VIDEO: Transhumanism–And How Science Became Religion.

“Power is in tearing human minds to pieces and putting them together again in new shapes of your own choosing.” ― George Orwell, 1984

Britannica: Transhumanism, a social and philosophical movement devoted to promoting the research and development of robust human-enhancement technologies. Such technologies would augment or increase human sensory reception, emotive ability, or cognitive capacity as well as radically improve human health and extend human life spans. Such modifications resulting from the addition of biological or physical technologies would be more or less permanent and integrated into the human body.

This new Glazov Gang episode features Joe Allen, the pandemic contributor for the War Room. Visit him at

Joe discusses Transhumanism – And How Science Became Religion, analyzing the process of Upgrading humans from homo sapiens.

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Celeste Solum: Inside the Deep State’s Attack on Humans’ Genetic Code.

The Great Reset’s Technology & Rewriting Your Memories: In the near future, you may have to be very careful what you dream of.

The COVID Vaccine and Rewriting Human DNA — the transhumanism agenda and the Deep State’s plan to own your body.

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Watch as AOC Confuses Natural Gas For Oil In Video Explaining Why Pipelines Are Bad

Democratic New York Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez confused a number of facts about fossil fuels in a video to her followers explaining why pipelines are bad for the country.

The congresswoman mistakenly asserted that the Keystone XL and Line 3 pipelines were proposed to increase U.S. natural gas exports in the video she posted on her Instagram account Saturday. The two pipelines would transport crude oil, not natural gas, from Canada into the U.S. as an import, according to their operators.

“When you look at Keystone XL, and when you look at a lot of these other pipelines, people say, ‘Oh, this is for energy, you know, independence in the United States,’” Ocasio-Cortez stated during the video which has garnered more than 180,000 views. “We actually already produce enough to power our own country, whether you agree with it or not.”

“A lot of these pipelines are being built so that the United States can export and sell natural gas abroad,” she continued. “And, you know, people make geopolitical arguments as to why that should be the case.”

Line 3 has transported crude oil into the U.S. through Minnesota since the 1960s. Enbridge, the company that operates the pipeline, is currently constructing a $2.9 billion Line 3 replacement, but the company has faced intense resistance from environmental activists.

Ocasio-Cortez said that she believes Line 3 “should not exist.”


The Keystone XL pipeline would have similarly taken crude oil into the U.S. from western Canada. However, the pipeline — proposed as an extension to an already existing line that stretches from North Dakota to Texas — was canceled by its operator TC Energy after President Joe Biden revoked its federal permit.

More than 20 states have accused the president of overstepping his constitutional authority in an ongoing federal lawsuit challenging the permit revocation.

“The President has certain prerogatives to act on behalf of the United States in foreign affairs,” the lawsuit stated. “But as far as domestic law is concerned, the President must work with and abide by the limits set by Congress—whether he likes them or not.”

Republicans and fossil fuel industry advocates have argued that ensuring the U.S. has a steady, reliable supply of oil and natural gas protects national security. They also argue that the U.S. should leverage its own natural resources to be a net exporter of oil and gas rather than rely on foreign powers for energy.

But the Biden administration has hamstrung the U.S. fossil fuel industry, canceling pipelines, abandoning large drilling projects and introducing sweeping regulations, while asking Middle Eastern countries for more oil and Russia for more gas.



Energy and environment reporter. Follow Thomas on Twitter


Biden Blocks Oil, Gas Leases In Large New Mexico Region At Request Of Native American Tribes

Granholm Says Biden Is ‘All Over’ Gas Prices, Can’t List Any Policies To Lower Prices

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VIDEO: Comcast Censors VAXX Injured 13-Year Old Girl Who Volunteered for Pfizer Trial

A new TV ad that spotlights Pfizer vaccine-related injuries suffered by 13-year-old Maddie de Garay was killed Friday late afternoon by Comcast attorneys after initially accepting the ad on Thursday.  The ad was slated to run multiple times before and during the FDA’s VRBPAC Meeting on Pfizer Data on its COVID-19 Vaccine for Children 5-11.

After initially accepting the 60 Second TV Ad, Comcast attorneys killed it at the last minute.

Live Journal reported in an article titled “Maddie de Garay” reported:

Twitter censored a video from Wisconsin Republican Sen. Ron Johnson’s Monday press conference that depicts a mother discussing her daughter’s adverse reactions to the COVID-19 vaccine.

Maddie de Garay, a 12-year-old girl from Cincinnati, Ohio, was hospitalized several times after receiving her second dose of the Pfizer vaccine. She participated in a clinical trial from December 2020 to January 2021. In a now-censored clip shared on Twitter, Maddie’s mother Stephanie discussed what happened after Maddie was vaccinated.

“On January 20th, Maddie received her second dose of the Pfizer COVID vaccine as a participant in the clinical trial for 12 -and -15-year-olds. Stephanie said. “All three of our kids volunteered and were excited to participate in the trial as a way to help us all return to normal life. My husband works in the medical field and I have a degree in electrical engineering. We are pro-vaccine and pro-science — which is why we agreed to let Maddie and her two older brothers volunteer for the trial.”

“She had painful electrical shocks down her neck and spine that forced her to walk hunched over,” Stephanie said. “She had extreme pain in her fingers and toes, and it actually made them turn white, and they were cold whenever you touched them.”

12-year-old Maddie was enrolled in the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine clinical trial.

Read the full article here.

Maddie’s mother set to testify at an FDA meeting.

In 2019, Pfizer Spent $2.4 Billion in Advertising 

Watch: 12-Year-Old Volunteer Volunteer in a COVID Vaccine Study and Is Now in a Wheelchair

Maddie’s Ad

Here’s a partial transcript.

“I’ve waited 7 months for Pfizer or the FDA to acknowledge what happened to my daughter and they haven’t.  They tried to ignore her injuries.  With these ads, she will finally have the chance to be in the room with them, to be seen by them, and for her voice to be heard.”

Despite almost no publicity, the public can submit public comments to the FDA for its VRBPAC meeting on Pfizer Data taking place 10/26 for Children ages 5-11.

This is Maddie – she’s 13 and wants to be a pediatric nurse. 

When the COVID vaccine became available she volunteered to test it. She said she wanted to help other kids.


This is her now.


There are thousands of others like her. They are ignored by the FDA, by the media. She believed it when they said it was safe.

She stepped up to help America. Who’s going to step up for Maddie?

Stephanie, Maddie’s mother, who has voted Democratic in the last two elections narrates the ad.

“She wanted to help others, to help the world get back to normal,” said Stephanie.  “She now has lost the ability to walk and relies on an NG tube for all of her nutrition.”

The new physicians treating Maddie asked her about her “anxiety” that was put in her charts in March of 2021, two months after her second dose of the Pfizer vaccine.  Maddie looked them straight in the eye and said, “I did not have anxiety before and do not have anxiety now other than from the doctors who have not believed me.”

“She received her vaccine on January 20 and came into our room in the middle of the night, she said she didn’t feel right and couldn’t sleep.  She has been waiting 8 months to be acknowledged by Pfizer, the FDA, and CDC and has not even received acknowledgment from any of them, not an email, a phone call, or a text.  Nothing.  At least with this ad, we know that Maddie will be in the room with the decision-makers and if that can help innocent children in the future not become victims injured by the Pfizer covid vaccine then that is a win in our minds.”

“I’ve waited 7 months for Pfizer or the FDA to acknowledge what happened to my daughter and they haven’t.  They tried to ignore her injuries.  With these ads, she will finally have the chance to be in the room with them, to be seen by them, and for her voice to be heard.”

Despite almost no publicity, the public can submit public comments to the FDA for its VRBPAC meeting on Pfizer Data taking place 10/26 for Children ages 5-11. A link to submit a public comment can be found here.

The video is just one in a series named “The Unacknowledged – the Victims of the Vaccine.” And is a component of a national education effort organized by the not-for-profit organization, the Vaccine Safety Research Foundation.

According to the FDA and CDC, the government’s only way to record injuries and deaths attributed to vaccines is the website called the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System or, VAERS by self-reporting or by a healthcare professional reporting.  According to VAERS, which is overseen by the FDA and CDC, there have been:

  • 13,627 Post-COVID Vaccine Reported Deaths / 22,501 Total VAERS Reported Deaths,
  • 55,821 Post-COVID Vaccine Reported Hospitalizations/133,592 Total VAERS Reported Hospitalizations,
  • 623,341 COVID Vaccine Adverse Event Reports

Maddie de Garay volunteered for the Pfizer trial for 12–15-year-olds and received her first dose on 12/30/20 and her second dose on 1/20/21.  At free the approval for the Pfizer vaccine for 12–15-year-olds in May, she was unblinded and confirmed that she got the vaccine.

Maddie’s symptoms occurred almost immediately after the second dose in the Pfizer trial.  For example, according to medical records and her mother’s documentation, within 12 hours Maddie experienced:

  • Fever 101-102
  • Electric shocks up and down spine to neck
  • Fingers/hands turned white, were swollen and were ice cold when you touched them
  • Tachycardia (she said her heart felt like it was being ripped out through her neck)
  • Severe abdominal pain
  • All over body muscle/nerve pain and spasms – you couldn’t touch her anywhere and she said it even hurt to lay down
  • She walked hunched over and with her toes up
  • Severe headache
  • Nausea
  • Blood in her urine
  • CRP was 2.90

Maddie continued to decline over the following 3 months and developed these symptoms:

  • Unable to walk
  • Lost feeling below her waist
  • Tremors
  • Convulsions/Passed out
  • Nausea, vomiting, difficulty swallowing and eventually unable to swallow any liquids or solids    (Ng tube placed which she still has)
  • Gastroparesis, stool blockage that she was hospitalized for a clean out
  • Urinary retention requiring a catheter that is still a problem today
  • Brain fog, mixing up words, memory loss
  • Muscle weakness throughout body to the point she could not even bathe herself
  • Loss of neck control and muscle spasms
  • Rash all over her arm
  • White tongue
  • Throat pain
  • Bone pain in arm where she got injection
  • Feet peeling
  • Skin peeling on head
  • Reflux, feeds even come up through her Ng tube
  • Weight gain (only getting feeds so not overeating)
  • Heavy periods with clumps of blood
  • Inability to sweat or control her body temperature

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Glasgow Gas Emissions Fiasco!

Todays blog comes from Chris whose work you all seem to like! Please share as always!

I predicted two weeks ago the Glasgow climate conference wouldn’t amount to much, and I was right. It was billed as the “last chance” to save humanity, but it ended with China and India teaming up to water down language calling for phasing out the use of coal. The final language talks about how coal will be ‘phased down’, not ‘out’.

So there were two skunks at this garden party, but it was all completely foreseeable when you remember both China and India are building coal-fired power plants like crazy.  Estimates vary, but China is building at least 95  new coal plants and India is building 28.  You can add to that 23 more in Indonesia and dozens elsewhere.  Add it all up and you get 195 new coal plants being built around the world, as we speak.

China already has over a thousand coal plants.  India ranks second with 281, the U.S. third with 252, and 475 in the next nine countries combined.  No wonder U.S. climate envoy John Kerry said in January the U.S. could go to zero carbon emissions tomorrow and it wouldn’t make any difference, not when 90 percent of global emissions come from outside the U.S.

Speaking of John Kerry, we were treated during the conference to the pathetic spectacle of him desperate to get a deal, any kind of deal, with China.  The dealhe got is big on hifalutin talk about ‘thinking big’ and ‘shouldering responsibility’, but short on specifics.  China pledged to decrease its coal use.  Good luck with that when China’s 95 new coal plants come on line.  If we didn’t know Kerry’s ‘deal’ was worthless when it was announced, we certainly knew it when China and India watered down the final conference agreement.  And for this worthless piece of paper Kerry explicitly stated he was willing to overlook China’s use of slave labor to produce solar panels.  Swell guy.

Did the conferees act like climate change is a crisis?  No.  In addition to watering down the final language, the conferees made more worthless pledges to double the amount rich nations will pay poor nations for climate change.  Which doesn’t mean a whole lot when you consider developed countries reneged on a previous pledge to deliver $100 billion in climate payments per year to developing countries by 2020.  Meanwhile, the actions promised at the conference are insufficient to meet the conferee’s own goal of keeping the planet from warming more than 1.5 degrees Celsius.   No matter.  John Kerry declared mission accomplished, peace with honor, don’t make the perfect the enemy of the good.

I’ve said many times I’ll believe it’s a crisis when they act like it’s a crisis.  They’re not acting like it and, therefore, have failed to make the case it really is a crisis.   Yet Kerry & Friends want to turn the U.S. upside down to tilt at windmills.  Kerry says the U.S. won’t have coal-fired power plants by 2030.  Looks like former President Obama’s ‘war on coal’ has resumed.  One of Joe Biden’s nominees said she wants coal and oil companies to go bankrupt to fight climate change.

The inmates are running the asylum.  They’re chasing unicorns starting with the whole bogus notion of human-induced climate change, but this is what they’re really talking about: cutting your energy use by 90 percent, stopping economic growth entirely, keeping you from traveling, cutting your food by a third, and only allowing you to buy 9 pounds of clothing a year.  Is that what you want?

In case you haven’t figured it out yet, this isn’t about the climate.  It’s about making you poor and keeping you under their thumb.  Obama said he would give upa lot of his lifestyle to fight climate change.  OK, you go first.  When Obama and Kerry follow the climate crowd’s advice to own nothing and be happy about it, I will gladly follow suit.   Until they do, they should just stop flapping their gums.  It’s annoying.

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How Cultural Marxism Is Grinding Down Our Public Schools

Cultural Marxism is the gradual process of grinding down western democracies by subverting the pillars of their culture, the structures and institutions of family, religion, education, politics, law, the arts and the media, as they provide the social cohesion necessary to a functioning society. Undermine the principles these structural institutions embody, and a capitalist society can be overthrown from within without firing a shot. Like termites eating away at the foundation of a house, cultural Marxists in our midst have plotted since the 1960s to radically transform every cultural institution in America, including its secondary education system.

Those who think the threat of communism ended when the Soviet Union collapsed would be shocked to know what’s being taught decades later in many of America’s schools. In “Bill Ayers, the Critical Pedagogy Movement and Cultural Marxism,” author Geoffrey Brittain wrote this:

“In many of our public schools, young, impressionable children are no longer being taught to feel good about being Americans. Their school teachers, who traditionally embody socially approved values, are teaching them to be ashamed of being Americans. Spreading out from the schools that teach our teachers, this ideology is being inculcated into our nation’s K-12 schools and is anti-American in the most profound meaning of the term. It is a movement that is teaching future generations that capitalism and traditional American values are intrinsically evil. Critical pedagogy and its advocates, in their vehement antipathy toward capitalism, private property and traditional American values, is a classic fifth subversive column, no less dangerous to freedom than communism. Its advocates are seeking to radically transform our society by covertly indoctrinating the young through an essentially clandestine and subversive transformation of its culture.” 

What follows are examples of how cultural Marxists in our schools are indoctrinating the young.


During a meeting of the Left Forum, two public school teachers were caught on video discussing how to slip communist dogma into classrooms. Wearing a “Tax the Rich” shirt, Sarah Knopp, a Los Angeles high school teacher and teachers union activist who contributes to “The Socialist Review,” and Megan Behrent, a New York City public school teacher affiliated with the International Socialist Organization, participated in a panel discussion about injecting Marxism into classroom instruction.

Across America, activist teachers, nearly all of whom vote Democrat, are pushing communist doctrine on captive young minds, often with the tacit approval of Democrat school administers, Democrat-controlled school boards, and the Democratic Party.


A progressive-designed lesson plan for 6th graders in Texas public schools read as follows:

Note that socialist/communist nations use symbolism on their flags representing various aspects of their economic system.  Imagine a new socialist nation is creating a flag and you have been put in charge. Use symbolism to represent aspects of socialism/communism on your flag. What kind of symbolism/colors would you use?

If this type of thing is taught in a red state like Texas, the odds are off the charts that communist-themed lesson plans are also being used in other states.


After telling her 6th grade class that Republicans are stupid, Virginia public school teacher Kristin Martin went on to say that Republicans “don’t care about anyone but wealthy people and businesses,” an absurd claim designed to infect her students with Marxist class resentment.  Martin made her comments on Mar. 6, 2012 as Republicans filed into Powell Elementary School in Fairfax County to vote on Super Tuesday.


During an official event at an elementary school in Virginia, 3rd grade students were required to perform “Part of the 99%,’ a song with an unmistakable political overtone: support of the anti-capitalist Occupy Wall Street protests. In response to an outburst of criticism, school board officials defended the song, saying the district’s schools don’t censor songs children write or try to influence the subjects children write songs about. “It all came out of the kids’ own mouths and the kids’ own words,” said Albemarle County school board chair, Steve Koleszar. Does it appear the song was written by 3rd graders? You decide:

Part of the 99%

Some people have it all

But they still don’t think they have enough

They want more money, a faster ride

They’re not content, never satisfied

Yes, they’re the 1%

I used to be one of the 1%

I worked all the time, never saw my family

Couldn’t make life rhyme, then the bubble burst

It really, really hurt

I lost my money, lost my pride, lost my home

Now I’m one of the 99%

The song accomplished its decidedly anti-American purpose: planting the seeds of Marxist class hatred in the minds of 8-year-olds.


Two teachers at a Seattle school banned Legos from the classroom to teach kindergarteners about the alleged evils of private property. Anxious to have the toys returned to the classroom, the children agreed to a new set of guidelines set by their teachers, including these: All structures must be public structures and all structures must be standard size. Later, the teachers proudly quoted their newly indoctrinated students:

“A house is good because it is a community house.”

“We should all have equal houses.”

“It’s important to have the same power over your building as other people.”

What the 5-year-olds were taught is explained in this Karl Marx quote: “The theory of Communism can be summed up in one sentence: Abolish all private property.”


Valencia College economics professor Jack Chambliss asked his sophomore class two questions on an essay assignment: what does the American Dream look like to you, and how much do you expect the federal government to help you achieve that vision? Eighty percent of his students expect government to provide one or more of the following:

Free college education

Free health care

Guarantee of a good-paying job

Money for down-payment on a home

Money for retirement

Take money from rich people so more money can be given to them

One student wrote, “As human beings, we are really not responsible for our own acts, and we need government to control those who don’t care about others.”  The students’ expectations about government’s role in helping them achieve the American Dream made it clear that many had been indoctrinated with communist propaganda fed to them at K-12 schools they attended.


What children are taught in school today will determine what our country will be like in the future. In his best-selling book, “The Naked Communist,” former FBI Special Agent Cleon Skousen revealed 45 communist goals for destroying America from within. Goal 17 mandates this: “Get control of the schools. Use them as transmission belts for Socialism and current Communist propaganda.” And that’s just what cultural Marxists in our schools have done. As a result, public-funded education is advancing communism in America one little Marxist at a time.

K-12 schools aren’t the only place communist dogma is being force-fed to impressionable young minds. A PragerU video titled “Dangerous People Are Teaching Your Kids” shows how cultural Marxists are also subverting higher education. Please consider watching and sharing.

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Sen. Hawley to Introduce ‘Parents’ Bill of Rights’ to Protect Role in Education

Taking Off the Mask

America Finally Admits Recycling Doesn’t Work [+Video]

It’s time to admit the recycling mania is a giant placebo.

A couple of years ago, after sending my five-year-old daughter off to school, she came home reciting the same cheerful environmental mantra I was taught in elementary school.

“Reduce, reuse, recycle,” she beamed, proud to show off a bit of rote learning.

The moral virtue of recycling is rarely questioned in the United States. It has been ingrained into the American psyche over several decades. On a recent trip to the Caribbean, my friend’s wife exhibited nervous guilt while collecting empty soda, water, and beer bottles destined for the trash since our resort offered no recycling bins.

“I feel terrible throwing these into garbage,” she said, wearing a pained look on her face.

I didn’t have the heart to tell her that there was a good chance the bottles she was recycling back in the States were ending up just like the ones on the Caribbean island we were visiting.

As Discover magazine pointed out a decade ago, recycling is tricky business. A 2010 Columbia University study found that just 16.5 percent of the plastic collected by the New York Department of Sanitation was “recyclable.”

“This results in nearly half of the plastics collected being landfilled,” researchers concluded. [View chart click here.]

Since that time, things have only gotten worse. Over the weekend, The New York Times ran a story detailing how hundreds of cities across the country are abandoning recycling efforts.

Philadelphia is now burning about half of its 1.5 million residents’ recycling material in an incinerator that converts waste to energy. In Memphis, the international airport still has recycling bins around the terminals, but every collected can, bottle and newspaper is sent to a landfill. And last month, officials in the central Florida city of Deltona faced the reality that, despite their best efforts to recycle, their curbside program was not working and suspended it. Those are just three of the hundreds of towns and cities across the country that have canceled recycling programs, limited the types of material they accepted or agreed to huge price increases.

One reason for this is that China, perhaps the largest buyer of US recyclables, stopped accepting them in 2018. Other countries, such as Thailand and India, have increased imports, but not in sufficient tonnage to alleviate the mounting costs cities are facing.

“We are in a crisis moment in the recycling movement right now,” Fiona Ma, the treasurer of California, told the Times.

Cost is the key word. Like any activity or service, recycling is an economic activity. The dirty little secret is that the benefits of recycling have been dubious for some time.

“Recycling has been dysfunctional for a long time,” Mitch Hedlund, executive director of Recycle Across America, told The Times.

How long? Perhaps from the very beginning. Nearly a quarter century ago, Lawrence Reed wrote about the growing fad of recycling, which state and local governments were pursuing—mostly through mandates, naturally—with a religious-like fervor. There were numerous problems with the approach, he observed.

The fact is that sometimes recycling makes sense and sometimes it doesn’t. In the legislative rush to pass recycling mandates, state and local governments should pause to consider the science and the economics of every proposition. Often, bad ideas are worse than none at all and can produce lasting damage if they are enshrined in law. Simply demanding that something be recycled can be disruptive of markets and it does not guarantee that recycling that makes either economic or environmental sense will even occur.

If only lawmakers had heeded Mr. Reed’s advice, or that of John Tierney, who offered similar guidance in The Times the following year.

Believing that there was no more room in landfills, Americans concluded that recycling was their only option. Their intentions were good and their conclusions seemed plausible. Recycling does sometimes make sense–for some materials in some places at some times. But the simplest and cheapest option is usually to bury garbage in an environmentally safe landfill. And since there’s no shortage of landfill space (the crisis of 1987 was a false alarm), there’s no reason to make recycling a legal or moral imperative.

That’s economics, you say. What about the environment? Well, the environmental benefits of recycling are far from clear. For starters, as Popular Mechanics noted a few years ago, the idea that we don’t have sufficient space to safely store trash is untrue.

According to one calculation, all the garbage produced in the U.S. for the next 1000 years could fit into a landfill 100 yards deep and 35 miles across on each side–not that big (unless you happen to live in the neighborhood). Or put another way, it would take another 20 years to run through the landfills that the U.S. has already built. So the notion that we’re running out of landfill space–the original impetus for the recycling boom–turns out to have been a red herring.

And then there are the energy and resources that go into recycling. How much water do Americans spend annually rinsing items that end up in a landfill? How much fuel is spent deploying fleets of barges and trucks across highways and oceans, carrying tons of garbage to be processed at facilities that belch their own emissions?

The data on this front is thin, and results on the environmental effectiveness of recycling vary based on the material being recycled. Yet all of this presumes the recyclables are not being cleaned and shipped only to be buried in a landfill, like so much of it is today. This, Mises would say, is planned chaos, the inevitable result of central planners making decisions instead of consumers through free markets.

Most market economists, Reed points out, “by nature, philosophy, and experience” a bunch skeptical of centrally planned schemes that supplant choice, were wise to the dynamics of recycling from the beginning.

As engineer and author Richard Fulmer wrote in 2016,

Recycling resources costs resources. For instance, old newsprint must be collected, transported, and processed. This requires trucks, which must be manufactured and fueled, and recycling plants, which must be constructed and powered.

All this also produces pollution – from the factories that build the trucks and from the fuel burned to power them, and from the factories that produce the components to build and construct the recycling plant and from the fuel burned to power the plant. If companies can make a profit recycling paper, then we can be confident that more resources are saved than are used. However, if recycling is mandated by law, we have no such assurance.

Again, economics is the key.

It’s time to admit the recycling mania is a giant placebo. It makes people feel good, but the idea that it improves the condition of humans or the planet is highly dubious.

It’s taken three decades, but the actions of hundreds of US cities suggest Americans are finally willing to entertain the idea that recycling is not a moral or legal imperative.


Jon Miltimore

Jonathan Miltimore is the Managing Editor of His writing/reporting has been the subject of articles in TIME magazine, The Wall Street Journal, CNN, Forbes, Fox News, and the Star Tribune. Bylines: Newsweek, The Washington Times,, The Washington Examiner, The Daily Caller, The Federalist, the Epoch Times.

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Something is Seriously Wrong When the World is Offended by Everything but SIN

“The Seven Social Sins are: Wealth without work, Pleasure without conscience, Knowledge without character, Commerce without morality, Science without humanity, Worship without sacrifice, Politics without principle.” – From a sermon given by Frederick Lewis Donaldson in Westminster Abbey, London, on March 20, 1925.

Sin is real. Sin causes death and destruction, not only of the individual but a culture.

Sinful behaviors lead to more sinful behaviors. Once an adulterer always an adulterer. Once a thief always a thief. Once an addict always an addict. Once a corrupt politician always a corrupt politician or is it once a politician is elected he or she then becomes corrupted?

Lying, Cheating and Stealing

Have you noticed that Western civilization is dying, slowly but surely? Have you felt that our Constitutional Republican form of government is being replaced with Communism? Are you uncomfortable with what is happening around you? Have you noticed that lying has now become an artform? Do you feel cheated in how you are treated by your family, friends, work collogues and government at every level? Do you see politician trying to steal from you in the name of social justice?

Here are some uncomfortable truths that the media and politicians don’t want you to know about:

  1. Biden’s Build Back Better agenda will cost more than $0.
  2. Mankind cannot control the climate.
  3. Work is better than welfare.
  4. Taxing the rich always leads to taxing every worker.
  5. Communism is not the answer to the world’s economic problems.
  6. Totalitarianism’s cultural war is not the answer.
  7. There are only 2 genders – male and female.
  8. Science is never fixed, science requires that every theory be tested again and again.
  9. Propaganda, in all of its forms, is the enemy of the people.
  10. Killing the unborn is murder.
  11. There is no such thing as social justice, there is only equal justice under the law.
  12. All lives matter.
  13. Judging someone by the content of their character is the gold standard of any society.
  14. God is real.

Politics Without Principle

Terry Pratchett, in his novel Carpe Jugulum wrote, “And sin, young man, is when you treat people like things.

People are beginning to see their government treating them like things. Here’s one example of a government treating its citizens like slaves.

Covid is the hammer that has put politics without principle in the forefront. Covid is all about control. It is science without humanity.

George Orwell, in his novel 1984 wrote, “Power is in tearing human minds to pieces and putting them together again in new shapes of your own choosing.”

Politicians are now “woke.” Woke’s focus is on social justice and racism. Politicians have learned how to use social justice and racism to attack their political opponents. Politicians decide who is a racist and who deserves social justice. This is the antithesis of a free society.

Politicians, and their media allies, want to fundamentally transform our cultures to fit their woke beliefs.

Politicians use their powers to empower themselves and thereby enslave us. Obey or starve!


Ayn Rand wrote, “The smallest minority on earth is the individual. Those who deny individual rights, cannot claim to be defenders of minorities.”

The greatest sin of all is coveting. Politicians covet power, our wealth, our freedoms and our lives, our liberties and our pursuit of happiness.

We need to look once again to the God of Moses who gave us the Ten Commandments.

©Dr. Rich Swier. All rights reserved.

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The Ten Commandments are:

  1. “I am the Lord thy God, thou shalt not have any gods before Me.”

    This commandment forbids idolatry, the worship of false gods and goddesses, and it prohibits polytheism, the belief in many gods, insisting instead on monotheism, the belief in one God. This commandment forbids making golden calves, building temples to Isis, and worshipping statues of Caesar, for example.

  2. “Thou shalt not take the name of the Lord thy God in vain.”

    The faithful are required to honor the name of God. It makes sense that if you’re to love God with all your heart, soul, mind, and strength, then you’re naturally to respect the name of God with equal passion and vigor.

  3. “Remember to keep holy the Sabbath day.”

    The Jewish celebration of Sabbath (Shabbat) begins at sundown on Friday evening and lasts until sundown on Saturday. Catholic, Protestant, and Orthodox Christians go to church on Sunday, treating it as the Lord’s Day instead of Saturday to honor the day Christ rose from the dead.

  4. “Honor thy father and mother.”

    This commandment obliges the faithful to show respect for their parents — as children and adults. Children must obey their parents, and adults must respect and see to the care of their parents when they become old and infirm.

  5. “Thou shalt not kill.”

    The better translation from the Hebrew would be “Thou shalt not murder” — a subtle distinction but an important one to the Church. Killing an innocent person is considered murder. Killing an unjust aggressor to preserve your own life is still killing, but it isn’t considered murder or immoral.

  6. “Thou shalt not commit adultery.”

    The sixth and ninth commandments honor human sexuality. This commandment forbids the actual, physical act of having immoral sexual activity, specifically adultery, which is sex with someone else’s spouse or a spouse cheating on their partner. This commandment also includes fornication, which is sex between unmarried people, prostitution, pornography, homosexual activity, masturbation, group sex, rape, incest, pedophilia, bestiality, and necrophilia.

  7. “Thou shalt not steal.”

    The seventh and tenth commandments focus on respecting and honoring the possessions of others. This commandment forbids the act of taking someone else’s property. The Catholic Church believes that this commandment also denounces cheating people of their money or property, depriving workers of their just wage, or not giving employers a full day’s work for a full day’s pay. Embezzlement, fraud, tax evasion, and vandalism are all considered extensions of violations of the Seventh Commandment.

  8. “Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbor.”

    The Eighth Commandment condemns lying. Because God is regarded as the author of all truth, the Church believes that humans are obligated to honor the truth. The most obvious way to fulfill this commandment is not to lie — intentionally deceive another by speaking a falsehood. So a good Catholic is who you want to buy a used car from.

  9. “Thou shalt not covet thy neighbor’s wife.”

    The Ninth Commandment forbids the intentional desire and longing for immoral sexuality. To sin in the heart, Jesus says, is to lust after a woman or a man in your heart with the desire and will to have immoral sex with them. Just as human life is a gift from God and needs to be respected, defended, and protected, so, too, is human sexuality. Catholicism regards human sexuality as a divine gift, so it’s considered sacred in the proper context: marriage.

  10. “Thou shalt not covet thy neighbor’s goods.”

    The Tenth Commandment forbids the wanting or taking of someone else’s property. Along with the Seventh Commandment, this commandment condemns theft and the feelings of envy, greed, and jealousy in reaction to what other people have.


“A strict observance of the written laws is doubtless one of the high duties of a good citizen, but it is not the highest. The laws of necessity, of self-preservation, of saving our country when in danger, are of a higher obligation…To lose our country by a scrupulous adherence to written law would be to lose the law itself, with life, liberty, property and all those who are enjoying them with us; thus, absurdly sacrificing the ends to the means.” – Thomas Jefferson, Letter to J.B. Colvin, September 20, 1780

“The masses never revolt of their own accord, and they never revolt merely because they are oppressed. Indeed, so long as they are not permitted to have standards of comparison, they never even become aware that they are oppressed.” ― George Orwell, 1984

“A fascist is one whose lust for money or power is combined with such an intensity of intolerance toward those of other races, parties, classes, religions, cultures, regions or nations as to make him ruthless in his use of deceit or violence to attain his ends.” –  Henry A. Wallace, 33rd VP of the United States.

“If we define an American fascist as one who in case of conflict puts money and power ahead of human beings, then there are undoubtedly several million fascists in the United States.” –  Henry A. Wallace

Book Burning – On May 10, 1933, university students in 34 university towns across Germany burned over 25,000 books. The works of Jewish authors like Albert Einstein and Sigmund Freud went up in flames alongside blacklisted American authors such as Ernest Hemingway and Helen Keller, while students gave the Nazi salute.  They called it “purging.”

Digital book burnings are happening in America with Amazon, Target and other superstores dropping books deemed inflammatory or “racist.”  History has no part in America if it offends the minds of snowflakes and race baiters.

Book burning is also happening in 21st Century Canada as reported by the WSJ on October 7th, 2021.  More than 4,700 children’s books from 30 schools across CSC Province were targeted.  The list included old encyclopedias, biographies of French explorers Jacques Cartier and Etienne Brule, and even French and Belgian comics including Tintin, Asterix, Obelix and Lucky Luke.  All were destroyed in a “flame purification” ceremony.

Canada claims they’re purging the ashes of racism, discrimination and stereotypes in an inclusive country where all can live in prosperity and security.  This is a lie, a scandal and an evil unto itself.  The destruction of history is the willful destruction of the records and the knowledge that can help humanity better understand itself.

Just what is a “flame purification” ceremony when the destruction is of historic documents? The banned documents in America include Disney’s “The Song of the South,” now considered “racial discrimination.”

Where books are burned, people will also be burned.

American Education – Americans who have studied the decline of education in our country know that academic education has been deleterious since 1880 when John Dewey’s progressive (read socialist) education was used on the four sons of John Rockefeller Jr.  All four of them, including Vice President, Nelson Rockefeller, who was one heartbeat from the presidency under Gerald Ford, were dyslexic and functionally illiterate.  Nelson hired Henry Kissinger to read to him.

Buffalo Public Schools go on to suggest that George Washington, the man who founded this country, was a fraud; that Colin Kaepernick is a moral hero; and that we should celebrate Indigenous Peoples Day instead of Columbus Day. Apparently, we have no right to give thanks for a country that isn’t ours.  The Marxist revisionist history taught in our schools today is anathema to the truth of the founding of this nation…it is apostate.  Historic truth is reported in the books, Dogs of God The Inquisition and Defeat of the Moors and Simon Wiesenthal’s Sails of Hope.

America’s education is steeped in deviate sexual training.  Government schools are barren academic education.  Long gone is the teaching of American and world history, phonics and the ability to read past a third-grade level, cursive writing, easy and understandable simple math and of course, civics. Race baiting exists throughout the country with critical race theory taught in every school and the Marxist Black Lives Matter groups are within 20 of the largest school districts in America…now probably far more.

New York City is one of many school systems in the United States set to roll out BLM-themed lesson plans this fall. According to the NYC Department of Education, teachers will delve into “systemic racism,” police brutality, and white privilege in their classrooms. Their site lays out a cult-like recruiting process for students to follow. Step one: Recognize your white privilege. Step two: Learn the dos and don’ts of being an ally. Step three: Recruit more members to learn steps one and two.

End result is to hate whitey just as the end result in Nazi Germany was to hate Jewish friends and neighbors and worship the state.

Prayer in School – Prayer in America’s schools was eliminated in 1962 by the same leftist Warren Supreme Court who destroyed states’ rights for slander and libel.  Obtain a copy of Charlotte Iserbyt’s magnificent book, The Deliberate Dumbing Down of America for the entire evil machinations of those in power who desired the elimination of academic education.

The gradual transformation of our once academically successful educational system into one devoted to training children to become compliant human resources to be used by government and industry for their own purposes has succeeded. This is how fascist-socialist societies train their children to become servants of their government masters.

All financed through your own taxes!  One out of 12 children are now home schooled.

Two-Tiered Society – The 1935 Nuremberg Race Laws served as the legal cornerstone of Jewish persecution by the Nazis. Hitler publicly presented the Laws at the Nazi party’s annual rally in Nuremberg, Germany. The Laws consisted of two directives: (1) Law of the Reich Citizen, and (2) Law for the Protection of German Blood and German Honor.  Each part of the Laws controlled the Jewish population in a different way.

The Laws stripped Jews of their German citizenship. As such, each Jew was made a subject of the German state, meaning that such person was considered a second-class citizen and belonged to the state. Since a Jew belonged to the state, the state could decide what such person could do professionally and what he or she could own. Therefore, the Nazis were able to use the Laws to push Jews out of certain professions such as those of doctors and lawyers. They were also able to dis-enroll Jews from educational programs that required its pupils to be German citizens.

Compare this to America’s two-tiered society of Covid vaxxed and non-vaxxed.  How many educators, first responders, healthcare providers and even prison guards are out of a job for refusing an untested inoculation for a virus with a 99.8% recovery?  How many employees of corporations with more than 100 employees are demanding the jab or your job?  (Biden is now threatening an unconstitutional vax mandate on businesses with less than 100 employees.)

How many of our military are going to be dishonorably discharged by Biden if they refuse an untested and Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) jab?  Watch the three-minute video of two nurses and a doctor being escorted from hospitals for being unvaxxed.  And the unvaccinated may soon face steep financial penalties. Link

America’s society allows full freedom only for those who accepted the government jab mandate.  For those who preferred medical freedom, according to our Fourth Amendment which is “the right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures,” you are banned from many societal enjoyments.

Aaron Rogers of the Green Bay Packers contracted the virus and treated it with ivermectin.  He refused to be inoculated.  He now has to wear a yellow wristband around his teammates to show he is not vaxxed, whereas everyone who is vaxxed wears a red wristband.

A few months ago, we bought tickets to the Righteous Brothers and Chicago at our wonderful Tennessee Theatre.  After the purchases, we received notice that we had to present vax papers, or a negative Covid test taken within 72 hours of the show to get into the theatre and we had to wear face diapers during the concerts!  No allotment was made for natural immunity from Sars-coV-2. I called the theatre and we got our money back.

“Your papers please” is already here.

Your Papers Please – After the events of Kristallnacht of November 9-10th of 1939, the German authorities implemented a new set of identity papers for its citizens: ID cards for its “German” citizens and a set of papers for non-Aryan citizens, or to be more precise, for the Jews which carried a large red “J” for Jew on the paper.  Non-Jews had the Swastika affixed ID card.  (The ID cards would also have a large yellow J imprint inside the left part of the document.)

The Rise, Align, Ignite, Reclaim (RAIR) Foundation exposed that in 2018 the European Union already planned vaccination certificates, monitoring vaccine status and combating vaccine hesitancy.  In 2018, a year before the coronavirus outbreak, the European Commission released a document already addressing plans to combat vaccination hesitancy, monitoring citizens’ vaccination status, squashing vaccine dissent, and European vaccination certificates.


As mentioned in Part One of this article, euthanasia was common in the early 20th century of America.  Deaf children were sterilized believing they were mentally deficient and should not bear offspring.  In 1935, Hitler’s Nuremberg Laws provided for the forced sterilization of the unfit. Not only did Hitler have in mind such “inferior races” as Jews and Gypsies, he also included unfit Aryans—the mentally defective, severely handicapped, the incurably insane and the incurably sick. Anyone considered “genetically inferior” was put to death by inoculation or Zyklon-B to “purify” Hitler’s master race.

At least five states culled their elderly “useless eaters” by sending Covid patients into nursing homes where comorbidities were high. Decades old safe generic drugs would have kept them alive, but hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin were disallowed.  Thousands upon thousands died.

In America, Bill Gates has his fingers in the sterilization/depopulation/UN Agenda 21 pie, hoping to cull the “useless eaters” from society and massively downsize our population.  Gates has used his largesse for vaccines that have sterilized women in various countries and we’re seeing the same thing happen with the Sars-coV-2 jabs.

It turns out that miscarriages during the first trimester are as high as 91 percent in women who take the jab. The original data that was used by the federal government to authorize the jab for pregnant women in the first place clearly shows this.

As if that’s not evil enough, the Covid jab has been approved for children ages five to eleven.  Only 330 children have died in the US from Covid and all of them had high risk comorbidities.  Giving children this untested vaccine is, at the least, negligent homicide.

Dr. Robert Malone, inventor of messenger RNA said, “There is no reason to vaccinate children. They don’t have a risk of disease. Natural immunity is superior to vaccine immunity; don’t vaccinate those who have full immunity.  Don’t interfere with physicians who are providing lifesaving medications to their patients.  Stop it!”

Dr. Joseph Mercola reported that a heart attack ingredient has been added to the Pfizer jab for children.  It is a blood acid reducer which is used intravenously to stabilize people with heart attacks and during cardiac surgery.  Lord help us!

Tony Fauci held people hostage unto death waiting for the money-making cure-all vaccine and Dr. Ezekiel Immanuel, advisor to illegitimate President Biden on Covid, spouts the rhetoric that none should live after age 75.  All of them have been instrumental in the deaths of hundreds of thousands.

America has physician assisted suicide (PAS) in nine American states; the first being Oregon in 1994. After 48 years of legalized abortion in all fifty states at any time for any reason throughout pregnancy, there have been over 63 million abortions that have destroyed the lives of unborn children in their mother’s wombs.  Massive amounts of money are being made selling the bodies of these unborn children to various labs and they are being used for the most macabre and evil scientific experiments, including the creation of vaccines.


Nazi ruthlessness was murder for a lie.  European Jews were robbed of their human and civil rights and then murdered.  History is repeating itself in the “land of the free.”

Where is the cry for FREEDOM?!

©Kelleigh Nelson. All rights reserved.

AWED NEWSLETTER: We cover COVID to Climate, as well as Energy to Elections

Welcome! We cover COVID to Climate, as well as Energy to Elections.

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— This Newsletter’s Articles, by Topic —

COVID-19 — Repeated Important Information:

New website ( with dozens of quality COVID-19 reports.

COVID-19 — Therapies:

Japan drops vax rollout, goes to Ivermectin — ends COVID almost overnight

Short Dr. Campbell video: Ivermectin vs Pfizer’s new COVID-19 drug

Short Dr. Campbell followup video: Alternative facts
Study: What repurposed drugs are effective against COVID-19?

Study: Concluding that Ivermectin is a very powerful obstructor of COVID-19

Study: Comparing the effectiveness of different drugs to block COVID-19

How Do We Determine Whether a Therapy is Effective?

COVID-19 — Vaccines:

Critique of CDC study re vaccinated vs unvaccinated

Epic Fail: COVID ‘Vaccines’ Do Not Impact Infection Rates

FOIA’d CDC Emails: Our Definition of Vaccine is “Problematic”

Essay: Orwellian Word Games at CDC on the Word “Vaccine”

Why aren’t we celebrating the naturally immune?

Whistleblower Tells Peer-Reviewed Journal: Pfizer Vaccine Trial Had Major Flaws

COVID-19: Researcher blows the whistle on Pfizer data integrity

Pfizer CEO: people who spread misinformation on Covid vaccines are ‘criminals’

Exposing The Vaccine Practice Known As HEK 293

Report: The Mystery Behind the COVID Vaccine

Acquired Immunity vs the Injection

Know Your Child’s Seizure Risk from the MMR Vaccine

COVID-19 — Vaccine Mandates:

20 Studies Exposing Vaccine Mandate Is Not Based On Science

High Recorded Mortality in Countries categorized as “Covid-19 Vaccine Champions”

Archbishop: Covid Agenda is a Satanic Action Against God

Fully Informed Consent for Childhood Vaccines – or Malpractice?

Sen. Ron Johnson Holds Expert Panel on COVID Vaccine Injuries, Federal Mandates

Short Video: Moog Walkout Protest Against Vaccine Mandate

As Vaccine Mandates Spread, Italy Shows What To Expect

COVID-19 — Misc:

Scientist who fled China: COVID-19 is a bioweapon meant to destroy America

Short video: Jordan Peterson — What I’ve Learned about COVID policy

Report: Pseudo-Pandemic

Study: SARS–CoV–2 Spike Impairs DNA Damage Repair and Inhibits Recombination

Dr. Scott Atlas unloads on Fauci, Birx, Redfield in upcoming book

Bills introduced to give NYS residents independence from state COVID-19 regulations

CDC’s COVID-19 Travel Recommendations

A Declaration for ReFounding America Now

Wind Energy:

French couple wins legal fight about turbines affecting their health

Will Wind & Solar confront its 10 challenges? If not, we need Nuclear, CCS, and more

Norway in legal quandary after wind turbines ruled a threat to reindeer herder rights

Maine Voters Reject Transmission Line, Blocking Renewable Energy Expansion

“Sad” News from Denmark about Industrial Wind Turbines

Wind Manufacturers Blown Off Course

Offshore wind builder tries to calm worries

Solar Energy:

Kerry’s non-response re China using slave labor producing solar panels

Maine towns start to halt solar panel construction

Wind & Solar to Provide 30% of New England’s Consumption by 2050

Short video: Threat of Industrial Solar – Gerrit Cain

Nuclear Energy:

The nuclear industry just got a significant boon from Congress

Nuclear Is Hot, for the Moment

Rolls-Royce To Develop Mini Nuke Reactors To Decarbonize Power Grid

Nations Go Nuclear As Prices Spike & Renewables Fail

Paper on gas and nuclear’s inclusion in EU green finance rules

Nuclear May Be the Ticket to a Carbon-Free Future. Why Do Environmentalists Hate It?

Fossil Fuel Energy:

‘King Coal’ Roars Back

U.S. to Sharply Cut Methane Pollution

The Vilification Of Oil Producers Continues Apace At COP26

Marxist Treasury Nominee Admits They Want Tto Bankrupt the Fossil Fuel Industry

Methane Fee Is Latest Step in Biden Plan to Kill U.S. Economy

Misc Energy:

Wake Up America! China Is Making Fools of Us on Energy!

New Documentary Reveals How Green Energy Is Corrupt And Destructive

Electric Vehicles on Collision Course with Reality

Plans To Dig the Biggest Lithium Mine in the US Face Mounting Opposition

Manmade Global Warming — COP26:

COP26 and the Hubris of Our Political Overlords

COP26 is a neo-feudal performance

CLINTEL Message to National Politicians and World Leaders at COP26

COP 26: Methane madness
COP, PLOP and Flop

Global warming activists double emissions to attend Glasgow conference

COP 26: Planet saved, now what?

Glasgow Elites Imposing Carbon Corporatism and Imperialism

COP Is Dead. Long Live the Movement!

False imagery and data hallmarks of COP26

Manmade Global Warming  — Misc:

Media Outlet hits back at study accusing it of publishing ‘climate denial’

After Climate Hypocrisy Hearing, Dems Turn Up the Heat on Themselves

EPA air reg’s price tag: Huge, politically toxic — and wrong

Study: Societal shifts due to COVID-19 reveal large-scale climate change complexities

Study: Ten Sensible Media Sources Regarding Climate

The Hounding of Pielke amid the demise of academic freedom in climate change

Climate: Can predictions be made using less than 1% of the data?

US Election: (10 major election reports by our team of experts, plus much more!)

Dems stand to lose 46 House seats in 2022

One Year Ago on Election Night All State Reporting Was Zeroed Out — Why?

Protecting Every Citizen’s Vote by Safeguarding the Integrity of the Ballot Box

Report: Citizen’s Guide to Building an Election Integrity Infrastructure

US Election — State Issues:

Three Proposed NYS Liberal Election Changes are Rejected

Setting Election Laws Belongs To Pennsylvania’s Legislature, Not Its Courts

Most 2020 Ballot Images from 56 Georgia Counties Have Been Destroyed

Report: How Many Potential Election Crimes Languish in Florida?

US Politics and Socialism:

Congressman exposes the fine print of Biden’s massive socialist spending bill

Meeting: We Will Not Be Silenced

Mammoth Nation: a site identifying Conservative US companies

A Nation in Peril

Teach Them To Hate

‘Radical’ Biden nominee faces backlash from banks

Someone Doesn’t Want You To Know About the Schiller Institute

Congress Approves $1.2T Investment in Energy, Climate Resilience, Natural Resources

The Most Anti-American Man in America

The Gathering Storm and Its Historic Precedent, Part 2 – America

US announces big hike in Medicare premiums

Religion Related:

Today’s man: An abominable snowman

Biden Offers To Have Hunter Repaint Sistine Chapel

Dems Trillion+ Plan, Specifically Excludes Religious Schools

Education Related:

I’m a Neurologist With Alzheimer’s

How Short-term Thinking on Race Has Caused Long-term Problems in Higher Ed

Faced with increasing Ds and Fs, schools are ditching the old way of grading

Science and Misc Matters:

Much of What You Know About Groupthink Is Wrong

Medical Research Rapidly Adopts ‘Systemic Racism’ as Truth, Risking Scientific Credibility

Doctor diagnoses patient with ‘climate change’

Book Review: George Melloan’s ‘Bogus Science’

Short video: Masculinity Is In Crisis

Report: Altered State — a checklist for change in New York State


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COP 26 President Apologizes in Tears after UN Conference Failure

COP 26 has finally come to an end.  There is even a new agreement.  Yet as he made his closing remarks COP 26 President Alok Sharma, MP hung his head and proclaimed through tears, “May I just say to all delegates, I apologize for the way this process has unfolded and I am deeply sorry.”

President Bidens’ climate envoy John Kerry tried to declare victory, but the Left is livid.

Swedish climate scold Greta Thunberg tweeted, “The #COP26 is over.  Here’s a brief summary: Blah, blah, blah.”

Guardian climate reporter John Vidal wrote, “If could have been worse, but our leaders failed us at COP26.  That’s the truth of it.”

What’s got the Left in a tizzy?

Minutes before nearly 200 nations adopted the final agreement, India, working with China, stepped in to protect coal.

Kerry has been making much of the fact that The Glasgow Climate Pact is the first climate agreement to actually name a fossil fuel.  However, India amended the agreement to change “phase out” of coal to “phase down.”   For China and India this actually means INCREASE coal.  Both nations are expanding coal burning as fast as their economies can  go. “Phase down” is the verbiage China suckered John Kerry into when China and the U.S. penned a side climate deal last week.  Full text at  China promised Kerry to maybe think about phasing coal down during its 15th five year plan which doesn’t even start until 2026.

Here’s more of what has the climate-Left gnashing their teeth. The Glasgow Climate Pact:

  • Names coal, but not oil or gas;
  • Extends deadline for nations to submit new emissions reduction plans;
  • Does not fund reparations for “loss and damage” when poor nations experience natural disasters;
  • Does not mandate ongoing public climate finance;
  • Contains weasel words such as “unabated” fossil fuels and “inefficient” subsidies leaving plenty of wiggle room;
  • Climate computer models project current emissions commitments leave the world warming 2.4 degress C;
  • UN Secretary General António Guterres said limiting warming to 1.5 degrees C is “on life support.”

Disappointment on the Left is a sure indicator that the free world dodged a bullet.  However, there’s plenty of danger  still lurking in the Glasgow Agreement.  Carbon carpetbaggers came away smiling.

The sums of money changing hands in the name of climate are staggering.  John Kerry is talking about $130 TRILLION dollars, not only through government mandates and spending, but through private finance.  Kerry’s true constituents: the people selling subsidized wind, solar, batteries, offsets, carbon credits and the rest are ecstatic.

They may not know how to alter the temperature of the Earth, but they do know how to make a buck.


Craig Rucker

Craig Rucker is a co-founder of CFACT and currently serves as its president.

RELATED VIDEO: Review of the Cop26 climate discussions

EDITORS NOTE: This CFACT column is republished with permission. ©All rights reserved.

Nazi Science Still Used by the CIA Against Americans.

“Life is to be lived, not controlled; and humanity is won by continuing to play in face of certain defeat.” – Ralph Ellison

After the Second World War, as Germany was being divided up and the Nazi war machine was being dismantled, the American spies were thick on the ground. They were the early version of a department that would be called the CIA. The CIA was created and actually signed into place by President Truman on July 26, 1947. From the day they were created they have never been the friend or savior of the American people. They have done so many evil jobs around the world, performed unspeakable crimes all in the name of security and safety. Two words Americans seem unable to provide themselves. The CIA is a civilian foreign intelligence organization- apparently. It is supposed to gather human intelligence around the world and then provide that information as intelligence to the President of the United States. It has tactical divisions such as the Special Activities Center. This division is the one used to exert political influence in foreign countries. Trust me, like their work in Africa, they are not working for good but evil.

It trains countries in torture methods, it provides money to terror groups and affects violent changes of government supposedly to complement American political ideologies at that time in history. A shining example was the destruction of strong pro western governments in Africa, like Zimbabwe, that are now communist or Marxist hellholes whose citizens are now living lives that cannot be worse than Hell.

Planned assassinations of world leaders are subject to their operational status. If you think that they were not involved somehow in Kennedys assassination, you are surely misled.

One of their first jobs after being created was to investigate the Nazi propaganda machine and also the scientific experiments being carried out by evil Nazi scientists. ( They also offered a home to the Nazi scientists involved in rocket development as their technology was well ahead of our own. )

One of these experiments that Nazi Germany was very much world leaders in was brain washing – best described by Wikipedia as:- Brainwashing (also known as mind controlmenticidecoercive persuasionthought controlthought reform, and re-education) is the concept that the human mind can be altered or controlled by certain psychological techniques. Brainwashing is said to reduce its subjects’ ability to think critically or independently, to allow the introduction of new, unwanted thoughts and ideas into their minds, as well as to change their attitudes, values and beliefs.

Hmmmmm…..Any of that seem familiar?

Now, America gathered up all the Nazi scientists involved in this program, and under the CIA quietly bought them to the United States. Here, under the direction of the CIA, they perfected the science and the ability to brainwash a nation. (They also bought evil criminal Nazi scientists and professors over here who were experts in propaganda.)

One way the CIA put their now tame scientists to work was that they used the techniques through their secret department in Hollywood, Ca. Here their agents had the film companies to submit their future movies, scripts, lists of actors and also ensured the strengthened grip of the Actors Union. A communist organization.

These scripts and films were edited and brainwashing techniques added. Propaganda that was relevant to the political agenda of the left was also added. Therefore, every movie, TV Show, documentary and many books were filled with indoctrination and propaganda and our nation began its slide into the abyss of ignorance and our acceptance of everything that up to them was foreign and wrong to everyday Americans.

The CIA also used these techniques to alter the minds of our young by using the same brainwashing techniques in music. This was seen in particular in the 1960’s where minds, music, morals, ethics etc. were now controlled by the CIA special teams appointed to do this terrible work. A book I highly recommend is : “Weird scenes inside the Canyon – Laurel Canyon, Covert Ops & the Dark Heart of the Hippie Dream” written by David McGowan. All your favorite musicians from that era have ties unknown previously to the CIA and the military. The book is available from Amazon for $21.61 and should be a must read to understand the depths of depravity the CIA has always sunk to and the methods of brainwashing and propaganda they have used as a weapon against we, the people.

Their strength and budget has increased dramatically since 9/11 where they failed us. Their budget is secret but is north of $62.8 Billion plus their secret parts that perform work unknown to us but most likely dangerous for freedom and liberty get another secret budget north of $20.7 Billion.

Now America – that is a short synopsis of why Americans were so easy to control during Covid. The unconstitutional orders and mandates, some issued by the CDC or OSHA and therefore unconstitutional as Congress didn’t make some of the laws, that were sucked up by the majority of non critical thinking sheep. Those that wore stupid masks, stayed locked down, shuttered their businesses, went bankrupt, watched hours of brainwashing TV shows, listened to traitors and Devil worshippers like Dr Fauci and his ilk as he lied and lied. Listened to round the clock 24/7 propaganda spewed out by the tame puppets of this Administrations MSM as they lied and lied. The basis of this is if the same lie is told often enough they would be believed. And they were.

Critical thinking and common sense were other targets of these special units of the CIA. They have abolished both from school curriculum nationwide through the Education Department and School teachers unions. Many Americans are totally unable to think for themselves, research, work out what makes sense and what doesn’t. It was also destroyed in higher education facilities where our youth were indoctrinated fully and trained to be good little serfs of a dictatorial tyrannical government warned against by our Founding Fathers.

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Biden’s Death by a Thousand Jabs

“The death of one man is a tragedy. The death of millions is a statistic.” – Josef Stalin

“Freedom is the freedom to say that two plus two make four. If that is granted, all else follows.” ― George Orwell, 1984

Definition of Death by a Thousand Cuts:

If something is suffering the death of a thousand cuts, or death by a thousand cuts, lots of small bad things are happening, none of which are fatal in themselves, but which add up to a slow and painful demise.

Biden has a Path out of the Pandemic Plan which includes:

  1. Requiring All Employers with 100+ Employees to Ensure their Workers are Vaccinated or Tested Weekly.
  2. Requiring Vaccinations for all Federal Workers and for Millions of Contractors that Do Business with the Federal Government
  3. Requiring COVID-19 Vaccinations for Over 17 Million Health Care Workers at Medicare and Medicaid Participating Hospitals and Other Health Care Settings
  4. Calling on Large Entertainment Venues to Require Proof of Vaccination or Testing for Entry
  5. Requiring Employers to Provide Paid Time Off to Get Vaccinated
  6. Requiring Staff in Head Start Programs, Department of Defense Schools, and Bureau of Indian Education-Operated Schools to be Vaccinated
  7. Calling on All States to Adopt Vaccine Requirements for All School Employees
  8. Using the Department of Education’s Full Legal Authority to Protect Students’ Access to In-Person Instruction
  9. Continuing to Require Masking for Interstate Travel and Double Fines
  10. Continue to Require Masking on Federal Property

QUESTION: Are Biden’s Pandemic Plan’s requirements death by a thousand cuts?

Jabbing Americans to death

We have been receiving from our readers articles about people who have died after getting jabbed. The following is a compilation of some of them.

Colin Powell was vaccinated against COVID-19, but a ‘breakthrough’ infection ended up being deadly by Lisa M. Krieger

As of Oct. 12, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention had reports of 7,178 deaths from COVID-19 breakthrough infections. That represents 0.004% of the more than 187 million fully vaccinated Americans.

Of those, 85% were aged 65 or older, like Powell. As we age, our immune response weakens and is less well-regulated. Additionally, like Powell, they may have suffered from other immune-related illnesses. Perhaps they took immunosuppressant drugs for diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis.

Pfizer, CDC probing death of Florida doctor who took COVID-19 vaccine by

Pfizer says it is investigating the death of a Florida doctor who had received one dose of the company’s COVID-19 vaccine.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is also looking into the death of Gregory Michael, a 56-year-old obstetrician who had taken the shot 16 days earlier.

Read more here.

Thunderclap Headache: Another Man Dies After First Dose of COVID-19 Vaccine By Celine German Lagundi

Neil Astles, a 59-year-old lawyer died after suffering from bad headaches and nausea after receiving a first dose of the AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccine. He received the first dose of the vaccine on March 15 but began suffering from a “thunderclap headache” 11 days later. He started vomiting on April 2 and and died two days later of cerebral thrombosis.

Read more here.

Thousands of double jabbed over 50s have died from COVID in the last 4 weeks by

More than 2,500 double vaccinated over 50s have died from COVID-19 in the past month in England, new data shows.

In a report published by the UK Health Security Agency analysis revealed 2,683 double vaccinated over 50s have died within 28 days of positive COVID test in the last four weeks.

Some 511 unvaccinated people died in the last four weeks of COVID-19.

The figures reflect the fact that the vast majority in this age group has had at least two COVID vaccines.

Read more here.

Minnesota releases latest data about how many vaccinated people have died from COVID-19 by

In an effort to be more transparent, the Minnesota Department of Health on Friday released new data for how many vaccinated Minnesotans have been hospitalized and died from COVID-19.

[ … ]

The 483 deaths of vaccinated people represent 5% of the 8,996 COVID-19 deaths in Minnesota since the beginning of the pandemic, and 11.1% of the 4,338 COVID deaths since the first Minnesotan was vaccinated in mid-December.

However, there has been a recent rise in deaths among the vaccinated, who made up 41% of the deaths between Sept. 5 and Oct. 9, and around 30% of the hospitalizations. It was always going to be the case statistically that the number of breakthrough COVID deaths would rise the greater the proportion of Minnesotans got vaccinated, but there have been some concerns that those who got their vaccines early on may be experiencing waning immunity, leading to calls for them to get booster shots. [Emphasis added]

Read more here.

The number of people who have died from Covid after being double jabbed – and the reasons why bHelena Vesty

More than 600 people have died with Covid-19 while being fully vaccinated, but doctors have revealed the important reasons for that statistic.

Across England, 640 people who were fully vaccinated died from coronavirus, according to the latest figures from the Office of National Statistics, which stretch from January 2 to July 2 of this year.


On March 7, 2021 the Epoch Times in an article titled “Adverse Incident Reports Show 966 Deaths Following Vaccination for COVID-19” reported:

According to adverse incident reports collected by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) 966 individuals have died after having received an mRNA vaccine for COVID-19.

Between Dec. 14 and Feb. 19, 19,769 reports were made to the Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System (VAERS) following immunizations with either the Moderna or Pfizer BioNTech mRNA vaccines (the only two vaccines given during the time period assessed). At this time, VAERS data is not available after Feb. 19.

The 966 deaths represent 5 percent of the total number of adverse events reports. Of those who died, 86, (8.9 percent) died on the same day they got the shot. An additional 129, (13.4 percent) died within one day. An additional 97 died within 2 days, and 61 within 3 days.

A total of 514 (53.2 percent) died within a week. 173 died within 7-13 days. 106 within 14-20 days.

85 percent of deaths occurred in individuals over 60; below 60 there were five deaths among those aged 20-29; 8 aged 30-39; 20 aged 40-49; and 57 aged 50-59.

In a column titled “COVID-19 Vaccine Related Fatalities Updated” fact checked by Robert Carlson, MD reported:

On July 23, 2021 VAERS confirmed over 6000 additional COVID-19 vaccine death reports.

The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) confirmed an increased number of deaths reported after a COVID-19 vaccination. Between December 14, 2020, through July 19, 2021, the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) received 12,313 reports of death among people who received a COVID-19 vaccine.

Additionally, VAERS had received 1,148  reports of myocarditis or pericarditis among people ages 30 and younger who received a COVID-19 vaccine as of July 19th. The CDC and its partners are investigating these reports to assess whether there is a relationship to COVID-19 vaccination.


If you search for “deaths from Covid vaccines” you will find how wonderful the vaccines are but no definitive data on deaths caused by taking any of the Covid vaccines now available.

In a November 6, 2021 article titled “Vaccine Injured Data Excluded From Reports; OSHA Mandate Latest Case of COVID-19 Panic?” Cindy Drucker reported:

This week, the Biden administration rolled out its federal vaccine mandate, affecting 100 million workers. Is it needed? Or have politicians been too quick to press the panic button over COVID-19? John Tamny thinks so. He’s the director of the Center for Economic Freedom at FreedomWorks and author of the book, “When Politicians Panicked: The New Coronavirus, Expert Opinion, and a Tragic Lapse of Reason.”

And in America Q&A, we ask if you think D.C. is overspending or are bigger budgets needed to tackle big issues.

Next, as it gets harder to refuse the vaccine, those who’ve suffered from it just want to be heard and cured. This week, Sen. Ron Johnson (R-Wis.) hosted an Expert Panel on Federal Vaccine Mandates and Vaccine Injuries to bring attention to the widely ignored issue. We hear two of the many stories shared that day, from people who’ve suffered life-altering damage after volunteering for a vaccine trial. They say not only are they being ignored by the agencies that promised to look after them, but if their data isn’t being captured, that affects all of us.

What is becoming clearer about getting jabbed are:

  1. You can die from getting jabbed.
  2. Getting jabbed does not prevent you from getting Covid.
  3. Natural immunity lasts longer than getting jabbed.
  4. We don’t know enough about the jab to truly understand its long term health impacts.
  5. Getting jabbed is becoming more a “mandate” than a personal healthcare choice.

The Biden administration’s “mandated jabs” are causing the truth about how Americans are dying from the various Covid vaccines to disappear from the media and medical websites. The legacy media and social media platforms are deadly silent on this topic. Those news outlets like the Epoch Times, once they actually provide data on deaths by a thousand jabs, they get fact checked. Of course the fact checkers aren’t interested in the actual facts about jab deaths. Sad but true.

This is the world we live in today. Telling the truth about the negative effects of getting vaxxed is a revolutionary act.

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Seventeen-year-old Washington female dies from heart attack weeks after receiving second Pfizer vaccination

CDC: No Record of Naturally Immune Transmitting COVID-19

Little Evidence Supports Use of Cloth Masks to Limit Spread of Coronavirus: Analysis

Regulator Reviewing Reports of ‘Rare’ and Serious Condition Linked to Moderna Vaccine

Effectiveness of 2 of 3 COVID-19 Vaccines Used in US Drops Below 50 Percent After 6 Months: Study

Nation’s Top Infectious Disease Expert Issues Warning To Vaccinated People

Federal Appeals Court Blocks Biden’s ‘Staggeringly Overbroad’ Vaccine Mandate

Federal appeals court reaffirms its decision to freeze Biden’s vaccine mandate

One of AOC’s Worst Green New Deal Ideas is Included in Biden’s ‘Build Back Better’ Plan

The plan would simply waste money, create zero jobs on net, and do nothing to mitigate climate change.

The fate of President Biden’s multi-trillion-dollar social spending agenda, the “Build Back Better” plan, has consumed the political conversation in recent weeks. Amid all the furious attempts at reading political tea leaves, a curious fact has flown under the radar: The latest iteration of Biden’s plan includes one of Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s worst ideas.

“Happy to announce creation of a US Civilian Climate Corps is now in the Build Back Better Act,” the far-left congresswoman recently tweeted. Referencing the public works “job creation” scheme first proposed as part of the Green New Deal, Ocasio-Cortez claimed the initiative will create 300,000 jobs while combating the “climate crisis” and “environmental injustice.”

Indeed, a perusal of White House communications makes it clear that the plan for a Civilian Climate Corps—not long ago considered a radical pipe dream—is now part of the president’s plan.

“The Build Back Better Framework will create a Civilian Climate Corps with over 300K members that look like America,” the official White House Twitter account wrote. “This workforce will conserve public lands, bolster community resilience, address the changing climate, and put good-paying union jobs within reach for more people.”

“Climate change has become a climate crisis,” Vice President Kamala Harris similarly said in a speech promoting the plan. “But today we know that this moment of crisis is also a moment of opportunity… an opportunity to create good, union jobs.”

“Once these bills are passed… young people will join our new Civilian Climate Corps,” she continued. “These are the opportunities we have within our grasp right now.”

With the proposal gaining momentum in Washington, DC, it’s well worth examining its actual merits. And even a cursory glance reveals that in reality the plan would simply waste money, create zero jobs on net, and do nothing to mitigate climate change.

According to Fox News, the latest bill text allocates $8 billion in taxpayer funds for this Civilian Climate Corps initiative. That’s a sizable sum that could be spent elsewhere—or better yet, left in our pockets to begin with. Yet under the Biden-AOC plan, the federal government would use that $8 billion to create well-paying jobs for young people who want to be employed full-time doing environmental activism and community projects.

Yet the claim that this would “create” jobs is false, at least on net. Sure, it would “create” some jobs in this new Climate Corps. But the government cannot create resources out of thin air. Whatever money it spent to put these climate change activists to “work” would have to, directly or indirectly, come from elsewhere in the economy.

As Henry Hazlitt wrote in Economics in One Lesson, “It is highly improbable that the projects thought up by the bureaucrats will provide the same net addition to wealth and welfare, per dollar expended, as would have been provided by the taxpayers themselves, if they had been individually permitted to buy or have made what they themselves wanted, instead of being forced to surrender part of their earnings to the state.”

Simply put, a dollar spent paying a 19-year-old to plant flowers is a dollar not spent by a private company paying them to deliver food, and so on. So, there’s no reason at all to believe a Civilian Climate Corps would create jobs on net.

Perhaps most damning, the Civilian Climate Corps would make a statistically negligible difference in reducing US carbon emissions, the stated goal of the Biden administration’s plans. Even halting all US vehicle emissions would barely make a dent in global emission levels, and make-work schemes like this would have no noticeable impact, simply as a matter of scale. Even many supporters of the idea acknowledge this.

“Emissions reduction, obviously, is the goal we need to achieve for the sake of safety,” Democratic Senator Sheldon Whitehouse said. “To be clear, I support a Civilian Climate Corps. It just doesn’t measurably reduce emissions.”

So, if a Civilian Climate Corps wastes billions, creates zero jobs, and doesn’t even help the climate, why on Earth has President Biden included it in his spending agenda? Whatever his reasons, wasting $10 billion on AOC’s fever dreams is a raw deal for American taxpayers.

WATCHBrad Reacts to Cringey ‘Free Healthcare’ TikToks (DEBUNKS Socialists)


Brad Polumbo

Brad Polumbo (@Brad_Polumbo) is a libertarian-conservative journalist and Policy Correspondent at the Foundation for Economic Education.

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The Diabolical Toxic Vax Targeting of Republican States

“Continuous effort – not strength or intelligence – is the key to unlocking our potential.” – Winston Churchill

A while back I sent along a study indicating that the distribution of the Covid shots did not contain the same formula, – that there some of the batches contained vials that were much more toxic to humans than other batches.

If that wasn’t bad enough, now a further analysis into the numbers indicates that the most toxic batches were sent to Republican stronghold states.

Do you still believe the injections are for your health?

Cooking up different batches and directing the most toxic batches to the Red States doesn’t appear to be coincidental, innocent, or ‘medically scientific’ to me. Does it to you?

It appears to be deliberate political genocide and criminally culpable behavior.

Time for patriots to stand firm and for traitors to run and hide. We will be coming for you.

VAERS Data Confirmed 100% Of C-19 Vaccine Deaths Caused by 5% Of Batches Produced And Most Of Them Were Sent To Republican States Across The USA!

On October 31, we shared how an investigation of the USA’s Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System reported high numbers of adverse reactions and death that have been reported against specific lot numbers of the coronavirus numerous times; the deadly batches of the experimental injections have been revealed.

The investigation led to the revelation that 130 different lot numbers of Pfizer vaccine distributed to more than 13 states, and harmed on average 639 times more people, hospitalized on average 109 times more people, and killed 22 times more people than the 4.289 different number of Pfizer vaccine distributed to 12 states.

”No one is more hated than he who speaks the truth.” Plato

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Schools Shutting Doors as Teachers are Fired Over Vaccination Status

The Woke Cultural Revolution mirrors Mao’s Cultural Revolution which destroyed China’s economy and traditional culture, with an estimated death toll ranging from hundreds of thousands to 20 million.[2][3][4][5][6][7]

Tens of millions of people were persecuted: senior officials, most notably Chinese president Liu Shaoqi, along with Deng XiaopingPeng Dehuai, and He Long, were purged or exiled; millions were accused of being members of the Five Black Categories, suffering public humiliation, imprisonment, torture, hard labor, seizure of property, and sometimes execution or harassment into suicide; intellectuals were considered the “Stinking Old Ninth” and were widely persecuted—notable scholars and scientists such as Lao SheFu LeiYao Tongbin, and Zhao Jiuzhang were killed or committed suicide. Schools and universities were closed with the college entrance exams cancelled. Over 10 million urban intellectual youths were sent to the countryside in the Down to the Countryside Movement.

Millions of people in China were violently persecuted, especially in the struggle sessions. Those identified as spies, “running dogs,” “revisionists,” or coming from a suspect class (including those related to former landlords or rich peasants) were subject to beating, imprisonment, rape, torture, sustained and systematic harassment and abuse, seizure of property, denial of medical attention, and erasure of social identity. Intellectuals were also targeted; many survivors and observers suggest that almost anyone with skills over that of the average person was made the target of political “struggle” in some way. At least hundreds of thousands of people were murdered, starved, or worked to death. Millions more were forcibly displaced. Young people from the cities were forcibly moved to the countryside, where they were forced to abandon all forms of standard education in place of the propaganda teachings of the CCP.[57] Some people were not able to stand the torture and, losing hope for the future, committed suicide. Researchers have pointed out that at least 100,000 to 200,000 people committed suicides during early Cultural Revolution.[69

Many schools that remain open are lowering their standards for teachers. But, remarkably, the New York Times story doesn’t mention the vaccination mandate issue a single time in the entire story, instead saying “Low pay, high stress and challenging working conditions have plagued the profession for years. But the fear over contracting the coronavirus has created “the perfect storm,” Ms. Anderson said, and teachers are now leaving, or retiring early” (NY Times). Just a month ago, the New York Times noted 4 percent of the teachers in the system were about to lose their jobs for being unvaccinated (NY Times). The New York Post had the number at 28,000 (NY Post).  The Los Angeles Times claims 99 percent of their teachers were vaccinated, but that’s still 500 who were fired (LA Times). In Seattle, 5 percent of the staff were set to be fired over vaccination statues (KOIN).  And the list goes on.


Democrat Run City Approves Measure To Vax Kids Without Parental Consent

Florida School District Finally Backs Down After 8-Year-Old Suspended 38 Times for Refusing to Comply Speaks Out

Missouri to let nursing homes close due to vaccine mandate

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