Hundreds Of Illegal Migrants Released On The Side Of The Road After Aid Money Runs Out

Hundreds of migrants were dropped off on the side of the road in San Diego, California, on Friday after funding for a reception center ran dry, according to The Associated Press.

Border Patrol buses dropped off hundreds of migrants from places like China, Kazakhstan, Ecuador and Rwanda, among other countries, at a San Diego bus stop instead of a county-funded reception center that closed down Thursday after running out of funds, the AP reported. The reception center was run by SBCS, a local nonprofit formerly known as South Bay Community Services, which San Diego County gave $6 million to provide migrants with food, phone charging stations and travel advice, alongside other services.

San Diego, like other major cities, is facing strain amid the country’s ongoing migrant crisis.

The city saw a daily average of 800 illegal-crossing-related arrests in January, including an average of over 100 Chinese migrants a day, according to AP.

SBCS served 81,000 migrants in the county since Oct. 11, the group said, according to the AP. With SBCS’ reception center now closed, Border Patrol said to expect roughly 350 migrants to be released on the streets Friday.

Nora Vargas, chair of the San Diego County board of supervisors, defended the performance of the migrant reception center, which was supposed to stay open until March.

“Nobody is perfect, especially when you’re trying to fill a gap from the federal government,” Vargas said. She recently petitioned the Biden administration for increased support, according to AP.

Vargas isn’t the only official seeking increased federal support as large cities struggle to cope with the influx of migrants. The mayors of New York City and Chicago have asked the Biden administration for financial resources to aid them in handling the migrant crisis.

The San Diego mayor’s office and SBCS did not immediately respond to the Daily Caller News Foundation’s requests for comment.





Feds Warn That Hamas, Hezbollah Could Be Crossing Southern Border

‘The Republican Party Is Not The Enemy’: Black Voters Tell Lawrence Jones Why They’re Voting For Trump

UGA Student’s Killer was a Venezuelan Illegal Immigrant Employed by Uber


San Diego resident on fentanyl epidemic, homelessness and illegal immigration

1800 Illegal Venezuelans in a Hotel in Chicago

IN FOCUS: San Diego Designated Drop Zone For Illegals with Bill Wells – OAN

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Georgia University Student Out For a Jog Brutally Murdered By Illegal Alien From Venezuela

The young nursing student Laken Riley was out for a jog.

This is the first homicide that has been reported on the campus in 30 years.

No media outage and little coverage.

No George Floyd protests.

No shock and calls for immediate action by the Democrat party of treason.

Nursing student Laken Riley did not know suspected killer Jose Ibarra, who is not a US citizen: police

By Patrick Reilly, NY Post, Feb. 23, 2024

A 26-year-old man believed to have entered the US illegally has been charged with murdering nursing student Laken Riley, whose body was found on the University of Georgia campus after going for a run, according to police.

Jose Antonio Ibarra was arrested on Friday for allegedly kidnapping and killing the 22-year-old Augusta University junior, UGA Police Chief Jeffrey Clark told reporters at a press conference Friday night.

Ibarra was not a UGA student and is not a US Citizen, Clark said.

He and Riley had no prior relationship.

“He did not know her at all. I think this is a crime of opportunity where he saw an individual and bad things happened,” Clark said.

Ibarra is a Venezuelan national who illegally crossed the southern border into El Paso, Texas in September 2022, News Nation reported, citing multiple DHS sources. He was released from DHS custody over a lack of detention space, according to the outlet.

Riley, a dean’s list student and sorority member, was found dead with “visible injuries” in a wooded area near Lake Herrick around 12:38 p.m. Thursday.

Clark confirmed Friday that she died of “blunt force trauma.”
Her alleged killer, Jose Antonio Ibarra, was arrested and charged in the killing on Friday.

Ibarra’s apartment in Athens was being searched by authorities while Clark spoke, but he said police had enough evidence to charge him before the search warrant was executed.

“The evidence is robust. It is supported by key input by the community, physical evidence and expert police work. Importantly, we were assisted by video footage from our campus security cameras network,” Clark said.

Three or four persons of interest had been questioned but only Ibaira was charged.

Continue reading.



Massacre in Vienna brothel : Muslim migrant suspect is an asylum seeker from Afghanistan

Biden Protects ‘Palestinian’ Illegal Aliens From Deportation

Biden’s Woke Veterans Administration is Providing Healthcare to Illegal Aliens


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Hamas is Directly Trying to Influence Biden

“He wants to keep the fighting going on until the U.S. elections in November for Trump to win.”

While plenty of Hamas supporters are besieging the administration and the Democratic Party, Hamas is more directly trying to manipulate Biden.

Via Al Jazeera. (Not linked for the same reason I don’t directly link Al Qaeda or other Islamic terrorist groups.)

Mohammed Nazzal, a senior Hamas figure, told Al Jazeera that Netanyahu “wants the war to continue to stay in power, and doesn’t want to lose his right-wing coalition.”

“He wants to keep the fighting going on until the US elections in November for Trump to win,” Nazzal said.

Al Jazeera is Qatar’s terrorist propaganda network. The quote is carefully chosen, but who is it aimed at?

Biden, at the very least, and certainly the Democratic Party.

Hamas is trying to play on its fears, to pursue the ‘Netanyahuization’ of Israel that Obama began, and to convince them that Israel isn’t fighting because of Oct 7, but because it’s all a conspiracy to help Trump win.

It’s insane and yet you can expect some to believe it.



France: Muslims daub graffiti on bus shelter, ‘Today land of wars, tomorrow land of Allah’

London Police: ‘From the River to the Sea’ Chant is Not a Criminal Offense

UK: Conservative Party suspends politician when he won’t apologize for saying London mayor controlled by ‘Islamists’

Journalist, Contributor to Arab-American News, Arrested for Death Threats to Jews, Zionists, CIA Agents

Germany: Muslims daub ‘Allahu akbar’ in Arabic on the wall of a church

Turkey: Islamic authority seeks prosecution of lawyer for insulting Islam, she said ‘F**k Sharia’

Students Sue Columbia On ‘Pervasive Antisemitism’

Saudis detain woman for displaying ‘Palestinian’ flag in front of Ka’aba in Mecca

ISIS caliph al-Baghdadi’s wife says he had sex slaves, child bride

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Houthi TV Runs Ad For ‘Fire Your Own Missile’ Campaign Calling On Yemenis To Sponsor Missile Attacks

Al-Masirah TV (Houthis-Yemen) aired on February 19, 2024 an ad calling on Yemenis to sponsor missiles as part of the “Fire Your Own Missile” campaign. In the ad, an old man and a boy watch Yahya Sare’e, spokesman of the Houthi-Yemeni military forces on TV, and they go to the post office to deposit money on behalf of the campaign. Also in the ad is a man who hears Sare’e on his car radio, who then transfers money on behalf of the campaign using his smartphone. The ad concludes with an excerpt from a February 8, 2024 speech by Houthi leader Abdul-Malik Badreddine Al-Houthi: “When a ballistic, winged, or naval missiles is fired, it represents the people in its entirety.”

Narrator: “This is an announcement by the Yemeni Armed Forces. In the name of Allah, the Merciful, the Compassionate. Allah said [in the Quran]: ‘Oh believers, if you support Allah, He will support you, and plant firmly your feet. In support of the oppressed Palestinian people who are subjected to aggression and sledge to this very moment, the Yemeni Missile Forces of the Yemeni Armed Forces have carried out a military operation – with Allah’s help – against specific targets of the Israeli enemy in the Umm Al-Rashrash [Eilat] area in the south of occupied Palestine, using a number of ballistic missiles.

“The Yemeni Armed Forces stress that they will continue to fulfill their religious and moral duties towards the oppressed Palestinian people, heeding the call of our free Yemeni people, and the call of the free people in our Arab and Islamic nation.”

Yemeni-Houthi Leader Abdul-Malik Badreddine Al-Houthi: “When a ballistic, winged, or naval missile is fired, it represents the people in its entirety.”

RELATED VIDEO: Two terrorists hit by UAV in Rafah – VIEWER WARNING

Arab video of a targeted attack from the air against two terrorists on Aoni Dahar Street in Rafah. Rafah is slowly being hit and the people there are slowly understanding that Israel is not just talking. If Hamas continues to play “hero” – Rafah will be turned into Khan Yunis, Gaza city, Jabaliya and the rest of the Gaza cities.

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WATCH: Spokesperson for Israel’s Prime Minister Speaks on Judea and Samaria

Joshua Waller from The Israel Guys sits down in Nashville, Tennessee with the spokesperson for Israel’s Prime Minister’s Office and talks about the current situation in Gaza and in Judea and Samaria. Tal Heinrich makes some incredible statements about what is happening in Judea and Samaria.


Son of Hamas: How the UN sabotaged the Oslo Peace Process

Hamas said to no longer be demanding complete IDF withdrawal from Gaza, permanent ceasefire in truce talks

RELATED VIDEO: How this murderous terrorist describes with glee October the 7th


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The United Nations is the COMINTERN: Three kinds of attacks on the West by the UN [Video]

The problem with being too far ahead of the curve is that you sound crazy. The fact is, the UN has been nothing but a communist plot against the world for a long time now. To be frank, I think someone needs to rewrite the whole Chicken Little story from a much more sympathetic angle. Except that by the time people realized he was right, its too late to fix it by easy means, isn’t it?

From a few days ago On UNDRIP:

I need to go through some of the material above in greater detail to be sure this is the case. But at one point the claim is made that this will allow any Amer-Indian band to lay claim to any land that they claim to have ever used. This is eerily similar to the Islamic central dogma that any land ever conquered by Islam and ruled under sharia law, is permanently Islamic territory, and it is justified to take it from any non-Muslim who may live there not under Islamic rule.

The following is from several years ago: Pay special attention to this one. It points out the Secretary General of the UN is a life long leader of communist organizations. In this speech he explains how he intends to end freedom of speech.

2018: The following two videos are about how the UN intends to both end the nation state as a system of organizing humanity though the cultural, historical and regional interests of the people in them, but also how the UN has passed a “compact” which if not made into laws in the member states, has clearly been obeyed through other forms of pressure to only report on mass migration as a good thing, if reported at all.

Here, rebellious members of the EU, a more local branch office of the COMINTERN discuss the 2018 UN migration compact and its meaning and implications:

Only one reporter bothered to report on the compact in an honest way that we could find:

This is very important. So here in this one post, you see the UN attack on: Free Speech, property ownership and the nation state through mass migration, even if they use the now familiar language of victimhood to sell these attacks.

RELATED ARTICLE: Son of Hamas: How the UN sabotaged the Oslo Peace Process


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U.S. indicts Japanese Yakuza Leader over Selling Nuclear Materials to Iran

The United States has indicted a Japanese leader of the Yakuza transnational organized crime syndicate over his attempts to traffic nuclear materials to Iran. 

Takeshi Ebisawa is accused of conspiring to transfer uranium and weapons-grade plutonium from Myanmar to Iran for use in Iran’s nuclear program, the US Justice Department reported on Wednesday.

According to the report, Ebisawa approached an undercover agent working for the US Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) in early 2020 in Thailand, informing him that he had a large quantity of uranium and plutonium and asked him to find a customer for the materials.

The Yakuza leader then sent the DEA undercover agent “a series of photographs depicting rocky substances with Geiger counters measuring radiation, as well as pages of what Ebisawa represented to be lab analyses indicating the presence of thorium and uranium in the depicted substances,” the report added.

Following the DEA’s investigation, the undercover agent told Ebisawa that he could connect him to an associate, who was posing as an Iranian general. The Japanese side then suggested that plutonium would be more “powerful” than uranium for the production of nuclear weapons, offering to supply the material to the “Iranian general.”

The samples provided by Ebisawa were confiscated by Thai authorities and transferred to the US. According to the analysis by a US nuclear forensic laboratory, the samples were proved to include uranium and weapons-grade plutonium.

“It is impossible to overstate the seriousness of the conduct alleged in today’s indictment” against the Japanese Yakuza leader, said Damian Williams, the US Attorney for the Southern District of New York, adding that he conspired to traffic nuclear uranium and platinum fully aware “the material was going to be used in the development of a nuclear weapons program.”

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Negotiate, you fools!

For the first time since the full-scale Russian invasion of Ukraine two years ago, the possibility of negotiations has emerged on the horizon.

Both Putin and Zelenskiiy have indicated in recent interviews that they are now open to negotiations. In his two-hour history lesson to Tucker Carlson, Putin recalled the Istanbul negotiations in March-April 2022. “We were ready to sign it and the war would have been over long ago,” Putin said, but British Prime Minister Boris Johnson swung by and told Zelenskiiy to hold off.

In his interview with FoxNews host Bret Baier that aired on Thursday night, Zelenskiiy poured cold water on the notion that an agreement had been at hand in Istanbul in 2022, but said he was ready to talk with Putin today. Clearly the near-encirclement of Ukrainian forces at Avdiivka, and the heavy losses they took in their hot withdrawal, helped focus his mind. So has the reticence of Republicans in Congress to write Kyiv another blank check.

Exactly how, and under whose auspices those talks take place is another story. Since Zelenskiiy is understandably demanding great power guarantees, that will mean buy-in from the U.S., France, and Germany as well as Russia.

Ironically, the party most reticent to come to the table is Joe Biden. Just this week, he doubled-down yet again on his “Putin the murderer” rhetoric (aided, for sure, by the apparent murder of dissident Alexei Navalny in a Siberian jail). But like the Chekist he is, Putin didn’t take offense at Biden’s words, telling a Russian journalist Russia would deal with anyone the American people elected president, but would prefer Biden because he was more “predictable” than Trump and a known quantity.

Meanwhile, the rumors of expanded war in Europe intensified this week. Putin’s deputy, former president Dmitry Medvedev played bad cop and said that Russia needed to change the government in Kyiv and probably occupy the Ukrainian capital, to prevent “encroachments” on Russian land.

And in Moldova, the Russian breakaway region of Transnistria hinted it would call a referendum to approve Russia’s annexation of the territory, possibly as soon as February 28, with a Putin speech already planned for the next day.

As I explain in this week’s Prophecy Today Weekend, Transnistria is a narrow strip of land on Ukraine’s southwest border with Moldova. If it fell under Russia control, this would add yet another front to the war. But as It is completely landlocked, and not contiguous with the Russian front lines, resupply would be a challenge.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu sketched out his vision for the future of Gaza this morning, and it fell pretty much in line with what I previously surmised in my white paper, “Israel’s War of Survival and the End of the Two-State Solution,” released by the America First Policy Institute last month. Gaza must be completely demilitarized, with Israel in control of security, and local Palestinians with no prior ties to Hamas or other terror groups in charge of civilian affairs.

What Netanyahu did not say, however, was how Israel would find such a rare breed of Palestinian. As I write in And the Rest is History: Tales of Hostages, Arms Dealers, Dirty Tricks, and Spies, Israel has been trying for decades to find such Palestinians, and when they do, the other Palestinians (i.e., the PLO or Hamas) murder them.

©2024. Kenneth R. Timmerman. All rights reserved.

Reason, Reasonableness & Realpolitik

“Foreign policy is really domestic policy with its hat on.” Hubert H. Humphrey

Under Biden, important foreign policy interests are being sacrificed domestic ones

Under the Biden administration, US foreign policy appears afflicted by several perturbing defects. Indeed, it seems to suffer from both a lack of general strategic perspective and of sound theater-specific understanding. Moreover, it appears to be heavily impacted by extraneous factors not having any discernable relevance for the pursuit of American interests across the globe.

Crucial goal for military success

This was starkly illustrated recently by the sharp changes in tone in US attitudes towards Israel during its protracted battle against Hamas. Immediately after the 10/7 massacre, in which innocent Israeli citizens—men, women, senior citizens, and infants—were slaughtered, mutilated, tortured, raped beheaded, and incinerated—the Biden administration appeared staunchly supportive of Israel’s right of self-defense. But as the fighting dragged on, the US began to adopt a more critical attitude towards IDF actions—particularly regarding a possible assault on Rafah, on Gaza’s southern border, conditioning any support for an operation against the town on plans to ensure the safety of Gazan civilians who fled to the south under Israeli directives.

For Israel, the takeover of Rafah is essential for its success in its battle to eradicate Hamas. Indeed recently,  Netanyahu declared that sending ground troops into Rafah is essential to meeting Israel’s war goals while  Biden warned him that Israel should not conduct a military operation there without a “credible and executable” plan to protect civilians.

Incubator for terror

Underscoring the problematics of this is the recent daring Israeli Special Force rescue of two elderly hostages, who were kidnapped on 10/7. The hostages were held in Rafah— among civilians– precisely because of US opposition to Israeli military action there.

It is difficult to understand the underlying rationale of this policy twist– particularly regarding Hamas which is, after all, the exact antithesis of the all values the US purports to cherish: It is indisputably a tyrannical, homophobic misogynistic organization that was freely elected by the Gaza public. The approval it won in the polls in the immediate wake of the polls proves that the Gazan public is not so much a victim of its elected leaders but the crucible in which it was formed and the incubator from which it emerged.

What lies behind this perverse and seemingly paradoxical US approach to pressure Israel, the only like-minded ally in the region, into negotiations with an entity, whose very raison d’Etre is its destruction? The answer to this lies outside the realm of foreign policy and falls into the sphere of domestic politics and the current fabric of the Democratic Party. Most of the ideological energy in the party comes from the radical, “progressive” (read “regressive”) wing, on the far Left of the party which harbors considerable animosity toward Israel and commensurate sympathy for the Palestinians, and fears that support for Israel could alienate its electorate, thus undermining the party’s fortunes in the elections?

A geopolitical pivot for US

Another case of self-obstructive policy appears to be the approach to Azerbaijan. This central Asian country is not only a strong ally of Israel, being one of its largest energy suppliers and one of the biggest purchasers of Israeli armaments, but it has far-reaching importance for US strategic interests as well.  Indeed, as one former US National Security Advisor remarked, Azerbaijan constitutes one of the world’s “geopolitical pivots” and a key to U.S. security interests.

Recently, however, in the wake of the recent fighting resulting in the dissolution of the former Armenian enclave Nagorno Karabakh (Artsakh), relations between Washington and Baku have soured.  Thus, last November, Washington, reportedly under heavy domestic pressure from the Armenian National Committee of America (ANCA), initiated hostile legislative and administrative acts, the former prohibiting  US military aid to Baku for the two coming fiscal, the latter by including  Azerbaijan in the State Department’s Special Watch List (SWL)  for alleged religious intolerance –with the possibility of economic sanctions.

These actions appear somewhat heavy-handed toward a Shi’a Muslim majority country that is not only resolutely secular, pro-Western, and relatively free of religious bias. Indeed, a recent Jerusalem Post article refers to it as a: “model of interfaith harmony, where the nation embraces and protects the Jewish community.”

America’s linchpin

Moreover, in terms of realpolitik self-interest, Washington has several security interests in the region as well– deterring threats from Iran and Russia and limiting Islamic extremism.

Azerbaijan has proved a willing partner in each of these areas. Baku has given U.S. energy companies access to Azerbaijani energy reserves and supported U.S. military campaigns in the Middle East. Likewise, Azerbaijan’s geostrategic position in Central Asia prompted one prominent strategic analyst to describe Azerbaijan as America’s “linchpin” in the area.

Furthermore, for the West, Azerbaijan’s strategic pipelines (see here & here) and considerable energy exports reduce dependency on Russia. Indeed, EC President Ursala von der Leyen praised  Azerbaijan as a “reliable, trustworthy partner” as Europe tries to break its reliance on Russian energy.

The history of the Azerbaijan-Armenia conflict is complex and blame is not always easy to apportion fairly, However, it would appear that both reason and realpolitik, should perhaps spur a rethink of the current punitive approach toward Baku.

©2024. Dr. Martin Sherman. All rights reserved.

Trump Vows To Get Hamas Sympathizers The Hell Out of Our Country

“We’ll terminate the visas of all Hamas sympathizers. We’ll get them off our college campuses, out of our cities, and get them the hell out of our country…” — President Donald J. Trump

Donald Trump in Las Vegas, Nevada on February 23rd, 2024.

G-d bless this man.



ISIS Renews Calls for Terror

Massive Money Moving Out of New York in Wake of Trump Malicious Corrupt Persecution

Islamic Terror Attack in Israel: One Dead, 8 Severely Wounded Including Pregnant Woman

CEO of Cardone Capital To Team: “Immediately Discontinue All Underwriting on New York City Real Estate” In Wake of Insane Ruling in Trump Case

Hamas didn’t just gang-rape, they forced the families to watch. Most rape victims of Hamas on October 7 were killed either before or during rape; several victims’ genitals were mutilated beyond recognition.

Townhall His Best Yet: Trump Energy and His Deep Love For America Shines Through

“The Duke of Gaza”

RELATED VIDEO: Bill Clinton talking about immigration in the 1995 State of the Union.

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U.S. vetoes UN resolution put forth by Arab states demanding an immediate ceasefire in Gaza

The UN Security Council needs to immediately evacuate Palestinian civilians from Rafah, given its stated concerns about the humanitarian emergency. Instead, the UN has intentionally blocked civilian evacuation, and continues to choose instead to keep the global spotlight on Israel, not on Hamas and its use of human shields. While Israel has shown repeated concern for civilians and attempted to “do all it could” to evacuate Gazans in Rafah, it has emerged that the UN refused to allow it. The UN does not consider Hamas to be a terrorist group, according to UN Relief Chief Martin Griffiths, and so the UN stands with Hamas, including in its use of human shields. Antisemitic and anti-Israel media also aids and abets Hamas in its goal of obliterating the Jewish state by serving as its propaganda mouthpieces.

Hamas Political Bureau member and former Interior Minister Fathi Hammad took the gloves off in December and declared that the Palestinians are aspiring to establish a global Islamic caliphate with Jerusalem as its capital. The UN is controlled by Islamic states and in 2018 adopted a statement “demanding respect for Islam.”

The UN resolution calling for an immediate ceasefire was put forth by Algeria “on behalf of Arab States.” In Algeria, where Islam is the state religion, some people still hold black slaves and torture them, but the Algerian government pretends to care about human rights. The country also engages in “mass death sentences marred by unfair trials, torture claims,” but this gets ignored, as do human rights abuses in other Islamic states — notably the Islamic Republic of Iran, a chief funder of the jihadist effort to obliterate Israel, which was appointed to chair the 2023 UN Human Rights Council Social Forum.

Although the US vetoed the immediate ceasefire resolution, it also supports a temporary ceasefire, which will do damage to Israel’s war on Hamas, allow Hamas to regroup, and place Israel in a severely vulnerable position.

US vetoes Algerian resolution demanding immediate ceasefire in Gaza

United Nations, February 20, 2024:

The UN Security Council met again in emergency session in New York on Gaza Tuesday, where the United States vetoed a resolution put forward on behalf of Arab States by Algeria demanding “an immediate humanitarian ceasefire that must be respected by all parties”.

The latest Council meeting on the Middle East crisis spiralling outwards from the war in Gaza has ended, with another US veto and an abstention on the part of the UK, while Algeria’s resolution gained support from 13 out of the 15 members around the iconic horseshoe table.

Here are the key points:


US uses veto power to quash Algeria’s draft resolution demanding an immediate ceasefire in Gaza and presents rival text that would condemn Hamas but also support a temporary ceasefire

The US is expected to circulate its own draft later on Tuesday but news reports suggest negotiations will be far from easy, with both Russia and China voicing strong opposition to the third use of a veto by the US on ceasefire resolutions

Council members lament continued suffering in Gaza and lambast possible Israeli military operation into Rafah….

Read more.



A Lone Soldier

Jerusalem: Reservist soldier just returned from Gaza shoots jihadi who opened fire on civilians

Biden’s Failure to Act Allowed Houthis to Shoot Down 2 US Drones

Hamas-linked CAIR’s Maryland Director Tries to Defend Her Anti-Semitic Social Media Posts

UK: London police find body, believed to be Muslim migrant acid attacker

Official PA Daily: Brazilian president ‘international hero’ for saying ‘Israel is copying Hitler’

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WATCH: Israel Launches Pilot Program to Replace Hamas with Local Leaders in Gaza City District

The pilot program in the Zeitoun neighborhood will include ending incitement in the schools 

Israel is preparing to carry out a pilot program that will see local authorities replace the Hamas terrorist group in governing the southern Gaza City neighborhood of Zeitoun, Channel 12 reported.

The military began a major aerial and ground offensive in the district on Monday night to clear it of terrorists ahead of the initiative. Led by the 162nd Division, Israeli forces killed and captured dozens of terrorists and confiscated a large amount of ammunition.

According to the report, Israel’s goal is for community leaders to manage the reception and distribution of humanitarian aid to establish an alternative to Hamas in the northern Gaza Strip. Security forces will attempt to prevent the terrorist group from interfering with this process.

Gazan representatives recently met with Israeli officials to discuss the plan.

Notably, the plan does not involve a return to the north for the tens of thousands of Gazans who evacuated to a humanitarian zone in the southern Strip at the behest of the Israeli army. Instead, the pilot will be carried out with the residents who remained there.

Additionally, the pilot includes replacing the school curricula with textbooks that do not promote violent rejection of Israel and hatred towards Jews. Israeli leaders have repeatedly stressed the importance of deradicalizing the Gaza population, including moderating the educational system, after Hamas is defeated.

Israeli War Cabinet member Benny Gantz on Wednesday evening referred to an international pilot in which moderate Arab countries would establish a civil administration to manage the Strip after the war ends, while Israel maintains full security control.

This civil administration would likely include “local Palestinians supported by some sort of regional committee or arrangement,” according to Gantz.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has previously said that he wants to see local Palestinian community leaders govern Gaza instead of Hamas or the Palestinian Authority.

“Oslo was the mother of all sins. The difference between Hamas and the Palestinian Authority is only that Hamas wants to destroy us here and now, and the P.A. wants to do it in stages,” Netanyahu said in December.

IDF building security road bisecting the Strip.

RELATED ARTICLE: Knesset Advances Bill To Recognize Fiancés as Family Members of Fallen Soldiers

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Netanyahu: ‘Hezbollah must understand—we will restore security’

The Israeli prime minister delivered the message to the Iranian terror proxy during a visit to troops stationed on Mount Hermon. 

February 22, 2024 / JNS — Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu delivered a message to Hezbollah on Thursday during a visit to troops stationed near the Lebanese border, telling the Iranian terrorist proxy that it “must understand—we will restore security.”

Surrounded by the snow-covered terrain of Mount Hermon, Netanyahu sat down with commanders from the 210th Division and the IDF Alpinist Unit.

They briefed him on the activities on the northern front, where Hezbollah has been conducting daily cross-border attacks since joining Hamas in the war that started on Oct. 7. Israel has been pounding Hezbollah targets from the air inside Lebanon and with artillery at the border.

“In the north, we have a simple goal: To return the residents [to their homes near the border with Lebanon]. In order to that, we must restore security—and this will be achieved. We will not relent here. We will achieve this in one of two ways: Militarily—if necessary; diplomatically—if possible,” Netanyahu said, according to a government statement.

In addition to the Alpinist Unit, troops from the 188th Brigade are currently deployed to Mount Hermon after departing Gaza one week ago.


What Americans don’t get about Israelis fighting for their lives

PICTURE OF THE DAY: Arafat’s house in Gaza

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EXCLUSIVE: Jim Banks Demands DOJ Investigate Midwest Nonprofit Linked To Chinese Communist Influence Network

Indiana Republican Rep. Jim Banks urged the Biden administration to probe a Midwestern nonprofit with extensive ties to Chinese Communist Party (CCP) intelligence and influence operations to determine if it violated the Foreign Agents Registration Act (FARA), according to a letter shared exclusively with the Daily Caller News Foundation.

Banks sent a letter to Attorney General Merrick Garland on Thursday asking the Department of Justice (DOJ) to conduct an inquiry into the United States Heartland China Association (USHCA), a 501(c)(3) bipartisan organization, which characterizes its mission as “building bridges and promoting opportunities” between 21 U.S. heartland states and China. However, USHCA leads trips to China for Midwestern mayors in cooperation with organizations affiliated with a Chinese government influence arm, and also employs multiple individuals belonging to such organizations, the DCNF reported.

Banks’s letter asks the DOJ to review whether or not USHCA may need to register under FARA, which “requires certain agents of foreign principals who are engaged in political activities or other activities specified under the statute to make periodic public disclosure of their relationship with the foreign principal, as well as activities, receipts and disbursements in support of those activities,” according to the DOJ.

“I am writing to urge you to investigate the U.S. Heartland China Association (USHCA) for apparent violations of the Foreign Agents Registration Act (FARA), as revealed in a recent report from the Daily Caller News Foundation,” Banks’ letter states. “FARA requires all U.S. residents acting as agents of foreign governments to regularly file public disclosures with the Justice Department (DOJ) outlining their activities and describing their status as a foreign agent.”

Banks’ letter alleges that USHCA “acts in concert with the United Front to expand CCP influence within Indiana and the Midwest.”

The CCP utilizes an influence and intelligence collection strategy known as the “United Front,” which, among other things, targets “foreign actors and states,” according to the U.S.-China Economic and Security Review Commission. The United Front is coordinated by the Chinese government’s United Front Work Department (UFWD), which “oversees many subordinate organizations,” including operations within the U.S., according to the House Select Committee on the CCP.

The UFWD “conceals its influence over groups like the USHCA through its use of proxy groups,” Banks’ letter alleges, citing USHCA’s partnership with the Chinese People’s Association For Friendship With Foreign Countries (CPAFFC) as an example.

The U.S.-China Economic and Security Review Commission has characterized CPAFFC as a “key organization” in the CCP’s United Front.

In November 2023, USHCA announced it had led a delegation of six mayors to China in order to “underscore the importance of maintaining open lines of communication between the United States and China.” Yet, Chinese state-run China Youth Daily reported that CPAFFC took credit for inviting the delegation to China.

“CPAFFC is the UFWD proxy responsible for managing and expanding sister relationships between the U.S. and China,” Banks’ letter states. “During the trip, the former Mayor of Carmel, Indiana, Jim Brainard, who also serves as vice chair of USHCA, ratified a sister-city agreement with Xiangyang, Hubei.”

The U.S. National Counterintelligence and Security Center has warned that CPAFFC “may exploit” sister-city agreements to “press its agendas.”

USHCA “will inevitably work with Chinese entities” because it “promotes people-to-people exchanges in culture, education and business between the Heartland and China,” a spokesperson for the nonprofit recently told the DCNF.

Mary Kissel, former senior advisor to Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, told the DCNF that U.S. engagement with the United Front only benefits China.

“Please give me an example of when engagement with a United Front organization resulted in positive change on the Chinese side?” Kissel said. “The answer is, there is no example of that.”

The United Front’s “brazen” targeting of America’s heartland suggests far more extensive operations in high-population states, said Kissel, who’s now an executive vice president at Stephens, a private financial services firm.

“If they’ve done it in Missouri, what in the world are they doing in places like Florida or California or New York or Texas?” Kissel said. “Alarm bells should be going off.”

Banks’ letter to the DOJ also calls attention to USHCA’s leadership, which includes at least four individuals who’ve held positions at UFWD-affiliated entities, the DCNF reported.

“One of these senior USHCA officials, a strategic advisor named Zhao Suisheng, has worked directly for China’s government in a variety of advisory positions,” Banks’ letter states.

Zhao, who serves as the director of the University of Denver’s Center for China-U.S. Cooperation, told the DCNF he’d attended events hosted by several UFWD-affiliated organizations, such as the Center For China And Globalization (CCG), which lists him as an “expert” on its “academic advisory committee.” Zhao claims the reason he’s held advisory positions with Chinese government agencies and UFWD-affiliated organizations is because he’s an “independent scholar” studying “Chinese politics” and “United Front tactics.”

“USHCA is not an independent entity — it is a malign agent of our foremost foreign adversary,” Banks’ letter concludes.



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Hamas didn’t just gang-rape children and women at gunpoint, they forced their families to watch.

“Hostages who have returned from Gaza have revealed grotesque sexual violence towards the hostages” — Jerusalem Post

“Most of those sexually assaulted by Hamas terrorists were killed afterward, and some even during the act of rape. Others still were found dead later, their genitals mutilated beyond recognition or penetrated with weapons.”

In one photo, a burned body appears to project anguish. In another, a woman lies naked from the waist down, her underwear hanging from her leg. In interviews, first responders haltingly describe finding naked female corpses tied to beds and survivors recount witnessing a gang rape at the music festival.

All of this is part of a mounting body of evidence of the gender-based crimes carried out by Hamas terrorists on Oct. 7.

Fourteen young girls remain hostage in Gaza.

Hamas terrorists forced families to watch loved ones get raped at gunpoint

TRIGGER WARNING: Most sexual assault victims of Hamas on October 7 were killed either before or during rape; several victims’ genitals were mutilated beyond recognition.

By Tamar Uriel-Beeri, Jerusalem Post, February 21, 2024:

(Warning: This story describes deeply disturbing events and testimonials in graphic detail.)

A report analyzing numerous testimonies from the October 7 massacre specifically relating to Hamas’s sexual violence revealed that families and friends were forced by Hamas terrorists to watch their loved ones be raped and sexually assaulted at gunpoint.

The report, presented by the Association of Rape Crisis Centers in Israel, analyzes confidential and public testimonies, eye-witness accounts, and interviews with victims, first responders and witnesses. It was sent to “decision-makers” in the United Nations to leave “no room for denial or disregard.

“The terrorist organization Hamas chose to harm Israel strategically in two clear ways – kidnapping citizens and committing sadistic sexual crimes,” said ARCCI CEO Orit Sulitzeanu. “Silence will be remembered as a historical stain on those who chose to remain silent and deny the sexual crimes committed by Hamas.”

The report revealed that Hamas terrorists threatened victims, often injured women, with weapons in order to rape them violently, often collectively with collaboration between multiple terrorists.

Partners, family, and friends were forced to watch to “increase the pain and humiliation for all present.”

Most of those sexually assaulted by Hamas terrorists were killed afterward, and some even during the act of rape. Others still were found dead later, their genitals mutilated beyond recognition or penetrated with weapons.

The full extent of Hamas’s sexual crimes will probably never be known

The report highlighted that it cannot provide the full numerical measure of the extent of Hamas’s sexual violence, “most of which resulted in the victims’ deaths, making their full extent unknown and possibly unknowable.”

The sexual assaults occurred in four main locations: At the Nova Festival, in kibbutzim, on IDF bases, and in captivity.

Severe sexual assaults were reported on multiple occasions by eye-witnesses and first responders in the Nova Festival, including group rapes. On kibbutzim, women and girls alike were brutally assaulted, including at least one case of a knife being hidden in the genital organ of one such victim.

Soldiers on IDF bases were victims of sexual violence, as well, their bodies clearly indicated. Hostages who have returned from Gaza have revealed grotesque sexual violence towards the hostages, as well.

“As the scars in our hearts refuse to heal, and the souls of our sisters and brothers cry out to us from the depths of the earth, a significant portion of those we considered partners responded in silence and denial of these horrors,” the report’s authors, Dr. Carmit Klar-Chalamish and Noga Berger, wrote. “We call on you to raise your voices and not allow the cries of these victims to fade away.”

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