Hatred For Trump Transcends Safeguarding Americans

A bureaucrat is the most despicable of men, though he is needed as vultures are needed, but one hardly admires vultures whom bureaucrats so strangely resemble. I have yet to meet a bureaucrat who was not petty, dull, almost witless, crafty or stupid, an oppressor or a thief, a holder of little authority in which he delights, as a boy delights in possessing a vicious dog. Who can trust such creatures?  – Marcus Tullius Cicero

Politicians are not born; they are excreted. – Marcus Tullius Cicero

The above quotes from Cicero were long ago, as is this quote from President George Washington, the Father of our Nation at his Farewell Address September 19, 1796, “However [political parties] may now and then answer popular ends, they are likely in the course of time and things, to become potent engines, by which cunning, ambitious, and unprincipled men will be enabled to subvert the power of the people and to usurp for themselves the reins of government, destroying afterwards the very engines which have lifted them to unjust dominion.”

Today is no different than the days of Cicero who died 43 years BC, and Washington who died in 1799.  See the Book of Ecclesiastes.

The Twelve Betrayals

Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer believe spending $5 billion for a wall is a waste of money, but $155 billion per year in support to illegals is a human right.  The twelve republicans who went against our President’s wishes to secure our border and protect American citizens from terrorists, drug pushers, child traffickers, MS-13 gangs, and criminal aliens have every excuse in the book, but none of them can withstand the scrutiny of Trump’s supporters.

How many outcries did we hear when past presidents proclaimed multiple national emergencies?  Very few!  Here’s the list all the way back to President Jimmy Carter.

The National Emergencies Act (NEA) (Pub.L. 94–412, 90 Stat. 1255, enacted September 14, 1976, and signed by Republican President Gerald Ford, (codified at 50 U.S.C. § 1601–1651) is a United States federal law passed to end all previous national emergencies and to formalize the emergency powers of the President.

The following twelve Senators who voted against our President’s National Emergency were NeverTrumpers.

The following comments about the Senators who betrayed our President match the order of the photos.  These Senators and more disavow the Republican party platform of pro-life and a border wall, both of which were secured at Republican conventions by Phyllis Schlafly, founder of Phyllis Schlafly Eagles.  These Senators are some of the “Kingmakers” Phyllis spoke about in her book, A Choice Not an Echo.  They are not Constitutional Conservatives.

Sen. Roger Wicker (Mississippi) Wicker said in a statement earlier this week: “The precedent we set this year might empower a future liberal President to declare emergencies to enact gun control or to address ‘climate emergencies,’ or even to tear down the wall we are building today.” Wicker, an Air Force veteran, won re-election comfortably last fall in a state Trump carried by nearly 20 points in 2016.

Sen. Marco Rubio (Florida) Marco used the same excuse as Wicker.  However, in 2011, Rubio hoped to polish his foreign policy credentials for an eventual presidential campaign, and so he thoroughly backed Hillary Clinton’s War on Libya. Following the murder of Gaddafi, Rubio, McCain and Graham celebrated with the rebels they helped to arm, just a year before these rebels attacked the embassy in Benghazi. We know the rest of the story.  And Rubio loved the H-1B Visas for foreign aliens who replaced American workers at Disney World, after they had to train them!  He actually has proposed that we triple the Visas.  Of course, Disney is one of Rubio’s biggest financial boosters.

Sen. Rob Portman (Ohio) Portman had worked with Mike Lee on the compromise resolution. The two-term senator said that while he supported Trump’s request for border wall funding, an emergency declaration is not necessary to secure those funds, and that the declaration would set a “dangerous precedent.”  Sure, protecting Americans from criminal illegals is beyond your understanding.  His association with Mike Lee lets us know Portman is another NeverTrumper.

Sen. Susan Collins (Maine) Ahhh yes, Susan Collins who voted for Justice Kavanaugh, and was applauded.  However, this pro-abort Senator has close ties to both of the Bush presidents.  And now, National Collins-mania reached a frenzy after a recent appearance on Maine Public Radio, in which she seemed to endorse the idea of the Senate Intelligence Committee subpoenaing Trump’s tax returns as part of its investigation into ties with Russia.

Sen. Lisa Murkowski (Alaska) Lisa Murkowski is another pro-abort Senator.  The Republican platform is pro-life, but you’d never know it by some of the Republicans in the House and Senate.

Sen. Pat Toomey (Pennsylvania) Toomey replaced Arlen Spector in the Senate.  He is an anti-gunner, he wants laws tightened, as though the guns and the second amendment are the problems.  Democrat Joe Manchin and Toomey joined in a proposal for universal background checks for gun purchases, which failed. He has disagreed with Trump many times, and like the rest of these 12, he claims the National Emergency is a “separation of powers issue.”  It didn’t seem to bother him when used by previous presidents.

Sen. Roy Blunt (Missouri) Blunt claims he too is concerned about the precedent Trump’s National Emergency would set.  Apparently, it didn’t bother Blunt when Presidents Clinton, Bush or Obama used the National Emergency Act which was signed by President Gerald Ford in 1976.  Senator Blunt was a Congressional Representative from 1977 to 2011 when he became a Senator.

Sen. Lamar Alexander (Tennessee) Good old Lamar, the man who joined with our corrupt “Christian Conservative” Governor Bill Haslam, owner of the FBI raided Pilot Oil/Flying J to promote state internet sales taxes.  Senator Alexander agreed with Obama Education Czar Arne Duncan regarding common core standards, and Skinnerian behavioral training in our government schools.  For more information on Alexander, read my four-part article on this neo-con Trotskyite.

Sen. Mitt Romney (Utah) Willard Mitt Romney absolutely hates Donald Trump, despite the fact that Trump endorsed and funded Romney when he ran against Obama in 2012.  Romney’s running mate was former Speaker Paul Ryan, another NeverTrumper.  While Governor of Massachusetts, Romney was ahead of Obama in promoting government-controlled healthcare, which financed abortion with a $50 co-pay and funded abortion statewide through taxpayer monies.  He opposed a Massachusetts Defense of Marriage Constitutional amendment, and said homosexuals should be allowed in the boy scouts.  Governor Romney officially celebrated “Gay-Straight Youth Pride Day,” and sat on the board of directors for a leading purveyor of pornography without opposing the corporation’s exploitation of women.  As for Smart Growth and UN Agenda 21, Romney is all for it.  Link

Sen. Rand Paul (Kentucky) “What is underappreciated is their passion for freedom, and their commitment to ideas.  Unlike many crony capitalists who troll the halls of Congress looking for favors, the Kochs have consistently lobbied against special-interest politics.” The Senator said this right after he announced he was running for President in April of 2015.  I believe Rand’s comments stem from the fact that he may have received Koch funding for his presidential run.

Like the Kochs, Rand Paul is a libertarian, but Rand claims to be pro-life, yet he finds no problem with pro-aborts like the two brothers.  Koch-sponsored libertarianism means open borders, legal dope and prostitution, abortion and gay rights, extreme pornography, an American military withdrawal from the rest of the world, and “free trade” with Russia and China. Link

Senator Paul is promoting a Constitutional Convention as are the Kochs who massively fund American Legislative Exchange Council, an organization who has promoted a con-con for decades, and which was founded by the first President of Heritage Foundation. Link

Sen. Jerry Moran (Kansas) Moran is just like the rest of the neo-cons, he believes the law passed by Congress giving the President National Emergency powers is unconstitutional. Senator Moran voted against President Trump’s 2017 executive order imposing a temporary ban on entry to the U.S. to citizens of seven Muslim-majority countries.  Moran only announced his support for Trump after he became the presumptive nominee.

Sen. Mike Lee (Utah) Lee has never supported Trump and tried his best, along with Ken Cuccinelli, to derail him from becoming the nominee.  Now, Lee has introduced legislation to curb the president’s power to declare a national emergency.  Under Lee’s proposal, if a president were to declare a national emergency, Congress would have to approve it within 30 days or it would automatically expire.

The Senator loves free trade, loves H-1B Visas, and supported legislation that would bring more Muslims into America.  Link  Lee has joined with democrats like Durbin and Schumer to vote against mandatory prison sentences for deported illegal aliens who enter our country again. This bill was in response to the illegal who killed Kathryn Steinle and had re-entered the U.S. five times.

Not a single one of these Republicans are true Constitutional conservatives. Trump vetoed their vote, and this is what he said about his first veto.

Illegal Immigration

President Trump is fighting to protect American citizens from criminal illegal aliens, and from the destruction of this country via the Islamic refugee resettlement programs.  The Socialist Democrat Party fights him at every turn, and many Republicans join with them to derail the President’s promises to the American people.

There is nothing immoral about protecting America’s citizens although the Democrat Party claims it is.  Congress passed the National Emergencies Act during the Ford administration, and nothing in the law says the President can’t use his own judgment in declaring an emergency.

President Trump has publicly warned the governments of Honduras, El Salvador, and Guatemala that if they don’t take steps to stop the latest caravan of bogus asylum invaders, he will cut off aid to the countries. While this is a good first step, it won’t deter the invasion unless we stop admitting the invaders and implementing catch-and-release under orders from illegitimate court rulings, as we did with the previous caravan and countless tens of thousands of others coming in with less pomp. And that would hold true even with a border wall. They just come to our points of entry, surrender themselves, get released into our communities, and never show up to their hearings until and unless they wind up committing crimes.

Our Sovereignty at Risk

Anyone who tells you that the president doesn’t have the authority to exclude anyone for any reason doesn’t deserve to live in a sovereign nation. Sovereignty trumps everything. There is nothing in our statutes that forces the president to admit anyone he feels is a problem. In fact, as Conservative Review has previously noted, he has inherent executive powers from Article II, as well as delegated authority from Congress under existing law, to stop taking in immigrants at the border or through visas for as much time as he deems necessary.

It all boils down to bogus asylum and catch-and-release. Either Trump ends those, or everything else is just talk. While Trump is right to ask Congress to step in, we’ve noted before that the statute is already clear that these people do not qualify as asylees and that the unaccompanied teenagers do not qualify as refugees

As the Supreme Court said in a landmark 1950 case, “The exclusion of aliens is a fundamental act of sovereignty. The right to do so stems not alone from legislative power but is inherent in the executive power to control the foreign affairs of the nation.”

This is why for the first 100 years of our country, immigration was entirely controlled by diplomatic correspondence through the State Department. The president was clearly using this authority when communicating with the leader of the country of origin of this caravan.

Trump can simply shut the door and demand that any legitimate asylum claims be processed through our 10 or so consulates in Mexico.  The president needs to threaten not just Honduras, Guatemala, and El Salvador, but Mexico with diplomatic sanctions.

As Jessica Vaughan, director of policy studies at the Center for Immigration Studies, told Daniel Horowitz in an email, “The president should be leaning on Mexico and the sending nations that their facilitation of this problem is immoral, shameful, and will adversely affect our bilateral relationship.”  Link

In declaring a state of emergency pursuant to the NEA, President Trump is using pre-existing statutory authority to address a legitimate crisis created by lawless conduct at and beyond our southern border. Our president is protecting our country’s borders through means contemplated by Congress and used many times by past presidents for matters less directly threatening than those present on the southern border.  Link

Let the Congress critters know what you think and that you support our President!

Foreign National Attempts Entry To Ft. Bragg, N.C.: Why So Little Media Attention?

The incident that caused the Special Operations Facility to briefly close its gates happened a week ago today and according to the Fayetteville Observer the illegal alien arrested that day is expected in court today.

A week ago and we just learn about it this week! 

And, as of this morning the only media outlets reporting are the Fayetteville Observer and now Big League Politics.  Very strange!

The Observer has a very thorough report on the incident (thanks to reader Cathy for directing our attention to the puzzling news).

Here is a bit of what the Observer said about the suspicious incident,

The man who caused Fort Bragg’s All American gate to be closed for several hours Tuesday has been arrested and will have a detention hearing at 9 a.m. Tuesday in Raleigh to face charges related to obstruction of justice.

Nouran Ahmad Shihab Sueidan was seen by a magistrate of the U.S. District Court of North Carolina on Wednesday.

An affidavit presented to the judge from the investigator of Fort Bragg’s Military Police Investigations and Provost Marshal Office states at about 10:30 a.m. Tuesday that Sueidan attempted to access Fort Bragg.

Sueidan allegedly refused to provide identification to gate guards.

“The gate guards informed Sueidan that he could not enter Fort Bragg without producing identification, at which point he insisted that he needed to enter Fort Bragg,” the investigator said in the affidavit.

Sueidan later provided an expired Jordanian passport, an expired Texas driver’s license, expired vehicle registration and no proof of vehicle insurance.


“When Sueidan was informed that he would not be able to enter Fort Bragg, he insisted that he had a foreign military identification and that he needed to make entry to the installation to “take a tour of the Special Operations facility to identify if it was worth his time,’” the investigator wrote in the affidavit.

The investigator said Sueidan became agitated and insisted that all he wanted to do was tour the special operations facility.

Officers at the scene detained him for his safety and the safety of others, the investigator said.

He said some very strange things and resisted efforts to handcuff him.

Continue reading here.

ICE has lodged a detainer against Sueidan signalling that he is in the country illegally.

Readers need to know that North Carolina has been attractive to Muslim migrants for decades (KSM went to college there!) and it is also consistently a top refugee resettlement state.  See my extensive North Carolina archive here at Refugee Resettlement Watch with stories going back a decade.

What do you do? As we continue to note, the mainstream media is not doing its job and so it is up to you to send stories like this out widely to your social media networks.

LOL! By the way, I just saw news yesterday about how Facebook and Twitter identify you as a conservative to be watched on social media.  They have buzz words and phrases that they set algorithms to flag.  One phrase we use that tags us as America Firsters is “mainstream media.”

EDITORS NOTE: This Frauds, Crooks and Criminals column is republished with permission.

Arizona/Mexico With Border Fence — Then No Fence — Illegals Come Right In!

Tom Trento and The United West team went to the Cochise County Arizona border with Mexico to gain a full understanding of our countries border situation.

In this video you will see how vital it is for America’s national security interests to have a completed 24-foot border fence/barrier.

Mexican cartels are utilizing our porous border, as seen in this video, to illegally bring in cocaine, fentanyl, marijuana, and human cargo. I say cargo because these illegal immigrants pay the cartels $6,000 per person to have the cartels provide a ‘coyote’ to deliver them across the border.

If an illegal can not pay the cartel they will have these individuals pay off their debt as sex slaves, mules, or any services the cartel wants of their human slaves. You will see how easy it is to breach our borders in some areas.

The problems of drugs and human trafficking have reached epidemic proportions endangering U.S. Citizens living on the border, putting law enforcement at risk, and the illegal aliens who become victims of the cartels.

There are no winners here and a strong border security system will help not only us American’s but also the exploited illegals not willing to immigrate legally to the United States.

Now you’ve seen the border without filtering so you can make up your own mind.

VIDEO: Ilhan Omar is Fundraising for a Hamas-support Organization

Ilhan Omar will fund-raise for CAIR next week. This means she is fundraising for a Hamas political propaganda machine in America.

CAIR is the American Muslim Brotherhood, an umbrella organization for Hamas, a designated terror organization.

Before entering Congress, Omar was a CAIR Board Member.

So you have someone sitting on the US Foreign Affairs Committee who fully supports and promotes an Islamic organisation with direct links to Hamas, an Islamic terror group.

CAIR and Omar are not only at war with Israel. They are now officially at war against AIPAC in America in a battle for the hearts and minds on Americans.

It is also a power battle for budgets and votes for foreign causes within the US Government.

When Omar was about to be condemned for her repeated anti-Semitic remarks, it was CAIR founder, Nihad Awad, who led a delegation, including the noxious Linda Sarsour, to Congress to protect Omar and to pressure the Democrats to back off criticism of Ilhan Omar for her anti-Jewish remarks, and instead push Islamophobia – which had nothing at all to do with the issue of Omar’s Jew hatred – front and center in the adopted Democratic statement.

Jews got shafted by appeasing Democrats. They got shafted by the anti-Semitic CAIR organisation that supports the elimination of Israel.

View this video to understand what is at play here.

Please view and share before Ilhan Omar appears before an adoring CAIR Conference on March 23 in Los Angeles, and causes further damage within Congress.

Open Borders Push Americans To Socialism: Democrats seek total control over America.

My dad sagely told me that you could turn a capitalist into a communist overnight, simply by taking away his/her money.

In the beginning, it was the Republicans who wanted open borders to provide their political base, the business owners, with cheap and compliant workers.  As more foreign Third World workers entered the labor pool and brought with them Third World expectations of drastically substandard wages and working conditions, these wages and working conditions became the new standard.  This forced American workers to settle for less money and fewer benefits if they wanted to keep their jobs.

For the greedy and immoral exploitative employers, the bottom line is the bottom line.

Decades ago the Democrats resisted this push for foreign workers because the Democrats understood that their base, Americans workers, wanted to be  protected from the unbridled greed of their employers.  Unions also promised to protect their members against unscrupulous employers.

Essentially the scales were balanced.  The Republicans represented business owners and the Democrats represented the workers.

However, the labor unions began pushing for the rights of illegal alien workers as the number of Americans who joined unions dropped.  The union leaders simply “did the math.”  More members meant the union had more political leverage and more members paid more union dues.  This was a “win/win” for the unions and a disaster for the American workers they purported to represent while encouraging ever more foreign workers to come to America.

When I was a new INS agent I was more than a bit surprised that when I participated in raiding garment factories, literal “sweat shops” and arrested many illegal aliens, often the labor unions would send bail bondsmen to our office who arrived nearly as soon as we arrived with our illegal aliens in custody.  It was clear that the unions did not care whether their members were U.S. citizens, lawful immigrants or illegal aliens, only if they joined the unions and paid their dues.

In recent years the Democratic Party came to the same conclusion reached by the labor unions years earlier.  Flooding America with alien workers, both legal and illegal, would ultimately increase the numbers of voters who would likely vote for the Democratic candidates, not unlike the unions, cynically claimed that they would protect their jobs and wages.

Commentators frequently opine that the Republicans want cheap labor while the Democrats want those new voters.

While that simplistic assessment has merit, what is being missed is that as more foreign workers enter the United States, either legally or illegally, the wages for American workers is suppressed.  Labor is, after all, a commodity.  When you flood the marketplace with any commodity, the value of that commodity is decreased.

This would negatively impact millions of Americans who would be forced to vote for the party of the hand-out, the Democrats.

A massive increase in H-1B visas for high-tech workers greatly lowers the wages for workers in those industries.  Therefore the Republicans who are eager to placate their constituents have sought to greatly increase the numbers of those visas.

As noted above, the Democrats are also eager to increase the numbers of those visas as well.

My recent article, Open Borders Facilitate America’s Race to the Bottom included a quote from Alan Greenspan the former Fed Chairman when he testified at a hearing before the Senate Immigration Subcommittee on April 30, 2009 at the behest of Chuck Schumer, the then-chairman of that subcommittee on the need for Comprehensive Immigration Reform.  He was referencing the need to drastically increase the number of H-1B visas to meet the demands of Microsoft’s Bill Gates.  Greenspan’s prepared testimony included this outrageous assertion in which middle class workers were referred to as the “privileged elite!”

Greatly expanding our quotas for the highly skilled would lower wage premiums of skilled over lesser skilled. Skill shortages in America exist because we are shielding our skilled labor force from world competition. Quotas have been substituted for the wage pricing mechanism. In the process, we have created a privileged elite whose incomes are being supported at noncompetitively high levels by immigration quotas on skilled professionals. Eliminating such restrictions would reduce at least some of our income inequality.

In other words, the solution to “wage inequality” is to destroy middle class wages!

When huge numbers of Americans lose their jobs or face wage suppression they will invariably vote for the (Democrat) candidates who promise to provide financial assistance.  After all, it is an established fact that voters vote their wallets.

In addition to flooding America with foreign workers, America’s non-secure borders also floods America with narcotics.  Americans who are addicted to drugs frequently lose their jobs and their ability to be hired.  This adds to the huge number of unemployed Americans.

Of course Americans who are convicted of crimes lose their right to vote.  Is it any wonder that the Democrats are attempting to pass laws around the United States that would enable convicted felons to vote?  Those felons, because of their economic hardships are virtually guaranteed to vote for Democratic candidates.

Do you still wonder why Democrats want to legalize marijuana, the gateway drug to heroin and cocaine, or not secure the borders to prevent the entry of drugs or illegal aliens?

If you doubt the impact all of this has on the United States, on March 11, 2019 CBS News’ 60 Minutes aired a wide-ranging interview with Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell.

In addition to noting the impact of AI (Artificial Intelligence) and globalism Powell also turned to the current opioid crisis:

PELLEY: This builds on a conversation that we were having a short time ago. You mentioned the opioid crisis. It’s that big a problem in the labor force?

POWELL: Yes, it is. The opioid crisis is millions of people. They tend to be young males. And it’s a very significant problem. And it’s part of a larger picture of low labor force participation, particularly by young males.

PELLEY: I mean, you seem to be talking about part of this generation being lost, unattached from the rest of the economy.

POWELL: That is the issue. When you have people who are not taking part in the economic life of a country in a meaningful way, who don’t have the skills and aptitudes to play a role or who are not doing so because they’re addicted to drugs, or in jail, then in a sense they are being left behind. And there are too many of those people. And I think bringing them into the labor force would enormously benefit our country. We’d grow more strongly. And I think it would be good for the economy and good for the country.

These disenfranchised Americans are potential Democrat voters if only they were able to vote.

The Lunatic Left’s new darling, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez stunned her audience when she said that we shouldn’t fear robots because people who have no jobs would be able to pursue their interests.

What has been missed by those who ridiculed her is the fact that the goal of the Democratic Party Socialists is to unemployed as many Americans as possible.  Without paychecks they would be entirely dependent on the handouts offered by the Democrats.

The obvious long-term goal of Ocasio-Cortez and her cohorts is a one-party government.

The Democratic Party.

EDITORS NOTE: This FrontPage Magazine column is republished with permission.


Fox News published the below comments and video titled “Trump signs first veto of his presidency | Full Remarks” on it YouTube channel:

President Trump delivers remarks and issues his first veto on legislation attempting to strike down his declaration of a national emergency at the southern border.


Police: 16-Year-Old Body Found Burned and Stabbed 100 Times, 5 MS-13 Members Arrested

Moments After Trump Issues First Veto, Angel Mom Steps In with Incredible Statement

No Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Illegal Immigrants Are Not Your ‘Constituents’

Attorney General Bill Barr Calls Emergency Declaration ‘Solidly Grounded in Law’

President Trump Uses Veto For First Time


FOX News Channel (FNC) is a 24-hour all-encompassing news service dedicated to delivering breaking news as well as political and business news. The number one network in cable, FNC has been the most watched television news channel for more than 16 years and according to a Suffolk University/USA Today poll, is the most trusted television news source in the country. Owned by 21st Century Fox, FNC is available in more than 90 million homes and dominates the cable news landscape, routinely notching the top ten programs in the genre. Subscribe to Fox News! https://bit.ly/2vBUvAS Watch more Fox News Video: http://video.foxnews.com Watch Fox News Channel Live: http://www.foxnewsgo.com/

VIDEOS: Horror Over Muslim Congresswomen Turns Heads to Muslim Reform Women

The ongoing horror over the rhetoric of America’s first Muslim congresswomen has people turning to Muslim reform women. Meet six outspoken and courageous Muslim reformers who also happen to be women. In the last week, each of these Muslim reform women have taken on the Muslim congresswomen, with laser-like focus on Ilhan Omar’s hateful rhetoric.

Raheel Raza

Raheel is part of Clarion Project’s Preventing Violent Extremism training program and the face of By the Numbers, a stunning narration of Muslim opinion and demographics. Raheel also the president of The Council for Muslims Facing Tomorrow, author of Their Jihad – Not My Jihad, an award winning journalist, public speaker, activist for human rights and featured in our award-winning documentary Honor Diaries. She is recipient of the Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee medal for service to Canada. Raheel bridges the gap between East and West, promoting cultural and religious diversity for which she has appeared in print and on TV and radio numerous times. A fervent advocate for gender equality, Raheel is the first Muslim woman in Canada to lead mixed gender prayers. In her pursuit for human rights, she speaks regularly at the United Nations Human Rights Council in Geneva.

Shireen Qudosi

Shireen is the other half of Clarion Project’s Preventing Violent Extremism training program and Clarion Project’s National Correspondent. Shireen often looks at Muslim reform through the lens of faith, identity and belonging. As a former refugee raised across three continents, she has a unique perspective of the issues central to ‘the clash of civilizations’. Shireen has testified before the House Homeland Security Committee Hearing on radical Islam, offering a powerful testimony linking a generational crisis to Islam’s origin story. She is also passionate about child advocacy, refugees, deradicalization, and the transformational power of storytelling. In 2011, Shireen was named one of the top ten North American Muslim Reformers by journalist Christine Williams.

Asra Nomani

Asra is an author and professor who taught journalism at Georgetown University. She is co-director of the Pearl Project, a faculty-student, investigative-reporting project into the kidnapping and murder of her former colleague, The Wall Street Journal reporter Daniel Pearl. Just last week, Asra made headlines by challenging CAIR and Linda Sarsour right outside of Rashida Tlaib’s office. You can watch the video below or read Shireen Qudosi’s coverage of the events.

Soraya Deen

Soraya is an international activist, lawyer, and lead organizer for Women’s Initiatives at the OMNIA Institute for Contextual Leadership. She is the founder of the Muslim Women’s Speaker’s Movement. Soraya is also the co-founder of Peacemoms, which promotes Christian and Muslim dialogue. She covers themes of women’s rights, public leadership, and nonviolence.

Anila Ali

Anila is an interfaith leader with a focus on community building. Anila believes the community is the first line of defense against radicalization. She founded the American Muslim Women’s Empowerment Council along with other organizations driving community participation geared toward local solutions. Anila is also passionate about educational initiatives that benefit minority communities.

Qanta Ahmed

Dr. Ahmed is a physician, non-fiction author and broadcast media commentator. Her first book, In the Land of Invisible Women (Sourcebooks 2008) details her experience of living and working in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Dr. Ahmed completed a treatise on the Psychological Manipulation of Islam in the Service of Terror, focusing on Islamist suicide bombing. As a result, she traveled to Pakistan’s Swat Valley to meet rehabilitated child jihadists, formerly operatives of the Pakistan Taliban. Along with Asra, Raheel and Shireen, she also offered testimony to U.S. Congress on the issue of radical Islam. She subsequently provided Congressional Briefings at the invitation of Congressional Staff on the issues of Palestinian child radicalization in the Disputed Territories in 2014. Watch Qanta take on Islamist Omar Baddar over the issue of problematic Muslim congresswomen.


Raheel Raza: Let’s Defeat the Ideology

Shireen Qudosi: Not All Ideas Are Equal

Muslims Against Islamists: Interview with Pakistani Activist Anila Ali

Soraya Deen: It’s Time for Muslim Women to Straighten Their Backs

Why Did the US Senate Ignore Ayaan Hirsi Ali and Asra Nomani

Dr. Qanta Ahmed: Debunking the Fallacy of Muslim Victimhood

EDITORS NOTE: This Clarion Project column with videos is republished with permission.

White Paper Makes Case to Designate Mexican Cartels as Foreign Terrorist Organizations

As the Trump administration considers designating Mexican drug cartels as Foreign Terrorist Organizations (FTO), Judicial Watch provides comprehensive documentation that the sophisticated criminal operations meet the U.S. government’s requirements to make the list. In a White Paper released this week Judicial Watch outlines the unique challenges and national security risks posed by Mexican Transitional Criminal Organizations (TCO) and human trafficking. The threats require policy changes that include classifying Mexican TCOs as FTOs and a reassessment of Mexico under the Trafficking Victims Protection Act (TVPA), which requires countries to implement measures that address human trafficking in order to receive American aid. Mexico does not meet the minimum standards in several key areas, according to State Department documents obtained by Judicial Watch for the White Paper.

Undoubtedly, Mexican drug cartels meet the U.S. government’s criteria for FTO designation, which requires organizations to be foreign, engage in terrorism or terrorist activity or possess the capability and intent to do so and pose a threat to U.S. nationals or U.S. national security. Mexican drug cartels are inherently foreign, routinely commit criminal acts within the statutory definition of terrorism and arguably represent a more immediate and ongoing threat to U.S. national security than any of the currently-designated FTOs on the State Department list. Properly designating the major Mexican TCOs—including Los Zetas, Juárez and Sinaloa cartels—as FTOs would enhance the federal government’s ability to combat that threat. An official FTO designation would enable the prosecution of those who provide material support to them, facilitate the denial of entry and deportation of TCO members and affiliates and eliminate the organizations’ access to the U.S. financial system. “FTO designations play a critical role in our fight against terrorism and are an effective means of curtailing support for terrorist activities and pressuring groups to get out of the terrorism business,” according to the State Department.

For years Mexican cartels have hijacked and sabotaged buses, commercial trucks and trains, activity constituting terrorist activity under U.S. law. The White Paper lists specific cases, including gasoline tankers and more than a dozen robberies daily of Ferromex trains, one of the three largest rail transport operators in the country. Mexican TCOs have also committed hundreds of political assassinations in recent years and members of Los Zetas launched a grenade and shot small arms fire at the U.S. Consulate in Monterrey. Los Zetas members also murdered Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) Special Agent Jaime Zapata a few years ago. Judicial Watch’s White Paper also documents Mexican cartels’ use of explosive devices and high-caliber firearms, including rocket-propelled grenades and other military weapons. In 2018 Mexican officials seized nearly 2,000 high-caliber weapons from suspected cartel associates in Mexico City and there have been approximately 150,000 organized-crime related murders in Mexico since 2006. Last year alone, there were nearly 1,200 kidnappings in Mexico, according to official figures provided in the White Paper.
Most of the crimes are financially motivated, but a significant number are executed to intimidate political, judicial, military and law enforcement officials from going after cartel members. Examples include two Mexican federal agents kidnapped and murdered by the Cartel de Jalisco Nueva Generación, the kidnapping of Veracruz congresswoman-elect Norma Rodriguez and the kidnapping of Hidalgo Mayor Genero Urbano. Under U.S. law the seizing or detaining and threatening to kill, injure, or continue to detain, another individual in order to compel a third person (including a governmental organization) to do or abstain from doing any act as an explicit or implicit condition for the release of the seized individual constitutes terrorist activity. The danger created by these criminal enterprises is nothing new. A few years ago, the Drug Enforcement Administration determined that Mexican TCOs are the greatest criminal threat to the United States.

Mexico also fails miserably to combat human trafficking, which is pervasive in the country despite generous U.S. assistance under the TVPA. The Mexican government has not met the minimum standards under the 2000 law, including enhanced criminal sanctions for human traffickers and protections for victims. Figures obtained by Judicial Watch show that Mexico obtained fewer convictions than in the previous year, identified fewer victims than in the previous year, provided limited specialized services for trafficking victims, which were unavailable in most parts of the country, and maintained an inadequate number of shelters compared to the scale of the problem. The government inspected and prosecuted few complaints of forced labor in agriculture and corruption and complicity remain significant concerns inhibiting law enforcement action. The U.S. government should downgrade Mexico because it is not making required efforts to meet the TVPA’s minimum standards. The reassessment would reduce American funding until improvements take place.


County Denied ICE Detainer Request Before Illegal Immigrant Allegedly Killed Woman

How Illegal Immigrant Activity Fuels America’s Opioid Crisis

Amid This Immigration Crisis, Border Patrol Deserves a Break

VIDEOS: On the U.S./Mexico Border – Border Walls are GREAT, till there is NO WALL!

Tom Trento talks with Border Patrol Special LE Unit around the AZ/Mexico border and shows you the significant problems! The current fence, where so much of it is wide open, no fence, or a fence that stops making it very difficult for Border Patrol to police and protect the U.S. border. Illegals, drug dealers, human traffickers, terrorists, and so many more just walk over the border without any restraints.

The United West Team Investigates the U.S. side of the U.S./Mexico WALL, near the town of Douglass, AZ.  SURPRISE! NO ONE IS CLIMBING THE WALL TO GET INTO MEXICO! So… #WallsWork

‘You Have to End Them’: El Salvador President-Elect Outlines His 3 Steps to Destroy MS-13, Other Gangs

Last month in El Salvador, a third-party outsider won in a landslide election, defeating his opponents, promising to crack down on corruption, to fight crime, and to improve the economy. President-elect Nayib Bukele shares with us his thoughts on immigration, gangs, and how the U.S. and El Salvador can work together. Read the transcript, pasted below, or listen to the podcast.

We also cover these stories:

  • After dozens of countries suspended use of the Boeing 737 MAX 8, President Trump is following suit.
  • Neomi Rao has been confirmed by the Senate, and will now take Brett Kavanaugh’s old seat on the D.C. Circuit Court.
  • Paul Manafort has now been sentenced to 7 years in prison.

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This transcript has been lightly edited.

Daniel Davis: Welcome to The Daily Signal. I’m Daniel Davis. And today, I have the pleasure of being joined by the president-elect of El Salvador, Nayib Bukele. Mr. President, I’d like to thank you for joining us.

Nayib Bukele: Thank you for having me. And thank you to The Heritage Foundation and the people that are watching us.

Davis: You were elected in February in an overwhelming vote. And it was the first time, I believe, in the last 20 or 30 years that a third party candidate had been elected president in El Salvador. You’re going to start your five-year term in June, and now you’re here in Washington. What are some ways that you hope to build the U.S.-El Salvador relationship?

Bukele: The U.S. and El Salvador have had a relationship where, for over 100 years, it has been a great relationship. And El Salvador has been an ally of the United States forever. A third of our population lives here. We use the U.S. dollar as our currency. Eighty percent of our exports come to the United States, 80 percent of our imports come from the United States.

But the fact is, the last 10 years, we had a government that has been eroding the relationship with the United States, siding with Venezuela, siding with Nicaragua, the international organizations. And what happened is that we have been eroding our relationship with our greatest ally, our greatest friend. And it just doesn’t make sense.

So the election gives us an opportunity to fix that relationship, basically. It’s a change of government that is not only a change of government, but also a change of era for El Salvador.

… We had a civil war in the ’80s that ended 1992. But after those peace accords were signed, the two sides of the war still continued to govern the country. ARENA did one side and the former guerrilla, the FMLN, on the other side. They go on and continue to rule the country for the next 27 years. They’re still in government, right now. They’re leaving May 31.

So on June 1, not only is a new government coming in, but also a new era for El Salvador is coming in, because we’re turning the page on the postwar era.

El Salvador decided overwhelmingly on February 3 that they want the postwar era to end. And now, we have a clean slate. We have a clean page to write on. And we’re not abided by the speeches of the ’80s. We’re not abided by the ideologies of the ’80s, by the fight of the ’80s. But a new generation that wants to build something. We don’t need to invent the recipes. The recipes are there. The United States is an example of that.

So we just want to build a country that works with commonsense solutions and doing the commonsense things like being in Washington and reaching out to our friends. And we just want to do the commonsense things. We know that as a result, we will have prosperity for our people. And our people are happy and they’re eager to do that and willing to work on that.

It’s obviously going to work because everybody is on board and we’re trying to send the right signals. And the right signals are being received by the right people and by the right countries. And I think that, at the end of the line, we’ll have prosperity in El Salvador.

That’s not only good for El Salvador, but it’s also good for the other countries that could see El Salvador as an example of how an underdeveloped country can have progress and can have economic growth and can solve its problems by doing the right things and the commonsense things.

Davis: You mentioned that a third of Salvadorans live right here in the United States?

Bukele: Yes.

Davis: And we also continue to have more migrants arriving at the U.S. border. But you mentioned in your speech at Heritage that you plan to end all, I think your words were, “forceful emigration … “

Bukele: Yes.

Davis: ” … to the United States in the next five years.” What key steps do you plan to take to achieve that?

Bukele: Forceful emigration, which is 95 percent of our emigration. You have other types of emigration, right? Like professional emigration … but you have forceful migration. It means when you have emigration caused by other factors, like, for example, lack of opportunities or violence or both of them, both of those factors.

This is really shameful for our country. It should be really shameful. In the immigration debate, we always talk about the borders. We always talk about the countries that get the influx of immigrants. But we seldomly speak about what are we doing in our country for the people not fleeing?

People are not fleeing the states, right? Why people are fleeing our country? We should be doing things really badly for our own people to want to flee our country. So we want to end that.

It’s not a favor to the United States. It’s just a matter of common sense that our country has to provide the opportunities and the security for people to want to stay in their country. For us, it’s not cheap, either, to be exporting our young population, our population that is willing to work, that is willing to work really hard for their families.

We have a demographic bonus. We have a huge demographic bonus because we have a huge, young population. And by any observation, that should be the best thing a country can have. And we’re expelling them, like we want to export people. And that shouldn’t be an industry. Exporting people to get remittances, that’s the worst thing a country can do, exporting its own population. So we want to change that.

And the way to change that is … a gigantic job. But it’s actually really simple in the way that it’s a commonsense thing that you have to provide opportunities, you have to provide jobs, and you have to provide security.

Now, someone might say, “Hey, really, that sounds good. But how do you provide security?” Right? Well, you have to fight the gangs. In El Salvador, a gang member makes, on average, $300 a month. So they’re not making a huge income.

Of course the state may come and provide better opportunities for them. Education, scholarship, sports, culture, art. And we can allure the young people to go into the right path and not into the wrong path. And we can fight. The gangs are not sophisticated. They’re not the big drug cartels. They’re not sophisticated. So we can fight them.

It’s straightforward with technology, with things that we don’t have, because crooks have been stealing the money for the last 40 years. So let’s invest the money that the people are paying in taxes in services to the people.

One of the best services we can provide to the people, to companies, to international investors, to tourists, for tourism to grow, is investing in making our country safe. And then, when you Google El Salvador, you will not find gangs, corruption, emigration, caravans. But you will find economic growth, tourism, surfing beaches–they are battling corruption. So you will find the right ways.

That will allure people to come in to invest, to Salvadorans to go back to their country, retirees to want to retire in El Salvador because we have nice weather, because we have beautiful beaches, because we have beautiful places to go, because we have summer all year long.

But we have to do the right things to change the culture. They seem gigantic. But at the same time, it’s really simple. If you could define it in a minute, it should be simple to do it. And we haven’t done it because the previous administration and the current administration have been focusing on stealing money and haven’t been focusing on giving ambition to our country and putting the money where it should be and putting the country on the right path.

Davis: Yeah. I want to ask you about that. One of the major issues in your election was corruption.

Bukele: Yeah.

Davis: What are some specific ways that’s been happening? And what are key steps you plan to bring reform and accountability to government?

Bukele: Yes, well, you said it. We have to bring reform and accountability. In the first part, we have to reform some laws and we have to set the example. Like the president of Mexico just said, “You cannot clean the stairs from the bottom-up. You have to clean the stairs from up-down.”

So we have to start leading with the example. If the president’s stealing money, all of his Cabinet will do the same. But if the president is not stealing money, and he tries to choose … and I say “try” because out of 3,000 people there might be a crook, right?

Davis: Right.

Bukele: But if you choose the right people, and then you put in place the checks and balances that will control when one of those 3,000 confident posts do you have, if they go, if they stray, somebody will catch them and somebody will turn to the justice system and to the authorities and be punished for his crimes. Corruption will stop.

And one of the things that will do it fast is we have called for an international commission led by the OAS or by the U.N., both organizations are interested in it.

Dr. Almagro, secretary-general of the OAS, just said, “We’re all in in that commission.” And an international commission has the benefit, I don’t want to sound redundant, but it has the benefit that it’s international. So they don’t have the influence of the internal powers or the internal mafias.

You will have an international commission that is totally independent, that is going after the crooks. Not only the ones in the past, but also the ones in the present and the ones in the future.

Somebody asked me in the audience, “What would I do with the crooks in the opposition?” And I said, “Not only the crooks in the opposition, in our own party, if there’s somebody stealing money, he will have to pay for what he has done.” And that will also dissuade some people of doing bad things, because they will fear the consequences.

Davis: Earlier you mentioned the problem of gangs. And it’s a problem we have here in the United States. MS-13 is a challenge. That gang has roots in El Salvador. But I want to ask you how that gang has affected the people in El Salvador? And what are some of the key steps that you plan to take to really push back on the gangs?

Bukele: Gangs are really bad. They are responsible of 80 percent of our homicides. They extort money out of poor people. They have control of whole communities controlled by gangs, where if you want to sell something, you have to pay the gang. They are a quasi-state because they function like a … they collect taxes. They provide security, which means, “I’m not going to kill you.” Right?

Davis: Right, right.

Bukele: But the fact is that these organizations, they have to end. We have to end these organizations. And the right way to do it is with three steps.

First, we have to compete to get the young people. They are recruiting 12-year-olds, 13-year-olds. Those kids, you can compete them. If you get them, those kids will go in the right way, with scholarship, with education, with the sports, with programs. You can get those kids.

You have the other, which are graduated criminals. You cannot fix them. You have to combat them. But you can do it with technology. You can do it by putting the money to people and combating them.

In El Salvador, we don’t even have a forensic lab. We’re just going to build the first one. But if you go to a crime scene, you can have their fingerprints, you can have DNA, you can have the bullet, the gun, and the letter from the killer saying, “I killed this guy,” and they wouldn’t even know who wrote the letter because they don’t have calligraphers to match the letters.

The fact is that we don’t even have the common things police departments in the United States have. So how can we fight the gangs if you’re not acquiring the technology and equipment and the tools that our men and women in the police need to fight the gangs?

The opportunity is that the gangs are not sophisticated. They’re really low sophistication. They’re not like the drug cartels that they have the submarines. We’re low sophisticated. And they are very low in income. So if we cut their income, it’s very easy.

When I was mayor of San Salvador, we just did a plan in the historic downtown district. And we turned the most dangerous area in the country into the most touristic area in the country. So you can do it in small. You can scale it in big. That’s the second one, combat them.

And the third one is reinsertion in the jail system. Right now, in our jail system, they are practically universities of crime. They go inside because they have stolen the chicken, and then … they order homicides and extort people from the jails because the whole ambit of the jail does that.

But if you turn jails into correctional facilities, that actually you are trying to correct people, then a big chunk of those criminals that are getting out, because their sentences are ending, you will get a huge chunk of them in the right path. And if they go astray, well, you get them back. And you send them back to jail. But you need the system to work.

I mean, we’re not inventing hot water. It’s just doing the right things that commonsense law enforcement has to do. We have to fix our social fabric so kids don’t feel the necessity to go into the gang. And we have to fix our jail system.

Davis: Lastly, I want to ask you about your election. Last month, as we mentioned, you were elected by wide margins. A third-party candidate. And you’ve got a huge social media, as well. I understand you’re 37 years old. Is that correct?

Bukele: Yes.

Davis: So what do you think most resonated with your campaign? With the people?

Bukele: I think it was a couple of different factors. One of them, I was mayor of the capital, San Salvador. And when we ended our term, we ended with an 84 percent approval rating. So people like our promises, but also people know that we will keep our words and our promises, because we have done that already. That’s for one.

The second is I think we connect better with most of people that are … most people are watching their phones more time than are watching their TVs. So, it’s good to have ads on TV, but it’s better to connect people via social network in our times.

And the other thing is that I think people were also fed up of the status quo, of the two-party system that has been the crooks on one side and the crooks in the other side that has been ripping off and stealing the people’s money.

You will see former presidents with $300 million, $400 million from the public money. And the country with no medicine, with schools with no roofs. We have 80 percent of our schools that don’t have internet access. People were fed up of that, so people wanted a change.

And right now, we had a huge electorate. We won in the 14 departments. We won in 59 of the 60 most important cities. We won in 262 cities in the country. We won in every sector and every niche. But right now, that transforms into a responsibility, because the expectations are so high that if we don’t fulfill those expectations, it could be really bad. So we have to fulfill or exceed the expectations that people have in us.

Davis: President-elect Nayib Bukele, we really appreciate you taking the time to join us.

Bukele: Thank you.


Portrait of Daniel Davis

Daniel Davis

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EDITORS NOTE: This Daily Signal column is republished with permission.

Lawsuit Filed Challenging the Constitutionality of the Federal Refugee Resettlement Program

ANN ARBOR, MI – The Thomas More Law Center (“TMLC”), a national nonprofit public interest law firm based in Ann Arbor, Michigan, announced today that nationally prominent appellate lawyer John Bursch will represent the state of Tennessee and its General Assembly on March 19 before a 3-judge panel of the U.S. Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals.  ​

The Thomas More Law Center was retained by the Tennessee General Assembly in March 2017 to file a first-of-its-kind Tenth Amendment lawsuit challenging the constitutionality of the federal refugee resettlement program. The federal government has violated state sovereignty by forcing Tennessee to continue paying for the program after Tennessee opted out and exercised its right not to participate.  TMLC is appealing after a federal district court judge dismissed the case. The Law Center is representing Tennessee without charge.

Mr. Bursch, a former Michigan state solicitor general and past chair of the American Bar Association’s Council of Appellate Lawyers, has an impressive client list ranging from Fortune 500 companies and foreign and domestic governments, to top public officials and industry associations in high-profile cases. His cases frequently involve pressing political and social issues, and five had at least $1 billion at stake.

He has argued 11 U.S. Supreme Court cases and obtained summary reversal on three more, compiling a Supreme Court merits record of 10-2-2. He has also argued 30 cases in state supreme courts, and dozens more in federal and state appellate courts across the country. A recent study included John on its “veritable who’s who of Supreme Court litigators” list.

Although Tennessee officially withdrew from participation in the federal refugee resettlement program in 2007, the federal government continues to commandeer state tax dollars to fund the federal program.

Tennessee has a history of supporting the Tenth Amendment and state sovereignty.  In 2009, House Joint Resolution 108, which passed in the Senate 31-0 and in the House by 85-2, demanded that the federal government halt its practice of imposing mandates on the states for purposes not enumerated by the U.S. Constitution.

Richard Thompson, TMLC President and Chief Counsel, commented: “John’s integrity, outstanding litigation skills, and impressive record on appeals prompted me to ask him to join our fight.  I can’t think of anyone more qualified to represent Tennessee and the constitutional principles involved in this case.”

Updated List of Military Units Deployed on America’s Southern Border — Are We At War?

TownHall.com has published a column by Julio Rosas titled “An Updated List of Military Units Deployed to the Southern Border.”

Rosas reported:

“To clarify, the composition of the more than 5,000 personnel currently on the Southwest Border (and growing to approximately 6,000 by March 1) is comprised of both Active Duty and National Guard personnel,” the Pentagon said in a statement. “Specifically, approximately 2,100 personnel are National Guard and the rest are Active Duty.”

  • 36th Engineer Brigade
  • 5th Engineer Battalion
  • 563rd Military Police Company
  • 595th Engineer Company
  • 161st Engineer Support Company
  • Alpha Company, 52nd Engineer Battalion
  • Alpha Company, 16th Engineer Battalion
  • Forward Support Company, 5th Engineer Battalion
  • 1st Support Maintenance Company
  • 542nd Support Maintenance Company
  • 584th Support Maintenance Company
  • 46th Engineer Battalion
  • Forward Support Company, 46th Engineer Battalion
  • 108th Military Police Company
  • 515th Engineer Company
  • 610th Engineer Support Company
  • 147th Support Maintenance Company
  • 602nd Support Maintenance Company
  • 7th Engineer Support Battalion (USMC)
  • Alpha Company, 7th Engineer Support Battalion (USMC)
  • CE Company, 7th Engineer Support Battalion (USMC)
  • Alpha Company, 1st Law Enforcement Battalion (USMC)
  • Echo Company, 2nd Battalion, 5th Marine Regiment (USMC)
  • Fox Company, 2nd Battalion, 5th Marine Regiment (USMC)
  • Golf Company, 2nd Battalion, 5th Marine Regiment (USMC)
  • Weapons Company, 2nd Battalion, 5th Marine Regiment (USMC)
  • Combat Logistics Battalion 5 (-) (USMC)
  • 819th Red Horse Squadron (USAF)
  • 503rd Military Police Battalion
  • 66th Military Police Company
  • 41st Engineer Company
  • 4th Sustainment Brigade
  • 264th Combat Sustainment Support Battalion
  • 227th Quartermaster Company
  • 178th Adjutant General Company
  • 126th Transportation Company
  • 155th Transportation Company
  • 377th Transportation Company
  • 259th Movement Control Team
  • 153rd Quartermaster Company
  • 1st Squadron, 14th Cavalry Regiment
  • Alpha Company, 1st Squadron, 14th Cavalry Regiment
  • Bravo Company, 1st Squadron, 14th Cavalry Regiment
  • Charlie Company, 1st Squadron, 14th Cavalry Regiment
  • 1st Battalion, 37th Field Artillery Regiment
  • Headquarters and Headquarters Battery, 1st Battalion, 37th Field Artillery Regiment
  • Charlie Company, 1st Battalion, 37th Field Artillery Regiment
  • Charlie Company, 1st Battalion, 23rd Infantry Battalion
  • 1st Light Armored Reconnaissance Battalion (USMC)
  • Echo Company, 2nd Battalion, 4th Marine Regiment (USMC)
  • Golf Company, 2nd Battalion, 4th Marine Regiment (USMC)
  • 3rd Combat Aviation Brigade
  • 4th Battalion, 3rd Combat Aviation Brigade
  • 24th Theater Public Affairs Support Element
  • 63rd Expeditionary Signal Battalion
  • 505th Military Intelligence Brigade

I’m not surprised at the Military Police units and U.S. Army Engineer battalions, but then there’s a Battalion of Infantry, a Calvary Battalion, a few companies of Marines and another Battalion of Field Artillery.

IT WAS JUST A MATTER OF TIME: Now Mexicans and Others are Coming in Across our Northern Border

I told you recently that it’s election year in Canada and if Trudeau is reelected it is only going to get worse for us as he has put out a Canadian welcome mat to the world.

Did you know that Mexicans and Romanians can go to Canada without even a visa! So guess where they are going once in Canada!

From NBC News,

Illegal border crossings from Canada quietly rising, data shows

DERBY LINE, Vermont — More than 960 people crossed into the U.S. illegally from the northern border with Canada last year, according to data released from Customs and Border Protection.

While that number is a tiny fraction compared to the migration across the border with Mexico, it represented a 91 percent increase from the prior fiscal year, the data showed.

The Trump administration’s rhetoric on border security has largely homed in on the southern border, which has seen an influx of thousands of families with children from Central America seeking asylum in the United States.

But officials have also seen an increase of illegal crossings on the northern border in the last fiscal year, according to the data. In fiscal year 2017, immigration agents apprehended 504 people crossing illegally from Canada, compared to 963 in fiscal year 2018, the border patrol data showed.

A large percentage of that spike came from the Swanton border patrol sector — along the border of New Hampshire, Vermont and New York — where agents apprehended 548 people in 2018, up from 165 in all of 2017.

Preliminary data from October to January shows 465 apprehensions from Canada, with 294 in the Swanton sector.

CLICK HERE: Map Dept. of Homeland Security

No visas for Mexicans or Romanians (who else?)

Ross [ Border Patrol Agent Richard Ross] said he believed there may be a perception that traveling from Canada was “safer” and the increase could be attributed to recent immigration changes in Canada that allow those from some countries, such as Mexico and Romania, to enter without a visa.

He said some immigrants looking to get into the U.S. illegally could pay a few hundred dollars for a flight to Canada, pay a small electronic travel authorization fee and make their way into the United States.

More here.  You will learn that smugglers have already figured this out!

EDITORS NOTE: Frauds, Crooks and CriminalsThis  column is republished with permission.

A Sober Take On The State Of The Union Through The Eyes Of CPAC

It was my first CPAC meeting, and it was awesome! But it was more than that. It was informative, encouraging, engaging and sobering.

So from a first-timer Here are some of the more prominent issues in the minds of conservatives this year.

The State Of The Union

Almost to a tee, conservatives were concerned about the state of the nation.  They recognized that for far too long America has been headed in the wrong direction, and they were painfully aware of the difficulty and the effort required to turn such a large and massive ship around.  Despite their optimism towards President Trump and the work he has been undertaking, very few seemed to believe America was headed in the right direction.

For most in attendance, the media have become an unapologetic instrument for left-wing propaganda.  The government footprint is way too large.  Our educational institutions have become liberal indoctrination camps, and the youth in our country is perilously close to accepting socialism as a valid socioeconomic alternative.

But despite these challenges, those in attendance knew they had a champion, a man who seemingly had come from nowhere and was now sitting in the White House calling the shots on the war against the Left.  And no moment solidified their faith in this President than when Donald J. Trump appeared at the CPAC stage, made his way to Old Glory, faced the audience, and gave the flag a protracted and joyous embrace.  It was a gesture that no one ever recalled any president ever doing, and it sealed their faith in the man that was both the spear for the conservative agenda and the target for the vitriol from the Left.

That image of President Trump hugging the American flag with a big, satisfied smile will likely become one of the great, indelible images in the minds of those present.

The State Of The Democratic Party

Conservatives’ view on the state of the Democrat Party was best articulated by Sen. Ted Cruz who, in his eloquence and sophistication, expertly and precisely described the Democrats in 2019.  To quote Senator Cruz, the Democrats have gone “bat-crap-crazy.”

From their position on border security to their Green New Deal, their open and unfettered embrace of socialism, their threats to disarm Americans, and their calls to execute American citizens without due process the Democrat mantra has devolved so precipitously that it defies belief.  The devolution of Democrat political policy is so extreme that, in a taste of so much more that is to come, it allowed President Trump to openly mock the Green New Deal and to encourage Democrats to continue to discuss it.

Objectively, it is difficult to see how a policy proposal that calls for the eradication of “farting cows,” the discontinuation of cars, and the termination of air travel can ever attract America’s swing voters.  And that’s without mentioning the Left’s renewed assault on the newborn.

The State of Right To Life

Amongst the issues where conservatives felt the most confident is the issue of the right to life.  Supporting their position is a recent Marist poll showing that 80% of Americans support limiting abortion to the first three months of pregnancy.  Additionally, those identifying themselves as pro-life rose nine percentage points to 47% and even with those who called themselves pro-choice.

The most likely explanation for this renewed confidence is the predictable tendency for the Left to overplay its hand.  Other than possessing an inherent disdain for life, it is difficult to explain how Democrats would undertake such an aggressively destructive stance on human life. Yet this is exactly what they have done.

The Democrats’ position on abortion can no longer be explained as a defense of women’s right to choose, nor can it be hailed as a women’s-health issue, as the babies they are arguing may be sentenced to death are the very ones that have either already achieved viability or are freely living.

Worse yet, the celebrations that took place in the New York legislature after the passage of a bill that would allow for the death of a baby as late as during partum plays out as a disgusting site when viewed under the lens of decency and respect for others.  And the audacity of lighting One World Trade Center pink in celebration for the passage of a death sentence for scores of thousands will definitely shine as a low point in American history.

The attendees at CPAC could sense this and were salivating at the chance of bringing the Left’s misconduct and insensitivities to the public fore — and get it past the blocking line of the media.

The State of Socialism And The GND

For the first time in history, the Democrats are openly and unabashedly embracing socialism as a viable policy answer for America.  It is a direction that goes against every principle upon which our nation was created and one that brings to mind images of the open assault on the liberties Americans cherish.  And of course, it is a system that has miserably failed in every country where it has been tried.

Bernie Sanders’ campaign for President and The Green New Deal have become the symbols for such policy changes and the overtly oppressive measures the Democrats are willing to promote.

One would think that socialism would represent an untenable position for anyone to seriously propose, yet the Democrats, espouse it and openly defend it.  Their disregard for the dangers of even flirting with a socialist governmental scheme will surely come back to haunt them in a general election.

The State of Gun Rights

With a powerful appearance by Wayne LaPierre, the Executive Vice President and CEO of the NRA, and Oliver North, its greatest advocate, the National Rifle Association has doubled down on its expanded role as the great defender of social liberties and individual freedom.  It is certainly the right approach because ultimately, although the Left may argue statistics and trends, or even make some up, it will never be able to propose a viable substitute for the ultimate defense of liberties and personal freedoms; a loaded weapon.

At the end of the day, this is shaping up to be a strong year for the conservative movement in America.  Between a President who is adamant about promoting a conservative vision for America, a House of Representatives in disarray, Democrat members of Congress defending absurd political philosophies, and an economy that continues to perform light-years above the rest, it is easy to see how conservatives at this year’s CPAC feel they have the wind at their backs.

Whether they do or not, remains to be seen.

EDITORS NOTE: This column originally appeared in The Revolutionary Act.

Trump Has Secured Funding For More Than Half Of Border Wall

One hundred eleven miles of new or replacement wall is either being built or is in progress on the southern border after Trump’s first two years in office, an administration official tells The Daily Caller.

All told, the administration has secured funding for approximately 445 miles of the total 722 miles desired by the Trump administration, a Caller analysis finds. The analysis holds only if all national emergency and executive action funding is upheld in court challenges.

The administration official stressed that this figure constitutes only 18-foot bollard wall fencing or 32-foot levee wall fencing, which is the barrier that Trump has emphasized as necessary.

The wall accounting begins in Fiscal Year 2017 in which $341 million was obligated for replacement wall in California, New Mexico, and Texas. This money funds construction for 40 miles of new or replacement wall of which 37 miles is completed or in progress.

$1.375 billion was then appropriated in 2018 to build upwards of 82 miles of new or replacement border wall. The administration official noted that approximately 74 miles of new or replacement wall has been completed or is in progress with these dollars. This particular wall was built or replaced in the Rio Grande Valley Sector on the border in South Texas and other locations.

Fiscal Year 2019 saw a major fight between Trump and Congress over border wall funding, with the administration demanding $5.7 billion and Democrats offering up no more than $1.375 billion, not to be used for a wall. Ultimately, after a nearly 35-day partial government shutdown and three weeks of negotiation, Trump accepted $1.375 billion in congressionally appropriated funding and declared a national emergency at the southern border.

Trump’s national emergency declaration and other executive action allowed him to tap $600 million from the Treasury asset forfeiture fund, $2.5 billion of drug enforcement money, and $3.6 billion under his authority as commander in chief.

The national emergency declaration was quickly challenged in court by 16 states, organized by the State of California and filed in the Federal District Court in San Francisco, which appeals to the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals.

Officials could not provide a complete estimate of the wall that will be built with the 2019 funds, though they noted that it costs approximately $25 million per mile, putting an estimate at 323 miles of additional border wall. The administration official cautioned that wall funding costs can vary because of terrain but noted that Trump’s actions lack the restrictions of previous appropriations to build wall in much needed areas, like the Rio Grande Valley Sector.


Saagar Enjeti

Saagar Enjeti

White House Correspondent. Amber Athey contributed to this report.

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