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Rules of Engagement: Operation American Spring – May 16, 2014 in Washington, D.C.

Militias across the United States are responding and mobilizing to the call to protect our Republic. Operation American Spring is underway. Militia Commanders and Sargent of Arms have called me from across the United States. Rules of Engagement (ROE) are now being requested. Leadership ROE for the event Operation American Spring scheduled for Friday, May […]

Clarion call for American Militia Mobilization for peaceful march on Washington, D.C.

Be advised that I am in the process of notifying and contacting all legal and constitutionally created militia groups across the United States to mobilize on Washington DC for Operation American Spring” currently scheduled for May 16th 2014 commanded by my friend Colonel Harry Riley US Army Intelligence (Retired) and holder of the Silver Star. […]

Time to Amend the Florida Constitution to stop the NSA?

A column on World Net Daily has come to my attention. It deals with legislative proposals in the states of Missouri and Kansas changing their constitutions to protect the privacy, and liberty, of their citizens electronic communications and data. The following are excerpts from the column. Perhaps it is time for Florida to consider amending […]

Shouldn’t Federal Judges be subject to their own un-Constitutional rulings?

Today I read a ruling by a Reagan appointee Federal Judge Edward R. Korman (pictured above). Judge Korman ruled, “that the government does not need reasonable suspicion to examine or confiscate a traveler’s laptop, cellphone or other device at the border.” He stated that its legal for law enforcement to peruse through laptop computers, cell phones, […]

Connecticut State Trooper on Gun Law: “I will not register my AR-15. Governor Malloy is a joke!”

Today I saw pictures of people lining up in Middletown, Connecticut registering their guns and giving up their unalienable Second Amendment right to “keep and bear arms.” I immediately called the Connecticut State Police and spoke to a State Trooper. I identified myself as Senior Chief Petty Officer Geoff Ross, US Navy retired. I stated my […]

An Open Letter to Congressman Paul Ryan

Dear Congressman Paul Ryan and to every single GOP Congressman/Senator that voted for the budget bill just signed by President Obama, Please note that this request by you for a cash donation from me is extremely unfortunate and very ill-timed. You see sir, I am one of the military retirees your “bipartisan” budget just impacted. You […]

Saudi Arabia an enemy of the United States?

In 2001/2002 we hit Afghanistan and overthrew the Taliban for aiding and abetting Al Qaida and for hosting Osama Bin Laden after the attacks on New York City, the Pentagon and Pennsylvania on September 11th 2001. We then went on to invade Iraq. This Iraq invasion had no constitutional reasoning and in my opinion was […]