House Passes Democrat Bill Criminalizing Private Gun Sales

Like the Nazis, the Democrats wish to disarm the citizenry. Gun control has never been about guns. It’s about control.

“Every episode of genocide in the past century has been preceded by assiduous efforts to disarm the victims first. Turkish Armenia, The Holocaust, The USSR, Soviet Occupied Poland…”

“….totalitarian governments are the most likely to perpetrate mass murder. Part IV argues against the complacent belief that any nation, including the United States, is immune from the dangers of being taken over by a murderous government. The historical record shows that risks are very broad.


Finally, Part VII consider the efficacy of citizen arms against mass murdering governments. Citizen arms are most effective as deterrents. If a regime does initiate mass murder, rebellions seeking regime change usually fail. However, even without changing the regime, the historical record shows that armed resistance can accomplish a great deal, including the saving of many lives.” David B. Kopel, “Fewer Guns, More Genocide: Europe In The Twentieth Century”

House Passes Democrat Bill Criminalizing Private Gun Sales

The U.S. House of Representatives passed universal background check gun control Thursday, criminalizing private gun sales conducted apart from an FBI background check.

By: AWR Hawkins. Breitbart News, 11 Mar 2021:

The legislation, H.R. 8, sponsored by Rep. Mike Thompson (D-CA), passed by a vote of 227 to 203.

H.R. 8 would expand retail point-of-sale background checks so as to cover private points-of-sale. This will criminalize an individual who sells a 5-shot revolver to a lifelong neighbor, unless that neighbor first undergoes a National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS) check, conducted by the FBI.

On Wednesday, bill sponsor Thompson claimed, without evidence, his bill is supported by “90 percent of the American [people].”

H.R. 8 was passed by the House in early 2019 as well, but never taken up by the Republican-controlled Senate. Democrat gains in the current Senate suggest the legislation will be discussed this time around.

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‘From My Cold Dead Hands’

“This is happening while Biden and his henchmen are smearing their legitimate political opponents – supporters of President Trump – as ‘extremists’ and ‘terrorists,’” she emphasizes. “He is trying to use the fantasy of violent opposition to his regime in order to justify the trashing of the Second Amendment.”

‘From My Cold Dead Hands’: US Conservatives Raise Alarm Over Biden’s Call for Stricter Gun Laws

Gun control remains “a priority on a personal level” for President Joe Biden, White House press secretary Jen Psaki told reporters earlier this week. The NRA and American conservatives are concerned about Biden’s push as Democrats are now in control of the White House and both chambers of the US Congress.

By Ekaterina Blinovag, Sputnik News, February 19, 2021:

On 14 February, Joe Biden called for strengthening gun laws on the third anniversary of the mass shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida.

“I am calling on Congress to enact common sense gun law reforms, including requiring background checks on all gun sales, banning assault weapons and high-capacity magazines, and eliminating immunity for gun manufacturers who knowingly put weapons of war on our streets”, he said in an official statement last Sunday.

The National Rifle Association (NRA), an influential US gun rights advocacy groupcriticised Joe Biden’s call for stricter gun laws on Twitter pledging to “never stop fighting for the Second Amendment”. Speaking to The Wall Street Journal an NRA representative expressed concern that Biden “may become the most anti-gun president in American history”.

Dems’ Gun Restrictions & Capitol Breach

A year ago, Biden vowed that on day one of his presidency he would send a bill envisaging toughened gun laws to Congress. However, the legislation has yet to find its way to the House floor making gun control activists nervous, Politico’s Playbook PM remarked on Tuesday.

​In the wake of the Capitol Hill siege carried out by “Trump supporters”, the Democratic Party has put forward the Domestic Terrorism Prevention Act (DTPA) which specifically focuses on “white extremism”. On Monday, Eric Swalwell called for the creation of “a white nationalism task force” at the Department of Justice. For its part, the left-leaning press has stepped up attacks against Trump supporters calling them “insurrectionists” and “terrorists” following the DC incident.

“The establishment media will do all it can to whitewash and sell these measures, but after months of Antifa and Black Lives Matter rioting, the administration will be doing this against the will of the American people”, says Geller.

Trump impeachment lawyer Michael van der Veen blasted the MSM and Democrats’ stance in his closing statement as “hypocritical” recalling that they remained mute when Black Lives Matter and Antifa set towns on fire and vandalised federal property.

​The coronavirus pandemic and Black Lives Matter riots have affected the public’s perception of the gun ownership issue. A Gallup poll from November 2020 found that support for stricter gun laws had reached its lowest level since 2016. Fifty-seven percent of Americans called for stricter laws covering the sale of firearms in 2020, while following the 2018 school massacre in Parkland, Florida, 67 percent of American respondents advocated tougher gun controls.

Furthermore, as the pandemic started engulfing the US in March 2020, gun and ammo stores reported an unprecedented increase in sales. Among those hoarding arms were many first time buyers, according to weapons shop owners.

The Democrats have been seeking to tighten the screws on gun ownership at the federal level for quite a while. During the 2019 election cycle Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders urged the nation to follow New Zealand’s lead“take on the NRA and ban the sale and distribution of assault weapons in the United States”. His competitor, California Representative Eric Swalwell, suggested imprisoning those who would not agree to sell back their military-style weapons.

The irony of the situation is that California, which boasts the strictest gun control in the country, accounts for almost 17 percent of mass public shootings since 2000, while Texas saw only 6.6 percent of the total mass shootings in the same period of time, according to the Heritage Foundation.

A wall of Colt M4 Carbines in various configurations are displayed at the National Rifle Association (NRA) Annual Meetings and Exhibits on April 14, 2012 in St. Louis, Missouri

Will the GOP Upset Biden’s Plan?

Given that the Democrats have a majority in both chambers of the US Congress their push for stricter gun laws will bring about tangible results unless the GOP withstands the initiative. Geller, however, doubts that Republican lawmakers are ready to fight tooth and nail for the Second Amendment.

“The GOP can and will do nothing”, she remarks. “It is spineless, weak, cowardly, and compromised. We need a new opposition party in this country”.

Meanwhile, some US states are considering measures to shield themselves from new federal laws cracking down on firearms. In early February, the lower chamber of the Missouri General Assembly passed House Bill 85 or the “Second Amendment Preservation Act” would allow state gun laws to supersede federal regulations.

​South Dakota’s House Bill 1194 would nullify presidential executive orders (EOs) determined unconstitutional by the state’s attorney general. According to US financial blog Zero Hedge, Wyoming, Arizona, Tennessee, Kansas, and Alaska already have “some version of federal gun law nullification on the books”.

For his part, Montana Gov. Greg Gianforte has recently signed into law HB 102 which allows people to carry concealed firearms without a permit in most locations. A permit will be mandatory for carrying arms in state and local government buildings such as the State Capitol Building.

“Every law-abiding Montanan should be able to defend themselves and their loved ones. That’s why today, I signed HB 102 into law”, tweeted Gianforte.

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Dick’s Sporting Goods’ New CEO Needs To Protect 2nd Amendment Rights

Dick’s Sporting Goods CEO Edward Stack is stepping down from his 37-year stint as CEO of the family-run company this February. He’s being replaced by Lauren Hobart, formerly President of the company, but now promoted to President and CEO.

Some have noted that Hobart is the first person outside of the Stack family to hold the position of CEO. This may place her in a unique position to undo some of the anti-American policies which Stack implemented. With a rating of 2.67 in our 2ndVote scoring system, Dick’s Sporting Goods doesn’t quite measure up to 2ndVote neutrality standards, mainly due to the company’s restrictive gun control policies. After a Florida high school shooting, Stack decided to curb gun sales throughout his chain. He banned assault weapons, removed hunting merchandise, and raised the minimum gun purchase age to 21, ignoring the evidence that gun control doesn’t stop criminals. As a result, Dick’s Sporting Goods faced backlash and a substantial drop in sales.

Stack may not be the CEO of Dick’s Sporting Goods anymore, but he will remain with the company as Executive Chairman and Chief Merchant. He hopes to be a trusted advisor to Hobart and presumably to influence her policy-making decisions. But 2ndVote Americans need to remind Hobart of her duty to consumers. Dick’s Sporting Goods exists to serve the needs of their customers, and a large portion of their customer base consists of 2nd Amendment supporting citizens.

Let your voice be heard. Tell Lauren Hobart that she has the chance to make things right by correcting these restrictive policies. Let her know that you will fully support Dick’s if they decide to go in a new direction and allow citizens to exercise their 2nd Amendment rights instead of caving in to Stack’s pressure for gun control. Make your 2ndVote count by reminding Dick’s Sporting Goods of their duty to American citizens.

EDITORS NOTE: This 2ndVote column is republished with permission. ©All rights reserved.

VIDEO: The Myth That the U.S. Leads the World in Mass Shootings

To understand the misleading narrative, we must look to the era of narrative-driven journalism and the politicization of society, both of which subjugate truth to ideology and politics.

If you asked me this morning which nation has the most mass shootings in the world, I would have said, with perhaps a flicker of hesitation, the United States.

This is a tad embarrassing to admit because I’m pretty familiar with shooting statistics, having written several articles on gun violence and the Second Amendment. Below is a basic overview of gun violence in America. While gun homicides have been steadily declining for decades in the US, mass shootings have indeed been trending upward.

This fact alone probably would not have led me to believe that the US leads the world in mass shootings, however. An assist goes to the US media and politicians.

“Let’s be clear,” President Obama said in 2015 after a shooting in North Carolina. “At some point, we as a country will have to reckon with the fact that this type of mass violence does not happen in other advanced countries.”

Sen. Harry Reid echoed this sentiment. “The United States is the only advanced country where this kind of mass violence occurs.”

Media headlines have left little doubt that the US leads the world in mass shootings. In fact, according to CNN, it isn’t even close.

The comments and data seem to conclusively say that the US leads the world in mass shootings and the violence is unique, a product of “America’s gun culture.”

It’s a slam dunk case except for one thing: it’s not true.

The Root of the Myth

Statistics on global mass shooting incidents from 2009 to 2015 compiled by economist John Lott of the Crime Prevention Research Center show that the US trails many other advanced nations in mass shooting frequency and death rate.

As Investor’s Business Daily noted on these findings, “Yes, the U.S. rate is still high, and nothing to be proud of. But it’s not the highest in the developed world. Not by a long shot.”

If this is true, how did the narrative that the US leads the world in mass shootings become the conventional wisdom? The myth, it turns out, stems from University of Alabama associate professor Adam Lankford.

Lankford’s name pops up in a montage of media reports which cite his research as evidence that America leads the world in mass shootings. The violence, Lankford said, stems from the high rate of gun ownership in America.

“The difference between us and other countries, [which] explains why we have more of these attackers, was the firearm ownership rate,” Lankford said. “In other words: firearms per capita. We have almost double the firearm ownership rate of any other country.”

Lankford’s findings show that there were 90 mass public shooters in America since 1966, the most in the world, which had a total of 202. But Lott, using Lankford’s definition of a mass shooting—“four or more people killed”—found more than 3,000 such shootings, John Stossel recently reported.

When findings do not mesh, scholars, in pursuit of truth, generally compare notes, data, and methodology to find out how they reached their conclusions. After all, who is to say Lankford doesn’t have it right and Lott is wrong? There’s just one problem: Lankford isn’t talking.

Lankford refuses to explain his data to anyone—to Stossel, to Lott, to the Washington Post, and apparently anyone else who comes asking, including this writer. (I emailed Lankford inquiring about his research. He declined to discuss his methodology, but said he would be publishing more information about mass shooting data in the future.)

“That’s academic malpractice,” Lott tells Stossel.

[Editor’s Note: Lankford has since published his research. It can be found here.]

Indeed it is. Yet, it doesn’t explain how one professor’s research was so rapidly disseminated that its erroneous claim quickly became the conventional wisdom in a country with 330 million people.

Truth versus Narrative

For that, we must look to the era of narrative-driven journalism and the politicization of society, both of which subjugate truth to ideology and politics. Media and politicians latched onto Lankford’s findings in droves because his findings were convenient, not because they were true.

This is an unsettling and ill omen for liberty. As Lawrence Reed has observed, the road to authoritarianism is paved with a “careless, cavalier, and subjective attitude toward truth.” Yet that is precisely what we see with increasing frequency in mass media. (Need I reference the Covington debacle and the Smollet hoax?)

More than a hundred years ago Mark Twain noted, “A lie can travel halfway around the world while the truth is putting on its shoes.”

Twain’s quote remains true even in the age of the internet. Lankford’s erroneous research had free rein for two years and was disseminated to tens of millions of viewers and readers before the truth finally got its shoes on.

If you ask most Americans today which country leads the world in mass shootings, I suspect a vast majority would say the US. And there’s always a price for the erosion of truth.


Jon Miltimore

Jonathan Miltimore is the Managing Editor of His writing/reporting has been the subject of articles in TIME magazine, The Wall Street Journal, CNN, Forbes, Fox News, and the Star Tribune. Bylines: Newsweek, The Washington Times,, The Washington Examiner, The Daily Caller, The Federalist, the Epoch Times.

EDITORS NOTE: This FEE column is republished with permission. ©All rights reserved.

DEFEND FLORIDA ACTION ALERT: Please Take Action on Two Key Gun Bills

ACTION ALERT 1 Florida State Legislation

House Bill (HB)133 – Surrendered Newborn Infants aka “Baby Box Bill”. (Related bill is SB122)

This bill extends the safely dropping off of unwanted babies from 7 days to 30 days.

It is being heard in the Children, Families, & Seniors Subcommittee tomorrow, Feb. 16, 2021, in Tallahassee at 1:00 PM, Room 214 House Office Building.

WHETHER YOU CAN ATTEND OR NOT, please go to this website and click on Appear at Meeting to show your support of this bill.

If you cannot attend, please CALL THIS NUMBER, (850) 717-4840, and state your Support of HB133.

Friends, there are 18 members in this Committee and only 3 are Democrats. This should pass with no problems, YET the Dems have successfully killed this bill in prior years because they have more people speaking and showing support Against it!

Let us know you called, emailed committee members, or attended!

Click here to support for HB 133

ACTION ALERT 2 Federal Legislation

Contact Senator Marco Rubio and Senator Rick Scott to Drop Support of Gun Confiscation Bill S 292

Senators Marco Rubio and Rick Scott (are) acting more like California Democrats than Florida Republicans.

Senators Marco Rubio and Rick Scott just announced they’re teaming up with radical anti-gun Democrats to push a “Red Flag” Gun Confiscation bill, S. 292.1

S.292 is a bill to provide family members of an individual who they fear is a danger to himself, herself, or others, or law enforcement, with new tools to prevent gun violence.2

With friends like these, who needs enemies?

We need to stop this trend of Republican-sponsored gun confiscation in its tracks.

Demand they withdraw their “Red Flag” Gun Confiscation bill and stop trying to appease the gun grabbers immediately

Email Senators Rubio and Scott today. Your message can be as simple as:

As a strong supporter of the Second Amendment, I demand you withdraw your support for S. 292, unconstitutional “Red Flag” Gun Confiscation.

Enter your email at these addresses:

Sen. Marco Rubio:

Sen. Rick Scott:

1 “Red Flag” Gun Confiscation bills (disingenuously titled Extreme Risk Protection Orders) call for legally owned firearms to be forcibly confiscated from law-abiding Americans without due process, based on unsubstantiated accusations from disgruntled family members, neighbors, co-workers, and/or current or ex-romantic partners, or roommates. In other words: Gun Confiscation without due process. The National Association for Gun Rights expects all pro-gun members of the U.S. House and Senate to join us in opposing this type of gun confiscation.

Contact Marco Rubio

Contact Rick Scott

©Defend Florida. All rights reserved.

VIDEO: Beijing ☭ Biden Comes For Your Guns

Parkland parent calls Biden’s gun control agenda far from ‘common sense’

On the 3rd anniversary of Parkland shooting, Biden pushes Congress to enact gun control measures.

Shredding our Constitutional rights, the First and now Second Amendments, in the continuing destruction of the American greatness.

Joe Biden Marks 3rd Anniversary of Parkland Shooting with Gun Control Push

By: AWR Hawkins, 14 Feb 20212,618

President Joe Biden marked February 14, 2021–the third anniversary of the Parkland school shooting–by calling on Congress to pass more gun control.

He used a tweet to recount the heinous attack, writing, “In seconds, the lives of dozens of families, and the life of an American community, was changed forever.”

Biden referenced the “lone gunman [who] took the lives of 14 students and three educators” and also directed attention toward violence in certain cities across America. He suggested singled out the “gun violence disproportionately devastating Black and Brown individuals in our cities.”

He concluded, in part, by writing:

Today, I am calling on Congress to enact commonsense gun law reforms, including requiring background checks on all gun sales, banning assault weapons and high capacity magazines, and eliminating immunity for gun manufacturers who knowingly put weapons of war on our streets.

A number of things needs to be noted.

First, the Parkland shooter acquired his gun “legally,” according to USA Today. That terminology means he went through a background check, so expanding checks from retail alone to retail and private sales would have done nothing to prevent the attack.

Secondly, the Parkland attack was not carried out “in seconds.” Rather, ABC News reported that the gunman had enough time to “[stop] firing five times to reload his” firearm.

In fact, the Atlanta Constitution-Journal reported the length of the attack at “six minutes.”

This means the attacker could have caused mayhem with any size magazine–he could swap empty mags for full ones–because he had time.

When the commission investigating the Parkland shooting put forward its findings, one key suggestion was to enable teachers to be armed so any future, would-be attacker, would not have the benefit of carrying out his evil deeds without armed response. On January 3, 2019, Breitbart News noted that the commission’s report recommended that teachers “who volunteer to undergo firearms training, should be allowed to carry guns.”

But Biden has made clear no federal funds will be used to train teachers to use guns for classroom defense.

Moreover, Biden mentioned the cities where gun violence is surging but did not note that some of the most violent cities already have the controls he wants federally.

For example, South L.A. saw a 742 percent surge in shooting victims during the first 16 days of 2021, although California has universal background checks and “assault weapons” ban.

RELATED ARTICLE: Who believes the WHO?

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WATCH: The Dangers of H.R. 127 — Then Take Action!


Dudley Brown, President of the National Association for Gun Rights posted the below video and commentary in an email to members:

Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee (D-TX) has unveiled the Unholy Grail of gun control, H.R. 127, and it is every gun owner’s worst nightmare.

In this video, NAGR’s Director of Political Operations Austin Hein breaks down this insidious bill and what it could mean for law-abiding gun owners across the country.

Also, please sign your “Stop the H.R. 127 Gun Grab!” petition right away!

Take a moment to watch the video.

And if you want to see more videos from us, please subscribe to our Youtube channel.

©National Association for Gun Rights. All rights reserved.

Best Components of a Scope that Makes a Good Scope at a Cheap Price

Here is the guide to find the best components of a scope that makes a good scope at a cheap price with quality perfection.

Components of a scope that makes a good scope at a cheap price

When you start hunting and shooting the first question that flashes through your mind is what can be the best objects for our hunting and shooting. After selecting a rifle, there is a need to select the perfect scope for your needs.

If we are looking forward to the best quality scopes, we should keep some important things in our mind. These are very important features of the best scope that are the basic requirements of every hunter and shooter.

First of all, you must decide your needs and then work for searching for the best scope. The best scope contains a few features. It provides a clear reticle, easy to use, and adjusts, mounts up easily, provides maximum magnification, and it must be less in price.

 Selection of long-range scopes:

In order to select the perfect long-range scope, you will prefer high-quality optics that contain maximum features. You must keep in mind the optics with the best reticle system, easily adjustable eyepiece, and clear image of an object even in less illumination.

All of these features must be the basic criteria for the best long-range scope. You should consider the best quality optics for your requirements. What can be the best choice, this will be decided by the required features.

If you are looking for long-range scopes, then you should be well aware of the price range. Because most long-range scopes are more than $600 which is not such a small amount. So first of all you should decide your needs, then select the best rifle scope for the shooting requirements.

Long-range scopes are able to hunt and acquire the target from a very vast range. And most of the long-range scopes. They are often equipped with laser technology. Which can enhance your chances of acquiring the target.

  Best Optics for hunting RangeFinder/ Outdoor opticals:

Best scopes for hunting purposes and range finding are those which can facilitate you and provide a clear image of the targeted object. Most optics will provide you this facility and provide the best hunting experience.

For hunting in suburbs and small jungles, common optics can be used. But for hunting the wide plains that are more than 400 yards, it is not a common requirement of hunters, it needs some features in the hunt in the vast plains.

Some important features of best-hunting scopes:

Glass Quality: Must contain the brilliant quality of glass, in order to make perfect aim this feature must exist in optics.  

Clear reticle: Must provide a clear reticle for perfect aiming on target.

Easily adjustable: When you are looking for long ranges, you must select those optics which are easily portable and can be easily adjustable for quick aiming on target.

Eye relief: Must provide proper eye relief so that you can be able to take space after one round.

Budget: The price range of long-range scope is a little bit high because in this field you need a lot of features which are available in the most high-quality optic. In common practice, their price range lies $600 to $1000.

Weight: Low weight scopes are preferred by most professionals. You must consider the scope under 24 ounces, but if you need high features like parallax correction, higher magnification, and huge objective diameter then it’s totally up to you. But in most experiences, scopes under 30 ounces are preferred and provide the best results for hunting.

Warranty: You must prefer those optics whose sensitive objects are guaranteed to work properly, and in case of unusual functioning you might be able to claim. In this way, you can protect yourself from loss of time, money, and mental health.

These features are the basic criteria to select the optics for your hunting fields. You must see these features and then select the best optics.

Our Verdict about Long Range Scopes:

The long-range acquisition is not as easy as you thought. It needs proper practice and awareness for long-range shooting. You should prefer those objects which are highly satisfying for hunting requirements. 

Those objects which are most familiar to your requirements you should opt for. Above mentioned features of long-range scopes will help you to find the best optics. In order to study more about the best long-range scopes.

©David Roy. All rights reserved.

DEFEND FLORIDA ALERTS: Biden Overreach and Concealed Carry in the Sunshine State

Caroline Wetherington – DefendFlorida!

Florida Alert #1 – The Florida Senate Judiciary Committee Added Concealed Carry to the Committee Agenda.

Concealed Carry Bill is Being Publicly Heard on Feb. 1, 2021. 

That means you can voice your approval at the hearing! The Chair of the Judiciary Committee has added Senate Bill 498 (Concealed Carry at Religious Institutions) to the committee’s agenda for Monday. What does this mean? It means that this bill will take its first step to be voted on. The public is allowed comment and show their support for this bill. As a Second Amendment Activist,

ACTION: Please complete a Committee Appearance Form. We need citizens to speak up! Without this, you cannot speak before the committee.

Show up on Feb.1, 2021 Due to COVID-19, the hearing will be at Room A3 of FSU’s Donald L. Tucker Civic Center

505 Pensacola Street,
Tallahassee, FL 32301. Room A3

The hearing starts at 2:30pm.

Remember folks, the squeaky wheel gets the grease.

Be loud, be proud, and be ACTIVE. 

Please arrive at the Civic Center early. With the way the Senate functions, being early is on time and being on time is late. Why? Because if you don’t turn in your Committee Appearance Form prior to the start of the hearing, you will not be allowed to speak. Time is always rationed to speakers, so have a concise and orderly plan of action. Have your speaking points organized and ready to go. Remember, be polite but firm on your stance. Your talking points should be based on the following:

Some talking points:

  1. Floridians have the right to practice their religious beliefs and be able to defend those beliefs. Just because a religious institution also has a school on its property, shouldn’t bar you from legally protecting yourself.
  2. The best solution is to amend this bill so it just outright repeals all the Gun Free Zones currently listed under State Statute. 790.06 (12)(a).
  3. As tragically proven by the shootings at the Pittsburgh Synagogue and the Sutherland Springs Church in Texas, criminals will attack good people in places of worship. No law that forbids concealed carry at these locations stops criminals from committing violence against honest people; and anyone who thinks it will is either lying or delusional.

If you are unable to attend you still have a voice…

ACTION: PLEASE IMMEDIATELY EMAIL THESE SENATORS! URGE THEM TO VOTE YES ON SB-498In the subject line put:  Vote YES on SB-498 Safety of Churches! (Block and Copy All email addresses into the “Send To” box),,,,,,,

ASK them to PLEASE vote YES on SB-498 Safety of Churches,

Florida Alert #2 – 6 State Attorneys General Warn Biden Over Potential Presidential Overreach.

The letter, signed by six attorneys general (AGs), puts the Biden administration on notice that any actions that might exceed their statutory authority, are inconsistent with constitutional tenets, or place civil liberties at risk could trigger legal action by the states. “We stand ready to meet with your administration to discuss more how the issues below affect our States; litigation is never first option, and we would like to help your team in its important job on behalf of all Americans, consistent with the Constitution and the rule of law,” West Virginia AG Patrick Morrisey, who is leading the group, wrote in the letter addressed to the White House (pdf).“Yet if you sign unconstitutional laws passed by Congress, it will be our responsibility and duty to challenge those laws in court. If cabinet officials, executive officers, and agencies go beyond the bounds of their statutory authority, fail to follow legally required procedures, or fall short of the bedrock Administrative Procedure Act obligation of reasoned decision making, it will likewise be our responsibility to take action.”

ACTION: We are asking you to email Florida’s Attorney General, Ashley Moody. We would like Florida to join in the fight to stop Biden and D.C from overreach. You can click on the PDF link above and attach the link in the email.


Dear Ashley Moody, Florida Attorney General,

I ask you to join the the fight with Patrick Morrisey, West Virginia Attorney General, Leslie Rutledge, Arkansas Attorney General, Todd Rokita Indiana Attorney General, Lynn Fitch, Mississippi Attorney General, Austin Knudsen Montana Attorney General and Ken Paxton, Texas Attorney General by adding Florida to the letter sent to the White House. This letter is regarding the roles State Attorneys Generals represent in defending its citizens and their rights per each States Constitution. Again we would like you to join these states in reminding the Federal Government that they have limited power and that Biden himself also has limited power over the State.

© All rights reserved.

RELATED VIDEO: One-on-One with Rep. Matt Gaetz in Wyoming.

PODCAST: Don’t Let Anti-Gun Activists Weaponize the Capitol Hill Riot!



John R. Lott, Jr. is the president of the Crime Prevention Research Center and the author most recently of Gun Control Myths. Up until this week, Lott was the senior advisor for research and statistics at the U.S. Department of Justice’s Office of Legal Policy.

TOPIC: Don’t Let Anti-Gun Activists Weaponize the Capitol Hill Riot!


Rick Manning is a Conservative Commandoes and AUN-TV alumnus and the President, Americans for Limited Government. Rick also served on President Trump’s transition team. And he is also the author of the new book with Starr Parker — “Necessary Noise: How Donald Trump Inflames the Culture War and Why this is good for America!”

TOPIC: A Vote to Censure Trump Threatens Free Speech of Every American.


Robert Charles is also a spokesman for AMAC, as well as former Assistant Secretary of State. He also served in the Reagan and Bush 41 White Houses, and counsel to the U.S. House National Security subcommittee for five years. Additionally, he ran a major portion of the U.S. House Oversight Committee for five years during which time he ran the joint committee in the Waco investigations.

TOPIC: Executive Overreach – Biden Signs 17 Orders.

©Conservative Commandoes Radio. All rights reserved.

Fleeing Political Persecution, NRA Files for Bankruptcy, Moving From New York To Texas

New York is run by the Democrat criminal syndicate. The Attorney General is pursues political prosecutions while allowing violent criminals to prowl the streets.

NRA files for bankruptcy, moving from New York to Texas

Gun rights group blamed state’s ‘toxic political environment’ for move

By: Graeme Massie, The Independent, January 17, 2020:

The National Rifle Association has filed for bankruptcy and announced it is moving from New York to Texas.

The gun rights advocacy group says it is making the move to escape the “toxic political environment of New York.”

Now the organisation, which has been chartered in New York since 1871, says it plans on restructuring as a Texas non-profit.

“Today, the NRA announced a restructuring plan that positions us for the long-term and ensures our continued success as the nation’s leading advocate for constitutional freedom – free from the toxic political environment of New York,” said NRA executive vice-president Wayne LaPierre.

“The plan can be summed up quite simply: We are DUMPING New York, and we are pursuing plans to reincorporate the NRA in Texas.”

Ms James attacked the NRA’s move in a statement and said it would not prevent her investigating them.

“The NRA’s claimed financial status has finally met its moral status: bankrupt,” she said.

“While we review this filing, we will not allow the NRA to use this or any other tactic to evade accountability and my office’s oversight.”

NRA president Carolyn Meadows attacked the lawsuit at the time, calling it “a baseless, premeditated attack on our organisation and the Second Amendment freedoms it fights to defend.”

Chapter 11 bankruptcy is generally filed by corporations to give them more time to reorganise their debts and assets.

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Biden Says He Will Defeat Our Constitutional Right to Bear Arms While in Office

First our first amendment rights – free speech – have been crushed. Now, the second amendment is in the crosshairs. But rest assured, Beijing Biden and his cadre of D-bag leadership will be well-protected by armed guards.

Biden Says He Will ‘Defeat the NRA’ While in Office

By Zachary Stieber, The Epcoh Times, January 10, 2021:

President-elect Joe Biden on Jan. 8 promised to “defeat” the National Rifle Association while he’s in office.

Biden’s official Twitter account was responding to former Rep. Gabby Giffords (D-Ariz.), who was among 14 people wounded in a shooting rampage by Jared Lee Loughner in Tucson in 2011; six people died in the attack. Giffords had recounted how her life and community “changed forever.”

“But the attack did not break me—or the people I represented in Congress. We came together, turned pain into purpose, and found hope in each other,” she wrote, adding that she continues to work to “achieve a safer America.”

Biden responded, saying: “Your perseverance and immeasurable courage continue to inspire me and millions of others. I pledge to continue to work with you—and with survivors, families, and advocates across the country—to defeat the NRA and end our epidemic of gun violence.”

The NRA, which has more than 5 million members, seeks to protect and educate people about their Second Amendment rights.

While the association didn’t immediately respond to a request for comment on Biden’s post, its lobbying arm recently published an article that says Biden would “begin a concerted attack on the rights of American gun owners” after being inaugurated.

“We must be ready for the onslaught,” the post reads, adding that a Biden administration, if officials get their way, “will ban and confiscate the most-commonly-owned rifle in the United States” and “will arbitrarily limit the number of guns that can be bought per month,” among other measures.

Biden’s website says he has a plan to end “our gun violence epidemic” and boasts that he has taken on the NRA twice and won, referring to his help passing the Brady Handgun Violence Prevention Act in 1993 and in passing a 10-year ban on some weapons and magazines the following year.

“As president, Joe Biden will defeat the NRA again,” the site states.

Some of the proposals include banning the manufacture and sale of so-called assault weapons and high-capacity magazines, restricting the number of guns one person may buy per month to one, and prohibiting people convicted of hate crimes from owning guns.


The NRA is Ditching New York, Announces New Destination

Anti-Trump ANTIFA/BLM Leader Arrested for Inciting Riot in Capitol Siege

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Guns Prevent Thousands of Crimes Every Day, Research Shows

How many lives are actually saved by gun ownership?

It never fails. A split-second after a mass shooting occurs, grandstanders and ideologues issue statements demanding new gun controls—even if the laws already on the books failed or the laws they want would have made no difference. Case in point: the tragic incidents in Dayton, Ohio, and El Paso, Texas, in early August 2019.

The message is clear: Guns cause violence. Tax them, take them, ban them, regulate them. Do something, maybe anything! Such knee-jerk, emotional responses are dangerous, writes Charles W. Cooke in National Review, “for when a nation sets up a direct pipeline between its emotions and its laws, it does not keep its liberty for long.”

Liberty isn’t the only thing likely to be lost when gun laws are passed to appease emotions over reason, evidence, logic, and rights. Lives will most assuredly be lost, too. Lots of them.

This raises a point amplified in another context almost two centuries ago by Frederic Bastiat in his famous essay with a title that sums it up, “That Which is Seen and That Which is Not Seen.”

How many lives are actually saved by gun ownership? This is a supremely important question that the grandstanders and ideologues usually—and conveniently—ignore. It’s a matter that came immediately to my mind when I learned of an incident here in my own town of Newnan, Georgia, a few days ago. The headline in the Newnan Times-Herald read, “Man Hospitalized After Being Shot Outside Bar.”

A little after 1:00 a.m. on Saturday morning, August 17, police arrived at Fat Boys Bar & Grill to respond to a shooting. A customer had threatened other patrons, prompting the establishment’s security to forcibly remove him. Enraged at being kicked out, he declared he was going to get a gun “and shoot the place up.”

This very angry (and possibly intoxicated) man then busted the window out of a friend’s car in the parking lot, grabbed a .40 caliber handgun from inside the car, and began firing in the air. In the meantime, Ben McCoy, a man who witnessed all of this from inside his own vehicle, happened to have his rifle with him. Before he could use it, he was shot four times by the man wielding the .40 caliber handgun, who then fled into the woods.

Fortunately, despite being hit in the chest, stomach, left arm and right thigh, McCoy is recuperating, and the assailant was quickly apprehended. No one was killed, but the situation would likely have been tragically different if Ben McCoy and his rifle hadn’t distracted the gunman.

Of course, in this particular incident it’s most unfortunate that an innocent man was shot. Don’t lose sight of the fact that his very presence, with a rifle, still prevented what could have been a bloodbath that might have even killed him too. What’s far more common is innocent gun owners using or brandishing a weapon and saving lives without any injuries at all except sometimes for the assailant. I chose this example because it was local and I wanted to express appreciation to Mr. McCoy.

I checked online and found some fascinating numbers. A good website with footnotes and references to authoritative sources is There I learned the following:

  • Guns prevent an estimated 2.5 million crimes a year, or 6,849 every day. Most often, the gun is never fired, and no blood (including the criminal’s) is shed.
  • Every year, 400,000 life-threatening violent crimes are prevented using firearms.
  • 60 percent of convicted felons admitted that they avoided committing crimes when they knew the victim was armed. Forty percent of convicted felons admitted that they avoided committing crimes when they thought the victim might be armed.
  • Felons report that they avoid entering houses where people are at home because they fear being shot.
  • Fewer than 1 percent of firearms are used in the commission of a crime.

If you doubt the objectivity of the site above, it’s worth pointing out that the Center for Disease Control, in a report ordered by President Obama in 2012 following the Sandy Hook Massacre, estimated that the number of crimes prevented by guns could be even higher—as many as 3 million annually, or some 8,200 every day.

Another excellent source of information on this topic (and many more current issues) is the Gun Control page at (Full disclosure: I serve on the board of directors of JustFacts because I believe in the organization’s objectiveness, accuracy, and integrity.)

In “Defensive Gun Use is More Than Shooting Bad Guys,” James Agresti, founder and president of JustFacts, provided overwhelming evidence from multiple sources showing that defensive gun use is more common and effective than anti-gun fanatics like The New York Times suggest or will admit. Agresti says that “people who use a gun for defense rarely harm (much less kill) criminals. This is because criminals often back off when they discover their targets are armed.”

John Lott, author of the book, “More Guns, Less Crime,” is president of the Crime Prevention Research Center, another outstanding source for info on this subject. He writes:

By 66 percent to 32 percent, economists and criminologists answer that gun-free zones are “more likely to attract criminals than they are to deter them.” A 60 percent to 40 percent margin thinks that guns in the home do not increase suicides. And a 62 percent to 35 percent spread says that guns are used in self-defense to stop crime more often than in the commission of crime.

This may explain why even The New York Times hasn’t yet put a billboard up by its offices that screams, “This is a Gun-Free Zone. There are No Guns Here.”

If we can just confiscate the estimated 350 million guns in the country, you might ask, then won’t we eliminate the offensive use of firearms, so we won’t need any of those many defensive uses? Good luck with that. Is there any reason to believe that such a war on guns would be any more successful than the government’s war on drugs? Even a fifth-grader could tell you that it would be largely the innocent who would be disarmed. Criminals would have no problem keeping their guns or getting replacements on a thriving black market.

So that leaves me with gratitude for the Ben McCoys of the world, the law-abiding gun owners who are every bit as important as the cops—and likely even more so—in the effort to keep the innocent safe and sound.


Lawrence W. Reed

Lawrence W. Reed is FEE’s President Emeritus, Humphreys Family Senior Fellow, and Ron Manners Global Ambassador for Liberty, having served for nearly 11 years as FEE’s president (2008-2019). He is author of the 2020 book, Was Jesus a Socialist? as well as Real Heroes: Incredible True Stories of Courage, Character, and Conviction and Excuse Me, Professor: Challenging the Myths of Progressivism. Follow on LinkedIn and Parler and Like his public figure page on Facebook. His website is

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Dr. Hugh McTavish is the founder and Executive Director of COVID Sanity. He is a Ph.D. biochemist and immunologist and also a patent attorney. He has authored 18 refereed scientific journal articles and is the inventor on 21 U.S. patents. He has started two pharmaceutical companies off of his own inventions – IGF Oncology, LLC, for a targeted drug for cancer and Squarex, LLC, for a treatment that prevents cold sores or oral herpes virus outbreaks.



Gina Miller, a native of Texas and current resident of the Mississippi Gulf Coast, is a conservative Christian political writer and radio/television voice professional.

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Stephen Willeford was raised in a family of five on a dairy farm near the First Baptist Church. Stephen has always relied on his faith to guide his life, and his deep roots in Sutherland Springs are a product of his family’s commitment to their community. Stephen helped stop the deadliest mass shooting in the history of Texas in November 2017, Stephen has become known across the country as the “good guy with a gun.” Texas Governor Greg Abbott appointed Stephen to serve on the Texas Private Security Board.

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Dudley Brown President NATIONAL ASSP. FOR GUN RIGHTS, has nearly three decades of professional experience in political activism with 25 years as a gun lobbyist, firearms instructor, and expert in American firearms laws and legislation. He founded Rocky Mountain Gun Owners in 1996, which is one of the most successful — and feared — state gun rights groups in the country. Throughout his career, Dudley has worked in the trenches of State Legislatures across the nation as a leader for gun rights.

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Alfredo Ortiz is the president and CEO of the Job Creators Network, where he has led the defense of small businesses from the onslaught of bad government policies. Alfredo has testified before legislative committees about the impact of taxation and regulation on small business growth, and speaks frequently to business organizations across the nation about the need for job creators to seize responsibility for defending free enterprise.
He has been widely published in major media outlets, including The Wall Street Journal, USA Today, CNBC, The Hill, and U.S. News & World Report and is a frequent guest on cable news networks and national radio talk shows, including CNN, Fox News, Hugh Hewitt, Mike Gallagher, and the Dennis Prager Show.

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Raynard Jackson is a Pulitzer Prize nominated columnist and President & CEO of Raynard Jackson & Associates, LLC, an internationally recognized political consulting, government affairs, and PR firm based in Washington, DC. Jackson is an internationally recognized radio talk show host and TV commentator. He has coined the phrase “straticist.” As a straticist, he has merged strategic planning with public relations.

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