FLORIDA: Define ‘Free Public Schools’ and Limit School Board ‘Home Rule’ Authority

Every 20 years, Florida convenes a Constitutional Review Commission to consider possible changes to Florida’s Constitution, and to then place those proposed revisions on the ballot.  The Constitutional Review Commission convened this year, in anticipation of the November 2018 ballot.

Preamble to the Florida Constitution of 1865.

Many of us have observed first-hand the overreach of our local school boards beyond classroom “reading, writing and arithmetic” into collectivist “collaborative partnerships” with various non-government community organizations. This is classic “mission drift” that surely goes beyond our state’s constitutional framers when they drafted Art. IX, Section 4(b) which provides that the School Boards shall operate the “free public schools.”

The problem is, “free public schools” has never been defined, and to this day the Florida Attorney General and Florida courts struggle to understand the outer limits of that term.

Adding to this problem, in 1983 the Florida Legislature gave school boards “home rule power,” telling them in essence that they can do whatever they want — without any check from other branches of government — unless the Legislature has “expressly prohibited” the school board from acting on that subject.  Here is an excerpt from an  Florida Attorney General advisory opinion drafted shortly after the 1983 legislative change:

Section 230.03(2), F.S. [now 1001.32(2), F.S.], currently provides: “SCHOOL BOARD.–In accordance with the provisions of s. 4(b) of Art. IX of the State Constitution, district school boards shall operate, control, and supervise all free public schools in their respective districts and may exercise any power except as expressly prohibited by the State Constitution or general law.” (e.s.) Section 7 of Ch. 83-324, Laws of Florida, deleted the language contained in s. 230.03(2), F.S. 1981, which stated that district school boards may exercise any power “for educational purposes except as otherwise provided by the State Constitution or law” and added the language “except as expressly prohibited by the State Constitution or general law.” (e.s.) Since the issuance of AGO 83-72, it has been the position of this office that the 1983 amendment conferred on school boards a variant of “home-rule power,” and that a district school board may exercise any power for school purposes in the operation, control, and supervision of the free public schools in its district except as expressly prohibited by the State Constitution or general lawSee also AGO’s 84-95, 84-58.

Most people will agree that local control of schools is a good thing, and thus the concept of “home rule power” is also a good thing.  But most people would also agree that our public school system should focus on education in the classroom, plus traditional extracurricular activities such as athletics, music, academic clubs, etc.  Schools go beyond their mission when they delve into (i) instructing parents on how to be better parents; (ii) providing welfare to students; (iii) providing affordable housing; and (iv) “collectively collaborating” with local non-profits on pet projects such as “Future Ready Collier” and NCH’s self-serving special interest “Blue Zones Project.”  These all take the eye off of the ball of teaching in the classroom; they are expensive; and they create a bloated school district administration that becomes an out-of-control behemoth.

As Joe Whitehead analogized on his 8/19/2017 radio show, the behemoth bureaucratic administration becomes like “Hal 9000,” the computer in 2001: a Space Odyssey, which takes on a life of its own and serves itself rather than the people it was originally designed to serve.

So here’s a simple proposed solution to this mission drift:

1. Constitutionally define “free public schools” under Art. IX, Section 4(b) of the Florida Constitution.  Limit it to teaching students within the four corners of the school district campus, with focus on reading, writing, arithmetic, science, fact-based American history, and traditional extracurriculars.

2. Legislatively amend Fla. Stat. Section 1001.32(2) to allow school board home rule authority only within the constitutional definition of “free public schools.”  The amended statute might read as:

(2) DISTRICT SCHOOL BOARD.—In accordance with the provisions of s. 4(b) of Art. IX of the State Constitution, district school boards shall operate, control, and supervise all free public schools, as constitutionally defined, in their respective districts and may exercise any power except as expressly prohibited by the State Constitution or general law.  For actions or matters beyond the scope of free public schools, district school boards may not exercise any power except as expressly authorized by the Legislature.

(changes in bold).

3.  Legislatively define the statutory terms “educational purposes” and “school purposes” in alignment with the new definition of “free public schools.”

4.  Constitutionally (or at least legislatively) prohibit school boards from engaging in “for profit” activities such as after-school child care, or affordable housing.  All school board programs should be “revenue neutral,” with the school board required to provide studies containing sufficient data to demonstrate fiscal neutrality.


5.  Amend Fla. Const. Art. IX, Sect. 4(a) to define a “school district” as something smaller than the region of each county.  That may have been appropriate a century ago when Florida’s population was smaller and more spread out, but it now consolidates too much power in a centralized school district administration.  (Take, for instance Collier’s  annual budget which now for the first time exceeds $1 billion).  Alternatively, keep the “county” geographical limits for a school district, but break it into elementary, middle and high school subdistricts, each with a separate superintendent and budget.  Some may counter that this will lead to fiscal inefficiencies in areas such as busing, athletic fields, etc., but this can be resolved legislatively by allowing inter-district sharing of such resources and services.

6.  Change F.S. 1010.33 to state that each School Board “shall” (not just “are authorized to”) have its own independent certified public accountant to perform its own annual financial and performance audit.  In other words, take this out of the control of the superintendents, who may otherwise too easily control these audits. 

6.  Provide term limits for superintendents.  They have too much ability to “roll up” individual power by their connections within the community, serving themselves more than the students.  Also provide a prohibition on superintendents lobbying school boards once they depart.

7.  Recognize that individual school board members were elected by the people as their policy-making representatives.  Enact legislation authorizing any school board member to add a policy item to the school board agenda, so that the rights of the “minority” board group may be heard and not subverted by all-powerful superintendents and the “majority” board members they all-too-often control.

Constitutional Review Commission member / Collier School Board member Erika Donalds.

We in Collier County are fortunate to have one of our school board members, Erika Donalds, serving on the Constitutional Review Commission.  In fact, Ms. Donalds chairs the “local government” panel and serves on the “education” panel , which includes Article IX of the Constitution which needs amending as mentioned herein.  Ms. Donalds would do well to consider the foregoing constitutional proposals, with local state representatives Byron Donalds and Bob Rommel leading on the legislative issues.**

** (Particularly Mr. Donalds, who now serves on various k-12 legislative subcommittees.)

Child Abuse in Indiana: Pray or Prey?

It’s not a pretty picture, as they say. No, I retract that. It’s a hideous, odious picture of a Midwestern capital that shuts its eyes to child abuse and trafficking, shuts its eyes, closes its doors to victims, and slams its doors against mandatory reporters like teachers.

Years ago, CPS, in an Indianapolis suburb, would repeatedly receive reports of a prolific child molester, a prominent elected official, and routinely shred them, according to its staff. Long ago, the official left Indianapolis, but his trail of tears stayed.

Now, City headlines tout such good news as “Indianapolis man won’t go to prison for molesting daughter with cancer.” Even if you believe in climate change, the climate for kids in Indy is not changing, except for the worse.

If your heart breaks to know that this tiny victim of predation gets no justice, move. I am quite serious. Show your intolerance for hate against children with your feet and the seat of your pants. Do not let your children and grandchildren grow up in a climate of hate against the child, hate against the sanctity of the child.

Can we envisage a more vulnerable victim than a 6-year-old girl with brain cancer, spending several months in the hospital, a year in chemotherapy, and being abused nightly by her father? Marion Superior Court Magistrate Steven Rubick ruled that this Super Dad deserved a chance to financially support his wife and children, although he had failed to do so for the year after being prosecuted when he was living in the family home and they could not move back in until he left.

Twelve years of probation for crushing a deathly-ill child’s life … Indy should be proud of its continuing record of protecting predators like the Park Tudor hero basketball coach who preyed upon his student for months and two other students before her.

In exclusive Park Tudor school, where tuition exceeds $20,000 per child per year, a combination basketball coach and chemistry teacher was finally sentenced to 14 years in prison for his repeated crimes against one of his Park students, after the school’s attorney, Michael Blickman, partner in Ice Miller law firm, refused to provide law enforcement with child pornography evidence that he had obtained directly from the victim’s family until three weeks after receiving said graphic images and written messages between the predator and the victim … three weeks during which a predator was being effectively protected from prosecution by withholding of evidence.

Where is Blickman’s prosecution 1 ½ years after he illegally obtained child pornography, transferred it to his own thumb drive, took it to the Ice Miller offices, and withheld the evidence from law enforcement for three weeks? U.S. Attorney Josh Minkler, per reports in the Indianapolis Star, when asked about Park Tudor’s handling of the evidence, merely said, “We’ll save that for another day.” Does anyone believe that Michael Blickman would have been allowed to possess and transfer child pornography and to withhold the explicit evidence of crimes against a child if he were not in a protected class of people, as was the prominent Indianapolis public official who was a prolific child molester?

Looking at the facts of the Park Tudor case is a disgusting revelation of how precious children are sacrificed for political considerations. The timeline shows that Park’s coach not only repeatedly exchanged pornographic pictures and videos with his victim for months and Michael Blickman withheld the evidence of said crimes for three weeks from law enforcement, but it took the Indiana Department of Child Services multiple reports of the crimes and 20 days from the initial report to DCS for a DCS case manager to speak to the family for the first time. Thirty-seven days after the initial report, detectives interviewed the head of Park Tudor, who allegedly hanged himself in his garage at his home adjacent to the Park Tudor campus two days later on a Saturday morning, which suicide has been widely reported as being “unrelated to investigation” going on at his school. The proximity in time between the Headmaster’s interview and his reported suicide was certainly a mere coincidence.

In a case that involves the questionable death of a brilliant man, husband, father of two children, exceedingly handsome, Headmaster of one of Indiana’s most exclusive private schools, living in a home valued at over $800,000, who would possibly believe that his reported suicide, two days after being interviewed by law enforcement on a child pornography case in which the evidence was withheld from detectives for three weeks by the attorney advising him, was for reasons “unrelated to” the crimes being investigated?

Indianapolis attorney Jack Crawford, according to Indianapolis Star reports, is quoted, “That’s child pornography,” commenting on Blickman’s making of copies of explicit messages and images and keeping them at his office. Blickman also allowed the predator to take his school computer home with him to remove “personal” content after Blickman had control of the evidence of the coach’s crimes against the child; yet, Blickman remains unprosecuted.

In the Park Tudor Deferred Prosecution Agreement between the U.S. Attorney’s Office and the school, only the Headmaster, now dead, is subject “to prosecution for the offense of Misprision of a Felony, in violation of 18 U.S.C. § 4,” meaning failure to promptly report a felony to appropriate authorities; although it is irrefutable that Blickman was actually the owner of the child pornography for three weeks and was the legal counsel for the Headmaster, advising him on handling the crimes at hand committed by Park Tudor’s coach. Nowhere in the Deferred Prosecution Agreement is the name of Michael Blickman ever printed or the offense of Misprision of a Felony attributed to Blickman, only to a dead Headmaster.

Taking a look at the predator and the evidence placed before Magistrate Judge Debra McVicker Lynch, it is astonishing to note that she ruled against the prosecutors’ recommendation that the coach remain jailed at a federal prison until his trial, commenting, “I am troubled by the gross immaturity,” referring to the coach’s communications with a minor Park Tudor student who knocked the victim to the ground after she had reported the coach’s crimes, saying, “It was fun knocking her to the ground.” The coach’s reply was, “It would have been pretty epic if you would have caused a concussion lol,” and “I would turn my head if you messed her up.”

Is this “gross immaturity,” or is it violent, dangerous, vicious rhetoric from a teacher and coach after he has been caught in his crimes against a child, encouraging another child to attack her, which attack did indeed occur at Park Tudor, further traumatizing the victim and her friend, who was also attacked by their fellow classmate.

Judge Lynch and the coach’s attorney in this abysmal case have served together in the Senior Counsel division of the Indy Bar Association.

Unbelievably, with all of the irrefutable evidence in hand of repeated crimes against a child, the coach was not arrested until seven weeks after his resignation from Park, with his protective father proclaiming, “I don’t believe my son is a criminal.” The predator’s attorney, James Voyles, who has repeatedly served as the President and Vice President of the Indy Bar, boasted that 47 people had written letters to the court on behalf of the predator, which letters described the predatory coach as “paint[ing] a picture of a wonderful young man.” This “wonderful young man,” after he had been exposed as a remorseless serial predator, repeatedly tried to persuade his victim to take the blame herself for the crimes he had committed and texted the male Park student, who had violently attacked the victim and her friend on the Park campus, “The nice thing is that I can get any job in the state.”

In the face of all of the written and visual evidence indisputably proving that a Park Tudor teacher had repeatedly committed crimes against a student and additionally against two other students beginning in 2010, prior to said series of crimes, U.S. District Judge Larry J. McKinney ordered a sentence of only 14 years, for which crimes the law permits life in prison.

At this point in time, Magistrate Judge Lynch had refused to incarcerate the predator before his trial; law enforcement did not arrest the predator until seven weeks after his forced resignation and confidentiality agreement with Park Tudor had been signed; DCS did not investigate the case until 20 days after the initial report had been received; detectives did not interview the headmaster of Park Tudor until 37 days after the initial report; Michael Blickman, law partner at Ice Miller, who possessed child pornography and brought it to his office for three weeks, has never been prosecuted; two Park Tudor girls, the victim and her friend, were assaulted at school because the coach had been exposed for his crimes against one of the girls; and children’s lives were needlessly and irreparably harmed either as victims of the crimes or potential victims who know of the crimes and were left unprotected by the entire system from top to bottom.

To be certain, the persons who did not commit Misprision of a Felony were the family members of the victim; yet, they have suffered and will continue to suffer immeasurably for blowing the whistle on the Park Tudor coach who had affairs with at least three students beginning in 2010, according to reports. What really happens to the reporter of child abuse? As we have learned through generations of children and families reporting child abuse in the Catholic Church, the children themselves commonly become the victims of betrayal and abandonment by society, namely their community, neighbors, clergy, educators, and others they should be able to trust implicitly for solace and support during their times of intense crisis, after reporting crimes committed against them.

Let me direct you to my case of reporting child abuse to the Boone County court involving a convicted predator who had committed three separate counts of Child Molesting Class B Felony when committed by an adult. When I served the mother of the convicted molester a subpoena for her to testify under oath about her son’s six-year close relationship with minor children whom I sought to protect, Boone Judge Steven David immediately quashed my subpoena and thereafter ordered me to pay the child molester’s family $60,000. The Indiana Supreme Court subsequently refused to hear my appeal, and later, Steven David was appointed to become Justice of the Indiana Supreme Court.

In his order to me, issued just before Mother’s Day, Judge David described the predator as a young boy who tugged at the pants of a child (in addition to his first victim for whom he had been incarcerated). Because the second molestation was never prosecuted, the victim had no recourse to obtain justice. Judge David, now Justice David, fined me $60,000. for serving a subpoena on the predator’s family, despite the fact that the Marion Superior Court judge actually hearing the criminal case against the predator specifically acknowledged his danger to society, noting specifically “the seriousness/repetitiveness of the delinquent act … endangering the safety and welfare of the community ….”

Like the family that reported the crimes of the Park Tudor coach, my family suffered immeasurably for reporting the crimes of the grandson of a prominent developer in Indianapolis.

In his Affidavit for Probable Cause, the detective noted that the predator had molested a child much younger than he in multiple ways, and additionally had destroyed the little girl’s doll by cutting out the private area, stuffing the doll with things to make it look like his victim, and then setting fire to the victim’s dolls “to release his anger.” Later, while on probation, the predator was found with “eight drawings of people performing and receiving deviant sexual acts,” for which the probation department requested a revocation of probation. At the present time, the predator, now much older, spews dark foreboding poetry on the Internet about “blood blood blood” and brags that he does online videos and work in lingerie specializing in fetish.

At the time that Judge David described the predator’s molestation of a second victim as a young boy tugging at the pants of a child, he was President of the Indiana Council of Juvenile and Family Court Judges and has been currently appointed by the Indiana Supreme Court to serve on the Judicial Conference Court Improvement Program Executive Committee, the Judicial Conference Juvenile Justice Improvement Committee, the Judicial Conference Strategic Planning Committee, and the Juvenile Detention Alternatives Initiative, amongst other programs and committees.

During the time that convicted child trafficker, Jared Fogel, was being investigated by the FBI for sexually abusing children in the United States and other countries of the world, I personally witnessed a serious child abuse incident by an afterschool counselor, weighing approximately 350 pounds, lying on top of a child, who was moaning and groaning while being pinned down by the counselor on a bare floor against a concrete wall, which abuse I immediately reported. A home base for Jared Fogel, the afterschool counselor, and the predator I reported to Steven David was the same facility, where all of these men frequented and where I was targeted as a whistleblower.

Enter my husband’s boss, Robert W. York, a hearing officer for the Indiana Supreme Court in attorney disciplinary cases, whose law firm had employed my husband for years prior to my reports of serious child abuse at the popular facility frequented by predators. York also served with the coach’s attorney and 13 other lawyers and judges in the Indy Bar Senior Counsel Division, including the supervising judge of the Marion County courts. Upon learning of my reports, York pulled my husband into his office with an ultimatum, that being, paraphrased, “either your wife does not further expose the popular facility [where predators frequent] through litigation, or you’re fired.” Indeed, my husband was fired by York, whose visceral hostility against our family has never abated in a dozen years.

Enter Robert W. York again, when a few years later, York represented one of my husband’s former clients, resulting in the suspension by the Indiana Supreme Court, where Judge Steven David serves, of my husband’s law license on minimal grounds, in order to further punish and silence our family for reporting crimes against children.

Enter Robert W. York again, ten years after he fired my husband, when York is appointed by a judge, who himself was appointed by the Indiana Supreme Court, to serve as the administrator of my Dad’s estate. As administrator, York took actions to ensure that my husband’s administrative expenses could not be collected from my Dad’s estate – over $50,000.00 in funds that my husband had advanced to pay the estate’s bills.

Enter York again, now seeking contempt of court citations for fines and imprisonment against both my husband and me by making allegations, documented as false, against us. The judge, the long-time colleague of York in close-knit Lawrence Township, was appointed by the Indiana Supreme Court to supervise the Estate of Holocaust Survivor Al Katz, my Dad. The day of our intended arrests is September 6, 2017, at 1:00 PM, in the courtroom of Judge James Joven on the 14th floor of the City-County Building in Indianapolis, and the media have been banned by the court from taking photographs or making any recordings of our arrests.

In this case, our efforts to report to the Marion County court, as required by the federal Misprision of Felony law, the documented crimes committed by Robert York were met swiftly by orders from Judge Joven that we are forbidden to disrespect York; and our motion for the court to refer Robert York to law enforcement under the Misprision of Felony statute was immediately denied.

What do all of these cases emanating from Indiana have in common? Abusers are protected in Indiana; reporters of abuse are marked; and victims are marred for life. Those who commit child abuse, even heinous serial molestations of young children, are given light sentences, only probation, or remain unprosecuted; but those who report such child abuse can face decades of retribution for their exposure of protected predators who end up in our children’s classrooms or on the Internet making on-line videos laced with fetish lingerie and pornography to lure children into a dark web world from which many will enter innocently and never escape.

Our goal is to get hundreds of letters/emails in support of us sent to:

Vice President Mike Pence, the former Gov. of Indiana

Richard Payne Attorney for Indiana Supreme Court

Judge Timothy Oakes Presiding Judge of the Marion Superior Court

Surely, we should get hundreds of emails in support of us when the predator at Park Tudor school got 47 letters sent to the court in support of him. Please blind copy me with your letters/emails, and urge others to speak out against these grotesque injustices in Indiana to children and elders.

For your information, Robert York and the court are fully informed by expert medical opinions filed with the court that travelling to Indianapolis from Florida is dangerous to my health, medically impermissible, and possibly lethal; but both demand for me to risk my life and health to personally appear before Judge Joven on York’s fraudulent claims that I did not file a second accounting in Dad’s probate case (which second accounting was filed in 2015 and so appears on the court’s own docket) and that I interfered with the sale of Dad’s home by objecting to its sale without any court hearing on administrative expenses owed to my husband for over four years. For these fraudulent claims, I am to risk my life in violation of my religious convictions that I can never risk my life but in extreme emergencies. Since I cannot travel without risking my life, I am to be arrested and shipped to Indianapolis on September 6, 2017.

Please act now, urge others to speak now, and contact the media to cover this story. For further information and documentation, you can reach me at helpelders@hotmail.com.

Judicial Watch Sues for Anti-Israel ‘BDS’ Lobbying Records

Washington, D.C. – Judicial Watch today announced that it filed two Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) lawsuits against the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and the U.S. Department of State for records of communications regarding anti-Israel Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions’ (BDS) groups’ efforts to lobby the Obama administration to ignore trade laws that protect Israel.

Judicial Watch filed a FOIA lawsuit in the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia after the Department of Homeland Security failed to respond to two June 20 FOIA requests, one to the Department itself and one to the U.S. Customs and Border Protection Bureau (CBP), a component of DHS (Judicial Watch v. U.S. Department of Homeland Security (No. 1:17-cv-1650)). Judicial Watch is seeking:

  • All emails which mention West Bank country-of-origin marking requirements, and were sent between [DHS or CBP] and any of the following groups: Act Now to Stop War and End Racism, Al-Awda, the Council on American-Islamic Relations, Friends of Sabeel-North America, If Americans Knew, the International Solidarity Movement, Jewish Voice for Peace, the Muslim American Society, Students for Justice in Palestine, or the US Campaign to End the Israeli Occupation (the “BDS Groups”).
  • All emails internal to [DHS and/or CBP] discussing the efforts of the BDS Groups to strengthen enforcement of the West Bank country-of-origin marking requirements.

Judicial Watch also filed a FOIA lawsuit against the State Department after it failed to respond to a June 20 request  (Judicial Watch v. U.S. Department of State (No. 1:17-cv-01651)). Judicial Watch is seeking:

  • All emails which mention protections for Israel in the Trade Facilitation and Trade Enforcement Act of 2015, and were sent between [State Department] and any of the following groups: Act Now to Stop War and End Racism, Al-Awda, the Council on American-Islamic Relations, Friends of Sabeel-North America, If Americans Knew, the International Solidarity Movement, Jewish Voice for Peace, the Muslim American Society, Students for Justice in Palestine, or the US Campaign to End the Israeli Occupation (the “BDS Groups”).
  • All internal [State Department] emails discussing the efforts of the BDS Groups to limit protections for Israel in the Trade Facilitation and Trade Enforcement Act of 2015.

In February 2016 President Obama signed the Trade Facilitation and Trade Enforcement Act of 2015 into law, which forces U.S. trade partners to cut ties to the BDS movement and protects Israel territories. But Obama announced:

Certain provisions of this Act, by conflating Israel and “Israeli-controlled territories,” are contrary to longstanding bipartisan United States policy, including with regard to the treatment of settlements.  Moreover, consistent with longstanding constitutional practice, my Administration will interpret and implement the provisions in the Act that purport to direct the Executive to seek to negotiate and enter into particular international agreements (section 414(a)(1)) or to take certain positions in international negotiations with respect to international agreements with foreign countries not qualifying for trade authorities procedures (sections 108(b), 414(a)(2), 415, and 909(c)) in a manner that does not interfere with my constitutional authority to conduct diplomacy.

Shortly after Obama signed the Trade Facilitation and Trade Enforcement Act of 2015, the Customs and Border Protection Bureau restated the West Bank Country of Origin Marking Requirement rules requiring labeling of goods from the West Bank. The Jerusalem Post later reported the restated rules were a result of several complaints filed by activists seeking the U.S. follow policy guidelines distinguishing goods produced from Israel and the West Bank.

The West Bank country-of-origin marking requirements is said to stem from “longstanding bipartisan U.S. policy” toward the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. First put in place in 1995 under the Clinton administration, the rule is to preserve the distinction between the goods produced in State of Israel and the good produced in the territories it controls over the Green Line.

The BDS movement was started by the PLO and other anti-Israel groups to encourage an economic and cultural boycott of Israel.  It has gained the support of radical leftwing groups here in the United States, especially on college campuses.

“President Obama advanced the agenda of anti-Israel radicals in subverting U.S. law that rejects the malicious anti-Israel boycott movement,” said Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton. “And it is no surprise the Deep State ignores our FOIA requests that could expose the Obama-BDS connections.  It is well past time for the Trump administration to stop this obstruction and follow the FOIA law.”

Moroccan Muslim asylum seeker was targeting women, slashing their throats

“Then a person ran towards us shouting ‘He has a knife’, and everybody from the terrace ran inside. Next, a woman came in to the cafe. She was crying hysterically, down on her knees, saying someone’s neck has been slashed open.” – A witness

Surely you know what happened in Finland on the heals of Barcelona, but here from Reuters we get more facts on the killer and the poor innocent women who were sadly in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Over the years we have written a few posts on Finland, but it isn’t as easily accessible (or slovenly welcoming) as other Scandinavian countries like Sweden and Norway.

This Reuters story is surprisingly unrestrained and relatively free of whitewash (or is that because those quoted weren’t pulling punches and speaking in politically correct terms?):

HELSINKI/TURKU, Finland (Reuters) – Finnish police said on Saturday that an 18-year-old Moroccan man, arrested after a knife rampage that killed two people and wounded eight, appeared to have targeted women and that the spree was being treated as the country’s first terrorism-related attack.

Finland’s loss of innocence. Photo: Inquirer.

The suspect arrested following the attack on Friday after being shot in the leg by police in the city of Turku had arrived in Finland last year, police said. They said they later arrested four other Moroccan men over possible links to him and had issued an international arrest warrant for a sixth Moroccan national.

Finnish broadcaster MTV, citing an unnamed source, said the main suspect had been denied asylum in Finland. The police said only that he had been “part of the asylum process”.

The case marks the first suspected terror attack in Finland, where violent crime is relatively rare.

“The suspect’s profile is similar to that of several other recent radical Islamist terror attacks that have taken place in Europe,” Director Antti Pelttari from the Finnish Security Intelligence Service told a news conference.


Both of those killed in the Turku attack, and six of the eight who were wounded, were women, the police said. The two who died were Finns, and an Italian and two Swedish citizens were among the injured.

Ville Tavio (Finns party): Asylum system is primary means of entry for terrorists.

“It seems that the suspect chose women as his targets, because the men who were wounded were injured when they tried to help, or prevent the attacks,” said Crista Granroth from the National Bureau of Investigation.

“The act was cowardly … we have been afraid of this and we have prepared for this. We are not an island anymore, the whole of Europe is affected,” Prime Minister Juha Sipila said. [Well, maybe not Poland and Hungary that have closed their borders to Muslim migration!—ed]


Some members of the nationalist Finns party, which was kicked out of the government in June for their new hard-line anti-immigration leadership, blamed the government for what they said was too loose an immigration policy.

“The asylum system is the primary road for illegal immigration, used also by the terrorists. Harmful immigration can be controlled only by reducing Finland’s attractiveness, or by border controls,” said Finns party lawmaker Ville Tavio.

Much, much more here.

What is asylum? (As opposed to refugee resettlement)

In the refugee resettlement process, wannabe refugees must prove they are persecuted, the UN screens them (supposedly!) and a country accepts them and flies them in.

For asylum, the wannabe refugee makes his or her way to a ‘safe’ country and then applies for asylum (or often called political asylum). They are supposed to make a case that they would be persecuted if returned home. Europe is dealing with mostly asylum seekers (many are phony and are really economic migrants) who are basically loose in the country until their cases can be processed.

And, are often loose because they have been rejected and no one has made them leave!

So, it is a misnomer when you hear the Left and political leaders refer to asylum seekers as refugees. They are not legitimate refugees until their cases have been processed and the governmental body responsible has granted them asylum.

See my Finland files here. Invasion of Europe archive is here.

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New York City Transit Authority tears down subway tiles that look a little like a Confederate flag

“Every record has been destroyed or falsified, every book rewritten, every picture has been repainted, every statue and street building has been renamed, every date has been altered. And the process is continuing day by day and minute by minute. History has stopped. Nothing exists except an endless present in which the Party is always right.” – George Orwell

In what is eerily evocative of a Stalinist purge of history, all of American history is being scrubbed by the new fascists. George Washington and Thomas Jefferson are now in the cross hairs.

It doesn’t matter to the fascists if it isn’t a Confederate flag. It is a design based on geometric forms that represent the “Crossroads of the World.” But even if they were, it is wrong to remove them.

This is Red Bill de Blasio’s NY. His MTA banned my ads, so is this surprising?


By Danielle Furfaro,  New York Post, August 17, 2017:

In the wake of last weekend’s white-power unrest in Virginia over a Confederate monument, the MTA has decided to remake a series of tile mosaics in the Times Square subway station that look eerily like Confederate flags.

The Post found in 2015 that the designs of rectangular squares with blue crosses on a red background have been a part of the Times Square station décor for more than than 90 years.
Civil War historian Dr. David Jackowe claims the tiles honor the late New York Times head Adolph S. Ochs, a Southerner. He also believes Ochs was buried with a Confederate flag.

The MTA — which refused to say if their action to finally remove the tiles is linked to the events in Charlottesville — has consistently disputed that the mosaics are actually Confederate flags or that they honor Ochs.

MTA spokesman Kevin Ortiz said they are meant to honor Times Square’s nickname.

“These are not Confederate flags, it is a design based on geometric forms that represent the ‘Crossroads of the World’ and to avoid absolutely any confusion, we will modify them to make that absolutely crystal clear,” Ortiz said.

Ortiz declined to say exactly how the MTA plans to modify the tiles or when the changes will happen.


I Went to a Vandalized Columbus Monument. Here’s What I Saw.

Poll finds 60% of Millennials are Fine with Confederate Statues

New York Governor Orders Busts of Confederate Figures to Be Removed

Statue Resembling Confederate General Robert E. Lee at Duke University Vandalized

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ProPublica working with Google to ‘document hate’ direct threat to counter-terrorism bloggers

More on how the Left is moving in for the kill and trying to destroy the freedom of speech completely.

“ProPublica, Working with Google to ‘Document Hate,’ Threatens Conservative Bloggers,” by Paula Bolyard, PJ Media, August 19, 2017:

Google revealed in a blog post that it is now using machine learning to document “hate crimes and events” in America. They’ve partnered with liberal groups like ProPublica, BuzzFeed News, and the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) to make information about “hate events” easily accessible to journalists. And now, there are troubling signs that this tool could be used to ferret out writers and websites that run afoul of the progressive orthodoxy.
In the announcement, Simon Rogers, data editor of Google News Labs, wrote:

Now, with ProPublica, we are launching a new machine learning tool to help journalists covering hate news leverage this data in their reporting.
The Documenting Hate News Index — built by the Google News Lab, data visualization studio Pitch Interactive and ProPublica — takes a raw feed of Google News articles from the past six months and uses the Google Cloud Natural Language API to create a visual tool to help reporters find news happening across the country. It’s a constantly-updating snapshot of data from this year, one which is valuable as a starting point to reporting on this area of news.

The Documenting Hate project launched in response to the lack of national data on hate crimes. While the FBI is required by law to collect data about hate crimes, the data is incomplete because local jurisdictions aren’t required to report incidents up to the federal government.

All of which underlines the value of the Documenting Hate Project, which is powered by a number of different news organisations and journalists who collect and verify reports of hate crimes and events. Documenting Hate is informed by both reports from members of the public and raw Google News data of stories from across the nation.

On the surface, this looks rather innocuous. It’s presented by Google as an attempt to create a database of hate crimes — information that should be available with a quick Google search, it should be noted. But a quick glance at the list of partners for this project should raise some red flags:

The  ProPublica-led coalition includes  The Google News Lab,  Univision News, the  New York Times,  WNYC,  BuzzFeed News,  First Draft,  Meedan,  New America Media,  The Root,  Latino USA,  The Advocate,  100 Days in Appalachia and  Ushahidi. The coalition is also working with civil-rights groups such as the  Southern Poverty Law Center, and schools such as the  University of Miami School of Communications.

ProPublica poses as a middle-of-the-road non-profit journalistic operation, but in reality, it’s funded by a stable of uber-liberal donors, including George Soros’s Open Society Foundation and Herb and Marion Sandler, billionaire former mortgage bankers whose Golden West Financial Corp. allegedly targeted subprime borrowers with “pick-a-pay” mortgages that led to toxic assets that were blamed for the collapse of Wachovia. The Southern Poverty Law Center, of course, is infamous for targeting legitimate conservatives groups, branding them as “hate groups” because they refuse to walk in lockstep with the progressive agenda. And it goes with out saying that The New York Times and BuzzFeed News lean left.

A perusal of the raw data that’s been compiled thus far on hate stories shows articles from a wide array of center-right sites, including The Daily Caller, Breitbart News, The Washington Times, National Review, and the Washington Examiner. It also includes many articles from liberal sites like BuzzFeed News and The New York TimesOne story from PJ Media’s Bridget Johnson is included in the list. It’s a report about a Sikh ad campaign aimed at reducing hate crimes against members of their faith community. Many of the articles are simply reports about alleged hate crimes from sources running the gamut of the political spectrum.

ProPublica vows to diligently track “hate incidents” in the coming months….

Note that Google, which recently fired an employee for expressing his counter-progressive opinions, thinks this information could be used to “help journalists covering hate news leverage this data in their reporting.” What do they mean by “leverage this data”? They don’t say, but an email sent to several conservative writers by a ProPublica reporter may give us some indication. Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer along with some others received this from ProPublica “reporter” Lauren Kirchner:

I am a reporter at ProPublica, a nonprofit investigative newsroom in New York. I am contacting you to let you know that we are including your website in a list of sites that have been designated as hate or extremist by the American Defamation League or the Southern Poverty Law Center. We have identified all the tech platforms that are supporting websites on the ADL and SPLC lists.

We would like to ask you a few questions:

1) Do you disagree with the designation of your website as hate or extremist? Why?
2) We identified several tech companies on your website: PayPal, Amazon, Newsmax, and Revcontent. Can you confirm that you receive funds from your relationship with those tech companies? How would the loss of those funds affect your operations, and how would you be able to replace them?
3) Have you been shut down by other tech companies for being an alleged hate or extremist web site? Which companies?
4) Many people opposed to sites like yours are currently pressuring tech companies to cease their relationships with them – what is your view of this campaign? Why?

In other words, nice website you’ve got there. It would be a shame if anything happened to it.

To summarize: Liberal ProPublica, working with the smear merchants at SPLC — powered by Google — sent a reporter out to issue not so veiled threats against conservative websites. It’s blatantly obvious that the goal here is to tank websites they disagree with by mounting a campaign to pressure their advertisers and tech providers to drop them as clients. This comes on the heels of Google, GoDaddy, CloudFlare, Apple, and others singling out alt-right sites for destruction in the wake of the Charlottesville riots.

Robert Spencer (who also writes for PJ Media) responded to the threat on his Jihad Watch blog:

The intent of your questions, and no doubt of your forthcoming article, will be to try to compel these sites to cut off any connection with us based on our opposition to jihad terror. Are you comfortable with what you’re enabling? Not only are you inhibiting honest analysis of the nature and magnitude of the jihad threat, but you’re aiding the attempt to deny people a platform based on their political views. This could come back to bite you if your own views ever fall out of favor. Have you ever lived in a totalitarian state, where the powerful determine the parameters of the public discourse and cut off all voice from the powerless? Do you really want to live in one now? You might find, once you get there, that it isn’t as wonderful as you thought it would be.

Spencer has recently criticized Google and the SPLC here at PJ Media for their attempts to squelch dissent, so it’s not surprising that they’ve decided to target him. Only instead of fighting Spencer’s words with words of their own, they’re lashing out with actions designed to silence him….

Robert Spencer wrote, “Authoritarianism in service of any cause leads to a slave society despite the best intentions of those who helped usher it in.”…

Read the full article here.


ProPublica (recipient of Soros $) works with CAIR and SPLC to silence speech

Trump to ‘cut all military aid to Pakistan’, thinks US is being ‘ripped off’

Germany: Man gets 6 months jail for posting on Facebook about Nazi/Muslim collaboration

VIDEO: The Jihad Against Free Speech

Hate can be a virtue.

Progressives talk a lot about the evil of hate. We are told that if we object to Sharia law and jihad, then we are intolerant haters. But what about hating harms people?

  • I hate wife-beating, yet the Sharia, Koran and Sunna support it.
  • I am intolerant of child abuse, including child marriage, but the Sunna and Sharia support it.
  • I hate the jihadist killings of Christians, Jews, Buddhists and apostates.
  • I am intolerant of religious leaders, such as the Pope and Dai Lama, who will not condemn the jihadic killing of their groups.
  • I hate dualistic ethics, which lack integrity.
  • I am intolerant of face coverings, since it cuts off open communication.

As a society, we have lost the ability to become morally outraged and are incapable of anger about the Islamic harm of innocents. I hate that.

Why are people being banned and silenced? “Hate speech.”

Silicon Valley billionaires claim to love free speech, but they forbid speech that doesn’t fit their narrative, and call it “hate.” And who determines what “hate” is? They do. Based on their performance, they are the Red/Green alliance–Marxists and Muslims, the new Big Brother.

Progressives talk a lot about the evil of “hate.” We are told that if we object to Sharia law and jihad, then we are intolerant haters. But what about hating harms people?

  • I hate child marriage
  • I hate rape of kafir women
  • I hate wife beating
  • I hate the jihadist killing of Christians, Jews, Buddhists, Hindus & apostates
  • I hate the suppression of free speech

As a society, we have lost the ability to become morally outraged and are incapable of anger about the Islamic harm of innocents and the Left’s ignorant embrace of Islam.

Justice Department Terminates and Repudiates Operation Chokepoint

This week the Department of Justice made clear that the Obama Administration’s underhanded attack on the gun industry using the banking system – better known as Operation Chokepoint – is over. In a strongly-worded letter to U.S. House Judiciary Committee Chairman Bob Goodlatte (R-Va.) dated August 16, Assistant Attorney General Stephen E. Boyd assured the chairman that the operation has been terminated and that “it will not be undertaken again.”

Initiated in 2013 and involving the Justice Department and the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation, Operation Chokepoint sought to deter banks from conducting business with companies that engaged in commerce that the Obama administration viewed as undesirable. To do this, the Obama administration categorized certain types of businesses as being “associated with high-risk activity” in a banking guidance document used by the FDIC. Some of the types of businesses targeted by the operation were engaged in illegal or fraudulent activity, like “On-line Gambling” or “Ponzi Schemes.” However, also targeted in this operation were legal businesses that engaged in lawful commerce such as “Tobacco Sales,” “Coin Dealers,” “Ammunition Sales,” and “Firearms Sales.”

Current Justice Department leadership and Boyd should be commended for their forceful statement on this matter. This unequivocal repudiation of Operation Chokepoint should make a return to such political persecution unpalatable for all but the most debased public official.

This targeting of lawful businesses produced a strong response from some in Congress. In 2014, the U.S. House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform investigated the operation and issued a 
scathing report
. In 2016, the U.S. House passed H.R. 766, the ‘‘Financial Institution Customer Protection Act of 2015,” which sought to eliminate Operation Chokepoint. Sens. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) and Mike Lee (R-Utah) introduced companion legislation in the Senate, declaring Operation Chokepoint an attack on Second Amendment rights.

In a decision worthy of praise, Boyd did not mince words when describing the Obama-era policy. The letter described Operation Chokepoint as a “misguided initiative conducted during the last administration.” Making clear that the new administration intends to reestablish the integrity of the Justice Department, Boyd wrote, “The Department is committed to bringing enforcement actions only where warranted by the facts and the applicable law without regard to political preferences.” Leaving no doubt about the current Justice Department’s position, Boyd concluded, “We reiterate that the Department will not discourage the provision of financial services to lawful industries, including businesses engaged in … firearms-related activities.”

Current Justice Department leadership and Boyd should be commended for their forceful statement on this matter. This unequivocal repudiation of Operation Chokepoint should make a return to such political persecution unpalatable for all but the most debased public official.

The NRA thanks President Trump for finally putting an end to Operation Chokepoint and thanks Attorney General Jeff Sessions and others in the Justice Department for seeing through the termination of this misguided program.

Lawsuit Ends in Free Speech/Religious Freedom Victory for the Catholic League

ANN ARBOR, MI – The Thomas More Law Center (TMLC), a national public interest law firm based in Ann Arbor, Michigan, today announces that the closing chapter in a lawsuit has ended with a victory for Bill Donohue and free speech, as the time for appealing TMLC’s win in the 8th Circuit U.S. Court of Appeals to the U.S. Supreme Court has passed.

Bill Donohue, President and CEO of the Catholic League, is considered by most Americans as the fiercest defender of the Catholic Church in the world. He is often called to appear on national TV to respond to controversial attacks made against the Church. So, when he asked the Thomas More Law Center to defend him and the Catholic League in a defamation lawsuit filed because of comments in a press release, without hesitation we agreed.

Beginning in 2014, the case wound its way through both the state and federal courts. On April 18, 2017, the 8th Circuit U.S. Court of Appeals issued its opinion affirming a lower court decision which ruled in favor of Bill Donohue and the Catholic League by dismissing all claims in the lawsuit, including the defamation claim. The 90-day window for asking the U.S. Supreme Court to review the 8th Circuit Court of Appeals decision has now lapsed.

You can read the 8th Circuit Court opinion here.

Erin Mersino, who handled the case on behalf of the Thomas More Law Center always contended that lawsuit filed by Jon David Couzens, Jr. lacked legal merit and required dismissal.  Although she no longer works for TMLC, Erin recently commented on the final end of case:

“The plaintiff’s decision not to appeal the case further vindicates this important victory for free speech. The Thomas More Law Center and the Catholic League are two heroic organizations that vigorously fight for religious freedom in our culture today. It has been a true honor representing Bill Donohue, the President and tenacious captain of the Catholic League.”

What is the Catholic League?

The Catholic League is the nation’s largest Catholic civil rights organization. Founded in 1973 by the late Father Virgil C. Blum, S.J., the Catholic League defends the right of Catholics – lay and clergy alike – to participate in American public life without defamation or discrimination.

Motivated by the letter and the spirit of the First Amendment, the Catholic League works to safeguard both the religious freedom rights and the free speech rights of Catholics whenever and wherever they are threatened.

The Catholic League is listed in the Official Catholic Directory and has won the plaudits of many bishops.

Muslim Charged with Threatening to Shoot His Wife the Night before becoming a Minneapolis Police Officer

Mohamed Noor, the Muslim cop who shot an unarmed woman, Justine Damond, had been fast-tracked onto the force so that the Minneapolis police could showcase their “diversity.” Now it looks as if the Minneapolis Police Department was trying to do it again with Ahmed Mohamed Jama. After the shooting of Justine Damond, there was no reevaluation of the wisdom of hiring police officers based on their religion and ethnicity rather than their merit. And so here we go again.

“Rookie Cop Breaks the Law Night Before Swearing-In Ceremony,” by Preya Samsundar, Alpha News, August 12, 2017:

MINNEAPOLIS — A Minneapolis man has been charged with Threats of Violence (Intent to Terrorize), the night before being sworn in as a Minneapolis Police Officer.

Ahmed Mohamed Jama, 29, threatened his wife with bodily harm after an argument on August 1. The criminal complaint, filed on August 4, states authorities to a report of past action domestic assault. Jama’s wife told authorities that he threatened to “shoot her in the head” because he would “get away with it.” Jama denied making the threat.

According to his personnel file, Jama first started working with the Minneapolis Police Department as a Police Cadet.

Jama filed paperwork to become a Police Cadet in August of 2016, a similar training program that Officer Mohamed Noor, the Minneapolis Officer who shot Justine Damond in July….

As Alpha News reported, MPD looked to clear up any confusion regarding time spent training. Noor spent more than a year after going through the police cadet training for the Minneapolis Police Department, while Jama started out as a Community Service Officer before working his way up to officer.

“At this point, the probationary employee you’ve inquired about, who has never worked in the capacity of a Minneapolis Police Officer, is on administrative leave,” Minneapolis Police Chief Medaria Arradondo said in a statement. “I am aware of the serious charges and will take appropriate action when necessary. The Office of Police Conduct Review has opened up a case into this matter.”


Robert Spencer: Charlottesville Shows How Dangerous the SPLC Really Is

Twitter flags news tweet about Jew-hating imam for violation of “hateful conduct policy”

Who’s to Blame for the Events in Charlottesville? Charlottesville!

The events that transpired in Charlottesville, Va., on Aug. 12 were truly vile and disgusting. Set into motion under the guise of protesting the city’s decision to remove the statue of Robert E. Lee from Emancipation Park, the gathering instead devolved into a display of violence and intolerance that struck at the face of democracy and the ideals upon which our country was built.

The left is quick to cast its aspersions upon the white nationalist groups that organized the rally under the leadership of Jason Kessler. By the same token, it is quick to dismiss whatever disruptive behaviors may have taken place on the part of counter-protesters also present.

There are, however, three facts that are indisputable.

First, despite the repugnance of the message Kessler and his Unite the Right activists were delivering that Saturday, they had all the right in the world to deliver it as they were armed with the protections conferred by the First Amendment and a permit.

Second, the City of Charlottesville had a duty to maintain order during the demonstration especially since it knew that the outermost fringes of our political spectrum would be in attendance.

And third, the outermost fringes of our society’s political spectrum did indeed show up.

Since March 2017, Charlottesville knew this rally was coming.  As a matter of fact, it acted to inconvenience Kessler and his band of protesters, ostensibly in the name of public safety, to the point of rejecting their petition unless they agreed to hold their rally at nearby McIntyre Park.

In fact, following the city’s Aug. 7 decision to reject Kessler’s original request, Kessler had to file a lawsuit in federal court seeking injunctive relief. On Aug. 11, the day prior to the rally, U.S. District Court Judge Glen E. Conrad granted Kessler the relief he sought stating, “Based on the current record, the court concludes that Kessler has shown that he will likely prove that the decision to revoke his permit was based on the content of his speech. . . Kessler’s assertion in this regard is supported by the fact that the city solely revoked his permit but left in place the permits issued to counter-protesters.” (emphasis added)

As a result, Conrad concluded that the city’s decision to disallow Kessler’s request was “based on the content of his speech” rather than on public safety, something that is specifically prohibited by the First Amendment of the Constitution.

And the city had already gotten a taste of what was coming.  On July 8, a similar rally was held at Emancipation Park where approximately 50 clansmen were in attendance and over a thousand counter-protesters showed up.  In that rally, a mere month prior to Kessler’s event, 23 arrests were made.  (Editor’s note: This conflict is a natural result of identity politics, which we explain here.)

Click for the Julio Gonzalez Podcast: The Leftist’s Press Disrespectful Tone; The First Amendment Question In Charlottesville

Moreover, the city stated prior to the rally that it was expecting anywhere between 2,000-8,000 people to be at Emancipation Park, and it still provided an inadequate police force to handle such a gathering.

Everyone understands that Charlottesville is a small town, but if the city’s police force was insufficient to protect the protesters in what was predicted to be a volatile situation, then it should have asked the Commonwealth of Virginia for help.

The bottom line is that there was no excuse for the inadequate police presence at the beginning of the rally.  Charlottesville’s duty, just like that of any American governmental entity, was to protect Kesler’s right to peacefully speak and the counter-protester’s right to peacefully counter his speech. Sadly, Charlottesville shirked its responsibility, and the rest, as they say, is (another dark stain upon our) history.

There are many who place the blame on the white supremacists accumulated that day at Emancipation Park. It seems, though, that the only reason they point fingers at them is the true repugnance of their message. However, such repugnance can never be the primary reason to assign blame since doing so is tantamount to censorship and suppression.

Although we would have all loved it if these Nazi whackos would have sat down and shut up, the reality is they had all the rights afforded them in the Constitution to speak that Saturday at Emancipation Park.

Sadly, if we are to blame anyone for this tragedy, it is the City of Charlottesville, which failed to maintain the peace that day under the statue of Robert E. Lee because it didn’t like the petitioner and the message he was set to deliver.


Mob Rule Prevails in Toppling of Confederate Statue

Who’s To Blame for the Events in Charlottesville? Charlottesville!

Charlottesville Violence Only The Beginning Unless We End Identity Politic

The Alt-Left confronts the Alt-Left in Charlottesville, Virginia

Virginia State Police Say They Were Not Outgunned in Charlottesville Riot Despite McAuliffe Claim

List of places named after Member of the KKK Democrat Senator Robert Byrd

EDITORS NOTE: This column originally appeared in The Revolutionary Act.

List of Endangered Monuments — Will the Lincoln Memorial be next?

Mentioned below is an article found on World Net Daily with the authors noted. Below the article is a site which will take you to a list of endangered Confederate monuments and memorials.

This article and the list portray a sad, sad commentary as to the aberrant behaviors and incredibly controlled and dumbed-down mind sets turned loose across our country.

Protesters in Durham topple Confederate statue:

Noted commentator, Laura Ingraham, is thoroughly correct stating that the actions of rebellion are not about racial healing.

The destructive actions and emotional chaos are deliberately orchestrated to create civil unrest, and purposefully (and professionally) stirred and agitated to birth riots, then the increased levels of damage and mayhem are scripted by those hidden well behind the enlisted street thugs to not only control the narrative of a prostituted media, but also to bring about the elimination of our Nation’s history including all the costs, including grievous errors from which life lessons were learned, and from which values and principles sprang forth leading this country to become one of the very few in the world that learns from its’ sins, and seeks to do things better for all.

If and when you perform an “after-action” autopsy of the events surrounding the purposefully launched mayhem in Charlottesville, Virginia, and then with the descending of a Confederate statute in Durham, North Carolina, you will learn that paid socialist and communist rioters were at the core of these incidents. But there is no intention of these conscripted gangs who are recruited, in part, because of their hatred of all things America, to stop. Already multiple cities are confronting growing threats to remove monuments in their communities, or face similar actions as we have seen in Virginia over this past weekend.

The memorial to President Abraham Lincoln, who led the US through the Civil War, has been vandalized in Washington DC. Photo: National Park Service

And it doesn’t stop even at that, as already the revered Lincoln Memorial had a pillar spray painted red, and there is a call beginning to tear down the Jefferson Memorial in Washington, D.C. Even in Arizona a shout began to destroy a Civil War memorial in the only battle of that era fought here in the desert, but amazingly, our Governor had the strength not to cave to political correctness that has so ensnared our country. In Dallas, Texas, a Civil War monument is targeted for destruction by anarchists, but a contingent of blacks from that community banded together, surrounded the memorial, and made it quite clear there would be no destruction of the memorial…(I am certain no media outside of local will carry that story).

All these despicable acts of violence and destruction across our country are not about racial healing! The war taking place in plain sight is about the impatience of Marxists and other haters of America who are dedicated to their core to fundamentally transform America into a vision only they have, and to which they mean to beat anyone and everyone else into submission to accept. They have no interest, no regard, and absolutely no respect for constitutional order.

The Marxists and other groupings of American haters care only about their agenda winning, and to be in control of every aspect until their agenda prevails. Donald Trump’s victory was, and still is, an absolute harrowing event to the host of American haters. Trump threatens to dismantle the very agenda and mechanisms so calculatingly put into place by Obama, and assuredly going to be continued, and even enlarged by Hillary Clinton. Issues like racial healing are part of the script employed to manipulate the masses, accumulate support, increase the base of rebellion, bring about or even seize power, and then fundamentally change the social order, principles and values of America.

Americans better begin to speak up and shout, “Enough!” Elected officials better begin to stand up, speak up, and help stop the perpetrators of tyranny already behind the gates.

The Big List: U.S. epidemic of endangered monuments

In Durham, North Carolina, an assembly of communist and socialist groups descended on a statue to Confederate war dead, attached ropes to the bronze figure, and tore the monument down (Photo: Twitter)

‘This is not about racial healing. This is about control of the narrative’

By Liam Clancy and Chelsea Schilling

WASHINGTON – A nationwide effort is underway to remove Confederate statues and symbols from government grounds across America.

In dozens of cities across the U.S., activists are vandalizing and toppling Confederate monuments and symbols. They’re also pushing for cities, counties and states to destroy or relocate statues dating back more than a hundred years.

Talk-radio host Laura Ingraham warned that the recent violence and efforts to erase America’s history are not about racial healing.

“We do give respect to the dead. All of our war dead. We respect them. Not respect everything they stood for, but respect the fact that when the time came they stood up and fought for their views in this country,” Ingraham said on Fox and Friends.  “What else will be subjected to their eradication and denunciation? This is not about racial healing. This is about the control of the narrative and the destruction of historical recognition. That is terrifying. What about books? Will they start burning books too?  “We see it with the Taliban, pulling down Christian historical sites. We’ve seen this in the old Soviet Union. We see this with the Stalinists,” Ingraham

Daniel Horowitz, author of “Stolen Sovereignty: How to Stop Unelected Judges from Transforming America” commented in an editorial that these monuments are unrelated to “racism,” and should not be targeted, even following a possible racist terror attack.

“Until this current era of leftism, everyone was able to appreciate that a large segment of this country had fairly recent ancestors who fought bravely on both sides of the terrible war,” Horowitz writes.

“Yes, the leadership of the South clearly pushed the war in large part to promote slavery, but the average soldier in gray, like my wife’s great-great-grandfather, was as poor as can be, didn’t own any slaves, and fought bravely for his cause. It was those soldiers in gray who were honored by the monument in Durham, which was vandalized by communist and anarchist protesters.”

Paul Nehlen, Republican candidate for Congress challenging House Speaker Paul Ryan in Wisconsin’s 1st district, tweeted that these actions are “never about the monuments. It was always about shutting you up, and forcing your compliance.”

Daily Caller editor Scott Greer, author of “No Campus for White Men: The Transformation of Higher Education into Hateful Indoctrination,” believes these activists will not stop at Confederate monuments.

Leftist activists justified these criminal acts due to the recent outbreak of violence at a rally in Charlottesville, Virginia, as white nationalists, neo-Nazis, and other groups battled in the street with “antifa” and counter-protesters.

The rally was held in response to the Charlottesville City Council’s plan to remove a statue of the Confederate General Robert E. Lee. James Fields, 20, who attended the pro-monument rally, killed one and injured 19 when he rammed his car into a gathering of counter-protesters, who then responded by smashing in the car’s windows with bats.

WND has compiled the following big list of the nation’s endangered Confederate monuments and symbols:

Asheville, North Carolina: Vance Monument

There are growing calls to remove a 75-foot granite obelisk in Pack Square known as the Vance Monument in Asheville, North Carolina.

The monument, which was erected in 1896, is a tribute to Zebulon Vance, a Civil War governor of North Carolina and a U.S. senator during the Reconstruction period.

The monument resembles the Washington Monument in Washington, D.C.

Chapel Hill, North Carolina: ‘Silent Sam’

Another memorial targeted for removal is the 1913 “Silent Sam” statue at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. The $7,500 for the monument was funded by UNC alumni and the United Daughters of the Confederacy.

After the Charlottesville, Virginia, violence, protesters gathered around the statue and draped a banner over the monument that read, “Rest in Power: Heather Heyer,” memorializing a woman who was killed in Virginia after a man rammed a crowd of counter-protesters with his car.

A police officer attempted to stop a man from tying a rope around the statue’s neck, according to the campus newspaper, the Daily Tarheel. That’s when the crowd shouted, “this is speech” at the officer.

In 2015, the monument was spray-painted with “Black Lives Matter,” “KKK” and “murderer.”

UNC history professor Harry Watson told the Tarheel: “I used to feel movements to take down the monument would require more effort that it would be worth. But I’ve come to realize that symbols are important, and if enough people decided to take it down, I’d support it.”

Also that year, UNC Young Democrats political director Andrew Brennan told the paper: “It honors and celebrates white supremacy. To me, it doesn’t seem to have a place at UNC in 2015.”

Black Student Movement President Jeremy McKellar said the monument makes UNC students feel uncomfortable.

“Do we keep it because it’s the history of our nation, or do we tear it down because of what it represents? I’m still not sure what the answer is,” he said.

After Black Lives Matter spray-painted the statue, McKellar said: “I’m not a big supporter of vandalism, but it may have been needed to bring more attention to it.”

Greenville, North Carolina: Confederate Soldiers statue

Residents in Greenville, North Carolina, are circulating a petition demanding removal of the Confederate Soldiers statue at the Pitt County Courthouse, according to WITN-TV.

The monument, which was dedicated in 1914, states, “Erected by the people of Pitt County in grateful remembrance of the courage & fortitude of her Confederate Soldiers.”

The petition calling for its removal says: “We, the residents of Greenville, submit that the time has come for the removal of the Confederate statue at the courthouse. It is time to take immediate action to remove this monument to slavery, sedition and racial oppression. Additionally, it is our assertion that this statue subverts and undermines our core principles of liberty and justice for all. It is unconscionable that anyone going to the courthouse, a place promising equal justice for all, should be forced to do so under a shadow of injustice and suppression. The statue was dedicated in 1914, which that date itself should be reason enough as to why it is time for our community to move forward and leave the confederate memorabilia to museums and not in public spaces. We stand in solidarity with #Charlottesville and those who were injured and/or killed by white supremacists that marched on the city. We appeal to Pitt County Commissioners to outline and commit to a process for the timely and definitive removal of this monument.”

Activists say they will present their concerns to the Pitt County Commissioners at a meeting scheduled for Aug. 21.

Pitt County NAACP President Calvin Henderson said there’s a chance the Confederate statue will be removed and could “trigger off action all over the country.”

“This is 2017,” he told WITN. “We need to be moving forward, not backward. This is a step backward when you see this type of action [in Charlottesville, Virginia], to allow these extreme organizations to come in with that type of mentality.”

Nashville, Tennessee: Confederate Gen. Nathan Bedford Forrest

In Nashville Monday, protesters called for removal of a bust of Confederate Gen. Nathan Bedford Forrest at the state capitol, the Tennessean reported.

Protesters chanted “White silence is violence,” “Which side are you on?” and “Tear it down.”

The activists also marched to Gov. Bill Haslam’s office to push for removal of the bust.

“My position on this issue has not changed – I do not believe Nathan Bedford Forrest should be one of the individuals we honor at the Capitol,” Haslam said in a statement, according to the Tennessean. “The General Assembly has established a process for addressing these matters, and I strongly encourage the Capitol Commission and the Historical Commission to act.”

Removal of the bust requires a two-thirds vote from the Tennessee Historical Commission.

Memphis, Tennessee: Nathan Bedford Forrest and Jefferson Davis

The city of Memphis is threatening to sue Tennessee to remove two Confederate states from city property, according to Fox News. The city must get approval from the Tennessee Historical Commission.

The city is seeking to remove statues of Nathan Bedford Forrest and Jefferson Davis. And the legal battle could go to the Tennessee Supreme Court.

“I think one thing that is for sure, there is no place in the city of Memphis for signs or symbols of hatred, bigotry or racism,” said City Council Chairman Berlin Boyd.

Memphis Mayor Jim Strickland said in a statement: “It’s great to see more citizens join the cause we’ve been working on for years. We continue to be actively engaged in exploring all avenues to remove the Confederate statues in our city.”

The Sons of Confederate Veterans issued the following statement, according to Fox: “The city of Memphis should in no way want to remove statues and monuments to our history. These monuments are part of our development and both Jefferson Davis and Bedford Forrest were U.S. Army veterans as well as leaders in the Confederate States. Both lived in Memphis and contributed to its rebuilding and renewal after the War for Southern Independence. The city of Memphis should not play the part of ISIS historical terrorists in attempting to remove our historical monuments. Such actions are an insult to the families and citizens – and all veterans – of our city, county, state, and country. Leave the monuments and leave history alone.”

Chattanooga, Tennessee: Lt. Gen. Alexander P. Stewart

In Chattanooga, Tennessee, a statue of Confederate Lt. Gen. Alexander P. Stewart has been in the crosshairs of activists demanding its removal.

The local chapter of the NAACP has called for it to be taken down

“We find it offensive to be reminded constantly of the atrocities that they represent,” Quenston A. Coleman, second vice president of the Chattanooga branch of the NAACP, told WTVC in June.

Gloria Sweet Love, president of the Tennessee NAACP, told the station her group plans to ask commissioners to remove the statue.

WTVC reported, “If they don’t comply, they will take more action because ‘it’s time for these to come down.’”

The NAACP later issued a statement saying it wouldn’t actively push for the statue’s removal at this time.

Dallas, Texas: Gen. Robert E. Lee & Founders Cemetery monument

Dallas, Texas Mayor Mike Rawlings has called for a task force to review removal options for Confederate statues in the city. The task force will present its findings to the Office of Cultural Affairs, Fox 4 reported. Then they would be given to the city council, which would make a formal decision on whether to remove the monuments.

“It’s easy to jump on the bandwagon and say tear them down because it is, frankly, politically correct and makes us all feel good,” he said. “But I hesitate. And the reason is, I realize the city of Dallas is better, stronger when we are united and not divided.”

The monuments are located in a historic cemetery near the Dallas Convention Center and in Robert E. Lee Park.

“I think they’re dangerous totems in our Dallas society because they divide us versus unite us,” Rawlings said.

Councilman Philip Kingston, who has called for a vote on the statue removal, told Fox 4: “If he’s convinced that these are symbols of racial propaganda, which I agree 100 percent, the path forward is pretty clear. Let’s make a policy statement on how we use public property.”

Rawlings expressed concern about major protests against the monuments that are scheduled for this weekend.

“We will not have street brawls in our city,” he said.

San Antonio, Texas: Confederate soldier statue

Approximately 500 protesters attended a vigil for Charlottesville in San Antonio’s Travis Park on Aug, 13, and a monument for a Confederate soldier there was a subject of the rally, the San Antonio Express-News reported.

San Antonio Councilman Robert Trevino has called for removal of the statue.

“This is not an important art piece but a monument to power,” Trevino said. “It was put in to remind people of that power. It is an unfortunate message of hate, and we think it’s important to relocate it. We do think that history is important, so we’re looking for an appropriate location for it.”

Tampa, Florida: ‘Memoria In Aeterna’

Members of the Sons of Confederate Veterans are standing guard by a Confederate monument on the grounds of the historic county courthouse in Tampa, Florida, the Tampa Bay Times reported.

The Sons of Confederate Veterans learned that leftist activists had plans to topple the marble statue, known as “Memoria In Aeterna,” which depicts a Confederate soldier heading to war and another soldier returning home wearing a ragged uniform. On Aug. 13, 200 protesters marched through the streets in Tampa, and several climbed the monument.

The Hillsborough County Commission has already voted to move the statue off courthouse grounds and to a local cemetery.

The Sons of Confederate Veterans guards arrived hours after they heard of the statue toppled by protesters in Durham, North Carolina.

“Durham has given impetus to people who want to take them down,” David McCallister, commander of the Sons of Confederate Veterans’ Judah P. Benjamin Camp, told the Tampa Bay Times. “They won’t just let them get removed quietly and peacefully.”

The newspaper reported that McCallister said members of his group “heard a rumor that a busload of activists planned to arrive to pull down the monument with a cable.”

“The main thing was to keep watch and signal and alert the authorities if anything did happen,” McCallister explained. “It wouldn’t take much with a sledge hammer to basically crumble the soldiers, and I wouldn’t put it past the people who want it removed to do that. The soldiers themselves would be martyrs at that point.”

The men plan to stand watch over the monument through the night.

“Nobody’s going to try anything during the day,” McCallister said.

Gainesville, Florida: ‘Old Joe’

In Gainesville, Florida, crews removed a Confederate memorial on Aug. 14 that had been dedicated to men in the area who served in the Civil War and lost their lives fighting.

The statue, known as “Old Joe,” was removed from the grounds of the Alachua County Administrative Building and given back to the United Daughters of the Confederacy, a group that had the bronze monument constructed and erected in 1904.

Annapolis, Maryland: Supreme Court Justice Roger B. Taney

Maryland House Speaker Michael E. Busch is targeting a statue of former Supreme Court Justice Roger B. Taney, who ruled against Dred Scott in 1857, denying citizenship to black people. The statue is located in front of the statehouse. Busch told the Baltimore Sun Monday that “it’s the appropriate time to remove it.”

Bush said he has “always considered Maryland’s State House grounds to reflect the evolutionary arch of history … the movement of our State over time toward a more perfect union.” But, he said, “we can find a better way to honor history while lighting a path toward progress, equality and understanding.”

Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan has echoed Busch’s request and says he will ask the State House Trust to “immediately” remove the monument, the Washington Post reported.

The leftist group Our Maryland has launched a petition calling for the statue’s removal.

Baltimore, Maryland: Jackson-Lee Monument

On Aug. 13, protesters called on Baltimore city leaders to remove the Jackson-Lee Monument, a Confederate symbol, at Wyman Dell Park near Johns Hopkins University.

The activists erected their own statue in front of the Jackson-Lee Monument. It depicted a pregnant black woman with her fist in the air and a child on her back, the Baltimore Sun reported.

A passerby pushed the protesters’ statue over. A photo posted to Twitter Tuesday by “Baltimore BLOC” showed the Jackson-Lee Monument with “Black Lives Matter” and “Remember C-Ville” (Remember Charlottesville) spray-painted on the sides.

On Monday, Baltimore Mayor Catherine Pugh pledged to remove Confederate monuments.

Ellicott City, Maryland: Stone honoring 92 Confederate soldiers

A Confederate monument dedicated in 1948 and bearing the names of 92 soldiers may be removed from outside Howard County’s Circuit Court building in Ellicott City, Maryland.

County Executive Allan Kittleman and the county council are reportedly discussing relocation of the monument to the Howard County Historical Society Museum, the Baltimore Sun reported Tuesday.

Council Chairman Jon Weinstein told the paper the monument will not be destroyed. He said the council is attempting to find a more “appropriate” location for it.

“We need to put that sort of history into context and understand it but not revere it,” Weinstein said. “It is a monument. It is a representation of the fact that people in Ellicott City served in the Confederate army. We don’t have to be proud of that fact, but it is a fact.”

Councilman Calvin Ball said he prefers to see the monument moved immediately.

“The environment that we create going towards the halls of justice should be one of freedom, equality and fairness,” he said. “And monuments to the Confederacy do not convey that.”

Rockville, Maryland: Confederate soldier statue

Officials in Montgomery County, Maryland, ordered a 13-ton bronze Confederate soldier statue removed from the grounds of Rockville’s Red Brick Courthouse. The memorial depicts a young soldier with his arms folded and a saber at his side. The statue’s plaque states: “To Our Heroes of Montgomery Co., Maryland, That We Through Life May Not Forget To Love The Thin Gray Line.”

The monument was given to the county in 1913 by the United Daughters of the Confederacy. In 2015, County Executive Isiah Leggett ordered it removed from the property.

“This statue is inaccurate because it pays tribute only to the Montgomery County young men who fought for the Confederacy, not also to those county residents who fought to preserve the Union and free those held in bondage,” said Leggett, the first black man elected to the city council and to become county executive.

After Leggett’s order, vandals defaced the monument with spray paint and a message stating, “Black Lives Matter.”

The county encased the statue in a wooden box after that incident. Earlier this year, it was moved to private property at White’s Ferry in Dickerson.

Lexington, Kentucky: Confederate Gen. John Hunt Morgan & Confederate Secretary of War John C. Breckinridge

In Lexington, Kentucky, Mayor Jim Gray said he will make an announcement next week concerning an effort there to remove two statues of Confederate figures – one of Confederate Gen. John Hunt Morgan and another of Confederate Secretary of War John C. Breckinridge, who was also the 14th vice president of the United States – from the grounds of a former courthouse.

Louisville, Kentucky: Confederate monument to Civil War soldiers

A 70-foot-tall granite and bronze Confederate monument at the University of Louisville in Louisville, Kentucky, was removed in 2016 by the college. That statue was erected in 1895 by the Kentucky Women’s Confederate Monument Association to honor Confederate soldiers who died during the Civil War.

The Washington Post reported, “The school said it was an unwelcome symbol of slavery.”

The statue was relocated to a site in Brandenburg, Kentucky.

Birmingham, Alabama: Confederate Soldiers and Sailors monument

The mayor of Birmingham, Alabama, William Bell, has ordered that a Confederate Soldiers and Sailors monument be covered in plastic while the city examines its legal options for removal, WIAT-TV 42 reported Tuesday.

The 35-foot monument, which was gifted to the city in 1905 by the United Daughters of the Confederacy, is located in Linn Park. Linn Park is named after Confederate Capt. Charles Linn, whose name appears on many of the city’s buildings.

In 2015, the city voted to look into removal of the statue after the murder of nine black church attendees at the hands of shooter Dylann Roof.

New Orleans, Louisiana: Gen. Robert E. Lee, Jefferson Davis & Gen. P.G.T. Beauregard

Four Confederate monuments have been removed in New Orleans and stored in a warehouse. The last, a 20-foot bronze statue of Confederate Gen. Robert E. Lee, was removed in May 2017.

Other statues removed included one of Confederate president Jefferson Davis, another of Gen. P.G.T. Beauregard and a stone obelisk commemorating the “Battle of Liberty Place.”

The city council voted in 2015 to remove the monuments after Mayor Mitch Landrieu proposed that they be taken down. Landrieu made the proposal after gunman Dylann Roof murdered nine black church attendees in 2015.

Landrieu has said the monuments do not represent New Orleans.

“These statues are not just stone and metal,” he said, according to the New York Post. “They are not just remembrances of a benign history. These monuments celebrate a fictional, sanitized Confederacy; ignoring the death, ignoring the enslavement, ignoring the terror that it actually stood for.

“After the Civil War, these statues were part of that terrorism, such as burning a cross on someone’s lawn. They were erected purposefully to send a strong message to all who walked in their shadows about who was still in charge of this city.”

Shreveport, Louisiana: Caddo Parish Confederate Monument

There’s now a movement in Shreveport, Louisiana, to remove a Confederate monument on courthouse grounds. The Caddo Parish Confederate Monument features busts of four Confederate generals – Gens. Henry Watkins Allen, P.G.T. Beauregard, Robert E. Lee and Stonewall Jackson – and a statue of a soldier. It was dedicated in 1906 and marks the location where the Confederate flag was lowered on land.

Caddo County commissioners have held public hearings on plans to move the monument to a museum. An online petition to remove the monument has garnered more than 6,600 signatures.

The petition states: “It is time to take immediate action to remove this monument to slavery, sedition and racial oppression. Additionally, it is our assertion that this statue subverts and undermines our core principles of liberty and justice for all. It is unconscionable that anyone going to the courthouse, a place promising equal justice for all, should be forced to do so under a shadow of injustice and oppression.”

Decatur, Georgia: ‘Lost Cause’ monument

Residents in Decatur, Georgia, are calling for removal of a Confederate monument in the downtown square, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported.

Protesters gathered for a vigil there this week after the Charlottesville violence. And now an online petition is calling for removal of Decatur’s “Lost Cause” monument, which was erected in 1908 and is located near the historic DeKalb County Courthouse.

Activists plan to deliver the petition to city, county and state officials.

The petition states: “The statue refers to those listed on the monument as a ‘covenant to keeping race’ and thus, the statue serves as a shrine to white supremacists like those we saw in Charlottesville. If the city of Decatur and DeKalb County truly value diversity, then both entities will listen to its citizens and fight vigorously for the removal of this monument.”

St. Louis, Missouri: Confederate Memorial is removed

In June, St. Louis, Missouri, officials removed a 32-foot granite and bronze Confederate memorial in Forest Park. The Missouri Civil War Museum paid for the relocation and will store it until a new location is found for the statue at a museum, battlefield or cemetery, Reuters reported.

“We wanted it down,” said St. Louis Mayor Lyda Krewson during a livestreamed news conference in June.

The memorial, which was located on Confederate Drive, was dedicated in December 1914 by the Ladies Confederate Monument Association.

It features “The Angel of the Spirit of the Confederacy” over a family sending a soldier to war.

Reuters reported that the memorial had been repeatedly spray-painted with “Black Lives Matter” and “End Racism.”

Richmond, Virginia: Confederate statues lining Monument Avenue

Amid calls for removal of Confederate statues, Richmond, Virginia, Mayor Levar Stoney has announced a different idea: add context to the monuments instead of removing them.

While Stoney said the monuments are “very offensive” to him, he explained: “Currently, as I’ve always said, since my remarks earlier on this year, the way those statues stand currently, they’re a shameful representation of the past that we all disagree with. For me, it’s about telling the complete truth. I don’t think removal of symbols does anything for telling the actual truth or changes the state and culture of racism in this country today.”

A pro-monument rally had been scheduled for this weekend, but it was canceled in light of the Charlottesville violence.

Brag Bowling, of the Coalition for Monument Preservation, told WTVR: “I’m totally opposed to those groups that were in Charlottesville and the causes that they wanted. I’m here for preserving Richmond’s monuments, not to get in some racial fight with radicals.”

Charleston, West Virginia: Stonewall Jackson

At least 150 people in Charleston, West Virginia, called for removal of a statue of Confederate Gen. Stonewall Jackson on the grounds of the state capitol on Aug. 13.

The crowd urged West Virginia Gov. Jim Justice to take it down.

“I want people to know that hillbillies do not stand for this type of hate,” Dustin White told WSAZ. “this is an issue that has been laying under the surface for quite some time.”

Washington, D.C.: Gen. Albert Pike

At least 1,000 protesters gathered outside the White House this week and then marched to a 1901 statue of Confederate Gen. Albert Pike, which is located near the D.C. Metropolitan Police Department headquarters.

The crowd booed and chanted “tear it down” in front of the statue. Some protesters climbed the statue.

On Monday, more protesters marched to the site with signs that said, “White Supremacy is Terrorism” and “Black Lives Matter.”

Eugene Puryear, an activist with Stop Police Terror Project D.C., said: “[Pike] is a guy who loved slavery so much that he quit two political parties. He wrote pamphlets about it. And then, when the Civil War started, he raised three regiments of troops. The Richard Spencers of the world, they want to invoke fear in people. They want people to fear their fascist movement. This [vigil] is a sign that people are not going to let that genie out of that bottle, that people are going to fight back.”

Washington, D.C.: Lincoln Memorial

Destructive activists even attended to the Lincoln Memorial in Washington, D.C., where red paint spelling out “F— Law” was found on a column on Tuesday.

Workers have begun to repair the damage, NBC Washington reported.

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VIDEO: On the Islamic and Leftist war against the Freedom of Speech

Yesterday I spoke at the Young America’s Foundation High School Conference at the Reagan Ranch Center, about the ongoing efforts to choke off dissent and make the far-Left perspective the only one that is heard.

Kudos to YAF for being one organization that is telling young people the truth and energizing them to be active in its defense.


Florida: No death penalty for Muslim who killed men for disrespecting his conversion to Islam

Michigan: Muslim who stabbed cop calls himself “soldier of Allah,” came to U.S. to kill cops

President Trumps Next Move MUST Count

President Donald Trump is one of Americas most intelligent and successful business moguls and he has no doubt survived many assaults on his family and businesses in the highly competitive and sometimes cut-throat world of business. But the kind of evil he entered upon accepting the Oval Office in his effort to “Make America Great Again” was beyond his imagination… It makes mob business battles look like child’s play.

From the moment Trump announced his bid for the White House, he, his family and his friends have all been under constant attack by the global power structure erected long ago in America. The Soros network of bought and paid for politicians and his more than 200 anti-American NGOs have been busy around the clock undermining Trump and they won’t stop until someone stops them…

The Triangulation of Trump

Trump survived the GOP primaries, then the general election and even his inauguration. But what happened next, only those who have been tracking the global elite for years could predict. Trump was admittedly blindsided by the depth and breadth of the “swamp.” He has been scrambling to stop the leaks from within his own staff and defend against an onslaught of assaults 24/7 since the day he was sworn in… and at present, he is losing the battle.

The “never-Trump” op is not only alive and well, it has Trump in a box. Beyond his Executive Orders, his agenda is dead in the water in the other two branches of the Federal Government and even 44 states are fighting his effort to drain the voter rolls of dead and illegal voters. Leftist sanctuary cities and states are openly subverting national sovereignty and security by thwarting Federal Immigration and Naturalization laws with total impunity. The “fake” Russian narrative continues despite a total lack of evidence, while the real political criminals in this country roam scot-free.

Meanwhile, Trumps champion of truth and justice AG Jeff Sessions, remains impotent by his own ill-advised recusal, with a gun to his head forcing him to sit on the sidelines as his boss is publicly annihilated by their common enemies.

Trump is triangulated and his next move MUST count, or he can’t survive…

Key Targets

Most of the key targets were identified in a Senate Judiciary Committee November 2, 2016 letter to DOJ Inspector General Michael E. Horowitz. On January 12, 2017 – Horowitz agreed to investigate, but then named himself the lead investigator, after which, no such investigation has advanced.

With Sessions in the recusal box, the DOJ is being run by long-time cohorts IG Horowitz, Deputy AG Rob Rosenstein and former FBI Director Robert Mueller, all of whom also have long-term active relationships with the Bush family, Bill and Hillary Clinton, James Comey, Obama, Loretta Lynch and numerous other “never-Trumpers.”

To escape his triangulated position, Trump must make the right moves swiftly and decisively or the swamp will continue to eat him alive.

Trumps Next Move

On the very real basis of obvious conflicts of interests and the reality that DOJ IG Horowitz has been running cover for the prior democrat administrations for years and now allows “fake” investigations on Trump-Russia to continue under the leadership of close comrades Mueller and Rosenstein – while deep sixing all investigations into Clinton-Obama crimes, Trump must fire both Horowitz and Rosenstein immediately, freeing AG Sessions to keep his oath of office.

Next, the Mueller (Clinton) lynch mob running the “never-Trump” investigations must also be fired immediately, as they were established by Rosenstein and Horowitz for the sole purpose of destroying Trump by any means. The entire Mueller lynch mob was created based on a “fake” illegal memo leaked to Columbia University friend Daniel Richmond, as former FBI Director James Comey testified to before Congress, made public by the Washington Post which has been ground zero for “fake” anti-Trump headlines for months now.

Another critical player in this evil “never-Trump” web is acting FBI Director Andrew McCabe, who also has long-time affiliations with this group of actors, his wife having received a reported $700,000 in funding from the Clinton Campaign so that McCabe would help steer the “never-Trump” op after the Comey firing.

To Escape Triangulation

Trump must take the following steps immediately… firing all the following as his starting point for “draining the swamp” that is currently eating him alive.

Due to the never-ending security breaches that become lead stories in the Washington Post and New York Times daily, Trump must also immediately revoke Obama Executive Order 13526 which allows former administration staffers to retain unfettered security clearance and access, which they are currently using to undermine Trump and “leak” info out through the Washington Post and New York Times.

Trump is fighting both parties in Congress, the leftist courts, leftist mayors and governors across the country and this web of “never-Trumpers” running the Department of Justice.

No matter how smart or tough Trump may be, he will fall prey to this operation soon if he does not remove his enemies from these posts before Congress returns from recess. If he doesn’t pull the trigger on this, he will very likely face indictments (on fake evidence) from the Mueller mob very soon, backed by Rosenstein and Horowitz.

Senator Chuck Grassley and House Rep. King are trying to force a real investigation forward. These efforts are being blocked by Horowitz, Rosenstein, McCabe and Mueller. Trump has the power to single-handedly change it all. He MUST do it now!

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New York Child Molester Approved by Hawaii DHS as Foster Parent

When the state approved a foster parenting license for Zack and Krystina Morris in 2008, the child-rearing record of the young couple, who had just moved from New York, already had a major black mark.

New York officials five years earlier had found that the Morrises provided inadequate guardianship for their 4-month-old son after the infant stopped breathing; was rushed to the hospital with a fractured skull, bleeding in the brain and other injuries; and was diagnosed with shaken baby syndrome, according to New York documents. The parents failed to offer any explanation for the injuries, the records show.

New York’s child welfare agency subsequently determined that the baby would be at serious risk of harm if he stayed with his parents, and a judge ordered the infant to be placed in foster care, according to the records. The family eventually was reunited.

As serious as the 2003 incident was, it apparently did not appear on the state Department of Human Services’ radar when the agency certified the Morrises as Hawaii foster parents, raising new questions about the vetting process used to determine who gets approved to care for some of the state’s most vulnerable children.

Zack Morris eventually was convicted of sexually abusing three foster children, all boys, who were placed in his care by DHS from 2009 to 2011. The victims ranged in age from 11 to 16.

The Honolulu Star-Advertiser previously reported on documents from the criminal case and a 2014 negligence lawsuit filed on behalf of two victims, alleging the state didn’t heed numerous warning signs involving the Morrises before issuing them a license and renewing it several times.

But more recent court documents and other records reviewed by the newspaper have raised even more questions about the screening process, including whether DHS was even aware of the couple’s New York record when it approved the Morrises’ license.

The couple was the focus of two other New York abuse investigations, including one triggered when their son was hospitalized after a door supposedly fell on him, according to the rec­ords. The allegations were unconfirmed but still part of the couple’s New York file, which included the substantiated finding from 2003….

Less than three months after DHS placed the last foster child with the Morrises in July 2011, the agency issued a report describing Zack Morris as a “confirmed and untreated sex offender” and a threat to any child under his care, according to the court rec­ords. By then authorities had removed all the children, including his biological ones, from the home.

Morris was indicted a few weeks later, eventually pleaded no contest and is now serving a 20-year prison sentence.

Jacobs, the plaintiff attorney, said the Morris case revealed multiple problems with the state’s vetting process, leading to horrific outcomes for his clients. “It’s indicative of systemic failures of epic proportions,” Jacobs said….

SA: Increase vigilance over foster care

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