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Open Letter to Florida Senators Rubio and Scott to Contest the Electoral College Vote and the 2020 Election Fraud

Dear Senators Marco Rubio and Rick Scott, We haven’t heard from either of you doing anything about the leftist criminal election fraud which has taken place.  Will you do the right thing and join others, like Florida Congressman Matt Gaetz,  in refusing to confirm the Electoral College vote in Congress? We are urging President Trump […]


VIDEOS: Testimony of Key Witnesses and Legal Council on the 2020 Election Fraud

Excerpt of Penn Senate hearing: Colonel in Information Warfare explains what he witnessed on election night.  Expert testimony from Navy fraud expert on the November 3rd election in the US  Worthy interview by expert on election fraud, attorney Lin Wood by Judge Jeanine.  RELATED TWEET: "They got caught." – President Trump fires […]


Ten Absolute Truths About the 2020 Election and Election Fraud That Every American Should Understand

Writing “10 Absolute Truths” on any subject could be considered bold, overly ambitious, or just downright arrogant. That becomes even more a consideration when writing on a controversial subject such as election fraud. Nevertheless, there are some important lessons from history, including the most recent election, that coalesce into powerful truths that we will have […]


ELECTION FRAUD IN MICHIGAN: Former State Senator Patrick Colbeck discusses Michigan 2020 Elections [Video]

Patrick Colbeck, a former candidate for Governor of Michigan and State Senator in Michigan, who has an Engineering/Computer IT/Technology background tells us how he was engaged as a Michigan Poll Watcher in the Dearborn, Michigan area and saw so many concerns for the voting machines to how they were managing the counting of the votes. […]


The Four Pillars of Election Fraud in 2020

The four pillars of Election Fraud in 2020 are: Voting machines (specifically Dominion Voting). Mail-in-ballots (people like West Virginian Jeff Harshman who posted on his Facebook page, “I voted 29 times by mail in 29 different districts in battleground states. Vote Joe no matter what!!!”) Faulty voter rolls (a.k.a. dirty voter rolls) dead people voting, people […]


Voter Fraud the ONLY Issue in 2020 Election

No, it’s not “the economy, stupid.” In spite of the bipolar stock market since the China virus hit the world last March, our remarkably resilient economy––thanks to President Trump––is now on the ascent, employment rates growing once again, and consumer confidence increasingly robust. And no, it’s not domestic policy, where, among his unprecedented accomplishments: Prison […]


ELECTION FRAUD: San Antonio Election Democrat Arrested for Widespread Vote Harvesting and Fraud

Stolen. A woman has been arrested in connection to alleged election fraud and illegal voting, Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton announced Wednesday. According to Paxton, Rachel Rodriguez of San Antonio was “exposed in a Project Veritas video” ahead of the 2020 election regarding vote harvesting and acknowledged what she was doing was illegal. In an […]


Institute for Good Governance: Votes Switched throughout U.S. 2020 Presidential Race

Senior IT Expert at Global Defense Contractor Testifies in Italian Federal Court; He and Others Switched Votes throughout America in the U.S. Presidential Race Rome, Italy (January 5, 2021) – An employee of the 8th largest global defense contractor, Leonardo SpA, provided a shocking deposition detailing his role in the most elaborate criminal act affecting […]


Election Integrity Group Sues Fulton County, Georgia Under New Constitutional Amendment

AMHERST, Va. /PRNewswire/ — The of the non-partisan Thomas More Society, an election integrity watchdog group, has filed litigation challenging Fulton County’s use of private monies to conduct election operations in both the 2020 general election and the January 5 Senate runoff elections. The lawsuit takes advantage of a new constitutional amendment that waives sovereign immunity for local government […]


A Report on 2020 State Presidential Vote Dumps

We’ve all heard stories about hard-to-explain vote spikes in the 2020 Presidential election. Although I’ve seen a few reports reference some limited examples of these, I’m not aware of an investigation that looked at a wide range of states to see how prevalent these anomalies are. Although some of these spikes (aka dumps) could have a […]


PROOF: Desperate Cover-Ups Prove Criminal Conspiracy to Overthrow Election

“Where’s the proof?” the MSM collectively chants, while pocketing their “mockingbird” blood money. Well, now we’ve got plenty. In addition to the bounty of evidence the media continues to ignore, we now have the most helpful evidence to ever inform any investigation: sloppy cover-ups by the criminals themselves. In a word, the “proof” can be […]


The Treasonous Reasons Behind the Theft of Our 2020 Election

First create crises which will allow changes in the voting process that will be favorable to whatever plans and strategy are envisioned for success. Secondly, develop a narrative concerning the forthcoming charges of election tampering irregularities, out-right stealing from the opposition; presenting the subjects as sore losers who are grasping at straws. Have authorities lined […]


VIDEO: Press Conference Revealing New Evidence of Voter Fraud in Arizona

It’s overwhelming. Arizona Attorney General Joins Election Lawsuit Against Maricopa County 🔴 LIVE: Press Conference Revealing New Evidence of Voter Fraud in Arizona — The Election Wizard (@Wizard_Predicts) December 31, 2020 LIVE: Press Conference Revealing New Evidence of Voter Fraud in Arizona By Electionn Wiz on December 30, 2020 We The People AZ presents numerous accounts […]