Biden Immigration Polices Impose Crushing Burden on Already-Strained Schools

$78 Billion Annual Cost for Limited-English Proficient Students Revealed in New Report by FAIR

Washington, D.C. — A new report by the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR) finds that one in ten students in our nation’s public schools are considered Limited English Proficient (LEP), requiring an annual expenditure of $78 billion to provide remedial English language instruction. Moreover, the surge of illegal migration instigated by Biden administration policies – including an unprecedented number of unaccompanied alien children (UACs) – is outpacing the nation’s education system’s ability to hire enough teachers qualified to meet the needs of LEP kids.

It’s also worth noting that due to an approximately two year delay in releasing official enrollment and detailed cost data in most states and school districts, the figures in this report are accurate as of the 2020 school year, and do not include education costs incurred by the millions of illegal aliens who have entered the country since President Biden took office. Because of this, the true cost today is almost certainly at least several billion dollars more than the estimates detailed in this report.

“By almost every metric, America’s education system is already failing our kids whose critical skills lag behind those of almost every one of our global competitors,” noted Dan Stein, president of FAIR. “Meanwhile, schools all across the country are being burdened with a surge of new non-English-speaking kids by Biden administration policies that virtually assure admission to UACs and anyone who enters illegally in the company of a minor.”

The report, The Elephant in the Classroom: Mass Immigration Imposing Colossal Cost and Challenges on Public Education, finds that there are currently only 370,000 teachers qualified to deal with the educational needs of LEP students, and that an additional 76,000 instructors will be needed over the next five years just to keep pace with the consequences of the Biden administration’s open border policies. Worse yet – for the children themselves and the future of our nation – only about 4 percent of LEP students are proficient in math by the time they complete 12th grade, and only about 3 percent are English proficient by the time they complete high school.

“As a nation, we are failing to adequately educate the next generation of workers and taxpayers – even those for whom English is their native tongue. At the same time, our immigration policies are adding millions of LEP students, whose academic prospects are even more abysmal. Under the Biden administration, our failing educational system is being asked to cope with our failed immigration policies, which is a recipe for disaster,” concluded Stein.

Among the key findings of The Elephant in the Classroom: Mass Immigration Imposing Colossal Cost and Challenges on Public Education:

  • 5.1 million students in American public schools were classified as LEP in 2020. That figure represents about 10 percent of all K-12 enrollment.
  • The additional cost to American taxpayer to educate LEP students is $78 billion a year, an increase of $18.8 billion just since 2016. This estimate does not include additional costs, like free or subsidized meals that they may qualify for.
  • All but 9 states now have more than 10,000 students designated as LEP, and 26 states have more than 50,000 LEP students. California and Texas now exceed 1 million LEP students.
  • The large influx of new illegal LEP students under the Biden administration amounts to an unfunded federal mandate on state and local governments. As a result of a narrow 1982 Supreme Court decision, all K-12 students must be provided a taxpayer-funded public education.

The full report, The Elephant in the Classroom: Mass Immigration Imposing Colossal Cost and Challenges on Public Education, can be found here.

Watch As Governor Ron DeSantis Takes On Woke ‘Corporatism’

The United States is a nation that has an economy, not the other way around, and our economy should be geared for helping our own people.” — Governor Ron DeSants (R-FL)

MIAMI, Florida — Speakers and attendees gathered at the National Conservatism conference this week for a series of panels and speeches discussing the movement’s objectives.

WATCH: Gov. Ron DeSantis’ “Florida is a Model for America” speech at NatCon3 in Miami, Florida.

National conservatives are less timid than establishment Republicans about using state power to go after big business and protect national interests:

they’re sharply critical of corporations, especially large tech companies they view as having an outsize role in controlling public speech and opinion and large corporations that promote left-wing ideology through employment practices and politically charged employee training.

Gov. Ron DeSantis, in his keynote address, drew a line between free enterprise and “corporatism”..

“Corporatism is not the same as free enterprise, and I think too many Republicans have viewed limited government to basically mean whatever is best for corporate America is how we want to do the economy,

My view is, obviously free enterprise is the best economic system, but that is a means to an end. It’s a means to having a good and fulfilling life and a prosperous society. It’s not an end in and of itself.”

Read the full article here.

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We Rejected The Elites’: DeSantis Touts Policy Victories In Fiery Speech

Gov. DeSantis is a hero, not a “Nazi”

Biden Regime Tells Underpaid U.S. Troops Struggling To Feed Their Families To Apply for Welfare While Giving Ukraine’s Military Billions

By their fruits you shall know them, and so we know the Democrats are the enemy of the people.

Pentagon to Troops: If We’re Not Paying You Enough to Feed Yourselves, Apply for Welfare

By Casey Harper, Western Journal, September 9, 2022:

The U.S. army is recommending soldiers apply for SNAP benefits, also known as food stamps, to help cover their rising costs from inflation.

The U.S. Army cites the higher prices on a range of goods because of inflation in its recently released official guidance.

“With inflation affecting everything from gas prices to groceries to rent, some Soldiers and their families are finding it harder to get by on the budgets they’ve set and used before,” the guidance written by Sgt. Maj. of the Army Michael A. Grinston reads.
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“Soldiers of all ranks can seek guidance, assistance, and advice through the Army’s Financial Readiness Program.”

The guidance points soldiers to the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program and links them to the federal welfare program’s website.
Brian Stelter’s New Gig After Getting Dumped by CNN Shows Exactly Why We’re in This Mess

“SNAP is a U.S. government program that provides benefits to eligible low-income individuals and families via an electronic benefits transfer card that can be used like a debit card to purchase eligible food in authorized retail food stores. Service members and their families may be eligible,” the Army guidance reads.

“To determine qualification, visit the SNAP website or call the SNAP information line at 800-221-5689.”
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Food insecurity for troops is not a new problem, but the recent surge in inflation has put service members in an even tougher situation.

“Based on the Pentagon’s own data, 24% of enlisted personnel are food insecure,” said Mackenzie Eaglen, an analyst at the American Enterprise Institute.

“While food stamps are a Band-Aid, they’re also an admission that basic pay for enlisted troops and their families is too low — further exacerbated by unyielding inflation causing paychecks to shrink more.”

Federal inflation data released in August shows that food prices have risen at the fastest rate since the 1970s.

“The food index increased 10.9 percent over the last year, the largest 12-month increase since the period ending May 1979,” according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.
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“The food at home index rose 13.1 percent over the last 12 months, the largest 12-month increase since the period ending March 1979,” BLS said. “The index for other food at home rose 15.8 percent and the index for cereals and bakery products increased 15.0 percent over the year.

“The remaining major grocery store food groups posted increases ranging from 9.3 percent (fruits and vegetables) to 14.9 percent (dairy and related products).”


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The Abyss Beyond Genocide: Eradication of Humanity Itself

The killing of our offspring is far worse than genocide.

The word “genocide” is rooted in the Shoah. A Polish Jew named Raphael Lemkin (1900-1959) first used it in 1944 as a way to describe the systematic murder of European Jewry by the National Socialists.

Lemkin’s concept of the slaughter of a people — although greatly informed by the Armenian Genocide during the First World War — later underpinned the prosecution of Nazi wartime officials at Nuremberg in the early postwar period. The Shoah, indeed genocide in general, is a crime so heinous and big that it a new term was required to name it.

Even today, although we know that “genocide” means the attempt to erase an ethnic, racial, religious, or other group from the face of the earth, we struggle to understand the viciousness of those who carried out the Shoah, the most hateful genocide. By the same measure, we struggle to understand those who, since then, have continued to seek the extermination of their fellow human beings.

In this, we share an affinity with Raphael Lemkin. What is often forgotten about Lemkin is that he spent his life after World War II trying to come to grips with the scope of the crime he had uncovered.

Perennial scourge

The 1948 United Nations Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide was an important part of Lemkin’s legacy, to be sure. But Lemkin seemed to understand that the political machinery of the world was lagging far behind the ingenuity which humans were deploying in terrorising one another. There is just too much industrial-scale murder in the world for any political institution to contain. (This is especially true since governments themselves are almost always the authors of genocides.)

And “genocide” can be applied retroactively, too. Today one often hears the term used to describe the campaigns carried out against native peoples in North and South America, or even the putting to the sword of Carthaginians by Roman invaders in 146 BC. Lemkin didn’t include either of these under the category of genocide, or any of the other examples from history of one people’s massacring another, but he did understand that wherever there are weak and vulnerable people, there will always be those who will try to prey upon them.

It was with Raphael Lemkin and his extraordinarily brave and prescient work in mind that I listened recently to a speech given by Shoah survivor Vera Sharav. Speaking on the seventy-fifth anniversary of the enacting of the Nuremberg Code (against forced human experimentation of any kind), Sharav issued this clarion warning:

The real viral disease that infected Nazi Germany is Eugenics. Eugenics is the elitist ideology at the root of all genocides. [… Eugenicists] legitimize discrimination, apartheid, sterilization, euthanasia, and genocide. The Nazis called it “ethnic cleansing” — for the protection of the gene pool.

Medicine was perverted from its healing mission & was weaponized. First, it was to control reproduction through forced sterilization; then it was to eliminate those deemed to be “sub-human” — Untermenschen.

The first victims of medical murder were 1,000 German disabled infants and toddlers. This murderous operation was expanded to an estimated 10,000 children up to age 17. The next victims were the mentally ill; they were followed by the elderly in nursing homes. All of these human beings were condemned as “worthless eaters”.

[… D]esignated hospitals became killing stations where various extermination methods were tested — including Zy[k]lon B — the gas that was used in the death camps.

Sharav was speaking about the current covid- and vaccine-related conscience crisis in the world, but I think much of what she said can be understood to apply to a very different kind of dehumanisation campaign: abortion. At the same time, Sharav’s powerful words highlighted for me an unease that I have increasingly been feeling over the extension of the word “genocide” to describe abortion, the biggest and most sustained slaughter in all the dark annals of human history.

Abortion, bigger than genocide, aimed at the human race itself

According to the Guttmacher Institute, roughly 121 million unintended pregnancies occurred worldwide each year between 2015 and 2019. Of these unintended pregnancies, 61 percent ended in abortion. This translates to 73 million abortions per year, and implies that in 13 years, there are 1 billion abortions. Another article from The Lancet in 2016, which is much more statistical, suggests that there are 1 billion abortions every 20 years, globally.

That means, in the 50 years since countries began legalising abortion, at least 2 billion preborn children (and, yes, sometimes just-born infants) have been dismembered by abortionists.

Some call this mass killing a genocide, but I am not so sure. What makes this different from the Shoah and other genocides is not a question of numbers. The dignity of human beings cannot be tallied up in numerals and tables. What makes the slaughter of the children different is the intent behind it.

Genocide is the deliberate targeting of a group because of some characteristic — real or imagined — which that group embodies and which the genocidal party would destroy. Jew, Armenian, kulak, Tutsi, intellectual, bourgeois, landlord — these and countless other attributes have been used as markers for those whom the genocidal seek to eliminate.

Abortion is not quite like this. True, in India, China, and many other places where male children are preferred over females, daughters are killed off in the womb at much higher rates than sons. “Gendercide” is the name often used to describe this targeted culling of a certain group of people. And in many countries around the world, Down Syndrome babies, and babies with other congenital conditions, have virtually disappeared. They have almost all been killed in utero, another example showing the deep eugenicist influence in the abortion trade.

But the above examples, while heart-breaking, remain the exception. In general, abortion is not performed because the child in the womb is female, or disabled, or of a certain ethnic group, or a member of a certain religious or social category. In general, babies are aborted because they are human beings, and young human beings are burdens which adult human beings do not wish to bear. The rationale behind abortion is humanity itself.

I do not know if even Raphael Lemkin saw this deeply into the genocidal abyss. I do not know if even Vera Sharav, Shoah survivor and tireless human rights campaigner, can frame in words the darkness which has erased perhaps two billion of our brothers and sisters from the human race, and done so for no reason but that they are human.

In struggling to fix a name to this unthinkable reality, I have begun to think of it as “sapiens eradication,” the attempt — soul by soul, mother by child — to do away with Homo sapiens in our entirety. This is not genocide. This is not killing this group, or that. This is the termination of our whole human family. The world waits for a new Raphael Lemkin to tell us what this horror is. Perhaps in naming it we will finally, as we do now with genocide, and in the name of all humanity, be able to mount a campaign against it.


Jason Morgan is associate professor at Reitaku University in Kashiwa, Japan. More by Jason Morgan

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Climate Change and the Globalist Agenda

‘Climate Change’, originally called ‘Global Warming’, seems to be the ‘topic du jour’ in today’s news. Every day, some portion of the MSM news carries one or more segments dedicated to the continuation of the fear-mongering connected to “Climate Change”.

Some part of these segments offer ‘science pundits’, whom I would hardly consider to be experts (consider Greta Thunberg) in climate and weather patterns, who offer what they call ‘scientific proof’ of the causes and dangers of climate change and freely provide glimpses into the future they say will result from ‘Climate Change’.

God’s Creation Provided a Perfect Environment

When God was working on the earth’s renovation, He clearly stated thus: And God said, Let there be a *firmament in the midst of the waters, and let it divide the waters from the waters. And God made the firmament, and divided the waters which were under the firmament from the waters which were above the firmament: and it was so. And God called the firmament Heaven” (Genesis 1:6-8 KJV).

The word ‘firmament’ is the Hebrew word Raqiya, pronounced raw-kee’-ah, (Strong’s 7549) and it means ‘an expanse’, or as we would call it, heaven, or ‘the heavens’. Notice that the *firmament, or the ‘expanse’, was placed by God “in the midst of the waters”.  *How did God create a ‘firmament’ “in the midst” of the waters that covered the entire earth? Just as He did with all the other things He created, He ‘spoke it into existence’, indicating that there was no ’firmament/expanse (breathable air)” before He spoke. In His wisdom, and His love for the man that He would create in a few days, He made sure there was air to breathe ahead of time.

The waters mentioned in Genesis 1:2 and 1:6 were in total darkness and covered the earth when God began His recreation, but when He spoke, the waters ‘separated’ into the waters ‘above the firmament’ (the expanse) and those ‘under the firmament’ (the expanse). This expanse is the place we see as we look upward above the earth from the horizon all the way to the lights (stars and moon) we see above and it includes the air we breathe on the surface of the earth.

The waters ‘under the firmament’, God further separated into the seas (Genesis 1:9-10 KJV) causing the dry land to appear.

I have heard it explained that the waters above the firmament formed a complete ‘spherical shield’ at some distance above the earth, and the shield, besides protecting all life from the dangerous rays of the sun, also dispersed the light from the sun and the moon so perfectly proportionate over the entire earth that there was little to no deviation in temperature anywhere on the planet. This thought makes perfect sense due to the spherical shape of the earth and the harmful rays of the radiation from the sun would have been rendered harmless due to the filtering action of the waters above the firmament and the air would have been heated equally all over the planet. Such a light dispersion would likely have made the entire planet a perfect environment for all living creatures.

The ‘firmaments’ described in the Book of Genesis gives us a little insight into the perfect environment given to the human race.

Climate Change on a Cursed Earth

If real, we should assume that this perfect environment lasted until the flood of Noah, detailed in Genesis 6 and 7 KJV. We are told that God “saw “that the wickedness of man was great in the earth, and that every imagination of the thoughts of his heart was only evil continually”. As a result of the sinful condition of mankind, God decided to destroy all mankind and animals from the earth. So in effect the sins of man were the cause of the flood that totally destroyed the perfect environment that man had inherited.

“But Noah Found Grace in the Eyes of the Lord”

God, in His great mercy, having found in Noah, a man who was perfect in his ’generations’ instructed him (Genesis 6:13-22 KJV) to build an ark to God’s perfect dimensions and equip it to last through the coming flood.

After this God again spoke: “And the Lord said unto Noah, Come thou and all thy house into the ark; for thee have I seen righteous before me in this generation. Of every clean beast thou shalt take to thee by sevens, the male and his female: and of beasts that are not clean by two, the male and his female. Of fowls also of the air by sevens, the male and the female; to keep seed alive upon the face of all the earth. For yet seven days, and I will cause it to rain upon the earth forty days and forty nights; and every living substance that I have made will I destroy from off the face of the earth. And Noah did according unto all that the Lord commanded him”.

Climate Change After the Flood

After Noah and his family were entered into the ark we are told that “the fountains of the great deep” were ‘broken up’” and the “windows of heaven” were opened allowing the waters that God had separated under and above the firmament to drop onto the earth thereby destroying all life on earth except those who were sealed into the ark.

We are not told anywhere in the Bible that those waters were returned to their previous place and that begs a question: If the waters “above the firmament” which were placed there to provide a perfect environment for all earthly creatures did not return to their original place, could this not have had a serious impact on the climate of the whole earth?

No one alive today knows just how perfect and beautiful the earth was when God finished His (Re)creation, detailed in Genesis 1-2. For those who are believers in Jesus Christ as the Messiah, the Saviour of the world, the knowledge we now have of what once was a perfect environment, knowledge gleaned from from reading, studying and understanding God’s word, is as close as we will get to experiencing it in this cursed world on a cursed earth.

He clearly had all things totally under His control and had not sin entered, all things would still be under control; Climate Change, other than the normal temperature changes we see in the seasons now would not exist.

The Current State of Climate Change

Mankind has existed in a state of rebelliousness since sin first entered; being cast out of the Garden of Eden was due to the rebellious nature that caused Eve, then Adam, to listen to a snake, a mouthpiece for Satan, known nowadays as a “politician”, rather than to the words of God. When they ‘knew good and evil” after eating the forbidden fruit, that rebellious nature overcame any control that God had over them and they had to depart from His perfect place to live on their own, from the place of perfection to a much more hostile environment. It became ever more hostile when the authority over that environment was handed over to Satan. Had it not been for God’s extraordinary mercy and grace, mankind would not have survived to this day.

Man had been given enough of God’s nature to want to improve his lot and change the curse into a blessing, all on his own, and he has been trying to make that work ever since, mostly without much success.

Reading through the Book of Genesis, again, I was struck by the chronological order of God’s recreation. The various stars, moon and sun, all the animals, all the vegetation, all the fish and creeping things were made in the first five days and, on the last day of His work, God created man, afterward, placing him in the midst of His perfect environment.

Knowing as I do that God’s timing is always perfect, and His manner of, and reason for, doing things is also perfect, it occurred to me that He finished all His creation BEFORE He made man.  Personally, I believe He did this knowing that, had he created the man first, the man would have insisted on “helping God” with the rest of His creation, and that would have been an utter disaster. God didn’t need man’s help to accomplish any of His creation and He doesn’t need it now.  What God truly desires is for man to acknowledge what God has done and give HIM all the glory for it, refusing to take any for himself.

But man being the consummate rebel, who insists that he can do what God has done, wants to be equal with the Creator, seemingly believing that he can do it better, even to the point of denying God’s very existence. Until he realizes that, any effort on the part of any man to “take over God’s authority and improve on God’s work” is futile, and only makes everything worse, climate change will not get better.

Frank Sinatra, the late singer/actor, recorded a hit song in 1968 titled “My Way”. Paul Anka, another star singer/songwriter of that time, who was a huge fan of Sinatra, wrote the lyrics to the song as a kind of tribute to Sinatra who was known to have lived his life doing it “his way”. In essence, the song is more of a tribute to man’s pride and defiance against any control over his life. Most of the musical critics who have studied both Sinatra and that song, consider it to be a “self-determination anthem”. Man’s refusal to follow the explicit instructions of His creator, and determine his own pathway was possibly the worst decision ever made and all men are still paying the price for it.

Climate Change and the Globalists Agenda of “World Control”

Then U.S. Vice President Lyndon B. Johnson, *addressing graduates at Southwest Texas State University in May 1962, stated that the US Congress was considering the possibility of launching “weather satellites”  that could potentially determine the world’s cloud layers and eventually, the weather. He stated, “And he who controls the weather, controls the world”.

The idea of having the ability to determine the weather in any given area, thus producing drought, flood or any of a variety of adverse weather conditions seemed rather far-fetched, in the 1960s but NOW, through geo-engineering, we are seeing that very phenomenon on a daily basis.  All one needs to do is gaze at the sky on any given day to see the proof of these weather control chem trails and then watch the daily news of torrential rains that produce 100, or 500 year floods, or witness scorching heat in many areas that dry up the ground and all rivers, streams and lakes, torching millions of acres of forests, creating the inevitability of landslides and mudslides in mountainous areas and and making the production of crops in farming areas nearly impossible.

Johnson who became POTUS after the 1963 assassination of President John F Kenney President Lyndon B. Johnson would go on to authorize ‘weather warfare’ over Vietnam.

Operation Popeye  first came to public light in March 1971, when reporter and newspaper columnist, Jack Anderson, published a story based on a secret 1967 memo from the Joint Chiefs of Staff to President Johnson. The memo read:

“Laos operations – Continue as at present plus Pop Eye to reduce the trafficability [sic] along infiltration routes & Authorization requested to implement operational phase of weather modification process previously successfully tested and evaluated in some area”.  (US Senate, Subcommittee on Oceans and International Environment; 26 July 1972; p. 5).

The far-fetched idea of ‘weather control’ actually became reality during the Vietnam war in 1967 on a top secret basis with ‘Operation Popeye’ using the rather antiquated process of dropping silver iodide and lead iodide into cloud formations over Laos to increase the rain potential from them. The excessive rain made it difficult for the enemy forces to move men and equipment from one location to another, making it “weather warfare”. VP Johnson announced the intention of  using weather control in 1962 and approved its use as POTUS several years later.

‘Weather Control’ Which Equals Climate Change Today

Fast forward to the present and witness the utter devastation seen from weather modification/geoengineering producing some of the strangest weather ever seen on earth, especially over the west coast of the US and the midwestern states of the US where massive amounts of food products are normally grown, feeding millions of Americans as well as millions of others around the world.

The proof of the success of geoengineering and weather modification/control must have the world’s elite globalists leaping with joy as they now see the possibility of world domination coming to fruition.

There is always the danger of being deceived into believing lies when the truth is right in front of us. The globalists have been working their deception agenda for many decades and have been successful in bringing into their fold many who are in positions of power in various governments, corporations academia and the entertainment arenas. For the most part, there people see themselves as ‘influencers’ over the minds and thoughts of ordinary people, many of who have been deceived and are fully convinced that the weather patterns we now see are the result of man’s current actions, and the production of carbon dioxide, and who will willingly follow all the mandates of these evil globalists.

We ae living in the days spoken of by Paul the Apostle who said, But evil men and seducers shall wax worse and worse, deceiving, and being deceived”. While multitudes now believe the world should ‘transition to ‘clean/green energy’, reducing our demand on fossil fuels, they are becoming willing and useful idiots for Satan’s depopulation plans.

But the truth is that the weather patterns we see, and yes, they Are indeed unusual and strange, so was the flood of Noah, causes entirely by man’s sin and denial of God’s authority that reduced the population of the world to eight human beings.

Man’s own actions, having nothing to do with carbon dioxide production and pollution, but rather being caused by his own sinful nature and denial of God has now created the environment we are forced to live with, at least until the Lord returns to establish a righteous kingdom over the earth.

Unless a miracle occurs that would stop all geoengineering and further attempts at weather control, millions of people worldwide will die from starvation, floods and storms. Since those who espouse the use of any means necessary to further their satanic grab for world power and their ultimate goal total control over the world’s population have already stated that the world is overpopulated and that seven plus billions of ‘useless eaters’ must be eliminated, it might be wise to take them and their agenda at face value.

If the Church cannot get its act together and reach out to God, praying for that miracle, the only option left is to prepare as much as possible for the coming devastation and chaos that will surely result from man’s insane desire to do things “his way”.

Maranatha……and Blessings!

©Bud Hancock. All rights reserved.

Dem Johnson: Parents at School Board Mtgs Are a ‘Coordinated Attack’ ‘Just Like’ Jan. 6 Rioters

At a House Judiciary Committee meeting on Wednesday, smear merchant Rep. Hank Johnson (D-GA), best-known for his lunatic concern that too many troops stationed on Guam would cause the island to tip over, smeared parents at school board meetings as the equivalent of the “MAGA Republicans” who entered the U.S. Capitol on January 6.

“January 6 2021, will never be forgotten, an infamous day in American history. MAGA Republicans descended upon the Capitol, engaged in an insurrection,” Johnson lied. There was no insurrection.

“They occupied the Capitol. Five people were killed, hundreds injured, including hundreds of Capitol Hill police officers attacked and bludgeoned. It was a day that we’ll never forget,” Johnson continued.

Every bit of that statement is a lie too. Fact checks: 1) the only person killed that day was an unarmed Trump supporter shot dead by Capitol police; and 2) hundreds of Capitol Hill police officers were not attacked and bludgeoned.

Johnson went on to compare parents who protested school board meetings to the Capitol rioters.

“And people on the local level at affected school board meetings, they won’t forget the MAGA Republicans descending on their school board meetings after January 6. Like January 6, disrupting meetings,” Johnson said. “It was a quote coordinated attack happening across the country Americans won’t forget about it.”

Another lie: there was no “coordinated attack” on school boards. Parents across the country were legitimately, spontaneously outraged at the discovery that their children were being indoctrinated by a progressive educational agenda including the divisive racism of Critical Race Theory — an indoctrination Johnson supports.

Johnson also referred to a letter the National School Boards Association sent to the Biden administration demanding federal law enforcement’s help for the protesting parents, whom they smeared as “domestic terrorists.” The Department of Justice subsequently opened an investigation into those parents. Johnson supports treating these parents as domestic terror threats.

Johnson and his fellow Democrats are liars who will stop at nothing to seize and consolidate totalitarian power, including demonizing concerned parents as terrorist threats. Hank Johnson and his ilk are the true enemies of democracy.

Hank Johnson Jr.

36 Known Connections

In a January 1, 2019 speech at a Baptist church in Atlanta, Johnson likened President Donald Trump to Adolf Hitler. Among his remarks were the following:

  • “Much like how Hitler took over the Nazi party, Trump has taken over the Republican Party.”
  • “Hitler was accepting of violence towards the achievement of political objectives. Trump encouraged violence against protesters at his rallies.”
  • “Americans, particularly black Americans, can’t afford to make that same mistake about the harm that could be done by a man named Hitler or a man named Trump.”
  • “Americans elected an authoritarian, an anti-immigrant, racist strongman to the nation’s highest office. Donald Trump and his ‘Make America Great Again’ followers…want to return American back to a time where white men and white privilege were unchallenged, and where minorities and women were in their place.”

To learn more about Hank Johnson, click here.

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VIDEO: Why Boys, Young Men and Men Need and Crave to be held Responsible

Recently we did a column about a discussion on the September 9th, 2022 edition of “Real Time” with Bill Maher and his guests Scott Galloway and Matt Welch. The topic was “Why are men in crisis?”

We wrote,

What Bill, and his guests are discussing, in our opinion, are symptoms of and not the fundamental cause of why men are in a crisis.

They talk about getting a college degree, online dating, men living in basements, male unemployment and male violence but they are missing the big picture.

QUESTION: What is the cause of the male crisis?

ANSWER: The war on masculinity!

Today men are ridiculed for being men. Men parade in gay pride events dressed as women, go to public schools dressed as transgenders and read books to little boys, and little girls, about having sex will other transgenders or bisexual men. Today men who compete as women in sports are idolized by the media, while real men are silenced for fear of being labeled “homophobic.”

Men are now fired from schools, universities, companies and even discharged from our military for not using a collogues’ “preferred pronoun.”

In a new video John Stossel interviews Jordan Peterson on why boys, young men and men need and crave to be held responsible.


As Stossel pointed out protesters tried to shout Dr. Peterson down, but they failed. Now millions buy his books about finding meaning in the ideal of male responsibility.

We fully agree with Dr. Jordan Peterson, males must be taught responsibility and, from boys to men, they must be held accountable for their individual actions.

No more fixing blame, let’s fix the problem—male responsibility.

The Bottom Line

Since the 1960s feminists movement  there has been a war against all males. A war against masculinity. A war of the role of manliness in sports, in society, in culture and in woke universities, colleges, public schools, corporations, in films, books, on social media and the legacy media.

The intent is emasculate our men to further the myths of diversity, equity and inclusion.

Our men are being sacrificed on the alters of diversity, equity and inclusion to further the goal that only government can determine who is a man and who is a woman.

The war on masculinity is part of the agenda of the LGBTQ+ community from K-16 and beyond. From sissy men playing in girls sports to men sodomized culturally, emotionally and physically at a very very young age.

It is time for all men to embrace Humility, Admiration, Forgiveness, Zeal, Generosity, Asceticism, and Chastity.

It is time for men to stand up against the forces of evil and regain their masculinity.

If not Western Civilization as we know it will be fundamentally transformed into a living hell on earth.

©Dr. Rich Swier. All rights reserved

Please read our “Sissy Watch” columns to understand.

A Californian Speaks out as Governor Ron DeSantis Sends 50 Illegals to Martha’s Vineyard

A reader who has a friend living in California sent us the below which was posted by Renee who is the Oklahoma Connecting Consciousness USA coordinator about Governor DeSantis who is doing very well in the Sunshine State and beyond.

Renee’s comments come as The Cape Cod Times’ Gwenn Friss in a September 14th, 2022 article titled Unexpected arrival: 50 migrants flown to Martha’s Vineyard, DeSantis takes credit reported,

A receptionist at Martha’s Vineyard Community Services looked up late Wednesday afternoon to find a group of 50 people – men, women and children – standing in the center’s parking lot.

[ … ]

The migrants thought to be from Venezuela were flown by a chartered aircraft from Florida and/or Texas. reported that Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis sent two planes full of migrants to Martha’s Vineyard as part of his “promise to drop off undocumented migrants in progressive states.”

Read the full article.

We pass it along as it is most interesting.

Pay Attention to Oklahoma!

Oklahoma is the only state where neither Obama nor Biden won even one county in the last election.

WHILE EVERYONE IS focusing on Arizona, Georgia, and Texas’ new laws, LOOK what Oklahoma has been doing!

Oklahoma has passed a law in the state to: “incarcerate all illegal immigrants, and ship them back to where they came from unless they want to get a green card and become an American citizen”.

All the illegals literally scattered! HB 1804.

This was against the advice of the Federal Government, and the ACLU. They said it would be a mistake. Guess what… Oklahoma did it anyway.

Recently Oklahoma passed a law to include DNA samples from any and all illegal’s to the Oklahoma database, for criminal investigative, purposes. Pelosi said it was unconstitutional SB 1102

Guess what… Oklahoma did it anyway.

Few realize that several weeks ago, we again, passed a law declaring Oklahoma a Sovereign state, not under the Federal Government directives joining Texas, Montana, and Utah as the only states (so far) to do so.

MORE STATES are now likely to follow: Louisiana, Alabama, Georgia, Carolina’s, Tennessee, Kentucky, Missouri, Arkansas, West Virginia, Mississippi and Florida.

Save your confederate money, folks, it appears the South is about to rise again! HJR 1003

Your federal Government has made bold steps to take away our guns. Oklahoma, a week ago, passed a law confirming people in this state have the right to bear arms and transport them in their vehicles. That’s a setback for criminals, and The Liberals didn’t like it, BUT… Oklahoma did it anyway.

Just this month, Oklahoma has voted and passed a law that ALL drivers’ license exams will be printed in English, and only English, and no other language. They have been called racist for doing this, but the fact is that ALL of the road signs are in English only. If you want to drive in Oklahoma, you must read and write English. Really simple, folks.

By the way, the Liberals don’t like any of this either. Oklahoma is doing it anyway.

And guess what… the people I’m sending this to, will send it on. Well, at least the ones who love and believe in freedom will! For those who have fought for it, freedom has a taste the protected will never know.


©Oklahoma Connecting Consciousness USA. All rights reserved.

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The New York Time’s ‘Twilight Zone’ Continues!

Good day Joey Kahn,

I hope today finds you well at your desk as the executive editor of the iconic tabloid, The NY Times. I see that Joey Robinette is stomping across swing states before the midterms, using his usual Kennedy like eloquence at the podium. I know you must be in awe, as I am Kahny. I see that his mastery of elocution is rubbing off on his press secretary KJ Pierre. She has also been knocking it out of the park with her lightning like responses during her daily Q&A’s. As usual those radical right wingers are having none of it, criticizing these oratory icons, at every chance they get. Let’s try and see where they come up with these outrageous claims of incompetence.

Biden’s Unifying (Satanic) Speech

Let’s start with that brilliant unifying speech a few weeks ago by Joey Robinette. Wow, ole Joe knocked it out of the park with that one—don’t ya think Kahny? Well those darn conservatives were besides themselves, trying to rain on little Joey’s parade.

Conservatives think that possibly Beijing Biden has lost what is left of his mentally addled brain. They felt that the backdrop of this satanic and divisive “unifying” speech—would be more appropriate at a Metallica or Ozzy Osborne concert. I mean with the blood red lighting, marines standing at their posts, behind the Supreme Houseplant-in-Chief. All that was missing was Chardonnay Pelosi flying around on her broom with a trail of smoke.

The Fourth Reich

Then there he was, his fist raised in the air—condemning MAGA’s 13 times in his 24 minute rant. All that was missing was the little mustache and armband. He already has the Gestapo with Merrick Garland; his Minster of propaganda with Mini-Me Pierre (though she is no Joseph Goebbels Psaki…..more on Mini-Me later); Stacey Abrams could fill in as Goering, and Heels Up Harris could fill in as Rudolf Hess— as he was useless to anyone, sort of like the Border Czar is in the present day.

Well, Mein Fuhrer Biden ranted about threats to Democracy, that these people who want to make America great again pose. I always thought that making America great again was a good thing Kahny? I guess I need to take a CRT correspondence course to really grasp what Bidenflation is talking about. Maybe I could attend a BLM (building larger mansions) rally; I just have to wait until a conservative is back in office for that. Apparently, there hasn’t been any racial injustices since Mein Fuhrer was installed. Or possibly, inflation has hit Georgie Soros’ pocketbook hard to fund these protests—we all have to make sacrifices during these inflationary times.

A Couple of Minor Details left Out

Conservatives point out one thing though. It seems Mein Fuhrer, failed to mention a couple of things about the state of the country. Namely, inflation crippling middle and lower class families, with credit card debt at record highs, and approximately 35% not able to buy the basic necessities. You know food, shelter, healthcare, gas—those pesky little things Mein Fuhrer failed to mention.

Gas still over 40% higher since the Fuhrer was installed. Even as he depletes our strategic petroleum reserve….which seems very practical. Which by the way, will stop right before the midterms, when you can then expect prices to go up again. Yep, the Fuhrer’s handlers sure had some lucky timing there, huh Kahny? Sort of like vaccine manufacturers withholding that they had a successful Covid vaccine, until just after the 2020 election—what a coincidence, simply amazing!

He also failed to mention the treasonous debacle and human travesty that is taking place on our southern border. Not too mention the calamitous amount of fentanyl coming across, killing our citizens; number one killer of of 18-45 year olds.

No News is Good News

You know Kahny I’ve been asking you for a while now, how come NONE of this is covered in your iconic tabloid Pravda? I know, I know, we need 24/7 coverage of the INSURRECTION and the Gestapo raid on Mar-a-lago; but maybe a blurb about this catastrophe at the border or rampant inflation. Maybe sneak it in next to the Earl Scribble paint job advertisement on page 46. You know to keep up with the journalistic integrity you and The Times are known for (wink, wink).

It’s Tough to Lie ALL the Time

It seems like Mini-Me Pierre needs more training from a true sociopath, namely Jenny Goebbels Psaki. The lies don’t seem to flow nearly as easy for this incompetent, who was hired for her gender, skin pigmentation, (just like our latest Supreme Court appointment and VP superstar), and her sexual orientation. As far as being qualified, well not so much. It seems she is unable to answer a direct question, she does (barely) have the ability to read a talking point from her huge propaganda binder……which she also uses as a booster seat while driving.

Nothing to See Here, Move Along

When asked why illegal immigrants are just allowed to walk freely across the border, her response was, “that is just not true.” Well that solves that—even if there are numerous videos contradicting her blatant LIES!

When asked how the ridiculously named Inflation Reduction Act is going to immediately help Americans who are struggling mightily now, her response was, “citizens can apply for federal aid on the purchase of solar panels and energy efficient windows.” I don’t know about you Kahny, but it’s going to be a tough sell, telling the family that they will have to substitute food on the kitchen table with solar panels. Maybe Mini-Me has a secret recipe for solar panels, something French, perhaps.

When she was again asked what they are doing to help Americans crippled by rampant inflation, her reply was, “this (installed) president has created a record number of jobs (most coming back after being let go during the plandemic), as we experience low unemployment numbers.” So, Conservatives want to know: when the bank comes to foreclose on your house, should people just tell them Bidenflation has created a record number of jobs; when you can not afford to purchase food for your family at the checkout counter, do you tell them about unemployment numbers; when you can’t afford baby formula (if you can get it), do you mention the deal you can get on solar panels; when your car dies, how do you purchase a new $65,000 electric vehicle? Do you just do what new Mother Petey Buttigieg suggests, when you currently can’t afford to fill up your car? Maybe we should just tape some of those discounted solar panels around the old car and hope for the best?

Party Like it’s 1999

Finally, let’s look at the celebration of the passing of the Inflation Reduction Act, on the White House lawn by the puppet occupying the White House. Yes, the inept leader in his dollar store aviator sunglasses, actually celebrating his economic triumphs, while inflation actually ticked UP, the morning of his speech. At the same time, the stock market experienced its worst day since June of 2020–during the height of the Plandemic. We even had musical guests serenading us, as James Taylor (is he senile too?) entertaining us during this surreal, delusional display.

Delusional Old Nancy

Then we had Chardonnay Pelosi wetting herself again, as she showered Beijing Biden with vomitous praise. After her unhinged diatribe, she then had to remind the entire partisan cult, that this was indeed, “the time to applaud.” They immediately woke up and started to clap. Unnamed sources said Big Paulie Pelosi was absent as he was down the road with an unidentified female at a local tavern enjoying 2 for 1 drinks. See Kahny, inflation is even hitting the Pelosi’s, as they too have to stretch that dollar…… no word if Chardonnay will have to scale back on her $15 a pint gourmet ice cream.

Paging “Dr.” Jill

Finally, we have mentally addled Joey ranting and raving as usual, while stepping all over his jacket that he just placed on the ground. Where was his nurse, “Dr.” Jilly Bean, when you need her? Perhaps she was with her ex-husband, trying to make amends after her adulterous affair with devout Catholic Joey Robinette. Or perhaps there was a blue light special at Walmart on shower curtains, so she could add to her wardrobe ensemble.

Conservatives as well as some Democrats want to know how much further this corrupt, incompetent puppet and his treasonous cabal will detach from reality? Where does the line get drawn on this insanity, more than half of America wants to know? What if Joey Robinette comes out and says, ”the earth is flat”? Does Mini-Me Pierre come out the next day, and when questioned on this, say in response : “the president is very proud of his low unemployment numbers and MAGA is our greatest threat” (never mind those pesky Leaders in China, Iran, North Korea, and Russia.) But Mini-Me you never answered the question: “I’m sorry, we are out of time.”

The Propaganda Machine

Conservatives say, an integral part of this disastrous Twilight Zone of an installed administration, is your tabloid Pravda (NY Times), that provides minuscule or more often, NO coverage of this treasonous regime. I mean Kahny, didn’t those Ivy League schools you attended teach anything about journalistic integrity or self respect? You do have a conscience…..right Kahny? Or are you too enmeshed in the propaganda, CRT and the like; or maybe those deep pockets of your boss AG Sulzberger, sway your integrity meter all the way down to zero. Well at least you can buy an electric car with that payoff, even if you can’t honestly look yourself in the mirror Kahny.

Now, get back to work. We need more saturation coverage of the INSURRECTION, and the Gestapo raid on Mar-a-lago. We have to get peoples minds off of losing their homes, putting food on the table, and meeting everyday expenses, all those minor details. Is that what they teach in those Ivy League schools, deflection, omission and when that fails, just lie about the news? Very impressive. What is the Old Gray Lady’s mantra again…..oh yeah, “All the News That’s Fit to Print.” Now, that’s comedic gold right there, absolutely hilarious!


Chris Cirino

©Christopher Cirino. All rights reserved.

Facebook’s ‘Semi-Fascist’ Community Standards

We have noticed that since Joseph Robinette Biden Jr. was sworn into office on January 20th, 2021 our Facebook account has been charged with multiple, continuing restrictions for violating “community standards.”

Our account was first shut down for 24-hours (e.g. no posting, sharing, commenting, liking) on March 13th, 2021 for violating Facebook’s “community standards.”

The most recent violation of “community standards” restriction was place on our account on August 21st, 2022 for a period of thirty-nine days for posting about Covid, vaccines, MAGA and other related links.

Here is a screen shot of Facebook Restrictions placed on our account beginning on August 21st, 2022.

Is it just a coincidence that Biden entered the White House on January 20th, 2021 and less than two months later our restrictions began?

In June of 2021 Facebook issued it’s mission statement which is to,

Bring the world closer together…give people the power to build community and bring the world closer together.

When one reads this mission statement one thinks of Facebook giving power to the people. Right? It doesn’t say give power to an employee of Facebook or say give power to any government entity. Right?

QUESTION: How does restricting any individual’s power to build a community bring the world closer together?

ANSWER: It doesn’t!

QUESTION: What is standing in the way of the power of each individual to build his/her community?

ANSWER: Facebook’s Community Standards!

Facebook’s Semi-Fascist Community Standards

We analyzed this sudden change in Facebook’s “community standards” policy that began, for us, in March of 2021.

On August 26th, 2022 in a BBC News‘ titled Zuckerberg tells Rogan FBI warning prompted Biden laptop story censorship David Molloy reported,

Mark Zuckerberg says Facebook restricting a story about Joe Biden’s son during the 2020 election was based on FBI misinformation warnings.

The New York Post alleged leaked emails from Hunter Biden’s laptop showed the then vice-president was helping his son’s business dealings in Ukraine.

Facebook and Twitter restricted sharing of the article, before reversing course amid allegations of censorship.

Zuckerberg said that getting the decision wrong “sucks”.

“When we take down something that we’re not supposed to, that’s the worst,” Zuckerberg said in a rare extended media interview on the Joe Rogan podcast.

The New York Post story was released just weeks before the presidential election between Joe Biden and Donald Trump, which Mr Biden won.

It claimed that a laptop, abandoned in a repair shop by Hunter Biden, contained emails which included details of Hunter introducing a Ukrainian energy tycoon to his father and arranging a meeting. There is no record on Mr Biden’s schedule that such a meeting ever took place.

Critically, it fed into long-running unproven allegations about corruption on Joe Biden’s part to ensure his son’s business success in Ukraine.

In that context, the New York Post story, based on exclusive data no other news agency had access to, was met with scepticism[sic] – and censored by social media outlets.

Zuckerberg told Rogan: “The background here is that the FBI came to us – some folks on our team – and was like ‘hey, just so you know, you should be on high alert. We thought there was a lot of Russian propaganda in the 2016 election, we have it on notice that basically there’s about to be some kind of dump that’s similar to that’.

He said the FBI did not warn Facebook about the Biden story in particular – only that Facebook thought it “fit that pattern”. [Emphasis added]

On September 14, 2022 in a Federalist article titled The FBI Paid For Russian Disinformation To Frame Trump—And 7 Other Takeaways From Durham’s Latest Court Filing Margot Cleveland reported,

Our federal government paid for Russian disinformation to frame the president of the United States for colluding with Russia.

The FBI put a contributor to the Hillary Clinton campaign’s Donald Trump smear dossier on FBI payroll as a confidential human source after investigating Igor Danchenko for allegedly spying for the Russian government, revealed Special Counsel John Durham in a court filing unsealed by a Virginia federal court yesterday. The filing contains this bombshell and seven other significant details about the Democrat-led plot to use U.S. intelligence agencies to deny Americans the results of their choice for president in 2016.

The FBI made Danchenko a confidential human source, providing him and the FBI’s use of him “national security” cover, in March 2017 and terminated that designation in October 2020, according to the court filing unsealed on Sept. 13. Danchenko is the originator of the false claim trumpeted all over global media that Donald Trump told prostitutes to pee on beds the Obamas had slept in in a Russian hotel.

The FBI had previously targeted Danchenko, Christopher Steele’s primary source, as a possible Russian agent. But after discovering Danchenko’s identity as Steele’s Sub-Source No. 1, rather than investigate whether Danchenko had been feeding Steele Russian disinformation, the FBI paid Danchenko as a CHS.

Trial for Lying to the FBI to Take Down a President

Danchenko faces trial next month on five counts of lying to the FBI related to his role as Steele’s primary sub-source. One count of the indictment concerned Danchenko’s denial during an FBI interview on June 15, 2017, of having spoken with “PR Executive-1” about any material contained in the Steele dossier. “PR Executive-1” has since been identified as the Clinton and Democratic National Committee-connected Charles Dolan, Jr. Also according to the special counsel’s office, Danchenko fed Steele at least two false claims about Trump that originated in part from Dolan.

Read more.

The Bottom Line

Here are the key points,

  1. The FBI before the 2020 presidential election tells Facebook that Hunter Biden’s laptop is misinformation. Facebook then de-platforms those, like us who said the laptop was real, because we violated FB’s community standards.
  2. Then the FBI creates a dossier that is leaked and sent to various agencies and Congress to do a witch hunt against a sitting president of the United States.
  3. Then Facebook goes along with this hoax and even de-platforms people like us who point out it is a hoax. Those who point out that this is a hoax are then de-platformed for violating FB’s community standards.
  4. Then the Biden administration, Dr. Fauci, the CDC and U.S. Department of Health begin a massive shut down of the American economy using Covid as the reason. Then Facebook begins to flag any posts on its platform that questions this national shutdown.
  5. Then the Biden administration mandates government workers, our military and every American citizen get jabbed or lose their job. Facebook goes along with this program and flags any comments that question this policy.
  6. The more and more cases of the mild to serious short and long term effects and even deaths of those taking the Covid vaccines are reported by people like us on their platform. Then FB’s community standards kick in again and people like us are de-platformed.
  7. Facebook spied on messages of Conservatives questioning 2020 election results and then sent the  messages to the FBI
  8. Then the January 6th Democrat hearings begin and not surprisingly those who call this demonstration mostly peaceful are blocked for violating FB’s community standards.
  9. Then Biden begins implementing his stop climate change at all costs, to the American taxpayer, agenda and FB’s community standards kick in to shut down those who do not believe that government or spending more of their tax dollars has any influence on the weather, let alone the global climate.

We could go on but we think you get the point. Facebook’s community standards are semi-fascist in that they protect this Democrat controlled White House and U.S. Congress at all costs.

Why? Because Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg helped steal the 2020 election by illegally funding ballot drop boxes in key states as dis covered by True the Vote and made public in their file 2000 mules.

This isn’t a conspiracy theory, this is in fact a conspiracy to keep conservatives taking back the reigns of power in 2022 and 2024.

Facebook is part of this conspiracy and we’re calling them out.

When our time in Facebook jail ends for violating their community standards ends we will post this article on their platform. Then FB’s semi-fascist community stands will discover us and we will be back the the Facebook gulag.

©Dr. Rich Swier. All rights reserved.


FBI Makes 6,000 MORE Arrests

Trump-Approved ‘Special Master’ Makes Big First Move in Mar-a-Lago Raid Case


Time to start all FaceBook posts with, Hi FBI!

Tucker Carlson Obtained Unlawful and Unprecedented DOJ Subpoena

Is Facebook Spying On You With The FBI?


Biden Regime Pressuring FBI to Fabricate ‘Extremist’ and ‘White Supremacist’ Cases, Agents Say: Report

Facebook SPIED On PRIVATE Messages of Americans Who Questioned Democrat Authoritarianism and REPORTED THEM TO FBI

Calls grow among prominent figures to create a new ‘Church Committee’ to probe FBI abuses

Voters Appeal Dismissal of Lawsuit Over Use of Zuckerberg Millions in Michigan Elections

Facebook Spied on Messages of Conservatives Questioning 2020 Election, Sent Them to FBI

Unsealed Depositions of Former Obama IRS Officials Lerner and Paz Detail Knowledge of Tea Party Targeting

Economic Freedom Falls in the United States, Global Report Shows

The pandemic policies of 2020 flattened economic freedom in the United States.

The Fraser Institute’s 2022 Economic Freedom of the World Index report has been released. This year’s report covers the year 2020. The index development was led by Dr. James Gwartney in the late 1980s and early 1990s as a way of measuring economic freedom in each country.

Countries are rated on the basis of several categories and are put in four groups (quartiles) ranging from “most free” to “least free.”

The index calculates the score every year since 2000, and in five-year intervals as far back as 1970. The index rates 165 jurisdictions in the most recent report.

The report on the year 2020 is bad news for lovers of freedom in the United States. The US fell in the rankings from the 6th freest country economically to the 7th. And while that fall represents only falling by one rank, the actual decline in economic freedom is quite large.

To understand why economic freedom is falling in the US, we need to consider how the index authors measure economic freedom. They do this by considering five categories. (Readers interested in a detailed methodology can check out the Fraser website.)

1. Size of Government

The first category is the size of government. The logic is straightforward—the more resources which are controlled by government, the less individuals can access resources freely. The category measures the size of government by looking at government taxes, spending, and the amount of industry controlled by government, among other things.

In this category, the US declined in freedom. The index measures each category from 1 to 10. Getting a score of 10 means your country is the freest possible for that measure. In other words, a “10” in the size of government category would mean you have a relatively small government. A “1” would mean the government spends and taxes at very high levels.

In this category, the US fell from a score of 7.32 to 6.79. This is a decline of over half a point which is very significant for a 10-point scale. The government increased in size significantly from 2019 to 2020 due, in part, to massive spending increases.

2. Legal System and Property Rights

Central to economic freedom is the ability of individuals to rely on courts for impartial decisions relating to property disputes. The extent to which government can enforce property rights and contracts in an unbiased manner is key to economic freedom.

So how did the US fare here? Over one year, the US didn’t have much change. The score for the legal system fell slightly, from 7.64 to 7.56.

3. Access to Sound Money

The authors of the index recognize a key aspect of property rights is access to a currency that enables exchange. When government prevents access to solid currencies and engages in policies that cause the value of a national currency to fluctuate wildly, they are hampering access to sound money and impeding mutually beneficial exchange.

The authors measure money supply changes, inflation variables, and access to foreign currencies

The US is historically very high on this measure. The fact that the US dollar is the world’s reserve currency should tell us something about its soundness. In 2020 the sound money score fell from 9.75 to 9.63.

This may seem like a small change, but readers should note that this score is for 2020—before massive inflation began. The rapid expansion of the US currency started in 2020 but didn’t conclude until March 2022. So while this decrease is certainly picking up some of the currency expansion of 2020, the high inflation we’re experiencing and continued money-printing in 2021 won’t be factored in until future years.

One last thing of note is that even though this seems like a small decrease, the sound money score for the US hasn’t been this low since 2009, the beginning of the financial crisis.

4. Freedom to Trade Internationally

Economic Freedom includes the ability to voluntarily exchange your property with whoever you want—regardless of national borders. The well-being gains which spring from specialization enabled by international trade have long been recognized by economists.

Tariffs, quotas, and other restrictions on international trade are considered in this category. Again, the US saw a slight decline in economic freedom here, with the score falling from 7.83 to 7.77.

Although slight, this decline is part of a much larger and protracted trend in which the US has declined from a score of 8.81 in 2000.

5. Regulation

The last category of the index is regulation. Regulatory labor laws, restrictions on capital mobility (such as investing), and cumbersome licensing laws are a barrier to a truly free market. Laws that make certain contracts illegal because of their terms or the alleged qualifications of the participants are barriers to voluntary trade.

This category, like the size of government category, is where the US took a nosedive. From 2019 to 2020, the US fell from a score of 8.68 to 8.11. This sharp decline, over half a point, represents a massive increase in regulations.

In fact, this is the largest one-year increase in regulations in the US in this century, according to the Economic Freedom Index rankings.

The fact that the US became so much less free in the areas of “size of government” and “regulation” in 2020 should be no surprise. The rollout of massive COVID-19 spending policies and government interference in industry throughout 2020 represented a large growth of government that future taxpayers will feel for years to come.

At the same time, business regulations increased as the government attempted to use its power to stop COVID.

The author of the index, Dr. Gwartney, put it succinctly in saying, “people will continue to debate the appropriateness of the pandemic policies, but there is no question that they reduced economic freedom. The danger now is that many of these policies will remain in place in the future.”

A critical reader might wonder why this matters. What’s the big deal if economic freedom falls?

Theoretically, the argument for freedom is clear. When people are free to own and exchange property, they work to improve the value of their property. Allowing for exchange enables individuals to trade things they value less for things they value more.

There’s much to be said for why free markets are good in theory, but the Economic Freedom Index also makes the point that freer countries do better in practice. In other words, the theory works.

The authors find consistently that the “most free” countries are wealthier, live longer, have more civil rights, and are more literate. Furthermore, the poorest in the most economically free countries are richer than the poorest in less free countries. In other words, economic freedom isn’t just good for the rich.

Critics may argue that the fact that the freest countries are better off on all these margins doesn’t prove that freedom is the cause, but when paired with a logically consistent theory for why economic freedom leads to economic growth, there is a very robust case that economic freedom is the cause.


Peter Jacobsen

Peter Jacobsen teaches economics and holds the position of Gwartney Professor of Economics. He received his graduate education George Mason University. His research interest is at the intersection of political economy, development economics, and population economics.

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EDITORS NOTE: This FEE column is republished with permission. ©All rights reserved.

UK Abandons Net-Zero Energy Policies for Energy Security

“I’m ending the short-term thinking on energy once and for all. I’m acting now so people and businesses are supported with a new Energy Price Guarantee. I will tackle the root cause of the issue by boosting domestic energy supply to ensure we’re not in this position ever again.” —UK Prime Minister Liz Truss

In Episode 300 of District of Conservation, Gabriella discusses a development from the United Kingdom and the nation’s decision to repeal its 2019 fracking ban amid soaring energy costs. Tune in to learn how this will impact European – and  U.S. – energy policies.

Listen on Apple Podcasts


PM Liz Truss tweets

BBC: Fracking ban in England lifted in bid to boost UK gas supply

NPR: Households across the U.K. are about to experience an 80% jump in energy costs

Sky News: Ban on fracking to be lifted as part of Liz Truss’s energy plan

Guardian: Fracking halted in England in major government U-turn

Newsweek: Putin Is Funding Green Groups to Discredit Natural Gas Fracking

Conservation Nation: Fracking Report Part 1

Conservation Nation: Fracking Report Part 2


Gabriella Hoffman

Gabriella Hoffman is a Media Strategist and Award-Winning Outdoor Writer. She hosts the “District of Conservation” podcast and CFACT’s original YouTube series “Conservation Nation.” Learn more about her work at

EDITORS NOTE: This CFACT podcast is republished with permission. ©All rights reserved.

Mao’s Cultural Revolution Comes to America

The war on parents is escalating.  Here’s what’s happening on the battlefield:

A series of undercover videos exposed what school personnel are really up to, in their own words.

A private school director in New York City was caught on video admitting she misuses her position to sneak her left-wing political agenda into classrooms.  “I just keep trying to disrupt wherever I can,” she said. “And now that I’m in this position, I have so many opportunities to do that.”  She said she won’t allow Republican views to be expressed and trashed white boys as being horrible, awful people who are protected by capitalism.  Wow.

Also in New York City, a middle school teacher was recorded encouraging students to engage in political violence and throw bricks at people who hold opposite views.  She changed the words to the Pledge of Allegiance, so her class recites the idea America does not stand for liberty and justice for all, because black and brown people are excluded, they don’t get justice.  If that’s true, why did Breonna Taylor’s family get a $12 million settlement from Louisville?  The claim doesn’t make any sense.  It’s garbage.

An assistant principal of an elementary school in Greenwich, Connecticut won’t hire Catholic teachers or anybody over 30 because they’re too conservative.  He admitted to illegal age discrimination on video.  He said he has progressive teachers who are adept at delivering left-wing messages to students without being obvious about it.  “It’s subtle…. That’s how you get away with it,” he said.

Back in New York City, an assistant principal won’t hire teachers who believe in equality or a color-blind society.  They have to give the correct Woke responses to diversity, equity, and inclusion questions and toe the party line on anti-racism or they won’t be hired.  He would have fired a teacher who did not want to indoctrinate students with Black Lives Matter ideology, but the teacher quit first.  Kindergartners at the school celebrate gay pride month by reading stories about a boy who wants to be a mermaid and encouraging children to be anything they want to be, genderwise.  Transgender ideology becomes more explicit as the kids get older.

This is all in their own words and on tape, folks, there’s no denying it.  They’re coming for your kids, and it’s not just the east coast.

Indoctrination also starts in kindergarten in Portland, Oregon schools.  Kids are being taught the male-female gender binary is just a white colonizer construct and the ‘infinite gender spectrum’ is where it’s at.  Forget the 57 genders, the number of gender choices is now ‘infinite’.  Isn’t progress wonderful?  According to the curriculum, some girls can have penises and some boys can have vulvas.  This is not just the schools taking over the job of identity formation from parents, the agenda goes deeper than that.  After six years of identity indoctrination, fifth-graders are asked to make Chinese youth league-style promises to carry on the revolution.  They are asked to pledge to learn more about the ideology and the history of black trans women.  They pledge to use correct pronouns.  They pledge to watch films and shows with LGBTQ characters and, most importantly, they pledge to become leaders in their school on these issues.  As we’ve seen in other contexts, the Left is hell-bent on turning students into 24/7 left-wing activists.  Mao’s Cultural Revolution lives, and anyone who gets in the way will be sent to the countryside, figuratively speaking, to learn from the peasants and be reeducated.

L.A. is in pretty much the same boat with “trans justice” now the linchpin of instruction.  But field reports are pouring in from everywhere:

A high school teacher in California keeps a ‘queer library’ in her classroom with books about orgies, kinks, fetishes, and bondage.

Schools in one Florida county are expelling students if their parents object to having them fill out a gender identity questionnaire.

Schools in one Pennsylvania county are encouraging boys to wear dresses.

There are more reports from all over the country about mandatory drag showsWoke math classes that destroy competency, indoctrination starting at age 3snitching on family and friends for microaggressions, expelling students for misgendering classmates, and more.  There are so many reports, I can’t keep up, anymore.

The war is on.  They’re coming for your kids.  Get active or get steamrolled.  Get involved before your kids become unrecognizable to you and turn on you, like the good little commies they are being trained to be.  Do nothing and you’ll just have to hope they don’t come after you with a machine gun, like in Pol Pot’s Killing Fields, because that’s what communists eventually do.

I only discussed teachers and administrators today.  The War on Parents is coming from several directions.  Tomorrow, I will tell you about some of those.

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America Bracing For Chaos And Pain As Tens of Thousands Railroad, Port and Hospital Workers Set to Strike

Everything the Democrat regime touches turns to shit. What normal human being would vote for this horror? The midterms should be a complete rout.

Is Biden facing a winter of discontent?

US braces for crisis as rail workers plot strike costing $2 BILLION a day, 15,000 nurses walkout in Minnesota and West Coast ports could shutdown amid contracts dispute.

By Alex Hammer For Dailymail.Com, 13 September 2022

America is bracing for chaos as tens of thousands of railway, port, and hospital workers look set to strike over the winter – plunging the country into disruption

As many as 60,000 railway workers, 15,000 nurses, and 22,000 West Coast port workers are plotting mass walkouts as they seek better working conditions

Several US freight railroads said on Friday they were preparing for widespread strike and service disruptions, a deadline set by two holdout labor groups in protracted talks with railroad carriers for better benefits

The burgeoning strike would cause mass interruptions to the nation’s expansive rail system, which are used to ferry goods shipped and flown in overseas across the country, and would costs carriers roughly $2B a day

America is bracing for chaos as tens of thousands of railway, port, and hospital workers look set to strike over the winter – plunging the country into further disruption.

As many as 60,000 railway workers, 15,000 nurses, and 22,000 West Coast port workers are plotting mass walkouts as they seek better working conditions.

Several US freight railroads said they were preparing for widespread strike and service interruptions Friday, a deadline set by two holdout labor groups in protracted talks with railroad carriers about better benefits.

The burgeoning strike would cause mass interruptions to the nation’s expansive rail system, which are used to ferry goods shipped and flown in overseas across the country, and would costs carriers roughly $2 billion a day.

The holdout from workers that transport these products – who on average earn at least $64,300 a year – already disrupted the nation’s passenger rail Monday, rattling commutes and cross-country travel for thousands of Americans in preparation for the walkouts.

Compounding the crisis are burgeoning protests from tens of thousands of workers at America’s hospitals, as more than 15,000 nurses in Minnesota staged statewide walkouts over low pay and staffing shortages. Registered nurses in the state currently make an average of $84,030 each year.

Also on the edge are the country’s more than 22,000 West Coast port workers, who man the highly trafficked twin hubs of Los Angeles and Long Beach. They are also seeking better working conditions, amid staffing issues and overwork that has become commonplace during the pandemic – despite LA workers earning six-figure salaries.

Biden administration officials are racing to prevent the strike by tens of thousands of freight railroad workers that could further disrupt an already strained supply chain and cause billions of dollars in economic damage.

The stakes for the rail system, meanwhile, are high economically – while another blow to the already backed up ports spelling trouble for the country’s supply chain, which has yet to recover from backlogs sustained during the pandemic.

The widespread chaos could spark food shortages, cause a spike in gas prices as supply dwindles, and potentially ignite further inflation.



NBC LIES, DECLARES “INFLATION FELL” After Inflation Comes In HIGH, Stock Markets Plummets

Key Inflation Indicator Remains Sky-High In Another Worrying Sign For Businesses

New Study Shows A Third of Working Families Can No Longer Afford Basic Needs

Americans Spent More on Taxes in 2021 Than on Food, Clothing and Health Care Combined

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‘Softer On Radical Islam Than … Republicans’: Tulsi Gabbard Condemns Democratic Party For Attacking MAGA Movement

A former Democratic Representative joined Fox News host Jesse Watters in condemning her party for calling former President Donald Trump’s supporters “anti-American” Monday evening.

“NBC News suggested Trump voters are a bigger threat than al-Qaida on 9/11. How did the vice president of the United States respond? That she will defend against all enemies foreign and domestic,” Watters said. “That was a declaration of war. Make no mistake. The Democratic Party, the media and obviously the FBI have designated the Republican Party as a terrorist group and believe it’s their patriotic duty as Americans to extinguish the threat.”

Former Democratic Rep. Tulsi Gabbard of Hawaii, a former presidential candidate, denounced the rhetoric from her party, which has escalated since the Aug. 8 raid on Mar-a-Lago, the Florida estate owned by Trump. Liberals celebrated the raid, while conservatives accused the Biden administration of an “abuse of power.”


“I, like some of my fellow service members, I enlisted because of those jihadist attacks on 9/11, to support and defend our constitution to protect our fellow Americans and to go after and kill those who attacked us on that day,” Gabbard said. “And it is despicable and outrageous to hear these people, to hear these people say the things that they are saying, comparing our fellow Americans to terrorists. Actually worse. They literally said they are worse than al-Qaeda terrorists.”

“This just shows how far they are willing to go,” Gabbard continued. “Pushing our country to the brink of civil war. Demonizing, targeting our fellow Americans as worse than al-Qaeda terrorists. All to hold on to their power. That’s all they care about.”

President Joe Biden recently targeted supporters of former President Donald Trump in a series of speeches as campaigning for the midterm elections took off. In Maryland, he said Republicans who backed Trump of embracing “semi-fascism” during an Aug. 25 fundraiser for the Democratic National Committee and also denounced Trump’s supporters as a “threat to democracy” during a Sept. 1 speech in Philadelphia.

“There is one thing, Jesse, I want to tell you. I do agree with them…There is a domestic threat to our democracy. It is a very serious one. But it is not in the hands of a few powerless Americans who are pissed off and frustrated that our government is failing us,” Gabbard said. “It is the threat coming from some of the most powerful people in our government, some of the people that I have talked about in the Biden administration, the national security state apparatus that’s being weaponized against our fellow Americans again because they voted against the president or because they disagree with his policies.”

The White House did not immediately respond to a request for comment from the Daily Caller News Foundation.





‘There Is No Limit To What They Can Do To You’: Tucker Carlson Sounds Off On Biden Labeling Trump Voters ‘Fascists

Lawyer Says Dozens Of Trump Supporters Served With Warrants, Subpoenas Seeking 2020 Election Communications

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