Princeton President Conspires to Fire Tenured Prof Who Defended Free Speech

Joshua Katz, a respected linguist at Princeton, is not being fired because of an alleged relationship in 2006, but because he criticized woke abuses in 2020.

At Quilette, Katz had courageously condemned efforts to silence free speech and eliminate academic freedom.

“Independence of thought is considered the hallmark of academia, but everyone deserves it. In the United States, thank heavens, freedom to think for oneself is still a right, not a privilege,” he concluded.

In typical fashion, the radical leftists whom he had criticized in a restrained, civil and respectful fashion, unleashed the full fury of cancel culture and set out to destroy him.

What followed was Lavrentiy Beria’s “Show Me the Man and I’ll Show You the Crime.”

Since none of the false claims that Katz was in any way a racist or had engaged in hate speech, could go beyond impotent fuming they had to find something else.

And all this witch hunt came up was this…

Princeton University’s president has recommended that the school’s board of trustees fire a tenured classics professor, concluding he didn’t cooperate fully in a sexual-misconduct investigation, according to a copy of his letter to the board’s chair reviewed by The Wall Street Journal.

Salem witch trial judges would be embarrassed by this.

The report said that in 2018, Dr. Katz didn’t fully cooperate with investigators examining a consensual sexual relationship he had with an undergraduate student beginning in 2006, after her junior year, and continuing until her graduation. The student declined to participate in the investigation at that time.

We know exactly why Princeton President Christopher Eisgruber wants Katz fired. He told us so himself in an op-ed in 2020, deeming his speech “irresponsible and offensive.”

“Our policies, however, protect Katz’s freedom to say what he did, just as they protected the Black Justice League’s. He can be answered but not censored or sanctioned,” Eisgruber claimed.

Now he grubbily seeks to bypass those policies.

“Show Me the Man and I’ll Show You the Crime.”


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Forcing One Million Escaped Students Back to the Public School Plantation

5 years ago there were 6.2 million students enrolled in public school. Now there are 5.8 million.

The Great Public School Exodus, as some are calling it, is transforming the educational system.

As the New York Times recently noted, “New York City, the nation’s largest school district has lost some 50,000 students over the past two years” while California lost a quarter of a million students.

The total loss of over a million students leaves public school enrollment at a historic low.

Even while trapped in a failed system, those kids still meant money in the bank for teachers’ unions and the leftist politicians funded by dirty money looted from property taxes. Now that they’re gone, both Democrats and unions want to bring back their property to keep the cash.

Democrats could try to win back the million students and their parents who fled a failing system. They could try to retune schools to better compete with private schools, charters, homeschooling, and other alternative options to the failed public school system.

Otherwise how are you gonna keep ‘em down on the farm now that they’re seen what a  functioning educational system that puts math and science ahead of wokeness looks like?

In the face of parental revolts over efforts to bring graphic sex, racism, and sexual identity grooming into classrooms, Dems could give parents greater control over school curriculums.

Instead they’re trying to destroy any alternative to the system whose teachers fund their party.

Last week, minority parents protested outside the White House against Biden’s new war on charter schools. Even while the media eagerly covered every pro-abortion activist wearing a handmaid costume, 1,000 parents rallying at the White House received virtually no coverage.

Why are minority charter school parents upset?

The Biden administration’s assault on charter schools comes by way of rules which, much like the CDC’s school reopening regulations, were likely written with a great deal of input from the UFT and teachers’ unions, are meant to cut off alternatives to the failed public school system.

After attacking school choice and now charter schools, all that’s left is homeschooling, and educrats have been pushing for “reforms” to crack down or eliminate that option entirely.

Elizabeth Bartholet, the director of Harvard Law’s Child Advocacy Program, described the “homeschooling phenomenon” as a “threat” to society, claiming that conservative parents “homeschool because they want to isolate their children from ideas and values central to our democracy”, “promote racial segregation and female subservience”, and “question science”.

Her paper called for a “presumptive ban on homeschooling, with the burden on parents to demonstrate justification for permission to homeschool.” These views are not fringe.

Other leftist activists are targeting Christian and Jewish religious schools, often under the guise of front groups like the anti-Orthodox Yaffed. Under Cuomo and Bill de Blasio, New York’s Jewish and Catholic schools banded together to resist the leftist assault on their schools.

But the smears and efforts at regulation continue to be mainstreamed among Democrats.

Examples include the “Don’t Say God Bill” (or as its backers call it, Senate Bill S6423 or the Right to Learn Bill) by New York Senator Robert Jackson who boasts of being awarded the highest honor by the United Federation of Teachers which also targets religious schools.

Beyond the obsession with ideological indoctrination, it’s also about following the money.

Teachers’ unions remain a major contributor to Democrat candidates and to the Left’s activist machines, and their members are campaign foot soldiers whose loss would be devastating.

For example, the New York State United Teachers alone accounted for $5.8 million in 2016 spending. The American Federation of Teachers and the National Education Association spent over $35 million in 2020. Beyond that they ran phone banks and got out the vote.

The vast political power bought by teachers’ unions allowed its members to keep schools shut down during the pandemic, destroying the education of an entire generation of students.

The Democrats only forced school reopenings when poll numbers turned catastrophically bad and Virginia turned red. But they still face the problem of over a million missing students.

Enrollment declines also mean that fewer teachers and schools will be needed. And while teachers’ unions routinely fight to minimize class sizes, not because they want to be better teachers, but because they seek to maximize their employment numbers, there’s only so many crooked contracts that can offset a decline of 50,000, let alone 250,000 students.

Unions and Democrats need those kids back in public schools. There’s a lot of money and power riding on it. Declining unions won’t have as much money to give to the Democrats. And fewer teachers will mean less activists manning phone banks or knocking on doors.

Biden is trying to put those escaped students back on the public school plantation where they will be taught nothing except racism and sex, but their bodies will be used to generate cash.

Over the pandemic, white public school enrollment dropped by 8%, while black enrollment only declined by 5%. While black students have fewer options, parents got out when they could. That’s why the Biden administration is going after charter schools, a popular alternative among black parents, and why its allied activists are hitting homeschooling and religious schools.

The common denominator here is getting escaped slaves back to the public school plantation.

Or, as the New York Times puts, “State education officials have appointed a task force to investigate the decline and to try to determine the whereabouts of unaccounted-for students and their reasons for leaving the public school system.” But the reasons are abundantly obvious.

New York took a 6% hit in enrollment, the highest in the country, with California in fourth place, while Florida, Texas and South Dakota had some of the best numbers.

The American Enterprise Institute found that mostly remote schools lost four times as many students as schools that remained mostly in-person. Remote learning was never about public safety, it was one of a million concessions to the corrupt quid-pro-quo influence of unions.

But this was the one that broke the public school system in the only way they care about.

Biden is going to war against parents who opted out of the public school plantation because he and his party desperately need every advantage that they can get in 2022 and 2024. Having already destroyed public education, they’re out to destroy private education too.


Daniel Greenfield, a Shillman Journalism Fellow at the Freedom Center, is an investigative journalist and writer focusing on the radical Left and Islamic terrorism.

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Teacher Raped Florida Girl So Badly She Needed Surgical Repair

In the Blue State of Massachusetts it’s Okay for Teachers to Have Sex with 14-year Old Students!

How Black Education Entrepreneurs—and School Choice—Are Helping Kids

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In the Blue State of Massachusetts it’s Okay for Teachers to Have Sex with 14-year Old Students!

In the first 4 months of this year at least 135 teachers, substitute teachers or teachers aides have been charged with multiple child sex related charges like sodomy, rape, child pornography etc.

Fox News reporter Jessica Chasmar revealed:

At least 135 teachers and teachers’ aides have been arrested so far this year on child sex-related crimes in the U.S., ranging from child pornography to raping students.

An analysis conducted by Fox News Digital looked at local news stories week by week featuring arrests of teachers and teachers’ aides on child sex-related crimes in school districts across the country. Arrests that weren’t publicized were not counted in the analysis, meaning the true number may well be higher.

Let that sink in. 135 teachers, substitute teachers and teachers aides. That number does not include those yet to be charged as they are under investigation nor those yet to be discovered. So 135 may be a very low actual number.

The total number of offenses charged is multiple thousands.

Unsurprisingly the largest number of offenders were men. 105 men but surprisingly to me 30 women. The figures of male teacher on male students is not available nor that of female teacher on female students. I hazard to say that there is more than a few cases where teachers of the LGBTQI persuasion have molested the kids in their care. I am not saying that is worse. Of course not. However, their evil and immoral agenda particularly in the public schools and the push to promote that agenda on impressionable aged kids will play a part.

Now, as I mentioned above. many of these teachers staff face a huge multitude of charges like child pornography and images of children in sexual and abusive situations and the known number of our kids molested is far, far higher than the 135 charged so far. By the way that is approximately one teacher a day charged so far this year.

Between 1950 and 2020 the number of children molested only by Catholic priests and not including molestations from a multitude of other religions and entities like the sports groups and the Boy Scouts, was 216,000 worldwide. That averages out at just over 3050 a year. I think it is not inconceivable to say that the total number of kids being molested by so called trusted teachers annually here in the United States alone will not be far from that number. The world was shocked by the Catholic Church molestation charges and the churches attempts by evil hierarchy to hide these disgusting offenses, but there is not much outrage here in the US where we appear to have a bigger problem. Hypocritical? I say yes. Should we trust priests more than teachers? Should we punish church employees more than teachers etc.? Good questions. I say no, punish them the same. Both groups and others should be trusted to not rape or inappropriately touch our kids.

Don’t get me wrong. Child abuse at any stage by anyone is wrong. Did the Catholic Church get a raw deal with lawsuits that bankrupted diocese all over and cost parishioners billions and billions of dollars? Not necessarily but there is no quid pro quo. I do not see or hear of any school districts bankrupted for their teachers offenses. Was it because of the wealth and size and therefore power and influence of the Catholic Church and the way the left in the world could safely and easily carry on their disinformation to destroy religions world wide? To destroy peoples beliefs in God? To further break down our society? I say yes.

Back to the title of this blog. Yes. It is true that in Massachusetts and Rhode Island.

In an April 13th, 2019 in Good Schools Hunting article titled “Consent Age in MA and RI drops to 14 if Touching by Adults in Positions of Authority Doesn’t ‘Penetrate’ the Child —Here’s What You Need to KnowErika Sanzi reported:

I am sorry to be the bearer of bad—actually grotesque tidings—about the current consent laws in two very blue states that pride themselves on being progressive and so much more enlightened than those other “backward” states. But Texas and Kentucky protect their students and other minors from sexual predation by adults in positions of authority and Rhode Island and Massachusetts do not.

While union officials say or imply, “this isn’t really an issue here,” Hofstra University researcher Carol Shakeshaft, who has studied the issue more than anyone else, said this in an interview after her 2004 study was published:

Think the Catholic Church has a problem? The physical sexual abuse of students in schools is likely more than 100 times the abuse by priests.

In doing further research this week, I stumbled upon the very troubling fact that sex acts with 14 year olds by adults, including those in positions of authority, is perfectly legal under current law in both Rhode Island and Massachusetts. I called the the Rhode Island’s Attorney General’s office to confirm and, the next day, I received a call from them confirming what I had found. I asked them directly, over the phone, “so you are saying that it is perfectly legal for a teacher or school bus driver to sexually touch 14 year olds, with their consent, as long as there is no penetration?” Their response was a simple, “yes”.

Read more.

Rhode Island looks like appealing it as of now but has not done it yet despite 5 years of trying – who is stopping it? Politicians that like children? The answer has to be yes. It is not illegal for teachers and other adults in positions of authority over our kids to have sexual relationships with kids in their charge once they turn 14!

Let that sink in America.

Our public school system has a major sex abuse problem, far bigger than that of the Catholic Church or other religious or kid related denominations and associations. In fact our problem makes the Catholic church’s problem look minute. In 2004 a department of education report on a conducted study on this very subject, declared that MILLIONS OF KIDS ARE VICTIMS OF TEACHER SEXUAL ABUSE IN YEARS K THROUGH 12. Yes. Millions. That was 18 years ago.

That was 2004 and there has not been any other significant research since then. I believe that the result of a current study would run contrary to the democrats official policy so therefore will never be done. When they have perverted presidents who liked flights on the Lolita Express or love touching and sniffing young girls hair etc. there is an issue. Obviously as it has not been done during Republican administrations suspicion must fall there too. ( However, in fairness, that research was done under a republican president, George W Bush. )

I call upon this usurper administration to immediately fund an investigation into this very real problem of sexual abuse of school aged children by those we trust most to look after them. The investigation needs to go deep and need to be publicly released in full after it is complete. Whatever resources needed to complete that study quickly and to come up with legislation and fixes must be spent. A time limit must be placed on it if a year. We cannot wait. Our kids must be safe.


I also suggest that every city and state freezes teachers pay until this investigation is complete and stops sending money to the federal government and the Department of Education.

Huh you say? Are you nuts? No. Here is why.

Our teachers earn the 7th highest salary worldwide behind Luxembourg, Switzerland, Germany, Netherlands, Austria and South Korea. Our kids however, rate near the bottom of international standards in math, reading and science scores. Unacceptable. If we as tax payers and US citizens and residents have to foot the bill for teachers pay and benefits, then if we are to keep increasing the salary and those benefits for teachers surely it is not unreasonable for us to expect a far better product?

We need a total revamp of how we teach our children serious subject matter before our continued fall against other countries gets more out of control or as an ever increasing international community vies for top paying jobs globally and our kids are left further behind. We have to stop letting kids graduate that cannot even read properly or do basic math. Let kids learn real school stuff and not the woke agenda of the left. Let them grow up able to face life and compete rather than expect everything to be given them. Let them learn critical thinking and common sense, real history, science, math etc. Let them understand discipline. Let’s prepare them for the real world.

So as you can see we have at least two major reasons to look at our schools and the system of education. I suggest doing away with the federal department of education and returning it to the States who constitutionally should be in charge. Not faceless and overpaid federal bureaucrats.

The above hopefully opens your eyes and minds. I know the majority of teachers may be upset but our kids must come before their sensitivity or the agenda of the communist led teachers unions agendas.

©Fred Brownbill. All rights reserved.

How Black Education Entrepreneurs—and School Choice—Are Helping Kids

Black Minds Matter provides a national directory of over 300 black-owned schools across the country, helping to elevate their work and inspire greater education entrepreneurship.

Advocates of school choice policies that enable education funding to follow students instead of going to school systems are typically motivated by stories like that of Denisha Merriweather. The Florida tax-credit scholarship program that her family stumbled upon allowed her to escape a public school system in which she was failing and instead attend a private school where she flourished.

In my Forbes spotlight of Merriweather earlier this year, she said that school choice changed her life, and she has spent most of her adulthood advocating for expanding school choice policies. Today, she works for the non-profit American Federation for Children promoting school choice through the Black Minds Matter initiative that she founded in 2020.

Merriweather joined me on this week’s episode of the LiberatED Podcast to talk about the success of Black Minds Matter, which provides a national directory of over 300 black-owned schools across the country, helping to elevate their work and inspire greater education entrepreneurship.

Merriweather told me that these school founders, like entrepreneurs in all sectors, created their schools to solve a local problem and satisfy unmet demand. “Many of them really started because they saw a need in the community,” she said. “They wanted to change the system of education for African American students. I have a good handful of founders who were previously teachers who served in traditional public schools and they left the public school system to launch their own schools because they wanted to explore how it would feel to have an education setting that was limitless and really help their students achieve academically what they thought was possible.”

Through Black Minds Matter, Merriweather tries to galvanize support for school choice policies, including helping school founders who benefit from these school choice policies to become advocates for educational freedom. “Most of their schools are operable because of school choice programs,” said Merriweather.

She continued: “They wouldn’t be in existence if there hadn’t been a charter school law passed, a private school scholarship program passed. So many of these schools would not have been able to exist if not for education freedom. That’s why it’s important to share their stories and for them to embrace some advocacy in the fight as well, because they feel it when the teachers unions sue programs, or when President Biden puts out new regulations on federal funding for charter schools. These everyday entrepreneurs feel the impact of that when they’re just trying to help students.”

Black education entrepreneurs, along with school choice policies, are expanding learning options and enabling all families to choose the best educational fit for their children.


Kerry McDonald

Kerry McDonald is a Senior Education Fellow at FEE and host of the weekly LiberatED podcast. She is also the author of Unschooled: Raising Curious, Well-Educated Children Outside the Conventional Classroom (Chicago Review Press, 2019), an adjunct scholar at the Cato Institute, and a regular Forbes contributor. Kerry has a B.A. in economics from Bowdoin College and an M.Ed. in education policy from Harvard University. She lives in Cambridge, Massachusetts with her husband and four children. You can sign up for her weekly newsletter on parenting and education here.

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Philadelphia School District Advised Teachers To Attend Transgender Conference On ‘Kink,’ ‘BDSM,’ ‘Trans Sex,’ ‘Bigger Dick Energy,’ ‘Banging Beyond Binaries.’

Not for the weak of stomach.

Pull your children out of government schools.

“The Mazzoni Center, which hosted the conference, received $5 million in taxpayer dollars last year and has worked with the school district on sex-health research and sexuality programs for students, and the district’s director of teacher leadership sits on Mazzoni’s board.”

“Banging Beyond Binaries”

The School District of Philadelphia encouraged teachers to attend a conference on “kink,” “BDSM,” “trans sex,” and “masturbation sleeves.”

By: Christopher F. Rufo, May 17, 2022

Last year, the School District of Philadelphia encouraged teachers to attend a conference on “kink,” “BDSM,” “trans sex,” and “banging beyond binaries.”

In early July 2021, the district’s Office of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion sent invitations to the Philadelphia Trans Wellness Conference to teachers and staff on the SDP Connect mailing list, promoting the conference as a way to “learn more about the issues facing the trans community.” The conference was organized by the Mazzoni Center, an LGBTQ activist organization that has worked with the district on sexual-education programs. (When reached for comment, the School District of Philadelphia described its promotion of the conference as part of its commitment to “creating equitable and inclusive environments,” and said it did “not have any information” on the number of teachers who attended the event. The Mazzoni Center did not return request for comment.)

I have obtained videos from a publicly accessible website that show that the conference went far beyond the school district’s euphemism about “issues facing the trans community.” The event included sessions on topics such as “The Adolescent Pathway: Preparing Young People for Gender-Affirming Care,” “Bigger Dick Energy: Life After Masculinizing [Gender Reassignment Surgery],” “Prosthetics for Sex,” “The Ins and Outs of Masturbation Sleeves,” and “Trans Sex: Banging Beyond Binaries.” The conference attendees included educators, activists, adults, and adolescents. There were graphic sessions on prosthetic penises, masturbation toys, and artificial ejaculation devices, which some hosts explicitly promoted to minors. As one session host explained, “there’s no age limit, because I feel like everybody should be able to access certain information.”

The conference began with presentations promoting puberty blockers, hormone treatments, breast removals, and genital surgeries. In one session, “The Adolescent Pathway Preparing Young People for Gender-Affirming Care,” Dr. Scott Mosser, the principal at the Gender Confirmation Center in San Francisco, explained that he has performed “over two thousand top surgeries,” which involve removing girls’ breasts, and that there is no age limit for beginning the “gender journey.” “I do not have a minimum age of any sort in my practice,” he said, explaining that he would be willing to consult with children as young as ten years old with parental consent. In another session open to children, “Gender-Affirming Masculine and Feminizing Hormones for Adolescents and Adults,” Dane Menkin, divisional director of LGBTQ services at Main Line Health, endorsed treatments ranging from puberty-blocking hormones to manual breast-binding for “masculinizing” adolescent girls. “I’m a strong proponent that you can bind for as many hours a day as you can tolerate binding,” he said.

Other presentations at the Trans Wellness Conference involved explicit sexual themes. Two female-to-male trans activists, Kofi Opam, a graduate student at the University of Iowa, and Sami Brussels, a medical illustrator, hosted a presentation called “Bigger Dick Energy,” in which they explained the process of phalloplasty and using an artificial penis for “navigating cruising and anonymous/casual sex life.” Chase Ross, a transgender activist and YouTuber, hosted a series of sessions on “packers,” “masturbation sleeves,” and “prosthetics for sex,” demonstrating various devices from his collection of more than 500 genital prosthetics. “I have tried and touched many dicks, right—prosthetics, real dicks, all dicks. This is one of the most realistic feeling in terms of like the inside of a penis,” he said during one demonstration. “It’s a big boy, this is, like, gigantic. Alright, give me two hours alone and I’ll get this in my butt,” he said during another.

The most extreme presentation at the three-day conference was “Trans Sex: Banging Beyond Binaries.” Jamie Joy, a self-described “kinky,” “polyamorous,” “pretty big slut,” and Lucie Fielding, a self-described “white, queer, kinky, polyamorous, visibly able-bodied, Jewish, witchy, non-binary, trans femme” led the session. The women led a presentation on politically correct anatomical language, including terms such as “front hole” and “back hole,” and shared personal information about organizing orgies for participants to “explore their fantasies and their perversions in groups.” The instructors then discussed various “kink” activities, including fetishes about puppies, Mary Poppins, and spanking. “I haven’t gotten to explore a lot of my mommy kink. And I think for tonight I’m really wanting to feel cared for, but also get punished a little bit,” said Joy….

Read the rest.



‘Extreme Rewriting Of Federal Civil Rights Law’: Here’s How The Biden Administration Is Pushing Its Transgender Agenda

Top Trans Medical Association Collaborated With Castration, Child Abuse Fetishists


School Board Silences Mom’s Mic for Reading Her Child’s Pornographic Class Assignment Aloud

“My Shadow is Pink”

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LIVE NOW: Teachers and Students Testify on Free Speech and Censorship in U.S. Classrooms

No idea if this is good or not. Just found it and posting it right away. If it is, unlike the UFO hearings the other day, we will try and grab it from archives and edit out the best bits for single videos.

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Disney Debuts New LGBTQ Pride Children’s Collection

School board director to host ‘queer youth’ event at sex shop for ‘all ages’

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PRONOUN ENFORCEMENT: School district files complaint against middle schoolers

KIEL, Wis. ( – School administrators in the Midwest came down hard on middle schoolers for failing to comply with transgender pronouns.

The Kiel School District in Wisconsin filed a Title IX complaint against three eighth-graders who allegedly called a classmate “she/her” instead of the gender-neutral “they/them.” Title IX is a federal law prohibiting sex discrimination at schools, government agencies and other institutions.

The mother of one of the students, Rosemary Rabidoux, said she “immediately went into shock” when she got notice of her son’s “sexual harassment allegations,” saying, “I’m thinking, sexual harassment? That’s rape, that’s inappropriate touching, that’s incest. What has my son done?”

The Wisconsin Institute for Law and Liberty (WILL) is defending the accused students. WILL said the incident occurred in April, a month after the classmate announced she would like to be addressed with “they/them” pronouns.

Rabidoux said her son Braden tried to tell the “gender-neutral” classmate it was a constitutional right to not have to address her by her proposed pronouns.

Explaining the story to local news, Rabidoux noted, “She had been screaming at one of Braden’s friends to use proper pronouns, calling him profanity, and this friend is very soft-spoken and kind of just sunk down into his chair.”

The mother continued, “Braden finally came up, defending him, saying, ‘He doesn’t have to use proper pronouns; it’s his constitutional right to not use … you can’t make him say things.'”

Rabidoux insisted her family and son were not against the LGBT community, adding, “My children have been raised to love everybody equally.”

WILL Deputy Counsel Luke Berg called the school district’s sexual harassment charge “an extreme abuse of the Title IX process.” Berg added, “It’s totally inappropriate and is totally being mishandled by the school district.”

The school district released a statement that said it “prohibits all forms of bullying and harassment in accordance with all laws, including Title IX.” The district reaffirmed it will “continue to support ALL students regardless of sex (including transgender status, change of sex or gender identity).”

In a letter to the school district, the lawyers at WILL said the complaint and investigation into the three boys is “wholly inappropriate and should be immediately dismissed.”

“The mere use of biologically correct pronouns not only does not constitute sexual harassment under Title IX or the District’s own policy, it is also speech protected by the First Amendment.”

The lawyers’ letter cited the Supreme Court case Mahanoy Area School District v. B.L. This 2021 case involved public schools and their ability to regulate student speech.

The letter said “under the law, students do not shed their constitutional rights to freedom of speech or expression, even at the schoolhouse gate.”

Social media users offered several comments on this story.

One user said, “The truly frightening thing is that Kiel is a small, rural community — it’s small-town Wisconsin. A red area in a red county. This isn’t some Dem stronghold around Milwaukee or Madison. And still, lunatic progressives have this kind of influence in the school district.”

Another Twitter account commented, “Failure to use correct pronouns is not sexual harassment, it is verbal abuse.”

WILL also took on parental rights cases in the state’s Madison and Milwaukee areas in which school districts were accused of having policies of concealing a child’s choice to “change genders.” Wisconsin is among many states where incidents involving schools and gender issues have increased in recent years.

Church Militant previously reported on a teacher that was reinstated after a clash over pronoun usage.


Paul Aubert 


Disney Debuts New LGBTQ Pride Children’s Collection

School board director to host ‘queer youth’ event at sex shop for ‘all ages’

RELATED VIDEO: LIVE NOW: Teachers and students testify on Free Speech and censorship in US classrooms

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DeSantis and Florida Lead The Way on Educating Children about Communism

There was a time in America when Communism was a “four letter word.”

We waged a Cold War for a half century to prevent communist powers from taking over or dominating the world. The threat from Communism was taken seriously enough that enlistees into the military had to provide an acceptable explanation if they had traveled to any communist-ruled country. Failure to do so could result in denied entry or at least denied a security clearance.

America doesn’t think much about communists today, as though Communism went out of style with bell-bottom jeans –even though if you added up all the official communist party members active in China today it’s a larger number than the total number of party members worldwide during the height of the Cold War.

One place that Communism is alive and well is unfortunately on America’s college campuses, where professors, protected by a ridiculous tenure system, openly inculcate America’s young adults with propaganda, making college a fertile recruiting ground for extremists like Antifa. Fortunately, Governor Ron DeSantis and his legislative allies in Florida are taking steps to prepare Florida’s young people with an education about the true totalitarian nature of Communism.

Governor DeSantis has now signed legislation in Florida to honor the millions of victims of Communism by proclaiming November 7 in Florida to be Victims of Communism Day. The measure was authored by Rep. David Borrero of Sweetwater, Florida and Senator Manny Diaz, Jr. of Hialeah Gardens, Florida. The legislation passed both the Florida House of Representatives and the Florida Senate unanimously.

Though this may seem symbolic, to many Floridians who fled communist oppression and tyranny under Fidel Castro, such a day is very personal, touching on real events in their lives and in the lives of their family members.

DeSantis continues to set the standard for America when it comes to address the vital issues and dangerous ideologues that impact Americans. In 2021, DeSantis signed legislation that required students in Florida to be taught that Communism is a totalitarian system that conflicts with our republic’s founding principles.

Last summer, DeSantis fired a rhetorical broadside at the Biden administration when he sent a demand letter to Secretary of Homeland Security Alejandro Mayorkas, detailing the administration’s negligence and malfeasance in refusing to enforce America’s federal immigration laws and protect our borders.

Worldwide, Communism dwarfs all other political ideologies for its death toll; communist dictators combined to kill some 100 million people during the 20th century. Today the hammer and sickle and the clenched fist of Communism should be viewed in much the same way that the Nazi swastika is viewed.


Christopher Holton

Senior Analyst and Director of State Outreach.

EDITORS NOTE: This Center for Security Policy column is republished with permission. ©All rights reserved.

Biden Admin Plans To Roll Back Trump-Era Free Speech Protections In Education

‘A guilty until proven innocent standard.’

  • President Joe Biden’s administration is planning to roll back current Title IX regulations, which experts argue will revoke protections for both the accuser and the accused in sexual assault cases and threaten freedom of speech at federally funded schools. 
  • “It ultimately returns Title IX back to a guilty until proven innocent standard,” Sarah Perry, a senior legal fellow for the Heritage Foundation said.
  • “Any changes could put students’ free speech rights at risk and will only exacerbate the problem of self-censorship that has been plaguing our campuses,” Speech First executive director Cherise Trump said. 

President Joe Biden’s Department of Education (DOE) is planning to roll back Title IX due process regulations implemented by former President Donald Trump’s administration, which experts argue will revoke protections for both the accuser and the accused in sexual assault cases and threaten freedom of speech.

The Office of Civil Rights (OCR) is planning to rewrite the rules outlined in Title IX of the 1972 Education Amendments that set sexual harassment standards at federally funded schools. The Biden administration’s changes would reverse 2020 due process protections that require federal K-12 and higher education schools to investigate Title IX violations in a fair and unbiased manner, which includes the right to be represented by counsel, the presumption of innocence, the ability to cross examine and to introduce witnesses, experts told The Daily Caller News Foundation.

Proponents of the current standards argue they fixed problems created by former President Barack Obama’s Education Department; before the 2020 changes, instances of sexual assault and harassment were only recognized as instances of unlawful sex discrimination through regulations that were not legally binding. However, under the current standards, school districts, colleges and universities have a legal obligation to respond to such cases in a fair and unbiased manner.

Under the Trump administration’s standards, instances of sexual assault at federal schools are handled more like “quasi-judicial proceedings,” Sarah Perry, a senior legal fellow for the Heritage Foundation, told TheDCNF.

“It ultimately returns Title IX back to a guilty until proven innocent standard … as opposed to leaving it to one Title IX investigator to determine who was right and who was wrong, in a ‘he said, she said’ proceeding,” Perry said.

Speech First executive director Cherise Trump told TheDCNF that the rules changes will likely be weaponized against constitutionally protected speech, which could make students subject to “harassment” for their personal or political stances.

The current Title IX regulations that were implemented in 2020 are consistent with a Supreme Court precedent known as the Davis Standard, which concluded that “student-on-student harassment must be so severe, pervasive, and objectively offensive that it can be said to deprive its victims of access to a school’s educational programs or activities,” Trump explained.

“This is a pretty high threshold that protects students from being accused of harassment for simply voicing their opinions and possibly offending someone with their ideas,” Trump said. In response, universities frequently manipulate Title IX language to fit a more “broad-sweeping definition” such as “severe, pervasive, and objectively offensive…” to “severe, pervasive, or objectively offensive,” she explained.

The small change in wording allows school administrators to restrict and punish speech they believe is “offensive,” “unwanted” or “problematic,” but would not be considered harassment under current Title IX rules, she said.

“Previously, the process for adjudicating serious harassment allegations on campus had been plagued by bias, vagueness, and overreach,” Trump added. “Any changes could put students’ free speech rights at risk and will only exacerbate the problem of self-censorship that has been plaguing our campuses.”

A Republican coalition of 15 state attorneys general have expressed legal concern about the DOE’s plans to roll back the “historic” move that codified sexual harassment regulations under Title IX into law, arguing the previous standards were unworkable and unfair.

“Hundreds of successful lawsuits against schools for denying basic due process and widespread criticism from across the ideological spectrum arose from the Obama-era rules the statement said. “The rules also resulted in a disproportionate number of expulsions and scholarship losses for Black male students.”

The Department of Education did not respond to The DCNF’s request for comment.



Education reporter.

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Did a History Teacher’s ‘Third Wave’ Nazi Social Experiment Go to Far?

Foreword by Fred Brownbill. I read this article which had in truth been sent to me by a extremely good and close Jewish friend of mine, a former Israeli Army Special Force operator. I read it and found it answered a few questions many may ask. I hope you enjoy it. I will post the link at the bottom of the blog as there are pictures etc. you may want to see.

Did a History Teacher’s ‘Third Wave’ Nazi Social Experiment Go to Far?

By  | May 14, 2022

“Strength through discipline! Strength through community! Strength through action! Strength through pride! Strength through insight!” students at Cubberley High School chanted at a rally led by history teacher Ron Jones in April 1967. It was the last day of a classroom social experiment in which Jones, who taught contemporary world history at the California high school, attempted to teach his students about the perils of fascist totalitarianism.

Before initiating the experiment, Jones lectured his class on the shameful history of the Holocaust. The horrified students asked questions typical of children first learning of the atrocities: How could the German people stand by and watch as the genocide unfolded? Did no one oppose what was happening?

Jones — popular among students for his unusual teaching methods — had an idea for an experiment. He would replicate 1930s Germany by fostering a sense of entitlement among some of his students, while ostracizing others. The 2010 documentary Lesson Plan interviewed Jones and his former students, who gave first-person accounts of their experience.

On the first day of the experiment, Jones entered the classroom and wrote “strength through discipline” on the chalkboard. Jones lectured the students on the merits of disciplined adherence to a routine and asked the students to sit up straight. When answering questions, Jones directed students to stand and be as concise as possible with their answers. On the second day, Jones added “strength through community” to the chalkboard, lecturing on the benefits of working together as a team and building community spirit.

Jones labeled his new movement the “Third Wave,” relating it to how surfers ride only the third waves, known to be the strongest. He taught the students a salute — a cupped hand raised next to the head, the elbow bent at a right angle.

Jones then passed out index cards to act as proof of membership in the Third Wave, noting that anyone who received a card with a red X on the back was now an informant. These randomly selected students, whom Jones sometimes referred to as Gestapo, reported anyone who acted contrary to the Third Wave’s community values.

In Lesson Plan, former student Sherry Tousley remembers asking Mr. Jones, “Why can’t we just say what we think?” Jones banished Tousley to the library. He continued to send other students who questioned the movement to the library. When Tousley told the librarian, who’d grown up in Nazi Germany, her reason for not being in class, the librarian expressed alarm. She told young Tousley, “You can’t take this sitting down; you have to do something.”

Tousley and her father secretly began to place anti-Third Wave posters in the school’s halls. Within an hour of school’s starting the next day, the posters were already removed. Tousley named her library-banished revolutionaries “The Breakers.”

By the third day, Jones wrote “strength through action” on the chalkboard. He lectured about the merits of activism and asked students to begin recruiting others outside the classroom. “Strength through discipline and strength through community mean nothing without action to go with it,” former student Philip Neel recalled in Lesson Plan.

As the days passed, Jones noted his own growing enjoyment of the power, the control, and the students’ adoration during the experiment. He liked having 100 students salute him in the hallways.

“That’s pretty addictive,” he says in Lesson Plan.

The experiment began to take on a life of its own, and by day three, Jones was holding mock trials in the classroom from informant testimonies. Because of the student Gestapo, members of the Third Wave couldn’t trust their best friends; some of them had known each other for more than 10 years. Fights broke out in the hallways over membership status and differing opinions on Jones’ unorthodox teaching methods.

On the fourth day, Jones added “strength through pride” to the chalkboard and told the class the Third Wave was real. He explained it was a national movement to save the country from the Democrats and Republicans who could not agree on policy or how to get the country out of Vietnam. The impressionable students believed their young, charismatic, and trusted leader.

Jones then informed the class of a rally the next day for Third Wave members only, during which the new national leader behind the movement would reveal himself through a television broadcast to more than 1,000 participating high schools.

On the day of the event, photographers swarmed the auditorium — mostly friends of Jones whom he’d asked to pretend to be press. Jones stood at the front with around 200 students eagerly waiting for him to speak.

“Let us show everybody the extent of our training,” Neel remembered Jones saying.

“We all stood up at attention and belted ‘Strength through discipline; strength through community, strength through action,’” Neel said. “It started soft, and it grew louder and louder and louder.”

Jones turned the little 19-inch television on and left the room with only the snow crackling on the screen. The photographers and Jones, along with his self-appointed student bodyguards, then left the room.

“It was like a pressure cooker. We all felt like something was really wrong,” former student and producer of Lesson Plan Mark Hancock remembered.

Some students ran from the auditorium.

“I half expected those doors to be locked,” former student Steve Coniglio said. “I tore out of there,” Hancock added.

The lights came on and Jones approached the front of the room, looking disturbed. One student yelled, “There is no national leader!”

Jones, in response, snapped to a “Sieg Heil” Nazi salute and played clips of the 1933-1935 Nazi Party rally films from Nuremberg.

“What I have witnessed has really sickened me,” Neel said, remembering Jones’ speech as the realization dawned on the students.

Jones recalled telling the students, “We are no better or worse than the Germans. We are just like them.”

The repercussions of Jones’ experiment served as the inspiration behind a feature film, a theatrical production, a Netflix miniseries, an Emmy Award-winning 1981 after-school special, and two documentaries — in both English and German. The case study is often used as an example in schools to showcase the pitfalls of totalitarianism and the ease with which a civilized society can turn on itself. The experiment’s official website includes study guides and lesson plans to help teachers caution their students about the dangers of totalitarianism.

Jones has since acknowledged the danger he created in conducting the experiment. Though he advocates learning about it, he warns teachers against its implementation.

©. All rights reserved.

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MSNBC Claims Homeschooling Is Driven By “Insidious Racism,” But the Facts Show Otherwise

Homeschooling encompasses a demographically, geographically, and ideologically diverse group of families who share a common goal of wanting to take a more active role in their children’s education.

On Friday, MSNBC shared a tweet claiming that homeschooling is being driven by “the insidious racism of the American religious right.” While Anthea Butler, the opinion columnist who wrote the article referenced by the tweet, never used that specific phrase, her piece implies that homeschooling is a strategy used by white, evangelical parents to destroy public schooling and uphold racial segregation.

The facts, including those which Butler acknowledges in her article, simply do not reflect her theory.

Butler, a professor of religious and Africana studies at the University of Pennsylvania, asserts that homeschooling originated out of the work of Christian fundamentalist Rousas Rushdoony in the 1960s, but she neglects to mention that the rise of the modern homeschooling movement was broad and bipartisan, capturing both the political left and right who were equally dissatisfied with public schooling and other American institutions at the time.

As education professor and author of Homeschool: An American History, Milton Gaither, writes:

“Given this pan-ideological commitment to local, authentic, private life and contempt for establishment liberalism, it is not surprising that members of both the countercultural right and the countercultural left reacted, for different reasons, against the twentieth-century expansion of public education into a near-universal experience.”

Butler goes on to claim that conservative Christian ideology continues to negatively influence today’s homeschoolers, even as she admits that the recent increase in homeschooling is coming from non-white, non-evangelical families. She gives a nod to the US Census Bureau data showing that the independent homeschooling rate more than doubled in 2020 to 11.1 percent of the US K-12 school-age population. “Some of that increase may be attributed to Black parents and other diverse groups who are now finding homeschooling as an attractive alternative,” writes Butler.

According to the Census Bureau, the number of black homeschoolers increased fivefold between spring and fall of 2020, from 3.3 percent to 16.1 percent. Black children were overrepresented in the homeschooling population compared to the overall K-12 public school population.

The Census Bureau also found that much of the recent homeschooling growth occurred in areas that would not be considered religious or politically conservative. For example, the Boston-Cambridge area where I live and homeschool my own children saw homeschooling increase from 0.9% to 8.9% in 2020.

Recent data analyzed by the Associated Press show that the homeschooling rate remains at record-high levels this academic year, even as schools are open for full-time, in-person learning, suggesting many new homeschooling families enjoy the freedom and flexibility this educational approach offers.

Fortunately, even parents and onlookers who may be indifferent to homeschooling, including some who identify as being on the left politically, can see through MSNBC’s false assertion that “insidious racism” is motivating modern homeschoolers:

Indeed, the most recent federal data on why parents choose homeschooling reveal that “concern about the environment of other schools, including safety, drugs, and negative peer pressure,” is the top motivator. Only 16 percent of homeschooling parents in the nationally representative sample chose a “desire to provide religious instruction” as their top motivator. Of course, even if religious instruction was the top motivator of today’s homeschooling families, that wouldn’t be a reason to criticize homeschooling or call those doing it racist.

The response to MSNBC’s tweet was swift and severe, with most comments and shares expressing outrage over the article and MSNBC’s social media interpretation. Some voiced concern that there will now be calls for a ban on homeschooling, but these calls have been around for years.

Back in June 2020, I debated Harvard Law School professor Elizabeth Bartholet who called for a “presumptive ban” on homeschooling. These calls for homeschooling bans are not new and will persist, but as more families choose homeschooling and more resources, such as microschools and hybrid schools, emerge to support homeschoolers, calls to ban homeschooling will continue to be ignored.

Homeschooling is here to stay, driven by a demographically, geographically, and ideologically diverse group of families who share a common goal of wanting to take a more active role in their children’s education.

Media companies and academics can claim that homeschooling is being chosen for nefarious reasons, but the facts simply don’t support it.


Kerry McDonald

Kerry McDonald is a Senior Education Fellow at FEE and host of the weekly LiberatED podcast. She is also the author of Unschooled: Raising Curious, Well-Educated Children Outside the Conventional Classroom (Chicago Review Press, 2019), an adjunct scholar at the Cato Institute, and a regular Forbes contributor. Kerry has a B.A. in economics from Bowdoin College and an M.Ed. in education policy from Harvard University. She lives in Cambridge, Massachusetts with her husband and four children. You can sign up for her weekly newsletter on parenting and education here.

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Empowerment, Exit and Entrepreneurship Will Continue to Transform Education

Over the past two years of social and economic disruption, U.S. education has experienced an extraordinary transformation that can best be defined by 3 “Es”: Empowerment, Exit and Entrepreneurship.

Beginning in the spring of 2020, and prompted by widespread school closures and remote schooling, parents began to reclaim control of their children’s education. For some, getting a close-up look at their children’s classrooms and curriculum over Zoom was the prompt they needed to make a change. For others, they may have long pondered a different learning environment for their children but lacked the catalyst to take the leap. The education upheaval of 2020 provided that catalyst.

By summer 2020, “pandemic pods” emerged, as parents began taking their children’s education into their own hands to confront the uncertainty of fall schooling plans. These spontaneous, parent-driven learning communities brought together small groups of local children in someone’s home, often with a hired teacher or with parents taking turns facilitating a curriculum.

With most American children beginning the 2020/2021 academic year remotely, many parents exercised their newfound empowerment through exit. Some shifted their children into private schools that were more likely to reopen for in-person learning than district schools in certain locations. Others delayed early school entry for their preschoolers and kindergarteners. Many parents left schooling altogether, pulling their children out of school for independent homeschooling. The U.S. Census Bureau found that the homeschooling rate doubled from the spring of 2020 to the fall of 2020, with more than 11 percent of the U.S. school-age population being homeschooled at that time. The largest increase occurred among Black homeschooling families, who experienced a five-fold increase in homeschooling rates between the spring and fall of 2020. Black children were overrepresented in the homeschooling population in the fall of 2020 compared to the overall K-12 public school population.

Even though most district schools reopened for full-time, in-person learning in the fall of 2021, many parents stayed away. This was particularly true if they lived in a school district that adopted remote learning the previous academic year. Those districts continued to lose students, though not by quite as high a rate as the previous year, according to new data analyzed by the American Enterprise Institute.

A similar pattern was true for homeschooling. “Homeschooling numbers this year dipped from last year’s all-time high, but are still significantly above pre-pandemic levels,” the Associated Press reported last month after evaluating data provided by 18 states. It concluded that homeschooling numbers rose 63 percent in the 2020/2021 academic year, then dropped by 17 percent this school year, remaining significantly elevated.

Recognizing mounting parent demand for a variety of learning options and schooling alternatives, education entrepreneurs began to create solutions. Some of these entrepreneurs were parents or teachers themselves who were frustrated by school closures and ongoing virus-related policies. New Jersey mother of four, Jill Perez, began teaching in public schools 20 years ago and then shifted into a student-teacher advisory role at a local university until Covid hit. She started a “pandemic pod” with several other families in 2020/2021, but demand grew for something bigger and more formal.

In the fall of 2021, Perez opened Tranquil Teachings Learning Center that allows children to attend part-time or full-time. She hired teachers, especially public school teachers who wanted more freedom and flexibility. “These teachers are loving what they’re doing in a way that they hadn’t in years,” she told me in a recent podcast interview. Her program has grown to over 50 children, and she recently purchased a building for her learning center with plans for continued expansion.

Education entrepreneurs who introduced new learning models, such as microschools, prior to 2020 found their growth hasten over the past two years. As I wrote at last fall, the fast-growing microschool networks, Acton Academy and Prenda Learning, saw interest in their programs soar.

Microschools are typically small, multi-age classrooms led by a facilitator or guide that often meet in family homes, re-creating a one-room schoolhouse feel with personalized learning as a top priority.

Other microschools meet in small, storefront locations in local communities, offering convenience and customization. KaiPod Learning, for example, launched its pilot microschool model in Newton, Massachusetts last year, bringing together a small groups of students into a public, commercial space with an experienced educator. Each student comes to KaiPod with whatever virtual learning curriculum the family has chosen, ranging from a tuition-free public virtual school option, to private, online options such as Sora Schools or the Socratic Experience, to a faith-based curriculum if a family chooses. This allows for maximum family autonomy in terms of curriculum decisions, while gathering groups of children together for social and enrichment activities facilitated by the KaiPod educator. Students can attend a couple of days a week or full-time.

KaiPod is expanding into more states this year, including Arizona where a child could participate in KaiPod part-time for $25/day. If the child was eligible for one of Arizona’s education savings accounts and scholarship programs, or enrolled in a virtual public school, the total cost to attend KaiPod would be minimal.

KaiPod participated in the prestigious Y Combinator startup accelerator program in Silicon Valley last year, and has already raised $1.5 million in venture capital funding. Amar Kumar, KaiPod’s founder and CEO, has found that many of the families who are joining his program are doing so because their children thrive with the personalization of online learning, while also wanting daily access to a consistent peer group and adult mentors.

Kumar thinks learning models similar to KaiPod, that bring together the best features of online learning platforms with crucial in-person, human-to-human interaction, is the future of education. “It all starts with students getting a very mastery-based content delivery, something that’s personal to them, with another human, and something that’s flexibly delivered,” Kumar told me in a recent interview. “If we can keep those touchstones or pillars in our mind, then all the innovations that come out of that are almost certainly going to be net-positive for kids.”

Over the past two years, parents have been empowered to regain control of their children’s education and explore, or create, new learning models. Many parents exited district schools in 2020 for a variety of private education options, including homeschooling, and a lot of them have decided not to return. Entrepreneurs continue to invent and innovate, building fresh K-12 education solutions that work better for families than old models of schooling. This dynamic cycle of empowerment, exit and entrepreneurship is poised to continue and accelerate, expanding education options for more families. It’s a great time to be a learner, a parent, an educator and an entrepreneur.

This article has been reprinted with permission from


Kerry McDonald

Kerry McDonald is a Senior Education Fellow at FEE and host of the weekly LiberatED podcast. She is also the author of Unschooled: Raising Curious, Well-Educated Children Outside the Conventional Classroom (Chicago Review Press, 2019), an adjunct scholar at the Cato Institute, and a regular Forbes contributor. Kerry has a B.A. in economics from Bowdoin College and an M.Ed. in education policy from Harvard University. She lives in Cambridge, Massachusetts with her husband and four children. You can sign up for her weekly newsletter on parenting and education here.


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THE WAR ROOM: Parents Taking Back Schools & Country

Following the Washington Post hit piece on me and my wife, The War Room invited us on to provide the missing context from the article. Please watch this May 9th, 2022 edition of The War Room:

In addition to responding to the Bezos Post article, we discussed:

  • What’s really going on at local School Board meetings
  • How Moms are rising up to take back their schools & country
  • The importance of Florida’s August 23rd School Board Elections, and
  • FloridaGOP efforts to deliver victory for Conservative School Board candidates

After watching this War Room video please reply back to let me  know your thoughts in the comments section below!

©Christian Ziegler. All rights reserved.

FLORIDA: Sarasota County School Administration Answers Ours Questions — Sort of. Read on…

We recently asked the Superintendent of the Sarasota County Public Schools a series of questions about teachers lying to their students and using their classrooms to push a political agenda. We wanted to find out if the district ever took action against a teacher for violating either of these two key points: 1. lying to students and 2. pushing a particular political agenda(s) in their classrooms.

We noted that the Sarasota County Schools Employee Handbook states,

Employees shall refrain from participation in partisan politics on school property during the hours school is in session.

The Sarasota County Schools Employee Handbook also states,

Political literature shall not be distributed in schools or on school property.

We received answers to our questions from Assistant Superintendent Jody Dumas (see the answers below with references).

What we learned from Assistant Superintendent Dumas’ answers are the following:

  1. Florida’s Principles on Professional Conduct in Education require that educators must teach in “the pursuit of truth.”
  2. Florida’s Principles on Professional Conduct in Education require that teacher to “nurture of democratic citizenship.”
  3. That educators: “Shall not intentionally suppress or distort subject matter relevant to a student’s academic program.”
  4. That educators: “Shall maintain honesty in all professional dealings.”
  5. That educators: “Shall not intentionally distort or misrepresent facts concerning an educational matter in direct or indirect public expression.”
  6. That the primary objective of the school’s educational media center is: “to implement, enrich, and support the educational program of the school and the representation of different points of view.”
  7. That school media specialists: “the media center which places principle above personal opinion and reason above prejudice in the selection of materials of the highest quality…Materials that will stimulate growth in factual knowledge…Materials shall be considered based on the accuracy of the content.”
  8. That: “Each district school board must adopt a policy regarding an objection by a parent or a resident of the county to the use of a specific instructional material, which clearly describes a process to handle all objections and provides for resolution…must provide the parent or resident the opportunity to proffer evidence to the district school board.”
  9. And: “If the district school board finds that an instructional material does not meet the criteria under sub-subparagraph a. or that any other material contains prohibited content under sub-subparagraph b., the school district shall discontinue use of the material for any grade level or age group for which such use is inappropriate or unsuitable.”
  10. On the issue of responsibility for after school clubs/organizations we learned: “All clubs and organizations must be approved by the principle…Qualifications for membership shall be clearly stated in the club/organization by laws approved by the principal.”
  11. ZERO teachers, librarians or other school level staff have been fired or suspended for any of the above in the past 5 years lying to students or using, distributing or sharing political information in the classroom or media centers.

Given all of the above you would think that the Sarasota County School Board, the Superintendent and Assistant Superintendent, principles, district staff, teachers and media specialists are all squeaky clean but you would be wrong.

As they say is only takes one bad apple to spoil the whole barrel or in this case the Sarasota County School District.

We have come into possession of some disturbing people that the students at Pine View School a school for the gifted and rated as #6 Magnet school in America, have been exposed to via a program named PINC. In a December 20th, 2018 edition of the Pine View Student newspaper titled “The Torch” we found that this school hosted a man named Christiaan Triebert who works for the New York Times. Accoriding to Christiaan Triebert’s bio:

Christiaan Triebert is a journalist on the Visual Investigations team, which combines traditional reporting with open source methods to break news and hold the powerful to account.

[ … ]

He co-produced “Day of Rage,” one of the most complete pictures to date of what happened during the Jan. 6 Capitol riot, and why.

Here’s Triebert’s Day of Rage: How Trump Supporters Took the U.S. Capitol video:

So in December of 2019 the #6 Magnate School in the nation, Pine View, hosted a misinformation specialist. According to the answers we received from Assistant Superintendent Jody Dumas this event and all other PINC events had to have been approved by Dr. Stephen Covert, Pine Views’ Principal.

BTW, Triebert is also a contributor to Bellingcat which did a video titled “White Boy Summer, Nazi Memes and the Mainstreaming of White Supremacist Violence.” Hmmmmm.

But it doesn’t end there. In the same newsletter there was an article titled “The Torch analyzes vaping and its growing popularity” by Ben Gordon, Sci & Tech Editor. Really an article in a school newspaper on vaping?

Ben wrote:

Vaping has become so mainstream among teenagers and young adults in the United States that it was labeled an epidemic as of September 2018.

According to the Food and Drug Administration, roughly 2 million teenagers have said they have vaped or juuled at some point in their life.

What differentiates e-cigarettes from normal cigarettes is that while e-cigarettes heat liquid, they do not burn anything like cigarettes
or cigars. This means users are not exposed to the carbon monoxide and other toxins found in conventional cigarettes.

[ … ]

So what are the benefits of e-cigarettes? Some users explain that they can help you curb cigarette addiction. But, with e-cigarettes being somewhat new technology, it would be incorrect to assume that the benefits outweigh the risks without proper research supporting that claim.

Although e-cigarettes may help current smokers quit using tobacco, they also cause younger people to begin smoking and spark a nicotine addiction. Viewing the new technology as a way to sustain their business, big tobacco is investing in advertisement towards young people. This effectively causes a new epidemic of addictions to nicotine, and should be avoided at whatever costs necessary.

Sounds like Ben and Pine View are all into promoting vaping or julling doesn’t it?

Finally The Torch published an article titled “Go Green goes the extra degree with environmental outreach efforts on campus” by by Tricia Saputera, News Editor. Tricia wrote:

Pine View’s environmental club, Go Green, has recently taken strides to expand their club and to educate fellow students on the
simple ways they can help the environment. Within the past two months, they have conducted a cleanup, taught elementary
students and invited guest speakers to further education efforts.

[ … ]

The club additionally invited three members of the Florida Conservation Corps as guest speakers Dec. 10 to speak to the club. With a mission “to develop natural and cultural resource leaders by connecting them to areas of critical need in conservation, preservation, interpretation and resource based recreation,” as stated on their website, the Florida Conservation Corps discussed the harmful effects of invasive species.

The 24-year-old Florida Conservation Corps (FLCC) AmeriCorps program is administered by the Florida Department of Environmental Protection (DEP). Which is good. But when Pine View’s Environmental Club wants student to “Go Green” it sounds very much like the current administrations efforts to fully implement the Green New Deal.

We continue to be concerned that what happened in 2019 is happening today not only in Pine View but across the district. We have received another lead about a student questionnaire sent home that has politically motivated questions on it. We will publish another column with our findings.

©Dr. Rich Swier, Ed.D. All rights reserved.


Bombshell Revelations Show FBI Did Label Parents With Counterterrorism “Threat Tag”

FBI Used Terrorism Laws to Investigate ‘Dozens’ of ‘Concerned Parents’ Who Attended School Board Meetings


Question: The word refrain is defined as “stop oneself from doing something.” Who is ensuring teachers, school staff and administrations are refraining?

Answer: Each employee has a reporting structure. Compliance with policy is an expectation of all employees and is monitored by their supervisor.

Question: What action is taken if these individuals don’t refrain?

Answer: See classified and instructional bargaining agreements posted on our website under Human Resources.  These contracts outline our discipline process when employees violate policy.

Question: What is the policy on teachers lying to their students?

Answer: There is not policy but teachers are guided by the code of professional conduct as defined by the State of Florida.

The Principles of Professional Conduct for the Education Profession in Florida states,

(1) Florida educators shall be guided by the following ethical principles:

(a) The educator values the worth and dignity of every person, the pursuit of truth, devotion to excellence, acquisition of knowledge, and the nurture of democratic citizenship. Essential to the achievement of these standards are the freedom to learn and to teach and the guarantee of equal opportunity for all.

(a) Obligation to the student requires that the individual:

4. Shall not intentionally suppress or distort subject matter relevant to a student’s academic program.

8. Shall not exploit a relationship with a student for personal gain or advantage.

(c) Obligation to the profession of education requires that the individual:

1. Shall maintain honesty in all professional dealings.

2. Shall not intentionally distort or misrepresent facts concerning an educational matter in direct or indirect public expression.

Question: What is the policy on teachers teaching a political agenda in the classroom?

Answer: Teachers are required to stick to the curriculum and standards for the classes they are teaching as outlined by the Florida DOE.

Question: What is the policy on librarians and teachers obtaining recommending or using pornographic materials or age inappropriate material in libraries and the classroom?

Answer: School Board policy 4.22


I. Objectives of Selection – The primary objective of the school’s educational media center is to implement, enrich, and support the educational program of the school.

The center shall provide a wide range of materials on all levels of difficulty, with diversity of appeal, and the representation of different points of view. The School Board asserts that the responsibility of the media center is to provide:

A. Materials that will enrich and support the curriculum, taking into consideration the varied interest, abilities, and maturity levels of the students served.
B. Materials that will stimulate growth in factual knowledge, literary appreciation, aesthetic values, and ethical standards.
C. A background of information enabling students to make intelligent judgments in their daily life.
D. Materials representative of the many religious, ethnic, and cultural groups and their contributions to the American heritage.
E. A comprehensive collection appropriate for the users of the media center which places principle above personal opinion and reason above prejudice in the selection of materials of the highest quality.
F. Provide materials on opposing sides of controversial issues in order that young citizens may develop, under guidance, the practice of critical analysis of all media.
II. Criteria for Selection of Educational Materials

A. The standards to determine the propriety of the educational materials shall be pursuant to Florida Statutes.
B. First consideration shall be given to the needs of the individual school based on knowledge of the curriculum, of the existing collection, and of the needs of children and youth. Requests from users of the collection, i.e., administrators, faculty, parents, and students shall be given high priority.
C. Materials shall be considered based on the accuracy of the content, overall purpose, timeliness, importance of the subject matter, quality of the writing/production, readability and popular appeal, authoritativeness, comprehensiveness of material, reputation of the publisher/producer, reputation and significance of the author/artist/composer/producer, format and price.


D. Gifts of media or money shall be accepted with the understanding that their use or disposition shall be determined by those persons having the responsibility for acquisitions, according to the same selection criteria and procedures as purchased materials.

III. Procedures for Selection

A. In selecting materials for purchase, the school media specialist or designee shall evaluate the existing collection and shall consult with:

1. Reputable, unbiased, professionally prepared selection aids such as those published by the American Library Association and other reputable publishing companies generally accepted by the educational media profession.
2. Media staff, curriculum consultants, faculty, students, and community representatives.
3. Media committee appointed by the principal to serve in an advisory capacity in the selection of materials.
B. In specific areas, the media specialist shall follow these procedures.
1. Purchase multiple copies of outstanding and frequently used materials;
2. Replace periodically worn or missing basic items; and
3. Withdraw out-of-date or unnecessary items from the collection.

Question: What is the policy on librarians ordering pornographic or age inappropriate materials?

Answer: Same as above

Question: What is the policy on suspending or firing teachers for doing any of the above?

Answer: See Instructional contract language.

Question: What is the policy of suspending or firing librarians for doing any of the above?

Answer: See Classified contract language.

Question: How many teachers, librarians or other school level staff have been fired or suspended for any of the above in the past 5 years?

Answer: Zero

Question: What is the role of the school principal and superintendent in supervising these activities and where can I find them in School policies?

Answer: Florida Statute 1006.28 guides instructional materials oversite

Florida Statute 1006.28 states,

1. Each district school board is responsible for the content of all instructional materials and any other materials used in a classroom, made available in a school library, or included on a reading list, whether adopted and purchased from the state-adopted instructional materials list, adopted and purchased through a district instructional materials program under s. 1006.283, or otherwise purchased or made available. Each district school board shall maintain on its website a current list of instructional materials, by grade level, purchased by the district.

2. Each district school board must adopt a policy regarding an objection by a parent or a resident of the county to the use of a specific instructional material, which clearly describes a process to handle all objections and provides for resolution. The process must provide the parent or resident the opportunity to proffer evidence to the district school board that:

a. An instructional material does not meet the criteria of s. 1006.31(2) or s. 1006.40(3)(d) if it was selected for use in a course or otherwise made available to students in the school district but was not subject to the public notice, review, comment, and hearing procedures under s. 1006.283(2)(b)8., 9., and 11.
b. Any material used in a classroom, made available in a school library, or included on a reading list contains content that is pornographic or prohibited under s. 847.012, is not suited to student needs and their ability to comprehend the material presented, or is inappropriate for the grade level and age group for which the material is used.

Question: Who specifically is responsible for policing the use of age inappropriate or pornographic materials in schools and libraries?

Answer: See Florida Statute 1006.28

Florida Statute 1006.28 states,

If the district school board finds that an instructional material does not meet the criteria under sub-subparagraph a. or that any other material contains prohibited content under sub-subparagraph b., the school district shall discontinue use of the material for any grade level or age group for which such use is inappropriate or unsuitable.

3. Each district school board must establish a process by which the parent of a public school student or a resident of the county may contest the district school board’s adoption of a specific instructional material. The parent or resident must file a petition, on a form provided by the school board, within 30 calendar days after the adoption of the material by the school board. The school board must make the form available to the public and publish the form on the school district’s website. The form must be signed by the parent or resident, include the required contact information, and state the objection to the instructional material based on the criteria of s. 1006.31(2) or s. 1006.40(3)(d). Within 30 days after the 30-day period has expired, the school board must, for all petitions timely received, conduct at least one open public hearing before an unbiased and qualified hearing officer. The hearing officer may not be an employee or agent of the school district. The hearing is not subject to the provisions of chapter 120; however, the hearing must provide sufficient procedural protections to allow each petitioner an adequate and fair opportunity to be heard and present evidence to the hearing officer.

Question: Has the School Board or any school hosted an “Anti-Racism Fight Club” presentation by Doyin Richards?

Answer: Not able to answer at this time.

Question: Does the district have in its classrooms or libraries the Fist Book?

Answer: No

Question: What after school clubs  approved by staff, are promoting political agendas?

Answer: Clubs are student driven and must comply with School Board Policy 4.5

School Board Policy 4.5 Student Clubs and Organizations states,


(1) All clubs and organizations must be approved by the principle before they can operate within a school, and must comply with the following procedures:

(a) membership in clubs and organizations shall be available to all students who qualify. Qualifications for membership shall be clearly stated in the club/organization by laws approved by the principal.

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