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GOP Rep Calls Abortion the Fruit of the ‘Church of Satan,’ Loses His Leadership Position

A pro-life Republican state representative lost his leadership position for saying that abortion is the fruit of the “Church of Satan.” North Carolina State Representative Keith Kidwell (R-Beaufort) responded to a Democratic representative who tried to justify her decision to have an elective abortion by citing her church membership and belief in the “power of God.” The […]


Biden’s Abortion Obsession Could Crater Space Command’s HQ

“Does not compute.” That catchphrase from the 1960s show “Lost in Space” certainly captures the Biden administration’s decision-making of late. After a years-long process to find the perfect spot for America’s Space Command, the most radical president in history seems to be hanging his final choice on a completely unrelated policy: abortion. It doesn’t take […]


Tuberville on His Military Abortion Blockade: ‘I Have the Power, and They’re Panicking’

In the military, most men and women would do anything to save a life. They’ll jump on grenades, parachute into enemy territory, walk across landmines. Senator Tommy Tuberville (R-Ala.) isn’t asking them to do any of that for the lives on the line with Pentagon’s new abortion policy. All he’s requesting is that a couple […]


Biden Reelection Bid Promotes Abortion, Pornographic School Library Books as ‘Personal Freedom’

President Joe Biden officially announced he plans to seek reelection in an online video message that indicates he plans to wage a social issues-focused campaign that presents unrestricted abortion-on-demand and same-sex marriage as “our rights” to “personal freedom.” Biden chose to launch his reelection campaign, not with a traditional campaign speech, but with a previously […]


RNC Chair Tells Republicans: ‘We Can Win on Abortion’

After a deflating 2022 midterm election, the surest path to lose the White House would come from Republicans refusing to speak on the issue of abortion, the party’s chair told aspiring candidates. “We’ve seen what happens when we let Democrats define who we are and what we stand for,” said Republican National Committee Chair Ronna McDaniel […]


The ‘Father of the Abortion Pill’ reveals it was always about death

From the beginning of his research Étienne-Émile Baulieu pretended that that the chemical abortion pill was not really abortion. In a recent profile in the New York Times, reporter Pam Belluck lays out the dark history of the chemical abortion pill. Meant as a glowing profile of Étienne-Émile Baulieu, known as the “Father of the Abortion Pill,” the […]


U.S. Judge Exposes the Reek of Politics in the FDA’s Approval of Medication Abortion

What is the future of mifepristone? The Supreme Court may be forced into making another tough decision. The drug mifepristone is currently responsible for more than half of all abortions in the United States. Now its legality is in doubt after two judges in different courts issued completely different rulings, both on April 7. The […]


Abortion Pill Rulings Could Send FDA Approval to the Supreme Court

Friday afternoon, a U.S. district court judge in Texas issued a long-awaited ruling in the case Alliance for Hippocratic Medicine v. U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). The judge decided in favor of the plaintiff, agreeing that the FDA’s approval of the chemical abortion drug regimen was politicized and bypassed safety concerns in the rush to put abortion drugs […]


Abortionistas’ Dirty Tricks Kill the Innocent

Democrat abortion supporters will say and do anything to keep the party going.  They’ll even throw the Rule of Law out the window. HHS Secretary Xavier Becerra and Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez suggested the Biden administration ignore the court ruling invalidating the FDA’s approval of the abortion drug mifepristone. But that’s just for starters.  Here are some of the other […]


Abortion Pill-Pushers Work the Dark Side

Washington state is the first to stock up on abortion pills in case legal action makes them unavailable.  The state has ordered a four-year supply, about 40,000 doses of mifepristone.  Given the known dangers of the pills, what this means in a state where some 60 percent of all abortions are by pill, is that roughly 2,400 […]


Supreme Court Vacates Ruling that Minors Have Constitutional ‘Right’ to Abortion; One Justice Dissents

The U.S. Supreme Court has vacated a lower court’s opinion asserting that underage girls possess a constitutional right to have an abortion without notifying their parents. Only one justice, Ketanji Brown Jackson, dissented that her colleagues effectively erased the pro-abortion decision from the books, preventing lawyers from citing it as a binding legal precedent in […]


UK Punishes ‘Thought Crime’ of Praying Silently at Abortion Facilities

British police will continue to arrest Christians for the crime of praying within hundreds of feet of an abortion facility, after the U.K. Parliament voted down an amendment that would have legalized “silent prayer” — a situation Christians have described as a “dystopian” ban on pro-life “thoughtcrime.” On Tuesday, Members of Parliament rejected an amendment […]


Abortion Pills: Risky Business

New battlegrounds are taking shape after the overturning of Roe v. Wade.  One is abortion pills, which now account for more than half of all abortions.  Abortion advocates are determined to turn the nation’s 27,000 pharmacies into new abortion clinics.  Conservatives are working to keep that from happening. Twenty Republican state Attorneys General warned Walgreens and CVS sending abortion […]


Democrat to Biden: Ignore Court Ruling against Abortion Pills. It’s What Abraham Lincoln Would Do.

A prominent Democratic senator has urged the Biden administration to “ignore” a potential federal court ruling that could impose a nationwide ban on abortion pills, comparing the “right” to abortion with Abraham Lincoln’s efforts to free the slaves. “In a few days, a lawless Trump-appointed judge in Texas is expected to ban access to the […]


Biden Urges Congress to ‘Restore Soul of This Nation’ by Expanding Abortion, Transgenderism in SOTU

During his State of the Union Address Tuesday night, President Joe Biden called on Congress “to restore the soul of this nation” by making abortion legal nationwide until birth and passing a bill that would force religious employers to hire people who identify as transgender. His administration’s focus on pushing polarizing social issues clashes with […]