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Abortion Extremism, Warfare, and More: Fact-Checking the First 2024 Presidential Debate

Presidents Joe Biden and Donald Trump faced off in Atlanta on Thursday night before an empty arena and two CNN moderators for what was billed as the first presidential debate of 2024. While a lackluster performance by Biden dominated headlines and sent Democrats’ tongues wagging about possibly replacing him at the head of the ticket, […]


‘Profoundly Wrong’: Italian PM Stops G7 from Promoting Abortion, LGBT Agenda

A conservative leader prevented the world’s largest economies from using their clout to promote abortion, and perhaps also the LGBTQIA+ agenda, saying it is “profoundly wrong” to promote anti-family ideologies for political reasons. At last week’s Group of Seven (G7) summit, Italian Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni successfully overcame pressure from President Joe Biden to include a promise […]


Big Abortion Defeated, Border Patrol Atrophying, and Hunter Biden’s ‘Perjury’: 5 Stories You Missed

With patriotic Americans preparing to commemorate the brave soldiers who sacrificed themselves in our nation’s battles — and the rest of America preparing to take a day off work — it became easier to miss news stories. But even if you gleaned the headlines like prospectors panning for gold, some stories went underreported in the […]


Louisiana Blazes Trail to Classify Abortion Pill as ‘Controlled Substance’

The abortion drug regimen of mifepristone and misoprostol is advertised by abortion giants such as Planned Parenthood as “safe” and “effective.” But researchers have unveiled evidence that proves these pills, which work together to end the life of an unborn baby, are not safe. And yet, the use of chemical abortion is spreading. As reported in March, it took […]


Good News on Abortion, World Government, and Judicial Radicals: The Stories You Missed This Week

Liberal news bias affects every aspect of our society, including story selection. Every week, the media highlights certain stories while ignoring or limiting the coverage of others. Like all their content, newsrooms filter these decisions through their editors’ liberal bias, distorting the news you receive and polluting the information ecosystem. The Washington Stand highlights the […]


OPEN LETTER: To Florida Attorney General Ashley Moody in regards to the 6-week heartbeat abortion ban

Dear Ashley: Hope all is well with you and your family, as I appreciate all that you do for our beloved state of Florida, including your fight against the Pro-abortion Amendment 4 that will unfortunately be appearing on the ballot in November’s ever-critical election in a state that saw over 84,000 of yours and Governor […]


RFK Jr.: 8th Month Abortion Is Morally ‘Nuanced and Complex’

Independent presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. has said, while he respects those who have “absolute moral clarity” on the issue, he believes the decision to abort a child in the eighth month of pregnancy is morally “nuanced and complex.” In an interview with Daily Wire Editor Emeritus Ben Shapiro, RFK Jr. disagreed that a […]


17 State AGs Refuse to Allow Biden to Insert Abortion into Pregnant Workers Fairness Act

As the Biden campaign continues to push abortion as its primary focus ahead of the November elections, the administration made yet another move to ensure that abortion remains front and center by moving to insert the issue into the Pregnant Workers Fairness Act earlier this month — a move that earned a strong rebuke and lawsuit from […]


Planned Parenthood Committed 392,712 Abortions, Received $699.3 Million in Taxpayer Funding in 2023

Despite seeing fewer patients and reducing bona fide health care services, Planned Parenthood received a record-breaking amount of taxpayer funding last year, according to Planned Parenthood CEO Alexis McGill Johnson in the organization’s most recent annual report, which she describes as a “love note” to abortionists. Planned Parenthood committed 392,712 abortions and received a record-breaking […]


Florida Voters Back Abortion Amendment and Trump

A new poll is reporting that nearly half of voters in the Sunshine State plan to support a constitutional amendment guaranteeing a “right” to abortion. An Emerson College survey released on Thursday found that 42% of Florida voters intend to vote “Yes” on a “Amendment 4” this November, enshrining a right to abortion into the state’s constitution. […]


Must-Read Vatican Document Slams Surrogacy, Gender Theory, War and Abortion

Earlier this week the Vatican published a 16,000-word document reaffirming Catholic condemnations of a wide range of moral issues, from war to surrogacy and human trafficking. Dignitas Infinita, or “Infinite Dignity”, is both a philosophical and a theological essay, appealing to open-minded people of all faiths and none. Seldom has there been so much media coverage about a […]


Pro-Life Leaders React to Trump’s Abortion Statement: ‘Rebuild America’s Spiritual Walls’

Pro-family leaders reacted to President Donald Trump’s announcement that abortion policy should be handled exclusively by the states by saying that “pro-life policies should be pursued at every level of government” to rebuild “the spiritual walls of our nation.” Although pro-life advocates expressed gratitude for the president’s role in overturning Roe v. Wade and restoring […]


Florida Supreme Court Approves Pro-Life Law, But Sets the Stage for Abortion Showdown in November

After being thoroughly remade by a popular Republican governor, the Supreme Court in one of the nation’s largest states has upheld a protective pro-life law which allows an even stronger protection to take effect. But the court also authorized a ballot initiative that could erase nearly all pro-life laws in America’s third most populous state. […]


‘Total Abomination’: $1.2 Trillion Bill Funds Teen Trans Programs, Abortion to 22 Weeks

A sprawling, $1.2 trillion government funding bill includes funding for abortion facilities, as well as LGBTQ activist centers that carry out transgender injections, target minors, hold drag shows, and help illegal immigrants who identify as gay or transgender gain U.S. citizenship — a bill one congressman calls “a total, total abomination.” The “Further Consolidated Appropriations […]


The Vice President Visits an Abortion Clinic—And the People Yawn?

For more than 50 years, the left has promoted abortion in America. But last week we saw something new in this battle. For the first time ever, a vice-president actually visited a facility where unborn babies are systematically killed when Kamala Harris toured a Planned Parenthood abortion facility in St. Paul, Minnesota. She called laws […]