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Pennsylvania District Fights to Keep Parents From Watching Pro-LGBT Videos Students Were Required to Watch

At East Penn School district, officials don’t just indoctrinate kids — they refuse to show parents how! That’s the outrageous predicament Emmaus families find themselves in after they found out about a weeklong blitz of pro-LGBT videos that was required watching in every homeroom. And here’s the irony: while students were forced to watch them, […]


Pride Month Has Become a Time for LGBT Activists to Pursue Political Enemies

In 2014, high-tech executive and CEO of Mozilla Brendan Eich was forced to resign from the company he helped found and build, because he made a $1,000 contribution to support traditional marriage in the California marriage referendum. According to accounts, Eich was subject to vicious attacks through social media for his contribution in the marriage […]


CrossFit Exposed: LGBT Ideology Trumps Fitness & Health

CrossFit CEO Greg Glassman has spent years helping other people become physically fit. It has made him a wealthy man and made his company one of the world’s largest. He has used that influence to fight against the soda lobby and to urge politicians to act on behalf of “science” to improve Americans’ health. Unfortunately, this week Glassman […]


Harris Survey: Americans uncomfortable with LGBTQ community

Accelerating Acceptance 2018: A Survey of American Acceptance and Attitudes Toward LGBTQ Americans survey by Harris/GLAAD found: This year, the acceptance pendulum abruptly stopped and swung in the opposite direction. More non-LGBTQ adults responded that they were “very” or “somewhat” uncomfortable around LGBTQ people in select scenarios. [ … ] This year’s survey reflects a decline with people’s comfort year-over-year in every LGBTQ […]


Christians Deceived by the LGBTQ Movement

For crying out loud Lloyd, another article about how the LGBTQ movement seeks to ban Christianity? Folks, I keep talking about this because too many fellow Christians still don’t get it. California pro-LGBTQ Assembly Bill 2943 threatens free speech and freedom of religion for Christians. It uses the state’s consumer fraud statute to make it […]


Georgetown University Pro-Family Group Gets Back Money Wrongly Given to LGBT Organizations

A pro-family student organization at Georgetown University has received its donations back after an investigation of faculty and others who the group accused of misappropriating funds contributed to it. The group, Love Saxa, said that Georgetown officials had taken private donations intended for it and deposited them into other student organizations’ accounts. The organizations who […]


The Oddity of the LGBT Alliance

David Carlin: Why are homosexuals so intimately connected with transgenders? Because both embrace the anti-nature movement. There is something puzzling about the LGBT (lesbian-gay-bisexual-transgender) alliance: Why is T connected so intimately with LGB? Why do LGB people rage against injustice when T people are not allowed to use the bathroom of their choice or are not […]


LGBT Groups: Christians ‘Have No Place in Government’

In a Christian Post column Samuel Smith reports: LGBT activist groups are outraged that the Trump administration’s Department of Education invited speakers from two prominent conservative Christian family organizations to participate in a panel discussion on fatherhood held in advance of Father’s Day last week. Politico reports that experts from the Family Research Council and Focus on the Family […]


Gays angry Trump won’t recognize LGBT pride month but McDonald’s does

By Rodney Pelletier. Meanwhile, McDonald’s introduces gay pride “rainbow fries.” June has been commandeered by activists as “LGBT Pride month,” using it as an opportunity to celebrate sodomy. A new presidential administration, however, has yet to give it credence. Three McDonald’s restaurants along the parade route for Washington, D.C.’s gay pride parade are celebrating homosexuality by […]


Fake Methodology: Health Department Claims 11% of Hawaii HS Students are LGBTQ

by Andrew Walden. 11.2% of Hawaii High School students are LGBTQ.  That’s the headline number from the April, 2017 Hawaii Department of Health report on “Sexual and Gender Minority Health.” This number stands in sharp contrast to other studies of gay demographics.  For instance Gallup in 2013 reported that 5% of Hawaii residents are gay […]