VIDEOS: An Incomprehensible and Vexing Question

This is an incomprehensible and vexing question. If you know the answer I look forward to your enlightening me.

The minds of the liberal American Jews are especially incomprehensible and vexing, but so are the minds of black Americans, who have been screwed by Democrats since the days of slavery on, only switching to soft bigotry in 1965.

Suppose the Communists had deposed Hitler and were hunting the Nazis down, killing them or shipping them off to gulags (meaning “concentration camps”). And suppose a great many Nazis managed to flee the country. Would the Jews have besieged the government and the media pressuring the government to allow unlimited numbers of them to enter to the U.S. as refugees? After all, “we too have been refugees.” Would that have even been rational?

That is exactly what most American Jews today are doing, but the Nazis this time are Islamo-Nazis, literally. The Muslim Brotherhood is the Islamic branch of the Nazi Movement, unrepentant and unpunished. The founder of the Brotherhood, Hassan al-Bannah, teamed up with the Nazis in the early 1930’s and grew under Nazi tutelage. Google the parameters bannah nazi and read what comes up.

Grand Mufti of Jerusalem Haj Amin el-Husseini meeting with Adolf Hitler.

The infamous Grand Mufti of Jerusalem, the Haj Amin el-Husseini, had connected to the Muslim Brotherhood in the early 1930’s and was the undisputed creator and leader of the Palestinian national movement. He went to Berlin in 1941, was received by Hitler personally, and forged an alliance with him. He raised Islamic divisions for the Waffen SS and was to rule the Middle East under Hitler when Germany should conquer it, and he was to be the one to carry out the Final Solution to the Jewish Question in the Middle East. He and the Muslim Brotherhood taught the Nazis how to address their message to the Muslim world and, for their part, they imbibed the full range and richness of European Jew hatred. There is a reason why the Islamic terrorist organizations use the Nazi salute. They are, quite literally, Islamo-Nazis.

Not all Muslims are Islamo-Nazis, but polls show that the percentage of Muslims living in Islamic majority countries who have “unfavorable views of Jews” ranges from 60% to 100%. They are assiduously and intensely taught, from infancy, to hate Jews and that Jews should be killed for the fact of being Jews. The result is described quite well, by Pat Condell, A Special Kind Of Hate.

In truth, this is nothing new and it applies especially to Jews but not only to Jews. Mass murder of all non-Muslims is endemic to Islamic rule. Islamic rule in India is emblematic.  It is an on-going phenomenon. Here is a more recent example.

The Islamic fundamentalist jihadis are driving the Jews out of Europe. Are Jews in America so sure they will not do the same in America that they view it as repugnant racism to even vett them for terrorists? The Jews seem to be so deeply brainwashed that they cannot see the difference between the Muslim “refugees” and their own grandmothers fleeing the Holocaust.

trump america first

Under President Trump refugee arrivals to the U.S. have dramatically slowed


Secretary of State Rex Tillerson (left)

In advance of a new EO supposedly coming out on Wednesday, checking the numbers this morning here are a few things I learned.

Total arrivals this fiscal year (which began on October 1, 2016) are at 36,822.  Last time we checked on 2/23 we were at 36,637.

Secretary of State Tillerson and President Trump can still set the ceiling lower than 50,000!

President Trump has set the ceiling for this fiscal year which ends on September 30th at 50,000 (a number we argue is not that low when one examines all of the post 9/11 years, see here. Bush’s lowest year was 39,554).

47% of the 36,822 are Muslim refugees of some stripe.

Here is how they break down:

Ahmadiyya: 130
Shiite: 2,152
Sunni: 8,659

Muslim (who apparently don’t designate a sect): 6,547

A couple of things that interested me in the numbers.  First we are bringing in large numbers of Burmese Muslims now (Rohingya, I presume).  817 are recorded as from Burma.  In reality we don’t know exactly where they came from.  They could be from the Muslim country of Bangladesh.  These are not our responsibility!

Then for Iraqis we admitted both sides of the warring factions:  1,472 are Shiites and 2,506 are Sunnis.

So, let me get this straight! From Iraq we must have Sunnis saying they are persecuted by Shiites and Shittes saying they are persecuted by Sunnis, and we bring them both to be resettled in your cities.  How long before they go after each other on American soil?

So here (from Wrapsnet) is a map of where the 36,822 were placed one day short of 5 months in to FY2017.

Wyoming remains the only state in the nation with no refugee program.  Of course Washington, DC only gets a tiny number.



Not show on the map are Florida with 1,197, Alaska with 41 and Hawaii with 3.

Here are the top ten receiving states. 

I repeat! Governor Abbott’s withdrawal of the state of Texas from the UN/US Refugee Admissions Program did not slow the flow to the state! If you want to help President Trump succeed, Texans need to focus their political activism on Senator John Cornyn as we explained here.


This post is filed in our Trump Watch! category as well as ‘refugee statistics’ and ‘where to find information.’

organizing for action logo

VIDEO: Organizing for Action — Obama’s Shadow Government

New York Post contributor Paul Sperry joined Lou Dobbs on Wednesday night to discuss Barack Obama’s shadow government organization to sabotage President Trump. Sperry says Obama has trained tens of thousands of organizers already in Alinsky tactics at his boot camps.


HILARIOUS Chart Sums Up How Democrats Debate

L.A.R.K. program proposed for care of detained terrorists……

Kirk Caldwell obama

Mayor of Honolulu: My Latest Appointee Helped Deliver Lots of Muslims to Europe

by Andrew Walden

honolulu sealA February 21, 2017 Caldwell administration news release touting the appointment of Jim Howe to head the Honolulu Emergency Services Department includes this tidbit:

“Most recently, Howe provided consulting services to the ProActiva Open Arms program, which helps rescue European-bound refugees from treacherous ocean waters who are fleeing war, persecution or poverty.”

“ProActiva Open Arms” sounds humanitarian but some in Europe see it as a human trafficking scheme run by mercenaries and intelligence operatives intended to keep refugees from overrunning tiny Malta.  The Guardian May 3, 2016 explains: “The Maltese immigration crisis is a decade ahead of the rest of Europe. It began in 2002, during the fierce fighting of the Somali civil war, peaked in 2004 when Malta joined the EU, and ended – eerily, abruptly, and so far without a decent explanation – just as the main European crisis was beginning in 2015.”

Some Trump supporters see the hijrah as a George Soros funded plan to destabilize Europe which backfired leading to the election of nationalists—including Donald Trump—in country after country throughout the West.

jim howe

Jim Howe

Here is the rundown on ProActiva, and its ships Golfo Azuro and Astral, from anti-EU European think-tank GEFIRA:

GEFIRA December 4, 2016: NGOs are smuggling immigrants into Europe on an industrial scale

For two months, using, we have been monitoring the movements of ships owned by a couple of NGOs. Using data from, we have kept track of the daily arrivals of African immigrants in Italy. It turned out we were witness to a big scam and an illegal human traffic operation.

NGOs, smugglers, the mafia in cahoots with the European Union have shipped thousands of illegals into Europe under the pretext of rescuing people, assisted by the Italian coast guard which coordinated their activities.

Human traffickers contact the Italian coast guard in advance to receive support and to pick up their dubious cargo. NGO ships are directed to the “rescue spot” even as those to be rescued are still in Libya. The 15 ships that we observed are owned or leased by NGOs have regularly been seen to leave their Italian ports, head south, stop short of reaching the Libyan coast, pick up their human cargo, and take course back 260 miles to Italy even though the port of Zarzis in Tunis is just 60 miles away from the rescue spot.

The organizations in question are: MOAS, Jugend Rettet, Stichting Bootvluchting, Médecins Sans Frontières, Save the Children, Proactiva Open Arms,, Sea-Eye and Life Boat.

The real intention of the people behind the NGOs is not clear. We would not be surprised if their motive were money. They may also be politically driven; the activities of the Malta-based organisation, MOAS, by trafficking people to Italy is the best guarantee that migrants will not show up on the Maltese shore. MOAS is managed by an Maltese Marine officer well known in Malta for his maltreatment of refugees 1)

GEFIRA November 16, 2016: NGOs Armada operating off the coast of Libya

Ships permanently used by NGOs off the Libyan coast … Proactiva Open Arms operates the Astral. We spotted the Astral many times in Libyan territorial waters. The ship disappeared on a regular basis from the AIS tracking websites. Website: Proactiva Open Arms.

GEFIRA November 15, 2016: Caught in the act: NGOs deal in migrant smuggling

On the evening of 12 October at 21:15, 113 people were picked up 8.5 nautical miles off the Libyan Mellitah Complex, by four NGO ships; the Phoenix, the Astral, the Iuventa and the Golfo Azzurro. At that moment these four ships were within the territorial waters of Libya.

During this transport, 17 persons were reported missing, including a three-year-old child.

Wednesday 12 October eight o’clock in the morning, the Italian coast guard informed the Golfo Azzurro about the coming “rescue” operation, 10 to 12 hours in advance; they directed the Golfo Azzurro to a location within the Libyan territorial waters. Eveline Rethmeier, a Dutch journalist, was on board of the Golfo Azzurro. At 20:23 (UTC time 18:23) she posted a video were ‘Chief of the Mission’ Mateo told the crew something was coming. In her blog she wrote: “At eight o’clock in the morning we got the messages that there is a ship with problems 30 nautical miles away from us. The Italian coast guard asked assistance in the area. We were briefed by ‘Chief of the Mission’ Mateo. He told us that we should be prepared for guests.”

The Italian coast guard did not only direct the Golfo Azzurro to the Libyan territorial waters but also the Phoenix, the Astral and the Iuventa. According to the Malta Today: “It was around 7 pm (12 October) when the Maritime Rescue Coordination Centre in Rome contacted Phoenix. Still, it was only at 9.20pm that the rubber boat was sighted by making use of the Schiebel drones on board the Phoenix. In cooperation with the other search-and-rescue NGOs in the area, a rescue operation was swiftly launched.” The Golfo Azzurro was told at 8.00 AM that there was a ship with problems while the Phoenix was contacted 10 to 11 hours later!


ProActiva in Mediterranean

brigitte gabriel

ACT For America’s Brigette Gabriel [a.k.a. Hanan Qahwaji]: Inning Two Begins

In the days after I wrote about the liberal ideologies of ACT for America founder Brigitte Gabriel, her birth name is Hanan Qahwaji, toward Islam, mosques and the firing of an ACT chapter leader I have gotten tremendous feedback. My column was about her firing of ACT chapter leaders LTC Roy White, a retired U.S. Air Force officer and pilot of the A-10 fighting War Hog, and more importantly a true and pure American patriot has been a proud moment in my life.  Roy is a man you want on your side in any war.

After the article I received hundreds of calls and emails from people who know Gabriel and also Roy White.  It has been a lifetime’s worth of wow and oh my gosh moments!  I had dozens of current ACT chapter leaders and many more current members who told me in quite loud words that they were tired of Gabriel’s love for the all mighty dollar and her liberal thoughts on the satanic evils of Islam. 

LTC Roy White speaking before the Texas Legislature in January 2017. Photo by Ilana Panich-Lindsman.

Gabriel now preaches that Islam is peaceful and loving and she believes this peace loving ideology is good and only a few radicals have hijacked Islam and these people are her targets and not the over 3000 mosques in America nor the millions of Muslims who attend them. On 9/11/2001 there were just over 1,000 mosques in America.

Gabriel advises that the mosques are opened legally in America and should not be looked at by her members. We need to ask Gabriel if she supports CAIR, ISNA and Planned Parenthood.  Each of these hell hole organizations advocate hate and murder and were also opened legally in America.  Should we also support Americas Hamas and Muslim Brotherhood leader Congressman Keith Ellison out of Minnesota?  He was legally elected.

This is what some of the former chapter leaders, current ones, and Americans who know Gabriel told me:

  1. Gabriel formed her non profit organization for money and her Hollywood style life reflects that.
  2. Gabriel does not care for her members and Chapter leaders. They are tools to bring in millions of dollars for her.
  3. Gabriel charges between $3,000 and $10,000 to her chapter leaders for her coming to their locations.  Not always that much but the majority of times.
  4. Many times when she goes to an event she brings with her a whole entourage of staff to include a hairdresser.
  5. A member of Israeli intelligence stated Gabriel is not who she says she is and the facts she states about her life in Lebanon are dramatically fabricated. Israelis have been looking into her for being a total oil of Hamas. Readers keep in mind I personally don’t know if this is true but I can guarantee you I will find out the truth.
  6. Gabriel is an egotistical person who seeks the attention of politicians and the media. This is one of the reasons she gives Islam a free pass just as Fox News journalists such as Hannity, O’Reilly and all others do. Gabriel and these pseudo journalists never ever say that the Islamic ideology is the problem our free world faces.  Instead they say Islam and the billion Muslims are peace loving and only a small number of radicals have hijacked Islam.
  7. Many people informed me that Gabriel weekly pressures the Chapter leaders to give and raise more money for her. They constantly feel stressed.
  8. Many chapter leaders (over 60 thus far) have reported to me they were resigning or have done so after my article about Gabriel.
  9. Numerous ACT chapter leaders and members say they are looking for a true American patriot and true conservative who are not afraid to say Islam is evil, the mosques are breeding grounds for terrorists, and Muslims who attend the 3000 mosques who desire the destruction of Israel and America are an American national security problem.  I highly suggested they support John Guandolo, Pamela Geller or Robert Spencer.
  10. Hundreds of people say that Gabriel fired an American hero (LTC Roy White) for looking into national security issues in mosques and that action confirms their years of believing that Gabriel was not who she publicly claims to be.  They called her a con woman and fraud.

I will be seeking more information on each of these allegations.

This is only a sampling of what people wrote about Gabriel.  It is now crunch time.  You can either believe that Islam and mosques are peaceful, loving and tolerant like Gabriel and some Fox News staff do, or you can believe that Mohammed was,

  • Evil and a child rapist for marrying a six year old child and raping her.
  • That the Islamic ideology itself is pure satanic evil and advocates throughout their mosques the destruction of Israel, America and the millions of Americans.
  • Islam strongly in 2017 advocates the marriage of small children and then raping them for years.
  • And Islam has always had slavery and still does.

Please contact me with your comments positive or negative about my articles.  Email is, phone 276 930 1227.  My site is

NOTE: Gabriel and her staff heard about me that I was putting out an article about her firing Roy White so she quickly put out a letter giving False reasons for filing him.  She did this as a cover up.  You can tell the letter was rushed because there are no less than 30 typos in a short letter.


Anti-Muslim group fires its San Antonio leader – San Antonio Express News

Virginia Beach-based group believes Islam threatens America: “It’s a spiritual battle of good and evil”

sjp flyer stabbing jews for peace

Students for Justice in Palestine caught in a lie

sjp logoArlington, TX – Leadership of Students for Justice in Palestine at the University of Arlington, Texas (SJP UTA), which has been embroiled in an anti-Semitism scandal, are claiming that they don’t know former friend and colleague Nancy Salem. They are also denying that any of their members have made anti-Semitics comments.

Canary Mission’s evidence concludes that both of these claims are flagrant lies.

Following the release of a report by campus watchdog Canary Mission, SJP UTA have sought to distance themselves from Salem. The former pre-school teacher who called to “kill some Jews” on Twitter, was fired yesterday from her job at Children’s Courtyard amidst calls for the school to shut down.

In response, SJP UTA yesterday posted a statement on their primary Facebook page making two absurd denials. The first is that Salem has “never been associated with SJP” and second that “Sjp has never had any members make any anti-semitic [sic] statements.”

SJP UTA latest hires.png

Canary Mission’s investigation of the activists Twitter interactions revealed that at least half a dozen SJP UTA members implicated in Canary Mission’s expose, including their Vice President, are closely acquainted with her.

Here is Salem wishing their Vice President a happy birthday last year:

Though never a student at UTA, a point made clear in Canary Mission’s profile on her, Salem was clearly affiliated with the SJP UTA chapter. SJP UTA have a second Facebook account, which can still be viewed now, even though since our expose the names of those individuals implicated in their anti-Semitism scandal have since been removed and there is virtually no content. Nancy Salem was one of those individuals whose name was removed.


Below are examples of interactions between Salem and the above mentioned SJP UTA activists clearly showing that they know her:

Lastly, here are just two examples conclusively showing just three SJP UTA members together with their anti-Semitic statements. The rest can be found on the Canary Mission UTA page.

FILE - In this Dec. 10, 2014 file photo, Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe speaks during the official opening of the new I-95 Express Lanes at the Express Lanes Operations Center in Alexandria, Va.  McAuliffe is set to present  a midcourse correction to the state’s two-year budget that will include expanding publicly funded Medicaid health insurance eligibility to about 400,000 to able-bodied, low-income adults, according to two state officials who have been briefed on the governor’s plans but are not allowed to discuss them publicly.   (AP Photo/Molly Riley)

Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe, vetoes Refugee Reporting Bill

Bills like these are really innocuous.  They don’t stop any refugee placement in the state, they simply tell state officials and the public who is in the state. The information would aide local officials in determining school capacity, housing availability and other welfare services that would need to be provided to these legal immigrants.

From CBS:


Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe (left)

RICHMOND, Va. (NEWSPLEX) — A bill requiring an annual report on refugees resettled in Virginia has been vetoed.

Governor Terry McAuliffe vetoed House Bill 2002 on Friday, saying the report would “send a message of exclusion to people looking for the chance to rebuild their lives” and poses a danger to them.

The legislation would have required nonprofit resettlement agencies and local affiliates that provide refugee or other immigrant resettlement services, like the International Rescue Committee, to report information regarding those settled in the Commonwealth.

The state Department of Social Services would then collate and submit a report to the governor’s office and the General Assembly each year.

The report would include information such as the total number of individuals resettled in Virginia by the agency; the locality where the individual was resettled; the individual’s age, gender and nation of origin; and whether the individual was placed through the U.S. Refugee Resettlement Program.

More here.

It would be interesting to see if Maryland Republican Governor Larry Hogan would veto a similar bill! Hogan has spoken in favor of more refugees for Maryland.


Swede Democrat leaders pen WSJ op-ed imploring Americans to avoid the mistakes Sweden made

South Africa: Is the Rainbow Nation headed to black on black riots again?

Beware Somalis, others, coming from US claiming a passion for Canada as they illegally cross the border

wayne lapierre cpac 2017

VIDEO: Wayne LaPierre at CPAC 2017

NRA Executive Vice President and Chief Executive Officer Wayne LaPierre addressed the crowd at the Conservative Political Action Conference in National Harbor, Maryland. “Have we ever seen such anger in this country,” asked the NRA chief, referring to the enraged leftist movement. He said many of these people hate everything that America stands for and they’re willing to engage in criminal violence to get what they want.

These are dangerous times, warned LaPierre, who declared that we’re also under siege from the national media machine. Everything they do, he pointed out, is intended to purposely and maliciously destroy the Trump presidency.

But when Americans voted last November, the NRA vowed to stand by Donald Trump’s side and LaPierre promised that gun owners across the country will fight the violent left and will not be defeated. “Terror knows no more ferocious foe than freedom in the hands of ‘We the people.’

not my president paraphanalia

VIDEO: New York City ‘Not My President’ Anarchists return to Columbus Circle

Presidents’ Day. NYC.  Feb. 20, 2017. RENAMED (by the rabid Left) NOT MY PRESIDENT DAY

Location: Start at Columbus Circle. Assemble outside Trump International Hotel. 61st St & Central Park West. Time: 12pm – 4pm

This was announced as a peaceful demonstration. A rally, not a march (though plenty of Leftards marched up Broadway)

There was a congressional recess on February 20th that aligned with President’s Day. “Let’s rally while our federal representatives are back in town and remind them who they represent.”

But, today was NOT just any Presidents Day.

Officially, the holiday is called Washington’s Birthday, to honor the first American president, George Washington. The date was established by Congress with the Monday Holidays Act, which went into effect in 1971.

But, just say “President Trump” and watch the temper tantrums from the Left begin.

That’s all they needed to “gather like children”, while screaming , “Trump is NOT my President.”  Pathetic.

AMERICA , however, did not remain silent. There were pockets of confident patriots scattered from 60th to 65th st.

Not just white’ America the Left loves to smear with cries of racism.

People of color. Diversity. This is what democracy looks like.

Polite (mostly). FIRM in their convictions that Donald Trump IS our President. YOU LOST. Get over it!”

Heading towards the subway, I felt weary from yet another YUGE temper tantrum. So much snarky ill-will.

Yet, the civilized street debates offered up by those brave patriotic Americans, also left me encouraged.

Kudos to the patriots who had the courage to stand amongst so many smug Fools and Tools and retained their composure. Bravo.

For the Leftards, who suck the life out of everything, while preaching hatred for all things Republican: a major Razzie award to you all.

Where is MOM when you need her.

“Time out.” “Go To your Room.” (if only that would work)

Video Playlist: 7 short vids – 4  are the patriot street debates

After the Rally, the Leftists filled their Face book and Twitter feeds with the expected self congratulation. BUT so did the Patriots!!

Thank you to EVERYONE that came out. We made a stand and it was great. The Spirit of ’76 was alive yesterday and we totally messed up the libs day. So proud of everyone!

By the way, the next event will be on March 4th – I believe at Trump Tower. It’s called “March 4 Trump” and they will be happening in several cities. Thanks again.

The LEFT says they’re winning. Yet, after reading their “mission statement”, methinks hubris may sink their ship (Hoping)

Face book statement on WHY they rallied for NOT MY PRESIDENT Day:

Donald Trump is literally our President, but figuratively, he has attacked every value New Yorkers embody and does not represent our interests. We will be staging a rally at Columbus Circle to protest the un-American policies of the current White House:

  • He plans to cut federal funding to our state in an attempt to turn us against our immigrant population, funneling money away from important public institutions.
  • He wants to use our tax money to build a wall that no one wants.
  • He attacked our Muslim communities and instituted an Islamophobic religious ban.
  • He approved a pipeline that threatens to destroy sacred lands.
  • His administration opposes a woman’s right to choose and purged the White House website of information pertaining to police brutality and LGBTQ rights.
  • His party doesn’t take climate change seriously and undermines our state’s efforts to combat it.

Donald Trump stands against the progress we have worked hard to enact. He does not represent our interests. He was voted in by a minority of the American public but governs as if there’s no resistance. But there is — and on February 20th, we will honor previous presidents by exercising our constitutional right to assemble and peacefully protest everything Donald Trump stands for.

EDITORS NOTE: This column originally appeared in The Geller Report. Pictures and video property of Pamela Hall.


Keith Ellison: ‘Blacks don’t have an obligation’ to obey government

he Muslim Brotherhood-linked Keith Ellison, the first Muslim to be elected to Congress, also has past ties to the Nation of Islam — a black Islamic supremacist, anti-white, anti-gay, anti-Catholic and virulently anti-Semitic group. He conveniently denounced his involvement with the group when it suited him in 2006, after it became an issue during his first run for Congress.

It would seem that no matter how much hatred Ellison has spewed against the U.S. and Israel, his documented Islamic supremacist ties, and his facilitating of the crudest divisions in racial politics, he is still a trusted and influential Democratic leader, and likely soon to be the Chair of the DNC.

“Keith Ellison Once Said Black People Don’t Have ‘Obligation’ To Obey Government”, by Peter Hassan, The Daily Caller, February 23, 2017:

Democratic congressman and DNC chair front-runner Keith Ellison once said that “black people don’t live in a democracy” and “don’t have an obligation” to obey the government.

Ellison made the comments at a 1992 protest after white police officers were acquitted in the beating of Rodney King. At least 63 people died in the racially charged riots following the verdict.

Minnesota newspaper the Star Tribune quotes Ellison as telling a group of protesters in Minneapolis that “Black people do not live under a democracy.”

“You don’t have an obligation to obey a government that considers you to be less than human,” Ellison said.

Ellison, the nation’s first Muslim congressman, has come under fire for his history of making racially inflammatory comments, as well as his past association with notorious anti-Semite Louis Farrakhan, whom Ellison has since renounced. (RELATED: Democratic Donor: Keith Ellison ‘Clearly An Anti-Semite’)

Ellison once called for American blacks to have their own nation and called the U.S. Constitution “best evidence of a white racist conspiracy to subjugate other peoples.”

While speaking to an atheist group in 2007, Ellison compared the Sept. 11 attacks to the Reichstag fire, stopping just short of accusing then-President George W. Bush of having a hand in the attacks.

“It’s almost like the Reichstag fire, kind of reminds me of that,” Ellison said of 9/11, according to reports at the time. “After the Reichstag was burned, they blamed the Communists for it, and it put the leader [Hitler] of that country in a position where he could basically have authority to do whatever he wanted.”

Ellison went on to say he wouldn’t suggest the U.S. had a hand in the attacks because “you know, that’s how they put you in the nut-ball box — dismiss you,” before later walking back his comments…


DNC Chair Frontrunner Rep. Keith Ellison (D-Minn.) Hides from his Radical Anti-gun Record

NYPD commissioner to officers: Defy Trump’s immigrant deportation order

UK: Man who renounced Islam forced to move after harassment from Muslims

Trump phones Trinidad PM to stem Islamic State recruitment

EDITORS NOTE: This column originally appeared on Jihad Watch.

Lt. General William McMaster

General McMaster and that ‘Perverted Interpretation of Religion Used To Justify Violence’

President Trump has chosen Lt. General William McMaster as his new National Security Adviser. As a three-star general, McMaster’s appointment will require Senate confirmation, and one hopes that whatever else the Senators ask him, they make sure to examine his understanding of Islamic terrorism. For surely this is the greatest threat not only to American security, but to that of the entire West.

General McMaster has pronounced on the subject of Islamic terrorism twice in the last year, in almost identical language, and what he said suggests that he has missed something important about the ideology of Islam.

In May 2016, in a speech he delivered on “Harbingers of Future War: Implications for the Army” at the Center for Strategic and International Studies, General McMaster referred to “groups like ISIL, who use this irreligious ideology, this perverted interpretation of religion to justify violence. They depend on ignorance, and the ability to recruit vulnerable segments of populations to foment hatred, and then use that hatred to justify violence against innocents.

Apparently well-satisfied with his original formulation, General McMaster repeated it, almost verbatim, in a speech to the Center for Leadership and Excellence at the Virginia Military Institute on November 21, 2016, ringingly declaring that “we will defeat today’s enemies, including terrorist organizations like Daesh, who cynically use a perverted interpretation of religion to incite hatred and justify horrific cruelty against innocents.”

This description of Daesh – the Islamic State – as “cynically using a perverted interpretation of religion to incite hatred and justify horrific cruelty against innocents” is most peculiar. For whatever else you can say about Daesh or other Muslim terrorists, the adverb “cynically” is the least applicable to their actions. Al-Baghdadi, Al-Awlaki, Bin Laden, Al-Zawahiri, Nidal Hasan. Omar Mateen, Adam Gadahn, Aafia Siddiqui, Saïd and Chérif Kouachi, and all the other stars in the terrorist firmament have not been cynics, but rather, the reverse — the truest of true believers. And what they truly believe(d) in is what Islam’s texts inculcate, including the view of non-Muslims as cosmically ungrateful (in not accepting the message of Muhammad), their “vileness” Qur’anically established (8:55; 98:6), their continued insubmissive existence as kuffar seen as a colossal affront to Islam.

Muslims have a duty to spread Islam by means of Jihad, which overwhelmingly means the use of violence, though it can be conducted through other means – as, for example, Jihad of the Pen/Tongue, to spread Islam’s message. Today, along with violence, a new instrument – demographic conquest – is being used to overwhelm the Infidels and spread Islam. “New” because never before in history have millions of people dedicated to the longterm destruction of others been allowed by those others to settle deep behind what ought be regarded as enemy lines, as Muslims have now been allowed to settle throughout Western Europe. If Muslim numbers do surpass those of the indigenous non-Muslims, Muslims will be in a position to offer non-Muslims a choice: either to convert to Islam, or be killed, or to accept the permanent status of dhimmi, with all of its attendant disabilities. And there is no end to Jihad; it should continue until the whole world is ultimately subjected to Islam. There is nothing – pace General McMaster — “cynical” about any of this.

As for those phrases repeated by General McMaster about this “perverse interpretation of religion [used] to justify violence” which becomes, in his longer variant, a “perverted interpretation of religion to incite hatred and justify horrific cruelty against innocents,” the only “perverted interpretation” of Islam is, I’m afraid, that of General McMaster himself, who appears certain that Islam properly understood cannot possibly inculcate anything that might “incite hatred and justify violence” against non-Muslims. I’m not sure which would be worse: that he may think he must pretend to believe this nonsense in order to avoid being accused of Islamophobia and to safely rise high in the Washington ranks, or that he really believes it.

Perhaps during his confirmation hearings, some senators will press him on this, trying to find out what McMaster thinks Islam, mainstream Islam, teaches and how it differs from that “perverse interpretation” to which he keeps referring. The exchange ought to be instructive. For example, the senators might ask him, while the reporters are present and the cameras whirring, what he remembers from the Qur’an on the subject of Infidels. What, a probing Senator might ask him, under the guise of refreshing his memory, does he make of Qur’an 98:6, describing Infidels as “the vilest of creatures”? Would he regard it as a “perverse interpretation” of that verse to think it inculcates hatred toward non-Muslims, or isn’t it in fact clear in its declaration of such hatred, and should he not be willing to recognize that this is a perfectly straightforward, if disturbing statement, with no “perverse interpretation” necessary?

Or take the famous Verse of the Sword, Qur’an 9:5: “When the sacred months are over slay the idolaters wherever you find them. Arrest them, besiege them, and lie in ambush everywhere for them. If they repent and take to prayer and render the alms levy, allow them to go their way. God is forgiving and merciful.” What “perverse interpretation” of this pellucid call to violent Jihad is needed to make this verse “incite hatred”? It’s dripping with murderous hatred already. The Senators could continue to quote from the more than one hundred Jihad verses in the Qur’an or stories from the Hadith, that is, verses that exhort the killing of Infidels. Or they might read out, and ask for General McMaster to comment on, the description of the mass killings of the 600-900 bound prisoners of the Banu Qurayza, by Muhammad and his followers, or the accounts of the pleasure Muhammad (“al-insan al-kamil,” the Perfect Man, and “uswa hasana,” the Model of Conduct) took in learning of the murders of those who mocked him (Asma bint Marwan, Abu Afak), or the descriptions of the many military campaigns he took part in not only against his sworn enemies, but simply against those who, like the inoffensive Jewish farmers of the Khaybar Oasis, were known to be prosperous. For the Khaybar farmers had not been fighting against Muhammad; they were a target for this covetous warlord simply because they were both well-off and ill-defended. The Khaybar attack gives the lie to the Muslim claim that Muhammad only fought defensive wars. Muhammad and his men despoiled the Khaybar farmers, who had done nothing against them, of both their property and their women; the loot was enough of a lure. Or was this aggressiveness all a matter of Muhammad’s “perverse interpretation” of Islam?

It would be perfectly appropriate for the Senators to ask General McMaster what “perverse interpretation” of Islam he thinks the Islamic State or Al-Qaeda labor under, to explain exactly where the terrorists’ interpretation of Islam distorts or veers away from the basic tenets of Islam, as conveyed by any mainstream madrasa’s lessons, or any orthodox imam’s sermons?

General McMaster refers to “groups like ISIL, who use this irreligious ideology” and whose members “depend on ignorance, and the ability to recruit vulnerable segments of populations to foment hatred.” Again he should be asked, what is the “ignorance” that members of the Islamic State depend on to obtain recruits? Is General McMaster suggesting that these potential recruits are “ignorant” of the real meaning of Islam – the peace and tolerance and convivencia about which the small army of apologists (John Esposito, Pope Francis, Karen Armstrong, Barack Obama, Reza Aslan, Omid Safi, and so many others) constantly prate? Is General McMaster quite convinced that it is “ignorance” of Islam that helps “groups like ISIL [ISIS]”? How is it that so many “ignorant” Muslims could manage to remain unaware of Islam’s pacific essence, and thus be easily inveigled into believing the “perverse interpretation” of the faith, as something violent, hate-filled, cruel, that is the very opposite of what, in the General’s view, is the essence of Islam? Is this what General McMaster purports to believe? Isn’t it, rather, that those who join ISIS or Al-Qaeda are not ignorant at all, but know perfectly well what the texts of Islam inculcate, and rightly understand the meaning of Islam as a warlike doctrine of conquest and subjugation? And aren’t they quick to offer textual support from the Qur’an, Hadith, and Sira, for their every act of terror? And hasn’t Islam meant conquest through violence, and subjugation, of many different kinds of Infidels, over many different lands, for the past 1400 years?

Many of the senators questioning General McMaster will prefer not to press these points. Most Democrats will agree with his pollyannish remarks on Islam. Most Republicans may simply wish to defer to the general as a Trump appointee, wrongly assuming that he must, therefore, be “tough” on Islam. Few senators will have the stomach to discuss Islam truthfully in public, knowing they will then have to endure the usual idiotic charges of bigotry and “Islamophobia” from those whose minds are made up, and who do not want to be confused with facts. But it would take only a handful of senators, possibly from both parties, offering piercing questions, to strike a blow for common sense and our common security. Ideally, a few of them will choose to read aloud Qur’anic verses or stories from the Hadith that inculcate hatred of, and violence toward, Infidels. The General should be asked what exactly those recruited by terrorists are ignorant of, and why he considers them, as a result, more “vulnerable” to the siren song of the Al-Baghdadis and Bin Ladens. Does he think these recruits are less educated, or more impoverished, and because of that easier to inveigle into terrorism? The data suggests otherwise. Many studies have concluded that Islamic terrorists are both better off economically and better educated than the average Muslim.

If they are particularly “vulnerable” to those texts that preach violent Jihad, this means not that they are “ignorant” and susceptible to accept a “perverse interpretation” of the faith, but that they are prepared to take Islam to heart, not shirking their duty to engage in violent Jihad (or to “strike terror”), but acting upon what Islam demands of its followers; they are having their Islam straight up, as determined Jihadists, and not on the rocks of self-interested calculation that might make some hesitate to sacrifice themselves for Islam. It’s hard to understand what General McMaster means by his use of the word “ignorance” in reference to these recruits. Is he suggesting that their knowledge of Islam is incomplete, and that if they were to learn more, they would of course come to realize that only a “perverse interpretation” of Islam would lead to violence? Does he believe that his understanding of Islam is superior to that of Al-Baghdadi or Bin Laden? After being confronted in those hearings with those 100-plus Jihad verses, and many other verses, too, that teach contempt for the Infidels, those that characterize them as the “vilest of creatures” and instruct Muslims not to take Christians and Jews as friends, “for they are friends only with each other,” would General McMaster still maintain his rosy view of Islam? It is not those more ignorant of Islam who are inveigled by terrorist masters but, rather, those who, becoming ever more devout, study the texts closely, take to heart the endless litany of hatred toward Infidels, feel keenly the duty of Jihad, and become terrorists fully conscious of what they are doing. We would all prefer to believe – it would be such a great relief – that General McMaster is right, and that Islamic terrorism is a result of a “perverse interpretation” of Islam, one having no relation to the “real” Islam. How comforting it would be to believe that Muslim terrorist masters “depend on ignorance” (of the real, peaceful Islam) – how comforting, and how false.

Perhaps, made aware of comments critical of his knowledge of Islam, such as these you are reading, or here, General McMaster might give himself, by way of preparation for his confirmation hearings, a short course in Islam that would disabuse him of his hitherto complacent understanding. He could then simply tell the sympathetic senators that he has had occasion to study both Islamic texts and Islamic terrorism more fully, and based on that study, wishes to revise his previous statements, made last year, so that they would read something like this: “The many Islamic terrorist groups, such as the Islamic State, Al-Qaeda, Hamas, and Hezbollah, and many other groups and groupuscules, are able to recruit Muslims using an interpretation of Islam that is not necessarily accepted by all but is certainly accepted by a great many – far too many – Muslims, and candor compels me to admit, following a re-examination of the Qur’an and other Islamic texts, that this version of Islam should be considered not aberrant but mainstream.”

And then he might add: “It is up to us to figure out how best we can help those born into Islam, without any choice in the matter, who recognize those troublesome aspects of their faith that are inimical to real peace and real tolerance, and for which they would like to find a solution, if such is possible.” An unflinching statement like that, from General McMaster, despite the subsequent howls of protest by CAIR and the Southern Poverty Law Center, would be enough – would be more than enough – to clear a good many minds of cant.


“Palestinian” kids at EU-funded festival: “Jihad is needed, pull the trigger”

UK: Man who renounced Islam forced to move after harassment from Muslims

EDITORS NOTE: This column originally appeared on Jihad Watch.


Open letter to Mayor Jim Watson RE: Ottawa becoming a Sanctuary City

Mayor Jim Watson, Councillors Bob Monette and Stephen Blais:

My name is Shabnam Assadollahi. I am a resident of Orleans, a taxpayer who was born a Muslim in Iran and immigrated to Canada in 1991.

I heard that the City of Ottawa might consider to vote that Ottawa becoming a “Sanctuary” City. Please allow me to express my disapproval and grave concerns about this suggestion.

As an immigrant and former political child prisoner of notorious Evin prison by the Islamic regime of Iran and international award winning Human Rights Advocate, I have no issues with Ottawa welcoming immigrants and refugees, as long as they are here legally and Canada takes in numbers that we can readily accommodate. As a professional working on a daily basis with refugees and newcomers, I hear their devastation by this so called “open-border” policy of Canada. Every immigrant and newcomer I have spoken to strongly believes in upholding the rule of law and in maintaining national security and they are so fearful about their families safety and security. It is also very important for our nation’s capital to set an example by following the law, for example, by having our police forces cooperate with Border Services in immigration-related areas.

I recently watched a video by a U.S. Immigration expert, (please click on this link), who spoke of the U.S. immigration experience and the effect of having large numbers of illegal immigrants on the economy, on crime, on drugs, on wages and so on. I was left with very deep concern about the implications of living next door to the U.S. at a time when the U.S. Government is deporting illegal immigrants from the U.S., if they have a criminal record or if they are terror suspects. I expect that we will see increasing numbers of these people streaming across the Canadian borders to avoid being deported to Mexico or elsewhere, and as a nation do we really want these people living in Canada? As more Canadian cities consider becoming sanctuary cities, based on the U.S. experience, our Canadian cities may have difficulty absorbing these people, with not enough jobs for them, increasing crimes, lower wages, etc. As a hardworking taxpaying Ottawa resident, having senior parents living alone who are frustrated by this scary news, I would be extremely disappointed to see it happen.

Have you examined what is happening in European countries as a result of the huge influx of immigrants they are receiving? Those nations are weekly experiencing chaotic events, riots, murders, and rapes. Although media has been encouraged by the European Union not to associate crime with Islamic immigration, the truth is that 500% increases in rape, for example, are related to those coming from Islamic majority counties. President Donald Trump is acting to protect America based on these examples, and it is my professional opinion he is very prudent and discerning. It has already been proven that the vast majority of immigrants are not even the women and children we might out of compassion hope to help. Often, young, strong males are coming, and they are a restless bunch! Remember the old saying, “Idle hands are the devil’s playground?” For many Europeans, they are learning the meaning of this first hand, are suffering much, and are very unhappy. It is, in fact, inspiring uprisings.

Do we want civil war on the streets of Canada?

When it is more cost effective for world leaders to find less expensive means to care for immigrants in the Middle East, ask the American President, until they can resettle back in their homeland, and when those restless men believe unveiled women are free game sex slaves, no joke, it makes total sense to keep them in the Middle East. There are plenty of YouTube videos (Not Fake News) made by people who are documenting the insanity in their countries. It would be an awful shame for the women of Canada to have to dye their hair black and where chastity underwear like girls in Sweden do. That would be on your hands if you freely open our doors to a huge influx of immigrants.

Are we a country seeking to please the European Union, or a biased United Nations? Or, are we interested in preserving our people and our majestic country? Cars set aflame through the streets of our cities does not sound desirable.

I know how welcoming Canadians are—and indeed we are! But, we also have to be wise protecting this country and our peaceful and beautiful cities we live in. I hope that you agree with me and five members of my family and vote against this dangerous suggestion. Thank you in advance for your consideration.


Shabnam Assadollahi

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act for america banner

ACT For America Firing American Patriots Because They Feel Mosques in America are Dangerous

This is going to shock American conservative Patriots. It is also going to leave you betrayed and disgusted by the un-American actions by ACT for America founder Brigitte Gabriel and her assistant J. Craig.

bridgette gabriel

Brigitte Gabriel

For the first time Gabriel has revealed her liberal thoughts on Islamic issues.

I will only provide a few paragraphs on this story today and will follow up in detail much more in the next few days. About a week ago Gabriel and Craig sent out an internal threatening message to her alleged 1000 chapter leaders. In short (I will provide the entire letter soon) Gabriel wants her chapter leaders to fully understand she believes Islam is a very peaceful religion and ACT is only concerned about a few radicals who have hijacked Islam. She also wants her leaders to know that mosques in America are off limits in regard to using lawful strategies to close them down. Gabriel opines in her letter that mosques in America and the Muslims who attend them are not a national security threat.

This is where her liberal ideas of Islam clashes with the thoughts of numerous chapter leaders and tens of thousands of ACT members. I know because I have trained thousands of them during the past decade and I have heard from many during the last week. Many are going to leave the now liberal organization Gabriel founded.

Now this week we have the firing of Lieutenant Colonel Roy White, USAF (Retired) an American veteran and more importantly an American patriot who has educated thousands of Americans on the evils of Islam and the violent ideology occurring in the majority of mosques in America.

A few years back I was invited to Texas by LTC White to help him and his ACT members understand the violent teachings that take place in the mosques that Gabriel feels are peace loving and tolerant holy places. I took White to a mosque for a short time. The Islamic leadership provided White and myself a stack of violent books many of which were stamped from the Saudi government. The books strongly advocated slavery, the killing of Jews and Christians wherever they were found, and sadly the mosques encourage the marriage of and rape of six year old Muslim girls.

I believe all of us have little doubt that every Muslim terrorist was trained in mosques and they are following the basic ideas of their pedophile founder Mohammed…all except for Gabriel now in 2017. We should all be standing on our feet and thanking our God for such a patriot as Roy White. Instead ACT fired him!

I do not have any political masters, liberals, the media, or the Democratic Party I want to or have ever dreamed of trying to please and serve as Gabriel does. I do not have donors who write me a million dollar check each year as Gabriel does, nor do I have 500,000 alleged members as ACT does who support Gabriel with hundreds of thousands of dollars each year and who pay for her lavish lifestyle. This is what I believe in and I had always thought Gabriel did as well.

  1. Islam is not a religion, it is an economic, military, and political, ideology, that uses religion as a tool to achieve their ultimate objective of forming a caliphate worldwide under sharia law.
  2. Islam is dangerous and a threat to the free world. There is no love, caring, or tolerance within Islam. It is the largest and most powerful hate group in America.
  3. There are over 3000 mosques in America. They advocate hate and murder against innocent people. They are breeding grounds for Muslim terrorists. They are safe havens for illegal immigrants. I thank you Roy for trying to close them down.
  4. Saudi Arabia are not the friends of America. They hate each non Muslim worldwide.

I thank each of you. It is my strong recommendation that every ACT chapter leader resign from this liberal organization that Gabriel has created. I also ask each of you to contact Roy White and show your support to him. I encourage every ACT member to resign and join a conservative organization that doesn’t beg each of you each week to pay for Gabriel to live like a Queen.

I will provide more soon. I ask ACT chapter leaders and members send your thoughts to

God Bless you Roy White. Note for liberal weaklings. Although ACT has now turned into a pathetic liberal organization who has lied to Americans for years, she and ACT members are ten times better than the foolish Obama, Clintons, and others who have supported Islamic terrorists for decades.


Authorities ignore U.S. mosques at center of Islamic terror attacks – New York Post

Maryland mosque hosts celebration in honor of Pakistani killer

EDITORS NOTE: Below is the full text of the ACT for America email dated February 24th, 2017 on the firing of LTC Roy White.

ACT San Antonio Chapter

This week, we had to make a very difficult decision.  We had to let go one of our best chapter leaders, Lt. Col. (ret) Roy White.

The reason we were forced to let Lt. Col. White go was because he advertised on the Internet a chapter meeting to learn how to “shut down mosques.”

We have worked with attorney Karen Lugo, a great patriot, for years, so that our membership is fully educated about all aspects of the threat, including mosques, and we hope to continue working with her in the future. But never once have we posted our work on the Internet, nor offered an open invitation for the public to come learn how one can legally shut down mosques.

Even in the midst of what we are doing, we must remember our Constitution, which Lt. Col. White, proudly fought to defend, includes the freedom to worship at a place of one’s choosing.

Unfortunately, Lt. Col. White’s actions including his refusal to cancel this meeting when advised to do so, gave us no choice but to let him go for legal and public reasons.

This is not to be mistaken as cow-towing to CAIR. It is to protect us legally. We cannot be in a position of having to fight legal battles on the constitutionality of building a mosque – a right guaranteed by the first amendment.

In addition, we focus on national security and the defense of our country including fighting Islamofacism which we believe is the greatest threat to Western civilization today.

We have a lot of important work to do and we must be wise and strategic in the way we message.

For those of you who believe in the bible, it says: “Be as kind as doves but as wise as serpents”. Now more than ever we have to exercise wisdom in the way we communicate and mobilize our nation to come together and learn about the Islamic ideology, the Koran in which it is based, and the call for violence against us infidels in the name of their Jihad.

We are currently processing 92 chapter leader applications this week alone. These 92 people did not sign up to shut down houses of worship in America. They support issues and legislation to make our country safer and more secure such as refugee resettlement and designating the Muslim Brotherhood as a terrorist organization just to mention a few.

ACT for America led by Brigitte Gabriel will never waiver or shy away from the truth. As a matter of fact we are doubling down on our fight.

Tonight, you may watch the Sean Hannity special on Fox News where Brigitte debates Imams defending President Trump’s ban calling it a fight between civilizations and getting into a heated debate about calling it by its accurate name “Islamic Terrorism”. The special was recorded last week and will air tonight. Brigitte Gabriel is currently out of the country.

We look forward to continue working with you and the new chapter leader who will pick up the leadership role from Lt. Col. White. Your ACT San Antonio Chapter has done great things and continue to do so. Together, we rise in defense of our country and the values which made it exceptional.

If you’d like to take over the reigns as the ACT San Antonio Chapter Leader, please send me an email to

For Freedom,

J Craig | Director of Field Operations
ACT for America


Japan holds firm, admits only TINY number of refugees

I haven’t written about Japan for awhile, and since we have so many new readers, I figured it was time to point this out (again)—Japan only takes a tiny number of refugees!


President Donald J. Trump and Prime Minister Shinzo Abe

And, consequently, the UN High Commissioner for Refugees has been haranguing Japan for years to open its doors (and begin diluting their culture!) to the masses of Middle Eastern and African (mostly Muslim) migrants on the move around the world.  Japan has resisted.

And I have not seen the UNHCR harangue China, Saudi Arabia or some other Middle Eastern countries in the same way they nag Japan.

Here is an activist from the UK badmouthing Japan’s Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, at The Diplomat:

When asked for his view on the U.S. president’s executive order to ban the entry of people from seven Muslim-majority countries in the Middle East and Africa, Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s response was very disappointing.“We are not in a position to express the view of the Japanese government,” he said at the Upper House on January 30. Not surprisingly, he did not bring up the travel ban’s issue when he met President Donald Trump earlier this month.

In contrast to the clear disagreement with the travel ban expressed by other world leaders, the Japanese leader’s response received criticism from the opposition and civil society. Many theorized that the prime minister had avoided criticizing the new U.S. president in order to protect Japan’s national interests, in particular its economy and security. Yet others pointed out a more fundamental problem: Japan cannot point its finger at any other country’s immigration policy.

Japan’s record on immigration and refugees is not something that the country can be proud of. In 2016, Japan granted refugee status to only 28 people out of 10,901 applicants. In other words, 99 percent of applications were rejected.

It is not enough for the nags that Japan is one of the world’s top contributors to the UNHCR:

Japan is one of the top donors to the UN Refugee Agency (UNCHR). It contributed $164,726,114 in 2016, making Japan the fourth largest donor after the United States, European Union, and Germany. Yet instead of turning this generosity to welcome refugees on its soil, Japan crosses its arms to those who actually arrive on its doorstep. On January 30, when discussing the U.S. travel ban, Abe added after his response, “At any rate, we believe the international community should jointly cope with refugee issues.”

To learn more about Japan’s limited involvement with ‘welcoming’ disparate cultures to the country, read on.

So far, Japan’s leadership is smart enough to look around the world and ask—why should we invite the problems we see in Sweden, Germany, France, The Netherlands and the US to our tiny country?

For my previous posts on Japan, go here.


Texas immigration control citizen activists must lead!

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Poll: Majority Want Fewer Refugees, Support Donald Trump’s Migration Cuts

‘IT WAS NORMAL’ Captured ISIS militant who ‘killed 500 people and raped 200 Yazidi women’ says he has few regrets

Young Iranian chess grandmaster expelled from national team for not wearing hijab

Austria: Nine Muslim “refugees” gang-rape woman for two hours, ignoring her pleas


Germany: 100 ‘radical Islamists’ in 2013 and 1,600 today

What a surprise! To what could this skyrocketing number of “radical Islamists” be attributed? Might it have something to do with Merkel’s disastrous immigration policies? No, it would be bigoted, racist and “Islamophobic” to think that.

“German intel agency notes dramatic increase in Islamic extremism,” DW, February 22, 2017:

The domestic intelligence service has announced an uptick of hundreds in a matter of months. At least one cause of the worrying trend is the ease with which young people can become radicalized online, authorities said.

Germany’s domestic security and intelligance [sic] agency (the BfV) said on Wednesday that the radical Islamist scene in the country had grown considerably, from only about 100 people in 2013 to some 1,600 today. Indeed, according to BfV chief Hans-Georg Maassen, the number had jumped by several hundred in a matter of months….

“These are social groups that find each other, let’s say through their mosque community, and the people who see them in the real world don’t necessarily notice any change in behavior,” according to Maassen.

Through their mosque community? But…but…don’t the vast majority of peaceful Muslims rise up and throw out the jihadis from among them?

Of the 1,600 Islamists living in Germany, Maassen said that about 570 of them were considered “dangerous,” that is, capable of plotting an a terror attack.

German authorities are constantly trying to stay one step ahead of the Salafists, which has meant banning a particularly controversial translation of the Koran to a series of raids and arrests against suspected attackers.

German authorities are kidding themselves if they think that the standard Arabic Qur’an doesn’t contain the same problematic passages they found in that translation.


Robert Spencer: Champagne Time! It’s a “Bloodbath” at the State Department

Virginia: Sudanese Muslim migrant wanted to start sleeper cell for the Islamic State