VIDEO: Biden’s One-Pandemic-Fits-All Approach

The White House has extended the national emergency in response to the COVID pandemic “beyond March 1, 2022.” President Biden, who promised to “shut down the virus,” will celebrate the second birthday of “two weeks to slow the spread” by pretending most people haven’t resumed business as usual. Meanwhile, the disease is screeching to a halt, as every available metric — cases, hospitalizations, deaths — plummets. Washington, D.C. may also screech to a halt, as the U.S. Freedom Convoy piles in next week to protest ongoing, unwarranted restrictions. “I don’t understand why he’s doing it,” exclaimed Senator Ron Johnson (R-Wisc.) on “Washington Watch.”

Even some of the strictest Democratic governors have recognized the impending end of the pandemic and are rolling back restrictions and inching towards normalcy. But not the White House. “Two years [ago], there was so much we didn’t know about the coronavirus, but we’ve earned an awful lot,” Johnson noted. “One of the things we’ve learned is this isn’t going to go away.” We also know who is most at risk, how the illness progresses, and how to treat it — not to mention developing and widely distributing three vaccines in record time. Yet the Biden administration refuses to suggest a possible condition to end the emergency.

Two years is too long to struggle with remote or hybrid work, virtual “school,” perpetual masking, constant health screening, and rapidly evolving restrictions. America’s social fabric has unraveled before our eyes as we’ve experienced a breakdown in social trust, unruly airline passengers, fiery protests, a mob at the capitol, two partisan impeachments, and an unbearable regime of online censorship. “Does the president expect to keep America in a perpetual state of emergency?” Johnson asked. America needs a break.

America also needs to return healthcare to the hands of doctors. Johnson suggested “the biggest blunder” in America’s COVID response was how “the administration, the agencies, big pharma, the legacy media, big tech, social media giants — the COVID cartel — has prevented and sabotaged early treatment,” potentially costing “hundreds of thousands of… lives.”

Instead, the Biden administration seems to be pursuing the increasingly unrealistic and absurd objective of 100 percent vaccination. And it chose to pursue that strategy by deceiving the public, deriding reasonable objections, and punishing anyone who distrusted the brand-new drugs. Even the progressive opinion-setter New York Times reported that the CDC hid vaccination data, because, an official said, “they might be misinterpreted as the vaccines being ineffective.” In other words, a reasonable person would interpret the data as showing that vaccines are ineffective, but the prefix “mis-” dismisses that conclusion because it would violate their preferred (that is, the only permitted) narrative.

There may be cases where the vaccine does more harm than good, although by now we all know that suggesting such an obvious possibility would provoke instinctive outrage in many friends and relatives. A January study found unexpectedly high rates of the heart condition myocarditis reported in vaccinated teenage boys, who are at practically no risk of severe infection from COVID. And yet the COVID cartel is ramping up the pressure to force all children to be vaccinated, with one outlet insisting “vaccine refusal is child abuse.”

Johnson insists doctors, not bureaucrats, must have the final say. “I’m personally affected,” he said, “by doctors practicing medicine,” who saved his daughter’s life with an experimental procedure 38 years ago. That’s why he introduced the Right to Treat Act, which would provide doctors latitude in prescribing any fully FDA-approved drug, even off-label. “Twenty to 25 percent of all prescriptions are prescribed off-label…. The federal government should not interfere.”


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Patriotic Americans Classified as Domestic Terrorists

“The closer the collapse of an empire, the crazier their laws.” –  Marcus Tullius Cicero

“Power is not a means; it is an end. One does not establish a dictatorship in order to safeguard a revolution; one makes the revolution in order to establish the dictatorship.” – George Orwell

“I have always been of the opinion that unpopularity earned by doing what is right is not unpopularity at all, but glory.” –  Marcus Tullius Cicero

“There is no denying that Hitler and Stalin are alive today… they are waiting for us to forget, because this is what makes possible the resurrection of these two monsters.” – Simon Wiesenthal

A warrior knows he could die in battle, he just doesn’t expect the arrows to be from his own government.  Today’s warriors are the doctors, scientists, pathologists, funeral directors, actuaries, conservative journalists and radio hosts who are bringing us the truth.  The floodgates are opened, but we the people must be behind those who are standing for the rest of us.  If the enemies of freedom can eliminate them, we are next.

Today’s censorship is the greatest threat of all. Silence is not golden.  The very right of free speech was so important to our founders that it was placed in our first amendment.

The Lord God Almighty gave us free will to choose whom we shall worship.  Our country was founded on the words of our Declaration of Independence, “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.”

We are again facing what our founders faced with, “a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security.”

When a nation turns its back on the Creator, He lifts His Hand of blessing.  Our Judeo-Christian heritage is all but obliterated from every facet of society.  It is imperative that we turn back to Him.

We are at war, a Revolution to be exact, will we put on the full armor of God and having done all, to Stand?  Will we fight for life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness or will we kneel to the despots who claim that we are domestic terrorists?

Domestic Terrorists

Our current President has declared white supremacists to be the “most lethal terrorist threat” to the US today.  There is no evidence to support the belief that white supremacy is a significant problem in America today. Link  Neither is there any evidence to support the presence of systemic racism.  Yet, our intelligence communities have decided that white supremacists are the greatest threat in America.

The National School Boards Association (NSBA) sent a letter on September 29, to President Biden warning that school boards face “physical threats” due to opposition to COVID-19 policies and critical race theory. The letter claimed that some unruly parent protests may be “equivalent to a form of domestic terrorism.”  Upon investigation, not one case of a “physical threat” was unearthed. The NSBA issued a letter of apology, but it was too little, too late.  Link

Patriotic God-fearing Americans who love their country and our US Constitution are now classified by the federal government and intelligence branches as being domestic terrorists.  Our future does not bode well.  One need only look at what our neighbors to the north are going through.

Trudeau just went full Nazi in Canada and declared the Emergencies Act – and is even sending in armed soldiers on horseback to beat and trample innocent protesters and is arresting any reporter who dares to report on his tyranny. Fifteen days (two lousy weeks) to slow the spread and it turned into two full years.  If you resist in Canada, or protest, they will freeze your bank accounts, take your children and pets, tow your vehicles and toss you in prison.

Is America next?

US Intelligence Community

The US intelligence community consists of 18 organizations, including intelligence elements of the five DoD services; the Army, Navy, Marine Corps, Air Force, and Space Force.  The two agencies wielding the most political power in today’s environ are the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI).

The FBI has defined Domestic Terrorists, but does not include Black Lives Matter, Antifa, Islamic “Extremists,” The New Black Panthers, or the Not F’g Around Coalition, to name just a few.

In an article entitled, The War Comes Home: The Evolution of Domestic Terrorism in the United States, the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS) states the following:

Some U.S. government agencies have outlined the threat from domestic extremists, though most have not provided recent data about terrorist incidents. In its Homeland Threat Assessment released in October 2020, the U.S. Department of Homeland Security concluded that “racially and ethnically motivated violent extremists—specifically white supremacist extremists (WSEs)—will remain the most persistent and lethal threat in the Homeland.”

The Federal Bureau of Investigation similarly argued that the “top threat we face from domestic violent extremists” is from racially- and ethnically-motivated violent extremists, including white supremacists.

Violence and the threat of violence are important components of terrorism. This analysis divides terrorism into several categories: religious, ethnonationalist, violent-far-right, violent-far-left, and other (which includes terrorism that does not fit neatly into any of the other categories).

There you have it.  Whites Americans are the target!

How many times did America’s Pravda media call the 2020 riots and violence by BLM and Antifa “fiery protests, but mostly peaceful?” Mostly peaceful?  Who the hell are they kidding?  The destruction was massive.  Police were told to stand down while stores were damaged and looted, businesses burned, and Portland, Oregon’s federal building has $2.3 million in damages.  These communist thugs damaged federal and private property throughout the country.

Certainly, they are on the FBI and DHS list of domestic terrorists, aren’t they?

Well, No!

The DHS put out a National Terrorism Advisory System Bulletin on Feb. 7, 2022, stating that, “The United States remains in a heightened threat environment fueled by several factors, including an online environment filled with false or misleading narratives and conspiracy theories, and other forms of mis- dis- and mal-information (MDM) introduced and/or amplified by foreign and domestic threat actors. These threat actors seek to exacerbate societal friction to sow discord and undermine public trust in government institutions to encourage unrest, which could potentially inspire acts of violence.”

Truth has become the new hate speech.


In the early 1900s, America was bereft of intelligence agencies other than the small staff of the Secret Service.  One issue of the day was anarchism, an often-violent offshoot of Marxism, with its revolutionary call to overthrow capitalism and bring power to the common man. Anarchists took it a step further, they wanted to do away with government entirely.

The prevailing anarchistic creed that government was oppressive and repressive, that it should be overthrown by random attacks on the ruling class (including everyone from police to priests to politicians), was preached by often articulate spokesmen and women around the world. By the end of the nineteenth century, several world leaders were among those who had been assassinated.  Anarchists were the first modern day terrorists.

After the assassination of President McKinley, Theodore Roosevelt became the President and named Charles Bonaparte as the Attorney General.  With a need for criminal investigators, Bonaparte kept borrowing Secret Service (SS) men until Congress put a stop to it.  He decided to start his own investigatory agency and hired several of the SS he had borrowed. In 1909, Bonaparte’s successor, Attorney General George W. Wickersham, gave this band of agents their first name—the Bureau of Investigation. It stuck.

During its first 15 years, the Bureau was a shadow of its future self. It was not yet strong enough to withstand the sometimes-corrupting influence of patronage politics on hiring, promotions, and transfers. (Sounds as though it never changed) J. Edgar Hoover was appointed as Director of the Bureau of Investigation and was credited for the founding of the Federal Bureau of Investigation in 1935 and built it into the huge organization it is today. He amassed a great deal of power and was in a position to intimidate and threaten others, including multiple sitting presidents of the United States.  Here is the list of directors who headed the FBI from its inception.

The US Department of Homeland Security is a relatively new member of the intelligence community.  It was founded in 2003, in response to the devastation of the September 11, 2001 attacks.  Its stated missions involve anti-terrorism, border security, immigration and customs, cyber security, and disaster prevention and management. Like the FBI, the DHS is more about leftist politics than doing the job they were formed to do.

Our latest FBI Director, Christopher Wray, was suggested to President Donald Trump by Chris Christie.  His nomination should have been pulled when he testified that he would not take orders from President Trump, but the 45th President let it slide. The FBI Director reports to the Attorney General who is the number one legal advisor to the president.

I’ll never forget the photo of FBI agents kneeling for George Floyd…a known drug addict and felon.

Few FBI Directors have had the public’s interest at heart, most, including Hoover, who spent his career amassing and expanding his power, a power he abused, were political animals.  Hoover never trusted anyone he didn’t have something on.  He was a monumental egotist with an insatiable demand for flattering publicity; he had little respect for American constitutional values. He was above all an aggrandizing bureaucrat, whose reach knew no bounds.  He expanded his power and survived through abuses that amounted to little less than blackmail of prominent public officials and private citizens and personal intimidation toward any person or institution daring to question his authority.

Eighty years ago, a brilliant female cryptologist found out exactly what Hoover and the FBI were all about.

A Trip Back in Time

William Friedman and Elizebeth Smith Friedman were American cryptologists who helped decipher enemy codes from World War I to World War II.  The book, The Woman Who Smashed Codes, by Jason Fagone tells Elizebeth’s amazing story.

William studied genetics at Cornell University (B.S., 1914). Elizebeth Smith majored in English at Hillsdale (Michigan) College (B.A., 1915). They met at the Riverbank Laboratories (Geneva, Illinois), run by millionaire eccentric, George Fabyan, where they both eventually became involved in cryptology working often for the government in decoding diplomatic messages. In 1917–18 William served in the U.S. Army, partly in France, analyzing German code books.

In the 1930s, Elizebeth became America’s, and the world’s, most famous codebreaker.  The evidence she gave in criminal trials describing how she cracked encrypted messages passing between mobsters made her a newspaper sensation. She even had to be protected by security guards.

Throughout World War II Elizebeth used her skills to hunt Nazi spies who were spreading into the West. She broke these Nazi spy codes for the FBI, which would have been lost without her—and then Hoover turned around and painted himself as the big hero. There was nothing she could do, because of secrecy rules.

She also broke coded messages sent on Germany’s Enigma machines. These messages revealed a plot by the Argentinian government to help Germany replace South American governments with Nazis, giving Germany bases from which to attack America. Her discoveries allowed the western allies to thwart the Argentinian and German plans.

While working for the intelligence department of the Coast Guard, Elisebeth discovered there were clandestine Nazi spies in Brazil sending codes.  Hoover’s FBI attacked and captured this group, beat them mercilessly and exposed their code breaking and then thanked the South American police.  His actions ruined the American and UK code breaking efforts.  After this happened, the Coast Guard and Navy purposely bypassed the publicity seeking Hoover, and gave nothing to the FBI.  It took months for them to again break the new codes, and many American’s and allies’ lives were lost because of Hoover’s foolish self-aggrandizing bravado.

Elizebeth Smith Friedman’s wartime codebreaking work was so secret that she was forbidden to mention it in public. She died many years before government archives were brought to light showing what she had done. During and after World War II, Hoover and the FBI took the credit for work Elizebeth and her U.S. Coast Guard team had carried out.  Those were the early years of Hoover’s nearly half-century reign as FBI Director.

Since those days, we’ve seen dozens of very negative FBI actions.

  • Whitey Bulger was an FBI informant who murdered 19 people while working for the FBI.
  • Cook County State’s Attorney’s office, with justa little bit of help and guidance from the FBI raided the home of Fred Hampton, a prominent Black Panther, and assassinated him while he slept. The immense amount of energy, time and resources the FBI spent subverting Hampton, a noted orator and political strategist, came out over the years and in 1982 his family won a major civil lawsuit.
  • Jack Olsen’s, Last Man Standing: The Tragedy and Triumph of Geronimo Pratt, is the gripping story of Geronimo Pratt, war hero, (two combat tours in Vietnam), and community leader, who was framed by the FBI in one of the greatest travesties of justice in American history. Geronimo Pratt did not commit the murder for which he served twenty-seven nightmarish years.  As a UCLA student, though, he had led the Los Angeles Chapter of the Black Panther Party, and became a target of the FBI.  Why?  He detested violence.  The FBI willfully and criminally withheld evidence they knew would exonerate Pratt, because they wanted his outspoken voice silenced via prison.  Stu Hanlon and Johnny Cochran proved his innocence and sued the FBI and LAPD and won $5 million.
  • The 1992 siege at Ruby Ridge, FBI sniper kills two innocents. Randy Weaver sues FBI and wins $3.1 million.
  • The 1993 Trade Center building bombing involving the FBI.
  • The 1993 Branch Davidian Waco, TX Siege.
  • The Coverup of the 1995 Murrah Building bombing.
  • The FBI spying on President Trump, the phony Russian collusion, and the set up by two FBI agents to eliminate National Security Advisor, General Michael T. Flynn.

I’ve mentioned only a few of the circumstances where the FBI failed to act or their actions cost lives.  Here is a list of many of their controversies.

Has the FBI had good men and women?  Yes, they have! But most of those agents left or were forced out.  John Guandolo and Robyn Gritz (Link) are just two of the wonderful agents who are no longer protecting America.  There are far more.


We are facing the most treacherous time in American history and it is apparent that US intelligence communities will “just follow orders.”

Our Judeo-Christian society has long been the object of destruction.  We must pray, fight and stand.  “For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.” Ephesians 6:12

Resistance to tyranny comes with many consequences, but then so does submission.

©Kelleigh Nelson. All rights reserved.

North Carolina Settles Voter Roll Lawsuit after State Removes over 430,000 Inactive Names from Rolls

[T]he total number of inactive registrations reported by North Carolina dropped from about 1.2 million in 2019, to about 765,000 in 2021 (a 36% drop).’

Washington, D.C. – Judicial Watch announced today that it is settling its lawsuit against North Carolina and two of its counties after they removed over 430,000 ineligible names from the voter rolls.

Judicial Watch filed its lawsuit against the State of North Carolina, Mecklenburg County and Guilford County in April 2020 (Judicial Watch v. North Carolina and North Carolina State Board of Elections, et al. (No. 3:20-cv- 211)).

In June 2019, the U.S. Election Assistance Commission (EAC) released data showing that voter registration rates in a significant proportion of North Carolina’s 100 counties were close to, at or above 100% of their age-eligible citizenry – statistics considered by the courts to be a strong indication that a jurisdiction is not taking the steps required by law to remove ineligible registrants. Judicial Watch’s analysis also showed that at the time of the EAC report the entire State of North Carolina had a registration rate close to 100% of its age-eligible citizenry.

On December 11, 2019, Judicial Watch sent notice-of-violation letters to the state and its two counties, warning them that lawsuits would be filed if timely action were not taken to clean up the voter rolls.

In the April 2020 complaint, Judicial Watch argued that North Carolina, Mecklenburg County, and Guilford County failed to make reasonable efforts to remove ineligible voters from their registration rolls as required by the federal National Voter Registration Act of 1993 (NVRA). The lawsuit also claimed that these jurisdictions violated the NVRA by failing to make available to Judicial Watch public records concerning efforts to comply with the law.

On August 16, 2021, the EAC released its latest survey data from the states.

In the settlement, Judicial Watch told the court:

[T]he total number of inactive registrations reported by North Carolina dropped from about 1.2 million in 2019, to about 765,000 in 2021 (a 36% drop). The statewide percentage of inactive registrations dropped from 17% in 2019, which the complaint alleged to be a national outlier, to 10% in 2021, which is close to the median state inactive rate. The number of registrations removed for failure to respond to an address confirmation notice and vote in two consecutive elections has increased, from about 220,000 for the period reported in 2019, to about 590,000 for the period reported in 2021 (a 168% increase).

With respect to the two North Carolina counties, Judicial told the court:

Data for Mecklenburg County and Guilford County also showed improvement. From 2019 to 2021, the percentage of inactive registrations reported in Mecklenburg County dropped from 15.5% to 13%, and in Guilford County from 19% to 11%. The number of registrations removed for failure to respond to an address confirmation notice and vote in two elections increased during that same period, from roughly 21,000 to 51,000 in Mecklenburg County, and from 7,000 to 33,000 in Guilford County (a 142% and 372% increase, respectively). In light of Defendants’ substantial increases in removals of ineligible voters since this suit commenced, Plaintiff has determined in good faith that this legal action should not be pursued.

(In 2020, Judicial Watch also sued Pennsylvania, and Colorado for failing to clean their voter rolls.)

“This is a win for the voters of North Carolina – because clean voter rolls help pave the way to cleaner elections,” said Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton. “After we filed our federal lawsuit, North Carolina removed hundreds of thousands ineligible voters (people who have died or moved away). North Carolina follows Judicial Watch voter roll clean-up successes in California, Kentucky, Ohio, and Indiana. And we are right now prepping lawsuits against other states to force them to clean up their rolls.”

In November 2021, Judicial Watch sent letters to election officials in 14 counties and five states—Arkansas, California, Illinois, New York, and Oregon—notifying them of evident violations of the NVRA. The letters detail how these states’ own reported data show that their counties removed an “absurdly low” or “impossible” number of inactive voter registrations under key provisions of the NVRA. The letters threaten federal lawsuits unless the violations are corrected in a timely fashion.

A 2020 letter from Judicial Watch to Allegheny County, Pennsylvania led to the removal of 69,000 outdated registrations. In 2018, the Supreme Court upheld a voter-roll cleanup program that resulted from a Judicial Watch settlement of a federal lawsuit with Ohio. Kentucky began cleaning up hundreds of thousands of old registrations in 2019 after it too entered into a consent decree in 2018 to end another Judicial Watch lawsuit. California also settled a NVRA lawsuit with Judicial Watch that requires the removal of as many as 1.6 million inactive names from Los Angeles County’s voter rolls.

In October 2020, Judicial Watch released a study that found 353 counties nationwide that had more voter registrations than citizens old enough to vote, i.e., counties where registration rates exceed 100%. Based on this research, in 2020, a federal court ordered the State of Maryland to produce complete voter registration records for Montgomery County that include the registered voters’ dates of birth.

In September 2020, Judicial Watch filed a lawsuit on behalf of the Illinois Conservative Union (ICU) and three of its officers, after Illinois state officials refused to allow them to obtain a copy of the state’s voter registration database. In June 2021, a federal court ruled the lawsuit could proceed.

EDITORS NOTE: This Judicial Watch column is republished with permission. ©All rights reserved.

Media Wage Harassment Campaign Against Freedom Convoy Donors Doxxed In GiveSendGo Hack

  • Media outlets are continuing to message small-dollar donors to the Freedom Convoy whose identities were leaked to the public after a hack of crowdfunding site GiveSendGo.
  • Several major publications, including The New York Times and The Washington Post, ran stories earlier this week based on the leaked data analyzing the origins of Freedom Convoy funding. Both outlets published the names of Freedom Convoy donors and reported contacting small-dollar donors to investigate their contributions.
  • Local newspapers have also begun to dig into the data and message donors as well as publish names of individuals included on the list; Delaware Online published a story Friday naming a high-level officer of the Delaware Transit Corporation whose name appeared in the leaked data.
  • Prominent media figures and politicians from across the political spectrum have criticized the practice of publications messaging small-dollar donors, including Democratic Minnesota Rep. Ilhan Omar, who ripped into a journalist reporting on the harassment of an Ottawa business owner.

Media outlets are continuing to message small-dollar donors to the Freedom Convoy whose identities were leaked to the public after a hack of crowdfunding site GiveSendGo.

The personal information of roughly 90,000 donors to the Freedom Convoy, a group of truckers and hackers protesting Canada’s vaccine mandates and COVID-19 restrictions, was leaked after hackers breached GiveSendGo late Sunday. The leaked data included names, email handles, IP addresses and zip codes, and was provided to “journalists and researchers” by Distributed Denial of Secrets, an activist group hosting the information.

Several major publications, including The New York Times and The Washington Post, ran stories earlier this week based on the leaked data analyzing the origins of Freedom Convoy funding. Both outlets published the names of Freedom Convoy donors and reported contacting small-dollar donors to investigate their contributions.

While The Times did not respond to the DCNF, The Post defended its reporting.

“We were reporting on a matter of public interest and reached out to people listed in the data in order to confirm its authenticity,” Shani George, the Post’s vice president of Communications, told the DCNF in a statement.

The Intercept published two stories Thursday based on the data, the first examining a $100 donation reportedly made by former Canadian politician Richard Ciano. The Intercept alleged Ciano, who denied donating to the Freedom Convoy, may have in fact made a small contribution, citing the hacked data.

“The Intercept did not contact individual donors because we did not identify them, except where that information was newsworthy, such as in the case of Silicon Valley billionaire Thomas Siebel or prominent political operative Richard Ciano, who apparently wasn’t telling the truth when he told the media that he did not donate,” a spokesperson for The Intercept told the DCNF in a statement Friday.

Local newspapers have also begun to dig into the data and message donors as well as publish names of individuals included on the list. Delaware Online published a story Friday naming a high-level officer of the Delaware Transit Corporation whose name appeared in the leaked data. The publication did not respond to the DCNF’s request for comment.

Salt Lake Tribune political correspondent Bryan Schott, who wrote an article analyzing the leaked data to identify Utah donors by zip code, tweeted he had “reaching out to people from Utah who appeared on the leaked Canadian trucker donation data,” characterizing the responses he received as “aggressive.” He deleted the tweet after receiving harsh criticism on social media.

Schott declined to comment further when reached by the DCNF, but apologized in a tweet thread Thursday, saying it was “not my intention” to “cause any grief or upset.”

Several Canadian outlets such as the Toronto Star and Global News have also published stories in which they contacted small-dollar donors and published contributors’ names, the DCNF previously reported.

Prominent media figures and politicians from across the political spectrum have criticized the practice of publications messaging small-dollar donors, including Democratic Minnesota Rep. Ilhan Omar, who ripped into a journalist reporting on the harassment of an Ottawa business owner.

“I fail to see why any journalist felt the need to report on a shop owner making such a insignificant donation rather than to get them harassed,” Omar tweeted. “It’s unconscionable and journalists need to do better.”

Several individuals whose names appeared in the donor lists have reported experiencing harassment and negative consequences; Tammy Giuliani, who donated $250 to the Freedom Convoy fundraiser, was forced to close her gelato store after receiving threats of violence over her donation. Marion Isabeau-Ringuette, communications director for the Ontario Solicitor General, is no longer employed in the state government after her donation to the Freedom Convoy was revealed, according to Toronto CityNews.



Tech reporter. Follow Ailan on Twitter @AilanHEvans.


Twitter Declines To Censor Tweets Reportedly Linking To Hacked Freedom Convoy Donor List

Arizona AG Demands GoFundMe Preserve Documents Related To Removal Of Freedom Convoy Fundraiser

A Canadian Gelato Shop Owner Said She Was Vilified And Threatened For Donating To Canadian Truckers

‘It’s A Beautiful Day’: Trucker Stands His Ground As Police Enclose On Him

Motorist Confronted By Canadian Police Officers At Border

‘Hold The Line’: Canadian Police Arrest Leaders Of Freedom Convoy, Several Others Amid Crackdown

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VIDEO: Since COVID Jab Rollout, Embalmers Find Worm-Like Clots

Warning: This video contains graphic content:


  • Richard Hirschman, a board-certified embalmer, has been finding “strange clots” in the bodies of the deceased since the rollout of COVID-19 shots
  • Hirschman describes, and has photographed, unnatural, fibrous clots that are filling vessels and veins, making it difficult for embalming to occur; his colleagues have had similar experiences finding the fibrous clots
  • Many of those affected were said to have died from a heart attack or stroke
  • Since November, Hirschman states that more than 50% of the bodies he embalms are affected by the strange clots
  • If you’ve been injected, consider fibrinolytic enzymes on an empty stomach, which digest the fibrin that leads to blood clots, strokes and pulmonary embolisms

Richard Hirschman, a board-certified embalmer and funeral director with more than 20 years of experience, has come forward with some mysterious and disturbing findings. In the time period since COVID-19 shots were rolled out, starting around the middle of 2021, Hirschman states that he’s been finding “strange clots” in the bodies of the deceased.

In a worldwide exclusive interview with the Dr. Jane Ruby Show, Hirschman describes unnatural, fibrous clots that are filling vessels, making it difficult for embalming to occur.1 In the video above, you can view the long, rubbery clots firsthand. Warning: Some of the photos are graphic. “I’ve seen a handful of these,” Hirschman says, referring to a clot he pulled from a body’s groin area, which is nearly the length of the leg.

The clot was so alarming that Hirschman snapped a photo, explaining that he thought, “I’ve got to take a picture of this because nobody is going to believe what this looks like.” At the time of the photo, he had already pulled out a few other similarly large clots from other bodies.2

Hirschman’s observations have been confirmed by colleagues, including Cary Watkins, who has more than 50 years of embalming experience. Not only does Watkins know Hirschman personally, but he said he is a credible embalmer. Watkins witnessed Hirschman remove the strange clots from a body and said he has never seen any clots like them in his five-decade career.3

Strange White, Fibrous Clots: It ‘Just Isn’t Normal’

Steve Kirsch is doing a great job of compiling loads of information to refute the mainstream media’s narrative. If you are interested in learning the latest about COVID you need to subscribe to his free Substack Newsletter. The two video interviews in this section are a good example of the type of content you will receive when you subscribe.

“When I do the embalming, I have to go into the vein. And in order for the embalming process, I have to allow blood to be drained. So I actually pulled this huge, long clot — fibrous looking clot — out prior to an embalming,” Hirschman said.4

The beginning of the clot, which resembles a white, rubbery worm, appears red and like a normal clot. But the majority of the clot is different; it’s composed of a white, fibrous material. “It just isn’t normal,” he said, adding:5

“Typically, a blood clot is smooth; it’s blood that has coagulated together. But when you squeeze it, or touch it or try to pick it up, it generally falls apart … you can almost squeeze it between your fingers and get it back to blood again. But this white fibrous stuff is pretty strong. It’s not weak at all. You can manipulate it, it’s very pliable. It’s not hard … it is not normal. I don’t know how anybody can live with something like this inside of them.”

The person from whom the long clot in the video was pulled had received COVID-19 shots but contracted COVID-19 anyway. They were released from a hospital after testing negative for SARS-CoV-2, but died a few days later — “probably because he was full of blood clots,” Hirschman said.6

He also had information from a reliable source that family members were upset because the man had been released from the hospital despite still feeling sick, including suffering from difficulty breathing and shortness of breath.

A second photo in the video shows what the clots looked like once Hirschman rinsed them off. “To get a view of what’s inside of this, I could literally rinse these clots, rub the blood off of them, and this white stuff holds strong. It does not dissolve. You can break it, but it’s stretchy.”7 When he spoke with his colleagues, they confided that they’re also seeing the same thing.

Another unusual aspect of the clots is that they’re being found in both veins and arteries. Typically, clots aren’t found in arteries unless a person has been dead for several days, which wasn’t the case when Hirschman found them.

‘It Looks Like Heartworms for People’

Hirschman and a colleague have pulled numerous fibrous strings from bodies — a phenomenon that he hasn’t seen before in his 20-plus year career. He described them as resembling worms while a colleague said, “It looks like heartworms for people.” However, these are not worms or parasites. As Hirschman said, he never saw one move. In a commentary, Dr. Robert Jay Rowen explained:8

“I watched this video and it is frightening. This undertaker could not withdraw blood from leg veins to inject formaldehyde to preserve the body. He explored and not only found clots, which can be natural, but at the end of the clot he found dense white stringy material he described as shaped like a worm, but I don’t want you to be misled that there could be a parasite.

It looked like a twisted rope. You won’t believe this unless you see it. Worse, he found a few in arteries which should never have anything like it due to high flow. His colleagues are reporting similar findings to him since COVID vaccine advent.”

Hirschman said that January 2021 was the busiest he’s been in his career, which happened to coincide with the rollout of COVID-19 shots. He didn’t see the white “wormy” structures right away, but as he’s now seeing it increasingly often, he’s become concerned for the future.

Many of those affected were said to have died from a heart attack or stroke. “Most people will not see what I see. Doctors, when they draw blood, they cannot see this stuff.” Hirschman intends to have the substance chemically analyzed, adding it’s become so common that if he embalms four bodies in a day, two of them will have the fibrous clots.

Majority of Bodies Now Affected

Since November, Hirschman states that more than 50% of the bodies he embalms are affected by the strange clots, and the trend appears to be on the rise:9

“If this is caused by the vaccine, which my gut is telling me it is — I can’t prove that — if it is caused by the vaccine, imagine the amount of people that will be dying in the future, because people can’t live with this kind of substance floating around in their vessels.

And it’s amazing how many people are dying of heart attack and stroke lately. If one of these small, fibrous tissues gets up into the brain, they’re going to have a stroke. If it gets into your heart, it’s going to lead you to a heart attack.”

One individual in his 50s, who Hirschman embalmed, died of a heart attack and had the white, fibrous clots. His wallet was on him, and as Hirschman checked for personal effects, he noticed the man’s COVID-19 vaccine card there.

“He has been super busy with his embalming business since the vaccine rollout,” Rowen said. “He never saw it before 2020 in 20 years of work. He doesn’t know if they all were vaccinated. The rate of this occurrence seems to be increasing in the past few months from 50% to 80% of the bodies.”10

In the last month, Hirschman said, out of 35 people he embalmed, 24 had the clots. He’s hesitant to reveal the findings to family members of the victims, as he doesn’t want to start a panic. However, if the composition of the fibrous material can be uncovered, he’s hopeful that something could be done to stave off the damage and save people’s lives.

Shots Double Risk of Acute Coronary Syndrome

Rare blood clots continue to be reported as adverse reactions to COVID-19 shots.11 In one example, 17-year-old Everest Romney received his first dose of the Pfizer shot, and experienced extreme swelling in his arm and neck that night.12 Two days later, the previously healthy athlete was unable to lift his head due to the pain and swelling. A pediatrician dismissed the concerns, blaming them on a sports injury.

His mother insisted on a CT scan, which revealed a blood clot inside his jugular vein on the same side he got the shot. Rare blood clots in his brain were also later revealed. He ended up in the ICU, where doctors still refused to acknowledge that the clots could be linked to the shot.

A study published in the November 16, 2021, issue of the journal Circulation is also especially relevant given Hirschman’s testimony. The study concluded that “the mRNA vacs dramatically increase inflammation on the endothelium and T cell infiltration of cardiac muscle and may account for the observations of increased thrombosis, cardiomyopathy, and other vascular events following vaccination.”

People who had been jabbed more than doubled their risk of acute coronary syndrome (ACS), an umbrella term that includes not only heart attacks, but also a range of other conditions involving abruptly reduced blood flow to your heart. Signs and symptoms of ACS typically begin very suddenly and include:13

  • Chest pain/discomfort, often described as aching, pressure, tightness or burning sensations
  • Pain that radiates from your chest to your shoulders, arms, upper abdomen, back, neck and/or jaw
  • Nausea and/or vomiting
  • Indigestion
  • Shortness of breath
  • Sudden heavy sweating
  • Lightheadedness, dizziness and/or fainting
  • Unusual or inexplicable fatigue

Patients who received a two-dose regimen of mRNA more than doubled their five-year ACS risk, driving it from an average of 11% to 25%. In a November 21, 2021, tweet, cardiologist Dr. Aseem Malhotra wrote:14

“Extraordinary, disturbing, upsetting. We now have evidence of a plausible biological mechanism of how mRNA vaccine may be contributing to increased cardiac events. The abstract is published in the highest impact cardiology journal so we must take these findings very seriously.”

Fibrinolytic Enzymes May Help

If you’ve received a COVID-19 injection and are suffering from any shot-induced symptoms, the Front Line COVID-19 Critical Care Working Group’s (FLCCC) I-RECOVER15 protocol for long-haul COVID syndrome has been used to treat shot-induced symptoms with similar success.

The protocol can be downloaded in full,16 and gives you step-by-step instructions on how to treat long-haul COVID syndrome and/or reactions from COVID-19 injections. Further, if you’ve been injected and want to reduce your risk of any potential complications, there are a few basic strategies I would advise.

  1. Make certain you measure your vitamin D level and take enough vitamin D orally (typically about 8,000 units/day for most adults) and/or get sensible sun exposure to make sure your level is 60 to 80 ng/ml (150 to 2000 nmol/l).
  2. Eliminate all vegetable (seed) oils in your diet, which involves eliminating nearly all processed foods and most meals in restaurants unless you can be sure the chef is cooking only with butter. Avoid any sauces or salad dressings in restaurants, as they are loaded with seed oils. Also avoid chicken and pork, as they are rich in linoleic acid, the omega-6 fat that nearly everyone consumes far too much of and contributes to oxidative stress that causes heart disease.
  3. Consider taking around 500 milligrams a day of NAC, as it helps prevent blood clots and is a precursor for your body to produce the important antioxidant glutathione.
  4. Hirschman recommended daily aspirin, but consider fibrinolytic enzymes instead, which digest the fibrin that leads to blood clots, strokes and pulmonary embolisms. The dose is typically two, twice a day, but must be taken on an empty stomach, either an hour before or two hours after a meal. Otherwise, the enzymes will digest your food and not the fibrin in the blood clot.

For even more options, the World Council for Health, a worldwide coalition of health-focused organizations and civil society groups that seek to broaden public health knowledge, has released a spike protein detox guide full of natural remedies that may help support your health.17

RELATED ARTICLE: Trigger of rare blood clots with AstraZeneca jab found by scientists

EDITORS NOTE: This MERCOLA column is republished with permission. ©All rights reserved.

TAKE ACTION: Join Defend Florida’s ROAR Project

Defend Florida is putting together a Rapid Response Team in order to facilitate a mass movement of Floridians who will contact their government officials in order to make our voices heard and force our lawmakers, bureaucrats, and others to do their job and secure Florida’s elections now.

Time is running out for our law makers in Tallahassee to pass meaningful election integrity reforms as the legislative 50 day cut of is March 1st, 2022. All bills must be finalized before that date.

We need leaders who will contact their elected officials within the next two weeks to apprise them of the issues our citizen volunteers have found throughout the state and offer solutions which they must implement before campaign season gets underway.

This is a sprint – meaning these actions need to take place in the next few days.

If we do not accomplish this together, the bill will likely be passed, provide great sound bytes but not do all of what is required to make our election process strong.

To receive scripts, Leave Behind for your legislator, list of your legislator and why this matters right now, please do the following 3 actions:

  1. Text ROAR to 91776
  2. Join our Clouthub group
  3. Watch the zoom training on Clouthub
  4. Join our Telegram channel.


  • Senate Bill 524 is being fast tracked through hearings.  Unfortunately, this Bill is missing many critical items.  
  • Your mission is to communicate this to the elected official in your area.  We have the list of elected officials for you to choose from.
  • We have the script for you to use when you call your elected official.
  • We have the language to overcome the expected resistance you will likely encounter.

Use one of the above so we can support you.

Thank you for your participation and work on the ROAR Project.

©Defend Florida. All rights reserved.


Here is the 1 pager for your use (STILL BEING FINALIZED)

Here is the call script: Here is the link to the Call Script.

The list of legislators is here: Put your name on the black column.

CSP/TIPP POLL: Nearly Half Say Coronavirus is Man-Made and 29% Say it was Intentionally Released

With nearly 900,000 deaths in the United States, the virus’ origin remains inconclusive.

In a CSP/TIPP Poll taken this month, 1,355 U.S. adults were asked, “From what you have seen or heard, the coronavirus MOST LIKELY…” The responses were:

  • Was developed in a lab (47%)
  • Came from animals (18%)
  • Came about naturally (10%)
  • Came from human living habits (7%)
  • Not sure (17%)

When the COVID-19 virus emerged in Wuhan, China, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) pointed the finger in all directions to avoid responsibility for the fallout. They have variously blamed the U.S. bio-military facilities at Ft. Detrick, supposedly infectious U.S. military personnel at the 2019 Military World Games in Wuhan, and have even accused Italy of being the birthplace of the virus. However, they generally support the findings of the World Health Organization’s (WHO) joint report that said “the virus jumping from bats to humans via an intermediate animal was the most probable scenario, while a leak from Wuhan’s virology labs was ‘extremely unlikely.’”

Western medical bureaucrats were apparently desperate to quash any talk of a lab leak as well, according to a Brownstone Institute review of a recent book on the early weeks of the virus by the “UK’s Fauci” Jeremy Farrar. Dr. Anthony Fauci himself, of the National Institute of Allergies and Infection Diseases (NIAID) took a hard line against the “lab leak” hypothesis from the beginning. In May 2020 he said he was “very, very strongly leaning toward this could not have been artificially or deliberately manipulated” saying all signs indicated the virus “evolved in nature and then jumped species.” A year later in May 2021, Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) confronted Fauci about the National Institute of Health’s (NIH) funding of gain-of-function research at the Wuhan Institute of Virology through a cutout called EcoHealth Alliance, uncovering a possible motive to downplay any non-natural introduction of the virus to humans. Also in May, Facebook changed the policy under which it had banned users and removed posts for asserting that “COVID-19 is man-made or manufactured.” By June 3, 2021, Fauci finally admitted “it could have been a lab leak,” although he said animal-to-human transmission was most likely. The lab hypothesis reached a pop culture tipping point the same month when beloved comedian and former Daily Show host John Stewart openly advocated for it on the Late Show with Stephen Colbert.

Conservatives (69%) were much more likely than moderates (47%) and liberals (28%) to believe the virus emerged from a lab. Strikingly, nearly one-third (30%) of liberals still believe that the virus came from animals. This seems to reflect a residue from the initial line from Anthony Fauci and the health and media establishment that the virus emerged from a bat or pangolin in a so-called “wet market.” Liberals may be more likely to believe “The Science” as first presented, even if the official line of Fauci and the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) has “evolved” over time. This may portend political trouble for governors and local government executives who are increasingly rolling back COVID restrictions like vaccination passports and masks, while their constituents have been scared into hiding by constant media reports that inflate the prevalence and severity of COVID infections.

The lab-leak theory became mainstream 9-10 months ago. If liberal attitudes on masks and vaccines lag by a similar amount of time, Democrat politicians may be in an impossible balancing act between their constituents on the left and the rest of the country which strongly disapproves of President Biden’s COVID strategies as the November 2022 midterm elections loom.

The 47% of Americans who believed the coronavirus was developed in a lab were asked whether they thought it was released intentionally or accidentally:

  • 61% said intentionally
  • 27% said accidentally
  • 12% said not sure


It is striking that nearly two-thirds (61%) of those who believed in a lab leak also believed that it was intentional. That means that 29% of all those polled believed that the virus originated in a lab and that the CCP purposely released it. Plenty of evidence exists that China “weaponized” the spread of the virus after it left the lab. For example, while CCP locked down domestic air travel after the outbreak was detected, they encouraged international flights out of Wuhan which quickly infected cities around the world, making containment impossible. However, there is no proof that the initial passage of the virus from the Wuhan lab to the outside world was a conscious military strategy by the CCP.


Conservatives (66%) were most likely to suspect an intentional lab release with moderates (55%) and liberals (54%) about the same.

Women (65%) were significantly more likely than men (53%) to believe the intentional hypothesis.

Both blacks (66%) and Hispanics (72%) were more likely than average (61%) to think the coronavirus was leaked as an intentional act.

These Americans may perceive nefarious intent through circumstantial evidence alone. The monthly TIPP China Favorability index shows a steady decline from 35.9 in August 2021 to 27.0 in February 2022, which marks the lowest rating in 12 months and the first time the index has dipped below 30. It is natural to distrust a formidable rival on the world stage. The CCP leadership clearly wishes us ill and the American public expects them to act accordingly.

A secondary reason for attribution of malice may lie in human emotion and psychology. COVID-19 has killed hundreds of thousands of Americans and sickened millions more. It has also destroyed entire sectors of our economy, especially small businesses, and vaccine and mask mandates have disrupted daily life in unprecedented ways. Americans are discouraged, angry and depressed, and they need an outlet. It’s difficult to blame a virus as such, it is too nebulous. The human mind “wants” a sentient force to be responsible for so much pain and destruction.


Adam Savit

China Program Coordinator and Deputy Director for Congressional and Public Affairs.

EDITORS NOTE: This Center for Security Policy column is republished with permission. ©All rights reserved.

Quebec Drops Coronavirus Mandates After Rejecting Trudeau’s Martial Law

The banner of freedom is no longer just an American ideal, freedom has gone global. Sadly, under the fraudulent Democrat administration, America sadly lags painfully behind.

Quebec Drops Coronavirus Mandates After Rejecting Trudeau’s Emergency Decree

Quebec stepped up its “deconfinement plan” this week and began lifting coronavirus restrictions, while Premier Francois Legault rejected Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s effort to crush the Freedom Convoy protest movement by invoking emergency powers.

By John Hayward, Breitbart, February 17, 2022:

“I think that I was very clear with the prime minister that the federal Emergencies Act should not, must not apply in Quebec,” Legault said on Monday. “We don’t have any problems in Quebec so far. The Sureté du Québec has everything under control.”

There were Freedom Convoy demonstrations in Montreal and Quebec City over the past two weeks, but they were relatively restrained and mostly held over weekends. Legault said using the emergency powers offered by Trudeau against the protesters would be unwarranted and divisive.

“I think that at this moment, it would not help the social climate. There’s a lot of pressure right now, and I think we have to be careful. We really don’t need to throw oil on the fire,” he said.JE REFUSE!

A truck participates in a blockade of downtown streets near the parliament building as a demonstration led by truck drivers protesting vaccine mandates continues on February 16, 2022 in Ottawa, Ontario.  (Scott Olson/Getty Images)

Quebec lifted more of the restrictions opposed by the protesters on Monday. On Tuesday, plans were announced to begin removing vaccine passport requirements in stages, with the process completed by March 14.

CTV News reported that size restrictions on private gatherings have been lifted in Quebec, restaurants can seat more customers, four visitors a day are now permitted at old age homes if they have vaccine passports, and seniors are permitted limited outings.

Gyms and spas are now allowed to operate at half capacity, while outdoor events will be allowed with up to five thousand attendees.

Beginning on February 21, capacity limits will be removed on retail outlets, places of worship will be allowed to operate at half capacity, and amusement parks will be allowed to reopen with attendance limits. A week later, the capacity limits are due to be removed from houses of worship and all but the largest arenas, while bars and casinos will be allowed to reopen at half capacity. Most of the capacity limits are supposed to be phased out by the middle of March.

On Tuesday, Quebec announced the beginning of the end for vaccine passports, amusingly beginning with liquor and cannabis stores on Wednesday. The passports will be gone almost entirely by March 14, which is also when Health Minister Christian Dube is expected to begin distributing antiviral treatments for the Wuhan coronavirus.

“Proof of vaccination will still be required for domestic rail and air travel, as mandated by the federal government. Masks will also still be required in all public indoor spaces in the province,” CBC News noted.

Dube insisted the abrupt decision to remove vaccine passport requirements had nothing to do with the Freedom Convoy protests.

“We’re doing it because it’s the right time to do it. Because it’s safe for public health. And as I said, it’s there when we need it,” he said, threatening to bring the passport system back if another coronavirus outbreak hits the province.

Interim Director of Public Health Dr. Luc Boileau added that vaccine passports had become somewhat obsolete in the face of the highly contagious omicron variant, since only recent booster shots seem to have much effect against it. Millions of Quebec residents have recently been exposed to omicron, so by the time the recommended 8-12 week wait for vaccination after an infection has passed, the omicron wave should be largely over.

CBC News quoted McGill University associate professor of immunology Jorg Hermann Fritz questioning Dube’s claim that protests had no impact on the timetable for relaxing coronavirus measures.

“I think it’s populism, played straight and simple,” Fritz asserted. “It’s unfortunately a political ‘giving in’ and throwing it all out the window. That’s my interpretation.”

Friz and some Quebecers interviewed by CBC thought removing the coronavirus restrictions and vaccine passport requirements was a mistake with the omicron wave still ongoing, while others were relieved to see the end of the burdensome regulations.

Epidemiologist Dr. Christopher Labos told Global News on Wednesday that removing the vaccine passport would “remove at least one of those incentives” to get vaccinated or boosted.

“There is still a significant segment of the population that needs to get vaccinated with their third dose, if we are indeed going to protect ourselves against any future variants,” Labos said.

RELATED VIDEO: Live streams from downtown Ottawa.


‘The People’s Convoy’ Heading to Washington, Organizers Unveil Their Plans

Canada’s House of Commons erupts after Trudeau accuses Jewish Conservatives of supporting swastikas

Freedom Truckers Call In Massive Backup – Biden And Trudeau Are No Match For These Guys

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Governor DeSantis Blocks Biden Admin’s International Child-Trafficking Scheme In Florida

DeSantis steps up again to battle the party of evil.

DeSantis Blocks Biden Admin’s International Child-Trafficking Scheme In Florida

By: Jordan Boyd 

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis is seeking to block federally funded housing organizations from incentivizing child trafficking promoted by President Joe Biden’s border crisis by stripping their licenses to operate.

The Republican first directed the Florida Department of Children and Families to look into the situation in September, followed by an emergency rule in December that halted issuing and renewing the licenses of organizations that accepted federal money to house unaccompanied migrant children. In September 2021 alone, border officials encountered 14,358 alien minors along the Southern U.S. border.

It wasn’t until last week that the DCF released a permanent rule proposal solidifying the state’s intent to cut off licensing for organizations harboring unaccompanied alien children at the request of the federal government. While the state will continue to participate in refugee resettlement programs with federal agencies, DCF Secretary Shevaun Harris confirmed that Florida “will no longer be complicit” in Biden’s border crisis which funnels more than $66 million to childcare and child-placing agencies in the Sunshine State.

As border apprehensions reach record-breaking highs nearly every month, the Biden administration has been conducting covert “ghost” flights to ship and resettle illegal aliens including minors across the country with little to no transparency or vetting. As a result, federal officials have lost track of almost 40 percent of migrant children who were released from border officials’ custody between January and May of last year.

DeSantis, however, made it clear that he doesn’t want Florida involved with the federal government’s attempts to incentivize illicit practices at the Southern border, including human smuggling, which is often facilitated by drug traffickers and criminal gangs.

“The current [unaccompanied alien children] process smuggles in illegal immigrants from many different countries with no vetting, no transparency, and no consideration for child and public safety,” DeSantis explained last week.

During an event with Cuban Americans who were ushered into Florida under Operation Pedro Pan, a pre-planned mission in the early 1960s designed to rescue unaccompanied minors from the communist regime in Cuba and bring them to the U.S., DeSantis explained that the Biden administration is endangering migrant children by spreading them across the country.

“I just think there’s a lot of bad analogies that get made in modern political discourse. But to equate what’s going on with the Southern border with mass trafficking of humans, illegal entry, drugs, all this other stuff — with operation Pedro Pan, quite frankly, is disgusting. It’s wrong. It is not even close to the same thing,” DeSantis said.

Like many times before, corporate media and leftist activists quickly attacked the Republican based on lies. Among those opposed to the new rule is Catholic Archbishop Thomas Wenski of the Archdiocese of Miami, who accused DeSantis of participating in political theater and lied about the governor’s comments.

“At Governor DeSantis’ Monday meeting with a few former Pedro Pan kids in Miami’s Museum of the Cuban Diaspora, he described any comparison of unaccompanied minors from Cuba in the early 60’s with those from Central America today as ‘disgusting,’” Wenski falsely claimed. “This was a new low in the zero-sum politics of our divisive times. Children are children — and no child should be deemed ‘disgusting’ — especially by a public servant.”

DeSantis, a father to three kids, never said children are “disgusting” but Wenski’s comments fit the Democrat narrative too well for pro-illegal immigration activists to pass up.

The American Business Immigration Coalition Action quickly sprung to action and released a “six-figure buy” radio advertisement using Wenski’s false claims to smear DeSantis.

“‘Disgusting’ is that Gov. DeSantis is trying to benefit himself politically by attacking innocent immigrant children who are only seeking refuge and to top it off, he did it in Miami, Florida’s own Ellis Island,” an English translation of the ad script states.

One thing the archbishop didn’t mention in his now-prolific falsehood about DeSantis was that the Catholic Charities of the Archdiocese of Miami, which he presides over, received millions of dollars from the Biden administration to harbor child migrants.

Financial documents obtained by The Federalist via an open records request indicate that in 2021 alone, CCAM raked in $10,048,439 from the federal government to serve 352 unaccompanied alien children in the state of Florida — more than $28,500 per child.

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For the Biden Administration, National Security is ‘Mission Irrelevant’

USCIS Mission Statement underscores dangerous priorities.

The term “Mission Statement” has been defined as: a formal summary of the aims and values of a company, organization, or individual.

In other words, the mission statement concisely establishes the goals and priorities of an organization for both the general the public and for the employees of that organization.

The organization we will consider in my commentary today article is United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS). This agency operates under the aegis of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and is charged with adjudicating applications for various immigration benefits that include the permitting aliens to change immigration status in the United States to acquire political asylum, lawful immigrant status (signified by being issued a “Green Card”), and United States citizenship.

I have come to think of USCIS as “America’s locksmith” because aliens who has been granted lawful status may easily enter the United States through ports of entry and remain in the United States permanently.  For such aliens border walls are irrelevant.

The February 10, 2022 Epoch Times report, US Immigration Agency Changes Mission, Removes Key Phrases, began with this excerpt:

A key federal agency on Feb. 10 changed its mission statement, removing several key phrases.

The U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCISupholds Americas promise as a nation of welcome and possibility with fairness, integrity, and respect for all we serve,” the new mission statement says.

Under the old statement, the agency was described as administer[ing] the nations lawful immigration system, safeguarding its integrity and promise by efficiently and fairly adjudicating requests for immigration benefits while protecting Americans, securing the homeland, and honoring our values.”

USCIS, with approximately 19,000 employees, oversees legal immigration to the United States.

Ur Jaddou, the agencys director, said the new statement reflects theinclusivecharacter of both our country and this agency,” adding, The United States is and will remain a welcoming nation that embraces people from across the world who seek family reunification, employment or professional opportunities, and humanitarian protection.”

The clear difference between the two missions statements issued by the Trump administration, versus the Biden Administration is extremely worrying and helps to clearly delineate the stark contrasts between the two administrations.

The Biden Administration’s goals and priorities in many areas stand in stark contrast with the goals and priorities of the Trump administration that it replaced.  Arguable the greatest differences concern border security and immigration law enforcement.

President Trump understood that border security is synonymous with national security and our immigration laws are essential to protect America and Americans from threats to public health, national security and public safety while Biden and his administration have charted a very different and perilous course that utterly ignores these threats.

Under Trump the mission statement of USCIS took a balanced approach- maintaining America’s tradition as a welcoming nation, but prioritizing the need to protect Americans and the homeland.  Under Biden, there is no mention in that mission statement about protecting America or Americans but is all about welcoming everyone with no thought being given to implications that this may have for national security public safety.

For most folks immigration law enforcement is synonymous with the notion of border security and the Border Patrol which is charged with interdicting those who would enter the United States by evading the vital inspections process conducted at ports of entry by the Inspectors of CBP (Customs and Border Protection) the same element of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) under which the Border Patrol operates.

However, as I have noted on my prior occasions and during my testimony before numerous Congressional hearings, the United States is a nation of 50 border states and therefore the enforcement of our immigration laws from within the interior of the United States, the mission of ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement) is at least as important as is the need to secure our borders from the unlawful entry by individual who seek to evade the inspections process.

One of the critical responsibilities of ICE is to not only identify, investigate and arrest illegal aliens and aliens who are engaged in other criminal activities, but to conduct investigations into those who defraud the immigration system administered by USCIS, to seek lawful status by lying and/or concealing material facts that would prevent them from acquiring lawful status through the immigration benefits program such as political asylum, lawful immigrant status (as signified by being issued a “Green Card”) and ultimately, United States citizenship.  Many of these critical investigations are generally predicated on requests by USCIS when fraud is suspected.

As I noted in an extensive article I wrote some time ago, Immigration Fraud: Lies That Kill – 9/11 Commission identified immigration fraud as a key embedding tactic of terrorists:

The official report, 9/11 and Terrorist Travel – Staff Report of the National Commission on Terrorist Attacks Upon the United States focused specifically on the ability of the terrorists to travel around the world, enter the United States and ultimately embed themselves in the United States as they went about their deadly preparations and carry out an attack.  The preface of this report begins with this paragraph:

It is perhaps obvious to state that terrorists cannot plan and carry out attacks in the United States if they are unable to enter the country. Yet prior to September 11, while there were efforts to enhance border security, no agency of the U.S. government thought of border security as a tool in the counterterrorism arsenal. Indeed, even after 19 hijackers demonstrated the relative ease of obtaining a U.S. visa and gaining admission into the United States, border security still is not considered a cornerstone of national security policy. We believe, for reasons we discuss in the following pages, that it must be made one.

Page 46 and 47 of this report noted:

Once terrorists had entered the United States, their next challenge was to find a way to remain here. Their primary method was immigration fraud. For example, Yousef and Ajaj concocted bogus political asylum stories when they arrived in the United States.

The following paragraph is found on page 98 under the title “Immigration Benefits”:

Terrorists in the 1990s, as well as the September 11 hijackers, needed to find a way to stay in or embed themselves in the United States if their operational plans were to come to fruition. As already discussed, this could be accomplished legally by marrying an American citizen, achieving temporary worker status, or applying for asylum after entering. In many cases, the act of filing for an immigration benefit sufficed to permit the alien to remain in the country until the petition was adjudicated. Terrorists were free to conduct surveillance, coordinate operations, obtain and receive funding, go to school and learn English, make contacts in the United States, acquire necessary materials, and execute an attack.

Nevertheless, the Epoch Times report I cited above also includes this disturbing excerpt about the new mission statement:

Michael Knowles, president of AFGE Local 1924, said the union supports the statement.

He told The Epoch Times in an email that it reflects the views of many of the employees who do this important work.”

The union represents USCIS and Immigration and Customs Enforcement workers. Both agencies sit inside the Department of Homeland Security.

Under Biden the entire workforce at USCIS, that should be dedicated to protecting America and Americans, have been indoctrinated to completely disregard their responsibilities to seek to uncover fraud and the threats such fraud might create.

Consider that on October 22, 2022 I wrote the article, Biden Administration Plans To Protect Immigration Fraudsters.

Long after Biden is gone, these employees will remain at USCIS.

Members of Congress who are concerned about national security and public safety should be demanding to be given, for review, the curriculum being taught to the USCIS employees at the academy and the critical elements of their job descriptions and their evaluations.

This insanity at USCIS should not come as a surprise, however. There is a Yiddish expression that says, “When the fish goes bad, it smells from the head.”

Back on December 7, 2021 I wrote about my concerns about Alejandro Mayorkas, who is now the Director of the DHS. My article was, Biden’s DHS: Department of Homeland Surrender; Alejandro Mayorkas, architect of DACA, picked by Biden to head DHS.

Mayorkas was the Director of USCIS under the Obama administration.

On March 20, 2013 I testified before the United States Senate Judiciary Committee at a hearing on the topic, Building An Immigration System Worthy Of American Values.

My prepared testimony concluded with these two paragraphs that are even more pertinent today:

Law enforcement is at its best when it creates a climate of deterrence to convince those who might be contemplating violating the law that such an effort is likely to be discovered and that if discovered, adverse consequences will result for the law violators. Current policies and statements by the administration, in my view, encourages aspiring illegal aliens around the world to head for the United States. In effect the starter’s pistol has been fired and for these folks, the finish line to this race is the border of the United States.

Back when I was an INS special agent I recall that Doris Meissner who was, at the time, the commissioner of the INS, said that the agency needed to be customer oriented.” Unfortunately, while I agree about the need to be customer oriented what Ms Meissner and too many politicians today seem to have forgotten is that the customers” of the INS and of our government in general, are the citizens of the United States of America.

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How COVID Patients Were Over-Treated to Death


  • Around the U.S., COVID-19 patients are being killed by inappropriate medical protocols, and they have no say-so in the treatment they receive. They’ve literally been stripped of their patient rights
  • COVID patients are refused basic drugs like antibiotics and steroids. They’re even denied basic nutrition and fluids, which amounts to a war crime. Instead, COVID patients are over-treated with remdesivir, narcotics and mechanical ventilation, a combination that more often than not results in death
  • Hospitals are paid by the government for COVID tests, COVID diagnoses, admission of COVID patients, use of remdesivir and ventilation, and COVID deaths. This payment scheme has created a kind of institutionalized killing machine, where hospital revenue is tied to patients dying in-hospital with a COVID label, be it true or false
  • The Canadian press reports that COVID-19 patients are often given excessive doses of medications such as opioids, benzodiazepines and anticholinergics that could result in a lethal overdose, and in the U.K., senior care homes have been accused of killing off COVID patients with midazolam, a powerful sedative
  • Collectively, patient neglect, mistreatment, overtreatment and the COVID jabs have resulted in massive disability and death. Deaths among working age Americans (18 to 64) as of the third quarter of 2021 were 40% higher than prepandemic rates. Compare that to the 15.4% increase seen between 2019 and 2020, which was reported as the highest life insurance payout increase in 100 years

Something truly unthinkable is happening in America’s hospitals. Around the country, COVID-19 patients are being killed by inappropriate medical protocols, and they have no say-so in the treatment they receive. They’ve literally been stripped of their patient rights.

They’re refused basic drugs like antibiotics and steroids. They’re even denied basic nutrition and fluids, which amounts to a war crime under Rules 531 and 1182 of the Geneva Convention, which state you may not starve a person and you must provide basic necessities even to prisoners.

Instead, COVID patients are over-treated with dangerous and ineffective therapies like remdesivir, narcotics and mechanical ventilation, a combination that more often than not results in death. Many doctors who understand the importance of early and appropriate treatment are perplexed and horrified by what they’re seeing, and for good reason. It’s truly beyond comprehension at this point.

A Case of Medical Kidnapping for COVID Bounty?

Perhaps the most shocking example I’ve come across is the case of a perfectly healthy man involved in a car accident. In a talk with Stew Peters on Rumble, Benjamin Gord claims to have been given an unknown knock-out drug by the attending EMT and woke up on life support in a COVID ward.

He pulled out the vent all by himself, as he was unharmed from the accident. When he demanded to know why he’d been placed on mechanical ventilation, the shocked staff told him he was being treated for COVID.

In other cases, patients have been put on COVID standard care even though they came in for something else. Patients are also being denied release and are basically held as prisoners in the hospital. Many are refused the right to deny treatment.

On the other hand, they’re forced to accept do-not-resuscitate orders that they don’t want. There are also reports of COVID patients being given potent central nervous system respiratory depressants otherwise known as “euthanasia cocktails” — combinations of sedatives like morphine, fentanyl and midazolam.3

The medical kidnapping and mistreatment of patients against their will has become so widespread, human rights attorney Thomas Renz asked the Truth for Health Foundation to set up a medical advisory team, called the COVID Care Strategy Team, to help families physically liberate their loved ones from hospitals where they’re kept captive.4

Incentivizing the Killing of Patients

While one can speculate about the ethics of hospital administrators and doctors all day long, one of the most obvious answers to how this could have happened is that hospitals are receiving massive incentives to over-treat COVID patients to death. In the simplest terms, every patient has what amounts to a $100,000+ bounty on their head. Hospitals receive bonus payments for:5,6

  • COVID testing and COVID diagnoses — Hospitals receive a 20% “bonus” on top of the standard cost for the treatment of a COVID patient7
  • Admission of a “COVID patient”
  • Use of Remdesivir — The U.S. government actually pays hospitals an additional bonus when they use remdesivir,8,9,10 and that’s in addition to the 20% upcharge. Remdesivir was developed as an antiviral drug and tested during the Ebola breakout in 2014. Results were beyond disappointing. In the early months of 2020, the drug was entered into COVID trials.11 Those trials were also beyond disappointing.12,13,14 Not only was the drug ineffective against the infection but it also had significant and life-threatening side effects, including kidney failure and liver damage.15 Despite its clear dangers and lack of effectiveness, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration authorized remdesivir for emergency use against COVID in May 2020,16 and then gave it full approval in October 2020.17
  • Use of mechanical ventilation, which CMS whistleblowers claim kill 84.9% of COVID patients within as few as 96 hours,18 typically due to barotrauma19 (trauma to the lungs from the elevated pressure).
  • COVID deaths — In August 2020, former director of the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Robert Redfield, agreed hospitals had a financial incentive to overcount COVID deaths.20

According to Renz, hospitals are raking in a minimum of $100,000 extra for each and every “COVID patient” when they follow the directive to only treat with remdesivir and ventilation. On the other hand, hospitals that refuse to follow this deadly protocol and use things like ivermectin, antibiotics and steroids forfeit all government payments.

Still, financial incentives dictating drug treatment don’t explain why some hospitals are now withholding basic nutrition and fluids, quite literally torturing — starving — the patients to death. Such cases make it clear that death simply must be the desired outcome. Why else would you withhold food and water?

Initially, these COVID incentives were justified as a way to make sure hospitals would not be financially destroyed by the pandemic as they were losing revenue from routine care and elective surgeries they could no longer provide.21

Now, however, it seems this payment scheme has created a kind of institutionalized killing machine, where hospital revenue is tied to patients dying in-hospital with a COVID label, be it true or false.

Excessive Drugging of COVID Patients

Other countries are reporting similar trends. The Canadian press reports that COVID-19 patients are often given excessive doses of medications such as opioids, benzodiazepines and anticholinergics that could result in a lethal overdose.22

In the U.K., senior care homes have been accused of killing off COVID patients with midazolam, a powerful sedative. In April 2020, 38,352 out-of-hospital prescriptions for midazolam were issued, while the monthly average for the five years before was only 15,000, which is explained in detail in the above video.

“Midazolam depresses respiration and it hastens death. It changes end-of-life care into euthanasia,” retired neurologist Dr. Patrick Pullicino told MailOnline.23

And speaking of euthanasia, at the end of 2021, the government of New Zealand OK’d “voluntary euthanasia” by lethal injection for COVID patients if the doctor believes the COVID patient won’t recover.24 The doctor performing the euthanasia gets paid $1,087 by the government for this service.25

Deadly Prevention

Everywhere you look, the focus seems to be on maximizing the death toll, not saving lives. That includes the COVID jabs, which are touted as the only way to prevent serious infection and death. Yet data from the U.S. Department of Defense suggest the jabs are causing unprecedented injuries and deaths. The Defense Medical Epidemiology Database (DMED) data were obtained by Renz from DOD whistleblowers, and was released on the Renz Law website.26

The data show that, compared to the previous five-year averages, miscarriages were up 279% among DOD personnel in 2021, breast cancer went up 487%, nervous system disorders 1,048%, male infertility 350%, female infertility 471%, ovarian dysfunction 437% and on and on. As noted by Renz during U.S. Sen. Ron Johnson’s “COVID-19: A Second Opinion” panel:27

“The Whistleblower data, this DMED database, has provided a control group of sorts. It’s military records dating back several years that supply medical codes for various medical issues that our military face such as cancers, miscarriages, neurological disorders etc.

These records provided by three military doctors … show a historical baseline of what the health of the American military was like before 2021, the year the COVID vaccine was released. What you see is quite disturbing.

From 2016 to 2020 all variations of medical conditions stay consistent. But in 2021, when the variable of the vaccine is mandated, the spike in cancers, miscarriages, infertility, you name it, jumps by factors of hundreds to thousands of percent.

Let me be crystal clear. These vaccines are injuring and sometimes even killing our military, and those in the public that are buying the ‘safe and effective’ marketing. These numbers prove it beyond a shadow of a doubt.”

Pentagon’s Response — An Even Bigger Story

In response to the leaked DMED data, the Pentagon is now claiming that “a glitch” in the database resulted in incomplete data sets being shown for the five years Renz is using as a baseline. The real medical diagnoses for 2016 through 2020 are far higher, they claim, and that made the 2021 numbers appear falsely elevated.

According to Maj. Charlie Dietz, a task force public affairs officer for the DOD, the DMED was taken offline “to identify and correct the root cause of the data corruption.” Once the supposed “missing” medical diagnoses were added back in, the reported number of diseases and injuries for 2021 were 3% LOWER than 2020, and the lowest it’s been in six years. As reported by The Blaze:28

“Where those true numbers existed, why they weren’t in the system for five years, what exactly was in the system, and why the 2021 numbers were accurate according to the DOD account remain a mystery.

However, one by one, the military public health officials have been adding back random numbers to the 2016 through 2020 codes. I’m told by Renz and two of the whistleblowers that throughout the past week, they have queried the same data again, and in most of the ICD categories, they have found that the numbers from 2016 through 2020 were ‘increased’ exponentially to look as though 2021 was not an abnormal year.

This has been done without any transparency, any press release, any statement of narrative, and sloppily in a way that makes the already unbelievable narrative simply impossible to believe.

In addition to believing that every epidemiological report for five years was somehow completely tainted with false data … we would have to believe that the minute they discovered this from Renz, they suddenly discovered the exact numbers. A five-year mistake fixed overnight!”

Incompetence, Corruption, Both — or Worse?

Making this clown show even more indefensible is that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP) has admitted that they’ve been monitoring the DMED data from the start.29

Either way you slice it, we have a serious problem. If the DoD just now discovered corrupted data in the DMED, then there’s incompetence in its ranks. And if ACIP was looking at the DMED data and kept pushing for vaccination despite alarming safety signals, then ACIP is incompetent — or worse.

If there’s nothing wrong with the database and the numbers Renz initially obtained were accurate, then people within the DOD are falsifying data to cover up COVID jab injuries and sacrificing our military to protect Big Pharma profits — an action that, if true, seems dangerously close to treason.

As noted by Steve Kirsch,30 founder of the COVID-19 Early Treatment Fund, the DOD’s “explanation” for the discrepancy in its 2021 injury statistics is just riddled with holes. First of all, they’ve not explained why 2016 through 2020 data were affected, yet 2021 was not.

Secondly, they’ve not explained how they were able to correct “underreporting” of health problems in 2016 through 2020. How did they know there was underreporting? And why didn’t they fix it earlier? Thirdly, and perhaps most importantly:

“Only symptoms that were elevated by the vaccine were affected; that’s impossible for a computer glitch to have caused that … That makes their ‘corruption’ explanation hard to explain. Very hard to explain.”

Pfizer Warns Investors of Possible Business Impacts

Meanwhile, Pfizer appears poised for the emergence of bad news. In its fourth quarter earnings release and risk disclosure,31,32 the company admits that “the possibility of unfavorable new preclinical, clinical or safety data and further analyses of existing preclinical, clinical or safety data or further information regarding the quality of preclinical, clinical or safety data, including by audit or inspection” could impact earnings.

They also note challenges related to public confidence, concerns about clinical data integrity, and prescriber and pharmacy education as potential risks, and that’s in addition to the possibility that COVID-19 might “diminish in severity or prevalence, or disappear entirely.”

All-Cause Deaths Soared in 2021

Collectively, patient neglect, mistreatment, overtreatment and the COVID jabs have resulted in massive disability and death. In early January 2022, OneAmerica, a national mutual life insurance company based in Indianapolis, reported deaths among working-age Americans (18 to 64) as of the third quarter of 2021 were 40% higher than prepandemic rates — and they’re not dying from COVID.

Compare that to the 15.4% increase seen between 2019 and 2020. In December 2021, Fortune magazine reported this as the highest life insurance payout increase in 100 years.33 Well, they ain’t seen nothing yet, as the saying goes. OneAmerica CEO Scott Davidson said:34

“We are seeing, right now, the highest death rates we have seen in the history of this business — not just at OneAmerica. The data is consistent across every player in that business.

And what we saw just in third quarter, we’re seeing it continue into fourth quarter, is that death rates are up 40% over what they were pre-pandemic. Just to give you an idea of how bad that is, a three-sigma or a one-in-200-year catastrophe would be 10% increase over pre-pandemic. So, 40% is just unheard of.”

At the same time, OneAmerica has also noticed an uptick in disability claims. Initially, there was a rise in short-term disability claims, but now most claims are for long-term disabilities. The company expects the rise in claims will cost them “well over $100 million,” an unexpected expense that will be passed on to employers buying group life insurance policies.

Globally, the life insurance industry was hit with claims amounting to $5.5 billion in the first nine months of 2021, which is when the COVID jabs were most aggressively rolled out. During all of 2020, the height of the pandemic, claims only reached $3.5 billion.35 According to one insurance broker cited by Reuters, the industry was caught off-guard, as they expected the mass vaccination campaign to result in lower payouts in 2021. Reuters also reports that:36

  • The Dutch insurer Aegon, which does two-thirds of its business in the U.S., saw U.S. claims rise from $31 million in 2020, to $111 million 2021
  • U.S. insurers MetLife and Prudential Financial also reported an increase in claims for 2021 compared to 2020 and prepandemic years
  • Reinsurer Munich Re raised its 2021 estimate of COVID-19 life and health claims from 400 million euros to 600 million euros

Treat COVID Symptoms Immediately and Aggressively

We live in heartbreaking times —so much unnecessary pain, suffering and death. The fact that so many of these atrocities are occurring in our hospitals make the situation all the more disconcerting. This, truly, is not the time to go to the hospital unless your life depends on it.

That’s the last place you want to be right now, for any reason. It’s beyond tragic, but you simply cannot count on hospitals to give unconflicted care like you could in the past, and that could lead to your premature demise.

Your best alternative is to be prepared. Create a “COVID survival kit,” much like you would a tornado or hurricane kit, so you can spring into action and treat yourself immediately at first symptoms. Perhaps it’s the common cold or regular influenza; maybe it’s the much milder Omicron, but since it’s hard to tell them apart, your best bet is to treat all cold/flu symptoms as you would treat earlier forms of COVID.

And, remember, this advice applies for those who have gotten the jab as well, since you’re just as likely to get infected — and perhaps even more so. Early treatment protocols with demonstrated effectiveness include:

Based on my review of these protocols, I’ve developed the following summary of the treatment specifics I believe are the easiest and most effective.

EDITORS NOTE: This Mercola column is republished with permission. ©All rights reserved.

VIDEO: The Plan to Turn You Into a Genetically Edited Human Cyborg

UPDATE: The Shocking Plans to Microchip Everyone by 2026


  • The U.K. Ministry of Defense and the German Bundeswehr Office for Defense Planning stress that human augmentation needs to be a key area of focus to win future wars
  • Human augmentation will not be restricted to the military ranks. It’s really a way to further separate classes of humans, with the rich and powerful elite eventually using their augmented “super-human” status as justification to rule everyone else
  • The goal of The Fourth Industrial Revolution — introduced and pushed by the World Economic Forum — is transhumanism, the merging of man with machine
  • Human augmentation can directly affect behavior, either positively or to the detriment of that person
  • In the transhumanist view, the human body is a “platform” that can be augmented in myriad ways, physically, psychologically and socially

A May 2021 project report by the U.K. Ministry of Defense, created in partnership with the German Bundeswehr Office for Defense Planning, offers shocking highlights of the dystopian cybernetics future that global technocrats are pushing mankind toward.

The report, “Human Augmentation — The Dawn of a New Paradigm, a Strategic Implications Project,”1 reviews the scientific goals of the U.K. and German defense ministries, and they are precisely what the title suggests. Human augmentation is stressed as being a key area to focus on in order to win future wars.

But human augmentation will not be restricted to the military ranks. It’s really a way to further separate classes of humans, with the rich and powerful elite being augmented “super-humans.” It’s worth noting that anything released to the public is a decade or more behind current capabilities, so everything in this report can be considered dated news, even though it reads like pure science fiction.

“… the field of human augmentation has the potential to transform society, security and defense over the next 30 years,” the report states. “We must begin to understand the implications of these changes and shape them to our advantage now, before they are thrust upon us.

Technology in warfare has traditionally centered on increasingly sophisticated platforms that people move and fight from, or artefacts that they wear or wield to fight with. Advances in the life sciences and converging developments in related fields are, however, beginning to blur the line between technology and the human …

Many technologies that have the potential to deliver strategic advantage out to 2050 already exist and further advances will undoubtedly occur … Our potential adversaries will not be governed by the same ethical and legal considerations that we are, and they are already developing human augmentation capabilities.

Our key challenge will be establishing advantage in this field without compromising the values and freedoms that underpin our way of life …

When we think of human augmentation it is easy to imagine science fiction inspired suits or wonder drugs that produce super soldiers, but we are on the cusp of realizing the benefits in a range of roles now. Human augmentation will help to understand, optimize and enhance performance leading to incremental, as well as radical, improvements.”

Changing What It Means To Be Human

As noted in the report, “Human augmentation has the potential to … change the meaning of what it means to be a human.” This is precisely what Klaus Schwab, founder and executive chairman of the World Economic Forum (WEF), has stated is the goal of The Fourth Industrial Revolution.2

WEF has been at the center of global affairs for more than 40 years, and if you take the time to dive into WEF’s Fourth Industrial Revolution material, you realize that it’s all about transhumanism. It’s about the merger of man and machine. This is a dystopian future WEF and its global allies are actively trying to implement, whether humanity at large agrees with it or not.

Schwab dreams of a world in which humans are connected to the cloud, able to access the internet through their own brains. This, of course, also means that your brain would be accessible to people who might like to tinker with your thoughts, emotions, beliefs and behavior, be they the technocratic elite themselves or random hackers. As noted by history professor Yuval Noah Harari in late 2019, “humans are now hackable animals.”3 As noted in the featured report:4

“Human augmentation will become increasingly relevant, partly because it can directly enhance human capability and behavior and partly because it is the binding agent between people and machines.

Future wars will be won, not by those with the most advanced technology, but by those who can most effectively integrate the unique capabilities of both people and machines. The importance of human-machine teaming is widely acknowledged but it has been viewed from a techno-centric perspective.

Human augmentation is the missing part of this puzzle. Thinking of the person as a platform and understanding our people at an individual level is fundamental to successful human augmentation.”

Key words I’d like to draw your attention to is the affirmation that human augmentation can “directly enhance behavior.” Now, if you can enhance behavior, that means you can change someone’s behavior. And if you can change a person’s behavior in a positive way, you can also control it to the person’s own detriment.

Theoretically, absolutely anyone, any random civilian with a brain-to-cloud connection and the needed biological augmentation (such as strength or speed) could be given wireless instructions to carry out an assassination, for example, and pull it off flawlessly, even without prior training.

Alternatively, their physical body could temporarily be taken over by a remote operator with the prerequisite skills. Proof of concept already exists, and is reviewed by Dr. Charles Morgan, professor in the department of national security at the University of New Haven, in the lecture below. Using the internet and brain implants, thoughts can be transferred from one person to another. The sender can also directly influence the physical movements of the receiver.

The Human Platform

On page 12 of the report, the concept of the human body as a platform is described, and how various parts of the human platform can be augmented. For example:

  • Physical performance such as strength, dexterity, speed and endurance can be enhanced, as well as physical senses. One example given is gene editing for enhanced sight
  • Psychological performance such as cognition, emotion and motivation can be influenced to activate and direct desired behavior. Examples of cognitive augmentation include improving memory, attention, alertness, creativity, understanding, decision-making, intelligence and vigilance
  • Social performance — “the ability to perceive oneself as part of a group and the readiness to act as part of the team” — can be influenced. Communication skills, collaboration and trust are also included here

They list several different ways to influence the physical, psychological and social performance of the “human platform,” including genetics (germ line and somatic modification), the gut microbiome, synthetic biology, invasive (internal) and noninvasive (external) brain interfaces, passive and powered exoskeletons, herbs, drugs and nano technology, neurostimulation, augmented reality technologies such as external holograms or glasses with built-in artificial intelligence, and sensory augmentation technologies such as external sensors or implants. As noted in the report:

“The senses can be extended by translating frequencies beyond the normal human range into frequencies that can been seen, heard or otherwise detected. This could allow the user to ‘see’ through walls, sense vibrations and detect airborne chemicals and changes to magnetic fields.

More invasive options to enhance existing senses have also been demonstrated, for example, coating retinal cells with nanoparticles to enable vision in the infrared spectrum.”

They also point out that, from a defense perspective, methods to de-augment an augmented opponent will be needed. Can you even imagine the battlefield of the future, where soldiers are barraged from both sides with conflicting inputs?

As for ethics, the paper stresses that “we cannot wait for the ethics of human augmentation to be decided for us.” There may even be “moral obligations” to augment people, they say, such as when it would “promote well-being” or protect a population from a “novel threat.”

Interestingly, the paper notes that “It could be argued that treatments involving novel vaccination processes and gene and cell therapies are examples of human augmentation already in the pipeline.” This appears to be a direct reference to mRNA and vector DNA COVID jabs. If so, it’s an open admission that they are a human augmentation strategy in progress.

The Challenge of Unintended Consequences

Of course, there can be any number of side effects and unintended outcomes when you start augmenting an aspect of the human body or mind. As explained in the featured report:

“The relationship between augmentation inputs and outputs is not as simple as it might appear. An augmentation might be used to enhance a person’s endurance but could unintentionally harm their ability to think clearly and decisively in a timely fashion.

In a warfighting context, an augmentation could make a commander more intelligent, but less able to lead due to their reduced ability to socially interact or because they increasingly make unethical decisions. Even a relatively uncontentious enhancement such as an exoskeleton may improve physical performance for specific tasks, but inadvertently result in a loss of balance or reduced coordination when not being worn.

The notion of enhancement is clouded further by the intricacies of the human nervous system where a modifier in one area could have an unintended effect elsewhere. Variation between people makes designing enhancements even more challenging.”

Still, none of that is cause to reconsider or slow down the march toward transhumanism, according to the authors. We just need to understand the human body better, and for that, we need to collect and analyze more data on human performance, behavior, genetics and epigenetics. As noted by the authors:

“Devices that track movement, heart rate, oxygenation levels and location are already commonplace and will become increasingly accurate and sophisticated, making it possible to gather an increasingly wide array of performance data in real time. We can also analyze data in ways that were impossible even five years ago.

Artificial intelligence can analyze massive sets of information almost instantaneously and turn it into products that can inform decision-making. This marriage of data collection and analytics is the foundation of future human augmentation.”

Lab-Grown Designer Babies

As mentioned, by the time a technological advancement is admitted publicly, the research is already a decade or more down the road. Consider, then, the February 1, 2022, article in Futurism,5 which announced that Chinese scientists have developed an artificial intelligence nanny robot to care for fetuses grown inside an artificial womb. According to Futurism:6

“The system could theoretically allow parents to grow a baby in a lab, thereby eliminating the need for a human to carry a child. The researchers go so far as to say that this system would be safer than traditional childbearing.”

As of now, the AI robot is only in charge of lab-raised animal embryos, as “experimentation on human embryos is still forbidden under international law.” However, that could change at any time. In May 2021, the International Society for Stem Cell Research went ahead and relaxed the rules7 on human embryonic experimentation.8

Up until then, the rule had been that no human embryo could be grown in a lab environment beyond 14 days. Human embryos may now be grown beyond 14 days if certain conditions are met. In some countries, laws would still need to be changed to go beyond 14 days, but regardless, there’s no doubt that as transhumanism gets underway in earnest, ethical considerations about growing babies in laboratories will be tossed out.

Combine the announcement of an AI robot nanny to care for lab-grown embryos with the 2018 announcement that Chinese scientists were creating CRISPR gene-edited babies. As reported by Technology Review, November 25, 2018,9 “A daring effort is underway to create the first children whose DNA has been tailored using gene editing.”

The embryos were genetically edited to disable a gene called CCR5, to make the babies “resistant to HIV, smallpox and cholera.” The embryos were then implanted into a human mother using in vitro fertilization. At the time, the lead scientist refused to answer whether the undertaking had resulted in a live birth, but shortly thereafter it was confirmed that one trial participant had indeed given birth to gene-edited twins in November 2018.10

In June 2019, Nature magazine published an article11 questioning whether the CRISPR babies might inadvertently have been given a shorter life span, as research had recently discovered that people with two disabled copies of the CCR5 gene were 21% more likely to die before the age of 76 than those with one functioning copy of that gene. The babies might also be more susceptible to influenza and autoimmune conditions, thanks to this genetic tinkering.

Should We Breed Chimeras to Satisfy Need for Organs?

Ethical considerations about animal-human hybrids (chimeras) will probably also fall by the wayside once transhumanism becomes normalized. Already, human-monkey hybrid embryos have been grown by a team of Chinese and American scientists.12

The hybrid embryos are part of an effort to find new ways to produce organs for transplant patients. The idea is to raise monkeys with human-compatible organs that can then be harvested as needed. Here, the embryos were grown in test tubes for as long as 20 days — and this was done before the ISSCR officially agreed to relaxing the 14-day rule.

The question is, if this kind of research ends up being successful, and the creation of animals with human organs is actually feasible, at what point does the chimera become a human?

How do we know that what looks like a monkey doesn’t have a human brain, with the intelligence that goes with it? Taking it a step further, even, what’s to prevent scientists from growing human organ donors? Human clones, even? It’s a slippery slope, for sure.

Privacy in the Age of Transhumanism

Perhaps one of the greatest concerns I (and many others) have is that not only are we moving toward a merger of man and machine, but at the same time we’re also increasingly outsourcing human morality to machines. I cannot imagine the end result being anything but devastating. How did that happen? Timandra Harkness, a BBC Radio presenter and author of “Big Data: Does Size Matter?” writes:13

“As the recent pandemic years have shown, the desire to be free from scrutiny unless there’s a good reason to be scrutinized is widely seen as, at best, eccentric and, at worst, automatic grounds for suspicion.

We simply can’t articulate why a private life is valuable. We have no sense of ourselves as autonomous beings, persons who need a space in which to reflect, to share thoughts with a few others, before venturing into public space with words and actions that we feel ready to defend …

Part of the appeal of technologies like AI is the fantasy that a machine can take the role of wise parent, immune to the emotion and unpredictability of mere humans. But this tells us less about the real capabilities of AI, and more about our disillusionment with ourselves.

The urge to fix COVID, or other social problems, with technology springs from this lack of trust in other people. So does the cavalier disregard for privacy as an expression of moral autonomy.

Technology ethics can’t save us, any more than technology can. Even during a pandemic, how we regard one another is the fundamental question at the root of ethics. So we do need to treat technology as just a tool, after all. Otherwise we risk being made its instruments in a world without morals.”

Analysis by Dr. Joseph Mercola

EDITORS NOTE: This Mercola column is republished with permission. ©All rights reserved.

Premeditated Genocide by the Medical Drug Cartel

“In a sense, bioterrorism phase one was rolled out. It was really all about keeping the population in fear and in isolation and preparing them to accept the vaccine, which appears to be phase two of a bioterrorism operation.” – Dr. Peter A. McCullough

“Dr. McCullough gives us a stark and clear summary: ‘Remdesivir has two problems. First, it doesn’t work. Second, it is toxic and it kills people.’” – Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.

“One-third of teens and young adults reported worsening mental health during the pandemic. According to an Ohio State University study, suicide rates among children rose 50 percent. A study in August 11, 2021 by Brown University found that infants born during the quarantine were short, on average, 22 IQ points as measured by Baylor scale tests. Some 93,000 Americans died of overdoses in 2020—a 30 percent rise over 2019.” –  Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

“This vaccine is directly killing individuals…It can damage you, no doubt about it.  The scoreboard is lit up as bright as it can be: death, hospitalization, cardiac and neurologic injuries, miscarriage, still birth, it can’t get worse.  I can’t think of any drug or any injection that is as dangerous as this group of vaccines, in particular, the Pfizer vaccine.” –  Dr. Peter A. McCullough

The killing fields of America are here.  We are at a crossroads.  Death by government and Big Pharma is staring us in the face.  This isn’t the Tuskegee Syphilis experiment by our US Health Department, this isn’t the cancer-causing polio vaccine injections of the 50s, or the plutonium experiments on babies and military in the 40s, all of which were evil unto themselves and totally unconstitutional.  This isn’t even the heinous abomination of millions upon millions of European Jews slaughtered in the Holocaust.  No, as evil as these past genocides were, COVID hospital protocols and multiple C-19 “vaccines” are a worldwide genocide proliferated by the medical drug cartel and their mafioso friends.

The determination to preserve medical freedom is in our hands…and the war is on against the mandated murderous jabs by government, Big Pharma and their stakeholders.  These pharmaceutical companies are bringing in billions with this evil inoculation, and now they’re on their 4th booster jab despite thousands of deaths and adverse effects. They’re targeting our infants and toddlers but the FDA has refused, for the time being, approval of these jabs for children six months to five years.

Canadian truckers who want the jab mandates stopped have been arrested and their trucks hauled away after the government cut off their food and fuel.  Trudeau’s totalitarian edicts have destroyed any semblance of freedom in Canada.  Without truckers, supplies will be even more limited, but the elitists will never starve.

Forced vaccines are not new.

History Repeats

Mandatory vaccination has happened before…with smallpox 135 years ago.  Here’s what a Midwest doctor told Steve Kirsch:

What is currently happening with the COVID mandates and protests is nearly identical to what happened 135 years ago with the smallpox vaccine campaigns, where the vaccination made smallpox epidemics worse, the vaccines killed a lot of people, the public refused them and governments responded by harsher and harsher mandatory vaccination laws.

Eventually one of the largest protests of the century broke out in 1885, vaccine mandates were scrapped in one area in favor of alternative management of smallpox, and this is what actually ended smallpox.

My belief is that this is a very important message to get out to the current protest movement and will do a lot of good if it does.

I wrote a 10-page concise but detailed and referenced summary of everything that happened which I want to be made available (but I do not want credit for).

The entire summary can be found here and I would greatly appreciate it if you could bring awareness to this issue.

The deadly mistakes of 135 years ago are evident today.  Interestingly enough, the smallpox vax was forced upon our military after 9/11 and it caused myocarditis.

Vax Injuries

Three respected immunologists, Dr. Luc Montagnier (who won the Nobel Prize in 2008 for his discovery of the HIV virus, and who recently passed away), Dr. Sucharit Bhakdi, the most published immunologist in history, and Dr. Geert Vanden Bossche, a top immunologist in the Netherlands, have all warned that when you mass vaccinate in the middle of an active outbreak, you cause variants to emerge.  American dissident physicians have stated the same.

Dr. Bhakdi comments, “There is a good possibility that whoever orchestrated this knows exactly what they’re doing, and they are doing it on purpose to maintain the new variants and the consequences, which is essentially a psyop to cause a global psychosis due to fear, lockdowns and face diapers.”

In this 17-minute video, Dr. Sucharit Bhakdi explains the irrefutable bodily damages from the jab.  People who died after having the vaccine, had family-requested autopsies and nothing was found until Dr. Arne Burkhardt performed more thorough autopsies.  Burkhardt is one of the most experienced pathologists in Europe.

In the organs of 90% these people Dr. Burkhardt found clear evidence of auto-immune attack by killer lymphocytes on the tissues, the main organs being the heart, the lungs and the liver.  His article, “Notes and recommendations for conducting post-mortem examination (autopsy) of persons deceased in connection with COVID vaccination,” is posted on Doctors for Covid Ethics. The data is so damning and proves these inoculations are killing the young and the old.

It is now known that auto-immune attack reactions, leading to self-destruction, are being triggered by these “vaccines.”  Dr. Bhakdi states, “What Arne Burkhardt found was that in 90% of the deceased, age 28 to 90, women and men, one to one, who would never have thought they’d die because of these ‘vaccines,’ the same pathological findings were found in all of them. When Dr. Burkhardt says killer lymphocytes have invaded the hearts and lungs, and sometimes other organs of these people, the question arises, ‘Why the hell do killer lymphocytes invade the organs?’  The only answer is that these organs are producing the targets that are seen by the killer lymphocytes, and that target is the viral protein.”

What is going to happen?  Bhakdi says, “Your lymphocytes and the cells responsible for immune control over your body are dying. They are responsible for controlling viruses and every other disease that attacks the body.

Because of the jabs, the immune system is dying. The result will be high incidences in various countries of tuberculosis where it is now dormant. Tumor cells are no longer under control causing increased numbers of cancers, as evidenced by pathologist Dr. Ryan Cole of Idaho, viruses, herpes, Epstein-Barr, Cytomegalovirus (CMV) which kills babies in the womb, toxoplasmosis, and a horrifying number of other illnesses.

Dr. Bhakdi tells us, “Clearly the ‘vaccines’ are not working – a fantastic business circumstance for Big Pharma to continue generating income with ‘boosters’ – but not so good for humanity.”

Two high school basketball players suddenly dropped dead on the court last week with heart problems.

Bill Gates, who is the principal investor in many of these COVID jabs, stipulated that their risk is so great that he would not provide them to people unless every government shielded him from lawsuits, just like they shield the pharmaceutical giants who made these mRNA jabs.

Pfizer announced that the COVID-19 “vaccine” it makes with BioNTech registered a staggering $36.8 billion of sales in 2021.

Meanwhile, Moderna’s CEO dumped his stock and deleted his twitter account.  The Moderna CEO’s strange moves came shortly after a former Blackrock executive began investigating the death statistics from insurance companies and funeral homes.

Deadly Hospital Protocols/Remdesivir

Registered nurse, Nicole Sirotek spoke out at Senator Ron Johnson’s hearing of “dissident” medical professionals who were speaking the truth about the injections and the hospital protocols for treatment of COVID.  Watch her eight-minute talk.

Ms. Sirotek states that she didn’t see a single patient die of COVID, she’s seen a substantial number of patients die of negligence and medical malfeasance. She was told by the staff that they were just following orders.  She stated that she saw the pharmaceutical companies rolling out remdesivir on the patients, when they had no right to treat them.  She said everyone saw that this FDA approved costly drug was killing the patients and they had less than a 25% survival rate if they received more than two doses at an extremely high cost, not to mention the destruction of their kidneys/liver.

So why in the world would the FDA approve a drug that must be monitored for kidney/liver failure? The FDA now approves the drug to treat “non-hospitalized patients.” The drug is administered through an IV, and patients must be closely monitored. But non-hospitalized?  Doctors have sounded the alarm for months, but their voices have fallen on deaf ears.

Remdesivir is first degree murder.  It is being used to kill us.

The antiviral drug is owned by Gilead Sciences and developed with investment from the federal government, that being NIAID and the CDC at a tune of $79 million. Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation owns a $$6.5 million stake in Gilead.  It had languished for years with no apparent commercial use.  But remdesivir was a big win for Gilead when it was given to half the patients hospitalized with COVID.  Link  Anthony Fauci knew of remdesivir’s toxicity when he orchestrated its approval for COVID patients.

Dr. Fauci has persistently insisted on double-blind randomized placebo trials for medicines he dislikes (those that compete with his patented remedies) and airily fixed the NIAID study of remdesivir by changing the endpoints midstream to favor the drug.  He has never demanded randomized studies to confirm safety of the combined 69 vaccine doses currently on the childhood schedule.  Every one of these vaccines is regarded as so “unavoidably unsafe” in the words of the 1986 Vaccine Act (NCVIA) and the Supreme Court, that their manufacturers have demanded, and received, immunity from liability.  Page 35, The Real Anthony Fauci by Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.

Nicole Sirotek tells of a 10-year-old she had to have flown out who had received the first jab the previous day and had myocardial infarction.  She says, “The doctors won’t believe it and use victim shaming claiming it’s anxiety or stress, but if they put down that it was a vaccine injury, the physician and corporation, the hospital or clinic actually won’t get reimbursed, so it is labeled as anxiety or neuropathy, or Guillain-Barre Syndrome.”

Hospitals receive payments for testing every patient for C-19, every diagnosis and every ‘COVID death,’ as well as any time they use remdesivir and mechanical ventilation. They don’t get a special bonus if you live, so is it any wonder patients still aren’t receiving appropriate care?

WHO has issued a conditional recommendation against the use of remdesivir in hospitalized patients, regardless of disease severity, as there is currently no evidence that remdesivir improves survival and other outcomes in these patients!

Dr. Paul Marik, chief of pulmonary and critical care medicine at Eastern Virginia Medical School and former director of the ICU at Sentara Norfolk General Hospital, learned about his 14-day suspension when he arrived to work last November and found a letter on his desk.  Because he would not treat patients with remdesivir when he was at Sentara, but wanted to save their lives with alternative inexpensive repurposed drugs, he was suspended for two weeks.  Dr. Marik has testified that remdesivir increases the risk of death.  Sentara eliminated one of the finest physicians they had, a physician who actually developed a treatment for sepsis that saves 50-80% of patients.  Marik is the co-founder of Front Line COVID-19 Critical Care Alliance, ( which offers prevention and treatment protocols for COVID.

Negligence and Medical Malfeasance

Nicole also said that she had worked in other countries on the COVID virus, and she sees America’s healthcare as so deteriorated as to be like that of third world countries. She said she was getting reports from the organization she founded, America’s Frontline Nurses, saying that patients were not getting food or water.  “How come a patient hasn’t been fed in nine days who isn’t intubated and is telling that they would like to have food?!”  She said she’s had patients on vents who haven’t been bathed, fed, given water or turned to avoid bed sores.

“If you ask me, this isn’t a hospital, it’s a concentration camp. Nowhere in the United States do we isolate people for hundreds of hours at a time with no human contact.  It’s not even allowed in the prisons.  You cannot isolate prisoners beyond a certain period of time because it’s horrible for their mental health and it’s considered inhumane.  However, in these hospitals now, we’re allowed to isolate patients from their families for days, and you have to say goodbye to them over an iPhone.”

In this latest horrifying story, a father was forced to leave his teenage Down Syndrome daughter who was sick with C-19, after four days of being by her bedside.  The hospital actually threw him out.  The guard who walked him to his car told him to seek a higher authority.  They sent their other daughter in to be with her, but most shocking was that one of the physicians put a “Do Not Resuscitate” on his daughter’s chart and hours before she died, Grace received an assortment of drugs – including three doses of lorazepam and a dose of morphine.  The parents watched their daughter die via FaceTime while their other daughter screamed for the nurses.  They were outside the door and would not come into the room to save the teen they had just murdered with drugs that were used for palliative care, not for the Wuhan virus.

How can anyone call this anything but mass murder?!

Critical Against Government?  You’re a Domestic Terrorist

The Biden administration has designated free speech as a terrorist threat when it criticizes the federal government.  The Department of Homeland Security U.S. terrorism threat summary includes spreading ‘disinformation’ about not trusting government! 

It states,

(1) the proliferation of false or misleading narratives, which sow discord or undermine public trust in U.S. government institutions.

This bulletin is in effect until June 7, 2022.

Our dissident physicians, scientists and nurses, along with authors, journalists and American citizens are now considered domestic terrorists for freely speaking/writing our beliefs.


In 1860, Frederick Douglass commented, “Liberty is meaningless where the right to utter one’s thoughts and opinions has ceased to exist.”

Silence is not golden!  The medical drug cartel mafia are determined to quell the truth as well as the dissidents who utter it. It is essential that no voice of truth be stilled!

They must hear the cry of FREEDOM!

©Kelleigh Nelson. All rights reserved.

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Inflation Is Costing Households $250/Month, Moody’s Analysis Finds

As economist Ludwig von Mises colorfully put it, inflation is when ‘money, like chocolate on a hot oven, [is] melting in the pockets of the people.’

Inflation is making headlines again this week. The federal government’s latest data show that consumer price rose 7.5 percent from January 2021 to 2022. That’s the highest rate of price inflation we’ve seen in nearly 40 years!

What does this mean for everyday American families?

new analysis from Moody’s Analytics reports that the average US household is paying an additional $250 a month thanks to this inflation.

“A lot of people are hurting because of high inflation,” Moody’s senior economist Ryan Sweet told the Wall Street Journal. “$250 a month—that’s a big burden. It really hammers home the point of ‘what is the cost of inflation?’”

This disturbing revelation brings into focus something we already knew about inflation: it hurts the working class the most. While $250 a month is hardly a noticeable increase for millionaires, that could easily strain a working-class or even middle-class family’s budget past its breaking point.

Price inflation also erodes Americans’ hard-earned savings in a way that’s just as painful as the government directly hiking their taxes. As economist Ludwig von Mises colorfully put it, inflation is when “money, like chocolate on a hot oven, [is] melting in the pockets of the people.”

That’s exactly what we’re living through. But this leaves us with a more important question: Why are we seeing this surge in consumer prices? Is it some abstract economic phenomenon beyond our control? Is it due to “corporate greed?”

On the contrary, inflation directly traces back to decisions made by our elected (and unelected) government officials.

“The most important thing to remember is that inflation is not an act of God, that inflation is not a catastrophe of the elements or a disease that comes like the plague,” Mises famously explained. “Inflation is a policy.”

The primary cause of today’s inflation is the decision by the Federal Reserve, America’s central bank which controls the US dollar, to create trillions of new dollars out of thin air to ostensibly “stimulate” the economy during the pandemic.

Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell openly admitted as much in an interview with CBS.

“[Is it] fair to say you simply flooded the system with money?” a reporter asked.

“Yes,” he responded. “We did. That’s another way to think about it. We did.”

“Where does it come from? Do you just print it?” the journalist followed up.

“We print it digitally,” Powell replied. “So as a central bank, we have the ability to create money digitally… that actually increases the money supply. We also print actual currency and we distribute that through the Federal Reserve banks.”

To understand what “flooding the system with money” looked like, just consider the following graph of the money supply—and how dramatically it soared at the start of 2020.


How does increasing the amount of money out there lead to higher prices?

As FEE economist Peter Jacobsen has explained, “If more dollars chase the exact same goods, prices will rise.”

We’re watching this Econ 101 lesson play out before our eyes. And it’s a painful lesson indeed for the millions of American families that have hundreds more out of their monthly budgets just to tread water. Here’s hoping our policymakers learn from their mistakes before it even gets worse.

WATCHBrad Debunks the WORST Inflation TikToks


Brad Polumbo

Brad Polumbo (@Brad_Polumbo) is a libertarian-conservative journalist and Policy Correspondent at the Foundation for Economic Education.


Analyst Warns Warmer Weather will Send Gas Prices Soaring ‘A Lot Higher’

New Hampshire Is the Freest State in America. Here’s Why

EDITORS NOTE: This FEE column is republished with permission. ©All rights reserved.

Biden Admin’s Totalitarian State Designates Free Speech A “Terrorism Threat”, Criticism of Government Is Terror

It is now official: you will be deemed a “terrorism threat” for misleading narratives, which sow discord or undermine public trust in US government institutions.” Stalin, Mao, Hitler, CCP and now the Democrats.

Perhaps now, people can understand my decades long fight in defense of free speech. I saw this coming when the media, academia and Western elites refused to run the Danish cartoons in 2005. It was just a matter of time. We were defamed, smeared and libeled as ‘extremists’ driven from the public square. Now everyone with a shred of decency and a love of freedom is a terrorist.

Biden’s DHS Brands Free Speech ‘Terrorism Threat’ to U.S. — ‘Welcome to Your Communist Future’

By: Joshua Klein, Breitbart, February 10, 2022:

Any proliferating “narratives” the Biden administration deems “false or misleading” qualifies as a “terrorism threat” according to a recent National Terrorism Advisory System bulletin released by the Biden administration’s DHS, and has received sharp backlash online after warning that Americans are expressing unwelcome beliefs on issues such as the Chinese coronavirus and election fraud pose “an ongoing threat to the nation.”

The bulletin, issued on Monday by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS), addressed the “Terrorism Threat to the U.S. Homeland.”

In it, the country is described as being in a “heightened threat environment” due to factors such as online content featuring “false or misleading narratives and conspiracy theories, and other forms of mis- dis- and mal-information (MDM) introduced and/or amplified by foreign and domestic threat actors.”

The “threat actors” are accused of seeking to “exacerbate societal friction to sow discord and undermine public trust in government institutions to encourage unrest,” which could potentially lead to acts of violence.

Citizens are also warned of “[m]ass casualty attacks and other acts of targeted violence” by those “acting in furtherance of ideological beliefs and/or personal grievances.”

The bulletin also designates individuals and small cells “motivated by a range of foreign and/or domestic grievances often cultivated through the consumption of certain online content” as the “primary terrorism-related threat” to the country.

“The convergence of violent extremist ideologies, false or misleading narratives, and conspiracy theories have and will continue to contribute to a heightened threat of violence in the United States,” it states.

Both “unsubstantiated widespread election fraud” and the coronavirus are listed as examples of subjects in which “false or misleading narratives” are being proliferated online.

“Grievances associated with these themes inspired violent extremist attacks during 2021,” it claims.

COVID measures such as vaccine and mask mandates are stated to “have been used by domestic violent extremists to justify violence since 2020” and can potentially continue to inspire them “to target government, healthcare, and academic institutions that they associate with those measures.”

The introduction of 5G cellular technology, too, has been subject to “false or misleading narratives,” according to the bulletin.

In addition, it claims the recent resettlement of tens of thousands of Afghan refugees following the chaotic U.S. withdrawal from Afghanistan in August may be used to “exacerbate long-standing grievances and justify attacks against immigrants.”

As a result, DHS and the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) are “sharing information and intelligence with our partners across every level of government and in the private sector” to combat the aforementioned threats.

The bulletin recommends that citizens report any “potential threats” and keep safe online by maintaining the “digital and media literacy” needed to “recognize and build resilience to false or misleading narratives.”

In response, the DHS publication drew sharp backlash online.

“The sociopaths who run our government have decided free speech = terrorism,” wrote Dan Gainor of the Media Research Center.

“So, a few of us are wondering, @DHSgov … ARE YOU OUT OF YOUR MINDS?” wrote  First Amendment lawyer Ron Coleman.

Calling it “the most shocking thing I’ve read in a while,” conservative pundit Liz Wheeler warned that “Biden is weaponizing DHS to label… well, you… as a terrorist.”

“Welcome to your communist future,” she wrote in another tweet. “You may not criticize the govt or you will be imprisoned.”

“That is the logical conclusion of this hideous document,” she added.

“This is alarming,” wrote former Evergreen Professor Bret Weinstein.

“It tells us exactly where we are in history,” he added.

“By the Feds logic here the CDC and Dr Fauci are terrorist threats. (They’re not),” wrote libertarian-conservative journalist Brad Polumbo.

“But if spreading false info on COVID or undermining the government credibility is what qualifies you as a terror threat to DHS… I have some bad news,” he added.

“Is @SecMayorkas the Minister of Truth now?” wrote Rep. Dan Bishop (R-NC).

“@JoeBiden’s DHS may consider you a ‘threat actor’ & nat’l security risk if you publicly question their Covid-19 narrative!” wrote former Homeland Security Deputy Secretary Ken Cuccinelli.

“They’re weaponizing @DHS against the very American people it exists to protect,” he added. “This is unconscionable & dangerous.”

“According to the Biden gang, distrust of the Biden gang makes you a terror threat. @DHSgov is out of control…,” wrote Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton.

“Another Biden agency proves itself a civil liberties menace,” he added in another tweet..

“New DHS bulletin says those opposed to COVID Mania are terrorists,” wrote investigative journalist Jordan Schachtel.

“Any speech the government doesn’t approve is terrorism? Is this the official govt response to @joerogan?” asked Tea Party Patriots co-founder Jenny Beth Martin.

“Frightening day for America,” she added.

“DHS is going after Free Speech. How long before they start arresting people who speak-out about our corrupt election?” wrote Arizona gubernatorial hopeful Kari Lake.

“Anybody who does not parrot their narrative will be called a domestic terrorist,” she added. “Our Government is full-on authoritarian right now.”

The recent directives come as the Justice Department is establishing its own “domestic terrorism” unit, and the left continues to routinely describe Republicans and their supporters as a domestic threat to democracy.

On Monday, Salon published a piece branding the GOP a “terrorist organization,” while accusing Republicans and Trump supporters of seeking a war against American democracy, encouraging widescale violence against the left and minorities, and using “stochastic terrorism” to achieve their aims.

The Washington Post published a piece the same day declaring that the “antidemocracy” GOP “stands for insurrection and authoritarianism” and poses a “dire danger to U.S. democracy — and to the lives of ordinary Americans.”

Last month, the New York Times published a piece claiming the U.S. may be on the verge of collapse due to right-wing threats on democracy.

Also, last month, feminist author Dr. Naomi Wolf blasted President Biden for pressuring media outlets to censor COVID “misinformation,” as she warned of a “totalitarian reality” and the “Nazification” of public discourse.

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EDITORS NOTE: This Geller Report column is republished with permission. All rights reserved.

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