Muslim Indoctrination and the U.S. Department of Education from Hihab Dress-Up to Convert

The World Hijab Day website presents hijab-wearing as a sign of empowerment; women and girls who wear hijabs are called “queens, princesses, and sultanas.” One blog post by Megan Baase, however, reveals that experimental hijab-wearing may have other effects.  Baase writes that she didn’t know much about Islam until World Hijab Day.  After reading about Islam and “why women wear hijabs,” she decided to convert: “I would’ve never learned about Islam if it weren’t for world hijab day.”Now, the U.S. Department of Education is encouraging Islamic proselytizing.

Ever since 9/11 educators have been trying to promote a positive view of Islam under the pretext of fighting harassment of Muslims.  American textbooks repeat Muslim doctrine as if it were historical fact, students are taken to pray in mosques, and girls are asked to dress up in hijabs, the Muslim head scarves.

When I taught at Georgia Perimeter College (2007-2010) I’d see posters on bulletin boards put up by a Muslim professor who advised the Muslim Student Association (a “legacy project” of the Muslim Brotherhood), inviting girls to “wear a hijab for a day.”  In 2009, at the annual meeting of the National Council for the Social Studies, I reported on such panels as “Muslim Perspectives Through Film and Dialogue.”

Now we have a World Hijab Day on February 1. The first one was held in 2013.  The organization’s website reported that that February, “Girls of all faiths across East Lancashire [United Kingdom] have been taking part in World Hijab Day to understand and appreciate the muslim [sic] culture.” At Pleckgate High School, the head of “RE and citizenship,” was quoted as saying, “Staff and pupils, Muslim and non Muslim, wore the hijab all day as a way of increasing understanding. . . .”

Here in the USA, in Texas, later that month, WND reported, “Students Made to Wear Burqas – in Texas.”  The exercise was part of the Texas CSCOPE curriculum.  In California, at Natomas Pacific Prep public charter school, some girls wore hijabs as part of their senior projects.

This year according to the World Hijab Day’s website, college campuses in Illinois, Indiana, Maine, Maryland, Minnesota, Oklahoma, and Pennsylvania participated.  Advice for Muslim Student Associations on holding such events is offered at the site, as are testimonials from Muslim and non-Muslim women.  So is New York Assemblyman David Weprin’s statement in support of World Hijab Day 2016.

On February 11 of this year, the U.S. Department of Education sent out an official “Homeroom” blog post titled “Protecting Our Muslim Youth from Bullying: The Role of the Educator.”

It began: “Not since the days and months immediately after September 11 has the Muslim community faced the level of anti-Muslim bias and bullying that has been seen over the past several months. In the wake of Paris and other terrorist attacks, combined with the emergence of the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS), a lack of information among the public about Islam, and the tendency to associate  Islam with terrorism, there has been an increase in expressions and incidents targeting the Muslim community. . . .”

An alleged “increased wave of anti-Muslim sentiment in our public discourse, political rhetoric and everyday interactions,” includes schools, where youth have been called, “terrorists” or “ISIS” and attacked physically, verbally, and through social isolation.

The “statistics,” however, come from the Anti-Defamation League (ADL).   As evidence of 75 reported incidents, ranging from assault to fliers opposing a mosque in Fredericksburg, there are links to only 10 news reports that go so far as to only describe allegations (many of these will likely prove to be hoaxes).

The suggested activities and curricula also come from ADL, which has long been selling its anti-bullying programs and materials to schools.  These activities are aimed at the larger goal of controlling students’ emotions and thoughts, i.e., getting them to stop “hating,” and to uncritically accept all cultures and lifestyles. (Early in the Obama administration, such anti-bullying programs were directed at protecting gay students and were coordinated with then-“safe schools czar,” the co-founder of the Gay and Lesbian Independent School Teacher Network, Kevin Jennings.)

Among the Department’s suggested activities is holding a “Walk a Mile in Her Hijab Day.”  There is a link to a video of a classroom at Vernon Hills High School in Illinois, where girls are shown in a classroom helping each other put on hijabs.  It’s presented as a fun activity, dress-up for teenagers.  The event, held last December, was organized by the school’s Muslim Student Association President, Yasmeen Abdallah, who claimed it was intended to “denounce negative stereotypes.”

At a Rochester, New York, high school, another Muslim student, Eman Muthana, successfully petitioned the administration to participate in World Hijab Day this month.  Some parents became outraged.  Muthana said it was a way to share a cultural experience and fight prejudice.

The World Hijab Day website reported that Memphis Central High School also participated this year. The blog-poster, identified only as “Mary,” a “Christian, USA,” did not report any outraged parents, but only feeling good at “seeing so many people support one another.”

The World Hijab Day website presents hijab-wearing as a sign of empowerment; women and girls who wear hijabs are called “queens, princesses, and sultanas.”

One blog post by Megan Baase, however, reveals that experimental hijab-wearing may have other effects.  Baase writes that she didn’t know much about Islam until World Hijab Day.  After reading about Islam and “why women wear hijabs,” she decided to convert: “I would’ve never learned about Islam if it weren’t for world hijab day.”  The post features a picture of her and her four-year-old son, both wearing hijabs.  She writes that she “couldn’t say no” to his request to “be just like mommy.”

Although proponents claim such activities are cultural exercises, critics rightly point out that students are not asked to participate in the wearing of crucifixes or yarmulkes.  Now, the U.S. Department of Education, under the cover of anti-bullying, is encouraging Islamic proselytizing.

The development is alarming especially given the Department’s increased grip on day-to-day school operations.  “Dear Colleague” letters give directives on such things as bullying, rape prevention, and school discipline.  School administrators tend to act preemptively to fend off potential punishment from the feds.  It’s why school websites are plastered with anti-discrimination statements and notices about training in “affirmative consent.”

To ward off charges of creating a hostile school environment, school officials may want to have proof in the form of a list of activities that encourage cultural sensitivity – like having girls wear hijabs.

Such activities do have consequences.  We need to listen to what Muslim converts say, rather than what the Department of Education says.

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EDITORS NOTE: This column originally appeared on the Selous Foundation for Public Policy Research website. The featured image is of Vernon Hill students join their Muslim peers in wearing hijabs.

Changing Minds

Two of the finest institutions of higher education in the United States, Columbia and Cornell, have been identified as leading the list of “most anti-Semitic,” as they continue to host Jew hatred events on campus.  By the time our students enter this new phase in their education, they have been well primed for the venomous climate, having been molded into frustrated, resentful, disrespectful, demanding, angry young adults, ill prepared for anything, unable to accept responsibility, and ripe to lash out at others. These young people have already been activated and prepared to join any group that uses “social justice” language, whether warranted or not.

The K-12 classes provide the first toxic element.  Education is being restructured according to a radical political ideology promoted by the White House, Bill and Melinda Gates, and other supporters of a federal takeover of education. The purpose is to produce workers for a Global Economy (aka Agenda 21).  The major players are Valerie Jarrett’s mother, Barbara Taylor Bowman, a member of the Muslim Sisterhood; native-born terrorists Bill Ayers and Bernardine Dohrn Ayers (Weather Underground) who support a radical network to defeat America; and Secretary of Education (ret.) Arne Duncan, who promoted the Common Core Standards, with its drastic, untried curriculum overhaul that has lowered school standards to ensure that no child is left behind or excels at the expense of others. This is accompanied by the disturbing data mining that profiles the children (into adulthood) and their families. 

Classical literature, known to improve vocabulary and foster creative expression, thinking, speaking, and writing skills, has been jettisoned in favor of dry, uninspiring informational texts and Dystopian, sexualized, disheartening novels for children whose pre-frontal cortex is insufficiently developed to cope with the dark situations and mature content. The result is depression. Mary Calamia, licensed clinical social worker and psychotherapist in Stony Brook, NY, has reported that children have come to hate school, cry, wet the bed, experience insomnia, and engage in self-mutilation – an increase of 200 to 300 percent more children with serious trauma than before the new curriculum’s introduction.

Math problems once solved in a few steps now require a convoluted system. Karen Lamoreaux, mother of three and member of Arkansas Against Common Core, presented a simple 4th grade division problem to the Board of Education that one could solve in two steps, but now requires 108 steps to completion.  In New York, principals have reported that some students are severely stressed and even vomit during testing.

History has become another endangered learning experience. A popular textbook is Howard Zinn’s A People’s History of the United States,” which focuses on “the exploitation of the majority by an elite minority,” designed to inspire a “quiet revolution.”  Historians heavily criticize the book’s concentration on slavery, racism, and colonialism while omitting America’s enormous achievements for life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness,. Students do not learn America’s founding documents – The Declaration of Independence, The Articles of Confederation, the Constitution, The Bill of Rights, or the Ten Commandments.  A new vocabulary is in use to give new meaning to old ideas, including “framers” for “founders,” indicating a flexible and distorted view of our history and heritage, and a turn to global governance. 

True history has been replaced with a counterfeit version, introducing the second toxic element. History Alive, another oft-used textbook, contains multiple chapters on Islam (whitewashed of its 1400 years of ongoing bloodshed and conquest), without equal time for Judaism and Christianity. Such studies may also include unscheduled trips to mosques, simulating a hajj to Mecca, girls’ donning traditional Muslim clothing, learning Arabic calligraphy, memorizing the Five Pillars of Islam and the Shahada, the testimony required to become Muslim. And, as if these approaches were insufficient, political indoctrination is included, using the Palestinian narrative to vilify the State of Israel and world Jewry.

To whom do we owe this new development? America’s educational institutions receive significant donations to create Middle Eastern and political science study programs that ensure the installation of anti-American professors. The students are besieged by Islamic and leftist indoctrination that demonize Israel, Jewish and American history, and disallows opposing views. The hate agenda is presented as scholarly and the West is blamed for Islam’s self-imposed or invented ills. Scheduled anti-Israel events are designed to promote the narrative of Israeli colonialism, and to delegitimize and erode support for Israel by advocating a boycott-divestment-sanctions (BDS) effort.

The propaganda campaign is global, well-financed and well-organized but the biggest focus is college campuses, where Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP) and the Muslim Student Union use the rhetoric of social justice and human rights, historic Palestine, genocide, apartheid and oppression, to motivate the boycott movement and support the Islamic ideology of conquest. Jewish children are harassed and harmed. Our colleges are becoming breeding grounds for future jihadists who are turned against Israel and will one day soon turn against America.

The groups within the colleges are well-funded arms of the Muslim Brotherhood,  menacingly delivering their accusations and claims of apartheid, maltreatment of women, death to homosexuals, etc against the Jewish state, when, in fact, these are descriptive of the Muslim cultures. Islam allows homosexuality and pedophilia – sexual pleasure with pre-pubescent boys and infants, kidnapping for sexual slavery, polygamy, wife beating, stoning women, disfiguring their daughters with FGM and acid, chopping off hands and feet, death for apostasy, murder of Jewish and Christian civilians – and, quite recently, beheading a 15-year-old Iraqi boy for listening to pop music.  With the complicity of liberal instructors, a crisis is being nurtured for the purpose of acquiring power, diminishing freedom of speech, and promoting an increase of immigrating non-integrating Muslims who, throughhijra, will transform our Western countries. 

The situation has become so critical that schools are providing “safe spaces.” This is a concept not unlike “sacred space,” from Sharia, which Islam has established as an aggressive territorial system that holds all land on earth as given by Allah to Muhammad in perpetuity.  Kent State University invites students and community to a safe environment for ongoing interaction and conversation on diverse subjects.  The University of California Berkeley has adopted a policy requiring all “Caucasian” students to purchase mandatory Free Speech Insurance at $1,000 per semester “to cover the cost of therapy and rehabilitation of victims of unregulated, freely expressed Caucasian ideas.” Thus the schools encourage a mentality of victimization, anger and vengeance along with feelings of shame and White guilt.

This is social engineering, a force that is being cynically employed to restructure the soul of an entire generation of young people and render it vulnerable to the globalist one world order, in which none of the traditional values will have survived. With value and context stripped from books, a generation is being denied the aptitude to discern fact from fiction or right from wrong. Thus deprived of the ability to think critically, they are ripe for joining any number of hate groups on campus, the Occupy movements, Black Lives Matter, and those that favor a Palestinian state to the destruction of Israel. But, most significantly, they become easily malleable by and for the ruling class.

The pathway to the final destination goes by the Orwellian term, Agenda 21, the schema that indoctrinates to retrofit our children for future global citizenship, to overtake properties and communities, and to transform America with the enticing promise of social and economic development in a competitive (not free) marketplace. The all-powerful government will determine the equitable distribution of the fruits of all labor, meaning the successful countries will distribute its profits to third world countries until there is nothing left to share – except, perhaps, destitution and illness.  Only then will the elite bask in a society in which thinking has been obliterated and every spark of creativity trampled into the dust.

We are standing at a crucial time in history and working against the clock.

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Black America May Be Worse Off Than Ever

Every time I ear progressive Black American politicians, community organizers, professors, or certain preachers, the complaints are always the same.  “America is simply racist” “the police are out to kill us,” “black lives matter.”  Oh I almost forgot!  The other standby complaint, “we be held down by da man.”  Unfortunately, the legions of black American government school victims are hardwired for duty in the army of progressive destruction of American society.

I find it ironic, that during the height, or low of American segregation during the early to mid 20th century, black Americans were mostly upwardly mobile.  They didn’t sit around seeking to live off of government handouts or beg to be allowed into white owned or dominated establishments.  That held true until the civil or bastardized rights movement.  Segregation was seen as something to overcome through self-determination via black owned businesses of all stripes.

Black neighborhoods throughout America during the 1930s, 1940s, and the 1950s were chock full of businesses ranging from mom and pop grocery markets to four and five star hotels in cities like Cleveland, Detroit, and the famous Harlem in New York City.  Just so no one gets it twisted, I am not advocating segregation by any means.  But rather, making astute observations concerning segregation during the twentieth century and today’s politically motivated and voluntary segregation.  For example, on Sunday mornings when millions of Americans are in church learning about and worshiping our creator.

Of course today, black Americans can walk into any public park, business, church, etc. without wrongful treatment from racist democrats, or their retired or hidden allies the Ku Klux Klan.  Every so often, I look at old pictures of American cities and many neighborhoods.  I marvel at the huge number of businesses that used to line the avenues and boulevards of Black American neighborhoods in decades past.  In fact, beginning in the late 1930s until the mid-1960s there was very little difference between most black neighborhoods and white working class enclaves.  They too were populated with many businesses.

In fact, business vacancies were the exception, not the norm like you will find today in numerous black inner city neighborhoods.  Even when it came to vacations, black people were banned from many amusement parks, beaches and resorts.  But they didn’t simply sit around and cry like babies.  Black Americans acted like adults.  They purchased land and built their own resorts and enjoyed life.  In the 1930s, Black American entrepreneur George W. Tyson saw the democrat’s segregationist policy as an opportunity to create business prosperity for himself and others.  So he purchased 47 acres of beachfront property in Horry County, South Carolina.  Tyson soon constructed the Black Hawk night club, which became an enormously popular location for blacks living in the area.

Since Tyson did well, he was able to persuade other black businessmen to open establishments in the area.  In 1936, Tyson had ten purchases for plots on his land from other businessmen.  Those enterprises thrived as well.  The tract along what became the Atlantic Beach was eventually filled with eateries, hotels, banks and many smaller shops.  People from all over visited and vacationed throughout the region.   Because of democrat party/KKK segregationist practices and laws, Atlantic Beach also became the host for many prominent Black American singers who performed at nearby Myrtle Beach.

Unfortunately, the fun was blown away by a double whammy consisting of Hurricane Hazel in 1954.  Some entrepreneurs rebuilt.  But the final death blow came as a result of anti-segregationist laws being enforced.  Thus Blacks were more than eager to spend their money where they had been refused before.  By the mid-1960s, business owners in the now downtrodden were determined to revitalize the economic status and preserve it’s history.  The well efforts to renew the historic black business and resort area fell flat and remains a zone of abandonment to this day.

That sad scenario has been repeated throughout the republic, because unlike other ethnic groups, blacks were persuaded through the civil or as my Dad called it, the bastardized rights rights movement to relinquish large scale economic pursuits for socialist/progressive oriented politics and policies.  The long term results have been devastating to the quality of life in the majority of black American neighborhoods and enclaves.  Sure some blacks have succeeded in the political ranks.  But unfortunately, they have joined the ranks of the oppressive democrat party and carl Marx and have legislated against economic prosperity via higher than normal local taxes and prohibitive regulations against business activity.  The results have been devastating to say the very least.

To this day, the American black community languishes in economic, moral and spiritual doldrums.  Capitalism and free market economics are now wicked concepts in the minds of over eighty percent of Black Americans.  I say that based on consistent voting patterns of Black Americans overall since the middle 1960s.  Sadly, most Black Americans are today openly anti American, (they stick up for Obama and Muslim terrorists) while being quick to condemn Christianity, America and the comparatively few in number, Black conservatives.

The you owe me mentality is also now very prevalent and continues to contribute to a reversal of fortunes, financially, socially, and mentally.  This dangerous way of thinking is now creeping into the white millennial generation, most of whom are rabidly in favor of socialist Bernie Sanders.  On the surface this seems very dire for the nation, and technically it is.  But despite it all, there is a gradual awakening of the sleeping giant of Americans who will not allow this nation to go the way of those who prefer to simply exist under the godless boot heel of democrat party/progressive existence.

Stay tuned America, your rebirth and restoration to greatness is soon to occur and will be televised to the world.

EDITORS NOTE: The featured image of a black Detroit, Michigan family is courtesy of Politic365.

Geert Wilders — The Next Prime Minister of the Netherlands?

Dutch Television interviewed Geert Wilders, leader of the  Freedom Party (PVV),  in the Hague Parliament on the 10th anniversary of its founding.  Wilders had been voted the top politician of the year in 2015. The PVV’s towering standings in Dutch political polls vaulted it over the ruling VVD-led  coalition of Prime Minister Mark Rutte. The irony is that Wilders left the VVD with predictions that he would never make junior minister. Ten years hence, both he and the PVV appears as serious contenders in the 2017 general parliamentary election.

The interview comes at a time when the events of the past year confirm Wilders’ and the PVV’s concerns over the flooding of Europe and the Netherlands with Muslim migrants from the hot spots in the Ummah seeking asylum. This has resulted in an enormous economic and social burden on the Netherlands.

Wilders noted the enormous progress the PVV has made in a decade in this press statement:

Ten years ago today, the Party for Freedom (PVV) was officially registered. We began in an attic room with a few people. Today, we are by far the largest party in the Dutch polls. We have more than one hundred representatives in the Senate, the House, the European Parliament, the provincial and the municipal councils. Together with all our collaborators, volunteers and voters, we are the PVV: the pride of the Netherlands.

People are sick and tired of all the lies. They want less Islam, to stop mass immigration, better care, direct democracy, and lower taxes.

No other party is loved so much by the people as our party. We are hated, however, by the elite and the enemies of freedom. I am on the death list of Al-Qaeda, Islamic State, the Taliban, and other terror organizations. I live under 24/7 police protection. But the PVV will not be intimidated.

We defend freedom of speech like no-one else. Islam will never be able to silence us! Who showed Muhammad cartoons on Dutch national television? The PVV!

The PVV is a party of patriots. We believe in our nation. We believe in national policies. That makes us unique. We are the voice of millions of Dutch who will otherwise not be heard. We are the only party that does not beat around the bush and dares to say it like it is.

A bigger PVV means more sovereignty, less Europe, being masters again of our own country and our own money. A larger PVV means a stronger Netherlands. A better Netherlands.

Evidence of what Wilders spoke of in the  Dutch Television interview  is reflected in Dutch protests at migrant reception centers and concerns over predatory behavior by Muslim men towards women in the EU, notably Germany, Sweden  and the Netherlands.  We wrote of his protest rally on January 22, 2016 in the Dutch community of Spijkenisse handing out cans of pepper spray. That was a send up on the Muslim male migrant misogyny in Cologne Germany and other German and European cities by what he calls: “Islamic testosterone bombs.” Wilders is concerned about assertion of Dutch national sovereignty and foundational Western Judeo-Christian values for current and future generations of Dutch children and grandchildren.

The broad ranging interview on February 20th, occurred  less than a month before a scheduled trial to begin on March 18, 2016 brought by Hague public prosecutors. The trial is occurring because of alleged violation of Dutch race hatred laws given Wilders comments at a PVV election campaign rally on March 12th and 19th, 2015. His remarks suggested  that the country needed : “fewer Moroccans,” a reference to  absorption problems and disproportionate representation in Dutch prisons for criminal convictions.

Watch the Vladtepesblog YouTube video  of the Dutch Television interview with Wilders with English translation subtitles:

The topics covered in the Dutch Television interview with Wilders focused on his leaving the VVD party, his clarion call against Islamization of the Netherlands and objections to political Islam. He expressed the need to preserve sovereign control over the country’s borders, the channeling of funding from absorption of Muslim migrants to Dutch senior pensions and health benefits. He also expressed  an  objection to the overarching control exerted by the EU bureaucracy in Brussels. That is an implied reference to Wilders’ espousal of a NExit plan launched in 2014 to leave the EU. A UK referendum on the issue, negotiated in Brussels with the European Commission by British PM David Cameron, is scheduled for a June 23, 2016 vote.  We note the recent call by Conservative London Mayor Boris Johnson for a BRExit.

The issue of whether a future  PVV-led Dutch government is possible came up in the Wilders interview. That reflects Wilders’ and the PVV’s significant standing in weekly political polls taken in the Netherlands. The line of questioning focused on whether Wilders’ could compromise to form a ruling coalition in the Hague parliament if given the nod by King Willem-Alexander in a 2017 general election. Wilders made it plain that the fewer parties in a PVV-led coalition the easier it would be to form a coalition and achieve the party’s objectives.  Asked, when the PVV would cease as a party given the alleged single issue of ending Mass Muslim immigration, Wilders indicated, perhaps it would take more than a generation. 35 years or so achieve the objective of preserving Dutch liberty and freedom for future generations of its citizens. Towards the end of the Dutch Television interview he noted, “Perhaps it is possible that next  year we will sit here again talking to the Prime Minister.”

EDITORS NOTE: This column originally appeared in the New English Review.

Trump is popular because he tells the truth, something Americans are starving for

In this short video titled, “We want the Truth!” by Pat Condell, from the United Kingdom, lays out why Donald Trump is so popular. Trump tells the truth. Truth is the opposite of political correctness. Political correctness kills!


U.S. confidence in protection from attack lowest in over a decade

Government missed red flags on San Bernadino killers

San Bernadino killer passed three background checks to gain entry to the U.S.

FBI admits there is no way to screen all the Syrian refugees Obama plans to accept into the U.S.

Donald Trump calls for a temporary ban on Muslims coming the the U.S.

Trump still winning despite Muslim backlash

Trump wins more support as petition reaches half a million signatures

Trump is right. Police say parts of Britain are no-go areas

U.S. report warns of ISIS ability to create fake passports

Obama bows to the Saudi king

Putin: The Man Who Wants to Rule the World

Our national security will be the key issue in the 2016 election and knowledge of Russia’s role in the world affairs is imperative. Vladimir Putin has recently hailed Donald J. Trump as a talented man and absolute leader; a statement that resulted in a divided reaction among social media. You will be surprised by mine. Historically, the world knows very little about Russian leaders. Today the vast majority of Americans know that the Russian President has two daughters, divorced his wife, and he is in power over decade. That’s probably it. Only a few who follow world politics can grasp the nature of Putin’s political affairs for the last twenty years and the crucial changes that occurred lately: an attempt to change his image from an aggressor to a peace maker.

I belong to a few who know more about Vladimir Putin. We both lived in the same city and we both were Soviet lawyers. We both studied Marxism-Leninism and Stalinism at the same Law School for four years. My major was Criminal Law, Putin’s International Law. He graduated from Law School twenty years later, when I had already been practicing law as a defense attorney. His mentor, a Chair of the International Law Faculty, was my close friend: a smart and very savvy man with broad political horizons.

Vladimir Putin is a creation of the Soviet Socialist System. That means: Putin is a byproduct of Stalin’s dreams of One World Government under the Kremlin auspices —Putin is connected to Stalin by the umbilical cord of ideology. To analyze Putin’s mentality and forecast his behavior, knowledge of the major rudiments of the Stalinist ideology is imperative. I’ll briefly present only two: Stalin’s love of the Muslim culture and his obsession with chess. The two will show how the umbilical cord and Stalin’s political correctness catapulted Putin to the top of the world.

I have already written three books and 50+ articles describing Stalinist ideology. Yet, I am not sure many Americans are aware of the two crucial features in Stalin’s bio that transforms our world in the 21st century. Analyzing the goals of Socialism and Islam, we will find the common agenda—domination of the world by all cost. The first Soviet leader who noticed and saw the benefits of that unity for Socialism was Joseph Stalin. Brought up within the Muslim culture and later getting the assignment to be an organizer of the Marxist groups in the Caucuses, Stalin had extensively traveled the area, including the Northern part of Iran. The idea to use Islam in the fight against the West was crystalized then in his earlier political career and Iran had become a crucial point in his agenda.

The Muslim culture was also the main factor in the creation of the violent system we called Soviet Socialism. That exact system was brought to radicalize the Middle East by the Soviets during 1950-1990s. A violent mixture of Soviet Socialism and Muslim Jihad was initiated and established by Stalin at the end of WWII that had brought the notorious Muslim Brotherhood from Fascist Germany to Moscow. It was the time when Stalin’s old idea of infiltrating Islam came true. As we know today “the Soviet Union hastened to set up points of liaison in the East; and in so doing, Stalin, just before his death, invited Amin al-Husseini (d. 1973), the Mufti of Jerusalem and friend of Hitler, to Moscow.” Adding the description of the Muslim Brotherhood Part 1: The Genesis of Euro-Islamic Racism by Hans-Peter Raddatz

Since then Islam has been infiltrated, politicized, radicalized, and equipped with the Soviet long-term strategy of war against Western civilization. The Muslim Brotherhood was established as an Islamic Politburo, the beginning spark in generating Extreme Muslim Jihad. The first molding of a Soviet style leader was Arafat, recruited by the KGB in 1957, followed by Ayman al-Zawahiri, Bin-Laden, Abu al-Zarqawi, Anwar al- Awlaki, and finally al- Baghdadi. The logical chain of the leaders in space and time leads you to other terrorist groups: Taliban, Hamas, Boko Haram, Hezbollah, Al-Qaeda, and ISIS are just some of the many other names under Soviet supervision. Read more:

The second factor not widely known was Stalin’s obsession with chess-play, yet it was a long-term fixation up to the end of his life. Thought Stalin was very anti-Semitic, and most good chess players in Russia were Jews, nothing prevented him from being an obsessive chess player. He established the secret program offering  sophisticated psychological methods of thinking within his cadres and intelligence apparatus: “Few people will know the role of chess played in Soviet strategic thinking and the various programs that the USSR establish to train its military and intelligence elites in the art of Zevsebia or chess-think. Chess-think was for the USSR what game theory was for the U.S. during the Cold War, but the Soviets went further than the Americans in making chess-think second nature to their cadres.

“According to Soviet documents declassified in 2004, the first Zevsebia program was initiated in 1932 when Stalin, an obsessive chess player, put the man who would later head the NKVD (KGB) Beria in charge of running the program.” This marks a tight connection of Russian intelligence and foreign policy. The program and its tactic were known only to those within intelligence community.

“The program was only offered however to a small number of top operatives that had the appropriate levels of mental and physical fitness to pass the rigorous training. In the KGB for example, only agents promoted to the prestigious X2, nicknamed the steel professors, were allowed to receive a Zevsebia training. The X2, as you might have expected, was Vladimir Putin’s old unit in the KGB. An even more interesting fact is that the six remaining Zevsebia graduates are all associated with Putin’s inner policy circles, as former Kremlin insider Yuri Nodov revealed in his critical but obscure 2008 book ‘The Circle’.”

The author Karl reMarks also gives us an example of a current event: “Russia’s incredibly quick response to John Kerry’s suggestion yesterday that Syria could avert a US strike if it handed its chemical weapons was a masterful tactical move by the Kremlin master.” Do you remember Obama’s Red Line for Assad? It was Putin’s trick that dismantled the Red Line instantly. “Many commentators have pointed that Putin’s quick thinking has offered a convenient solution for all involved, but few have recognized the role that chess played in this incident. Keen enthusiasts of the game will recognize that Putin’s proposal was a variation on the classic ‘Jabowntski sacrifice’, in which a functionally-degraded chess piece is sacrificed to create space for maneuver elsewhere. But that is only half the story.” The Incredible Story of How Putin Used Secret KGB Chess Tactics to Outwit the US, by Karl reMarks, Sept. 10, 2013. Read more: ​ 

The world is currently on fire, our planet is presently a powder keg, ready to blow up in any minute: nuclear and biological WMD or an electro-magnetic impulse. We are witnessing a mass murder on a global scale every day. Due to President Obama and our ill-informed social media that serves his Party, we are entering the point of no return. Socialism has become a legitimate ideology in America. Meanwhile the Republican establishment is timid and paralyzed for the last decades, reluctant to defend the morality of free market capitalism. They are out of touch A Paradox of Incompetence, accountable for not knowing the ideology of Soviet Fascism, which reigned abroad and domestically for the last several decades.

The time has come for America to negotiate from a position of strength and knowledge. Considering a shrinking economy in Russia, it is a predicament that forces Putin to talk now. Who is capable to negotiate with Putin from a position of power? Trump’s phenomena gives the answer. Trump is his own man and he is realistic about our challenges. There is nothing fake about Trump– he speaks the truth and by doing that he unifies the party. It was Obama’s policy that made Trump a common sense conservative. And as a result of the primaries in South Carolina today, Trump’s phenomena indicates awareness of who we are and the will of Our Founding Fathers—WE THE PEOPLE…

To learn more visit: .

Pensacola, Florida: ‘The City Of Five Flags’ Censors One of Its Flags

pensacola five flags flyingPensacola is named “The City Of Five Flags” out of respect to the five nations or governments that ruled here over this area in the course of our history.

The city of Pensacola chose this name to honor its historical significance but it is missing one very important flag. The Northern Virginia Battle Flag (Confederate flag). It is missing. MIA.

Perhaps the city of Pensacola has deemed the flag offensive because of liberal lies and false propaganda regarding its historical significance in Pensacola and across the southern United States.

The northern Federal aggression against the free states of the south that were trying to unshackle themselves from the Federal overreach into states rights initiated a movement to defend themselves much like you see today against Obama.

Americans are fighting hard today or their freedom from Federal intrusion into their lives.

Whether its the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) unconstitutionally controlling state lands in direct violation of Article 1, section 8, clause 17 of the US Constitution, or Obama- Romney care which violates your 4th, 5th, and 10th Amendment rights.

The list is endless. Why even Texas has even considered planning on seceding from the union.

So we had the civil war where the southern states tried to free themselves from the unconstitutional overreach of President Lincoln and his Federal forces, who then played the race card and invaded.

Many authorities on the Civil War asserted that the Southerners knew at the time that slavery was wrong, and would soon give it up. War was not necessary.

The civil war was not about slavery it was about unconstitutional over reach by the Federal government into states rights. The race card was used by Lincoln to justify his marshal law and all the assaults as he shredded the US Constitution much like Obama is today.

The southern states actively recruited black Americans to fight in the Confederate armies to defend the south from the attacking Federal (Union) armies.

It is true the Congress of the Confederate States of America did not authorize black-Americans to enlist into the Confederate army until General Order No. 14 was issued on March 23, 1865.

However, prior to March 1865, each state in the Confederacy was sovereign and independent; and Confederate Officers were enlisting blacks based on the Confederate legislation of their respective states.

The Confederate legislature of Tennessee passed a law allowing blacks to join the Confederate army between the ages of fifteen and fifty.

So the city of Pensacola and other government bodies across this nation are disrespecting the Northern Virginia Battle Flag and the military folks that died defending the 10th Amendment of the US Constitution based upon lies and propaganda spread by liberal – Communist race baiters.

We now have a government trying to censor a part of American history with even the removal of Confederate war monuments much like ISIS in Iraq is doing destroying historical artifacts in that country.

These are the same liberals, Communists, today who are trying to censor the Gadsden flag and the Nation of Islam led by Louis Farrakhan is even trying to ban the Stars and Stripes.

In the history of Pensacola Florida for many years, the flag flown over Pensacola to represent its past Confederate rule was the “Northern Virginia Battle Flag,” the design most commonly associated with the Confederacy.

So why now is this historical flag it missing from the line up as you enter the city of Pensacola?

I see the Spanish flag, called “The Naval ensign of Charles III”, Spain a nation that decimated and butchered the native people of South and Central America. President Andrew Jackson took care of the Spanish problem in Pensacola.

I see the British flag who tried to tax us and control us. We took care of the British when they tried to confiscate our guns. We soundly defeated them. This would be a good warning to others with the same design today.

I see the French flag which I believe should be totally white. Much more appropriate I think.

But in 2015 a lunatic left wing Marxist with a Rebel flag in his front yard shot up a black church in Charleston, SC. Very bad indeed but totally irrelevant to our past American history. The murderer as also wearing jeans in the picture. Perhaps we should ban those too. Racist jeans indeed.

Mayor of Pensacola Ashton Hayward

Mug shot of Mayor of Pensacola Ashton Hayward who was arrested three times on felony charges. Photo courtesy of

So the Mayor of Pensacola Ashton Hayward the politically correct three time felon, who in his liberal left wing mind set is censoring American history and decided to confiscate the Confederate flag and replace it with the Florida state flag.

This decision was political cowardice and a total censorship of American history. It disrespects the black and white members of the Confederate army that so bravely died trying to defend the south from northern Federal aggression.

The Federal government funded and created an army called the Union army to crush freedom south of the Mason Dixon line. All carried out under Lincoln, a President who shredded the US Constitution under a race card called slavery.

President Lincoln was not a great hero; he was an enemy of the U.S. Constitution controlled by the emerging bankers.

Many blacks fought hard in the south to stop the Union armies from burning their homes and killing their kin folk and taking southern states land. Slavery was a bad thing and of course it was not constitutional and an abuse of human right’s. Of course some black folks switched sides and also fought on the side of the Federal Union army. Such are the demographics of war when folks are trained to think a particular way. .

But with that said the Northern Virginia Army Battle Flag designed by William Porcher Miles did not fly to protect and defend slavery.

It flew to defend and protect the 10th Amendment of the US Constitution and it flew as a symbol of bravery to try and stop the aggressive and destructive Federal Lincoln army intent on destroying freedom in the south.

The Northern Virginia Battle flag needs to be returned to its flag pole in the city Pensacola. The City of Five Flags. Currently the City of politically correct Marxist censorship.

Ex-Gitmo Prisoner Arrested on Terror Charges

The recidivism rate of detainees is as high as 30%. Yet Tuesday, Obama said, ‘Keeping this facility open is contrary to our values.’ He laid out closure plans.

A former inmate of the Guantanamo detention camp (Gitmo) has been arrested with four other individuals by Spanish and Moroccan police on terrorism charges.

Police said that the four – three Spaniards and one Moroccan — were “willing to commit terrorist acts on Spanish soil.” Authorities also said that they were already in the process of procuring weapons and substances to make bombs.

The four are also suspected of recruiting for the Islamic State — particularly minors.

Police said of the former Gitmo-detainee, who was not named, “The fact that this leader was trained in handling weapons, explosives and in military tactics makes this cell particularly dangerous.”

The recidivism rate of former Gitmo-detainees is high. Senator John McCain, chair of the Senate Armed Services Committee, put the number at 30%, although other’s claimed it was lower.

According to a September 2014 report by the Office of the Director of National Intelligence, of the 620 detainees transferred out of Gitmo, 107 had been “confirmed of re-engaging” and 77 were “suspected of re-engaging” in terrorist or insurgent activities.

On Tuesday, February 23, 2016, U.S. President Barack Obama called for a closure of the facility. “This is about closing a chapter in our history. Keeping this facility open is contrary to our values. It undermines our standing in the world. It is viewed as a stain on our broader record of upholding the highest standards of rule of law,” the president said.

The following are notable detainees at Gitmo that have been recently freed:

  • Egyptian Tariq Mahmoud Ahmed al Sawah , one of al Qaeda’s most skilled explosives experts, was released in January 2016. Al Sawah was personally praised by Osama bin Laden, may have known of the original Sept. 11 plot and was the creator of the shoe-bomb with which a jihadi tried to down a commercial airplane in 2001.
  • Mohammad Al Rahman Al Shumrani, a 40-year old Saudi Arabian national, was released on January 11, 2016, even though he had vowed to kill “as many Americans as possible.” The previous August, he was listed as a “forever prisoner” – too dangerous to release.
  • Ibrahim Ahmed Mahmoud al Qosi was released from Gitmo and transferred to Sudan in July, 2012. In December, 2015, he appeared as a spokesman in a video for Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula.
  • The “Taliban Five,” all high-ranking members of the Afghan Taliban and considered “high risk” and dangerous by the U.S,  were released on June 1, 2014 in exchange for Bowe Bergdahl, a U.S. soldier who was later charged with desertion.


African human smugglers getting rich off money transferred from U.S.

Bill to Label CAIR, Brotherhood As Terror Org. Passes Committee

American Muslim Women Protest Obama’s Mosque Visit

Drs. Propose Female Genital Alteration as FGM ‘Compromise’

Dearborn Woman Charged With Faking Anti-Muslim Threat

EDITORS NOTE: The featured image is of the Guantanamo detention facility. Although some prisoners are kept in cells, others are described as living in ‘cottages.’ (Photo: Video screenshot)

U.S. Doctors Propose Female Genital ‘Alteration’ vs. ‘Mutilation’ as a ‘Compromise’

‘I am beyond horrified by [these] so called “ethicists” …There is NO compromise against the immorality and barbarism of FGM.’ — Dr. M. Zuhdi Jasser.

Writing in the British Journal of Medial Ethics, two U.S.-based doctors have proposed that as a “compromise solution,” it would be better to adopt a “more nuanced position” on Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) — one “that acknowledges a wide spectrum of procedures that alter female genitalia.”

The doctors think that the worldwide drive in recent years to completely eradicate the brutal practice, without allowing “minor” modifications is “culturally insensitive and supremacist and discriminatory towards women.”

They argue that criminalizing FGM in Western countries has pushed the practice underground in the U.K. and the U.S. and given rise to “vacation cutting,” a phenomena where girls are taken to their native countries during summer vacations for the harmful and traumatic procedure.

Doctors Kavita Shah Arora, director of quality, obstetrics and gynecology at the MetroHealth Medical Center in Cleveland and Dr. Allan Jacobs, professor of reproductive medicine at Stony Brook University, believe that minor alterations of the female genitalia do not “reach the threshold of a human rights violation” and should not be considered child abuse.

Although the doctors say that a “wide spectrum” of procedures that alter the female genitalia would be acceptable, they fail to delineate exactly what these alterations would entail, save for two specifically mentioned: a small cut to the external genitalia or the removal of the hood that covers the clitoris.

The faultiness of their arguments is many-fold. But first, let us own up to the facts.

FGM is a brutal, barbarian practice in which involves partial or complete removal of the external female genitalia, or other injury to the female genital organs for non-medical reasons.

FGM ranges from the removal of the clitoral hood, the partial or total removal of the clitoris, the removal of part or all of the exterior female genitalia including the labia minora and labia majora to the stitching or narrowing of the vaginal opening, leaving a small opening for urine and menstrual blood.

The procedure, in its worst cases, can also involve burning the tissue, scraping of tissue surrounding the vaginal orifice, cutting inside of the vagina itself or introduction of corrosive substances into the vagina for the purpose of tightening.

Horrific and permanent side effects are associated with FGM.

Every year, it is estimated that 3 million girls undergo FGM, with over 200 million women in over 30 countries estimated to have endured the procedure.

The doctor’s claim that mutilating babies, girls and young women is “culturally insensitive” and “discriminatory towards women” is outrageous, when considering that the “minor” alterations proposed are both traumatic and life-changing.

A simple medical search of the purpose of the clitoral hood – which the doctors blithely propose removing – shows that this part of the body not only has tremendous immunological importance to a woman’s body but also greatly contributes to a woman’s sexual pleasure, without which, sexual relations may be painful.

As for a “simple” nick, “it’s a lie for anyone who thinks that a nick will reduce the harm,” says Mariama Diallo, a counselor and  African community specialist at Sanctuary for Families, a New York–based gender violence nonprofit organizations. “The effect on the survivor is the same. The psychological effect is exactly the same.”

The doctor’s argument that the West’s criminalization of FGM has pushed it underground in Western countries is not a defensible claim. Worldwide efforts to completely eradicate FGM – by educating communities in Africa and the Middle East (where the great prevalence occurs) have made tremendous strides.

Changing attitudes in these Third World countries has a tremendous influence on their natives who have immigrated to the West. The combination of changed attitudes and criminalization can be a powerful deterrent to an immigrant family’s decision not to have their daughter cut.

Voicing the criticism of anti-FGM campaigners who have said that this proposal would undermine the international push to completely eradicate the practice, Diallo asks, “How can we end FGM by a nick?”

Writing on his Facebook page, Dr. M. Zuhdi Jasser says more bluntly, “Both as a bioethicist of 20 years and as a lifetime anti-Islamist Muslim dedicated to reform I am beyond horrified by the position of these so called “ethicists” based in the US (Cleveland and NYC). There is NO compromise against the immorality and barbarism of FGM. To give some utilitarian explanation or excuse gives the Islamist supremacists and theocrats a pass and sets the clock back hundreds of years upon the movement for women’s rights in Muslim communities.”

Meira Svirsky is the editor of


African human smugglers getting rich off money transferred from U.S.

Bill to Label CAIR, Brotherhood As Terror Org. Passes Committee

American Muslim Women Protest Obama’s Mosque Visit

Ex-Gitmo Prisoner Arrested on Terror Charges

Dearborn Woman Charged With Faking Anti-Muslim Threat

VIDEO: Understanding the Muslim Migration and Sharia

There is a mass migration from Islamic lands to Kafir lands. It is the mission of Islam to bring the Sharia into power, everywhere. There is an ethical divide between Islam and the hated Kafir civilization. It is the purpose of Sharia to dominate the Kafir civilization.

As Muslims immigrate, they immediately make Sharia demands. These demands are endless in details, but the process can take generations. We can see the centuries long transformation in the Middle East and Turkey which used to be Christian.

This does not mean that every Muslim takes part in the politics of Sharia, since only a few Islamic leaders are needed. The reason that Islam can win every attempt to advance Sharia is that Kafirs are tolerant of all demands and do not push back. So if our attitudes do not change, Kafir nations will become Sharia nations.


House panel OKs bill to call Muslim Brotherhood terror group

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The Sneaky Way Obama Administration Is Making It Look Like Fewer Illegal Immigrants Are Skipping Court Dates

Trump and the realities of WMD in Saddam Hussein’s Iraq

GOP Presidential front runner Donald Trump, following his South Carolina victory, was on Fox News Sunday, February 21, 2016 with Chris Wallace when the subject of the War in Iraq came up.  Trump contended it was a disaster.  He asserted that Jeb Bush finally admitted he never supported it and pointed towards the result, Iran taking over there.  Something he alleges he would stop if elected President.  Trump was on record in an interview with Howard Stern in September 2002 supporting the Iraq war, later questioning its cost. Wallace’s question was triggered by an exchange with Anderson Cooper of CNN during the South Carolina town hall on February 19th. His comment about WMD in Iraq caught a wave of attention. In the exchange with Cooper he said:

“There are a lot of people that think that – look, bottom line, there were no weapons of mass destruction, and there were none, and they knew there were none,” he added. “There were no weapons of mass destruction.”

Watch Trump’s interview with FoxNews’ Chris Wallace on this YouTube Video:

The Lisa Benson Show contested Trump’s assertion in posts on social media.  Host Benson pointed out the views of noted BioWarfare expert, Dr. Jill Bellamy in our first NER interview with her in December 2007 when we raised this issue. Here was our exchange with Bellamy:

GordonWe heard that some of the late Saddam Hussein’s Bio-warfare research and pathogens may have been transferred to Syria during Operation Enduring Freedom.  Is that accurate to your knowledge, and who facilitated the transfer? What types of bio-warfare agents and materials might have been transferred?

Bellamy: Yes. It is important to remember that the Iraqi programs were far more advanced at the time than what the Syrians had, and were developing.  The delivery of certain pathogens in a ‘weaponized’ form taught the Syrians new techniques they previously had not mastered. This is very problematic. I am less concerned about the types of pathogens or specific pathogens as these were available to Syria from other sources.  What Hussein’s transfer taught the Syrians was more sophisticated ways of weaponization and dispersal. I believe Russian special ops- their Spetsnaz teams – transported sections of the programs. Remember these are not MIRVed ICBM’s we are talking about – you don’t need to stockpile biological weapons. It is the quality of the pathogen and ‘weaponization’ or aerosolization, milling processes that count, not the quantity.  I don’t believe they moved some biological arsenals into the Baqaa Valley in Lebanon, perhaps sections of their chemical and nuclear weapons, but not the biological programs.  Those are much too sensitive to dump in the desert. They must be carefully maintained in a defense laboratory. If you take something like Botulism – one gram of crystalline Botulinium is estimated to kill about a million people if it were evenly dispersed – you don’t want to bury it out in the desert.

This writer and host Lisa Benson of the eponymous Radio Show on National Security later on Sunday, February 21, 2016 interviewed Ken Timmerman,  investigative journalist, President of  the Foundation for Democracy in Iran, author of New York Times best seller, Countdown to Crisis , Shadow Warriors and Dark Forces: The Truth About What Happened at Benghazi.  We brought up Trump’s assertions about Saddam Hussein’s WMD.

Timmerman said that Trump had erred by repeating “a massive media lie.” As evidence to support this he pointed out that evidence of WMD, especially chemical weapons had been uncovered in the opening stages of Operations Enduring Freedom.  Moreover, months before the March 2003 conflict with Saddam Hussein’s Iraq began; convoys of trucks were seen on satellite imagery crossing the frontier into Syria.  “We knew,” Timmerman said,” because none other than current Director of National Intelligence James Clapper,  formerly the director of the National Geospatial Intelligence Agency, said in 2003 that he believed materials had been moved out of Iraq in the months before the war and cited satellite imagery.” Further in 2008, NBC reported secret U.S. operation transferred to Canada more than  550 metric tons of “yellow cake” uranium discovered in Iraq that was to be used for higher grade  enrichment .  Good thing, because  if not transferred it might have ended up in the hands of ISIS courtesy of those former Ba’athist officers.  There was further corroboration of Timmerman’s rebuttal in a 2012 Daily Beast article on this question:

Former Iraqi General Sada asserted that Saddam’s chemical stockpile was lifted, in his book “Saddam’s Secrets” and summarized by Investor’s Business Daily:

As Sada told the New York Sun, two Iraqi Airways Boeings were converted to cargo planes by removing the seats, and special Republican Guard units loaded the planes with chemical weapons materials.

There were 56 flights disguised as a relief effort after a 2002 Syrian dam collapse.

The IBD article also mentions then Israeli General, now Defense Minister Yaalon’s assertions, and those of John Shaw regarding Russian assistance in the form of former KGB General Primakov:

There were also truck convoys into Syria. Sada’s comments came more than a month after Israel’s top general during Operation Iraqi Freedom, Moshe Ya’alon, told the Sun that Saddam “transferred the chemical agents from Iraq to Syria.”

According to Shaw, ex-Russian intelligence chief Yevgeni Primakov, a KGB general with long-standing ties to Saddam, went to Iraq in December 2002 and stayed until just before the U.S.-led invasion in March 2003.

Anticipating the invasion, his job was to supervise the removal of such weapons and erase as much evidence of Russian involvement as possible.

Timmerman also drew attention to Saddam Hussein era connections to ISIS’ use of chemical weapons in both Iraq and Syria against Kurdish Peshmerga and Syrian Kurdish YPG forces. Our colleague Ilana Freedman asserted that ISIS may have perpetrated the 2013 Sarin gas attack in a Damascus suburb killing over a thousand Syrian civilians.   Timmerman said that ISIS is a “blend of former Iraqi Ba’athist officers and Al Qaeda in Iraq Jihadists.” ‘Those former Ba’athist officers knew where those WMD caches were located in both Iraq and Syria”.

As to who may have perpetrated the media lie about there was no WMD in Iraq, Timmerman’s 2007 book, Shadow Warriors  (see pp. 285-286) suggests that it was the late Tyler Drumheller, former European division chief of the CIA’s Director of Operations, who went on 60 Minutes with the late Ed Bradley and lied about information obtained from a Saddam Hussein era, Foreign Minister, Naji Sabri.  Timmerman reported this exchange between Bradley and Drumheller:

Tyler Drumheller, a twenty-six year veteran of the Agency, has decided to do something CIA officials at his level almost never do: speak out,” intoned, Ed Bradley

And what did this high-level source tell them? Bradley wanted to know. “He told us that they had no active weapons of mass destruction program, “Drumheller said. Bush Lied, people died  [noted Timmerman].

Bradley wondered. “It directly contradicts what the president and his staff were telling us.”

No one cared about the facts, Drumheller said. “The policy was set. The War in Iraq was coming. And they were looking for intelligence to fit into the policy, to justify the policy.”

What might Trump say in response to GOP debate moderators on this assertion? Timmerman suggested that Trump might simply brush the controversy off by saying “I relied on what the media was saying at the time”.

EDITORS NOTE: This column originally appeared in the New English Review. The featured image is of Donald Trump with CNN’s Anderson Cooper, South Carolina Town hall, February 18, 2016.

Four Reasons You Can’t Afford to Miss Your Primary or Caucus

WASHINGTON, D.C. /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ — Super Tuesday, the biggest primary day of the election cycle, is around the corner. On March 1, 15 states will go to the polls to choose who they want to see on the November ballot. And after the primaries and caucuses that have already happened this year, it’s clear that every vote counts.

Learn if your state has primaries or caucuses and check out USAGov’s reasons to get involved:

  • Voting is your right. It sounds like a cliché, but it’s the most basic reason to vote. As a citizen, voting is your way of getting a say in the issues that your country faces and how to tackle them. Voting in your primary or caucus gives you the opportunity to choose the candidate who best represents your ideology and to do your part to get him or her on the ballot this November.
  • Your vote really matters. A handful of votes can swing a primary or election. Use your vote to voice your choice. Don’t let other people choose your next president for you. Look up your state’s primary or caucusand register to vote, if you haven’t already
  • Voting is fun! Researching candidates, learning about their plans and what they care about, watching debates, attending events–there are many things you can do to be part of election season. Whether you work at a poll during Election Day or volunteer at a campaign, make a plan to get involved.
  • Voting is rebellious and cool. Only 45 percent of voters under the age of 30 voted in the 2012 Presidential election. Young Americans can influence the direction of this country, but less than half of young voters are doing so. You know the issues you care about. Find out who represents them best and vote for that person, whether it’s for the local council, state capitol, Congress, or the White House.

Stay up-to-date with VoteUSA, USAGov’s yearlong effort to help Americans become more informed about the 2016 election. VoteUSA will also host regular Facebook Q&A sessions and Twitter events, as well as virtual office hours to answer your questions live. Don’t miss our Facebook Q&A on February 29 at 8:00 PM ET. Join the conversation using #VoteUSA or by following USAGov on Facebook and Twitter.


USAGov is a federal program that guides you to tips and tools in English and in Spanish from hundreds of government agencies, departments, and programs. We make it easier for you to find answers you can trust about government information and services–online, by phone, e-mail or chat, and in print.

Texas statewide poll shows Cruz leading Trump but not by enough to sweep on Super Tuesday

HOUSTON, Texas /PRNewswire/ — Statewide poll results published today by Houston Public Media and University of Houston Hobby Center for Public Policy show that U.S. Senator Ted Cruz has a 14-point lead overDonald Trump among registered Texas Republican voters who are likely to vote on Super Tuesday. Although Cruz is ahead in his home state, the poll indicates his lead is not enough to ensure the 50 percent vote margin he needs to capture all 155 Texas GOP delegates from Trump. With 19 percent of poll respondents still undecided, Cruz’s performance during Thursday night’s Republican Presidential Debate looms large since it is his last opportunity to sway Texas voters before the Super Tuesday primaries on March 1st.

“Winning isn’t the game; it’s about the number of delegates,” said Richard Murray, University of Houstonprofessor and co-director of the poll. “The Houston debate is a high stakes contest, especially for Cruz, who needs to win a large majority of delegates in his home state.”

What will voters be listening for during the presidential debate? Poll results show that Republican primary voters in Texas value honesty and trustworthiness (34.9 percent) and “someone who shares my values” (22.9 percent) far more than electability (13 percent) and experience (10.4 percent).

Anger at the way the federal government works is also a clear sentiment expressed in the poll by 77 percent of respondents. Even more revealing is that, among those Republicans surveyed, the blame for what’s wrong was not placed solely on the opposing party. Among poll respondents, 47.9 percent blamed both parties while 45.2 percent pointed to President Obama and the Democrats.

“Houston Public Media is working every day to keep voters informed of election developments,” said Lisa Trapani Shumate, associate vice president and general manager of Houston Public Media. “We are proud to partner with the experts at the University of Houston Hobby Center for Public Policy to provide this insightful data on the eve of the Republican debate.”

Poll results are based on 415 telephone interviews conducted randomly among statewide Republican registered voters who are likely to vote in the primary election. The 25-question poll, conducted Feb. 12-22, was developed and directed by political policy experts and co-directors Murray and Robert M. Stein, research associate at the Hobby Center for Public Policy. Two samples of eligible voters were used. The first sample included one group of registered voters who voted in one of three elections including the 2008 or 2012 Republican primary election or the 2015 general election. The second sample included all other registered voters.

Complete poll results and Texas primary news stories are available at

VIDEO: The Real Racists of America

Racism has become big politics in America and we call out some of the hate mongers doing harm to this nation!

EASY MEAT: The Muslims are ‘raping our daughters’

Peter McLoughlin has written a book titled “Easy Meat: Inside Britain’s Grooming Gang Scandal.” The book provides a detailed account of how the British media, law enforcement and government looked the other way while an estimated 1 million underage white girls were groomed, by gangs of Muslim men, for the pedophile sex trade over a period of 25 years.

This all happened because of the “sinister power of political correctness” because the victims “were mostly white schoolgirls” while their abusers were “almost entirely Muslims with darker skins. This meant the grooming gangs “could operate with impunity.

This human tragedy and the subsequent cover-up was “more thru omission than through commission.”

Gavin Boby, from the Law and Freedom Foundation, in the forward to the book  notes that, “Despite [Muslims] being only 5% of the [English] population. They work out that Muslims look to be 170 times likelier to do this [groom under-aged children for the sex trade] than non-Muslims… There’s not one case where the [under-aged] girl was a Muslim and the men [pedophile sex traffickers] non-Muslim.”

Boby states, “They’re raping our kids. We’re not raping their kids.”

In the introduction McLoughlin writes:

The sexual abuse of children takes different social forms: from sporadic child abductions, to organized child pornography rings, to abuse by parents or care-home staff. All of it is awful, and none of it should be ignored.

The phenomenon of gangs of [Muslim] men who loiter around schoolgirls, luring them into a life of addiction and prostitution is a distinct category of child sex abuse, but a category that the authorities in Britain have deliberately ignored for 25 years. They ignored it, despite it being clearly put on the national agenda as long ago as 2003, and being known as a local phenomenon in heavily islamized towns as long ago as the late 1980s.

If these groups of men had been white non-Muslims, then action would have been taken decades ago to eradicate the problem as soon as it was identified.

[ … ]

[F]or decades, gangs of [Muslim] men could hang around school gates with impunity. What principally protected these men was the colour of their skin.

With the migration of millions of Muslims to Europe we are seeing this phenomenon now called sexual jihad. The rape and abduction of under-aged girls and boys has become an epidemic.

This book is timely in that it shows that when a duly elected government ignores the rape of its children then citizens take up the fight to protect the most vulnerable.

What lead to this void in enforcing the law against pedophilia?

The government and law enforcement ignoring:

  1. Gangs of Muslim men hanging around school gates in cars.
  2. Schoolgirls contacting police and social services and telling them that they had been abused.
  3. Parents contacting police and social services with their fears and accumulated evidence.
  4. Extended families of Muslim men being associated with the child abuse.
  5. Schoolgirls being abducted or going missing for days on end.
  6. Stories of men luring girls with gifts, then turning them into addicts.
  7. Families having to abandon their daughters to stop the daughter luring other relatives into the clutches of the gangs.
  8. Connections between the grooming gangs and drug dealers.

If you don’t believe this is happening in the United States, think again.

According to the Federal Bureau of Investigation:

Human sex trafficking is the most common form of modern-day slavery. Estimates place the number of its domestic and international victims in the millions, mostly females and children enslaved in the commercial sex industry for little or no money. The terms human trafficking and sex slavery usually conjure up images of young girls beaten and abused in faraway places, like Eastern Europe, Asia, or Africa. Actually, human sex trafficking and sex slavery happen locally in cities and towns, both large and small, throughout the United States, right in citizens’ backyards.

Appreciating the magnitude of the problem requires first understanding what the issue is and what it is not. Additionally, people must be able to identify the victim in common trafficking situations.

[ … ]

Not only is human sex trafficking slavery but it is big business. It is the fastest-growing business of organized crime and the third-largest criminal enterprise in the world. The majority of sex trafficking is international, with victims taken from such places as South and Southeast Asia, the former Soviet Union, Central and South America, and other less developed areas and moved to more developed ones, including Asia, the Middle East, Western Europe, and North America.

Read more.

Easy Meat: Inside Britain’s Grooming Gang Scandal is a must read for every parent, grandparent, concerned citizen and elected official.

RELATED VIDEO: Inside Britain’s Grooming Gang Scandal


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