Killing Nemtsov: Predicted by Putin, Offed by the Motherland

Conspiracy enthusiasts – all hands on deck!

NemtsovHe ruffled too many feathers, made too many powerful enemies, and when the media painted him as a fifth columnist and a traitor, he didn’t crawl on his knees begging forgiveness but carried on with his head held high. That’s not how you win over friends at the Kremlin; they dislike people who walk upright.

A member of the Russian parliament from the Communist Party, Comrade Obukhov, has officially stated that the assassination of Boris Nemtsov is nothing like those of Kirov and Kennedy.

That almost sounds nostalgic: they don’t shoot ’em like they used to. He should know, since both Kirov and Kennedy had been gunned down by communists. But it could also be sour grapes.

Russia’s authoritarianism hasn’t been the same ever since the Party had lost its license to kill, but there’s still a chance the glory days may come back.


Like certain species capable of regenerating missing body parts, Putin’s Russia is now miraculously regenerating its previously lost militarism, territories, and spheres of influence.

The first to regenerate was the KGB and the Kremlin-run media propaganda, along with the barnacles of old political jokes that seem to have regained their edge.

In one such joke, spirits of Caesar, Napoleon, and Alexander the Great are watching a military parade in Moscow and fantasize about conquering the world if they had Russian tanks, planes, and missiles. Then Napoleon says, “And if I also had the Russian media, the world would have never learned about my defeat at Waterloo.”


In Russia the government-controlled pen has always been mightier than its weapon systems. A de facto vassal of the KGB, the Soviet media faithfully served as a weapon in Moscow’s defensive and offensive strategies. It was used to attack perceived domestic or international enemies, as well as to release chaff of disinformation that swamped radar screens and impeded detection of targets. An ex-KGB colonel with experience in information warfare, Putin began his reign by overtaking Russia’s newly independent press and weaponizing its content.

Today’s coverage of Boris Nemtsov’s assassination is a fair example. Far from being silent about it, the Kremlin-run media is abuzz with seemingly chaotic theories:

  • This was a provocation by foreign special services (a media euphemism mostly reserved for the CIA). First proposed by Putin, it immediately became the official working theory of the investigation. The enemy’s goal is believed to be the destabilization of Russia and making Putin look like a thug (or, on the contrary, an incompetent fool unable to control the situation).
  • Ukrainian intelligence hired Chechen rebels to kill Nemtsov (who was the best friend Ukraine could ever hope to have in Russia).
  • Nemtsov was paid by Ukrainian oligarchs to destabilize Russia; he failed and they eliminated him to cover their tracks.
  • Nemtsov’s business partners rubbed him out for embezzling their money (he had no business partners and wasn’t actively involved in any businesses).
  • Nemtsov was killed by his own colleagues inside the anti-Putin opposition as a result of a power struggle, or possibly over the money coming from overseas sponsors.
  • That night he got involved in a bar brawl with random gangsters, who followed him from the restaurant and shot him in the back.
  • Islamic terrorists affiliated with ISIS killed Nemtsov for his vocal support of Charlie Hebdo.
  • Bon vivant Nemtsov broke many hearts by dating a gorgeous young model from Kiev; it was a crime of passion.

Tellingly absent from this is the single and most obvious theory the entire world is mulling over: the Kremlin connection. But if the Kremlin-run media mentions Putin in that context, it’s only as a trusted leader who has promised to hunt down the thugs and bring stability to the troubled nation. Attacks on Russia’s president by the Western media and domestic opposition (Garry Kasparov, Alexei Navalny, etc.) only prove to the average media consumer that this was a provocation aimed at attacking Putin. Back to Theory One above.

Although the mission may seem accomplished, the media’s work isn’t over. Expect more narratives of varying plausibility that will crush any residual sympathy for the deceased and establish him as a brawling playboy with a predictably low life expectancy. If anyone is to blame, it’s Nemtsov himself.

A similar template was activated when Malaysian Airlines Flight MH17 from Amsterdam crashed over eastern Ukraine on July 17, 2014, with all evidence suggesting a strike by a surface-to-air-missile launched by a Moscow-controlled military unit (the final report by the Dutch Safety Board is expected in August, 2015).

MH17 crash

The initially stunned denial of facts was followed by an immediate allegation of a conspiracy to blow up Putin’s plane, soon accompanied by a motherload of competing theories, all of them clearing Russia of any wrongdoing.

The scenarios were getting curioser and curioser, until the entire media landscape began to resemble a psychedelic scene from the last remake of Alice in Wonderland, with Johnny Depp as a lovable Russian president helping to end the reign of terror in the neighboring Ukraine. Once again, tellingly missing from that script was the Kremlin’s involvement, along with any feelings of shame or empathy:

  • According to initial reports, heroic pro-Russian militia shot down a Ukrainian military transport plane; any rumors about a downed Malaysian airliner must be a hostile provocation (was there seriously a plan to clean up the crash site and pretend nothing ever happened?)
  • The Ukrainians were planning to assassinate Putin by shooting down his presidential aircraft but got their planes mixed up. The proof was in the photograph of Putin’s plane that looked somewhat similar to the Malaysian jet, even though Putin was nowhere near Ukraine that day.
  • The bloodthirsty Ukrainian junta wanted to murder passengers on a Russian airline, but instead they killed 298 foreign citizens. The SBU (Ukrainian National Security Service) covered their tracks by killing the crew of the Buk missile system.
  • Ukrainian air traffic controllers deliberately redirected the Malaysian jet towards the war zone and lowered its altitude, as part of Kiev’s plan to make Russia look bad.
  • A Ukrainian fighter jet attacked Flight MH17 from behind, first spraying it with bullets and then turning around and launching a heat-seeking missile. This was proven by a satellite photo and an admission by a Ukrainian pilot, both of which turned out to be fake.
  • A Spanish air traffic controller claimed he saw two Ukrainian fighter jets closely following the Malaysian Boeing (a report later withdrawn as false).
  • An anonymous defector from Ukraine, speaking with a proper Russian accent, claims that on the day of the tragedy he witnessed a takeoff of a Ukrainian military jet carrying air-to-air missiles. The jet later returned without the missiles as the visibly shaken pilot said, “It was the wrong plane.”
  • Flight MH17 contained dead bodies that had been soaked in formaldehyde and smelled of decomposition within minutes of the crash. Most bodies were naked, with yellowed skin and no blood inside. The luggage was full of winter clothes even though it was summer. It was obvious that the bodies had come from a different Malaysian plane, which had been shot down by Americans and hidden away on a US Air Force base. The Americans then secretly transported the preserved bodies to Amsterdam, loaded them onto the Boeing, and sent it on an unmanned flight over eastern Ukraine in a plot to frame Russian separatists. This elaborate conspiracy reveals how desperate the Western governments have become to undermine Russia’s reputation as a peaceful power.

Are Russian journalists really such a bunch of unruly and idle gossipers? That could be the case if they also weren’t so disciplined in executing the same maneuver every time Putin gets caught with his hand in the cookie jar. Then, just like werewolves on a full moon losing their humanity, “serious” pro-Kremlin journalists and editors suddenly drop their respectable personae and start acting like conspiracy-obsessed lunatics.

As a result, according to a survey conducted by the Levada Center a week after the crash, 80% of Russians believed that the Boeing was shot down by the Ukrainian military with only 3% blaming the Kremlin-controlled separatists. These numbers are still true today and won’t change anytime soon. Expect a similar result with the coverage of Boris Nemtsov’s murder, including the same lack of shame or empathy for the victim.

Who killed Boris Nemtsov

In his book “America on Six Rubles a Day,” Yakov Smirnoff wrote that in Soviet Russia, they didn’t report plane crashes. They would instead build an airfield around the crash site and announce that the plane landed ahead of schedule. A more subtle approach is to make one doubt his own judgment with a rapid succession of simultaneous contradictory narratives, even if they merely project the Kremlin’s own methods.


Appearing as equal dots on the public radar, all these nonsensical chaff theories begin to compete for equal space and attention with the objective reality.

For as long as the mystery continues, manufactured absurdities will be debated on equal terms with facts, trivializing the crime, dishonoring the victim, eroding the public trust, and minimizing the moral and emotional impact.

Additionally, since finding the truth is a zero-sum game, every new deliberate nonsense diminishes the probability and legitimacy of the one and only theory that with any luck will be proven to be true.

With enough strategically directed chaff, the public will begin to connect the dots into a preordained scheme, discerning subjective phantom images that with time will solidify into the objective political reality verifiable by public opinion surveys.

According to sociologists of the Levada Center, Russia’s public opinion is shaped largely by the government-run media, with more than one half of the respondents admitting they couldn’t form opinions independently.


Thus, what the surveys are actually measuring is the effectiveness of the government propaganda, since the only visible reality in today’s Russia is what’s being projected from government-controlled TV screens, to which the nation is perilously addicted.

In yet another survey, 86% of Russians get their news from television (as opposed to 52% in the U.S.). Compare this to Vladimir Putin’s most recent 86% approval rating and the picture doesn’t get any clearer.

In contrast, and for the same reason, Boris Nemtsov’s most recent rating was about 1%. The more Putin tightened his control of the media, the less air time Nemtsov was getting, until TV producers stopped inviting him at all.

NemtsovJudging by his earlier TV appearances, Nemtsov was an excellent debater. He was witty, photogenic, quick on his feet, and capable of outdebating a roomful of opponents. That alone was enough to make him a persona non grata: the pro-Putin crowd would rather debate a less threatening, tongue-tied rube closer to their level.

If he was still mentioned on TV, it was usually with negative connotation. Nemtsov’s uncompromising stand on transparency and limiting the government powers earned him a similar media treatment the Tea Party is getting at America’s major networks.

It came to a point that after his death, TV producers couldn’t find any recent footage of him on any of their shows prior to the 1990s. There was, however, plenty of recent footage of him getting arrested at opposition rallies.

Nemtsov arrested

In a country where 86% of the population get their news from TV and about as many trust what they see, that is a political death sentence. Putin’s advocates are now using Nemtsov’s alleged lack of popularity as evidence that Putin had no motive to kill: why risk a scandal over some marginal loudmouth who could never become his rival?


The problem with that argument is that Putin doesn’t reside in the same parallel universe that the loyal TV producers have constructed on his behalf for the masses. He lives in the real world of hard facts, and in that real world Nemtsov had inflicted more damage than any other opponent by publishing well-documented reports about government corruption and graft on the highest levels, including the President himself. A former deputy prime minister, Nemtsov still had his sources and knew where to look.

Nemtsov’s friend and opposition activist, Ilya Yashin, has made it known that when Nemtsov’s apartment was searched as part of the murder investigation, the FSB confiscated his computer. The hard disk contained an unfinished report exposing Russia’s direct involvement in the Ukrainian conflict, including the movement of troops and weapons – something the Kremlin continues to deny. The actual documents, however, were hidden away in a different location. The opposition claims it is in possession of these documents and promises to complete and publish the report in the near future.

It would seem that Putin predicted this murder exactly three years ago in a campaign speech, saying that his enemies were going to whack one of their own, creating a “sacral victim” in a provocation aimed at destabilizing the country. Last week the Investigative Committee spokesman Vladimir Markin repeated Putin’s language almost word for word: “the killing could be a political provocation in which Mr. Nemtsov was used as a sacral victim, killed to discredit the government.”


But in 1997, when the Russian media was still free and politicians competed on their merits, Nemtsov had a real chance to be Russia’s next president with 29% of the voters choosing him over four other candidates, whose numbers were lower.

His fight against corruption, however, had earned him enemies among two most powerful oligarchs at the time, Gusinsky and Berezovsky. They used their power to bring Nemtsov down and instead began to elevate Vladimir Putin, who they believed would be more pliable.

Since then Gusinsky has lost most of his clout and Berezovsky hung himself in 2013 in London after thirteen years of exile and one unsuccessful assassination attempt. His suicide, however, remains an open verdict, especially given the violent death of his former closest associate and harsh Putin’s critic, Alexander Litvinenko, who in 2006 was poisoned with radioactive Polonium 210 by a Russian FSB officer on the orders most likely coming from Putin.

At the time the Russian media deployed a familiar chaff maneuver. Among other things, it accused Berezovsky of orchestrating the murder with the goal of framing and discrediting the Russian government. But Berezovsky filed a UK libel suit against Russian State Television and won. The Kremlin-run media still continued to harass him until his death, including the English-language RT, in an effort to clear Putin’s name.

Today, with Putin pledging his personal involvement in the investigation of the murder of his harsh critic Boris Nemtsov who was shot in full view of the Kremlin, and with the Russian media in full chaff mode, prepare for another mindboggling trip through the looking glass.

The chaff vs. the people


In the meantime, opposition leader and former World Chess Champion, Garry Kasparov, speculates that even if Putin didn’t order the hit, he is nonetheless responsible for the climate of hatred which he has fostered and is now using to strengthen his dictatorial powers.

Putin’s fingerprints may not be found on the Makarov pistol, but they’re still all over the Kremlin-orchestrated witch hunts, harassments, paranoia, and media brainwashing, which eventually had gotten imprinted in someone’s murderous mind as a moral license to kill.

Dots“Rubbish,” argues another opposition leader, Alexei Navalny, adding that the climate of hatred has existed in Russia since 2007, but lately the Kremlin has taken this a step further and created storm-trooper type organizations like Antimaidan and others, where young thugs are encouraged to use violence against Putin’s opponents.

This new development changes a lot of things for the opposition in Russia.

All things considered, whoever the executioners turn out to be, they had silent support of the government, the militants, the nationalists, the corrupt officials, and the millions of brainwashed TV viewers, whom the news of Nemtsov’s death made feel warm, content, and secure.

The answer to the question “Who killed Boris Nemtsov?” is this: “His own country did.”

The new Russia no longer has room for people like Nemtsov. He was simply pushed from the game board to give room for more chaff. Media chaff, military chaff, human chaff – artificial and phony chaff is replacing real people and may well be the emblem of a new era, whose beginning will forever be marked on the calendar as the day Boris Nemtsov was shot in the shadow of the Kremlin.

EDITORS NOTE: This column originally appeared on The Peoples Cube and American Thinker. In the video above Putin said that during the election campaign provocateurs can “bang” someone famous people to blame the authorities. About this Feb. 29, 2012 RIA Novosti reported.

Russian zoo names baby monkey after President Putin

MOSCOW – A peculiar bald monkey, born at the Moscow Zoo during the successful annexation of Crimea and invasion into Ukraine, has been named after Russia’s enormously popular president, Vladimir Putin.The baby baboon that some believe brought luck to the Kremlin, will now be known simply as “Pootie-Poo.”

Since the monkey was born, Putin’s approval rating has remained at 86% without any signs of decline, according to zoo officials.

“There’s not a politician on earth who can maintain 86% support indefinitely – except our Russian president,” says Zoo spokeswoman, Luyda Yedova.

Yedova believes it is due to the luck brought by the bald monkey that the Russian consumers still aren’t holding Putin responsible for any of the negative consequences of his Ukraine policy. On the contrary – in spite of the falling ruble and the catastrophic depletion of the country’s budget, Putin has become even more politically powerful now than at any other time in the past decade and a half.

Zoo officials say naming the monkey after Putin was “an overwhelming favorite” among many zoo patrons who were sending in name suggestions through the zoo’s Facebook and Twitter pages.

The Pootie-Poo exhibit grew popular in the weeks leading up to the West-imposed sanctions, after the zoo installed the Russian Federation’s official emblem over the monkey cage.

A zoo visitor we spoke to said he found the name very appropriate.

“Putin accuses the U.S. State Department of setting up a puppet regime in Ukraine, and then he turns around and sets up several puppet regimes inside Ukrainian territory. Monkey see, monkey do,” he added with what sounded like Ukrainian accent.

The zoo is now hoping the real president Putin will visit the zoo for a naming ceremony for the little monkey in the coming weeks.

Pootie-Poo monkey

Glenn Beck vs. Osama Bin-Laden and Others

Russia is  our enemy  No.1–I have been writing about Russia for the last twenty-five years, warning America and the world. I am very glad and grateful to Glenn Beck for his current three lectures on the same subject. Considering the significance of his work The Root: The Red Storm, I am offering  an article written by me about Glenn in 2011.

Soviet Socialism in the 21st Century: Glenn Beck vs. Osama Bin-Laden and Others

Glenn Beck is not a “paranoid lunatic,” as some are calling him. He is an honorable, trustworthy, and brave man with uncompromising integrity. He is a beacon for all decent Americans, maybe for all decent people in the world. He loves his country and is doing everything possible to prevent a looming catastrophe of enormous proportions. He is right to talk about the unity of Socialists and Communists and to charge that they are in cahoots with radical Islamists and others. Of course, he has never been a Soviet attorney and has never lived under Soviet socialism, so he can’t be expected to know who is behind all those radical forces. Still, I feel deeply grateful to him for what he has done during the last several years. And maybe my articles will help him to do this honorable work even better.

I am writing this article in the end of June 2011, while every evening Glenn Beck is talking about rising anti-Semitism in the world. He calls for us to defend Israel and reminds us about the tragic Jewish Holocaust. The stories told on his show by survivors of the Holocaust from different European countries bring tears to our eyes and fear to our hearts.  Some viewers experience anew their own personal tragedies through the stories of the survivors. Glenn Beck is warning the world–Evil is alive and constantly attacking you… Be ready!

In fact, anti-Semitism is an integral part and major element of any form of national-socialism. The German people were not alone in their hatred of Jews: Hitler and Goebbels were joined by Mosley, Quisling, Stalin, and others. Fascism doesn’t belong to any particular nationality, race, ethnic group, or religion; it is contagious to all.  The history of the world proves that the peril lurks everywhere.

This preamble and Glenn Beck’s efforts to warn you lead me straight to the heart of the matter, to a political force that remains largely unknown and shadowy—the Soviet Mafia. I did not coin this term: it is the title of a book written by my colleague, defense attorney Arkady Vaksberg. The book was published by St. Martin Press in 1991. The book discusses the character of Soviet leaders and their criminal activities and also predicts instability and destruction in the world, the same things Glenn Beck is talking about.

There are three main concepts in the book:

  1. The Evil Empire may be dead, but not the evil that drove it—the Soviet Mafia.
  2. The book gives us a new definition of political forces and their leaders, previously known as Communists, the KGB, and the Soviets—a new collective identity—the Soviet Mafia.
  3. The Soviet Mafia is a multinational political force and has no particular ethnicity, nationality, religion, or race.

Vaksberg redefines the old terms of Soviet history and points to a new collective identity: the Soviet mafia, the nucleus of organized crime.  He notes that while the former Soviet republics, the so-called New Independent States, have different cultures and religions and speak different languages, all their governments are part of the Soviet Mafia—thugs with no ethnic identity who belong to the same criminal clan. This connection explains the title of the book—The Soviet Mafia.

Vaksberg traces chronologically the ideological make-over of the Soviet Mafia. According to his analysis, Leninism/Stalinism established a regime of political tyranny that Khrushchev then refashioned into a less harsh system. Brezhnev, yearning nostalgically for the days of Stalin, completed the process by bolstering the power of the existing apparatus with support from political gangsters, and knitted together the two groups into an economic mafia. He concludes that”power and criminality mingled, [and] the rulers of the country became…quite literally criminals.”

He also predicted that “the reawakening of nationalist feeling with its deep historic roots and potential for international overspill may in effect save the Soviet mafia and all those ‘dear comrades’ in its leadership, because public attention is diverted to those very difficult nationality problems.” What Vaksberg predicted, has happened: the Soviet mafia had been saved and international overspill has occurred.

Americans and many others regrettably are unlikely to fully understand the book —it is filled with difficult Russian names and the content is completely foreign to decent human minds. Instead, they can read Simona Pipko’s The Russian Factor: From Cold War to Global Terrorism (Xlibris, 2006). The book is a thoughtful description of events, but it is more than merely descriptive. It is a contemporary explanation of the historical development of terrorism and its identity in the 20th and 21st centuries.

Many Americans often use the term “democratic Russia.” We immigrants also hoped for real democracy in Russia during the brief honeymoon of 1989-1991. That hope was killed and the young Russian democracy fatally wounded in 1992-1993. Since then, the process of democratization has been reversed and the value of human life has been once more debased.  Violence has increased in Russia and former apparatchiks, read former Soviets, Communists, and KGB members, have successfully insinuated themselves into the new democratic Russia. Their infiltration signals an end to real freedom in the country—the Soviet Mafia has survived. But it also means more troubles for the rest of the world. Though Osama Bin Laden was definitely the enemy of Glenn Beck and America, I’d like to start with Beck’s other enemies and the foremost enemy of America—The Soviet Mafia.

I have dedicated many pages of this series to Stalin, his ideology, his dictatorship, and his heirs.  The succeeding generations of Stalinists further developed his legacy, updating the designs, tactics, technology and skills they needed to implement their strategies.  Thecreator and founder of the Soviet Mafia, Stalin armed this aggressive cadre with his formula for power. That formula served him and his heirs for 80-90 years and is still in use today. Stalin facilitated and implanted an unprecedented network of centralized bureaucratic tentacles that constituted the apparatus of power.  Within the bureaucracy, the Communist Party machine and security forces played the dominant role.The bureaucracy exercised total control over the population and turned Stalin into a dictator with absolute power and the country into a Police State—the regime we called Soviet Socialism.

Stalin was an old hand at manipulating different ethnic groups and religions.  He was a former Commissar for Nationalities and diligent student of Marx and Machiavelli.  He used ethnic and sectarian rivalries and racial animosities to set people against one another.  He demonized any who opposed him. He imposed his formula in all the Soviet republics: a shrewd technique to control territory, regardless of nationality, religion, or culture. The same process of Sovietization was instituted in the Eastern European countries of the former Warsaw Pact/Socialist Bloc alliance.

The march of the Soviet Mafia and the Stalinist Formula for Power was not limited to Europe, as you already know.  The Middle East became a target beginning in the 1950s and continuing through the 1980s. The strategy used in Eastern Europe was successfully implemented in Syria, Iraq, Libya, Afghanistan, Somalia, Yemen and Iran, places where Soviet front-men were put in power.  Radical Islam was incorporated into the Soviet Mafia. Mentioning Somalia was not a mistake—just recall Clinton’s friend General Aidid.  Like Arafat, he was trained by the Russian security forces.

The Soviet Mafia never sleeps—the 21st century testifies to that. Just look at Venezuela, Bolivia, Argentina, Brazil, probably Turkey, and Peru, where a friend of Hugo Chavez recently won the presidency. The Soviet Mafia survives through perpetual aggression. The fraud perpetrated by Karl Marx and quadrupled by his heirs needs 24/7 action to survive. Instead of Marx’s call for the eventual creation of “a classless society of Communism,” this fireball ignited the rest of the world and turned the Soviet Mafia into an International Mafia that unites all the previously mentioned countries under the Kremlin’s umbrella. Do you remember Stalin’s undeclared war and his design for a global government under the auspices of the Soviet Union?  You almost have it.

There is nothing surprising about the constant attempts to destabilize the world in the 21st century. Socialism is a fraud that produces nothing legitimate.  To survive, it attacks capitalism – remember, the best defense is a good offense, and the Soviet Mafia’s defensive tactics are always aggressive and violent. You are already acquainted with many of the Soviet Mafia’s methods and tactics from my preceding articles about Marxism-Leninism and the Stalinist dictatorship. They include deceit of every kind, provocation, intimidation, and violence, all tactics that reflect the nature of Socialist Morality.

All the violent and ferocious methods that were first applied by Stalin on Soviet territory were later turned against targeted foreign countries to harm them in many different ways, including through destruction from within. The informant system, so fully developed in the Soviet bloc, was put in place in targeted countries and the infiltrated informants were usually the means used to inflict damage. You know how Strange New Political Leaders and The Communist Ideological Department work together with the KGB on college campuses in targeted countries to brainwash the students, organize protests and demonstrations, and provoke clashes.  All such actions are meant to destabilize targeted countries and their legitimate governments from within—Control and Power are the Agenda.

I believe that the most horrific methods used in Stalin’s war against Western civilization, which I call sabotage, are criminal and I hope American lawyers will find an appropriate term for this category of crime. There are different forms of sabotage and I will give you two examples. The recruitment of foreigners to organize protests and provoke clashes on foreign territory constitutes one form of sabotage described by former KGB agent Stanislav Levchenko. Here is how he described one facet of the agency’s activities abroad:

“During its almost 70 years of existence, the KGB has developed a highly professional external intelligence service that is also the world’s largest… Nobody tells the KGB what is moral and what is not. What matters is the product, the result, and almost any method to achieve it is acceptable. I was involved in what can be called political seduction of leaders and members of foreign peace movements. I had to lie to them about almost everything. And, of course, I could not mention to them that in the Soviet Peace Committee, four of the staff members were full-time KGB intelligence officers whose task was to penetrate foreign public organizations.” The KGB, New Counterpoint 7, No.2. Winter 1992.

This is only one area of the KGB’s foreign activities—there are plenty of others. Stanislav Levchenko provided some perspective on what was planned for the future, meaning today in the 21st century: “The KGB and GRU (military intelligence) are extremely aggressive and cynical intelligence services. They use any relaxation of the climate… to enhance their recruitment efforts… I was in Tokyo, when the Helsinki Agreement, which started the so-called détente, was signed…  A few days later, I read a top-secret cable, signed by General Kruchkov (Chairman of the KGB). The cable ordered every KGB officer, stationed in every country in the world, immediately to double recruitment efforts against Americans and citizens of other NATO countries.”

The KGB today is the official Russian government and a former KGB agent Vladimir Putin is the head of the government. To grasp the predicament in the world and the menace of Soviet Mafia activities, recall the description of the first Russian security agency, the Cheka, how it developed over the years of the Stalin Regime and how it changed its name 5-6 times to conceal the crimes committed over the last 80-90 years. Study the table below to get an idea of the Soviet Mafia’s long-range strategy of deception.  You will better grasp the extent of its political expansion, recruitment, brainwashing, penetration and subversive activities around the world. This table is taken from a Communist political manual published by Soviet Political Literature in 1981.

The Process of Global Development of the Communist Movement

Year      Countries with active Communist Parties       Number of communists globally

1917                              1                                                      400,000

1928                              46                                                    1.7 million

1939                              69                                                    4.2 million

1946                              78                                                  20.0 million

1960                              87                                                  35.0 million

1969                              88                                                  50.0 million

1980                              94                                          over 75.0 million

Here you have answers to many questions, as well as a clue about who is behind the protests and demonstrations in Wisconsin and the union leaders who are agitating people against the state governor. Be ready for so-called anti-war and other types of protests and unrest in the countries across the world. It would not be surprising if the number of Communists registered in 1981 were double today what it was in 1980.

How beneficial to the Soviet Mafia it is that most countries today, and certainly America, have such weak immigration controls!  It is especially important to keep an eye on immigrants from the Muslim world. We have already been burnt by their terrorist actions. The Soviet Mafia has an army of terrorists with both symbolic and real generals leading them—Yasser Arafat, Moamar Qaddafi, General Adid. They are fighting on hundreds of fronts to destroy us and establish regimes of the Stalinist agenda.

I cannot pass over this vitally important issue of immigration because it is a key consideration in the Stalinist war. The many-faceted global immigration crisis is intertwined with other crucial social issues. Immigration may prove to be the single most important factor in determining the nature of our country’s future.  The immigration flow will define the characteristics of the national Melting Pot in terms of age, education, ethnicity, culture, religion and so on. If terrorism is an immediate danger, other issues are also of use in Stalin’s war to defeat America. I am an immigrant and I know all the difficulties of immigration—you have to build and nourish America’s spirit in your heart, not adjust to America for the benefits that freedom offers. You must become blend into the American Melting Pot rather than eroding and destroying America the Beautiful.

I promised to give you another example of Sabotage and this case is more a crime against humanity. I cannot reveal the name of the source of my information as the individual still lives on former Soviet territory.  I do not want to put this person at risk of assassination. I will even present the story in my own words to avoid suggesting his identity by directly citing him. The event will confirm the main point of this series that the Soviet Mafia is at war with Western civilization and the capitalist economic system. This story will help you understand what is going on in the world in the 21st century.

The Soviets were well-known in the world for stealing secrets from the West. The technical information illicitly acquired by the Soviets was usually used for civilian benefit in the West, but the Soviets modified it for aggressive military application.  The Soviets were closely watching policy developments in America and the West in general. America was a leader of the capitalist economy and Japan followed close behind.  For the Soviets, Japan was in many key respects one with western countries.  Furthermore, Russia had (and still has) a territorial dispute with Japan over the Kuril Islands. In the 1960s President Kennedy gave his full backing to an intensive US investment in space exploration and aeronautical development. Soviet intelligence came to the conclusion that the USSR would never be able to compete on a par with America in space.

As usual in the Stalinist war, the Soviet Mafia started looking for alternative weaponry.  Soviet scientists were instructed to invent a new means of destruction. The country’s huge military complex was mobilized and came up with the answer—tectonic weaponry. Reading this series of articles, you have already become acquainted with the malicious nature of the Soviets and their intelligence. The following story however, will shock you.

In the late 1960s in the backwoods of Siberia, the Soviets began building a research laboratory. One of the concepts developed made a lot of “sense” and was based on the principle of physics that a body in descent has greater maneuverability than one in ascent. Hundreds of scientists from different fields of Academia were brought together to develop a device based on that principle with the use of pipeline construction technology. Geologists, physicists, specialists in electronics, oil-drilling, and other scientists carried out field experiments in Siberia for two decades and finally engineered the needed device. They named it Pluton-Plutonium, or maybe from the world “Pluto,” King of the Underworld.

The device resembled a mole or a water snake. It was programmed to deliver two or three independently targeted warheads (bombs). The first experiment on international territory was initiated in 1984.  It lasted for two years and covered a distance of sixty-five thousand kilometers. Pluton was programmed to penetrate 860 kilometers under the earth’s surface, starting in Siberia, and then to move upwards in the area of the Sea of Japan.

In August 1985, Soviet ships in international waters registered an earthquake near Oshima Island and a resulting tsunami. Pluton then made its return journey, ending up in the Far East of the USSR in 1986. The source of this information did not know who is running these operations, but concluded that the Soviet Mafia has had this secret weaponry since 1986. You can make your own conclusion about recent waves of earthquakes around the globe and the source of global warming in the 21st century.

In this connection, I can add example of how the Soviet Mafia uses natural forces for its own purposes. On the day the Olympic Games opened in 1980, the sky over Moscow was covered with heavy clouds. A member of the Politburo called the KGB. By the time the opening got underway, the sun was shining and the sky over Moscow was blue. As I found out later, KGB scientists used an extremely powerful mega-laser to disperse clouds. In the same way, they also could create rain and storms.

The goal of “conquering nature” is the creed and agenda of the Soviet Mafia. Stalin’s experiments inside the Soviet Union cost the country billions, destroyed the natural ecology, and killed millions. Now the Soviet mafia is destroying countries around the globe. I would suggest our American scientists research the nature of the recent tornadoes and flooding in America, keeping in mind the proximity of Cuba. In this regard, I am afraid that the next target is Florida.

It is time now to return to Glenn Beck. Do you remember all his warnings over the last several years? Putting his life on the line, he warned you about events and people attacking the American economic system, traditional culture, and our way of life. Don’t you think Glenn is talking about the same people I identified in the title of this article as the Others? I do. The only difference is our experiences—I address the issues based on my past experiences, Glenn Beck by his real present experiences and events our country is going through. Please, recall the definition of the Soviet Mafia presented by Arkady Vaksberg. Perhaps Glenn did not read his book, but he is talking about the same evil of government and political corruption, waste, and absence of transparency and accountability.

I titled this article “Glenn Beck vs. Osama Bin Laden and Others.”  Five or six years ago, I read a suggestion that Osama Bin-Laden was the KGB’s creation—The Russian Factor: From Cold War to Global Terrorism, Xlibris, 2006. The author suggested that the KGB used their creature Ayman al-Zawahiri, who has played a major role in the Muslim movement since the 1970s, to seduce Osama Bin-laden to be a symbol of the movement. The chain of events was logical. For your information, it was a group of Egyptian military officers along with al-Zawahiri who assassinated then-President of Egypt Anwar Sadat in 1981. In my opinion, al-Zawahiri has always been one of the masterminds behind al-Qaeda.  This is clear from reading about his background, connection to the Muslim Brotherhood, and ideological hatred of the West.

In my article Strange New Political Leaders you learned how certain political leaders were molded by the KGB. Yasser Arafat was the first Soviet henchman, but not the last. Look at the Middle East today and you will see them with your own eyes: Muammar Qaddafi, Basher Assad, General Aidid, and undoubtedly some in the Egyptian military left from the days of Sadat’s assassination. Pay attention to their speeches — they have different ones for domestic and foreign consumption—they are defrauding their own population as the Soviet Mafia did and does. Also watch the opposition in targeted countries— they are not true opponents, they are controlled and manipulated to act out a phony rivalry. Molding the new leaders around the globe has been the KGB’s policy for almost a hundred years, in the Middle East it is a direct pathway to Control and Power over oil.

Returning to Osama Bin-Laden, I came to the conclusion that the author of The Russian Factor is right. The death of Osama Bin-Laden gave us additional evidence of his real functions and agenda. Just analyze other so-called leaders of Al-Qaeda—creations with different images that appeal to specific audiences. We saw a picture of the leader of Al-Qaeda in Iraq, who did not even know how to hold a rifle or a gun. We have an analogous story with Ben-Laden. He had also two different images: in October 2010 before the election in America, he is shown as a young, healthy, powerful figure, a leader of Al-Qaeda—his beard and hair are dark. Now in 2011 we learn what he really was like—a petty old man, wrapped in a black blanket, sitting huddled with a remote control watching his own image on TV. The reality is demystifying the fraud. Do you believe that man had operational and technical control over Al-Qaeda across the globe?  I do not. For me—the symbol was skillfully molded.

Please recall the Stalinist war against capitalism and Western civilization. It was a fraudulent double-game to cover up the real Agenda. I hope my articles have provided enough evidence for you to see this. Glenn Beck is trying to give you such information and evidence from his own perspective. He is discussing the harm to America brought about by the progressives; they definitely belong to the category of Others. Moreover, maybe they were influenced by the same Marxist fireball and have identical roots in the Soviet Mafia. In this regard, Glenn Beck is doing great work with a group of American historians—he has established a huge classroom in the land, reviving real American history and presenting it on every show. I am not an expert in American history, but we are both providing knowledge to decent people and warning the world…

I do not know how Bin-Laden was killed on June 1, 2011, the mysterious death raises a lot of questions. I hope time will give us the answers. We will continue discussing Osama Bin-Laden in the next articles.  Meanwhile, please go to or and read the articles by Julia Latynina.

To be continued at

Russian Nativity Play: Jesus, Mary, and Joseph Stalin


First published in Front Page Magazine by Oleg Atbashian

What happens to a Christmas play when Joseph Stalin is more known than the biblical Joseph.

This “life imitates the People’s Cube” moment comes from St. Petersburg, Russia. What seems to be a spoof is a legitimate story via RIA Novosti, a Russian news agency. As a historical footnote, Nativity plays are a new concept in Russia, where Joseph Stalin is better known than the biblical Joseph, which occasionally causes Freudian slips like the one below.

A St. Petersburg student mistakenly showed up dressed as Joseph Stalin to the Christmas play where he was supposed to play the biblical character of Joseph.

“Yesterday, my 12-year-old son participated in a school play. He told us ahead of time that he got the role of Joseph Stalin who is talking to some woman. It wasn’t a big surprise to us, as he has played parts in school plays before, and once he was even a watermelon,” wrote the student’s father Fyodor Gavrichenko on his Facebook page.

Gavrichenko said the whole family worked on making the costume – especially the grandmother, who sewed trouser stripes to the pants, found some old army boots, made a generalissimo mustache and a red folder with a big star.

They didn’t realize the mistake until the last moment because the play was in German as part of the boy’s foreign language class, and no one understood what the son’s lines meant. Apparently, the boy hadn’t been paying attention in class either. Instead of bringing the costume to school before the play, he showed the teacher its picture on his cell phone. The teacher thought it was a joke and said that the costume “rocks.”

The family sensed trouble when they saw their son’s classmate dressed as Magi. “Who are you?” asked the Magi. “I’m Mary’s husband… Joseph Stalin,” said the boy. His confidence shaken, the classmate went to the teacher: “Our Joseph turns out to be Stalin… Is that a good thing?” “What?” asked the teacher, as he pulled the curtain revealing the Nativity scene with Joseph and Mary. It was too late to change.

The plot thickened before the drama began. According to the father, Stalin’s outfit was a smash. The boy’s lines were accompanied by fits of hysterical laughter through the tears from other parents, some of whom reportedly fell off their chairs.

Those who can read the original Facebook post in Russian will notice that the father knows as little about the Nativity story as his son, confusing characters and their roles in the story. This is rather a norm in Russia, where erstwhile official atheism is only now being replaced by the official Orthodox Church. This St. Petersburg family couldn’t tell the shepherds from angels even if their son’s play weren’t in German. But at least they’re trying.

Some conservatives see the resurgence of Christianity in Russia as a good thing, praising Putin for his support to the Russian Orthodox Church. They may not realize just what kind of Christianity Putin is boosting in Russia – a People’s Religion with St. Joseph as its prophet.

The icons below are not parodies and they have not been photoshopped. The mix-up of Josephs in our Christmas story is more than a Freudian slip. It’s a representation of the new state religion.

The Two Ukraine’s

“Obama is just not up to the task—a geopolitical lightweight who was easily outmaneuvered in Syria and Iran.”

Cover - The Colder WarThat’s Marin Katusa, writing in his new book, “The Colder War: How the Global Energy Trade Slipped from America’s Grasp”. Katusa is no fan of President Obama, but one might wonder who is these days other than the 48% of Americans who think he’s doing a great job. Calling them stupid as the now famed Jonathan Gruber of ObamaCare fame has done is not far from the mark.

Katusa is a successful fund manager with a specialty of investing in the energy sector and helping to create energy companies. Along the way he has been to many nations around the world to see firsthand how their governments impact the energy companies working domestically and beyond. This is particularly true of Russia’s Vladimir Putin who took the collapsed Soviet Union and brought Russia back to life as the Russian Federation. At the core of the revival were and are his energy strategies.

That is what is at work these days in the Ukraine, divided between those who want it to join the European Union and NATO, and those who want to ally with Russia. Katusa reminds us that “At one time, Ukraine was Russia. Kievan Rus, the first East Slavic state, was established by the Varangians in the ninth century.”

“At the end of the eighteenth century, Ukraine was partitioned, with a small slice going to Austria/Hungary and the rest to the Russian Empire. The second decade of the twentieth century was as chaotic for Ukraine as it was for the rest of Europe. Civil War raged from 1917 to 1921, with a host of factions vying for control of the government of the newly proclaimed Ukrainian Republic. Their sovereign state proved to be short-lived.”

“By 1922, the Ukrainian army was overpowered and the nation became the Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic.” World War Two was a horror for Ukraine. One out of every six Ukrainians died during the war, many of whom sided with Nazi Germany against Russia. It was recaptured in 1944 by the USSR.

Why is it important to Putin and Russia in 2014?

He wants to ensure that Ukraine, via pipelines, accommodates Russia’s natural gas production to buyers in Europe. “Half of Russia’s gas exports to the European Union (which cover 25 percent of the EU’s consumption) pass through Ukraine.”

Putin also needs to ensure that the Russian Navy has a secure port at Sebastopol on the Crimean Peninsula for to access to the Black Sea. Moreover, having Ukraine in its sphere of influence provides what the former USSR satellite nations did, a buffer that keeps NATO at a distance. Russia annexed Crimea shortly after Ukraine had political problems in March 2014.

Finally, Putin wants Moscow to be seen as the protector of all Russian people, including the eight million, 18% of Ukraine’s population, who live in the eastern part of the nation.

“For 15 million Ukrainians, about one-third of the population, Russian is the first language,” notes Katusa, “They are concentrated in the eastern parts of the country, and in some areas, including Crimea, they are a majority.”

In a very real sense, the Ukraine is actually two nations, a western leaning one and an eastern leaning one. When “an independent Ukraine emerged in 1991 after the collapse of the Soviet Union” it was, as Katusa notes, a country that was plagued by corruption and political intrigue from day one. For Russia, pre-and-post collapse, it has always been a real pain, often stealing gas from the pipelines passing through it or defaulting on payment for its use.

I will pass on the politics of Ukraine that got us all to this point, but suffice to say that Putin’s efforts to bring at least the eastern portion under Russian influence or control has not gone down well with European nations, virtually all of whom are highly dependent on the gas and oil they purchase from Russia. The U.S. has put sanctions on Russia and Canada’s Prime Minister, Stephen Harper, bluntly told Putin to get out of the Ukraine at the recent G-20 conference in Australia.

The fear is that, if Putin is successful in breaking away the eastern half of Ukraine, he would not only want the other half but set his eyes on former Soviet Union satellite nations in Eastern Europe.

Speaking in Australia after the G-20 conference, Germany’s Chancellor Angela Merkel warned that Putin was practicing a foreign policy reminiscent of the Cold War. “This isn’t just about Ukraine” she said in a question-and-answer session. “This is about Moldova, this is about Georgia, and if this continues then one will have to ask about Serbia and one will have to ask about the countries of the Western Balkans.”

“What happens next in Ukraine,” writes Katusa, “is anyone’s guess. But it’s not likely to be pretty.” Putin has said he will not intervene militarily, but adds that he would act to protect the Russian population in its eastern half if he thought they were being threatened.

I personally believe Putin is far too canny to engage in an active overt military takeover of Ukraine. He is more likely to fund and arm the eastern half to a point where they can declare themselves a separate nation. It is doubtful that either the EU or NATO would intervene. Russia has already demonstrated that it would turn off the gas if they did. That would essentially shut down Europe.

A new, Colder War is developing says Katusa. “Its weapons would be oil wells, gas fields, uranium mines, energy processing plants, pipelines, and ports. Again, Europe would be the primary zone of engagement even though the United States would be the primary opponent.”

Now consider this. Prior to and during the past six years of the Obama administration, the environmental movement in the U.S. has thrown up all manner of obstacles to the development of any of the U.S. reserves of coal, oil, and natural gas. The refusal to approve a Canadian oil pipeline to our Gulf coast is just one dramatic example, the failure to be able to tap the huge energy reserves in Alaska is another, and the slowness of issuing permits to seek oil on federal lands and offshore is another.

For two decades the U.S. has tied its own hands despite being the Saudi Arabia of coal and having more oil than any other nation. The size of our natural gas reserves is huge. And we need to be building more nuclear facilities to generate electricity. Instead, the EPA is forcing coal-fired plants out of business. Our electrical grid is in need of repair and expansion. Et cetera!

Putin must look at Obama and the U.S. and wonder just how stupid we are.

© Alan Caruba, 2014

Putin manhandles Obama in Moscow’s propaganda art gallery

The artistic value of new Russian propaganda is way below its glorious Soviet predecessor, but the paranoid, attack-dog mentality remains the same.

According to, last Friday, at the “Flakon” art factory in Moscow, a pro-Putin group of nationalist youth called “Young Guard” together with the “patriotic artists and well-known graphic designers” organized an exhibition of over 100 political cartoons glorifying the policies of President Vladimir Putin and demonizing his opponents. The politically “correct” organizers must have been too dead-serious about their sycophancy to notice the grotesque irony of the event’s title, “Without Filters.”

Forget the filters. The exhibited artists had to be wearing blindfolds not to notice the dangerous cusp to which the current Russia’s regime has taken the country by whipping the nationalistic fervor, xenophobia, and paranoia. They have portrayed Putin as a hero, a winner, and savior of the nation at a time when Russia’s ruble is crumbling, the country’s international standing has hit a new low, and the falling oil prices threaten to knock out Russia’s oil-oriented economy, which Putin had a chance to diversify, but didn’t.

Instead, the Russian president is shown as a winner who knocks out a bloodied man resembling Vitali Klitschko – a heavyweight boxing world champion from Ukraine, who became a politician leading his own country towards independence.

Another drawing pictures Putin on top of a tank, addressing two peasant girls to ask if they had seen any fascists around. The girls have the faces of Barack Obama and Ukraine’s president Petro Poroshenko, whom the artist apparently considers to be “fascists” and who had disguised themselves out of fear of being caught.

The event organizer, “Young Guard,” is to Vladimir Putin’s puppet political party “United Russia” what the Soviet Young Communist League was to the Communist Party of the Soviet Union. Not coincidentally, it is named after a glorified, if mostly fictional, underground militia group who fought the Nazis on the occupied territories during WWII. Decades after the Nazis had been defeated, the Soviet and now Russian government have continued to steep generations of young people in the same Stalinist war-time mythology – keeping alive the memory, the hatred, and the eagerness to throw themselves under the tanks and die defending the Motherland against the fascists.

When your only tool is a hammer, everything looks like a nail. Similarly, just about every opponent of the regime has become a fascist. Putin only needs to point a finger. Today, his finger is pointing at Ukraine – and thus the fascists and the Nazis are now all those Ukrainians, from politicians to common citizens, who want to join the West and are defending their country against Russia’s aggression.

Putin’s finger is further pointing to the United States and other Western countries that oppose Putin’s corrupt regime and his militaristic policies. Hence the self-righteous anti-American, anti-Western, and “anti-fascist” hysteria that is sweeping today’s Russia, causing many, including famous actors and writers, to come out with shrill anti-Western rhetoric. Some of them go as far as travel to the “historic Russian territories” controlled by the puppet pro-Russian “separatists” and shoot some Ukrainians.

Once again, they are so dead-serious about their “anti-fascist” delusion that they fail to notice it’s their own rhetoric and their own actions that quite accurately resemble the rhetoric and the actions of the German Nazis on the brink of WWII, complete with militant nationalism, cult of the strong leader, resurrection of Aryan mythology, and popular support for Hitler’s annexation of “historic German territories” in France, Poland, and Czechoslovakia.

The “patriotic” exhibition in question is a fair reflection of such a mindset – from glorification of blood and violence to fascistic symbolism and dehumanization of the opponent to conspiracy theories and the supremacy of Russia “uber alles.”

Quite a few pictures ridicule Barack Obama, who is being spanked, pulled by the ear, and even has a barrel of a gun stuck in his bloodied face by Vladimir Putin. In one such poster, Putin and Obama are watering a tree. On Putin’s side the tree is green, while on the U.S. President’s side it’s dead, with human skulls showing through the roots. Without defending Obama’s policies, it would be fair to say that in this metaphor Putin’s side of the tree would really be on fire.

There is a picture where Putin hands out a saw and a log to the leaders of Germany and Ukraine, as a way of saying that their countries may have to heat their homes with firewood this winter because Putin has the power to turn off the supply of Russia’s gas. The writing on the saw says, “From Russia with love,” but it might as well be “Who’s your daddy?”

One image depicts Putin as the owner of the Crimea, inviting world leaders to have a pleasant visit. Another one shows world leaders holding signs saying, “Forgive us, Putin,” with only the leaders of the U.S., Germany, and Poland talking about sanctions.

At least in two cartoons Putin is pulling Obama’s ear. In another, Putin is holding up a cell phone for a selfie, with a defeated Obama behind him. An objective observer might conclude that the Russian leader is just as vain as Obama, but in the eyes of the artist that’s obviously a merit. There is a cartoon showing a bare-chested Putin riding a bear with an owl on his shoulder, next to Obama who is riding a donkey, with the American eagle sitting on his head.

There is also a collection of macho images of Vladimir Putin on a wall behind Barack Obama, who is sitting with crossed fingers, hoping those images had been Photoshopped. Of course, the whole world knows that those are real photos – they had been carefully staged by professional art directors in a project that cost the Russian taxpayers a lot more money than mere computer graphics.

There are many other comparisons between Putin and Obama – mostly derivative, crude collages that blatantly steal brownie points from American Photoshoppers. Truth be told, in the past this author himself has made quite a few scathing images of Obama, including the unflattering comparisons of our president with Vladimir Putin. However, the fact that Americans are freely ridiculing their own president somehow escapes the “patriotic” Russian artists who promote Putin while depicting his critics as fascists and demons.

Whatever your views of the sitting American president, make no mistake: Barack Obama is not a factor here. This phenomenon would be happening regardless of who the U.S. president is. If it were Ted Cruz, they’d be making pictures of Putin spanking Ted Cruz. And instead of cleverly helping Republicans to ridicule Obama, the Kremlin’s propaganda would be just as cleverly helping the Democrats to ridicule Cruz. In 2016, Obama’s face will be simply replaced with that of whoever the next U.S. president will be, Republican or Democrat. And that would be the face reflected in Putin’s cool sunglasses in the poster where the Russian president is sticking a pistol barrel into the bloodied mouth of the American president.

In the not-so-distant Soviet past, graphic artists had neither freedom of expression, nor commercial outlets for their creativity. The only game in town left for those who had talent was to work for the state and to create visual propaganda that glorified the Party and its leaders, while demonizing the enemies. A few gifted artists went that route, producing unforgettable classics of the genre and brilliantly executing otherwise rotten concepts.

Things are different now. Even with the corrupt and oligarchic version of capitalism that exists in today’s Russia, gifted artists have a variety of commercial venues and a much greater freedom of expression – a situation in which they don’t have to sell out to the powers that be. You won’t see their names in this gallery. As a matter of fact, this collection represents the scrapings from the bottom of Russia’s artistic barrel.

And yet, in spite of its lack of artistic or intellectual insight, this “patriotic” exhibition it is a fair representation of the depraved state of mind of millions of zombified Putin’s supporters. The straw men they are fighting may be imaginary, but the paranoid worldview of Russia’s regime and the crowds behind it is a grim reality to be reckoned with.

See more complete slide shows on Russian websites here and here. These are only some samples:

Back from the Dead: The Return of the Evil Empire

Below is a book cover I designed last month for Cliff Kincaid’s Back from the Dead: The Return of the Evil Empire written by him and three other authors. The book is now on Amazon.
I modeled it on an iconic Stalin-era poster, changing Stalin to Putin and adding a peeling tri-color flag of the new Russia. The bad Soviet paint that had been hastily brushed over the old flag in the 1990s is now falling off in big clumps, revealing the solid red USSR flag with the hammer and sickle.

Putin is wearing a WWII-era St. Georgi ribbon on his chest, as do his murderous agents in the east of Ukraine today, falsely comparing their supremacist warfare on the independent Ukraine to WWII.

Since the old Evil Empire has now returned from its shallow grave, it is only appropriate that Putin would tower over a crowd of “undead” brainless followers. I had been tempted to sprinkle this gathering of zombies with the faces of modern Russian politicians and public figures, but they wouldn’t be recognizable in America anyway. The only face I couldn’t resist adding was that of Alexander Dugin (the bearded ghoul on the right), whose monstrous theories of Nazi-like national-chauvinism are fueling Russia’s modern supremacist movement, which Putin is so cleverly exploiting.

I got a complimentary copy of the book in today’s mail; it looks great and I can’t wait to read it. Here’s a synopsis from America’s Survival website.

A new book — Back from the Dead: The Return of the Evil Empire – exposes how America’s political leaders and intelligence agencies were caught off-guard as Vladimir Putin brought back the USSR, invaded Ukraine, and now threatens the world with a conflict that Putin’s apologists say could go nuclear.

The back cover and spine back from the dead

The back cover and spine. For a larger view click on the image.

The fall of the Berlin Wall misled many into thinking the Soviet KGB was dead. But infiltration of the West continued through “cultural Marxism,” and penetration by enemy agents, while the KGB, now called the FSB, looted Russia, consolidated its power, and rebuilt the Russian military, including its nuclear forces. America’s survival hangs in the balance.

Cliff Kincaid, founder and president of America’s Survival, Inc. (ASI), is a journalist and media analyst based in the Washington, D.C. area for almost 40 years and contributes one of the chapters in the new book. Other chapters are written by former KGB officer Konstantin Preobrazhensky and anti-communist analysts J.R. Nyquist and Toby Westerman. ASI has published the book, available on the website and through

“Having fled from the Putin regime, Preobrazhensky understands modern-day Russia,” Kincaid said. “Analysts Nyquist and Westerman were writing about the return of Soviet military power under Putin at a time when Obama and Hillary were arranging a Russian policy ‘reset’ and Congress passed trade benefits for Russia.”

In reaction to assertions by some American conservatives such as Patrick J. Buchanan that Vladimir Putin is a Christian leader, Kincaid said that “We expose these claims as Russian disinformation, perhaps the greatest deception of all time.” The book describes in detail how Putin is using the Russian Orthodox Church as an ideological front in his war on the world, and how the Roman Catholic Church has failed to confront this evil. The book also examines how the KGB/FSB secretly manipulates Islamic and Palestinian terrorist groups and even the Iranian regime.

I have already made two book covers for Mr. Kincaid in the past, see them here.

back from the dead book cover

For a larger view click on the book cover.

Soviet Socialism in the 21st century: Putin and a Missing Jet

The words “Putin and a Missing Jet” are not mine; they belong to Bill O’Reilly, The O’Reilly Factor, Fox New. On March 26, 2014, announcing the next segment, Mr. O’Reilly  whom I enormously respect, had pronounced these five words: Putin and a missing jet. When I heard them my pulse went up—O’Reilly agrees with me, he is connecting Putin and a missing jet! Alas, I was wrong. It was just the announcement for two separate events: Russian invasion of Ukraine and a missing MH 370. Yet, I continue thinking that all recent negative events in the world, including mudslides in Washington State and an earthquake in California are connected.

If you are watching closely the reports of the world affairs in March 2014, you can grasp a strange metamorphose: the Russian invasion of Ukraine became a secondary story –MH 370 was captivating the world. This is a Red Flag!

Diverting public attention is well familiar to me. Of course, the search for the Malaysian 370 must go on vigorously until we know the cause of the mystery. It is exactly three weeks into the search and nobody can predict the outcome. We have lost 329 human souls and the world is responsible to continue an intensive search to know the Truth. Why? Because I believe it was a man-made disaster.

I have already introduced the Department of Agitation and Propaganda and its methods of operation, run by the KGB. Now it is the time to obtain finally a real understanding of the Russian Intelligence apparatus. Writing a series of articles three years ago, I warned the readers of a strange silence about Russia in our media and added—we will pay a dear price for our ignorance. Today, in March, 2014 all my warnings are coming true. We are paying a dear price being the witnesses to the terrible events in the world: Annexation of Crimea by Russia, our inability to solve mystery of Malaysian 370 for a month, and an overwhelming, drastic degradation within Western civilization.

I still continue to see a logical connection between these current realities. Why? Because I know WWIII is upon us and you should know it too.

The description of WWIII is in my article published on March 17, 2014. To grasp the realities of our days, you ought to be familiar with the history of Russian Intelligence apparatus, presented in my two last books. To analyze a global predicament and geography of negative events, we need knowledge. Chapter 7 of my last book had been entitled WWIII: Recruitments and Drugs, Infiltration and AssassinationsI wrote that ten years ago, warning you.


Scan of first KGB card.

I am a former defense attorney and when I watched the anguish and heard the desperate cries of the grieving families in China and Malaysia, the memory of my clients in Russia, flashed through my mind—people’s grieving is similar regardless of the geography. Do you see how the search for MH 370 becomes political issue? The geography and ideology play a major role in the 21st century, because both are the driving force in Putin’s attempt to reconstruct the Soviet Union, which means, restoring the Stalin’s Russia, considering the KGB’s absolute power in Russia today.

If you think that contemporary Russia is a capitalist country like America or England, you are wrong.

The KGB, run by Putin has created a new type of economy, I called it—Crony Capitalism. It has nothing to do with your knowledge of Capitalism: no competition, no free market, instead the entirety of Russian wealth is in the hands of Putin’s friends, we called them—Oligarchs. And this is my warning, yet again. In the preceding articles I wrote about an ideological fraud, of which Russian Crony Capitalism is an inextricable part of it.

Do you remember how I characterize the Russian KGB’s apparatus as a Doer of Stalin’s policy? Yet to talk about a brutal force of the KGB is not enough; I’d like to give you two examples so you can comprehend my thought-process. One example is a tragic event that took place in 1979, the other a tragedy was in 2012. I am doing that to show you the history of Russian intentions and motivations, in case you have already forgotten, it was Stalin who planned the One World Government under the Kremlin’s auspices.

Some years ago, I watched a TV Documentary Jonestown, CNN. Sitting frozen, I couldn’t believe my eyes. It was a miniature picture of the Stalinist slave-labor camp with overwhelming fear, secrecy, physical abuse, lies, and indoctrination of the Socialist ideas. At the same time the words like dignity and economic equality for the proletariat were used to mesmerize and seduce the audience—a wonderful socialist utopia. Those words were so familiar to me that the similarity had stunned me. The tragic end in Jonestown with hundreds of dead bodies on the ground and 300 dead children made me sick and angry.  Who could perpetrate such a horrible crime against innocent Americans, poisoning them with cyanide?

Researching the story of the Jonestown tragedy I have found several interesting facts. The leader of the movement, who perpetrated the ultimate crime, Rev. Jim Jones was a pastor who established the Peoples Temple—a cult in California. Eloquent and smart, operating with false but appealing terms, he attracted a substantial group of Blacks and Whites who had believed in his propaganda and they followed him to Guyana. He had help from several organizers, as well. It was there in Guyana, far from the American authorities where the unspeakable crime took place.

I see the Jonestown tragedy as a disaster orchestrated by the KGB—the test of the “naïve and gullible” Americans. Do you remember how the KGB’s Chairman Andropov characterized the people of America? Analyzing all aspects of the Jonestown events, you will find all the elements of the Stalinist cult of personality, schooling indoctrination and training, a typical attempt of mind control.

Can you imagine my feeling when I heard a Jonestown’s survivor’s story? He told that the people of Jonestown had to study the Russian language and he, the survivor had an assignment: Rev. Jim Jones asked him to bring a suitcase with money to the Russian Embassy in Guyana. That is why he survived. I hope you can arrive to a real conclusion after reading the first example. Before giving you a second example, please remember that Putin and Obama are adhered to the same ideology—both want to weaken America.

Have you seen James Rosen from Fox News reporting on Surrendering America? Please watch it. Fox presented vivid evidence of Putin’s and Obama’s unity in action better than I could ever do.

After that preamble, I can give you the second example. Almost two years had past since the murder of our Ambassador in Benghazi. Numerous investigations had no decisive answer. Several House Committees have investigated the Benghazi terrorist attack and there will be another investigative session on March 31, 2014. Only knowledge of Stalinist ideology coupled with the KGB’s activities can produce an understanding of the tragedy in Benghazi. A year ago, I wrote a letter to my Republican friends, here is the part about Benghazi:

“Benghazi was a pre-planned operation to Liquidate Ambassador Stevens to cover up transfer of arms to help the Muslim Brotherhood in Syria. This was a joint operation of the Russian Intelligence and the Muslim forces trained by Russia. The attack started immediately after Mr. Stevens finished his supper with a Turkish officer. Put together three facts to see the event clear: a) Benghazi was known as a very dangerous territory, b) the 9/11 day is known worldwide as a date of the attack by the terrorists. c) Someone was taking pictures of the consulate in Benghazi. The question is: why did Obama send Ambassador Stevens to Benghazi on 9//11 with a very questionable mission? The answer is simple—to get rid of the witness of the crime. By the way it is a typical of Stalinist’s to liquidate a person who knows too much.”

This paragraph will be understood by those who know Stalinism, the KGB, and the background of the Muslim Brotherhood…

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VIDEO: The global threat of a Red (Marxist) on Green (Islamist) alliance

Tom Trento, National Security Expert, Director of The United West.

Tom Trento, National Security Expert, Director of The United West.

Tom Trento, Florida talk show host, author and internationally known speaker on national security issues, spoke at the Villages TEA Party on September 17th. The topic was the global threat facing the United States, our allies and Israel. Trento covered topics including Syria, Iran, the 9/11 remembrance and the threat to Western civilization posed by a new/old alliance. This Red (Marxist) and Green (Islamist) alliance has strengthened recently with the reemergence of the role of Russia in the Middle East.

Trento takes questions from the TEA Party members and put into perspective what is happening in this and previous administrations. Please watch Trento’s presentation (video courtesy of The United West):


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