Watch This Banned Film That Reveals How We’re Being Controlled by a ‘Shadow Government’


  • “Shadowgate” reveals how a “shadow government” is manipulating society from behind the scenes and using psychological warfare tactics against the American public
  • Democrats and Republicans are equally guilty of covering up an even bigger scandal than the fact that Obama’s administration illegally spied on and tried to frame President Trump and others using manufactured evidence
  • The shadow government consists of government contractors and defense and intelligence officials who are stealing the personal data collected by the NSA on all Americans, and have privatized and weaponized its use
  • “Shadowgate” features two whistleblowers who have spent many years helping to develop the psychological warfare programs that are now directed at the American people and used to influence our elections
  • We can protect our freedoms, first by rejecting and abandoning companies like Google and Facebook, which are the largest data collectors and manipulators; second, by promoting and aiding in the effort to expose Big Tech’s manipulations; and third, by restructuring legislatures and the government, and establishing new civil society institutions and news media that support and promote freedom rather than censorship and control

Most people have never even heard and there’s a reason for that. Technocrats have worked in the proverbial shadows for decades, trying to implement a grand economic plan that is global in scope. To beat them, we must be just as persistent in our efforts to implement a “whole-of-society” plan of action that leads to freedom, and I firmly believe we can.

While technocracy is an economic system and not a political system in and of itself, it does require the undermining and erosion of the democratic system of governance. This is particularly true for the United States, as our Constitution is a major barrier to the implementation of technocracy.

The documentary above, “Shadowgate,” is produced and narrated by Millie Weaver, an independent journalist and contributing reporter to Infowars. Coincidentally, Weaver and her boyfriend, Gavin Wince, were arrested shortly after posting a trailer of the film online, announcing its release.1

According to Basin Report2 and News 5 Cleveland,3 Weaver and Wince were both charged with “robbery (second-degree felony), tampering with evidence (third-degree felony), obstructing justice (fifth-degree felony), and domestic violence.” According to the Portage County Sheriff’s Office, the secret indictment against Weaver and Wince was filed July 20, 2020.


“Shadowgate,” while banned on YouTube, is available on alternative non-censoring sites such as Bitchute and The film reveals how a “shadow government” is manipulating society from behind the scenes and using psychological warfare tactics against the American public.

“What if I were to tell you that a small group of government contractors were hired by government officials to frame the Trump campaign, set him up for the Russia Collusion investigation, provided witnesses for the impeachment hearings, and provided administrative support services to the Department of Justice during the Mueller investigation?

And what if it just so happened that this same group of contractors are behind the fake news in mainstream media, influence operations on social media, and the civil unrest nationwide, pushing the defund the police movement? The Obamagate scandal only scratches the surface,” Weaver says at the start of the film.4 “Talk about a cover story. What really happened is much more alarming.”

According to Weaver, both parties — Democrats and Republicans — are equally guilty of covering up an even bigger scandal than the fact that Obama’s administration illegally spied on and tried to frame President Trump and a number of other individuals using manufactured evidence.

“Shadowgate” reveals what Weaver claims is the tactical and operational role that the shadow government played behind the scenes to carry out the attempted coup.

It’s the things that spy novels and movies are made of, for sure. YouTube, which pulled the film almost as soon as it was uploaded, claims it violates the channel’s policy on hate speech. I urge you to watch it and decide for yourself whether YouTube was justified in taking it down.

According to a Spiro Skouras summary on YouTube, the film “showcases two whistleblowers who allege there is a secretive network of government contractors which consists of government and military insiders (both current and former) who have ‘back door’ access to intelligence agencies and all of the information that they collect on everyone including politicians and how this information is used to blackmail powerful people to control them.”

The film also “alleges that military psychological warfare programs are being used against the people primarily through the mainstream corporate media and social media to control the population.” As noted by Weaver, “The information presented in this video should concern people of all political affiliations.”

Who Are the Real ‘Puppet Masters’?

While many career politicians are certainly part of the so-called shadow government, the real puppet masters behind it all are people that most of us are unfamiliar with. These are the individuals Weaver focuses on in her film. The real shadow government, Weaver says, consists of government contractors and defense and intelligence officials.

[Government] contractors have used their connections, power and influence to create an unprecedented international criminal enterprise where blackmail is traded and people’s personal data is gold.” — Millie Weaver

But just how could a shadow government arise in the first place? According to Weaver, the reason they’ve managed to operate in the shadows and gain power for so long is because most of the actual work in government is done by subcontractors. This way, Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests aimed at government departments turn up very little out of the ordinary. The real “dirt” remains hidden in the archives of “contractors in clandestine networks.”

“These contractors have used their connections, power and influence to create an unprecedented international criminal enterprise,” Weaver says, “where blackmail is traded and people’s personal data is gold.”

Whistleblower Tore’s Story

“Shadowgate” features two whistleblowers: Tore, a linguist and Navy intelligence contractor, and Patrick Bergy, a cyber security officer and Army PSYOP program developer. Tore claims to have been approached by people who worked for John O. Brennan while she was undergoing her Naval specialist training.

She was initially recruited into The Analysis Corporation’s (TAC) electronic warfare program, run by Brennan, which later morphed into information warfare. According to Tore, she worked with intelligence agencies that were privately created and run.

In other words, they were not, and are not, official parts of government. “Unlike what most people think, our intelligence doesn’t stay within our borders or within federal buildings,” she says. Tore worked on something called “localization strategy,” which involves finding a group of people (an organization, city, entire country or religious group, for example) and “getting into their mind.”

The object is to figure out how they behave, how they think, what pushes them into certain actions and so on. This information is then used to manipulate them in ways that will further your own particular product, agenda or ideology.

The collection of information on individuals goes far beyond what most people can imagine. As explained by Tore, the information is so detailed, it can be easily used to blackmail or hurt just about anyone.

As an example, if they know you have an old hockey injury, they know where to hit you in order to cause the most pain and damage, were a physical attack to be ordered against you.

They also know what you fear most, and who the people are in your social circle, and who might be best able to influence you. Tore claims she actually helped train the algorithms for the program Bergy developed, using these localization strategies.

Whistleblower Patrick Bergy’s Story

For eight years, Bergy worked for the Dynology Corporation, owned by former President Obama’s national security adviser, Gen. James Jones. Bergy worked directly under the General’s son, Jim Jones. From 2007 to 2010, Bergy’s primary focus was the development of interactive internet activity capabilities, including hacking capabilities.

He also claims to have worked on information operations, so-called “influence operations.” Like Tore, Bergy worked on intelligence operations run by private companies. ShadowNet is the commercial version of an interactive internet activities (IIA) weapon, which Bergy developed.

Fake news, false news stories and the falsified dossier used to frame the Trump campaign are all characteristic of IIA, which Bergy refers to as “social media psychological warfare.” According to Bergy, Dynology has been conducting IIA operations for the Department of Defense since 2007.

The ShadowNet program Bergy developed was based on the localization strategies that Tore worked on. As explained by Bergy, it can very effectively control large groups of people by pushing the right hot-buttons. The COVID-19 hysteria and Black Lives Matter riots are two real-world examples of what this kind of PSYOP program can accomplish, Bergy says.

Interestingly, while these kinds of psychological operations were initially conducted by individual operators or agents, much of it has since been taken over by artificial intelligence, which executes the programming based on the behavioral profile targets the programmer selects.

As noted by Bergy, with enough information about any given individual, you can predict how they will react to a given stimulus with a high degree of accuracy. So, has this technology been used to influence American elections? According to Bergy, yes.

While American tax payers paid for the development of the program, Dynology holds the intellectual property and has been using it against the American people for years, propping up certain politicians and undermining others.

How the Shadow Intelligence Apparatus Works

As explained in the film, Section 702 of the Foreign Surveillance Act allows government to spy on American citizens with a warrant from the foreign intelligence surveillance (FISA) court.

The upstream data collected by the NSA on all Americans is only stored for 72 hours before being dumped. We’re talking about all phone calls, texts, emails, social media interactions, online activity, facial and voice recognition data and much more, of all Americans.

But what’s actually happening is that this data stream is being duplicated, stored indefinitely and privatized by companies such as the Global Strategies Group, Clearforce and the Canadian Global Information (CGI) Group.

The Global Strategies Group is a hub for this information, according to Tore. So, while these companies claim to be consulting firms, they’re not actually consulting at all. They’re stealing everyone’s data and using it against us in psychological operations designed to move society in one direction or another.

Tore claims she worked for Brennan at The Analysis Corporation and the Global Strategies Group, and that she conducted what were later described as “hacks” at the request of higher-ups. According to Tore, Brennan’s modus operandi is that when he wants a piece of information about someone — or if he wants to alter data relating to a target — he simply blames it on hackers.

According to the whistleblowers featured in this film, these privatized intelligence companies helped get Barack Obama elected using sophisticated internet influence operations.

The film also reviews a variety of other scandals that have emerged, and how the truth has been spun and covered up, including the illegal “hacking” and surveillance of the U.S. Congress, which occurred while Brennan was director of the CIA.

Private Intelligence Companies Dictate the News

Have you ever wondered who creates the talking points being regurgitated across dozens if not hundreds of news outlets on a daily basis? According to Bergy, this is the work of this network of privatized intelligence companies, utilizing tools such as ShadowNet.

When asked whether IIA has been used against President Trump, Bergy replies, “Absolutely.” According to Bergy, the Steele dossier was manufactured and used as a weapon to frame Trump and remove him from office.

Tore agrees. They have been and continue to use military-grade psychological warfare tactics against the president. She also discusses the IIA strategies employed in an effort to get Hillary Clinton elected.

Backdoor Access to All Data

According to Tore, she had backdoor access to all data and has personally viewed the kind of data collected on political figures. She’s also seen how that illegal data collection is used.

If someone steps out of line, it’s used to blackmail them back into lockstep with whatever the agenda might be. And, according to Tore, deep state shadow government actors are equally spread between the two political parties of the United States.

She also claims the Cambridge Analytica scandal was an IIA operation to make it appear as though Russia helped Trump win the election. This way, the Russia collusion hoax narrative would “stick” better. In reality, the PSYOP was conducted by the privatized intelligence network.

There’s a lot to digest in this film, but I urge you to set aside the hour and a half to do so. It answers many questions, revealing how government contractors are subverting our justice and political systems to further their own hidden aims. At the heart of it all is Gen. Jones.

According to Tore and Bergy, Jones, who heads up Clearforce, took ShadowNet and made it what it is today — a PSYOPs weapon used against the American people and the shadow government’s enemies.

Jones is also the chairman of the board of the Atlantic Council, and according to Bergy, one of the first things he did after being appointed chairman was to enter the Atlantic Council into a partnership with Facebook “to restore election integrity worldwide.”

In other words, Facebook is partnered with the owner of ShadowNet, one of the greatest PSYOP weapons in the world. To think this partnership will actually prevent election interference would be delusional, as its purpose is to do the complete opposite.

The Ultimate Surveillance State Is Near Completion

“More stuff is fake and fabricated now, in the news, than is actually real,” Bergy says. The reason for this is because IIA is in full force. As explained by Tore, IIA is essentially an AI program that tells you what you need to do, what message you need to put out, in order to get a specific outcome. It’s now running continuously.

Similar technology is even being used to undermine our judicial system. According to Tore and Bergy, a program will select jurors most likely to either acquit or find a defendant guilty (depending on the desired outcome).

While jury selection process is supposed to be random, it’s not. From that initial pool, jurors are then selected by the attorneys. But they were all non-randomly preselected in the first place, based on their proclivities, ways of thinking and behaving, and their belief systems. And, the data used to make that selection was siphoned from the NSA by these private intelligence companies.

“This is the biggest and boldest move toward the ultimate surveillance state ever made, and it’s near completion,” Weaver says, noting that in order to effectively micromanage the surveillance and manipulation of the global population, the technology must be integrated with AI and the Internet of Things, and that is already underway.

Part of the plan is to automate policing using robots and other technologies. According to Weaver, this may be why there’s now such a strong push to defund police departments across the U.S. This would allow the shadow government players to directly benefit by offering up new AI technologies to take over police functions.

Again, I hope you take the time to watch “Shadowgate.” Then, if you haven’t done so already, listen to my interview with Patrick Wood, featured in “The Pressing Dangers of Technocracy.” It’s really crucial for everyone to start wrapping their minds around what’s happening, and what’s in store for us if we don’t fight back and demand the restoration of privacy, both online and off.

Time to Break the IIA Programming

The good news is, there’s still time to break the IIA programming. How do we do it? First, by rejecting and abandoning the surveillance state’s primary data collection centers — Google and Facebook. Both have tremendous, hidden surveillance powers, act as censoring agencies for the technocratic cabal, and have the power to manipulate public opinion en masse.

For example, Robert Epstein, Ph.D., has demonstrated that Google has the ability to shift voting preferences among undecided voters by a whopping 48% to 63%, and the power to determine 25% of global elections. What’s more, this manipulation is entirely undetectable and untraceable. Epstein is now working to make Google’s manipulations transparent, through an organization called Feed the Watchdogs.

They have more than 13,000 watchdogs who monitor Big Tech for election bias 24/7 by collecting the ephemeral data that Google and other Big Tech companies are sending out to manipulate voters. You can help in this indispensable work by making a one-time or recurrent donation. For just $25, you can sponsor one month of data collecting.

At the time of this writing, Feed the Watchdogs had captured nearly 80,000 pages sent by Google, Facebook, YouTube and others to manipulate Americans. As their tactics become provable and more well-known, they’ll have little choice but to quit. Of course, I believe the best strategy is to ditch them all before then.

Say Goodbye to Google

Quitting Facebook is a simple enough affair. Just cancel your account. Evading Google, however, can be a bit more complicated, as their products span a wide range of products. For a comprehensive purge, be sure to eliminate all of the following:

Google Chrome browser — Uninstall Google Chrome and use Brave or Opera instead. Everything you do on Chrome is surveilled, including keystrokes and every webpage you’ve ever visited. Brave is a great alternative that takes privacy seriously.
Google search engine — Stop using Google search engines or any extension of Google, such as Bing or Yahoo, both of which draw search results from Google. Instead, use a default search engine that offers privacy, such as Presearch, Startpage, DuckDuckGo, Qwant and many others.
Gmail — Close your Gmail account and switch to a secure email service like ProtonMail. If you have children, don’t transfer their student Google account into a personal account once they’re out of school.
Google Docs — Ditch Google Docs and use another alternative such as Zoho Office, Etherpad, CryptPad, OnlyOffice or Nuclino, all of which are recommended by NordVPN.5
Google apps — Delete all Google apps from your phone and purge Google hardware. Better yet, get a de-Googled phone. Several companies now offer them, including Above Phone.
Avoid websites that use Google Analytics — To do that, you’ll need to check the website’s privacy policy and search for “Google.” Websites are required to disclose if they use a third-party surveillance tool. If they use Google Analytics, ask them to switch!
Google Home — Don’t use Google Home devices in your house or apartment. These devices record everything that occurs in your home, both speech and sounds such as brushing your teeth and boiling water, even when they appear to be inactive, and send that information back to Google. The same goes for Google’s home thermostat Nest and Amazon’s Alexa.
Android cell phones — Don’t use an Android cellphone, as it’s owned by Google.
Siri — Ditch Siri, which draws all its answers from Google.
Fitbit — Don’t use Fitbit, as it has been purchased by Google and will provide them with all your physiological information and activity levels, in addition to everything else that Google already has on you.

Additional tips to protect your privacy are included in the following graphic, such as making sure you’re using a secure messaging system and virtual private network (VPN) for your web searches.

Building a Whole-of-Society Solution

In addition to getting yourself (and as many of your friends and family as possible) off Google and Facebook, we also need to build a society that values freedom above all.

According to the Department of Homeland Security, misinformation online is a whole-of-society problem that requires a whole-of-society solution. By that, they mean that four types of institutions must fuse together as a seamless whole:

  1. Government institutions, which provide funding and coordination.
  2. Private sector institutions that do the censorship and dedicate funds to censorship through corporate-social responsibility programs.
  3. Civil society institutions (universities, NGOs, academia, foundations, nonprofits and activists) that do the research, the spying and collecting of data that are then given to the private sector to censor.
  4. News media/fact checking institutions, which put pressure on institutions, platforms and businesses to comply with the censorship demands.

To effectively combat the globalist technocrats’ takeover, we need to do the same. Here, an organization called Foundation for Freedom Online (FFO) comes to the rescue.

FFO educates people about this structure, and the ways in which legislatures and the government can be restructured, how civil society institutions can be established, and how news media can be created to support and promote freedom rather than censorship. To learn how you can be part of the solution, check out

I firmly believe that we can turn this situation around, if for no other reason than the fact that there are some eight billion of us who want freedom, while those who seek to enslave us number in the thousands, or tens of thousands at the most. Either way, they’re clearly outnumbered.

But we need to spread the word, and help our friends and family understand how important our decisions are. We either support the network that seeks to take our freedom, or the network that seeks to protect it.

The Power of Choice

Lastly, I encourage you to seek Joy. At the end of the day, that’s what life is all about. It’s all too easy to fall into the trap of feeling like the sky is falling. What we’re facing is serious, yes. But we can overcome it. And, I believe that Joy-seeking may be a crucial component to winning.

Why? Because when you focus on what brings you Joy, everything else falls into place. New ideas arise. New solutions. And that’s precisely what we need. We need a world full of joyful, inspired people who are living their dreams, and in so doing, end up bringing new solutions to the world.

Sources and References



EDITORS NOTE: This MERCOLA column is republished with permission. ©All rights reserved.

WATCH: Bill Maher Might Get Ousted From The Liberal World For What He Said About Israel

Some straight talk. Do people really care about the Arab refugees in Gaza? If so, which people? 

Do other Arab countries really care about the Arabs in Gaza? Does Hamas or the kleptocracy called the Palestinian Authority care about the Arabs in Gaza?

There is only one group of people who truly care about the Arabs in Gaza – they are the soldiers of the Israel Defense Forces who are risking their lives to destroy the Hamas terror organization.

Can that really be the case? The very soldiers who are accused of committing genocide are actually liberating the Arabs in Gaza? That sounds absurd. Well, the lies and accusations peddled by most of the mass media are indeed patently absurd and that is why the truth seems to be the polar opposite of reality. Let’s take a closer look.

Imagine if you lived in a neighborhood where your elected political and security officials began tunneling under your apartment building and forcing you to ignore everything going on under your building. If you were to raise your voice in protest, you would be killed on the spot. So, you go along with it unhappily, knowing good and well, that the tunnels will be used to transport weapons and store missile launchers that will create a haven for terror. You know in your heart, that the digging under your building will lead to the digging of your grave when the inevitable response to missiles being launched from under your building will be a massive bombardment. Your are stuck and basically have no choice except to leave. But neighboring countries have closed their doors to you. This is the situation for a small, but not insignificant number of Arabs in Gaza. They truly should be helped. Their only hope is to be freed by the Israel Defense Forces as nobody else truly cares about them.

However, the vast majority of the Arabs in Gaza helped build the tunnels, supported the terror state build up and pray several times of day fervently for the destruction of the entire State of Israel and the Jewish people as a whole. They value their own lives less than they value killing Jews. It is hard to understand for most Western educated people. But the education of the majority of Arabs in Gaza did not include the enlightenment, the Bill of Rights, and concepts such as freedom of religion and press. The entire frame of reference is one of a Holy War, a jihad – not one of rights and privileges.

The most basic premise when analyzing Israel’s present reality is to realize that Israel has been fighting against its destruction from its very first day 75 years ago until today. There is no margin of error that allows Israel to take risks. The stakes are too high. All high-minded people who truly care about the poor Arab refugees should learn from Israel how to properly deal with an impossible problem and retain moral clarity in a world that is increasingly morally confused and filled with hypocrisy.

EDITORS NOTE: This column by Avi Abelow, Pulse of Israel is republished with permission. ©All rights reserved.

VIDEO: EXPOSED — How Biden Is Flying Illegal Immigrants Into Your City

Sara Carter in an email wrote,

It’s bad enough that the Biden administration refuses to secure our border and is allowing millions of people into the U.S. despite knowing almost nothing about most of them. We see the impact in big cities and small towns across the nation. Do you see it where you live?

Well, apparently Biden is not content only to welcome millions of illegals coming by foot. He’s also flying hundreds of thousands of them into the country – at least 320,000 last year alone.

Infuriatingly, this is all currently legal. In early 2023, Biden announced unilateral policy changes that allow 30,000 people per month to apply for asylum from a smartphone app. But as a Freedom of Information request from the Center for Immigration Studies confirms, the applicants had no legal justification for entering the nation.

It doesn’t end there. Despite the Freedom of Information request, the government still refuses to reveal the 43 different airports to which they secretly flew these migrants in the United States.

Sara sees this all the time. Every time she’s at the airport in Texas, Chicago, and almost any other city, she sees illegals and their manila envelopes trying to figure out how to get to their destinations. Today, she explains exactly what Biden is doing, how it works, and how it impacts you.

We are being invaded. The invasion is aided and abetted by our government. And the American people need to take their government back before it’s too late.

©2024. The Sara Carter Show. All rights reserved.

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Deep State PLOT to REMOVE TRUMP Happening NOW

Profound words from a California Sheriff

WATCH: Major George R. Jordan’s Diaries on Communist Subversion of the United States During WWII

This is an astonishing document.

As far as I know, only two people were jailed and for a very, very long time for assisting the Soviets to get the nuclear bomb.

Yet listening to Major Jordan, it should have been a goodly part of Washington, D.C.

Having read part of the Whittaker Chambers book, Witness, this video makes an excellent companion to his document about the nature of communism in that era, and how penetrated the U.S., and clearly Canada was at the time.

WATCH: Major George R. Jordan’s Diaries on Communist Subversion of the United States During WWII

About Major George Racey Jordan

George Racey Jordan (January 4, 1898 – May 5, 1966) was an American military officer, businessman, lecturer, activist, and author. He first gained nationwide attention in December 1949 when he testified to the United States Congress about wartime Lend-Lease deliveries to the Soviet Union, in the process implicating Harry Hopkins and other high officials in the transfer of nuclear and other secrets to the USSR.

Jordan’s three ledgers were of importance to the FBI in mapping Soviet wartime activities in the United States. They are also often quoted by researchers investigating the loss of atomic secrets to the USSR. In particular, Richard Rhodes used Jordan’s book in his history of the H-bomb. Whatever Jordan’s later political activism, he gave a detailed and revealing personal account of how Soviet Lend-lease worked in practice during 1943–44. While the Hopkins notes are disputed in detail, Jordan’s account of Hopkins’s numerous direct interventions for the USSR match contemporary accounts.

In 1956, Jordan settled a libel suit against NBC for “a substantial amount” after the network falsely reported that Congressional investigators had “discredited Jordan’s charges.” Rather, Jordan’s testimony was dismissed out-of-hand by liberal voices at the time, and later discounted in part due to his association with right-wing causes, his unwelcome implication of high-ranking officials, and his own career of limited breadth and narrow distinction.

The New York Times, in reviewing Jordan’s first book, provided a snapshot of the author hereby: “What emerges in the way of self-portrait is an earnest, conscientious, deeply patriotic and limited man – a World War I “retread,” as he wryly calls himself – who has got mixed up in an argument whose end is not in sight.”

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EDITORS NOTE: This Vlad Tepes Blog column posted by Eeyore is republished with permission. ©All rights reserved.

VIDEO: What’s Wrong with Censorship?

No one has a monopoly on truth. That’s why we need open, uncensored discussion and debate.

Why, then, are the government and Big Tech platforms suppressing what we can read, see, and hear?

Philip Hamburger, Professor of Law at Columbia University, sheds light on this alarming trend.

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EDITORS NOTE: This Newsrael column with video is republished with permission. ©All rights reserved.

Muslim Brotherhood Leader: Oct. 7 Paves Way for Conquest of Rome

“Rome will one day be in our hands, and every house and every tent will have a Muslim in it.” — Tareq Al-Suwaidan, Kuwaiti Islamic scholar and Muslim Brotherhood leader.

The first rule of Islamic fight club is that non-Muslims aren’t allowed to talk about it. And if it must be talked about, it has to be treated as a local phenomenon. That means insisting that Hamas is attacking Israel for political reasons, the Houthis are shooting at ships for political reasons, the Fulani are massacring Christians in Nigeria for political reasons, the Pakistanis, the Taliban, the Iranians, the Syrians, the Iraqis, ISIS and Mohammed who decided to stab someone on a train are all doing it for completely unrelated reasons.

On the other side, devout Islamic leaders focus on the linkage. Every battle is a step toward global conquest and the Fourth Reich of the Ummah.

They’ll say it out loud, too. (MEMRI)

Kuwaiti Islamic scholar and Muslim Brotherhood leader Tareq Al-Suwaidan bragged that he had met with Hamas leader Ismail Haniyeh a week earlier.

“I was just last week with my brother Ismail Haniyeh, so I got the details of what is going on. Istanbul, Allah be praised, is now in our hands. Rome will one day be in our hands, and every house and every tent will have a Muslim in it. Palestine will be free – there is no question about it. It started by the way – October 7 was a very clear start.”

It’s not about oppression. It’s not about “open air concentration camps” or any of the other lies. It’s about the Islamic manifest destiny of conquering the world and subjugating all non-Muslims.

Istanbul is viewed as a model for the conquest of Europe. Islamic leaders dream of turning Rome and every non-Muslim city into another Istanbul.

That is what Oct, 7 was really about.



Viktor Orbán Warns: ‘The Hegemony of the West has Ended, A New World Order is Emerging’

The scapegoating of Israel

West Point Professor John Spencer on Hamas Tunnels, IDF Warnings

The Incredible Hunger in Gaza

Hamas Is Suddenly Popular In Egypt

Rutgers University Professors Bash ‘Privileged’ Jews

Canadian government to resume funding to Hamas-linked UNRWA

Canada: Palestinians sue Foreign Minister Melanie Joly over arms exports to Israel

Those ‘Genocidal’ Israelis

France: Muslim schoolteacher sings Islamic religious songs glorifying the Islamic State

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EDITORS NOTE: This Jihad Watch column is republished with permission. ©All rights reserved.

VIDEOS: The Jeffrey Epstein ‘Black Book’ — Corruption & Fighting for Justice

In an era where truth often finds itself obscured by layers of complexity and power, the Jeffrey Epstein scandal stands as a glaring testament to the failures of accountability and justice. This story of wealth, influence, and unimaginable abuse demands answers and change.

At Veterans For Child Rescue (V4CR), we are committed to not just exposing but understanding the depths of child trafficking in the USA. In pursuit of this mission, we recently sat down with Investigative Journalist Nick Bryant, known for his groundbreaking work in bringing the Epstein case to the forefront of public consciousness. We aimed to uncover the truth, expose the complicit, and be a voice for the victims left shattered in Epstein’s wake.

Uncovering the Darkness: Nick Bryant’s Quest for Truth & Justice

As a reporter, Nick Bryant dedicated his career to exposing child trafficking rings, a pursuit that has put him outside of the journalistic mainstream. In 2009, before he turned his attention to Epstein, Bryant published a small-press book called The Franklin Scandal, about an alleged power broker pedophile ring in Nebraska that garnered national media attention in the late 1980s and early 1990s.

Nick Bryant started pursuing Jeffrey Epstein, the disgraced financier around 2012. Nick released Epstein’s “Black Book” on the internet in 2015, a document that shed light on the high-profile connections and seemingly impenetrable networks that enabled Epstein’s crimes to remain hidden in plain sight. This book wasn’t just a list of names; it was a ledger of complicity, detailing a network that spanned industries and borders, entangling politicians, celebrities, and business moguls in a narrative they wished remained untold.

First discovered by the journalist Nick Bryant, Mr. Epstein’s little black book has resurfaced as part of the current investigation into the sex crimes Mr. Epstein, a 66-year-old financier, has been charged with. (Last week, a federal judge denied his request to await trial at his $56 million Upper East Side mansion.)

Alfredo Rodriguez, Mr. Epstein’s former house manager, attempted to sell the book; it was published in 2015 by Gawker, with the telephone numbers redacted.

Described in an F.B.I. affidavit in 2009 as “a small bound book,” the item contains the names of people who viewers theorized may have known Mr. Epstein socially. Being in the book suggested a fuzzy complicity: Might these people also have known, or had some sense, of his crimes?”

A report by New York magazine about those who appear in Mr. Epstein’s book declares that the list creates a portrait of a man “deeply enmeshed in the highest social circles.” The names in the book, though, are as likely to be a map of aspirational connections, as well as actual ones.”

– New York Times: What’s Inside Jeffrey Epstein’s Little Black Book?

“Bryant first got his hands on a copy of the black book in 2012, after the feds caught Epstein’s former house manager trying to peddle it for $50,000. At the time, Bryant was shopping a feature on Epstein, without success. “My Epstein article would focus on the government malfeasance that enabled Epstein to skate on scores of child abuse charges,” Bryant wrote in a pitch he submitted to various editors, “and I would also look into covert ties that the government may have had with Epstein. Moreover, the little black book opens up multiple vistas of investigation, and I would attempt to amass sufficient corroboration on some of the power broker perps who molested these girls.”

Three years later, when Epstein was back in the news due to fresh allegations that his pal Prince Andrew had slept with one of the girls who’d alleged she’d been trafficked by Epstein (Buckingham Palace denies this), Bryant finally published the black book in full (phone numbers redacted) in a Gawker article. In particular, the article called attention to a bunch of names that Epstein’s former house manager (who passed in late 2014) had circled, supposedly to identify them as potential “material witnesses.” (Trump, Barak, Alan Dershowitz, Les Wexner, Bill Richardson, and others.)”

– Vanity Fair: “A Lot of Powerful People…Could Go Down”: The Journalist Who Published Jeffrey Epstein’s Black Book and Jet Passenger Logs Comes in From the Fringe

Our interview series with Nick Bryant of peeled back the veneer of societal elite to reveal the mechanisms of power that protect the guilty while leaving the vulnerable exposed. He discussed not only the factual evidence gathered during his investigation but also the systemic failures that allowed such exploitation to thrive.

Epstein’s Victims: A Stark Reminder of Horrors Unseen

Epstein’s victims, their stories silenced for too long, are the beating heart of this fight. Their names and harrowing experiences, now emerging from the shadows, demand that we bear witness. With every new testimony, we understand the true scope of Epstein’s evil. But, we must go deeper and confront the structures that allowed this abuse to fester for so long.

The Public’s Role in the Wake of Scandal

As the Epstein investigation unfolded, it became a litmus test for our society’s willingness to confront uncomfortable truths. The scandal, as Bryant notes, isn’t just about Epstein himself but about the broader implications for child safety and the lengths to which systems of power will go to protect their interests over the well-being of the innocent.

The release of Epstein’s “Black Book” and the documented list of known victims serve as a stark reminder of the scale of Epstein’s and, by extension, society’s transgressions. It’s a call to action for the public, a demand for awareness, acceptance of the harsh realities of child trafficking and our government’s direct involvement, and a rallying cry for holding our elected officials accountable.

-8″ src=”″ allowfullscreen=”allowfullscreen” data-mce-fragment=”1″>

Acceptance, Awareness, and Action

Our discussion with Bryant underscored the importance of public engagement in the fight against child trafficking. Awareness is the first step toward change, but it must be coupled with action. By bringing these discussions into the public domain, through interviews like the one with Bryant and through documentaries like CONTRALAND, V4CR aims to arm the public with knowledge and urge a collective demand for justice and reform.

The Jeffrey Epstein scandal, while horrific in its scope and implications, offers an opportunity for societal reflection and transformation. It’s a reminder that the fight against child trafficking requires vigilance, perseverance, and, most importantly, a united front dedicated to safeguarding the innocent and bringing predators to justice.

Holding Elected Officials Accountable

As we navigate the aftermath of the Epstein scandal, it’s imperative that we, as a society, hold our elected officials to a higher standard. The failures of justice in Epstein’s case must not be in vain but should catalyze legislative and systemic reform. It’s up to us to ensure that our voices are heard, that we vote with our conscience, and that we demand accountability and action from those in power.

In conclusion, the Epstein scandal, as explored through our interview with Nick Bryant, serves as a sobering reminder of the work that lies ahead. It’s a call to arms for everyone who values justice, child safety, and the rule of law. By standing together, staying informed, and demanding change, we can hope to build a future where the horrors of child trafficking find no shadows to lurk within.

Join us in this mission. Be aware, be vocal, and be part of the solution. Together, we can make a difference.

Does America have a brilliant or woeful future? Watch, ‘The Millennial Job Interview’ to understand

A reader sent us this short video that struck us as so funny but sadly so true. The public education system has created a generation of youth who are addicted to social media, with no job skills or knowledge of how to succeed. They aren’t taught how to think, rather they’re taught what to think.

WATCH: The Millennial Job Interview

In a December 11, 2019 Daily Signal column titled Students’ Test Scores Unchanged After Decades of Federal Intervention in Education Lindsey Burke wrote,

Federal “Highly Qualified Teacher” mandates. Adequate Yearly Progress requirements. Smaller learning communities. Improving Teacher Quality State Grants. Reading First. Early Reading First. The dozens of other federal programs authorized via No Child Left Behind. School Improvement Grants. Race to the Top. Common Core.

All of that has been just since 2000. Over those past two decades, while federal policymakers were busy enacting new federal laws, creating mandates for local school leaders, and increasing the Department of Education’s budget from $38 billion in 2000 (unadjusted for inflation) to roughly $70 billion today, the math and reading performance of American high school students remained completely flat. That is to say, stagnant.

The U.S. is now above the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development average in reading, but alas, not because U.S. reading performance has improved. Rather, other countries have seen declines in reading achievement, despite increases in education spending.

In mathematics, however, U.S. performance has steadily declined over the past two decades.

Those are the findings from the Programme for International Student Assessment, or PISA exams, released last week.

As The New York Times’ Dana Goldstein reported:

About a fifth of American 15-year-olds scored so low on the PISA test that it appeared they had not mastered reading skills expected of a 10-year-old, according to Andreas Schleicher, director of education and skills at the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development, which administers the exam.

What’s more, the achievement gap between high- and low-performing American students has widened.

The international findings mirror last month’s National Assessment of Educational Progress report, which revealed that math and reading scores across the country have continued a years long stagnation, with students largely showing no progress in academic achievement.

Just one-third of students in the fourth and eighth grades reached proficiency in math and reading nationally on the National Assessment of Educational Progress, which is administered every two years.

As with the Programme for International Student Assessment’s findings that the achievement gap stubbornly persists for American students, the National Assessment of Educational Progress highlighted similar findings within the U.S.

The scores of students who are among the lowest 10% of performers on the National Assessment of Educational Progress have dropped significantly since 2009.

The stubborn achievement gap is not new, but the National Assessment of Educational Progress and the Programme for International Student Assessment provide additional data points on its persistence.

As Harvard professor Paul Peterson writes in The Heritage Foundation’s new book “The Not-So-Great Society”:

The achievement gap in the United States is as wide today as it was in 1971.

The performances on math, reading, and science tests between the most advantaged and the most disadvantaged students differ by approximately four years’ worth of learning, a disparity that has remained essentially unchanged for nearly half a century.

One of the more recent, major pieces of federal intervention sold as a way to improve American standing in education was the Common Core State Standards Initiative promoted during the Obama administration.

Common Core national standards and test, proponents argued, would catapult American students to the top of the math and reading pack. It was time, they argued, for the U.S. to have the same “epiphany” Germany did in the late 1990s, and adopt centrally planned national standards and tests.

Germany now lags the U.S. in reading, according to the new Programme for International Student Assessment data, and is far below Canada, a country that does not have national standards.

Indeed, our neighbor to the north has performed consistently well on the Programme for International Student Assessment since 2000, significantly outpacing the United States, and has neither national standards, nor a federal education department.

Canada’s is a decentralized education system, in which Canada’s 10 provinces set education policy.

The fact that Common Core didn’t catalyze improvements in the U.S. isn’t surprising. Large-scale government programs rarely, if ever, do.

But neither have the myriad federal programs created since No Child Left Behind in 2001, nor have the more than 100 federal K-12 education programs created since President Lyndon Johnson launched his Great Society initiative in 1965 designed, ostensibly, to narrow opportunity gaps between the poor and the affluent.

Heritage’s Jonathan Butcher and I detail Yuval Levin’s theory of government failure in “The Not-So-Great Society.” Levin explains that large-scale government programs fail for three reasons:

  1. “Institutionally, the administrative state is ‘dismally inefficient and unresponsive, and therefore ill-suited to our age of endless choice and variety.’”
  2. “Culturally and morally, government efforts to ‘rescue the citizen from the burdens of responsibility [have] undermined the family, self-reliance, and self-government.’”
  3. “Fiscally, large-scale federal programs supporting the welfare state are simply unaffordable, ‘dependent as it is upon dubious economics and the demographic model of a bygone era.’”

Federal government efforts to improve education have been dismal. Even if there were a constitutional basis for its involvement—which there isn’t—the federal government is simply ill-positioned to determine what education policies will best serve the diverse local communities across our vast nation.

The sooner we can acknowledge that improvements will not come from Washington, the sooner we’re likely to see students flourishing in learning environments that reflect their unique needs and desires.

Lindsey M. Burke researches and writes on federal and state education issues as the Will Skillman fellow in education policy at The Heritage Foundation. Read her research. Twitter: .

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U.N.R.W.A. Staff Recordings Prove Hamas Treated Young Women ‘Like Animals’

‘Sabaya’ is a term in Islam that describes women and children as the property of a Muslim man. It also means slave and handmaiden.

The most difficult use of ‘Sabaya’ was by ISIS terrorists, who called the captured Yazidi women this.

The Qur’an allows men to have sexual access to “what their right hands possess,” meaning female captives or slaves (Q. 23.5-6; 70.29-30).

IDF spokesperson: UNRWA staff recordings prove Hamas treated young women ‘like animals’

By Emanuel Fabian, Times of Israel, 4 March 2024:

IDF Spokesman Rear Adm. Daniel Hagari in an evening press conference says that despite the “difficult content,” the military chose to release the audio recordings of UNRWA staff who participated in the October 7 onslaught, to “remind and not forget.”

“The massacre committed by Hamas on October 7 is the most documented massacre in history. Hamas terrorists filmed their own cruelty. As time goes by, more and more testimonies are revealed, more intelligence every day,” he says.

“You can hear how the terrorists entered Israeli territory, participated in the massacre, and terror, and captured ‘sabaya.’”

He explains that in one of the recordings, a Hamas terrorist, who worked as a teacher at a UNRWA school in Deir al-Balah, tells his friend that he captured a sabaya, a term used by Islamic State jihadists that means sex slave.

“Sabaya” is a term in Islam that describes women and children as the property of a Muslim man. It also means slave and handmaiden. The most difficult use of “sabaya” was by ISIS terrorists, who called the captured Yazidi women this, Hagari says.

“In the conversation, the terrorist on the other side of the line describes a woman as a noble mare,” he says.

“On October 7, Hamas treated young women with cruelty and brutality, kidnapped them from their homes, and treated them like animals,” Hagari continues.

“How they refer to the hostages as ‘sabaya’ and a ‘noble mare’ keeps us awake at night, and requires the world to shout, as it did for the Yazidi women,” he says.

Hagari adds that, via the testimonies from hostages who were released from Gaza, “we learn about the dangers the hostages are exposed to, especially the women and children.”

Continue reading.



UN AUDIO: United Nations Employee Brags, Laughs About Kidnapping Female Hostage During the 10/7 Atrocities in Israel

Sex Slavery in Islam

Rape Jihad


How this murderous Hamas terrorist describes with glee October the 7th

What do they mean when they say “by any means necessary”?

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One of Saturn’s Moons has More Oil and Natural Gas than Earth. Why?

Greenies, a.k.a. the Biden regime, are bent on ending the use of all fossil fuels. They argue that fossil fuels cause climate change.

It that true? If the Greenies get their way and end all use of fossil fuels, then what will happen to mankind?

Here’s an interesting take on fossil fuels by Dr. Willie Soon, an astrophysicist and a geoscientist based in Salem, Massachusetts.


On December 4th, 2023, The Daily Caller’s Nick Pope reported,

Sultan Ahmed Al Jaber, the president of this year’s United Nations (UN) climate summit, said that there is “no science” behind calls to eliminate fossil fuels to counter global warming, according to The Guardian.

Al Jaber also said that getting rid of fossil fuels would not allow for sustainable economic growth “unless you want to take the world back into caves,” according to The Guardian. He made the remarks during an exchange with Mary Robinson, the chair of the Elders group and a former UN special envoy for climate change, during a virtual event held on Nov. 21.

“There is no science out there, or no scenario out there, that says the phase-out of fossil fuel is what’s going to achieve 1.5,” Al Jaber told Robinson, referencing the 1.5 degrees Celsius threshold for increase in global average temperatures that many scientists and activists point to as critical to stay below, according to The Guardian.

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IMMIGRATION RELATED VIDEOS: ‘I live with the cartels’

FAIR on the Front Lines: Immigration-Related Videos

In February 2024, FAIR headed to the U.S.-Mexico border to analyze the impact of the Biden Border Crisis. The area around Eagle Pass and Del Rio, Texas has seen some of the highest levels of illegal immigration in recent months, as nationwide border encounters soared to a record 370,925 in December. That section of the Rio Grande has also been the center of a confrontation between the State of Texas and the federal government. To read more about our trip and the work being done in Texas, click here.

The Reality of Life Along The Rio Grande
Linda Bryant has riverfront property on the Rio Grande in Texas. Illegal aliens cross from Mexico onto her property multiple times per week. She shared with FAIR what it’s like living along the open southern border.

Texas Border Sheriff and Attorney Detail How Biden’s Border Crisis Has Ravaged Their Community

Kinney County Sheriff Brad Coe and County Attorney Brent Smith shared with FAIR how Biden’s border crisis has ravaged their community and what they’re doing to protect residents who no longer feel safe in their own homes.

Texas Rancher Tells FAIR the Dreadful Reality of Life at the Border Under Biden and Mayorkas
Texas border rancher Wayne King says life has been turned upside down for him and other border residents ever since President Biden took office. This is his firsthand account of what it’s like to live on a ranch near the open southern border.

Understanding Immigration Podcast

The Federation for American Immigration Reform’s podcast bringing you the most important news and information about U.S. immigration.

RELATED ARTICLE: Poll Shows Biden Unpopular among Voters as Immigration, Inflation Worsen

EDITORS NOTE: This FAIR column with videos is republished with permission. ©All rights reserved.

WATCH: Expansive IDF Operations Eliminate A Hundred Terrorists

IDF operations saw numerous terrorists captured, providing vital information on rocket launchers and weapon locations.

ISRALI DEFENSE FORCES: Zaytun, northern Gaza: As part of an operation conducted by the 162nd Division, the soldiers of the 401st Brigade, directed by intelligence, conducted operational activities in Hamas terrorist targets.

During the operational activities, the soldiers eliminated over 100 terrorists and located and destroyed over 35 terrorist infrastructures belonging to Hamas and Islamic Jihad, including weapons storage and manufacturing facilities. The forces operated special drones that scanned the targets and assisted in the quick elimination of threats. Dozens of terrorists were apprehended in this manner, questioned, and provided intelligence about terrorist organizations. This intelligence will assist in future activities. The forces engaged in an operation to uncover areas based on intelligence indicating the presence of Hamas launching and underground means. The forces located and destroyed hundreds of launch pits and launchers.

As part of the force’s operation in a terrorist infrastructure, a Hamas terrorist cell fired an anti-tank missile from close range toward our forces. An IAF aircraft responded quickly, identifying and striking the cell. Several terrorists were eliminated in the strike, and the rest were seen escaping and hiding in an ambulance.

In a separate incident, the forces spotted a Hamas sniper who fired from a building adjacent to them. An aircraft struck the sniper, eliminating him. The forces also destroyed terrorist infrastructure belonging to a senior Hamas operative, the Commander of the Gaza City Brigade, Ad Aladdin Haddad.

Hamas arch-terrorist eliminated in joint operation

In a joint operation by the IDF and the Shin Bet, the terrorist Mahmoud Muhammad Abed Khach was eliminated this morning in the central camps in the Gaza Strip using an aircraft.

Hach was trusted in his military role to recruit new operatives for the terrorist organization Hamas and in particular for the Zeyton Brigades.

Hach acted in aspects of fundraising and funding for terrorist purposes for the military activities of the terrorist organization Hamas.

RELATED ARTICLE: Netanyahu’s Bold, Realistic Plan for ‘the Day After Hamas’

RELATED VIDEO: What do they mean when they say: “By any means necessary?”

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WATCH: AUN-TV Network’s ‘Our Country, Our Freedoms, Our Constitution — Lessons For Freedom!’

The AUN TV Network and its 11 broadcast TV Stations along with its 24/7 live streaming element, will broadcast a series of programs dedicated to explore the Constitution and the principles of American government. The United States Constitution was designed to secure the natural rights proclaimed in the Declaration of Independence.

WATCH: Our Country, Our Freedoms, Our Constitution — Lessons For Freedom!

In conjunction with Liberty Sentinels Fund, this twelve part series, “Our Country, Our Freedoms, Our Constitution — Lessons For Freedom!” will examine the political theory of the American Founding and subsequent challenges to that theory throughout American history. Topics covered in this course include: the natural rights theory of the Founding, the meaning of the Declaration and the Constitution, the crisis of the Civil War, the Progressive rejection of the Founding, and the nature and form of modern liberalism.

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President Donald J. Trump Is On Fire On The Campaign Trail WATCH!

President Donald J. Trump is winning for the American people. He is driven to drain the Democrat swamp and restore our God given rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

President Trump is focused on our faith, our families and our freedoms.

Watch the following video and posts on X to understand that he is serious about taking back our nation from those who are determined to destroy it.

There is a new slogan for the people’s president that is flooding social media sites, “To Big To Rig.”

President Trump in Richmond, Virginia

President Donald J. Trump on X

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VIDEO: Florida Governor Ron DeSantis Speaks About Release of Jeffrey Epstein’s Secret Grand Jury Testimony

In a Business Insider column titled “DeSantis signs law to release records that could explain why Jeffrey Epstein got minimal charges in Florida and  report,

  • Gov. Ron DeSantis signed a bipartisan bill into law that unearth more Jeffrey Epstein records.
  • The law will allow for the release of records from a 2006 Florida grand jury.
  • Prosecutors allowed Epstein to plead guilty to only a single prostitution solicitation charge.

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis on Thursday signed a bipartisan bill into law that could finally answer the lingering questions about 2006 grand jury probe that charged Jeffrey Epstein with just one criminal count.

“This is long overdue, but, again, we feel that we just can’t turn a blind eye,” DeSantis said shortly before signing HB 117 into law at a ceremony in Palm Beach. The law goes into effect July 1.

A Palm Beach grand jury investigation, which resulted in just one criminal count, of prostitution solicitation, has long been at the center of controversy for allowing Epstein to escape accountability for raping and sexually abusing girls.

Prosecutors decided to bring just a single victim before the grand jury even though law enforcement had concluded that Epstein sexually abused more than 30 girls, according to Miami Herald reporter Julie K. Brown’s book “Perversion of Justice.” A compensation program established following Epstein’s death identified 136 of his victims. More recent litigation, against banks that were alleged to facilitate Epstein’s sex-trafficking, put the figure at closer to 200 victims.

Continue reading.

WATCH: Ron DeSantis speaks out on new law that will release Jeffrey Epstein grand jury testimony

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Second Tranche Of Jeffrey Epstein Court Documents Unsealed