Law-Free Zone & Biden’s Border Policies

DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas got his comeuppance Friday.  He had issued a memorandum last September limiting the deportation of illegal aliens to certain criminals, national security risks, and recent border crossers.  He explicitly said in the memo being in the country illegally is not a reason for deportation.  In fact, he said if somebody’s been here illegally a long time, or if they’re young, they should be allowed to stay.  Then he went on TV to brag about how he single-handedly “fundamentally changed immigration enforcement” in the country.

On Friday, a federal judge in Texas threw out the memo, ruling Mayorkas had changed immigration law on his own, when only Congress has the power to legislate.  The judge also said Mayorkas broke the law by proclaiming all this on his own without going through the normal rulemaking process that gives affected states and the public due notice and opportunity to comment.  DHS can appeal the court’s decision, but the judge’s ruling is a welcome rebuke to our lawless DHS Secretary who thinks he can do anything he wants on immigration.

In a previous commentary [4/28/22], I listed numerous policy changes Mayorkas and the Biden administration have made to open the border.  There are others I didn’t mention – no longer detaining criminal illegal aliens for deportation when Congress said they must be detained; discontinuing the detention of families with children; ending large-scale worksite arrests; pausing an operation that targeted sex offenders (Operation Talon); and shielding pregnant women and victims of crime from deportation entirely.

In addition the Biden administration is pushing free college for illegal aliens and sending border patrol agents into Mexico to work with asylum lawyers and shelter operators to identify sympathetic cases, like single mothers, to bring into the U.S.  To top it all off, the Biden administration’s streamlined asylum claim procedures went into effect at the border last week.  Critics say immigration courts are cut out of the process and low-level bureaucrats will simply approve most asylum claims.

All of this is being done in the name of racial equity or, as I call it, racial payback.  Mayorkas has called equity (equal outcomes) the “core founding principle” of our country – which it’s not – and he’s willing to break the law to achieve it.  The executive branch is supposed to faithfully execute the laws, not pretend it’s Congress or rewrite statutes willy-nilly anytime it feels like it.

Mayorkas reminds me of the German Leftist who said in a video at the start of Europe’s migration crisis that Germany has existential guilt because of what it did in World Wars I and II and, therefore, Germany must hand its country over to somebody else so they can do something else with it.    That’s just crazy.  You won’t have anywhere to live for very long if you think like that.

What we have in the Biden administration’s open borders policies is the diversity narrative run amok.  White people are guilty of you-name-it, so we must open the borders and let other people get their fair share – equity – no matter who it hurts.  No matter how many women are raped en route, how many Americans die of fentanyl overdoses, or how many terrorists are coming across the border.  And, no matter how many times the Biden administration ignores the will of Congress and rewrites the laws to its own liking.

If equity is your game, what will it take to satisfy you?  How much will be enough?  By what objective standards?  To what ultimate end?  If you have a bottomless pit of racial resentment like Alejandro Mayorkas, and think the hate and the punishment are just supposed to go on forever, without end, there’s a job waiting for you in the Biden administration.  No Capitol Hill experience required.

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FORT BRAGG, NC: China Virus ‘Vaccine’ Killing Our Military! Eighty Soldiers in 18 Months!

Fort Bragg lost over 80 soldiers from “sudden” and “unexplained” causes, and stopped reporting on the deaths after June 2021

by: Lance D Johnson for Natural News

One of the largest military installations in the world, Fort Bragg is home to approximately 54,000 military personnel and includes the Special Forces, the Airborne Corps, and the Joint Special Operations Command. In just 18 months, Fort Bragg lost over 80 soldiers from “sudden” and “unexplained” causes. According to officials, 33 of the fatalities are of “undetermined” causes. Fort Bragg cannot explain why dozens of soldiers are dying in their own bunks.

During that same eighteen-month period, three Fort Bragg soldiers died in overseas combat. This means soldiers stationed at Fort Bragg are twenty-seven times more likely to die unexpectedly on their home base than in overseas combat!

Fort Bragg stops reporting soldier deaths after dozens found dead in their bunks

An investigative reporter for Rolling Stone Magazine, Seth Harp, has been looking into this medical anomaly. On February 9, 2022, Seth reported the death of 83 soldiers at Fort Bragg in the 18 months ending in June 2021. Fort Bragg stopped reporting the fatalities after June 2021, but the bodies continue to pile up. Out of the 83 “sudden and unexpected” fatalities, eleven of them were determined to be from natural causes.

Harp wrote: “Fort Bragg soldiers have been turning up ‘unresponsive’ in their barracks on a disturbingly regular basis since the beginning of 2020, including Caleb Smither, Terrance Salazar, Jamie Boger, Joshua Diamond, Matthew Disney, Mikel Rubino, Michael Hamilton, and numerous others who have not been named.”

Drugs were in involved in the deaths of Joshua Diamon and Matthew Disney. The two were found dead on the same day in June 2021, just two weeks after airborne master sergeant Martin Acevedo III was caught trafficking cocaine.

Drugs are only a small part of the problem. In January of 2021, Army captain Robert Latham died suddenly of an “apparent heart attack.” The 32-year-old was previously in top physical condition. A Green Beret named Calvin Rockward passed away from a “sudden, unexpected medical event.” The 38-year-old was in excellent physical condition, too.

According to Seth, nine more young and fit soldiers were found “unresponsive” in their bunks. The U.S. Army and Fort Bragg refuse to investigate or report on the surge in deaths, disrespecting the soldiers and their families. Could there be a serious drug problem going on at Fort Bragg? Could these deaths indicate a surge in suicides and overdoses?

The military continues to be assaulted by mandates that harm soldiers physically and mentally. The vaccine mandates damage combat readiness, while banishing the strongest, healthiest freedom fighters from the ranks.

Military’s medical database explodes with 1,000% increase in medical issues in 2021

The Military Health System began administering the spike protein mRNA vaccine to military service members on December 14, 2020. Since then, the military has administered more than 6.4 million doses, fully inoculating 90.1 percent of active-duty service members with the two-dose protocol. What role do these bioweapon shots have on the number of “unexpected” and undetermined deaths? Why is Fort Bragg less safe than it was before the mask, testing and vaccine mandates?

The Army is failing to keep soldiers combat-ready, and this is evidenced by the military’s own medical surveillance system. The Defense Medical Epidemiology Database (DMED) is used to detect surges of injury and illness in the military to make sure that all individuals are combat ready. The DMED is the Armed Forces Health Surveillance Branch’s “web-based tool to remotely query de-identified active component personnel and medical event data contained within the Defense Medical Surveillance System (DMSS).”

In January 2022, attorneys Thomas Renz and Leigh Dundas retrieved the DMED data from military whistleblowers, Drs. Samuel Sigoloff, Peter Chambers and Theresa Long. The data was provided to Senator Ron Johnson at a historic round table meeting with doctors and lawyers.

According to the data, the five-year average for medical issues in the military was 1.7 million codes. After the COVID-19 vaccine protocol was mandated on the military, the number of medical issues spiked to 22 million in the first 10 months of 2021 – a 1,000 percent increase! Many of the issues are directly related to the covid-19 vaccines, including Bell’s palsy, myocardial infarction, pulmonary embolisms and neurological disorders. One of the military doctors testified: “It is my professional opinion that the major increases incidences of the above discussed instances of miscarriages, cancers, and disease were due to COVID-19 ‘vaccinations.’”

The Commander-in-Chief, the Secretary of Defense, the Department of Defense (DoD) and the highest-ranking commanders are culpable for unlicensed medical malpractice and mass murder, and must be held responsible for their unethical actions of coercion and discrimination, which were used to force dangerous experiments on soldiers that injured, sickened, disabled and killed many. For the latest update on stopping the mandates in the military, read Liberty Council’s updates on the Navy SEAL 1 v. Austin case.

Watch the video below as Atty. Thomas Renz reveals the DoD whistleblowers during a Senate hearing.

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Taxpayers To Foot Bill for Terrorist’s Sex Change

The hard left ACLU and TChicago legal powerhouse Winston & Strawn LLP lent firepower to the cause. They argue that the bureau’s “deliberate indifference” to Iglesias’s medical needs violates the Eighth Amendment, which bans cruel and unusual punishments.

he course of the case posed other problems for the bureau. The terrorist Iglesias had to be transferred to a different prison after authorities discovered Iglesias incurred “substantial debts to multiple inmates” to buy drugs. But you will have to incur debt to pay for this monster’s new cooch.

Taxpayers To Foot Bill for Terrorist’s Sex Change

Career criminal Cristina Iglesias mailed fake anthrax to British Commonwealth and Foreign Office in 2002

By: Kevin Daley • WFB  June 11, 2022 5:00 am

A transgender inmate who goes by the name Cristina Iglesias has not spent a day outside of federal prison as an adult. Iglesias was locked up in 1994 for sending death threats to federal judges and then pleaded guilty in 2005 to mailing fake anthrax to U.S. allies in the earliest days of the War on Terror. Now, thanks to a judge’s ruling, Iglesias is set to become the first transgender inmate to undergo sex-reassignment surgery—on the taxpayer dime.

Iglesias in 2020 became the poster child of the American Civil Liberties Union‘s quest to ensure even the most hardened criminals enjoy transgender rights, and the civil rights group that once focused its energies on free speech sued the government, arguing that denying the costly surgery is a violation of Iglesias’s constitutional rights. U.S. District Judge Nancy J. Rosenstengel agreed, writing in an opinion issued last month that “Iglesias suffers daily and is at risk of self-mutilation and suicide.”

Iglesias, 47, is set for release on Christmas Day, but wants the surgery before that time—and Rosentengel is ordering the Bureau of Prisons to find a surgeon to carry out the sex change.

Cost estimates for the surgery itself vary widely. Some hospital estimates reach six figures, while the Philadelphia Center for Transgender Surgery pegs the figure at about $25,000. Pricey quality-of-life care is required for years after the surgery, running about $40,000 annually in the first five years, according to a 2015 study from the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health. The cost falls to $10,000 per year after a decade.

The Bureau of Prisons declined to say whether taxpayers will provide that support.

New Biden administration policy requires prison officials to use a transgender inmate’s preferred name and pronouns and consider housing transgender inmates in prisons matching their “lived gender.” Federal policy doesn’t require surgery in every case, but left-wing groups like the ACLU are now using cases like Iglesias’s to make sure it is widely available for inmates. There are about 1,300 transgender inmates in federal jails, according to a Bureau of Prison spokeswoman.

Iglesias, who according to prison records is white but has used Hispanic names since 2004, is nearing the end of a 20-year bid for mailing white powder—from prison—to the British Commonwealth and Foreign Office in 2002, which prompted evacuations and street closures around London.

“I hope to see to it you people die a slow and painful death!!!” Iglesias wrote in a letter containing faux-anthrax. “This anthrax is very lethal and deadly!!!!”

[…]The Federal Bureau of Prisons in 2015 allowed Iglesias to begin hormone therapy. Iglesias went on to request facial laser hair removal, a transfer to a female facility, and “gender confirmation surgery.”

Iglesias in 2019 sued the Bureau of Prisons without counsel. A year and a half later, the ACLU showed up on the scene, took over the case, and filed a new complaint on Iglesias’s behalf. The Chicago legal powerhouse Winston & Strawn LLP also lent firepower to the cause. They argued, among other things, that the bureau’s “deliberate indifference” to Iglesias’s medical needs violates the Eighth Amendment, which bans cruel and unusual punishments.

“To Ms. Iglesias, her genitalia feel like an abnormal and life-threatening growth on her body, like a malignant tumor from cancer that needs to be removed,” the lawsuit reads.

The Bureau of Prisons emphasized in court filings that it has never opposed those steps. It was willing, for example, to transfer Iglesias to a female prison provided that Iglesias sustained hormone levels that would make it impossible to maintain an erection—a condition essential for the safety of female inmates, according to prison authorities. And while the bureau has never categorically denied Iglesias’s requests for sex-reassignment surgery, the bureau maintained Iglesias should spend 12 months living as a woman in a female prison before undergoing the procedure.

Rosenstengel said the Bureau of Prisons violated Iglesias’s constitutional rights. Rosenstengel accused the bureau of manufacturing its prison rape rationale in response to the ACLU lawsuit. And she faulted authorities for holding Iglesias to “categorical” pre-surgery requirements, rather than individualizing medical decisions with input from LGBT medical experts.

The judge added urgency to her decision, writing that Iglesias requires the surgery but is “running out of time,” apparently referencing a government-funded sex change.

The ACLU says that Iglesias will be the first federal inmate to undergo a sex-reassignment procedure and on June 2 celebrated its victory as a legal landmark.

It’s not clear when the procedure will happen. Iglesias over the course of the case posed other problems for the bureau. Iglesias in 2021 leveled “unsubstantiated” allegations of violence and forced prostitution against another inmate, according to an affidavit from a corrections captain. And Iglesias had to be transferred to a different prison after authorities discovered Iglesias incurred “substantial debts to multiple inmates” to buy drugs. Court records are sparse on details about treatment the inmate needs ahead of release at the end of this year.

“I hope to see to it you people die a slow and painful death!!!” Iglesias wrote in a letter containing faux-anthrax. “This anthrax is very lethal and deadly!!!!”

[…]The Federal Bureau of Prisons in 2015 allowed Iglesias to begin hormone therapy. Iglesias went on to request facial laser hair removal, a transfer to a female facility, and “gender confirmation surgery.”

Iglesias in 2019 sued the Bureau of Prisons without counsel. A year and a half later, the ACLU showed up on the scene, took over the case, and filed a new complaint on Iglesias’s behalf. The Chicago legal powerhouse Winston & Strawn LLP also lent firepower to the cause. They argued, among other things, that the bureau’s “deliberate indifference” to Iglesias’s medical needs violates the Eighth Amendment, which bans cruel and unusual punishments.

“To Ms. Iglesias, her genitalia feel like an abnormal and life-threatening growth on her body, like a malignant tumor from cancer that needs to be removed,” the lawsuit reads.

The Bureau of Prisons emphasized in court filings that it has never opposed those steps. It was willing, for example, to transfer Iglesias to a female prison provided that Iglesias sustained hormone levels that would make it impossible to maintain an erection—a condition essential for the safety of female inmates, according to prison authorities. And while the bureau has never categorically denied Iglesias’s requests for sex-reassignment surgery, the bureau maintained Iglesias should spend 12 months living as a woman in a female prison before undergoing the procedure.

Rosenstengel said the Bureau of Prisons violated Iglesias’s constitutional rights. Rosenstengel accused the bureau of manufacturing its prison rape rationale in response to the ACLU lawsuit. And she faulted authorities for holding Iglesias to “categorical” pre-surgery requirements, rather than individualizing medical decisions with input from LGBT medical experts.

The judge added urgency to her decision, writing that Iglesias requires the surgery but is “running out of time,” apparently referencing a government-funded sex change.

The ACLU says that Iglesias will be the first federal inmate to undergo a sex-reassignment procedure and on June 2 celebrated its victory as a legal landmark.

It’s not clear when the procedure will happen. Iglesias over the course of the case posed other problems for the bureau. Iglesias in 2021 leveled “unsubstantiated” allegations of violence and forced prostitution against another inmate, according to an affidavit from a corrections captain. And Iglesias had to be transferred to a different prison after authorities discovered Iglesias incurred “substantial debts to multiple inmates” to buy drugs. Court records are sparse on details about treatment the inmate needs ahead of release at the end of this year.

The Bureau of Prisons said it would not comment on matters subject to ongoing legal proceedings. The ACLU did not respond to a request for comment.


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FBI Arrests Michigan Republican Gubernatorial Candidate Ryan Kelley Over January 6th Protest Attendance

UPDATE: June 18, 2022 Michigan GOP candidate arrested by FBI sees massive jump to the top of latest poll by Melissa Fine,

It’s an upside-down world when an arrest by the FBI sends a candidate for Governor to the top of the latest popularity poll, but that’s exactly what has happened to Michigan gubernatorial GOP candidate Ryan Kelley, who was hooked up on misdemeanor charges by the Feds on June 9 for his alleged participation in the Jan. 6 events at the Capitol.

Read the full article.

We have lost our country. He wasn’t even in the Capitol building itself (as if that matters). Look out for further indictments of senatorial candidates and elected officials leading up to the election. Not so ironically, this is the insurrection.

FBI arrests GOP Michigan governor candidate Ryan Kelley over Jan. 6 riot

By Callie Patteson, NY post, June 9, 2022:

The FBI arrested Ryan Kelley, a Republican candidate for governor in Michigan, on misdemeanor charges connected to his participation in the deadly Jan. 6 Capitol Riot.

Kelley, 40, was arrested after law enforcement raided his Allendale Township home. He will appear in court later Thursday.

His arrest comes the same day as the first primetime hearing held by the House select committee investigating the riot and approximately two months before he is expected to appear on the primary ballot seeking to unseat Gov. Gretchen Whitmer.

The hearing is expected to feature a mix of in-person witnesses testifying about the events and pre-recorded content, including promises of never-before-seen photos and video from Jan. 6.

While Kelley has not been accused of entering the Capitol building itself on the day of the violent demonstration, court documents feature photos of the Republican on the steps wearing sunglasses and a black baseball cap.




POST-KAVANAUGH POLL: Almost Half of Young, Male Democrats Says “It’s Acceptable To ASSASSINATE a Politician”

Democrat Mob Terrorize Supreme Court Justice Amy Coney Barrett AT HER HOME AND HER CHURCH

Plea Deal of a US ISIS Terrorist Has Benghazi Links

WATCH Biden Touts Economic Success

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ISIS Plotter in Hipster Brooklyn Proves Yet Again That Immigration Is a National Security Issue

Dilkhayot Kasimov lived in Brooklyn, one of the nation’s leading hotspots for trendy young hipsters, but he had much more on his mind than checking out the street art scene in Bushwick or the Fort Greene Flea Market. Kasimov, 34, who was sentenced Friday to fifteen years in prison for aiding the Islamic State (ISIS), was involved in plots to strike within the United States, including possibly even killing Barack Obama. Dilkhayot Kasimov is a citizen of Uzbekistan, and so his case once again raises the question that Biden’s handlers steadfastly ignore: why is the U.S. bringing jihad terrorists into the country?

According to U.S. Attorney Richard Donoghue, Kasimov “was part of a conspiracy in which he willingly and eagerly sought to help fund a foreign fighter’s travel and expenses in Syria to wage violent jihad.” When Kasimov was sentenced Friday, Matthew Olsen, Assistant Attorney General for National Security, said: “Kasimov is an ISIS supporter who collected and gave money to another individual to fund his travel to join the terrorist group.” Breon Peace, U.S. Attorney for the Eastern District of New York, explained: “Kasimov was part of a group of individuals who sought to travel to Syria to join ISIS or to fund others who sought to become foreign fighters for ISIS.” But Kasimov wasn’t interested only in Syria.

When Kasimov was convicted in September 2019, UPI reported that he “was named in an indictment that charged three other men in a plot to assist the Islamic State.” Kasimov’s accomplices, “Akhror Saidakhmetov, Abdurasul Hasanovich Juraboev and Abror Habibov planned to travel to Turkey and then to Syria to assist the IS.” They also had a Plan B: “If their plan was not successful, they allegedly planned terrorist attacks on the United States. The men were each charged with conspiracy to provide material support to a foreign terrorist organization, conspiracy and travel document fraud.” They “came to the attention of law enforcement in August 2014 after they allegedly posted on a Uzbek-language, pro-IS website saying they would kill former President Barack Obama if ordered by the IS. The plans included placing bombs on Coney Island.”

There doesn’t seem to be any published information about the circumstances under which Kasimov was admitted to the country. Nonetheless, his case provides yet more evidence that immigration is a national security issue, and that not only “racists” and “Islamophobes” think otherwise.

There is no word about Kasimov being deported after he completes his prison sentence (or however much of it he ends up having to serve; he isn’t, after all, an “insurrectionist” or a “white supremacist,” so he is unlikely to serve the entire sentence). However, another one of Kasimov’s accomplices, Chicago’s Dilshod Khusanov, 36, according to the DOJ, will be deported after he serves a prison term. And Kisanov and Khusanov aren’t even close to being the only foreign nationals who have become security risks inside the United States. Others include a Somali Muslim migrant who stabbed multiple patrons at a restaurant owned by an Israeli Arab Christian; Ahmad Khan Rahami, an Afghan Muslim migrant who set off bombs in New York City and New Jersey; Arcan Cetin, a Turkish Muslim migrant who murdered five people in a mall in Burlington, Wash.; Dahir Adan, another Somali Muslim migrant, who stabbed mall shoppers in St. Cloud, Minn. while screaming “Allahu akbar”; and Abdul Razak Artan, yet another Somali Muslim migrant, who injured nine people with car and knife attacks at Ohio State University.

Meanwhile, Fox News reported Monday that “A Haitian migrant taking part in what could be the largest ever migrant caravan through Mexico to the U.S. is demanding that President Biden keep his promise to allow them to stay once they reach the border.” The migrant said of Old Joe: “He promised the Haitian community he will help them. He will recall Title 42. He will help us have real asylum.” Fox notes that “the migrant is taking part in a caravan that could become the largest ever to reach the U.S. southern border, with the current number of close to 10,000 migrants, is expected to swell to about 15,000 before it reaches the border.” What could possibly go wrong? Well, could more jihad terrorists such as Dilkhayot Kasimov take advantage of the chaos at the border to enter the United States and begin to plot massacres here? Come on, man! Celebrate diversity!



Hillary Clinton Adviser In Charge of Afghan War Accused of Secretly Lobbying for Taliban Backers

23 People on Terrorist Database Stopped at Southern Border in 2021; How Many Got Through?

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Khamenei: ‘Zionism is an obvious plague for the world of Islam’

Mass Shooting by Racist Criminal Leads to Lawsuit Against Gunmaker

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DEMOCRAT RULE: America’s Great Cities Gripped by Decline and Disorder

This is not about two political parties with different ideas. This is treason and treachery on an epic scale. There can be no ‘co-existing’ with murderers, looters, destroyers. And that is what the Democrat party is and what they stand for.

America’s great cities are gripped by decline and disorder

Voters have had enough of ‘progressive’ leaders who are presiding over spiraling violence and crime.

NYC: Video shows man violently toss random woman onto Bronx subway tracks

By: Joel Kotkin, Spiked, June 7, 2022:

For the past decade, America’s urban centres have been increasingly run by ‘progressive’ activists. Yet today, as US cities reel from collapsed economies, rising crime and pervasive corruption, there’s something of a revolt brewing, the success of which may well determine the role and trajectory of our great urban centres.

This emerging conflict is coming to a head next week in Los Angeles, the US’s second-largest city, in the Democratic primaries for LA mayor. Next week’s vote is likely to lead to a head-to-head between moderate billionaire developer Rick Caruso and progressive congressperson Karen Bass, once considered a potential vice-president for Joe Biden. On the same day, ultra-liberal San Francisco district attorney Chesa Boudin faces a potential recall amid rising crime rates.

The possible shift towards the centre reflects a move back to more traditional urban policies, particularly on crime and homelessness. It’s not Republicans leading the charge against ultra-progressive policies, either. It is African American, Democratic mayors like Houston’s Sylvester Turner and New York’s Eric Adams.

Even the denizens of left-leaning cities are rethinking progressivism. Last year, Austin – Texas’ blue capital – rescinded provisions, backed by progressives, that allowed vast homeless encampments to spring up across the city. Earlier this year, similarly left-leaning Seattle removed its ultra-progressive district attorney and Buffalo voters defeated a socialist-backed Democrat in favour of a moderate African American. Even in San Francisco, progressive school-board members were overwhelmingly defeated in February 2022 – an ominous development for Boudin’s chances next week.

We could be seeing the beginning of a sea change in urban politics. Not long ago, Republicans were still competitive in urban areas, although larger cities have generally trended Democratic. In 1995, America’s 20 largest cities were evenly divided by party, but today Democrats control 16 out of the 20 largest cities. In the 1990s and 2000s, cities elected successful, pragmatic mayors from both parties – such as Bob Lanier and Bill White in Houston, Rudy Giuliani and Michael Bloomberg in New York, and Richard Riordan in Los Angeles – who focused on reducing crime, encouraging enterprise and improving basic city services.



DONKEY POX: The Real Disease That’s Killing Americans

LA Mayor’s Race: Former REPUBLICAN Comes in First In Democrat Primary Face-Off

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Biden DOJ asks judge to go easy on Leftist terrorists who threw Molotov cocktail into police car

They were facing 30 years in prison. They’ll get less than two. Surprised? Don’t be. If Mattis and Rahman had been standing at the Capitol on January 6, they would be facing much longer sentences. But they’re on the side of the elites. So the other justice system in America today comes into play.

“How the Left Learned To Stop Worrying and Love Domestic Terrorism,” Washington Free Beacon, June 7, 2022:

On the cusp of nonstop, around-the-clock (primetime!) coverage of the Jan. 6 committee hearings, a couple of domestic terrorists are actually getting their day in court, and it is informative to see how Merrick Garland’s Justice Department is handling their prosecution.

Recall Garland’s breathless declaration, during his confirmation hearings, that “150 years after the Department’s founding, battling extremist attacks on our democratic institutions also remains central to its mission.”

Colinford Mattis and Urooj Rahman were arrested in the “mostly peaceful” protests following George Floyd’s murder. The two lawyers handed out Molotov cocktails to the crowd, and Rahman tossed one into a police car before fleeing the scene in Mattis’s van. They reached a plea deal with federal prosecutors in October 2020 that wiped out six of the seven charges against them. Those prosecutors, nonetheless, sought a maximum 10-year sentence and argued that the incident qualified for a so-called terrorism enhancement that would turbocharge sentencing—a determination with which the U.S. Probation Office concurred.

Ginning herself up to distribute explosives to the crowd, Rahman gave a video interview in which she declared, “This shit won’t ever stop until we fuckin’ take it all down,” adding that “the only way [the police] hear us is through violence.”

Then, Garland and the U.S. attorney for New York’s Eastern District, Breon Peace, who’s handling the prosecution, took office, and you won’t believe what happened next!

In mid-May, the same career DOJ prosecutors who argued for that 10-year sentence were back in court withdrawing their plea deal and entering a new one that allowed the defendants to cop to the lesser charge of conspiracy. It tosses out the terrorism enhancement entirely.

The new charge carries a five-year maximum sentence, but the prosecutors are urging the judge to go below that, asking for just 18 to 24 months on account of the “history and personal characteristics of the defendants” and the “aberrational nature of the defendants’ conduct.”…



Nigeria: Jihad group says they don’t kill or abduct unless they are sure a person is an infidel

Reuters, BBC Denounce Indian Official for Offending Islam, Refuse to Report What She Said

BREAKING: Pro-Abortion Fanatic With Weapon Wanted to Kill Kavanaugh

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Lawsuit Forces Release of DOJ Memo Declining Criminal Prosecution for Ashli Babbitt’s Shooter

Shooter U.S. Capitol Police Lt. Michael Byrd Did Not Create a Police Report on Killing, Byrd Had Prior ‘Use of Force’ Issue 

(Washington, DC) – Judicial Watch announced that it received productions of new records totaling 102 pages from the Department of Justice (DOJ) related to the shooting of January 6 protestor Ashli Babbitt that include a memo recommending “that the United States Attorney’s Office for the District of Columbia decline for criminal prosecution the fatal shooting of Ashli McEntee [Babbitt],” also noting that the shooter, U.S. Capitol Police Lt. Michael Byrd, “did not create a police report or documents” related to the shooting of Babbitt.

The documents also reveal that in the press release announcing the decision not to prosecute Byrd for the killing of Babbitt, the DOJ replaced the words “group” and “crowd” with the word “mob” several times. 

The unarmed Babbitt was shot and killed as she climbed through a broken interior window in the United States Capitol. She was a 14-year Air Force veteran. The identity of the shooter was kept secret by Congress, the Justice Department, and DC police for eight months until Byrd went public to try to defend his killing of Babbitt.

The lawsuit was filed in the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia after the Executive Office for United States Attorneys, the Civil Rights Division, and the Federal Bureau of Investigation (all components of the Justice Department) failed to provide the records responsive to Judicial Watch’s April 14, 2021, and May 20, 2021, Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests for records related to the death of Babbitt (Judicial Watch v. U.S. Department of Justice (No. 1:21-cv-02462))

The records contain the prosecution declination memorandum justifying the decision not to prosecute Byrd for the shooting death of Babbitt (nee McEntee) on January 6.

The “Overview and Recommendation” section reads as follows:

This memorandum recommends that the United States Attorney’s Office for the District of Columbia decline for criminal prosecution the fatal shooting of Ashli McEntee. 

[ *** ]

 This declination is based on a review of law enforcement and civilian eyewitness accounts, physical evidence, recorded radio communications, cell phone footage, MPD reports, forensic reports, and the autopsy report for Ms. McEntee. After a thorough review of the facts and circumstances in this case, there is insufficient evidence to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that Lieutenant Byrd violated Ms. McEntee’s civil rights by willfully using more force than was reasonably necessary, or was not acting in self-defense or the defense of others.

The memo details:

Once the demonstrators broke the glass, Lieutenant Byrd took up a tactical position to the immediate right of the barricaded entry doors, [Capitol Police Officer Reggie Tyson] took up a tactical position behind Lieutenant Byrd on the right side behind the third pillar and Sergeant McKenna took up a tactical position behind Officer Tyson and behind the fourth pillar on the right side of the Speakers Lobby.

[ *** ]

All three officers had their service pistols drawn, pointed them in the direction of the barricaded entry doors, and repeatedly instructed the ‘mob’ to get back. The ‘mob’ of demonstrators ignored the officers’ commands and continued to break the glass on the doors in their attempt to breach the Speakers Lobby. Suddenly, Ashli McEntee began to crawl through one of the doors where the glass was already broken out. As Ms. McEntee was climbing through the door, Lieutenant Byrd stepped forward from his tactical position towards Ms. McEntee and fired one round from his service pistol striking Ms. McEntee in her left shoulder, just below her clavicle. Ms. McEntee then fell back from the doorway and onto the floor.

Regarding possible closed-circuit television footage the memo notes “There are several USCP operated Closed-Circuit Television Video (CCTV) cameras inside of the United States Capitol Building. However, there were no CCTV cameras observed or located in the Speaker’s Lobby area.” 

In a section of the memo titled “USCP Lieutenant Michael Byrd,” the memo notes: “He [Byrd] did not create any police reports or documents relating to the incident, and did not provide an official statement regarding use of force” though he did provide a voluntary “debrief” and walk-through of the scene with his lawyer. A footnote details that: “During the debrief of Lieutenant Byrd, he did recall writing a few sentences on an evidence bag the evening of January 6, 2021, at the request of a crime scene officer. To date, the bag has not been located by USCP or MPD.”

The memo reports:

Lieutenant Byrd heard glass breaking and saw some of the items used to barricade the doors being pushed down. Lieutenant Byrd continued to tell the rioters to “geback, get back!” Lieutenant Byrd then saw a rioter with a backpack on start to climb through one of the broken glass doors. Lieutenant Byrd saw the rioter “as a threat,” so he stepped forward from his tacticaposition and fired onround at the rioter. Thrioter fell back out of the opening and Lieutenant Byrd eventually stepped back into the seated area of the Speaker’s Lobby before confirming to other USCP officers that arrived on the scene that he was the one that fired his service weapon.

The memo notes that security staffing on January 6 was less than half the usual amount due to COVID-19:

Lieutenant Byrd did agree to participate with this counsel, Mark Schamel, in a voluntary debrief and walk-through of the scene on January 29, 2021 … Due to COVID-19 and other issues, the normal staffing for a joint session was less than half of what Lieutenant Byrd usually has assigned to the House Chamber. Once he arrived that morning, he was informed that USCP operations had made the decision that the uniform officers needed to pick up riot gear.

In a section titled, “Use of Force History,” it is noted that, “Lieutenant Byrd had one prior use of force matter, that was originally sustained by USCP, but after Lt. Byrd appealed, he was found not guilty by the Disciplinary Review Board.”

In a section titled “Recommendation,” the memo details:

This matter does not constitute a prosecutable violation of the federal criminal civil rights statutes or the District of Columbia homicide statutes. To show a violation of 18 U.S.C. § 242, the applicable federal criminal civil rights statute, the Government must prove beyond a reasonable doubt that an officer willfully used more force than was reasonably necessary under the circumstances. ‘The “reasonableness” of a particular use of force must be judged from the perspective of a reasonable officer on the scene, rather than with the 20/20 vision of hindsight.’ Graham v Connor, 490 U.S. 386, 396 (1989).

[ *** ]

Because Ms. McEntee was an active participant in a ‘mob’ that had just illegally entered the Capitol building, and then broke out the glass doors and removed barricades to forcefully gain entry into the Speaker’s Lobby, there is insufficient evidence to refute Lieutenant Byrd’s fear for his life or the life of others at the time he discharged his weapon. Therefore, there is insufficient evidence to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that he willfully deprived Ms. McEntee of a right protected by the Constitution or laws of the United States of America. Accordingly I recommend declination of this matter. 

The records include a draft version of the April 14, 2021, Justice Department press release announcing their decision not to prosecute Byrd for the killing of Babbitt, the authors replaced the word “crowd” with the word “mob” five times in describing the January 6 protestors.

 The documents also include charts of January 6 investigations and targets. For one of the investigations, it is noted that a New York Times reporter is a “CW” [confidential witness]. Another notation tied to “pipe bombs” notes that a “geo fence” request was made to Google.

Judicial Watch previously uncovered records from the DC Metropolitan Police showed that multiple officers claimed they didn’t see a weapon in Babbitt’s hand before Byrd shot her, and that Byrd was visibly distraught afterward. One officer attested that he didn’t recall hearing any verbal commands before Byrd shot Babbitt. The records include internal communications about Byrd’s case and a crime scene examination report. Investigators who wrote the January 6, 2021, Metro PD Death Report for Babbitt (identified as Ashli Elizabeth McEntee-Babbitt Pamatian) note that the possible Manner of Death was “Homicide (Police Involved Shooting).”

“These records show that Lt. Byrd was given special treatment by the Biden DOJ and that there was a miscarriage of justice in the half-baked shooting death investigation of Ashli Babbitt,” said Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton. “Lt. Byrd, who works for Congress, shot an unarmed woman for no good reason. I suspect that this unjustified shooting isn’t of much interest to the Pelosi rump January 6 committee.”

Judicial Watch is engaged in a comprehensive, independent investigation into the January 6 disturbance: 

  • February 2022: Judicial Watch filed an opposition to the U.S. Capitol Police’s (USCP) effort to shut down Judicial Watch’s federal lawsuit for January 6 videos and emails. Through its police department, Congress argues that the videos and emails are not public records, there is no public interest in their release, and that “sovereign immunity” prevents citizens from suing for their release.
  • November 2021: Judicial Watch released multiple audiovisual and photo records from the DC Metropolitan Police Department about the shooting death of Babbitt on January 6, 2021, in the U.S. Capitol Building. The records include a cell phone video of the shooting and an audio of a brief police interview of the shooter, Byrd.
  • Also in November 2021: Judicial Watch – in its FOIA lawsuit asking for records of communication between the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and several financial institutions about the reported transfer of financial transaction records of people in DC, Maryland and Virginia on January 5 and January 6, 2021 – told a federal court that the FBI may have violated law in its January 6 probes.

RELATED ARTICLE: Biden DOJ asks judge to go easy on Leftist terrorists who threw Molotov cocktail into police car

EDITORS NOTE: This Judicial Watch column is republished with permission. ©All rights reserved.

Armed Man Arrested Near Brett Kavanaugh’s House Said He Wanted To Kill Him

UPDATE: Nicholas John Roske, 26, of Simi Valley, California was arrested around 1:50 a.m. Wednesday morning near Kavanaugh’s home, according to authorities. Police said he was armed with a pistol, knife, pepper spray, zip ties, a hammer and crowbar, according to USA Today. Roske allegedly threatened to kill Kavanaugh because he was upset that the justice may overturn Roe this summer and allow states to protect unborn babies from abortion again, according to the criminal complaint.

A man armed with at least one weapon and burglary tools was arrested near Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh’s home after telling police officers he intended to kill Kavanaugh, The Washington Post reported.

The California man in his mid-twenties was on a street near Kavanaugh’s Montgomery County, Maryland, home when he was stopped by officers and admitted his plans to kill the justice, according to The Washington Post. It remains unclear who alerted authorities to the threat.

He was armed with a handgun, a knife and pepper spray when he was arrested at 1:50 a.m. Wednesday, according to CNBC News. He arrived to Kavanaugh’s neighborhood by taxi.

The man may have been motivated by anger over the leaked draft opinion revealing the likely overturning of Roe v. Wade and by a recent series of mass shootings, sources familiar with the investigation told The Washington Post.

The Supreme Court is likely to overturn Roe in its upcoming Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization decision, according to a leaked draft opinion, and could allow states to determine their own abortion laws as they did prior to 1973 or could move the legally understood point of viability to an earlier point in pregnancy.

The leak triggered a series of attacks on crisis pregnancy centers and pro-life groups, including multiple firebombings.

The Chevy Chase Police Department and the Supreme Court news media department did not immediately respond to The Daily Caller News Foundation’s requests for comment.

This is a breaking news story and will be updated.



Social issues and culture reporter.


Ruth Sent Us’ group hinted at targeting Supreme Court Justice Barrett’s children, church

Abortion Activist Charged With Threatening to Murder Justice Brett Kavanaugh

Abortion Activists Plan to Blockade Supreme Court, Stop Justices From Overturning Roe

Democrats, Media Urged Leftists to Target Justices at Their Homes Before Kavanaugh Assassination Attempt

Kamala Harris Refuses to Mention God at Meeting With Christian Leaders Over Abortion

Abortion Activists Firebomb Pro-Life Pregnancy Center, Third Bombing in Weeks

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Sanctuary Cities Now Provide Sanctuary For Deadly Illegal Drugs

The New York City Health Department shows how to use them “safely.”

On May 11, 2022 the New York Times reported: Overdose Deaths Continue Rising, With Fentanyl and Meth Key Culprits.  The subtitle of that reports is stunning:  New data shows a surge in overdose deaths involving fentanyl and methamphetamine. Overall, the nation saw a 15 percent increase in deaths from overdoses in 2021.

Let us begin by noting that fentanyl and other narcotics are illegal because they have the potential to kill or otherwise inflict serious harm.

I can still remember my dad telling me when I was a teenager, so many years ago: “nothing is so good it could not be made better, or be so bad that it could not be made worse.”

My dad’s sage advice certainly came to my mind when I saw a the May 27, 2022 CBS News article, “Let’s Talk Fentanyl” ad campaign raises eyebrows for some straphangers.

You would think that an agency called The New York City Department Of Health would be focused on the health and well-being of the residents of New York City and consequently would do as much as possible to discourage drug use, period.

After all, the massive campaign against cigarette smoking, which is ongoing to this very day, has been extremely effective in getting people who smoke to stop smoking and prevent young people from taking up that dangerous and, all too frequently, deadly habit.

Consider this item posted on the New York State Department of Health:

Information about Tobacco Use, Smoking and Secondhand Smoke

Today, however, in the age of radical madness, the New York City Department of Health is actually focused on preventing overdoses- not be discouraging the use of such dangerous and illegal drugs as fentanyl, but by providing a guide to the supposedly safe use of these deadly drugs!

Consider this item posted on the NYC Health Department’s official website:  Fentanyl Avoid an Overdose.

Here is how this “how to” guide begins:

Fentanyl use can increase your risk of overdose, especially if you do not regularly use opioids.

Fentanyl has been found in many different drugs, including heroin, cocaine, crack, methamphetamine, ketamine and pills from nonmedical sources. Anyone who uses drugs that may contain fentanyl, even occasionally, may be at risk of overdose.

To prevent an overdose:

  • Avoid using alone and take turns
  • Start with a small dose and go slowly
  • Keep Naloxone ready and on hand
  • Avoid mixing drugs
  • Test your drugs using fentanyl test strips

This supremely infuriating and disturbing sentence included in the guide states:  “start with a small dose and go slowly.”  In other words, when you first begin using these drugs in the beginning, this is the safest way to do it!

The “Health Department’s guide also includes this virtual menu of other illegal, dangerous and deadly drugs in this sentence:

fentanyl has been found in many different drugs, including heroin, cocaine, crack, methamphetamine, ketamine and pills from nonmedical sources. Anyone who uses drugs that may contain fentanyl, even occasionally, may be at risk of overdose.

Drug use is, in and of itself deadly and destructive to those who fall victim to addiction.  Even those who do not die from overdoses are likely to find drug addition impacts their ability to support themselves and care for their family members.  Imagine the impact that this has on the children of the addicts.  Drug addiction has been cited as a factor in massive homelessness.

Then there is the issue of the crimes that addicts may commit to be able to buy the drugs they are hooked on.  I would love to know how many deadly shootings involve individuals who have drugs flowing through their veins.  Perhaps toxicology reports should be made public in the aftermath of a violent attack.

With all of the emphasis on gun control in the wake of mass shootings we need criminal control.

The same could be said for the accidents caused by motorists who drive under the influence of drugs and inflict injuries and death to those caught in their paths.

The drug trade also funds terrorism in the United States and around the globe as has been noted in numerous reports and various Congressional hearings.

Consider my earlier articles published in 2018: Iran Threatens U.S. And Its Allies With Drugs, Refugees, Bombs And Assassination” and Congressional Hearing: Iranian Sleeper Cells Threaten U.S. So many hearings, so little action.

Finally proceeds from the drug trade fund violent transnational gangs who create a veritable reign of terror in the communities in which they operate- frequently those communities are ethnic immigrant communities from around the world, because human nature is universal and the proverbial “good, bad and ugly” can be found in every race, religion and ethnicity. (My 30 year career with the former Immigration and Naturalization Service hammered this home to my INS colleagues and me.  Furthermore my approximately 4 year assignment to the Unified Intelligence Division of the DEA (Drug Enforcement Administration, followed up by my 10 years as an INS Senior Special Agent assigned to the Organized Crime, Drug Enforcement Task Force (OCDETF) provided me with a front line seat to the nexus between failures of border security and immigration law enforcement that undermined national security and public safety.)

Last year I wrote an article, Interior Enforcement And The Border Crisis in which I postulated that the borders of the United Sates cannot be made secure against the entry of massive numbers of illegal aliens if they faced no consequences for being illegally present in the United States.  Illegal aliens only come to the United States in violation of law if they are encouraged that law enforcement authorities will ignore their violations of our immigration laws so that they can achieve whatever illegal goals motivated them to come to the United States – whether it is illegal employment, the desire to flee law enforcement in other countries because they are fugitives from justice, or because they seek to engage in activities involving gangs, narcotics, terrorism or other such dangerous activities.

Over the years I have written many articles about how so-called “Sanctuary policies” promulgated by city or state governments.  As I noted in an article awhile back, Sanctuary Cities Endanger – National Security and Public Safety

On February 27, 2003 I testified before a hearing conducted by the House Subcommittee on Immigration, Border Security and Claims on the topic, New York City’s `Sanctuary’ Policy And The Effect Of Such Policies On Public Safety, Law Enforcement,And Immigration.

Now New York City and other cities are now apparently providing a sort of “sanctuary” for drug users that imperil not protect public health and the long-term welfare of both the drug users and their family members as well as many others who may fall victim to various aspects of the drug trade even as the Biden Administration has all but dismantled the borders of the United States to not only facilitate the flow of unprecedented numbers off illegal aliens into the United States, but massive quantities of deadly narcotics as well.

The only reason that drugs are being smuggled in such huge quantities into the United States is a direct function of the fundamental economic principle of “Supply and Demand.”  Our open borders facilitate the flow of fentanyl and other deadly drugs into the United States and local governments are helping to drive up and not tamp down the demand.

Consider my article, that sums up the insanity we face from so many directions: For Dems to Succeed, Americans Must Fail.

©Michael Cutler. All rights reserved.

WATCH: ‘The Truth about January 6th’ Documentary

What really happened on January 6th, 2021 in Washington, D.C.? There has been much coverage of the rally after the 2020 presidential election. Those in the media, the Democrat Party and their leaders were quick to label it an “insurrection.” The definition of an insurrection is, “a violent uprising against an authority or government.”

The fact is that the only people murdered, arrested and held in prison on and after January 6th were peaceful protestors who were invited into the U.S. capital building by the Capital Police and others.

Watch ‘The Truth about January 6th‘ Documentary published by Gateway Pundit:


Watch what Tucker Carlson said on the first anniversary of January 6th.

Save America Foundation reported:

The leftists understand they have no proof to back up their lies. No policemen were killed by protesters. Understand this America. The Capitol Police Force is a leftist politically run and controlled force that has ZERO credibility. They lie. It was in fact one of their officers who murdered an unarmed, white, military vet female, Ashli Babbitt, by shooting her for no reason. That cop instead of going to prison is a hero to the left. Protocols relating to deadly uses of force were not followed. They hid the name of the officer before he was cleared in a BS internal investigation. Here is his treasonous name: Lt. Michael Byrd, a black officer and coward who should have faced charges as serious as other white officers around the country have faced in other shootings, usually of black males. Those charges should have included First Degree Murder. He premeditatedly pulled his service weapon ( one he had left behind previously in a toilet ) aimed and shot at Ashli, a small lady who was offering no threat of any physical nature to that coward. He pulled the trigger and murdered her. He got a free pass and is, as I said previously, considered a hero among the leftists and extremists in the administration.

[ … ]

When compared to the actions taken against actual riots, arson, battery, assaults, murders, larcenies and looters of real domestic terrorist groups like BLM, ANTIFA, Defund the Police, communist and anarchist and other extremist leftist groups that took place in mostly democrat controlled cities, we see a level of hypocrisy not seen before. There you could kill police officers, destroy cities and buildings, ransack stores and homes, attack innocent people with gay abandon knowing you would not be arrested or charged.

Read more.

What happened in reality on January 6th was a mostly peaceful protest.

©Dr. Rich Swier. All rights reserved.


January 6th: The Democrats’ Star Chamber

Righting History: The Journalistic Battle of January 6th

Biden Seeks End to Title 42 While Closing Federal Training Center Because of COVID

UPDATE: What type of leadership is Kamala Harris trying to show here?: Rep. Salazar

President Abraham Lincoln’s historic Gettysburg Address concluded with this powerful and aspirational excerpt, “…that this nation, under God, shall have a new birth of freedom — and that government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the earth.”

It is hard to equate the actions of the current administration with any desire to truly provide a government of the people, by the people and for the people, except perhaps for the people who profit from the immorally bankrupt and corrupt polices of the Biden administration.

America’s borders and immigration laws represent our nation’s first line of defense and last line of defense against aliens whose presence is a threat to national security, public safety and public health. America’s borders and immigration laws are also supposed to protect Americans’ jobs and wages.

In point of fact, a review of a section of law that is an integral part of the Immigration and Nationality Act, 8 U.S. Code § 1182 (Inadmissible Aliens) will irrevocably prove my point.

Further substantiation of the nexus between border security and national security can be found in the official report, “9/11 and Terrorist Travel – Staff Report of the National Commission on Terrorist Attacks Upon the United States.” This report focused specifically on the ability of the terrorists to travel around the world, enter the United States, and ultimately embed themselves in the country as they went about preparing to carry out a deadly attack.

The preface of this report begins with the following paragraph:

It is perhaps obvious to state that terrorists cannot plan and carry out attacks in the United States if they are unable to enter the country. Yet prior to September 11, while there were efforts to enhance border security, no agency of the U.S. government thought of border security as a tool in the counterterrorism arsenal. Indeed, even after 19 hijackers demonstrated the relative ease of obtaining a U.S. visa and gaining admission into the United States, border security still is not considered a cornerstone of national security policy. We believe, for reasons we discuss in the following pages, that it must be made one.

However, the Biden administration has, since its first day in office, sought to dismantle our borders and gut immigration law enforcement without explaining how these actions are in the best interests of America or Americans.

The most recent effort of the Biden administration to encourage a human tsunami of illegal aliens to flood the U.S. involved its plan to have the Center for Disease Control (CDC) terminate Title 42 on May 23, 2022. This strategy was the focus of my recent article, “Title 42 and Chaos on the Border.”

Fortunately, a federal judge blocked Biden from ending Title 42 last month.

Here is where things get really interesting. Title 42 was implemented by the Trump administration to help to discourage massive illegal immigration that would pose a threat to the United States as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic and required implementation by the CDC.

Under the Biden administration, the CDC was requested to terminate Title 42.

However, on May 23 – the very same day that the CDC had planned to terminate Title 42 – the Brunswick News reported, “FLETC shutdown, rising cases show pandemic isn’t over.”

(FLETC is an acorn for the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center. This is the facility where many federal agencies train their law enforcement personnel, both when they are initially hired and while in-service.)

Here is an excerpt from the report:

Even though many of us have returned to a life that is closer to pre-pandemic times, the virus still lingers over our society. We got a reminder of that this week at the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center.

On Friday, FLETC announced it was suspending training operations at the center due to a rise in COVID-19 cases. FLETC had 168 positive cases of COVID-19 as of Thursday, according to Alan Shefveland, branch chief, FLETC public affairs.

When training was halted, there were 2,853 students representing 68 agencies on the grounds. Approximately 500 are remaining on base, though that number could change. FLETC housed 2,044 students at the center with 414 staying off center.

FLETC’s abrupt training suspension came just a few days after The News reported COVID rates were rising across Georgia again. Ginger Heidel, risk communicator for the Coastal Health District, told The News that the daily average of new cases rose by almost 200% in the last month. Heidel also said the health district, which covers an eight-county area including Glynn, McIntosh and Camden, is seeing similar increases locally.

Nevertheless, the Biden administration announced plans to appeal the federal court’s ruling on rolling back Title 42.

The Biden’s administration’s immigration policies are undermining national security, public safety and public health, and it is clear that Biden could not care less.

Biden’s utter lack of concern for the wellbeing of America and Americans is, to borrow a term, sick, and not consistent with providing for Americans or a creating government that lives up to President Lincoln’s aspirational goals for citizens of the United States.

©Michael Cutler. All rights reserved.

Why Our WOKE Military’s Having Problems Recruiting Young People Today

My personal comments are in BOLD below – also see list at end adding to reasons why today’s military having major problems recruiting young people and I’ll add retaining first term military up for re-enlistment. Don’t listen to misinformation that recruiting and retention are going fine.

Pentagon’s Leftist Politics Causing Loss of Trust in Military – and a Recruiting Crisis

By Paul Crespo – American Action News May 28, 2022

ANALYSIS – Despite the mounting global threats to the United States, and the increasing potential for significant conflict between great powers, the Biden Pentagon can’t understand why it is facing its worst recruiting environment in decades.

It is time they look inward and see how their own leftist policies at the Department of Defense (DoD) are mainly to blame.

While obsessing over woke leftist causes and ‘diverse’ recruits not normally interested in military service, the Pentagon is alienating the vastly greater number of patriotic conservatives who normally fill our military ranks.

At the May 5 Army posture hearing with the Senate Committee on Armed Services, top military leaders sounded the alarm about recruitment. The Christina Post reports:

According to top DoD leadership, this is the most challenging recruiting year since the beginning of the all-volunteer force almost five decades ago. The Army announced that even after being forced to cut 12,000 soldiers, it still cannot fill its ranks. In addition to this, the percentage of young Americans qualified to join the Army is now at the lowest point ever at 23%.

While an increasingly obese, unfit, and mentally unhealthy society is partly to blame for fewer young Americans qualifying physically or mentally for service, the Pentagon itself is a big part of the recruitment problem.

Much of this crisis is caused by a growing lack of trust and confidence in the U.S. military. And much of this among its core recruiting pool – conservative patriotic young Americans.

Note: 65% come from Red States – no surprise here

Currently, only 11% of all those aged 16-21 answered “definitely or probably” in their likelihood to “serve in the military.”

According to a Reagan Institute survey, the percentage of Republican respondents saying, “they had a great deal of confidence in the military,” dropped dramatically from 87% in 2018 to “53% in 2021.”

And look no farther than the current Chairman of the Joint Chiefs, General Mark Milley, for a prime example of why this is happening.

And its not just the Army – all the services have been corrupted at the top and at the Service Academies.

The loss of trust by many conservatives comes primarily from a perceived liberal bias at the top of DoD. Many conservative media sources have decried what appears to be DoD following “political” priorities of the Biden Administration, including perceived targeting of conservatives in uniform. The bias became so obvious that even traditionally liberal news sources have opined about the problem.

Note: There is no “perceived” liberal bias but a real socialist bias as evidenced by Biden SOD Austin immediately ordering a 60 day stand down for commanders to root out “extremists in the military which is code for Trump supporters.

The Atlantic, a known liberal source, published the following: “Where (Milley) deserves greater criticism is his congressional testimony from a few weeks ago … he went on to connect racism to the attack on the Capitol: ‘I want to understand white rage … What is it that made thousands of people assault this building and try to overturn the Constitution of the United States of America?’”

The “white rage” statement by General Milley infuriated conservatives, as it was perceived both as an endorsement of critical race theory and of partisan political narratives.

Note: Again this is no perception but the TRUTH – CRT instruction has been mandatory in the military of the O’Biden regime.

The bias perception was compounded by Bob Woodward’s and Robert Costa’s book Peril quoting senior military and civilian DoD leaders with statements undermining Trump and showing partiality to Democrats.

If the Pentagon doesn’t quickly step back from its far left, woke policies and rampant Democrat-linked politicization, conservative Americans’ trust and confidence in the military will only continue to plummet.

Note: Loss of respect and confidence continues and the problem is not the enlisted and junior officers in the trenches; the problem stems from the WOKE top levels among the General Officers and Admirals.

And with it, the recruitment numbers for our nation’s fighting forces.

The opinions expressed by columnists are their own and do not necessarily represent the views of

They sure as hell represent the views of most veterans who honorably served and the majority of those in the trenches serving today. I personally do not and will not recommend any young persons join our military or seek a commission by any means as long as the Marxist Obama 3/O’Biden Administration is in power. 

Author Paul Crespo is the Managing Editor of American Defense News. A defense and national security expert, he served as a Marine Corps officer and as a military attaché with the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) at US embassies worldwide. Paul holds degrees from Georgetown, London, and Cambridge Universities. He is also CEO of SPECTRE

Following are more reasons why the Obama 3 Administration and their WOKE Generals/Admirals are having trouble recruiting and retaining today’s military personnel:

  • Exemptions from Deployment for up to a year for pregnant females and even military spouses once baby born.
  • Field Lactations Stations.
  • Opening Every military position including close combat to women.
  • Time Out Cards during basic training.
  • Mandatory instruction on Critical Race Theory.
  • Changing Chaplain’s Corps to entirely non-denominational.
  • Terrible Rules of Engagement for those in combat in Iraq & Afghanistan & elsewhere resulting in unnecessary deaths and maiming.
  • Afghanistan pull out travesty.
  • Allowing transgenders to serve and paying for sex change operations.
  • Facilitating Nation Building rather than Combat Readiness.
  • Islamization of our military.
  • Promoting traitors like Alexander Vindman.
  • Allowing enemies to capture our fully armed gun boats and run rings around a fleet of our combat ships.
  • Training emphasizing Diversity, inclusion and equity rather than combat operations that leads to such disasters as 2 modern destroyers colliding with merchant ships on the high seas and resulting in deaths of sailors.
  • Promoting a policy allowing military to refuse assignments based on perception they will be discriminated against because of LGBTQMxyz or other tendencies
  • Renaming every military post named after Confederate Generals (despite fact that Congress enacted a law stating that those who fought on side of south are considered US veterans) Following Civil War I (AKA the War of Northern Aggression, the war between the states etc.) our people’s representatives made a conscious decision to name many of our military installations after CSA generals in an effort to amicably re-unite our nation. At the time, our national wounds were still fresh and this effort was made to honor the bravery of the CSA military. The signs at the gates are set with steel posts in order to be permanent. The name of the installation is not fastened with Velcro(tm) and should not be changed just because a bunch of people who have no understanding of history, decided to throw a hissy fit.
  • Following guidance that Climate Change is the #1 threat to national security.
  • Relieving Commanders for displaying views against LGBTQMxyz.
  • Going soft on traitors like Bergdahl whose desertion in combat resulted in deaths of 6 US soldiers looking for him.
  • Changing physical fitness standards to gender neutral thus reducing any kind of reasonable standards – Reducing the standards and requirements for graduation from tough combat courses such as Rangers, Force Recon, Special Forces, Crucible, SEALs, etc. so that women could pass and be “qualified.”
  • USMC using rainbow colored patches and bullets in celebration of “Pride Month.”
  • Suppressing information on sexual harassment in military where the leading suspects are not heterosexual males.
  • Ridding the service of “toxic masculinity” and replacing many former warriors with pajama or Pillsbury dough boys.
  • Cancelling the culture of the former military that most of us were proud to serve and replacing the “warrior spirit ethic/ethos” feared by our enemies with something we are hard pressed to identify with that is no longer feared by our enemies.

And I’m sure you can think of other ridiculous military polices in place under O’Biden, Austin, Milley, etc. which have grossly undermined morale and the ability to fight and win in combat.

I know we still have brave, strong soldiers in the trenches today, serving honorably but for how much longer under these circumstances?

©Royal A. Brown, III, Lieutenant Colonel, U.S. Army (Ret.). All rights reserved.

Governor DeSantis Now Recruiting for the Florida State Guard

Too bad I’m too old to volunteer for this – 15 years ago I would have jumped at applying.

DeSantis Seeks 400 Members To Join Florida State Guard, One Director To Run The Force


Gov. Ron DeSantis is looking for 400 people to join the Florida State Guard, and a director to run the force.

The newly re-established Florida State Guard (FLSG) is the state’s civilian force that will assist in supporting state emergency response.

The state is seeking an individual with a strong background in military operations and culture to lead the men and women of the FLSG. The Director of the FLSG will be in charge of the 400 guard members and will oversee recruitment, training and mobilization of the force in the event of an emergency. The ideal candidate will have demonstrated experience in military style operations, emergency management, leadership and problem solving, according to DeSantis. You can apply to be the Director of the FLSG here.

To be a member of the FLSG, Florida is looking for individuals between the ages of 18 and 60, to volunteer and train to ensure that the Guard is ready to step in when emergency strikes.

“If you love the state of Florida, have a desire to help your community, and have skills beneficial to protect the state from a disaster, we encourage you to apply to join the FLSG. Skilled Floridians with emergency response, law enforcement or military training are encouraged to apply,” according to a statement from DeSantis’ office. You can apply to be a part of the Florida State Guard here.

Applicants will be required to meet the same standards as the Florida National Guard:
  • Florida resident between the ages of 18 and 60, with a desire to serve the state.
  • Willingness to work in a team.
  • Tactical or emergency response knowledge.
  • Ability to pass a physical.
  • Ability to participate in annual weekend training.
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The Path of No Return? The Final Step Toward Tyranny

We’re Now in the Last Stage of a Tyrannical Takeover

Tipping Point – Anarcho-Tyranny across America


  • There are 10 steps that leaders who want to crush a democracy will always take. We are now in Step 10, and traitors are dissolving the boundaries and sovereignty of the United States. The same is also taking place in other nations
  • The COVID pandemic was used to strip us of our liberties and to conceptually terraform America into being ready to accept a CCP-style World Economic Forum-guided post-humane and post-constitutional world
  • We are at war, and the federal government, institutions and agencies of various kinds, and the media, have all been weaponized against the public
  • Hopelessness leads to inaction, and without action, we’re guaranteed to lose everything. The one thing the technocrats’ technology cannot compete with is the analog world — analog devices and in-person relationships — so that’s where our greatest strength lies
  • General guidance on how to prepare for near-future events, and what is needed for survival and success in the long term are addressed

Repeat guest Naomi Wolf is the author of “The End of America,” published in 2007, and “The Bodies of Others: The New Authoritarians, COVID-19 and the War Against the Human,” which was released at the end of May 2022. In our previous interview, we discussed how “The End of America” dovetailed with current pandemic events. (You can download the first and last chapters for free on the publisher’s website,

Here, we review what lies ahead if we don’t challenge and stand firm against the global control agenda. It’s really important to realize that the progression toward tyranny and loss of freedom is neither new nor accidental — and really has nothing to do with COVID or biosecurity per se.

These are just convenient justifications for the unjustifiable. No, this is a comprehensive plan for a global takeover that’s been in the works for many decades. What we’re seeing now is just the final implementation.

“I wrote ‘The End of America’ when I saw that issues around terrorism and the terror threat post-9/11 were being used in such a way as to hype fear and strip us of our civil liberties,” Wolf says. “There are 10 steps to fascism that leaders who want to crush a democracy will always take. They’re the same 10 steps whether the leaders are on the left or on the right. It really doesn’t matter.

So, I looked at history at different times and places in which a robust democracy was crushed. You start with invoking a terrifying threat. It can be a real threat, but it’s hyped. You go on to surveil citizens. You create militia groups unaccountable to the rule of law.

You create a Gulag. You start to demonize whistleblowers and critics. You start to call dissent, treason or espionage or subversion. And then you get to Step 10, which is martial law, declaring emergency law. Well, here we are at Step 10.”

The Race Toward a Post-Humane World

In the summer of 2020, New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo declared residents could not have more than six people in their homes. As noted by Wolf, this is a massive and very clear violation of the First and Fourth Amendments — the right to privacy and the right to assembly.

That was the moment when Wolf knew for sure that the lockdowns had nothing to do with a public health emergency. That’s when she knew we were right smack dab in the middle of Step 10.

“We were seeing a wholesale race to exploit what was messaged as a global pandemic in such a way as to strip us of our remaining liberties and to terraform America, conceptually, into being ready to accept a CCP-style World Economic Forum-guided post-humane and post-constitutional world,” she says.

“And that’s only escalated. So, [in ‘The Bodies of Others’] I walk the reader through the money flow. I show how bad actors ranging from the World Economic Forum, to the Chinese Communist Party, to the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, and of course, to big tech companies, massaged pandemic policy in various ways to suit their ends.

I show how millions are flowing to big tech companies especially, as a result of completely medically unnecessary pandemic policies. And finally, I explain — speaking as a tech CEO, which I am now — that what the tech companies are driven by is that human beings in human space, having human conversations with human smiles and touch, are a competition that they cannot compete with.

So, a lot of the policies that were rolled out, as related to a public health emergency, really serve to kill off that human advantage and transfer assets to big tech companies.”

Yes, We Are at War

Part of Step 10 is the proposed World Health Organization Pandemic Treaty, which would give the WHO unbridled privilege to declare an emergency and then have total authority to dictate the global response, even if that response contradicts the constitutional rights of a member state. And, while it may not strike most people as an act of war, it is in fact part of the global war effort against the public, the citizens of the world.

“Indeed, that’s what’s happening,” Wolf says. “And the fact that Americans have not been able to see this treaty easily to lobby their representatives … that’s just an example of why these metanational treaties are so extraordinarily dangerous …

I wish people would wake up sooner, honestly. I’ve been warning people for about six months that a war is being waged against us here in the United States. We are at war, even though we think we’re not. We don’t see bullets flying.

This is a new kind of war, and it’s a war that the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) has developed very skillfully. Stalinists also developed it skillfully. It’s never been done to us like this before, but look at the big picture please. Our southern border is open. Hundreds of thousands of people are pouring in.

I’m in favor of legal immigration. I’m the daughter of immigrants. However, what’s happening, according to my sources, is that fighting-age men from Ukraine and Afghanistan are pouring in. Millions of dollars in state-of-the-art equipment — night vision goggles, military equipment — vanished in Afghanistan. We didn’t recover it.

Where is it? Who knows? But these are men who are going all over the country, they’re not being identified. Their destinations are not identified. They could be put in place. We are very vulnerable. And then, north of us, our historically peaceful neighbor, Canada, their World Economic Forum puppet, Justin Trudeau, declared martial law for about 24 hours when the truckers were protesting in Ontario.

What you saw there was unidentified, very mercenary looking — were they police? Were they soldiers? Very hard to tell because they weren’t identified, which is characteristic of an unaccountable mercenary. And they were very violent toward peaceful, lawful Canadian protestors.

You saw the same black-clad, unidentifiable, super fit looking mercenaries … in France. When there were protests against the Green Pass, there was dramatic violence, shocking scenes, by these unidentifiable mercenaries.”

Emergency Powers Are Being Used as a Weapon of War

As noted by Wolf, all the pieces of the “emergency” also point in an obvious direction. In April 2022, President Biden extended emergency law for the eighth time, and this time he didn’t even pretend that it was related to a public health emergency. He said it was due to instability in Iraq. By extending his emergency powers, he can funnel millions of dollars, without accountability, into the Department of Health and Human Services (DHSS).

“He’s basically weaponizing HHS, all the way down to boards of health, which have been weaponized during the pandemic,” Wolf says. “So, we are at Step 10. This is Step 10.

Nothing legally prevents, right now, here in New York state, the governor from doing what she’s trying to do, which is to create quarantine facilities and have a regulation to drag people off to open-ended quarantine if they’re exposed to a bloodborne pathogen.

We narrowly defeated a similar regulation proposal in Washington state. But with the World Health Organization treaty, they will have that right. Nothing will stop them from having mercenaries that I can’t identify show up at the end of my driveway and say, ‘Naomi Wolf, you’re a public health threat.’ And the reason they can do this, also, is that this messaging is focusing on mental health too.

So, if you fold mental health into public health, then you get a rationale to say, ‘Oh, dissent is a form of craziness,’ the way that it’s framed in, for instance, communist China. So, we are dissolving sovereignty all over the world if the WHO treaty is signed. It’s absolutely terrifying. We need to wake up and realize that this war is being waged against us. Traitors are dissolving the boundaries of our nation.”

Who Are the Perpetrators?

I suspect the perpetrators of this war are the global cabal that embraces technocracy and transhumanism. Wolf believes perpetrators fall into several different camps.

“You were way ahead of the curve in identifying how serious this was, and the sources from which it would emanate. But I don’t see them as having no light between them. I see that they’re loosely operating in concert. Certainly, technocrats. Big Tech is an alliance of technocrats. Certainly, the World Economic Forum …

Big Pharma isn’t even the main driver, in my judgment, as powerful and scary as it is. I think they’re using pharma as a global weapon.

So, these entities — and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and other bad nonprofits like the EcoHealth Alliance, which is at the center of everything, and other aligned bad nonprofits like the Committee for State and Territorial Epidemiologists — these third-party nonprofits allow government agencies like the CDC to offshore their criminality.

For instance, the CDC contracted with these third parties to manage their data. My book shows how there’s been a consistent mismanagement or manipulation of data around the pandemic to the extent that one of my chapters is called ‘The Unverifiable Pandemic.’

All of these bad actors are loosely aligned. They’re talking to each other. Amazon, Google and Microsoft benefit from the pandemic. Google owns Baseline, which you have to sign in to, to get a CVS PCR test. Microsoft builds the vaccine passports. Bill Gates is invested in the vaccines. I just did a bombshell interview with RFK Jr. in which he said all of the big tech companies are invested in vaccines.

It’s a pretty fully fleshed out methodology that involves Big Tech, the CCP, the World Economic Forum, and now the WHO as a delivery method, to create a one world matrix in which nation states are meaningless, parliaments and congresses are meaningless, and all of us are surveilled, tracked and regularly injected or forced to take whatever pill or treatment they want us to take in such a way as to make freedom a thing of the past.

And also in such a way as to harvest all of our data continually, which is gold for tech companies.”

No Respect for Human Life

Ultimately, the perpetrators of this global war view human beings as a resource fit for harvest. Everything about us is up for grabs, including our DNA. Wolf’s husband, Brian O’Shea, a highly-trained investigator who spent 12 years in military intelligence and the Special Forces, has evidence showing that by 2049, China wants to be the repository of all the world’s DNA — the DNA of every human on the planet.

It’s been rumored that the COVID nasal swabs may be sent back to a DNA repository in China. No one knows where they go, really. If this is true, what’s the danger? Well, for starters, organ trafficking is a lucrative business in China, and now, startups are popping up everywhere to assess the health of your organs. Is it inconceivable to think they might be compiling databanks on potential organ sources?

“These people have no respect for human life,” Wolf says. “I think these people will stop at nothing … I mean there are new laws that have been passed that allow a newborn to be euthanized within a month after birth.”

We Live in Unprecedented Times

According to professor Mattias Desmet, totalitarian regimes inevitably always self-destruct. Because of this, one might be tempted to think that future “doomsday” predictions won’t materialize, as the system can’t survive long-term. However, we also must remember that by the time totalitarian regimes collapse, they’ve already killed tens of millions, and none of the previous ones had the technological advantages of the current system.

The totalitarian regime being erected now could easily wipe out most of humanity before its ultimate demise. Wolf also questions whether some of the previous totalitarian regimes actually did collapse and die out. Klaus Schwab, founder of the World Economic Forum, for example, is a direct heir of Nazi eugenicists, and Bill and Melinda Gates are still carrying out Nazi eugenicists approaches.

Everywhere we look today, we see the Nazi mentality at work behind the scenes. So, the ideology that drove the Nazi regime did not vanish. It simply went underground. Wolf comments:

“The way the World Economic Forum is trying to manage human beings descends from Nazism. And, as I’ve said elsewhere, I’m the granddaughter of woman who lost nine brothers and sisters to Nazis. So, I don’t say this slightly, and don’t take this out of context, but Nazism was too good an idea for it to be killed off in 1945, meaning it was too effective.

We’re [now] seeing Nazi approaches to human life. The creation of a two-tier society, vaccinated vs. unvaccinated, life vs. unworthy of life. I’ve got a section in my book looking at the history of restrictions and how, always, restrictions on assembly, restrictions on commerce, restrictions on where Native Americans could travel, how they could trade, those always proceed theft of assets.

That’s what’s happening now to the whole world with lockdowns. All of humanity was restricted in advance of a massive theft of their assets. And that’s going to continue unless we resist it. But no, I don’t agree that totalitarian regimes self-destruct.

First of all, in the 20th century, they collapsed after massive death, starvation, and upheaval and suffering. But second of all, the holy Roman empire lasted for 800 years, and it was pretty totalitarian. They crucified people. It was pretty totalitarian.

Living in Palestine in Jesus’ time, under the occupation of the Romans, that lasted for centuries. So, sure, if we’ve look 500 years or 800 years into the future, maybe the global totalitarianism that’s being erected right now will have collapsed, but I don’t think we should relax because of that.

There is another distinguishing factor that we have to take into account with this erection of totalitarianism globally compared with those in the past, and that’s the role of artificial intelligence. AI now has the capability to tell the same story at the same time, around the world, at a scale that no human propagandists could ever match.

AI can take inputs from India about how people are receiving a propaganda message and adjust it. Or it can take inputs from people’s behavior in real time, or the reactions on social media and adjust it. And people haven’t even been informed about the extent to which AI can even tweak existing journalism.

For instance, every time you read the word ‘Delta variant,’ you would see in front of it the words ‘highly transmissible.’ And every time you saw the word ‘myocarditis,’ you would see in front of it, ‘extremely rare.’ That’s AI, and that’s happening all over the world with virtually all flows of communications.

So, people can be propagandized … They can be hypnotized and lied to and an artificial reality could be created for them, conceptually, at a much more sophisticated level than human beings have ever accomplished.”

The One Thing the Technocrats Cannot Compete With

While the situation may seem hopeless, we must not give up hope, because hopelessness leads to inaction, and then we are guaranteed to lose everything. The one thing the technocrats’ technology cannot compete with is the humane analog world, so that’s where our greatest strength lies.

For example, no one can hack or surveil an in-person assembly, provided you don’t have your cell phones on you. So, get into the habit of carrying your phone in a faraday bag, or leave it at home. Physical book stores, physical libraries, physical houses of worship, physical money — none of those can be surveilled or tracked. Combustion engine cars as opposed to electric cars also cannot be tracked as easily or thoroughly.

“I tell people to get off of digital technology,” Wolf says. “Most of the narratives around what COVID was doing were communicated to us by digital technology, by Google, Facebook and Twitter, which are deplatforming people like you and me and putting alarm signals everywhere.

But if you just count on your own lived experience, the bodies were not stacking up. I’m not saying it was a trivial public health problem. But if we had lived through 2020 to 2022, relying on human life experience, the stories our neighbors were telling us what we were hearing from our friends, we would’ve lived through a time in which there was a bad respiratory disease around, but not in which all human activity had to come to a close.”

Wolf’s Predictions for the Near Future

Almost universally, those aware of the facts and who are knowledgeable in this area agree that things are about to get far worse. The COVID pandemic was just the warmup, and right now we seem to be in a deceptive lull before the storm.

We don’t know when it’s going to get worse. It could be next week. It could be two or three years. I don’t know, but I think it’s going to be sooner rather than later, so getting prepared is an urgent necessity. Many also wonder what they should prepare for.

Food shortages? Famine? Power failures? Gas shortages? The breakdown of transportation and distribution of goods? The collapse of one or more fiat currencies? The collapse of the entire financial system? Cyber attacks? Nuclear war? Any and all of those are on the table.

“Here’s my sense of the immediate timeline — and I’ve been, unfortunately, right with every projection since I started making them, when this pandemic began,” Wolf says.

“The timeline is not good. November [2022] is going to be a very dangerous month in America. I mean, these people will stop at nothing and I’m literally afraid of a nuclear attack. I’m afraid the war in Ukraine will be the proxy or the rationale for an attack on the whole land. It’ll be blamed on Russia, but it could be [done by] anyone.

I think we’re even beyond a false flag right now in America because I thoroughly believe our White House is captured by China, that we have a puppet government … I voted for the Biden administration — which is embarrassing given that they’re committing treason — but they can’t resist what China and the World Economic Forum want them to do.

If you look at the harms in the Pfizer documents … this is a biological attack. The disruption of our food supplies is an attack. We are under occupation now. It’s not going to happen in the future. We have to notice that we are already under occupation.

I used to be a political consultant. Every single thing that the Biden administration has done in terms of messaging and symbolism has served to lower the status of the United States internationally. Even little things like checking his watch three times at a military funeral. That’s not an accident. Those things are highly scripted.

Over and over again, you can see an external hand dialing down the prestige and authority of the United States. The withdrawal from Afghanistan, that did nothing but trash our standing internationally. The point is, we have a captured White House and that’s very dangerous, because it means the FDA may or may not let poisonous food reach our shelves.

The FDA turned a blind eye or colluded with unbelievable harms revealed in the Pfizer documents, so the FDA can’t be trusted. The CDC can’t be trusted. Basically, you can expect more and more disorienting narratives of confusing public events, more and more ‘It’s monkeypox, it’s smallpox, it’s tuberculosis,’ to make you feel off kilter and panicked right up until November.

In November, I anticipate a giant crisis, which will have the effect of, ‘It’s not safe to leave your homes.’ Everything is radioactive, or there’s smallpox everywhere, or there are mass shooters on the loose. This will drive voters to vote by mail instead of in person.

I say this as a political consultant: There is no way these people are acting like there’s going to be midterm [elections]. They’re acting like there’s never going to be accountability. There’s never going to be investigations. They’re never going to be impeached. So there will be no midterms. If I were to bet, I would bet the midterms will be dramatically compromised, if not taken off the table altogether, or made cursory.

I imagine we’re going to see more and more gangs … militias, and you don’t know who they are. We’re going to see more and more gangs wreaking havoc in inner cities, wreaking havoc with businesses … We don’t know who they are and their job will be to terrorize everyone … and create the complete loosening of social bonds and the civil contract.

The defunding of the police is directly contributing to this. It’s part of this process, and it’s worked … Along with that, there’ll continue to be disruptions in the food supply, certainly disruptions in the energy grid and probably cyber attacks.

There’s going to be parts of the country that are going to be in darkness or unable to communicate intermittently and that will add to our fear. All of this is going to play out around the world, and they’re not going to stop.

A lot of it will play out this year, but not dramatically enough to elicit an effective counter reaction. And that’s their goal. Having said that, there are many things that you can do. So, there’s going to be a degradation around the world of the right to assembly. Parliaments will be told it’s not safe to convene. You won’t be able to see what parliament is doing. You won’t be able to see what Congress is doing.”

The Next Step, Historically

Going by the historical timeline of how a tyrannical regime takes over, the next step will involve a period when opposition leaders, civil rights leaders, outspoken journalists and editors will be arrested and taken to some unknown location. Many will simply be “disappeared.” That’s the point at which civil society just shuts down, even without a coup, because everyone’s too afraid.

After that, mercenaries will show up to reimpose order, but they won’t be our mercenaries. They’ll be working on behalf of the enemy regime. At that point, the United States will formally cease to exist. The takeover will be complete.

As noted by Wolf, right now, “we’re in a time of radical testing of our free will.” If we don’t wake up in sufficient numbers, the end result is already determined. Without pushback, it can’t end any other way. Fortunately, “there’s a robust grassroots resistance to this in the United States,” Wolf says. “And, I can’t believe I’m saying this, but the Second Amendment is the key to the U.S. having hope that other countries don’t have.”

Recommendations Moving Forward

So, what can we do to prepare? How do we fight back? Regardless of where you are in the world, there’s a lot you can do. The key to success is to focus the fight on the local and state level. There are also preparations you can (and need) to do on a personal level.

“I’m learning marksmanship. I hate to say it, but this is where we’re at,” Wolf says. “I’m a peaceful person. I hope no one takes this out of context, but you need to be able to defend your family. You need to be able to hunt. We are getting to that point. Even if you hate guns, now is the time to learn marksmanship and be comfortable with a weapon because you may need to kill for food.”

There’s an educational curve when it comes to firearms — how to store, carry and clean them, for example — and you really need to engage in that if you’ve never had any training in that area.

Secondly, know where your food comes from. Make friends with farmers. Create or join a CSA with your neighbors. Learn how to grow some food. There’s a steep learning curve there too. Next, prepare a plan for what to do if there’s no electricity and/or digital communications.

“I tell people to print out their bank statements and asset statements because in The Great Reset, you should expect that there’ll be some giant blitz and it’ll all vanish,” Wolf says. Make sure you have hardcopies of important documents, such as the deed for your home. If you can’t produce it, expect the new regime to claim ownership.

Much can also be done on the state level. For example, in Florida, Gov. Ron DeSantis has stated he will not enforce the will of the World Economic Forum. The New Hampshire legislature has also passed a really good bill declaring that if the federal government passes an unconstitutional law, it will not be enforced in New Hampshire.

“We have been very successful at DailyClout, state by state, mobilizing people to lobby their state representatives. But they have to pass laws fast, and show massive grassroots movement to not enforce the World Economic Forum diktats at the state level. And, our founders were such geniuses, because they set up our system so that states could do this,” Wolf says.

Importantly, states must accept and be prepared to forgo federal funding and subsidies to retain their sovereignty. We need a new movement where institutions and local leadership publicly forswear any and all corruptible funding, be it from the CCP, the federal government, the WEF or anything else. These individuals and institutions must be willing to disclose the source of all funding, and reject any funds that might make them beholden to an enemy power.

We Need to Build an Alternative Society

The ultimate goal right now is to begin creating a whole alternative civil society. A “reset,” yes, but not the technocratic, transhumanist reset imagined by the globalists. We need to create uncorrupted science, uncorrupted journalism, uncorrupted medicine. We need governors, business leaders and heads of universities and so on to take a pledge to create uncorrupted institutions that are answerable to the people.

“By showing people how the legislative process got corrupted and providing, on my site, DailyClout, the way to draft your own laws and pass your own laws, I am also providing people with very concrete ways to protect their liberties and to know what to do in the future,” Wolf says.

“And, I feel remiss if I didn’t add, I personally had to give up my status as a media darling on the left, my friends, and my networks … when I began to do real reporting on this pandemic and on the mRNA vaccines. We are in a time where people will have to decide, ‘What am I here for on this planet?’ Know that if you cling to lies, and you cling to your professional status, your children will live as slaves and so will you.

It’s time to be brave, because if we’re a little bit brave now, we don’t have to be horrifically brave in the near future … I also think we’re in a massive spiritual moment, that we’re in a biblical moment, and that there’s a level of metaphysics over and above the material and the political assault on us in our reaction.

I’m just speaking for myself, but I do feel like this is part of the picture, the nature of the evil that is unfolded around us … The way the mRNA vaccines target the fetus, target the amniotic membrane, target lactation, this is an evil beyond what Nazis could accomplish. This is an evil of a Miltonic scale.

I’ve looked at it from all sides, and I’m just going to say this, I can’t account for it with purely human material processes. It’s got an element of sophistication and scale and grandeur that really seems beyond the human to me, and to have an element of massive existential evil.

I’m Jewish, so we don’t have a highly-developed notion of Satan, but the these seem to be malevolent forces that can accomplish things beyond what human beings can accomplish.

As a result, I have started to believe in God in a more literal way than I used to, because these malevolent forces seem to be directed at what is good. What is divine? The human face, which my tradition says is an image of God. The human body, which is made in God’s image. Love, which is a manifestation of the divine according to many religious traditions. The family.

It’s like all the things that are being targeted are what is divine about our human journey on this planet. I don’t know where to go with that, except that it seems we’re in a moment in which — in addition to all the other things we can do, and I’m just speaking for myself — I think we can pray.

We don’t have the ability just as human beings to get out of this. It’s too big. I believe that getting out of it requires an awakening that’s massive. And, for myself anyway, asking for divine help has worked before.”

To learn more, be sure to pick up a copy of “The Bodies of Others: The New Authoritarians, COVID-19 and the War Against the Human,” and subscribe to the Daily Clout newsletter on You can also follow Wolf on GETTR.

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