNC did this to Bernie Sanders and gave the nomination to Hillary Clinton?

©2023. Dr. Rich Swier. All rights reserved.


The Politics of MLK Day on January 17th, 2022

Martin Luther King, Jr.: “I have a dream.”

In 1964, LBJ announced his Great Society which was meant to eliminate poverty and racial injustice… to make the dream come true. Since then, $50 Trillion (in net present value) was spent on that Great Society for Affirmative Action which included bussing students to far-away schools, special loans for Blacks, Black employment quotas, Black promotion quotas, preferences for Blacks for college enrollments, and preferences for Blacks for doing business with the federal government.

What are the results after almost 60 years of this Affirmative Action?

  • Blacks have 4 to 5 times more children raised without fathers per capita than the rest of society.
  • Blacks commit 4 to 5 times more violent crimes per capita than the rest of society.
  • Blacks have the lowest scholastic achievement of any groups.
  • Poverty levels are unchanged.
  • Blacks have the highest unemployment rate of any groups.
  • The USA is more racially divided. BLM. Antifa. Black National Anthem. Kaepernick. Smollett. Cancel Culture. Take a knee. Critical Race Theory. NEA. Biased movies, TV, and commercials that alienate white Americans.
  • Maxine Waters.

The fact is this: of the 5 to 10 million Blacks who came to the USA, less than 10% of them (about 500,000) came as slaves. And many of them were slaves because other Blacks in Africa sold them into slavery.

More than 90% of Black immigrants to the USA migrated to the USA after the Civil War willingly as free persons. They were treated no differently than the immigrants from Ireland, Poland, Mexico, Syria, Viet Nam, Philippines, China, etc. Blacks came to the USA for the same reason as other immigrants… because the USA provides a much better life for them than the countries that they left.

Democrats/liberals/socialists have misrepresented that fact, they rubbed race raw, purely for political gain.

Democrats propose more of the same Affirmative Action now so they can maintain 90% of Black votes. Without that 90% of Black votes, Democrats have no party. Democrats propose special voting rights for Blacks in conflict with states’ rights as per the Constitution. Liberal media and entertainment have Blacks overly dominating movies, TV, and commercials even though Blacks are only 12% of the population.

A liberal friend argued that an over-representation of Blacks on TV, in movies, and in commercials is needed to instill pride and self respect in Blacks. For how long? 60 years, 2 1/2 generations seems long enough. And how does the misrepresentation of so much Black, especially Black/White couples instill pride and self respect?

The over-representation of Black/White couples is a misrepresentation of the truth since Black/White couples are only about 1% of the total couples in the USA. If every Black man married a White woman, then that would still only be 12% of total couples. 1 out 8. The real number is one of 100. Is 1% what you see on TV and in the movies? No. So what are the media and entertainment really trying to accomplish with such misrepresentations?

How is the rest of the USA population reacting to all this everything Black? How are those descendants of immigrants from from Ireland, Poland, Mexico, Syria, Viet Nam, Philippines, China, etc. reacting? Resentment. Resentment caused by 60 years and $50 Trillion of special treatment for Blacks. More division. How is that good for America?

That is certainly not what Martin Luther King wanted when he had a dream… when he said that he could see people walking hand in hand and said that people should be judged on their individual characters, not by the colors of their skins.

From Save America Now, published in 2009

Political Correctness

Martin Luther King, Jr. was a great man. He had his flaws, especially with women, but he also had a dream for mankind. He saw in his dream all men and women of all colors walking hand in hand as equals. Not as financial equals or intellectual equals, but as humanitarian equals. Many of us walked in marches across America during the 1960s to support him and then mourned him when he was assassinated.

Bobby Kennedy was a great man. He had his flaws, especially with women, but he also had a dream for mankind that was a mirror of Martin Luther King, Jr. Bobby put his dream for America into action in his quest to become president in 1968. Many of us campaigned to help him get elected and then mourned him when he was assassinated.

These two great men of the 1960s were both assassinated because of their dreams.

In the United States, there are eleven holidays recognized by our federal government. These have changed since my days as a child in Detroit. The holidays for the birthdays of George Washington and Abe Lincoln along with the holiday for Good Friday during the Easter weekend have been eliminated. Instead, the Federal Government celebrates President’s Day, which lumps all the presidents together, and ignores Easter.

This is the current list of federal holidays:

  • New Years Day
  • President’s Day
  • Martin Luther King, Jr. Day
    Memorial Day
  • Labor Day
  • Independence Day
  • Labor Day
  • Columbus Day
  • Veteran’s Day
  • Thanksgiving
  • Christmas

A couple of things jump out from this list.

  1. First, holidays fall into three categories. Holidays either celebrate an event, or a group of people, or an individual.
  2. Next, there are only three holidays that recognize individuals. There is Martin Luther King, Jr. Day for Martin Luther King, Jr., Columbus Day for Christopher Columbus, and Christmas for Jesus Christ. Of those, only one holiday is dedicated to recognize an individual who was an American citizen. That holiday for an American citizen is Martin Luther King Day. Columbus and Christ were not American citizens.

So why are there no federal holidays for any other American citizens?

How about a Ben Franklin Day? Or a Bobby Kennedy Day? Or a César Chávez day? Are there no other citizens in the history of the United States who are worthy of having a dedicated holiday other than Martin Luther King, Jr.?

Or better yet, if there are no holidays to honor any other American citizens, then why do we celebrate a holiday for Martin Luther King, Jr.?

We celebrate a holiday for Martin Luther King as patronizing for Black votes and as political correctness. It is reverse discrimination. It is an action of tyrants. Martin Luther King Jr. has been exploited by politicians and tyrants for their personal political agendas in the name of social justice – to promote socialism as the next progression in Ravi Batra’s cycle.

Martin Luther King, Jr. would never have tolerated this reverse discrimination, this inequality.

Tyrants have been using political correctness for eternity to cause the masses to conform. Sensitivity is one thing. Decent human beings should respect one another. Suffocation is another. And tyrants in the United States are no exception. Suffocation of dissent towards these “politically correct” actions is another way the “in crowd” oppresses the mind of man.

Can you imagine if a white version of Reverend Wright preached the hatred of black people the way the Reverend Wright has done about white people? Or if a white politician listened for 20 years while a preacher disparaged black people the way that Obama listened to Wright disparage white people?

All of the liberal tyrants would scream discrimination.

©Michael Charles Master. All rights reserved.

The Iranian Nuclear Threat in the Gulf of Mexico

On the November 1, 2015 Lisa Benson Show we asked ex- CIA director, Ambassador R. James Woolsey how easy was it for Iran to launch an Electronic Magnetic Pulse (EMP) Attack on the US?  He responded with the astounding revelation that the entire Gulf Coast of the U.S. had no X-band radar to detect a possible launch of a precision guiding missile with a nuclear warhead. Moreover, given Iranian threats to send naval vessels to the Gulf of Mexico, there would also be the threat of a cruise missile with a nuclear warhead that the U.S. Northern Defense Commander said in Congressional testimony was challenged to defend. Just refer to the stunning surprise of Russian vessels launching cruise missiles from the Caspian Sea that hit targets in Syria.

If Iranian nuclear weapons  could be exploded at any altitude ranging from 30 to 300 miles, the EMP  effect could take out the unprotected national electrical grid and 16 of the important infrastructures critical for running a modern technical economy.  He suggested three means by which Iran could do this. One option was launching a weather balloon with a nuclear bomb in a gondola capable of exceeding the 30 mile altitude. The second was through the launch of a nuclear device in a satellite from a southerly direction that both North Korea and Iran are currently capable of doing. The third means is through a ship borne launch of a Scud missile with a nuclear warhead from a container vessel using the Russian K-Club system that our colleague Ilana Freedman has written about.

The question arises is does Iran, despite the U.S. acceptance of the JCPOA, allegedly have that capability, already.  An August 2015 Washington Times article co-authored by Ambassador Woolsey and Dr. Peter Pry presented the view that Iran may already have several crude nuclear devices. Our colleagues Shoshana Bryen at the Jewish Policy Center and Ilana Freedman have also suggested that Iran could have evaded UN watchdog IAEA inspections by co-developing nuclear devices with North Korea.

emp attack gulf of mexicoAmbassador Woolsey in response to this question said that a nuclear detonation over the central US heartland would be a “hideous prospect.” He said it would put the US  back into the pre electrical agrarian era of the 1880s “with plowshares and seeds.”  It could  possibly resulting in millions of deaths from destruction of the electrical grid and disabling of our food production, distribution and  health care delivery infrastructure systems. Listen to Ambassador Woolsey’s responses to these questions on the November 1st, 2015, Lisa Benson Radio Show beginning at the 30 minute mark.

Ambassador Hank Cooper, a recognized expert in both EMP, and Missile Defense . He is the Former Director of the Strategic Defense Initiative program . Cooper confirmed the absence of radar and anti-missile defenses on the vulnerable Gulf of Mexico coast in an email exchange with Lisa Benson, host of the National Security Radio Show.  He wrote:

Aegis BMD ships that are usually operating near the East Coast are inherently capable of defending against off-shore launched ballistic (and cruise) missiles—if the crews train to do so.  And if we had TPY-2 radar in Maine or somewhere in the Northeast, they also could defend against Iranian ICBMs—again if the crews were trained to do so.

Where we are absolutely naked is from launches from vessels in the Gulf of Mexico.  That could be fixed by deploying Aegis Ashore sites (like we are doing in Romania—operational this year–and Poland—operational in 2018) at bases around the Gulf.  I’d begin at Tyndall AFB near Panama City, the home for First Air Force, which is already responsible for the air defense of the entire continental USA and support for our TMD systems.

The difficulty of defending the Gulf Coast against a cruise missile threat followed from a 2013 missile defense exercise.  A Global Security Newswire March 2014 report, “Could the U.S. Face a Cruise Missile Threat from the Gulf of Mexico? noted US Senate Armed Services testimony of Gen. Charles Jacoby of the Northern Command:

A 2013 military exercise pitted systems such as Patriot interceptors, Aegis warships and combat aircraft against potential cruise-missile or short-range ballistic missiles fired from the Gulf. But the drill highlighted a particular vulnerability to cruise missiles lobbed from that region, U.S. Northern Command head Gen. Charles Jacoby indicated in congressional testimony.

He said the Pentagon has “some significant challenges” in countering these missiles, but is exploring “some opportunities to use existing systems more effectively to do that. Many detailed results of the Oct. 11th  drill conducted near Key West, Fla., remain classified, Jacoby said.

“The cruise-missile threat portion of that we are working on very hard,” the general added at the March 13, 2014  Senate Armed Service Committee hearing, in response to a question from Senator Ted Cruz (R-Texas).

The Global Security Newswire report underlined the difficulties of combating the cruise missile threat from Russia and Iran noting:

Cruise missiles can be particularly challenging to defend against, as they can be more difficult than aircraft to detect on radar and are sometimes tricky to shoot down, according to military experts.

A 2013 U.S. military intelligence report forecasted that cruise missiles would spread into more hands over the coming decade. The document also hints at the ability to evade defenses designed against ballistic missiles.

“Cruise missiles can fly at low altitudes to stay below enemy radar and, in some cases, hide behind terrain features. Newer missiles are incorporating stealth features to make them even less visible to radars and infrared detectors,” says the 2013 assessment by the National Air and Space Intelligence Center.

Lisa Benson during the November 1st Radio Show asked  Woolsey if states should sue President Obama and U.S. companies doing business with Iran under existing sanctions laws authorized by the Federal 2010 Comprehensive Iran Sanctions Law.  Woolsey said that if sanctions are illegally lifted by the President on Compliance Day, December 15, 2015, members of the plaintiffs bar might be “licking their chops “at the prospects of suing U.S. companies.  We have written extensively about the ability of States with enabling sanctions laws bringing such a cause of action in the Federal Courts based on the professional assessments of noted Constitutional litigator, David B. Rivkin, Jr. of the Washington Law Firm of Baker Hostetler. See: Can States Prevent Release of Iran Sanctions Through Federal Litigation?

We launched a twitter campaign directed at the 27 Attorneys General of the Republican Attorneys General Association headed by Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi. Ms. Bondi could file such an action with the Attorneys General of Alabama, Mississippi and Texas against the President. It could be filed in the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Florida in Pensacola, Florida presided over by Senior U.S. District Judge Roger Vinson.

The Dallas Chapter of the National Security Task Force of America (NSTFA) undertook a twitter campaign in October 2015  following the October 18th JCOPA Acceptance Date signing by President Obama.  Pam Brown and the Dallas Chapter NSTFA team tweeted information on the ability to sue the President Obama to Texas Governor Abbott, Attorney General Paxton and  125 members of the Texas Legislature.  She posted on the NSTFA Facebook this weekend of the continuing effort to contact Gov. Abbott at a meeting of the Texas Republican Women’s Conference in Lubbock:

Elena Blake, one of the team members, is in Lubbock at the Texas Republican Women Conference and Governor Abbott, our Texas governor, is in attendance. We produced a document that she hand carried with plans to present to Governor Abbott or his scheduler, whom she had just met at a meeting in Dallas on Wednesday. This is an example of jumping on opportunity that presents itself. The background story to our Twitter surge is that Governor Abbott and fourteen other governors signed a letter to President Obama [on September 8, 2015] about their opposition to the Iran Deal: “we intend to ensure that the various state-level sanctions that are now in effect remain in effect. These state-level sanctions are critically important and must be maintained. “. The other governors who signed this letter are from the states of Oklahoma, S. Carolina, S. Dakota, Utah, Wisconsin, Arizona, Arkansas, Florida, Indiana, Louisiana, Mississippi, New Jersey, North Dakota and Ohio. The letter that Elena Blake took to Lubbock for Governor Abbott urges him to rally six other governors to sue Obama. (NSTFA has determined we only need six or seven to sue.)

An appeal to Gov. Abbott could be the spark to enlist Attorneys Generals in Texas, Louisiana, Alabama and Florida to file an action in the Northern District US Court in Florida to halt lifting of sanctions by Obama.   There is still time remaining to file such an action. The prod to do so are the revelations of Ambassadors Woolsey and  Cooper revealing how unprotected these Gulf Coast States and indeed all of America is against an EMP attack by a nuclear armed Iran.

EDITORS NOTE: This column originally appeared in the New English Review.

Pope Francis Commemorates 100th Anniversary of the Armenian Genocide — “The first of the 20th Century”


Turkish official teasing starved Armenian children by showing bread during the Armenian Genocide, 1915.

Pope Francis chose this Sunday to commemorate the 100th Anniversary of the Armenian Genocide by the Young Turks of the waning Ottoman Empire.  He called it the first genocide of the 20th Century”. The AP reported, that Turkish President Erdogan called “hateful “and “unacceptable.”  He immediately ordered the recall of their Ambassador to the Holy See and had the Foreign Minister invite in the Papal Ambassador.  The AP wrote:

Pope Francis on Sunday called the slaughter of Armenians by Ottoman Turks “the first genocide of the 20th century” and urged the international community to recognize it as such, sparking a diplomatic rift with Turkey at a delicate time in Christian-Muslim relations.

Armenian President Serge Sarkisian, who was on hand to mark the 100th anniversary of the slaughter at a Mass in St. Peter’s Basilica, praised the pope for calling a spade a spade in an interview with The Associated Press. But Turkey, which has long denied genocide took place, recalled its ambassador to the Holy See in protest.

“The pope’s statement, which is far from historic and legal truths, is unacceptable,” Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu tweeted. “Religious positions are not places where unfounded claims are made and hatred is stirred.”

Francis, who has close ties to the Armenian community from his days in Argentina, defended his pronouncement by saying it was his duty to honor the memory of the innocent men, women and children who were “senselessly” murdered by Ottoman Turks.

“Concealing or denying evil is like allowing a wound to keep bleeding without bandaging it,” he said at the start of a Mass in the Armenian Catholic rite honoring the centenary.

In a subsequent message directed to all Armenians, Francis called on all heads of state and international organizations to recognize the truth of what transpired to prevent such “horrors” from happening again, and to oppose such crimes “without ceding to ambiguity or compromise.”


Turkey’s embassy to the Holy See canceled a planned news conference for Sunday, presumably after learning that the pope would utter the word “genocide” over its objections. Instead, the Foreign Ministry in Ankara summoned the Vatican’s envoy, and then announced it was recalling its own ambassador to the Vatican for consultations.

In a statement, it said the Turkish people would not recognize the pope’s statement “which is controversial in every aspect, which is based on prejudice, which distorts history and reduces the pains suffered in Anatolia under the conditions of the First World War to members of just one religion.”

ravished armeniaOur NER colleague, Dr. Richard L. Rubenstein wrote a chronicle of the Ottoman pogroms and genocides perpetrated  against the Armenians in the late 19th Century and during World War I,  The Armenian Genocide as Jihad”  (January 2015)Dr. Rubenstein is the author of seminal works about the Holocaust and more recently, Jihad and Genocide.   Rubenstein’s opening stanza of his article recalls the appalling depredations wreaked by Turkish and Kurdish auxiliaries:

There is a 1919 silent film about the Armenian genocide, “Ravished Armenia,” originally produced in Hollywood using Turkish documentary footage. It was based on a book by a survivor, Aurora Mardiganian, who also starred in the production. The film originally consisted of nine reels, most of which have been lost. Recently, a twenty-minute clip was found that contains brief scenes of many of the incidents that took place during the genocide.1

Although low-definition, there is one terrible scene toward the end of the clip that is especially difficult to watch. Seldom, if ever, have I viewed a film scene that matches this one in sadistic obscenity. It is a crucifixion scene, but unlike Christian images of Christ on the cross that express symbolically the triumph of eternal life over evanescent human pain, this film’s crucifixion scene carried a very different symbolic meaning. There are eight crosses in a row to which are nailed eight naked, young Armenian women. After the film offers a panoramic view of all of the crosses and their victims, it focuses on a single sufferer. Nailed to the cross, she is helplessly alive. One could tell by her eyes and facial movements that her cognitive functions were unimpaired as she awaited the painful doom of her crucifixion.

The terrible scenes of the deportations, confiscations, sadistic brutality, rapine, outright murder of helpless Armenians, and the crucifixion of the Armenian maidens could not have been filmed without the involvement and consent of Turkish authorities.

The perpetrators took the most sacred symbol of Christendom and turned it into a blasphemous obscenity, symbolically proclaiming absolute Muslim dominance. Nevertheless, something else was involved: women are the child bearers. Their wombs carry the next generation. No words were necessary. The message was clear: “We express our utter contempt for you and your religion. We intend to destroy your future. You have no human rights. We can do with you whatever we wish.”

Nevertheless, shortly after the film was released, Turks apparently had second thoughts about what could be made available publically. Since then, for almost a century, Turkish governments have vehemently rejected the charge that Turks committed genocide against the Armenians. The most Turks have been willing to acknowledge is that both the Turks and Armenians inflicted wartime harm on each other, thereby arguing for moral equivalence between Turkish genocidal violence and rare instances of Armenian defensive action. Admitting that there were massacres, Turkish authorities have insisted that the number of Armenians killed has nevertheless been greatly exaggerated. Moreover, in spite of the publication of a host of well-documented eye-witness reports and testimonies, Turkish governments have used their diplomatic influence to prevent governments, such as the United States, the United Kingdom, Israel and others, from taking any action that would validate the Armenian claim that a nearly successful attempt to exterminate the Armenians of the Ottoman empire took place during the first World War.

In view of the fact that post-war German governments have acknowledged the role of National Socialist Germany in planning and implementing the extermination of Europe’s Jews, why have successive Turkish governments refuse to tread a similar path with regard to the Armenian victims?


This suggestion is in accord with the first words in Vahakn N. Dadrian’s magisterial study of the Armenian genocides. Dadrian begins: “As a first step toward a full analysis of the nationality conflicts [in the Ottoman Empire], it is necessary to examine Islam as a major determinant in the genesis and escalation of these conflicts.

Ambassador Henry Morgenthau Senior

Henry Morgenthau, Senior

The massacre of 1.5 million Armenians in the midst of WWI was largely met with indifference by the Christian world.  The exception was the American Committee for Syrian and Armenian Relief, now Near East Foundation that created refugee centers for Armenia orphan children. This despite information provided conveyed to the U.S. Statement Department by the American Ambassador to the Sublime Porte, Henry Morgenthau, Senior. President’s Wilson Jewish appointee who served in that post during the period from 1913 until his resignation in 1916. He   wrote a personal account in Ambassador’s Story, about his confrontation with Ottoman officials over eye witness reports he received from Consuls in Van and Aleppo of the heinous crimes committed by Turkish and Kurdish forces. those reports to his friend Aldolph Ochs, publisher of the New York Times.  His book has graphic photographs of the devastation wreaked upon the country’s Armenian minority.   Morgenthau also noted the indifference of the German Ambassador an ally of the Ottoman Turks during this great slaughter.  In a 1915 telegram to the US State Department, Morgenthau “described the massacres of Armenians in the Ottoman Empire as a “campaign of race extermination.”  In his book. Morgenthau wrote:

The real purpose of the deportation was robbery and destruction; it really represented a new method of massacre. When the Turkish authorities gave the orders for these deportations, they were merely giving the death warrant to a whole race; they understood this well, and, in their conversations with me, they made no particular attempt to conceal the fact.  Henry Morgenthau, Ambassador Morgenthau’s Story pg. 309.

Ambassador_Morgenthau's_Story_By_Henry_MorgenthauAs noted by Dr. Rubenstein, this first genocide of the 20th Century was used by Hitler as justification for the Final Solution for the murder in unspeakable ways of six million European Jewish men, women and children.  The depredations committed against Jews during the Shoah were not dissimilar from the outrages perpetrated on Armenian throughout the Ottoman Empire, although with an important difference- the organization of a network of slave labor and death camps using technology.  The reports of the Armenian slaughter look eerily similar to those of the Islamic State against Orthodox and Assyrian Christians in both Syria and Iraq 100 years later.  During WWII it was left to the Ambassador’s son, Henry Morgenthau, Jr. ,President Roosevelt’s Treasury Secretary , who with his able staff , brought about  the creation of the War Refugee Board (WRB)  to save an estimated 250,000 Jews who fell into allied hands. The WRB enlisted the aid of Swedish businessman Raoul Wallenberg and others in the diplomatic community that used funds for the American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee  to safe house 90,000 Hungarian Jews in Budapest.

100 years after the Armenian Genocide Islamist President Erdogan perpetuates official amnesia conveying it as hateful to Turkish nationalism, when in fact it was a Jihad perpetrated by reformer predecessors of the Young Turks, Grand Vizier Talaat Pasha, Enver Pasha and Djemal Pasha.

Hitler, who admired Islam and Jihad, used the Turkish destruction of Armenians as the model for the Holocaust against the hated infidel Jews.  He reportedly  told his friend, the German Muslim convert Ached Huber, “The only religion I respect is Islam. The only prophet I admire is the Prophet Muhammad.”

EDITORS NOTE: This column originally appeared in the New English Review. The below video is the 1919 film RAVISHED ARMENIA , the original movie was also known as  the Auction of Souls:

The following poster shows graphically what happened then and what is happening now to Christians in the Middle East. History tends to repeat itself…

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