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Trump Set to Declare Muslim Brotherhood to be a Terror Organization

Al-Jazeera has reported that U.S. President Donald Trump has asked his agency heads to make preparations for declaring the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood to be a terrorist organization.  This news comes in the wake of Egyptian President al-Sisi’s recent visit to Washington.  Al-Jazeera is also reporting that this request by Trump has raised a firestorm within […]

Sudanese Military Thanks Arab Allies

In a report aired on the Saudi-owned, Dubai-based, al-arabiyya TV channel on 27 April 2019, Shams ad-Deen al-Kabashi, a spokesman for the Sudanese Military Council (TMC) that has assumed control of the country, has thanked Egypt, Saudi Arabia (KSA), and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) for their “support.” In previous reporting the TMC has claimed […]

TRUMP’S WITHDRAWAL FROM SYRIA: Reflections on, and future consequences of.

Trump’s 19 December 2019 announcement of his decision to withdraw all U.S. forces from Syria was met with mixed responses from his supporters and opponents alike.  Most of the Left (including the media), which praised Obama for his ill-fated and ill-advised pullout from Iraq, has, of course demonized Trump for pulling out of a theater […]

SHAME, SHAME, SHAME . . . ON FRANCE: The take down of Notre Dame and its significance

European Churches are vandalized, defecated on, and torched nearly everyday.  As a consequence of the current on-going Muslim invasion, in 2018, there were 1,063 reported deliberate acts of damage to Christian churches, statues, etc. in France alone.  That is nearly three a day. The pro-Muslim Brotherhood and terrorism-sponsoring natural gas state of Qatar has recently […]

Top Ten State Sponsors of Terrorism

The criteria used for making these selections were: Does the country actually operate terrorist groups in the territory of other countries? Does the country finance 3rd party terrorist groups operating in the territory of other countries and/or provide military equipment and/or training to said terrorist groups. Does the country support other known state sponsors of […]

UN-recognized Libyan provisional government allied with extremist groups

LIBYA UPDATE: AL-ARABIYYA SATELLITE TV CHANNEL 09 APRIL 2019 General Mismari, the spokesman for General Haftar’s forces, claimed that the UN-recognized provisional government of Fayez Sirraj is closely allied with a cornucopia of extremist groups. Among these extremist groups are ISIS sleeper cells. Note that General Mismari, and other Libyan sources, had reported previously that al-Qaeda, […]

Jared Kushner’s Security Clearance

News has recently broken that a so-called “whistleblower,” Tricia Newbold, has come forward to identify Trump’s son-in-law Jared Kushner as one who had been denied security clearance by unidentified “career officials.” Carl Kline, who headed the Trump White House’s  personnel security office  overruled the “concerns” of these “career officials” allegedly under Trump’s orders. Perhaps Newbold […]


Troops of the “Libyan National Army” loyal to General Hafter are advancing from east Libya towards the capital Tripoli.  Warfare is expected to break out any moment between forces loyal to the UN-recognized government of Libya based in Tripoli and headed by Fayez as-Siraaj, and the advancing Haftar forces. A LITTLE BACKGROUND When the Arab […]

A TALE OF TWO CITIES, A TALE OF TWO MURDERS: Reflections on, and Ramifications of, the Khashoqji Affair.

The first city, obviously is Istanbul, and the “murder,” if that is what is really was, was that of Jamal Khashoqji. The second city is Buenos Aires, and that murder will be exposed later in this essay. The purpose of this essay will not be to determine the right or wrong of what happened in […]

INTELLIGENCE UPDATE: Jihadis being supplied in Benghazi, ISIS and ‘most wanted’ international terrorists in Libya

The following information was reported on the program sin’at al-mawt (Industry of death) on the Dubai-based, Saudi owned satellite TV channel al-Arabiyya.  This is a weekly half-hour program that discusses aspects of international terrorism and jihadism.  For this installment, the program host was in Libya where he first interviewed a Libyan maritime officer, and then […]

Reflections on the Christchurch Massacre [+Video]

To begin, let me say that any person regardless of race, religion, or ethnic group who walks into a house of worship were worshippers have gathered together to worship what ever they are worshipping, and regardless of whatever race, religion, or ethnic group the worshippers belong to, and opens up fire with the intent to […]