Rick Trader discusses ‘The 2024 GOP Platform’ on Dissent Television

Rick Trader, host of Conservative Commandos Radio  Show and President/CEO of the American Uncensored News Network, joins Dr. Rich Swier, host of the Dissent Television Channel, discuss the policies behind the GOP Platform for 2024.

Listen to this compelling discussion of some of the key 20 issues laid out by the GOP Executive Committee in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

The 2024 GOP Platform

  1. Seal the border and stop the migrant invasion.
  2. Carry out the largest deportation operation in American history.
  3. End inflation, and Make America Affordable Again.
  4. Make America the dominant energy producer in the world, by far!
  5. Stop outsourcing, and turn the United States into a manufacturing superpower.
  6. Large tax cuts for workers, and No Tax On Tips!
  7. Defend our Constitution, our Bill of Rights, and our fundamental freedoms, including freedom of speech, freedom of religion, and the right to keep and bear arms.
  8. Prevent World War III, restore peace in Europe and in the Middle East, and build a great iron dome missile defense shield over our entire country – all made in America.
  9. End the weaponization of government against the American people.
  10. Stop the migrant crime epidemic, demolish foreign drug cartels, crush gang violence, and lock up violent offenders.
  11. Rebuild our cities, including Washington DC, making them safe, clean, and beautiful again.
  12. Strengthen and modernize our military, making it, without question, the strongest and most powerful in the world.
  13. Keep the U.S. dollar as the world’s reserve currency.
  14. Fight for and protect Social Security and Medicare with NO CUTS, including no changes in the retirement age.
  15. Cancel the electric vehicle mandate and cut costly burdensome regulations.
  16. Cut federal funding for any school pushing Critical Race Theory, Radical Gender Ideology, and other inappropriate racial, sexual, or political content on our children.
  17. Keep men OUT of women’s sports.
  18. Deport pro-Hamas radicals and make our college campuses safe and patriotic again.
  19. Secure our elections, including same day voting, voter identification, paper ballots, and proof of citizenship.
  20. Unite our country by bringing it to new and record levels of success.


Rick Trader is the host, executive producer, and founder of the Conservative Commandos Radio Show. His diverse background in everything from aviation to starting a non-profit educational foundation, to public speaking, gives him a unique perspective to the issues that Americans face today. Rick has worked in the video, television, and radio production industry, as well as hosting of television and radio programs.

Rick created the Conservative Commandos Radio Show because he wanted to have a place to voice his conservative opinions, and give other conservatives the opportunity to return our country to the constitutional, Judeo-Christian roots our Founding Fathers envisioned. The Conservative Commandos Radio Show has become a place where conservative ideas, opinions, principles, values, and voices can be heard and shared with rest of the country.

The Conservative Commandos are leading the charge, saving you from the liberal agenda!

J.D. Vance’s VP Nod Likely Final Nail In Coffin Of The Forever War Wing Of GOP, Experts Say

Former President Donald Trump’s pick of Republican Ohio Sen. J.D. Vance as his vice president could speed the GOP’s departure from a “permanent conflict” approach to national security, should Trump win in November, former U.S. officials and defense experts told the Daily Caller News Foundation.

Vance has aligned himself with Trump’s “America First” approach to national security and generally advocated against U.S. intervention in foreign conflicts, including the ongoing Russia-Ukraine war. Given Vance’s ideology, Trump’s choice to pick him as vice president has alarmed some prominent neoconservatives — a term frequently used to describe “hawkish” and pro-intervention conservatives — but welcomed by former senior U.S. officials and defense experts who told the DCNF they see his views as credible and pragmatic.

“Vance is unique among GOP politicians on foreign policy. You can either be a party leader on foreign policy or you could be right about foreign policy, but you can’t be both. But Vance seems to be both,” Justin Logan, director of defense and foreign policy at the CATO Institute, told the DCNF, noting that it is unsurprising that neoconservatives were upset by Vance. “Those people are extremely anxious, and I think they should be extremely anxious.”

“The selection of Vance does indicate a break with the neoconservative wing of the GOP that has been the dominant faction for a long time,” Michael DiMino, senior fellow at Defense Priorities and former CIA official, told the DCNF. “I think this represents Trump putting a stake in the ground and saying, ‘Hold on now, let’s put America first.’ And that’s about realism and restraint, and it’s about putting core U.S. interests first.”

Vance is expected to speak at the Republican National Convention (RNC) on Thursday and emphasize his stances on foreign policy, but previous comments could hint at what could be expected from his speech. The Ohio Senator has been critical of the Biden administration’s deepened involvement in the Russia-Ukraine war and the over $175 billion that has been provided to Kyiv since 2022.

One of Vance’s chief concerns is that Ukraine is incapable of winning the war, which he outlined in an April opinion article for the New York Times. Ukraine suffers from a lack of manpower arsenal, problems that have only gotten made worse as Russian forces continue to seize territory in eastern Ukraine.

“Ukraine needs more soldiers than it can field, even with draconian conscription policies. And it needs more matériel than the United States can provide,” Vance wrote in his op-ed for the Times in April, recommending Kyiv take a defensive posture rather than attempt an offensive. “The Biden administration has no viable plan for the Ukrainians to win this war.”

Vance has voted against aid to Ukraine in the past and advocated in recent months for the U.S. to prioritize brokering a peace settlement between Ukraine and Russia. Trump has advocated for a similar policy and promised to end the Russia-Ukraine war before even being inaugurated in January, should he win the presidential race.

“Vance is in lockstep with Trump on that issue,” ret. Lt. Col. Daniel Davis, host of the Daniel Davis Deep Dive show and senior fellow at Defense Priorities, told the DCNF. “It doesn’t surprise me the least that those who have a different view of the Russia-Ukraine war or the neocon crowd would be terrified… because they want permanent conflict, whether they say that or not, the results of their policies and their choices are unambiguous.”

More broadly, Vance has advocated that the U.S. should pressure Europe to focus on its own security rather than rely on American interventionism. Like Trump, Vance has been critical of NATO members for failing to meet their defense spending obligations while the U.S. pays more than any other nation in the alliance.

“Vance has carved out a place for himself to have a voice on foreign policy, and Trump is aware of that. I think it’s largely consonant with Trump’s views on foreign policy, so that helps,” Logan told the DCNF.

Vance will speak about foreign policy and defense on Wednesday at the RNC, whose theme for the day centers around “Make America Strong Again,” according to the Times. Lawmakers and officials who spoke to Politico on Wednesday said they are incredibly nervous about what Trump’s pick of Vance means for national security.

“Picking somebody like Vance just underscores that ‘America First’ is where the future is headed,” DiMino told the DCNF. “And it upsets the apple cart that the neocons have become so used to over the past 25 years. I think what you’ve seen over the last couple of days is these people having meltdowns over this.”




It Took A War For NATO Members To Actually Take Their Obligations Seriously With Biden At The Helm

‘I’m The Guy’: Biden Says He Alone Pressured Nation To Get Aid Into Gaza — But It Didn’t Appear To Work

Ski mask-wearing man with concealed AK-47 pistol arrested Monday near Republican National Convention, authorities say




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If you truly want to know who VP Elect J.D. Vance and his wife Usha really are then watch the film ‘Hillbilly Elegy’

I re-watched the film Hillbilly Elegy last night. The film, produced by Ron Howard, was released on November 11, 2020, and is based upon J.D. Vance’s book Hillbilly Elegy a New York Times #1 best seller published on May 1, 2018.

From a former Marine and Yale Law School graduate now serving as a U.S. Senator from Ohio and the Republican Vice Presidential candidate for the 2024 election, Hillbilly Elegy is an incisive account of growing up in a poor Rust Belt town that offers a broader, probing look at the struggles of America’s white working class.

WATCH: Hillbilly Elegy a Ron Howard Film | Amy Adams & Glenn Close | Official Trailer | Netflix

Hillbilly Elegy is a passionate and personal analysis of a culture in crisis—that of white working-class Americans. The disintegration of this group, a process that has been slowly occurring now for more than forty years, has been reported with growing frequency and alarm, but has never before been written about as searingly from the inside.

J. D. Vance tells the true story of what a social, regional, and class decline feels like when you were born with it hung around your neck.

The Vance family story begins hopefully in postwar America. J. D.’s grandparents were “dirt poor and in love,” and moved north from Kentucky’s Appalachia region to Ohio in the hopes of escaping the dreadful poverty around them. They raised a middle-class family, and eventually one of their grandchildren would graduate from Yale Law School, a conventional marker of success in achieving generational upward mobility. But as the family saga of Hillbilly Elegy plays out, we learn that J.D.’s grandparents, aunt, uncle, sister, and, most of all, his mother struggled profoundly with the demands of their new middle-class life, never fully escaping the legacy of abuse, alcoholism, poverty, and trauma so characteristic of their part of America. With piercing honesty, Vance shows how he himself still carries around the demons of his chaotic family history.

A deeply moving memoir, with its share of humor and vividly colorful figures, Hillbilly Elegy is the story of how upward mobility really feels. And it is an urgent and troubling meditation on the loss of the American dream for a large segment of this country.

An epilogue of the film reveals that J.D. graduated from Yale and published his memoir. J.D. and Usha married and have children, moving to Ohio to be near his family, including Lindsay and Bev, who has been sober for 6 years.

©2024. . All rights reserved.


J.D. Vance: Millennial Pied Piper

Who Is J.D. Vance? Ohio Senator Tapped as Trump VP Candidate

The Left Hates J.D. Vance

Biden Goes Full-On Communist with National Rent Control

The mask is off.

Biden Wants National Rent Control

By: Newsmax, 16 July 2024:

President Joe Biden called on Congress Tuesday to pass legislation that would compel corporate owners of rental housing units to cap annual rent increases at 5% or lose some tax benefits.

The White House also unveiled efforts to use public land for as many as 15,000 affordable housing units in Nevada and to boost neighborhoods in Las Vegas and elsewhere.

Biden, a Democrat, is traveling in Nevada, a political swing state that he hopes to win in the Nov. 5 election against Republican Donald Trump.

“Rent is too high and buying a home is out of reach for too many working families and young Americans, after decades of failure to build enough homes. I’m determined to turn that around,” Biden said in a statement.

Continue reading.

Texans for Fiscal Responsibility:

“Bidenomics” is nothing new. It is simply repackaged big-government communism, inspired by Karl Marx—but with a new name and face.

Just consider some of the main policy “achievements” of the Biden administration. It is full of spending increases and socialist policies. Billions in direct payments to individuals and businesses, $65 billion for businesses to expand broadband, $52 billion in corporate welfare for computer chip companies, billions in expanding socialized medicine, $80 billion for the IRS, and more green-energy incentives at the expense of taxpayers.

Major federal legislation passed under the leadership of Joe Biden—including the American Rescue Plan Act, the Federal Infrastructure bill, the CHIPS Act, and the spuriously named “Inflation Reduction Act”—have resulted in more than $4.12 TRILLION in new federal spending.

What has all of this resulted in? Nearly $33 trillion in national debt, which is roughly $100,000 owed per person in the United States (up from $27 trillion in January 2021 when Biden took office). It has also resulted in record levels of inflation, near-zero rises in wages when accounting for inflation, and a climate that continues to grow more hostile to American families and small businesses.

And that is only the beginning.

All these communist-like policies, and more, have been tried before (think Soviet Union, Cuba, Venezuela). They have always failed, and they will fail here too. They are explicitly designed to ensure big government is constantly intervening and controlling every aspect of the economy, private business, and American families—all at taxpayers’ expense.



Iran Assassination Plot against President Trump

American Muslims for Palestine Ordered To Turn Over Damaging Donor Documents in Virginia Terror Financing Probe

Failed Secret Service Director Gives Absurd Reason Why an Agent Wasn’t on Roof where Assassin Thomas Matthew Crooks Opened Fire on Trump

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Socialism Arising, Christianity Declining

“The American people will never knowingly adopt socialism. But under the name of liberalism, they will adopt every fragment of the socialist program, until one day, American will be a socialist nation without knowing how it happened.” — President Ronald Reagan

The progressive long-term stealth agenda is to transform America from a constitutional republic into a top-down, centrally controlled socialist form of government. Along those lines socialism is a God-less system absolutely damning any form, even ever so slightly, of belief in God especially the God of the Bible. While blessed with multiple public platforms, I also walk through my week with the full knowledge the Lord of lords and King of kings has called me to be a Watchman; to blow the Shofar of Warning to the threats accumulating against this nation so conceived under the Lord’s guidance, from the creation of our founding documents and principles unmistakably taken from Judeo-Christian teaching. What has stood in the way of a global governance has been America! What has kept the New-World Order, the One-World Government from becoming a full reality has been America, and mostly Donald J. Trump as President of the United States. Letters I have received from eight countries acknowledged such, but with more eloquence and emotion than I can portray here. People across the world are praying America will not extinguish her light of the gospel, her light of freedom. These letters are touching, emotional to read, real and candid, unafraid to state how the writer is praying for America not to lose her way.

What if God’s People who are called by His Name refuse to obey His ways, refuse to pray for those He placed in positions of trust and authority (politically as well as spiritually)? I sense strongly the Lord saying, “there is little I can do to bless you until such time you submit (cooperate) with My will.” If God’s People who are called by His Name continue to run out to play and seek after their own interests, ignoring what the Lord has asked, but then the people expect satisfying answers to all the troubles that come, they are sadly instructed. Even sadder is the fact the church is not instructing on repentance and submission, but instead gladly announcing a new day is dawning, a new year is coming, a new set of blessings is awaiting. Hear the Words of the Lord of lords and King of kings:

“I AM having My watchmen stand and sound the Shofar of Warning as to the storm coming, but My People, who are called by My Name, refuse to listen, refuse to response. I desire obedience. I bless obedience and sincere repentance for the errors My People make and the sins My People committed along their paths of service. I see little of either – obedience or repentance!

Watch the Trump Ad below. Watch closely…what is described is the quickening crumbling of America, a nation whose light once shined on a hill for all the world to see. Wake-up dear fellow citizens. Wipe the slumber from your eyes and go to your knees asking the Lord who ordained this exceptional (not perfect) nation to teach us again how to walk in submission (cooperation) to His Will, not man’s; not government’s; not even our own but His, the Lord who is the Attiq Yomin (Ancient of Days – the ultimate authority who will one day judge all nations, Daniel 7:9.13).

©2024. Lyle J. Rapacki, Ph.D. All rights reserved.

Please visit Lyle’s Arizona Today Substack.

The Attempted Assassination — Part 2

This is a good time for some critical thinking.

By now there are likely a thousand articles written about the attempted assassination of Donald Trump. For those who missed it, this was my initial commentary — and it still remains rather original in tone and perspective. Many of the others are quite good and I cited several examples as references (see the end of my prior post).

One that deserves special attention is the commentary by Dr. Robert Malone. Although it is too long and covers too many topics, the gist of it is important: it discusses evil. We tend to think of evil people as those who have corrupted standards (immorality, greed, etc.). Also, Thomas Crooks doesn’t really look like an evil person…

Dr. Malone’s point is that much of the evil we see is actually due to banality. This means rather than being a bad person, such an individual is “devoid of qualities that make for spirit and character.” There is a difference!

As a sideline, this is a significant part of what is missing in K-12 public education. Instead of teaching students to have Judeo-Christian values, they are taught Social Emotional Learning (SEL).

Another major consideration is about the qualifications of federal employees — like Secret Service personnel. Which is more important: to have such people be qualified, Critical Thinkers, or to have them be hired because of DEI criteria? Based on multiple reports of inexplicable behavior by various law enforcement personnel in this situation, the answer should be obvious.

Note: the only mention I could find on the Homeland Security site about Critical Thinking is that it is a part of the UDEE exam. Kudos for that being there. It’s too bad that it doesn’t get the emphasis that DEI, etc. do.

Back to Dr. Malone, who goes on to cite Hannah Arendt from her 1963 book “Eichmann in Jerusalem: A Report on the Banality of Evil”. Some salient parts for my readers are:

“Arendt’s intention was to highlight the fact that evil is not necessarily driven by a desire for destruction or chaos, but rather by a lack of thought and consideration for the consequences of one’s actions.

“The banality of evil refers to the fact that evil can be committed by ordinary, unremarkable people who are not driven by a desire for evil, but rather by a lack of moral imagination and a failure to think critically about the consequences of their actions.

“This concept highlights the importance of critical thinking and moral imagination in preventing evil. It suggests that individuals must be able to think critically about the consequences of their actions and consider the potential impact on others in order to avoid committing evil.”

Once again the takeaway is the profound importance of Critical Thinking, in almost every aspect of life. We simply MUST start properly teaching this in K-12 schools, quickly.

Here are other materials by this scientist that you might find interesting:

Check out the Archives of this Critical Thinking substack.

WiseEnergy.orgdiscusses the Science (or lack thereof) behind our energy options.

C19Science.infocovers the lack of genuine Science behind our COVID-19 policies.

Election-Integrity.infomultiple major reports on the election integrity issue.

Media Balance Newsletter: a free, twice-a-month newsletter that covers what the mainstream media does not do, on issues from COVID to climate, elections to education, renewables to religion, etc. Here are the Newsletter’s 2024 Archives. Please send me an email to get your free copy. When emailing me, please make sure to include your full name and the state where you live. (Of course, you can cancel the Media Balance Newsletter at any time – but why would you?

Biden Admin. Stonewalls Congressional Investigation into Assassination Attempt

The Biden administration has intervened to prevent the Secret Service from briefing a House committee investigating the attempted assassination of former President Donald Trump, a member of the committee told Family Research Council.

“After the Secret Service agreed to brief members of the House Oversight Committee on Tuesday, the Department of Homeland Security took over communications with the committee and has since refused to confirm a briefing time,” said a statement from the Oversight Committee emailed to FRC from Rep. Andy Biggs (R-Ariz.). “The Oversight Committee has a long record of bipartisan oversight of the Secret Service, and the unprofessionalism we are witnessing from the current DHS leadership is unacceptable.”

“We were scheduled for a first briefing today,” confirmed Rep. Michael Cloud (R-Texas), but “DHS has stepped in between the communications now of the Secret Service and the Oversight Committee, and are now trying to control the communication between the two committees.”

“Already they’re obfuscating, it would seem,” said Cloud.

The briefing to the House Oversight Committee would precede a full committee hearing on the Trump assassination attempt with the director of the Secret Service, Kim Cheatle, next Monday, July 22, at 10 a.m. Cloud noted that Chairman James Comer (R-Ky.) has issued subpoenas to assure Cheatle shows up.

At least three congressional committees are now investigating the near-fatal shooting in Butler, Pa. last Saturday. In addition to the House Oversight Committee hearing, Chairman Jim Jordan (R-Ohio) announced the House Judiciary Committee plans to question FBI Director Christopher Wray next Wednesday. And the House Committee on Homeland Security, led by Rep. Mark Green (R-Tenn.), will interview the leaders of the DHS, FBI, and Secret Service.

“The United States Secret Service has a no-fail mission, yet it failed on Saturday when a madman attempted to assassinate President Trump, killed an innocent victim, and harmed others. … [Q]uestions remain about how a rooftop within proximity to President Trump was left unsecure,” said Comer. “Americans demand answers from Director Kimberly Cheatle about these security lapses and how we can prevent this from happening again.”

Several questions hang over the Secret Service’s handling of the near-fatal shooting by 20-year-old Thomas Matthew Crooks, who fired eight shots from the top of the AGR International Inc. factory.

Tim Miller, a former Secret Service agent and founder of Lionheart International Services Group, told Perkins, “One of the first things you start with as a site agent, and we learned this in November of 1963,” is to ask, “‘Where are the high places where someone with a rifle could shoot and kill the president?’”

“Unfortunately, the biggest thing that we look at from day one was missed,” said Miller.

Cheatle admitted she placed agents inside the building from which the shooter staged his attempted murder instead of on top of it, because the structure had a sloped roof. Apparently, the Secret Service inside the building could not hear the shooter climbing the side of the business and walking on the roof above them.

Numerous eyewitnesses alerted law enforcement to the presence of a man on the roof with a rifle.

A policeman from the Beaver County Emergency Services Unit took a picture of Crooks and called in a suspicious presence at 5:45 p.m., 28 minutes before the shooting, according to local reporter Nicole Ford of WPXI.

Rep. Cory Mills (R-Fla.) told CNN Tuesday morning that the Secret Service’s serial failures were so amateurish that authorities must investigate whether they were “intentional,” or merely incompetence. “The amount of negligence, the amount of mistakes that were made here, I have a very difficult time not leading myself towards [thinking] this was intentional instead of fecklessness.” He called for Congress to establish a “J-13 commission,” apparently similar to the January 6 Committee.

“These are not difficult advances,” said Mills, a former military sniper. “This is not a political thing,” he said. The American people need “a proper investigation on all levels to ensure this doesn’t happen again and our president can be safe.”

“I’ve been making my own calls to Secret Service agents that I know that are willing to talk to me off the record. And there are a lot of severe problems,” revealed Biggs on “Washington Watch with Tony Perkins” Tuesday. “I would like to find out who is the lead agent who got there and ran the advance. I want to see what the agent asked for as far as material, manpower, etc., and whether he was denied some of that. The other thing I would like to know is where [were] the counter snipers? Were they green-lighted, or were they told that they were going to have to hold? And if they were told they were going to have to hold, I want to know who the supervisor was who made the determination to hold. And when they saw the actual shooter.”

Like many others, Biggs blamed a politically correct culture focused on “equity” rather than quality in hiring Secret Service agents.

“Cheatle has put a focus on DEI,” said Biggs. Cheatle announced she aimed to assure that 30% of Secret Service agents are female by 2030. In 2021, more women than men graduated from the service’s training classes. “This is all about DEI,” said Biggs. He charged Cheatle with laying aside “merit-based hirings” and becoming “willing to take anybody that she thinks” meets “her diversity goals.”

“That’s not the way their mission is designed,” said Biggs. “The DEI hires are so bad.”

Several female Secret Service agents appeared unable to cover Trump’s head on Saturday evening, or even to holster their pistols safely.

Miller said, due to the director’s laser-like focus on DEI — which the Biden-Harris administration has made a whole-of-government undertaking — members of preferred classes “are not being evaluated” thoroughly before being hired. “They’re actually saying, ‘Oh, well, you’re this particular group, so come on in.’ And I think that will compromise the mission.”

“There are a lot of problems and challenges,” said Miller. “And it starts with saying, ‘We’re not going to hire the brightest and the best. We’re only going to hire’” members of specified demographic groups.

These groups tend to vote overwhelmingly for the Democratic Party.

The Biden administration doubled down on its decision to elevate accidents of birth in the hiring process. “Our strength comes from our diversity,” stated Secret Service Chief of Communications Anthony Guglielmi.

The Biden administration has strongly supported Cheatle, who spent 27 years in the Secret Service, including several years on then-Vice President Biden’s security detail, insisting her leadership is not to blame. “I have 100% confidence in the director of the United States Secret Service, a dedicated, career-long law enforcement officer,” DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas told NPR.

But Speaker of the House Mike Johnson (R-La.) said he posed probing questions to Mayorkas “within hours” of the shooting. “He didn’t have a lot of those answers,” said Johnson, who called the impeached secretary’s responses “concerning.”

President Trump’s security team transformed dramatically between his shooting and the moment he entered the Republican National Convention in Milwaukee. On Monday evening, Trump strode into the Fiserv Forum to the strains of Lee Greenwood’s “God Bless the USA,” flanked by at least 10 male Secret Service agents and one female.

Critics say the Biden administration has a history of treating the American people as enemies, unworthy of knowing the inner workings of their own government. “This is coming from the same administration who was labeling Catholics as terrorists, people who go to school board meetings as terrorists, yet they fail to protect a former president of the United States and a political opponent. We’ve seen this administration target political opponents before,” said Cloud.

A Senate committee is set to receive a briefing on Wednesday. “It’ll be just the tip of the iceberg,” Senator Roger Marshall (R-Kan.) told “Mornings with Maria” Wednesday morning.

Next Monday’s House Oversight Committee hearing will be livestreamed on the committee’s website, oversight.house.gov.

Biggs acknowledged the heroism and how “the first agent hops up on that podium right away [and] doesn’t look towards where the shot came from. He’s going in to provide cover,” he recounted, even at the potential cost of his life. Comer also saluted “the brave Secret Service members who put their lives at risk to protect President Trump and for the American patriots in the audience who helped innocent victims.”

“There was good, bad, and ugly in this incident with Donald Trump,” said Biggs.

But the bad and the ugly leave disturbing questions House Republicans promise to investigate until the end.

“What we saw play out on Saturday night is the greatest indicator that we have a problem that we are refusing to look in the eye and deal with,” said Miller, “and that’s going to lead to nothing but danger and destruction down the road.”


Ben Johnson

Ben Johnson is senior reporter and editor at The Washington Stand.


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After the Party in Milwaukee, an Avalanche of Appropriations Await

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The Left Hates J.D. Vance

And that’s the best argument in his favor.

Donald Trump’s choice for vice president, Sen. J.D. Vance (R-Ohio), is, according to the Washington Post, “a rising star in the Republican Party and previously outspoken Trump critic who in recent years has closely aligned himself with the former president.” The leftist establishment media will in the next few weeks make a great deal out of his having been a Trump critic, leading some patriots to wonder if this was yet another of Trump’s personnel decisions that ended up backfiring on him (think Pence, Tillerson, McMaster, Bolton, et al). The strongest point in Vance’s favor, however, is that the left burns with a loathing for Vance that is almost as intense as its hatred for the man at the top of the ticket.

Zack Beauchamp, a senior correspondent at the far-left propaganda organ Vox, wrote Monday that Vance is friendly, thoughtful, and smart — much smarter than the average politician I’ve interviewed. Praise from a “journalist” of the caliber of Zack Beauchamp is a red flag. Zack Beauchamp thinks J.D. Vance is smart; Zack Beauchamp also thought that there was a massive bridge connecting Gaza and the West Bank, forcing Vox to issue a Babylon Bee-level correction: “An earlier version of this post suggested there was a bridge connecting Gaza and the West Bank. Various plans to do this have been floated, but the bridge was never actually built.

Beauchamp also noted in 2021 that a surge in antisemitism in the U.S. coincided with a “recent flare-up in fighting between Israel and the Palestinian militant group Hamas,” which actually made sense, since in some cases, the perpetrators waved Palestinian flags or shouted pro-Palestinian slogans.” Instead of actually coming to a realization, however, Beauchamp then retreated into his familiar leftist cocoon, improbably blaming Bad Orange Man: “the anti-Semitic attacks are part of the generalized surge in American anti-Semitism since 2016, which most experts link to the rise of Donald Trump and the alt-right movement.” Sure, Zack: supporters of the most pro-Israel president in history have always “waved Palestinian flags or shouted pro-Palestinian slogans.

Zack Beauchamp is thus not just a doctrinaire leftist; he’s an exceptionally dim bulb. If he thinks you’re smart, you can probably beat the average second grader in a tough game of tic-tactoe, or parrot the leftist dogmas Beauchamp loves so deeply, albeit ineptly. So Trump’s pick looks disquieting, except that Beauchamp goes on to say that Vance’s “worldview is fundamentally incompatible with the basic principles of American democracy.” When leftists start prattling on about “democracy,” or more commonly, “our democracy,” they mean their own hegemony and dominance of the American public square. If Vance threatens that, Trump has made a good choice after all.

Beauchamp then treats us to a scare paragraph about just what a black-hearted villain Vance really is:

Vance has said that, had he been vice president in 2020, he would have carried out Trump’s scheme for the vice president to overturn the election results. He has fundraised for January 6 rioters. He once called on the Justice Department to open a criminal investigation into a Washington Post columnist who penned a critical piece about Trump. After last week’s assassination attempt on Trump, he attempted to whitewash his radicalism by blaming the shooting on Democrats’ rhetoric about democracy without an iota of evidence.

This business about Trump trying to “overturn the election results” is common media spin for efforts to get a genuine investigation of the abundant evidence that there was widespread fraud in the 2020 election. Trump didn’t want Mike Pence to “overturn” the election results, but to withhold certification of the results until the fraud claims were fully investigated (which most never were; most of them that went to court were dismissed on other grounds). Pence clearly could have done this, as the Democrats in Congress later passed a law limiting the vice president’s power in order to ensure that it could not be done in the future.

Numerous Jan. 6 defendants, meanwhile, have languished in prison, in inhuman conditions, for years now without trial. Do they not deserve justice? Or at very least, fair treatment? J.D. Vance thinks so. Zack Beauchamp doesn’t. And as for the request for the criminal investigation of the columnist, it’s no surprise that Vance’s argument went way over Beauchamp’s soy-nourished head; it was an exercise in using the left’s “insurrection” hysteria against the left.

Beauchamp also hates Vance for blaming a leftist’s attempt to murder Trump on the left’s overheated and hysterical rhetoric about the Republican candidate. Vance, you see, is just trying to “whitewash his radicalism.” Never mind all the leftists who have for years now been calling openly for Trump to be killed. In Zack Beauchamp’s tiny Marxist world, they don’t exist.

And so Zack Beauchamp has, in sum, penned a long-form campaign ad for J.D. Vance, and Vox is happily featuring it atop all of its hard-left agitprop. It’s the best testimonial the vice presidential candidate could have wished for.



J.D. Vance: Millennial Pied Piper

Who Is J.D. Vance? Ohio Senator Tapped as Trump VP Candidate

Presidential Assassinations Have Always Aided the Democrats

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Republican National Convention Opened with a Prayer for the Hostages Held By Hamas and for Israel

The Republican National Convention (RNC) opened with a prayer for the hostages held by Hamas in Gaza, including eight American nationals. The prayer also included wishes for peace in Israel and Jerusalem.

This gesture was widely appreciated by various social media users, who noted the importance of such prayers in major Jewish gatherings and contrasted it with the expected reaction at the Democratic National Convention (DNC). The RNC’s action was seen as a reflection of Judeo-Christian values and a demonstration of support for Israel.

What an amazing moment. Republicans stand with Israel and the Jewish people. Beautiful.

Could the differences between the two parties be any more stark? The party of light versus the party of darkness.


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‘There Is Only One Pro-Israel Party’: RJC Chief Executive Rallies Support For Israel At the 2024 RNC

There’s nothing divisive about putting Americans first: Sen. Marco Rubio

Joe Biden has ‘failed this nation’: Ron DeSantis


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Guess who has Covid? One person in 8.1 billion!

There are 8.1 billion people in the world and out of those 8.1 billion people one person has Covid.

Guess who it is? You got it, the installed Marxist in the White House Joe Biden. Poor little thing.

Will the White House staff and secret service agents now be forced to wear face masks now Biden is “sick?”

Don’t forget Comrade Biden did say he would drop out as a presidential candidate if he got medically diagnosed as sick. lol.

Here’s your sign.

Are you not frustrated and sick and tired of the bull**** corruption, lies and incompetence flowing to the fake news from this Marxist weaponized government ?

I recall eating breakfast in the White House with former President Bush’s Chief of staff and Condi Rice. I certainly recall the roof to the White House being sloped as I checked in with the secret service and the roof definitely had secret service protection.

Click here to see a picture of a Secret Service agent standing on the roof of the White House.

Wait a sloped roof is too dangerous for the Secret Service to protect according to their incompetent director.

The honorable female DEI agents might slip in their high heels, then slide down the roof in their mini skirts, dropping their side arms and sunglasses then jam their thongs into the cracks of their asses.

Now that’s something to see.

Trump 2024.

©2024. Geoff Ross. All rights reserved.

Comrade Gavin Newson Ruler of California is losing SpaceX and ‘X’ Formerly known as Twitter

Congratulations to Elon Musk for his superb endorsement of President Trump and for the $45 million dollars a month he will be sending to Trump’s Super Pac to help defeat the installed Communist bottom feeder in the White House, the corrupt Joe Biden.

The Democrats though are still on a role trying to decimate our nation with its relentless attacks on our entrepreneurial spirit trying to wear us down with high taxes and insane regulations while collapsing the free markets across our republic especially in California, the poster child cesspool of Communist activity.

Governor Newsom the Marxist dictator of California still not happy with totally crushing corporate restaurant businesses like Macdonald’s, Wendy’s Marco Pizza etc. with his Soviet style interference in California’s wages law mandating $20 an hour unless you bake bread, has now decided to become the parent of all children in the Marxist California indoctrination camps called High Schools.

Comrade Newson signed into law AB-1955 or the Support Academic Futures and Educators for Today’s Youth (SAFETY) Act. There is nothing safe about it but it is a major threat to parental controls of their children with Comrade Newson now placing more unconstitutional restrictions on parenting. It’s nothing more than pure Soviet style boots on the necks of once free citizens.

Elon Musk pays close attention to state legislatures especially in California and when they start implementing Soviet style governance like this one on the residents of California he makes business decisions to protect his employees and his company.

After Comrade Newson signed AB-1955 into law on July 15th 2024 Elon Musk today July 16th 2024 is now in the process of drawing up plans to move his company SpaceX headquarters from Hawthorne California to Texas. .

He is giving his 13,000 employees plenty of notice to start moving to Starbase in Texas. Texas has zero state income tax and corporate tax so the state is pretty much tax friendly on its residents other than its higher than norm property tax base.

Last year Elon Musk told Comrade Newson “Ruler of California ” if you implement any more Soviet style legislation in California he is totally closing down shop in that state. That is now in process with more tax revenue and job creation being directed towards Texas.

Elon Musk also owns the social media communication platform “X” formerly known as Twitter with its headquarters in the human fecal capital of the world San Francisco. “X” has about 1,000 employees who will also be given the option to move to Austin Texas.

What I like about Space X though is that it is putting the cost overrun champions of the world NASA slowly out of business. I also like the fact that these Marxists that pay their so-called fair share of taxes to the Treasury Department are funding NASA who in turn pay Elon Musk fantastic amounts of money to launch satellites into space with huge profit margins which in turn allows Elon to fund Trump’s presidential campaign.

Trump made Mexico pay for the wall and Elon is getting Democrats in part to fund Trump’s presidential campaign. America is a great place right ? If you live in California, my condolences.

God Speed to SpaceX and “X” as they relocate to the free state of Texas.

©2924. Geoff Ross. All rights reserved.

TAKE ACTION: How to Report the U.S. Secret Service for Incompetence

I already filed my complaint to the U.S. Secret Service (USSS) demanding the resignation of the incompetent woke DEI Director.

The design of a sloped roof creating a safety issue is irrelevant in protecting the life of a president or former president unless you need an excuse for being a low IQ moronic retard.

The Secret Service / Homeland Security’s second excuse is that Iran threatened to assassinate Trump which is total horse crap.

The new President of Iran is a pro western reformist who seeks a restoration of meaningful relations with the United States. Planning assassinations is not on his schedule.

Below is the Secret Service E-mail to report incompetence.

The Secret Service takes allegations of employee misconduct seriously. If you believe that a Secret Service employee has engaged in misconduct, to include civil rights abuses; waste, fraud, or abuse; or criminal or non-criminal misconduct such as abuse of authority, violence, governmental ethics violations, unauthorized/improper use of Secret Service equipment or systems, or prohibited personnel practices, you may report such misconduct to the Secret Service Office of Professional Responsibility, Inspection Division:

E-mail: ISP.WebComs@usss.dhs.gov
Mail: U.S. Secret Service
Attn: Inspection Division
245 Murray Ln SW – BLDG T-5
Washington, DC 20223

Request That Kimberly Cheatle Employment Termination For Incompetence

Attention U.S. Secret Service!

The Director of the U.S. Secret Service is incompetent and who is more focused on hiring none qualified individuals that can’t even holster side arms over the security and protection of high profile individuals like former President Donald J. Trump.

These female secret service agents were not even tall enough to act as bullet catchers for President Trump.

The female secret service agents displayed zero knowledge of basic small arms training.

Numerous members of the public identified the threat and reported it to law enforcement giving the secret service plenty of time to eliminate the threat.

The secret service agent on the roof top covering the Butler, Pennsylvania rally with a $39,000 tax payer funded sniper weapon should have terminated the threat before the individual even fired a shot.

The slope angle on a physical structure is irrelevant when enforcing a protective security posture for a former president. If a young Marxist close to reaching puberty can crawl on a sloped roof with an AR-15 then the secret service could have had it secured.

The secret service agents and local police cannot defend a former president inside the building they must be on the roof even if it’s sloped.

This pitiful woke excuse is mute because the secret service counter – security sniper team were positioned on the sloped roof opposite this structure.

There were zero emergency communications channels established between the secret service in the building outside the security zone and the secret service agents protecting the president on site inside the zone.

The secret service could have contacted the secret service agents within feet of Trump to pull him off the podium when the shooter was spotted with the rifle.

There were no drones providing security from above.

Director Kimberly Cheatle must resign immediately as she is a massive security threat to our republic. She is an absolute cluster cluck and not qualified for this position.

She almost got a former president killed and she is 100% responsible for the death of an American citizen and the severe injuries to the two others.

The families of those killed and injured need to file civil law suits against Director Kimberly Cheatle starting at $100 million dollars plus.

She must apologize to the family she got killed and the families injured and then she must apologize to the American people and then RESIGN!

Senior Chief Geoff Ross
U.S. Navy (Retired)
Surface Warfare — Air Warfare

©2024. Geoff Ross. All rights reserved.


Failed Secret Service Director Gives Absurd Reason Why an Agent Wasn’t on Roof where Assassin Thomas Matthew Crooks Opened Fire on Trump

Secret Service Tells Senators Shooter ‘Identified’ Roughly 50 Mins Before Trump Took Rally Stage, Sources Say

Blood on their hands: Trump’s near-assassination did not come out of nowhere

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BREAKING: Secret Service Tells Senators Shooter ‘Identified’ Roughly 50 Mins Before Trump Took Rally Stage, Sources Say

The U.S. Secret Service (USSS) and the FBI told lawmakers Wednesday that former President Donald Trump’s would-be assassin was identified well before shots rang out at the Pennsylvania rally, according to sources familiar with the briefing.

Federal law enforcement held the briefing with lawmakers to go over specifics of the shooting that nearly killed Trump on Saturday in Butler, Pennsylvania. During the call, USSS and FBI officials stated that the gunman, later identified as Thomas Crooks, was noticed about an hour before the shooting, or approximately 50 minutes before Trump took the stage to address the crowd, according to two sources familiar with the briefing.

“There was zero accountability from Secret Service,” one source familiar with the briefing told the DCNF. “They identified the shooter 60 minutes prior to the assassination attempt.”

Given that the shooter opened fire about 60 minutes after being identified, and about ten minutes into Trump’s speech, this means that the identification occurred roughly 50 minutes before the former president took the stage.

Another source familiar with the briefing confirmed this particular detail to the DCNF. One of the sources said the officials told senators that Crooks was spotted with a range finder.

Both sources familiar with the briefing described it as a major disappointment given the gravity of the subject it addressed.

“Multiple members” who wanted to ask questions on the video call were not granted the opportunity to do so, according to another source familiar with the briefing. “They did not have answers to basic questions,” the source told the DCNF in reference to USSS and FBI.

USSS also spotted Crooks on the roof from which he opened fire about 20 minutes before shots rang out, according to ABC News, citing its own sources familiar with the briefing.

The security lapses that allowed Crooks to get several clean shots off at Trump from close range have raised serious questions from Republicans, who have widely and sharply criticized the USSS’ performance on Saturday as one of the worst failures in the agency’s history.

USSS Director Kimberly Cheatle has been lambasted for her response to the situation, which has included a statement to ABC News that security was not present on the roof from which Crooks opened fire because it is sloped.

Several lawmakers went public with their criticisms after the briefing as well.

“I just got off a briefing with the Secret Service and FBI. I am appalled to learn that the Secret Service knew about a threat prior to President Trump walking on stage,” Republican Tennessee Sen. Marsha Blackburn wrote in a Wednesday post to X. “I have no confidence in the leadership of Director Cheatle and believe it is in the best interest of our nation if she steps down from her position.”

Republican Utah Sen. Mike Lee expressed a similar view in his own post to X after the briefing.

“Secret Service Director Kimberly Cheatle needs to step down immediately. Today’s (mostly) information-free briefing only confirmed that,” Lee wrote. “What little information she gave us was at once deeply troubling and glaringly incomplete.”

Republican Sen. John Barrasso of Wyoming also ripped the Secret Service after the briefing concluded.

“This was a 100% cover-your-ass briefing. He was identified as being suspicious one hour before the shooting. He had a range finder and a backpack. The Secret Service lost sight of him,” Barrasso said in a statement shared on X. “No one has taken responsibility. No one has been held responsible. Someone has died. The President was almost killed. The head of the Secret Service needs to go.”

The FBI and USSS did not respond immediately to requests for comment.





Secret Service’s Explanations For Security Failures Ahead Of Trump Assassination Attempt Aren’t Adding Up

U.S. Reportedly Received Intel Of Iranian Plot To Assassinate Trump
Secret Service Lied, Trump Was Denied Protection

RELATED VIDEO: DISTURBING: New Information About The Assassination Attempt Emerges

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Who Is Usha Vance the wife Of Trump’s VP Pick? She’s the daughter of immigrants with an impressive resume!

Usha Vance, wife to Trump’s pick for vice president, Republican Ohio Sen. J.D. Vance, has a long and impressive resume, which is likely to fall under increased scrutiny as she and her husband surge into the national spotlight.

A child of immigrants, Usha’s parents emigrated from India and settled in San Diego where they raised her, according to ABC News.

She attended Yale for her undergraduate degree and, after earning her Masters at Cambridge, returned to Yale for law school where she met Vance, he recalled in his memoir “Hillbilly Elegy.”

She built upon a prestigious educational CV with an even more impressive career resume.

She clerked for current Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh when he was on the United States Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit in 2014-2015 and then for Supreme Court Justice John Roberts from 2017-2018, according to ABC News.

Following her clerkship for Roberts, she returned to her previous firm, Munger, Tolles & Olson, to serve as a trial lawyer, according to her LinkedIn. She left the firm shortly after Trump announced Vance as his running mate.

“Usha has informed us she has decided to leave the firm,” a Munger, Tolles & Olson spokesperson told Bloomberg Law. “Usha has been an excellent lawyer and colleague, and we thank her for her years of work and wish her the best in her future career.”

In his book, Vance describes Usha as being one of the most blunt people he’s ever met. She had “an extraordinarily direct way of speaking,” he wrote in “Hillbilly Elegy.”

“Where others might have asked meekly, ‘Yeah, maybe you could rephrase this?’ or “Have you thought about this other idea?’ Usha would say simply: ‘I think this sentence needs work’ or ‘This is a pretty terrible argument.’ At a bar, she looked up at a mutual friend of ours and said, without a hint of irony, ‘You have a very small head.’ I had never met anyone like her,” he wrote.

The pair have three children together. Vance credits her as his “spirit guide” in his book. Besides her lengthy list of professional accomplishments, she also served on the board of the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra, according to LinkedIn.





’A Significant Upgrade’: Immigration Hawks Hail Vance As Trump’s VP Pick

EXCLUSIVE: Mike Johnson Answers Whether Garland Will Be Impeached, Outlines Second Trump Term Congressional Agenda

‘You Would Get Booed Off The Stage’: Matt Gaetz Taunts Kevin McCarthy While He’s In Middle Of CNN Interview

Elon Musk plans to give $45 million a month to pro-Trump super PAC, WSJ reports

Republican National Convention (RNC) Opened with a Prayer for the Hostages Held By Hamas, Praying for Israel and Jerusalem

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EXCLUSIVE: ‘He Would Be Amazing’: Ohio Republicans Float Possible J.D. Vance Replacement For Key Senate Seat

MILWAUKEE, WISCONSIN – One day after Donald Trump announced his running mate would be Ohio Sen. J.D. Vance, Ohio Republicans started considering who could be his replacement in the Senate in conversations with the Daily Caller.

Contingent on a Trump-Vance win in November, Republican Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine would be left to pick a replacement for the seat. Following the announcement, one-time presidential candidate Vivek Ramaswamy told the Caller he would “strongly consider” taking the seat if it were offered to him, while other reports indicated that DeWine was leaning toward choosing State Sen. Matt Dolan, who earlier this year lost a primary to Bernie Moreno for Ohio’s other Senate seat. Various reports float names under consideration, so state Republicans talking to Daily Caller gave some suggestions themselves.

“Oh, he would be amazing,” Debbie Lang, an Ohio Republican Party central committeewoman, told the Caller of Ramaswamy. “He’s great. He’s such a supporter of President Trump. He can articulate our conservative values. He’s wonderful. He’s our future. He’s a young man and he’s brilliant. And so he would be good.”

State Sen. Sandy O’Brien also threw her support behind Ramaswamy in a conversation with the Caller.

Ramaswamy was at one point a contender for the coveted spot of Trump’s running mate, but reports indicated in March that he had been ruled out. Since, the topic of taking a position in a potential second Trump administration has been the speculation around the rising star of the GOP. Now, the Senate seat may be on the table.

“If asked to serve, I would strongly consider the position,” Ramaswamy told the Caller Monday. He stressed that he would first consult Trump on what the best path forward would be for the country, however. He also lauded the pick of Vance as running mate and characterized him as “one of our best fighters” in the Senate.

Of course, the seat would only need to be filled if Trump and Vance win the election, putting serious consideration off for at least another four months. DeWine would then be left to appoint an interim replacement before a special election could be held in November 2026. Under the state statute, DeWine is free to appoint “some suitable person having the necessary qualifications for senator,” according to the New York Times.

DeWine and the former president were recently at odds after they endorsed different candidates in Ohio’s GOP Senate primary. Trump endorsed Moreno, who would go on to win, while DeWine backed Dolan, who the former president calls a “RINO.” Days before the election in March, DeWine refused to endorse Trump, saying he was focusing on local elections.

Ohio Delegate Mike Gondak told the Caller that whoever throws their hat in the ring needs to think of the toll of the job and whether that is something they can handle. Gondak had some names to suggest for the job, including former Ohio Republican Party Chairwoman Jane Timken, who unsuccessfully ran for Senate in 2022, losing the primary to Vance along with several other candidates. Gondak also floated the name of Ohio Attorney General Dave Yost.

“Jane Timken would be great. Vivek has raised his hand, he would be great if he was interested as well. We’ve got a stable of statewide officeholders that are going to be term-limited here soon. So it’s an amazing opportunity for the Governor because he has two years left to leave his mark,” Gondak told the Caller.

Though some are enthusiastic to learn who could be replacing Vance, other Ohio Republicans told the Caller that the speculation was premature. The focus instead should be ensuring that Trump wins along with Moreno, who is taking on Democratic Ohio Sen. Sherrod Brown, they said. Moreno has closely aligned himself with Trump during the campaign, which earned him the primary endorsement. Moreno was also endorsed by Vance and Donald Trump Jr., among other Trump allies.

“Every minute we spend talking about anything beyond this November’s election is an advantage to Joe Biden, a man who can barely finish a sentence. It’s an advantage to Kamala Harris because nobody gets to see how incompetent she is and it’s an advantage to Sherrod Brown because we don’t talk about how Sherrod Brown acts like a radical liberal in Washington,” Ohio Lt. Gov. Jon Husted told the Caller.

DeWine was asked directly about who he would appoint to the seat, but similarly punted the question.

“We have to win first,” the governor told Fox News Digital.




Former Hillary Spokesperson Says Voters See Democrats As ‘Losers’

Secret Service’s Explanations For Security Failures Ahead Of Trump Assassination Attempt Aren’t Adding Up

Biden Reportedly Plans To Back Measures ‘Limiting’ Supreme Court

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