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New TV Spot Blasts President Obama on his Iran and anti-Terror policies

Secure America Now sponsors an ad that recreates the “Daisy Girl.” It suggests President Obama’s refusal to stand up against Iran’s nuclear program is risking disaster for America. Muslim jihadists in America are probable. Breaking Defense’s James Kitfield interviewed Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn, the outgoing chief of the Defense Intelligence Agency. Kitfield asked General Flynn: […]

Obamacare is about Drugs and Control: It’s un-American, un-affordable and not Healthcare

Americans are facing an Identity Crisis as this government pushes toward a New World Order and control of its subjects with a face of concern for the well-being of all, but a close look reveals Obamacare is everything we don’t want. Obamacare is about medical care, not healthcare. There is an inverse relationship between the […]

Ebola: Quarantine, Vitamin C, Fasting, Fever Treatment Better Than Colloidal Silver

Bad idea to bring Ebola to America when it was confined to Africa and could be treated better there. Ebola is a virus disease and the body’s own immunity can be helped by Vitamin C, fasting, simple diet, fever treatments. Colloidal silver may not help viruses, but may prevent secondary infection (not a miracle). Modern medicine […]

Celebrate Freedom from Rx Drugs: You Can Be Your Own Doctor If You Know the Cause — Most MDs Don’t

Medical textbooks are filled with diseases of “unknown etiology,” and if they don’t know the cause, how can the drug be the cure? Hippocrates was right–”Let your food be your medicine.” For 40 years the drug industry has made trillions calling medical care ‘healthcare,’ creating the illusion of science and cure while hooking most people […]

“Mayday” fits Christ’s 7-Fold Warning for Huge Geopolitical Events in Mid-May

A CIA expert has damning evidence of impeachable crimes by Obama, Clinton and others that are expected to precipitate a man-made calamity and martial law to maintain control warning of impending loss if we aren’t ready for a crisis and chaos in America.  The CIA expert interview on TruNews.com is linked below. Christ’s 7-fold warning […]

Perspective: For Success in Life is to See the Possibilities in Life

Perspective enables us to see the possibilities in our lives. If we thought the world was flat, we might never venture out to sea or accept the challenge to a more fulfilling purpose. Brendon Burchard’s six secrets of highly effective people are: Purpose, Presence, Psychology, Physiology, Productivity and Persuasion. Burchard asks: How can I serve greatly? […]

Atheism, Evolution and Secular Humanism Masquerading as Science Against the Bible and Creation

Science and the Bible are not in conflict, because they have the same Author. The issue is how one’s belief can shape the interpretation of our findings. There are thousands of scientists who are also Christian or Jewish and who find it unlikely if not impossible that everything we see in the universe, including life […]

Death of Obama: Payback for Pushing “Peace” on Israel, Jerusalem’s Destruction and War with Iran?

Obama mocked the Bible as America’s heritage and favored Islam and a “Holy Qur’an”?  The Bible suggests his soon-coming fate in the only book recommended by Christ when asked about the end of the world—the book of Daniel. The Savior urged our understanding of the book of Daniel, Matthew 24:3,15. The book of Daniel was […]