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Entire Democratic Congress Will Run for Presidents in 2020

Capitol Hill — Majority leader House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and minority capo Senator Chuck Schumer announced that Thanksgiving Day shall be cancelled immediately. Schumer said it is a bourgeois invention not befitting a future, socialist America that was first discovered not by Columbus, but by a visionary progenitor of Karl Marx who wanted social justice […]

Ocasio-Cortez Goes To Washington

After her dramatic win during Tuesday’s election, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez booked a flight to Washington so that she might find an apartment in Seattle close to work as she embarks upon her mission to bring glorious Socialism to America. She commented that she was pleased to see the volcano covered with snow as this will keep […]

New ‘Ginsborg’ proposed after recent fall

Washington, DC — The 85-year-old Supreme Court Justice Ruth Ginsburg, who recently suffered injuries from a fall and has had a number of health issues, may soon get an upgrade to Ginsburg 2.0 due to recent breakthroughs in medical and robotics technology. A somewhat frail Ginsburg is currently undergoing tests as a candidate to become a cyborg, a half-human/half-robot […]

Comrades! Find your missing ballots!

With so many important races being so close and every vote needing to be counted (and some countered) it’s absolutely imperative that you start looking for those missing ballots that always show up after the polls close. First, check the trunk of your car, your attic, your neighbor’s mailbox, or anyplace else you might have […]

Frosty Transitions

Beloved children’s icon formerly known as Frosty the Snowman has announced the completion of her transition into a coalwoman named Sooty. According to Sooty, the change was spurred by years of soul searching and several college courses on systematic oppression by white male capitalist patriarchy. Said Sooty, “I always knew there was something wrong in […]

Blue Wave Coming For Mid-Term Election Day

What a coincidence, a huge blue wave – waving blue Honduran flags – is scheduled to arrive in the USA just in time for the mid-term elections! Camera crews from CNN and all major networks just happened to be there to capture it all on film. Women and children were being handed money so that […]

Hotel USSR: a new book by Oleg Atbashian, former citizen of the former Soviet Union

I’m happy to report that I’ve just published my second book, Hotel USSR. It’s a story of а young man coming of age in a totalitarian state. He wants to be an artist but he isn’t authorized to buy paints. He wants to see the world but the authorities brand him as politically unreliable. He wants […]

The #MeToo Game!

You’ve been sexually harassed or assaulted. You are humiliated and upset. It’s time to roll the dice! The goal of the game is to get justice. The path to justice can be treacherous, though. You’ll need your instinct, guts, and some luck to get there. To play: Each player chooses one of the “disgraced woman” […]

PROGULOGIES – The Hot New Party Game!

PROGULOGIES™ (prog-yoo-lo-jeez) is the great new interactive Party game any Progressive can play and enjoy! PROGULOGIES™ is a game for three or more people. You can play it anywhere with your fellow progs—at Starbucks, Democrat fundraisers and rallies, Senate confirmation hearings for conservative SCOTUS justices—anywhere progs gather! You can even play it online from the […]

Progressive disharmony: Meghan McCain vs. Andrew Cuomo

Washington, D.C. (9-1-2018) While speaking at her father’s funeral, Meghan McCain took a moment of personal privilege to launch an unprecedented verbal assault on New York Governor Andrew Cuomo. “The America of John McCain has no need to be made great again, because America was always great.” she sobbed. Then, referencing Cuomo’s recent lambasting of President […]