Person of interest in NYC subway shooting expressed black identity extremism in online posts

UPDATE: Law enforcement arrested Frank James on April 13th in New York’s East Village neighborhood following an anonymous tip. He has been charged under federal terrorism statutes.

Law enforcement remains on the look out for Frank James, a 63-year-old man with ties to Pennsylvania and Wisconsin who is alleged to be responsible for a mass shooting that took place April 12th, at a New York City Subway Station, in which 10 people were shot and 13 others injured. James was reportedly identified as the renter of a U-Haul van believed to be linked to the attack. According to media reports, the FBI had previously investigated the suspectfor ties to terrorism in 2019 but had cleared him.

According to Law enforcement, James, wearing a green vest similar to that used by MTA subway workers and donned a gas mask prior to the attack inside the N-Line subway train at the 36th and 4th Avenue station. He then deployed a smoke grenade inside one of the subway cars before opening fire with a small caliber handgun equipped with an extended magazine, firing at least 33 rounds, before escaping in the confusion, possibly along the subway tracks.

According to social media posts and videos which this author has reviewed, James made repeated and routine references to violence and a willingness to conduct a shooting on social media. He also posted material linked to black identity extremist ideologies, including the Nation of Islam, Moorish Science, Black Panthers, Black Liberation Army, and Black Lives Matter. He notably posted a picture of Micah Johnson, the BLM supporter who killed 5 Dallas police officers in 2016. In online videos James can be seen urging racial separatism between whites and blacks.

There is some reason to believe that James may have suffered from a mental illness at some point, as he makes a reference in a video to having been previously detained for mental illness. However, his articulation of black identity extremism appears cogent and in line with common ideological expressions although without any immediate signs of adherence to one specific group.

If it is true that the FBI previously investigated James and cleared him, it once against highlights federal law enforcement’s “Known Wolf” problem where, despite having significant intelligence capabilities that bring potential threats to law enforcement attention, the FBI remains incapable of determining which individuals represent genuine threats and has repeatedly failed to successfully intervene.

In this case that may have something to do with the FBI’s politicized determination to eliminate “black identity extremism” as a potential terrorism motivation for analysis. The FBI had previously used the term to refer to a variety of black supremacist threats until it came under political pressure from the Congressional Black Caucus and left-wing media. As the Center previously noted following an April 2021 vehicular Ramming attackwhere Noah Green, a 25-year old adherent of the Nation of Islam killed a Capitol Police Officer:

Federal Law enforcement has abandoned categorizing or identifying attacks conducted by “black identity extremists” the previous FBI term for attacks conducted by black supremacist or black separatist organizations, following politicalized criticism. The FBI, DHS, and other elements of the intelligence community have routinely downplayed the potential risk of violence from black identity extremists.

The FBI instead classifies black identity extremism under the too-broad category of “Racial or Ethnically Motivated Violent Extremists (REMVE),” although in practice this term is being used exclusively to refer to white supremacist ideologies. This has led to some ridiculous results, such as congressional legislation which included an attack by Black Hebrew Israelites among a list of “white supremacist” attacks. As a result of this political pressure, there has been minimal study and training done to educate law enforcement on the intricacies of the black identity extremist thought, and its various strains and idiosyncrasies. Instead, the tendency is to deny that such attacks are politically motivated, and thus deny any terrorism angle for further investigation.

Law enforcement and intelligence professionals must return to doing detailed analyses to understand threat ideologies within their own historical and ideological context. The current methodology, which seeks to lump various ideological expressions into the broadest possible category trades genuine understanding for political convenience, and as a result, leaves potential threats unaddressed.


Kyle Shideler

Director and Senior Analyst for Homeland Security and Counterterrorism.

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20% of THE AMERICAN POPULATION Will Be Here ILLEGALLY by the End of Biden’s Term

20% of ALL AMERICANS will be illegal. In other words, we have no country.


“[Democrats] are allowing this year probably 2 million [immigrants], that’s who we apprehended, maybe another million, into this country,” Patrick said on Laura Ingraham’s Fox News show. “At least in 18 years even if they all don’t become citizens before then and can vote, in 18 years if every one of them has two or three children, you’re talking about millions and millions and millions of new voters and they will thank the Democrats and Biden for bringing them here. Who do you think they’re going to vote for?”

He said President Joe Biden and Democrats had begun a “silent revolution” to take over the country by winning over the votes of migrants.

“This is trying to take over our country without firing a shot,” he added.

Click here to read more columns about illegal aliens and immigration policy in America.

RELATED ARTICLE: Biden’s handlers giving free smartphones to illegal migrants entering the U.S.


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Veterans and Friends – My Findings – Concerning the Laura Loomer Campaign

William “Bill” Garner sent us an email about Laura Loomer and her campaign for the U.S. Congress in Florida’s 11th Congressional District

Laura Loomer is a journalist and self-described Jewish conservative activist originally from Tucson, Arizona. As a journalist, Laura has worked at Project Veritas and Rebel Media. Loomer attended Barry University in Miami, Florida as an undergraduate, where she first became involved in Republican political groups on campus.

Bill in his email states:

Veterans and Friends,

At the Postal Stations and elsewhere, almost all of the Republicans, I talk to are very upset with our Federal and State Congress:

Stating they accomplish nothing for we they people. Only a very few, less than 25% of the people wan to see Daniel Webster stay in office, therefore they will vote for Laura Loomer.

Most Legionnaires are very upset with Congressman Webster, because he absolutely refused 5-6 years ago, to sign a Congressional Bill that allowed additional years of troops to join the American Legion. Had this Bill not passed, our current American Legion Post would be nothing buy real old retired soldiers. Thankfully the Bill passed without Daniel. Needless to say most Legionaries want him out of Congress.

On the illegal Immigration issue, the people want action now, not after election day. The people elect candidates and nothing gets accomplished.

She Will:


To date, I have handed out over 500 fliers for Laura Loomer for Congress and here is the amazing results from Republican voters. Laura’s Loomer is quickly becoming known throughout the Villages. If people don’t know her, you now have information about Congress Candidate Laura Loomer.

Veterans and Friends it is time for you to get busy and start campaigning like we did for our Great President Trump. I have 20,000 handouts for us to hand out and several signs for us to put on our vehicles. I have been out to the Postal Stations 5 times and it is easy to handout 80-100 fliers each time.

Our main target is the Villages Postal Stations. Also, handout the fliers at other places, such as Town Squares, Shopping Malls, Churches, Restaurants, your friends and neighbors, at events, and any other place.

Fliers signs are available at my house at 601 Catalina Court, 32159, on my front porch, let me know who you are and how many fliers you take. I will also have everything in my car.

It is time to fight to save our Country.


We agree with Bill and that is why we are endorsing Laura Loomer for Congress in Florida’s District 11.

Please click here to visit Laura Loomer’s website.

©Dr. Rich Swier. All rights reserved.

Crime Is Soaring in Joe Biden’s America

If you needed more evidence Woke criminal justice reform is the wrong way to go, it came with the arrest of the second suspect in the Sacramento gang shooting this month that left six dead and 12 wounded.  The second suspect had been released early from a ten-year prison sentence under a new California law that reduced punishment for felonies.  This time, you can’t blame the politicians.  California voters approved this change in the law.  It’s pure insanity.  Punching your girlfriend, dragging her home by the hair, and whipping her with a belt are all now considered ‘nonviolent offenses’ qualifying for early release.

You can’t blame the politicians in Oregon, either.  One year after state residents voted to decriminalize drug possession, Oregon now ranks second in the nation in substance abuse disorders and worst in the country for people needing but not receiving drug treatment.  Overdose deaths are increasing.  Way to go Oregon, problem solved!

Crime is up 44 percent in New York City this year, where politicians are trying to back-pedal from Woke bail reform.  It’s also up 36 percent in Chicago, where Mayor Lori Lightfoot defunded the police and refused to call out the National Guard to put down the riots.

Not only has Woke criminal justice reform made crime rates go up, it’s gotten police officers killed.  A hundred and one police officers have been shot in the line of duty so far this year, including 17 fatalities.  The shootings are up 43 percent from last year.

After the rise of smash-and-grab robberies in recent months – including in Chicago and Beverly Hills –  the U.S. Chamber of Commerce is begging for a stronger response to shoplifting and organized retail crime.  You know, shoplifting, which the Woke crowd says it totally justified because it redistributes income?  Shop owners should just file their insurance claims and get over it.

Unfortunately, this kind of thinking just got institutionalized a bit with the ascent of Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson to the Supreme Court.  She is a proponent of Critical Race Theory (CRT) which holds that society is systemically racist and all non-white people are oppressed.  She claimed during her confirmation hearings CRT does not come up in her work, but she was dissembling.  She has advocated in the past for making CRT a factor in sentencing.  In plain English, she believes sentencing cannot be fair unless the race of the defendant is considered and non-whites get breaks that whites do not.  Isn’t there an equal protection clause against that kind of thing?  It doesn’t matter.  Blind Lady Justice goes out the window when Woke Lady Justice Jackson goes to the Supreme Court.

Democrats put her there. Democrats also defunded the police, reduced penalties for felonies, caused more drug use through decriminalization, and let more repeat offenders back out on the street with Woke bail reform.  But now they have the nerve to pretend they are tough on crime.  Democrats in New York, New Jersey, and New Mexico are pushing legislation that would roll back bail reform and bring back tougher sentences.  The motivation could be confession of error – they knew these were bad mistakes, or it could be the fact they have to face the voters in November.  In any event, it’s too little, too late.  They will get hammered by the voters in the elections later this year, as they so richly deserve for caving into the Woke Progressive wing of their party.  The reckoning for wrecking America is coming on this and many other issues.

Visit The Daily Skirmish and Watch Eagle Headline News – 7:30am ET Weekdays

©Christopher Wright. All rights reserved.

Biden’s Secret Service Agents Bribed by Jihadis with Iran and Pakistan Visas Pose as DHS Agents

Four Secret Service employees who were special agents to the Bidens are entangled in an alleged bribery scheme carried out by two Muslim men accused of masquerading as Department of Homeland Security law enforcement agents , reports Real Clear Politics.

But no one in the media is asking about the motive.

When investigators searched the defendants’ apartments, they found a drone, handguns, ammunition, bullet-proof body armor, gas masks, zip ties, handheld radios, body cameras, binoculars, a high-powered telescope, and four laptop computers. They also discovered what appeared to be official DHS patches and training manuals, scopes for weapons, components of disassembled rifles, and a list of every resident of the apartment complex.”The FBI has arrested Arian Taherzadeh, 40, and Haider Ali, who posed as Homeland Security agents for years, using their false identities to get close to actual law enforcement officials, including a Secret Service agent assigned to the detail of First Lady Jill Biden.

An affidavit filed Wednesday night in U.S. District Court in Washington, D.C. revealed that one of the Secret Service agents involved in the bribery scheme was a special agent assigned to First Lady Jill Biden’s protective detail. Another was a Uniformed Division officer at the White House.

Taherzadeh and Ali allegedly obtained guns and assault rifles used by federal law enforcement agencies, as well as items carrying the insignias of those agencies.

Prosecutors say that they went so far to recruit someone to be an “employee of DHS” and “serve on their task force,” and subjected that person to what appears to be a painful hazing ritual.

“As part of the ‘recruitment process’ Taherzadeh and Ali required that the “applicant” be shot with an Airsoft rifle to evaluate their pain tolerance and reaction,” the affidavit says. “Subsequent to being shot, the applicant was informed that their hiring was in process.”

That applicant was “assigned” to conduct research on someone who “provided support to the Department of Defense and intelligence community,” the affidavit says…. more

RealClearPolitics has learned that another Secret Service special agent involved in the alleged bribery is assigned to President Biden’s detail, those agents who accompany the president nearly everywhere he goes and stand by his side during the most sensitive of discussions and private moments. A second Uniformed Division officer caught up in the bizarre scheme was assigned to protect Vice President Harris’s residence, according to sources familiar with the matter.

Daniel Greenfield nails it:

The strangest part of this story is why no one in the media is asking about the motive.

Two men were arrested in Washington DC Wednesday for pretending to be federal operatives who gifted Secret Service agents with lavish handouts in an effort to gain access to them

Why did they want to gain access to them?

People do this kind of thing to gain access to politicians or to decisionmakers, they don’t do it to gain access to protective detail people.

Arian Taherzadeh, 40, and Haider Ali, 36 posed as members of a fake Department of Homeland Security task force investigating violence connected to the Jan. 6, 2021 riot at the US Capitol, the feds said.

Taherzadeh is an Iranian last name. Haider Ali would also seem to come from a background that implies a Muslim country. Their religion obviously isn’t stated or commented on, but raises questions. They are at the very least from Muslim-origin countries. Shouldn’t that trigger some inquiries?

The suspects allegedly set up the ruse to ingratiate themselves with Secret Service agents, who they supplied with rent-free luxury apartments, high-end electronics and policing equipment.

One of the duped agents worked on first lady Jill Biden’s security detail and was offered a $2,000 assault rifle from Taherzadeh, according to prosecutors.

In another instance, the suspects allegedly supplied an agent with a penthouse apartment that was rented for more than $40,000 a year.

Where were they getting all this money and what was in it for them? Why throw a $2K rifle at a secret service agent working a security detail?

Questions no one in the media seems to even admit are there.

Secret Service Agents bribed by men with Iran, Pakistan visas pretending to be DHS Agents

By: Sara Carter Staff, April 8, 2022:

Four secret Service employees who were special agents to the Bidens are “entangled in an alleged bribery scheme carried out by two men accused of masquerading as Department of Homeland Security law enforcement agents” , reports Real Clear Politics.

Two men impersonating DHS agents allegedly attempted to bribe the four members of the Secret Service. In an affidavit, the FBI said the men “have been pretending to be DHS agents from as early as February until their arrest and noted that they carried insignias and firearms used by federal agents as part of that deception. The goal was to ‘ingratiate themselves with members of the federal law enforcement and the defense community.”

The men accused of bribery are Arian Taherzadeh and Haider Ali, both U.S. citizens with passports and visas to Iran and Pakistan who appear to have targeted an apartment complex which is home to many law enforcement employees from the Secret Service and Department of Homeland Security.

Real Clear Politics reports Taharzadeh and Ali “seemed to have control of five apartments. When investigators searched the defendants’ apartments, they found a drone, handguns, ammunition, bullet-proof body armor, gas masks, zip ties, handheld radios, body cameras, binoculars, a high-powered telescope, and four laptop computers. They also discovered what appeared to be official DHS patches and training manuals, scopes for weapons, components of disassembled rifles, and a list of every resident of the apartment complex.”

Their cover was blown when a U.S. postal inspector responded to the apartment complex to investigate an alleged assault on a letter carrier. During the investigation, the inspector spoke with Taherzadeh and Ali, who gave them wild tales about being investigators with the U.S. Special Police investigation Unit and “deputized special police” with the city of Washington.

It was revealed in an affidavit filed Wednesday in U.S. District Court in Washington, D.C. that one of the agents caught up in the bribery scheme was a special agent assigned to First Lady Jill Biden’s protective detail. A second agent was a Uniformed Division officer at the White House.

A third Secret Service special agent is assigned to President Biden’s detail, Real Clear Politics learned. The agent’s position puts him at the President’s side “nearly everywhere he goes and stands by his side during the most sensitive of discussions and private moments.”

The fourth agent, a second Uniformed Division officer, was assigned to protect Vice President Harris’s residence. Real Clear Politics details the bribery accusations:

According to court filings, one of the more troubling details of the case involves Taherzadah allegedly offering to give an assault rifle worth $2,000 to the Secret Service agent assigned to Jill Biden. The filing also says that Taherzadeh lent what he described as a “government vehicle” to the same Secret Service agent’s wife and also gave her a generator.

Taherzadeh is also accused of giving members of the Secret Service, as well as a legitimate DHS employee, “rent-free apartments (with a total yearly rent of over $40,000 per apartment), iPhones, surveillance systems, a drone, a flat-screen television, a case for storing an assault rifle, a generator and law enforcement paraphernalia,” the filing states. Prosecutors say one of the agents who received the free rent and additional gifts is the Uniformed Division officer assigned to the White House.

That agent lived rent-free in a three-bedroom apartment that generally would rent for $48,000 annually, the filing said. It was located at the same complex where Taherzadeh lived. Prosecutors said he was tricked into believing accepting the free rent wouldn’t raise ethics or conflict of interest issues because Taherzadeh told the agent that a division of DHS “had approved extra rooms as part of his operations, and that [agent] could live in one of them for free.”

“The investigation confirmed that there are no such [DHS] operations, and it authorized no such expense,” the filing said.

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President Donald J. Trump’s Save America Rally in Selma, North Carolina [Video]

Crowds are expected to come to North Carolina today to see former President Donald Trump as well as several other high-profile Republican candidates running for election.

Every decent and rational American must get behind the re-election of President Trump in 2024. The country and the world cannot withstand a second term of the Biden Administration. #Trump2024!

Former President Trump coming to NC for rally.

By News Observer, April 9, 2022

The “Save America” rally will be held in Selma, a town about 30 miles southeast of Raleigh, at The Farm at 95. The event venue has capacity for over 400 people in its outdoor event area.

In addition to Trump, the following are scheduled to speak: ▪ U.S. Rep. Ted Budd, who Trump has endorsed for the Republican seat in the Senate being vacated by Sen. Richard Burr. ▪ U.S. Rep. Madison Cawthorn of North Carolina’s 11th Congressional District, who is running for reelection

▪ Newsmax will carry the rally online starting at 6 p.m. Find the channel for your provider at ▪ Rumble, a right-leaning website, is expected to livestream Trump’s speech at 7 p.m. ▪ Right Side Broadcasting Network will stream the event all day on its YouTube channel.

Read more at: Former President Trump coming to NC for rally. Here’s how to watch it online or on TV

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California: Muslim tries to join ISIS, says he’d try again if acquitted, gets 20 years

He might have had a better chance of being acquitted if he had worked harder to fool the infidel authorities, telling them that he now realized that ISIS was un-Islamic and all the other nonsense that we so often hear from jihadis in court. And those infidel authorities are so ignorant, and so very eager to be fooled. But Augustine was honest with them, and will have a few years in prison at least to think about that and work on his prison dawah.

California man who tried to join ISIS sentenced to 20 years

by Gabrielle Fonrouge, New York Post, April 7, 2022:

California man who tried to join ISIS and wanted to encourage more English speakers to be part of the terror group was sentenced to 20 years behind bars, Brooklyn federal prosecutors announced.

Bernard Augustine, 25, represented himself during his one-week trial in August and told jurors that if he was acquitted, he’d try once again to join the terror group, prosecutors said after his Wednesday sentencing….

Around the time Augustine turned 18 while living in Keyes, a small rural community outside of Modesto, he made plans to travel in February 2016 to Tunisia from San Francisco with the goal of joining ISIS across the border in Libya.

In the months leading up to his trip, Augustine spent time watching ISIS propaganda videos that glorified the terror group’s violence and googling questions like “how to safely join ISIS,” prosecutors said.

The wannabe terrorist also visited websites on the ISIS recruitment process, including one titled: “How does a Westerner join ISIS? Is there a recruitment or application process?”

Augustine went through with his February 2016 trip to Tunisia, but before he could cross the border into Libya, he was detained for two years and then returned to the US in 2018.

During his trial, Augustine testified that he still wanted to join ISIS and described videos of the group beheading Syrian captives as “good” and “really cool.” He said he intended to help the group by providing English-language voiceovers for their propaganda videos.

Prosecutors asked him to confirm testimony he gave that he “would do it all again and would go back today” if given the chance and Augustine replied, “No, tomorrow, when they let me off.”…



Ilhan Omar delivers diatribe against India’s Prime Minister Modi in House of Representatives

NYC: Prankster who screamed ‘Allahu akbar’ and told diners he was going to bomb the restaurant avoids jail

France: Graffiti praising Hitler and gas chambers found at university that is stronghold of ‘Islamist movement’

Bangladesh: Muslims falsely accuse teacher of criticizing Islam, neighbors hurl abuse at his family

France: ‘Mediterranean man’ enters cathedral, places bomb in front of the altar

EDITORS NOTE: This Jihad Watch column is republished with permission. ©All rights reserved.

Biden’s Weakness on the Ukraine-Russia War is a Threat to America

Like Obama, Biden has dragged us through international humiliations to weaken us.

Putin invaded Ukraine under Obama in Feb 2014 and Biden in Feb 2022.

The invasions eight years apart to the month are not a coincidence. Both times Vladimir Putin was facing a lame duck Democrat who had just flinched away from a military engagement.

Each time Putin smelled weakness and he struck.

Obama, after declaring a red line in Syria, had panicked and backed away in 2013. He then cheered on Ukrainian protests against a pro-Russian regime in Kiev and Moscow responded by calling his bluff and seizing Crimea. Afterward, Obama called Putin to warn him that Russia’s actions were in “violation of Ukraine’s sovereignty” and that “in coordination with our European partners, we are prepared to impose additional costs on Russia for its actions.”

Those “sanctions” consisted of buying twice as much Russian oil in Jan 2015 as in Feb 2014.

The latest Russian invasion followed the Fall of Kabul and the pathetic spectacle of American forces abandoning their own citizens to Taliban terror which helped make Biden a lame duck.

Would we be watching a war in Ukraine if not for Biden’s disgrace in Afghanistan?

Apart from the questions of what we should have done in Afghanistan or Syria is the issue of basic national credibility. Nations can do smart or stupid things abroad, but the one thing they can’t afford is not to be taken seriously. When the president of the United States says something, the world should sit up and take notice, instead of yawn and change the channel.

Putin is, despite the claims from the administration and its media, a rational actor. Like every tyrant he sees no value in rhetoric except as assertions of strength or admissions of weakness.

Biden, like his former boss, keeps insulting and threatening Putin not from a position of strength, but as an admission of weakness. Biden calls for regime change and war crimes trials for Putin, and then slow walks shipments of weapons and refuses to transfer planes to Ukraine.

The message is the same as when Obama condemned Putin’s invasion of Crimea and then refused to provide meaningful armaments to Ukraine while slow walking shipments of boots.

Putin understands the message the same way a big dog understands when a little dog yaps.

Moscow isn’t paying attention to what Washington D.C. says, but what it does. And the real message from Biden is that he’s afraid of Putin, but looking to cover it up with tough talk.

Biden wants all the political benefits of siding with Ukraine, with none of the military risks. Like Obama, he’s trying to prop up an international order centered around the United States while pretending that it can be done through diplomacy and sanctions without the use of force.

The real world doesn’t work that way.

The false choice between globalism and isolationism is just that. Foreign policy is not an ideology, it’s a balance. When nations embrace ideological foreign policies, they court disaster. Putin’s disaster in Ukraine put ideology ahead of strategy, embracing wishful thinking that ignored the realities of the battlefield and the cost of war. That’s something we know about.

But whatever damage Putin inflicts on Russia in Ukraine, Biden has inflicted more on us.

Beyond the economic pain, Biden has once again wrecked America’s credibility, making public commitments and private disavowals, putting our honor on the line for a war he has no intention of winning or even getting involved in. Putin understands that even a partial victory in Ukraine means not just a defeat for that country, but for the United States and Europe as paper tigers.

And Moscow may be willing to sacrifice ten or twenty thousand men for that strategic objective.

Biden has put America in the terrible position of having committed to a war that only a third party can win. And he has no intention of properly arming that third party to win on the battlefield.

What that really means is that Biden and his administration have set up America to lose.

Like Obama, the Biden administration has dragged us through a series of international humiliations that appear calculated to weaken us as a world power and wipe out our credibility.

Biden has clumsily deployed sanctions and weapons shipments behind Putin’s strategic schedule, playing catch up with the pace of events while letting Russia take the lead. That hasn’t made the war any better or safer, instead it’s become more agonizing for everyone.

If Russia is defeated after all, Biden will claim all the credit and deserve none of it.

The administration’s fearful dithering gave Putin the impression that he could quickly take Ukraine and win. After giving Putin permission for a “minor incursion” as his version of Obama’s red line, Biden was confronted with a full invasion and after a month still hasn’t made it clear to either Russia or Ukraine, or any of our allies, what they can expect America to do about it.

These mixed signals convinced both sides that they can still win and have prolonged the war.

If Biden believes that it’s in our national interest that Russia be defeated, then he should say it and act like it, instead of empty babble about who should run Moscow, something he has no say in, or even more hollow threats of war crimes trials. If he wants to arm Ukraine, then he should do it properly or stop altogether because a halfway approach will just kill more people.

Washington D.C. can reduce Ukraine, like Boko Haram and ISIS, to a hashtag war, but China and Iran are watching and drawing their lessons from what is happening. And if we treat Taiwan and the Middle East, our tech and energy regional lifelines, as disposable, there will come a war that we will have to fight. And heaven help us if we try to fight it with hashtags and sanctions.

Strong nations make it clear what they will and won’t fight for. And they don’t send mixed signals that only communicate weakness. Nor do they talk about how fearful they are of a fight.

That doesn’t mean that foreign wars are a good idea or should be embraced as a policy.

But the best way to avoid foreign wars is by having meaningful red lines and doctrines that clearly lay out national interests, and by viewing war as a choice made from a position of strength, not the catastrophic conclusion to a series of inept entanglements that alternately convince our enemies we won’t fight and that they have nothing to worry about even if we do.

Instead Biden has continued the failed policy of ambiguous global commitments under the guise of international law and the even more implausible values of the international community that have no clear red lines for engagement or disengagement. In Ukraine, Biden, like Obama, is hiding behind the Europeans, who are hiding behind us, for a global show of cowardice.

Vladimir Putin understands that wars are something you win, while the D.C. establishment doesn’t fight wars, but commits American forces to implementing multilateral values.

That’s why we never win. If you don’t fight a war, how can you possibly win one?

Putin understands why he’s in Ukraine. Do we? What are our national interests there or anywhere? How does our employment of military force make us safer, stronger, or wealthier? Are we involved to keep energy and bread prices low, or to avoid a future war on worse terms?

These are basic questions and the failure to answer them sets us up for defeat every time.

Two Democrat administrations have sent a message to our allies, enemies, and countries wondering which of these they might want to be that the American era has come to an end.


Daniel Greenfield, a Shillman Journalism Fellow at the Freedom Center, is an investigative journalist and writer focusing on the radical Left and Islamic terrorism.


Iran nuke deal advisor calls Biden a ‘racist piece of garbage’

After Latest Islamic Terror, UN Envoy Condemns Hamas, Biden Ambassador Doesn’t

Massachusetts: Biotechnology Firm Director ‘Accidentally’ Buys Ricin Ingredient, Researches Poisons

Why Were 2 Muslims Pretending To Be DHS Agents and Getting Close to Secret Service Agents?

EDITORS NOTE: This Jihad Watch column is republished with permission. ©All rights reserved.

Yale Law School Recruits and Trains Social Justice Warriors

Mission: Wage lawfare to effect change across every sector of society.

If practitioners of any profession would be expected to understand and honor the notion of Free Speech it would be lawyers.  In years past this would be a reasonable conclusion.  However, in so many ways traditional American values have been turned upside down and inside out!

Consider that on March 17, 2022 Fox News reported, Liberal Yale Law students derail bipartisan ‘free speech’ event in chaotic protest; police called to scene.

The report began with the following:

A bipartisan panel on civil liberties at Yale Law School was disrupted last week when more than 100 law students tried to drown out and intimidate the speakers, who eventually needed police to escort them out of the building, according to reports.

The school’s Federalist Society hosted the March 10 panel, which featured Monica Miller, of the progressive American Humanist Association, and Kristen Waggoner, of the conservative Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF). About 120 student protesters showed up with signs attacking the ADF to shout down the speakers, with one reportedly recorded on audio telling a member of the conservative group that she would “literally fight you, b——.”

“It was disturbing to witness law students whipped into a mindless frenzy. I did not feel it was safe to get out of the room without security,” Waggoner told the Washington Free Beacon.

The Fox News report also included this important observation by Waggoner:

Waggoner later tweeted: “My hot take: Good lawyers win with civility & persuasion, not physical intimidation and threats of violence. We aren’t afraid to engage with people and ideas we disagree with. Apparently many of the students missed this lesson.”

It is beyond disturbing that law students at one of America’s most prestigious and influential law schools would witness the sort of madness that occurred at the event described in the Fox News report.

Many of those Yale law students will not only go on to successful careers as attorneys but become judges, leaders in major corporations and law professors.

About a dozen years ago I was invited by the Federalist Society at Yale Law School to participate in a debate about Comprehensive Immigration Reform.

The debate was spirited and fair and all who attended were courteous and respectful.  But that was then.

Open debate is at the heart of a free society and is enshrined in the First Amendment of the Constitution.

Indeed, you can think of debate as an example of intellectual capitalism.  Competing concepts are provided to the audience who then decide which concept they are willing to “buy.”

On a personal note, I have a degree in Communications Arts and Sciences and had planned teaching speech and debate on the college level when I had the opportunity to make a career change and became a federal agent.

You never understand your side of an argument more than when you have to defend it against an opponent- in fact, one of my debate coaches would have us prepare to argue both sides of a debate and then not tell us which side we would take until 30 minutes before the debate!

The Radical Left however, knows that they cannot win a fair debate so they now seek to shut down debate as they sought to do in that debate at Yale Law School in February.

Laws can be thought of as the rulebook by which society functions.  Laws control human conduct and behavior and regulate the way that corporations function.

Without laws or law enforcement anarchy follows.  However, overbearing laws and law enforcement can create a dictatorship that strips the citizens of their freedoms.

It is clear that those who write the laws, along with those practice law and those who enforce our laws are at the foundation of our society and government.

For decades radicals and globalists have sought to wrest control over our government to gain control over America and Americans and strip our nation of its sovereignty.

In point of fact, Radical Democrats Have Become ‘Adversaries of Freedom’.

When Obama was elected President, in his victory speech Obama declared, “Change has come to America!’

It would appear that today, Lawfare is being waged against America and Americans.

Lawfare has been defined as:

Legal action undertaken as part of a hostile campaign against a country or group.

We will explore how this is being implemented shortly, but first, consider that in the wake of the death of George Floyd riots broke out across the United States in which innocent people were killed and buildings were reduced to rubble and ashes in so-called “peaceful demonstrations” as reported on by supposed “news organizations.” These supposed news organizations were thinly veiled propaganda machines that could have been part of Orwell’s “Ministry of Truth” straight out of the pages of his novel, 1984.

The Radical Left began demanding “Criminal Justice Reform” and the defunding of police.”

Anarchistic enclaves sprung up in cities such as Seattle, Washington.  In short order Americans rejected this lunacy, so the Left distanced themselves from the Defund Police movement, but their goals did not change.

Radical Leftists have simply taken a different approach to achieve the same anarchistic goals.

“Bail Reform” was implemented in many cities controlled by the Leftists under the guise that this would only involve those charged with non-violent crimes.  It quickly became apparent, however, that many violent thugs were released without bail and went on to commit more violent crimes that injured or killed more innocent victims including children.

New York City, which had been the safest big city in the United States, quickly descended into violence and chaos as the newly-elected Manhattan District Attorney, Alvin Bragg, implemented new bail policies and established prosecutorial discretion policies that encouraged not deterred violent crimes.

Effective law enforcement is a system with a number of important elements.  When dedicated laws enforcement officers make arrests and conduct criminal investigations, they must be supported by dedicated prosecutors who are on the same page, seeking the effective prosecution of criminals.

Today, unfortunately, in many jurisdictions, prosecutors who are supposed to work in close coordination with law enforcement officers are now acting as though they are criminal defense attorneys.

George Gascon, the infamous Los Angeles District Attorney became the veritable “poster child” of such prosecutors who sought to protect criminals and not their victims.

It has become clear that the vast majority of Americans reject the lunacy of defunding the police and many politicians who had advocated for this policy are now denying that they support this madness.  However, their goals of creating anarchy, likely in order to subsequently fill the void created by anarchy with their notion of control over government and hence society.

Now we come to the issue of “Lawfare” I raised earlier in my commentary.

A news release that was issued by Yale Law School on February 21, 2022 announced:  Yale Law School Announces Tuition-Free Scholarships for Highest Need Students.

The idea of providing free college education for American students is a concept I personally approve of.  Children growing up in poverty are not likely to be able to afford tuition for college or to attend graduate schools and therefore scholarship for such students of appropriate academic standing could be a way to help combat endemic poverty.

Yale Law School is not, however being altruistic in this case- it is clear that their actual goal is to enlist an army of lawyers who will practice Lawfare.

Consider this final paragraph in that Yale news release:

At Yale Law School, we prepare lawyers and leaders to face the most critical challenges of the future and effect change across every sector of society,” said Gerken. We are committed to ensuring every student can fully immerse themselves in our vibrant intellectual experience and has the tools and resources they need to leave their mark on the world. The Hurst Horizon Scholarship Program cements our commitment to access and equity for all.”

The motivation is clear- Yale Law School is not as benevolent it may may appear to be.  Yale Law School is clearly determined to create an army of lawyers who are literally indebted to Yale who will engage in “Lawfare”

In his famous Iron Curtain Speech Winston Churchill delivered on March 5, 1946 at Westminster College in Fulton, Missouri  Churchill spoke of:

…communist fifth columns that were operating throughout western and southern Europe. Drawing parallels with the disastrous appeasement of Hitler prior to World War II, Churchill advised that in dealing with the Soviets there was nothing which they admire so much as strength, and there is nothing for which they have less respect than for military weakness.”

That concern voiced by Churchill about communist fifth columns” (and other adversaries of freedom), should also have included the United States.

©Michael Cutler. All rights reserved.

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Biden Rolling Out the Welcome Mat for New Border-Jumpers

New details are emerging about what will happen at the southern border once COVID restrictions are lifted on illegal immigration.  The Feds are expecting 18,000 border-jumpers a day.  That’s more than a half a million a month.

Three states have sued to get the COVID restrictions reinstated.  In addition, Texas Governor Greg Abbott said he will  bus illegal aliens to the steps of the U.S. Capitol in Washington, and Florida Governor Ron DeSantis said he will send them to Joe Biden’s home state of Delaware, as both reacted to the expected surge in illegal immigration.

So, some are fighting the Feds, but the fix is in.  All that talk about addressing root causes of illegal immigration was just talk.  The Biden administration is rolling out the welcome mat for the new wave of lawless border-jumpers.

A leaked DHS memo shows the administration will use “broadscale release mechanisms” to open the floodgates.  In plain English, this means illegal aliens will be released on their own recognizance or with a notice to appear which, everybody knows, is often ignored.  This memo follows a long list of policy changes the Biden administration has made to open the border since it’s been in office, changes I’ve documented in previous commentaries.

But the administration isn’t done yet; the Feds want to open the door even wider to illegal aliens. The administration is in discussions to roll out a smartphone app to do pre-screening BEFORE illegal aliens jump the border.  Plans are also being laid to spend big on illegal aliens once they arrive:  $69 million for medical support at 63 locations; $32 million for medical claims; $29 million for a new Office of the Chief Medical Officer; $140 million for a new processing center; $97 million for flights and ground transportation; $24 million for humanitarian relief necessitated by opening the border; $25 million for emergency family shelter beds; $527 million for alternatives to detention; $12 million for victim assistance necessitated by causing the immigrant crime problem in the first place; $375 million to administer looser asylum standards; and $389 million to process the application backlog caused by its own policies.  By the way, there are more than 8 million pending applications – 8 MILLION. And healthcare for detained illegal aliens cost U.S. taxpayers $316 million last year.

The Biden administration is releasing single adult aliens into the interior by the hundreds every day.  They’re given a cellphone so they can be tracked, but there’s nothing the Feds can do if the aliens toss the phones.  The administration is also allowing illegal alien criminals to be released into the general population after they finish their sentences, instead of taking them into custody for deportation as federal law requires.  The Biden administration had wanted to limit deportation to serious criminals, but a court partially blocked that for now.  Finally, as previously reported, the administration is moving to take immigration courts out of the asylum process and have low-level bureaucrats quickly rubber-stamp asylum claims on the spot when illegal aliens arrive, without any serious examination.

A lot of these new changes ignore federal laws passed by Congress.  So where is Congress in all this?  Why aren’t the House and Senate holding oversight hearings to protect their power and insist Joe Biden faithfully execute the laws, as he is constitutionally required to do?  Oh, I forgot. They’re controlled by Democrats, too.

A reckoning is coming.

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True The Vote Geo-Location Data Reported to Identify Two Ballot Trafficking Transfer-Stations as GA Democratic Party Offices

“It’s an organized crime that was perpetrated on Americans”

America didn’t vote for these criminals.

2,000 Mules Will Blow The Lid Off of A Massive Nationwide Criminal RICO Conspiracy

If True The Vote Has The Evidence It Claims It Does, It’s Game Over

By: Brian Cates, April 4, 2022:

For more than a year and a half since the November 2020 election, debate has raged over exactly how the Democrats pulled off the rigging of the vote for Joe Biden and Kamala Harris.

Very early on in the discussion of how this happened, people like Mike Lindell, Sidney Powell, General Michael Flynn, Patrick Byrne and others seized and held attention for months as they focused much of the population’s attention like a laser on the Chinese hacking theory.

Lindell spent almost 8 months crafting a narrative in which he was going to definitively prove that hackers stole the election by electronically manipulating the vote totals in all 50 states and most counties. He made a series of boastful videos with names like “Absolute Proof” and “Absolutely 9-0” [which advanced the claim that when the Supreme Court saw the evidence he was going to present to it, all nine Justices would vote to overturn the 2020 election].

All that activity culminated in two embarrassing fiascos: a Cyber Symposium where an audience was lured into attendance based on finally being able to see the much vaunted PCAPs [they were never produced] and supposed Supreme Court filing with multiple states Attorneys General signing on to challenge the 2020 election [the filing was never made].

It may be that instead of relying on electronic manipulation of vote totals by hackers in China or some other foreign venue to steal it for Joe Biden, the Democrats relied on the old tried and true method that has served them so well in the past: good old-fashioned ballot box stuffing. But done on a level never seen before the 2020 election.

This is going to be a painful admission for many like me to make after having spent over a year chasing the rainbow of PCAPs and server images and supposed absolute proof of electronic vote totals being manipulated.

Keep reading…..

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Matt Gaetz drops MOAB on woke Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin

Woke Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin needs to be challenged like this at every opportunity.

Same guy who ordered a 60 day “stand down” by military to look for and weed out “extremists” in the military meaning conservatives and/or Trump supporters after January 6th, 2020 events in Washington, D.C.

Austin is nothing more than an Obama clone and would not have been a 4 star and SecDef if he wasn’t totally left leaning and WOKE.

Watch: Defense Secretary Austin Speechless After Rep. Matt Gaetz Absolutely Annihilates Him

By Alex Miller – April 5, 2022

Fireworks went off when Rep. Matt Gaetz clashed with Biden’s Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin who was trying to defend his request to increase the defense budget.

Gaetz accused Austin of being too focused on wokeism instead of defining the nation and called the Pentagon out for being behind China and Russia on hypersonic weapons.

“This is the most capable, most combat critical force in the world, it has been and it will be so going forward, and this budget helps us to do that,” Austin said.
“Not if we continue down this path. Not if we continue to embrace socialism,” Gaetz replied.

“The fact that you’re embarrassed by your country, by your military. I’m sorry for that,” Austin shot back.

“Oh no, I’m embarrassed for your leadership,” Gaetz responded. “I am not embarrassed for my country. It’s disgraceful that you would sit here & conflate your failures with those of uniformed service members.”

Gatez started to explain how the US military has fallen behind the Chinese when Austin cut in and asked, “What do you mean? We’re behind in hypersonics? How do you make that assessment?”

There was a lot of cross-talk but then Gaetz added, “your own people brief us that we’re behind and China is winning.”

That shut Austin up.

Read more.

©Royal A. Brown, III. All rights reserved.

How to Steal an Election

Today, I’m going to tell you how to steal an election.  Everything I’m about to tell you comes from recent documented findings about problems with the 2020 elections.

If I wanted to steal an election, one thing I would do is engage in ballot harvesting, which is illegal in many places.  A citizens’ group found, in Wisconsin and Pennsylvania, perhaps 7 percent of ballots put in drop boxes were in batches, not single ballots, and therefore illegal.  If you extrapolate this out across the country, it could have been 5 million illegal votes in the 2020 election.   A Wisconsin state senator filed a complaint with the Wisconsin Elections Commission alleging the city of Racine is currently intentionally ignoring the law and court rulings by allowing people to return ballots for other voters.  The problem with ballot harvesting is you don’t know the circumstances under which the ballots were obtained, perhaps fraudulently or under pressure, or maybe they are completely made up, you just don’t know.  Doesn’t sound like a free and fair election to me.

In fact, there’s surveillance video and cellphone evidence in Georgia of 2,000 mules dumping multiple ballots into drop boxes while wearing latex gloves and disguises in 2020.  Not only that, they stopped off at Stacey Abrams’ headquarters and Democrat offices between runs where, it is thought, they picked up the ballots.  Does that sound like a free and fair election to you?  Before you answer ‘yes’, you should know an official investigation is ongoing.

Another thing I would do to steal an election is make sure the voter rolls were as dirty as possible. There’s been an awful lot of resistance in recent years from elections officials who just do not want to clean up the rolls.  For example, 60,000 voters on North Carolina’s rolls are dead, registered twice, or enrolled in another state, according to a new public interest law firm report.  If you’re going to steal an election, you need dirty voter rolls to supply names of real registered voters who haven’t voted to which to assign all the fake votes you generate, so things tally and look kosher at the end.

Speaking of fake votes, remember the truck driver who courageously stepped forward and told the nation he had hauled 288,000 suspicious ballots from New York to Pennsylvania in the 2020 election?  The U.S. Postal Service still refuses to release its investigative report on the matter.  What’s up with that?

If I wanted to steal an election, I’d get a billionaire friend of mine to dump $400 million into thinly disguised get-out-the-vote drives for Democrats.  Mark Zuckerberg did that in the 2020 election, with just enough money going to Republican areas so that the people involved in the effort could think they had covered themselves.  But the chickens are coming home to roost.  Milwaukee city officials have just been accused of election bribery in accepting grants from a Mark Zuckerberg-funded organization, according to a complaint filed with the Wisconsin Elections Commission.  The Zuckerbucks story isn’t over, not by a long shot.

Another thing I would do is rig the machines.  You might recall that a court-ordered forensic audit of electronic voting machines in Antrim County, Michigan found the machines deliberately created a 68 percent error rate right off the bat.  What’s that about?   More recently, an examination of machine ballot images in Colorado showed new databases were created partway through the 2020 election, enabling the machines to essentially keep two sets of books.  The examiners further found the numbers did not add up and the log files were overwritten, not accidentally but extensively.  No wonder people want to go back to paper ballots and laws have been passed in some states to keep the machines from connecting to the Internet.

There’s lots more I would do:  count absentee ballots anyway even though the signatures don’t match what’s on file; get felons to vote illegally; and get school administrators to sweep student records to find more votes for Democrat candidates.

After I did all these things, I would turn around and claim we just had the most secure election ever.  The bigger the lie, the more believable it is, that’s Propaganda 101.

All kidding aside, we on the grassroots political Right are not going to let the 2020 election go.  We are not going to just ‘move along’.   We want all the documented problems run to ground and fixed. The way I hear the story, $20 to $30 million dollars has come from big donors on the Right to fix these problems.    That’s buying an awful lot of vigilance now and new efforts from the professional Right to ensure election integrity cross my desk several times a day.  So, if Democrats want to steal elections in the future, they’ll need a whole new bag of tricks.  And we’re watching – closely – so good luck with that.

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Cellphone Data Reveals Massive Wisconsin Ballot Trafficking Operation

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Iran Issues Ramadan Attack Warning in Threat to Mideast Peace

In an ominous warning to Israel and regional Sunni countries, Major General Hossein Salami, the commander of Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC), on Wednesday threatened those nations that have “established political and security relations with the Zionist regime,” a reference to the Jewish State of Israel.

He added, “We explicitly declare and warn that the continuation of such relations is not acceptable at all.”

Coming three days before the start of Ramadan, the annual month of obligatory fasting and prayer for Muslims and one of the Five Pillars of Islam, the warning should be taken seriously by those specifically identified in Salami’s threat because Ramadan is also traditionally a time of Islamic terror attacks.

Those attacks may already have begun with a deadly spate of terrorism across Israel, in Be’ersheba, Hadera and Bnei Brak (just outside of Tel Aviv) that thus far have killed 11 people in the space of a single week. Assailants, two Arab-Israelis and the last one from the town of Ya’bad, near Jenin in Samaria, were armed with knives and guns, including an M-16 rifle, in the three attacks.

In HAMAS-ruled Gaza, sweets were handed out on the street to celebrate Israeli deaths, and in Lebanon, Hezbollah hailed the attacks with flags and music in the streets.

An official statement from Hezbollah referenced both the Abraham Accords indirectly and more specifically the tri-partite March 22 meeting of Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett at the Egyptian resort of Sharm e-Sheikh with Egyptian President Abdel Fattah Al Sisi and United Arab Emirates (UAE) Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi Mohammed Bin Zayed Al-Nahyan, declaring that “All meetings of betrayal and the heights of normalization cannot give the enemy security.”

The fact that it was Maj. Gen. Salami, the IRGC commander, who issued the Iranian threat is significant, because it is the IRGC and its subordinate Qods Force unit that provide the support — arms, funding, training — for Islamic terror proxies across the Middle East.

The official statements coming from both Iran and HAMAS, Hezbollah and Palestinian Islamic Jihad in the wake of the Israel attacks indicate an orchestrated terror offensive, timed for the start of Ramadan. As Islamic doctrine obligates that a warning be given before attack, the Tehran regime is here putting Israel and the entire region on notice that this Ramadan, as others past, will be a violent one.

The Iranian regime understands that both within and outside of the Abraham Accords, key regional players, including Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, the UAE, Egypt, Sudan, Morocco and others are banding together with Israel in an unprecedented recognition of the threat from an aggressive and rapidly nuclearizing Iran.

Those expanding relationships with the hated Jews, as well as the centuries-old Sunni-Shi’ite split that leaves the Sunni Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in administrative charge of Islam’s Two Holy Places — Mecca and Medina — are what’s really “not acceptable at all” to the Shi’ite Twelvers who head both Iran and the IRGC/Qods Force.

It is especially incongruous that at precisely this time, in this atmosphere, the U.S. reportedly is considering removing the IRGC from the Department of State’s Foreign Terrorist Organizations (FTO) list as one of a slew of concessions to Iran intended to revive the July 2015 Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) nuclear deal.

Indeed, indicative of the alarm such reports are invoking, recent articles in the Saudi press have labeled such efforts an “absurd” act and a “crime” that will threaten global security. Writing in the London-based Al-Sharq Al-Awsat on March 22, Saudi journalist Abdullah bin Bijad al-Otaibi called the idea of revoking the IRGC’s terrorist designation “a direct threat and danger not only to the Arab states but to the entire world.”

Likewise writing in Al-Sharq Al Awsat, Saudi journalist Tariq al-Homayed drew the broader implications, stating that “Removing the IRGC from the terror list will grant Iran freedom of action in the region as part of a Russian-Chinese-Iranian alliance.”

As the seasons of Ramadan, Passover and the Christian Holy Week culminating with Easter on April 16 all coincide this year, it is urgent that we understand the explicit intent of the Iranian warning to Israel and the region. It is nothing less than a declaration of war against Israel and those regional people who are choosing the pathway of peace and reconciliation with it.

©Clare Lopez. All rights reserved.

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VIDEO: ‘Human Tsunami’ Puts Border on the Brink

Under Barack Obama, 1,000 people a day “overwhelm[ed] the system.” Anything over 4,000 was considered a “crisis.” So what does Joe Biden call 7,100 illegal border crossings every 24 hours? Just the beginning, apparently. The White House, determined to take sole ownership of the “worst administration ever” mantle, has decided to turn the catastrophe at the border up to doomsday levels by lifting the COVID restrictions that kept some migrants at bay. Starting May 23rd, agents warn, a million crossings every six months is going to sound like a dream scenario compared to what’s coming.

“Have you watched some of the footage of what goes on just on the other side of the border?” House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) asked reporters. “Looks like it comes from Ukraine.” And it’s only going to get worse. If Biden overturns Donald Trump’s Title 42, which allows the U.S. to turn away illegal immigrants because of the “communicable disease threat,” America is facing a nightmare of “cataclysmic” proportions, experts warn. According to documents, Homeland Security is preparing for 18,000 illegal encounters a day once the rule is overturned — double the record highs we’re seeing now.

To states like Arizona, Texas, and California, “it’s throwing gasoline on a fire,” state Attorney General Mark Brnovich (R-Ariz.) shook his head. And it’s not just the border states who would suffer, he pointed out on “Washington Watch.” “We know that there’s a record amount of fentanyl and methamphetamine flowing into our country… And it’s estimated that if Title 42 is rescinded, more than 500,000 people — in addition to the [ones] already illegally crossing — will cross… That’s literally like the population of Kansas City, Missouri or Baltimore, Maryland coming across in one month.” It’s already overwhelming our social systems, Brnovich warns. And what’s happening now, he explains, “is that people charged with serious crimes [and] convicted of serious crimes are just being released into our community… It is, quite frankly, making our country more dangerous. And it’s just unfair to hardworking American taxpayers.”

That’s what drove Brnovich — along with his counterparts in Missouri and Louisiana — to sue. Like everyone else who sees the writing on the wall, they’re desperate to stop the Biden administration from removing the one remaining tool our border patrol has to stem the tide. Based on the best estimates, our agents have invoked Title 42 more than 1.7 million times since 2020. If it goes, America could be staring down a literal stampede at the border, which is yet another storyline Democrats can’t afford.

But there’s nothing like an election to snap some sense into Biden’s party, who is suddenly desperate to save Title 42. Even extremists like Senator Raphael Warnock (D-Ga.) raced to get on the record opposing Biden’s plan. “This is not the right time,” he argued, “and we have not seen a detailed plan from the administration. We need assurances that we have security at the border and that we protect communities on this side of the border. Moderates like Kyrsten Sinema (D-Ariz.) and Joe Manchin (D-W.Va.) were more blunt about the “human tsunami” that awaits. Manchin called the president’s plan “frightening,” reminding everyone that “we are nowhere near prepared to deal with [the] influx.” “Until we have comprehensive, bipartisan immigration reform that commits to securing our borders and providing a pathway to citizenship for qualified immigrants,” he argued, “Title 42 must stay in place.”

Senator Mark Warner (D-Va.) piled on, insisting that he would be “very reluctant to end this Trump policy until we [have] a real plan in place.” “I think we are a generous country, but we have to be a country of [the] rule of law.” Funny, Brnovich pointed out, that’s what Republicans have been saying all along. Immigrants want to come here because America cares about the rule of law, he said. “And what the Biden administration is doing is — quite frankly — undermining it.” Worse, he argues, Biden is incentivizing lawlessness either indirectly by removing the consequences or directly by offering things like welfare benefits. “It’s an insane policy. I mean, literally, the Democratic Party has gotten so Left. We’ve gone in 50 years from John F. Kennedy wanting to put a man on the moon to Joe Biden wanting to put a felon in everyone’s neighborhood.”

And, of course, the thing that really gets under Americans’ skin is the outright hypocrisy. If Democrats are declaring an end to the pandemic at the border, why not everywhere? Why are passengers still required to wear masks on planes? Why are members of our military still forced to get vaccinated against their will? And why is Congress considering a $10 billion package in COVID relief for a virus that the White House insists doesn’t exist anymore?

Obviously, the permanent solution to this crisis isn’t Title 42. It’s sound immigration policy that secures our border. Americans wouldn’t be having this debate if Democrats had kept the ideas that were working in place. Instead, in a pathetic attempt to please his open-borders radicals, Biden threw out every commonsense strategy that kept the problem under control. But then, Brnovich wonders, maybe that was the point. If the Left wants to centralize power in Washington, D.C., then “I think part of that strategy is to overwhelm the system… and essentially make [these people] dependent on a central authority.”

But until the Democratic Party succeeds in trampling our entire system of government, they still have to follow the law. If they want to change a policy, then there are rules for that. “After all, [Biden’s] not a king,” Brnovich points out. “He’s not a dictator.” And if taking him to court is the only thing that will drive that point home, so be it. The borders of Biden’s authority are just as important as the country’s borders he ignores.

EDITORS NOTE: This FRC-Action column is republished with permission. ©All rights reserved.