American Muslims for Palestine Top Dog: ‘We Are Going to Change this Country Forever’

We warned you. And we were smeared, defamed, libeled for telling the truth.

This has long been the plan. In a strategy paper for the Muslim Brotherhood, often referred to as the Ikhwan in Arabic, found in the Virginia home of an unindicted co-conspirator in a 2007 terrorist funding case in Texas, describes the group’s U.S. goals, referred to as a “civilization-jihadist process.”

“The Ikhwan must understand that their work in America is a kind of grand jihad in eliminating and destroying the Western civilization from within and sabotaging its miserable house by their hands and the hands of the believers so that it is eliminated and God’s religion is made victorious over all other religions,” it states. This process requires a “mastery of the art of ‘coalitions,’ the art of ‘absorption’ and the principles of ‘cooperation.’”

Success in the U.S. “in establishing an observant Islamic base with power and effectiveness will be the best support and aid to the global movement,” it states.

One only has to look at Europe for a glimpse into this dark future. Malmo in Sweden, for example, is a Muslim immigrant majority city. It’s now more dangerous than Baghdad in Iraq.

American Muslims for Palestine top dog: ‘We are going to change this country forever’

By: Robert Spencer, May 26, 2024:

When this endeavor becomes obvious to everyone, some will complain that there was no one who ever warned them. Actually, there was, but the warners were vilified, smeared, demonized, demonetized, blocked, shadowbanned, and silenced.

“Executive Director Of ‘American Muslims For Palestine’ Osama Abuirshaid At George Washington University Encampment: We Will Take Back America, Just Like We Will Take Back Palestine; You Will Be The Past, We Will Be The Future,” MEMRI, April 25, 2024:

Executive Director of American Muslims for Palestine (AMP) Osama Abuirshaid said at an April 25, 2024 speech at the George Washington University encampment that protesters will change America forever. He said that Zionism will be a dark moment in history, and the generation of the participants in the encampment will bring this “disgrace to an end.” He concluded his speech, saying: “We will take back America […] You will be the past, we are the future. Assalam Alaykum.”

The video was posted on Osama Abuirshaid’s Facebook page. Abuirshaid posted on his Facebook page videos of other speakers at George Washington University on April 25, one of whom was Rafiki Morris, who said in a May 2023 Nakba Day rally in Washington D.C. that the only good Zionist is a dead Zionist and that America is a Zionist country and it must be destroyed.

Osama Abuirshaid: “They know they are going against the force of history. They are trying to destroy you before you succeed in bringing this imperialism to an end, before we bring this poison of Zionism to an end.


“Now, we know what America stands for. We know what these elite colleges stand for. They are only structures in an imperial project. Israel is only another structure in an imperial project. Zionism is no less evil than white supremacy or any sort of supremacy.


“We will stand with our morality and we will maintain our future in terms of our professionalism and in terms of how we are going to change this country forever. They are lying to us about American exceptionalism.


“Zionism will be a dark moment in our history. Any sort of supremacy will be a dark moment in our history. It is you, it is your generation, that will bring this to an end. It is you that will bring this disgrace to an end.


“You don’t need to be a Palestinian, or Arab, or a Muslim to stand with justice and to stand with the Palestinians. Had this been done to our Jewish brothers and sisters, we would all be here with you. But Netanyahu does not speak for you. Israel does not speak for you, and this administration, and the corrupt structure, and the establishment in this country does not speak for us.


“We will take back these colleges as we will take back America, as we will take back Palestine, as we will take back our humanity.


“You will be the past, we are the future. Assalam alaykum!”



Canada Pledges 5000 More Visas for Gazans

Biden’s Half Billion U.S. Built Pier in Gaza is SINKING

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The Media Ignores Hamas’ Holding of Hostages and Hizballah’s Attacks on Israel

There is much about the war against Israel to which the mainstream media pays scant attention. That journalistic failure is discussed here: “What mainstream media isn’t reporting during the Israel-Hamas war – opinion,” by Andrea Samuels, Jerusalem Post, May 24, 2024:

In general, from watching MSM [mainstream media], we have the impression that the IDF is killing innocent children, unopposed, and there is no mention of the ongoing rocket attacks on Israel apart from the Iranian attack which was portrayed as a harmless gesture,” explained Paul Martin Gurnett from Britain….

The rocket attacks launched by Hamas into southern Israel, and by Hezbollah into northern Israel, are seldom mentioned on the mainstream media. But we are shown people in Gaza running for cover, just before the IDF’s airstrikes hit, and then the aftermath of bloody corpses who, we are assured — no evidence need be presented — are almost entirely those of “women and children.”

You can go for days without the Israeli hostages being mentioned even once on the news in North America. In Europe the lack of coverage is even more pronounced. They are mentioned when the IDF finds a few more murdered hostages, usually in a tunnel, like the three dead Israelis just found by the IDF on March 23 under the Jabaliya camp. And when the IDF releases a video taken by Hamas operatives of hostages as they were being captured, and manhandled, a minute or two of that will be shown on the mainstream media. But that’s about it.

When have you read or heard anything about the tens of thousands of Israelis who have had to leave their homes in northern Israel because of Hezbollah rocket and drone attacks? Never? Well, almost never.

Hezbollah has been joined in southern Lebanon by Hamas volunteers, eager to join their Shi’a Muslim rivals in order to fight the Zionists. But little is reported about those Hamas operatives launching their own attacks from Lebanon into Israel.

The mainstream media keeps telling us about how more than 1.2 million people in Gaza were initially displaced from the north, and that now, about one million have been evacuated from their temporary refuges in Rafah, forced to flee north, to Al-Mawasi and Khan Younis.

Did you hear a word from the mainstream media about this barrage from Lebanon? You did not. Nor have there been more than a handful of mentions in the mainstream media about the 60,000 Israelis in the north who have been forced to flee their homes, and for seven months have been unable to return.

Another tragedy about which many outside Israel are unaware is the deaths of soldiers on the frontlines both in Gaza, the North, and the West Bank.

Men, some as young as 19, as well as reservists in their 20s, 30s, and even 40s, are making the ultimate sacrifice to keep us safe, often leaving behind young children who will grow up without a father….

These young men, and some women, have died in defense of their people and their state. Many were native sabras; others made aliyah with their families to Israel from all over the world. Some came alone. Their stories — the ones that have been told in the Israeli media — are amazing. But the mainstream media is not interested in human interest stories from the Israeli side. That would humanize the IDF fighters, might even make them sympathetic. And that would never do.

More than a thousand Israeli soldiers and civilians have been seriously wounded in the Gaza War, meaning that they will need years of rehabilitation, as well as having to come to terms with living as amputees.

Don’t look to the BBC, or the French Canal Cinq, or Deutsche Welle, or The New York Times, or The Washington Post, for news about the 60,000 Israelis who have had to leave their homes in the north and the 40,000 who have had to do the same in southern Israel because of rocket barrages from Hamas and Hezbollah. Don’t look there for news about the eight field hospitals the IDF has built in Gaza. Don’t expect to hear much about Israel’s young soldiers dying in Gaza in defense of their country. You will not read heartbreaking stories about those killed and their parents mourning; such stories are reserved for Palestinians alone.



What the Mainstream Media is Not Reporting About the Israeli Side of the War

Two-Thirds of Unemployment Benefits in Germany Go to Migrants

Italy: Star of David and threat scrawled on Jewish university professor’s door

UK: Man casually walks streets wearing ‘HAMAS 7’ jersey

Austria: Muslim migrants attack police officers, injure six

Germany: Christian Democrats nominate Sharia-adherent, Erdogan-linked Muslim for local elections

Two Muslim girls uncover on TikTok the horror of abuse in their Islamic community

Ireland: ‘Palestine’s’ ambassador looks forward to seeing her flag flying over Parliament

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Mexican Cartels Dictate Flow of Nearly all Illicit Drugs into the U.S. DEA Confirms

In addition to record-breaking numbers of illegal immigrants hemorrhaging into the United States through Mexico, cartels in the Latin American border nation have caused the worst drug crisis in U.S. history, according to the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA). The federal agency, which operates under the Department of Justice (DOJ), is responsible for enforcing the nation’s controlled substances laws and regulations as well as investigating criminals and gangs that traffic illegal drugs into the country. In its annual National Drug Threat Assessment (NDTA), released this month, the DEA outlines and gauges illicit drug threats and trafficking trends endangering the United States. Mexican cartels are at the heart of the report, specifically the Sinaloa and Jalisco Nueva Generación cartels.

Sinaloa is one of the most powerful drug cartels in the world, according to the DOJ, and is largely responsible for the manufacturing and importing of fentanyl that gets distributed in the U.S. It operates as a sophisticated business of drug traffickers and money launderers that get precursor chemicals mostly from China to manufacture synthetic drugs in Mexico that eventually come into the U.S. Jalisco is one of Mexico’s “most murderous drug smuggling rings,” according to a U.S. congressman and former Navy SEAL who earlier this year introduced a bill to kill or capture the cartel’s leaders. Jalisco is notorious for trafficking cocaine and methamphetamine into the U.S. as well as for its gruesome murders. “These two cartels are global criminal enterprises that have developed global supply chain networks,” DEA Administrator Anne Milgram says in the latest NDTA, adding that they rely on chemical and pill press companies in China for material to manufacture drugs and operate clandestine labs in Mexico where they manufacture the drugs. Then they utilize their vast distribution networks to transport them into the United States, Milgram said.

Nearly all the methamphetamines sold in the United States today is manufactured in Mexico, according to the DEA, and it is purer and more potent than in years past. Fentanyl is the deadliest drug threat the U.S. has ever faced, killing nearly 38,000 Americans in the first six months of 2023 alone, the NDTA reveals. Fentanyl and other synthetic drugs, like methamphetamine, are responsible for nearly all the fatal drug overdoses and poisonings in our country. “The Sinaloa and Jalisco cartels command worldwide organized criminal networks that all play a role in producing and delivering fentanyl, methamphetamine, and other illicit drugs by the ton,” the DEA report states. “They operate extensive global supply chains, from precursor chemicals to production facilities, and direct a complex web of conspirators that includes international shippers, cross-border transporters, corrupt officials, tunnel builders, shell companies, money launderers, and others.” The two Mexican syndicates have total control over each segment of the criminal drug trade with no competition in the U.S. and an established presence in every American state. “Together, the Sinaloa and Jalisco cartels have caused the worst drug crisis in U.S. history,” the DEA writes in this year’s report.

Americans may logically wonder how tons of drugs flow so freely into the country through a land border that is supposed to be relentlessly protected, especially after 9/11 and the creation of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) to prevent another terrorist attack. According to the DEA the Mexican cartels are actually in charge and they dictate the flow of nearly all illicit drugs into the U.S. “Their dominance over the synthetic drug trade is evident in the relentless stream of illicit fentanyl and methamphetamine crossing the border toward U.S. markets,” the DEA report says. The agency says no single cartel controls specific border crossings or ports of entry into the United States and some drug shipments cross the border between, not through, official ports of entry. “The size and firepower of the cartel that controls the border region of Mexico immediately south of the U.S. border, however, does dictate which other drug trafficking groups have to pay a piso to smuggle drugs through the region toward the border, and which are barred from transiting the region altogether,” the DEA writes, adding that Sinaloa exerts near-total control over the border region south of Arizona and most of California.

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Trump Attends NASCAR Race In Key Swing State

Former President Donald Trump attended NASCAR’s Coca Cola 500 on Sunday in North Carolina.

Trump last attended a NASCAR event in 2020 and was the fourth sitting president to become the Grand Marshall of the Daytona 500, according to USA Today. Sunday marks the first time a former or sitting president has attended a race at Charlotte Motor Speedway in Concord, North Carolina, the outlet reported.

A video of the former president’s plane, dubbed Trump Force One, doing a flyover at the race garnered hundreds of thousands of views after being posted on Twitter. In another video posted by Charlotte Motor Speedway, a crowd erupts in “USA” chants when greeting Trump.

The former president is leading hypothetical matchups against President Joe Biden in key swing states such as North Carolina. According to the RealClearPolitics average, Trump is leading Biden in North Carolina by five points. The former president won the state in the 2020 election with 50.1% of the vote, USA Today reported.

Before attending the Sunday race, Trump spoke at the Libertarian Party Convention in Washington, D.C., on Saturday. At the convention, Trump promised the party a cabinet position if he is elected with the help of their vote.

The closing arguments of Trump’s Manhattan Court case, which has spanned since April 15, is set to begin Tuesday. Throughout the duration of the trial, which left Trump Wednesdays and weekends free, the former president has claimed it has interfered with his ability to campaign. 

“I’m supposed to be in Georgia, I’m supposed to be in New Hampshire, I’m supposed to be in Ohio and lots of other places, and they have me sitting here,” Trump said on April 30.

Since April 15, when Trump’s court case in Manhattan began, only allowing him Wednesdays and weekends free, the former president has held just three rallies as of May 18, according to a Daily Caller analysis. Trump conducted 28 rallies through the same time period in 2016.

More broadly, Trump’s campaigning has been less in 2024 than 2016, according to a Daily Caller analysis. Trump held 132 rallies across 43 states spanning from Jan. 1 to May 7, 2016. The former president has held just 24 rallies in 11 states in the same time period in 2024.

“When President Trump is not in court eight hours per day for the Biden Trial, he has been hosting rallies and fundraisers, doing local and national media interviews, and even hosting foreign leaders at Trump Tower who have asked to meet with him because they know he will soon return to the White House,” a campaign official told the Daily Caller in response to criticism that Trump wasn’t utilizing his free Wednesdays.



White House correspondent. Follow Reagan on Twitter.

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Biden Reportedly Will Lift Weapons Sale Ban On Country He Previously Called ‘Pariah’

The Biden administration is expected to end a ban on the sale of offensive weapons to a country that the president once described as a “pariah,” according to Financial Times.

The U.S. has indicated to Saudi Arabian officials that it is willing and able to lift the moratorium, according to Financial Times. President Joe Biden imposed the ban on sales to Saudi Arabia shortly after taking office in 2021 due to the country’s excesses in its nine year-old war against the Iran-backed Houthis in Yemen

The Biden administration is expected to end a ban on the sale of offensive weapons to a country that the president once described as a “pariah,” according to Financial Times.

The U.S. has indicated to Saudi Arabian officials that it is willing and able to lift the moratorium, according to Financial Times. President Joe Biden imposed the ban on sales to Saudi Arabia shortly after taking office in 2021 due to the country’s excesses in its nine year-old war against the Iran-backed Houthis in Yemen.

As a candidate for president on the campaign trail, Biden called Saudi Arabia a “pariah” state and asserted that they are “murdering children” in Yemen, according to Financial Times. Saudi Arabia is typically among the world’s leading purchasers of U.S. weaponry and defense equipment.

Turmoil in the Middle East following the October 7 attacks against Israel has reportedly convinced or reassured American policymakers that Saudi Arabia ought to be a key partner of the U.S. in the region,  according to Financial Times.

American officials have also said that a series of deals with Saudi Arabia are close to completion, which would include agreements about Saudi Arabia’s civilian nuclear program and a defense agreement, according to Financial Times. Those pacts would be part of a larger effort to have Saudi Arabia normalize relations with Israel, provided it makes strides toward establishing a state for the Palestinians, a position which may be unviable in Israel at present.

The move “would be an important step in continuing to rebuild the relationship between the U.S. and Saudi Arabia,” Ali Shihabi, a Saudi Arabian pundit with connections to the royal court, told Financial Times. “And lifting the ban has become more important given the way the Houthis have behaved since October 7.”

The Houthis have frequently targeted commercial and military ships transiting the Red Sea since October 7, and the group has also been targeted by U.S. airstrikes meant to deter further attacks.

The White House did not respond immediately to a request for comment.





Biden Admin Urges Allies Against Confronting Iran On Nuclear Program Ahead Of US Elections: REPORT

White House Says NSC Spox Was Supposed To Applaud Saudi Arabia On Sept. 10, Not 9/11

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The Formation of a New Dutch Government

Dick Schoof

The new candidate for Prime Minister of the Netherlands is Dick Schoof. He has been top civil servant, in the field of security. It is very likely that he will be appointed.

I would prefer that Geert Wilders become the new Premier. The people have designated him as the winner of the free elections in our country. However, for the people who REALLY hold power in our country, he is too extreme.

Should Dick Schoof become the new Premier, we will get more of the same again. We will then continue on the old and wrong course.

The Dutch Government is flouting the Dutch Constitution.

They do this in the following ways:

  1. All members of a new Cabinet must have been on the ballot paper. Now Mr. Schoof is proposed as Premier, while people could not cast a vote for him.
  2. A new Government must be formed within 3 months of the election. If this fails, the people have the right to new elections. Now the formation has taken much longer. So we have a right to new elections.
  3. A caretaker Government may not put signatures on any document. The Rutte Government, which is outgoing, does this anyway!
  4. A caretaker Government may under no circumstances contact any foreign power. Prime Minister Rutte and his Ministers do so however.

I am not making all this up. I learned this during my studies in political science at the University of Amsterdam, when I was taught Constitutional Law. I was told that these laws are immutable.

End of support for Geert Wilders

For about 20 years I have supported Geert Wilders. I trusted him. I thought he would do something against the Rise of Islam, once he would get political power.

He is now selling out his beliefs and ideals. Wilders wants Dick Schoof to be the next Dutch Prime Minister. Dick Schoof is a bureaucrat, who worked for the Dutch secret service. He is also a life long member of the Dutch Labour Party.

Nothing good will come from this. I will not cast my vote during the upcoming elections. I’m angry at Geert Wilders, but I’m also fearful for the future of my country.

©2024. Matthys van Raalten. All rights reserved.

PODCAST: LaBarbera Explains to ‘Crosstalk’ Radio Why Most ‘Queer’ Activists Cannot Say NO to LGBTQ+ Perversions

‘Polyamory’ — multiple-partner ‘non-monogamous relationships’ — latest sexual deviancy to receive media promotion.

The following is Crosstalk’s description of the program:

Increasingly, the push for full acceptance and promotion of the LGBTQ+ agenda is advancing.  In fact, According to one poll, 28% of Gen-Z adults are identifying as LGBTQ.

The result?  Women’s sports are being decimated and dominated by men who are identifying as women.  Leading up to the Super Bowl, the NFL is committed to bowing to the diversity, equity and inclusion movement as it will be hosting the third annual, “A Night of Pride” with GLAAD during Super Bowl Week.  Politically, additional LGBTQ+ appointments to the federal bench are being made by the Biden administration, while polyamory is on the increase.

Are we fast approaching the days of Lot?  That’s a question to ponder as Crosstalk welcomed Peter LaBarbera back to Crosstalk.  Peter is the founder and president of Americans for Truth.  He’s a former reporter for the Washington Times and and a former contributing editor for Human Events.

The Public Religion Research Institute is the organization making the claim that 28% of Gen-Z adults (ages 18-25) are identifying as LGBTQ.  Peter doesn’t completely believe that figure because he contends that the PRRI is a liberal polling group and that it’s in their interest to promote progressive ideas in religion and Christianity.  Nonetheless, he found out from Gallop in early 2022 that based upon polling from the previous year, 20.8% of Gen-Z’ers were identifying as LGBT.

Peter believes this crisis is the result of the “mainstreaming” of perversion toward young people and that this activity expands the list of perversions.  This broadcast demonstrates what recent history has shown us in this regard and that since homosexuality was normalized, in the name of diversity, you can’t say “no” to other perverse lifestyles such as transgenderism or polyamory.

Peter’s concern is that the only way out of this cascading deviance is revival because we’re at the stage where young people simply see homosexuality as normal. In fact, they almost see it as “square.”  Instead the cutting edge thing is to be non-binary or gender fluid.

From the LGBTQ perspective, mainstreaming through indoctrination is working and it’s hitting America like a flood because like an open dam, the boundaries have been removed.  The flood is hitting everyone, especially young people, and they’re being offered numerous identity options, all based upon subjective feelings, that go beyond the letters, LGBTQ.

Get the latest news on this advancement, and what it means for you, when you review this vital edition of Crosstalk.


Biden Admin Shells Out Taxpayer Cash On Foreign LGBT Events As Pride Month Approaches

Biden’s Health Department Looks To Push Equity Requirements On Transplant Lists

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USAA Scorns Its Trump-Voting Members By Debanking The Lawyer Who Defended Him

Most of you have seen this before. I continue to divest from USAA — they no longer share my conservative values nor are they competitive in many areas.

USAA Scorns Its Trump-Voting Members By Debanking The Lawyer Who Defended Him


USAA was ‘founded on military values.’ Now it embraces leftist ideas, transgender ideology, and corporate cancel culture.

Mention the word “debanked,” and some might think you stuttered or misspoke. Explain what debanking is — financial institutions canceling a customer over his politics — and most will think you’re paranoid.

Yet from oil and gas service firms in Texas to companies selling firearms to the Freedom Convoy of Canadian truckers, debanking is a real and growing problem. Especially as corporate leadership skews left and attempts to move their business beyond simply making a profit.

Now John Eastman, one of the attorneys who worked with former President Donald Trump, has been debanked by both Bank of America and USAA.

That USAA debanked Eastman for his ties to the 2020 election contest comes as a surprise. USAA — now an insurance, financial services, and banking powerhouse headquartered in San Antonio, Texas — got its start in 1922 as a mutual self-insurance company for Army officers. Its clientele is mostly service members, veterans, and their families, with membership limited to those who can show a military tie. That means that, per a 2019 Pew Research poll, its customers are center-right, with 59 percent of veterans identifying as Republican versus only 39 percent of veterans who are Democrats. In other words, USAA’s customers voted overwhelmingly for Trump.

Unfortunately, as USAA grew larger, some customers complained of a decline in quality as USAA increasingly contracted out key services, such as adjustment claims. USAA also drifted from its military heritage.

Today, USAA is like that empty husk of a human worn like a skin suit by that giant extraterrestrial insect in “Men in Black.”

Of the 10 men and one woman listed on USAA’s executive council, none mentions military service on his or her LinkedIn profile. Given that about 10 percent of American men ages 35-64 are veterans, one would expect to see at least one veteran on the senior management team of a firm that claims, “We’re run by members, for members. And we’re committed to serving the military and their families,” and “USAA was founded on military values.” Instead, we see people who, unless their parents served in the U.S. military, do not personally qualify for USAA insurance due to a lack of a link to military service.

Continue reading.

©2024. Royal A. Brown III, All rights reserved.

Anti-Spain Is In Power In Madrid

PalestiniansSpain | MEMRI Daily Brief No. 604

The news that Norway, Ireland, and Spain would recognize a Palestinian state on May 28, 2024 certainly caught the world’s attention. Both Hamas and the Taliban, among others, congratulated the European countries. But while there was reaction about all three countries, much of the public ire and bitterness – in both directions – focused on Spain.

Israeli Foreign Minister Israel Katz responded on May 27 by accusing Spain of “rewarding terrorism” and added that “the days of the Inquisition are over.”[1] Earlier, he had lamented statements by Spanish officials by mentioning that to “understand what radical Islam truly seeks, she should study the 700 years of Islamic rule in Al-Andalus – today’s Spain.”[2] Other, unofficial, pro-Israel voices focused on the expulsion of Jews by the Catholic monarchs Ferdinand and Isabella in 1492, or called for the recognition of an independent Catalonia.

Still others denigrated Spanish history or culture, dragging in mocking references to flamenco dancing or bullfighting. American conservative Dennis Prager ignorantly commented in a podcast that “when Spain kicked out the Jews in 1492, it was one of the greatest powers on earth. After 1492, people said, ‘Where is Spain?’ It went from gigantic to nothing overnight with its expulsion of the Jews in 1492.”[3]

The criticism, whether clever or stupid, showed a basic misunderstanding about Spain today, Spanish politics, and the nature of antisemitism and anti-Israel rhetoric. For what happened with Spain and Israel is not some recurrence of atavistic Castilian Catholic “Jew hatred,” but something rather more common. It is as if the malevolent children – part communist, part Islamist in motivation – who are seen protesting for Palestine on the university campuses of the West actually ruled a country.

Responding to Spain’s patronage of a Palestinian state by bringing up the Inquisition or 1492 or Catholicism or bullfighting might be superficially satisfying in some quarters, but is actually ludicrous, because Spain’s current political rulers despise all these things. The ruling leftist-far left-Catalan/Basque separatist coalition in Spain is in favor of Catalan independence, is soft on Islamic rule in Spain, and is reliably anti-Catholic. It is the left in Spain that wants to allow Islamic prayers in the Cathedral-Mosque in Cordoba. It is the left in Spain that encourages illegal immigration from Muslim countries into Spain, a kind of counter “Reconquista.” They would rather erase all in Spain that is old or distinctive or “Spanish.” The separatist rulers in Catalonia have welcomed Islamic migration, and even the spread of Salafism in their region, as long as the new arrivals don’t commit the cardinal sin of speaking Spanish.

Spain has the most left-wing government in Europe, the only one with actual hardcore communists in it. Socialist Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez would not be in power today without the vote of his communist allies (the rival far-left Sumar and Podemos parties), along with the approval of Catalan and Basque separatists, most of whom also lean left. While much ink has been spent in the Anglophone media about the supposed dangers of right-wingers in countries like Hungary, Poland or Italy, the leftist, corrupt and increasingly authoritarian regime in Madrid has flown under the radar. This is probably because the EU bureaucracy itself leans left. And the EU’s foreign policy chief since 2019, Josep Borrell, is a Spanish Catalan Socialist. His old comrades in Madrid are open allies of Venezuela and Cuba, and their views on Israel are closer to the hardcore Latin American left than they are of even social democratic parties in Western Europe. Sanchez himself has steadily moved the Spanish Socialists (PSOE) to the left from where they were in the days of Prime Minister Felipe Gonzalez.

Spain declared an arms embargo on Israel on October 7, 2023 just as Jews were being massacred and before any invasion in Gaza.[4] The greatest stridency against Israel – the calls for “From the River to the Sea” and accusing Israel of genocide, began on the Spanish far left long ago and then steadily migrated throughout the ruling left/far-left coalition. Deputy Prime Minister Yolanda Diaz (Sumar) and former Equality Minister Irene Montero (Podemos) used it first, and then it eventually was heard from the lips of the Socialists when Defense Minister Margarita Robles, on May 25, said that what Israel was doing in Gaza was “an authentic genocide.”[5]

In Spain, it is the political right that is pro-Israel. This is the same political right which is monarchist, conservative, mostly Catholic, and against Catalan independence, which is also against the leftist regimes in Latin America like Cuba and Venezuela, and which is against the massive wave of illegal immigration into Spain that is abetted by the ruling left. By far, the most consistent pro-Israel political voice in Spain is the conservative Vox party (often – falsely – described by the left and the media as “far-right’ or “ultra-right”), the third largest party in the country. The center-right Popular Party (PP) also leans towards being more pro-Israel than the Spanish left.

The increasing closeness of Western left-of-center parties with Islamic and imported “anti-colonial/anti-imperialist” ideologies is a widespread phenomenon. Spain is important in this equation because the left is already in power and it is perhaps a model for “progressive” foreign policy that we may see more often in the West as demographics change and as the left is pressured by both its own far-left wing and by a rising populist right.

Spain today is as if “the Squad” in the U.S. House of Representatives or France’s LFI-NUPES ruled a country. There is not one trendy notion of the American and European far-left that has not been embraced by or at least talked about by the current rulers in Madrid. When it comes to Gaza, immigration, abortion, euthanasia, and fourth-wave feminism, they are nothing if not predictable.

Politics in Spain seems increasingly Venezuelanized. The country is beset by very serious economic problems and high unemployment, by the burning question of Catalan and Basque separatism, by poor governance and a catastrophic decline in births – but today in the country, the hottest issues of the moment – promoted by Sanchez’s Socialists and his communist allies – are being anti-Israel, a running war of words with Argentina’s libertarian President Javier Milei, and the evergreen Spanish leftist campaign against the long-gone late Caudillo Francisco Franco (d. 1975) and all his works. If you can constantly talk about Gaza, Milei, and Franco, you can avoid questions about government corruption or about violating the constitution with crooked pacts with Basque terrorist sympathizers and Catalan separatists or about unemployment, incompetence, and increasingly heavy-handed state authoritarianism. You can do so especially when much of the media is in your pocket because of government subsidies.


Amb. Alberto M. Fernandez

Alberto M. Fernandez is Vice President of MEMRI.


[1], May 27, 2024.

[2], May 24, 2024.

[3], December 6, 2023.

[4], May 26, 2024.

[5], May 25, 2024.

EDITORS NOTE: This MEMRI column is republished with permission. ©All rights reserved.

The Latest Overreach by the Morality Police

If Iran can have its morality police, why not America?

That must be the thinking behind the Equal Opportunity Employment Commission’s latest move. In late April, they released a staggering 155 pages of new guidelines dictating proper workplace behavior for employers and employees to follow.

If these rules were applied to any workplace television sitcom — Cheers, Wings, The Office —those businesses would have been shuttered within weeks.

Frankly, I’m surprised the EEOC’s sanctimonious sermon wasn’t delivered from a pulpit.

Conveniently (I say this in jest) the EEOC’s guidelines provide plenty of laughable examples of workplace harassment to help us navigate these overbearing directives.

Take, for instance, the story of Rose.

Rose asks Dara, a mother of three, “Shouldn’t mothers stay at home with their kids?”

Later, Rose tells another co-worker, Sloan, who has no children, “Every woman should want a baby!”

According to the EEOC, both comments are examples of sex-based harassment. I kid you not.

“Based on these facts,” the EEOC says, “Rose’s conduct toward Dara and Sloan is based on their sex, even though they are all women.”

Silly? Absolutely. But not as foolish as this:

An example of age-based harassment, according to the EEOC, would be for an employer to suggest that an older worker enter retirement to “enjoy the ‘golden years.'”

Apparently, the EEOC thinks expressing views on motherhood and retirement are now forms of illegal harassment — at least inside the cubicle farm of gossiping employees.

Isn’t this every employee’s dream? Having the morality police ready to pounce on your every word? Who wouldn’t want the feds to dictate what’s moral, harassing, and illegal during those contentious water cooler discussions that could easily get out of hand?

But you’ll only know these rules if you slog through the EEOC’s tedious 155-page “Enforcement Guidance on Harassment in the Workplace.” Be warned, however, plowing through it makes Tolstoy’s War and Peace read like a bedtime story.

But do you really have a choice to ignore this pugnacious homily?

if you refuse to scour through this holy book of bureaucratic scripture, verse-by-verse, how would you ever know it’s considered sexual harassment not to use a co-worker’s preferred pronoun? Misgendering, as the EEOC says, is now “harassment based on sexual orientation or gender identity.”

And heaven forbid a customer should overhear that intentional misgendering. That customer might also contribute to the “hostile work environment” by using the “wrong” pronoun.

Naturally, if an employer must honor an employee’s preferred pronoun, they must also honor that person’s choice of bathroom and locker room.

Here’s how the EEOC defines “harassment based on sexual orientation or gender identity”:

“Repeated and intentional use of a name or pronoun inconsistent with the individual’s known gender identity (misgendering); or the denial of access to a bathroom or other sex-segregated facility consistent with the individual’s gender identity.”

This ruling means men identifying as women can now enter female bathrooms and locker rooms in facilities like fitness centers, healthcare facilities, factories, and entertainment venues.

And if you’re a woman showering in a locker room when a man pretending to be a woman walks in, don’t dare say something like, “You people need to stay out of here.”

That rebuff would constitute two forms of sexual harassment. Yes, two strikes!

Firstly, you’d be trying to deny a person the right to use the locker room of their gender choice. Secondly, you’d be contributing to a “hostile work environment” by using the phrase “you people,” which the EEOC considers forbidden “code words” designed to discriminate against a protected class.

With so many landmines in the 155-page guidance, the best recommendation is to say nothing to your co-workers: smile, nod, and keep walking.

But there is a way to push back against this federally mandated nonsense. And who better to lead the charge than some high school kids?

In Asheville, North Carolina, many students are now declaring their preferred pronoun is “U.S.A.,” much to the dismay of at least one school counselor.

“As you may or may not be aware, there is a TikTok trend where kids say, ‘my pronouns are U.S.A.,'” the upset counselor in the Buncombe County School District wrote.

“It’s quite offensive to those who are non-binary and do not identify with the typical ‘he/she,'” the counselor added. “I’ve heard at least 10 students say this today. What can we do to address this?”

The message to kids is clear: don’t play in or mess with our woke sandbox.

Ironically, the EEOC insists it’s not trying to create a “civility code that covers run-of-the-mill boorish, juvenile, or annoying behavior.”

Yet, that’s precisely what they’re doing, especially since phrases like “you people” and “golden years” are now considered unlawful harassment.

This is what happens when social norms break down, and moral decisions become a free-for-all. It allows anyone, especially those in power, to assume the role of moral arbiter and dictate acceptable behavior.

But as any student of the Bible knows, even God has to deal with people trying to find loopholes in His laws and commandments. So, what chance does the un-godly woke mob have? As TV mobster Tony Soprano would say, “Forget about it.”

I say go ahead. Tell your employer and coworkers your pronoun is U.S.A. Let’s see how long this EEOC directive lasts.

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As the ICC Fans ‘Pathetic Lies,’ Israeli Experts Say ‘We Were Gaslighted by [Biden] from the Outset’

The $300 million boondoggle known as the Gaza pier has been a floating flashpoint ever since President Joe Biden commissioned the project. Now, a few weeks into America’s buoyant humanitarian program, three U.S. soldiers have been injured (one critically) and most convoys of supplies and food have either been ambushed or looted by Hamas terrorists, never reaching its intended civilians.

To be fair, both parties had reservations about the idea, which they aired in a Senate Armed Services hearing back in March. “One of my concerns is security for this operation,” Delaware Democrat Chris Coons said at the time. “Because if the U.S. military is seen to be building and operating it, I think it puts it at greater risk.” On the opposite side of the Capitol, House Armed Services Chair Mike Rogers (R-Ala.) pointed out that “nobody can answer who’s going to provide the security, who’s going to provide the drivers, and who’s going to load and unload stuff?”

Now, less than a month into the “solution” for suffering Gazans, the Biden administration’s insistence that Hamas — not Israel — control the operations there has become an absolute, taxpayer-funded disaster. “… [T]he United States has made it very clear to Israel that it doesn’t want Israel to control [Palestine], including the distribution of food,” Caroline Glick, senior contributing editor of Jewish News Syndicate, told Family Research Council President Tony Perkins on “Washington Watch.” “As a result, we had reports last week that Hamas has actually earned $500 million since the beginning of the war by selling the humanitarian aid that the international community insists that Israel be bringing into Gaza. So this entire thing in a way [is] humanitarian relief for Hamas,” she insisted.

“… [T]he United States spent $300 million … to build a pier in Gaza to deliver humanitarian aid by sea. And none of the hundreds and hundreds of tons of humanitarian aid that has been brought to that pier has been delivered to anybody in Gaza,” Glick pointed out. … One convoy was commandeered by Hamas and just seized. And every other convoy comes under attack. So it’s all this pathetic lie.”

And it’s all feeding the anti-Israel anger that’s driving bodies like the International Criminal Court (ICC) to hold Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu accountable for crimes he’s not committing. “[There are the ICC’s] claims of starvation, which are untrue. … The claims of famine, which are untrue; the claim that Israel deliberately targets civilians for killing, which is untrue. All of these things are geared towards one goal. And that goal is for Israel to be forced to capitulate to international pressure and allow Hamas to survive,” Glick argued. “These are all demands that are being made, all allegations utterly false, that are being waged against Israel because the people who are waging them want Israel to lose this war.”

For all these claims, she pointed out, “There hasn’t been any documented evidence that anybody is starving in Gaza, except for the 128 hostages from Israel that Hamas kidnapped to Gaza on October 7th. So those are the only people we know for certain are starving. Most of the terrorists that Israel has arrested during the course of the war have been fat to obese,” Glick wanted people to know. “So we’re not seeing any privation in terms of food shortages among the members of Hamas that we’re seeing, and we don’t really see it among civilians. They just celebrated the Ramadan … their holiday for holy month. And there were no reported shortages of food for Ramadan. So all of this is just a fabrication, and it’s used in order to foment an Israeli defeat in this war. That’s what it’s all about.”

Perkins believes the entire narrative is being fanned by the ICC and international community to keep Israel from finishing the job against Hamas. It’s the “nefarious mix” of fake news, Glick said, that “all leads to this idea that there’s something criminal about Israel defending itself from the people who committed unspeakable atrocities on October 7th. And, you know, they started the war, they invaded, they massacred 1,200 people in the most sadistic way known to humanity in ways that nobody ever imagined before.”

And yet, she went on, “We were being gaslighted by the Biden administration from the outset. And talk of humanitarian crisis started a week after October 7th, when there was plentiful food and water inside of Gaza. So this is a deliberate fabrication to criminalize Israel and deny us the right to self-defense, much less the right to defeat our enemies. It’s very, very extraordinary.”

It’s escalated to such a point that “you have a prosecutor who has no jurisdiction over Israel … and now he wants to issue arrest warrants against a prime minister, our democratically-elected prime minister and our defense minister, for leading the country in a war for our national survival. … The Germans want to arrest the leader of the Jewish state for defending Israel against modern-day Nazis. That’s an unbelievable statement. And yet, here we are.”

Israel is a much stronger ally than Ukraine and certainly Afghanistan to the U.S., so “you would think we would actually work extra hard to make it easier for Israel,” Perkins pointed out, “but it looks like we’re working extra hard to make it difficult for Israel. And why?”

Incredibly, Glick said, the Biden administration is “unflappable” — even in the face of “the greatest atrocity that mankind has seen since World War II.” Even October’s horrors haven’t moved them “one millimeter from their conviction that the biggest problem is that there’s no State of Palestine for the very people who conducted these atrocities. Don’t forget,” she pointed out, “85% of the Palestinians, not only in Gaza, but in Judea and Samaria as well, support what happened on October 7th. Over 90% of Palestinians said that they are more proud to be Palestinians today than they ever were before October 7th. So these are the people that the White House thinks need to have a sovereign state.”


Suzanne Bowdey

Suzanne Bowdey serves as editorial director and senior writer at The Washington Stand.

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Harvard Prevents Encampment Ringleaders from Graduating after U.S. House Investigation

The Harvard Corporation prevented 12 seniors from graduating Thursday for their involvement with the illegal protest encampment in support of the terrorist organization Hamas. The decision is a rare instance of campus anti-Semitic activists facing real consequences for their lawbreaking. It only came after significant congressional involvement.

To inflict these real consequences, the Harvard Corporation, which governs the school, made the decision to override their own faculty, in favor of preserving the integrity of “Harvard College’s disciplinary processes,” the university newspaper noted. At a regular meeting of the Faculty of Arts and Sciences, which is usually poorly attended, 115 Harvard faculty turned out to overwhelmingly vote in favor of shielding the anti-Israel protestors from all consequences, and allow the seniors to graduate anyways.

That vote came only three days after the Harvard College Administrative Board had placed 28 students on suspension or academic probation for their involvement with the disruptive pro-terror encampment.

In deciding to overrule the faculty vote, the Harvard Corporation explained that the faculty had simply ignored the Student Handbook, which requires students to be in good standing in order to graduate. “Today, we have voted to confer 1,539 degrees to Harvard College students in good standing,” wrote the corporation. “Because the students included as the result of Monday’s amendment are not in good standing, we cannot responsibly vote to award them degrees at this time.”

While granting that faculty have the right to determine appropriate disciplinary measures for students, Harvard Corporation argued that they didn’t do that. “We respect each faculty’s responsibility to determine appropriate discipline for its students,” they said. “Monday’s faculty vote did not, however, revisit these disciplinary rulings, did not purport to engage in the individualized assessment of each case that would ordinarily be required to do so, and, most importantly, did not claim to restore the students to good standing.”

In other words, the faculty did not argue that the students had not done anything worthy of discipline or that sufficient discipline had already been implemented. They simply declared that the protestors should be immune from the consequences of their actions because it was all for Palestine. It was a political power play.

Acquiescing to this power play would inject more injustice into Harvard’s disciplinary process, protested the corporation. They considered “the inequity of exempting a particular group of students who are not in good standing from established rules, while other seniors with similar status for matters unrelated to Monday’s faculty amendment would be unable to graduate.”

The Harvard Corporation seems to be taking a much harder line against the illegal excesses of pro-Hamas protestors than it did several months ago. This is the same governing board that issued a statement defending Harvard ex-President Claudine Gay before her sudden resignation in early January. Gay faced criticism for refusing before Congress to condemn calls for a genocide of Jews and for widespread plagiarism among her published academic portfolio.

More recently, Harvard executives continued to signal toleration for the anti-Semitic protest. Gay’s replacement, interim Harvard President Alan M. Garber, agreed on May 14 to reinstate suspended protestors and reevaluate the universities investments in exchange for them dismantling their encampment. Harvard University subsequently reinstated over 22 students.

However, the Harvard Corporation seems to have done an about-face after the U.S. House Education and Workforce Committee released a report on Friday, which revealed the university had failed to implement the recommendations of its anti-Semitic task force.

House Republicans have held Harvard’s feet to the fire ever since Gay’s disgraceful December testimony, and apparently Harvard got tired of the scathing media attention. It’s relatively easy to defend the indefensible (failing to protect Jews or enforce campus rules) when no one asks any questions. But holding a giant spotlight over the misbehavior quickly makes it awkward for those tasked with defending it. In this case, it took just under a semester for the Harvard Corporation to decide they had had enough.

The Harvard Corporation can now expect to face “a faculty rebellion,” predicted (or promised?) Government Professor Steven Levitsky. An anti-Semitic campus activist group, Harvard Out of Occupied Palestine (whose name implies the Jews don’t deserve a state), also suggested the encampment might return, saying, “If Harvard won’t live up to their promises, we see no reason to live up to ours.”

The Harvard Corporation previously caved to pro-terror activists because it was afraid of the power of students and faculty. Its new willingness to brave their wrath suggests that it is now more afraid of the power of Congress to keep the spotlight on them if they continue to cave. Even if House Republicans can’t pass conservative legislation through a Democrat-controlled Senate or White House, their investigative power can still have an effect on the behavior of places like Harvard.


Joshua Arnold

Joshua Arnold is a senior writer at The Washington Stand.

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The Washington Stand is Family Research Council’s outlet for news and commentary from a biblical worldview. The Washington Stand is based in Washington, D.C. and is published by FRC, whose mission is to advance faith, family, and freedom in public policy and the culture from a biblical worldview. We invite you to stand with us by partnering with FRC.

Wind Turbines = Enormous ‘Unintended’ Consequences

The inevitable result when political science is substituted for real Science.

I have written about certain bad aspects of wind turbines before — like here and here.

This post is a brief, simple overview of the many widespread adverse consequences of industrial wind energy. To keep it simplified, I’ve even minimized the references — but they exist for each of the statements below.

These “side effects” are the 100% guaranteed results when our technical policies are written by lobbyists, and passed by virtue-signaling non-critical thinking Legislators.

Put another way, this is what happens when Science is replaced by political science.

  • Manufacture = Ecological Disaster (China re processing rare earths)
  • Installation = Ecological Disaster (trees killed, farmland lost, hydrological impacts)
  • Operation = Ecological Disaster (wildlife pillage, from whale deaths to eagle killings)
  • Indirect Health Consequences: Fentanyl Deaths (Chinese criminal gangs are heavily involved in the huge amount of rare earths needed by wind turbines)
  • Direct Health Consequences: very problematic infrasound
  • Indirect Financial Burden: reduced tourism, homes devalued, agricultural losses, etc.
  • Direct Financial Burden: electricity rate increase, etc.
  • Indirect Security Threat: its unreliability will cripple US Electric Grid
  • Direct Security Threat: weaker Military (due to radar interference, etc. See here.)
  • Delays Climate Change Progress (wasted money that could have been spent on meaningful items, like nuclear)
  • Makes Climate Change Worse: see my Report
  • Direct Loss of Rights: leaseholders are talked into giving up their civil rights, etc.
  • Indirect Loss of Rights: it is an excuse for legislators to extract US citizen rights. (E.g. in NY, citizens rights — home rule, etc. — have been profoundly eroded.)
  • Undermines our Society: as we totally depend on inexpensive, reliable electricity.

Putting Things in Perspective

A good perspective on this is that while industrial wind energy promoters claims that we need more wind energy, the indisputable fact is that wind energy was abandoned for most commercial and industrial applications, well over a hundred years ago.

Even in the late 1800s it was totally inconsistent with our burgeoning, more modern needs for power. When we throw the switch, we expect that the lights will go on – 100% of the time. It’s not possible for wind energy, by itself, to EVER do this, which is one of the main reasons it was relegated to the junkyard of antiquated technologies (along with such other inadequate energy sources like horse and oxen power).

ALL those limitations are still true! Also, I listed twenty-five NEW liabilities of industrial wind energy some six (6) years ago… Since that time we have discovered numerous ADDITIONAL concerns (see above) that have monumental consequences.

Why do critical thinking citizens allow this travesty to happen?

The Bottom Line

Wind energy provides no Net Benefits to citizens. Lobbyists and their clients make billions as Legislators try to get donations and votes by imaginary virtue signaling.

©2024. John Droz, Jr. All rights reserved.

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No-Bid Contracts Inflate Cost to Massachusetts Taxpayers of Feeding Illegal Aliens

Most hardworking Americans can’t afford to spend $21 to $31 on dinner every day. If they did, they’d likely expect to get steak or lobster for their money.

Yet that’s exactly how much the state of Massachusetts is spending to feed homeless migrants, according to WBZ-TV CBS Boston. The state isn’t even getting its money’s worth: The meals include spaghetti and hot dogs or rice with a single chicken drumstick.

The $21 meals come from the Fairfield Inn Boston Dedham, where the state is paying $180 a day to house homeless families and migrants—even though advertisements show hotel rooms start at $129.

Lunch costs $16, but a family interviewed by CBS Boston said it contains “nothing edible,” such as soup with “just bones” in it.

Taxpayers will spend a total of $7.3 million to feed families at the Fairfield Inn.

It’s part of 17 state contracts worth $116 million that Massachusetts signed to provide free housing to migrants in hotels and motels through June, according to records obtained by CBS Boston. Nine of those, including the Fairfield Inn, are for hotels owned by Giri Hotel Management, which will make $46 million from taxpayers.

When the state hired its own catering companies for migrants instead of relying on hotels, it still overspent. Massachusetts signed a $10 million contract with Spinelli Ravioli Manufacturing Co. through a no-bid process that did not ask other vendors to provide cheaper food.

The state told CBS Boston that the ravioli contract, which ended in March, was justified by the “unprecedented increased demand” for food.

In addition to the hotel expenses, Massachusetts spends about $75 million every month on 7,500 migrant families living in state-run emergency shelters.

Gov. Maura Healey, a Democrat, signed a supplemental budget in March that spends $840 million over the next two years for the migrant crisis.

That still wasn’t enough. The federal government agreed in April to help Massachusetts by using Medicaid funds, which Axios Boston says could cost $647.5 million over the next four years.

State Sen. Peter Durant, a Republican, told CBS Boston of the hotel contracts, “This is something that we have been asking the administration for information on, for the better part of a year and have been stonewalled on the information.”

Something is amiss when taxpayers are spending more to feed those in emergency housing than to feed their own children.

The #WasteOfTheDay is brought to you by the forensic auditors at

Originally published at


Adam Andrzejewski

Adam Andrzejewski is the CEO and founder of, a government watchdog organization working to capture and disclose spending at every level online.

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Rashida Tlaib Speaks to U.S.-Designated Terror Group: Conference Promoted Terrorism & Honored Terrorists

The terrorist caucus. For real.

Why these enemies of the state haven’t been expelled from Congress speaks to the rot in our government.

Rashida Tlaib attends conference honoring terrorists, hosting terrorist speaker

The keynote speaker to the event was Sana’ Daqqah, the wife of PFLP terrorist Walid Daqqah, imprisoned for the abduction, torture, and murder of Israeli soldier Moshe Tamam.

By Michael Starr, Jerusalem Post, 26, 2024:

Michigan congresswoman Rashida Tlaib spoke on Saturday at a Detroit Pro-Palestinian conference that advocated on behalf of terrorism, honored terrorists, and featured a member of a terrorist organization as a panelist.

Tlaib made a surprise appearance at the People’s Conference for Palestine, an event that saw dozens of the anti-Israel groups involved in the post-October 7 protests in attendance, while Dearborn Michigan Mayor Abdullah Hammoud gave a video address.

The May 24-26 conference is set to have Wisam Rafeedie as a speaker at a workshop on Sunday, the last day of the event. According to Amnesty International, Rafeedie is an activist for the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine. The PFLP is designated as a foreign terrorist organization by the US State Department.

Continue reading.

Rashida Tlaib Crosses a Bright Red Line

Rashida Tlaib’s enthusiastic participation in a terrorism pep rally this weekend serves as a reminder that her hatred of Jews and her admiration for political violence has no limiting principle.

Tlaib was the surprise guest speaker at the People’s Conference for Palestine, which was endorsed by and has ties to the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine. The Marxist PFLP is a designated foreign terrorist organization, which is reason enough to denounce Tlaib’s collaboration with the conference. But the PFLP’s relevance to this particular moment in history is even more important.

The PFLP was created in the late 1960s and worked with other international terrorist groups abroad. Its most famous attack was its hijacking of an Air France passenger jet in 1976. The hijackers diverted the plane to Entebbe, Uganda, site of the incredible Israeli rescue mission during which Yonatan Netanyahu, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s brother, was killed.

Well before Entebbe, however, the PFLP split into two factions, with Ahmed Jibril leading the breakaway PFLP-General Command. It is no exaggeration to say that, more than any other single person, Ahmed Jibril is the reason for Palestinian terrorists’ continued focus on kidnapping and ransoming Israelis. In other words, though he died in 2021, the current conflict is the result of Jibril’s life work.

As I wrote in my March essay for COMMENTARY, Jibril got the Israelis in 1978 to back off of their initial one-to-one policy for prisoner swaps, which set the tone going forward for lopsided deals. In 1985, Jibril was responsible for what became known as the Jibril Agreement: He released three Israelis in return for Israel’s release of 1,150 Palestinians jailed in terrorism-related cases. Among those who were released: Ahmed Yassin, who would found Hamas a few years later.

Several of the prisoners would be integral to the first Palestinian intifada, launched soon after that agreement. Jibril would be as well, organizing a key attack in which armed terrorists used hang gliders (sound familiar?) to infiltrate Israel. The post-October 7 world is largely a world made by the PFLP and Hamas, the latter which exists thanks to the PFLP.

That is the background for Rashida Tlaib’s appearance at a conference with ties to the PFLP.

Even without that background, Tlaib’s appearance would have been grotesque. As the Jerusalem Post reports, PFLP activist Wisam Rafeedie was on the agenda as a workshop speaker. The conference keynote speaker was Sana Daqqah, the wife of the late PFLP terrorist Walid Daqqah, who led a cell that kidnapped, tortured, and then murdered Israeli Moshe Tamam in 1984. From the Jewish Chronicle: “Tamam’s killers gouged out his eyes, mutilated his body and castrated him before taking him to an olive grove and shooting him dead, according to reports at the time.”

The Jerusalem Post details the cheers heard around the room for Iran’s recent missile attack on Israel as well as praise for of other terrorists. One panel’s moderator said: “In the past eight months, we’ve seen incredible images of victory—from witnessing the families of political prisoners reunite with, and embrace their loved ones for the first time in years, to scenes of our heroic people breaking down the siege that has suffocated the Gaza Strip for 17 years.”

Speakers and panelists talked about their hope for the fall not only of Israel but of the United States as well. (The conference was held in Detroit.) “Today, through the Palestinian revolution, see clearly that there is no reforming the U.S. empire,” one said, describing pro-Palestinian activism as a “gateway struggle.” Another reportedly called to “defeat not only the mighty Israeli army, but U.S. imperialism itself.”

Continue reading.



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Pentagon Admits None of the Aid From the $320 Million US Built Pier in Gaza Actually Got to Gazans


Tlaib blasts Biden shielding ‘genocidal maniac’ Netanyahu

Yoseph Haddad Posts a Found Map of Palestine in Gaza

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