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13-Year Old ‘Drag Queen’ Performs at Event as Adults Cheer Him On — Graphic Images

This doesn’t just happen. This is being made to happen. Children emulate what they see. A 13-year-old drag queen performs at an event as adults cheer him on — Libs of TikTok (@libsoftiktok) March 24, 2023 Drag Queen Taught 11-Year-Olds About Anal Sex, Parent Complains By: Peter Caddle, Breitbart News, March 13, 2023: The […]


Florida Officials Open Investigation Into ‘All Ages’ Sexually Explicit Drag Queen Show [GRAPHIC VIDEO]

DeSantis is on the side of the angels. Everything, and I do mean everything, the left is doing is evil, dengernate and wrong. The righteous must fight back. BREAKING: Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation just announced they are investigating the “Drag Queen Christmas” all-ages drag show which took place yesterday. “Exposing children to […]


Drag Queen Performer: Time to ‘Kick Down Traditional Family Values,’ ‘F**k Family’

And there you have it. That’s what’s behind it all, the left’s malevolent goal – the destruction of our most basic and beautiful building block of civilization. There is no woman, there is no man, no family – just the predatory state. We are in the throes of a societal breakdown. It isn’t as if […]


Celebrity Drag Queen Serves As Crossing Guard For Denver Students To Promote Safety

A Denver school featured a drag queen as a crossing guard in celebration of National Walk and Bike to School Day, according to school social media posts. Drag entertainer Dixie Krystals helped students cross the street at Denver Public School on Oct. 12 as a part of the school’s Walk & Roll to School Day, […]


U.S. State Department Spent Tax Dollars on Film Festival Promoting Drag Queens, Incest, Pedophilia

Every state promotes its own values. These are the values of the U.S. government today. The State Department Used Your Tax Dollars To Fund a Film Festival That Depicted Drag Queens, Incest, and Pedophilia by Robert Schmad, Washington Free Beacon, July 19, 2022: The State Department helped fund a film festival in September that featured movies depicting drag queens, […]


‘Safe Haven’ Drag Queen Who Counsels Children Charged With 25 counts of Child Pornography

Drag Hour for kids takes on monstrous meaning. Drag queen who also works as youth counselor charged with 25 counts of child pornography By: The Blaze, June 27, 2022 A Pennsylvania drag queen who counseled children at a “safe haven” for LGBTQ+ youth has been charged with 25 counts of child pornography, according to reports. A […]


Over 200K Taxpayer Dollars Spent On Drag Queen Shows at NYC Schools

Kids are made to choose their pronouns and invent drag names. Our kids can barely read and this is what the Democrats are subjecting our children to…. Appears to be more for the parents. The kids look skeptical. — The Based Librarian (@BasedLibrarian) June 10, 2022 Over $200K being spent on drag queen shows […]


TAKE ACTION: Discovery+ Promoting Drag Queen Lifestyle to Children

Discovery+ is releasing Generation Drag. Produced by Tyra Banks, the show documents five young drag queens as they participate in a drag show, “Dragutante,” designed for LGBTQ kids ages 8-18. In celebration of Pride Month, Discovery+ plans to release the six-episode docuseries on June 1. The Warner Bros.-owned streaming platform, Discovery+, is wrong to produce this […]


SISSY WATCH USA: U.S. Department of Energy, Dog Collars and Sam Brinton Drag Queen and LGBTQ+ Activist

SISSY: an effeminate man or boy also : a timid, weak, or cowardly person. We started Sissy Watch USA to expose those in high positions that are timid, weak or cowardly. We never thought we would be reporting on a Biden appointee who role-plays as a dog. His/her/its name is Samuel “Sam” Brinton. Brinton is pictured in […]


How Drag Queen Story Hour Expanded Across America

Drag Queen Story Hours started out as niche events on the West Coast, but these events—aimed at children as young as age 3—have spread to libraries and schools across the United States, dividing local communities. These story hours are “just what they sound like,” Drag Queen Story Hour’s official website states: drag queens reading to children. […]


DECADENT DEMOCRATS: From CNN’s New Years Day C*cks and Drag Queen Mermaid to Teen Vogues’ Pushing Prostitution

EDITORS NOTE: This is the third in our Decadent Democrats series. Click here for our first column and here for our second column. The depravity of Democrats, and those who support them, began 2020 with a bang, no pun intended. Homosexuality as the New Democrat Normal The Daily Caller’s  media reporter Shelby Talkott in an […]


Behind the chiffon curtain: Drag queen story hours and child endangerment

Drag queen story hours (DQSHs) have quickly become one of the most divisive controversies in the 21st century culture war. Recent research revealed that these events are part of a much larger, intentional effort by the American Library Association to promote LGBTQ activism. New evidence from their recent annual conference shows how deep this promotion […]


K-12 Schools Bringing in Drag Queens to Teach Gender Ideology [+Video]

K-12 schools are bringing drag queens into the classroom to teach gender ideology, a Thursday video revealed. Teachers are praising “Drag Queen Story Hour,” according to a clip released by videographer Sean Fitzgerald and the David Horowitz Freedom Center. The program “captures the imagination and play of the gender fluidity of childhood and gives kids glamorous, positive, and […]