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VIDEO: Exposing the mainstreaming and disguising of communism in the USA

Posted by Eeyore She does quite a good job. The first guy she speaks with is a classic example of the communist hyperbole. He doesn’t say communist or socialist preferring the term, progressive. At this point its worth knowing that a famous communist leader in a speech in the USA that was attended by Bella Dodd, […]

VIDEO: A new look at a 2013 video on the weaponization of the term “Islamophobia”

This is a new and detailed analysis of an OSCE event in 2013 in Warsaw, where an attempt to extract a definition of Islamophobia from Islamic (OIC) sources as well as the Marxist think tank, Runnymede, was made with no success but a great deal of obfuscation. Why would that be? This is an important […]

Video of an Exceptional Speech on ‘Green economy’ in the German Parliament by Alice Weidel, Co-leader of AfD

Posted by Eeyore This is a must watch. Direct link. RELATED ARTICLES: The Environmental Costs of Renewable Energy Are Staggering Climate Kid Greta’s Global Strike Underway 41 Climate Doomsday Predictions That Didn’t Come True Canada Deletes 100 Years of Inconvenient Temperature Data

More on the Democratic Socialists of America [Videos]

Posted by Eeyore Earlier this month, we posted a video which should be shaking foundations in Washington and across America about the real nature of the DSA. A Marxist-Leninist group which intends a total take over of America, and in true Marxist fashion, not just in the political sphere but a total and complete and probably […]

“Jews who vote democrat have a lack of knowledge or great disloyalty.” — President Donald Trump [Videos]

Posted by Eeyore  This seems like the right time to re-post this important clip from Israeli TV, where a well known and accomplished Israeli intellectual, predicts that Leftist Jews, will bring unto themselves a pogram from the USA for their failure to support President Donald Trump. The only leader in these times who is […]

His Name Was Seth Rich! [Videos]

Posted by Eeyore  Seth Rich Murder Update: FBI Claims They Didn’t Investigate but NSA Claims Can’t Disclose Files Due to Matter of National Security We first reported in late July that Texas businessman Ed Butowsky filed a lawsuit where he outed reporter Ellen Ratner as his source for information on Seth Rich. The DNC operative was murdered in the summer […]

VIDEO: New expose on the great evil that is Google

Posted by Eeyore According to the Blacklist doc at 10:30, The Rebel.media is delisted from some google search results, as well as The Gateway Pundit, Infowars and many more. Google Document Dump RELATED ARTICLES: Google “Machine Learning Fairness” Whistleblower Goes Public, says: “burden lifted off of my soul” UPDATE: Google Engineer Who Went Public Placed on […]

VIDEO: It’s in writing. Pedophilia is a part of the postmodern agenda…

Posted by Eeyore  Beyond the main point of the signatures of the founders and main thinkers of the French, postmodern philosophers all demanding that pedophilia be made legal, these guys make a lot of good points. Also, it is food for thought about how similar the push to make little boys into drag queen strippers […]

VIDEO: ‘China Uncensored’ now grey listed by YouTube

Posted by Eeyore These guys are very good on all things China. Videos are very worth watching for those interested in the disposition and inner workings and geopolitics of China. It is as shocking in the same way that it is sticking that YouTube shadow banned Dennis Prager because his video on the 10 commandments mentions […]