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Disney Board Wants To Hide Political Donations, Spending On Sex Changes From Shareholders, Docs Reveal

The Walt Disney Company board wants to hide key financial data from the public, particularly as it relates to their funding of the transgender movement and donations to political candidates, documents reviewed by the Daily Caller reveal.

The 2024 proxy vote ballot for Disney’s annual shareholder meeting, scheduled for April 2, reveals the board doesn’t want the public, or even their own shareholders, to know how much Disney spends on “gender transition compensation and benefits” for its staff. Despite the board’s suggested vote to shareholders, the National Legal and Policy Center (NLPC) and National Center for Public Policy Research (NCPPR) are urging the company to release the data.

In Disney’s 2024 “Notice of Annual Meeting of Shareholders and Proxy Statement,” Disney details how the NLPC and NCPPR notified the company that they intend to present proposals focused on these issues. Within the same document, Disney “affirms” that people who suffer from gender dysphoria can “transition to a different sex.” However, “an increasing body of scientific evidence shows no benefits result from such medical treatments,” the NLPC argues. They go on to cite the European and American medical community’s “increasing” caution about gender-transition “therapies.”

“Victims report transition treatments and surgeries are harmful. Examples include long-lasting or permanent outcomes like chronic pain, sexual dysfunction, unwanted hair loss or hair gain, menstrual irregularities, urinary problems, and other complications,” the statement continues. “Rather than resolve health problems ‘gender affirming’ therapies instead often exacerbate them. In such instances, those who desire to ‘detransition’ cannot find medical care or insurance coverage, and are permanently mutilated. Many of these sufferers litigate against those who misled or harmed them.”

But as transitioners are de-transitioners are protected under “gender identity” and “sexual orientation” aspects of the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC), they cannot be discriminated against in any way, resulting in Disney covering transition procedures.

Shareholders have asked the board to issue a report on Disney’s funding of gender care and related activities by Dec. 31, 2024, and whether there are any “benefit gaps” related to gender dysphoria, as well as “associated reputational, competitive, operational and litigative risks.”

Similarly, Disney doesn’t want shareholders to approve the publication of the company’s charitable and political donations. The board recommends a vote against “requesting a report on political expenditures” and “publication of recipients of charitable contributions.”

In their recommendation, NCPPR argued that there are “issues” with donating to certain groups who support sex-change surgeries, not just for the potential legal and medical issues listed above, but because is it “time Disney stop injecting itself into controversial and significant social policy issues,” the proposal stated.

Disney’s board ignores all the arguments and scientific evidence laid out by the NCPPR and NLPC in their explanation for why they’re recommending voting “against” the proposals. “We believe the proposal is an attempt to generate attention from a proponent with a narrow focus seeking to advance a limited agenda rather than an authentic attempt to call for action in the best interest of the Company and shareholders,” Disney wrote in response to the proposals.

The board also ignored any mention of “gender” in their request for shareholders to reject the proposal to publicize Disney’s charitable donation, and instead stated the company is already transparent enough about their spending.

“In its opposition statement Disney revealed why our proposal is so important, and how badly it has failed to fulfill its fiduciary duties. Disney clearly hasn’t spent a single moment considering how much Iger and his team have harmed the company by going full-in on politics instead of running the company for shareholder and even genuine stakeholder benefit. Iger has hired people like Kathleen Kennedy who hate Disney’s customers and want to shove their politics down audiences’ throats rather than entertaining them,” NCPPR director Scott Shepard said in a statement to the Daily Caller. “Iger seems to think that by adopting a partisan position he makes it non-partisan and just ‘the right thing to do.’ He is wrong in this, of course, as he’s wrong in just about every decision he’s made for many years.”

Disney has found itself increasingly mired in political squabbles in recent years, most notably with Republican Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, who has gone after the megacorporation’s special tax status. Conservatives have accused Disney of shoehorning progressive messaging into its content and pursuing a political agenda over putting out quality family content.

Disney did not respond to the Daily Caller’s request for comment.



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Red State Senate Kills Gov’s Veto On Bill Banning Child Sex Changes

The Ohio Senate voted Wednesday to override Republican Gov. Mike DeWine’s veto of a bill that would prohibit doctors from performing sex-change medical procedures on minors.

The state’s House of Representatives voted 65 to 28 on Jan. 10 to override the governor’s veto of the bill, which would bar doctors from performing transgender surgeries or prescribing cross-sex hormones and puberty blockers to minors. State senators voted 28 to 4, largely among party lines, to pass the legislation.

“The Governor does not have [a] new comment today. His previous comments on the bill and his veto reflect his position on the issue,” Dan Tierney, DeWine’s press secretary, told the Daily Caller News Foundation.

DeWine signed an executive order earlier this month that banned transgender surgeries for minors, but allowed children to obtain cross-sex hormones and puberty blockers. DeWine argued that he never disagreed with his Republican colleagues on the issue, but that other procedures should be left up to parents and medical professionals.

The bill, which is set to go into effect in 90 days, will also prevent men who identify as transgender women from competing in women’s sports, a decision DeWine has publicly come out against in the past. DeWine also received $40,000 in donations between 2018 and 2023 from several state children’s hospitals, at least one of which he visited in December to discuss the bill with families, patients and medical professionals.

A training video from one of the hospitals, Cincinnati Children’s, revealed staff teaching doctors how to work around parental consent when treating a minor transgender patient. The hospital’s CEO, Steven Davis, claimed in his December testimony against the bill that the hospital always gets consent from the parents before performing transgender medical procedures on minors.





State Legislatures Are Taking On Gender Ideology In First Weeks Of 2024

Swing State Spent Millions On Sex Changes And Trans Hormones, Including For Those Under 18

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‘I’m Finished With This Stiff’: Trump Blasts Mike DeWine For Vetoing Ban On Child Sex Changes

Former President Donald Trump blasted Republican Gov. Mike DeWine of Ohio Saturday over the governor’s veto of a bill banning child sex changes.

DeWine announced the veto of the legislation, House Bill 68, Friday despite its overwhelming passage by the state legislature. The bill not only banned child sex changes, but it also prohibited biological males from competing in women’s sports. “DeWine has fallen to the Radical Left,” Trump posted on Truth Social. “No wonder he gets loudly booed in Ohio every time I introduce him at Rallies, but I won’t be introducing him any more. I’m finished with this ‘stiff.’”

“What was he thinking,” Trump continued. “The bill would have stopped child mutilation, and prevented men from playing in women’s sports. Legislature will hopefully overturn. Do it FAST!!!”

The issue of biological males competing in women’s sports after identifying as transgender became controversial in the United States following University of Pennsylvania swimmer Lia Thomas’s participation in the 2022 NCAA championships. The biological male, who previously ranked at #462 as a male swimmer, won the 500-yard women’s final and placed highly in other events.

Many Republicans criticized DeWine over the veto, including Republican Sen. J.D. Vance of Ohio, presidential candidate Vivek Ramaswamy and Republican Secretary of State Frank LaRose of Ohio.

Trump endorsed DeWine during his reelection bid in 2022.

Some detransitioners, including Chloe Cole, who transitioned as a teenager before stopping, have filed lawsuits against medical professionals who carried out so-called “gender-affirming” procedures.




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‘War On Families’: Federal ‘Home Visiting’ Program Classifies Parents Who Don’t Let Young Kids Cross-Dress As Potentially Abusive

A federally funded “home visiting” program advises service providers to watch for signs of abuse against “gender-diverse children,” citing parents who deny their young child the “right” to cross-dress as an example, a document shows.

The Maternal, Infant, and Early Childhood Home Visiting (MIECHV) Program is intended to combat abuse and neglect while promoting “positive parenting” and school readiness among “pregnant people and families” with young children who are at-risk for “poor maternal and child health outcomes,” according to its website. The guidance offered to government workers who visit homes at the request of families categorizes steering a child away from “gender expression” that does not correspond with his or her biological sex as abuse.

One document titled “Parental Acceptance of Gender Expression in Young Children” tells home visitors it is important for them to “recognize and address the abuse and neglect that may result, either directly or indirectly, from rejection of a child’s gender expression.”

“Gender-diverse children are frequently the targets of violence or harm — by other children, caregivers, or family members,” the document states.

Abuse need not be “overt,” it explains, but can look like “denying a child the right to play, dress, and act as they would like.”

“Home visitors are uniquely positioned to support family acceptance of children’s gender expression,” the document instructs. “Home visiting, at its core, is dedicated to building strong parent-child bonds in all families. Acceptance of gender expression is key to forging and maintaining these bonds.”

The document further claims that accepting a child’s gender expression can “protect against depression, suicidal thoughts, and suicidal attempts.” However, studies have cast doubt on the idea that affirming a child’s gender identity leads to better mental health outcomes.

Doctors have also expressed concerns that statistics about transgender suicide rates are not only inflated, but that activists’ frequent focus on the numbers may actually drive children with gender identity issues to suicide by creating a “self-fulfilling prophecy.”

“It is insane to vilify parents simply for wanting their gender-confused children to feel comfortable in their own bodies,” American Principles Project president Terry Schilling told the Daily Caller News Foundation. “If anyone is guilty of abuse, it is the gender ideologues who feed kids the pernicious lie that they can somehow change their sex, setting them on a pathway to destructive body modifications.”

The program is run by the Maternal and Child Health Bureau (MCHB), which is part of the Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA), a subagency of the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS). It awards grants to states that carry out approved “home visiting” programs for at-risk “pregnant people and families” with young children.

An HRSA spokesperson told the DCNF that programs report suspected child abuse “consistent with relevant federal, state and local laws, regulations and policies.”

“Home visitors support parents and caregivers by providing information and guidance on a wide range of topics intended to promote child well-being, including safe sleep practices, injury prevention, and nutrition,” the spokesperson said. “Home visitors also conduct screenings for caregivers and provide referrals to address postpartum depression, substance use, and family violence, and other risk factors associated with child maltreatment.”

The agency awarded $434,721,579 in 2023 to home visitors in 50 states and six territories in fiscal year 2023, according to its website. The program provided over 840,000 home visits in fiscal year 2022, according to a report.

The agency said resources like the “Parental Acceptance of Gender Expression in Young Children” document are “developed to provide background information, research and data, and strategies for program recipients to support improved health and development for all children served by MIECHV programs.”

Schilling said this is “just the latest chilling example of the Biden administration’s war on families.”

“We are rapidly headed down a road where every parent in this country who opposes the transgender agenda risks losing custody of their kids,” he told the DCNF. “The grave threat to families posed by this administration cannot be ignored. Pro-family Americans must fight it at every turn: in Congress and the state legislatures, in the courts, and most importantly, at the ballot box next year.”

A recent rule proposal by the Biden administration’s HHS would transfer children out of foster families that do not affirm their “gender identity,” excluding families with religious objections from their definition of a “safe and appropriate placement” for LGBT youth.

Under the rule, foster care agencies “must not place LGBTQI+ identifying children with a provider who unreasonably limits or denies a child’s ability to express their sexual orientation, gender identity, or gender expression.”

“For example, to be considered a safe and appropriate placement, a provider is expected to utilize the child’s identified pronouns, chosen name, and allow the child to dress in an age-appropriate manner that the child believes reflects their self-identified gender identity and expression,” the rule continues.





EXCLUSIVE: District’s LGBTQ Lesson Plans For Kindergarteners Include Resources From Pro-Sex Change Organization

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Planned Parenthood’s Trans Hormone Business Is Booming, Creating Thousands Of New Patients ‘For Life’

The number of transgender services performed at Planned Parenthood clinics exploded over the past few years as the transgender medical industry became increasingly lucrative, according to data published by the organization’s regional branches.

Planned Parenthood first began providing hormone treatments for transgender patients in 2005, and since then 41 out of 49 regional branches have provided transgender services as of 2022. However, in just the last three years, Planned Parenthood has become dramatically more involved in the gender hormone industry.

Between 2020 and 2022, the number of transgender services performed and/or visits related to transgender treatments at Planned Parenthood clinics increased by roughly 125%, according to a Daily Caller News Foundation review of available data. Regional branches that made their data available collectively saw 17,036 visits in 2020 compared to 38,337 in 2022, a staggering increase in such a short period of time.

Michael Artigues, president of the American College of Pediatricians, told the DCNF that the increase seen over the last few years is likely due to a number of factors such as transgenderism becoming a growing “social phenomenon,” as well as potential financial incentives.

“You have to be concerned about the fact that there’s always money involved, for sure,” Artigues said. “And you’ve got to question whether or not they’re discerning if someone, in particular minors, have a legitimate condition that requires treatment like gender-affirming therapies, as opposed to a social phenomena and or simply mental health problems.”

While the national Planned Parenthood organization does not publicize data on visits related to transgender medical services, such as gender hormone therapy, 12 of the 41 regional Planned Parenthood branches have released relevant data over the past three years. The remaining branches did not respond to the DCNF’s requests for comment.

The regional offices varied in how they tracked gender services, with some tracking gender hormone therapy appointments and others tracking visits to their “gender-affirming care” programs; however, many of the regional Planned Parenthood organizations who published their data saw a substantial increase in visits and/or services performed for transgender individuals. Many clinics currently offer “Transgender Hormone Therapy” including estrogen, testosterone and puberty blockers.

Planned Parenthood Mar Monte, which has clinics located in California and parts of Nevada, had 1,041 “gender-affirming care visits” in 2020 before jumping to 4,378 visits in 2022 and eventually hitting 9,288 in 2023, according to its annual reports. The clinic offers hormone therapy for patients who are 18 years and older, or for patients 16 to 17 years old who obtain parental consent, according to its website.

Planned Parenthood Columbia Willamette, located in Oregon, recorded 344 transgender medical visits in 2018-2019 and 533 in 2019-2020. That number of visits went up to 1,066 in 2020-2021, and the following year it was nearly four times higher at 4,129 visits.

Nationwide, Planned Parenthood saw over 35,000 patients for hormone replacement services appointments in 2021, NPR reported. The organization did not disclose the exact number of gender-related visits in its 2022 annual report but instead listed them under “other procedures,” which totaled 256,550 appointments and included services like “pediatric care … other adult preventive care, and high complexity visits, including infertility services.”

Click here to view the Planned Parenthood Transgender Healthcare Services annual totals for Gender Hormone Therapy Infographic.

Several branches said that their transgender services were some of the fastest-growing areas for their clinics. Planned Parenthood Illinois said in its 2022 report that its transgender hormone therapy is “growing faster than any other service.” The report also noted that “gender-affirming care requires a lifelong continuum of social, psychological, behavioral and medical care.”

Stella O’Malley, psychotherapist and executive director of Genspect, an international group that advocates for a “healthy approach to sex and gender,” told the DCNF that she believes Planned Parenthood has gone from the “medical model, where doctors are bound by the principle to ‘first, do no harm,’ to a more business-like approach that lets the buyer beware.”

“The problem with this is that very vulnerable people who are at their lowest often need guidance and support, not a business-like exchange,” O’Malley said. “Doctors aren’t shopkeepers. They are paid very well because they’re in positions of responsibility, and so they need to meet these responsibilities by being sensitive to the needs of the patient. A one-size-fits-all approach that fast-tracks most patients onto a medicalized pathway is profoundly inappropriate.”

Overall, the cross-sex surgery market is projected to be worth $5 billion in 2023, according to Grand View Research, thanks in large part to more and more Americans identifying as transgender. The cost of routine medical visits for a patient on gender hormones would also be significant.

Only a few of the affiliates reviewed by the DCNF list prices for their gender services; Planned Parenthood of the St. Louis Region and Southwest Missouri lists a “self-pay fee for a visit” at $250, with additional costs added for any lab work, according to its website. All follow-up visits are $200, plus costs to cover lab work as needed.

Planned Parenthood Pasadena & San Gabriel Valley estimates costs of up to $262 for the first visit, as well as $35 for hormone injection training and up to $48 for lab work, according to its website. Any follow-up visits can cost up to $202.

As of 2022, Planned Parenthood Metropolitan New Jersey said that its new patient consultation for transgender hormones ranged anywhere from $92 to $206, while follow-ups were slightly lower, going from $65 to $173, according to a welcome packet.

Scott Newgent, a detransitioner and founder of TReVoices, an organization that works to stop the medical transitioning of children, told the DCNF that the nature of gender hormone treatments, which must be taken continuously for the remainder of a patient’s life, creates potential repeat customers for organizations like Planned Parenthood.

“It doesn’t matter if they decide to transition or stay trans or whatever,” Newgent said. “They’re going to need those synthetic hormones for life. That’s a huge business model.”

Doctors have also raised concerns over the ease with which one can get a prescription for hormone treatments at Planned Parenthood; the Columbia Willamette affiliate, for instance, says on its website that it provides hormone treatments for patients 18 years and older and does not require a letter from a counselor or doctor recommending hormones for gender dysphoria. Patients can get a prescription after the initial hour-and-a-half appointment.

Erica Anderson, who is transgender and the former president of the U.S. Professional Association for Transgender Health, said that patients have circumvented more traditional methods of getting hormones because it takes too long, opting to go to Planned Parenthood instead, according to the Washington Free Beacon.

Click here to view Planned Parenthood Trangender Healthcare Services Infographic.

The DCNF also reviewed an additional eight branches that released only partial data in their annual reports between 2020 and 2022. Planned Parenthood of the Pacific Southwest recorded only 22 “gender-affirming” hormone therapy telehealth visits in 2020 but did not include any data regarding in-person health care center visits for hormone therapy in its annual report.

In 2021, the branch saw 829 telehealth and health care center visits for gender hormones, and in 2022 had 2,426, according to its annual reports.

Planned Parenthood’s St. Louis Region and Southwest Missouri saw 238 visits between July 2020 and June 2021 as it rolled out its “transgender care program,” according to its annual report. Between July 2021 and June 2022, visits for hormone therapy jumped to 1,657.

Click here to view the Planned Parenthood Transgender Healthcare Services 2020 – 2022 Infographic

Planned Parenthood California Central Coast reported 299 “gender-affirming care” initial and follow-up visits for the fiscal year 2019-2020 but logged 746 only two years later in its annual report for 2021-2022. Planned Parenthood Wisconsin in 2020-2021 had 488 hormone therapy visits, but that number jumped to 730 in 2021-2022.

Planned Parenthood Great Northwest reported only 659 “gender-affirming hormone care” visits in 2018 within the first six months of opening its gender program. However, in 2022, the number increased to a staggering 12,814 visits among 5,926 patients. While the Great Northwest branch absorbed the Indiana and Kentucky regions in 2021, those organizations did not list the number of transgender services they provided in their previous annual reports.

There are serious health risks from transgender hormone treatments; minors can become infertile if they receive puberty blockers, while those who transition later could suffer from other conditions such as bone deterioration after trying to come off testosterone.

“Women that get on testosterone for a long period, and then get off of it, their bones deteriorate,” Newgent said. “So I have to get back on testosterone to have my bones safe, but then I have to deal with the other sides of it. So there’s all these medical complications that come with it.”

Planned Parenthood published a series of videos in July acknowledging that patients who take estrogen hormones are at a higher risk of blood clots in the lungs, brain and legs.

Risks for testosterone therapy include blood clots, low blood sugar, high cholesterol and liver issues, according to the videos. Planned Parenthood also suggests that patients receiving hormone therapy should look into “family planning” options, noting that infertility is a potential side effect.

Planned Parenthood should “prioritize evidence-based medicine” and encourage patients, specifically children, to get “intensive psychiatric assessment and care” instead of offering puberty blockers, Dr. Stanley Goldfarb, chairman of Do No Harm, a group of medical professionals that oppose “radical” ideology in health care, said in a statement to the DCNF.

Planned Parenthood did not respond to the DCNF’s requests for comment.




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SICK: Transgender Coach Strips in Front of Teen Girls in School Locker Room

Jail for this pedo pervert. Look what the left did to education, culture, morality….

Transgender Coach Strips to Undies in Front of Teen Girls in School Locker Room

By: Todd Starnes, September 13, 2023:

The girls’ tennis coach at Gettysburg High School is a man who dresses like a woman.

Sasha Yates is at the center of a controversy after female students complained that the coach was undressing in their locker room and bathroom.

The Epoch Times reports “in the fall of 2022 Yates changed his clothes in the girls’ locker room — ‘stripping down to bra and panties’ — where the (girls) soccer team also was changing. Members of the team had reported ‘it was clear from what they saw that Mr. Yates was still fully a man.’”

There had also been concerns over conversations the coach had with some of the girls – talking about undergarment preferences and menstruation.

Parents complained and demanded the coach be removed.

Steve Carbaugh, a parent of a student in the school district told CBS News, “My daughter was in the bathroom across from the gymnasium in the senior high school, going to the restroom before one of her sporting events. While she exited the bathroom stall, she ran into Mr. David Yates in the female bathroom. Imagine that, a 16-year-old female running into a full grown adult in the restroom of her high school.”

But the coach had major support among members of the media as well as others who said the biological females were just homophobic.

Keep reading.


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Democrats Cut GOP Lawmaker’s Mic As He Cites Evidence Child Sex Changes Don’t Improve Mental Health

The Democrat-controlled California State Assembly cut off the microphone of state assembly member James Gallagher during debate over a bill threatening the custody of parents who don’t “affirm” their kids.

The California legislature passed Friday AB 957, a bill requiring a judge to consider whether or not a parent “affirms” their child’s “gender identity” in a custody dispute. Democratic Sen. Scott Wiener and Democratic Assembly Member Lori Wilson introduced the bill in February.

“I wanna get this out there. It’s important that we know what the science and the information is saying. Even a recent follow up study in 2021 found that out of 139 participants, only 17 persisted in their gender identity, they were looking at young boys. One-hundred-twenty-two, 87%, went back to their biological sex. You can’t have a —”

Gallagher was told his microphone was cut off due to a “time limit on speeches.”

“This bill, for purposes of this provision, would include a parent’s affirmation of the child’s gender identity or gender expression as part of the health, safety, and welfare of the child,” AB 957 reads.

Assembly member Joe Patterson pointed out during debate that the legislation unnecessarily complicated family situations.

“In California judges are already using their discretion. They already can use it, I have seen it. They already can do this right now. And so I am concerned that this is the state telling the courts to give special emphasis on this because they can already do ti. So when I look at that and I look at what I went through growing up — a very complicated family situation — I believe this is going to add more complication.”



Social issues reporter.

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‘Mocking Women’: Glamour Magazine Blasted For ‘Pregnant Male’ Cover Model

The popular fashion magazine Glamour UK is featuring a pregnant woman who identifies as male as a front cover model for its June 2023 edition.

“I’m a pregnant trans man and I do exist. No matter what anyone says, I am literally living proof,” the model, Logan Brown, said in an interview with the magazine.

The cover quickly drew backlash.

“Glamour magazine wants you to believe a man is pregnant….THIS IS A BIOLOGICAL WOMAN THAT IS PREGNANT!!! Men can’t get pregnant ONLY women can!!” radio host Graham Allen wrote on Twitter.

“To be fair, she’s no less attractive than other recent Glamour cover models. Apparently BLM requires that beauty be CANCELED,” political commentator Ann Coulter wrote.

Kaeley Triller, co-founder of the pro-life group Hands Across The Aisle, ridiculed the magazine for denigrating womanhood.

“When ‘trans men’ make the news, it’s usually because they’re doing something womanly, like having babies,” Triller wrote. “A woman chopped her hair off and got pregnant, and this is cover story material.”

“Shame on you @GlamourMagUK for mocking women and everything they have to go through during pregnancy!” wrote Oli London, an internet personality who frequently criticizes transgenderism.

Brown became pregnant by her “non-binary” drag queen male partner Bailey Mills, according to Glamour.

“I met Bailey nearly two years ago. We’ve not even been together that long, to be honest,” she said. “That’s why it’s a big shocker that we’re even having a baby together.”

Brown says that when she found out she was pregnant, “all my manlihood that I’ve worked hard for, for so long, just completely felt like it was erased.”

“I had to get to the point of being confident with who I am and being a pregnant man,” Brown added. “I’ve started educating people on it.”



Social issues reporter.

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‘A Horrific Trend’: Major Gender Asked To Reveal Records On Trans Surgeries For Kids

DeSantis Gets Heated In Shouting Match With Heckler: ‘We’re Gonna Stand Up For Our Kids’

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Pennsylvania Lawmakers Look To Investigate Gender Clinic’s Use Of Taxpayer Dollars On Trans Training

  • The Pennsylvania Department of Human Services gave the Gender and Sexuality Development Program at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP) nearly $177,000 through three years to host workshops for mental health providers on how to “affirm” transgender and gender expansive clients. 
  • Several Pennsylvania Republican lawmakers are criticizing taxpayer dollars being spent on the gender clinic and are planning to discuss the use of the funds with the state Appropriations Committee, they told the Daily Caller News Foundation.
  • “It’s so outrageous and it’s just another smack in the face for taxpayers to know that they were footing the bill for some of this,” Republican state Rep. Dawn Keefer told the Daily Caller News Foundation.

Pennsylvania Republican lawmakers are calling out a gender clinic that used thousands of taxpayer dollars to train mental health providers on how to “affirm” transgender and gender expansive clients.

Over three years, the Pennsylvania Department of Human Services (DHS) granted the Gender and Sexuality Development Program at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP) more than $176,000 to create a series of webinars and in-person trainings for mental health providers called the “Transgender Therapy Training Workshops,” the Daily Caller News Foundation revealed. Diverting taxpayer dollars towards the gender clinic and its transgender trainings for mental health providers is “outrageous” and must be investigated, Pennsylvania Republican lawmakers told the DCNF.

“I’m going to look into this personally and to talk to our appropriations chair,” Republican state Rep. Dawn Keefer told the DCNF. “I’m not on the Appropriations Committee, so I didn’t participate in any of the hearings for appropriations, but this absolutely has to be discussed as we’re appropriating dollars, again, for human services and an agency, who always comes to us for more money. They’re looking for money for services that they are required to cover. It’s just irresponsible that they’re digressing into everything outside of their scope.”

The seminars included in the “Transgender Therapy Training Workshops” teach mental health providers that children learn their gender identity after having “access to more resources and can use new language to describe their gender.” Someone’s transgender status is “confidential” and should not be disclosed unless the individual gives permission to do so, according to the CHOP trainings.

CHOP’s gender clinic provides medical transitioning interventions to children, prescribing puberty blockers to kids as young as eight. The  clinic has referred kids as young as 14-years-old for cross-sex surgeries such as mastectomies or breast construction.

The gender clinic’s employees have promoted such procedures, in addition to hormones and puberty blockers for children.

“[Republican state] Senator [Scott] Martin is adamantly opposed to the use of taxpayer dollars to support extremist gender identity policies for children – something he has been fighting in the General Assembly for quite some time,” Jason Thompson, Martin’s spokesman, told the DCNF. “Even though the grants in question are fully funded by the federal government, the state should not play a role in supporting a program that encourages kids to move forward with life-altering decisions like gender reassignment surgery when they are too young to make that kind of choice.”

In the 2018-2019 fiscal year, CHOP was awarded $45,283 through the state’s “Community Mental Health Services Block Grant” for the workshops, which in total trained 821 mental health providers.

In the second year of the program, the state gave CHOP $51,966 to hold the workshops and to pay the partial salaries for two of the gender clinic employees. Through the 2019-2020 fiscal year, CHOP suggested to DHS that the workshops focus on several topics including “legal transition, medical transition, working with couples, working with schools, individuals in addiction and co-occurring Autism.”

In the 2020-2021 fiscal year, CHOP was granted $79,446 which resulted in 520 mental health providers being trained.

“It’s so outrageous and it’s just another smack in the face for taxpayers to know that they were footing the bill for some of this,” Keefer told the DCNF.

CHOP has provided at least 33 trainings in 15 schools since 2017; CHOP provided a training to Southern Lehigh School District in 2021 which advised educators to allow students “room for exploration” of their gender. In 2022, a Pennsylvania school district donated $1,200 to CHOP to provide professional development sessions which taught K-12 educators how to create “gender inclusive and affirming educational environments.”

“I can speak from my district and my feelings for the state in these issues, taxpayers do not want to fund this type of, as they term it, health care,” Republican state Rep. Barbra Gleim told the DCNF. “I will also be opposing any type of appropriations to this type of mental health care. We just need to make [the taxpayer] aware that their tax dollars are going towards gender reaffirmation or gender transitioning, and if that’s not okay with them, they need to let everybody know, so that we can legislate properly.”

Pennsylvania Department of Human Services and Gender and Sexuality Development Program at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia did not immediately respond to the DCNF’s request for comment.





EXCLUSIVE: ‘Genderqueer Shapeshifter’ Provided School District’s Professional Development Training For Teachers

Bud Light Marketing Exec Who Slammed ‘Fratty’ Culture On Leave Of Absence Amid Company Shakeup

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Newsmax Host Carl Higbie Absolutely Shreds Biden Admin Over Destruction Of Women’s Rights

Primetime Newsmax host Carl Higbie absolutely shredded the Biden Administration on Thursday, delivering an epic defense of women during the opening monologue for his new show, “Frontline.”

Higbie opened the show by discussing a bill (H.R. 743), which recently passed the House along party lines. The bill is supposed to keep biological men and boys out of women’s and girl’s sports. But the Biden administration has apparently decided that, although this is what the American people want, they’re going to veto the bill. Because clearly, the administration has forgotten that they are employees of We The People.

“Everything this White House does is so weird,” Higbie stated, noting that Biden tweeted an obnoxious comment that he and his team are apparently “committed to following the science” on the very same day. Yes, the same day that the Biden Administration declared that untalented, useless dudes should be able to compete against women, he claimed he and his Admin follow “the science.” WHAT SCIENCE?!

“I guess sometimes, when it suits their narrative, that guy just said he would veto the very protections for women in Title IX,” Higbie continued, accurately.

“Men and women are not the same. They’re just not and I’m not sorry about it. At this point, why don’t we just allow steroids in women’s sports?” Higbie asked the audience. “It’s literally the same thing!” Continuing with his blunt, fair, but absolutely hilariously delivered monologue, Higbie then noted that The Hill had apparently said the bill would “restrict the rights of transgender people.”

Does anyone at The Hill realize that this bill protects the rights of women? Real women. Biological women, who are not the same as biological men pretending that they are chicks now.

Higbie noted the example of Lia Thomas, a biological man who was a terrible swimmer when compared to other dudes, who then went on to ruin women’s swimming by competing against women.

“No one is restricting [Lia Thomas] right to compete in swimming,” Higbie explained. “What the trans-sports-movement is restricting is actual women’s rights to a level playing field.”

He then suggested that perhaps there should be some sort of Title IX.1, that allows transgender people to compete against other so-called transgender people. “I’m sure it’ll captivate every sports audience,” he quipped.

“This is not the most pressing issue in our nation,” Higbie noted, citing examples such as the botched Afghanistan withdrawal, the failing U.S. economy and more. I highly recommend everyone watch Higbie’s monologue in full. It’s just under five minutes in length, and is a perfect example of a real man defending women’s rights in modern America.



News and commentary writer.



Transgender Montana Rep ‘Will Not Be Recognized’ Unless Apology Issued For ‘Hate-Filled’ Testimony

‘Dreadful News’: JK Rowling Trolls ‘Activists’ Allegedly Planning To Boycott Her New ‘Harry Potter’ TV Show

Injured Volleyball Player Takes Stand Against Transgender Athletes On Women’s Teams After Suffering Concussion

Newsmax Host Uses 12-Gauge Shotgun To Show Bud Light How He Really Feels

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Advocates Say WPATH Could ‘Come Crashing Down’ As Judge Demands Treasure Trove Of Internal Documents

The World Professional Association of Transgender Health (WPATH) is facing a potential bloodbath, advocates say, after an Alabama judge subpoenaed a treasure trove of documents from the organization as part of an ongoing lawsuit over the state’s laws on transgender treatments.

WPATH is a leading advocate of child sex changes, recently pushing to remove any minimum age requirement to undergo sex change surgeries or cross-sex hormone therapy. Amy Tishelman, the author of the “Child” chapter in the 8th edition of WPATH’s guidelines, said she changed the guidelines so doctors wouldn’t “be sued because they weren’t following exactly what we said.”

U.S. hospitals such as Johns Hopkins, Stanford and Brigham and Women’s use WPATH’s guidelines to guide their own practice of treating transgender-identifying children.

A federal judge in Alabama requested WPATH supply documents pertaining to its guidelines for child sex changes in March. Plaintiffs suing the state of Alabama over its restrictions of child sex changes repeatedly referred to WPATH’s guidelines in their argumentation.

During a similar lawsuit in Florida, a district court in March ordered WPATH, the Endocrine Society and the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) to comply with a subpoena of all documents related to their guidance for transgender-identified kids. An amicus brief filed April 7 on behalf of the attorneys general (AGs) for 17 states highlighted the stark contrast between transgender guidance — especially for minors — in Europe with that of the medical establishment in the U.S. The brief also claimed the medical organizations in question are activist in nature.

“I think there’s a good chance that the whole thing will come crashing down when the data are out there,” Dr. Stanley Goldfarb, board chair of the medical group Do No Harm, told The Daily Caller, “and that they really know that there’s no good scientific basis for this out there and they’re just going ahead and implementing an ideology rather than rigorously defined medical treatment.”

“The bottom line is the truth is now coming out, the writing’s on the wall,” January LittleJohn, a parental advocate, told The Daily Caller. “And the truth is coming out at that all of the times where they were relying on this garbage evidence, this very low quality evidence, they were doing these interventions on children with nothing to back it up. And then you have the American Academy of Pediatrics, the AMA, The Endocrine Society all blindly following these guidelines. And now they’re being held accountable.”

WPATH set standards of care for those with a “eunuch” gender identity in 2022, recommending castration as a treatment option. Recommended treatments options included hormone suppression, orchiectomy (removal of the testicles) to stop production of testosterone, orchiectomy with or without penectomy to alter the body to match their self-image and orchiectomy followed by hormone replacement with testosterone or estrogen. In creating these guidelines, WPATH used information from the Eunuch Archive in setting these standards of care, which the medical organization itself described as “filled with fantasy,” containing stories of child castration, pedophilia and sexual torture.

WPATH has also been accused of censoring viewpoints from doctors who believe that children are being rushed into sex changes. In Alabama, the judge asked for information related to how the WPATH treated differing medical opinions on child sex changes.

Dr. Stephen B. Levine, a psychologist known for his work on human sexuality and chair of WPATH’s standards of care committee from 1997-98, filed expert opinion in the ongoing lawsuit between WPATH and Florida in April.

“WPATH claims to speak for the medical profession; however, it does not welcome skepticism and therefore, deviates from the philosophical core of medical science,” he said. “There are pediatricians, psychiatrists, endocrinologists, and surgeons who object strongly, on professional grounds, to transitioning children and providing affirmation in a transgender identity as the first treatment option.”

“So the question is, are they allowing people that are rigorous investigators to do this?” Goldfarb told The Daily Caller. “Or are they simply taking people who have set up gender clinics, and they said, yeah, you’re an expert because you’re on our side. And that’s what needs to be clarified.”



Social issues reporter.


Plastic Surgeon Promotes ‘Eunuch’ Gender Identity, Citing WPATH Guidelines

DeSantis Admin Issues Statement On Trans Teacher Accused Of Threatening Middle School

EXCLUSIVE: Pennsylvania Gender Clinic Used Thousands Of Taxpayer Dollars To Train Mental Health Providers

Black FSU professor accused of fabricating data to push white racism narrative exits in disgrace

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Today is ‘Transgender Day of Visibility’ after a very visible week for trans activists

President Joe Biden has issued an official proclamation establishing March 31 as a holiday to be known as “Transgender Day of Visibility”. His declaration comes at the end of a conspicuously visible week for transgender activists.

It all began last Saturday, when women’s rights advocate Kellie-Jay Keen, also known as Posie Parker, was forced to cut her visit to New Zealand short after her rally in Auckland was overrun by aggressive transgender protesters.

One of the activists, who doused Keen and her security detail in a litre of tomato juice, has since flown to Australia and is now en route to the United States in an apparent attempt to evade New Zealand authorities.

Eliana Rubashkyn justified the assault by claiming the tomato juice represented “the blood of the people [Keen] is trying to kill,” and accused Keen of “advocating for our genocide”.

“I did assault her and I will do it again,” Rubashkyn said in a later statement. “And if I need to be 10 years in prison I’m happy to be 10 years in prison.”

Then on Monday, a 28-year-old woman who had recently began identifying as a man perpetrated the latest US mass shooting, gunning down three staff and three young children at The Covenant School in Nashville, Tennessee.

One of the victims, Hallie Scruggs, aged nine, was the daughter of Rev. Chad Scruggs, who pastors the school’s adjoining church, Covenant Presbyterian.

Asked if the killer’s transgender identity was behind her motive for the attack, Metropolitan Nashville Police Chief John Drake said, “there is some theory to that”. He likewise confirmed that the shooter’s choice of the Christian school — since revealed to be her alma mater — was “targeted”.

Drake also told reporters of a manifesto left behind by the killer that included “a map drawn out of how this was all going to take place”. According to the New York Post, the manifesto will be released once the investigation is complete.

The Biden administration is yet to express condolences to the community targeted in the attack — namely, Christians. But they have voiced sympathy for the transgender community, with Biden’s Press Secretary, Karine Jean-Pierre, this week stating, “Our hearts go out to the trans community, as they are under attack right now.”

In the days since the mass shooting, progressive activists have stormed two state capitols, in Kentucky and Tennessee respectively.

Nearly two dozen transgender activists were arrested in Frankfort, Kentucky, and cited with criminal trespassing after they attempted to halt the signing of a bill banning sex-change surgery for minors in the Bluegrass state.

The Kentucky “transurrection”, as it has been dubbed, even had its own horn-bedecked shaman — apparently now a fashion accessory for US capitol stormings.

In Tennessee, hundreds of progressive protesters gathered outside the statehouse in Nashville to call for greater gun control, with crowds later swarming the building and heckling lawmakers from the gallery. At one point, a crowd of protesters clashed with police who were clearing a way for house members to exit.

Early social media posts claimed the protest was staged by transgender activists but this assertion has been challenged by fact-checkers. The event was apparently organised by AWAKE Tennessee, a DEI-compliant “grassroots nonprofit organization with a mission to advocate for the advancement of women and kids in Tennessee”.

A “Trans Day of Vengeance” had also been scheduled for this Saturday at the US Supreme Court, organised by the Trans Radical Activist Network. Following strong criticism for its associations with violent activism (apparent or otherwise), the event has now been cancelled.

In making his “Transgender Day of Visibility” announcement, President Biden declared that “transgender Americans shape our nation’s soul”.

This week, at least, Biden’s words ring true, though sadly not for the reasons he intended.


Kurt Mahlburg

Kurt Mahlburg is a writer and author, and an emerging Australian voice on culture and the Christian faith. He has a passion for both the philosophical and the personal, drawing on his background as a graduate… More by Kurt Mahlburg.


Boston Children’s Hospital head calls for drastic expansion of gender surgeries for minors

The Nashville Massacre Proves Twisting Language And Reality Has Deadly Consequences

The Pronoun Police Strike Again

The Graves of Academe: Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, Queer and Trans Studies

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Poll: Americans Have Negative Views Of Preferred Pronouns And Trans Athletes

A new poll reveals that Americans tend to reject preferred pronouns, transgender ideology and allowing trans athletes to play on teams that align with their gender identity.

According to a poll conducted by NORC and The Wall Street Journal, a majority of Americans do not want transgender athletes participating in sporting events inconsistent with their biological sex. When polled on the issue, 56 percent of respondents agreed that trans athletes should play on teams that match their biological sex. Only 17 percent believe that transgender people should play on teams that align with the gender they identify with.

In addition, the poll found that many Americans believe that society has gone over the edge when it comes to trans issues.

The NORC-WSJ poll found that 43 percent of Americans believe that society has gone “too far” when it comes to promoting acceptance of transgender people, while 33 percent believe society has not gone far enough and 23 percent support the status quo.

Respondents also opposed being forced to use preferred pronouns or non-traditional pronouns.

Forty-two percent said they had “unfavorable” opinions about the usage of pronouns such as he/him or she/her in “email, social media communication, or conversations.” Only 21 percent had “favorable” opinions on others declaring their preferred pronouns.

Gender-neutral pronouns like they/them don’t seem to have much popularity either.

Fifty percent of respondents expressed “unfavorable” opinions about being asked to use non-binary pronouns. Only 18 percent viewed these pronouns favorably.





An obsession with diversity leaves plenty of room for hate

Hospital Assigned ‘Trans Buddies’ To Pressure Doctors Into Affirming Children’s Gender Identity

Med School Revamps ‘Anti-Racism Curriculum’ To Teach Students About ‘Intersectional Identities’

University Quietly Scrubs Website Of Anti-Racism Code Of Conduct After Allegations Of Free Speech Violation

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Nashville School Shooter Identified As ‘Transgender Artist’

The Nashville school shooter who killed three children and three adults before being fatally shot by police has been identified as a 28-year-old female who identifies as transgender and uses “he/him” pronouns.

Authorities confirmed that 28-year-old Audrey Hale is the deceased suspect in the shooting that occurred at a Christian elementary school, at which Hale was previously a student.

“She does identify as transgender,” Nashville Police confirmed.

LinkedIn page that appears to belong to Hale indicates that identifies as a “he/him” and received an award in 2015 from the Nossi College of Art for achieving “greatness in the classroom.”

A page from Nossi College of Art and Design previously listed Hale as a student on the spring 2016 dean’s list, but the website seemingly has been updated to remove her name. The Daily Caller reached out to Nossi College of Art and Design and asked why Hale has suddenly been wiped from the website.

Megan Marie Barnes, a student who attended Nossi with Hale, told the Caller that Hale was “incredible talented” and now uses the name Aiden. A now-defunct Instagram account that appears to belong to Hale included that name in the handle, as did an account on the art marketplace website RedBubble.

The Instagram page, which was linked to Hale’s website, includes two dark images, with one showing three individuals with heavy face painting against a black background.

Hale’s website included a short bio in which Hale said “there is a child-like part about me that loves to go run to the playground.”



News and commentary writer. Follow Brianna on Twitter.


Kentucky Becomes 12th State To Ban Gender Affirming Care After GOP Lawmakers Override Governor’s Veto

Bodycam footage shows Nashville cops taking out trans shooter

WATCH: After Mass Murder at Christian School By Trans-Male, 6 DEAD, 3 Children Gunned Down, Biden Jokes, Says He Wants Chocolate Chip Ice Cream

JUST IN: Police Reveal ‘Detailed Manifesto’ to Nashville Attack – Republican Daily

House Republicans urge Pentagon to fire doctors who appeared to promote sex-change operations for children


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Congresswoman demands answers over D.C. children’s hospital Youth Pride Clinic’s ‘life-altering gender procedures’

It’s about time. There’s much work to do to start protecting children from a dangerous element of the trans community that has mutated into a cult, and is now inflicting grooming and mutilation upon children, allegedly without parental consent.

Such potentially criminal actions need to be subjected to immediate investigations everywhere, for the protection of children. House Education and Workforce Committee Chairwoman Virginia Foxx’s (R-NC) investigation is a significant step in the right direction. Children’s National Hospital has already responded. Its tweet, whether true or not, parrots the same tired talking points of the woke, using words such as “welcoming” and “inclusive.”

Four months ago, Virginia Foxx (along with other Congressional Republicans) reiterated her commitment to “oversight” and “lawsuits” amid Biden’s reckless policies and orders. Further investigations, prosecutions and jail time for these egregious assaults upon and mutilation of children would be appropriate for medical practitioners if they are found guilty after due process.

Virginia Foxx demands answers from DC children’s hospital over gender procedures

by Jeremiah Poff, Washington Examiner, March 21, 2023:

EXCLUSIVE — House Education and Workforce Committee Chairwoman Virginia Foxx (R-NC) is demanding a Washington children’s hospital detail its protocols and policies related to the administering of cross-sex hormones and surgeries for children.

In a letter to Children’s National Hospital President and CEO Kurt Newman that was shared exclusively with the Washington Examiner, Foxx expressed concern that the hospital’s “Youth Pride Clinic” did not once mention the role of parental consent in the prescription of “life-altering surgeries and other medical interventions” for children diagnosed with gender dysphoria.

“The website for the Clinic states that your primary and specialty care teams provide, among other things, ‘[h]ormone replacement therapy,’” Foxx wrote. “There is no mention of any parental consent requirement for such therapy or for other medical services provided to youth who have not reached the age of majority.”

In August, the hospital drew scrutiny after the popular Twitter account Libs of TikTok released a recording of a call with a hospital staff member who admitted the hospital had performed hysterectomies on children younger than 16. The hospital later denied that it provided gender transition surgeries to minors and scrubbed its website of language that said such procedures were available to patients aged 0-21.

The letter from Foxx seeks answers from the hospital on whether or not it has provided “medical interventions for a minor diagnosed with gender dysphoria” without the consent of both parents, including such procedures as facial reconstruction, chest reconstruction, or genital modifications such as vaginoplasty or phalloplasty.

The letter also seeks records of “reports or inquiries” that hospital staff members have made to child protective services if a parent objected to “medical interventions that would hormonally or surgically transition his or her child” and asks the hospital to reveal the number of children who have been diagnosed with gender dysphoria by the clinic, as well as those who have received hormonal or surgical treatment.

“I am concerned about the use of life-altering, irreversible medical interventions on children with healthy bodies,” Foxx wrote. “Parents are a key part of any medical decisions for their children: parents have the right and responsibility to make medical decisions for their children, and they should be free to do so without undue pressure or interference from medical establishments.”

In a statement to the Washington Examiner, Children’s National Hospital said it is “committed to fostering a welcoming and inclusive environment for all and to serving our LGBTQ+ patients and families in the full spectrum of their care.”….



Pentagon Doctors Claim 7-Year-Olds Can Consent to Puberty Blockers

World Athletics Bans Trans Biological Males from Competing in Female Track and Field Competitions

Tennessee ethics lawyer wins new chance to seek damages after being fired for tweets about Islam

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