We’re on the verge of a major international conflict

I know most of us are still reeling from the Umpqua Community College shooting in Roseburg, Oregon. Prayers for the souls of those who lost their lives, their families, and those wounded and perhaps scarred for life. But we must never forget the carnage and death that occurs regularly in our inner cities, our urban areas, such as President Obama’s hometown of Chicago, that goes unmentioned from the nation’s biggest bully pulpit.


But that is not want I want to focus on right now.

Today we got the September jobs report and it is still disturbing. Our economy is not growing at the necessary rate. The report put the unemployment rate at 5.1 percent, which is unfathomable when you consider the U.S. workforce participation rate remains at a historic low near 62.7 percent. In the entire month of September, the American economy added 142,000 jobs, 30,000 below what was estimated. These numbers are anemic, and do not represent a flourishing free market economy but one that is struggling — under crippling tax and regulatory policies implemented over the past seven years.

This cannot be the new normal and accepted as “positive” gains, especially considering annual GDP growth is below 2.5 percent. These are the reasons why the Obama administration has turned to Janet Yellin and the Federal Reserve to prop up the economy with artificial measures called “quantitative easing” — incessantly low interest rates and printing. It’s creating another bubble that will certainly burst. And it’s not about raising taxes on high wage earners; it’s about sound fiscal policy that restores our economy.

That is the major domestic economic concern for today, but there is a greater international concern. Due to the weakness of the Obama administration — or perhaps the intentional decimation of our global influence and military capacity — we could be on the verge of a major conflict.

A declared state terrorist organization, Iran’s Quds Force, led by General Qassem Suleimani, is now openly operating on the ground in Syria. Yes, Iran has “boots on the ground” in Syria using Russian air assets to attack the Syrian rebel forces supposedly supported by the Obama administration. I think it is fair and honest to say, another “red line” has been crossed in Syria. Sadly, President Obama took to the stage yesterday, showing his unrighteous indignation over having new gun safety laws – but said nothing about the Russian-Iranian-Syrian-Hezbollah alliance.

Perhaps President Obama should take to the world’s largest bully pulpit today and announce that the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), the Iranian nuclear deal, is cancelled. It is beyond belief that President Obama and his cohort of 42 Democrat Senators, who blocked the Resolution of Disapproval from even reaching the Senate floor for a vote, could still support this foolish agreement.

I’d like Obama, any Democrat, any liberal progressive supporter or their media accomplices to explain to me why ….

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How can President Obama actually look at himself in the mirror, look at the American people and tell us Bashar Assad must go — when he has created the conditions for him to stay? ~ Allen West

Planned Parenthood’s Campus Empire

As reported last week, Planned Parenthood’s lobbying efforts against the vote to deny them federal funds was assisted by Hamilton College, which hosted “performance artist” Rhodessa Jones, along with about a dozen representatives from the local Planned Parenthood Mohawk Hudson, to give students a Planned Parenthood-positive message.

The college continued the push by participating in the nationwide “Pink Out” day on September 29.  In a campus-wide email Hamilton students were asked to “show appreciation for Planned Parenthood by wearing pink.”  They were invited to stop by a booth to have their pictures taken holding messages of support. These are posted on Planned Parenthood Mohawk Hudson’s Facebook page here.  The event was organized by the Womyn’s Center at the Days-Massolo Center, whose official advisor is women’s studies professor Vivyan Adair.


“Planned parenthood supporters” by S. MiRK – Flickr: planned parenthood supporters. Licensed under CC BY 2.0 via Commons.

Hamilton College was one of many campuses participating in the event, which was also sponsored by MoveOn.org, the ACLU, CREDO Action, People for the American Way, National Latina Institute for Reproductive Health, National Council of Jewish Women, Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice, and Alliance for Justice.  Planned Parenthood offered free screening for sexually transmitted diseases in 28 cities to take attention off abortion.

The email sent to Hamilton students claimed “Planned Parenthood provides necessary health care for millions of people across this country.”  At the two presentations by Rhodessa Jones, no mention was made about the undercover videos showing Planned Parenthood executives haggling over prices for fetal body parts (body parts were also shown being handled callously by technicians).

The claim of “necessary health care” is false.  According to the just-released Capital Research Center report, “Planned Parenthood Under Fire,” by Jeanne Mancini, Planned Parenthood “isn’t a benevolent healthcare provider.”  Even the Washington Post “called its bluff” on the claim that abortions represent only 3 percent of the services provided.  “In reality, it is estimated that Planned Parenthood makes $150 million a year performing abortions,” writes Mancini. Abortions make up 94 percent of services provided to pregnant women.  Data from the nonprofit group, Democrats for Life, showed that Community Health Centers are more accessible and provide more services for women’s health needs.

This is not the kind of information that Hamilton students received.  The professors who sponsored the visit by Planned Parenthood and Rhodessa Jones avoided any mention of alternative views.

Abortion Advocacy 101: Abortion advocacy is one of many leftist causes that Hamilton College presents as settled academic opinion, thanks to efforts of professors like Nancy Rabinowitz who teaches Comparative Literature and began inviting Planned Parenthood-promoter Rhodessa Jones for recurring gigs as far back as 2004.

Rabinowitz’s collaboration with Planned Parenthood goes back even farther, to her tenure as president of the college’s former Kirkland Project, when Rabinowitz coordinated student internships at Planned Parenthood.  The Kirkland Project was initially funded by the Kirkland Endowment, which consisted of contributions from sympathetic individuals and leftover funds from Kirkland College, the former women’s college that merged with Hamilton men’s college in 1978.  The Spring 2000 newsletter announced that student Service Associateships were available for students “proposing summer work at an institution dedicated to working toward social justice”; it listed Planned Parenthood and the Hetrick Martin Institute, an LGBT youth organization, as places where students had recently interned.  Students received $3,000 stipends from the Kirkland Project for their “volunteer” work at Planned Parenthood.

Rabinowitz and the Kirkland Project: Rabinowitz was forced to resign as president of the Kirkland Project in 2005 after she had invited as speaker Ethnic Studies professor Ward Churchill, who had called victims of 9/11 “little Eichmanns,” after Adolph Eichmann, one of the major organizers of the Nazi Holocaust.  She had invited Susan Rosenberg, convicted felon in the 1981 Brinks Armored Car Robbery, to teach as an “artist/activist-in-residence,” beginning with a course in 2004 called “Resistance Memoirs.”  Rabinowitz was quoted as saying, “We are trying to train [students] to be critical thinkers and to respond intelligently to what they hear.  I think the students should hear [Ward Churchill’s] whole argument before they boil it down to a few sound bites.”  She then claimed that she was resigning because the media reaction had been “destructive.”  Ward Churchill was fired from the University of Colorado Boulder for plagiarism in 2007.  Susan Rosenberg’s 58-year prison term on weapons and explosives charges was commuted after 16 years by President Bill Clinton.  Since her release she has worked as a prisoners’ rights activist and college lecturer.

The Medea Project: In Service to Planned Parenthood and Abortion: After Rabinowitz’s resignation, the Kirkland Project was renamed the Diversity and Social Justice Project.  Rabinowitz, however, chaired the Kirkland Endowment Advisory Committee from 2007 to 2010.  She currently serves on the Committee on Academic Policy.

Although Rabinowitz said she had learned about Jones’s work, the Medea Project: Theater for Incarcerated Women, while teaching Medea, there was no discussion about the tragedy by Euripides or about literary, historical, or dramatic topics.  For the last several years, the Medea Project, a program of Jones’s and her partner’s performance company, Idris Ackamoor and Cultural Odyssey, has received grants from the National Endowment for the Arts.  Jones’s work is evidence that the NEA is still being used to advance political causes, as a recent NEA post, “The Medea Project: Where Art and Social Activism Meet,” shows. The theater company also receives funds from the San Francisco Arts Commission and the California Arts Council, as well as several foundations.

prison lookout

prison lookout

The film shown on September 17, Birthright, was produced by Cultural Odyssey, in collaboration with Planned Parenthood Northern California.  The film clips showed amateurish writing and acting.  For example, it was not clear why women seated on fold-out chairs were pulling their hair or jerking their heads, in depictions of madness.  We learned later during the discussion that the scene was supposed to represent a Planned Parenthood waiting room.  Presumably, women were relieved of their distress after they had received services.  One woman did a monologue about women’s oppression, and others discussed their abortions and getting HIV diagnoses.  All were testimonials to Planned Parenthood.

Jones’s agenda already became clear at the beginning of her first presentation on September 15.  Rabinowitz introduced her as “no stranger to Hamilton” and cited her awards from various organizations, including one from the mayor of San Francisco, where she is based.  Although she jaunts from campus to campus, Jones does not appear to have any academic credentials. She has been invited to work in prisons here and in Russia and South Africa.

The first day Jones spent more than an hour performing, reciting, questioning, yelling, and rambling on about diversity, abortion, the Hamilton College campus police, the upcoming Black Lives Matter event, and slavery, as well giving dramatic recitations of “spoken word” poetry and showing clips from her earlier film, Open the Gate.

That film showed women in orange prison garb reenacting their horrific experiences.  One felt that these were amateur therapy sessions, about “getting real,” as Jones put it, and best left to professionals.  There was a lot of screaming and crying, with Jones yelling at the prisoners, “Things are happening to you!”  There were some horror stories to be sure: one woman tearfully described how she was raped, while other female prisoners reenacted the gruesome scene on the floor.  In the film, Jones enlightens the women, telling them that men run the world and that women need to take back their power.  This is where Planned Parenthood fits in, presumably.

Rhodessa Jones’s Credentials? But Jones does not seem to have any counseling credentials either.  “I come into jails as an artist . . . as a sister,” she explained. She was inspired to begin working in jails by one of her eight brothers who was imprisoned in Attica during the 1971 riots when, as she said, “it was taken over by the Rockefeller goons.”  She gave few details about her brother’s crimes other than to say that he was good-looking and “incorrigible,” but had robbed an “important” person.  He was sent to a chain gang in the South at the age of 16, and afterward had difficulty staying out of prison. He died at the age of 50 after he was beaten up by 16- and 17 year-olds over a pot deal.

"Aerobic exercise - public demonstration01" by myself - Own work. Licensed under CC BY-SA 2.5 via Commons

“Aerobic exercise – public demonstration01” by myself – Own work. Licensed under CC BY-SA 2.5 via Commons.

Jones’s work began in 1989 when she was asked to teach aerobics.  But she did not get a good response from inmates, who skeptically asked, “Who is this bitch?”

“I said, ‘spell “bitch,”’” Jones said to laughter.   Seeing that they had no interest in aerobics, she told the inmates her own story, about becoming a mother at the age of 16.  The women suspected she might be a police officer because she was telling them her “business.”

Her presentation jumped from topic to topic, interspersed with Planned Parenthood promotions.  To all those who presumably have a problem with the latest videos showing Planned Parenthood employees bartering body parts, she said, “I say just trust women. We need to know we’re trusted.”

Spoken Word about Slavery: Jones recited a poem about a “girl-child” kidnapped by “white slavers,” then raped by sailors, and thrown into the bottom of a slave ship.  Very dramatically she said, “I see the white islanders chasing the birds.”  Sailors were “destroying the African girl-child with fists and semen.”  She screamed, “We are thrown down into the dark hole covered with semen.”  Shouting “freedom,” she described a dream about flying back to Africa.  (The events are historically inaccurate because overwhelmingly it was Africans who captured and enslaved other Africans and then sold them to the white slave traders.)  Perhaps attuned to the fact that many in her audience were blonde, she added a vision of multicultural redemption, “blonde-haired children singing songs of a new world.”  She interspersed her performance with references to “the Irish, the Jewish, the Mexicans,” etc.

"100 Pigeons" by Augustus Binu/ www.dreamsparrow.net/ facebook - Own work. Licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 via Commons

“100 Pigeons” by Augustus Binu/ www.dreamsparrow.net/ facebook – Own work. Licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 via Commons.

Students Cooing Like Pigeons: Jones also recited a poem about the homeless, drug addicts, and “we who have been in a maximum security prison.”  It was a litany of misery (“fucking in an HIV sweat”).  The recitations about street life were interspersed with the refrain, “We will eat you.”  I was surprised to hear the students readily follow her instructions to coo on cue like pigeons as she recited certain lines. It was a depressingly surreal experience.

Jones also described her encounter with campus police that day when she was standing outside a building waiting for someone to pick her up.  One of the officers slowed down the car and looked at her.  She made a face to show how she stared back at him tauntingly, inviting knowing laughter from the students.  Jones encouraged students to attend the lecture later in the week by one of the Black Lives Matter founders and gave a plug for the (historically inaccurate) movie Selma.  She told them that there are children ages 12 and 13 who are in lock-down.

Encouraging Courageous Activism: The session was clearly intended to give students a glimpse into the underbelly of life, arouse their pity, and get them to be activists.  In fact, she asked how many of them wanted to be activists.  A good number raised their hands.  She bragged about student activists she has worked with: a girl who disappeared in Syria 18 months ago and one who adopted an African baby orphaned by HIV.

She then asked students the questions she said she uses in her prison workshops. Questions ranged from name and age, to “hidden talents” and whether “you write,” “who did you leave home with?” and “what were you told by your parents?”  The last was the one she asked students. Some responded with typical bits of parental advice about avoiding drugs and studying hard.  She discussed the added burdens of “black, brown, red, and yellow parents.” More questions came, such as “did you escape death?” and “what would you do if you could turn back time?”  One student said she would have “come out” in high school. One young woman holding her two-month-old baby said she would have finished school before getting pregnant.  Jones repeated that she would not have had a child at 16.  Her father had advised her that the Lord would provide, but she thought of how much better her life would have been had she aborted her now 50-year-old daughter. It was clear that students should learn from her mistake and exercise that choice.

Before she ended, Jones stated, “These are things that make up the mythology of our existence.”

The entire exercise was an emotionally manipulative promotion of abortion by the mother of a 50-year-old woman as a two-month-old baby was cradled in his mother’s arms.  It had nothing to do with higher education.

Academic Malpractice: A longtime, outspoken critic of such academic malpractice is Hamilton History Professor Robert Paquette, who is one of the three founders of the Alexander Hamilton Institute for the Study of Western Civilization.  Paquette observes, “You would have thought that Hamilton’s president Joan Hinde Stewart and its board of trustees would have learned something from the Susan Rosenberg–Ward Churchill fiascoes.  Well they did, and here it is:  Few campus stories have legs in the public press these days, and with a multimillion dollar developmental office and public relations arm you can sweep things out of sight under the rug when you are not spinning them into fantastic fairy tales for public consumption.”

Planned Parenthood is enjoying free publicity on campuses with faculty members who are complicit in hiding their real work: in recent years, Planned Parenthood has reduced the number of cancer screenings by 50% while increasing the number of abortions, and paying for lavish salaries and expense accounts of executives.

Paquette notes that these left-wing activists and their academic allies are funded lavishly.  He hopes that conservative parents “take note of the current state of things so they can make more informed choices.”

Hearing from Planned Parenthood: Beth LeGere, Director of Public Affairs, Planned Parenthood Mohawk Hudson, noted our post, which was linked in Accuracy in Academia.  In a September 30 email she identified herself as the person who on September 17 encouraged students to register to vote.  She denied, however, that she had encouraged them to vote for pro-choice candidates.  She also is the one who encouraged students to call Congressman Richard Hanna and urge him to vote against defunding Planned Parenthood.  Internal Revenue Service rules for social welfare organizations, such as Planned Parenthood’s 501(c)(4) arm, allow for promoting certain legislation but not “intervention in political campaigns.”

LeGere demanded a retraction.  Of course, students were urged to vote for “pro-choice” candidates, as I stated.  I replied by asking how Planned Parenthood’s involvement at Hamilton College fits in with their mission statement or with the mission statement of an educational institution.

Her response will be reported in the next installment.

Fossil Fuels Are the Lifeblood of Civilization by Aaron Tao

I never thought I would encounter a book titled The Moral Case for Fossil Fuels. After all, in this day and age, it is the politically correct and fashionable trend for activists, media, politicians, and even the Pope to call upon each and every one of us to break our “addiction” to oil.

For as long as I can remember, my science classes from grade school through college carried some variation of the environmental message that warns of doom to future generations and our planet unless we embrace “sustainability” and drastically change our patterns of production and consumption. If we do not curb our usage of resource X and reduce humanity’s “impact” on the Earth, apocalyptic scenarios from overpopulation to reaching “peak oil” were bound to become reality.

But it’s now 2015, and the “population bomb” did not go off. And by every indication, we are nowhere close to running out of petroleum anytime soon (largely thanks to the shale revolution). Perhaps most astoundingly, even as human populations have grown dramatically and increased their use of fossil fuels, the world has become a much better place. This is the message that Alex Epstein emphasizes in his well-written, persuasively argued book.

What distinguishes Epstein’s work from so many other debates on climate change and energy policy is that his thesis gets to the core of the discussion: It is a moral argument. In making his case, Epstein presents a concrete and specific argument using human life and wellbeing as his moral standard of value:

What will promote human life? What will promote human flourishing — realizing the full potential of life? Colloquially, how do we maximize the years in our life and the life in our years?

Using this standard, Epstein clearly articulates the terms of the debate and lays out the costs and benefits of using fossil fuels versus alternatives.

He reminds us that fossil fuels are still the only source of abundant, cheap, and reliable energy (solar, wind, biofuels, and other “renewables” all fail in one or more of these categories), and that fossil fuel use is essential to industrial civilization and, in fact, made it all possible from the beginning.

Industrialization is what created the wealth and high living standards of the West. Today, China and India have experienced rapid economic growth and reduction of absolute poverty thanks to industrialization and the move toward freer markets. In short, billions managed to escape lives of misery imposed by Malthusian privation.

Furthermore, the countries that industrialized through increased use of fossil fuels saw not only a surge in economic prosperity, but also benefits such as increased life expectancy, cleaner air, cleaner water, decreased malnutrition, fewer deaths from infectious disease, and fewer climate-related deaths.

The dramatic improvement in both environment and climate thanks to increased fossil fuel use is counterintuitive for many, but Epstein marshals an impressive array of data from respected institutional sources to highlight these trends.

Screen Shot 2015-09-29 at 11.53.03 AMScreen Shot 2015-09-29 at 11.51.53 AMScreen Shot 2015-09-29 at 11.52.07 AMScreen Shot 2015-09-29 at 11.52.25 AMScreen Shot 2015-09-29 at 11.53.47 AMScreen Shot 2015-09-29 at 11.52.47 AM

Of course, detractors will almost certainly retort that the “greatest threat” of our generation, global climate change, will undo all this progress, and that the continued use of fossil fuels will hasten the inevitable day of judgment.

Epstein does not dispute the well-documented greenhouse effect from carbon dioxide emissions. However, he points out that the effect is logarithmic: Increasing carbon dioxide has resulted in a decreasing rate of warming.

Screen Shot 2015-09-29 at 11.53.12 AMFurthermore, Epstein raises crucial questions regarding the reliability of computer models in predicting future climate. For all intents and purposes, these speculative models have been failures.

Screen Shot 2015-09-29 at 11.53.18 AMDrawing upon his philosophy background, Epstein devotes a number of pages to explaining how people should find the truth by “treating experts not as authority figures to be obeyed but as advisors to one’s own independent thought process and decision making.”

(He makes only a passing reference to the field of nutrition, noting that it “can literally be deadly for a scientist to spread a hypothesis as fact” after government adopts it as gospel with disastrous social consequences. Knowing this story in detail, I’m glad he did.)

In the spirit of F.A. Hayek, Epstein reminds us that honest and responsible experts are straight with the public about what they know and how they know it, and that they freely acknowledge uncertainties and limits of their knowledge, especially in a field as complex as climate science. Unfortunately, history has shown that experts have too often understated the benefits of fossil fuels while greatly overestimating their costs.

One particular positive impact of increased carbon dioxide (more plant food!) in the Earth’s atmosphere is the explosive growth in vegetation all over the world. Literally, the planet has grown greener thanks to fossil fuel use. Yet, this beneficial “fertilizer effect” is virtually unmentioned in the public debate on climate change.

Unfortunately, when it comes to evaluating costs and benefits of a technology, “those who predict the most risk get the most attention from the media and from politicians who want to ‘do something.’”

Despite a history of failed apocalyptic predictions, environmentalist Bill McKibben, ecologist Paul Ehrlich, and other “experts” opposed to fossil fuels continue to endorse heavy limits if not outright bans on their use, as well as draconian population control measures to curb humans’ carbon footprint.

Going back to the moral argument, Epstein notes that the modern environmental movement argues on a completely different plane from his standard of human life. Instead of evaluating whether a given policy or technology benefits humanity, “green” activists tend adhere to the idea that “non-impact on nature is the standard of value.”

Thus, it’s really no surprise a strong anti-capitalist, anti-industrial, and misanthropic prejudice pervades the modern environmental movement.

Epstein decries the romanticizing of Mother Nature as a benevolent entity that looks after her children with their best interests at heart:

The natural environment is not naturally a healthy, safe place; that’s why human beings historically had a life expectancy of thirty. Absent human action, our natural environment threatens us with organisms eager to kill us and natural forces, including natural climate change, that can easily overwhelm us.

It is only thanks to cheap, plentiful, reliable energy that we live in an environment where the water we drink and the food we eat will not make us sick and where we can cope with the often hostile climate of Mother Nature.

Energy is what we need to build sturdy homes, to purify water, to produce huge amounts of fresh food, to generate heat and air-conditioning, to irrigate deserts, to dry malaria-infested swamps, to build hospitals, and to manufacture pharmaceuticals, among many other things.

That source of energy, of course, is fossil fuels. Only by transforming nature did human beings manage to create to a safer environment, boost productivity, and raise living standards.

The ability of humans to innovate and adapt to their ever-changing environments was made possible by fossil fuels, and our continuing progress as a civilization — including our lifting of billions out of dire poverty across the world — requires abundant, cheap, and reliable fossil fuel energy.

The Moral Case for Fossil Fuels is a much-needed counterpoint to the grossly one-sided ideological environmental crusade that too many people consider respectable and “mainstream.” I can’t thank Epstein enough for adding this valuable contribution to the public dialogue.

We can only hope that more students, journalists, and government officials read this book, understand the big picture, and boldly take a stand for human civilization against the misanthropic forces that would all but tear it apart.

This review first appeared at The Beacon.

Aaron Tao
Aaron Tao

Aaron Tao is the Marketing Coordinator and Assistant Editor of The Beacon at the Independent Institute. Follow him on Twitter here.

Either Defeat Evil Or Be Defeated

The Bible plainly states that when the evil reign, the people mourn.  The current leadership is so wicked that even Lady Liberty in New York City Harbor is crying so much she is rusting again.  Our onetime gleaming cities are once again chocked full of crime in mostly black neighborhoods and wherever illegal immigrants are trolling about.  Isn’t it ironic that in black neighborhoods where big government has the most influence via so called help that is where life is most miserable?

Whenever progressive democrats get the chance, they always prod society further away from the Biblical principles that were the foundation of American greatness.  They consistently harp on about an inclusive society that does not leave anyone out.  But the problem is, the inclusion the progressives are agitating to flood America with illegal immigrants and replace God’s Adam and Eve concept with Bubbah and Billy. The progressives seek to strengthen the likes of black lives matters loons, baby parts marketers, dedicated Muslims who torture animals, burn Christians and rape little boys to please themselves and their powerless god.  Yet the inclusive seekers feverishly work to extinguish the principles of true liberty and justice for all.

In the process of encircling America with the a fore mentioned societal sickness, the United States has devolved into a nation suffering a mostly self-induced unavoidable decline.  Sadly, most students now believe that God is irrelevant and communism is what America needs.  The Bible refers to calling what is good bad and what is bad good. A perfect example of that concept is president Obama.  Remember how he was portrayed as a great alternative to George W. Bush? Many of us in the growing alternative media warned Americans about the horrors Obama would unleash upon our republic.  May God help us!!

There are now scads of evidence that the warnings about Obama were correct.  Not only is he the most anti American president, (eclipsing both Woodrow Wilson and Jimmy Carter) but the most Biblically hostile as well.

Never before in American history has an administration exhibited a more unwilling or inhospitable attitude towards Christians, Catholics and Jews as well.  One example is when he tried to force Catholics to cow tow to his efforts to abortionize Catholicism.  On the other hand, his preferential treatment of Muslims, (particularly Shiites) those who dominate Iran, is commonly known around the world.

For too long and reasons I fail to comprehend, the Christian church and Christian oriented societies have played the role of patsy when it comes to resisting those acting on threats to dominate them, politically, or around the world through warfare and slavery.

Here in America, the onetime land of the free and home of the brave has succumbed to politically correct pressures to basically give in to Muslims who have a single focus goal of world domination.  When one considers the fundamentalist Islamic threats against the United States and Israel (with no major reaction from president Obama) It would be wise for patriotic American non-Muslims to take the Muslims at their word when they say “death to America and no to freedom and liberty.­­­”

In recent years, the federal government, at the behest of president Barack Hussein Obama has given every advantage possible to our Muslim adversaries, including allowing them to venture into our nation through the open border with Mexico and through the northern border with Canada as well.  I will never forget how the Obama administration threatened former Arizona governor Jan Brewer for daring to propose doing what the federal government is supposed to do according to the Constitution. Which is protect “We the People” from enemies both foreign and domestic.  The gall of Obama and others who threatened Americans who merely don’t want our country overrun by illegal immigrants and dedicated Muslim terrorists and of course agenda 21 is jaw dropping, to say the least.

In addition, under the guise of helping poor war ravaged refugees from battered nations, thousands upon thousands of American hating Muslims are being brought into our republic.  Of course this is being done at taxpayer expense without our permission whatsoever.  To add insult to injury, the government is not bothering to inform us taxpayers where in the U.S. they are putting the legions of Muslims.  This of course gives the Muslims who don’t want to assimilate into our American culture the strategic upper hand.

One of the latest insults to common sense and all that is right was the Obama administration refusal to even try to secure the release of Christian minister Saeed when they were supposedly negotiating the DEAL with Iran.  Thus Iran is holding all the cards on this and will reap a huge financial windfall and can build their desired long range nuclear tipped missiles that can reach targets in the United States.  Of course, President Obama and Secretary of State John Kerry is okay with that, much to our nation’s possible detriment.

What can truly be called or considered as a most accurate reflection of the mindset of Obama, a great U.S. marine was booted out of the military because he dared to rescue a little boy from being raped because the Obama administration operates according to muslim, not Christian or American principles that call for the protection of little children.

It is now high time for the church to put aside the stupid foibles of the past and reestablish it’s rightful place of salt and light.  So that once again, this will once again be one nation under God.

Hackers Reveil How Volkswagen Secretly Cheated Emissions Tests by Gary McGath

Cars are part of the “Internet of Things.” They run not just on gas, which you’re free to analyze, but on computer code, which you aren’t. If this sounds worrisome, it is. Internal computers can greatly improve a car’s performance and safety, but they can have problems that show no symptoms under normal circumstances.

A couple of hackers, with a knowing volunteer at the wheel, took remote control of a Jeep Cherokee over the Internet and could have wrecked it at high speed if they hadn’t stopped when asked to. More recently, Volkswagen was caught rigging its emissions-control software to cheat during EPA testing, letting them publish false information about millions of cars.

Car computers are formally called “electronic control units” (ECUs). One car may have over a hundred of them, running millions of lines of code, networked together. Figuring out what they do takes determination; it’s necessary to pull out their memory chips, read them, and work backwards from machine code to the design logic.

But the biggest barrier may not be technical but legal; copyright laws make it illegal to do this kind of reverse engineering, and the EPA itself has helped automakers to keep their emissions-testing code secret.

The Digital Millennium Copyright Act puts restrictions on extracting copyrighted information from computers, even for legitimate diagnostic purposes. Car makers like this; it puts serious limits on independently created diagnostic tools and gives the advantage to shops that pay for licenses.

The EPA has formally opposed a DMCA exception for car systems, arguing that it would let people modify the code to circumvent limitations on emissions. It said that “the majority of modifications to engine software are being performed to increase power and/or boost fuel economy.” That’s just what Volkswagen did, and it was harder to catch them precisely because of those prohibitions.

The Alliance of Auto Manufacturers, which includes Volkswagen, has taken the same stand. Ironically, their statement declares:

Many of the ECUs embodied in today’s motor vehicles are carefully calibrated to satisfy federal or state regulatory requirements with respect to emissions control, fuel economy, or vehicle safety.

Allowing vehicle owners to add and remove programs at whim is highly likely to take vehicles out of compliance with these requirements, rendering the operation or re-sale of the vehicle legally problematic.

John Deere explicitly opposes a free market in car software:

In contrast to the seemingly benign stated purpose of the proposed exemption, the practical effect of circumventing the TPMs [Technical Protection Measures] at issue will stifle creativity and innovation for vehicle software. Third-party software developers, pirates, and competing vehicle manufacturers will be encouraged to free-ride off the creativity and significant investment in research and development of innovative and leading vehicle manufacturers, suppliers, and authors of vehicle software.

The way to promote creativity and innovation is, apparently, to make it illegal for anyone but themselves.

ECUs can be subject to external attacks as well as internal cheatware. Some devices are connected to the Internet for purposes like traffic alerts and entertainment. If they’re part of the car’s internal network, attackers might be able to subvert the whole car, as the Cherokee hackers did. Good design requires firewalls against such attacks, but developers struggling with requirements and hardware limits may neglect security. With no other eyes on their code, it’s easy to be sloppy.

People have tinkered with cars ever since they were first made. They swap in their own parts, making their cars faster, powerful, and sometimes a lot more annoying. This tradition has helped people to learn how the original parts work and catch problems with them. Spotting flaws and cheats in computer code isn’t as easy as catching bad brakes, but it’s easier when the only barriers are technical. When the government and car manufacturers combine to keep the software secret, the rest of us are stuck in the breakdown lane.

Gary McGath

Gary McGath is a freelance software engineer living in Nashua, New Hampshire.

License to Kill: Wind and Solar Decimate Birds and Bats

According to a study in the Wildlife Society Bulletin, every year 573,000 birds (including 83,000 raptors) and 888,000 bats are killed by wind turbines — 30 percent higher than the federal government estimated in 2009, due mainly to increasing wind power capacity across the nation.[i] This is likely an underestimate because these estimates were based on 51,630 megawatts of installed wind capacity in the United States in 2012 and wind capacity has grown since then to 65,879 megawatts. And, at one solar power plant in California, an estimated 3,500 birds died in just the plant’s first year of operation.[ii]

Over the past five years, about 2.9 million birds were killed by wind turbines. That compares to about 800,000 birds that a Mother Jones Blog estimated to have been killed by the BP oil spill that occurred in April 2010[iii]—5 years ago–despite not all of them showing visible signs of oil.[1] Nevertheless, BP was fined $100 million for killing and harming migratory birds due to that oil spill. In comparison, the nation’s wind turbines killed more than 3 times the number of birds than did the BP oil spill over the past 5 years. And, wind turbines routinely kill federally protected birds and eagles.

Since the study estimating bird and bat deaths was completed based on 2012 wind capacity data, U.S. companies have installed more wind power due to federal and state incentives such as the Production Tax Credit that provides 2.3 cents per kilowatt hour of wind generated power over the first ten years of operation. Since 2012, the United States added over 14,000 megawatts of additional wind capacity with total wind capacity at 65,879 megawatts as of the end of 2014 — 16 times higher than wind capacity in 2001.[iv]

The Ivanpah Solar Power Plant

The Ivanpah solar power plant is a 377 megawatt solar facility located in the Mojave Desert in California and is owned by Google, BrightSource Energy, and NRG Energy. The facility has 350,000 heliostat mirrors that reflect heat toward central towers and scorch hundreds of birds in midair—turning birds into “streamers.” Ivanpah is the largest power tower project in the world and it has received a $1.6 billion loan guarantee from the Department of Energy.

The mirrors at Ivanpah span across an area four times the size of New York’s Central Park and focus sunlight onto receivers atop three 45-story power towers, boiling a liquid that turns turbines to create electricity. Fish and Wildlife Service officials warned that Ivanpah may act as a “mega-trap,” where insects attract small birds that are killed or incapacitated by the solar flux. Those birds attract larger predators thereby creating a food chain vulnerable to injury and death.[v]

The facility is estimated to have killed 83 different species of birds. The most commonly killed birds were mourning doves (14 percent of fatalities), followed by yellow-rumped warblers, tree swallows, black-throated sparrows and yellow warblers. Of the birds that died from known causes, about 47 percent died from being toasted by the heat of the solar flux. Just over half of the known deaths were attributed to collisions.

Ivanpah is testing ways to reduce bird deaths, including with software to reposition the heliostats to reduce the level of elevated flux and minimize collisions; installation of light-emitting diodes that are not attractive to insects and help reduce the prey base for birds; anti-perching devices; and the use of avian deterrents like foul smells and the sounds of predators.

Fines for Killing Birds

Besides BP being fined $100 million for killing and harming migratory birds during the 2010 Gulf oil spill, in 2009, Exxon Mobil paid $600,000 for killing 85 birds in five states and PacifiCorp, which operates coal plants, paid more than $10.5 million for electrocuting 232 eagles that landed on power lines at its substations. The first wind farms to be fined took place in November 2013 when Duke Energy paid a $1 million fine for killing 14 eagles and 149 other birds at two wind farms in Wyoming from 2009 to 2013.[vi] To date, no solar facilities have been fined. The fines are related to protections in the Migratory Bird Treaty Act and the Bald and Golden Eagle Protection Act. The death of an eagle or other protected bird is a violation of federal law, unless a company has a federal permit.[vii]

The Obama Administration on December 9, 2013, finalized a regulation that allows wind energy companies and others to obtain 30-year permits to kill eagles without prosecution by the federal government. The American Bird Conservancy filed suit in federal court against the Department of the Interior, charging it with multiple violations of federal law. [viii] Nonetheless, the Shiloh IV Wind Project in California, for example, received a permit from the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service allowing it to kill eagles, hawks, peregrine falcons, owls and songs birds while not being subjected to the normal prohibitions afforded under the federal Bald and Golden Eagle Protection Act and the Migratory Treaty Act.[ix]

Other Bird and Mammal Deaths

According to a 2014 study by federal scientists in the journal The Condor: Ornithological Applications, building collisions are estimated to kill 365 million to 988 million birds annually in the United States. And, according to a 2013 report from scientists from the Smithsonian Conservation Biology Institute and FWS, stray and outdoor pet cats kill a median of 2.4 billion birds and 12.3 billion mammals, mostly native mammals like shrews, chipmunks and voles, annually. But these deaths do not excuse the wind and solar industry’s killing of birds. Unless, of course, BP and ExxonMobil should be excused as well–instead of playing hundreds of thousands of dollars in fines.


Despite bird and bat deaths at wind and solar farms, few have been fined for violating the law while oil and electric generating companies have paid heavily for such violations. It will be interesting to see if this will change as the wind and solar industries grow.

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Argentine President: Obama Administration tried to convince us to give Iran nuclear fuel

“Kirchner went on to say at the U.N. that when Samore was asked to provide the request in writing, all communications immediately ceased and Samore disappeared.” The Obama people knew that what they were doing was wrong, and would be hated by the American people.

“Argentine President: Obama Administration Tried To Convince Us To Give Iran Nuclear Fuel,” by Taylor Tyler, HNGN, September 30, 2015 (thanks to Banafsheh):

Argentine President Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner claimed Monday afternoon at the United Nations General Assembly in New York City that in 2010, the Obama administration tried to convince the Argentinians “to provide the Islamic Republic of Iran with nuclear fuel,” reported Mediaite.

Kirchner said that two years into Obama’s first term, his administration sent Gary Samore, former White House Coordinator for Arms Control and Weapons of Mass Destruction, to Argentina to persuade the nation to provide Iran with nuclear fuel, which is a key component of nuclear weapons.

Kirchner’s full remarks are as follows, per the Argentine president’s official website:

“In 2010 we were visited in Argentina by Gary Samore, at that time the White House’s top advisor in nuclear issues. He came to see us in Argentina with a mission, with an objective: under the control of IAEA, the international organization in the field of weapons control and nuclear regulation, Argentina had supplied in the year 1987, during the first democratic government, the nuclear fuel for the reactor known as “Teheran”. Gary Samore had explained to our Minister of Foreign Affairs, Héctor Timerman, that negotiations were underway for the Islamic Republic of Iran to cease with its uranium enrichment activities or to do it to a lesser extent but Iran claimed that it needed to enrich this Teheran nuclear reactor and this was hindering negotiations. They came to ask us, Argentines, to provide the Islamic Republic of Iran with nuclear fuel. Rohani was not in office yet. It was Ahmadinejad’s administration and negotiations had already started.”…

Kirchner went on to say at the U.N. that when Samore was asked to provide the request in writing, all communications immediately ceased and Samore disappeared….

RELATED ARTICLE: Video: Netanyahu blasts UN’s “deafening silence” on Iranian threats to wipe out Israel

VIDEO: An analysis of President Obama’s disastrous Iran Nuclear “Deal”

Recently I had the opportunity to speak at the TEA Party Fort Lauderdale. The topic was the nuclear deal with Iran. Please take the time to listen to my remarks.

50,000 Americans Sign Letter Supporting Dr. Ben Carson’s Stand Against Sharia Law

MERRIFIELD, Va. /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ — Nearly 50,000 Americans have signed on to an open letter urging Dr. Ben Carson to stand firm in his position that Sharia Law is not consistent with the U.S. Constitution.  The 2016 Committee, a political action committee raising awareness and support for Carson’s campaign for the 2016 Republican presidential nomination, is circulating the open letter.

“The news media may have reacted with typical politically correct outrage at Dr. Carson’s bold stand against Sharia law, but the American people stand with him,” said John Phillip Sousa IV, chairman of The 2016 Committee. “Nearly 50,000 individuals have signed on to The 2016 Committee’s open letter since we began circulating it 10 days ago, because they know how important it is to have a leader who will say what needs to be said and do what needs to be done to protect American freedoms.”

During an interview on CNN’s “State of the Union” this month, Carson said he would “have problems with somebody who embraced all the doctrines associated with Islam” becoming president. “If they are not willing to reject Sharia and all the portions of it that are talked about in the Quran, if they are not willing to reject that, and subject that to American values and the Constitution, then of course, I would” have a problem with it.

The open letter states:

Dear Dr. Carson,

I am appalled by the ignorance of the news media.  If Sharia law ruled the land, there would be no freedom of speech, no free news media.

Women would be second class citizens.  They would not even be allowed to drive a car.

Sharia law is completely inconsistent with the United States Constitution.  Islam is a theocracy ruled by Sharia law.

There would be no freedom of speech, no freedom of the press, no freedom of religion, and the right to vote would be meaningless.

Cutting off someone’s hand for theft is barbaric.

Killing someone for converting to a religion other than Islam is not freedom.

In fact, no one who lives in an Islamic state is free.

I stand behind you.

I agree with you.

The vast majority of Americans agree with you.

Please stand firm.  Don’t give in one inch.

To view and sign the open letter, visit: http://www.2016committee.org/ben_carson_open_letter.


The 2016 Committee is a political action committee raising awareness of and support for Dr. Ben Carson’scampaign for the 2016 Republican presidential nomination. For more information, visit www.2016committee.orgor connect on Twitter @DraftRunBenRun or Facebook/RunBenRun.org.

How the Government Makes Data Hacks a Thousand Times Worse by David M. Brown

In May of 2015, the federal government suffered a massive data breach, a hack that exposed the names and Social Security Numbers of over 21 million people.

In a press release, the Office of Personal Management reported that as a result of its “aggressive effort to upgrade the agency’s cybersecurity posture,” the agency discovered the massive theft of background records, reportedly originating in China, including

identification details such as Social Security Numbers residency and educational history; employment history; information about immediate family and other personal and business acquaintances; health, criminal and financial history; and other details.

Some records also include findings from interviews conducted by background investigators and fingerprints. Usernames and passwords that background investigation applicants used to fill out their background investigation forms were also stolen.

This was a new breach — not the same looting of 4.2 million of records that the agency discovered in April of this year.

The news didn’t stop OPM Director Katherine Archuleta, appointed to the post in 2013, from congratulating herself for the agency’s great strides in security. It was her “comprehensive IT strategic plan” that led to the knowledge that these incidents had happened.

Sounds like congratulations are in order. But now it’s September, Archuleta is long gone (she lasted about one day after praising herself for noticing the theft), and the latest news is that the fingerprints of 5.6 million people were also grabbed in the mega-hacking of OPM’s “cybersecurity posture.”

OPM assures us that “federal experts believe that, as of now, the ability to misuse fingerprint data is limited.” As of right now… this second… as we hit the press… you probably have nothing to worry about if your fingerprints got stolen from OPM’s data banks. Hurrah.

Even Archuleta would probably concede that discovering a robbery is not quite as good as preventing it. Let’s even go so far as to say that she is less to blame for having failed to fix how her agency functions than is the nature of bureaucracy itself.

Of course, governmental organizations are not the only organizations vulnerable to being cyber-attacked in consequence of lax security. Other victims in recent years have included Target, Chase, and Sony.

But it’s the decades-old privacy-invading policies of the federal government that have routinely converted all such breaches of personal data into potentially limitless disasters for the victims.

The federal government which, decades ago, assured us on the cards stamped with our Social Security Numbers that these digits were “not to be used for purposes of identification” is the same government that now mandates the SSN’s ubiquitous deployment to monitor and tax us.

Today, the Social Security Number is like the number to a combination lock: perhaps not enough by itself to enable a bad guy to rob the safe, but a big, big help. Once your SSN-tagged info is out there in badland, your stolen data can be sold and re-sold and re-re-sold. And your cyber-housed, SSN-tagged stuff can be targeted again and again.

Yet it has become harder and harder to refrain from giving others that number. You can join a club without divulging your SSN. You can open an email account or buy a book, a hamburger, a refrigerator, or a gift card without reporting your SSN. But you cannot put ten dollars in the bank, nor open an investment account, nor apply for a credit card or a job without reporting it. Most often, you cannot rent an apartment or buy a house without reporting it.

Absent unusual efforts to protect your financial and personal privacy (of the kind outlined in J.J. Luna’s book How to Be Invisible), the most you can do by way of preventing cyber-assaults is to take such precautions as using different and non-obvious passwords for different cyber-accounts, and withholding your address, data of birth, and SSN from persons who may ardently request these data but will still do business with you if you refuse.

If your data has been grabbed, you can also — if and when you learn of the theft — arrange to monitor your credit and to block routine access to your credit reports, and perhaps take a few other barn-door-slamming measures. But you cannot, short of engaging in fraud, supply anything other than your actual Social Security Number when a government agency requires that it be supplied.

Our most personal information hasn’t always been thus exposed. Today we are so used to privacy-violating mandates like the Social Security Number tag that we take the necessity of such poisonous violations for granted. But poison does not become nutritious merely because it has become, for now, unavoidable.

David M. Brown

VIDEO: A Civilizational Manifesto

I advocate and defend a Civilization based on:

  • The ethical principle of a golden rule
  • Defending the victim and resisting the oppressor
  • The principle of rational thought
  • Free speech and expression
  • Freedom of ideas
  • Freedom of conscience
  • Freedom of religion
  • Freedom to defend our civilization

I oppose the evils of:

  • • Ethical dualism
  • Authoritative thought
  • Suppression of speech and ideas
  • The oppression of women and other human rights
  • The use of force, violence and power to silence ideas

I support the use of logic, reason, humor, irony, and satire to criticize ideas and people. I reject political correctness, multiculturalism, name calling and insults.

It’s official: 85,000 Muslim refugees coming to the U.S. starting October 1, 2015

Here is the White House announcement (posted in full below).

(I’m still looking for the very detailed report, like this one for FY 2015, that is supposed to have been available weeks ago.  If you see it let me know!)

One thing I would like to know, and you probably would too, is WHY ARE WE STILL BRINGING ANY ‘REFUGEES’ FROM CUBA?

Human Rights First (first out of the box) criticizes Obama, here.

Miliband al jazeer

Brit David Miliband of the International Rescue Committee on Al Jazeera lecturing Europe and America to take more refugees.

International Rescue Committee next in line to criticize the O-man.

Presidential Determination — Presidential Determination on Refugee Admissions for Fiscal Year 2016


SUBJECT: Presidential Determination on Refugee Admissions for Fiscal Year 2016

In accordance with section 207 of the Immigration and Nationality Act (the “Act”) (8 U.S.C. 1157), and after appropriate consultations with the Congress, I hereby make the following determinations and authorize the following actions:

The admission of up to 85,000 refugees to the United States during Fiscal Year (FY) 2016 is justified by humanitarian concerns or is otherwise in the national interest; provided that this number shall be understood as including persons admitted to the United States during FY 2016 with Federal refugee resettlement assistance under the Amerasian immigrant admissions program, as provided below.

The admissions numbers shall be allocated among refugees of special humanitarian concern to the United States in accordance with the following regional allocations; provided that the number of admissions allocated to the East Asia region shall include persons admitted to the United States during FY 2016 with Federal refugee resettlement assistance under section 584 of the Foreign Operations, Export Financing, and Related Programs Appropriations Act of 1988, as contained in section 101(e) of Public Law 100-202 (Amerasian immigrants and their family members):

  • Africa . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 25,000
  • East Asia. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .  13,000
  • Europe and Central Asia . . . .  4,000
  • Latin America/Caribbean. . . .  3,000
  • Near East/South Asia. . . . . . . .  34,000
  • Unallocated Reserve . . . . . . . . . 6,000

The 6,000 unallocated refugee numbers shall be allocated to regional ceilings, as needed. Upon providing notification to the Judiciary Committees of the Congress, you are hereby authorized to use unallocated admissions in regions where the need for additional admissions arises.

Additionally, upon notification to the Judiciary Committees of the Congress, you are further authorized to transfer unused admissions allocated to a particular region to one or more other regions, if there is a need for greater admissions for the region or regions to which the admissions are being transferred.

Consistent with section 2(b)(2) of the Migration and Refugee Assistance Act of 1962, I hereby determine that assistance to or on behalf of persons applying for admission to the United States as part of the overseas refugee admissions program will contribute to the foreign policy interests of the United States and designate such persons for this purpose. Consistent with section 101(a)(42) of the Act (8 U.S.C. 1101 (a)(42)), and after appropriate consultation with the Congress, I also specify that, for FY 2016, the following persons may, if otherwise qualified, be considered refugees for the purpose of admission to the United States within their countries of nationality or habitual residence:

  • Persons in Cuba
  • Persons in Eurasia and the Baltics
  • Persons in Iraq
  • Persons in Honduras, Guatemala, and El Salvador
  • In exceptional circumstances, persons identified by a United States Embassy in any location
  • You are authorized and directed to publish this determination in the Federal Register.


If you are wondering what that last bit is about, it is this:  refugees by definition are supposed to have left the country of their persecution.  We are not supposed to be plucking them from the place they claim to be persecuted, but over time this list has expanded (like everything else with this program!).

Don’t forget, the first hearing (since 9/11!) to address refugee resettlement in either the House or Senate will be tomorrow.  Click here for more.


Letters to the editor on Syrian ‘refugees!’ An example of what you can do!

Brenda Walker at VDARE tells us something positive about NYT article on South Carolina, Hijra mentioned

With added Syrian numbers, are cities and states prepared to help pay for more refugees?

Data: ‘Global warming’ NOT behind California drought

The media is once again attempting to portray the current California drought as historically unprecedented. See: Californian water source at 500-year low: “We should be prepared for this type of snow drought to occur much more frequently because of rising temperatures,” lead author Valerie Trouet, a professor at the University of Arizona, said in a statement. “Anthropogenic” –- or manmade –- global warming “is making the drought more severe,” she added. 

But recent peer-reviewed studies and historical data refute these drought claims.

Two new studies show that global warming is not behind California drought – there is a gigantic warm blob in the Pacific Ocean that is fueling California’s four-year-long drought, and it has nothing to do with global warming. Two new studiesreleased in the journal “Geophysical Research Letters”, explain how this large expanse of warm ocean water is affecting California’s weather as well as the East Coast’s past two brutal winters. Read more here.

Other studies counter the notion that California is experiencing unprecedented drought.

AMS Journal study finds California drought is ‘not unprecedented’ over past 440 years: 9 other droughts as bad or worse – Published in American Meteorological Society journal – Study: ‘An analysis of the October 2013–September 2014 precipitation in the western United States and in particular over the California-Nevada region suggests this anomalously dry season, while extreme, is not unprecedented in comparison with the ~120-year long instrumental record of water year (WY, October–September) totals, and in comparison with a 407-year WY precipitation reconstruction back to 1571. Over this longer period nine other years are known or estimated to have been nearly as dry or drier than WY 2014. The three-year deficit for WY’s 2012–2014, which in the California-Nevada region exceeded the annual mean precipitation, is more extreme but also not unprecedented, occurring three other times over the past ~ 440 years in the reconstruction.’

NOAA Study: Causes of Calif. drought are natural, not man-made – Natural weather patterns and climate variability, not man-made global warming, are causing the historic drought that’s parching California, says a study out today from federal scientists. “It’s important to note that California’s drought, while extreme, is not an uncommon occurrence for the state,” said Richard Seager, report lead author and professor with Columbia University’s Lamont Doherty Earth Observatory. The report, “Causes and Predictability of the 2011-14 California Drought,” was sponsored by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA).

California drought: Past dry periods have lasted more than 200 years, scientists say – ‘The state has been parched for much longer stretches before that 163-year historical period began’ – Scientists who study the West’s long-term climate patterns say the state has been parched for much longer stretches before that 163-year historical period began. Through studies of tree rings, sediment and other natural evidence, researchers have documented multiple droughts in California that lasted 10 or 20 years in a row during the past 1,000 years — compared to the mere three-year duration of the current dry spell. The two most severe megadroughts make the Dust Bowl of the 1930s look tame: a 240-year-long drought that started in 850 and, 50 years after the conclusion of that one, another that stretched at least 180 years.’

E&E News on 2012 U.S. drought: ‘For the scientists who take the long view of history, it’s merely a climatological blip’ — 1930s ‘Dust Bowl & 1988 both eclipse 2012 drought, scientists say’ – ‘Scientists say [2012] drought is practically embryonic compared with severity & extent of others in America’s past…The Dust Bowl held on for as many as 8 years in some parts of Great Plains, with successive dry spells hitting in 1934, 1936 & 1939-1940. The multiyear drought of 1950s began in SW but eventually spread to cover 10 states before it ebbed in 1957. The current drought, in contrast, is just about 2 months old’

In addition, many other peer-‘reviewed studies and data refute the notion of unprecedented drought in California or elsewhere.

Extreme weather failing to follow ‘global warming’ predictions: Hurricanes, Tornadoes, Droughts, Floods, Wildfires, all see no trend or declining trends – Extreme weather at or near historic lows.

NPR: 3 new papers make the case that forest fires in the West today burn less than in historical times

New Research Confirms Human CO2 Not Causing A Global Drought Increase

New Research Confirms Human CO2 Not Causing A Global Drought Increase – ‘Droughts in the U.S. are more frequent and more intense during COLDER periods’

New study finds drought 1100 years ago in southwest US was much more severe & extreme than any drought since – Published in PNAS

New paper debunked: Claims AGW pushed the ‘Western US toward the driest period in 1,000 years’ – The claim that AGW has “pushed the Western US toward the driest period in 1,000 years” is not supported by the proxy data shown in the paper. In addition, the modeling claim that AGW will cause “unprecedented risk of drought in the 21st century” is entirely based upon overheated climate models which have been falsified at confidence levels exceeding 98%.
Hillary Clinton’s ‘Drought’ debunked: Claimed ‘climate change was causing extreme weather and droughts’

Climatologist Dr. John Christy in testimony to Congress: ‘Extreme events, like the recent U.S. drought, will continue to occur, with or without human causation’ — ‘These recent U.S. ‘extremes’ were exceeded in previous decades’ — ‘The expression of ‘worse than we thought’ climate change as documented in [James] Hansen’s OpEd does not stand up to scrutiny’

Prof. Pielke Jr. on new Nature drought study: ‘It means that a widely accepted and oft-repeated consensus position expressed in IPCC 2007 now appears to have been incorrect’ — Pielke Jr.: ‘This should not be unexpected as a consensus position is a snapshot of perspectives, and in science, perspectives can change based on new evidence and study…This places drought into a category with tropical cyclones, floods, tornadoes & other phenomena where the evidence does not support claims that things are progressively getting worse — with more frequent and intense extreme events on climate time scales’

Prof. Pielke Jr. on new Nature drought study: ‘Once again the lesson is that if you are looking for a signal of human-caused climate change, it is best not to look at such extremes’ — Pielke Jr.:’There is very little evidence to support claims that the influence of such changes can be observed
in the observational record of extreme events. Advocates who justify action on climate change by appeals to the latest extreme event go well beyond what science can support, and in the process undercut the very cause that they are advocating for’

Nature paper: Global droughts unchanged in 60 years: ‘Worldwide drought is about the same now as it was in 1950′ — ‘Researchers finally accounting for fact that warmer world usually means more evaporation (especially from oceans) & thus more rain’ — ‘How many images have we seen of drought-stricken cracked land, or been told this is future?…Since end of WWII humans have produced 85% of all their CO2 emissions, but here is a new study showing that for all those emissions, & for all that warming, droughts back then were just as bad globally as they are today’

Prof. Roger Pielke Jr.: Over the climate time scales ‘droughts have, for the most part, become shorter, less frequent, and cover a smaller portion of the U. S. over the last century’ — ‘Some places have become dryer, others wetter, and not much confidence in asserting the presence of any trends at the global scale.’ — Pielke Jr. summarizing the bottom-line conclusions of two of the most recent major scientific assessments of extreme events and climate change, one by the US govt. released in 2008 then reaffirmed in the CCSP Unified Synthesis under the Obama Admin., and the 2nd from the UN IPCC.

Article in Nature says extreme weather events can’t currently be attributed to global warming — An editorial published in the current issue of nature notes that ‘Better models are needed before exceptional events can be reliably linked to global warming.’ — ‘One critic argued that, given the insufficient observational data and the coarse and mathematically far-from-perfect climate models used to generate attribution claims, they are unjustifiably speculative, basically unverifiable and better not made at all.’

1974: Flooding, Drought, Crop Loss And Mild Winters Blamed On Global Cooling: TIME Magazine June 1974: ‘Another Ice Age?’: ‘In Africa, drought continues for the sixth consecutive year, adding terribly to the toll of famine victims. During 1972 record rains in parts of the U.S.,
Pakistan and Japan caused some of the worst flooding in centuries. In Canada’s wheat belt, a particularly chilly and rainy spring has delayed planting and may well bring a disappointingly small harvest’

1976 CIA Shock News: Global Cooling To Kill Us All – ‘The CIA warned in 1976 that global cooling will increase the frequency of droughts’

1975: Newsweek Explained How Global Cooling Causes Extreme Droughts, Floods, Dry Spells And Heatwaves -Global cooling ’causes an increase in extremes of local weather such as droughts, floods, extended dry spells, long freezes, delayed monsoons and even local temperature increases – all of which have a direct impact on food supplies’
Scientists reject notion that human-caused climate change led to war in Syria – ‘Human-influenced climate change impact on the drought conditions was almost certainly too small to have mattered’

2014 Study: ‘The humanitarian crisis of the late 2000s largely predated the drought period.Focusing on external factors like drought and climate change in the context of the Syrian uprising is counterproductive as it diverts attention from more fundamental political and economic motives behind the protests and shifts responsibility away from the Syrian government.

Study: Drought Of 1934 In North America, During The Dust Bowl, Was The Worst In Thousand Years – ‘The drought of 1934 in North America was the driest and the most widespread of the last millennium, according to a new study based on a reconstruction of North America’s history of drought over the last 1,000 years. – Study published in the Oct. 17 edition of Geophysical Research Letters by researchers from NASA and Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory.

“It was the worst by a large margin, falling pretty far outside the normal range of variability that we see in the record,” Ben Cook, a climate scientist at NASA and the study’s lead author, said in a statement.

Obama Denying Restitution for Victims of Iranian Terrorism

Thursday, October 1, 2015, Congress is scheduled to vote on the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) of 2016. However, President Obama has threatened to veto the NDAA because one of the provisions would bar him from lifting Iranian sanctions under the JCPOA.  Among several amendments incorporated in the NDAA that the President objects to  is the Justice for Victims of Iranian Terrorism  H.R.3457  sponsored by Rep. Pat Meeham (R-PA) as HR  and in the Senate by Senators Pat Toomey  (R-PA) and Mark Kirk (R-Ill) , S 2086.  As Ken Timmerman noted in his Threat Blog, the Act would:

Require the Islamic Republic of Iran to pay an estimated $43 billion to victims of terrorism before the U.S. government would unfreeze Iranian government assets under the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), otherwise known as the Iran nuclear deal.”

Adam Kredo in a Washington Free Beacon article on the legislation noted the background and comments of Senator Kirk:

The $43 billion in damages to American terror victims were assessed as a result of some 50 U.S. court cases in recent years, according to official government estimates.


Iranian-backed terrorist groups, for example, have killed more than 700 Americans, including at least 290 in Lebanon over the past several decades. This accounts for the 241 U.S. service members murdered during the 1983 Beirut barracks bombing, which Iran sponsored.

Kirk said in the statement on the legislation:

Iran-sponsored terrorists have killed more Americans than the Islamic State. Families of Americans killed by Iranian-backed terrorism have used U.S. laws to take Iran to court and lawfully win approximately $43.5 billion in unsatisfied damages, so if the United States fails to ensure Iran fully pays these judgments before Iranian terror financiers get over $100 billion in sanctions relief, we risk emboldening Iran and other state sponsors of terror to continue targeting and killing more Americans.

One of those Americans was US Navy diver Chief Petty Officer Robert Stethem, was murdered by Hezbollah terrorist mastermind Imad Mughniyah during the 1985 hijacking of Trans World Airlines Flight 847. Another was  teenager Danny Wultz of Weston, Florida  who was mortally wounded in a suicide bombing  by an operative of Iranian – sponsored  terror group, Palestine Islamic Jihad at  a Tel Aviv outdoor café in 2006 while vacationing with his father,Tuly,  who survived the blast.

Stethem’s brother Kenneth, a former Navy SEAL joined Rep. Meeham and other Members of Congress Wednesday to draw attention to tomorrow’s vote on the NDAA incorporating the Iran Victims Terror Act.  The Washington Free Beacon cited  Kenneth Stethem’s comments:

Terrorism has become something more and more frequent because we haven’t developed an effective policy against it and we need to do that. I really believe this bill is the first step in doing that. He added that the passage of the legislation would offer “closure” for families of terror victims. My brother can never be brought back, but the people who perpetrated these acts on my brother and hundreds of other victims can and should be held accountable.

Watch this You Tube video that Rep. Meehan used to introduce the Justice for Iran Victims Act in the House:

Note what Meehan said:

We’re putting our victims to the side if we enable these dollars to be returned to Iran without any attachment to them.

Look, these are Marines who died protecting our barracks, these are American citizens who were sitting in cafes in Israel, and these are people who were hijacked in planes and murdered in cold blood after being tortured. It’s some small measure of accountability that [Iran] should be required to pay [these families] before the very money we now have some influence over is returned.

Rep. Meeham is running a Twitter campaign in support of the legislation using the hashtag, #NotOneCent.

Timmerman drew attention to the statement issued by the President’s Office of Management and Budget threatening a veto:

The Office of Management and Budget today issued a statement that it “strongly opposes” making Iran pay the terrorism claims, arguing that “obstructing implementation of the JCPOA would greatly undermine our national security interests.

President Obama will veto the bill if it makes it through to his desk, the OMB promised.

In the midst of Defense Secretary Ashton Carter’s Pentagon press conference over the controversial Russian bombing of Syrian targets, a thoughtful reporter, why the Administration would veto the NDAA incorporating the Justice for Victims of Iranian Terrorism ActWatch this C-Span video excerpt of Secretary Carter’s response:

EDITORS NOTE: This column originally appeared in the New English Review. The featured image is of American victims of Iranian terrorism. Screenshot, U.S. Rep. Meeham Facebook, September 29, 2015.

Italian Bishop: Why is the West silent on Muslim persecution of Christians?

“Why, we ask the western world, why not raise one’s voice over so much ferocity and injustice?” asked Cardinal Angelo Bagnasco, the head of the Italian Bishops Conference (CEI).

The Melkite Greek Catholic Patriarch Gregory III has also said: “I do not understand why the world does not raise its voice against such acts of brutality.”

Here is why: “Talk about extreme, militant Islamists and the atrocities that they have perpetrated globally might undercut the positive achievements that we Catholics have attained in our inter-religious dialogue with devout Muslims.” — Robert McManus, Roman Catholic Bishop of Worcester, Massachusetts, February 8, 2013

That’s right, it’s all for the sake of the spurious and self-defeating “dialogue.” Bagnasco should ask his colleagues in the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops. He should ask bishops like McManus, Kevin Farrell, Jaime Soto and others why they move actively to silence and demonize voices that tell the truth about this persecution. He should ask them why they tolerated dissent from so many core Catholic dogmas for decades, but move as ruthlessly as any Grand Inquisitor to suppress dissent from the idea that Islam is a Religion of Peace, which isn’t even a dogma of the Church. He should ask them why they are abandoning their Middle Eastern brethren and keeping their own people ignorant and complacent about the jihad threat.

The U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops is desperately corrupt and compromised, and needs a thorough housecleaning. But no such thing is on the horizon.

“West silent on ‘cull’ of Christians – Italian bishops’ head,” ANSA, September 30, 2015 (thanks to Insubria):

(ANSA) – Vatican City, September 30 – “The cull of Christians continues” in the Middle East and Africa where it “seems somebody has decided to uproot them to cleanse the territory,” Italian Bishops Conference (CEI) head Cardinal Angelo Bagnasco said Wednesday.

“Why, we ask the western world, why not raise one’s voice over so much ferocity and injustice?” Bagnasco asked opening a CEI Council meeting in Florence.


On 10th anniversary of publication of Muhammad cartoons, Danish newspaper submits: reprints original page without cartoons

EDITORS NOTE: The featured image is of Cardinal Angelo Bagnasco, president of the Italian Episcopal Conference, talks to the media during a press conference at the Vatican, Thursday, May 21, 2015. (ANSA/AP Photo/Andrew Medichini)