‘License To Kill’ Whales, Dolphins Handed to Offshore Wind Power Companies in Biden’s Green Energy Push

Since December, Dozens Of Whales And Dolphins Have Washed Up Dead Along East Coast Beaches, Especially The New Jersey Coast.

Greenpeace launched its “Save the Whales” campaign on April 27, 1975. But in the ensuing years, Greenpeace has gone full Orwell. Greenpeace is no longer interested in saving the whales. It may actually be aiding and abetting the Biden administration and the offshore wind industry in killing whales supposedly to “save the planet.”

Since December, dozens of whales and dolphins have washed up dead along East Coast beaches, especially the New Jersey coast. There are no eyewitnesses to, and no video of, the deaths so no one knows for sure what is killing the animals.

The deaths are coincident, however, with an increase in activity by the offshore wind industry as it surveys locations to erect its turbines. These surveys include seismic testing that involves bouncing sounds off the bottom of the ocean. It is possible that these sounds impair sound-sensitive whales and dolphins in such a way that deaths can result.

Green activists certainly believed as much when the Natural Resources Defense Council sued the U.S. Navy over its sonar testing in a case that went all the way to the Supreme Court. The Greens also oppose seismic testing when conducted by the oil industry in its offshore activities.

The Biden administration denies that there is evidence that the whales and dolphins are being harmed by the offshore wind industry.

“At this point, there is no evidence to support speculation that noise resulting from wind development-related site characterization surveys could potentially cause mortality of whales, and no specific links between recent large whale mortalities and currently ongoing surveys,” says the U.S. Department of Commerce’s National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.

And not only does Greenpeace embrace the agency’s denial, but it denounces links between offshore wind seismic testing and the whale and dolphin deaths as a fossil fuel industry-funded “right-wing disinformation campaign.”

So what’s the truth?

Once again, there are no eyewitness or video. But there is some inconvenient paperwork.

As it turns out, the federal agency has actually issued permits to the offshore wind industry to kill whales, dolphins and even seals. And not just one or two members of the species.

A currently proposed permit would allow New Jersey-based offshore wind developer Atlantic Shores Offshore Wind, L.P., , a partnership of foreign-owned wind companies, to kill 42 whales, 2,678 dolphins, and 1,472 seals.

Not very green. But it gets worse.

Among the 42 whales that Atlantic Shore Offshore Wind has been licensed to kill are 13 whales that are listed as “endangered” under the Endangered Species Act. Three whales are the North Atlantic right whale, a species federal regulators are wielding to wreck the Maine lobster and groundfishing industries on behalf of the offshore wind industry.

And this is not the only such permit. There are others already issued with more on the way. Each one allows for the killing of dozens of whales and thousands of dolphins and seals. And all this permitted killing is just for the survey phase of construction. There is the actual erection of wind turbines, and their operations and maintenance still to come.

So while we have the federal government telling the public that there is no evidence that the offshore wind industry is killing whales and dolphins, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration seems to know there is actually enough evidence that the industry needs permits to kill and even permits it to kill protected species.

The Supreme Court in Winter v. NRDC allowed the Navy to continue its sonar testing despite potential harm to whales and dolphins because of national security. So maybe the killing of a few dozen whales and thousands of dolphins and seals by the offshore wind industry could be justified in order to save the planet from climate change.

But regardless of your view of climate change science, the reality is that there is no amount of offshore wind that can be built that would affect weather or the climate in the slightest. So… save the whales.


Steve Milloy

Steve Milloy publishes junkscience.com and is a Senior Fellow with the Committee For A Constructive Tomorrow.

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Comer Threatens Kerry’s ‘Powerful, Unchecked’ Climate Office With Subpoena

Republican Rep. James Comer of Kentucky has threatened to subpoena the office of special climate envoy John Kerry, over a failure to disclose documents to the House Oversight Committee, in a letter released Tuesday.

Comer slammed the Biden administration for failing to respond to nearly two years of oversight requests from the House Oversight Committee — which Comer chairs — and requested information related to the budgets, names of staffers, internal communications and activities of Kerry’s office. The congressman threatened to take further action if the administration failed to respond by May 9, including “compulsory processes.”

“John Kerry continues to negotiate deals with foreign governments, including the Chinese Communist Party, that potentially undermine the United States’ interests and the Biden Administration has refused to respond to Committee requests for information on Kerry’s powerful, unchecked position,” the House Oversight Committee wrote in a press release.

The committee in February called for Kerry to provide information regarding his negotiations with China, which the committee alleged “undermine” both U.S. economic interests and congressional authority. In Comer’s Tuesday letter, the committee questioned Kerry’s ability to negotiate binding agreements on behalf of the U.S., despite the fact his position did not require Senate confirmation.

“Envoy Kerry is engaging in activities that skirt congressional authority, threaten foreign policy under the guise of climate advocacy, and could undermine our economic health,” wrote Comer Monday. “Yet, Envoy Kerry and his office are refusing to be transparent about their activities, spending, and staffing with the Committee—and the American people.”

In early 2021, the Boston Herald filed a Freedom of Information Act request for the payrolls of Kerry’s staff, which the State Department estimates will not be completed until late 2024, despite the availability of the relevant records, according to the outlet.

Comer’s office directed a Daily Caller News Foundation request for comment to the Oversight Committee’s statement. The White House did not immediately respond to a DCNF request for comment.





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American Weakness Invites Aggression

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Is Environmentalism a Religion?

As more and more in society have drifted away from a belief in God the void needs to be filled for most human beings. The environment, Crichton said, has filled the void for many. Conventional Judeo-Christian religion began with a perfect world called Eden. Today’s environmentalist sees sustainability as the salvation in the church of the environment, attempting to return to a fictional world of past perfection.

Michael Crichton, well known for his books Jurassic Park, Andromeda Stain, movies of those books and others and the award winning TV series ER, received his medical degree from Harvard but never practiced. Instead he wrote and directed movies and TV full time. He died of cancer in 2008.

He had a number if serious environmental concerns which lead him to write STATE FEAR a novel that addressed the realities of concerns about Global Warming. In September of 2003 he presented a lecture to the Commonwealth Club of San Francisco titled ENVIRONMENTALISM AS RELIGION.

Because our newly elected administration in Washington DC is doubling down on all environmental regulations as fast as possible, it is worth refocusing on the wisdom of Michael Crichton in order to place the actions of this administration into a perspective that will serve us well.

He stated initially that the greatest problem facing the world is not likely one you have considered. In his opinion it is separating truth from fiction. Bombarded daily, more today than when he was speaking, with information that can not easily be separated from either misinformation of disinformation. The first not necessarily intended to fool and the second definitely intended. In either case we have to think critically in order to decide for ourselves.

They often paint America of the indigenous peoples before the Europeans came as a dreamy world of unspoiled nature. Historians now tell us that was anything but true as little of the natural world was cared for. Herds of animals were destroyed, lands were burned and tribal wars were common and inhumane . Loving, peaceful and harmonious were not words to apply.

In short Crichton tells us “-the romantic view of the natural world as a blissful Eden is only held by people who have no actual experience of nature. People who live in nature are not romantic about it at all.” They know how difficult survival can be. The TV producers have been very successful showing this to us for years.

The truth is that almost no one wants to experience real nature. They want to spend a week or two in a cabin in the woods with screens and windows, or a river rafting trip for a few days with someone else doing the cooking.

One way Crichton says “to measure the prevalence of fantasy is to note the number of people who die because they haven’t the least knowledge of how nature really is.”

A decade ago I was almost one of them attempting a rim to rim Grand Canyon hike within 24 hours. Park rangers rescued me on the way out after 20 hours informing me there had been a dozen fatalities the previous year. I said I was an Ironman Triathlete and they laughed.

Crichton was the first to recognize in 2003 that one scare story was already loosing its grip on the world. That was over population. In the early 1990s the fear-mongers were predicting we were on our way to a population of 12 to 15 billion which we would not be able feed. The predicted numbers had then fallen below 10 billion while agriculture yields had risen dramatically eliminating fears of starvation. Today we have become more concerned with the economic problems created by a shrinking population.

It wasn’t just one prediction the so-called environmentalists got wrong, there have been a slew of them. He said they told us we would run out of oil and other natural resources and starvation would become the order of the day. What he told us in 2003 as to their absurdly wrong predictions for the past year of 2020 have proved ludicrous. They include a temperature rise of 5.4 degrees Fahrenheit, a doubling of CO2, elimination of snow on Mt. Kilimanjaro, a two foot sea level rise in Florida, end of ice on the Arctic sea and the end of glaciers in Glacier National Park.

Crichton asked his audience “with so many past failures, you might think that environmental prediction would become more cautious. But not if its a religion. Remember, the nut on the sidewalk carrying the placard that predicts the end of the world doesn’t quit when the world doesn’t end on the day he expects. He just changes his placard, sets a new doomsday date, and goes back to walking the streets. One of the defining features of religion is that your beliefs are not troubled by facts, because they have nothing to do with facts.”

Crichton, in this speech, was one of the first scientifically trained people to expose the complete fraud of the elimination of DDT to fight malaria. All the science behind DDT proved completely that it eliminated malaria with no negative impact on humans or birds. Millions died of malaria again once DDT was taken off the market.

Environmentalism needs to be absolutely based on objective and verifiable science, he said, it needs to be rational and flexible, apolitical and without frantic fantasies. He said we need to get environmentalism out of the sphere of religion and away from doomsday predictions.

At the end of his speech Crichton wisely said that if we allow science to be politicized “we will enter the Internet version of the dark ages, an era of shifting fears and wild prejudices, transmitted to people who don’t know any better. …..So its time to abandon the religion of environmentalism, and return to the science of environmentalism, and base our public policy decisions firmly on that.”


Dr. Jay Lehr

CFACT Senior Science Analyst Jay Lehr has authored more than 1,000 magazine and journal articles and 36 books. Jay’s new book A Hitchhikers Journey Through Climate Change written with Teri Ciccone is now available on Kindle and Amazon.


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Environmentalism is a Religion


by Michael Crichton – San Francisco – September 15, 2003

I have been asked to talk about what I consider the most important challenge facing mankind, and I have a fundamental answer. The greatest challenge facing mankind is the challenge of distinguishing reality from fantasy, truth from propaganda. Perceiving the truth has always been a challenge to mankind, but in the information age (or as I think of it, the disinformation age) it takes on a special urgency and importance.

We must daily decide whether the threats we face are real, whether the solutions we are offered will do any good, whether the problems we’re told exist are in fact real problems, or non-problems. Every one of us has a sense of the world, and we all know that this sense is in part given to us by what other people and society tell us; in part generated by our emotional state, which we project outward; and in part by our genuine perceptions of reality. In short, our struggle to determine what is true is the struggle to decide which of our perceptions are genuine, and which are false because they are handed down, or sold to us, or generated by our own hopes and fears.

As an example of this challenge, I want to talk today about environmentalism. And in order not to be misunderstood, I want it perfectly clear that I believe it is incumbent on us to conduct our lives in a way that takes into account all the consequences of our actions, including the consequences to other people, and the consequences to the environment. I believe it is important to act in ways that are sympathetic to the environment, and I believe this will always be a need, carrying into the future. I believe the world has genuine problems and I believe it can and should be improved. But I also think that deciding what constitutes responsible action is immensely difficult, and the consequences of our actions are often difficult to know in advance. I think our past record of environmental action is discouraging, to put it mildly, because even our best intended efforts often go awry. But I think we do not recognize our past failures, and face them squarely. And I think I know why.

I studied anthropology in college, and one of the things I learned was that certain human social structures always reappear. They can’t be eliminated from society. One of those structures is religion. Today it is said we live in a secular society in which many people—the best people, the most enlightened people—do not believe in any religion. But I think that you cannot eliminate religion from the psyche of mankind. If you suppress it in one form, it merely re-emerges in another form. You can not believe in God, but you still have to believe in something that gives meaning to your life, and shapes your sense of the world. Such a belief is religious.

Today, one of the most powerful religions in the Western World is environmentalism. Environmentalism seems to be the religion of choice for urban atheists. Why do I say it’s a religion? Well, just look at the beliefs. If you look carefully, you see that environmentalism is in fact a perfect 21st century remapping of traditional Judeo-Christian beliefs and myths.

There’s an initial Eden, a paradise, a state of grace and unity with nature, there’s a fall from grace into a state of pollution as a result of eating from the tree of knowledge, and as a result of our actions there is a judgment day coming for us all. We are all energy sinners, doomed to die, unless we seek salvation, which is now called sustainability. Sustainability is salvation in the church of the environment. Just as organic food is its communion, that pesticide-free wafer that the right people with the right beliefs, imbibe.

Eden, the fall of man, the loss of grace, the coming doomsday—these are deeply held mythic structures. They are profoundly conservative beliefs. They may even be hard-wired in the brain, for all I know. I certainly don’t want to talk anybody out of them, as I don’t want to talk anybody out of a belief that Jesus Christ is the son of God who rose from the dead. But the reason I don’t want to talk anybody out of these beliefs is that I know that I can’t talk anybody out of them. These are not facts that can be argued. These are issues of faith.

And so it is, sadly, with environmentalism. Increasingly it seems facts aren’t necessary, because the tenets of environmentalism are all about belief. It’s about whether you are going to be a sinner, or saved. Whether you are going to be one of the people on the side of salvation, or on the side of doom. Whether you are going to be one of us, or one of them.

Am I exaggerating to make a point? I am afraid not. Because we know a lot more about the world than we did forty or fifty years ago. And what we know now is not so supportive of certain core environmental myths, yet the myths do not die. Let’s examine some of those beliefs.

There is no Eden. There never was. What was that Eden of the wonderful mythic past? Is it the time when infant mortality was 80%, when four children in five died of disease before the age of five? When one woman in six died in childbirth? When the average lifespan was 40, as it was in America a century ago. When plagues swept across the planet, killing millions in a stroke. Was it when millions starved to death? Is that when it was Eden?

And what about indigenous peoples, living in a state of harmony with the Eden-like environment? Well, they never did. On this continent, the newly arrived people who crossed the land bridge almost immediately set about wiping out hundreds of species of large animals, and they did this several thousand years before the white man showed up, to accelerate the process. And what was the condition of life? Loving, peaceful, harmonious? Hardly: the early peoples of the New World lived in a state of constant warfare. Generations of hatred, tribal hatreds, constant battles. The warlike tribes of this continent are famous: the Comanche, Sioux, Apache, Mohawk, Aztecs, Toltec, Incas. Some of them practiced infanticide, and human sacrifice. And those tribes that were not fiercely warlike were exterminated, or learned to build their villages high in the cliffs to attain some measure of safety.

How about the human condition in the rest of the world? The Maori of New Zealand committed massacres regularly. The dyaks of Borneo were headhunters. The Polynesians, living in an environment as close to paradise as one can imagine, fought constantly, and created a society so hideously restrictive that you could lose your life if you stepped in the footprint of a chief. It was the Polynesians who gave us the very concept of taboo, as well as the word itself. The noble savage is a fantasy, and it was never true. That anyone still believes it, 200 years after Rousseau, shows the tenacity of religious myths, their ability to hang on in the face of centuries of factual contradiction.

There was even an academic movement, during the latter 20th century, that claimed that cannibalism was a white man’s invention to demonize the indigenous peoples. (Only academics could fight such a battle.) It was some thirty years before professors finally agreed that yes, cannibalism does indeed occur among human beings. Meanwhile, all during this time New Guinea highlanders in the 20th century continued to eat the brains of their enemies until they were finally made to understand that they risked kuru, a fatal neurological disease, when they did so.

More recently still the gentle Tasaday of the Philippines turned out to be a publicity stunt, a nonexistent tribe. And African pygmies have one of the highest murder rates on the planet.

In short, the romantic view of the natural world as a blissful Eden is only held by people who have no actual experience of nature. People who live in nature are not romantic about it at all. They may hold spiritual beliefs about the world around them, they may have a sense of the unity of nature or the aliveness of all things, but they still kill the animals and uproot the plants in order to eat, to live. If they don’t, they will die.

And if you, even now, put yourself in nature even for a matter of days, you will quickly be disabused of all your romantic fantasies. Take a trek through the jungles of Borneo, and in short order you will have festering sores on your skin, you’ll have bugs all over your body, biting in your hair, crawling up your nose and into your ears, you’ll have infections and sickness and if you’re not with somebody who knows what they’re doing, you’ll quickly starve to death. But chances are that even in the jungles of Borneo you won’t experience nature so directly, because you will have covered your entire body with DEET and you will be doing everything you can to keep those bugs off you.

The truth is, almost nobody wants to experience real nature. What people want is to spend a week or two in a cabin in the woods, with screens on the windows. They want a simplified life for a while, without all their stuff. Or a nice river rafting trip for a few days, with somebody else doing the cooking. Nobody wants to go back to nature in any real way, and nobody does. It’s all talk-and as the years go on, and the world population grows increasingly urban, it’s uninformed talk. Farmers know what they’re talking about. City people don’t. It’s all fantasy.

One way to measure the prevalence of fantasy is to note the number of people who die because they haven’t the least knowledge of how nature really is. They stand beside wild animals, like buffalo, for a picture and get trampled to death; they climb a mountain in dicey weather without proper gear, and freeze to death. They drown in the surf on holiday because they can’t conceive the real power of what we blithely call “the force of nature.” They have seen the ocean. But they haven’t been in it.

The television generation expects nature to act the way they want it to be. They think all life experiences can be tivo-ed. The notion that the natural world obeys its own rules and doesn’t give a damn about your expectations comes as a massive shock. Well-to-do, educated people in an urban environment experience the ability to fashion their daily lives as they wish. They buy clothes that suit their taste, and decorate their apartments as they wish. Within limits, they can contrive a daily urban world that pleases them.

But the natural world is not so malleable. On the contrary, it will demand that you adapt to it-and if you don’t, you die. It is a harsh, powerful, and unforgiving world, that most urban westerners have never experienced.

Many years ago I was trekking in the Karakorum mountains of northern Pakistan, when my group came to a river that we had to cross. It was a glacial river, freezing cold, and it was running very fast, but it wasn’t deep—maybe three feet at most. My guide set out ropes for people to hold as they crossed the river, and everybody proceeded, one at a time, with extreme care. I asked the guide what was the big deal about crossing a three-foot river. He said, well, supposing you fell and suffered a compound fracture. We were now four days trek from the last big town, where there was a radio. Even if the guide went back double time to get help, it’d still be at least three days before he could return with a helicopter. If a helicopter were available at all. And in three days, I’d probably be dead from my injuries. So that was why everybody was crossing carefully. Because out in nature a little slip could be deadly.

But let’s return to religion. If Eden is a fantasy that never existed, and mankind wasn’t ever noble and kind and loving, if we didn’t fall from grace, then what about the rest of the religious tenets? What about salvation, sustainability, and judgment day? What about the coming environmental doom from fossil fuels and global warming, if we all don’t get down on our knees and conserve every day?

Well, it’s interesting. You may have noticed that something has been left off the doomsday list, lately. Although the preachers of environmentalism have been yelling about population for fifty years, over the last decade world population seems to be taking an unexpected turn. Fertility rates are falling almost everywhere. As a result, over the course of my lifetime the thoughtful predictions for total world population have gone from a high of 20 billion, to 15 billion, to 11 billion (which was the UN estimate around 1990) to now 9 billion, and soon, perhaps less. There are some who think that world population will peak in 2050 and then start to decline. There are some who predict we will have fewer people in 2100 than we do today. Is this a reason to rejoice, to say halleluiah? Certainly not. Without a pause, we now hear about the coming crisis of world economy from a shrinking population. We hear about the impending crisis of an aging population. Nobody anywhere will say that the core fears expressed for most of my life have turned out not to be true. As we have moved into the future, these doomsday visions vanished, like a mirage in the desert. They were never there—though they still appear, in the future. As mirages do.

Okay, so, the preachers made a mistake. They got one prediction wrong; they’re human. So what. Unfortunately, it’s not just one prediction. It’s a whole slew of them. We are running out of oil. We are running out of all natural resources. Paul Ehrlich: 60 million Americans will die of starvation in the 1980s. Forty thousand species become extinct every year. Half of all species on the planet will be extinct by 2000. And on and on and on.

With so many past failures, you might think that environmental predictions would become more cautious. But not if it’s a religion. Remember, the nut on the sidewalk carrying the placard that predicts the end of the world doesn’t quit when the world doesn’t end on the day he expects. He just changes his placard, sets a new doomsday date, and goes back to walking the streets. One of the defining features of religion is that your beliefs are not troubled by facts, because they have nothing to do with facts.

So I can tell you some facts. I know you haven’t read any of what I am about to tell you in the newspaper, because newspapers literally don’t report them. I can tell you that DDT is not a carcinogen and did not cause birds to die and should never have been banned. I can tell you that the people who banned it knew that it wasn’t carcinogenic and banned it anyway. I can tell you that the DDT ban has caused the deaths of tens of millions of poor people, mostly children, whose deaths are directly attributable to a callous, technologically advanced western society that promoted the new cause of environmentalism by pushing a fantasy about a pesticide, and thus irrevocably harmed the third world. Banning DDT is one of the most disgraceful episodes in the twentieth century history of America. We knew better, and we did it anyway, and we let people around the world die and didn’t give a damn.

I can tell you that second hand smoke is not a health hazard to anyone and never was, and the EPA has always known it. I can tell you that the evidence for global warming is far weaker than its proponents would ever admit. I can tell you the percentage the US land area that is taken by urbanization, including cities and roads, is 5%. I can tell you that the Sahara desert is shrinking, and the total ice of Antarctica is increasing. I can tell you that a blue-ribbon panel in Science magazine concluded that there is no known technology that will enable us to halt the rise of carbon dioxide in the 21st century. Not wind, not solar, not even nuclear. The panel concluded a totally new technology-like nuclear fusion-was necessary, otherwise nothing could be done and in the meantime all efforts would be a waste of time. They said that when the UN IPCC reports stated alternative technologies existed that could control greenhouse gases, the UN was wrong.

I can, with a lot of time, give you the factual basis for these views, and I can cite the appropriate journal articles not in whacko magazines, but in the most prestigeous science journals, such as Science and Nature. But such references probably won’t impact more than a handful of you, because the beliefs of a religion are not dependant on facts, but rather are matters of faith. Unshakeable belief.

Most of us have had some experience interacting with religious fundamentalists, and we understand that one of the problems with fundamentalists is that they have no perspective on themselves. They never recognize that their way of thinking is just one of many other possible ways of thinking, which may be equally useful or good. On the contrary, they believe their way is the right way, everyone else is wrong; they are in the business of salvation, and they want to help you to see things the right way. They want to help you be saved. They are totally rigid and totally uninterested in opposing points of view. In our modern complex world, fundamentalism is dangerous because of its rigidity and its imperviousness to other ideas.

I want to argue that it is now time for us to make a major shift in our thinking about the environment, similar to the shift that occurred around the first Earth Day in 1970, when this awareness was first heightened. But this time around, we need to get environmentalism out of the sphere of religion. We need to stop the mythic fantasies, and we need to stop the doomsday predictions. We need to start doing hard science instead.

There are two reasons why I think we all need to get rid of the religion of environmentalism.

First, we need an environmental movement, and such a movement is not very effective if it is conducted as a religion. We know from history that religions tend to kill people, and environmentalism has already killed somewhere between 10-30 million people since the 1970s. It’s not a good record. Environmentalism needs to be absolutely based in objective and verifiable science, it needs to be rational, and it needs to be flexible. And it needs to be apolitical. To mix environmental concerns with the frantic fantasies that people have about one political party or another is to miss the cold truth—that there is very little difference between the parties, except a difference in pandering rhetoric. The effort to promote effective legislation for the environment is not helped by thinking that the Democrats will save us and the Republicans won’t. Political history is more complicated than that. Never forget which president started the EPA: Richard Nixon. And never forget which president sold federal oil leases, allowing oil drilling in Santa Barbara: Lyndon Johnson. So get politics out of your thinking about the environment.

The second reason to abandon environmental religion is more pressing. Religions think they know it all, but the unhappy truth of the environment is that we are dealing with incredibly complex, evolving systems, and we usually are not certain how best to proceed. Those who are certain are demonstrating their personality type, or their belief system, not the state of their knowledge. Our record in the past, for example managing national parks, is humiliating. Our fifty-year effort at forest-fire suppression is a well-intentioned disaster from which our forests will never recover. We need to be humble, deeply humble, in the face of what we are trying to accomplish. We need to be trying various methods of accomplishing things. We need to be open-minded about assessing results of our efforts, and we need to be flexible about balancing needs. Religions are good at none of these things.

How will we manage to get environmentalism out of the clutches of religion, and back to a scientific discipline? There’s a simple answer: we must institute far more stringent requirements for what constitutes knowledge in the environmental realm. I am thoroughly sick of politicized so-called facts that simply aren’t true. It isn’t that these “facts” are exaggerations of an underlying truth. Nor is it that certain organizations are spinning their case to present it in the strongest way. Not at all—what more and more groups are doing is putting out is lies, pure and simple. Falsehoods that they know to be false.

This trend began with the DDT campaign, and it persists to this day. At this moment, the EPA is hopelessly politicized. In the wake of Carol Browner, it is probably better to shut it down and start over. What we need is a new organization much closer to the FDA. We need an organization that will be ruthless about acquiring verifiable results, that will fund identical research projects to more than one group, and that will make everybody in this field get honest fast.

Because in the end, science offers us the only way out of politics. And if we allow science to become politicized, then we are lost. We will enter the Internet version of the dark ages, an era of shifting fears and wild prejudices, transmitted to people who don’t know any better. That’s not a good future for the human race. That’s our past. So it’s time to abandon the religion of environmentalism, and return to the science of environmentalism, and base our public policy decisions firmly on that.

Thank you very much.


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*** Theologian Thunberg and the pseudo-religion

*** What Is AI Hallucination, and How Do You Spot It?

*** Surprise! The COVID vaccines were never tested for safety

*** Rep Comer Drops Straight Fire on Fauci at Covid Hearing: ‘Wow, This is So Bad’

*** Joe Biden Signs GOP-Proposed Bill Ending Covid-19 “National Emergency”

*** Dr. Kory: I Finally Published An Op-Ed “Across The Aisle.”

*** One Thousand One Hundred Thirty Five Days

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*** Report: The Key to Fixing the US Education System

*** SUNY drops SAT, ACT testing requirement for admission

*** Here’s the Campus Left-Wing Brainwash

Greed Energy Economics:

*** A Texas-Sized Energy Fiasco

*** Lazard’s levelized cost of power generation figures remain “highly implausible”

*** Greens Refuse to Discuss Recycling of Renewables, etc.

Wind Generation Cost to Ontarians on April 13th Hit a Record of $2,055/MWH

California Power Companies Propose to Bill Electricity Partly by Income

Wind Power Has A Profitability Problem

Renewable energy PPA prices continue to rise despite Inflation Reduction Act relief

Renewables (General):

*** The Renewable Intermittency Challenge

*** End preferences for unreliable electricity

*** The Great Green Dream is a Fantasy

Addressing Wind/Solar Instability: Hardwiring the Grid

Australia’s ‘green energy’ chimera

Jamie Dimon’s Climate Corporatism

Wind Energy — Offshore:

*** Pentagon Sounds Alarm Over Biden Plan for Offshore Wind Sites

*** Short video: Is Industrial Offshore Wind Development Killing Endangered Whales?

*** Massive Offshore Wind Turbines with Flashing Lights Would Be Major Features on the Coastal Horizon

*** Massive Offshore Wind Turbines with Flashing Lights Would Be Major Features on the Coastal Horizon, Part 2

Study: Diving Seabird Populations Decline 94 Percent Near Offshore Wind Turbines

Massachusetts Offshore Wind Projects in Trouble

How Visible Are Off-Shore Wind Turbines?

Blown Away: Offshore wind regulators ignore danger to fishing industry

Russian ship ‘spying’ around wind projects off UK coast in possible sabotage plot

Offshore Wind: The Great Stampede Over the Long Island Cliff

Wind Energy — Other:

*** Taking the Wind Out of Climate Change (referencing 60± studies)

*** Daily numbers for wind energy in Europe

Industrial Wind Turbines are the Proverbial Yo-Yo

Archive: Wind law and negotiations from a landowner’s perspective

Archive: Wind Power — A Lawyer’s Guide to Representing Landowners

Wind Generation Cost to Ontarian’s on April 13th Hit a Record of $2,055/MWH

Nuclear Energy:

*** Video Seminar: Spending Time on Spent Nuclear Fuel

*** Nuclear Power – The Most Misunderstood Source of Energy

*** A Step in the Right Direction on Energy

World Leaders Agree to Boost Nuclear Power, While Germany Shuts Its Plants

‘Nuclear hydrogen could be made in the US for less than $0.50/kg — cheaper than green H2’: Lazard

Two studies make a strong case for nuclear power: less pollution, smaller footprint

US ready to lend Poland $4 billion for nuclear energy plan

Fossil Fuel Energy:

*** John Stossel interviews Alex Epstein re fossil fuels

*** Fascinating lawsuit involving use of gas in restaurants. See this article.

*** CO2 Coalition Comments on DOE’s Proposed Gas Stove Standards

Biden admin approves massive gas pipeline project in huge blow to climate activists

Electric Vehicles (EVs):

*** Biden’s 67% EV policy: a dictatorial attack on American drivers and the US grid

*** IEEE: The Staggering Scale of the EV Transition

*** 10 Most Glaring Problems With Electric Cars

Biden’s EPA ‘intentionally creating car shortages’ to force Americans into public transit

President Biden may have mandated a death spiral for the auto industry

Misc Energy:

*** Why “Net Zero” Is Not a Rational U.S. Energy Policy

*** Energy Abundance Is Liberating Humanity From Grueling Labor

The importance of upcoming EPA regulations on power plants

Geothermal Heat Pumps: can new U.S. “IRA” support make it go mainstream?

Luxury Beliefs And Energy Policy: The Fatal Conceit

Manmade Global Warming — Some Deceptions:

*** U.N. Is A Climate “Disinformation Threat Actor”

*** Climate Change Alarmism Is a Lie that Must Stop

*** ‘What Percent of our Atmosphere is CO2?’: Doug LaMalfa Stumps Entire Panel With Climate Questions

*** Dr Richard Lindzen exposes climate change as a politicized power play motivated by malice and profit

Short Video: Inconvenient Truth: 32 Climate Predictions Proven False

Earth Day At 52: None of the eco-doomsday predictions have come true

CRED’s “2022 Disasters in Numbers” Report Is a Disaster in Itself

Mathematically, the IPCC has it all wrong!

Judith Curry to Senate (and Senator Whitehouse): Cool It!

Using the Climate Change Scare to Promote Abortion

The True Purpose of ‘Earth Day’ Was Not Politics or Climate Alarmism

Manmade Global Warming — Misc:

*** World Bank Nominee Aims To Spend ‘Trillions’ On ‘Climate Change’

*** Radar satellite data reveals 19,000 previously unknown undersea volcanoes

*** Nature Controls the CO2 Increase

*** Ross McKitrick: The important climate study you won’t hear about

Democrats, independents and young Americans losing faith in climate religion

Montana AG and Gov betray conservatives

Think We Can Model the Climate? Clouds Get in the Way!

Scientific Societies Risk Reputations by Endorsing Climate Scare

Why Methane Accounting Method Matters

Net Zero Behavior Change Mind Games

Anomalous-Anomalies-2023…otherwise known as weather

Tom Nelson: David Dilley — Signals that global cooling is beginning

Study: Laws of Physics Define the Insignificant Warming of Earth by CO2

Poll: Only 38% of Americans willing to pay a $1/mo to address climate change

Clouds Are Tricksters When It Comes to Climate Models

US Election:

Election-Integrity.info (10 major election reports by our team of experts, plus much more!)

*** Investigate for any “small donations” fraud for donors in your zip code

*** The Painful Reality of Trump the Candidate

Maintaining Accurate Voter Registration Rolls: The Need to Rehabilitate the ERIC Program or Form an Alternative

A Change in the Spring Breeze, the Beginning of the End

US Election — State Issues:

DeSantis Anti-Voter Fraud Unit in Florida a National Model

Whistleblower Alleges Myriad Violations of Florida Law by County Elections Office

Indiana lawmakers approve tighter mail-in voting rules

Virginia discovers nearly 19,000 dead people on voter rolls

Wisconsin lawmaker flags payments used to mobilize voters for liberal judge

Misc US Politics:

*** Hanson: A Country We No Longer Recognize, a Coup We Never Knew

*** Damn statistics: Numbers never lie — only politicians

*** The Gateway Pundit Wins Historic First Amendment Lawsuit, Maricopa County Board of Supervisors Agrees to Settlement

From Switzerland with Cash: The Left’s Most Secretive Mega-Donor

Archive: Who Was Karl Marx?: The Men, the Motives and the Menace Behind Today’s Rampaging American Left

Societally US:

*** Why The People Who Cry “Hate Speech!” Are The Biggest Haters

*** Some ideas can’t be challenged and ‘speech is violence.’ Really?

“The Fall of the FBI” takes James Comey to task, and more

Title IX: Make your voice heard by submitting an official comment to the U.S. DOE

American Values: Lessons I Learned from My Family by Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.

Democrats Threaten Journalists With Prison

Truth About Trans

US Politics and Socialism:

*** Critically Thinking about being Woke

*** The House GOP Effort to Defund – Not Police, but Wokeness

*** AI chatbot ‘hallucinations’ perpetuate political falsehoods

*** Can We Do Anything About America’s Decline?

*** An Attempt to Pierce the Heart and Crush the Soul of America

There Is A War Against America!

Both American Political Parties Have Adopted Lenin’s Strategy for the Destruction of Capitalism

Still Can’t Believe We Pulled This Whole Thing Off,’ Barack Obama

New federal rule forcing high credit score borrowers to pay higher mortgage rates and fees


*** Dr. Campbell video: WHO new treaty

*** Bill Gates, elites want to use AI to censor political opponents

*** ‘Water is Not a Human Right’: WEF Orders Govt’s To Begin Rationing Water Into Homes

*** A Historic Speech on Nuremberg’s 75th Anniversary: Eugenics Then and Now

*** The IMF Has Just Unveiled A New Global Currency Known As The “Universal Monetary Unit” That Is Supposed To Revolutionize The World Economy

Religion Related:

*** FBI sought to develop sources in Catholic churches to combat domestic terrorism

*** Theologian Thunberg and the pseudo-religion


*** Science Betrayal

*** What Is AI Hallucination, and How Do You Spot It?

*** Theologian Thunberg and the pseudo-religion

*** Rep Comer Drops Straight Fire on Fauci at Covid Hearing: ‘Wow, This is So Bad’

*** Does Fine Particulate Matter (PM 2.5) Increase Death and Disease and Reduce Life Expectancy

Gain of Function Has Never Worked

Bertrand Russell on The Impact of Science on Society


*** Pray for the safety of the Ukrainian people

*** A well-rated source to make a Ukraine donation

*** Latest Developments in Ukraine: April 23rd

COVID-19 — Injections:

*** Surprise! The COVID vaccines were never tested for safety

mRNA Vaccines are a Sham. People are Being Injected with Nanotech

The Great COVID-19 Vaccine Bribe

ICAN wins religious exemption decision in Mississippi: Why this matters

COVID-19 — Children:

The NYS K-12 School That Couldn’t Quit Covid

COVID-19 — Misc:

*** Joe Biden Signs GOP-Proposed Bill Ending Covid-19 “National Emergency”

*** One Thousand One Hundred Thirty Five Days

*** Dr. Kory: I Finally Published An Op-Ed “Across The Aisle.”

Rep Tenney: Biden deserves ‘less than zero’ grade on handling COVID

Exclusive from Key Trump Economists: The NYT-Suppressed Story of Operation Warp Speed (FYI, I wrote these authors a strong objection.)

The CIA, Biowarfare, and COVID—Dr. Robert Malone’s New Book Tells the Truth

Health — Misc:

Countermeasures for Marburg Virus Disease

Vitamin D Reduced Dementia Risk by 40 Percent

COVID-19 — Repeated Important Information:

My webpage (C19Science.info) with dozens of Science-based COVID-19 reports

*** World Council of Health: Early COVID-19 Treatment Guidelines

*** FLCCC Long COVID Treatment Protocol

*** COVID-19: What You Need To Know (Physicians for Informed Consent)

*** If you have received a COVID-19 injection, here’s how to Detox

*** Place Your US Order for Free At-Home COVID-19 Tests

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Plundering Biden Creates New Government Agency, the “Office of Environmental Justice”

G-d help us. The climate and racial  hoax on steroids.

  • President Joe Biden will sign an executive order directing federal agencies to invest in disadvantaged communities disproportionately affected by pollution and climate change, the White House said.
  • The president, who is preparing to announce his reelection bid next week, will make the announcement during a ceremony at the White House Rose Garden.

Biden Signs Executive Order Creating ‘Office of Environmental Justice’

By Brittany Bernstein, National Review, April 21, 2023:

President Biden signed an executive order on Friday directing all federal agencies to make it their “mission” to work toward “environmental justice for all.”

The order, which comes one day before Earth Day, also creates a White House Office of Environmental Justice. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency defines environmental justice as “the fair treatment and meaningful involvement of all people regardless of race, color, national origin, or income with respect to the development, implementation and enforcement of environmental laws, regulations and policies.”

The order aims to “better protect overburdened communities from pollution and environmental harms.” It claims that “racism is a fundamental driver of environmental injustice,” according to the White House.

“For far too long, communities across our country have faced persistent environmental injustice through toxic pollution, underinvestment in infrastructure and critical services, and other disproportionate environmental harms often due to a legacy of racial discrimination,” the White House said.

The directive would also require federal agencies to notify communities if toxic substances are released from a federal facility.

“This is about people’s health. It’s about the health of our communities. It’s only about the future of our planet,” Biden said during a signing ceremony at the White House on Friday.

Read more.




Climate Hoax

EDITORS NOTE: This Geller Report is republished with permission. ©All rights reserved.


Eminent Oxford Scientist Says Wind Power ‘Fails On Every Count’

And they are ugly as sin.

Climate change is the greatest political hoax in human history.

Each wind turbine embodies a whole lot of petrochemicals and fossil-fuel energy in direct contrast to the Democrats war on oil.

Eminent Oxford Scientist Says Wind Power “Fails On Every Count”

Authored by Chris Morrison via DailySceptic.org,

It could be argued that the basic arithmetic showing wind power is an economic and societal disaster in the making should be clear to a bright primary school child. Now the Oxford University mathematician and physicist, researcher at CERN and Fellow of Keble College, Emeritus Professor Wade Allison has done the sums. The U.K. is facing the likelihood of a failure in the electricity supply, he concludes.

“Wind power fails on every count,” he says, adding that governments are ignoring “overwhelming evidence” of the inadequacies of wind power, “and resorting to bluster rather than reasoned analysis”.

Professor Allison’s dire warnings are contained in a short paper recently published by the Global Warming Policy Foundation. He notes that the energy provided by the Sun is “extremely weak”, which is why it was unable to provide the energy to sustain even a small global population before the Industrial Revolution with an acceptable standard of living. A similar point was made recently in more dramatic fashion by the nuclear physicist Dr. Wallace Manheimer. He argued that the infrastructure around wind and solar will not only fail, “but will cost trillions, trash large portions of the environment and be entirely unnecessary”.

In his paper, Allison concentrates on working out the numbers that lie behind the natural fluctuations in the wind. The full workings out are not complicated and can be assessed from the link above. He shows that at a wind speed of 20mph, the power produced by a wind turbine is 600 watts per square metre at full efficiency. To deliver the same power as the Hinkley Point C nuclear plant – 3,200 million watts – it would require 5.5 million square metres of turbine swept area.

It is noted that this should be quite unacceptable to those who care about birds and other environmentalists. Of course, this concern does not seem to have materialised to date. Millions of bats and birds are calculated to be slaughtered by onshore wind turbines every year. Meanwhile, off the coast of Massachusetts, work is about to start on a giant wind farm, complete with permits to harass and likely injure almost a tenth of the population of the rare North Atlantic Right whale.

When fluctuations in wind speed are taken into account in Allison’s formula, the performance of wind becomes very much worse. If the wind speed drops by half, the power available falls by a factor of eight. Almost worse, he notes, if the wind speed doubles, the power delivered goes up eight times, and the turbine has to be turned off for its own protection.

Click here to view infographic: Figure 1: Power demand and generation in EU+UK in 2021

The effect of the enhanced fluctuations is dramatic, as shown in the graph above. The installed nominal generating capacity in the EU and U.K. in 2021, shown by the brown dashed line, was 236 GW, but the highest daily output was only 103 GW on March 26th. The unreliability is shown to even greater effect in the second graph that plots the wind generated offshore in the U.K. in March last year.

Keep reading.



Bald, Golden Eagle Deaths Permitted Under New U.S. Wind Energy, Power Line Rules

Click Here to Read more Articles dealing with Wind Power.

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Energy Dysphoria: It’s ‘Easier to Transition Gender than Energy’

RFK Jr. Rips Bill Gates on Climate — Restrict Rice? — NYC’s carbon footprint tracker.

Must Watch: ESG (Environmental, social, & corporate governance) explained in 1-minute video – Best explanation you will ever see

RFK Jr. Rips Bill Gates on climate: “Gates’s climate strategy is top down social control and geo engineering projects for which he owns the IP.”

Energy Dysphoria: Listen: Morano criticized for trans-energy analogy: ‘It is easier to transition your gender than it is your energy’ – ‘We need to stop being energy-phobic!’ –  Daily Kos attacks my transgender/energy analogy.

Climate Depot’s Morano response to Daily Kos: “Let’s end this energy dysphoria now. Let’s have fossil fuel energy ‘identify’ as solar and wind.  Then everyone will be happy and we can stop being energy-phobic. We will have energy that powers our modern economy, and we can call it solar and wind. Problem solved.”

[ … ]

Blame rice for global warming!? ‘Rice is to blame for around 10% of global emissions of methane’ – ‘Rice cannot be ignored’ –

Climate Depot’s Marc Morano on rice: “The big picture is this: This isn’t necessarily about shutting down rice production. This is about the climate agenda coming from the United Nations and the World Economic Forum, academia, and the corporate world, identifying every facet of modern society as being a climate ‘problem’ that needs managing and thus a takeover.  So whether we’re talking about transportation, whether it’s airlines, whether it’s gas-powered cars, whether it’s eating meat, whether it’s high-yield agriculture, it’s all allegedly creating a ‘climate emergency’ and thus global elites want to take over and ‘manage’ them. They are looking for a managerial revolution. They want to put themselves in charge of saving the planet and thus put themselves in charge of all aspects of modern society.”

[ … ]

The London Times features image of Morano, Musk & Milloy – Climate Depot cited as one of most influential climate skeptic sites on Twitter

NYC to Track Household Food Consumption to Fight Climate Change – Mayor Adams forcing plant based food: ‘It is better for the planet’

Morano: ‘Self-appointed earth saviors seek to manage every aspect of our lives’

The Great Travel Reset: No more cheap flights is new reality for Europeans – Net Zero holidays for the well-off only as ‘climate compliance laws’ get stricter for airlines

Watch: Morano on Fox & Friends: Biden admin’s EV push will ‘make us more dependent on China’ & will create ‘car shortages’ – ‘You will go nowhere & be happy’

Watch: TBN TV Special on Great Reset features Morano: ‘The ruling classes have always tried to invent reasons why the rest of us — the unwashed masses — can’t be free’ – ‘We cannot consent tyranny’

Morano on China envy: “What happened in March 2020, why this is the most important date for this entire change of our lifetime, was the once-free West emulated one-party Chinese rule Communist Party rule.”

Green energy is too big to fail! U.S. Climate Envoy Kerry: So much has been invested in clean energy that there can be no rolling back now

India’s population to overtake China, with 2.9 million more people by mid-2023 – India, China & USA top 3 most populated nations on Earth

WHO Pandemic Treaty Gives Tedros Power to Impose Legally Binding Public Health Restrictions on the World

Biden Official: Pollution Falling During Lockdowns Helped Life Quality, Many People Enjoyed Being in Environment Instead of Being at Work

Watch: Morano on Newsmax TV on why Biden’s EPA wants us to make us use mass transit: ‘They believe the climate & the Earth smile when people are forced to take the city bus’

Equity Electricity has arrived! Income-based power bills – California utilities propose charging customers based on income – ‘Isn’t this what they do in China & Cuba?’

Dr. Roger Pielke Jr.: ‘Is Global Warming Less than We Thought? A discussion of a provocative new climate science paper’

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Climate Crackpots Blame Global Warming on Rice

They hate humanity. Gas stoves, no lightbulbs, no gas cars, no air-conditioning and now food that most of humanity survives on.

Rice Is Now Killing The Planet, Apparently

Its the thing most of humanity survives on

By: Steve Watson, Summit News, April 18, 2023:

Now it is firmly ensconced among the climate change cult that eating meat is killing the planet and you must ‘eat ze bugs’, the same people have a new target, rice.

VIDEO: Rice is to blame for around 10 percent of global emissions of methane, a gas that over two decades, traps about 80 times as much heat as carbon dioxide. Scientists say that if the world wants to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, rice cannot be ignored. pic.twitter.com/46GgkaGPgK

— AFP News Agency (@AFP) April 16, 2023

“Rice cannot be ignored.”

The Food and Agriculture Organization notes that “Rice is one of the most important staple foods in the world. Over 50 percent of the world population depends on rice for about 80 percent of its food requirements. About 95 percent of the global output of rice is produced and consumed in developing countries.”

What is this really about?

Read more



Biden’s Electric Vehicle Folly

Federal Court Overturns Nation’s First Natural Gas Ban


EDITORS NOTE: This Geller Report is republished with permission. ©All rights reserved.

The only climate change book you need to read

A combination of publish-or-perish pressure on scientists, desire for click-bait headlines on the part of the media, and a poorly-informed public may explain the hysteria.

Say the phrase “climate change” to a certain class of generally well-educated and well-placed people, and you will hear how it is the most significant existential threat to humanity, how we should all go around despairing that we as a world community are not doing enough to avert the climate apocalypse that is coming, and that we face either the alternative of doom for humanity or a radical change in political, social, and economic arrangements to avert it. If you think I’m kidding, take a look at publications like the New York Times or The New Yorker or indeed, most mainstream media.

I’ve written here on climate change occasionally, but by and large I have taken an agnostic position on it. A wise teacher I know tells his students that worrying a lot about something you can’t personally do anything about is a waste of time, and that’s why I haven’t expended a lot of mental energy on the topic. But I did come across a reference not too long ago to a book by Steven E. Koonin entitled Unsettled: What Climate Science Tells Us, What It Doesn’t, and Why It Matters. Having read the book, I’m now convinced that my attitude toward climate change is the right one, and I now have one of the best-placed persons in the world to back me up.

I can’t imagine a better-qualified person to write this book. Koonin’s professional career began at Caltech, where he was a professor of theoretical physics, then vice president and provost for several years. He left academia to become chief scientist for the international energy company BP, and then went into government and was President Obama’s Undersecretary for Science in the US Department of Energy. He now holds positions at New York University. So he is a product of academia, industry, and government, and has seen all three from the inside as a leader and participant.

Perhaps it is his early training as a physicist that makes him cut through the sound bites, breathless stories about polar bears, and even the periodic Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) reports, and go straight to the peer-reviewed, observation-based data and ask the question, “How sure are we that this alleged climate catastrophe is going to happen?” The answer suitable for a 1000-word column is, “Not sure enough to turn the world upside down.” Koonin has never met a piece of hype he couldn’t see through to get to the raw data that it was allegedly based on.

The first part of the book examines the accuracy, consistency, and meanings of the climate data on which the IPCC and other climate-change reports are based. Take rising sea levels, for example, which have inspired pictures of the Statue of Liberty wading in the Atlantic up to her waist. One overarching point he makes in this section is that climate is something that can’t be determined without taking long-term averages, ideally over periods of 20 to 30 years or more, while weather is what’s going on outside your window right now. For one thing, global sea level has varied as much as 100 meters (that’s about 330 feet) over the last half million years, falling as ice ages take up water and rising as they end. We’re currently right at the end of the last melting period, as it turns out. A plot of the last 24,000 years shows a rise of about 120 meters followed by a nearly flat period over the last 5,000 years—in other words, during the historic era. The bottom line here is that it’s much too early to tell if the rise in carbon-dioxide levels due to fossil-fuel use is going to make much of a difference in the average sea level. The true climatological answer won’t be known in any of our lifetimes.

And it’s basically the same or worse for any of the other climate tragedies that have become boogeymen to scare children with over the last twenty years or so. The worst aspect of the distortions and false terrors concerns violent weather: hurricanes, tornadoes, and so on. By two different measures, the frequency of tornadoes in the U. S. is probably going down, not up, although with modern Doppler radars it is easier to detect them than it used to be. And the annual fluctuations in something called the “power dissipation index” in the North Atlantic, which is correlated with hurricanes, are bigger than any so-called upward trend.

After showing how the actual data reveal that the IPCC, governments, and journalists have hyped climate change with cherry-picking, tendentious interpretations, and sometimes outright lies, he examines why this whole mess has come about. He concludes it is a combination of publish-or-perish pressure on scientists, desire for click-bait headlines on the part of the media, and a public that is poorly informed on even basic procedures of science. The “if it bleeds, it leads” mentality of yellow journalism has only gotten worse via the Internet and its penchant for 280-character summaries of topics that deserve a book like this one.

Although Koonin doesn’t mention the following factor, I think a contributing aspect to the climate-change hype is the gradual secularization of Western culture. Modern science arose from the Christian conviction that the universe was designed by an intelligent Being and was therefore capable of being figured out, because it follows logical rules. If most people no longer hold that view, it is an open question as to how long they will insist on looking at the data themselves, as Koonin does, versus being swept up in a public-relations fantasy that is based on greed for power and wealth rather than disinterested respect for knowledge.

I don’t think it’s a coincidence that many of the so-called “climate change deniers” (which does not include Koonin) have a Christian background. Yes, there are Christian ignoramuses too, but just because an idiot takes a certain view of a thing doesn’t mean the view itself is wrong.

Before you listen to another word on climate change, read Koonin’s book. You’ll never think about it the same way again.

This article has been republished from the author’s blog, Engineering Ethics.


Karl D. Stephan

Karl D. Stephan received the B. S. in Engineering from the California Institute of Technology in 1976. Following a year of graduate study at Cornell, he received the Master of Engineering degree in 1977… More by Karl D. Stephan.

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The Biden Admin Hands Out Millions To Green Groups That Supported His Climate Bill

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) awarded $177 million to environmental groups, including some who publicly supported the Biden administration’s signature climate law, the Inflation Reduction Act, the agency announced Thursday.

The funding will be spread across 17 groups, which will each receive a minimum of $10 million to serve as Environmental Justice Thriving Communities Technical Assistance Centers (EJ TCTACs), to help “underserved and overburdened communities” access government funding to support environmental justice initiatives, the EPA reported in a press release. Groups named by the EPA include the National Wildlife Federation (NWF), WE ACT for Environmental Justice and the Deep South Center for Environmental Justice (DSCFEJ), which each supported the president’s signature climate law, the Inflation Reduction Act.

While the NWF supported the law in its totality, the other two organizations offered more measured support, over concessions made to fossil fuels at the behest Democratic Sen. Joe Manchin of West Virginia. The EPA also tapped the Research Triangle Institute — a nearly billion-dollar nonprofit with a longstanding working relationship with the agency — to serve as an environmental justice center.

“These EJ TCTACs are in direct response to feedback from communities and environmental justice leaders who have long called for technical assistance and capacity building support!” the EPA’s Office of Environmental Justice and External Civil Rights said in a tweet thread Thursday. “The EJ TCTAC program is partnered with [the Department of Energy] and is part of the Federal Interagency Thriving Communities Network to deliver on the Biden Administration’s Justice40 Initiative to ensure that 40% of the benefits of certain federal investments flow to disadvantaged communities.”

The funding represents a significant boost to groups like the NWF and DSCFEJ, two environmental groups tapped by the EPA. In 2021, the NWF generated roughly $118 million in revenue, while the DSCFEJ generated just $3.54 million in 2020, according to publicly available documentation.

“We know that so many communities across the nation have the solutions to the environmental challenges they face,” said EPA Administrator Michael Regan in the press release. “Unfortunately, many have lacked access or faced barriers when it comes to the crucial federal resources needed to deliver these solutions. Today we’re taking another step to break down these barriers.”

Including Thursday’s announcement, the EPA has announced a combined $827 million in funding for environmental justice initiatives in 2023, according to the agency’s press release.

RTI, NWF, DSCFEJ and WE ACT did not immediately respond to a Daily Caller News Foundation request for comment.





California Electric Utilities Announce Income-Based Billing Proposal

After Pushing To Shut Coal Plants Down, Biden Shells Out Millions For Green Projects In Coal Towns

Fox News Host Spars With Liberal Activist Over Biden’s New Electric Vehicle Rules

Germany will shut down its last nuclear plants amid warnings of new energy crisis

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Biden Torched for Cracking Down on Gas Cars, Mandating Buying Electric Vehicles: ‘Biden’s Newest Power Grab’

The Biden Democrat regime doesn’t give a damn about the environment. Hell, they blew up the Nord Stream in what is the greatest man made environmental disaster in history.

Now he’s blowing up American strength – the American economy.

The Biden regime (John Kerry) wants to mandate the purchase of electric vehicles. Only 19% of Americans intend to purchase an electric vehicle because of the high costs, lack of infrastructure, long charging times, etc. If this proposal goes through it will gift much of our auto industry to China, since that is where the materials required to manufacture electric vehicles come from. How can anyone in the rust belt support the Biden Administration in 2024? This dangerous proposal must be stopped.

Biden torched for cracking down on gas cars, pushing electric vehicles: ‘Biden’s newest power grab’

President Biden ‘wants to ban the cars we drive,’ top Republican on Senate Energy Committee says

By Fox News, April 12, 2023

Several top Republican lawmakers and energy industry groups blasted the Biden administration Wednesday after it announced aggressive regulations cracking down on gas-powered car emissions.

Critics of the sweeping emissions standards, unveiled Wednesday morning by the White House and Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), argued the announcement revealed President Biden is seeking to effectively ban traditional gas cars in favor of electric vehicles (EV). The White House said the rules would “accelerate the clean vehicle transition” and reduce pollution by nearly 10 billion tons by 2055.

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Supreme Court Rules Constitutional Challenges to Agencies May First Be Brought in Federal Court

Fox News Host Spars With Liberal Activist Over Biden’s New Electric Vehicle Rules

U.S. Seeks to Accelerate Transition to EVs With Tough Tailpipe Emission Rules

Standards in Bid to Remake Auto Industry

Biden Regime Cracks Down on Air Conditioners as War on Appliances Continues


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VIDEO: Great Reset & Covid Climate Connection Explained in Just 20 Minutes

Marc Morano, the force behind CFACT’s award-winning Climate Depot news and information service, is hitting the speaking circuit hard.  Marc recently appeared in Calgary, Canada, Orlando, Houston, Pittsburgh, and Harrisburg.

WATCH: Marc Morano speaking tour exposes the “Great Reset” and climate agendas.

Morano Excerpt: 

“They’re collapsing high-yield agriculture in the Netherlands and other places. They’re making food scarce. The Harvard public school of Health: The root causes of the climate also increase the risk of pandemics. So if you don’t support the Green New Deal, you’re a grandma killer! And that’s coming from Harvard University. This is Harvard as well. The Harvard Environment Law Review — this paper just came out this week. Climate homicide deaths for prosecuting big oil for climate deaths. Two years ago, a doctor issues the first clinically diagnosed patient with climate change — a lady suffering from heat stroke. So you can be charged with homicide; A doctor can diagnose you with climate change;  and you can now have climate as a cause of death on your death certificate. I’m not making any of this up. This is in our academic mainstream now. Of course, the last hundred years of climate change has at a 99% drop in climate-related deaths.

Now be afraid, because the Biden Administration is pushing the U.S into a pandemic treaty where it won’t matter who your Governor is, who your mayor is, this will be coming International Global instant lockdowns.”

Morano’s Complete PowerPoint available here.

Marc has issued some stark warnings, for instance that, “the Great Reset essentially is restricting energy, food, transportation, free speech, property ownership, and collapsing our financial system, and the Biden Administration is pushing the U.S into a pandemic treaty where it won’t matter who your Governor is, who your mayor is, there would be international global instant lockdowns.”

Marc reels off an endless list of current climate absurdities for his audience.  Here’s a sample:

  • The Harvard Public School of Health bizarrely declared that climate change would increase the likelihood of future pandemics
  • A lady suffering from heat stroke was diagnosed by a doctor as suffering from – you guessed it – “climate change”
  • Calls have been made for climate change to be used as a “cause of death” on death certificates
  • The Harvard Law Review promotes adding the crime of “climate homicide” to the criminal code
  • Scientists are urging people to embrace a “climate friendly” diet that includes eating bugs and insects

Government policy in the free world has gone off the rails.

Do you think China, or the rest of the world’s autocracies, will throttle down their economies over any of this nonsense?

Don’t hold your breath.


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Biden’s EPA ‘intentionally creating car shortages’ to force Americans into public transit

“Let’s call it what it is – a ‘gas-powered car ban.’” — Marc Morano, Climate Depot.

Watch: Morano on TV on Biden EPA’s EV mandates: ‘This is mandating car shortages for Americans’ to ‘force people into public transit’

Morano excerpt: “This is mandating car shortages for Americans…with the design of forcing more people into public transit. You will go nowhere and be happy. … Once we don’t have the freedom of movement in America that we have grown accustomed to, they will be able to put all sorts of other mandates on you as well. They are making gas-powered cars statutorily extinct…creating radical chaos and car shortages.” …

Bypassing Democracy: “This is why they loved COVID lockdowns, and this is a way of recreating it through a regulatory process. By the way, no one’s voting on 15-minute cities. No one’s voting on gas car bans. No one’s voting on banning meat eating. No one’s voting on killing high-yield agriculture. But yet, somehow, it’s all happening through corporate government collusion, all bypassing democracy.”

Biden’s EPA Chief Micheal Regan: “Together, today’s actions will accelerate our ongoing transition to a clean vehicles future, tackle the climate crisis head on…”

Morano: “It is easier to transition your gender than it is your energy, particularly on the energy timescales they’re talking about. So if you think it’s impossible for a man to have a baby, well, then it’s equally impossible to have solar and wind power our entire economy. That’s the kind of delusion we’re living in right now.”

Marc Morano: “We did not get to vote on whether we wanted to ban gas-powered cars — it’s just happening to us…They’re banning gas-powered cars. That’s the goal here. Gavin Newsom started in California – then many states had trigger laws to follow suit. This is now a corporate government collusion because you have the World Bank telling automakers we’re not going to finance the creation of gas-powered cars, you have corporate banks announcing they’re not going to give out car loans for gas-powered cars. And if you’re lucky enough to still have a gas-powered car in a decade, you now have cities across the country in Colorado, and California, banning the creation of new gas stations —  to do what? To create gas shortages.”

Morano: “This is the most insane part. China is now becoming the world’s number one automaker came out of nowhere, by the way, why because of the EV mandates because of the EV subsidies, and because of the banning on gas-powered cars throughout Europe, and the United States. We’re empowering China by doing this, and we’re doing nothing for the planet… You can’t even write a Hollywood script this dystopian, but this is what’s being imposed upon us as we speak.”

Copyright © 2023 Climate Depot. All rights reserved.

RELATED VIDEO: Biden Issues ‘Toughest Ever’ Electric Vehicle Mandates


Watch: Morano debunks Biden’s ‘science-free’ climate/energy claims point-by-point – On Bongino’s Fox News show: ‘I think it’s easier to transition your gender than it is to transition to green energy’

Watch: Morano explains Great Reset & Covid climate connection in 20 min

‘Silly Science’: Dr. Roger Pielke Jr. rips study linking increase in MLB home runs to ‘climate change’ – But there is NO INCREASE in Home Runs in AAA, Japan or NCAA D1 Baseball!

Great Car Reset: You Will Go Nowhere & Be Happy

Biden Admin Releases Strictest-Ever Car Emissions Regulations

Biden’s EPA Chief Claims New Emissions Crackdown Gives Consumers ‘Options’ To ‘Protect’ The Planet

Federal Court Blocks Biden’s Far-Reaching ‘Waters Of The United States’ Regulation

A federal court granted a preliminary injunction Wednesday against the Biden administration’s “waters of the United States” (WOTUS) rule that extends the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) regulatory authority.

The new rule, which defines what “navigable waters” are subject to government regulation under the Clean Water Act, allowed the EPA to claim regulatory authority over lands containing small streams and wetlands. District of North Dakota Judge Daniel Hovland granted 24 states who sued the EPA over the rule in February a preliminary injunction on Wednesday, finding they have “persuasively shown that the new 2023 Rule poses a threat to their sovereign rights and amounts to irreparable harm.”

“The States involved in this litigation will expend unrecoverable resources complying with a rule unlikely to withstand judicial scrutiny,” the court found.

Hovland also stated that the rule appears to “directly” affect landowners who are now “potentially subject to federal jurisdiction and permitting requirements,” forcing them to “undertake expensive assessments or forgo their activities.” He noted the “dire need” for clarification on what constitutes a navigable water, holding out hope that the Supreme Court’s pending decision in Sackett v. EPA will settle the issue.

“Until then, every state will continue to swim in waters of uncertainty, ambiguity, and chaos,” Hovland wrote.

Last week, President Biden vetoed a bipartisan bill designed to overturn the new rule. Republicans have criticized the rule for the burden it places on farmers and landowners.

“The agencies are reviewing the decision and their options,” an EPA spokesman told the DCNF. “The agencies continue to believe the rule, which is informed by the text of the relevant provisions of the Clean Water Act and the statute as a whole, as well as the scientific record, relevant Supreme Court case law, input from public comment, and the agencies’ experience and technical expertise after more than 45 years of implementing the longstanding pre-2015 regulations defining waters of the United States, is the best interpretation of the Clean Water Act.”





Biden Vetoes Bipartisan Attempt To Repeal EPA’s ‘Waters Of The United States’ Rule

‘A Devious And Dangerous Game’: Vivek Ramaswamy Spars With NYC Comptroller Over Green Investing

More Than Half Of Americans Say Joe Biden’s Policies Have Not Helped The Middle Class ‘At All’: POLL

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Ignoring dead whales, NOAA proposes another site survey off New Jersey

“Damn the whales, full speed ahead” seems to be the offshore wind policy of Biden’s NOAA. They now propose to approve yet another site survey, just 10 miles off Atlantic City. These surveys are the top suspect for the recent wave of dead whales, centered on New Jersey.

See the proposal at https://www.federalregister.gov/documents/2023/03/30/2023-06594/takes-of-marine-mammals-incidental-to-specified-activities-taking-marine-mammals-incidental-to

The site is a big one because the offshore wind project is huge. Phase 1 is a whopping 1,500 MW, which means over 100 monster turbine towers. The survey area is around 1,500,000 acres or an incredible 2,300 square miles.

Ironically the project is called Atlantic Shores, which is where all the dead whales are washing up. In fact this is basically a renewal of a prior permit. NOAA acts as though nothing has changed, ignoring the horrible New Jersey whale deaths.

NOAA’s National Marine Fisheries Service (NMFS) is taking public comments on this preposterous proposal, details below.

The proposal’s cursory environmental impact assessment is ridiculously simple minded. NMFS itself predicts that a great many (supposedly protected by them) marine mammals will be subjected to unsafe levels of survey noise. See https://www.fisheries.noaa.gov/s3/2023-03/AtlanticShoresHRG_2023_Proposed_IHA_OPR1.pdf

NOAA predicts the number of adverse impacts by species, but here are the staggering numbers by category:

42 Whales

2,534 Dolphins

142 Porpoises

1,472 Seals

Total = 4,190 adversely impacted marine mammals

Here is NOAA’s basic argument:

“….only Level B harassment is proposed for authorization, which NMFS expects would be of a lower severity, predominately in the form of avoidance of the sound sources that may cause a temporary abandonment of the location during active source use that may result in a temporary interruption of foraging activities for some species. NMFS does not expect that the proposed activity will have long-term or permanent impacts as the acoustic source would be mobile and would leave the area within a specific amount of time for which the animals could return to the area.”

In short these thousands of large animals will get the hell out of the way and come home when the survey is over, in a year or so. Apparently NMFS thinks this massive forced relocation is harmless. Despite having hundreds of scientists on staff they cannot think of how it might be harmful.

Here are two obviously harmful possibilities, among many.

First, the site is deliberately in a relatively low ship traffic area, surrounded by high traffic zones. This is one of the busiest ship traffic areas in the world. Being forced to relocate into higher traffic areas is virtually certain to increase the incidence of fatal ship strikes.

Second, moving this many animals into territory already occupied by similar animals should greatly increase the population densities for each species. But the food supply remains the same, which could lead to food scarcity.

The treatment of the severely endangered North Atlantic Right Whale is especially egregious. NOAA says this:

“…the size of the survey area (5,868 km2) in comparison with the entire migratory habitat for the North Atlantic right whale (BIA of 269,448 km2) is small, representing 2.11 percent of the entire migratory corridor.”

Right Whales migrate through the area twice a year, going between offshore Georgia and New England so the “corridor” is indeed large, but this is irrelevant. What is crucial is that the survey area is about 35 miles wide East to West and almost all of the migrating whales presently pass through this space. Thus the survey has the potential effect of blocking the migration, or at least seriously disrupting it, taking nearly 100% of the needed space not 2.11%.

Despite all of the above predicted and potential impacts, NOAA maintains that this proposed authorization is exempt from the environmental impact assessment requirements of NEPA. They specifically claim there is “no anticipated serious injury or mortality”.

They should anticipate a little harder. NEPA requires assessment if injury is reasonably likely. Injury and death certainly are reasonably likely here, to thousands of supposedly protected marine mammals, including the severely endangered Right Whales.

More deeply, the Atlantic Shores Wind Project has yet to be approved and may never be. Hugely disruptive site surveys should not be authorized until the Project is approved.

Here is the basic comment statement: “Comments should be addressed to Jolie Harrison, Chief, Permits and Conservation Division, Office of Protected Resources, National Marine Fisheries Service. Written comments should be submitted via email to ITP.Potlock@noaa.gov “

I suggest as an email subject line: “Comment on proposed Atlantic Shores IHA”. Simple objection is sufficient but specific arguments are always useful. Anyone can comment.

In the offshore wind stampede Biden’s National Marine Fisheries Service has lost sight of its mission to protect marine mammals.

Just say no to NOAA.


David Wojick

David Wojick, Ph.D. is an independent analyst working at the intersection of science, technology and policy. For origins see http://www.stemed.info/engineer_tackles_confusion.html For over 100 prior articles for CFACT see http://www.cfact.org/author/david-wojick-ph-d/ Available for confidential research and consulting.


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