Three years to save the Earth? [This time]

Former UN top climate official Christiana Figueres just told the world we only have “three years” to save the planet … and all it will cost is $1.5 trillion per year.

Gee, guess we should hurry and jump on that deal … not.

Call us suspicious, but this is the same Figueres who infamously in 2015 announced the UN’s intention to replace free-market capitalism with bureaucratic control saying:

“This is the first time in the history of mankind that we are setting ourselves the task of intentionally, within a defined period of time, to change the economic development model that has been reigning for at least 150 years, since the Industrial Revolution.”

That Figueres would now make such a doomsday prediction and then ask for such large sums of money, especially in light of her ambitious stated goal to control and direct the economic path of the whole earth, should be enough to make anyone roll their eyes.

But not so with Fake News media. They eat this all up.

If they bothered to look, they’d see there’s a long history of these so-called climate “tipping points” made by alarmists – all of which harmlessly passed without incident.

For those of us old enough to remember, the UN announced a 10-year tipping point way back in 1982, and then did so again in 1989. In both cases, these dates passed without any of the predicted doom-and-gloom taking place.

In 2006 Al Gore told us in An Inconvenient Truth the Arctic would be ice-free by 2014. He gave the planet only 10 years to escape before what, as Jim Morrison of TheDoorsmight say, would be “The End.”

Not surprisingly, as CFACT’s undercover film review operative found out at the Sundance Film festival earlier this year, Al doesn’t like it much if you ask him today how we survived.

Of course there’s more.

In 2008, ABC’s Bob Woodruff hosted a program where scientists told us that agriculture would collapse by “2015,” that a carton of milk would be $12.99, a gallon of gas $9 and large portions of NYC would be underwater.

And in 2009, Prince Charles declared we only had 96 months to save the Earth.  That same year NASA’s James Hansen said we only had until the end of President Obama’s first term, though U.K. Prime Minister Gordon Brown said we only had 50 days until the global warming apocalypse took place.

It goes on and on.

You’d think the embarrassment of potentially being labeled “false prophets” would make them, well, shut up. But no, the soothsaying doesn’t stop. It just gets more insane.

Marc Morano does a great job of keeping track of all the climate tipping points that came and went at CFACT’s Climate Depot.

Our advice: If warming campaigners want to keep doing this Nostradamus gig, perhaps they should at least wait until they get one of their prophecies right before demanding a $1.5 trillion ransom.

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Gore’s sequel comes in dismal 15th at box office – Gore fans allege film ‘sabotaged’ by Paramount

Climate activists in shock at Gore sequel bombing at box office: ‘This was not supposed to happen’

‘Al Gore Gets Ripped Off Again’

‘He should have demanded a recount.’

Gore fans reduced to blaming the distributor.  ‘A botched strategy by Paramount Pictures effectively sabotaged the nationwide release’ of Gore’s sequel.

Gore had urged followers to ‘fill theaters’ to send message to ‘Trump and the other climate deniers’

Former Vice President Al Gore’s new film, An Inconvenient Sequel, came in a dismal 15th this weekend at U.S. theaters, according to Box Office Mojo.

Gore’s defenders have been quick to blame Paramount Pictures for the dismal performance of Gore’s sequel. “Al Gore Gets Ripped Off Again,” screamed the headline of D.R. Tucker in Washington Monthly.View post

“This was not supposed to happen,” Tucker wrote, adding, “he should have demanded a recount.”

“Sadly, the box-office under-performance of An Inconvenient Sequel will be seized upon by climate-change deniers as ‘proof’ that Americans don’t really care about this issue,” Tucker wrote.

According to Deadline Hollywood, Gore’s sequel “grossed $900K, averaging $5,000 (per screen). That brought its cume (cumulative) over seven figures, landing at $1,052,000. Its weekend gross placed it 15th in the overall box office as of Sunday morning. Paramount said it will expand the title to over 500 locations next weekend.

The box office performance will disappoint Gore, who had urged his followers to pack movie theaters to send a message to “Trump and the other climate deniers.” 

“By filling theaters, we can show Donald Trump and the other climate deniers in the White House that the American people are committed to climate action –– no matter what they do, say, or tweet!” Gore wrote in an email alert sent to his supporters on Friday August 4th, the day of his nationwide opening.

Many of the political left no longer want to see Gore as the face of the global warming movement. See: Warmist New Republic: ‘The Troubling Return of Al Gore’ – ‘Not everyone on the left is celebrating Gore’s reemergence’

Gore’s climate claims are failing to materialize as many of his assertions are exactly the opposite of the current climate data. See: Extreme Weather Expert Dr. Roger Pielke Jr.: ‘World is presently in an era of unusually low weather disasters & Climate Depot’s New ‘Talking Points’ Report – A-Z Debunking of Climate Claims

A prominent Ivy League Geologist who voted for Gore, was “appalled” after viewing his first 2006 film. “I voted for Gore in 2000, yeah. I think that if he ran again, depending on who he ran against, I might vote for him. He’s a smart man,” said Geologist Dr. Robert Giegengack, who chaired the Department of Earth and Environmental Science at the University of Pennsylvania in the skeptical film “Climate Hustle.” 

But after viewing Gore’s film, Giegengack had this reaction. “I was appalled. I was appalled because he either deliberately misrepresented the point he was making or didn’t understand it. So it was irresponsible of Al Gore.”

“CO2 is not the villain that it has been portrayed. I’m impressed by the fact that the present climate, from the perspective of a geologist, is very close to the coldest it’s ever been. The concentration CO2 in the atmosphere today is the close to the lowest it has ever been,” Giegengack explained in “Climate Hustle”.

A key claim in Gore’s sequel about his role in securing the UN Paris climate pact has also been called into question. See:

Sequel depicts Gore clinching 2015 UN Paris deal – But top Indian diplomat says Gore’s claim is nonsense

Gore’s Sequel ‘Sabotaged’!

Gore fans like Tucker are now reduced to blaming the distributor for the sequels disappointing box office.

“A botched strategy by Paramount Pictures effectively sabotaged the nationwide release of the Al Gore documentary An Inconvenient Sequel: Truth to Power, which finished in 15th place in US theatres this weekend. This was not supposed to happen,” Tucker explained.

Box Office Mojo Weekend Box Office for Aug. 4-6

Many climate activists and Gore apostles were hoping for a re-run of the success of Gore’s 2006 original film or of a Michael Moore style boom at the box office.

Tucker wrote: “Considering the fact that this is arguably the first major anti-Trump documentary to hit theatres–and considering the public outrage over Trump’s decision to pull out of the Paris climate agreement–Paramount should have stuck to its original plan; in fact, Paramount could have seized upon anti-Trump sentiment by giving An Inconvenient Sequel the same high-profile national rollout that Lionsgate gave [Michael Moore’s] Fahrenheit 9/11 in 2004, a rollout that resulted in that iconic film opening at #1 at the US box office, a rarity for a documentary.”

“It’s a shame that Paramount dropped the ball, giving the film a ‘national’ release in so few theatres that most Americans must wait until the film is available on demand or on DVD in order to see it,” Tucker explained.

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Extreme Weather Expert: ‘World is presently in an era of unusually low weather disasters’

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Editorial: ‘Energy hog’ Gore fails ‘to practice what he preaches’ – ‘Be skeptical of really rich guys preaching apocalypse & salvation’

Gore Sequel review: ‘Don’t expect the world to chuck medals at this follow-up’ – ‘More a Tragedy Than an Inconvenience’

Report: Al Gore’s Home Energy Use ‘Surges up to 34 Times the National Average’ – Report: ‘Gore guzzles more electricity in one year than the average American family uses in 21 years’

Mainstream Media’s ‘silence of the climate scams’ – The Australian newspaper Features Climate Hustle

Warmist Review: Gore’s sequel an ‘aimless travelogue of meet-&-greets & brand building, lacking urgency of 2006 film’ – Westwood review: Gore’s sequel ‘a somewhat aimless travelogue of meet-and-greets and brand building, lacking the urgency of the 2006 film’

Warmist Review: Gore’s sequel ‘not a great movie…unfocused…’bent the truth’ on India…’light on the facts’Bjorn Lomborg: ‘Gore still trying to scare you into saving the world’ – ‘Sequel Misses a Few Inconvenient Facts’

Wash Times Features Climate Depot on ‘Inconvenient’ Sequel: ‘Gore is the gift that keeps on giving’

Watch: Prominent Ivy League Geologist who voted for Gore ‘appalled’ after viewing his film

Climate Hustle

Al Gore’s sequel opens: It’s bunk

Al Gore’s new movie opens today.

Leading off the article in The Washington Times and at Fox:

“Nobody is more excited about Friday’s release of Al Gore’s sequel to An Inconvenient Truth than climate skeptic Marc Morano, which comes as an ill wind for the movement to stop global warming, not to mention Mr. Gore.

For months, Mr. Morano and his team have tracked the Democrat at advance screenings of An Inconvenient Sequel: Truth to Power, ambushing him with stunts such as asking him about his prediction that without drastic measures, the planet would reach a ‘point of no return’ in a decade.

The former vice president made that claim 11 years ago in An Inconvenient Truth, the Oscar-winning documentary whose warnings of climate doom propelled Mr. Gore to the forefront of the movement against global warming — while turning him into something of a punchline.

‘Al Gore is the gift that keeps on giving,’ said Mr. Morano, who runs the skeptical Climate Depot website, a project of the free-market Committee for a Constructive Tomorrow.”

Read the full article at The Washington Times.

CFACT was at the Sundance Film Festival and attended the premiere.

We posted an “inconvenient review” at

Gore’s new movie is a self-centered diatribe that’s riddled with inaccuracies.  It is an embarrassment.

In 2012, Hurricane Sandy did some serious damage, including flooding New York’s South Ferry subway station.  Gore cites this as evidence for the extreme claims he made in his first film, An Inconvenient Truth.

This is false. 

Hurricane Sandy was a product of nature, not man.  It would have struck just as hard whether we used energy or not  Its storm surge happened to coincide with high tide.  This was not a product of climate change, nor was it exacerbated by changes in sea levels which have not deviated meaningfully from the tiny one to three millimeters per year they have fluctuated since before the industrial revolution.

Gore’s exploitation of the pain inflicted by Hurricane Sandy to advance his agenda is shameless.  It is a prime example of the tricks and traps of the climate trade CFACT documents in our own film, Climate Hustle.

The Washington Times reports that many on the Left are embarrassed by Gore and his sequel.

They should be.

Major Earthquakes Predicted Months in Advance

The International Earthquake and Volcano Prediction Center (IEVPC) announces today that it has once again, successfully predicted catastrophic earthquakes months in advance.

Based on its unique methodology and a set of precursors for earthquake prediction, the IEVPC posted quake warnings months ago for New Zealand and the Kamchatka peninsula, off Siberia. In each case, the IEVPC correctly predicted both earthquakes with near 100% accuracy, in terms of the four critical parameters of time frame, location or epicenter, depth, and magnitude.

The first warning was for an earthquake just off the Kamchatka Peninsula of Russian Siberia, and was posted January 25, 2017. The quake was expected to be at a magnitude of >M7.0 at less than 40 km depth, offshore of Kamchatka during 2017. The actual quake occurred on July 17, 2017 at a depth of 15km and magnitude of M7.7 off shore of Kamchatka.

The second earthquake warning was for one along the Alpine Fault of New Zealand. The original earthquake warning was extended thru July 2017 because of continuing strong precursor signals until it struck on July 17, 2017. The quake hit the Alpine fault near New Zealand’s Auckland Islands. At a magnitude of M 6.6 it was within the predicted range of M7.0 +/- 0.5 and had a depth of 10km where the predicted depth range was 10-30 km.

The IEVPC is made up of seismology experts from around the world and has as its mission, the saving of lives through advanced notification of catastrophic earthquakes. Since its formation in February 2012, the IEVPC has conducted two long duration test programs and is now in a regular period of quake signal observation. As a result of numerous correctly predicted catastrophic earthquakes, the IEVPC has contacted the US government, the insurance industry, and other science organizations in an attempt to end the longstanding myth that earthquakes cannot be predicted.

According to Dr. Dong Choi, Director of Research at the IEVPC, “We have shown repeatedly over the last five years that major earthquakes can be predicted well in advance of their occurrence. It is still surprising that so many of the world’s leaders, especially in the United States, are still following the obviously false belief that earthquakes cannot be predicted. Many people will pay with their lives for this outdated belief.”


The International Earthquake and Volcano Prediction Center (IEVPC) was founded in February 2012 by a team of scientists and other experts with established track records for excellence in science research, especially tectonics, volcanism, seismic research, management, and other skills necessary for achieving the Mission and Objectives of the IEVPC. This team originated after its founders realized that there were strong correlations between the occurrences of earthquakes, tsunamis, volcanic activity, solar activity, and precursor geophysical events.

These precursors have been studied for many years by the IEVPC founders, staff scientists and researchers who represent the primary body of expertise in understanding these early signals that catastrophic geophysical events (CGE) are about to strike.

In other words, they determined that through an understanding of events leading up to these geological hazards, that they could gteatly improve the predictive capability for earthquakes. Further, it has been shown that a combination of the leading-edge technology employed by the IEVPC science team can lead to a substantial improvement in the lead time from precursor signal detection to the actual CGE event transpiring.

In December 2012 the IEVPC concluded its highly successful initial earthquake prediction test program during which it validated its process for improving detection of major earthquakes for multiple types of quakes in various locations.

In July 2015, completed it’s second highly successful earthquake prediction test program.

Some Recent Energy & Environmental News

The newest edition of the Energy and Environmental Newsletter is now online. To start to balance the incessant Russian “news” stories, below I’ve supplied a few pertinent articles that you won’t see in the mainstream media.

Some of the more informative energy articles in this issue are:

Superior: New EU Proposals Would Kill Solar and Wind

Property and Wind Turbines: A Missing Point in the Discussion

Tourists Shun Areas Hit by Wind Turbine ‘Blight’

Navy: Interference From Wind Farms Dangerous to Military Aircraft

Study: A New Methodology for Investigating Turbine Infrasound Complaints

Wind turbines damage human health says Portuguese scientist

Wind and Solar Energy Are Dead Ends

The Best of Alex Epstein (so far)

73% Of World’s Renewable Energy Is Made By Burning Wood & Dung

The Trump Doctrine on Energy

Environmental Progress: a worthwhile site on nuclear power

Some of the more interesting Global Warming articles in this issue are:

How Science Is Losing Its Humanity

Agenda Behind Global Warming Alarmism

A Step Toward Scientific Integrity at the EPA

Study: Temp Adjustments Account for Nearly All of the Climate Warming Data

Most of what you’ve read about Greenland is wrong

Looks Like Global Action On “Climate Change” Is Dead

Climate Scientist Says Debating Scientific Theories Would Be ‘Un-American’

EPA plans to challenge climate science in series of debates

Pittsburgh, Not Paris: Explaining the Climate Hysteria

Some Russia and related articles in this issue are:

Short video: Russians Funding US Environmental Groups

Russia’s Propaganda War on Fossil Fuels

Why the Russians Conceived the Global Warming Scam

Russia as Media Manipulator: Nothing New

From Russia With Love

The Nazi Origins of Renewable Energy (and Global Warming)

Ecofascists Needed an Enemy, So They Chose Fossil Fuels

PS: Our intention is to put some balance into what most people see from the mainstream media about energy and environmental issues… As always, please pass this on to open-minded citizens, and on your social media sites. If there are others who you think would benefit from being on our energy & environmental email list, please let me know. If at any time you’d like to be taken off the list,simply send me an email saying that.

PPS: I am not an attorney, so no material appearing in any of the Newsletters (or our website) should be construed as giving legal advice. My recommendation has always been: consult a competent attorney when you are involved with legal issues.

The Humanitarian Hoax of Climate Change: Killing America With Kindness

The Humanitarian Hoax is a deliberate and deceitful tactic of presenting a destructive policy as altruistic. The humanitarian huckster presents himself as a compassionate advocate when in fact he is the disguised enemy.

Obama, the humanitarian huckster-in-chief, weakened and politicized the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) for eight years by presenting his crippling policies as altruistic when in fact they were designed for destruction. His legacy, the Leftist Democratic Party with its “resistance” movement, is the party of the Humanitarian Hoax attempting to destroy American democracy and replace it with socialism.

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) was established by executive order under President Richard Nixon in 1970 and then ratified in the House and Senate. The primary mission of the EPA was the protection of human health and the environment through writing and enforcing regulations based on laws passed by the US Congress. At that time in history the growing public awareness of environmental issues stimulated the creation of non-governmental environmental protection agencies as well. The most famous was Greenpeace which was created by environmental activists from Canada and the US.

Founding Greenpeace member Patrick Moore is now a vociferous critic of Greenpeace and its support for the unscientific politically motivated insistence upon man-made climate change. The extraordinary 6-minute video below is Dr. Moore’s testimony in front of the US Senate Committee on Environment and Public Works, Subcommittee on Oversight on February 25, 2014.

The video chronicles Moore’s environmental activism as a young man and member of Greenpeace 1971-1986 to his current unequivocal rejection of the pseudo-science being used to support the unsupportable claims of man-made global warming and climate change. Transcript of Moore’s testimony may be read by clicking here.

To understand why huckster-in-chief Obama insisted and continues to insist that climate change is man-made and the greatest threat to America it is necessary to understand the huckster and the hoax.

The huckster:
Obama was groomed by the globalist elite to bring “hope and change” to America but it was not the hope or change that most Americans understood those words to mean. Barack Obama is a globalist and ideologically a radical socialist tutored in Saul Alinsky’s 1971 “Rules for Radicals.” Alinsky’s “Rules” is the guidebook for social revolution and transforming a democratic America into a socialist state. Socialism with its cradle-to-grave government control is the necessary political structure before imposition of the globalist elite’s end-game of one-world government. Barack Obama is a malignant narcissist whose self-aggrandizing personality made him the perfect puppet and most lawless president in US history. His stunning executive overreach was rivaled only by his greater crime of corrupting the impartiality of the US government by politicizing its agencies and using them to advance his personal political goals to weaken and destroy America. Barack Obama is a pawn of the globalist elites – the perfect con man.

The hoax:
The Humanitarian Hoax of climate change is the whopper of the 21st century. It is a deliberate political scheme to transfer the wealth of industrialized nations (particularly the US) to non-industrialized nations. It is globalized socialism where the assets of productive nations are transferred to non-productive nations. WHY?

The answer is found in understanding the nature of the hoax which has two parts. First, it is necessary to focus attention on the fabricated specter of catastrophic climate occurrences that will devastate the planet to deflect attention away from the actual threats to America from a nuclear Iran, the spread of Islamic terrorism, and the economic instability of a an unsustainable trade deficit.

Second, Obama’s long term plan of an internationalized globalized world requires the de-industrialization of America. His crippling energy restrictions were designed to weaken America’s defenses by destroying America’s energy industry, making us more dependent on foreign energy, and increasing our trade deficit to unsustainable levels. Obama actively supported the punitive anti-American Paris Climate Agreement deceitfully presented as the premier humanitarian effort to save the planet from catastrophic climate change. Obama disguised his crippling rules and regulations to destroy US energy as altruism and a humanitarian concern for the planet.

In a laughable outburst Big Footprint former Vice President Al Gore attacked President Donald Trump accusing him of “tearing down America’s standing in the world” by withdrawing from the Paris climate accord. Only in the eyes of a deceitful globalist can withdrawing from an anti-American agreement be considered destructive. Gore actually said with a straight face on NBC’s Today Show, “The climate crisis is by far the most serious challenge we face.” Al Gore’s “Inconvenient Truth” is in fact a very “Convenient Lie.”

Socialism with its complete government control is the prerequisite social structure for the globalist elite to internationalize the socialist countries, internationalize the police force, and impose enforced one-world government. One-world government is the new world order that the globalist elite intend to rule themselves. It is unapologetically described in chilling detail in Lord Bertrand Russell’s 1952 book “The Impact of Science on Society.” One-world government is a binary socio-political system of masters and slaves. There is no social justice in one-world government, there is no income equality in one-world government, there are no Leftists, environmentalists, humanitarian hucksters, or political agitators of any kind in one-world government – only a docile, compliant population of slaves ruled by the globalist elite.

One-world government is the goal and the underlying motive of the campaign to destroy America from within. American democracy is the single greatest existential threat to one-world government and President Donald Trump is America’s leader. The globalist elite are desperate to stop Trump because if Obama is exposed as a con man it leaves them without their primetime huckster to continue marching America toward anarchy and social chaos with his “resistance” movement. The globalist elites who fund the leftist humanitarian hucksters are using them as useful idiots to facilitate the great Humanitarian Hoax of climate change worldwide that will create the overwhelming social chaos necessary to internationalize the police force and impose their own special brand of a new world order.

Obama and his left-wing liberal lemmings are too arrogant to understand that they are being used as puppets by the globalist elite who have an end game of their own. If the globalist elite are successful in their efforts to weaken America and collapse the economy through an unsustainable trade deficit, overthrow the US government of President Donald Trump, and transform America into socialism the next step is globalist conquest and the imposition of one-world government.

After 241 years of American freedom the world will be returned to the dystopian existence of masters and slaves because a willfully blind American public was seduced by the Humanitarian Hoax of climate change – the “Inconvenient Truth” told by leftist humanitarian hucksters promising to save the planet.

The Humanitarian Hoax will have succeeded in killing America with kindness and a “Convenient Lie.”


Ask any attendee at the ECOCITY World Summit in Melbourne, Australia, and they will tell you “diversity” is the key to sustainable development.

They certainly don’t mean “diversity of opinion.”

The activists and bureaucrats here for this three-day eco-shindig are so far in the closet for the Left they’ve probably popped out in Narnia.

Their mission?  To bring their command-and-control agenda to YOUR community.

Debbie Bacigalupi is a property-rights activist and a member of CFACT’s “mission Australia” team.  She reports at that the folks attending the ECOCITY World Summit include “city planners, architects, local authorities, elected officials, universities, renewable energy grant recipients” and of course, the big man … Al Gore, himself.

They are hearing from 80 different speakers in 100 different sessions about how to craftily impose UN-style “sustainable development” upon the masses they regulate.
They want to “retrofit” the suburbs for an inefficient “renewable energy future,” use financial instruments and the courts to “drive change,” and transform our communities into “sustainable and resilient cities,” which with them in charge will be nothing of the sort.

If left unchecked, the dystopia they seek to create won’t be good news for those of us who value freedom.

The ECOCITY speakers come from a hodgepodge of liberal Green outfits – a number of whom CFACT has taken on in the past.  These extremist organizations include the likes of the Climate Action Network, ICLEI, the C40 crowd, and many others.

As Debbie notes,

“If Al Gore and his EcoCity 2017 friends have their way, a Brave New World ‘ECOCITY’ will be coming to a place near you.  It’ll be a place where you can ‘harmonize’ with Mother Earth, change your consumer behavior to conform to that of the eco-enthusiasts, and happily live in a pre-ordained ‘human habitat’ (or ‘human settlement’ as some call it) and say good-by to your carbon emitting cars and life as you know it.”

You can read the rest of Bacigalupi’s troubling report at

CFACT is fighting back against these radical social planners.   Marc Morano has appeared on Australia’s Sky News network and been invited to speak on several more radio and print news outlets.

The spin-off from the confrontation with Al Gore yesterday is also drawing significant media attention to CFACT’s activities here in Australia, as it was picked up and covered in the Drudge ReportUK Daily MailFox News and more.

CFACT employed our secret weaponClimate Hustle, to great effect.  In addition to holding a sold-out showing at the prestigious Victoria State Library in downtown Melbourne, copies of the movie were handed out with our compliments to a large number of ECOCITY participants.

Surprisingly, a few were happy to receive it!  Let’s hope they learn something.

There is much work still to do.  The eco-Left is mobilizing as never before and fully intent on implementing its radical plans on unsuspecting cities and communities in America and around the world.

Rest assured CFACT is mobilizing as well and (thanks to you) will be there dogging them every step of the way!

For nature and people too.

Watch: Morano confronts Gore with ‘Climate Hustle’ DVD in Australia! Gore refuses to accept, departs in SUV

MELBOURNE, Australia — Former Vice President Al Gore was confronted by climate skeptic Marc Morano at the EcoCity World Summit in Melbourne Australia on July 13th. Morano presented a DVD copy of his film ‘Climate Hustle’. During the inconvenient encounter, Gore refused to accept the DVD of the film and walked on by to his waiting Lexus RX450h SUV “hybrid.”

Gore’s visit to Australia to promote his new film, “An Inconvenient Sequel”, is coinciding with the Australian premiere of the skeptical film “Climate Hustle,” which screened on July 12th in Melbourne at the Village Roadshow Theater at the State Library of Victoria. Climate Hustle will premiere in Brisbane and Sydney as well. See: Warmists Upset: ‘Notorious Climate Denier Marc Morano Flying to Australia’ For Climate Hustle Screenings

Al Gore’s waiting Lexus SUV at climate summit.

Transcript of Gore’s Inconvenient Encounter With Marc Morano

Morano: “Hi Mr. Gore.”

Gore: “Hey.”

Morano: “Marc Morano, I used to work for Senator James Inhofe.” (Gore shakes hands with Morano)

Gore: “Oh, nice to see you. Yeah. Thank you.”

Morano, holding up DVD: “It’s actually my film, Climate Hustle. Would you take a copy of it, please? No? Thank you.”

Gore walks on by and outside to his waiting Lexus SUV.

Security: “Can I ask how you got access to this area?”

End Video.

This was not the first time Morano and Gore met. They first met in 1992 while Morano was on assignment for Rush Limbaugh, The Television Show. And again in 2007. See: Climate Clash: Gore Rebuffs Morano 37000 feet over South China Sea in 2007 – ‘You all attack me all the time’

December 14, 2007 – 37,000 over South China Sea – Former Vice President Al Gore rebuffed Senator James Inhofe’s spokesman during the return flight from the Bali UN climate conference.

Gore, in front of excited passengers posing with photos, revealed he was not happy with the criticism that he has endured “You all attack me all the time,” an agitated Gore said.

Morano responded, “Yes.  We do.”

After a long stare, Gore refused to have photo taken and walked off. Inhofe has been one of Gore’s harshest critiques. Inhofe’s website mocks Gore for hypocrisy and  maintains a running counter of how many days since Gore has refused to pledge to use no more than the average electricity use. 

The incident occurred at approximately 5:55 ET on Friday December (2 hours into flight)

Flying between Singapore and Manila over the South China Sea.
(Flight CX 784. Or 554mph. 37000 feet)

Climate Hustle Debuts in Australia

The Climate Hustle film will also be shown in Brisbane and Sydney later this week and next week.

July 15– Brisbane, Australia – Sponsored by the Australian Institute for Progress

New Farm Cinema – Doors open at 4:30 PM – Get Brisbane Tickets Here
July 18– Sydney, Australia – Club Five Dock
Doors open at 7:00 PM – Get Sydney Tickets Here

See: Get ready Australia! Climate Hustle Movie, Craig Rucker and Marc Morano in Australia & Warmists Upset: ‘Notorious Climate Denier Marc Morano Flying to Australia’ For Climate Hustle Screenings

Morano: “We are taking a quick hop to Australia to help export the awesomeness of what is currently happening in the U.S. when it comes to climate policy.”

“There is no reason we climate skeptics in the U.S. should not be exporting our good fortune of rejecting the UN Paris pact. Climate skeptics in the U.S. have been grinning ear to ear for months now. We have lots to get done in Australia. At the top of the list is helping to spread a global Clexit — Climate exit from UN Paris Pact,” Morano added.

Craig Rucker said: “CFACT has a lot of fans and followers in Australia who have long wanted us to make a trip. We were beckoned to come and are excited to premiere our film Climate Hustle.” More on Climate Hustle film here: The Reviews Are in! ‘Climate Hustle’ is ‘the most dangerous documentary of year’ – ‘Wickedly effective use of slapstick humor’ – ‘Lays waste to Gore’ – ‘Brutal & Extremely Funny’

Marc Morano and Joanne Nova during Q&A after Melbourne screening on July 12.

Gore praises policies that led to energy blackout

Since arriving in Australia, Gore has praised the blackout plagued state in Australia for “leading the world” in green energy. 

Gore’s new sequel film premiered to bad reviews in January 2017 when it opened on the film festival circuit.

Sampling of Reviews Al Gore’s new sequel:

Warmist review of Gore’s Sequel: ‘Convoluted & diluted’ – Film plays ‘like a social media booster for Mr. Gore’ review of Gore’s sequel: ‘Unfortunately, the filmmaking is, alas, not very good…like watching taped lectures’

‘Superhero tragedy disguised as end-times environmental doc’ – Gore ‘sequel is a superhero movie about a sad Al Gore’ – ‘The film doesn’t have an official rating, but I would suggest PG for dad jokes, dated political humor, and PowerPoint slides that belong in a junior-high science class.’

But prominent scientists are on record in Climate Hustle panning Gore’s first film ‘An Inconvenient Truth.’

Prominent Ivy League Geologist Robert Giegengack, who voted for Gore, was ‘appalled’ after viewing his first film in 2006.

5 Reasons Cities Should Not Adopt Climate Accords

Another stop on the Hate Trump Hissy-Fit Express is the decision by a couple hundred cities and some states to vote to bind themselves to the Paris climate accords.

This is a bad idea on multiple fronts. We’ve already explained why Trump was absolutely correct to pull the United States out of the environmentally worthless but constitutionally alarming agreement.

But there are plenty of reasons aside from the general awfulness of the Paris accords for these cities and states to not take this step.

  1. It’s a violation at least of the spirit of the U.S. Constitution — the contract binding the states together in a union. Constitutional scholar KrisAnne Hall recently wrote a piece explaining how states and cities cannot make contracts with foreign governments without breaking the contract of the Constitution between states — the Constitution that created the United States. While these laws and ordinances may not be a technical violation of the Constitution — they are voluntary — but they are passably close. They do bind the city or state to them as long as the political entity chooses to remain a part of them. Like any agreement between democratic nations, they can be annulled with a vote of the nation’s representatives.
  2. Another thorny constitutional issue: Which laws will these cities and states see as supreme? What will the cities and states do if the rules guiding the accords conflict with federal law in some way? Or state law or city code, for that matter? Do the Paris accords take precedence, or federal law? Considering what we’ve seen in the flagrant disregard for constitutionally authorized federal law through the sanctuary city actions, the answer does not seem as obvious and hopeful as it should. Obviously, if the Paris accords are supreme — that is, if states and cities decide to violate federal law in order to adhere to their decision to bind themselves to the Paris agreement — then we do have a full-fledged breaking of the contract binding the states together. Unlike so much of the hyperbole surrounding every Trump tweet, this is an actual, true threat to the Union.
  3. What is the cost of abiding by the Paris accords? Most cities are facing current and growing financial challenges stemming from overly generous benefits, unfunded pensions, ignored infrastructure and the future diminishment of the tax base through ongoing technological disruption. The Paris accords are costly. Even in the rosiest scenarios, the costs are steep upfront but supposedly made up over time through energy savings. Whether those savings will ever materialize or not is another question — our money is on “not,” based on virtually every historic promise of government. But since the sensationalized verbiage says that the planet is doomed if we don’t make these changes, then the costs are almost irrelevant. But if the doomsday predictions are off on climate change — and they have been so far —  and the savings do not come through, then these cities and states are setting themselves up for major financial and services problems.
  4. Let’s just clearly reiterate that all of this constitutional and financial risk is being promoted for an agreement that, by its own estimates, was not going to accomplish much in retarding the “global warming” threat. The risk-reward of the agreement itself, holding true even further for the cities and states binding themselves to it, was just never a wise endeavor — even if you accept that climate change is now anthropogenically driven and not part of a broader planetary cycle.
  5. This leads us to the final point. This looks a lot like leftist cause enthusiasm married to an opportunity to poke Trump in the eye. In that respect, this is perfect for 2017 American Democrats. Not coincidentally, all the cities and states taking these positions are Democrat dominated.

This gives every appearance of being pure pettiness, now a staple of the Left in this country. These are adopted with regular, heavily politicized anti-Trump shots. We can be quite sure that if President Obama had said he didn’t think the cost-benefit ratio of this is good for America, none of these cities would have passed their own laws to follow it.

Given all this, it just seems to be more of the ongoing strategy to diminish and undermine the duly elected President of the United States at every possible opportunity — at the risk of the union of the United States and the financial security of the cities and states involved. It’s tempting to say the citizens of these cities and states deserve better, but a majority of them elected those leaders.

So to the electorate: Caveat emptor!

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Climate scares fail to occur

Can the global warming campaign keep scaring us if their predictions never come true?

Check out the featured story this morning over at CFACT’s award-winning Climate Depot news and information service.

Radio and print journalist Kerry Jackson writes that,

“It’s summer 2017 and the Arctic was supposed to be ice-free, hurricanes were going to be more frequent and more deadly, and sea levels should be rising alarmingly. Al Gore swore in his 2006 science fiction movie, An Inconvenient Truth, that within a decade there would be a ‘true planetary emergency.'”

“Instead of these disasters, we have the climate alarmist community admitting that there has indeed been a pause in the warming and that its models failed to predict it.”

“Yes, that’s right. The alarmists are acknowledging in the abstract of a research paper that was published this month in Nature Geoscience that there have been ‘differences in model and satellite tropospheric warming rates.'”

This is a big deal.

For years CFACT has contrasted real-world temperatures measured by scientists against other scientists’ climate computer models to show that the models project a warmer world than we actually live in.

There has been no meaningful warming since the 20th Century.

Warming campaigners have been in full denial about these inconvenient facts.  That they are finally getting around to acknowledging the evidence staring us all in the face is a positive step.

“Admitting you have a problem is the first step to recovery” is what they tell people in crisis.

Let’s hope a begrudging admission that their models have been wrong all along leads to more open minds and better climate science.


How Environmental Groups Are Responding to Trump’s ‘Solar Wall’ Pitch

EPA Poised to Undo Obama’s Federal Power Grab

6 Reasons Trump was Right on the Paris Climate Accords

The dystopian world-is-ending crowd had a heyday when President Trump kept his campaign promise to pull out of the accords and protect the American people. They really should have stayed on their meds.

Before we go through the very sound reasons for Trump pulling the U.S. out, it’s worth getting a sampling of just how fevered the reaction has been. Here are a few of the Chicken Little tweets following Trump’s announcement:

  • “Trump just declared war on the very idea of life on earth.” Trita Parsi, Grawemeyer Award for Ideas Improving World Order Recipient. (TRA translation: You must now stop even thinking about earth or be attacked!)
  • “If Trump pulls the US out of the Paris Agreement he will be committing a traitorous act of war against the American people.” Billionaire and supposed environmentalist Tom Steyer. (TRA translation: Trump is a traitor. Impeach him!)
  • “Pulling out of the Paris Agreement would be a massive step back for racial justice, and an assault on communities of color across the U.S.” ACLU National tweet. (TRA translation: It’s racist.)
  • “If Trump is pulling out of Paris, he is turning his back on the public in every single US state.” Sierra Club. (TRA translation: Trump hates Americans.)
  • “As a species we flunked the collective action problem that is carbon emissions. It’s now adapt or die.” Christopher Mims, Wall Street Journal. (TRA translation: People be stupid.)
  • “Serious question-Can millions of people launch a class action suit if the US pulls out of Paris accord for negligence?” Actress Patricia Arquette. (TRA: Serious answer: Yes. In November 2020. Read your Constitution.)
  • And finally (and enough for now) the Huffington Post’s top headline on the decision: “TRUMP TO PLANET: DROP DEAD” (TRA translation: Trump’s mean. And dumb. And mean.)

Why this is just so much silliness

For all of the hyperbolic screechings of the climate change brood, there were several very sound reasons for the U.S. pulling out.

And what’s important to remember is that every one of these points holds true even if you accept the most dire warnings of the global warming alarmists. But if it is true that the global temperatures are rising quickly as a direct and primary result of human use of fossil fuels, all of these points remain legitimate to the specifics of the Paris Accords.

  • Virtually nothing would be gained on global warming. According to a Heritage Foundation study: “…using the Model for the Assessment of Greenhouse Gas Induced Climate Change developed by researchers at the National Center for Atmospheric Research, even if all carbon dioxide emissions in the United States were effectively eliminated, there would be less than two-tenths of a degree Celsius reduction in global temperatures” by 2100. And the accords were only looking at a few percentage point reduction. So, negligible at best. MIT came to the same conclusion. The agreement actually would have almost no impact on global temperatures. So explain the above tweets again?

  • Dramatic U.S. economic damage. The Heritage Foundation study found an overall average loss of nearly 400,000 jobs; an average manufacturing shortfall of more than 200,000 jobs; a total income loss of more than $20,000 for a family of four; an aggregate gross domestic product (GDP) loss of over $2.5 trillion; and an increases in household electricity expenditures between 13 percent and 20 percent.

  • The risk-reward ratio for the U.S. was awful. So combine our facts. The economic impact from the accords would be nearly catastrophic to the U.S. Guaranteed. But the benefits would be minimal at best, and the models constructing those benefits are hard to trust as they have been wrong for nearly two decades. It was a reckless set of accords — except for the people safely ensconced in those negotiating rooms in swank hotels around the world, flying in on private jets fueled by fossil fuels.

  • The accords were voluntary and unenforceable. And some of the biggest contributors would never abide by them. China, for instance, signed the accords, but stipulated they would not begin implementing any emission goals until 2030 — not coincidentally the year that the agreement runs out. But they get credit for signing it. In fact, all of the nations that signed on and are the fastest climbing carbon emitters would do nothing to curb their use. But they would gain economic advantage.

  • Risk losing national sovereignty. This agreement — negotiated remember by President Obama with no Senate approval — set the U.S. on the path to allowing a global organization, maybe headquartered in Europe, to control domestic policy. That, of course, spells ultimately the end of the Great American Experiment, and that is not hyperbole. We have no effective Constitution if other countries can set our policies. In his announcement, Trump said: “…our withdrawal from the agreement represents a reassertion of America’s sovereignty. Our constitution is unique among all nations of the world. And it is my highest obligation and greatest honor to protect it…” Absolutely correct.

  • The media coverage is wholly untrustworthy. A whole lot of people are being led to a conclusion, not provided impartial data. Never ever forget the “journalists” who were covering the Paris Accords who spontaneously responded with clapping and dancing and hugging like they were Greenpeace activists. You really have to watch the 13-second clip. So, like many of the climate change scientists, it is impossible for any average or above-average American to trust the climate change journalism gang.

For some great historical context on the untrustworthy combination of science and journalism on this topic, the 1990 Today Show program reported “facing a sea-level rise not of one to three feet in a century, but of 10 or 20 feet in a much shorter time. The Supreme Court would be flooded. You could tie your boat to the Washington Monument.” Again, worth watching the short clip.

There is a rational case for convening an impartial  panel — meaning a panel of scientists and others who think the warming is man-made and those who do not and those who think it is overstated — to truly study and verify the data without a one-sided agenda. This panel could include investigating the data we know was corrupted to make it look like there is more warming than there is. And then posting as directly to the web and people as possible to bypass the untrustworthy climate change media.

Without that, too many people are suspicious. And the worthlessness of these accords on global warming only furthers that suspicion.

A no-brainer to pull out

And finally, pulling out of the Paris Accords was a Trump campaign promise. He made promises, was duly elected and has been keeping them. This was one of those. It’s unusual in Washington, but a good thing.

This agreement was all risk for the United States and very little reward for the climate, even accepting the global warming assumptions.

The well-being of the American people was put in grave harm’s way. Any good President should stand against such an agreement. Obama made the agreement, knowing that it harmed the country. Trump removed us, knowing that doing so was good for the country. And there is virtually no harm by the climate models by doing so.

That is such a kicker. Unfortunately, millions persuaded of the horribleness of this deed may never really know that because they are trusting the climate change journalists for information.

Looking at this accord in its entirety suggests there were a lot of countries that were using it as a tool to gain an economic advantage on the United States. It had nothing to do with climate change for them.

Trump was absolutely right to keep his promise and protect the American people by pulling out of it.

EDITORS NOTE: This column originally appeared in The Revolutionary Act.

It’s hot in Phoenix… Naturally

Natural Southwest heat causes propaganda to rise like the Phoenix.

It’s hot in the American Southwest.

So hot that airlines have been delaying flights for their smaller planes, waiting for cooler, denser air to provide better lift.

Yet you can’t have a heat wave without warming campaigners coming out of the woodwork to proclaim it evidence of “climate change.”

The Southwest is broiling. Are you paying attention, President Trump?” asks Jill Filipovic at CNN.

The Atlantic asks, “Did climate change ground flights in Phoenix?” and concludes, “Yes, but it didn’t act alone.”

This is nonsense.  We shared more examples at

Despite the media hype, these sizzling temperatures are historically normal.  The all-time high temperature for Phoenix of 122 degrees F has stood since June 26, 1990.

Did manmade global warming play a significant role in this recent Arizona heat wave? Almost assuredly not.

The small amount of warming that took place last century, well within range of natural variation, is simply too small.  Even after activist scientists got done fiddling with the data, the most warming they could come up with were amounts of less than one degree Celsius above the global temperature baseline.

Only in the surreal world of climate modeling is manmade global warming shown to be an evil, threatening menace. Fortunately we live on a real Earth, not a computer derived-one like in the film The Matrix.

How much cooler would Phoenix be had Americans never built factories and power plants or driven SUVs?

The question is absurd.

So is attributing hot desert weather to global warming in a world that hasn’t experienced any meaningful warming this century.


New Euro-studies Confirm Sun Dominates Earth’s Climate

80 Charts that Show Global Warming Hysteria Is a Fraud

The Paris Climate Accord: A Deadly Non-solution to a Non-problem

This week I had the opportunity to discuss President Trump’s decision to pull out of the Paris Climate Accord with radio host Mike Slater. As I explain in the interview, the Paris Climate Accord is a deadly non-solution to a non-problem:

  • The Accord would have robbed millions of access to energy, including the energy that allows us to cope with a naturally dangerous climate
  • It would have done nothing to avoid the climate catastrophe that supporters think fossil fuels are creating
  • And there is no evidence that the CO2 impact is catastrophic

The interview contains much more, including these kind words from Slater:

“I am just extremely impressed with what you’ve built over these last few years… Really impressed that you’ve gone out so much, and spoken, and spread this message, and done these debates with these high level environmentalists. You’ve done a wonderful job.”

You can listen to the interview here.

Dave Rubin on the moral case for fossil fuels

Interviewer Dave Rubin was recently asked about his views on climate change, and spent a big part of his answer recommending that people watch “a really interesting conversation I had with Alex Epstein from the Center for Industrial Progress, who wrote a book called The Moral Case for Fossil Fuels that I keep right there on my shelf.”

After pointing out that he received and continues to receive a ton of hate mail about my appearance on his show, Dave points out that I recorded a follow up video did where I responded to the top 100 YouTube comments about our interview. You can view that video here,

and my original interview with Dave Rubin here.

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Trump’s EPA Chief Backs Approach to Science That Could Upend the Global Warming ‘Consensus’

New Euro-studies Confirm Sun Dominates Earth’s Climate

80 Charts that Show Global Warming Hysteria Is a Fraud

Energy & Environmental News – 6/12/17

The newest edition of the Energy and Environmental Newsletter is now online.

Despite all the news you’ve heard over the last few weeks, you’re probably unaware of one of the most significant national developments. Last week Texas (the most wind friendly state in the US) signed into law a bill that effectively prohibits wind projects from being closer than 30± miles to a military facility. (See this and this.) This law should give encouragement to similar federal legislation, as well as military-protective measures in NY and NC.

You’ve also heard a lot about the US bowing out of the Paris Agreement — most of which is rather irrational. The Newsletter has a special section on worthwhile articles (like here) on this important international topic.

Some of the more interesting Global Warming articles in this issue are:

“Climate Change” used to Create Totalitarian State

Anatomy of a Deep State

Renounce Climate Alarmism

Can we discuss the climate without the hysteria?

Lindzen: In the future, people will marvel how hysterical mankind has been

CO2 Can’t Cause the Warming Alarmists Claim it Does

CO2 Facts vs Alternative Facts

58 New Papers Invalidate Claims Of Unprecedented Modern Global Warming

mgh, Not Greenhouse Gases, Provides a Warm Earth

Some of the more informative energy articles in this issue are:

The Princess and the Pea

Human Health, Rights and Wind Turbine Deployment

A startling case of two schools in proximity to wind turbines

Wind company dealt blow by Indiana Supreme Court

Why There’s No Such Thing As a Free Market for Electricity

Offshore Wind Turbines Blamed For Killing Family Of Whales

The Private Benefit of Carbon and its Social Cost

Scientific Peer-Review is a Deeply Tainted System

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PPS: I am not an attorney, so no material appearing in any of the Newsletters (or our website) should be construed as giving legal advice. My recommendation has always been: consult a competent attorney when you are involved with legal issues.

CLEXIT: Science Wins! Trump stomps on climate religion

‘This is very close to a religious issue. This is a theological issue. People take climate change that seriously.’ ‘We are proud of a president who is staring at the UN and saying we don’t want to give up our sovereignty so that UN bureaucrats can redistribute our wealth and do nothing for the climate. This is a great day for science.’

‘The UN has admitted they will redistribute wealth by climate policy. This is all politics, it is not about saving the planet and Trump is calling them on it.’ We been called a rogue nation along with Syria and Nicaragua. The U.S was founded as a rogue nation. Trump is showing true leadership. Standing up to the world and say we are not buying belief in superstition that a UN agreement that even if you believe in UN assumptions would have no measurable impact on temps in 100 years or has anything to do with saving the planet or climate. Donald Trump should win a medal of scientific courage and political courage for pulling out of this.’

Climate Depot Round Up

It’s Official! The U.S. has done a Clexit! CNN: Trump on Paris accord: ‘We’re getting out’ & BBC: Trump announces US will withdraw from UN Paris Climate deal

Statistician LOMBORG: TRUMP IS RIGHT TO REJECT PARIS CLIMATE DEAL: IT’S LIKELY TO BE A COSTLY FAILURE – Dr. Bjorn Lomborg: The Paris Treaty will be the most expensive global agreement in world history. It is foolhardy and foolish for world leaders to stay fixated on Paris – not only will it likely falter, but it will be hugely costly and do almost nothing to fix climate change. – After hundreds of billions of dollars in annual subsidies, we only get, according to the International Energy Agency, 0.5 per cent of the world’s energy needs from wind, and 0.1 per cent from solar PV.
CNN: Trump on Paris accord: ‘We’re getting out’
Media Clips: 

Watch: Morano in Sky News TV debate with Greenpeace: ‘It’s the greatest thing for the U.S. to leave Paris pact’ – Broadcast June 1, 2017 -Sky News -Marc Morano vs. Sky News Anchor Kay Burley and a Kaisa Kosonen, a spokesperson from Greenpeace International.

Morano: ‘This treaty has no basis not only in science, but in actual cost benefit analysis. Even if you use all the UN assumptions and believe everything they claim about the science, you would not be able to measure the temperature difference in a 100 years assuming all the countries did what thy planned to do…If we did face a climate apocalypse, you don’t need the UN to sit there and decide what energy mix countries should have. UN bureaucrats don’t have to be in charge. You don’t need central planning to determine that.

Sky News Anchor Kay Burley: Trump is really setting himself against almost every other country. is that what we want the leader of the free world to do?

Morano: Absolutely. We been called a rogue nation along with Syria and Nicaragua. The U.S was founded as a rogue nation. Trump wants to be a leader. Trump is showing true leadership. Standing up to the world and say we are not buying belief in superstition that a UN agreement that even if you believe in UN assumptions would have no measurable impact on temps in 100 years or has anything to do with saving the planet or climate. Donald Trump should win a medal of scientific courage and political courage for pulling out of this.

Listen: BBC radio features Morano in two separate shows: ‘We don’t want to give up our sovereignty so that UN bureaucrats do nothing for the climate’ -Climate Depot’s Morano on two BBC radio programs on Trump’s Clexit from UN Paris Treaty. Full audio from both programs below.

Morano: ‘This is very close to a religious issue. This is a theological issue. People take climate change that seriously.’ ‘We are proud of a president who is staring at the UN and saying ‘we don’t want to give up our sovereignty so that UN bureaucrats can redistribute our wealth and do nothing for the climate. This is a great day for science.’ ‘The UN has admitted they will redistribute wealth by climate policy. This is all politics, it is not about saving the planet and Trump is calling them on it.’

Morano on Blaze TV: ‘We are going to have a Clexit! A climate exit!’

Watch: Morano on Newsmax TV: UN Paris Accord Is About Wealth Redistribution, Not Climate – Morano on Newsmax TV’s Steve Malzberg show: “The UN has actually admitted the real reason for the treaty. They said this is not even environmental policy anymore, we will redistribute wealth by climate policy. That’s what they want, a $100 billion a year slush fund going to governments that are best able to keep your people locked in poverty. “This is all about social engineering, central planning, redistribution of wealth, and empowering UN bureaucrats.”

Watch Morano on TV: Trump touched on ‘religious belief’ – It’s a ‘theological debate’ on climate -Tipping Point With Liz Wheeler on OAN (One America News Network) Morano: ‘What Trump did today was a blow to superstition. No longer in Washington DC do we have to pretend that a UN climate treaty can save the planet or actually control temperature or impact storminess. This truly is a day that science has won out in DC and that is a rare day when it comes to climate change.’

Climate Depot’s Marc Morano statement:

“A U.S. Clexit (Climate Exit from UN Paris Pact) is a victory for science. President Trump today, in one swoop, made perhaps the most consequential decision of his presidency both in domestic and international policy by announcing a Clexit of the U.S. from the UN Paris agreement. One of Trump’s core political principles has been an America first policy and knowing the art of a deal. Trump realized that the UN Paris climate pact would not serve the interests of U.S. foreign policy or domestic energy policy. The near total dismantling of former President Obama’s “climate legacy” is now almost complete. Bravo!  President Trump understands that the UN has no interest in climate. The UN’s real goal is “global governance” and “wealth redistribution.” Flashback: UN IPCC Official Edenhofer: ‘We Redistribute World’s Wealth By Climate Policy’

Climate Depot’s Morano predicted Trump’s actions today back in November 2016 while attending the UN climate summit in Morocco. Morano was ejected from the summit for shredding the UN Paris agreement. See: UN Armed Security Shuts Down Skeptics After SHREDDING UN Climate Treaty at Summit Next To Trump Cut-out – November 16, 2016

A UN climate agreement is totally meaningless when it comes to the climate. University of Pennsylvania Geologist Dr. Robert Giegengack  has noted: “None of the strategies that have been offered by the U.S. government or by the EPA or by anybody else has the remotest chance of altering climate if in fact climate is controlled by carbon dioxide.”

Climate Depot Marc Morano adds: In layman’s terms: All of the so-called ‘solutions’ to global warming are purely symbolic when it comes to climate. So, even if we actually faced a climate catastrophe and we had to rely on a UN climate agreement, we would all be doomed!  Make no mistake, climate campaigners who tout UN agreements and EPA regulations as a way to control Earth’s temperature and storminess are guilty of belief in superstition. Today, America rejects superstition and the belief that government regulations and UN agreements can control the climate. 

NASA’s former lead global warming scientist Dr. James Hansen is also not a big fan of the UN Paris accord. See: ‘Fraud, Fake…Worthless Words’: NASA’s James Hansen on UN Paris Pact – Trump should take note – “[The Paris agreement] is a fraud really, a fake. It’s just bullshit for them to say: ‘We’ll have a 2C warming target and then try to do a little better every five years.’ It’s just worthless words. There is no action, just promises. As long as fossil fuels appear to be the cheapest fuels out there, they will be continued to be burned.”
Climate experts who have looked at the UN climate agreement think Trump is correct to dismantle it. Danish statistician Bjorn Lomborg wrote “Trump’s climate plan might not be so bad after all.” Lomborg added that Trump withdrawing from the UN treaty “will will stop the pursuit of an expensive dead end” because even if you accept the climate claims of the UN, the agreement “will matter very little to temperature rise.” (Also see: Bjorn Lomborg: ‘Germany Spends $110 Billion to Delay Global Warming by 37 Hours’)

Statistician: UN climate treaty will cost $100 trillion – To Have No Impact – Postpone warming by less than four years by 2100

Statistician: UN climate treaty will cost $100 trillion – To Have No Impact – Postpone warming by less than four years by 2100Lomborg: “If the U.S. delivers for the whole century on the President Obama’s very ambitious rhetoric, it would postpone global warming by about eight months at the end of the century.”Danish statistician Dr. Bjorn Lomborg, the President of the Copenhagen Consensus Center: “We will spend at least one hundred trillion dollars in order to reduce the temperature by the end of the century by a grand total of three tenths of one degree…the equivalent of postponing warming by less than four years…Again, that is using the UN’s own climate prediction model.” “But here is the biggest problem: These minuscule benefits do not come free — quite the contrary. The cost of the UN Paris climate pact is likely to run 1 to 2 trillion dollars every year.”Lomborg Blasts UN Paris Treaty’s $100 Trillion Price Tag For No Temp Impact: ‘You won’t be able to measure it in 100 years’ – Bjorn Lomborg: The debate about the UN Paris Agreement is “about identity politics. It’s about feeling good… but the climate doesn’t care about how you feel.”
Bjorn Lomborg on UN climate deal: ‘This is likely to be among most expensive treaties in the history of the world’


‘Failure Of Paris Climate Deal Was Inevitable’

TRUMP: ‘Paris’ less about climate, more about others gaining advantage over US

Trump: ‘I was elected to represent the citizens of Pittsburgh, not Paris’

Democrat Billionaire climate activist Tom Steyer: Trump’s Paris exit a ‘traitorous act of war’

Hulk Actor Mark Ruffalo: ‘Trump will have the death of whole nations on his hands’

Remaining Paris signatories plan to save planet by building 2,440 NEW coal plants. …

We’re Outta There! President Pulling Out Of Paris Climate Accord


1. Apparently of the opinion that Kathy Griffin pretending to behead Trump wasn’t quite distasteful enough, an editorial cartoonist for the Australian Financial Review, David Rowe, likened Trump leaving the Paris agreement to … beheading the entire planet.

9. John Kerry, one of the deal’s leading negotiators, said Trump is not helping the “forgotten Americans” he pledged to elevate, but instead will give their kids asthma (perhaps as soon as this summer!).

Weather Channel Website Goes Apocalyptic After Trump’s Paris Accord Repeal

De Blasio Declares NYC Will Defy Trump, Commit To Global Warming Agreement

Democrats Plot ‘Revolution’ To Circumvent Trump’s Paris Decision

Top Congressional Republicans Applaud Trump’s Decision To Pull Out Of Paris Climate Agreement

Environmentalists Call Trump’s Trashing Of Global Warming Deal A ‘Suicide Note For Earth’

Existing a Paris is racist?! ACLU: U.S. Exiting Paris Climate Accord Is ‘An Assault on Communities of Color’

As his climate legacy is erased, Obama slams Trump for leaving Paris agreement

Dem Senate Min. Leader Schumer: Trump tells Earth to ‘drop dead’

‘Failure Of Paris Climate Deal Was Inevitable’

TRUMP: ‘Paris’ less about climate, more about others gaining advantage over US

Trump: ‘I was elected to represent the citizens of Pittsburgh, not Paris’

Democrat Billionaire climate activist Tom Steyer: Trump’s Paris exit a ‘traitorous act of war’

CNN: Trump on Paris accord: ‘We’re getting out’

BBC: Trump announces US will withdraw from UN Paris Climate deal

Hulk Actor Mark Ruffalo: ‘Trump will have the death of whole nations on his hands’

Watch Live: Trump’s announcement of UN Paris Climate Pact

It’s Over! White House Confirms Trump Will Announce U.S. Withdrawal from Paris Climate Accord

DiCaprio to Trump on UN Paris Pact: ‘I hope you’ll make the moral decision’

Fmr. CBS Newsman Dan Rather: ‘History will judge mercilessly Trump’s reported decision to withdraw from Paris’ pact

Update: CNN: Trump expected to withdraw from Paris climate agreement – Will Announce at 3pmThursday

Hillary on Trump Paris pullout: ‘Really stupid… totally incomprehensible… incredibly foolish’