Leadership in a time of crisis: Israel and America

Israel is facing some potentially catastrophic challenges that require supporters of Israel to speak out as never before in support of the Jewish State. Its government is in crisis as well.

NOTE: This is part one of a two-part series, with the second one being entitled On Leaders and War: Ideological Transformation in the West After Ukraine.

Perhaps we have all been so focused on Covid 19 and then on the Russian war against Ukraine, that we have given insufficient attention to other important geopolitical events affecting America and Israel. Surely, the Western world is in a crisis and in times of crisis, good leadership is more important than ever.

One aspect of the crisis is inattention to critical matters. As Covid wanes, hopefully, there is the possibility that on an individual level we shall get preoccupied with all the activities we have missed during the lockdowns – attending movies and concerts, synagogue and public lectures, sporting events, and education. In the case of Israel, we see that Israel is facing some potentially catastrophic challenges that require supporters of Israel to speak out as never before in support of the Jewish State.

The seven most important problems facing Israel:

1. The Iran nuclear deal, otherwise known as the JCPOA-2, in which the major world powers believe it is appropriate that the world’s worst rogue state – that pledges destruction of Israel (and America) – should be awarded sanctions relief and enough money that it can finance more terrorism, even a war, against Israel. And how sad that the world powers think that it is not an issue of whether Iran gets nuclear weapons but when. It is sad that what appears to be delaying the deal is not the needed moral vision of America, but a Russian demand that its trade with Iran be exempted from sanctions.

2. The United Nations which seems to consider its main duty as criticizing every action by Israel to protect its rights under international law dating back to the San Remo declaration, has now gone even further than usual – its creation of an open-ended and permanent international investigation into Israel’s treatment of Palestinians, after Israel’s 11-day self-defense to Hamas firing missiles. The fraudulently named UN Human Rights Council voted to create the “Commission of Inquiry”investigation after the UN rights chief said Israeli forces may have committed war crimes. The resolution called for the creation of a permanent “Commission of Inquiry” to monitor and report on rights violations in Israel, the Gaza Strip and the ‘West Bank’. It would be the first such commission of inquiry with an “ongoing” mandate.

Israel’s representative at the meeting said the commission was “yet another example of a grossly discriminatory and fraudulent body that this distinguished forum should be working to abolish.”

I agree with calling the commission “fraudulent” but not with terming the Human Rights Council a “distinguished forum”. The Israeli representative said experts involved in the commission had made statements revealing a bias against Israel, and that the commission “pre-assumes Israeli violations of international law rather than presuming innocence as is required.” Israel’s UN envoy Gilad Erdan said in a statement: “The UN fell to a new low and approved a budget for a despicable and biased commission that has no right to exist.” He said the commission of inquiry ignores Hamas war crimes, including the 4,000 rockets fired at Israeli civilians.

Besides the Israel-Hamas conflict, the commission is also to investigate “all underlying root causes of recurrent tensions, instability, and protraction of conflict” including discrimination and repression.

The commission will no doubt ignore that the 11-day war last May, began with Hamas firing rockets at Jerusalem, followed by towns in south of Israel and the Tel Aviv area. Israeli airstrikes in response against targets in the Strip killed some 250 people, including minors, according to the Hamas-run Health Ministry, which does not differentiate between terror group members and civilians. Twelve people were killed in Israel, all but one of them civilians, including a 5-year-old boy and a 16-year-old girl. Israel has said the majority of those killed were terror operatives and insists it did everything to avoid civilian casualties while fighting armed groups deliberately embedded in populated areas.

3. The increasing anti-Israelism of the Biden administration, and its new ambassador to Israel, Thomas Nides. In fact, I believe that Nides’ opinions are so anti-Israel that his appointment should be viewed as a hostile act. Nides, a banker and former deputy Secretary of State under Obama, is Jewish but neither his wife nor children are. His wife will not join him in Israel as she is a Vice-President of CNN, hardly a pro-Israel media.

His anti-Israelism is most apparent when he is in the presence of others who he perceives correctly to be anti-Israel. Daniel Greenfield, writing in INN and also JNS, notes that Nides was featured in a webinar with the anti-Israel group, Americans for Peace Now, whose CEO has described Israel as an “oppressive regime”.

Greenfield asserts that Nides’s main qualification for the job had been yelling “You don’t want to f***ing defund UNESCO” at a former Israeli ambassador. He had also vocally opposed efforts to defund UNRWA and stop subsidizing the terror refugee industry. Early on, Nides announced that he wanted to open an occupation (!) consulate to the terrorists in Jerusalem, over the opposition of the Israeli government, and that he would not visit those parts of Israel wrongly described as “settlements” – because they’re claimed by Islamic terrorists. Many American Jews who made Aliyah live in Judea and Samari and you can imagine how they and their families who may still reside in America feel about the ambassador shunning them.

At the infamous APN webinar, Nides felt he was with the like-minded. APN opposes Jews living in Jerusalem, opposes anti-BDS legislation and opposes Jews defending themselves against Islamic terrorism. And so, Nides’ true feelings were expressed this way: “You have a clear agenda. I think your agenda is where my heart is,” Nides told APN.

Nides also told the webinar that he and Biden wanted to divide Jerusalem and that “my job is to knock down things that make that possibility impossible.” He also admitted that “the idea of settlement growth … infuriates me”. Nides wants to reverse Israel’s success in the 1967 war – he says that his priority is fighting to prevent Jews from living in those parts of Jerusalem that had been captured by invading Muslim armies in 1948 and liberated from their occupiers in 1967 during the Six-Day War.

“We can’t have the Israelis doing settlement growth, both in East Jerusalem or the West Bank.”

Finally, we note that rather than vocally condemning the PLO for subsidizing the murder of Americans and Jews, as they pay pensions to family members of dead terrorists, Nides only appears to be concerned that the terror payments were an “excuse” for Jewish “haters” to cut off funding to the terrorists.

Nides’ positions encourage more Israel hatred among American Jews and non-Jews.

4. The virtue signaling of admitting immigrants to Israel, who are Ukrainian non-Jews who practice Christianity (to a greater extent than most Christian countries) thus jeopardizing the role of Israel as a Jewish state.

5. The continuation in the world’s universities of hate speech and fraudulent antisemitic nonsense such as the so-called Israel Apartheid Week.

6.The practice by Biden of overturning almost everything good, domestically or in foreign policy, done by President Trump. If that practice extends to Trump’s Abraham Accords, this might destroy the best plan for Middle East peace in history. The adoption of the Oslo Accord, after the Six Day War, set Israel on a path that resulted in terrorism and naivete that a terrorist organization seeking ejection of Jews from all of our historic homeland could be a partner in a so-called “two-state” solution.

7. Perhaps most serious of all the problems facing Israel is the fading loyalty of its Arab Muslim citizens to the sovereignty and peacefulness of the nation of Israel. Israel is now facing a growing sector of people who not only do not contribute to the defense of Israel but are involved in terrorism and other violence in the “mixed” cities like Lod, Ramle, Jaffa, and Nazareth.

In recent days, at the end of March and the beginning of April, terrorist murders of Jewish Israelis occured in Hadera, Gush Etzion, and Bnai Brak. But the turning point happened some ten months’ earlier, during Operation Guardian of the Walls.:

On May 10, 2021, Hamas and Palestinian Islamic Jihad (PIJ), two Gaza-based Palestinian U.S.-designated terrorist organizations, with the excuse that they were “defending Al-Aqsa,” and citing a dispute over some disputed ownership of homes in East Jerusalem (where the courts ruled in favor of Jewish ownership, began launching rockets and missiles into Israel. For eleven days, over 4,300 rockets and missiles were fired from Gaza towards Israeli civilian centers, throughout the south and central parts of the country, including Jerusalem and Tel Aviv. Millions of Israelis were forced to take cover in bomb shelters. This was especially true in the south, including in cities such as Ashkelon, Ashdod and Beer Sheva, which were severely impacted by the rocket attacks.

In response, the Israeli military launched what it called “Operation Guardian of the Walls” targeting Hamas and PIJ sites and operatives throughout Gaza via airstrikes and artillery fire.

The shocking development was that during this war against Israel by Hamas, there was an alarming outbreak of Arab violence in a number of Israeli cities which have significant populations of both Jewish and Arab citizens. Arabs engaged in arson, looting and rioting. Jewish and Arab-owned businesses and vehicles were targeted and damaged. Synagogues came under attack and were burned and vandalized as well. There were also a number of incidents in which individuals were targeted.

These seven most important problems require great leadership and great policies to meet and overcome them. How are both America and Israel and their leaders poised to meet them?

The one overriding concern that I have in the face of such issues is that Israel and America are currently led by individuals who have so little support, in recent polls, that they may now realize that they have little chance of maintaining their governance in future elections. Thus, they may not govern with the usual moderation that is shown by leaders trying to maintain popular support from a large moderate majority; in fact, if such leaders face almost certain defeat in the next election, they may embrace policies espoused by the most radical of their electoral base.

Some six months since the formation of an eight-party ruling coalition led by Prime Minister Naftali Bennett, and containing everything from Leftists to an Arab party, a poll published by Channel 12 news in December showed that the current government is largely unpopular.

But the survey also showed that new elections would do little except continue the parliamentary deadlock that plagued Israel for some two years and four elections.

The poll showed that nearly twice as many Israelis prefer opposition leader Benjamin Netanyahu as prime minister to Bennett or Alternate Prime Minister Yair Lapid.

When asked what government they preferred, 43% said they preferred the previous government led by Netanyahu, while 36% preferred the current government led by Bennett and Lapid. Others had no clear answer.

But Netanyahu still lacked a viable path to forming a government if elections were held today, with only 57 seats to his bloc of right-wing and religious parties. Meanwhile the current coalition would lose four seats, sitting at 57 as well.

The Joint List, a smaller coalition of four predominantly Arab parties, would hold the other six.

A poll in February by Direct Polls showed that if elections were held then, Prime Minister Naftali Bennett’s Yamina party would barely be able to cross the electoral threshold.

The 2021 Israeli legislative election saw Bennett’s Yamina party secure six seats. He partnered with Yesh Atid leader Yair Lapid, who won 17 seats, to oust them-PM Benjamin Netanyahu. While Likud had won 30 mandates in the election – and was the winning party in the three election campaigns that preceded it – Netanyahu was unable to form a government.

Bennett then managed to forge a power-sharing deal with Lapid that granted him the premiership. As part of the deal, Lapid is slated to become prime minister in August 2023.

The move sparked outrage among right-wing voters, pundits, and politicians, who continuously accuse Bennett of defrauding the public. It is indeed outrageous that Bennett’s government relies for power on the support of Arab Islamists.

Were elections held at this time, the poll found that the Likud would win 36 seats, followed by Yesh Atid (17), Blue and White (9), Sephardi ultra-Orthodox party Shas (9), the Religious Zionist Party (8), Ashkenazi ultra-Orthodox party United Torah Judaism (7), Labor (7), Joint Arab List (7), Yisrael Beytenu (6), Meretz (5), the Islamist Ra’am party (5), and Yamina (4).

But with this week’s resignation by coalition whip and Yamina MK Idit Silman, all may change. Without brilliant leadership by Bennett, the coalition that many feared would not last and would lead to yet further elections, looks indeed to be falling apart.

The coalition, based as it is, and led by a party that actually received so few votes, is now facing a crisis. On Monday, Yamina MK and coalition whip Idit Silman decried Health Minister Nitzan Horowitz from Meretz for sending a letter to the heads of hospitals instructing them to abide by a 2020 High Court of Justice decision and let guests bring bread and other leavened products (chametz) into the hospitals during the upcoming Passover holiday.

Silman stated that this was a cardinal issue for her and threatened that it was something she could not tolerate. Accordingly she has quite the coalition and rejoined Lihud.

But the chametz issue may only be the proximate cause of a split that may always have been inevitable for a politician with a religious base, but trying to govern with radical leftists, secularists and Arabs. Bennett has been turning his attention to the possibility of mediating between Russia and Ukraine; meanwhile, he neglected the concerns of his own party, and these concerns may eventually cause an end to his government, if more members follow Silman’s lead.

Thus, one can say that Bennett’s leadership is perhaps too weak to hold together the disparate forces in his coalition.

Turning to the United States, we see a dangerous failure of leadership by President Biden and Vice-President Kamala Harris. A sampling of recent polls show Biden with an approval rating between 39% and 45% and a disapproval rate of between 50% and 55%.

Biden has been seen to fumble policies on the economy, inflation, the southern border, crime and drugs, energy independence, China, Ukraine, and corrupt practices with his son Hunter. He often misspeaks and appears to be suffering from age-related mental confusion. His hurried pull out from Afghanistan, abandoning to the Taliban the Bagram Airfields, numerous Afghan interpreters and other American allies and billions of dollars of the most modern military equipment and vehicles, has done incalculable damage to America’s leadership position in the world. What leadership can he offer?

©Howard Rotberg. All rights reserved.

New Documents: Democrats Sicced the CIA on their Domestic Enemy, President Donald J. Trump

The Democrats have weaponized and destroyed every U.S. government agency. Irretrievably broken.

New Documents Suggest Democrats Sicced The CIA On Their Domestic Enemy, The President

By: Margot Cleveland, The Federalist, April 20, 2022

Newly released CIA memoranda suggest the tech gurus behind the Alfa Bank hoax also tracked Donald Trump’s movements to devise another collusion conspiracy theory.

While smaller in scale than other aspects of Spygate, the Yotaphone hoax represents an equally serious scandal because it involved both the mining of proprietary information and sensitive data from the Executive Office of the President (EOP) and the apparent surveillance of Trump’s physical movements.

When Special Counsel John Durham charged former Hillary Clinton campaign attorney Michael Sussmann in September 2021, the indictment focused on the Alfa Bank hoax that Sussmann, tech executive Rodney Joffe, and other cybersecurity experts had crafted. The indictment detailed how Joffe and other tech experts had allegedly mined data and developed “white papers” that deceptively created the impression that Trump had maintained a secret communication network with the Russia-based Alfa Bank.

Then, allegedly on behalf of the Clinton campaign and Joffe, Sussmann provided the Alfa Bank material to the media and to the FBI’s general counsel at the time, James Baker, with Sussmann falsely telling Baker he was sharing the “intel” on his own and not on behalf of any client. That alleged lie formed the basis for the one count, Section 1001 false statement charge against Sussmann.

There’s Another Alleged Lie

The 27-page indictment, however, also spoke of Sussmann sharing “updated allegations” on February 9, 2017, to another U.S. government agency, namely the CIA, while allegedly repeating the same false claim that he was not sharing the “intel” on behalf of any client. From the framing of the indictment, it appeared that what Sussmann had shared with the CIA concerned the same Alfa-Bank data provided to the FBI several months earlier, albeit updated.

But then two months ago, as part of the government’s “Motion to Inquire Into Potential Conflicts of Interest,” Durham’s team revealed for the first time that when Sussmann met with the CIA in early 2017, he provided agents with internet data beyond the Alfa Bank conspiracy theory. This data, Sussmann claimed, “demonstrated that Trump and/or his associates were using supposedly rare, Russian-made wireless phones in the vicinity of the White House and other locations.”

The “supposedly rare, Russian-made wireless phones” were “Yotaphones.” Following Durham’s filing of the conflicts of interest motion, it appeared Sussmann bore responsibility for peddling a second conspiracy theory to the CIA. But the details contained in the government’s motion proved insufficient to understand the Yotaphone angle to Spygate. That all changed on Friday, when the special counsel filed two CIA memoranda memorializing what Sussmann said about the Yotaphones and the data Joffe and his tech experts had compiled.

What Sussmann Told the CIA

The first memorandum, dated January 31, 2017, summarized what Sussmann told a former CIA employee in hopes of scoring a meeting with the CIA. Sussmann said his client “had some interesting information about the presence and activity of a unique Russian made phone around President Trump.” Sussmann claimed the activity started in April 2016 when Trump was working out of the Trump Tower on its Wi-Fi network. That phone was also used on the “Wi-Fi at Trump’s apartment at Grand Central Park West,” according to Sussmann.

The memorandum then noted that “when Trump traveled to Michigan to interview a cabinet secretary, the phone appeared with Trump in Michigan.” The unnamed cabinet secretary apparently refers to Trump’s education secretary Betsy DeVos, whose husband Richard DeVos was chairman of the Michigan-based Spectrum Health in 2016.

According to the notes, Sussmann also told his contact that “the phone was never noticed in two places at once” and was seen “only around the President’s movement.” The memo noted that once, when Trump was not in Trump Tower, the phone was active on the Trump Tower WiFi network. Then, “in December 2016, the phone disappeared from Trump Tower Wi Fi network and surfaced on [the Executive Office Building] network,” the memorandum said, with Sussmann claiming it was the same Yotaphone and that it “surfaced” at the Executive Office Building after Trump moved to the White House.

The Yotaphone is rare, Sussmann told his contact, with only about a dozen or so present in the United States, and Russian government officials often receive a high-end version of the phone as a gift. According to Sussmann, the Yotaphone connected to Trump made a number of WIFI calls to Moscow and St. Petersburg from April 2016 until February 2017.

Keep reading…..

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U.S. Army Doctor Reveals Medics Were Told Not to Report Adverse COVID Jab Reactions

Todays blog comes from an article in LifeSiteNews.com. It seemed pretty important that you all realize the total disregard this administration has for our military. It disgusts me and I honor this U.S. Army lieutenant colonel who is an Oathkeeper. God bless him.

Here’s the Truth for Health Foundation video, about 1.5 hours long, with U.S. Army LTC/Dr. Peter Chambers’ story.

U.S. Army Doctor Reveals Medics Were Told Not to Report Adverse COVID Jab Reactions

A U.S. Army lieutenant colonel and combat physician has described how fellow medics in the Army were told not to enter records of COVID jab adverse reactions into official databases.

“They either look the other way or they just say, ‘Well, I can’t do that. It doesn’t exist’,” said Dr. Peter Chambers, a lieutenant colonel in the U.S. Army, Special Forces Green Beret, and combat physician.

Chambers made the comments as part of the Truth For Health Foundation’s ninth online conference, which saw the announcement of the Foundation’s new global reporting system for COVID jab injuries.

Dr. Chambers’ jab reactions

Discussing the armed forces COVID jab rollout along with Dr. Elizabeth Lee Vliet, the Foundation’s president and CEO, Chambers shed light on his recent experience as a taskforce surgeon for Operation Lone Star, a border security mission of the Texas military at the U.S.-Mexico border.

Chambers, a veteran of 39 years and a Purple Heart recipient, received Moderna’s COVID jab in January 2021, unaware of the potential side effects. He now counts himself as an advocate for the “vaccine wounded” due to the adverse reactions he experienced afterwards.

He swiftly developed “brain fog” of a kind which he had not experienced even while suffering aftershock from rockets while on active duty, and experienced loss of eyesight.

Following an eventual MRI scan, after bouts of vertigo, dizziness, and nausea which caused him to crash a truck while returning from night patrol, Chambers was diagnosed with demyelination, a disease which affects the nerve tissue.

Army medics ‘told not to enter’ adverse events into database 

He recounted how he had seen “multiple soldiers” also suffering similar side effects from the injections, along with “six soldiers that have been in the ICU,” and one soldier who was forced to take a second jab despite having suffered micro-clotting after her first.

Dr. Chambers took down the details from these service personnel and entered them into the CDC’s Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System (VAERS). However, he revealed to Dr. Vliet that “surgeons at the military hospitals were not letting them in. They were told not to enter people into VAERS.”

“Doctors told me personally in the active duty system that worked at Fort Sam Houston, that they were not to enter people into the VAERS system,” he added.

Due to the COVID jabs’ collective nature of being experimental vaccines, Chambers noted how “we can’t even enter it [COVID jab injuries] into our own defense, medical, epidemiological database.”

“We can’t even interpret that as a true diagnosis,” he said. “So when you try to speak to other positions, they won’t. They either look the other way or they just say, ‘Well, I can’t do that. It doesn’t exist’.”

Told to ‘pack bags’ over attempt to give informed consent

As taskforce surgeon for Operation Lone Star, Chambers had to fill out informed consent forms, as per Army regulations, for soldiers taking the COVID shots. Chambers noted how he had to “reinforce or confirm” whether soldiers needed the shot, while at the same time, his knowledge of the dangers of the COVID jab was growing.

Of the 3,000 soldiers he briefed, only six took the injection.

Challenged by a senior medical officer over this, Chambers said he was “told that I was to pack my bags and leave the border.”

As LifeSite has reported, Dr. Chambers later testified at a March 10 federal court hearing in Tampa in the Navy SEAL 1 v. Austin case. Chambers said he had been pressured into getting soldiers vaccinated and presented as an exhibit an instruction on religious exemptions that read: “Soldiers will try. Soldiers will fail.”

Praise for new vaccine reporting system

Having faced stern resistance against entering COVID jab reports into VAERS, Dr. Chambers warmly welcomed Truth for Health Foundation’s new vaccine reporting system – the Citizens Vaccine Injury Reporting System (CVIRS)™. “If the system that we have now in the government that they provide for us doesn’t work, then we the people have to provide something, because we still have to treat people,” he said.

Doctors “can’t just quit,” he added. “Not everything is COVID related.”

Chambers was the first person to use and register his vaccine injury on the Foundation’s new system, which is designed to be user-friendly and able to be completed in under 20 minutes. “This system was perfectly created for that, and I am honored to be the first person,” he added.

Help support our brave doctors and medical experts who are putting their livelihoods at risk simply by speaking the truth about COVID-19 here.

©Fred Brownbill. All rights reserved.

Letter to the Editor of the WSJ RE: Military Preparedness

Below was reported as being part of a Letter to the Editor in a recent WSJ article in reference to their editorial on the consequences of the The Shrinking U. S. Navy. I think it applies to all our military services these days.

Here’s the attachment to the letter to the editor:

You can relax about our military preparedness. In terms of manpower, we have far more diversity coordinators and gender advisors than the Russians and Chinese. In materiel, our advantage in maternity flight suits is overwhelming. Faced with such potent weapons of war, who would dare engage us in armed conflict?

Harry O. McKinney
Southfield, Mich.

I feel much better about our military now – how ’bout you?

Thank you Fake POTUS Biden, SecDef Austin, Chair JCS Milley and all the other WOKE senior officers who have reduced the morale and fighting spirit of those soldiers in the trenches.

Yes and let’s not forget:

  • the female Navy Officers who graduated from Canoe U (USNA) with poor seamanship training and were in charge on the Bridges of 2 Navy Destroyers which collided with other ships at the cost of sailors lives;
  • the Navy Officer who surrendered two well armed gun boats to Iran without firing a shot;
  • the Army hierarchy which has reduced standards for PT tests;
  • Ranger School Graduations, installed field lactation stations for pregnant female soldiers;
  • the Air Force for installing a Lesbian Commandant of Cadets at the AFA and a black Commandant whose #1 priority was weeding out cadets he felt were racists or sexual harassers;
  • the Marines for reducing standards for their officer training program to commission more women;
  • SecDef Austin for ordering a 50 day stand-down to ferret out soldiers considered extremists (i.e. Trump supporters);
  • Chairman of JCS Milley for touting Critical Race Theory, etc. etc.

Our entire military is now WOKE and more concerned at the top with Climate Change, the environment and Diversity, Equality and Inclusion than combat readiness and warfighting.

©Royal A. Brown, III. All rights reserved.

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BLM’s Defund Police Movement Cause of Massive Increase in Black Americans Murdered

More of the horrible work of “Black Lives Matter.” And yes, their antipathy and terrible irony is lost on the savage left.

It was never about “black lives”, it was always about destroying America.

Massive increase in Black Americans murdered was result of defund police movement: experts

Black Americans were disproportionately affected by the skyrocketing murders of 2020

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Border Patrol Stopped 23 People on Terrorist List at Southern Border in 2021 — How Many Got Through?

Biden’s handlers are recklessly endangering the American people in pursuit of a reliable voting bloc.

Border Patrol stopped 23 people on terrorist database at southern border in 2021: CBP data

by Bill Melugin and Adam Shaw, Fox News, April 18, 2022 (thanks to the Geller Report):

EXCLUSIVE: Border Patrol apprehended at least 23 people coming across the southern border whose names are on the terror watchlist in 2021, according to Customs and Border Protection (CBP) data obtained by Fox News.

Between Jan. 20 and Dec. 27, 2021, there were 23 encounters with individuals whose names matched on the Terrorist Screening Database (TSDB)….

The Terrorist Screening Database (TSDB) contains information about the identities of those who are known or “reasonably suspected” of being involved in terrorist activities. Republicans lawmakers have repeatedly called for the number of those encountered at the border to be made public by the administration….

Former Border Patrol Chief Rodney Scott has repeatedly sounded the alarm over the number of TSDBs coming across the border, telling fellow agents last year that it was “at a level we have never seen before.”…

Fox News reported earlier this month that over 62,000 illegal immigrants evaded Border Patrol agents in March, averaging about 2,000 a day….

RELATED VIDEO: Melugin: ‘23 Known or Suspected Terrorists’ Were Encountered at the Southern Border


Illinois offers free taxpayer-funded health care to illegal migrants

UK: Woke Archbishop of Canterbury uses Easter message to attack border control

UK: Tran murderer nicknamed Hannibal Lecter Jr. now identifies as infant, demands diaper changed

Marine Le Pen Just Lost My Vote

EDITORS NOTE: This Jihad Watch column is republished with permission. ©All rights reserved.

PODCAST: Biden Bans Nuclear Weapons Critical To U.S. National Security!



Tristan Justice is the western correspondent for The Federalist. He has also written for The Washington Examiner and The Daily Signal. Tristan graduated from George Washington University where he majored in political science and minored in journalism.

TOPIC: Biden Raises Cost Of Domestic Oil Production With New Order On Federal Leases!


Dr. Peter Vincent Pry is Executive Director of the Task Force on National and Homeland Security, served as Chief of Staff of the Congressional EMP Commission, Director of the U.S. Nuclear Strategy Forum, and on the staffs of the Congressional Strategic Posture Commission, the House Armed Services Committee, and the CIA. He is author of the books Will America Be Protected? (2022), Blackout Warfare (2021), and The Power And The Light (2020).

TOPIC: Biden Bans Nuclear Weapons Critical To U.S. National Security!

©Conservative Commandoes Radio. All rights reserved.

Book by citizen of the former Soviet Union reveals the truth about what’s happening to America

This new book by lawyer and citizen of the former Soviet Union, Simona Pipko titled “What Is Happening To America?: The Hidden Truth of Global Destruction” offers a first-hand analysis of the Russian KGB government that brought the world and America to its current crisis.

Though China’s military is a great danger to the United States, yet, Russia presents an existential threat covertly destroying our republic from within.

Do you know Putin’s policy toward America and the world?

Have you heard about the ideology of Soviet Fascism?

If not, this book is a rich arsenal of information based on both first-hand personal experiences as a Soviet defense attorney and factual data.

It exposes the core of modern terrorism, its ideology and its operations.

By reading this seminal book written by a citizen of the former Soviet Union, you will learn about America’s problems in 2022 derived from decades of collusion between Russia and the Democratic Party.


What Is Happening To America?: The Hidden Truth of Global Destruction

©Dr. Rich Swier. All rights reserved.

EDITORS NOTE: To read many insightful columns by Simona Pipko please click here.

Americans overwhelmingly support a congressional review of a new Iran deal

Editor’s note: The Center for Security Policy gratefully acknowledges its collaboration with tippinsights on the simultaneous and exclusive release of this important story.

As the final stages of the Vienna talks progress, the prospects for a revived joint U.S.-Iranian nuclear deal become more likely. Americans overwhelmingly agree that a new deal must be submitted for Congressional review.

Congressional Review And Vote

A new collaborative CSP/TIPP poll conducted in early April 2022 found that 83% of respondents, including 85% of “liberals” who are following the story, feel that it is essential that Congress votes on whether or not the U.S. rejoins the nuclear deal.

38% of respondents are “closely” following stories related to the Iran deal, while 53% are not. The number of Americans tuning in to the progress of the Vienna talks is likely to rise as the prospects for a revived deal become more imminent.

The Iran Nuclear Agreement Act (INARA), passed in 2015 with bipartisan support, prevents the president from suspending or waiving sanctions before Congress can vote on an agreement. Essentially, any new deal to prevent Iran from acquiring nuclear weapons must be submitted to Congress for review. Therefore, if Democratic Party leaders refuse to submit the current Iran deal on the table in Vienna for Congressional review, they would violate this treaty. Additionally, according to the poll results, a lack of Congressional review would not be supported by the American people. But, the administration is not likely to follow it. The argument is that the reentry to JCPOA is not a new deal and that Congress authorized it earlier in 2015.

President Biden promised to rejoin the Obama-era deal that remains constitutionally questionable at the onset of his term. In 2015, the Obama administration executed the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) as an executive agreement, not a treaty reviewed and voted on by Congress. While executive orders alone are not rare, the use of one to accomplish significant international arrangements is. Article II of the Constitution dictates the president must obtain consent from a two-thirds majority to pass international obligations.

The method the Obama administration used to push through the original 2015 JCPOA, combined with Iran’s growing capabilities, may be influencing the strong support Americans have for Congressional oversight this time around.

Joining The Deal

62% of those following the story support joining the deal, while 33% oppose it. Support by party and ideology varies widely. Most Democrats and liberals support while Republicans and conservatives oppose the agreement. Support by party and ideology:

  • 84% of Democrats,
  • 37% of Republicans,
  • 49% of Independents,
  • 43% of conservatives,
  • 69% of moderates, and
  • 84% of liberals.

Full Disclosure Of Terms

In the same CSP/TIPP poll, respondents were asked, “How confident are you that the Biden administration will fully disclose all of the terms of the new Iran deal to Congress?” 64% of those following the Iran story selected “confident,” while 34% selected “not confident.” Ideally, Americans would trust the sitting president to be transparent with Congress, especially when significant consequences are on the line.

President Biden’s credentials aren’t the best, despite his 40 years of foreign policy experience. We hope he will be transparent and negotiate a long-term agreement with bipartisan support.



Maya Carlin is an analyst at the Center for Security Policy. She is a former Anna Sobol Levy Fellow at Reichman University in Israel and has bylines in The National Interest and The Jerusalem Post.

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Wikileaks just dumped all of Hillary, CIA, FBI, PedoPodesta and more emails! Get them here!

Wikileaks just dumped all of their files online.

Everything from Hillary Clinton’s emails, McCain’s being guilty, Vegas shooting done by an FBI sniper, Steve Jobs HIV letter, PedoPodesta, Afghanistan, Syria, Iran, Bilderberg, CIA agents arrested for rape, WHO pandemic.

Happy Digging! Here you go, please read and pass it on. The info enclosed will take a lot of time to read and digest.

These are Clinton’s emails:

Send to everyone you can as fast as you can!

©Fred Brownbill. All rights reserved.

While Vets Die Waiting, VA Will Focus on LGBT Rights

Remember the VA waiting list scandals under Obama. They’re back under his veep. Or more accurately they never really left.

Biden decided to appoint Denis McDonough, an Obama aide, to head Veteran Affairs and things are going well.

Veterans Affairs Secretary Denis McDonough acknowledged that he is “frustrated” with inconsistency in how medical appointment wait time data is calculated and recorded within the department’s health care systems, and promised changes on the issue later this year.

During testimony before the House Appropriations Committee this week, McDonough said he is concerned about delivering accurate information on appointment timeliness to veterans as they seek to resume care that was deferred or canceled in recent years.

Yes, the waiting list scandal was never actually fixed. Or much of anything else.

Mike Tonkyn had to go to Mann-Grandstaff VA Medical Center three times to get his blood drawn.

Charlie Bourg’s cancer diagnosis was delayed several months, and now he needs surgery.

Heather Hill saw several of her patients suffer withdrawals after going weeks without medications to treat post-traumatic stress disorder.

Others went months without insulin, accidentally got a double-dose of remdesivir to treat COVID-19 or went through withdrawals after going without anti-seizure medication.

More than a year after the Department of Veterans Affairs began testing a new electronic health record system at Mann-Grandstaff VA Medical Center, veterans who rely on the Spokane hospital and the health care workers who count on the software to do their jobs say flaws in the system continue to threaten patients’ safety, even as VA last week announced plans to roll it out in Walla Walla and other cities early next year.

But don’t worry, the VA is laser-focused on its mission… of identity politics.

The Justice Department wants to help non-English speakers report crimes, and Defense Department is reviewing algorithmic bias in its Artificial Intelligence technology as part of the Biden administration’s broad effort to tackle inequality. Driving the news: More than 90 federal agencies released their Equity Action Plans on Thursday that were ordered by President Biden during his first days in office.

We could have affordable gas or 90 equity plans.

The Department of Veterans Affairs said it will work to improve the social and economic determinants of health for LGBTQI+ veterans.

It’s like Obama never left.



Military Vets Injured in Terror Attacks Say Biden Ignoring Their Sacrifices and Those of Thousands of Other Terrorism Victims

Biden’s Drilling ‘Poison Pill’ Sabotages Domestic Energy Production

Convicted Islamic State terrorist got security job at Austria Center Vienna, is on trial for raping coworker

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American Southwest border sees 6000-8000 illegals a day, expected to ‘quickly double’

Not only is the Biden administration a global embarrassment, but it is also destroying America from within. The American Southwest border has seen a whopping 6000-8000 illegals a day enter, and it is now projected that the number will “quickly double” since the announcement of the end of the CDC Emergency Title 42 expulsion authority.

Since anyone is free to slip through America’s borders — including criminals, dealers and jihadists — it is no surprise that five sexual predators were arrested in the West Texas border sector in a week, or that U.S. Customs and Border Protection officers seized 123 pounds of drugs at El Paso area ports of entry over the past weekend.

While Biden builds a voter base comprising of illegals, America continues to crumble.

“EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: 250 Migrants Appear in One Hour in West Texas Town,” by Randy Clark, Breitbart, April 12, 2022:

EAGLE PASS, Texas — Border Patrol agents scrambled to respond to several large migrant groups early Tuesday. The migrants made landfall just south of the city in a steady flow to surrender. One subgroup of more than 100 were mostly Cubans.

Border Patrol agents took the group of mostly adult males into custody and began the task of gathering basic biographical information and inventories of personal property. Several Border Patrol trucks brought more migrants to a roadway from the riverbank. There were some female migrants carrying infants and young children.

According to a Customs and Border Protection source, the flow of migrants just south of the city has been steadily increasing since the announcement of the end of the CDC Emergency Title 42 expulsion authority. The CDC announced on April 1 that the emergency order will expire on May 23. As word of the program’s sunset spreads, the source says the increase in migrant crossings is likely to grow.

The source says daily apprehension totals are between 6,000 to 8,000 migrants per day across the entire southwest border – a figure which could quickly double. Even at the current pace, Border Patrol facilities are experiencing overcrowding….



Democratic Sen. Mark Kelly: Biden has ‘no plan’ for Title 42 migrant surge

WATCH: Democrat joins GOP on border crisis, says agents ‘feel demoralized’

WHO Boss Says Concern for Ukraine is Racist

The Wire Service Headlines That Mislead

UK: over 4,500 illegal Muslim migrants flow in via English Channel this year

Spain: Muslims block Easter procession, attack police who try to get them to allow the procession to pass

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Person of interest in NYC subway shooting expressed black identity extremism in online posts

UPDATE: Law enforcement arrested Frank James on April 13th in New York’s East Village neighborhood following an anonymous tip. He has been charged under federal terrorism statutes.

Law enforcement remains on the look out for Frank James, a 63-year-old man with ties to Pennsylvania and Wisconsin who is alleged to be responsible for a mass shooting that took place April 12th, at a New York City Subway Station, in which 10 people were shot and 13 others injured. James was reportedly identified as the renter of a U-Haul van believed to be linked to the attack. According to media reports, the FBI had previously investigated the suspectfor ties to terrorism in 2019 but had cleared him.

According to Law enforcement, James, wearing a green vest similar to that used by MTA subway workers and donned a gas mask prior to the attack inside the N-Line subway train at the 36th and 4th Avenue station. He then deployed a smoke grenade inside one of the subway cars before opening fire with a small caliber handgun equipped with an extended magazine, firing at least 33 rounds, before escaping in the confusion, possibly along the subway tracks.

According to social media posts and videos which this author has reviewed, James made repeated and routine references to violence and a willingness to conduct a shooting on social media. He also posted material linked to black identity extremist ideologies, including the Nation of Islam, Moorish Science, Black Panthers, Black Liberation Army, and Black Lives Matter. He notably posted a picture of Micah Johnson, the BLM supporter who killed 5 Dallas police officers in 2016. In online videos James can be seen urging racial separatism between whites and blacks.

There is some reason to believe that James may have suffered from a mental illness at some point, as he makes a reference in a video to having been previously detained for mental illness. However, his articulation of black identity extremism appears cogent and in line with common ideological expressions although without any immediate signs of adherence to one specific group.

If it is true that the FBI previously investigated James and cleared him, it once against highlights federal law enforcement’s “Known Wolf” problem where, despite having significant intelligence capabilities that bring potential threats to law enforcement attention, the FBI remains incapable of determining which individuals represent genuine threats and has repeatedly failed to successfully intervene.

In this case that may have something to do with the FBI’s politicized determination to eliminate “black identity extremism” as a potential terrorism motivation for analysis. The FBI had previously used the term to refer to a variety of black supremacist threats until it came under political pressure from the Congressional Black Caucus and left-wing media. As the Center previously noted following an April 2021 vehicular Ramming attackwhere Noah Green, a 25-year old adherent of the Nation of Islam killed a Capitol Police Officer:

Federal Law enforcement has abandoned categorizing or identifying attacks conducted by “black identity extremists” the previous FBI term for attacks conducted by black supremacist or black separatist organizations, following politicalized criticism. The FBI, DHS, and other elements of the intelligence community have routinely downplayed the potential risk of violence from black identity extremists.

The FBI instead classifies black identity extremism under the too-broad category of “Racial or Ethnically Motivated Violent Extremists (REMVE),” although in practice this term is being used exclusively to refer to white supremacist ideologies. This has led to some ridiculous results, such as congressional legislation which included an attack by Black Hebrew Israelites among a list of “white supremacist” attacks. As a result of this political pressure, there has been minimal study and training done to educate law enforcement on the intricacies of the black identity extremist thought, and its various strains and idiosyncrasies. Instead, the tendency is to deny that such attacks are politically motivated, and thus deny any terrorism angle for further investigation.

Law enforcement and intelligence professionals must return to doing detailed analyses to understand threat ideologies within their own historical and ideological context. The current methodology, which seeks to lump various ideological expressions into the broadest possible category trades genuine understanding for political convenience, and as a result, leaves potential threats unaddressed.


Kyle Shideler

Director and Senior Analyst for Homeland Security and Counterterrorism.

EDITORS NOTE: This Center for Security Policy column is republished with permission. ©All rights reserved.

20% of THE AMERICAN POPULATION Will Be Here ILLEGALLY by the End of Biden’s Term

20% of ALL AMERICANS will be illegal. In other words, we have no country.


“[Democrats] are allowing this year probably 2 million [immigrants], that’s who we apprehended, maybe another million, into this country,” Patrick said on Laura Ingraham’s Fox News show. “At least in 18 years even if they all don’t become citizens before then and can vote, in 18 years if every one of them has two or three children, you’re talking about millions and millions and millions of new voters and they will thank the Democrats and Biden for bringing them here. Who do you think they’re going to vote for?”

He said President Joe Biden and Democrats had begun a “silent revolution” to take over the country by winning over the votes of migrants.

“This is trying to take over our country without firing a shot,” he added.

Click here to read more columns about illegal aliens and immigration policy in America.

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Veterans and Friends – My Findings – Concerning the Laura Loomer Campaign

William “Bill” Garner sent us an email about Laura Loomer and her campaign for the U.S. Congress in Florida’s 11th Congressional District

Laura Loomer is a journalist and self-described Jewish conservative activist originally from Tucson, Arizona. As a journalist, Laura has worked at Project Veritas and Rebel Media. Loomer attended Barry University in Miami, Florida as an undergraduate, where she first became involved in Republican political groups on campus.

Bill in his email states:

Veterans and Friends,

At the Postal Stations and elsewhere, almost all of the Republicans, I talk to are very upset with our Federal and State Congress:

Stating they accomplish nothing for we they people. Only a very few, less than 25% of the people wan to see Daniel Webster stay in office, therefore they will vote for Laura Loomer.

Most Legionnaires are very upset with Congressman Webster, because he absolutely refused 5-6 years ago, to sign a Congressional Bill that allowed additional years of troops to join the American Legion. Had this Bill not passed, our current American Legion Post would be nothing buy real old retired soldiers. Thankfully the Bill passed without Daniel. Needless to say most Legionaries want him out of Congress.

On the illegal Immigration issue, the people want action now, not after election day. The people elect candidates and nothing gets accomplished.

She Will:


To date, I have handed out over 500 fliers for Laura Loomer for Congress and here is the amazing results from Republican voters. Laura’s Loomer is quickly becoming known throughout the Villages. If people don’t know her, you now have information about Congress Candidate Laura Loomer.

Veterans and Friends it is time for you to get busy and start campaigning like we did for our Great President Trump. I have 20,000 handouts for us to hand out and several signs for us to put on our vehicles. I have been out to the Postal Stations 5 times and it is easy to handout 80-100 fliers each time.

Our main target is the Villages Postal Stations. Also, handout the fliers at other places, such as Town Squares, Shopping Malls, Churches, Restaurants, your friends and neighbors, at events, and any other place.

Fliers signs are available at my house at 601 Catalina Court, 32159, on my front porch, let me know who you are and how many fliers you take. I will also have everything in my car.

It is time to fight to save our Country.


We agree with Bill and that is why we are endorsing Laura Loomer for Congress in Florida’s District 11.

Please click here to visit Laura Loomer’s website.

©Dr. Rich Swier. All rights reserved.