Supreme Court Strikes Down Biden’s Student Loan ‘Forgiveness’ Plan

The Supreme Court struck down President Joe Biden’s student loan “forgiveness” plan Friday.

The nation’s highest court heard arguments in February in two cases: Biden v. Nebraska and Department of Education v. Brown.

Chief Justice John Roberts wrote the opinion in Biden v. Nebraska, 6-3, striking down Biden’s plan. The court unanimously denied standing in the Brown case.

Biden announced plans last August to cancel $10,000 of debt for individual student loan borrowers who make less than $125,000 per year ($250,000 for households) and to forgive $20,000 of debt for borrowers who received a Pell Grant.

Biden’s Education Department relied on a post-9/11 law known as the HEROES Act of 2003 that grants the U.S. secretary of education the authority to allow military troops to delay their student debt obligations during national emergencies. (HEROES is an acronym for the Health and Economic Recovery Omnibus Emergency Solutions.)

Roberts ruled that “the HEROES Act provides no authorization for the Secretary’s plan even when examined using the ordinary tools of statutory interpretation—let alone ‘clear congressional authorization’ for such a program.”

“The Supreme Court justices halted President Biden’s abuse of executive authority by holding that his plan to cancel student loan debt for 40 million borrowers was unlawful,” Jack Fitzhenry, a Heritage Foundation legal fellow, and Lindsey Burke, director of The Heritage Foundation’s Center for Education Policy, said in a statement Friday. “They rightly found that this was an issue for Congress, not the administrative bureaucracy, to decide.” (The Daily Signal is The Heritage Foundation’s news outlet.)

“The astronomical cost to American taxpayers of this ill-conceived program was only surpassed by its unfairness—since it would have punished millions of Americans who dutifully paid off their student loans as well as those who never took out loans in the first place,” Fitzhenry and Burke added. “If we want to help students deal with the increasing cost of getting a degree, giving a bailout to the very colleges and universities that hike prices is not the answer.”

“Breaking up the monopoly of college accreditors and offering students more higher education options, while simultaneously cutting off the open spigot of federal higher education subsidies, is a start,” the Heritage experts added. “Ultimately, students should be equipped with the knowledge and certainty that the student loans they take out can be repaid in future employment.”

“In the [Biden v. Nebraska] case, several states argue that they have standing primarily because if Biden cancels student loan debts, state agencies that the federal government pays to service those loans will lose revenue because they are paid on a per-loan basis,” GianCarlo Canaparo and Fitzhenry of The Heritage Foundation’s Meese Center for Legal and Judicial Studies wrote in a commentary for The Daily Signal, adding:

That loss of revenue, in turn, could diminish funds available for scholarships and other education programs meant to benefit citizens of those states. In response, U.S. Solicitor General Elizabeth Prelogar, representing the Biden administration, argued that those state entities are not really arms of the states that they serve, and thus, the states cannot sue on behalf of the agencies.

Canaparo and Fitzhenry also wrote:

In the [Department of Education v. Brown] case, two borrowers who did not qualify for debt cancellation argued that by creating this program in secret and pursuant to emergency powers, the administration denied them the procedural right to participate in the decision-making process.

In response, Prelogar argued that the law did not require the government to involve anyone in this process.

EJ Antoni, a research fellow for regional economics in Heritage’s Center for Data Analysis, weighed in on the implications of canceling student loan debt, especially the cost.

“The Biden administration’s estimated cost for student loan ‘forgiveness,’ which is actually transference, is laughably low. More reliable estimates, including dynamic estimates which account for incentive effects and behavioral changes, have a price tag north of $1 trillion,” Antoni told The Daily Signal in a written statement. “Not only is there an upfront cost to taxpayers of assuming current student loans, but there are future costs as well.”

“Debt transference incentivizes futures students to borrow more, in anticipation of future transference,” Antoni added. “Additionally, people who wouldn’t have borrowed at all will take out loans for the same reason. That will lead to tuition increases and higher costs of attendance, as has happened every time student loan programs were expanded and borrowing increased.”

Elaine Parker, president of the Job Creators Network Foundation, reacted to Friday’s ruling.

“JCNF’s lawsuit played an integral role in today’s victory. Our case, brought in Texas, blocked the entire program at the district level and stopped the application process, allowing the legal challenge to go to the Supreme Court,” Parker said in a written statement.

“We are all winners today now that this illegal program has been struck down. JCNF looks forward to driving the conversation around meaningful higher education reform to address the root cause of this crisis and make college affordable,” Parker added.


Samantha Aschieris

Samantha Aschieris is a senior news producer for The Daily Signal. Twitter.

This is a breaking story and may be updated.

The Daily Signal’s Virginia Allen and Fred Lucas contributed to this report.

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Don’t Say Gay, Say Groomer Instead

It’s easy for conservatives to think of the LGBT activist crowd as constantly crying wolf over pronouns and “deadnames,” but when self-described “queer” people try to describe who they are and what they do, pay attention. A prime example of this principle occurred just this week: participants in New York City’s annual Pride Parade chanted, “We’re coming for your children.” Others shouted, “Five, six, seven, eight, don’t assume your kids are straight.” Other scenes included nude adult men exposing themselves to children — both in New York City and in Seattle.

None of this is a novelty. Back in 2021, the San Francisco Gay Men’s Chorus faced backlash for writing and performing a song entitled, “A Message From the Gay Community,” which repeats the phrase, “We’ll convert your children.” Another startling line goes, “You think that we’ll corrupt your children if our agenda goes unchecked / Funny, just this once, you’re correct.” Yet another says, “Just like you worried, they’ll change their group of friends / You won’t approve of where they go at night.” And another exclaims, “Oh, you’ll be disgusted when they start finding things online that you’ve kept far from their sight.” The singers initially took the song off YouTube in the face of criticism, but restored it days later, announcing they stand by the message.

Although LGBT activists once went into hysterics at the suggestion of homosexuality inevitably being pushed on children, now that the movement is firmly entrenched in American society, they retroactively admit they were always coming for your children — they just don’t want parents to be up in arms over the fact. A recent spate of bills passed in Florida — and, more importantly, the alphabet mafia’s reaction to those bills — revealed this facet of LGBT ideology well before this past week, and confirmed the connection conservative Christians have long noticed between homosexuality and child-predation.

Grooming is the act of deceptively building a relationship of trust with a child, most often utilizing a position of authority, in order to take advantage of a child sexually. The LGBT ideology is predicated upon grooming. But don’t take my word for it, take theirs.

The first half of the grooming process involves building a relationship of trust with a child, most often utilizing a position of authority (such as the role of a teacher), and progressively pushing the child to the point where sexual acts are accepted. When Florida Governor Ron DeSantis (R) signed into law a bill last year forbidding teachers from telling elementary school students about gay sex, oral sex, gender fluidity, and a host of other homosexual propaganda, pro-gay activists were up in arms, labelling the legislation the “Don’t Say Gay Bill.” LGBT groups claimed that their very existence was being threatened simply because they weren’t allowed to talk to kids about anal sex. That law was recently expanded to ban all classroom promotion of the LGBT agenda, sparking further rainbow-colored outrage and claims that the ban on telling children about anal and oral sex is an attempt to “erase” the LGBT “community.”

We all know a man can’t impregnate another man, nor can a woman impregnate another woman. In other words, LGBT activists cannot reproduce — instead, they recruit. They groom. Children are taught that being gay or lesbian or bi or trans is not only acceptable but even cool, and, being but children, they believe it. This is grooming. The previous generation of LGBT activists were told (by the previous generation of groomers) that being gay or bi or trans isn’t acceptable but is cool and should be made acceptable. Now that same generation has taken up the groomer mantle and is telling children it is now acceptable, thanks to the hard work of previous generations, to be gay or lesbian or bi or trans — and it’s still cool.

Teaching children about sex is not the teacher’s role, ever. Although the teacher is, in theory, endowed with the parents’ authority to educate their children, there are certain things that only parents have the authority or right to discuss with their children: sex is chief among those things. A teacher violating that boundary and having those discussions with children usurps the role of parent, the ultimate physical manifestation of a trusted authority figure in that child’s life. In other words, by violating that boundary, an LGBT activist claims a child as his own. Remember, it’s not reproducing, it’s recruiting.

Banning LGBT activists from using the classroom to promote sexual abnormalities to children cuts them off from their most easily-accessible recruiting pool and makes grooming children more difficult; no longer are groomers put in a position of practically-unquestioned authority and given the role of mentor. When their capacity to groom children is taken from them, LGBT activists claim it’s an attack on their very existence. Why? Because they groom children. It’s how they carry on their lineage. Believe them when they say these things.

The LGBT activist reaction to Florida authorizing use of the death penalty for child rapists is even more disconcerting and even more revealing. This seemingly commonsense and surprisingly bipartisan piece of legislation is also, according to the activists, an attack on “LGBT rights.” The definition of grooming culminates in taking advantage of a child sexually. Raping a child would fit that definition. Yet LGBT activists are boo-hooing that legislation threatening child rapists with death “literally spells death” for them.

This time, the LGBT claim is backed up by studies. A 2013 study published by the Department of Health and Human Services stated, “Epidemiological studies find a positive association between physical and sexual abuse … in childhood and same-sex sexuality in adulthood …” A study last year by Vanderbilt University Medical Center found that adults identifying as homosexual reported childhood sexual abuse at more than twice the rate of their heterosexual peers. A 2001 report conducted by Judith Reisman of the Institute for Media Education estimated that adults identifying as homosexual are 40 times more likely to abuse a child than their heterosexual peers. While none of these studies prove causality, they do demonstrate a correlation that cannot be ignored.

Without grooming, the LGBT ranks are, if not generationally decimated, at least significantly diminished. Their own proclamations (“We’re coming for your children”) and actions, as well as their vehement responses to legislation limiting grooming tells us who they are. If we accept their own definition of themselves, we can only conclude that the LGBT “community” are, by their own admission, groomers.


S.A. McCarthy

S.A. McCarthy serves as a news writer at The Washington Stand.

EDITORS NOTE: This Washington Stand column is republished with permission. All rights reserved. ©2023 Family Research Council.

The Washington Stand is Family Research Council’s outlet for news and commentary from a biblical worldview. The Washington Stand is based in Washington, D.C. and is published by FRC, whose mission is to advance faith, family, and freedom in public policy and the culture from a biblical worldview. We invite you to stand with us by partnering with FRC.

Supreme Court Strikes Down Affirmative Action Admissions

The Supreme Court ruled Thursday to block affirmative action in two closely watched lawsuits against Harvard and the University of North Carolina (UNC).

The cases, initially brought by a coalition of students, prospective applicants and their parents in 2014, challenged the universities’ use of racial preferences during the admissions process.

“Harvard’s and UNC’s admissions programs violate the Equal Protection Clause of the Fourteenth Amendment,” the Supreme Court ruled in a 6-3 decision in the UNC case and a 6-2 decision in the Harvard case, which Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson recused herself from.

Chief Justice John Roberts wrote the majority opinion, joined by Justices Clarence Thomas, Samuel Alito, Neil Gorsuch, Brett Kavanaugh and Amy Coney Barrett.

“A benefit to a student who overcame racial discrimination, for example, must be tied to that student’s courage and determination,” Roberts wrote. “In otherwords, the student must be treated based on his or her experiences as an individual—not on the basis of race.”

“Many universities have for too long done just the opposite,” he continued. “And in doing so, they have concluded, wrongly, that the touchstone of an individual’s identity is not challenges bested, skills built, or lessons learned but the color of their skin. Our constitutional history does not tolerate that choice.”

The court overruled its 2003 decision in Grutter v. Bollinger, which held that race could be a factor in the admissions process.

Justices Ketanji Brown Jackson, Sonia Sotomayor and Elena Kagan dissented.

“Gulf-sized race-based gaps exist with respect to the health, wealth, and well-being of American citizens,” Jackson wrote. “They were created in the distant past, but have indisputably been passed down to the present day through the generations.”

Both lawsuits were brought by Students for Fair Admissions Inc. (SFFA), a coalition of over 20,000 prospective higher education students and parents, including one Asian American member who applied for Harvard and six other top schools but was denied admission in 2014, despite his academic record.

SFFA argued that Harvard violated Title VI of the Civil Rights Act by penalizing Asian American applicants, engaging in racial balancing, overemphasiz­ing race and rejecting race-neutral alter­natives. Similarly, SFFA argued UNC violated Title VI by rejecting alternative race-neutral criteria that could also ensure diversity in the admissions process.

The Supreme Court heard both cases in October. Schools have been anticipating the decision for months, searching for ways to maintain racial quotas without explicitly using racial preferences, such as eliminating standardized testing requirements and recruiting based on geographic region.




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Children’s Hospital Charges Schools Thousands For Trainings On How To Teach About Gender Identity, Anal Sex

An Illinois children’s hospital is charging school districts thousands of dollars for a sex education workshop that features lessons on how to teach kids about anal sex and gender identity, according to documents obtained through a public records request by the Daily Caller News Foundation.

The Lurie Children’s Hospital of Chicago is charging school districts up to $1,500 for a presentation to educators on “inclusive sexual health ed practices” that promotes the National Sexuality Education Standards (NSES), a K-12 sexual education curriculum, according to a copy of the presentation obtained by the DCNF through a public records request. The presentation recommends that fifth graders should learn several different sexual orientations, while eighth graders should be taught about anal and oral sex.

The NSES, which the presentation notes is in line with Illinois law if schools choose to adopt it, was created by a coalition of organizations part of the Future of Sex Education (FoSE) Initiative, including several LGBTQ activist groups and Planned Parenthood.

The Lurie Children’s Hospital of Chicago charges public schools for several services, including a “student facing” presentation for $150, a question-and-answer workshop for $750 and an “inclusive sexual health ed practices” seminar that can either be “$1500 for one 90 minute workshop or $1000 per 90 minute workshop for a series,” according to a November 2022 email from a hospital official to an administrator with Kildeer Countryside Community Consolidated School District 96.

The Community Consolidated Illinois School District 15 paid the Lurie Children’s Hospital of Chicago $3,150 in January 2023 for three “inclusive sexual health ed practices” professional development sessions, according to documents.

The hospital allows schools to customize its sample workshop for its “inclusive sexual health ed practices,” which includes different grade-level standards of the NSES, the hospital’s sexuality education program coordinator said in the November 2022 email. The workshop aims to provide school districts with “an overview of updated policy and resources” on sexual education curriculums while helping educators practice the use of “gender & LGBTQ+ inclusive communication for personal health & sexual health education,” according to the presentation obtained by the DCNF.

Under the NSES, by eighth grade, students should be able to define anal, oral and vaginal sex as well as explain several sexual orientation definitions including “heterosexual, bisexual, lesbian, gay, queer, two-spirit, asexual [and] pansexual,” the presentation states. The hospital presentation notes that the standards require fifth graders to be able to distinguish the difference between sex assigned at birth and gender identity.

The NSES notes that fifth graders should also be able to explain that “gender expression and gender identity exist along a spectrum,” as well as be able to evaluate how gender stereotypes may impact themselves and others, the presentation states.

Through the eighth-grade curriculum of the NSES, students should be able to analyze how their family and peers may “influence” their attitudes toward “gender, gender identity, gender roles and gender expression,” the presentation explains. Students should also be able to “access medically accurate sources of information about gender, gender identity and gender expression” by the end of eighth grade, the presentation states.

When talking about puberty with fifth and sixth graders, the presentation advises educators to use gender-neutral language such as “people who menstruate,” “people with penises,” “people with testicles” and “people with vulvas.” The presentation offers sample slides for fifth and sixth-grade sexual education lessons on testicle and vulva anatomy.

Another sample slide for fifth and sixth graders explains “wet dreams,” ejaculation and semen, the documents show.

The hospital’s “inclusive sexual health ed practices” workshop also includes a lesson on gender-neutral language, noting that individuals should avoid using phrases such as “ladies” and “gentlemen,” and instead use “friends” and “folks” in order to be more inclusive.

The Illinois legislature is considering a bill that would mandate K-12 school districts to adopt sexual education lessons in accordance with the NSES. Under current law, Illinois schools districts can voluntarily adopt NSES standards.

Representatives from left-wing organizations are listed as “creators and reviewers” of the NSES, including Planned Parenthood; the Human Rights Campaign, an LGBTQ activist group; Gender Spectrum, an activist organization for gender diverse teens; and GLSEN, a nationally known LGBTQ activist organization that pushes policies to keep a child’s gender transition from their parents, the presentation shows.

“NSES come to us from a diverse group of professionals with expertise in sexuality, public education, public health, social justices, psychology, child & adolescent medicine,” the Lurie Children’s presentation says.

The hospital also recommends its “favorite books” for eight-year-olds including “Sex Is A Funny Word,” a comic book for kids about sexual orientation and gender identity, and “You Know, Sex” for 12-year-olds, a book that discusses sex education grounded in social justice, the presentation states.

The Lurie Children’s Hospital of Chicago recently came under scrutiny for a series of videos it created that feature adults talking to children about transgenderism and sexual orientation. In September 2022, it was revealed that the hospital was partnering with local school districts to promote sex toys and gender-affirming items.

The Lurie Children’s Hospital of Chicago, Kildeer Countryside Community Consolidated School District 96 and the Community Consolidated School District 15 did not immediately respond to the DCNF’s request for comment.




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New York City LGBT Activists Chant ‘We’re Coming For Your Kids’

Activists at a New York City drag march Friday can be heard chanting, “We’re coming for your children,” in videos of the event.

“We’re here, we’re queer, we’re coming for your children,” the activists shouted as they marched. The marchers convened at Tompkins Square Park and made their way through the East Village before stopping at Stonewall Inn. Stonewall Inn, a gay bar, was the site of a police raid which sparked violent protests known as the Stonewall Riots in 1969.

Other video taken of the event shows protestors with signs reading, “Groom Cissies” and “Drag isn’t for Cissies.”

As concerns rise over explicit drag events marketed to and performed for children, some states are taking action to prohibit underage kids from attending these shows. In May, Montana became the first state to ban drag shows from public spaces and being performing in front of children.

“Fortunately, here in Montana, we have a governor who recognizes that drag performers shouldn’t be reading books and grooming children at locations and facilities that receive public funding,” the bill’s Republican sponsor, state Rep. Mitchel Braxton, said.

Republican Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis signed a bill in May which would punish businesses for hosting drag shows with children present. The “Protection Of Children” law authorized government to impose fines, suspensions or revoke the licenses of violating businesses.

The Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation (DBPR) filed a complaint about reports that children were spotted at an explicit Orlando Christmas-themed drag show in December. The Florida governor’s administration is moving to revoke the venue’s liquor license over the alleged violation.



Social issues reporter.


‘Tons Of Children Present’: Transgender Person Chases Reporter At Pride Parade With Breasts ‘Completely Exposed’

BETSY MCCAUGHEY: America’s Silent Majority Is Turning Up The Heat On LGBTQ Activism — The Results Speak For Themselves

Bud Light Sponsors Raunchy Pride Show After Desperately Trying To Salvage Its Image


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Texas College Professor FIRED After Explaining a Person’s Sex is Determined by Their Chromosomes

The destruction of the American mind.

America has entered an age of terror and lies. Big lies. Huge lies.

Objective reality is now the enemy.

College accused of firing professor for saying chromosomes determine sex

By Michael Gryboski, Mainline Church Editor

A Texas college has been accused of firing a biology professor because some students took issue with his teaching that the sex of a human being is determined by their chromosomes.

St. Philip’s College, which is part of the Alamo Colleges District, reportedly fired professor Johnson Varkey in January after teaching at the academic institution for around 20 years.

Kristi Wyatt, associate vice chancellor of Communications & Engagement at the Alamo Colleges District, emailed The Christian Post on Thursday evening to say that “the Alamo Colleges District does not comment on personnel matters or pending or threatened litigation.”

The First Liberty Institute, a law firm based in Plano, Texas, that often handles religious freedom issues, sent a complaint letter on Tuesday to officials with St. Philip’s and Alamo Colleges.

“St. Philip’s College fired Dr. Varkey for teaching human biology just as he did in his previous twenty-year career as a professor. His statements are not only supported by his extensive education and experience, but they also reflect his sincerely held religious beliefs,” read the letter, in part.

“We write to request that St. Philip’s College reinstate Dr. Varkey to his position as Adjunct Professor and acknowledge that his termination was not for cause, but that it violated federal and state law, including the First Amendment of the United States Constitution, the Texas Religious Freedom Restoration Act, and Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964.”

Read more.


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SHOCKING! Planned Parenthood Brought Monstrous, Depraved Sex Acts Cards To School To Teach Children

Prison for these villains! This is beyond your worst imaginings. Get your children out of public schools. Now.


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DISASTROUS Declines on Nation’s Report Card (NAEP): 13-Year-Olds WORST in Test’s History

The declines on the Nation’s Report Card (NAEP) for 13-year-olds are some of the WORST in the test’s history.

This is exactly what the Democrats wanted and needed. Dumb and dumber. How else could they get away with their catastrophic destruction?

The new “Nation’s Report Card” is out and the results are grim. Test scores are at their lowest level in decades, with steep declines in both reading and math proficiency in nearly every state. It’s the first comprehensive look at the pandemic’s impact on America’s students.

Math and reading scores among America’s 13-year-olds fell to their lowest levels in decades, with math scores plunging by the largest margin ever recorded, according to the results of a test known as the nation’s report card.

‘Nation’s Report Card’ shows math skills reset to the level of the 1990s, while struggling readers are scoring lower than they did in 1971

By Kevin Mahnken, NAEP, June 21, 2023:

COVID-19’s cataclysmic impact on K–12 education, coming on the heels of a decade of stagnation in schools, has yielded a lost generation of growth for adolescents, new federal data reveal.

Wednesday’s publication of scores from the National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP) — America’s most prominent benchmark of learning, typically referred to as the Nation’s Report Card — shows the average 13-year-old’s understanding of math plummeting back to levels last seen in the 1990s; struggling readers scored lower than they did in 1971, when the test was first administered. Gaps in performance between children of different backgrounds, already huge during the Bush and Obama presidencies, have stretched to still-greater magnitudes.

The bad tidings are, in a sense, predictable: Beginning in 2022, successive updates from NAEP have laid bare the consequences of prolonged school closures and spottily delivered virtual instruction. Only last month, disappointing results on the exam’s history and civics component led to a fresh round of headlines about the pandemic’s ugly hangover.

But the latest release, highlighting “long-term trends” that extend back to the 1970s, widens the aperture on the nation’s profound academic slump. In doing so, it serves as a complement to the 2020 iteration of the same test, which showed that the math and English skills of 13-year-olds had noticeably eroded even before the emergence of COVID-19.

Long-Term NAEP Scores for 13-Year-Olds Drop for First Time since 1970s

Those disturbing findings, since aggravated by the greatest disruption in the history of American schools, look all the worse today. Reading scores fell by four points between 2020 and 2023, mirroring similar declines in other NAEP releases since last fall, while math scores math scores tumbled by nine points. But an even greater reversal — seven points in reading, and 13 points in math — can be measured going back to 2012, when long-term scores began to slip.

The results set off yet another chorus of alarm bells among federal officials. Peggy Carr, commissioner of the National Center for Education Statistics, which administers NAEP, told reporters that they “should remind us that this is a huge scale of challenge that faces the nation today.”

“Certainly the pandemic has made things worse and made things more challenging for us,” Carr said in a media briefing. “But these troubling trends that we’re seeing date back a decade, particularly for our lower-performing students.”

Read more.


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Rural Virginia Parents Fight for the Removal of Pornographic Kids Books from Public Library

In a victory for a grassroots movement of concerned parents and citizens of a small town in the Shenandoah Valley of northern Virginia, the county Board of Supervisors has agreed to restrict the funds of a public library until an agreement can be reached on what to do with dozens of pornographic books for kids that were found there.

On June 6, hundreds of local Catholics and other concerned citizens packed a Warren County, Virginia Board of Supervisors meeting in Front Royal to make their voices heard in opposition to dozens of pornographic children’s books that were found on the shelves at the Samuels Public Library.

“This is not literature. This is smut,” one dad said after reading an excerpt about anal sex from “This Book Is Gay.” Another soon-to-be mom discussed the book “It’s Perfectly Normal,” which is aimed at pre-teens and includes cartoon depictions of naked couples in various sex positions as well as discussion of masturbation and abortion. “Ideally, funding the library is important, but a sense of decency is owed the community before funding is owed to the library,” she said.

The grassroots movement, which has become known as “Clean Up Samuels Library,” announced on Wednesday that the Board of Supervisors had agreed to address the concerns of the community during a meeting on Tuesday night.

“The Board of Supervisors appropriated 100% of the funding for Samuels Library, but restricted 75% of it until September while board members negotiate with the library about what to do regarding these books,” the group stated in a press release. “The funds will be in a separate bank account until a deal is worked out.”

“From what we can tell, it’s not looking like the books will be removed entirely,” the release continued. “Rather, the board is negotiating to move them to the adult’s section, and to place restrictions on who can access the adult’s section without an adult.”

In an exclusive interview with The Washington Stand, Thomas Hinnant, a community organizer in Front Royal, described how the movement got started.

“A local grandmother was at the library with her grandchildren, and one of her grandchildren, a four-year-old boy, went and found one of these books in the child section, and she was appalled,” he explained. “A group of local folks went into the library and started looking around and realized that this pornography was all over the place in the kid’s section.”

Hinnant continued, “From there, concerned citizens and parents came together … and [decided to] organize an afternoon where a bunch of [mostly] young parents look through these books and send in requests for reconsideration, which is the process that the library uses to evaluate books. Upwards of 450 requests for reconsideration were submitted, and everything that we got back were denials, and the appeals were denied as well. The library has chosen to hide behind the standards of the American Library Association, which are out of touch and out of step with the community consensus of Warren County.”

Front Royal, the seat of Warren County, is the home of Christendom College, a small Catholic university known for its adherence to orthodox Catholic teaching, as well as a number of other K-12 Catholic schools. A notably large population of Christendom graduates and other Catholics have settled in the area since the school’s founding in 1977. Despite being located relatively close to more liberal counties in northern Virginia, Warren County is deeply red, with almost 70% of the population voting Republican in the 2022 midterm election.

Hinnant further noted that while the movement was encouraged by the results of board meeting, their demands have not changed.

“We want the pornographic books totally removed,” he emphasized. “We want democracy in the bureaucracy. Our tax dollars are ours, and we do not want unelected and faceless bureaucrats spending them on pornography for children. We want that space reserved for the great classics and the great works and the many wonderful books that can be on those shelves. There’s a larger list that we’ve put together that we want put into an adult section … that largely involve sexualization of children, LGBTQ, etc. Some would quibble that it’s not exactly pornography. To us, anything that sexualizes a seven-year-old is pornographic in nature, but we’re willing to say this stuff can be moved to another section for now.”

The fight that has opened up in Warren County over controversial public library books aimed at kids appears to be a relatively new front in the broader nationwide battle which has centered on books in public school libraries. Hinnant told TWS that local communities have every right to demand that their values be reflected in how their tax dollars are spent, not just in schools, but in all other public institutions.

“We want a new standard,” he underscored. “We want cultural secession from the American Library Association and the hegemonic left-wing ideology that it represents, and we want community standards that represents the community consensus of an overwhelmingly conservative county. I think that if we were to do that, then those books would not be in the library anyway. … We are not backing down on any of our demands. We also want the leadership of the library to change and change swiftly. These people need to be held accountable for what they did. They fought tooth and nail to keep this pornography in our library, even though the clear popular will is not on their side.”

Hinnant went on to encourage other conservative communities across the country to take back their public institutions.

“We know that this is a roadmap for rural America,” he contended. “Frankly, for too long, conservatives have focused on elections, while well-trained and well-funded leftists have gone into these rural communities and essentially colonized them. We want to commence the decolonization of rural America, and that takes community organizing. That takes disciplined messaging, and that takes ‘We the People’ coming together to hold our elected officials accountable — and not just when the elections happen. We have to hold these bureaucracies accountable, because that is where the deeply-rooted colonization is, and that is where this cancer that rips through rural America is. This is a great example of a community coming together and standing up against this radical ideology that has truly colonized rural America, and they have done it under the cloak of darkness. And I think now people are finally starting to wake up to that. I hope that this will be a wake-up call to other folks in other rural areas.”

“We have got to take a stand here,” Hinnant concluded. “These elections are great, but if these folks are able to just run wild in our institutions that are educating our children, whether its schools, public libraries, anywhere that our public funds are being used, then it’s a problem.”


Dan Hart

Dan Hart is senior editor at The Washington Stand.

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Far-Left Jurisdiction Appalled When Middle Schoolers Revolt against Pride Day

Two hundred and fifty years after the Boston Tea Party, middle schoolers in a Boston suburb channeled its spirit against a new form of tyrannical oppression, LGBT Pride. Teachers, parents, and even administrators of the far-Left jurisdiction were “shocked,” “horrified,” and “extremely disheartened” by these middle schoolers’ solid grasp of basic biology, and naturally they retreated into platitudes of unity to justify their preferring a divisive principle to a unifying one.

Marshall Simonds Middle School (MSMS) in Burlington, Massachusetts approved a Pride Month Spirit Day on June 2 (their school year ends on June 16), which was requested and sponsored by Spectrum Club, a student organization “for LGBTQ+ students and allies,” as The Boston Globe described. Spectrum Club decked the school out in full-blown carnival regalia — rainbow streamers, Pride flag banners, handmade Pride Month signs, and “educational” — a.k.a. emotionally badgering — posters with messages like, “Why it’s not ok to say ‘That’s so gay’” and a quote by gay playwright Tennessee Williams implying that no human heart is straight. Spectrum Club members handed out rainbow stickers, and school personnel invited all students and faculty to wear rainbow clothing to demonstrate their support.

Some students not only refused to bow to the rainbow idol, but also organized a counterprotest. “This became evident in the lunchroom, where several groups of students wore red, white, blue, or black, including face paint,” wrote school principal Cari Perchase, in a letter to parents. “Groups of students were heard chanting, ‘U.S.A. are my pronouns,’ and students glared intimidatingly at faculty members showing pride.”

Although no hard numbers have been cited, the insubordinate faction seemed to include no insignificant portion of students. “Students were shamed into removing their stickers or covering their clothing with rainbows,” Perchase complained (although the sentence is ambiguous, “with rainbows” must modify “clothing,” not “covering” to make sense). In other words, the middle schoolers responded to peer pressure to celebrate LGBT Pride with peer pressure against celebrating LGBT Pride — and they succeeded. Peer pressure doesn’t work unless nearly “everybody is doing it.”

With costumes, face paint, and the resolve to agitate for liberty, the only element these middle schoolers needed to completely imitate the demonstration’s 1773 precedent was a little tea unboxing. In fact, at least some of the miffed middle schoolers performed an equivalent act by destroying the symbols of an imperious policy foisted upon them without their input — tearing down decorations, ripping them up, and stuffing them in water fountains.

Perchase was “extremely disheartened” by this behavior, she wrote. “I fully respect that our diverse community has diverse opinions and beliefs. I also respect individuals’ right to express their opinions through clothing choices and freedom of speech. When one individual or group of individuals’ beliefs and actions result in the demeaning of another individual or group, it is completely unacceptable.” Thus began the theme of Burlington adults rebuking the rebellious middle schoolers by wrapping affrontive Pride displays in the language of tolerance and inclusivity.

Middle schoolers are not widely known for knowing where to draw the line of acceptable behavior, and destroying the property of others crossed it. But, if that’s what Perchase meant by the three sentences above, that’s not what she said. Instead, Perchase undermined her lip service to free opinion and expression when she said that even beliefs are “completely unacceptable” if they demean others.

The problem is, the boundaries of “demeaning” beliefs have become exceedingly blurred with regard to LGBT+ identities. Earlier this year, another Massachusetts middle schooler was suspended for wearing a shirt that stated a biological fact, “there are only two genders,” because it allegedly made some people at his school feel “unsafe.” If middle schoolers don’t know where to draw the line for acceptable behavior, Massachusetts schools sure aren’t helping to clarify it for them.

Perchase then apologized to Marshall Simonds students who identify as LGBT. “I am truly sorry that a day meant for you to celebrate your identity turned into a day of intolerance,” she said, groveling as if she had torn down the decorations herself. “Schools are supposed to be a safe place for ALL students and faculty. Some community members’ actions created an unsafe environment for many of our students, caregivers, and faculty.”

There’s that word “unsafe” again. But what safety incident provoked its use? Did a student arrive at school with a gun, or at least a knife? Did a counterprotesting student threaten, push, or even slap any LGBT-identifying classmate? If such an incident had occurred, surely that lede would have headlined every news report. Yet, based on available news reports, the school did not even call the police.

Thus, the available facts lead us to conclude that Principal Perchase was implying that language — and even opinions — critical of excessive Pride celebrations amounts to violence against people who identify as LGBT. This untenable philosophical position was echoed in a letter by Burlington Public Schools (BPS) Superintendent Eric Conti, who insisted that “The rise in anti LGBTQ+ violence across the country is unacceptable and has no place in our schools.” Burlington Equity Coalition also peddled the “violence” mantra in a statement expressing solidarity with “members of the school community who were harmed by these acts of intolerance.”

Conti’s June 4 letter to parents was the second berating the protesting middle schoolers. He made a few good points, such as noting that spirit day “participation is optional,” but “respectful behavior … is non-negotiable.”

But Conti’s letter made clear that the school system insisted upon overtly favoring certain perspectives, while denying that they were showing favoritism. “We embrace everyone for who they are and for what they bring to our schools and larger community,” said Conti, but then he promised to train staff to “identify and respond to identity bigotry and discrimination.” Suddenly, the “embrace everyone” platitude is superseded by an “except bigots” caveat. In case any reader was uninitiated as to which identities and opinions are unquestionable, and which ones make you a bigot, Conti invited all readers to “join us in taking a stand against homophobia.”

Conti expressed no reservations about choosing a side, even as a public employee of a diverse community. “I recognize that discussions and celebrations of individual identity are complex and impacted by individual values, religions, and cultural norms, the result of which may include expressions of racism, anti-religious hate, ableism, and in this case homophobia,” he warned. Instead of respecting those values, religions, and norms, he intolerantly insisted that they stand aside if they opposed his sacred ideal of toleration.

Conti knows who butters his bread, because community members overwhelmingly endorsed his intolerance of any LGBT+ criticism at two snowflake struggle sessions this week — a Burlington Select Board meeting on Monday and a BPS School Committee meeting on Tuesday.

“I thought Burlington was a safer place than Texas or Florida. Obviously I was wrong,” complained parent and former school committee member Cara Foss. She called on local officials to suppress the middle schooler revolt head-on, “there’s some undercurrents in Burlington that town administration and school administration need to address more directly and more firmly.”

“The issue of Pride at schools is very controversial, I understand that,” Foss continued. “I think we need to start at a place of commonality.” But she urged officials to stamp out any LGBT skepticism, no matter how long it took. “I think it will take some time. It takes a lot of hard work and conversation, but I believe in Burlington, I believe we can get there.”

Other public commenters expressed concern over the organization the middle schoolers demonstrated. “It was an unruly disruption that was organized ahead of time,” noted Burlington resident Joanne Frustaci. “I was shocked and horrified,” said parent Nila Almstrom. “They organized themselves; they came to school wearing outfits and face paint. And if they’re big enough to do that, then they’re big enough to have this conversation.” By “big enough to have this conversation,” Almstrom apparently meant that middle schoolers should allow the adults to dictate their opinions for them, and that they should lie down and accept their verbal lashing like good little sheep. Her objective, she said, was that the students could “take responsibility for their actions and still become allies” of the LGBT community.

“How many children felt power yesterday by committing an act of intimidation?” intoned librarian and former high school teacher Andrea Bono-Bunker Monday. “How many children had a seed of homophobia planted in them yesterday? How many children now feel worse about themselves because of what they witnessed or experienced yesterday? How many children now think that being part of or supportive of the LGBTQIA+ community is un-American?”

What psychobabble! She tacitly admits the former powerlessness felt by middle schoolers uncomfortable with in-your-face Pride celebrations, while at the same time wrongly asserting a child’s self-worth should be the most important consideration. She feigns surprise that force-feeding middle schoolers — now beginning to think for themselves — such undigestible fare would cause them to spew forth a putrid yet instinctive response. She seems unable to comprehend the Left’s campaign to turn young people into political activists had already sown every “seed” necessary for the outburst, or that the LGBT ideology’s intolerance of free speech or criticism — not to mention its adherents’ disdain for America itself — had already driven into these middle schoolers’ minds a mental wedge between supporting the “LGBTQIA+” community or supporting America.

“While these students are culpable, the underlying issue is where did they get the idea to do this in the first place?” said Bono-Bunker. Other speakers also held the parents responsible for their children’s rejection of LGBT Pride. “This type of intolerant rhetoric starts in the home,” insisted one father intolerantly.

Others demanded action. “It would be naïve of us to think that what happened at the middle school won’t escalate to something more tragic in the future. It isn’t going to go magically away; it will get worse,” parent Jessika Dubay-Dang forecasted. Apparently, wearing red, white, and blue to school on Pride Day is “tragic” now. If the adults don’t intervene immediately, such malformed children might grow up standing for the Pledge of Allegiance, living productive and happy lives focused on others, and even — perish the thought! — owning a gun.

In all seriousness, Dubay-Dang likely meant that these middle schoolers would move from lesser violence to greater violence. Again, this presumes the middle schoolers committed violence, which, apart from trashing decorations, they didn’t. But to take her argument on its own terms for a moment, Dubay-Dang argues that their violent thoughts and words show that these young students have been radicalized, and that they will progress to further violence as their radicalism develops. If that’s true, the proper cure would be identifying the source of the radicalization and removing it. To the extent that these youngsters were radicalized — again, only in the terms of her argument — they are reacting to the oppressive, suffocating celebration of LGBT ideology, with no dissent tolerated. What do Dubay-Dang and other parents propose? More of the same!

Dubay-Dang wasn’t alone in calling for action. Burlington Equality Coalition also called on school administrators to “provide consequences” for counter-protestors and “take an active stand against hate under the guise of ‘free expression.’” (Where did those students get the notion that supporting the LGBT agenda is un-American?) “Without any direct and concrete action, these incidents will occur again and increase in severity,” they warned. Shutting down the free expression of students was “a chance to remind residents that every person is important and welcome in our town,” said the LGBT advocacy organization.

In addition to punishing demonstrators, Burlington Equality also demanded school administrators fill a DEI director position that has been “unfilled for almost a year” and that the town board “reinstate the recently disbanded Diversity, Equity and Inclusion subcommittee” (its funding was redirected to other DEI training initiatives). Additionally, Perchase said they would hold listening sessions to hear students’ concerns, create a form whereby students could anonymously report each other for hateful conduct (does anyone else see a problem with this?), and prepare additional curriculum to teach students tolerance, acceptance, and respect (which rings of the SPLC’s Teaching Tolerance curriculum).

Town officials responded to community gripes by affirming them. “A bad light has been cast over our town,” agreed Select Board member Mike Espejo. “I was very upset. I’ve lost sleep over it. It kind of shocked me to my core. I didn’t think something like that could happen in Burlington.” At least two other board members agreed with the sentiment, and the board promised to consider how to address the issue over the summer.

For their part, school officials seem reluctant to discipline students for the disruption. At the Tuesday meeting, Burlington School Committee Chair Martha Simon stressed that the offenders were only middle schoolers. “Middle school should be a safe place for all students to express themselves, to make mistakes, and to learn from each other,” she said.

School officials may also not relish the responsibility of sniffing out which protesting students had actually destroyed property. “Some of the kids threw the stickers on the ground,” said Christine Steiner, mother of one girl who protested. “But I can only speak for my daughter, she just didn’t want to wear that to school. It’s not that she wanted to hurt anybody’s feelings.” Such a remark suggests the students may have felt more pressure to wear rainbow attire beforehand than school officials have admitted to after the fact. Steiner added that her daughter felt coerced to join the celebration of Pride and was offended by some of the messages, such as the Tennessee Williams poster implying no one is straight.

Conti had taken a position similar to Simon in his earlier letter, “The Burlington Public Schools are obligated to provide a safe environment for all students to feel safe, seen, and respected without retaliation.” But school officials making not-so-subtle digs as politically incorrect ideas is totally cool.

The more thoughtful responses preferred discussion to punishment. “It is not enough to publicly denounce these incidents,” said Conti. “As a school system we have a unique opportunity to educate our community on the nature of these events.” He probably means indoctrination, but at least he isn’t punishing students as the local LGBT coalition demanded.

“I think what we need to do is turn down the temperature,” said Espejo, “and instead of talking at each other, look each other in the face and talk to each other, hear each other’s concerns, complaints and try to walk a mile in someone else’s shoes and I think that would go a long way.” As Conti put it, “Let us all work on being kinder to each other.”

It didn’t take much listening to locate the source of student anger. “Perchase said she received some feedback that the counter message was in response to the school not recognizing the observance of Memorial Day,” reported local news station WHDH. Perchase said the lack of recognition was an “oversight” and reiterated, “respect for the observance of Memorial Day and respect for the LGBTQ community are not mutually exclusive.”

Kind of a big oversight, no? The school ignored a federal holiday, for which classes were cancelled, but foamed at the mouth to convert their building into a temple to LGBT Pride. So, in theory, Perchase is correct that respect for the official holiday and the unofficial debauchery month are “not mutually exclusive.” But in actual practice, the school got so excited about celebrating a divisive niche that they completely overlooked a generic and unifying American institution in the very same week. No wonder the students wore red, white, and blue. Instead of correcting this grave error, the school district responded to the incident with more DEI programs, not more American unity.

The incident reached such a pitch that it attracted the attention of Massachusetts Governor Maura Healey (D), who identifies as a lesbian. “I hope it becomes a teaching moment for the young people who were involved in that,” said Healey. “It doesn’t represent who we are as a state.” That may be true for today’s voting populace, but these middle schoolers — the next generation — are recalling an earlier Massachusetts tradition that responded to oppression and tyranny by dumping tea in Boston harbor.


Joshua Arnold

Joshua Arnold is a staff writer at The Washington Stand.

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The Washington Stand is Family Research Council’s outlet for news and commentary from a biblical worldview. The Washington Stand is based in Washington, D.C. and is published by FRC, whose mission is to advance faith, family, and freedom in public policy and the culture from a biblical worldview. We invite you to stand with us by partnering with FRC.

Sexualization of Children and Dialectics: Media, Leftist Activists Group in Collusion at Many Levels

A very important event took place in Ottawa yesterday [June 13, 2023]. One which has implications for school board workers and teachers that should be of some concern. What makes it so important isn’t just what took place, but who did not show up for it and the likely reason why not. The absence of these groups indicates collusion between the organized left, and broadcast media as a greater conspiracy to dialectically destroy classical Canada and the values of those Canadians, and to do so with a consistent set of Maoist narrative attacks. Yes, that will be explained.

Let’s start with the event. Something like three to five hundred Muslims went to the OCDSB to protest the entirety of the sexual indoctrination of children at Ottawa schools. And to be a little clearer, I think it is safe to estimate that the Islamic objections to SOGI [Sexual Orientation Gender Identity] is with with a broader brush than the protest on Friday, which was by a very diverse group of people. Led by Josh Alexander and Billboard Chris, The videos of which can be seen here, more focussed on the most destructive aspects of it.

But this event Tuesday at the Ottawa Carleton District School Board appears to have been organized through the mosques, and the participants would be 85% Muslim at a guess. The protest Friday, was against sexualizing children and especially getting them on dangerous drugs and talking them into dangerous surgical procedures in the name of Trans-rights, which would make them monsters of a sort for life. Neither male or female and certainly not natural in any sense. Sterile, and in a very high category for suicide, with complications from these procedures which can be unimaginable, and likely few would do it if they were properly informed.

The Friday protest was met with a very well organized leftist counter-protest and lots and lots of broadcast media. And while the initial protest would have just been a walk up and down Broadview and maybe a few speeches to the converted, the counter-protest was positively illegal. They blockaded the entire road at multiple points. More to the point, each time a protestor tried to engage the leftists, who sported PSAC, (Canadian government Union flags), and other communist symbols and initiate language for communism, such as hats that read: “Veteran of the Class War”, at yesterday’s Islamic protest right at the HQ of the Ottawa Carleton District School Board, no MSM TV crews were visible, and no leftist counter demonstration except for one woman who had a sign claiming to be Muslim and a friend of LGBTQ. She can be found counter-protesting at every event by non-Leftists in Ottawa pretty much, which somewhat lessens the effect.

To the point: Over the years, many concerned Canadians have had protests over the acceptance of Islamic norms in Canada. The limits of freedom of speech which Islam demands, is extreme. The punishments for violating them often fatal. Many teachers, activists and journalists and satirists have been murdered by Muslims across the West in Islamic continuous efforts to crush any criticism of Islam or its icons. The central dogma that homosexuals should be killed according to Islamic scripture as another easy example. One simply cannot even talk about that without being shut down, despite it being an obvious truth. Iran hangs homosexuals and Saudi Arabia decapitates them with a sword. It’s no secret except from anyone watching MSM. The keeping of sex slaves and slaves in general. And while Islam employs direct violence and force to prevent these opinions from having an effect on people’s views of Islam, or diminishing the authority of Islam in the minds of the public, the leftist-media collusion uses something more akin to a Maoist narrative attack.

The left will insist that any attempt to expose the actual scripture, history and current behaviour of Islam in countries with sharia law, and that is a lot of countries, is Islamophobic. Nazi. Intolerant. Hateful. As a tactic this could be codified in a couple of ways. Alinsky’s rule 13 for example, or DARVO, DARVO certainly comes very close. But this tactic is consistent, and at the very least, tacit collusion between organized leftist groups and the MSM And across the spectrum of pseudo-realities and narratives. If you try to present the truth about climate-science publicly at best you will be ignored, but if someone sees it, you will be demonized as a climate denier. It needs both a leftist group on the ground and a captured, (read communist) main stream media to work. You have the leftists who make damn sure that the message, (which is usually true) of the initial protest is not heard, and that they are made to look evil, thuggish and intolerant. Then the media will spin the reporting such that the left, which is always the more aggressive group, is actually the victims of the conservatives. The left must be portrayed as defending a vulnerable minority. Those who attempt to pierce the narratives with truth, will be dialectically destroyed with Discourse theory, DARVO, Alinsky 13, lets just call all these variations on Marxist critical theory.

So when a Muslim group actually organized a protest and had Quranic quote signs, full Islamic gear on the women and several men who appeared to be imams, and were very clear about how they felt about the attack on their children in schools via sexual messaging, the left knew they could not counter-protest as the big-lie would be exposed on two fronts, and the media knew they could not attend and have on the record, the Islamic view of sexual messaging in the schools.

Just now the following comment came to the site:

Today CBC kids news, child reporter named Saab Vahedyousef explained on the kids show what the term 2SLGBTQQIPAA stands for.  “Two-Spirit, Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, Questioning, Intersex, Pansexual, Asexual, Allies

So while hundreds of Muslims, whole families protested in person against a much wider spectrum of issues of deviant sexuality from an Islamic perspective, CBC is promoting a Muslim child gleefully explaining what the letters mean in sexual alphabet soup. And this is why they were not there. CBC, like Global and CTV, are not news services or even information services in any way. They are dialectic machines of destruction, working with leftist groups to create and enforce narratives that they all know are untrue, and profoundly damaging to not just our culture, but to all cultures.

I hope CBC et al remembers how it worked out for the communists after the Iranian revolution they caused. Because that is likely the future here.

And down the street a few minutes from the OCDSB HQ, a sign for a Church. One you hardly ever see in front of a mosque.

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Naima Khan-Ghany, Outed, Ousted, Out in Broward County, Florida

In sunny Florida, a Muslim woman, Naima Khan-Ghany, has been serving as a member of the Broward County, School Board’s “Diversity” and “Human Relations” Committees. Now her long history of associations with radical Muslim groups and individuals, and her own antisemitic posts on social media, have been brought to light by investigative journalist Joe Kaufman, and his overwhelming evidence has led to her being discharged, as of July 1, from both posts.

The instructive story, with its unexpectedly happy ending — can be found here:

Islamist to Be Ousted from School Board Posts After Radicalism Exposed

by Joe Kaufman, Focus On Western Islamism, June 9, 2023:

A prominent educator and activist in South Florida will be removed from two committees associated with the Broward County School Board, after officials learned of her ties to radical Muslim groups and promotion of antisemitism. The decision came after her connections to Islamist organizations and her own promotion of antisemitism were brought to their attention by this author [Joe Kaufman].

Officials will remove Naima Khan-Ghany from her seats on the Broward County School Board Diversity and Human Relations Committees, at the end of June.

Janysse Edouard, the Executive Secretary of School Board member Dr. Jeff Holness stated, on June 6th, that “in light of what has taken place,” Khan-Ghany’s duties have been “put on hold,” and come July 1st, she will no longer be affiliated with either committee and will be replaced by other appointees.

For over seven years, Trinidad-born Naima Khan-Ghany has served in different capacities within the Broward County School Board, most notably on the Diversity and Human Relations Committees, the latter of which she chairs. Through much of that time and well before, she has affiliated with several Islamist groups, many of which are extensions of international terrorist entities.

Khan-Ghany has worked with the Hamas-linked Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), which, in July 2014, co-sponsored a Miami rally where event goers repeatedly chanted “We are Hamas” and “Let’s go Hamas.” She has worked with the South Asian terror-linked Islamic Circle of North America (ICNA) and spoke at a 2015 banquet for ICNA’s social services division, ICNA Relief. She has been photographed with ICNA Relief USA’s Government Affairs Coordinator Syed Ammar Ahmed, who once joked about threatening to blow up a school, and ICNA Relief USA’s COO Abdul Rauf Khan, who has used his social media to target Jews and gays.

Any one of those piquant associations should be enough to have her dropped from the Broward County School Board, but there is much, much more.

In April 2021, Khan-Ghani incorporated the Muslim Students Association of Middle and High Schools, otherwise known as the Broward County MSA Council, through which she is an advisor to local chapters of the MSA, an entity originally started by members of the Muslim Brotherhood. The next month, she used the Council to sponsor an anti-Israel lecture featuring former South Florida imam Ibrahim Dremali. Khan-Ghani was the event’s contact. Dremali told the crowd, “The Jews… want to destroy the Dome of the Rock,” the Muslim shrine. Days prior to the event, Dremali said, “If the Arab leaders open the borders for Palestine… the Jews they’ll be inside that ocean.”

The Muslim Students Association of Middle and High Schools, that Khan-Ghany helped to incorporate, is not just any Muslim student group – it was started by the Muslim Brotherhood. The Brotherhood is described as a terror group by the governments of Egypt, Saudi Arabia, and the UAE, and banned in all three countries. But despite that record, Khan-Ghany has been helping the MDA to extend its tentacles into schools, the better to influence the impressionable minds of young Muslim students, and perhaps of possible converts, in Junior and Senior high schools across Broward County.

She sponsored a talk by Imam Ibrahim Dremali, an anti-Israel rant in which he insisted that the “Jews want to destroy the Dome of the Rock,” a variant on the Muslim charge that “Al-Aqsa is in danger.” But no Jews have been planning to “destroy” the Dome of the Rock, nor Al-Aqsa, nor any other building on the Temple Mount. Jewish visitors scrupulously observe the rules that have been in place since June 1967: they may visit the Mount but cannot pray, either openly or silently, cannot bring prayerbooks, prayer shawls, or tefillin onto the Mount, and can visit the holiest site in Judaism on just five days of the week, and then only for three hours in the morning and one hour in the afternoon. There are no such restrictions on Muslim visitors. The only people who have been endangering Muslim holy sites on the Haram al-Sharif (Temple Mount) are Muslims themselves who, by using Al-Aqsa both as a storehouse for weapons – rocks, fireworks, and bottles for Molotov cocktails, and as a fort from which to throw those weapons at Jewish visitors, have desecrated it.

In 2011, Khan-Ghany hosted shows for Al-Hikmat TV, the media arm of the Darul Uloom Institute (DUI). DUI has been a haven for high-profile al-Qaeda militants, including “Dirty Bomber” Jose Padilla and al-Qaeda Commander Adnan el-Shukrijumah. At Al-Hikmat, Khan-Ghany used her MSA group to organize an event with el-Shukrijumah’s younger brother, Nabil el-Shukri. The leader/founder of DUI is Shafayat Mohamed, an imam who has been thrown off numerous Broward community boards for his hate-filled talks against homosexuals, complaining about the existence of gay Muslims and claiming natural disasters are caused by gay sex.

Khan-Ghany has had no qualms about being associated so closely with Al-HIkmat TV, the “media arm” of the Darul Uloom Institute, which has links to such Al-Qaeda militants as José Padilla and the Al-Qaeda commander Adnan el-Shukrijuman (later killed by the Pakistani army). The Darul Uloom Institute was founded by an imam, Shafayat Mohamed, who rants against homosexuals and insists that homosexual sex is responsible – just how is not explained – for natural disasters. As a result, he has been removed from Broward community boards – just as Khan-Ghany soon will be.

Khan-Ghany has targeted Jews and Israel, herself. In May 2021, she made a series of posts on social media questioning Israel’s right to exist and right to defend herself and calling for Israel’s outright destruction. She wrote that Israel’s claim of “self-defense” was a “usual excuse.” She posted a call for prayers for the “liberation of Palestine… from the river to the sea.” She called for a boycott of Israeli products. And she promoted videos of notorious anti-Semite Rick Wiles equating Jews with Communists, Bolsheviks and Satanists, referring to European (Ashkenazi) Jews as “so-called” Jews, and spewing the age-old libel about Jews owning the media.

Khan-Ghany looks forward to the destruction of the state of Israel, to be replaced, she ardently hopes, by a Palestinian state “from the river to the sea.” She has called for a boycott of products from all of Israel, not just from the West Bank. She has endorsed the positively Der Stürmer-like mad fantasies of Rick Wiles, an Antisemite of the most extreme sort, whose short videos she posted with the comment “needs to go viral.” Take a good look at Rick Wiles spewing his poison here.

After Joe Kaufman exposed Khan-Ghany’s activities in an article, it was announced that she will be removed from all of her posts. A splendid result from the hard work by investigative journalist Joe Kaufman. Parents in Broward County and all over Florida don’t know just how much they owe him. Naimi Khan-Ghany has now been outed as a hideous Antisemite, with louche links, over many years, to Islamic fanatics. Perhaps some of those parents will read his report, or the account of its effects, and realize what a service he has performed.



Special Envoy for Antisemitism Explains Need to Get Into Bed With Antisemites

Sweden: Court of appeal rules that police were wrong to ban the burning of the Qur’an

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GOP Senator Demands Investigation Into California University’s Reported $220 Million China Campus Deal

A Republican senator is calling for an investigation into the University of California, Berkeley’s reported multimillion dollar deal with a Chinese university, according to a letter obtained by the Daily Caller News Foundation.

Indiana Republican Todd Young urged the Department of Education (DOE) to investigate whether any U.S. laws were violated related to Berkeley’s reported $220 million joint venture with China’s “state-owned” Tsinghua University to build a 1.7 million-square-foot research campus in Shenzhen, known as Tsinghua-Berkeley Shenzhen Institute (TBSI), according to the letter sent to Secretary of Education Miguel Cardona Friday. According to The Daily Beast, who broke the story in May 2023, Berkeley allegedly failed to report the foreign funding for the TBSI project to the Department of Education in possible violation of the law, which Berkeley disputes.

“The longevity, scope, and origin of the funding is concerning,” Young’s letter states, “but what that funding provided to the Chinese is equally, if not more so, concerning from a national security perspective.”

The Daily Beast reported that, between 2014 and 2018, the TBSI project allegedly received $220 million from the Shenzhen government as well as a $19 million investment from Tsinghua University that was backed by a grant from a Chinese state-owned enterprise.

Furthermore, Berkeley allegedly failed to report any of these foreign funds to the DOE prior to being contacted for comment by The Daily Beast in February 2023, according to the outlet.

Young’s letter asks the DOE to investigate whether or not Berkeley may have violated “existing U.S. law with regards to the disclosure of foreign gifts.”

In May 2023, Dan Mogulof, assistant vice chancellor of Berkeley, told the DCNF that although the university had indeed signed a “Master Affiliation Agreement” with Tsinghua University in 2016 that “arranged” for $22 million in “sponsored research” and “startup operations,” Berkeley has allegedly never received, nor benefitted from, a $220 million investment “made by the Shenzhen government, or any other entity in China.”

“UC Berkeley has no ownership of any of the facilities in Shenzhen and no agreements or plans to receive ownership interest in them,” Mogulof told the DCNF. “Therefore, UC Berkeley is not required to report this funding under Department of Education Section 117 guidelines.”

Young also expressed concern that the Chinese government may have “received other, more tangible, benefits from its arrangement with UC Berkeley,” according to his letter.

Between 2012 and 2021, Berkeley allegedly received over $4 billion in federal research funding from the Department of Defense and other government agencies, according to Young’s letter.

Therefore, TBSI may have allegedly benefited from “competencies, experience and expertise funded by the American taxpayer,” which China could have subsequently exploited, Young’s letter claims.

“Recent reporting calls into question the adequacy of existing guardrails to protect the security and integrity of American institutions of higher education from the malign influence of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and the Chinese government,” Young’s letter states.

Berkeley’s Mogulof told the DCNF that the university “takes concerns about national security very seriously” and will review “past agreements and actions involving or connected to the TBSI to reconfirm that all required reporting and compliance has occurred.”

DOE did not respond immediately to the DCNF’s request for comment and The Daily Beast declined to comment.



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Communist Chinese Propaganda In U.S. School Textbooks

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Joe Biden Creates New LGBT Coordinator to ‘Address the Growing Threat’ of Restrictions on Porn Books in Schools

The Democrats obscene obsession with sexualizing our children is pure evil.

PURE EVIL: Joe Biden Creates New LGBT Coordinator to “Address the Growing Threat” that Book Bans of Porn Books in Schools Poses on Society

by Jim Hoft Jun. 9, 2023:

For years now Democrats have been pushing pornographic cartoon books into American classrooms. Several of the book include drawings of children and adults in sex acts.

Chelsea Clinton happens to be a huge fan of porn in classrooms.

In the past two years several states have voted to remove these books from the classrooms. They believe children should not be exposed to pornography in grade school and high school on the public dime.

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Communist Chinese Propaganda In U.S. School Textbooks

The below article was distributed by Given what is rapidly becoming evident as China positions to become the dominant country in the world, and also becoming evident under Obama-Soros-Biden-Uniparty Global Elites America’s weakening in the global community, this article most likely will not come as much of a surprise.

Here in Arizona our State Superintendent for Public Instruction, former Arizona Attorney General Tom Horne, is fighting the good fight against multiple socialist factions. Mr. Horne is confronting head-on the gross and unapologetic assault to remake public classrooms into nothing more than mere “holding cells” intentionally created to dump-down children, fill them with socialist and even pagan propaganda, turning them toward state loyalty and against their parents, and making darn certain NO form of critical thinking is taught.

China is on a mission, and the Global Elites have ruled that with “No more Trump” the Global Establishment will reshape the world into a New-World Order no longer allowing national sovereignty, moving toward population elimination, and control over what is deemed appropriate. The article below is but another example of that which I have written, and unfolding in plain site.

I pray the citizens of these United States truly humble themselves and return unto submission (cooperation) to the beliefs our founders shared quite openly, candidly and unapologetically – In God We Trust!

China’s Communist Party gets caught dumping propaganda into American textbooks

Under Joe Biden’s watch, China’s aggressive behavior toward the United States has been escalating rapidly.

Now a new report uncovered shocking information showing China is infiltrating the American school system. And China’s Communist Party just got caught dumping propaganda into American textbooks. Since its inception, a central tenant of Communism has involved wiping out all religious and artistic cultural practices within a population.

In recent decades, most first world countries depending on China for cheap goods have been turning a blind eye to the country’s persecution of several people groups. One group they’ve been especially determined to stamp out is the Falun Gong—a religious group with between somewhere around 70 to 100 million followers worldwide. Efforts to stamp out the practice within China have reportedly included imprisonment with torture, labor camps, and even reports of organ harvesting. Now there’s new evidence the country is exporting its religious suppression tactics with propaganda in textbooks used in some of the most elite schools in the country.

A new report entitled “Surveillance, Slander, and Censorship” provides a stunning peek into the culture war that China is conducting on US campuses. The Falun Dafa Information Center used surveys to determine the extent to which China’s Communist party is disseminating propaganda on US soil.

American college textbooks found defending China’s long-time One-Child Policy.

The researchers discovered at least 10 universities are using curriculum containing propaganda attacking Falun Gong. That includes Chinese language classes at major universities including Yale, Brown, the University of Chicago, the University of Michigan, and Wellesley College. “The physical dimensions of the CCP’s campaign to wipe out Falun Gong have been accompanied by a massive, systematic propaganda effort to defame and slander Falun Gong, to spread falsehoods, and to incite unfounded fears that the group is dangerous or violent,” report writers claim.

Considering that most US colleges generally claim to adhere to a secular approach, a textbook section called “Discussing Everything Chinese” seems entirely out of place. A textbook currently being used on US campuses randomly brings up Falun Gong warning students that the practice “can lead people to madness.” It also claims that practitioners promote “extreme ideas such as starvation, forced sleep deprivation, and rejection of any medical treatment.” The Epoch Times, which has ties to Falun Gong followers, reported that assignments call for students to “associate the spiritual practice with heretics”—as though that has anything to do with learning to speak Mandarin. The outlet also reported that, “the textbook also includes exercises that endorsed China’s One-Child Policy ‘as a legitimate means of controlling population growth’ and promote ‘a strong anti-American sentiment.’”

It’s become abundantly apparent that college campuses have become a training ground to promote Communism within the United States, but having propaganda that is actively being used inside China taught in American classrooms is beyond shocking.

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