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Supreme Court Vacates Ruling that Minors Have Constitutional ‘Right’ to Abortion; One Justice Dissents

The U.S. Supreme Court has vacated a lower court’s opinion asserting that underage girls possess a constitutional right to have an abortion without notifying their parents. Only one justice, Ketanji Brown Jackson, dissented that her colleagues effectively erased the pro-abortion decision from the books, preventing lawyers from citing it as a binding legal precedent in […]


UK Punishes ‘Thought Crime’ of Praying Silently at Abortion Facilities

British police will continue to arrest Christians for the crime of praying within hundreds of feet of an abortion facility, after the U.K. Parliament voted down an amendment that would have legalized “silent prayer” — a situation Christians have described as a “dystopian” ban on pro-life “thoughtcrime.” On Tuesday, Members of Parliament rejected an amendment […]


Abortion Pills: Risky Business

New battlegrounds are taking shape after the overturning of Roe v. Wade.  One is abortion pills, which now account for more than half of all abortions.  Abortion advocates are determined to turn the nation’s 27,000 pharmacies into new abortion clinics.  Conservatives are working to keep that from happening. Twenty Republican state Attorneys General warned Walgreens and CVS sending abortion […]


Democrat to Biden: Ignore Court Ruling against Abortion Pills. It’s What Abraham Lincoln Would Do.

A prominent Democratic senator has urged the Biden administration to “ignore” a potential federal court ruling that could impose a nationwide ban on abortion pills, comparing the “right” to abortion with Abraham Lincoln’s efforts to free the slaves. “In a few days, a lawless Trump-appointed judge in Texas is expected to ban access to the […]


Biden Urges Congress to ‘Restore Soul of This Nation’ by Expanding Abortion, Transgenderism in SOTU

During his State of the Union Address Tuesday night, President Joe Biden called on Congress “to restore the soul of this nation” by making abortion legal nationwide until birth and passing a bill that would force religious employers to hire people who identify as transgender. His administration’s focus on pushing polarizing social issues clashes with […]


Guilty! Prosecutors Link Abortion to Infanticide

Pro-life leaders have always said legalized abortion devalues life and paves the way to infanticide — a view verified by a recent tragedy and upheld in a court of law. First, the tragedy: A young mother has been convicted of delivering twin babies in her home and letting them die of neglect. Maya Caston, then […]


20 State AGs: Abortion-by-Mail Scheme Is Unsafe, Illegal

Distributing abortion pills through the mail is unsafe and illegal under both federal and state law, wrote Missouri Attorney General Andrew Bailey and the attorneys general of 19 other states, in letters to the headquarters of national pharmacy chains CVS and Walgreens. Both companies are seeking certification from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to dispense abortion pills through the […]


Biden ‘Abandons Pregnant Mothers to Suffer Alone’ from Abortion Pills: 75 Members of Congress

A flurry of legislation, executive orders, and lawsuits have volleyed back and forth between the Biden administration, which seeks to protect the abortion industry, and pro-life advocates attempting to protect unborn children and their mothers. As the Biden administration expanded the distribution of abortion-inducing drugs, 75 pro-life lawmakers have demanded the FDA take pills off […]


‘Asleep at the Wheel’: DeSantis Highlights Justice Department’s Abortion Double Standard

It’s no secret that the Biden Justice Department appears to be highly politicized—and now Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis is underscoring that. Asked Thursday about the indictment this week of two pro-abortion activists in Florida on charges of spray-painting threats on the exterior of a pregnancy resource center, DeSantis said he was “surprised” the case had […]


Kamala Harris: ‘We Love’ Abortionists

Former President Bill Clinton tried to soften the Democratic Party’s image as extreme liberals by insisting, “I am not pro-abortion.” Over the weekend, Kamala Harris opened a widely panned speech on abortion by saying she and President Joe Biden “love” abortionists, before concluding her speech, “God bless America.” The vice president went on to imply that […]


Joe Biden: The Bull Connor of the Pro-Abortion Movement

For a man who ran for president to save the soul of America from racism, former segregationists’ buddy Joe Biden resembles few people more than the infamously abusive police chief Bull Connor. Both allowed domestic terrorists aligned with the Democratic Party to vandalize, bomb, and set fire to their opponents’ churches with impunity while using maximum force […]


Abortion Survivors Praise the GOP Born-Alive Act

In the eyes of abortionists, every “successful” abortion ends in the death of a child — but, thankfully, not every abortion goes according to their plans. Countless abortion survivors, each one condemned to death as an innocent baby in the womb, walk among us every day. For pro-life advocates like Melissa Ohden and members of […]


Two Of The Abortion Industry’s Biggest Myths Exposed

Much of what you think you know about who has abortions is wrong. Apart from some radical outliers, most folks with pro-choice views regard abortion as a necessary evil. Apart from moral considerations, it’s evil because for the mother it’s gut-wrenching, risky and stigmatized. But it’s necessary because there are so many of these women. […]


‘Tragic’: Cities Use Federal COVID-19 Money to Fund Abortion, Planned Parenthood

In city governments across the United States, officials are seeking to use federal COVID-19 funds intended to preserve life to fund abortion and benefit the nation’s largest abortion provider, Planned Parenthood, an outcome pro-life leaders call a “tragic” and foreseeable misuse of funds. Earlier this month, Toledo’s city council proposed ordinance 530-21, which would spend $100,000 […]


The Abortion Lobby’s Got a Brand New Lie

The abortion lobby is out there with a new claim: restrictions on abortions kill women.  The claim is based on a study from the Commonwealth Fund, a pro-abortion group, that purportedly found, “Maternal death rates in 2020 were 62% higher in states that ban or restrict abortion than in states where the procedure is still accessible.”  […]