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PODCAST: Death By Policy — Mortality statistics show that many people have died from lockdown-related causes, not from Covid-19!

GUESTS AND TOPICS: JOEL ZINBERG, M.D., J.D. Joel Zinberg, M.D., J.D., is a Senior Fellow at the Competitive Enterprise Institute in Washington, D.C., and an associate clinical professor of surgery at the Mount Sinai Icahn School of Medicine in New York. He served as general counsel and senior economist at the Council of Economic Advisers […]

VIDEO: Joe Biden’s Catholic Problem?

The CatholicVote published the below video titled Joe Biden’s Catholic Problem? with the following commentary: Only God knows Joe Biden’s heart, but we can all know his policy positions. Here’s where Joe Biden disagrees with Pope Francis, the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops, and the Catechism of the Catholic Church.  ©CatholicVote. All rights […]

VIDEO: Why Religion is Essential for the Survival of American Democracy

The J. Reuben Clark Law Society published the following video titled Clay Christensen on Religious Freedom (His personal views, not HBS) with commentary: Clay Christensen on Religious Freedom. The views in this video do not necessarily represent the views of the Harvard Business School.  H/T America Democracy ©J. Reuben Clark Law Society. All rights […]

Biden’s Pro-Islam Campaign Ad: ‘I will end the Muslim ban on day one!’

ColoradoGeorge posted Joe Biden’s Islamic Campaign Ad 2020. WATCH:  ©All rights reserved. RELATED ARTICLE: Biden Courts ‘1 Million Muslim Voters’, Wants American Children to Study Islam in Public Schools RELATED TWEET:  The Democratic Party has become a party of name calling, intimidation, violence, lawlessness, no faith, no family, no schools, depend on the gov’t, anti […]

VIDEO: Biden May Be Mentally Incompetent, but He’s Highly Competent With Corruption

Dinesh D’Souza published the following on his YouTube channel: These days, Biden seems mentally incompetent. But when it comes to corruption and cashing in on his public office, Biden has proven himself to be highly competent. WATCH:  Dinesh D’Souza’s new book, “United States of Socialism,” reveals how the Left uses the Venezuelan formula for […]

LAY FAITHFUL EXPOSING BIDEN-HARRIS: Extreme anti-Catholic ticket a historical first!

CHAMPLIN, Minn. (ChurchMilitant.com) – The Biden-Harris presidential bid is the most anti-Catholic one in U.S. history, according to a campaign to educate Catholic voters. A group of lay faithful known as “Catholics for Truth” recently debuted its AntiCatholicTicket.com website (ACT) as part of an initiative to inform Catholic voters that Biden and Harris’ positions on a plethora of topics […]

OBSESSION: The Radical Democrat Party’s War Against America and Western Civilization

Obsession a persistent disturbing preoccupation with an often unreasonable idea or feeling The Democratic Party is obsessed with the idea that America is evil and must be destroyed using any and all means available. The end game of the Radical Democrat Party (RDC) is to literally burn to the ground the American Dream. Their replacement […]

Trump Expands Drilling Moratorium From Florida to South Carolina, Georgia

Before expanding a moratorium on offshore drilling Tuesday near the coasts of Florida, South Carolina, and Georgia, President Donald Trump invoked the legacy of another brash New Yorker known for rattling the political establishment during his presidency. Trump’s order extending the drilling moratorium came a month after he signed the Great American Outdoors Act, which the […]

Pro-Veterans Group Produces Powerful Anti-Biden Video

 ALEXANDRIA, Va. /PRNewswire/ — With exactly two months to go until Election Day, the Coalition for American Veterans issued the following statement: “Last month, both the Republicans and Democrats held their national conventions. Along with millions of Americans, we watched both conventions. Our main concern? Which party, and which candidate, will stand up for America’s veterans? “The […]

President Donald J. Trump Endorses ‘Big Dan’ Rodimer for Congress

LAS VEGAS, Nevada – Republican nominee for Nevada’s 3rd congressional district Dan Rodimer has received the endorsement of President Donald Trump. In 2016, the President won Nevada’s 3rd Congressional district by 2.4 percentage points and his endorsement is seen as a boost to the Rodimer campaign as they face off against incumbent Congresswoman Susie Lee (D-NV) in the November election. On Saturday, […]

INVESTIGATIVE REPORT: The Science Behind Why Face Masks Don’t Work. [Video]

Kelleigh Nelson reports: Thanks to One America News, a new study from UCLA and Stanford University finds for the average 50-64-year-old, the chances of dying of Covid are one in 19.1 million, and the chances of contracting Covid are much lower than previously thought.  People are vastly overestimating their chances of being infected and going to […]

#WalkAway Campaign Comes to Tampa and Sarasota, Florida on September 19-20, 2020

  #WalkAway Campaign Movement of FORMER DEMOCRATS Coming to Tampa and Sarasota, Florida for the tenth in a series of Nationwide “Rescue America” Rallies! Conservative activist Brandon Straka and The #WalkAway Campaign are coming to Tampa/Sarasota, FL to encourage freedom loving Americans to rescue our country from anti-American radicals and their agendas of hate, violence, […]

VIDEO: Joe Biden Listed as Criminal Suspect in Ukrainian Court

One America News Network reports: A Ukrainian court has listed presumptive Democrat nominee Joe Biden as a possible criminal suspect. One America’s Chief White House Correspondent Chanel Rion has the latest.  ©One America News Network. All rights reserved. RELATED TWEETS: The fake news won’t show you this video.@JoeBiden would hate if this went viral.pic.twitter.com/109C1uLUER — […]