Joe Biden’s Big Political Flip Flop: Again Touts a ‘Federal Plan’ to Beat COVID

On December 27th, 2021 Biden said that there was “no federal solution” for the Covid pandemic. Not so fast, as we leap forward 24 hours.

Just one day after Biden’s declaring that the federal government had “no solution” in dealing with Covid, Biden does a completed political flip flop.

In a @POTUS tweet Biden touts, “We’re going to get through this by working together.”

What is going on?

We believe this flip flop is being driven by the Democrat Party’s concern of the falling approval ratings of the Biden administration and its impact on the 2022 midterm elections.

The Democrat Party is in trouble as the American people are waking up to the draconian efforts, particularly Covid mandates in Democrat Party controlled states, that they will lose seats in the U.S. Congress and with it the ability to pass legislation that furthers the Biden Build Back Better agenda.

I recently bumped into a couple at my gym. The man was wearing a Boston t-shirt. I asked him how things were going in Massachusetts. He said that his company is doing great producing vaccine passports for the government that will be used to allow people to use restaurants, go shopping or just walk the streets. I said that if any business tried that in Florida it would be fined for doing so. He responded with yeah.

The Democrats are on the wrong side in this entire Covid pandemic issue and how to deal with it. They truly believe, and even idolize, people like Fauci.

Watch: MSNBC’s Nicolle Wallace gushed Monday during a panel about how she is a “groupie” for White House chief medical advisor Dr. Anthony Fauci.

The Bottom Line

In a Save America Foundation column published on December 8th, 2021 column titled “Where Are the Government COVID Vaccine Safety Studies?” Fred Brownbill wrote:

Yesterday I reported to you the number of adverse reaction reports filed about COVID vaccines in the U.S. has topped 900,000 and the number of deaths shortly following COVID vaccinations now exceeds 19,000, according to official government numbers.  Today, we look at what happened in the first 90 days after the government approved the Pfizer vaccine and at additional evidence that’s come in regarding the withholding of information by Pfizer before its vaccine was approved.  Both of these add urgency to the question: Has the government conducted follow-up COVID vaccine safety studies and, if not, why not?

We start with the fact the FDA wanted to hide its records about adverse reactions which occurred in the early days after the COVID vaccines were approved.  A court disagreed, and the first batch of records has been released, with more to come.  One record already released is a smoking gun.  It’s entitled “Cumulative Analysis of Post-Authorization Adverse Event Reports”.  [available here]  This document shows Pfizer received 42,000 adverse reaction reports, including 1,223 deaths in the first 90 days of vaccine use, originating from several countries.

Read the full article.

In a January 15th, 2021 U.S. State Department document titled “Fact Sheet: Activity at the Wuhan Institute of Virology” the Office of the Spokesperson wrote:

For more than a year, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) has systematically prevented a transparent and thorough investigation of the COVID-19 pandemic’s origin, choosing instead to devote enormous resources to deceit and disinformation. Nearly two million people have died. Their families deserve to know the truth. Only through transparency can we learn what caused this pandemic and how to prevent the next one.

[ … ]

The CCP’s deadly obsession with secrecy and control comes at the expense of public health in China and around the world.

Read the full report.

Watch this testimony by Registered Nurse Collette Martin, a whistleblower exposing hospital failures and the side effects of the COVID Shot.

China lied and people died. Today people are dying and Biden is lying.

Covid is a virus that was weaponized in a military lab then transferred to Wuhan Institute of Virology (WIV) in Wuhan, China.

As the U.S. State Department discovered, “The U.S. government has reason to believe that several researchers inside the WIV became sick in autumn 2019, before the first identified case of the outbreak, with symptoms consistent with both COVID-19 and common seasonal illnesses. This raises questions about the credibility of WIV senior researcher Shi Zhengli’s public claim that there was ‘zero infection’ among the WIV’s staff and students of SARS-CoV-2 or SARS-related viruses.”

The Biden administration is not telling we the people about the origins of Covid nor what is the actual long term health impact of getting jabbed. We the people do not know if the vaccines, and how the pill, are safe and without long-term negative health issues.

There have been some who have labeled the president as Beijing Biden. While we don’t label people we do criticize policies. It appears that Biden and his administration do not want us to know the truth behind the pandemic, the vaccines and their ability to deal with both.

Stay tuned it will get worse as we work to skin the onion on Biden’s pandemic repsonses.


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VIDEO: Jury is in the mRNA shots destroy your immune system – Dr. Sucharit Bhakdi

A moving appeal by Prof. Dr. Sucharit Bhakdi, Doctors for Covid Ethics, on the urgent need to END the Covid vaccination program. Pathological findings show, says Bhakdi, that in all people who receive Covid vaccination, immune cells begin to self-destruct.


EDITORS NOTE: This Vlad Tepes Blog video is republished with permission. ©All rights reserved.

Senator Dr. Rand Paul Blames Fauci’s Vaccine Push for COVID-19 Deaths

Fauci’s emphasis on the failed vaccines rather than treatment fr the China flu has resulted in thousands of deaths.

Senator Dr. Rand Paul Blames Fauci’s Vaccine Push for COVID-19 Deaths

Sen. Rand Paul is blaming Dr. Anthony Fauci for the thousands of COVID-19 deaths that are happening monthly because of his emphasis on vaccines rather than other treatments.

By: Newsmax, December 28, 2021:

“I would venture to say that thousands of people die in our country every month now from COVID because [Fauci’s] deemphasized the idea that there are therapeutics,” the Kentucky Republican told his father, former Rep. Ron Paul, in an interview on the Ron Paul Liberty Report that was released on Monday.

The senator also said that Fauci, the director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, as well as President Joe Biden’s chief medical adviser, has had a “bias” toward vaccines for years, dating back to his work during the AIDS epidemic.

“I think Fauci is of the philosophy that vaccines are incredibly successful and are the way to go versus therapeutics,” said Paul, who is an ophthalmologist. “So with regard to AIDS, he was involved as the AIDS epidemic came up, he wanted to develop a vaccine. There’s nothing wrong with that. He wanted to develop a vaccine. Vaccines can be great for polio or smallpox. … It didn’t actually work for AIDS.”

The senator has slammed Fauci often in recent months and has said he favors monoclonal antibodies as “one of the most promising treatments” for COVID.

Meanwhile, on Monday, Fauci told MSNBC that implementing a federal rule requiring vaccinations for people flying domestically would be “another incentive” to get more people to get their shots.

“If you want to do that with domestic flights, I think that’s something that seriously should be considered,” he said.

Paul, meanwhile, has claimed that Fauci lies about how natural immunity is effective against the virus, telling Fox Business’ Larry Kudlow this fall that Fauci “thinks it might slow down vaccination.”

He also said on the program that he is “for people getting vaccinated, particularly people at risk, but the thing is, if you ignore naturally acquired immunity then you’re saying we don’t have enough people, you have to force it on younger people.”

Paul recently told Newsmax that he thinks Fauci has become too powerful.

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Trump’s Lethal ‘Operation Warp Speed’ Jabs

“Unless we put medical freedom into the Constitution the time will come when medicine will organize itself into an undercover dictatorship. To restrict the art of healing to doctors and deny equal privileges to others will constitute the Bastille of medical science. All such laws are un-American and despotic.” Dr. Benjamin Rush

“Freedom of choice must be brought to bear upon the US Medical practice.” – Congressman Phil Crane

“One of the first duties of the physician is to educate the masses not to take medicine.” –  William Osler (1849-1919) Described as the Father of Modern Medicine

“They do not cover the new variants; patients are failing on these vaccines. They’re being hospitalized and getting sick despite having had the vaccines. The vaccines at this point in time have amounted to record mortality and injury and should be considered unsafe and unfit for human use.” – Dr. Peter A. McCullough

Dr. Stephen Hahn, the mild-mannered former chief medical executive of the MD Anderson Cancer Center, became the commissioner of the Food and Drug Administration shortly after the coronavirus broke out in China.

He quickly found himself in an uncomfortable position. The White House wanted an emergency approval of one of the vaccines being developed to treat COVID-19.  Under a massive and secretive government effort, “Operation Warp Speed,” was one of the most consequential public health decisions in American history. The FDA’s scientific determinations, as to whether a vaccine is safe and effective enough to give to millions of healthy Americans, are dicey enough. But Hahn, like so many top federal health officials, seemed to have found himself in a tightening vice.

President Trump, his chief of staff, Mark Meadows, and his son-in-law and special adviser, Jared Kushner, all called Dr. Hahn directly, urging him to accelerate emergency authorization of vaccines and treatments, i.e., Remdesivir.

If Hahn didn’t cave and accelerate the approval, potentially jeopardizing safety, the decision could be taken from the FDA and rammed through by Trump’s Health and Human Services Secretary, Alex Azar, the former President of Eli Lilly USA.  Hahn also knew that if he stood up to Trump, he would be fired.  He was willing to be dismissed rather than serve as a presidential puppet.

On December 10, 2021, Dr. Hahn testified during a Senate “Senate Health, Education, Labor and Pensions Committee Hearing” on the federal government response to COVID-19.  White House Chief of Staff, Mark Meadows had pressed Hahn to grant emergency use authorization (EUA) for Pfizer’s coronavirus vaccine by the end of the day on December 11, 2021.

Biopharmaceutical History

The history of all four pharmaceutical companies involved in creating the COVID-19 jab is certainly not pretty.  America’s Medical Mafia: Biopharmaceutical Companies, written in May of this year, exposed the past of these companies and the many lawsuits against them.  Because the COVID vax is an EUA, it is protected from lawsuits by the federal government via the PREP Act signed into law by President George W. Bush.

The US Government has a secret history of grisly experiments on animals and humans, and these COVID jabs are no different; Americans are human lab rats.  In 2010, I wrote a ten-part article entitled, American Citizens as Guinea Pigs. Part two included the detrimental polio vaccine tainted with Simian Virus-40 which causes soft tissue cancers and is genetically passed.  It was never pulled from the market.

Here is a partial list of the many failed drugs taken off market after dangerous side effects or deaths.  This does not include the 1976 swine flu vaccine pulled after 25 to 50 deaths.

Trump Promotes Vax/Boosters

If you’ve had the CCP virus, you have lifetime immunity as evidenced in 140 studies.  You do not need the Sars-coV-2 jabs, or any of the boosters.  Dr. Peter McCullough states, “Once and done.”  There is no need to worry about getting the virus again.

Dr. McCullough writes that there are risks for those who have recovered from the CCP virus who then receive the Sars-voV-2 jabs.  Medical research concludes that the COVID-19 jabs are dangerous for those who have already had the virus and have recovered with inferred robust, complete, and durable immunity.  A medical study of United Kingdom healthcare workers who had already had COVID-19 and then received the vaccine found that they suffered higher rates of side effects than the average population.

So why has former President Trump taken both jabs and now the booster when he obviously recovered from the virus while he was still the 45th president?  Or did he take them?  Did he get the placebo instead?  Doesn’t he have physicians who will tell him the truth? Doesn’t he do any research?  Doesn’t he read?  Why wasn’t he and his family put on Hydroxychloroquine or Ivermectin to keep them from ever contracting the virus?  Where was Dr. Scott Atlas with this important information, or did Trump rebuff him?  There are simply too many unanswered questions and too many statements by Trump that are untrue.

Trump tell us we’re playing right into their hands when we doubt the vaccine. Whose hands?  He made the remarks during a live event with former Fox News pundit Bill O’Reilly. “We did something historic, we saved tens of millions of lives worldwide,” said Trump, before going on to credit the vaccine for preventing a repeat of the Spanish flu, which infected nearly a third of the world and killed as many as 100 million people.  The reality is the carnage from the lethal injections will make the 1917 flu pale in comparison.

The comparison is somewhat alarmist given that the Spanish flu had a 2.5% global mortality rate, which is substantially larger than Sars-coV-2’s actual mortality rate when you discount the many PCR false positive tests.  Many who had bacterial pneumonia and could have been saved with antibiotics were left to die because C-19 was diagnosed, and that’s not even mentioning the worthless stakeholder/medical protocols used on C-19 hospital patients.

Despite Trump’s glorification of the vax, he said it shouldn’t be mandatory.  Well, it isn’t mandatory for federal politicians and stakeholders, and the hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens crossing our southern border.

When interviewed by Candace Owens, our 45th president claimed no one had been hurt by these jabs, when that is just a flat out lie!  Over 111 airline pilots are dead from the jab, over 75 sports figures have died on the fields, young men are getting myocarditis, which destroys their heart muscle with inflammation.  Even Trump’s buddy, Franklin Graham ended up with pericarditis.  Graham told us we all should get the vax, that if Jesus were here, he’d get the vax.  What absolute total rubbish!

Trump should take a look at the Vaccine Adverse Effects Reporting System (VAERS) numbers out by Lifesite News from Dec. 14, 2020 to Dec. 10, 2021.  Only one percent is reported, so multiply the numbers by 100 and you’ll get the actual death and adverse effect figures since the clot shot came out.

To top it off, Trump echoes the commie Pravda media and tells Candace that 90% of the people in hospitals are unvaccinated, when exactly the opposite is true.  Those in hospital sick with Sars-coV-2 are jabbed with one or all of the clot shots including the booster, but if you’ve had the jabs within the last two weeks, hospitals count you as unvaxed.  And many get sick or die within the first two weeks after the inoculation.  Trump is spewing information from CNN, MSNBC, Fauci and the snakeholders.

There has never been a vaccine for a virus!  We know this is not a real vaccine!  Why would Trump promote such a thing?  Is it pride?  That’s the only thing that makes sense. He keeps lauding the fact that he and he alone created “Operation Warp Speed” and saved the country from COVID…a virus 99.8% recover from.  We all know, “Pride goeth before the fall.”

COVID Jabs are Shielded

Take note that the federal government shields Pfizer/Moderna/J&J from liability and has given them billions of dollars and is forcing Americans to take their product. But they won’t let you see the data supporting its safety/efficacy. Just who does the government work for?

The FDA has asked a federal judge to make the public wait until the year 2076 to disclose all of the data and information it relied upon to license Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccine. That is not a typo. It wants 55 years to produce this information to the public.  It’s been 58 years since John F. Kennedy was assassinated and even Donald J. Trump did not release the truth to the public.

As explained in this article, the FDA repeatedly promised “full transparency” with regard to Covid-19 vaccines, including reaffirming “the FDA’s commitment to transparency” when licensing Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccine.

More than 30 academics, professors, and scientists from this country’s most prestigious universities requested the data and information submitted to the FDA by Pfizer to license its COVID-19 vaccine.

The FDA’s response?  It produced nothing.  In September, Attorney Aaron Siri’s firm filed a lawsuit against the FDA on behalf of this group to demand this information.  To date, almost three months after it licensed Pfizer’s vaccine, the FDA still had not released a single page; finally it released under 100 pages which you can read here.

Support for Trump

I know in my heart the 2020 election was rigged, that Donald J. Trump won the election, hands down.  Our 45th president did many wonderful things for this country, and we had a four-year Nineveh.  (If you don’t know the story, read the book of Jonah in the Old Testament; it comes right after Obadiah, and right before Micah and is important history.)

My 2016 support for Donald Trump never wavered.  I wrote article after article supporting him, two of which he actually used in rallies and the first one helped him to get rid of Jeb Bush.  The second article he used at a rally in Alabama explaining why the media is allowed to lie about public figures.  Why Alabama?  Because that’s where these legal suits started and then ended with the Supreme Court decision in NYTs v. Sullivan.

The mere fact that it took President Trump four years to realize just exactly who and what his Vice President really was, and who and what his Senior Counselor, Kellyanne Conway was…tells me the man has little discernment as to those who are really on his side. Pence sent Trump to controlled-opposition Heritage Foundation and Conway sent him to the Federalist Society, both of whom steered Trump to Supreme Court nominees who, we now know, are anything but conservative.  Conway and Pence have been friends for years and have family who are intermarried.  They worked together.

Pence was given challenge after challenge by Trump, and failed at every one of them, including being in charge of the Coronavirus Task Force.  He gave us Fauci, Birx and Redfield and they destroyed our economy and Trump…just as their handlers planned.  Read Pence’s history… Link, Link, Link, Link.

On January 6th, 2021, Pence stabbed Trump in the back and the Republic in the heart.  Finally, after four years, Trump saw the real face of his Vice President…one who had no problem elbow bumping with Pelosi.

Throughout Trump’s administration, he never chose people outside the Deep State.  He hired from the swamp over and over and over again.  He took Chris Christie’s suggestion and hired Christopher Wray as FBI Director.  Then he listened to Attorneys Joe diGenova and Victoria Toensing and hired Deep Stater Bill Barr as Attorney General.

Only once did he hire outside the swamp when he appointed Lt. General Michael T. Flynn as National Security Advisor.  General Flynn was his finest choice and was terminated within weeks by the deceit and duplicity of the FBI and their backdoor into Pence’s office.  Pence’s Chief of Staff was Josh Pitcock whose wife worked for Peter Strzok and Lisa Page allegedly checking Hillary Clinton’s emails.

Trump listened to Deep Stater Pence rather than the General who had decades of intel knowledge.  He needed General Flynn, but he ended up with Deep Staters in that very important position over and over again.  Far too many people saw his choices as guided by those from the swamp and completely incompatible with Trump, which they proved to be.  A prime example is that Christopher Wray is still head of the FBI and Trump should have pulled his nomination during Wray’s Senate hearings.


Around the world hundreds of thousands have died, not from Sars-coV-2, but from the messenger RNA vaccines, millions have suffered permanent disabilities and adverse effects.  The buck ultimately stops with Trump.  He chose to put Pence in charge of the Coronavirus Task Force, and Pence brought in the Deep State stakeholders. The NIH, FDA, CDC or AMA never approved any early home treatment and banned long approved safe and cheap drugs that would have cured.

People were told there was nothing to be done, go home…and when it got worse, they went to the hospital, were put on oxygen and then ventilators, and 80% of them died.  The ultimate goal was the huge moneymaker for Big Pharma…the “vaccines.” Dr. McCullough tells us that 86% of the people who died of the virus could have been saved, but obviously that was not the goal of the snakeholders.

Excuses for Trump can be made, yet the buck stops with him.  He was our Commander in Chief.  There is no question that the guilt of negligence is Trump’s, but the guilt of homicide belongs to Big Pharma. They were the ones that knew what they were doing. Trump’s negligence was not blowing the whistle on them and firing Fauci and the heads of these fraudulent government entities. You can make the case of malicious contempt in the action of Fauci and the officials of Big Pharma, all of whom need to do time at the very least.  Trump keeps pushing the lethal vax, why? Is it pride alone?  Is it stupidity?  Or is it that he is not what he represented himself to be?

Would I ever support Trump again?  Only if he is man enough to admit that he made a mistake and provide leadership that results in correction. Repentance is the foundation of our Judeo-Christian faith.

©Kelleigh Nelson. All rights reserved.


VIDEO: Has Trump gone Woke on us? Has he gone to the darkside?

“[Wokeness] is a prevalent mind virus, and arguably one of the biggest threats to modern civilization.” – Elon Musk

Millions voted for Donald J. Trump because he wasn’t a politician. Trump was a businessman who loved America. Trump worked tirelessly to Make America Great Again.

Then in the last year of his presidency Covid struck the world and the Wuhan flu came to America. President Trump, like many Americans, was infected, then treated and recovered from the Covid virus.

He and his entire family have natural immunity to the virus and do not need to get vaccinated.

However, Trump did get recently vaxxed. Why?

Watch this statement about Covid vaccine development.

Now some are questioning if Trump has gone to the darkside.

Man in America asked in the video below, “Why is President Trump continuing to push the vaccine even as people keep having adverse reactions? What’s really going on?


We are not anti-vaccine. However, we firmly believe that getting jabbed or not to get jabbed is a personal decision. When it comes to any and all personal healthcare decisions the rule my body, my choice is paramount. Healthcare is between a patient and their doctor. Government vax mandates are illegal and un-Constitutional.

It is not the governments role to protect my health. It is the governments role to protect my inalienable rights.

©Man in America. All rights reserved.

What Americans will be Faced with in 2022 – Our 22 Predictions

We here at have collectively, no pun intended, decided to make our predictions for the Year of Our Lord 2022 AD.

While we wouldn’t want our readers to bet money on these predictions, but we do ask that you take them for what they are worth. If you have other predictions please add them in the comments section below.

Here we go.


  1. Biden will still be the president and Democrats will continue to control both Houses of Congress, unless West Virginia Senator Joe Manchin switches parties. However, all bets are off until the results of the mid-term election are finally tabulated.
  2. The Democrat Party will continue its cultural war against anyone and everyone who does not obey their mandates.
  3. Covid will continue to mutate and with it Democrats will continue to use it as an excuse to control your healthcare, lives, liberties and pursuit of happiness. The get jabbed or else policies will continue unabated.
  4. As Biden’s foreign policies continue our enemies will be emboldened and our allies will start to question, and even abandon, the U.S. especially when it comes to the continued existence of the state of Israel.
  5. Inflation will continue unabated and be joined by a new enemy stagflation. A double edged sword created by the Biden Build Back Worse agenda. The Biden administration will blame anyone but themselves for an economy on life support.
  6. Iran will announce that it has deployed a nuclear capability leading to another war in the Middle East.
  7. Russia will invade the Ukraine, thereby destabilizing Europe and NATO won’t stop the RED tide.
  8. The Green New Deal zealots will continue their war against fossil fuels, leading to ever higher gasoline, diesel, natural gas and coal prices.
  9. The Democrat Party will work to keep our borders wide open, thereby importing more and more illegals who will then become registered voters. This juggernaut can impact the results of the 2022 mid-term elections (see #1 above).
  10. Biden, in league with the Democrat majority in the Congress, will continue to push legislation that rewards the few at the expense of the many. Government largesse will reward supporters of the Democrat Party, while taxes will punish their enemies, like Elon Musk.
  11. Government and the power of the bureaucrats will continue to grow as individual liberties fade away. Think of a bureaucrat’s boot stomping on the face of every American, for ever.
  12. Biden’s handlers will continue to push myths like: climate change, Islam is peaceful, Trump is controlled by Russia, getting vaccinated is mandatory to protect the vaccinated, etc.
  13. People will continue to become ill, hospitalized and even die from the Covid virus, its mutations and perhaps other new viruses.
  14. People will continue to die from taking the experimental Covid vaccines and perhaps the new Covid pill.
  15. America will continue to have supply chain issues that will severely impact every type of business from manufacturing, to medical, to farming, to energy, to wholesale, to retail, to service. Shortages will become the new normal.
  16. Politicians from both political parties will continue to empower themselves and profit off of their positions to the chagrin of their constituents.
  17. Once elected politicians will immediately ignore their campaign promises and do what benefits them, and their party, and not we the people.
  18. Myths will continue to drive the political narrative. Myths like: the world will end if we don’t do something about the climate.
  19. Working class Americans will become more and more frustrated with their elected leadership and will begin to take to the streets to save their jobs, families and culture.
  20. The radicals in the Democrat Party will become even more radical as they see their agenda to fundamentally transform America failing.
  21. There will be an American Revolution 2.0.
  22. We will live free or die. If we patriots stand should-to-should we can stop this madness and then get on with our lives once again.

We hope you enjoyed our predictions for this coming year. Again, please feel free to add to our list in the comments section.

Remember, freedom is not free.

© All rights reserved.


‘ENORMOUS’ Scale of Pandemic Relief Fraud Hits $100B on Joe Biden’s Watch

The Democrats are robbing the American taxpayer blind.

‘Enormous’ Scale of Pandemic Relief Fraud Hits $100b on Joe Biden’s Watch

By: Sion Kentzz, Breitbart News, Dec 2021

The U.S. Secret Service named a pandemic fraud recovery coordinator Tuesday as it frantically moves to stem stolen benefits draining upwards of $100 billion from government relief provisions.

Roy Dotson, formerly assistant special agent in charge of the Jacksonville, Fla., field office will assume the role that will directly target organized criminal gang networks, UPI

“The Secret Service currently has more than 900 active criminal investigations into fraud specific to pandemic-related relief funds,” Dotson said in a news release. “Every state has been hit, some harder than others.”

The Secret Service is using its Cyber Fraud Task Forces to partner with federal, state, local and tribal governments, law enforcement and others to deal with pandemic funds fraud.

The scheme was originally set up to help businesses and people who lost their jobs due to the pandemic.

Dotson told CNN pandemic fraud is “enormous.”

RELATED ARTICLE: Biden Mocked Online After Agreeing With ‘Let’s Go, Brandon’: ‘He Is More Clueless Than We Even Thought’

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Covid Insanity – Everywhere! STOP IT!

As many of you know my wife and I recently took a road trip to two historic Florida towns, Deland and Saint Augustine. Being as neither of us are vaccinated, nor plan on it, international travel of which we have done more than most, is not on the cards. The thought of wearing a mask for a long flight or a 7 plus day cruise is not something either of us can even contemplate.

So we are planning a series of road trips with the next being approximately a month in duration in February out west. (Not to the Commie Republic of California!)

But I digress!

Back to the subject matter.

Covid insanity.

We have all witnessed the stupidity and sheep like actions of far too many Americans who have forgotten their beliefs and heritage. You know – freedoms, liberties etc.

They would rather buckle down to the whims and unconstitutional mandates of petty Libtard administrations, locking down, social distancing and wearing pathetic masks that do next to nothing. My goodness, they are even ready to close their businesses and their ability to support their families at the drop of a hat! In many cases bankrupt themselves!! All with barely a whimper.

Then you have hotel groups, large and small as well as independents, who have used Covid to cut overheads and destroy the very reasons we use hotels. I don’t know about you but one of my joys is staying in a grand hotel with views, ambience, a great bar and restaurant, with a huge comfy bed and fluffy towels. I like the room cleaned daily, my linens and towels changed out. Am I alone in this?

Major chains like Marriott etc. have now made their policies that when you arrive you get a clean room with clean towels etc. but if you need new linens or your room actually cleaned you need to ask and it may happen. Now understand that prices have not gone down at all for your stay and in many cases gone up. Despite the cost savings in staff, laundry supplies, cleaning supplies, water, electric etc.

Then you are lucky to get a breakfast that is no better than a fast food chain, gone are those glorious buffets with fresh eggs, bacon and other delicious foods, to be replaced with sub standard coffee, sub standard food and service where you mostly do everything yourself. Some even give you a bagged breakfast with an apple, a bar of some cardboard flavored substance and some other odds and ends. They try make you feel grateful.

I am not.

If you are open as a luxury hotel for service then you are open for service. Unless you as a consumer want to just get a low income motel where the above is acceptable then you want the luxury you pay for. These chains need to stop using the Chinese Virus to rip us off. It is pathetic.

Then let’s look at the loony tunes walking around.

You still see many mainly northern libtards, mostly transplants, walking around on their own here in Florida masked and sometimes gloved! Some even wear those stupid plastic screen things! They wear these in wide open areas, in cars when alone or with their partner, even when jogging, in fact everywhere! Most wear them wrong with many wearing them under their noses! They are mostly vaccinated which makes me laugh. If they believe in the vaccines, or should I call them the China Virus shot, they don’t act like it. 😂😂😂

Then there are the Scientologists. What a laugh they are! They are all vaccinated and have to wear masks and gloves at all times! You see them walking around downtown Clearwater or driving alone with their little blue masks and clear gloves on. The bus driving employees are to be seen similarly attired driving their big blue Scientology Flag buses, usually alone, obviously living in fear!!

What about those stores? The cashiers are stood or seated behind small sheets of clear Perspex that are open above, on both sides and underneath. I guess those little China Virus germs are too dumb to go round or under or even over the top and just commit hari-kari against that sheet!

Or how about those arrows on the floor in stores telling you which way to walk up and down? I have to admit I was that man walking maskless the wrong way because I just had to! I am not able to consciously do stupid! Sorry Publix Supermarkets. Apart from the idiocy of your policies and the massive overcharging for goods, I have to wonder how you all sleep at night. Probably soundly like all Woke Company owners!

One day down the road I will re-read this blog and laugh again and then wonder again how so many Americans drank the lying Commie propaganda. How so many just blindly followed orders that were not only plainly wrong but illogical. How many gave up their rights and freedoms along with their liberty just to be a sheep. Baaaaa!

Then I will remember the obscene amount of money the drug companies and most likely politicians and their friends and families made from the shots and other developing China virus related treatments. That they for once were risk free, able to rape the taxpayers and world citizens with no risk of being sued. Boy, they sure are taking advantage of that. Great work if you can get it. Taxpayers fund research and then are totally and so easily overcharged for the shots which are responsible for many deaths for which they will never answer. Then you just keep bringing on new variants and the number of shots just keeps magnifying along with the profits and dividends. No risk. Just money.

Plus – please do not get me started on those “parents” who are rushing to vaccinate their 5+ year olds with a Covid shot they have no idea on how it will adversely affect them down the road. I call that Child Abuse. Why would you put something in your child when they have practically 0% chance of dying from Covid? I mean, more children have died in Chicago ( the land of gun bans where only the bad guys have guns!) alone from gun fire in mostly black in black crimes this year than have died from Covid!

It’s time to stop this insanity. Stop living in fear. Stop listening to these liars screaming out like Chicken Little that the sky is falling. Stop listening to the MSM who wouldn’t know the truth if it hit them on the head with a sledge hammer.

Start researching yourselves.

Start using common sense.

Start using critical thinking.

Start being Americans!!

And if you want to come to the Free State of Florida, keep your liberal thoughts and politics behind. They are not welcome!

©Fred Brownbill. All rights reserved.

MICHIGAN: Similar COVID-19 Case Rates in Schools With No Mask Mandates

And yet schools are expelling students if their mask mandate is violated.

Michigan: Similar COVID-19 Case Rates in Schools With No Mask Mandates

By Jeremy Frankel | Newsmax,  19 December 2021:

The state of Michigan last week published data that shows schools with no mask mandates had “similar” COVID-19 case rates to schools with mandates.

The report, titled Michigan COVID Response Data and Modeling Update,” examined COVID-19 data from the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services and the Michigan Disease Surveillance System as recently as December 3rd, of school students ages 5-18, according to the Blaze.

It stated that “case rates in 5–18-year-olds have become more similar across mask rule types.”

TheBlaze adds that schools with few or no mask rules had fewer 7-day average cases per 100,000 students than schools with strict or partial mask rules, and that the report stated that “differences due to masking potentially being washed out by transmission in other settings.”

However, the report did not elaborate further on why transmission rates, regardless of mask mandates, were similar.

A peer-reviewed study by researchers from the University of Louisville released in August had similar findings, concluding that “mask mandates and use likely did not affect COVID-19 case growth.”


Elite $57,000-a-year New York City private school Horace Mann that counts Betty White and Jack Kerouac among its alumni threatens to EXPEL students who flout mask mandate.

25 States Sue Biden Admin Over Covid Mandates for Children

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Will Unvaxxed Sperm Become The New Bitcoin? Are Covid vaccines the new Agent Orange?

I saw the below tweet and it peaked my curiosity. Will unvaxxed sperm actually become the new Bitcoin? If so, why?

According to the Center for Disease Control more than 204 million people in the U.S. are fully vaccinated. That’s about 61% of the population, with a further 12% partially vaccinated. On top of this, about 62 million people have been given booster jabs.

I did a little search and found this column on titled “‘Unvaxxed Sperm’ Is Trying to Become the Anti-Vax Bitcoin” bDavid Gilbert.

David reports:

If you ask the developers behind a new cryptocurrency called Unvaxxed Sperm if they’re opposed to vaccines, they’ll claim to be unsure.

“We’re not anti-vaccine,” one of the developers called Jason, who would only provide his first name, told VICE News, claiming that the project is “here to ensure the continuity of objective scientific inquiry and the freedom of discourse.”

But moments later, another developer who wouldn’t reveal his identity and simply goes by the name “Fauci,” said: “To a degree, I’d say we are anti-vaccine.”

Read the full article.

In December 7, 2021 in an article titled “Anti-VAX Group Creates ‘Unvaxxed Sperm” Crypto because God is Dead and We have Killed Him.  What On Earth? Tony Tran from The Byte wrote:

Because we live in a nightmare of our own making, a group of ardent morons have created a new cryptocurrency based on the idea that vaccines lower your sperm count.

The cryptocurrency, dubbed “Unvaxxed Sperm,” launched earlier this month, Vice reports. Its developers wrongly claim that most people don’t need the COVID vaccine, and are fierce advocates of quack treatments such as ivermectin. They also told the website that the project is to “ensure the continuity of objective scientific inquiry and the freedom of discourse.”

Though Unvaxxed Sperm initially saw significant growth when it launched, it seems to have blown its load early and crashed over the weekend.

Still, the developers of the crypto hope that its absolutely stupid name will draw more people into the anti-vax community, according to Vice.

Read the article.

WeCovid produced this video on the fertility and Covid vaccines:

Do you believe the above video is scientific truth or propaganda?

Here’s another perspective on Covid vaccinations. Dr. Mark Bailey and Dr. John Bevan-Smith published a paper titled “The COVID-19 Fraud & War on Humanity.” The video below talks about what they found. reported:

More than 125,000 pregnant women have been diagnosed with COVID-19 since the pandemic began, according to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). So far, more than 22,000 of these women have been hospitalized and 161 have died.

COVID-19 patients who are pregnant are twice as likely to require admission to the intensive care unit (ICU) and 70 percent more likely to die than individuals who aren’t pregnant, according to the CDC. A record number of pregnant women — 22 — died of COVID-19 in August, the CDC reported in September 2021.

[ … ]

study published in January 2021 in JAMA Internal Medicine looked at outcomes for 406,446 women who gave birth in U.S. hospitals from April 1 through November 23, 2020, including 6,380 mothers with COVID-19. In this study, the death rate for pregnant women with COVID-19 was 141 per 100,000 women, compared with 5 fatalities per 100,000 uninfected pregnant women. COVID-19 infections were also associated with higher rates of heart attacks, potentially fatal blood clots in the leg, and dangerously high blood pressure during pregnancy known as preeclampsia.

Who do you trust if you want to get pregnant? The CDC, your pediatrician or your common sense?

The Bottom Line

Question: Do doctors and scientist really know the long term effects of all of the Covid vaccines?

Answer: NO!

Question: Do we know what the long term effects of the Covid vaccines are of women who are pregnant and the unborn?

Answer: NO!

I am remined of the time when I was in Vietnam and exposed to Agent Orange. The federal government, the Veterans Administration, doctors and scientists told us who served in Vietnam that Agent Orange was not the cause of the cancers and human anomalies like Type 2 Diabetes Vietnam veterans were suffering from. It took decades for the truth to come out.

We know today that there are serious side effects to the Covid vaccines. We still do not know how these vaccines fundamentally change the human body.

Do I trust the government and these doctors now? I think not.

We will see what the long term effects are of all of  these experimental Covid vaccines and now pills.

These entrepreneurs are raising an issue that needs to be raised.

The issue is are the unvaxxed, which includes large numbers of people who have natural immunity to Covid, healthier sperm donors.

Are  Covid vaccines the new Agent Orange?

Maybe we these vaccine passports will come in handy when women decide to marry and carry children. Would you rather carry the child of a vaxxed or unvaxxed man? That is the question.

©Dr. Rich Swier. All rights reserved.


UK Team That Includes Former Pfizer VP Dr. Michael Yeadon File Complaint of Crimes Against Humanity Against Gates, Fauci, Etc The International Criminal Court

Democrat Chicago Mayor Bans Unvaxxed from Bars, Restaurants, Gyms: ‘‘Your Time Is Up’

VIDEO: A Courageous Marine asks Mandate Questions of the Commandant

This courageous Marine Lieutenant Colonel Wade Brown puts his career on the line to ask the Commandant of the USMC “a few relevant questions” about the mandatory COVID 19 Jab which go unanswered.

He acknowledges his Oath of Office to support and defend the Constitution and not some administrative government sycophants.

So what will happen to him now?  Probably confinement to quarters and a Court Martial.  This is totally wrong.


Commandant: Many Unvaccinated Marines Swayed by Disinformation

Thousands of Sailors, Marines Remain Unvaccinated After Deadline

Army Commanders Relieved Over Vaccine Refusal

RELATED VIDEO: COVID-19 vaccine mandate: On its legitimacy, on being exempt and on informed consent.

©Royal A. Brown, III. All rights reserved.

Shocking Truth: More Children Dead From Vax Than COVID

When the history books are written, the Covid government response will be labeled as the greatest medical calamity in world history!

We live in a world where radical politicians and propagandists in the mainstream media shame Americans into getting a vaccine that’s not a vaccine that does not stop the transmission of, nor the onset of, a simple virus that has a near 99% survival rate.

It’s a world where children are being forced to vax when the mortality rate from Covid-19 among kids is effectively zero. However, the mortality rate from the shots is higher than from the disease itself!

In this edition of the Ledger Report, Graham Ledger speaks with Dr. Paul Thomas of Oregon who, in the process of trying to protect children from needless injections, has had his medical license attacked by the Medical Board.

Please subscribe free to The Ledger Report by clicking here:

RELATED ARTICLE: Shock Report: Hundreds Die of COVID-19 Despite Being Fully Vaccinated

RELATED VIDEO: NYC Cops Order Mother and Child to Leave the Restaurant for Being Unvaccinated.

EDITORS NOTE: This Ledger Report video is republished with permission. ©All rights reserved.

FLORIDA: Governor DeSantis Vows ‘We Will Not Let Anybody Lock’ Floridians Down or ‘Take Their Jobs’

Under Governor DeSantis, the state of Florida is the envy of the country. Everyone and their mother wants to move there. And for good reason. People want freedom, safety, and prosperity. Everything that Florida represents today. We love President Trump, but it is becoming increasingly difficult to imagine Governor DeSantis not being our candidate in 2024. We are going to have to wait and see what happens.

Watch below.

DeSantis SAYS ‘NO’: Gov Vows ‘We Will Not Let Anybody Lock’ Floridians Down or ‘Take Their Jobs’

By The First, December 20th, 2021

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis defended freedom in the Sunshine State Monday; saying he will not let the federal government “lock” anyone down or “take their jobs.”

“Floridians know we will not let anybody lock them down, we will not anyone take their jobs, we will not let anyone ruin their businesses, and we will not let anyone close their schools,” said the Governor.


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OXFORD STUDY SHOCKER: 1 in 100 Vaccinated Individuals Were Admitted to Hospital or Died with Arrhythmia During Study Period

Drugs with less dangerous side effects have been removed from the market. Or at the very least paused, but in the current mad state of the world, it is mandatory. And anyone who thinks for themselves is part of a new underclass of the despised and marginalized.

OXFORD STUDY SHOCKER: 1 in 100 Vaccinated Individuals Were Admitted to Hospital or Died with Arrhythmia During Study Period

By: Jim Hoft, Gateway Pundit, December 21, 2021:

The Oxford researchers reveal that 1 in 100 or 1% of all vaccinated individuals were admitted to the hospital or died with arrhythmia or irregular heartbeat.

Of the 38,615,491 vaccinated individuals included in our study, 385,508 (1.0%) were admitted to hospital with or died from cardiac arrhythmia at any time in the study period (either before or after vaccination); 86,754 (0.2%) of these occurred in the 1-28 days after any dose of vaccine. Of those who were admitted or died 39,897 (10.3%) had a SARS-CoV-2 positive test, with 29,694 (7.7%) having a positive test before vaccination. There were 7,795 deaths with cardiac arrhythmia recorded as the cause of death (1,108 had a SARS-CoV-2 positive test).

So 1 in 100 of the vaccinated individuals are going to the hospital with irregular heart beat and this isn’t international headlines?

This is a shocking number.

James Cintolo has more on this study.


New York Schools telling parents to get ready for the cardiac arrest in students from k-12 when they get the vax

The Lancet journal SKEWERS “Pandemic of the Unvaxxed” narrative as noxious propaganda garbage

US Army is set to announce it has developed a single vaccine that protects against ALL variants of COVID and SARS

For more information on Covid-19 vaccines click here.


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Biden Weaponizes Healthcare: Will deploy 1,000 military vaccinators to ‘isolate’ the non-vaxxed

QUESTION: Who, what, where, why and how will the unvaxxed be isolated?

DemoCast @DemoCast posted in a Tweet:

Biden to deploy 100’s of FEDERAL VACCINATORS! “the virus is IN CHARGE & WE need to TAKE BACK CONTROL & the only way to do that as a society is to test & ISOLATE…” said @MaraAspinall  an expert in med diagnostics at ASU”

Isolate who, how, & where, please?

Using our military to enforce getting vaxxed or face isolation?

In a New York Times article titled “To Fight Omicron, Biden Plans Aid From Military and 500 Million TestsSheryl Gay Stolberg reports:

WASHINGTON — President Biden will announce new steps on Tuesday to confront a staggering surge in coronavirus cases, including readying 1,000 military medical professionals to help at overburdened hospitals, setting up new federal testing sites, deploying hundreds of federal vaccinators and buying 500 million rapid tests to distribute free to the public.

The measures, outlined to reporters Monday night by two senior administration officials who spoke on condition of anonymity, come as coronavirus caseloads are rapidly rising around the country, particularly in the Northeast, fueled by the highly infectious new Omicron variant — just as Americans prepare to gather for Christmas.

The 500 million tests that the administration intends to purchase will not be available until January, the senior officials said, adding that the government intends to create a website where people can request that tests be sent to their homes, free of charge. It was not immediately clear where the tests would come from.

The plan for new federal testing sites will debut in New York City, where several new sites will be running before Christmas. And Mr. Biden intends to invoke the Defense Production Act, officials said, to accelerate production of tests. [Emphasis added]

Read the full article.

Defense Production Act? Really? Shouldn’t we be producing jobs and not jabs? Doesn’t it hurt our military and their family if they take away their military doctors and nurses?

Does this make any sense? It only makes sense if the next step is to send the unvaxxed into concentration camps for their own good.

Turning Our Doctors Against Us

Aaron Sibarium from The Free Beacon reports:

The Biden administration will offer bonuses to doctors who “create and implement an anti-racism plan” under new rules from the Department of Health and Human Services, a move meant to update Medicare payments to “reflect changes in medical practice.”

Effective Jan. 1, Medicare doctors can boost their reimbursement rates by conducting “a clinic-wide review” of their practice’s “commitment to anti-racism.” The plan should cover “value statements” and “clinical practice guidelines,” according to HHS, and define race as “a political and social construct, not a physiological one”—a dichotomy many doctors say will discourage genetic testing and worsen racial health disparities.

The “rationale” for the bonus, the new rules read, is that “it is important to acknowledge systemic racism as a root cause for differences in health outcomes between socially-defined racial groups.”

Such premises have found a receptive ear in the Oval Office, which has taken steps to institutionalize them throughout the federal bureaucracy. Hours after his inauguration, President Joe Biden signed an executive order launching a “whole-of-government equity agenda,” one plank of which was the “equitable delivery of government benefits.”

The new bonus scheme, HHS stresses, is “consistent with” this order. It follows a series of steps by the Biden administration to integrate “anti-racism” into government policy: in November, for example, the Department of Homeland Security listed “diversity, equity, and inclusion” as one of its top two priorities, ahead of “cybersecurity.”

Read the full article.

Biden’s Grim Winter

Here’s a very grim White House tweet about the virus and getting vaxxed.

But Omicron has mild cold like symptoms and to date there has been one person who has died from it. This person was fully vaccinated and had a booster shot.

Why the gloom and doom?

Is it a myth used to create an atmosphere of fear?

We are already seeing law enforcement officers being used to harass and even arrest the unvaxxed and those without a vaxx passport. Watch what happens in New York:

If the Brooklyn, New York police are focused on arresting someone ordering food at Panera Bread, who is going after robbers, rapists, murderers and other criminals?

The Bottom Line

Biden has now escalated his “War Against the Un-VAXXED.”

It’s obey or lose your job. It’s obey or be arrested. Now it’s obey or we will isolate you and your family.

Americans are indeed facing a dark winter of persecution by Biden and his minions. Evil has come to America and it’s name is mandate.

First they came after those who voted for Trump, but I did not vote in 2016.

Then they came for those who posted on social media about Biden, but I was not on social media.

Then they came after those who held a rally in Washington, D.C. on January 6th, 2021, but I was not in Washington on January 6th.

Then they came after the unvaxxed, but I was vaxxed.

Then they came after me and there was no-one left to defend me.

©Dr. Rich Swier. All rights reserved.


South African Govt. Panel Says COVID Quarantines No Longer Needed

America Must Decide! Will It Be a Constitutional Republic or a One-Party Totalitarian State?

Biden is paving the way for a dangerous ideology

Palestinian Islamic Scholar Sheikh Issam Amira In Al-Aqsa Mosque Address: The Omicron Variant Is Brought Upon Us Because Of Muslim Rulers Who Permit Homosexuality, Follow Feminist Organizations