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School CANCELS Event with Islamic Sex Slave Survivor Nadia Murad Saying It Would Offend Muslims

This is what we have been up against for well over a decade. Sex slavery is sanctioned in Islam. Read more on Islamic Slate sex slaves here…. Islamic doctrines command Muslim men to hate all non-Muslims and to see women—especially infidel women—as little more than sex objects (or, in the words of a Muslim who recently murdered a […]


Hamas-linked CAIR accuses College Democrats of America of ‘Islamophobia’

Democrats supporting Israel’s self-defense against the “Palestinian” jihad? That isn’t allowed. Hamas-linked CAIR is ensuring that the miscreants get back in line, and pronto. Independent thought? Pshaw! That’s only for “right-wingers.” Muslim advocacy group accuses College Democrats of ‘Islamophobia by Sean Salai, Washington Times, November 12, 2021: A Muslim advocacy group is accusing the College Democrats […]


Bennett: ‘In Israel we are fighting a very visible enemy, radical militant Islam’

The jihad imperative to “drive them out from where they drove you out” (Qur’an 2:190), even though it is not actually true regarding Israel, is not “radical” or “militant,” but mainstream. Bennett is nevertheless to be applauded for saying what most non-Muslim leaders do not dare to say. Radical Islam seeks to ‘dominate the world,’ […]


Nigeria, Islamism, and the High Risks of Truth-Telling

In mid-August, all eyes were fixed on Afghanistan. The world media focused on the U.S. military’s rapid and chaotic departure and President Joe Biden’s awkward and contradictory explanations. And in the days and weeks that followed, the Taliban’s atrocities in that country increased exponentially. Meanwhile, although the threats and curses were in another language and […]


FBI again claims that ‘white supremacists’ pose as great a threat to the U.S. as Islamic State jihadis

You just don’t see “white supremacist” terror attacks and plots around the U.S., while any regular reader of Jihad Watch knows that there are Islamic State jihad plots caught here fairly often. Why is that? Are “white supremacists” better able to cover their tracks? Or is the whole idea of a massive “white supremacist” terror […]


Ilhan Omar Introduces Legislation to Create Special Envoy for Monitoring and Combating ‘Islamophobia’

Will the human rights reports make a clear distinction between “Islamophobia” as attacks on innocent Muslims, which are never justified, and “Islamophobia” as honest analysis of the motivating ideology behind jihad violence, which is always necessary? Of course the answer to both questions is a resounding no. If this “special envoy” is created, he or […]


Chicago: Man converts to Islam, writes computer code for ISIS, his lawyer says ‘liking ISIS is not illegal’

From whom did Thomas Osadzinski learn about Islam? Where did he go to mosque? Is that mosque being investigated? Why not? US Student Faces Prison for Helping Islamic State Associated Press, October 19, 2021: CHICAGO — A former Chicago college student was convicted Monday of attempting to provide material support to the Islamic State group. […]


Islamic Republic of Iran TV: Women can’t be shown eating pizza

This kind of thing is based on the principle of ihtiyat, precaution: avoiding things that are technically not violations of Sharia provisions so that one doesn’t even come close to violating actual Sharia provisions. No Pizza for Women. Men Can’t Serve Women Tea. Iran’s TV Censorship Gets Weirder by Amir Hossein Miresmaeili, Iran Wire, September 29, 2021: […]


France at Forefront Battling Political Islam – a discussion with Nidra Poller

In this wide-ranging discussion with ex-pat journalist, and commentator Nidra Poller, we cover recent developments on the horizon of the April 2022 presidential election: the US withdrawal from Afghanistan; the controversial AUKUS deal and last minute cancellation of a the $35.5 billion contract for purchase of French diesel submarines , the ongoing criminal trial of sole survivor Salah Abdeslam and […]


The Squad Brings Islam to America

Rashida Tlaib, Ilhan Omar, and other squad members have been voted into representational positions, but they are not whom they profess to be.  Ungrateful for the opportunities, they are not here to Americanize, but to Islamize America, beginning with sowing the seeds of hate and discord.  Such is the purpose of the jihada. Saturday, September […]


VIDEO: President Trump Makes Surprise Visit to NYPD and FDNY on 20th Remembrance of 9/11 Islamic Attacks

Our President. He is LOVED. This is what real leadership looks like. Donald Trump makes surprise visit to NYPD and FDNY on 20th anniversary of 9/11 “We’re not supposed to say it, but I’ll say it,” Trump said to the New York City police officers and the fire fighters gathered. “We love the Blue!” By: […]


PODCAST: Trojan Horses of Islamic Supremacy — Muslim Brotherhood, CAIR, al Qaeda, ISIS, Hamas, Hezbollah

 This September marks the twentieth anniversary of the 9-11 disaster, an orchestrated attack by Islamic Supremacists to terrorize the United States. Since that time, we have invaded and conquered Iraq, took out the mastermind of 9-11, Osama bin Laden in Pakistan, eliminated ISIS from the region and much more. Interestingly, in spite of our […]


Forty Years of Misunderstanding Islam

This is the whole of it. Denial of Islamic reality. Twenty years of Islamic supremacists, leftist apologists and dissemblers, and their running dogs in the media and academia denying the reality of jihadi doctrine, Islamic apartheid, etc. led to this terrible moment. Not a week after 9/11, George W. Bush assembled the from America’s worst terror […]