VIDEO: FDA Exec Exposes Close Ties Between Agency and Big Pharma


Project Veritas released Part Two of its video series on the FDA today, which features FDA Executive Officer, Christopher Cole, speaking about the inner workings of the agency — including the FDA’s conflicts of interest, overspending, and why it’s hard for those within the agency to speak out on such abuses.

Here are some of the highlights from today’s video:

  • FDA Executive Officer, Christopher Cole: “The drug companies, the food companies, the vaccine companies. So, they pay us hundreds of millions of dollars a year to hire and keep the reviewers to approve their products.”
  • Cole on FDA fees: “Congress approved user fees for [the] FDA. Basically, we charge the industry millions of dollars in order to hire more drug reviewers and vaccine reviewers which will speed up the approval process. So, they [pharmaceutical companies] make more money.”
  • Cole: “They [FDA] tone down the impact of the user fees on their operations because they know they’re dependent on the drug companies, and the vaccine companies, and these other companies for their agency to operate.”
  • Cole on blowing the whistle: “There’s not an incentive to speak out in government, surprisingly. You would think there would be, but there’s not. It’s better just to just not say anything and just ignore it.”

You can watch the full video by HERE.

Cole’s LinkedIn page lists him as an Executive Officer within the agency’s Countermeasures Initiatives, which plays a critical role in ensuring that drugs, vaccines, and other measures to counter infectious diseases and viruses are safe. He made these revelations on a hidden camera to an undercover Project Veritas reporter.

A spokesperson for FDA issued a statement yesterday saying, “The person purportedly in the video does not work on vaccine matters and does not represent the views of the FDA.”

This statement appears to contradict a phone call released Wednesday afternoon by Project Veritas wherein Cole reiterated that he is “a manager in the office that helps oversee the approval of the COVID vaccines for emergency approval.”

Will the FDA clarify this situation? Only time will tell…


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VIRGINIA: Biden’s Handlers Dumping 16,000 Afghan ‘Translators’ in Loudoun County, Most Don’t Speak English

Sheriff Michael Chapman of Loudoun County, Va. got an unpleasant surprise recently from Old Joe Biden’s handlers. On Thursday, the Loudoun County Sheriff’s Office (LCSO) published a press release that reveals the truly astonishing extent of the administration’s high-handedness, dishonesty, carelessness, and recklessness in its resettlement of Afghan refugees in cities and towns all over the United States. Without any prior warning, Loudoun County officials were told that 2,000 Afghan refugees would be arriving in the county in just over two weeks and that 2,000 more would be arriving every month after that through September. In what will come as no surprise to anyone who has been paying attention for the last thirteen months, Chapman and other Loudoun County officials found the Biden team to be disingenuous, uncooperative, poorly prepared, and worse.

“On February 4, 2022,” says the Sheriff’s Office press release, “the Loudoun County Sheriff’s Office (LCSO) received an unannounced visit by the Department of Homeland Security’s (DHS) Federal Protective Service (FPS) in which it learned that approximately 2000 Afghan refugees, per month, were slated to arrive at the Washington Dulles International Airport during a window beginning as early as February 19, 2022, and extending to September 2022.” This gave them just two weeks to prepare for the influx. “DHS/FPS regional personnel advised the refugees would be transported by bus to the National Conference Center (NCC) where they would stay until their ultimate relocation elsewhere in the United States. DHS/FPS estimated that no more than 1000 refugees per month would remain at the NCC at any given time until September 2022. The refugees, for the most part, would enter the US from Qatar.”

Let’s remember that in Oct. 2021, a Congressional delegation in Qatar led by Rep. Darell Issa (R-Calif.) was told that fully 12,000 of the Afghans who had come to Camp As Sayliyah and then went on to the U.S. had no identification at all. Issa stated: “They came with nothing. No Afghan I.D., no I.D. of any sorts. Those people were all forwarded on to the U.S., and that’s quite an admission. So many people had no I.D. whatsoever and yet find themselves in the United States today based on what they said.”

Are any of these people we know absolutely nothing about going to Loudoun County? There’s no way to tell, but once they get there, they’ll have it made: “DHS/FPS advised that the refugees will be provided cash and cell phones from non-government organizations and be required to remain on the NCC grounds.” Whether voting for Democrats was a requirement for keeping the dough rolling in was not mentioned; maybe it’s just understood.

There is more. Read the rest here.


State Department’s Virtual Iran Embassy Features Kamala Harris Slamming the U.S.

Sweden: Muslim migrants turn house in Skåne into local Islamic State headquarters

Muslims claim Swedish state is taking their children away to make them infidels, jihad threat rises accordingly

Sweden: Ethics board wants professor prosecuted for investigating migrant rape activity

Bangladesh: Muslims protesting India’s ‘hijab ban’ scream ‘Allahu akbar’ and threaten Hindu women

Taliban judge says women can’t be judges because they ‘have lesser brains’

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Is Canada Now A Dictatorship?

“What country can preserve its liberties if its rulers are not warned from time to time that their people preserve the spirit of resistance?” — Thomas Jefferson

“Those who would give up freedoms for temporary security, deserve neither freedom or security.” — Benjamin Franklin

“Those who deny freedoms to others, deserve it not themselves.” — Abe Lincoln

“The freedoms of everyone are threatened when the freedom of one person is threatened.” — John F. Kennedy

“Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction. We didn’t pass it to our children in the bloodstream. It must be fought for, protected, and handed on for them to do the same.” — Ronald Reagan

“You don’t have to be a man to fight for freedom. All you have to do is to be an intelligent human being.” — Malcolm X

“My liberty depends on you being free, too.” — Barack Obama

Evidence continues to mount that we are fast approaching the End of Times. For example,  we have Russia bullying its much smaller, freedom-loving neighbor (Ukraine). More shocking, current Canadian leadership is now bullying its own freedom-loving citizens!

Much of my life was spent in the Adirondacks of northern NY — not far from the Canadian border. As a result I know hundreds of Canadian citizens. By-and-large they are intelligent, hard-working, friendly, kind, freedom-loving people. Citizens should always have a voice — particularly when the government is addressing a technical issue in an unscientific manner. Political science should never replace real Science.

This special issue of the Media Balance Newsletter is dedicated to supporting not only Free Speech, but also that technical policies be based on genuine Science… What can you do? Work as if everything depended on you, and pray as if everything depended on God.

Here is a sample overview of the disturbing Canadian situation. As usual, most of these will not be found on mainstream media:

PS — For Science-based info on COVID-19 injections, masks, etc., see

©John Droz, Jr. All rights reserved.

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Heroic beginning of Catholic Church in China

A humble Italian priest won tens of thousands of converts.

In 1905, one of the greatest Catholic missionaries to China wrote down his thoughts for the Chinese New Year. His story is still of interest today.

“It is Chinese New Year, and a new epoch has begun for China. It is now essential to activate every means to take advantage of this favorable time for our religion. If Europe were truly Catholic, I do not doubt that the time for China’s conversion would be now. But unfortunately one must look to the future with fear and trembling. There is no time to lose, and we should work tirelessly.”

These words, perhaps replacing “Catholic” with “Christian” due to the success of various brands of Protestantism in China, might have been written for the Chinese New Year of 2022.

However, the text is not from 2022. It is from 1905. The person who wrote these wishes for the Chinese New Year was a mountain man from Val Badia, the Badia Valley, now part of the Italian South Tyrol, Josef Freinademetz. He had gone from being assistant parish priest in the mountain hamlet of St Martin to being a famous and successful missionary in China.

Add that he was a member of a linguistic minority that spoke Ladin (not a typo for “Latin,” but a Romance language spoken by less than 50,000 mountain villagers), and had learned Italian and German with great difficulty. He was the superior for the Chinese territory of a specialized religious congregation, the Verbites, i.e., the members of the missionary Society of the Divine Word.

Celebrating the Chinese New Year, he could state that he had become “Chinese with the Chinese,” speaking fluently three different Mandarin dialects and even wearing a pigtail. Pope John Paul II inscribed him in 2003 in the catalog of saints of the Catholic Church.

Several years ago, a visit to Val Badia led me to the poor birthplace of Freinademetz in the hamlet of Oies, a hamlet composed of half a dozen houses. Much more importantly, on August 5, 2008, Pope Benedict XVI visited the home, and prayed for China there.

In this remote corner of the Austro-Hungarian Empire (which became part of Italy after World War I), Ujöp Freinademetz (the German version, spelled Josef, of the Ladin name Ujöp would come only many years later) was born in 1852. The family lived in dignified poverty and in a typically Tyrolean Catholic piety, which may be difficult to understand today. The daily rhythms of prayer alternating with work were more reminiscent of a monastic community than a modern lay family.

It is not extraordinary that in this environment a religious vocation matured, and Ujöp, who spoke Ladin only, overcame the language barrier to enter the seminary of Brixen (now Bressanone, Italy) and become a priest. What was extraordinary was the dream that matured in the young Freinademetz, who had never traveled outside South Tyrol. He dreamed to convert the most populous country in the world, China, to Catholicism. Even though stories about the missions reached the seminary through Catholic magazines, Freinademetz knew precious little about China. But he understood it was immense and believed it should be converted.

From a local Catholic magazine, he learned of the existence in Steyl, in the Netherlands, of a new missionary institute that intended to devote itself to Asia, the Society of the Divine World, founded by a man Pope John Paul II will canonize along with Freinademetz himself, the German-Dutch priest Arnold Janssen. Freinademetz asked for and obtained permission from his bishop to leave the diocese and join the Verbites.

Janssen’s style was cold and severe, while Freinademetz was enthusiastic and exuberant. Also, Janssen had an academic education in secular universities and had been a professor, while Freinademetz had been barely able to complete the seminary with the greatest of efforts. Eventually, however, the two priests learned to understand and respect each other, and even became friends.

In 1879, the first two Verbite missionaries left for China: one was Freinademetz and the other was Johann Baptist Anzer. Later, Anzer became the first Verbite bishop in China, as Apostolic Administrator of Southern Shandong, then called Shantung. The position was offered to Freinademetz, but he refused out of humility, while keeping his role as superior of the Verbites in China.

Anzer was not the best choice for a bishop. He was authoritarian, troubled by personal problems of alcoholism, and concerned as a Bavarian to promote the political interests of Germany in China. When Anzer died in Rome in 1903, Freinademetz was again the most logical choice as bishop. This time, he might have accepted but was blocked by a veto of the German government, which was afraid that an Austro-Hungarian subject as a bishop might not continue to advance the political interests of Germany.

Freinademetz was, however allowed to serve as apostolic administrator of the diocese for several years. Finally, a German was nominated as bishop, Augustin Henninghaus. He proved to be a good bishop, and Freinademetz was happy to work with him. Later, Henninghaus became the first biographer of Freinademetz.

When Freinademetz arrived in China, his judgment on the local religions was very negative, and influenced by a Catholic literature he had read in Europe that certainly did not promote interreligious dialogue. He was impressed by what looked like miraculous feats of Buddhist and Taoist ascetics, but attributed them to the work of the Devil, although he added that some of them may be good men deceived by the Evil One without knowing it.

The men he regarded as criminal and bandits were the members of the anti-Christian secret societies, who had kidnapped and murdered several missionaries, and whose fury was unleashed in the Boxer Rebellion of 1899–1901.

Boxer-related atrocities were less prevalent in Shandong, where Freinademetz lived, but it was suggested to him to seek protection in one of the areas controlled by the Western armies. He refused, and survived the Boxer crisis unharmed, but not the subsequent epidemic of typhus. In fact, he insisted that he should visit the hospitals and even help the doctors and nurses, until he became infected himself.

He died in Daijiazhuang, Shandong, on January 28, 1908. While other missionaries had their bodies taken to Europe to be buried there, Freinademetz wrote in his will that “I love China and Chinese, and I want to be buried with them.”

His name was unpronounceable in China and he preferred to be called “Fu Shenfu,” the Priest Fu. Shortly before he died, Freinademetz wrote a report on his years of missionary activity in Shandong. When he arrived there, he found 158 Catholics in the region. Dying, he left 40,000.

It is a truism to state that Freinademetz was a man of his time, and we can regard some of his remarks about China and its traditions today as orientalist or colonialist. On the other hand, as Pope John Paul II noted when he canonized him, Freinademetz made a genuine effort to overcome his prejudices, eventually abandoning most of them, and understand the Chinese culture on its own terms.

His genuine love for the Chinese, Catholic or non-Catholic, was universally recognized. His grave was visited and honored by tens of thousands until it was desecrated and destroyed by the Cultural Revolution, although a memorial had been re-erected since.

Cultural problems aside, that a mountain man from a remote hamlet in the mountains of South Tyrol could not only conceive but begin to realize the idea of converting immense China, or at least a vast region of it, to Christianity remains an extraordinary story—one worth remembering on the celebration of Chinese New Year, with Bitter Winter’s best wishes to those who celebrate it.

This article has been republished with permission from Bitter Winter.


Massimo Introvigne

Massimo Introvigne is an Italian sociologist of religions. He is the founder and managing director of the Center for Studies on New Religions (CESNUR), an international network of scholars who study new… More by Massimo Introvigne

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I Am Sick of Political Correctness BS.

“Remember that truth is the greatest thing in the world. If you will be great, you will be true.” – Jack London

Let’s call a spade a spade. Let’s tell it how it is. Understand I do not personally care if I offend anybody with my opinion. It is my opinion and guess what? This is my blog and I will tell it how I see it. If you don’t like it go elsewhere for your information and thoughts.

So with that polite disclaimer let’s go!

Transgender participants in sports … wrong or right? From this man there is only one clear answer. WRONG! Period.

What we are watching is the destruction, planned or otherwise, of females in sports. Why in Gods name are young girls going to train and sacrifice everything to be the best they can be only to be beaten by a dude who wants to suddenly be a girl? A dude with more strength and endurance than they could ever generally train to.

Let’s be clear here. Again my opinion. There are ONLY two sexes. They are dictated at birth by your X or Y chromosomes. male=XX and female=XY. They dictate if you sit to pee or stand. Period.

All these liberal and plainly damaging agendas from the left that are trying their damndest to tell our kids that instead of being the best they can be, they are teaching them from a young age that they can be what they want. They want our kids to accept that however they want to identify that day, be it male, female, animal or a curious mixture of all or any, is perfectly acceptable.

IT IS NOT. Not in the slightest.

Back to the main message and my gripe.

The NCAA has in a stroke destroyed female competitive sports. They are reducing girls and young women’s chances for a college sports scholarship if they have to compete with some dude, whose physical makeup and natural strength and endurance, will beat them every time. Those who miss out on the scholarship may miss out on a college career. Where are all the woman’s libbers? Strangely quiet in this crazy world where you are encouraged not to have an opinion other than the libtard crazy opinion.

We just saw Penn’s Lia Thomas narrowly beat out Yale’s Iszac Henig in the 100 yards freestyle competition. One is a dude who wants to be a female and the other a female wanting to be a freaking dude. By the way the dude turning to a woman beat the woman turning into a guy. Both are pathetic individuals who should never be able to compete in these or any other sports except against members of the sex they were at birth. Both should be ashamed at their so called accomplishments and the amateur athletic governing board should all be fired. There is not an iota of common decency, critical thinking or logical thinking in either the cheating competitors or the NCAA Board.

Now. Why are MSM calling these transgenders her or him when the opposite is the truth? A dude can do all he wants to do, take whatever drugs he wants, cut off any appendages that upset him but at the end he is a he. Not a freaking she. Every time their idiocy is given credence by media or the public, their claims and evil ambitions grow. It’s bad enough we have schools etc. allowing boys into girls bathrooms because that is how they want to identify. I have to tell you all here that if some guy in a dress or whatever had attempted to enter a bathroom my daughter was using, he wouldn’t have got near the door. Period.

It’s wrong America. It a big part in the destruction of all that was right in our constitutional republic. The breakdown in family values. The complete eradication of morals and ethics in our society. The very fact that evil people pose as men and women of religion, like the Universal Universalists, and give this sickness a credible but warped platform, is a big part of the damage.

I pray that the IOC make corrections to this mockery and put a stop to all transgender sports participation. Will they? Anyone can guess but in this political climate I am not confident they will do the right thing.

Anyway folk. There you have it! As I said if you are thin skinned, liberal Democrats and commies, you will hate my message. All I can say is go suck a lemon!! I don’t care.

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PODCAST: What’s at Risk in the Ukraine?

Russia’s threat to invade the Ukraine is reminiscent of Germany’s threat to invade the Sudetenland, Austria, and Poland beginning in 1938. Whereas Hitler made good on his promise, the western world now waits to see if Russian President Vladimir Putin will do likewise to the Ukraine. Tensions in the region are at the same high level as in the Cuban Missile Crisis of 1962.

We would like to believe Putin is smart enough not to engage in a military operation that would trigger a major NATO retaliation, but if we have learned anything about Putin over the years, he’s a man who doesn’t like to bluff.

In theory, the trouble is being triggered by the Ukraine’s desire to join NATO (the North Atlantic Treaty Organization). This concerns Putin greatly as he doesn’t want a wall of NATO countries on Russia’s doorstep. Most of Europe supports NATO, but there are still a handful of countries who do not, fearing the Russian bear to their East. This includes Austria, Belarus, Serbia, and Finland who is particularly sensitive to the Russian threat and walks a tight rope between East and West.

The vast majority of European countries have banded together around NATO, primarily to keep Russia in check. If these countries trusted Russia, there wouldn’t be a need for NATO. The fact remains though, they do not, and this is an affront to Putin.

Earlier this week, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov met with Putin and publicly claimed a negotiated settlement is still possible. If so, this would allow a way for Putin to save face and not invade. We’ll see.

Let’s assume the worst for the moment, and Russia does indeed invades the Ukraine. The news media is saying it could come any day. I tend to believe it will be shortly after the Winter Olympics. This would mean next week after the countries and their dignitaries have split up and gone home.

From a military perspective, there is really nothing to stop the Russians from sweeping into the Ukraine and taking over. Neither the Ukraine, NATO or the United States have enough troops on the ground to push the Russians back. In addition, there is only one U.S. Navy Task Group in the area, featuring the nuclear aircraft carrier Harry S. Truman and five supporting ships. Do not underestimate the power of this task group, but it will not likely be enough to thwart Russian land-based aircraft and missiles. Hopefully, help is on the way.

Instead, the west will probably counter the Russians through economic and diplomatic sanctions. In response, the Russians will likely turn off the gasoline spigot to the world, thereby accelerating inflation, something we are already at a 40 year high. This would be a moot point if we were still energy independent, but this was curtailed by President Biden early in his administration as he wanted Americans to use less fossil fuels and move to “cleaner” energy.

Should Russia turn off their oil resources, not only will America have difficulty operating, but so will our NATO allies. Translation: prices are going to go through the roof, and our economies will be shaken to their core. This will inevitably slow business, raise unemployment, drive stock markets down and hurt portfolios; all because we rejected a policy of energy independence.

Let’s just pray the showdown abates. If it doesn’t, there will be short term gains for Russia but it will ultimately hurt them in the long-run, and regardless of how ruthless he appears, I do not believe Putin wants such a legacy as his 25 years in office slowly winds down to a close in 2024.

Keep the Faith!

P.S. – For a listing of my books, click HERE.

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6 Things We Know about the CIA’s Secret Mass Surveillance Program

The allegations from Sens. Ron Wyden and Martin Heinrich are quite serious. Here’s what we know so far.

The Central Intelligence Agency has secretly been running mass surveillance operations to collect data on Americans, according to a newly published letter written by Sens. Ron Wyden (D-Ore.) and Martin Heinrich (D-N.M.).

Wyden and Henrich, both members of the Senate Intelligence Committee, wrote the letter in April 2021, and the letter was partly declassified on Thursday.

In the letter, Wyden and Henrich called on the CIA to inform the public about the data collection program, calling for full transparency.

“This declassification is urgent,” the senators wrote.

The CIA responded to the allegations in a statement published by the Wall Street Journal.

“CIA recognizes and takes very seriously our obligation to respect the privacy and civil liberties of U.S. persons in the conduct of our vital national security mission, and conducts our activities, including collection activities, in compliance with U.S. law, Executive Order 12333, and our Attorney General guidelines,” said Kristi Scott, the agency’s privacy and civil liberties officer. “CIA is committed to transparency consistent with our obligation to protect intelligence sources and methods.”

The allegations from Wyden and Heinrich are serious, but the extent of the danger and severity is clouded by several factors, not the least of which is the fact that the letter is highly redacted.

So I’d encourage readers to review the redacted letter themselves, as well as the press release that accompanied its declassification. Nevertheless, here are a few important takeaways.

As Politico noted, the CIA “is largely prohibited by law from engaging in domestic spying,” which makes the revelations troubling. But, as the Wall Street Journal reports, at times intelligence agencies have found ways to circumvent these prohibitions, noting that “some U.S. intelligence programs collect broad streams of internet or telephone data in a way that can scoop up information on Americans, such as when someone is communicating with a target of surveillance who lives overseas.”

This is known as “incidental collection,” and it’s an issue lawmakers in both parties have flagged as a violation of civil liberties and personal privacy.

Several publications have pointed out that the nature of the surveillance isn’t really clear. Yet the language in the redacted letter suggests the program involves nontraditional surveillance, noting data collection is done in “bulk” and uses “backdoor searches of Americans, the same issue that has generated bipartisan concern in the FISA context.”

As the ACLU says, this implies the spy agency may be “vacuuming up” vast amounts of information “to spy on Americans” and storing it indefinitely.

While the nature of the surveillance is murky, Sens. Wyden and Heinrich make one thing clear. The information being collected is “warrantless,” meaning the data are being “scooped up” without a warrant.

This directly violates the 4th Amendment of the US Constitution, which states, “The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized.”

While what constitutes “spying” is debatable, but Wyden and Henrich suggest that the program may have exceeded its lawful bounds.

While the Senators don’t use the words “unlawful” or “illegal,” they suggest the program may be just that, noting it falls “entirely outside the statutory framework that Congress and the public believe govern this collection… .”

What the precise “statutory framework” is isn’t spelled out here, but it’s safe to say that Wyden believes the CIA is acting outside of that scope.

While there has been a great deal of discussion on the idea that the FBI’s FISA warrant process is “broken,” it’s worth noting that at least that program had some judicial oversight (weak as it often was).

Wyden and Henrich suggest this is not the case with the CIA’s data collection program, which they say operates “without any of the judicial, congressional or even executive branch oversight that comes from [the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act].”

Finally, it’s worth noting that this is not the first time Wyden has clashed with the CIA over rogue operations.

In 2016, the Senator from Oregon had a heated exchanged with then-CIA Director John Brennan over the CIA’s improper search of Senate files, including the unauthorized search of the emails of Senate staffers investigating the CIA’s use of torture in the War on Terror. Brennan denied the CIA’s actions were improper, even though both a CIA Inspector General and a review board appointed by Brennan himself conceded “the search resulted in inappropriate access to the Senate’s work product,” prompting a sharp rebuke from Wyden.

In 2013, Wyden also asked Director of National Intelligence James Clapper if the NSA collected “any type of data at all on millions or hundreds of millions of Americans?”

Clapper responded, “No, sir … not wittingly.”

It was later revealed the NSA was in fact collecting metadata on millions of law-abiding Americans without warrants.

Many thinkers have written about the dangers of bureaucracy, a system in which important decisions are made not by individuals or even elected representatives, but state officials.

The famed writer and traveler Alexis de Tocqueville saw bureaucracy as the Achilles heel of modern democracy. A century later, the great economist Ludwig von Mises wrote an entire book about its nature and evils: Bureaucracy.

My personal favorite description comes from the philosopher Hannah Arendt, who described bureaucracy as the rule of Nobody, “a tyranny without a tyrant,” which she described as the most oppressive kind of government.

“Indeed, if we identify tyranny as the government that is not held to give account of itself, rule by Nobody is clearly the most tyrannical of all, since there is no one left who could even be asked to answer for what is being done,” Arendt wrote in On Violence. “It is this state of affairs which is among the most potent causes for the current world-wide rebellious unrest.”

The tentacles of the US bureaucratic state do not reach as far as those of socialist states in the 20th century—the period in which Arendt wrote—but as early as the 1930s government reports have warned about “a headless ‘fourth branch’ of the Government, responsible to no one….”

That was more than 80 years ago.

Now we have a secret CIA program that has been spying on Americans free from any kind of oversight for an undetermined length of time. This sounds just a bit like the terror Arendt described.

What happens next, however, is unclear.

The list of US intelligence scandals and “improper” programs has grown lengthy in recent years, but accountability has been elusive. We’ll see if this time is any different.


Jon Miltimore

Jonathan Miltimore is the Managing Editor of His writing/reporting has been the subject of articles in TIME magazine, The Wall Street Journal, CNN, Forbes, Fox News, and the Star Tribune. Bylines: Newsweek, The Washington Times,, The Washington Examiner, The Daily Caller, The Federalist, the Epoch Times.

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American Truckers Launch ‘The People’s Convoy’ — A Peaceful and Unified Transcontinental Movement


ADELANTO, Calif., (Feb. 19, 2022) American truckers are launching The People’s Convoy, a peaceful and unified transcontinental movement, on Wednesday, February 23, 2022, from the Adelanto Stadium in Southern California. Starting at 10:00 a.m., hundreds of truckers will hear words of encouragement and blessings from a group of speakers supporting them on their journey. The truckers and blue-collar workers of the United States will be joined by freedom-loving supporters from all walks of life – frontline doctors, lawyers, first-responders, former military servicemen and women, students, retirees, mothers, fathers and children – on this peaceful and law-abiding transcontinental journey toward the east coast.

The truckers encourage one and all to come out to the stadium in the heart of Adelanto, California to wish them well and see them off.

This convoy is about freedom and unity: the truckers are riding unified across party and state lines and with people of all colors and creeds – Christians, Muslims, Sikhs, Mormons, Agnostics, Blacks, Hispanics, Asians, Native Americans, Republican, Democrats. All individuals are welcome to participate by either attending the launch gathering – at 10:00 a.m. on Wednesday February 23, at Adelanto Stadium – or by getting in their own vehicles and following the big rigs from Adelanto toward the east coast!

The message of The People’s Convoy is simple. The last 23 months of the COVID-19 pandemic have been a rough road for all Americans to travel: spiritually, emotionally, physically, and – not least –financially. With the advent of the vaccine and workable therapeutic agents, along with the hard work of so many sectors that contributed to declining COVID-19 cases and severity of illness, it is now time to re-open the country.

The average American worker needs to be able to end-run the economic hardships of the last two years, and get back to the business of making bread – so they can pay their rents and mortgages and help jumpstart this economy. To that end, it’s time for elected officials to work with the blue collar and white collar workers of America and restore accountability and liberty –by lifting all mandates and ending the state of emergency – as COVID is well-in-hand now, and Americans need to get back to work in a free and unrestricted manner.

The People’s Convoy is a non-partisan effort supported by a cross-cultural and multi-faith consortium of organizations including Robert Kennedy Jr.’s Children’s Health Defense TV – which will be embedding with the convoy and carrying live updates, along with numerous other media outlets – as well as many doctors including the Frontline Covid-19 Critical Care Alliance, liberty-minded lawyers and transportation workers like pilots, and organizations such as The Unity Project, The America Project, Advocates for Citizens’ Rights, U.S. Freedom Flyers, The American Foundation for Civil Liberties & Freedom, and faith leaders from every spectrum. The convoy is being assisted by retired military personnel and security experts, who are spearheading logistics in order to ensure a 100% safe, lawful, and peaceful journey.

The People’s Convoy Route:

  •  The convoy will be departing from Adelanto at 11:00 a.m. on Wednesday, February 23, 2022 heading east to land in the vicinity of Kingman, Arizona that evening.
  • On Thursday, February 24, the convoy will leave the Kingman area and head east toward the Lupton, Arizona vicinity.
  • Friday morning (Feb 25) will see the convoy heading from the Lupton Arizona area, landing in the Glenrio, Texas area Friday night.
  • The People’s Convoy will abide by agreements with local authorities, and terminate in the vicinity of the D.C. area.

To support the truckers, see the routes, or find out more, please visit:

The People’s Convoy website and the official social media handles are the ONLY source of accurate data about this peaceful, law-abiding convoy – we hope to see America there!







©Dr. Rich Swier. All rights reserved.


USA Freedom Convoy Reveals Demands as National Guard Deployed to Capital

Trucker PAC Launches Fund To Support Protests Against US COVID-19 Restrictions

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VIDEO: The Communist Takeover of U.S. Schools and What You Can Do About It

From ACAT – The Communist Takeover of U.S. Schools and What You Can Do About It

ACAT Webinar Recording – 1/25/22 with Alex Newman and Lilia Slavova.

From our friends at Stories of Communism – Survivor of Romanian communism discusses his book and his transition from Communism to living in the West

Nicaragua continues dismantling democracy; regime puts 7 opposition figures on trial, including presidential contenders

  • The revolution always devours its own – Ex-Sandanista commander sentenced to 8 years; former Foreign Minister found guilty following arrest for crimes against national sovereignty, 8-year sentence requested; ex-Sandanista guerilla fighter who led a raid to free Daniel Ortega dies in jail after being charged with “conspiracy to undermine national integrity”;  
    • Don’t you just love these vague ‘crimes against the state’ in socialist countries?  You could be jailed for anything, like looking at ‘El Commandante’ cross-eyed.

Nicaragua revokes licenses of 5 private universities, places them under government control; they were scenes of anti-government protests in 2018

Nicaragua, Cuba, and Venezuela deepen military cooperation with Russia

  • Venezuela militarizing Colombian border with help from Russia and China

Smears, stigmatization, and arbitrary arrests part of Maduro’s “systematic policy of repression” in Venezuela

  • Ain’t socialism grand?

Story illustrates two eternal truths about socialism – socialist economies are terrible and socialist regimes always lie – Is Venezuela Lying About Its Oil Output?

Venezuela shipping oil in defiance of U.S. sanctions by manipulating ships’ GPS coordinates

Newspaper turned over to Venezuelan regime’s number-two man after “irregular and clandestine” procedure in defamation case

Maduro Carries on Chavez’s Legacy As Venezuela Circles Drain in Downward Spiral

700 Cubans face charges for last year’s protests; 172 already convicted

Castro promised milk for kids, but it’s no longer happening

  • To see Castro’s other broken promises, watch ACAT’s video here

10 Cuban migrants rescued from sinking vessel off Florida

  • Castro said he was a democrat so, all you Democratic Socialists out there, you are now brought face-to-face with the fact that people flee your ‘democratic socialism’, preferring to risk their lives rather than spend one more minute with your boot on their neck.

Socialists hope new socialist president of Honduras will spark a “second pink tide”, a new Left-wing surge throughout Latin America

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U.S. Truckers Gear Up for Cross-Country Anti-Vaccine Protest Convoy

I hope every decent, freedom loving American joins the convoy as they make their way across the country to protest tyranny and crushing oppression.


U.S. Truckers Gear Up for Cross-Country Anti-Vaccine Protest Convoy

By Scott Norvell, NORVELL, Special to the Sun | February 19, 2022

Just as the three-week trucker protest in Canada looks to be fizzling, drivers across the border in America are beginning to ramp up their own demonstration against vaccination requirements and other Covid-related restrictions.

Calling themselves the “People’s Convoy,” the group of U.S. truckers now say they plan to depart Adelanto, California, on February 22 and make their way to the nation’s capital before President Biden’s State of the Union address on March 1.

The organizers have set up a web page and various social media accounts in an effort to raise funds on behalf of the effort, including a Facebook page that has 110,000 followers. An earlier version of the page was removed by the platform for what the company said was violations of its terms of service.

A statement posted Friday to Facebook listed some high-profile supporters, including the anti-vaccine activist Robert Kennedy Jr. and his group Children’s Health Defense, and a former Trump national security adviser, Michael Flynn.

In a video posted on the group’s website, truck driver Mike Landis says the group is hoping to convince the Biden administration to rescind a national state of emergency related to Covid that was extended on February 24, 2021, and is in effect through March 1.

“We want this government to bring back the Constitution by ending the Emergency Powers Act and then those that were a part of this whole scheme to be held accountable,” Mr. Landis said in the video. “We want our country back.”

The organizers and their supporters have made multiple appearances on conservative media outlets in recent days to gin up support, including several appearances on Fox News’s popular primetime programs. The musician Ted Nugent is one of the celebrities endorsing the effort, saying he would be joining the convoy at some point along its route.

“I know these guys. I am these guys,” Mr. Nugent said in an appearance on Newsmax TV. “I got a big Zebra Ford Bronco with 900 horsepower that gets exactly 600 yards to the gallon. So I am going to go join those guys and make sure that the middle finger stays on fire.”

Also enlisted in the fundraising effort is a Boston-based nonprofit, the American Foundation for Civil Liberties and Freedom, that was formed in April 2021 by a lawyer, Christopher Marston. It bills itself as “transpartisan.”

As first reported by Grid news, Mr. Marston’s most recent fundraising efforts have been on behalf of President Trump’s attempts to overturn the 2020 election. Mr. Marston did not respond to a message left on his office phone Friday.

The group has adopted C.W. McCall’s 1975 hit single “Convoy” as its de facto theme song. The anthem hit no. 1 on both the country and pop charts during a brief period when truckers were portrayed in popular culture as lovable rascals who spent their time running bootleg beer with the likes of actor Burt Reynolds.

Federal officials are keeping a wary eye on the developing protest, with the Department of Homeland Security last week issuing a warning to law enforcement nationwide about the convoy. The warning cautioned that the protests were just “aspirational” at the time but bear watching.

Police officials in charge of security at the U.S. Capitol reportedly briefed congressional staffers late Friday on plans for coping with a potential influx of truckers. In a statement, the Capitol Police said it is aware of the truckers’ plans and will “facilitate lawful First Amendment activity” on the National Mall.

Capitol Police “is closely coordinating with local, state and federal law enforcement agencies, including DC’s Metropolitan Police Department, the United States Park Police, the United States Secret Service and other allied agencies to include the DC National Guard,” the agency said.

On Friday, the Canadian truckers who have come close to paralyzing the Canadian capital, Ottawa, during three weeks of mostly peaceful protests began to disperse. According to press outlets on the scene, hundreds of police officers — some of them decked out in riot gear — began forcibly removing some of the protesters and towing away their vehicles.


CDC quietly lowers standards for speech in early development to avoid admitting DAMAGE lockdowns and masks have done to children

From RNA Vaccine Inventor Dr. Malone: Open Letter to the Canadian Truckers.

EMERGENCIES ACT BACKLASH: Conservatives Surge, Trudeau’s Liberals Plummet

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EXCLUSIVE: What Joe Biden Can Learn From Poland Building A Wall On Its Border With Belarus

The Biden administration has failed to ensure the security of the U.S. and should look at Poland’s example if it wants to successfully secure the southern border, a Polish government minister, Marcin Romanowski, told the Daily Caller.

Poland is building a wall on its border with Belarus after thousands of illegal migrants threatened to cross its border in August. The EU accused Belarussian President Alexander Lukashenka of facilitating the wave of migrants and trying to destabilize Poland.

“Tens of thousands of migrants from the Middle East arrived by air to [Belarussian capital] Minsk, and then were transported to the border,” Under Secretary of State for the Ministry of Justice Romanowski said Friday in an exclusive interview, arguing that Russia was responsible for aiding Belarus getting the migrants to Poland.

“Only thanks to the rapid, energetic and responsible reaction of the Polish Government and the dedication of thousands of border guards, soldiers and policemen, it was possible to secure the border in time,” Romanowski said. “To combat further threats, we want to build a wall along the entire border.”

President Joe Biden has refused to continue the construction of the wall at the southern border, despite a record number of illegal migrants flooding into the country. U.S. Border Patrol encountered over 1.7 million illegal migrants at the southern border for fiscal year 2021, and a record-breaking 200,000 migrants were apprehended in July alone. Migrants from at least 40 different countries have come through Yuma, Arizona, through a hole in the wall known as “The Gap.”

Romanowski called Biden’s refusal to build a wall purely “ideological.”

“A permanent border barrier saves both money and security – not only for officers, but also for the people and the national budget. The wall would go a long way to curbing human trafficking and drug smuggling that’s thriving at the moment,” Romanowski said. “President Biden [should] stick to the plan introduced by President Trump and put ideology aside. The lives and safety of U.S. citizens should be primary concern for the federal government.”

U.S. Customs Border Patrol confiscated 11,201 pounds of fentanyl in fiscal year 2021 — a 134% increase from the year before.

Left-leaning media and politicians have criticized Poland’s wall, citing human rights and environmental issues. Environmentalists have raised concerns about harm to animal migration paths if the wall is constructed through the primeval Bialowieza forest, which is on the Polish-Belarussian border.

Romanowski called these arguments “false,” and noted the “dangerous conditions in which Polish border and military officers operate.”

“Belarusian services provoke incidents every day, they cut through barbed wire and even fire shots at Poles. The only way of stopping Lukashenka and illegal migrants is to build the wall,” he said, blasting celebrities and left-leaning politicians who are “calling for unconditional entry of anyone at the border.”

Poland wants to accept legal migrants “who want to legally live and work here honestly, and become part of our nation,” Romanowski continued, mentioning the thousands of Ukrainian migrant workers that come across the border. “Poland has a rich tradition of multiculturalism and tolerance. Like the United States, we are open to people who want to legally live and work here honestly, and become part of our nation.”

Illegal migrants that successfully enter Poland are placed in transit centers, where they wait, sometimes upwards to a year, to receive international protection from the EU, Romanowski claimed.

“Migrants usually do not want to wait and flee at the first possible opportunity… This is a serious problem because we usually know nothing about these people: their past, their connections, their political or ideological commitment,” he said.

Romanowski also praised U.S. support of Poland’s security in sending additional troops to the “eastern flank of NATO” amid the Russian threat to invade Ukraine, while criticizing Biden for letting Russia get this far in the first place.

“Until now, President Trump’s team has been drawing hard red lines to Moscow, keeping it at an appropriate distance,” he said. “Russia had never before dared to organize such large military maneuvers in the immediate vicinity of [Kyiv], nor had it directly threatened war.”

“We trust that the United States will not make the same mistake as under President Obama, when withdrawal from European affairs and resetting relations with Russia cost Ukraine the loss of Crimea,” he concluded.



Associate editor.


Thousands Of Migrants Stuck In Between Belarus And Poland As Tensions Flare

Psaki Refuses To Answer Why Harris Has Been Absent From Key Role As Border Czar

Psaki Says The Last Time Biden Was At The Border Was Driving By It In 2008

Nobody’s Happy With The Biden Administration’s Nearly Five Months-Delayed Border Patrol ‘Whipping’ Report

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Biden’s Handlers Release at Least 50 Afghans with ‘Potentially Significant Security Concerns’ Into the U.S.

Back in September 2021, Joe Biden reassured Americans that the Afghan refugees whom he was bringing into the United States would be as benign and harmless as Aunt Harriet. Old Joe’s crack team (no, not Hunter) of experts would make sure of that by “conducting thorough scrutiny — security screenings for everyone who is not a U.S. citizen or a lawful permanent resident.” Well, here’s a shocker: Biden, one of the world’s least trustworthy human beings, lied again: Not only were most of the refugees not vetted at all, but on Thursday it came to light that at least fifty Afghan refugees with “potentially significant security concerns” were admitted to the United States with no problem, and are here now. Thanks, Joe!

Wait, it gets worse. The Defense Department’s inspector general reported Thursday, according to the Washington Times, that not only did Biden’s handlers bring these security risks into the country, but now they have no idea where they are: “It looked at a sampling of 31 security risk evacuees identified as of Sept. 17 and found only three could be located.” Nor is that likely to be the extent of the problem: “Tens of thousands more names remain to be checked.”

The Defense Department’s audit explained laconically: “Not being able to locate Afghan evacuees with derogatory information quickly and accurately could pose a security risk to the United States.” Well, yeah. And so once again one has to wonder: Are the people who are running Joe Biden’s presidency really this careless and stupid, that they thought vetting these Afghan refugees was something they could dispense with when in a hurry, and that there would be no downside? Or is the situation even worse? If a gang of traitors who actively wanted to weaken the United States were ensconced in the White House, how could this have been mishandled any more than it has been?

The Times report suggests that the whole thing is just a result of poor planning and organization, not the massive betrayal of American citizens that it appears to be at first glance: “Investigators said a key set of Defense Department databases was off-limits to the vetting team in the early months of the evacuation effort, because of agreements the Pentagon had with other countries. Eventually, officials developed a workaround.” But that doesn’t make the situation any better. If unvetted Afghan refugees were brought into the United States because the vetting team didn’t have access to the necessary databases, the resettlement process should have been halted until those databases became available. Instead, an unknowable number of Afghans who could be jihadis or potential jihadis have been deposited into American communities, where they’re being welcomed with open arms by people who don’t have a clue about what they’re dealing with.

There is more. Read the rest here.


Biden’s handlers to give Iran $7,000,000,000 in pursuit of new nuke deal

Germany: Afghan Muslim migrant stabs three while screaming ‘Allahu akbar,’ officials say it wasn’t ‘extremism’

Malaysia: Minister for women tells husbands to beat their ‘stubborn’ wives for ‘unruly’ behavior

Afghanistan: Couple stoned to death at Sharia court for sex outside marriage

Pope funnels money to illegal Muslim migrants

Serbia: Man converts to Islam, plots to mow down people in Belgrade with a truck

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VIDEO: Can Bitcoin Circumvent Economic Tyranny?

Download Interview Transcript


  • Finance guru Catherine Austin Fitts and Aleks Svetski, editor of Bitcoin Times magazine, discuss the breakdown of our economy and potential solutions
  • Svetski believes Bitcoin not only is the answer to economic tyranny, but to individual sovereignty, while Fitts believes central bank control mechanisms are still at play within it
  • Fitts argues for building a new economy based on health, cooperation, peace and transparency, and recommends investing in things that will keep you alive
  • Svetski argues that in order to build any of the above, we must start with an incorruptible foundation. The “language of value” (money) cannot be owned or issued by any man-made political authority; it must emerge organically as a transparent, voluntary ‘constitution in code’
  • A major hurdle is overcoming the globalists’ mind control and propaganda influence. Everyone agreed that this is why people must be educated across multiple dimensions, not just money, but health, individuality, philosophy, ethics, economics and more
  • Fitts believes a successful transition requires preventing the control grid from coming into place, and clawing back the money that has been stolen. Since 1998, at least $21 trillion, and perhaps as much as $100 trillion, has been stolen from the U.S. government

Today, I’m pleased to bring you two guests — finance guru Catherine Austin Fitts, whom I’ve interviewed before, and Aleks Svetski, editor of The Bitcoin Times magazine and host of “The Wake Up Podcast.” During dinner at an event in Miami, Florida, Svetski helped me understand why Bitcoin not only stands out head and neck above all the other cryptocurrencies, but is in direct opposition to them all.

I’ve strongly believed Bitcoin will be an important tool to get out from under the financial tyranny we’re in, where central banks are essentially robbing everyone blind.

Fitts, president of the Solari Report, disagrees. She knows the financial system inside and out, having spent decades exposing corruption and fraud, both within the banking industry and government, and she believes there are far better ways than investing our hard-earned money in cryptocurrencies, as the globalists have already inserted a number of control mechanisms within the cryptocurrency system.

Regardless of which side of the fence you’re on, you’re bound to learn something from this conversation. If you’ve dismissed Bitcoin as a passing fad, Svetski’s expertise may assuage your concerns. On the other hand, if you’ve been banking on Bitcoin being the answer to the impending financial crash, Fitts may inspire you to rethink how you protect your wealth.

Our Only Choice: Being Controlled or Being Free

If you want to understand what’s happening to our financial system, I encourage you to listen to this three-hour interview. I cannot cover all the details covered in this article, so to get the whole story, please set aside the time to listen to the whole interview, or read through the 95-page transcript.

In summary, Austin Fitts explains how the globalists — “Mr. Global” is her nickname for this secret system of governance — and the central bankers of the world in particular, have since 1998 siphoned out and stolen $21 trillion or more from the U.S. government in a financial coup d’état.1,2

Thanks to this theft by the central bankers, the American retirement (including health care benefits) and social welfare system are not adequately funded, leaving millions of aging Americans with diminished or no Social Security or Medicaid/Medicare benefits.

The primary reason for the theft, however, is to reengineer the U.S. government and political system as a whole. In short, the globalists’ plan is to take over the government by centrally controlling our economy, and then declare everyone who was promised health care and retirement as expendable.

According to Fitts, if we allow this financial coup to continue and consolidate, Bitcoin and the Bitcoin community may help pull that coup off. As explained by Fitts, slavery is the most profitable business in investment history. Digital technology now allows Mr. Global to return to a legalized form of slavery on a global scale. The theft that is underway is ultimately intended to control people.

“Mr. Global wants a culled, reengineered population,” she says. “He is going for the people because that is what has the most value, along with the other living things on the planet — including the planet itself. All value begins and ends with living intelligence and life whether it is expressed in financial and transaction tools or not.

Mr. Global has created scores of mechanisms to persuade people to sell out [other] people using fiat currency — pump and dump, pump and dump. Dealing with it is sufficiently frustrating and has us all trying to create workarounds.”

A Different Kind of ‘Reset’ Is Required

Fitts is convinced that the best, and perhaps only way out, of this situation is to deal with the secret governance system that is impacting and frustrating all of us and take action to ensure that we do not allow an all-digital financial system to go into place. If we believe Bitcoin is the optimal form of digital system, the problem is not Bitcoin: The problem is if it is part of an only-digital system.

Fitts also underscores that currencies cannot work without the underlying economy being in balance. That means we need to invest in the real assets we need to stay alive and free, things like local food production, local businesses or a personal water well.

She stresses that keeping cash is important — that we mustn’t enter into a wholly digital financial system, especially one monopolized by central bank digital currencies (CBDCs) and private crypto, which are in combination designed to strip us of both national and individual sovereignty.3

While Svetski agrees on some points, he still believes Bitcoin can be part of the answer,4 and that the focus should be on building a new financial system in such a way that it cannot be co-opted by anyone. The question, of course, is how.

As explained by Fitts, addressing taxation5 is perhaps the most important part of the puzzle. We also need to a) prevent vaccine passports and digital ID wallets and related blockchains from being implemented, as they are an integral part of the control system Mr. Global is trying to erect, and b) figure out how to get the money back that was stolen.

“There is $21 trillion missing from the U.S. government — we have no way of knowing what the real number is in terms of cash and credit. It could be smaller or bigger,” she says.

“I believe a successful transition requires both preventing the control grid from coming into place, and clawing back the money that has been illegally taken. A ‘reset’ in which the takers get to keep their winnings is a different world than one in which the equivalent value is returned.”

Can Bitcoin Safeguard Our Freedom?

Part of the globalists’ plan is to gain control of ALL resources, and they’ve made great strides toward that during the last two years. The question is, how do we get out of this situation and reclaim those resources?

As mentioned, while I’ve been convinced that Bitcoin, a decentralized digital currency, was a major part of that answer, Fitts has some very pertinent concerns that we need to digest and fully understand. We also need to understand what money actually is, and what an ideal currency would actually look like and how it would function. All of these issues are reviewed in this discussion.

“In 2017, I did a very long and serious due diligence into Bitcoin,” Fitts says, “and I had two baskets of concerns, one related to whether or not the Bitcoin exchanges in the industry were doing a responsible job of communicating with potential investors.

I’m an investment adviser and there’s a world of regulation about how you make sure that an investor has full and fair disclosure. It’s the equivalent of informed consent, in financial terms. You want to make sure the investor knows what it is, and what their risks are, and that they are prepared to manage both the risks and the investment, the custodian issues, before they buy.”

The cryptocurrency market is currently a nonregulated space, which can give rise to the absence of best practices in education and disclosure as well as fraud. Another concern is whether or not Bitcoin will increase our freedom or simply facilitate our enslavement by a secret system of governance by “Mr. Global.” Fitts continues:

“What I’ve said is that it is absolutely important that we have a financial system and a currency system that is not 100% digital. So, where I think the current leadership and central bankers are going with the ‘Going Direct Reset’ is they’re trying to get a 100% digital control grid and literally end currencies as we know it.

They want to move us to, on the smart grid, a transaction system where they have 100% control. I call it the covert social credit system. They’ve been building that control system for centuries. But since the advent of digital technology, they’ve been building it much more intensively, and much more invasively.

They have three primary lines of control. One is financial carrots and sticks. One is the telecommunications and media alignment, it’s surveillance, mind control, propaganda and education. And then the third line is covert operations, which can be regulatory enforcement, taxation or it can be, literally, covert physical intervention.

So, you have these three lines and they’re coordinated. But whether they say they’re controlling assets or they’re controlling currencies, they really control people. They control everything through people. And if you look at some of the regulatory proposals now for crypto, that’s how they’re going to do it. They’re going to do it by controlling the people in their businesses.

Anybody who wants freedom wants transparency in and around what’s really going on in our world, and they want to be not controlled. If we permit a 100% digital controlled transaction system of any kind, we will concede control. Literally, it’s the end of human liberty in the West.

For everyone who’s interested in building a better digital transaction system — and I would argue that the current digital transaction system could be made infinitely better than it is now — it’s inherent … to address how we are going to get this technology working for us, but not allow it to control us.

And again, I don’t think the control will be controlling the technology. I think the control will be of the people using the technology. It will come through the people, because that’s how the control grid has been built.

So, I don’t see how we permit an all-digital transaction system and continue to have freedom, as long as the primary hardware and energy in and around the system, as well as the people, are controlled by a secret central governance system.”

‘Holy Grails’ of Technological Invention to Ensure Freedom

Svetski replies:

“Yes, I agree with you, wholeheartedly. Did you ever read the ‘Cypherpunk‘s Manifesto’6 written by Tim May in the ‘90s? The basic summation of that is, as the world becomes more technologically adept, technology trends toward concentration.

In that trend, we could end up with a world in which we have total panopticon surveillance and control of people’s money. So … we need to use encryption to maintain private communication. If you don’t have private communication, you can’t speak freely. Right? First Amendment.

That was sort of holy grail No. 1. Holy grail No. 2 was an independent monetary system. We need a money that is independent of a state, and unable to be censored, controlled, et cetera. Because if we end up with that, then who cares if we have free speech? You don’t have free action.

I mean, you see it in Australia. The government makes up a fake law so they can fine you for not wearing a fake mask. And then if you don’t pay your fake fine, they just take the fake money out of your fake bank account, without your consent. So, whoever issues and controls the money basically has the ultimate power. If I’m the issuer of the money, I can do whatever I want, basically.”

The Central Banking Warfare Model

A caveat to that, Fitts says, is the central banking warfare model. On the one hand, they can print money. On the other, they can also force people to use that money through military intervention. “That’s part of where the liquidity comes from, so you have to have both,” she says. In other words, they must be able to print with impunity and kill with impunity in order to maintain complete control of the system.

Svetski agrees, pointing out that these two control powers feed on and strengthen each other. He believes the monopoly on money is the easier of the two to defeat, though, “because what ends up happening is that when the monopoly on money can’t fund the monopoly on violence, things start to fall apart relatively quickly. So, if we had to pull a thread somewhere so that the shit-show unravels, that’s where we may have the strategic opportunity.”

Svetski also agrees that the Bitcoin exchanges are a disaster. “We all say that you should take your money off exchanges as soon as possible and hold your Bitcoin in your own custody, as soon as possible,” he says, “because then that moves supply out of these casinos, basically.”

“We’re totally aligned with this idea that the last thing we want is issued money from any authority who has the capacity to build up enough economic power such that they can deploy political power, or violent power, in order to maintain economic power and create this situation we have today, which is, ‘I can print all the money I want and you can’t do anything about it, because if you do, then I’m throwing you in jail.’”

Systematic Corruption Is a Core Problem

Fitts points out that the root problem isn’t necessarily the ability to create fiat currency. At its core, it’s the corruption of governance and the rule of law. And while we could create a well-functioning regulatory system for any currency, creating a government and judicial system free of corruption is far more difficult.

Because it’s believed to be too difficult, people focus on workarounds, such as using distributive ledger technology to prevent counterfeiting and fraud, or a money system based on commodities like gold and silver.

“Those are both workarounds to avoid the issue of how do we create a great governance system, and then a culture and a covenant that we’ll enforce?” she says.

“Traditionally, it’s never been a good idea to make a commodity the backbone of your currency, because then your currency can swing around and get hiccupped for a lot of reasons that have nothing to do with its role as a currency. So, there’s risk in that, but it’s a workaround.

One of the things I think is the most important unanswered question before us is that we live on a planet where the governance system is secret … How do we stay free in the face of a secret governance system, and can a digital currency make a difference?”

Svetski argued that Bitcoin is not merely another ‘technology’, but actually a model of voluntary consensus that anybody in the world can participate in, whose rules are entirely transparent.

He called it a form of “constitution in code” which, like math, cannot be changed or distorted like constitutions of the past that depend on the protection of man have been changed. Bitcoin’s integrity is rooted in the laws of math and thermodynamics, while all previous models of governance have their Achilles heel in the ‘word of man’.

Defining Money

Svetski defines money as the “language of value.” It’s a way to encode or assign and communicate value to the product of our labor. Fitts points out that one of the most critical ingredients that makes this communication of value work is having an integrity-based pricing mechanism.

“Civilization is basically a story of discovering better objects and better mechanisms for exchanging the product of our labor,” Svetski says. “Humanity is a story of finding better money, basically.

The thing that organically becomes money is the tool, the object that is fungible. As many of the units as possible should be the same. It is divisible. A cow, for example, is not a great form of money because if you only need a banana, what are you going to do, chop the cow’s head off? It’s not going to work.

It needs to be recognizable … it needs to be portable and it needs to have some element of scarcity. You can’t just create it out of thin air. It’s the property of scarcity and unforgeable costliness that gives us debasement protection.”

In many cultures, gold was a cherished currency for the simple fact that there’s a limited supply and it’s not easily forged. Gold is not very portable or divisible, however, so as societies became more complex, fiat currencies (that governments declare as legal tender) like printed coins and paper bills emerged. With good governance, the fiat currency was still scarce, and it was protected from debasement by being difficult to forge.

The problem arises when governance becomes corrupt and the issuers of the currency start printing more, thereby diluting the value of the currency (i.e. inflation). As noted by Svetski, “No matter how excellent whatever money we’re proposing to use, that is secondary to who controls it and who decides.”

You can have a perfect money system, but if the people who operate the system and those who use it are separate and independently controlled, it won’t solve anything because corruption by the controllers of the currency is a root problem. As noted by Fitts, a sound currency would serve an economy where the people and the real assets are in balance.

Two Sources of Currency Debasement

Debasement of the currency occurs when the real economy gets out of balance and you try and make up for it by debasing or diluting the currency. That’s what we’re seeing right now. Corruption isn’t the sole problem here. “Debasement can come from the governance system trying to cheat, but it can also come from a real problem in the real asset economy,” Fitts says. And those are two different problems.

One is based on trying to please constituents (or fraud), and the other is a structural issue that needs to be resolved. The manifestation and the deterioration of the integrity of the money ends up the same, though, so they’re frequently assumed to have the same root cause.

Fitts believes that our current problem is not so much a currency problem but a secret governance system that is harvesting the planet of extraordinary amounts of resources. By doing so, they’re creating a massive drain on the real economy.

Creating a crypto asset outside the system to protect ourselves from that drain can only work for so long, because it doesn’t solve the problem that there’s a drain on the whole economy. The question is, can we bring transparency to what is happening and prevent a secret governance system from draining the economy of resources?

Transparency Is Key

Svetski argues that currency issued by any form of entity, be it a monarch, a state or a hidden Mr. Global will simply bring any system back to where we are now. Fitts believes the solution lies in creating a decentralized market economy based on aligning living and financial capital and incentivising peace rather than war, and a requirement for that is transparency.

To get to transparency, we must first break down the system of mind control set in place by the secret controllers through the use of modern technology. She believes the entrainment technologies, subliminal programming and various mind control influences are an effort to protect themselves from transparency.

And just how do we break through the mind control that keeps us dumbed down and unaware of how the system works and how it’s being drained? Fitts believes it will require us to identify how the mind control works, and then set ourselves free, one by one. “Control happens one person at a time. Financial harvesting happens one person at a time. And freedom happens one person at a time,” she says. Svetski agrees, adding:

“I did a post the other day on Twitter. It said, ‘You’re very hard to control when you’re healthy. You’re very hard to manipulate when you’re clear. And you’re very hard to influence when you’re sovereign.’ So I think we definitely agree in that case.

I think it’s very difficult to control the minds of sovereign individuals because not only do they fundamentally have a disdain for what I call fiat authority, which is nonorganic authority, but they are interested in living as individuals, not as a component in some homogenous collective, which is basically how the world wants us to live at the moment, which is ridiculous.”

How to Foment Resilient Communities

But how do we inspire the others to follow suit and become sovereign individuals? First, we need a critical mass of sovereign individuals in a place. Fitts notes:

“The currency needs to be in balance with the real assets — food, energy and shelter. Let’s pretend for a second, to make this simple, we’re doing a community currency. How do we get the food, energy and shelter sufficiently independent and resilient in that place so that the currency can function?

You’d need a critical mass of people who are willing to do that so that they could outwit what satellites are going to do to stop them. So, I’ll just talk for myself because I can’t talk for everybody, but I think if you see where Mr. Global wants to take the system, you would do anything [to not go along].

We are better dead than going to where Mr. Global intends to go. So that means there’s nothing I will not do to stay out of Mr. Global’s trap. It’s clear you have to rebuild a healthy, responsible economy, and you can’t do it one person at a time.

Occasionally you’ll see a phenomenal person who can go do it themselves, but, generally, our civilization depends on cooperation and specialization — community.

Ten percent of people are what I call Net Energy Plus; 80% are going to follow whoever’s in charge, and then you’ve got 10% who are Net Energy Minus. The idea is that you keep the 10% Net Energy Minus in the corner, you get the 10% Net Energy Plus running things, and you get the 80% following them.

I think part of the key to a successful human society is that we have respect and love for all humans, but the Net Energy Minus has got to stay in the corner. When the 80% follow the 10% Net Energy Plus, the speed at which you can turn a company around [is tremendous]. It takes no time to turn it around, but you’ve got to get the 10% Minus in the corner. Put the 10% Plus in charge and it changes overnight.

The challenge that we have, and the problem I ran into when I was trying to do community development, is Mr. Global is great at finding the Net Energy Minus guys and having them do crazy things. So, the question is: How do we protect ourselves from that sabotage?

The Net Energy Minuses can be handled. The problem is handling them with Mr. Global’s minions, who are very capable and very professional at recruiting them, managing them, financing them.

I grew up in a very poor neighborhood, and it didn’t take long for Net Energy Plus people to find each other. Those leaders would just magically find each other, and they could control the neighborhood because if anybody misbehaved, they could cut off their money.

And then the government came in and made sure, whether by dealing the drugs or bringing in HUD subsidy, that they could subsidize the slugs. And then suddenly the Net Energy Plus people couldn’t do slug management because they couldn’t stop the drug dealing and HUD subsidies.

Predator evasion for not just ourselves but the whole community, whether it’s a network or a place, is where I’ve never seen us excel, and that’s where I’d like to see us excel … Good governance has to emerge from a covenant which is codified in formal law, but is embraced in a culture which does the primary enforcement.”

In Svetski’s model, the Net Energy Minus people are “the parasites, the jealous members of the masses or the failed remnants that instead of adding value to society try to extract whatever they can instead,” and the Net Energy Pluses are leaders and entrepreneurs. He weighs in:

“You mentioned, first of all, that transparency is important to counteract control. We need to build sovereign individuals in order to counteract mind control. We need to then take these sovereign individuals, enable them to build communities in order to become sovereign communities, such that they can better manage the delinquents and lead the 80% towards a better world.

You mentioned Mr. Global comes in like a wrecking ball and [destroys] it every single time, because that’s what he’s good at. He’s a parasite. He just wants something for nothing, basically. ‘You guys work and I’ll benefit.’

That’s the version of the world that Mr. Global lives in, which doesn’t align with the physical laws of the universe. That’s just not how reality works, although Mr. Global thinks we can somehow structure the world in that way so that we can suck from the productive people and get something for nothing. Unfortunately, that sends the world on a path to hell, which is where we are now.”

Why We Must Refuse Vaccine Passports

One solution that is very clear is that we must do everything in our power to resist vaccine passports and other forms of patent systems’ control, as they are a foundational piece of the digital control grid being erected around us. Fitts explains:

“I’m watching a control grid snap into place. The Russians and Americans have made announcements about regulating crypto. In the EU, they’re trying to morph the vaccine passport and now they’re calling it a ‘private digital identity wallet,’ and the tax authorities are adding biometrics.

So, you’re watching the financial system getting closer and closer to building a control grid, but that control grid is not so much control of the technology, money or cryptos as controlling the people. And it works right now. For the last 30 years, it works like a covert social credit system, but it’s invisible; it’s covert.

The covert operation lines are integrated and connected, but it hasn’t been made overt. And one of the reasons it hasn’t been made overt is they haven’t been able to bring the U.S. Constitutions down, although they’re trying. But at some point, they’re making enough progress with the vaccine passports and the QR codes, that they’re going to start snapping this thing into place, and that to me is what has to be stopped.”

Svetski, on the other hand, believes an incorruptible money like Bitcoin can play a central role in preventing or circumventing this control grid, because if the globalists can control your finances, they can dictate your actions:

“If your bank account is completely owned by me as an authority, and that same authority owns or controls what you say online … and if you say something I don’t like, and then I just turn off your money so then you can’t travel anywhere, you can’t eat, then I have the ultimate control over you …

The most important part in the control grid is: If I can just turn off your money based on what you said, or who you hung around with, or who you’re associated with, you have zero power as an individual. Zero. That’s the holy grail of what they want. They want to introduce the CBDC, tie it to your vaccine passport, to your movement passport, and then it’s game over.”

Reengineering Our Economy

Again, for all the details of this discussion, please listen to the interview in its entirety. In closing, Fitts argues that what we ultimately need is a complete reengineering of our economy into one that is built on health rather than disease, peace rather than war and transparency rather than secrecy, and the people must be in control of that economy. Economy built on disease, war and secrecy, controlled by a hidden cabal, is what leads us into a downward spiral in the first place.

“We have an economy that has a negative return on investment,” she says. “But if you reengineer the financial system, you align living capital and financial capital, and you run the economy to build health, the speed at which we could start to generate fantastic amounts of wealth that could begin to deal with some of our liabilities and obligations is fantastic.

They see that opportunity, too. And if you see what they’re moving to do, they’re just moving to do it with a very different framework that you and I might use to do it. But the wealth is there to be created …

My tactic has been to bring transparency and find out how to prototype decentralized economics that creates explosive new wealth. Where I keep falling down is I’m not able to get a critical mass of people to figure out how to protect themselves from the mind control and the sabotage …

The challenge I’ve had with many people who are enthusiastic about Bitcoin and crypto is they don’t see the control grid, and they don’t see the danger of the control grid. And that results in them trying to talk individual and retail investors into doing things, oblivious to the dangers of the control grid.”

Svetski agrees about the roots of the problem, but he is still convinced Bitcoin is a central part of the answer:

“The problem is waste. The problem is secrecy. The antidote is some sort of transparency, a covenant amongst people … I’m extraordinarily enthusiastic about Bitcoin and I’m extraordinarily pessimistic about crypto.

There is a universe of difference between the two for me. Crypto is exactly how we walk into the control group problem. Every single one of them is Mr. Global’s attempt to discredit Bitcoin. Bitcoin is the only way to walk out of it. And I’ll explain why.

Crypto is the most effective attack by Mr. Global on Bitcoin. All these monkeys running around screaming about crypto, all they’re doing is they’re walking right into the trap, which is the creation of a new currency that is controlled by a foundation, an institution, a group, a company, and creates a central point of leverage that Mr. Global can get access to.

And mark my words, I said this two years ago on a podcast and people thought I was crazy and it’s happening right now with the World Economic Forum partnering with Ethereum Foundation.

I said, ‘Ethereum is going to be the best way for globalists to enact the central bank digital currency because they’re going to do it under the guise of innovation.’ Every single coin other than Bitcoin is run or operated or issued or controlled by some single group. Bitcoin, on the other hand, is a constitution enforced by the individual. I’ll explain it like this.

What makes Bitcoin special is that it’s not a program, and it’s not a technology. It is actually a set of rules, a constitution that we voluntarily opt into. When I’m a node operator of Bitcoin, for example, all I’m doing is I’m just running the software that is Bitcoin. And the software that is Bitcoin is just a series of rules: 21 million coins, divisible to eight decimal places, blocks every 10 minutes.

It’s this set of transparent rules … I can change the rules of Bitcoin if I want to. But what happens is that I’m immediately out of sync with everybody else, and I’m no longer on the Bitcoin network. I’m on something else. I’m on Bitcoin Aleks version, and then I have to convince everybody to move their economic mass, or their economic gravity off to me.

In doing that, I’m then going right back to the original problem that Bitcoin is solving, which is Bitcoin says, ‘Hey, money is the tool that we use to encode time and energy. Let’s place it outside of anybody’s potential control. Let’s put it with the laws of gravity, thermodynamics, the speed of light. None of us can control those. They apply equally to all of us. Let’s place money in that realm, then let’s go and do other stuff.’

Bitcoin is not digital. Bitcoin is information. This is another layer that I wanted to illuminate. I could take a Bitcoin transaction, and I could write it on a piece of paper. I could write it in emojis, and I could post it to the other side of the world. And you could then broadcast the transaction. The only thing that makes Bitcoin digital is that the internet is just a useful communication medium.

Bitcoin transcends that because Bitcoin is purely just math and information. That’s all it is. Bitcoin is the law of large numbers being used to associate private and public keys in a way that the public key cannot be reversed. And the holder of the private key is the private property owner of the Bitcoin associated with that key.”

Fitts counters, “Right, but you still come back to the same problem I said about if the control grid controls people, no matter how perfect you can make something like Bitcoin, it’s simply not enough.” Svetski replies:

“It’s not enough on its own, but it’s the one thing that makes 99% of the difference. Because what it does is it does a couple of things simultaneously. No. 1, it gives us some money. I call Bitcoin free banking in gold in information form that anyone can run on a $100 piece of hardware at home.

Picture a world in which every bank is just a $100 node operating at home, running the Bitcoin network. And every single one of those nodes around the world are in sync.”

Fitts notes, “Right, but you need those people who can maintain themselves outside of the control grid. And they need to have the real assets to be able to do that and do that together.” Svetski replies:

“Totally, and this is why we need something like Bitcoin, because what it does is in its appreciation, it gives us the economic means to acquire the real assets; energy and food. Primarily, they’re the two that we need in order to start to make ourselves sovereign across every other dimension.

Bitcoin’s kind of the linchpin. If you can’t do that, you’ll never catch up to the other ones. But in doing so, we have the economic capacity to do so, and simultaneously. And this is where Bitcoin is simultaneously a defense mechanism and an attack mechanism.

Every dollar you put into Bitcoin is a dollar that is not in the existing system. And what happens is it starts to create a drain on the existing globalist form of money, which is predicated on the capacity of an institution to control it.”

Fitts disagrees, saying that’s not what she’s seen happening. What she’s noticed is that someone, likely the central bankers themselves, “primed the pump on Bitcoin,” basically, someone invested heavily into it to drive up the price. Where did that money come from? According to Svetski, the money came from millions of regular people who decided to swap their fiat currency for Bitcoin.

Fitts, however, is convinced that someone is artificially pumping up Bitcoin. She believes the central bankers or their owners are pumping Bitcoin in order to prototype options for their control grid and to attract retail investors into digital assets out of precious metals and real assets, making it easier and cheaper to establish centralized monopolies of real assets.

At the end of the day, it’s up to you to decide how you feel about Bitcoin. It certainly has strengths, but Fitts makes a good argument for understanding the control mechanisms and the risks of an all-digital financial system. Again, for more, please listen to the whole interview, as I’ve only skimmed over some of the highlights in this article. You can follow more of Svetski’s work at:

To see more of Fitts’ work, go to her website at The Solari Report.

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The Top 22 Things Democrats Love To Hate

“Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that.” – Martin Luther King, Jr.

“In the End, we will remember not the words of our enemies, but the silence of our friends.” – Martin Luther King, Jr.

Hate is a powerful force, history tells us so.

Examples of hate abound. The Romans hate of Christians, the Nazis hate of Jews, the Soviets hate of capitalists, the Democrats hate of whites, the Democrats hate of blacks who supported Trump, the hate of freedom by the Democrat Party and most importantly the media and social medias hate of those who tell the truth.

Since the inauguration of Joseph Robinette Biden Jr. Americans have seen hate in the halls of Congress, in the White House, in the headlines of the legacy media, on social media sites and sadly the violence on the streets of their communities perpetrated by drug cartels, criminals, and groups like Antifa and Black Lives Matter.

Hate and crime are skyrocketing while peace and love are both in decline. Where’s the Beatles message in their song “All You Need is Love” today? Sadly it has been taken over by hate filled, violent and cringe worthy Gangster Rap songs.

The Top 22 Things Democrats Love to Hate

We decided to publish a list of the top 22 things that Democrats love to hate.

It is hate that drives their agenda and is the fuel that ignites their collectivist policies.

It is hate that forces Democrats to target some Americans who are unwilling to submit to government mandates and control.

The operative “hate” words used by Democrats to label those who don’t conform and submit to their policies are: racist, Islamophobic, homophobic, white supremacist, anti-vaxxers, patriots, Trumpers, etc.

Here’s our 22 Top Things that Democrats Love to Hate:

  1. The Bill of Rights.
  2. The Constitution of the United States of America.
  3. The American flag.
  4. Parents who push back at school board policies.
  5. Jews who voted for and continue to support Trump.
  6. Blacks, Hispanics and other people of color who voted for and continue to support Trump.
  7. Donald J. Trump and his entire family, e.g. his wife, sons, daughter and grandchildren.
  8. Canadian and American truckers driving home the anti-vaxx message, e.g. Canada’s “Freedom Convoy” and America’s “The Peoples Convoy.”
  9. Those who are not vaxxed.
  10. Those who have natural immunity to Covid and refuse to get jabbed.
  11. The 79 million Americans who voted for Donald J. Trump in 2020.
  12. The patriots who held a peaceful protest in Washington, D.C. on January 6th, 2021.
  13. Americans who know that gender is binary, male=XX and female=XY.
  14. Straight men.
  15. Straight women.
  16. Mothers.
  17. Fathers.
  18. Families consisting of a husband, wife and their biological children. Also known as parents with children.
  19. A constitutional Republican form of government where the governed have the power, not the government.
  20. Those who believe in an all mighty and all powerful God, e.g. Jews, Christians and Muslims.
  21. Those who believe government is not God.
  22. Anyone who shouts out, posts, shares on social media, has a bumper sticker or wears t-shirts with the phrase “Let’s Go Brandon.”

We were going to add: Pro-life protestors, Kyle Rittenhouse, the state of Israel and anyone who attends a Trump rally but we exceeded our top number of 22 things that Democrats love to hate. But we’re sure that you, our readers, can add to the hate list!

There are also things that Democrats love like the three great myths: Diversity, Equity, Inclusion. The issue is Democrats want diversity, equity and inclusion for a select few but not the many, let alone a majority.

The Bottom Line

Black American writer and activist James Arthur Baldwin wrote,

I love America more than any other country in this world, and, exactly for this reason, I insist on the right to criticize her perpetually.

Today criticizing Biden, his administration, his policies, Democrats, the Democrat Party or government from school board to the White House will get you labeled as a domestic terrorist, arrested, put in jail, tortured, put on trial and exorcised from society. If you don’t abide by the government’s get jabbed mandate you’ll lose your job!

Unlike Democrats, and their Party, we judge people by the content of their characters, not by the color of their skins.

We believe that when it comes to health issues it’s all about my body my choice.

If you would like to add to our list of “Things that Democrats Love to Hate” please feel free to do so in the comments section below.

This ends today’s lesson on life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

©Dr. Rich Swier. All rights reserved.

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BLM Funds Bond for Quintez Brown Accused Kentucky Mayoral Candidate Assassin

Breitbart News reports that a local Black Lives Matter (BLM) chapter funded the release of Quintez Brown, a BLM activist accused of attempting to assassinate Louisville mayoral candidate Craig Greenburg. Bail had been set at $100,000.

Brown allegedly walked into Greenburg’s office and fired shots at the candidate and four others. One of the shots struck Greenburg’s clothing, but otherwise no one was injured. Brown faces four counts of wanton endangerment.

“BLM Louisville organizer and co-founder of the Louisville Community Bail Fund Chanelle Helm said the organization wanted to keep Brown somewhere safe as he awaits trial,” an ABC affiliate reported.

Brown’s Twitter profile bio reads: ‘We have one scientific and correct solution, Pan-Africanism: the total liberation and unification of Africa under scientific socialism.’ This is the kind of racial supremacist that Black Lives Matter wants to keep “safe.”

“They are going to be responsible for what he may or may not do to anybody,” Louisville Metro Council President David James told reporters. “It’s unfortunate Mr. Brown has been bailed out of jail, due to his propensity to violence. I think it’s irresponsible and I hope those who contributed to posting this bond are prepared to be held accountable if Mr. Brown injures someone while out.”

Black Lives Matter (BLM)

154 Known Connections

BLM’s Major Principles

In a document titled “What We Believe,” BLM lays out a number of major principles for which it stands. Among the most noteworthy:

  • “We work vigorously for freedom and justice for Black people and, by extension, all people.”
  • “We are unapologetically Black in our positioning. In affirming that Black Lives Matter, we need not qualify our position….”
  • “We see ourselves as part of the global Black family …”
  • “We are guided by the fact that all Black lives matter, regardless of actual or perceived sexual identity, gender identity, gender expression, economic status, ability, disability, religious beliefs or disbeliefs, immigration status, or location.”
  • “We make space for transgender brothers and sisters to participate and lead.”
  • “We are self-reflexive and do the work required to dismantle cisgender privilege and uplift Black trans folk, especially Black trans women who continue to be disproportionately impacted by trans-antagonistic violence.”
  • “We build a space that affirms Black women and is free from sexism, misogyny, and environments in which men are centered.”
  • “We dismantle the patriarchal practice that requires mothers to work ‘double shifts’ so that they can mother in private even as they participate in public justice work.”
  • “We disrupt the Western-prescribed nuclear family structure requirement by supporting each other as extended families and ‘villages’ that collectively care for one another, especially our children, to the degree that mothers, parents, and children are comfortable.” (Note: BLM quietly, and without explanation, removed this item from its website around September 21, 2020, in an effort to defuse the widespread criticism which the item had sparked.)
  • “We foster a queer‐affirming network. When we gather, we do so with the intention of freeing ourselves from the tight grip of heteronormative thinking …”

To learn more about BLM, click here.

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