VIDEO: Health Care Is a Mess… But Why? by Seamus Coughlin and Sean Malone

You probably know a couple who both work full time to support their children, but even with their dual incomes, they’re finding it more and more difficult to afford health insurance.

Everyday incidents like sports injuries, asthma, and blood pressure, combined with their anxiety over rising premiums, are turning their American dream into sleepless nights.

Why can’t people catch a break? It wasn’t always this way!

Everyone wants health care, but there’s only so much to go around.

According to the Consumer Price Index and Medical-care price index from 1935 to 2009, the health care spending crisis didn’t start until the mid 1960s, around the same time when Medicare and Medicaid were signed into law, and at the same time that we began requiring doctors to go through all sorts of expensive licensing procedures beyond medical school.

Since then, health care spending has doubled, even adjusted for inflation. Why? Well, there are a few reasons.

Everyone wants health care, but there’s only so much to go around. And short supply leads to high prices. Normally what happens in a marketplace is that when prices are high, entrepreneurs try to profit by finding more affordable ways to provide goods and services.

The more people become involved in providing these services, the less scarce they become and the lower the prices drop, so that over time, more and more people can afford them.

This is what happened to televisions, microwaves, computers, cell phones, internet service, delivery services, food, shipping, transportation/air-travel, entertainment, home security, fitness, yoga, massages, and even all the medical technology, like LASIK, that isn’t as heavily regulated or controlled by government.

Can’t government drive down the price of goods and services like the free market?

Let’s look at what happened with Medicare and Medicaid as an example. In 1965, these two single payer health insurance programs were instituted in the US. These programs made the unfortunate less dependant on impartial private charities and more dependant on political institutions and pharmaceutical companies.

On top of that, these programs constantly require tax increases, and because they function more to satisfy the health care industry than the worker, they continually lead to more expensive and wasteful ways of treating patients.

As a result, prices shot up, making it even more difficult for people to afford health insurance. Not only that, but in 1965, government took over the training of new doctors, and in 1997 they limited the number of new doctors they would train at 110,000 per year – and the number hasn’t changed since!

Even worse, our government won’t let migrant doctors from developed western countries practice in the US without undergoing this training. So, not only do experienced doctors from other countries not want to practice medicine here, but the ones who do are taking up 15% of those few 110,000 slots, limiting the supply of doctors even more.

Won’t Obamacare solve these problems?

Unfortunately, Obamacare suffers from similar problems. It eliminated the pricing structure by seriously restricting competition because all providers have to offer the same kinds of plans at the same price. And because that price isn’t really determined by the market, providers can charge the taxpayer way more than they could otherwise. It’s basically just a handout to big insurance companies.

But it doesn’t have to be this way! If we get the government out of health care, more people like those you know will be able to get the care they need.

Seamus Coughlin

Seamus Coughlin

Seamus Coughlin is a comedy writer and animator with a deep interest in politics and morality. A good deal of his work can be found on the FreedomToons YouTube channel.

Sean Malone

Sean Malone

Sean Malone is the Director of Media at FEE. His films have been featured in the mainstream media and throughout the free-market educational community.

New Secrets Unlocked: Know The Curse of Sleep Loss to Alzheimer’s

Sleeping less than seven hours makes you tired, woozy, and grumpy. Long-term effects of sleep loss become more dangerous than you ever expected. Scientific findings link sleep deprivation to obesity, heart disease, mood swings, diabetes, sleep disorders, and other kinds of health issues.

You may already know the risks written in a long list, and now you have to include Alzheimer’s disease. Sleep disturbances make you look and feel old. As a neurodegenerative form of dementia, Alzheimer’s disease is a neurological disorder wherein demise of neurons stimulates recession of memory and cognitive functions.

For the past years, no one was able to carry out a study proving the significance of sleep and dementia to each other. Just recently this month, Dr. Yo-El Ju together with her co-researchers in  Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis, Radboud University Medical Centre in the Netherlands, and Stanford University finally found the link of dementia to sleep deprivation.

What the study proves

The researchers examined 17 experiment volunteers at home. They also underwent controlled sleep procedures in the lab of Washington University. They divided the volunteers into two groups and let the half of the sample get into a deep sleep while others were in a shallow sleep.

Dr. Ju stated that “As soon as they got into slow-wave sleep, they got a beep. And the beeps got louder and louder and louder until they came out of the deep sleep. It went on for the entire night. The volunteers did not realize their sleep had been interrupted.”

The volunteers use beeping monitors which disturb their sleep patterns. The sleep monitoring device measures their quality of sleep at home. As a result, those who slept poorly show a significant relationship between sleep and higher levels of the associated brain proteins.

“We were not surprised to find that tau levels didn’t budge after just one night of disrupted sleep while amyloid levels did because amyloid levels normally change more quickly than tau levels. But we could see, when the participants had several bad nights in a row at home, that their Tau levels had risen,” Dr. Yo-El Ju said.

Increase of brain protein levels

Health: Forgetfulness in Men

Forgetfulness in Men

Sleep deprivation for consecutive nights can cause an increase of dementia-related protein levels in the human brain. A good night’s rest prevents too much synthesis of proteins called Amyloid-beta and Tau which causes Alzheimer’s and other memory-related diseases.

When deep sleep interruption happens, Alzheimer’s disease-related proteins increase in the cerebrospinal fluid as new research suggests.

Disruption of slow-wave sleep

A study published in Journal Neurology shows that higher levels of amyloid-beta and tau are due to poor sleep. In fact, they found out that two proteins cause obstruction called plaques in the brain of Alzheimer’s patients.

According to Dr. Yo-El Ju of Washington University School of Medicine, “When people had their slow-wave sleep disrupted, their amyloid levels increased by about 10 percent. I don’t think people should worry about Alzheimer’s disease after one bad night. I do think chronic sleep disruption increases the risk of Alzheimer’s disease.”

This study tells us that getting enough sleep helps reduce the levels of amyloid and tau.

Treatment contingencies

Five simple tips for reducing forgetfulness.

As recorded, there are approximately 5 million Americans who have Alzheimer’s disease, and the figures continue to grow. Mental-related disorders are hard to cure, and it requires long-term health scrutiny. There is no silver bullet to cure these health issues.

As of now, medications don’t work as what the diagnosis requires. It only serves as sustenance to patients who continue to experience the most common symptoms. Cholinesterase inhibitors namely donepezil or Aricept, galantamine, and rivastigmine are drugs used to avert and slow the dementia-related disorders.

As researchers and medical experts continue to fill the puzzle and unlock its’ secrets, humanity is one step closer to understand this phenomenon completely.

Dr.  Ju’s Theory

File:Characteristics of AD.jpg

Characteristics of AD

Releasing of amyloid-beta is a natural function that human brains perform. It happens whenever brain cells fire its synapse. “It may be that interrupted sleep leads to increased brain activity and increased amyloid production.”

She comes up with an assumption that as people sleep, amyloid secretion stops and regulates the excess protein levels. “When people are in a nice and deep sleep, they get a period when, with the normal clearance mechanisms working, the levels of amyloid decrease. If levels increase over the years, they are more likely to cause the clumps called plaques, which don’t dissolve.”

According to their previous study using mice as a sample, a 10% excess of amyloid can be a source of plaque formation.


Dr. Yo-El Ju, the head of the study, stated that “When people don’t sleep well, their brain cells don’t get the chance to rest.” The guaranteed means of treating Alzheimer’s continues to be half a mystery.

But prevention is still an amicable sheath to safeguard ourselves from health issues, chronic or not. Proper nutrition, sleep hygiene, and brain training can make a difference. Take action before it gets progressively worse. You can browse Focus On Furniture to help you look for the right bedroom design which can help you feel more comfortable while sleeping.


On Sex Robots: Dehumanizing Sin

Some disassembly required.

David Warren: Some seek satisfaction in robot “love,” but automating sex is wrong. We are facing a new “crisis”: an attempt to dehumanize sin. Fortunately, it can’t be done. 

I don’t know who was surprised, but I wasn’t, to read in some electronic tabloid that sex robots can be programmed for rape. Appalled, perhaps – I am often appalled – but hardly surprised. And not being surprised, the quality of one’s outrage is spoilt. One must pretend to be shocked – as people have been doing for as long as they have been having bad sex.

Or so one might say, roguishly. There is a gap – a wide and deep canyon – between what we like to think is common, and what is. The notion of radical evil having been suppressed, in modern “education,” it is now a rift valley.

“How dare you suggest a woman would lie about something like that!”

This is an actual quote I recall (with confidence, word for word) from the critic of a column I once wrote on family court proceedings. I had suggested that it was unwise of the authorities to assume the truth of all female accusations. And vice versa, too, I had noted: men often lie. The human race is generally capable of bearing false witness, and the ability crosses all sexual, racial, and other demographic lines.

True, I had called my critic “Honey,” but that was in a moment of exasperation she had inspired. More circumspectly I tried to explain how law is supposed to work. How it is supposed to entertain the possibility that the accused may be innocent, of the crime specifically alleged. How the law should at least pretend to be blind to just those factors that she, in her feminist enthusiasm, imagined to be crucial.

Give up on principles like that, and the world will become rather as we find it, today: high-tech and crazy.

She said, too, that men treat women like robots. Well, I can remember saying, they must be robots, if they never lie.

Click here to read the rest of David Warren’s column . . .

David Warren

David Warren is a former editor of the Idler magazine and columnist with the Ottawa Citizen. He has extensive experience in the Near and Far East. His blog, Essays in Idleness, is now to be found at:

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EDITORS NOTE: The featured image is from the film Ex Machina.

The Fossil Fuel Industry’s Millennial Problem — and How to Solve It

Today I am releasing a new whitepaper on the challenges the fossil fuel industry faces with its millennial workers.
Here’s a summary.

  • Millennial workers are the future of the fossil fuel industry, and they are extremely concerned with the moral meaning of their work.
  • Unfortunately for the industry, these millennials have been exposed to hundreds of hours of claims that their work is immoral because it is destroying the planet.
  • While many companies are ignoring this challenge and others regard it as insurmountable, in my experience it is possible to overcome the “moral case against fossil fuels” and turn non-supporters into supporters.
  • The key to turning non-supporters into supporters is to reframe moral conversations about the industry in pro-human, whole-picture terms.
  • Companies that give employees a thorough pro-human, whole-picture education about their impact on human flourishing will see tremendous increases in motivation and desire to become “ambassadors” who champion the industry and its freedom.
  • Companies that also give employees an education in reframing energy conversations will see a tremendous increase in the effectiveness of their ambassadors.
  • Given that these forms of education are now freely available, every company should seriously consider offering them to their employees—especially to the millennial leaders of the future.

I hope you’ll read the article.

If you are interested in using my curriculum (including a freely available version of it) to empower your team, you can contact me at or go to the website for more information.

Discussing fossil fuels with The Disgruntled Millennial

I recently appeared on “The Disgruntled Millennial,” a podcast aimed at conservative millennials, for a really interesting, in-depth discussion of The Moral Case for Fossil Fuels. The hour-long interview covers a lot of territory and includes a number of points I haven’t made elsewhere. You can listen to it here.

COMING NEXT WEEK: My response to Al Gore’s An Inconvenient Sequel

ALSO: Whenever you’re ready, here are 3 ways I can help your organization turn non-supporters into supporters and turn supporters into champions.

1. Fill out the free Constructive Conversation Scorecard to assess where you are and where you want to be in your one-on-one communications.

Email it back to me and I’ll send you my step-by-step Constructive Conversation System that will enable you to talk to anyone about energy.

2. Hold a free Lunch-and-Learn (inside or outside the industry).

This program contains one of my favorite debates along with some “cheat sheets” to help you make the moral case for fossil fuels in your professional and personal life more easily than you thought possible. You can have access to the entire program right now. By the end of the session you and your team will:

  • gain a deeper sense of meaning from their work
  • be able to turn fossil fuel skeptics into fossil fuel supporters
  • learn the secrets to having constructive conversations about energy instead of frustrating fights

3. Hire me to speak at your next event.

If you have an upcoming board meeting, employee town hall, or association meeting, I have some new and updated speeches about the moral case for fossil fuels, winning hearts and minds, and communications strategy in the new political climate.

VIDEO: Government Can’t Fix Healthcare

Why is the government so bad at health care? Why did Obamacare make health insurance costs go up, and access to medical services go down? The short answer, as six-term Congressman Bob McEwen explains, is that when bureaucrats and politicians spend other people’s money for services they won’t themselves consume, only bad things happen. Watch our new video to understand why.

Tomorrow, we’re releasing a very special feature-length video with Dennis. Click here to receive a text message when we post the video. You won’t want to miss this.


Ask any attendee at the ECOCITY World Summit in Melbourne, Australia, and they will tell you “diversity” is the key to sustainable development.

They certainly don’t mean “diversity of opinion.”

The activists and bureaucrats here for this three-day eco-shindig are so far in the closet for the Left they’ve probably popped out in Narnia.

Their mission?  To bring their command-and-control agenda to YOUR community.

Debbie Bacigalupi is a property-rights activist and a member of CFACT’s “mission Australia” team.  She reports at that the folks attending the ECOCITY World Summit include “city planners, architects, local authorities, elected officials, universities, renewable energy grant recipients” and of course, the big man … Al Gore, himself.

They are hearing from 80 different speakers in 100 different sessions about how to craftily impose UN-style “sustainable development” upon the masses they regulate.
They want to “retrofit” the suburbs for an inefficient “renewable energy future,” use financial instruments and the courts to “drive change,” and transform our communities into “sustainable and resilient cities,” which with them in charge will be nothing of the sort.

If left unchecked, the dystopia they seek to create won’t be good news for those of us who value freedom.

The ECOCITY speakers come from a hodgepodge of liberal Green outfits – a number of whom CFACT has taken on in the past.  These extremist organizations include the likes of the Climate Action Network, ICLEI, the C40 crowd, and many others.

As Debbie notes,

“If Al Gore and his EcoCity 2017 friends have their way, a Brave New World ‘ECOCITY’ will be coming to a place near you.  It’ll be a place where you can ‘harmonize’ with Mother Earth, change your consumer behavior to conform to that of the eco-enthusiasts, and happily live in a pre-ordained ‘human habitat’ (or ‘human settlement’ as some call it) and say good-by to your carbon emitting cars and life as you know it.”

You can read the rest of Bacigalupi’s troubling report at

CFACT is fighting back against these radical social planners.   Marc Morano has appeared on Australia’s Sky News network and been invited to speak on several more radio and print news outlets.

The spin-off from the confrontation with Al Gore yesterday is also drawing significant media attention to CFACT’s activities here in Australia, as it was picked up and covered in the Drudge ReportUK Daily MailFox News and more.

CFACT employed our secret weaponClimate Hustle, to great effect.  In addition to holding a sold-out showing at the prestigious Victoria State Library in downtown Melbourne, copies of the movie were handed out with our compliments to a large number of ECOCITY participants.

Surprisingly, a few were happy to receive it!  Let’s hope they learn something.

There is much work still to do.  The eco-Left is mobilizing as never before and fully intent on implementing its radical plans on unsuspecting cities and communities in America and around the world.

Rest assured CFACT is mobilizing as well and (thanks to you) will be there dogging them every step of the way!

For nature and people too.

It’s Democrats who have embraced the policy of death and thousands of people are dying!

As Republicans in the U.S. Congress are debating the pluses and minuses of their repeal and replacement legislation for Obamacare, the Democrats are accusing their colleagues of  wanting “thousands of people to die.”

Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT)

It was The Agenda Project Action Fund that in 2011 released the video of a “Republican” pushing an old woman in a wheel chair off of a cliff. The Agenda Project Action Fund in 2016 endorsed Senator Bernie Sanders for President of the United States. The “thousands of people to die” rhetoric has been repeated on major news channels most recently by Senator Sanders and other Democrats, such as Senator Elizabeth Warren and Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi.

The scheme is to paint Republicans as murderers. It’s the “big lie.”

Master propagandist of the Nazi regime and dictator of its cultural life for twelve years, Joseph Goebbels wrote,

“If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it. The lie can be maintained only for such time as the State can shield the people from the political, economic and/or military consequences of the lie. It thus becomes vitally important for the State to use all of its powers to repress dissent, for the truth is the mortal enemy of the lie, and thus by extension, the truth is the greatest enemy of the State.”

Watch the below video to understand how a variety of Democrats, and media pundits, are repeating the “big lie” that “thousands will die”:

TRUTH: It’s Democrats who have embraced the policy of death and thousands of people are dying.

Here are a few examples of policies and legislation supported by Democrats that are causing people to die:

In an LA Times article titled “111 terminally ill patients took their own lives in first 6 months of California right-to-die law”, Soumya Karlamangla reports:

A total of 111 people in California took their own lives using lethal prescriptions during the first six months of a law that allows terminally ill people to request life-ending drugs from their doctors, according to data released Tuesday.

A snapshot of the patients who took advantage of the law mirrors what’s been seen in Oregon, which was the first state to legalize the practice nearly two decades ago. Though California is far more diverse than Oregon, the majority of those who have died under aid-in-dying laws in both states were white, college-educated cancer patients older than 60.

The End of Life Option Act made California the fifth state in the nation to allow patients with less than six months to live to request end-of-life drugs from their doctors.

Five states and Washington, D.C., have “Death with Dignity” statutes:

  • California (End of Life Option Act; 2016)
  • Colorado (End of Life Options Act; 2016)
  • District of Columbia (Death with Dignity Act; 2017)
  • Oregon (Oregon Death with Dignity Act; 1994/1997)
  • Vermont (Patient Choice and Control at the End of Life Act; 2013)
  • Washington (Washington Death with Dignity Act; 2008)

These five states and the District of Columbia are controlled by Democrats.

Illinois is in a fiscal meltdown, the state is bankrupt. In 2016 the Illinois Obamacare co-op became 16th to collapse. Americans for Tax Reform reported:

Sixteen Obamacare co-ops have now failed. Illinois announced that Land of Lincoln Health, a taxpayer funded Obamacare co-op, would close its doors, leaving 49,000 without insurance. The co-op now joins a list of 15 other Obamacare co-ops that have collapsed since Obamacare has been implemented.  Failed co-ops have now cost taxpayers more than $1.7 billion in funds that may never be recovered.

Co-ops were hyped as not-for-profit alternatives to traditional insurance companies created under Obamacare. The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) financed co-ops with startup and solvency loans, totaling more than $2.4 billion in taxpayer dollars. They have failed to become sustainable with many collapsing amid the failure of Obamacare exchanges.

Since September, 13 Obamacare co-ops have collapsed, with only seven of the original 23 co-ops remaining.  Illinois’ Land of Lincoln co-op faced losses of $90 million last year and is suing the federal government for the deficit caused by Obamacare.  Co-ops across the country have struggled to operate in Obamacare exchanges, losing millions despite receiving enormous government subsidies.

Tens of thousands of people in the Land of Lincoln are without healthcare. Illinois is ruled by Democrats.

In an article titled “Break the Baby’s Neck if Born Alive” Debra Braun reports:

St. Paul, MN, June 27, 2017 – Planned Parenthood abortionists in St. Paul, Minn. would “break the baby’s neck” if the child was born alive, according to a new video just released by Pro-Life Action Ministries. This would be a violation of both federal and Minnesota law.

Braun notes:

In the video, a former Planned Parenthood client says that when she went to Planned Parenthood earlier this year for a late-term abortion (at 22 weeks, 1 day), she asked the two abortionists, “If you guys were to take him out right now while he’s still, his heart rate is still, you know, going, what would you guys do?” According to the woman, one of the abortionists looked at the other one, then looked back at the client, “and she told me that we don’t tell women this, and a lot of women don’t even ask this question, but if we was to proceed with the abortion and the baby was to come out still alive and active, most likely we would break the baby’s neck.”

Read more.

Democrats fully support Planned Parenthood aborting the unborn, and now killing the born.

So who supports a culture of death? Who wants thousands of people to die? You be the judge.


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Louisiana Democrats Purge Thomas Jefferson, the Man Who Acquired Louisiana

Climate scares fail to occur

Can the global warming campaign keep scaring us if their predictions never come true?

Check out the featured story this morning over at CFACT’s award-winning Climate Depot news and information service.

Radio and print journalist Kerry Jackson writes that,

“It’s summer 2017 and the Arctic was supposed to be ice-free, hurricanes were going to be more frequent and more deadly, and sea levels should be rising alarmingly. Al Gore swore in his 2006 science fiction movie, An Inconvenient Truth, that within a decade there would be a ‘true planetary emergency.'”

“Instead of these disasters, we have the climate alarmist community admitting that there has indeed been a pause in the warming and that its models failed to predict it.”

“Yes, that’s right. The alarmists are acknowledging in the abstract of a research paper that was published this month in Nature Geoscience that there have been ‘differences in model and satellite tropospheric warming rates.'”

This is a big deal.

For years CFACT has contrasted real-world temperatures measured by scientists against other scientists’ climate computer models to show that the models project a warmer world than we actually live in.

There has been no meaningful warming since the 20th Century.

Warming campaigners have been in full denial about these inconvenient facts.  That they are finally getting around to acknowledging the evidence staring us all in the face is a positive step.

“Admitting you have a problem is the first step to recovery” is what they tell people in crisis.

Let’s hope a begrudging admission that their models have been wrong all along leads to more open minds and better climate science.


How Environmental Groups Are Responding to Trump’s ‘Solar Wall’ Pitch

EPA Poised to Undo Obama’s Federal Power Grab

Study: The Surprising Effect of Marijuana Legalization on College Students

Researchers from Oregon State University and the University of Michigan studied marijuana use among 10,924 college students at one large Oregon university and six other universities in states that have not legalized marijuana. Using data from the Health Minds Survey, they looked at marijuana use before and after Oregon legalized the drug for recreational use.

They found that marijuana use increased among all college students but was significantly greater among Oregon students compared to those attending universities in non-legal states. Although the legal age for using marijuana in Oregon is 21, more younger students used the drug than older students. Surprisingly, the greatest increase took place among Oregon students who also reported binge drinking (four to five drinks in about two hours). These students were 73 percent more likely to report marijuana use compared to their peers at the other six schools.

Read The Atlantic story here. Read Science Daily summary here. Read journal abstract here.

Contaminated Marijuana Still Reaching Consumers in Oregon

Oregon has the toughest rules in the nation to keep pesticide-tainted marijuana off store shelves, yet contaminated pot continues to be sold. The state wrote even tougher rules but faced such a backlash from growers it modified them somewhat.

The Oregonian/OregonLive recently conducted a spot check to see if the modified rules are keeping pesticide-containing pot from being sold. The media outlet’s 2015 reporting on widespread contamination prompted the state to establish the rules in the first place.

The paper had ten samples tested by two different labs; three came back contaminated. A second round of tests of the same products resulted in only one showing contamination. Everyone – both the state and the industry — is frustrated with the lack of precision in the testing process.

A manager of Oregon’s Health Authority, which wrote the rules, says the state’s system isn’t a promise that every product on the shelf is pure. “I don’t think it’s reasonable for the general public to think that everything is 100 percent clean and safe,” he says. Instead, the system is designed to reduce but not eliminate risk.

Read OregonLive story here.

Senators Reintroduce CARERS Act to Repeal Federal Prohibition Of Medical Marijuana

Would you take a medicine that can contain hazardous pesticides, harmful bacteria, several kinds of fungi, molds, mildew, and even dangerous heavy metals? One whose labeled dose has been shown to be inaccurate? Whose labeled potency has been shown to be untruthful or inconsistent from dose to dose?

Fortunately, the medicines available today are so safe we don’t even think to ask such questions. Advances in science and medicine over the last century extended the average lifespan by 30 years.

Part of the reason for this achievement is the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA), which requires that all medicines be pure, safe, and effective before they can be marketed to the public. Drug makers spend millions of dollars and many years to develop and test a new medicine to obtain FDA approval. And patients who wish to take part in clinical trials to test the new medicine are told all its known harms so they can decide whether to participate.

But several members of Congress have decided such protections are not necessary for marijuana. They have reintroduced a bill to legalize medical marijuana in states that legalized the drug for medical use despite the fact that not one medical marijuana product produced in those states has been approved by FDA.

A particular irony is that the lead senator introducing the bill, Rand Paul, a libertarian who wants to reduce the size of government, is creating a situation where the states will need to create 50 FDA’s to protect the public health.

Or, states can take the view of the Oregon Health Authority manager in the story above:
“I don’t think it’s reasonable for the general public to think that everything [every marijuana medicine] is 100 percent clean and safe.”

Buyer beware.

Read A Libertarian Future story here. Read Senator Booker’s press release here.
Read Carers Act here.

New Study Estimates the Cost of Driving Under the Influence of Cannabis in Canada

In a first of its kind study, the Canadian Centre on Substance Use and Addiction calculated the number of Canadians who use marijuana (10 percent) and drive under the influence (just under half of users) and the estimated costs associated with such behavior. Data were from the year 2012.

Driving Under the Influence of Cannabis (DUIC) collisions caused 75 deaths at a cost of $8,532,200 per death, 4,407 injuries at a cost of $84,600 per injury, and 7,794 people involved in property damage at a cost of $10,700 per person. Total costs add up to $1.09 billion.

Sadly, those ages 16-34 who make up approximately one-third of the population accounted for nearly two-thirds of the victims.

Read Canadian Centre on Substance Use and Addiction press release here. Read journal article here.

Entrepreneur Explains How to Set Up a Home Marijuana Garden as The Fresno Bee Warns That ER Docs Are Seeing Frequent Cases of Cannabinoid Hyperemesis Syndrome (CHS)

Emergency room physicians have seen an uptick in compulsive vomiting since California legalized marijuana for recreational use last November. The patients’ vomiting is accompanied by frantic screaming and kicking.

The phenomenon is called Cannabinoid Hyperemesis Syndrome of CHS. It occurs exclusivity in chronic marijuana users and was not identified until 2004 when Australian doctors made the link between chronic use and CHS.

Doctors say THC and other cannabinoid concentrations are much higher in today’s marijuana and may be contributing to more cases. The only long-term treatment is to stop using pot.

Read Fresno Bee story here.

Tobacco-Marijuana Nexus Begins . . .

Imperial Brands, a tobacco giant in the UK that removed the word “tobacco” from its name 18 months ago, is looking to diversify as smokers quit. It has hired medical marijuana expert Simon Langelier, who is chairman of the Canadian firm PharmaCielo which supplies cannabis oil extracts. Prior to that, Mr. Langelier spent 30 years at rival tobacco firm Philip Morris.

Imperial chairman Mark Williamson said Imperial will benefit from Mr. Langelier’s experience in tobacco and “wider consumer adjacencies.”

Skeptics have long warned that the tobacco industry, given its expertise in crop farming and distribution, will likely join and probably take over the marijuana industry. If so, it will likely apply its Joe Camel marketing tactics targeting adolescents as new smokers to targeting teens as new marijuana users.

Read the Independent story here.

Pictured: a Nevada legislator on a study tour of medical marijuana dispensaries, sniffs sample product.

. . . And So Does the Alcohol-Marijuana Nexus

The legalization proponents who wrote the Nevada recreational marijuana ballot initiative, which passed last November, had some help from the state’s alcohol industry. Mysteriously, the law specifies that all marijuana grown in Nevada will be distributed by alcohol distributors. This is unique to Nevada.

The state wants to license others to sell pot, but the liquor lobby has sued the state claiming it has exclusive marijuana distribution rights.

Just this afternoon, the judge hearing the lawsuit ruled for the alcohol industry and against the Nevada Department of Taxation which would have issued temporary licenses to medical marijuana dispensaries to sell recreational pot between July 1 and January 1, 2018 when licensing regulations will be completed.

Read Daily News article here.

It’s hot in Phoenix… Naturally

Natural Southwest heat causes propaganda to rise like the Phoenix.

It’s hot in the American Southwest.

So hot that airlines have been delaying flights for their smaller planes, waiting for cooler, denser air to provide better lift.

Yet you can’t have a heat wave without warming campaigners coming out of the woodwork to proclaim it evidence of “climate change.”

The Southwest is broiling. Are you paying attention, President Trump?” asks Jill Filipovic at CNN.

The Atlantic asks, “Did climate change ground flights in Phoenix?” and concludes, “Yes, but it didn’t act alone.”

This is nonsense.  We shared more examples at

Despite the media hype, these sizzling temperatures are historically normal.  The all-time high temperature for Phoenix of 122 degrees F has stood since June 26, 1990.

Did manmade global warming play a significant role in this recent Arizona heat wave? Almost assuredly not.

The small amount of warming that took place last century, well within range of natural variation, is simply too small.  Even after activist scientists got done fiddling with the data, the most warming they could come up with were amounts of less than one degree Celsius above the global temperature baseline.

Only in the surreal world of climate modeling is manmade global warming shown to be an evil, threatening menace. Fortunately we live on a real Earth, not a computer derived-one like in the film The Matrix.

How much cooler would Phoenix be had Americans never built factories and power plants or driven SUVs?

The question is absurd.

So is attributing hot desert weather to global warming in a world that hasn’t experienced any meaningful warming this century.


New Euro-studies Confirm Sun Dominates Earth’s Climate

80 Charts that Show Global Warming Hysteria Is a Fraud

Science comes to march in lockstep for Earth Progress!

As the world community senses the looming destruction of our planet by Trump’s imperial knowledge-rejecting regime, scientists all over the globe stand up and say No pasaran!

On April 22, and the battle cry of Earth Day resounding through the canyons of our metropoles, Science will march in the front row!

(all pics in this report show Science March rehearsals ongoing now all over the world.)Female-gendered scientists designed a Brainy-hat, and keenly knit it during breaks in rehearsals :

Collectives of scientists in all basic research disciplines announced elaborate programs of historically unprecedented sophistication, aimed to finally establish Environmental Justice for Gaia.

Physicists – Relentlessly Smash Inequality of Atoms!

Everybody knows: each atom has a Z (zhe Atomzahl aka proton number). That Z varies wildly: for hydrogen (evil!) it’s 1, for oxygen (People’s Element!) it’s 8, for gold (bankers!) it’s 79. That’s a scandalous inequality.

And so, the Gaia Program in Physics is: Make all atoms equal! Redistribute protons, and make all atoms have a common, universal Z. Say, Z = 59. This is a monumental effort, given that there are really many, many atoms. Spare particles – protons, electrons etc. – freed from liberated atoms will be used as clean energy fuel.

Physicists present models of proton-wise equalized atoms.

NOTE. FBI started an investigation into the origins of protonic atom inequality. All traces lead to… RUSSIA! The evidence so far points to an individual with a suspicious name – Mendeleyev. Zionist?

Chemists – Boldly create New Matter out of Equalized Atoms!

As atom-equalized matter will soon bubble up in retorts, fascinating questions arise. Will water (H2O) become gooey? Will iron (Fe) be gaseous? Finally, will equalized gold (Au) be simply made from equalized stones (St)?

Chemists proudly present an equalized atom in Science March.

New Matter in a peaceful laboratory flask, with proletariat watching.

Even more contentious, the Gaia Program in Chemistry demands a protonic exception: Carbon (C) to be stripped of protons altogether! This is the direct way to boldly decarbonize our Planet.

Chemical activists for de-protonizing Carbon (and thusly decarbonizing Gaia).

    Mystery item No. 1

Mathematicians – Progressive Gender-Awareness NOW!

Mathematics is extremely gender offensive. One single blob of genderific macroaggression.
This is aggressively explicit when doing Math in Romance languages (le/la, il/la, der/die/das).

See German:

der Punkt – (he) point ; die Linie – (she) line ; das Dreieck – (it) triangle.

Gender is pressed on any mathematical object, leaving no room at all for self-determination.

And it’s not just Romance languages – the Slavic ones have it too, implicitly.

Say, Russian:
(она) точка – (she) point ; (оно) пространство – (it) space ; (он) треугольник – (he) triangle.
Or this: (он) куб – (he) cube ; (она) вершина – (she) vertex ; (оно) ребро – (it) edge.

All research must be immediately stopped! The struggle must focus on total language revolution!
Only after the victory in that battle can gender-autonomy return to now victimized Math objects!

Mathematicians in Science March, expressing their resolve for Math Gender Revolution.

Climatists – Seize the Rudder in the Glorious March of Science!

The world collective of marching science decided (to be announced on April 22) the following:

1) The Queen of All Sciences is no longer Math, it is Climatism.
2) Climatism is administered, supervised, and directed by UN/IPCC.
3) UN/IPCC defines its innermost core UN/IPCC/IMC (abbrev. IMC).
4) What Climatism is, is – at any time – predetermined by IMC, the innermost core.
5) Who a Climate Scientist is, is defined by IMC’s rigorous Axiomatic Recursive Model, as follows:

A1. Members of IMC are Climate Scientists.
A2. Anyone deemed by a troika of Climate Scientists a Climate Scientist, is a Climate Scientist.


Whoever, in absence of a promoting troika (see A2), claims to be a “Climate Scientist”,
is thereby a scientophobic white supremacist contra-gendered Nazi denier (and RRRAAAAAcist!).See gloriously turgid Science Marches all over the Globe on April 22, The Gaia Day!




And unscientific denier Nazis will get a treatment they richly deserve :

EDITORS NOTE: This scientific political satire by Genosse Dummkopf originally appeared on The Peoples Cube.

The Paris Climate Accord: A Deadly Non-solution to a Non-problem

This week I had the opportunity to discuss President Trump’s decision to pull out of the Paris Climate Accord with radio host Mike Slater. As I explain in the interview, the Paris Climate Accord is a deadly non-solution to a non-problem:

  • The Accord would have robbed millions of access to energy, including the energy that allows us to cope with a naturally dangerous climate
  • It would have done nothing to avoid the climate catastrophe that supporters think fossil fuels are creating
  • And there is no evidence that the CO2 impact is catastrophic

The interview contains much more, including these kind words from Slater:

“I am just extremely impressed with what you’ve built over these last few years… Really impressed that you’ve gone out so much, and spoken, and spread this message, and done these debates with these high level environmentalists. You’ve done a wonderful job.”

You can listen to the interview here.

Dave Rubin on the moral case for fossil fuels

Interviewer Dave Rubin was recently asked about his views on climate change, and spent a big part of his answer recommending that people watch “a really interesting conversation I had with Alex Epstein from the Center for Industrial Progress, who wrote a book called The Moral Case for Fossil Fuels that I keep right there on my shelf.”

After pointing out that he received and continues to receive a ton of hate mail about my appearance on his show, Dave points out that I recorded a follow up video did where I responded to the top 100 YouTube comments about our interview. You can view that video here,

and my original interview with Dave Rubin here.

The fastest way to promote the moral case for fossil fuels

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How has the moral case for fossil fuels impacted you?

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Trump’s EPA Chief Backs Approach to Science That Could Upend the Global Warming ‘Consensus’

New Euro-studies Confirm Sun Dominates Earth’s Climate

80 Charts that Show Global Warming Hysteria Is a Fraud

Energy & Environmental News – 6/12/17

The newest edition of the Energy and Environmental Newsletter is now online.

Despite all the news you’ve heard over the last few weeks, you’re probably unaware of one of the most significant national developments. Last week Texas (the most wind friendly state in the US) signed into law a bill that effectively prohibits wind projects from being closer than 30± miles to a military facility. (See this and this.) This law should give encouragement to similar federal legislation, as well as military-protective measures in NY and NC.

You’ve also heard a lot about the US bowing out of the Paris Agreement — most of which is rather irrational. The Newsletter has a special section on worthwhile articles (like here) on this important international topic.

Some of the more interesting Global Warming articles in this issue are:

“Climate Change” used to Create Totalitarian State

Anatomy of a Deep State

Renounce Climate Alarmism

Can we discuss the climate without the hysteria?

Lindzen: In the future, people will marvel how hysterical mankind has been

CO2 Can’t Cause the Warming Alarmists Claim it Does

CO2 Facts vs Alternative Facts

58 New Papers Invalidate Claims Of Unprecedented Modern Global Warming

mgh, Not Greenhouse Gases, Provides a Warm Earth

Some of the more informative energy articles in this issue are:

The Princess and the Pea

Human Health, Rights and Wind Turbine Deployment

A startling case of two schools in proximity to wind turbines

Wind company dealt blow by Indiana Supreme Court

Why There’s No Such Thing As a Free Market for Electricity

Offshore Wind Turbines Blamed For Killing Family Of Whales

The Private Benefit of Carbon and its Social Cost

Scientific Peer-Review is a Deeply Tainted System

PS: Our intention is to put some balance into what most people see from the mainstream media about energy and environmental issues. As always, please pass this on to open-minded citizens, and on your social media sites. If there are others who you think would benefit from being on our energy & environmental email list, please let me know. If at any time you’d like to be taken off the list, simply send me an email saying that.

PPS: I am not an attorney, so no material appearing in any of the Newsletters (or our website) should be construed as giving legal advice. My recommendation has always been: consult a competent attorney when you are involved with legal issues.

VIDEO: Macron invites Americans to flee to France after Trump exits Paris Accord

The only people who are likely to take Macron up on this are Leftists who think all resistance to jihad terror is “Islamophobic.” How happy they will be in France!

  1. France: Guantanamo inmate released by Obama arrested for recruiting for the Islamic State
  2. Ramadan in Paris video: Muslim strikes at neck of man carrying beer
  3. Women fear to venture outside in entire neighborhood of Paris for fear of harassment from Muslim migrants
  4. France: Police hunt Muslim over three shootings, has 14 prior convictions
  5. France: ISIS calls for blood on election day, armed Muslim arrested near base, Macron widens lead
  6. Paris: Knife-wielding Muslim tackled by police at Eurostar terminal
  7. Paris jihad cop killer had been jailed for 20 years for trying to kill police, but freed early
  8. Paris on lockdown as gunmen kill cop in “terrorist act”
  9. France: 14 injured as migrants storm town hall
  10. France: Two Muslims arrested for plotting “imminent and violent” jihad attack
  11. France: Muslim screaming “Allahu akbar” murders Jewish woman, cops cover up terror angle
  12. France: Two teenage Muslimas held for Islamic State jihad massacre plot
  13. France: Veiled Muslim woman threatens passersby with a knife
  14. France: One-third of young Muslims hold “fundamentalist” religious views
  15. Paris airport jihadi had Qur’an, screamed “I’m here to die for Allah, there will be deaths”
  16. Paris jihadi on terror watch list, texted family “I shot police,” cops say terror “possible motive”
  17. Paris: Muslim seizes soldier’s gun after shooting police officer
  18. Paris: Muslim screaming “Allahu akbar” slits throats of father and son, cops search for motive
  19. France: Muslim migrant says of judges: “I’m going to go to court and shoot them all dead with a Kalashnikov”
  20. France: Muslim teen attacked Jewish teacher with machete in the “name of Allah and ISIS”

That’s just back three months. Go, Leftists, go! Take Macron up on his offer! Reduce your carbon footprint! Enjoy the elegance and grandeur of Paris! While it lasts.

French President Emmanuel Macron

“Macron invites Americans to flee to France after Trump chooses to exit Paris agreement,” by Daniel Chaitin, Washington Examiner, June 1, 2017:

French President Emmanuel Macron offered Americans a “second homeland” in France to help “make our planet great again,” a clear jab against President Trump after he announced that his administration will reject the Paris climate agreement.

In a short video posted online Thursday, Macron said that while he respects Trump’s decision, it was a “mistake” for the U.S. to exit the international accord.

“Tonight, I wish to tell the United States: France believes in you. The world believes in you. I know that you are a great nation,” Macron said.

He called on certain types, like scientists and “responsible citizens” who were disappointed by Trump’s announcement, to come to France.

“I call on them. Come and work here with us. To work together on concrete solutions for our kind, our environment. I can assure you France will not give up the fight,” Macron said….


France: Muslim who screamed “Allahu akbar” while murdering Jewish woman may not be tried, “not in right mind”

Trump administration asks Supreme Court to restore national security immigration ban

The Amazing Arrogance of the Paris Climate Agreement by Jeffrey A. Tucker

It was December 12, 2015, when headlines in the world’s leading newspapers, in implausibly bold type, celebrated the “historic” agreement in Paris between all nations of the world to curb carbon emissions and thereby stop climate change: or so they said, as if elites get to say what is and is not historic.

The spin, like the agreement itself, was crammed down our throats.

I read the stories that day, and the next and the next, and the continuing coverage for weeks that nearly every reader – apart from a few dedicated activists and permanent regime bureaucrats – ignored. The stories appeared on the international pages and didn’t touch the business pages. Energy stocks weren’t affected in the slightest.The stories had all the signs of dutiful public service announcements – “fake news,” as they say today – and they contained not a single quote from a single dissenting voice, because, of course, no respectable news outlet would give voice to “climate deniers.”


Let me pause to protest this “denial” language. It attempts to appropriate the widely shared disgust toward “Holocaust denial,” a bizarre and bedraggled movement that belittles or even dismisses the actual history of one of the 20th century’s most egregious mass crimes against human rights and dignity. Using that language to silence questions about an attempt to centrally plan the energy sector is a moral low that debases the language of denial.

This rhetorical trick reveals all you need to know about the desperate manipulation the climate planners are willing to engage in to realize their plot regardless of popular and justified skepticism concerning their regulatory and redistributionist policies.

And what are the specifics of that agenda? The Paris Agreement is a “voluntary” agreement because its architects knew it would never pass the US Senate as a treaty. Why? Because the idea of the agreement is that the US government’s regulatory agencies would impose extreme mandates on its energy sector: how it should work, what kinds of emissions it should produce, the best ways to power our lives (read: not fossil fuels), and hand over to developing world regimes billions and even trillions of dollars in aid, a direct and ongoing forcible transfer of wealth from American taxpayers to regimes all over the world, at the expense of American freedom and prosperity.

And you wonder why many people have doubts about it.

The Trumpist Reaction

Consider what else was going on December 12, 2015. Donald Trump was in the midst of a big battle for the Republican nomination. He started with 16 challengers to beat. He was widely considered to be a clownish candidate, a guy in it just to get press attention to build his business brand. Surely the American system of electoral politics, largely but imperfectly managed by responsible elites, would resist such demagogues. Besides, the media that trumpeted the Paris Agreement would be on hand to shame anyone who supported him. He couldn’t win.

The press mostly pretended that he wasn’t happening. The Huffington Post put coverage of his campaign in the humor section.

And so President Obama came home from the Paris meetings to the acclaim of all the right people. He alone had made the responsible choice on behalf of the entire country: every business, every worker, every consumer, every single person living within these borders who uses some measure of this thing we call energy. He would be our master and commander, ruling on our behalf, fresh off cocktail parties in Paris where the best and brightest – armed with briefcases full of government-funded science – decided to give the Industrial Revolution its final comeuppance.The exuberant spokespeople talked about how “the United States” had “agreed” to “curb its emissions” and “fund” the building of fossil-free sectors all over the world. It was strange because the “United States” had not in fact agreed to anything: not a single voter, worker, owner, or citizen. Not even the House or Senate were involved. This was entirely an elite undertaking to manage property they did not own and lives that were not theirs to control.

The Backlash

And then Trump spoke. He said that this Paris bit was a bad deal for Americans. We are already in a slow-growth economy. Now these global elites, without a vote from Congress, are presuming to mandate massive controls over the economy, hampering its productive sector which benefits everyone and transferring countless billions of dollars out of the country, with the acquiescence of the party in power.

He spoke about this in a way that bested all his opponents. The entire scenario fed his America First worldview, that the global elites were operating as parasites on American prosperity and sovereignty. His answer was to put up the wall: to immigrants, to trade, to global managerial elites, and reclaim American sovereignty from people who were selling it out. It was another flavor of statism (globalism and nativism are two sides of the same coin), but it tapped into that populist vein of the voting public that looks for a patriotic strongman to save them from a distant ruling class.Everything about the Paris Agreement seemed structured to play into Trump’s narrative of how the world had gone mad. And then he won the nomination. Then he won the presidency. None of this was supposed to happen. It wasn’t part of the plan. History took a different course from what the power elite demanded and expected to happen. Not for the first time.

How Dare Anyone Dispute Our Plans?

But the “globalists” of the type that tried to make Paris work have a stunning lack of self-awareness. They pretend to be oblivious to the populist resentment they breed. They act as if there is not a single legitimate doubt about the problem, their analysis of cause and effect, the discernment of their selected experts, or their proposed coercive solution. And there certainly isn’t a doubt that their mighty combination of power, resources, and intelligence can cause all the forces in the universe to adapt to their will, including even the climate that King Canute himself said could not be controlled by kings and princes.

As with countless other statist plans over the last hundred years, they figured that it was enough to gather all the right people in one room, agree to a wish list, sign a few documents, and then watch the course of history conform to their wishes.The Paris Agreement is no different in its epistemological conceit than Obamacare, the war on drugs, nation-building, universal schooling, or socialism itself. They are all attempts to subvert the capacity of society to manage itself on behalf of the deluded dreams of a few people with power and their lust for controlling social and economic outcomes.

Rejecting Elite Politics

How far are the Democrats from recognizing what they have done? Very, very far. John C. Williams, writing in the New York Times, has decried the “The Dumb Politics of Elite Condescension”:

“As a progressive, I am committed to social equality – not just for some groups, but for all groups… Everyone should have access to good housing and good jobs. That’s the point… Too often in otherwise polite society, elites (progressives emphatically included) unselfconsciously belittle working-class whites. Democrats should stop insulting people.”

That would be a good start. But it is not only about rhetoric. Policy preferences have to change. A global agreement that somehow binds entire countries to centrally plan and regulate the whole of a crucial sector of economic life that supports all economic advances of our time – at the very time when the energy sector is innovating its own solutions to carbon emissions in the cheapest possible way –  is certainly going to breed resentment, and for good reason. It is a bad and unworkable idea.

Continued reliance on undemocratic, uneconomic, imposed strategies such as the Paris Agreement will only further feed the populist revolt that could end in the worst possible policy combinations of strong-man nationalism, nativism, protectionism, closed borders, and backwards thinking in general. No good can come from this. The backlash against globalism can be as dangerous as globalism itself.You might think that the election of Trump would offer some lessons. But that is not the way the arrogant minds behind the climate agreement work. They respond by merely doubling down on disdain, intensifying their commitments to each other, heaping more loathing on the workers and peasants who have their doubts about these deals.

Trump and his ilk abroad, backed by voting masses with pitchforks and torches – and not a managed transition from fossil fuels to clean energy – are their creation.

Jeffrey A. Tucker

Jeffrey Tucker is Director of Content for the Foundation for Economic Education. He is also Chief Liberty Officer and founder of, Distinguished Honorary Member of Mises Brazil, research fellow at the Acton Institute, policy adviser of the Heartland Institute, founder of the CryptoCurrency Conference, member of the editorial board of the Molinari Review, an advisor to the blockchain application builder Factom, and author of five books. He has written 150 introductions to books and many thousands of articles appearing in the scholarly and popular press.

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