COP 28: Climate Colonialism and Anti-Semitism

Left unchecked, UN climate politics will trap the poor in poverty and drag down millions of others to join them.

They would destroy the democratic state of Israel as well.

These are not exaggerations.

I am at the UN conference in Dubai and have seen and heard these dangerous pronouncements and more from the UN stage with my own eyes and ears.

Pete Murphy posted a series of insightful reports from Dubai to  Alice Aedy, co-founder and CEO of Earthrise Studio, appeared on a UN panel entitled “Democratizing Access to Climate Information.” Murph’ took the microphone and, addressing Ms. Aedy, said, “Is it just to have a colonialist mindset towards developing countries that do not enjoy the prosperity that you and I have? This is a kind of new colonialism that we are imposing on people by denying them the prosperity that oil had brought… This is not justice.”

Denying millions in the developing world access to the energy we take for granted is an outrage.  So is bribing their (often unelected) leaders with climate cash to fall into line with the UN climate agenda.

Every person on Earth is entitled to freedom and the prosperity that comes with it.

Every nation on Earth is entitled to security and safety. For climate radicals, the exception apparently is Israel.

Peter Murphy also reported on a panel we attended featuring “The Climate Justice Alliance,” “The Global Grassroots Justice Alliance,” and the “Indigenous Environmental Network” that repeatedly charged Israel and the United States with “genocide” in Gaza.  As Murph further reported, “At no time did any panelist acknowledge the massacre of 1,200 Israeli civilians, including young women, men, children, and infants, on October 7th by Gaza militants, nor their kidnapping of more than 200 hostages for ransom. It is as though it all never happened.”

How’s that for outrageous?

The radicalism on display at COP 28 underscores an essential reality.  The global Left views climate as a means to achieve ends that have nothing to do with the temperature of the Earth.

Every radical cause has been shoehorned into the climate agenda.  Socialism, wealth redistribution, an end to meat eating, gender politics, ending cars, wrecking our energy economy, and even now the destruction of Israel, a successful democracy, along with so much more, are all being pushed upon us in the name of climate.

Climate radicalism cannot stand.

Thank you to everyone who has joined CFACT in pushing back.


COP28 panel blames Israel and the U.S. for Palestinian “genocide”

Undercurrent at the UN Climate Summit – Green Colonialism

CFACT tells COP 28: “You have a colonialist mindset!”

COP 28 is a really big fossil fuel trade show

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Hunter Biden Indicted On 9 Tax-Related Charges In California

Hunter Biden, the son of President Joe Biden, is facing new criminal charges, according to a criminal indictment in the Central District of California.

A federal grand jury in California indicted Hunter Biden on nine counts related to his alleged failure to pay over $1 million worth of taxes over a four year period. The younger Biden hauled in more than $7 million in total gross income from foreign business dealings involving Ukrainian, Romanian and Chinese entities, the indictment lays out.


“At times relevant to this Indictment, the Defendant served on the board of a Ukrainian industrial conglomerate and a Chinese private equity fund. He negotiated and executed contracts and agreements for business and legal services that paid millions of dollars of compensation to him and/or his domestic corporations, Owasco, PC and Owasco, LLC,” the indictment reads.

“The Defendant engaged in a four-year scheme to not pay at least $1.4 million in self-assessed federal taxes he owed for tax years 2016 through 2019, from in or about January 2017 through in or about October 15, 2020, and to evade the assessment of taxes for tax year 2018 when he filed false returns in or about February 2020,” the indictment adds.

Hunter Biden is being charged with three felonies and six misdemeanors including failure to pay taxes and failure to file taxes. The indictment proceeds to lay out Hunter Biden’s business dealings with Ukrainian energy firm Burisma Holdings, Chinese infrastructure company CEFC and a Romanian oligarch previously thought to be Gabriel Popoviciu.

The evidence contained in the indictment related to Hunter Biden’s foreign business dealings was previously disclosed by House Oversight Committee lawmakers and IRS whistleblowers Gary Shapley and Joseph Ziegler. Bank records released by the Oversight Committee beginning in March show the payments to Hunter Biden and his business associates from foreign entities exceeded $24 million.

Both IRS whistleblowers came forward to the House Ways and Means Committee with allegations the Department of Justice (DOJ) gave Hunter Biden special treatment during the criminal investigation. In a statement released Thursday evening, Shapley and Ziegler said they were vindicated by the new indictment.

The fresh indictment provides details on Hunter Biden’s book deal for his memoir and expenses paid by his “Personal Friend” adding up to over $1 million. The third party financier was identified by Ziegler as Hollywood attorney Kevin Morris, who is believed to have paid roughly $2 million of Hunter Biden’s tax burdens.

Hunter Biden spent more than $4 million during the 2016-19 time period on a lavish lifestyle featuring drugs, prostitutes, girlfriends, luxury vehicles and other expensive goods, the indictment shows on page 13. Even after he became sober, Biden still failed to pay his overdue taxes and spent large sums of money to maintain his high powered lifestyle, according to the indictment.

“Notably, in 2020, well after he had regained his sobriety, and when he finally filed his outstanding 2016, 2017, and 2018 Forms 1040, the Defendant did not direct any payments toward his tax liabilities for each of those years. At the same time, the Defendant spent large sums to maintain his lifestyle from January through October 15, 2020,” the indictment asserts.

He spent over $600,000 on payments to various women and over $180,000 on adult entertainment. His rehab stint set him back around $70,000 and his spending on clothing and accessories approached $400,000, expenses from his Owasco P.C. bank account show.

Special counsel David Weiss had been investigating Hunter Biden’s taxes with help from a California grand jury. Biden has lived in the Los Angeles, California, metropolitan area since 2018, the new indictment says.

Court documents were not initially publicized when the news of Hunter Biden’s criminal charges was reported by multiple outletsCNN first reported the federal charges against Hunter Biden were imminent, citing people briefed on the matter.

A spokesperson for Weiss declined comment to Fox News and a White House spokesperson declined to comment to NBC News. Hunter Biden’s defense attorney did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

Hunter Biden was indicted in September on three federal gun charges, to which he pleaded not guilty at an October arraignment in Delaware.

Biden-appointed U.S. Attorney for the Central District of California E. Martin Estrada previously refused to cooperate with Weiss on the Hunter Biden case, both men confirmed when they testified before the House Judiciary Committee, according to transcripts reviewed by the Daily Caller. Estrada’s conduct was first brought to light by the IRS whistleblowers.

In August, Weiss withdrew previously filed Delaware tax charges against Hunter Biden in order to prosecute him in California or the District of Columbia. Attorney General Merrick Garland appointed Weiss special counsel in August following the collapse of Hunter Biden’s guilty plea deal for the two Delaware tax charges and a pretrial diversion agreement for a felony gun charge.

U.S. District Court Judge for the District of Delaware Maryellen Noreika derailed the plea deal when she discovered a prosecutorial immunity provision inside of the pretrial diversion agreement. DOJ prosecutor Leo Wise admitted to Noreika the immunity clause had no precedent.

“Two brave IRS whistleblowers, Gary Shapley and Joseph Ziegler, placed their careers on the line to blow the whistle on misconduct and politicization in the Hunter Biden criminal investigation,” House Oversight Committee Chairman James Comer said in a press release.

“The Department of Justice got caught in its attempt to give Hunter Biden an unprecedented sweetheart plea deal and today’s charges filed against Hunter Biden are the result of Mr. Shapley and Mr. Ziegler’s efforts to ensure all Americans are treated equally under the law. Every American should applaud these men for their courage to expose the truth.”



Investigative reporter. James Lynch can be reached on Twitter @jameslynch32.



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COP 28: United Nations Scientists Seek Fauci-like ‘Powers’

Gore and Kerry demand phase-out of fossil fuels – ‘Clothing limited to 3 new items per person’.

DUBAI — CFACT’s Climate Depot’s Marc Morano Special Reports from DUBAI COP 28 UN Climate Summit

Morano: “This is the 18th UN COP climate summit that I have attended in person since my first in 2004. I have also attended two UN Earth Summits (2002 & 2012), for a total of 20 (so far) of these UN summits. Let’s all hope for the total failure of the UN climate agenda and Net Zero goals!”

Dubai News Round Up

Scientist Dictators emerge at Cop28! UN IPCC scientists declare: ‘We need power to prescribe climate policy’ – ‘Scientists should be allowed to make policy prescriptions & potentially oversee implementation’

Morano Comment: “The UN scientists were jealous when they saw how public health officials could implement authoritarian policies during COVID & and now they want Fauci-like powers!”

Gore declares: Agreement to phase out fossil fuels would be ‘one of the most significant events in the history of humanity’

NYT: U.S. Supports ‘Largely’ Phasing Out Fossil Fuels, John Kerry Says at UN Climate Summit – We have no choice! Kerry: ‘We’ve got to do what the science tells us to do’

Watch: Morano on Fox News from Dubai: Unelected ‘climate potentate’ John Kerry’s decreeing the end of coal will benefit China – ‘This is the Great Reset summit. We did not vote on shutting down coal – W/ Laura Ingraham

Biden Admin Pledges $3 Billion To The UN’s Neocolonialist ‘Green Climate Fund’

Climate Colonialism: ‘The looming land grab in Africa for carbon credits’ – Western carbon offset companies look to lock up ‘a tenth of Liberia’s land mass, a fifth of Zimbabwe’s, & swaths of Kenya, Zambia & Tanzania’

Watch: UN fashion police’s ‘Runway to Net Zero’ event – UN’s keynote speaker says ‘It depends’ when asked if ‘clothing should be limited to 3 new items per person’ to fight climate

Watch Morano on Fox & Friends Live from Dubai: COP28 is about the UN ‘gaining more control so we don’t have a say in our democracy & our lives — from freedom of movement, to food, to energy’

Climate Emperor John Kerry decrees no coal plants should be ‘permitted anywhere in the world’

UN delegates circulate petition to shut down US natural gas production as global climate summit kicks off

Watch: Morano on Fox: ‘Net Zero is just a central planning Soviet-style effort to reign in the USA & the West”

All G20 nations are missing climate goals: ‘Not a single G20 country has policies in place that are consistent’ with the UN Paris pact

Lord Christopher Monckton: ‘Cancel the King: Charles ‘disgraced himself, the monarchy & the UK with his half-witted’ speech to UN climate summit – ‘It is time to sweep the monarchy away’

Watch: Morano on TV on UN climate summit: ‘This is about control of the food supply ultimately’ – Bill Gates mission is to get rid of farmers, farms & have everything grown in laboratories’

UN Climate summit president slips & says there’s ‘no science’ behind need to phase out fossil fuels – He is correct – Even UN scientists have admitted temperature goals ‘pulled out of thin air’

‘I’m not buying new stuff any more’: The young people getting into ‘degrowth’ – ‘Cancelling some TV subscriptions & keeping coats & socks much longer’

IMF Boss Says Governments Need to Impose Global Carbon Tax on Citizens to Punish Them for Using Energy ‘to fight climate change’

Private Jets Flock To Dubai For COP 28: Event Set To Have Biggest Carbon Footprint In History

Undercurrent at the UN Climate Summit – Green Colonialism – By Peter Murphy

UN hosting its “dirtiest” climate conference ever in Dubai – By Craig Rucker

COP 28: UN targets America By Craig RuckerEurope tried it green and failed: ‘The architect of the European Green Deal has resigned, & next year’s EU elections are announcing a shift away from environmentalist ideas”

“Many gathering in Dubai believe the talks can only be considered a success if they result in a deal to ‘phase out’ all fossil fuels’

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Riley Gaines Torches the Dems’ Gender Deniers in House Fight for Girls’ Sports

If Riley Gaines had it to do over again, the All-American swimmer says she’d have never raced against Lia Thomas. It would’ve meant giving up everything she’d trained for — but some things, she’s decided, are more important than titles. “I believe everything happened for a reason, but I wish I realized what a slippery slope this was when we were told to smile and step aside so a man could have our place at the podium,” Riley insisted. “My actions would be different now, and I wouldn’t compete. I know it’s easier said than done, but sacrifices are necessary for the greater good.”

More than a year and a half after the moment that changed her life forever, Riley has made plenty of sacrifices. As the face of the movement to save women’s sports, she’s been targeted, harassed, and mocked — and that was just Tuesday.

Though Gaines wasn’t surrounded, punched, or held hostage, she was openly demeaned by people claiming to be leaders in Congress. As a witness in the Republicans’ hearing, “The Importance of Protecting Female Athletics and Title IX,” Riley talked about what it was like to be a pawn in the NCAA’s political game. Despite tying with Thomas, a biological male, Gaines was intentionally elbowed out of the spotlight. “I was denied the trophy because the NCAA claimed it was necessary for Thomas to hold the trophy when photos were being taken,” she explained.

But if anything was worse than being forced to “validate the feelings and the identity of a male,” Riley fumed, it’s that she and the other girls were forced to share an intimate locker room with the same man. “And as I’ve testified previously, we were not forewarned of this arrangement,” she said of being confronted with Thomas’s “fully intact male genitalia.” “We were not asked for our consent, and we did not give our consent to this exposure and to be exploited.”

Female Democrats (and their chosen witnesses) shrugged off Gaines’s concerns, insisting that anyone trying to keep men out of girls’ sports is a bigot. “It’s disappointing to me,” leftist Rep. Summer Lee (D-Pa.) said, “that although the title of this hearing implies a much-needed discussion we’re likely going to be forced to listen to transphobic bigotry. Because actually protecting female athletes and Title IX is important. Participating in sports provides so many benefits to our young people.”

“… [If] my testimony makes me a transphobic bigot,” Riley fired back, “then I believe your opening monologue makes you a misogynist,” she declared to Lee, who, ironically, tried to have Gaines’s comment scrubbed from the record. Like most Republicans, Doug LaMalfa (Calif.) was appalled by the exchange, pointing out the absurdity that Lee would move to have Riley’s response stricken “because she cared to disagree with the [Democrats’] name-calling…”

“I believe being called transphobic for saying that women deserve privacy, that we deserve safety, that we deserve equal opportunities, that we deserve to maintain our dignity — I believe that is certainly an attack on my character,” Riley interjected.

Another “squad” member, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.) leaped into the ridiculous by suggesting that the people protecting girls’ sports would be “opening up all women and girls to genital examinations when they are underage, potentially just because someone can point to someone and say, ‘I don’t think you are a girl.’”

In one of the hearing’s more jaw-dropping moments, Fatima Goss Graves, president of the so-called National Women’s Law Center, suggested that girls like Riley “learn to lose gracefully,” a statement roundly mocked on social media. “I don’t know what the National Women’s Law Center does,” Christian Collins tweeted, “but if this is their president, they aren’t helping women.” Tennis great Martina Navratilova was equally infuriated. “I think National Women’s Law center needs to change their name and just be called National Law Center,” she posted. “No point calling it women’s law center since according to the president there are so many variations of women?”

Ranking Republican Lisa McClain (Mich.) was appalled, calling Graves’s “lose gracefully” advice a “slap in the face of any athlete who worked so hard.” “I am a woman,” she insisted, “and let me tell you, hear me roar, because I will not stop protecting women. You want to know why? Because we have rights, too. … And our daughters have rights, too. Let me be explicitly clear on that — I will never stop protecting our daughters. I will never stop protecting women. That is my job as a mother, and it is the right thing to do.”

Graves, unfortunately, did little to dig herself out of the hole she’d created, at one point outing herself as a graduate of the Ketanji Brown Jackson School of Biology by saying she couldn’t answer if men and women are different because, after all, she’s “not a scientist.” Instead, she accused Gaines and others of making the hearing “about attacking and dehumanizing transgender people” — a charge Riley didn’t take lightly.

“There’s a place for everybody to play sports in this country,” Gaines said, noting transgender Americans were included in her view. “But unsafe, unfair and discriminatory practices must stop.” All the Left cares about, she argued, is “minimize[ing] harm to trans-identified athletes.” “But what about the harm to us?” she demanded. “Who was working to minimize the harm done to female athletes?”

Macy Petty, a former Family Research Council intern, is one of the growing chorus of athletes affected by the Left’s march through girls’ sports. As an NCAA volleyball player, she’s had to face off against a male player — despite the obvious advantage the women’s game provided. “When the rule-makers ignored the basic biological differences, they ignored the fact that women’s volleyball nets are over seven inches shorter than men’s volleyball nets,” she pointed out. “Simple things like that that acknowledge the differences between sexes and allow us to also pursue athletic excellence. But in ignoring that, they allowed this male athlete … [to] use so many biological advantages against us as female athletes. And at this point of my life, I was trying to compete in front of her recruiters for an athletic and academic scholarship one day.”

Macy was catapulted into the spotlight when she decided to speak out about the injustice of it all, walking a path blazed, in large part, by Riley Gaines. Like so many female athletes, she’s watched Gaines do battle with everyone from members of Congress to talk show hosts and extremist students without giving an inch.

“I thought that Riley did a fantastic job today,” she told FRC President Tony Perkins on “Washington Watch” after the hearing. “I know that I was among many who were praying for her, just that she could relay truth and light into Congress. And I think that’s exactly what she did. She went in with a clear message and simply said, ‘We cannot keep elevating this, this inclusion message and leave behind so many female athletes who have been fighting their entire lives to be collegiate athletes, to be high school athletes. And this message that they keep pushing is definitely reversing the clock 50 years and going against the original intent of Title IX.”

As she’s linked arms with women and girls across the country, Macy says that “something that has been increasingly clear to me is that this is a spiritual battle, and that this is a war on the creation and the Creator Himself, and an attack on what it means to be male and female.” But as she’s exposed to more hostility, she says she’s equally encouraged by the light starting to shine through the darkness. “Thankfully, I’ve seen more and more people lean into the Word of God and just the confidence that He can bring throughout the fight.”


Suzanne Bowdey

Suzanne Bowdey serves as editorial director and senior writer at The Washington Stand.

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FAIR Applauds Senate Republicans for Holding Firm and Demanding that National Security Starts at Home

Democrats’ Insistence on Open Borders Blocks Assistance to Allies Abroad

December 6, 2023, Washington, D.C. — The Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR) commends Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell and Senate Republicans for insisting that national security begins at home and for demanding that Congress incorporate immigration policy changes as part of any aid package to allies who are defending their own sovereignty.

Today, Senate Majority Chuck Schumer attempted to proceed on a foreign aid package that ignores the crisis raging at the southern border. The budget supplemental legislation offered by Senate Democrats merely seeks to throw more money at the problem so border agents can process and release illegal aliens into the country faster. It does nothing to address the ruinous policies that have created the greatest surge of illegal immigration in U.S. history. “It makes no sense to allocate billions of dollars to help other countries defend their security, while leaving our borders wide open. Senate Republicans are right to insist that meaningful changes to Biden administration policies that have created this national security crisis be attached to the aid package,” said Dan Stein, president of FAIR.

Fortunately, Senator Schumer’s efforts to move this legislation forward failed as Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, Minority Whip John Thune and the entire Republican caucus were united in stopping the motion to proceed on the legislation. That motion required 60 votes to pass; Democrats could not even get a majority, as it failed 49-51.

In blocking this vote, Senate Republicans demonstrated that they understand how important reforming immigration policy is to Americans and how Americans understand that border security is national security. In a letter sent to congressional leaders today, a broad coalition of public interest groups and policy experts representing millions of Americans demanded inclusion of H.R. 2, the Secure the Border Act, passed by the House in May, in the bill. Policy changes set forth in H.R. 2 must be “the bare minimum required to regain control of America’s southern border and provide credibility for our nation’s immigration system,” states the letter to which FAIR is a signatory.

“Intransigence on the part of the Biden administration and congressional Democrats about stopping the border crisis is the impediment to approving foreign aid,” charged Stein. “To be clear, it is not Senate Republicans who are standing in the way of this assistance. Rather, it is the administration’s insistence on keeping America’s borders wide open and blocking any meaningful policy changes that might end the rampant abuse of our asylum system that is holding up approval of the foreign aid package.

“Without real reforms to asylum policy, expedited removal of people attempting to defraud our asylum system, and an end to the Biden administration’s wholesale abuse of humanitarian parole authority, the chaos at our borders and in our cities, and threats to national security, will grow even more dire,” continued Stein.

“There is bipartisan support for approving an assistance package to help our allies fight the same enemies and adversaries that threaten our own security. But tragically, that aid is being held hostage to the narrow, ideologically-driven agenda of the Biden administration and its allies in Congress whose policy is open borders and mass amnesty for millions of illegal aliens, no matter the danger or the cost to the American people,” Stein concluded.



‘I Love You’: Illegal Alien Thanks Biden After Crossing Into U.S.

National Monument Covered In Feces, Trash Thanks To Surge In Illegal Immigration

Illegal Alien From Romania Released By Feds After Committing Crimes Globally Went On To Commit More In The US

Poppy Harlow Tells Mayorkas Point-Blank Not Even Democrats Are Supporting Biden’s Border Policies

EDITORS NOTE: This FAIR press release is republished with permission. Copyright (C) 2023 Federation for American Immigration Reform. All rights reserved.

VIDEO: Former U.S. Border Patrol Chief Rodney Scott: ‘Border Security NEVER Worse Than TODAY!

Rodney Scott served as the 24th Chief of the United States Border Patrol from 2020 until 2021.

Watch Former U.S. Border Patrol Chief Rodney Scott on Judicial Watch with Chris Farrell.

Please follow Rodney Scott on X.


Chris Farrell

Director of Investigations.



Border Patrol Had 22,000 Illegal Immigrants In Custody After Releasing Thousands Into The Country

Over 10,000 Male, Military Age Migrants Crossed Border in Past 24 Hours For the Second Day in a Row

EXCLUSIVE: Federal Agents Say They’re Stuck ‘Babysitting’ Illegal Immigrants Instead Of Stopping Criminals

‘Where Do You Want Them?’: GOP Rep Grills Witness Calling For More Immigration

New York Official Blames ‘Liberal Bail Reform’ For Helping Illegal Immigrants Commit Crimes

NY Rep. Dan Goldman Says He Doesn’t Understand Why People Care About NYC Struggling With Migrants

‘Can You Let Me Answer?’: NY County Exec Bulldozes Dan Goldman After Dem Claims Migrants Are ‘Vetted’ At Border

EDITORS NOTE: This Judicial Watch column is republished with permission. ©All rights reserved.

Senate Democrats Demand Amnesty in Return for Tightening Asylum Laws and Border Security

With a foreign aid package scheduled to hit the Senate floor as early as this week, eleven Senate Democrats issued a joint statement to demand that any agreement to tighten U.S. asylum laws and improve border security also include an amnesty for illegal aliens.  The Democrats who signed the statement included Sen. Dick Durbin (D-Ill.), Chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, and Sen. Alex Padilla (D. Calif.), Chairman of the Judiciary Subcommittee on Immigration, Citizenship and Border Safety.  They were joined by Senators Cory Booker (D-N.J.), Mazie Hirono (D-Hawaii), Ben Ray Luján (D-N.M.), Edward Markey (D-Mass.), Bob Menendez (D-N.J.), Jeff Merkley (D-Ore.), Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.), Sheldon Whitehouse (D-R.I.), and Ron Wyden (D-Ore.).

The statement signals the concern that some Democrats have about ongoing negotiations in the Senate, where Republicans have demanded that negotiators include meaningful immigration policy changes as part of a foreign aid package that would spend billions on Ukraine, Israel and Taiwan.  It reads: “As negotiations surrounding the supplemental aid package progress, we are concerned about reports of harmful changes to our asylum system that will potentially deny lifesaving humanitarian protection for vulnerable people, including children, and fail to deliver any meaningful improvement to the situation at the border.” Ironically, the statement also criticizes Republicans for seeking immigration policy changes as part of the foreign aid package, saying that the addition of policy provisions to the aid package would set a dangerous precedent and forsake our allies.  Yet, at the same time, these Democrats are demanding amnesty.

By issuing the stern statement, the Senators hope to rein in their Democrat colleagues negotiating the immigration provisions and ultimately stop them from making meaningful changes to the law. The Democrats’ negotiators include Sen. Chris Murphy (D-Conn.), Michael Bennet (D-Colo.), and Sen. Kyrsten Sinema (I-Ariz.). The Republican negotiators include Sen. James Lankford (R-Okla.), Thom Tillis (R-N.C.), Lindsay Graham (R-S.C.), and Tom Cotton (R-Ark.).

Senators Durbin, Padilla and others promoting open borders are beginning to feel the heat as the White House ramps up pressure for Congress to act on the foreign aid package.  On Friday, White House national security spokesperson John Kirby told reporters, “We want to see all four priorities taken up by Congress and all four funded. The reason why it’s a supplemental is because they’re all urgent.  And as I said earlier, we’re running out of runway on Ukraine, and I would tell you the same thing for Israel.”

Early last week, Biden press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre said the Administration has “had conversations with members of Congress” regarding the supplemental request.  Jean-Pierre strongly objected to H.R. 2, the Secure the Border Act, but did not comment specifically on the negotiations.  According to the Associated Press, the Biden Administration is not overtly involved in the negotiations on Capitol Hill, but it has not told Democrats not to make a deal with the Republicans. Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas has been on calls with senators of both parties in recent days as talks continue.

With immigration on the table, the question now is whether Senate Republicans will hold the line and demand real reforms, such as the provisions found in H.R. 2, or whether they will be satisfied with half measures that sound good on paper, but have little impact on the crisis.  For his part, Senator Thom Tillis has signaled he will not support a border security package that does not garner support from at least 25 Republican senators.


FAIR staff


Senate Negotiations on Border Security Package May Stall

Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals Orders Texas to Remove Buoys from Rio Grande

In the Netherlands’ Parliamentary Elections, Restricting Mass Immigration Won the Day

U.S. Immigration Reaching 15 Percent Milestone, New Record With No End In Sight



For the West to Live, Immigration[ism] Must Die

After expelling a large number of illegal aliens approximately 20 to 25 years ago, the Japanese government made a firm statement I’ll never forget. “Japan is for Japanese,” Tokyo unabashedly explained. “Others are welcome to come and visit, but they’re expected to go home.” And just like that, Japan exhibited the historical norm: defending your homeland and preserving national cohesion — without hesitation or apology.

The West — the modern West — has been a different story. Shortly before his death at age 100, famed diplomat Henry Kissinger warned of immigration’s effects after having witnessed the support for Hamas inside Germany. It was “a grave mistake to let in so many people of totally different culture and religion and concepts,” he announced, “because it creates a pressure group inside each country that does that.” Of course, he was just stating the obvious. In fact, we’re so far down the balkanization rabbit hole that there’s only one thing to figure out: What should have been one’s first clue?

How about when French intellectual Christian de Moliner suggested in 2017 that his nation be divided to avoid civil war with its Muslims? How about in 2021, when 20 retired French generals and more than 1,000 other military members signed an open letter warning that this looming conflict was drawing nigh?

How about in 2014, when it emerged that more than 1,400 mostly native British girls were raped and tortured by Muslim gangs and that authorities turned a blind eye to the crimes for more than 16 years, hamstrung by political correctness?

How about in 2001, when Swedish anti-Western social engineer Mona Sahlin, commenting on the Islamization of her land, actually said that “the Swedes must be integrated into the new Sweden; the old Sweden is never coming back”?

How about in 2018, when mass-migration author and then-German chancellor Angela Merkel — after years of leftist claims that stories about Muslim dominated “no-go zones” were right-wing propaganda — admitted that, yes, they do exist?

How about in 2000, when then-president Bill Clinton signed a Tower of Babel executive order, dictating that if an entity receives any federal funding at all it must provide its services in any language under the sun? (So if someone walks through your doors speaking Chamicuro, you’ve got to be on top of that.)

How about in 2015, when polls showed a majority of Muslims in America preferred Sharia law to American law, and 60 percent of Muslim Americans under age 30 said they were more loyal to Islam than to our nation?

How about during the last decade, when stories broke about Salvadoran gang MS-13 terrorizing American towns and suburbs? How about when…oh, you get the picture.

This picture, like that of Dorian Gray, becomes uglier all the time, too. Just recently there were anti-immigration riots in Dublin after a Muslim man stabbed a lady and three children, while Irish women protested the seeding of their community with Asylum Seekers™. Meanwhile, perhaps proving that every Western nation wants its own Ilhan Omar, a “Scottish” minister named Humza Yousaf inveighed against Scotland’s government — for being too white. (Hmm, how many officials in his parents’ native land, Pakistan, are non-native Pakistani?)

Now, if I asked what these particular people were even doing in Western nations, many might say, “Yeah, the vetting should be improved.” That’s not what I mean. Rather, vetting should be unnecessary for a simple reason:

Immigration should be essentially nonexistent.

Radical? Okay, here’s a question: Can you name one Western land that, on balance, has been improved via our modern immigration regimes? Just one.

I’ll wait.

Yes, it’s a “radical” idea that immigration should only occur if it benefits the host country and isn’t a detriment to it.

Only, Japan doesn’t feel this way.

Neither does China, India, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait or a multitude of other lands. In fact, the rich and sparsely populated Arab countries even balk at accepting their coreligionists, such as Muslim Palestinians and Syrians. Where do they go instead?

As in 2015, they get shipped into the heart of what was once Christendom!

(Thank you, Frau Merkel, the Childless.)

But why not? As Jordanian academic Mudar Zahran revealed in 2015, Arab newspapers witnessed this migration and triumphantly wrote, “Now we’re going to conquer Europe!” They have help, too. Just consider what Andrew Neather, former advisor to ex-British prime minister Tony Blair, confessed in 2009. The massive Third World immigration into the U.K. over the previous 15 years, he informed, was designed to “rub the Right’s nose in diversity and render their arguments out of date.” Yeah, anything for power, right?

Of course, now there are even more headlines. Just last week,

  • French cabinet spokesman Olivier Véran warned that as far as that possible civil war goes, France could be at a “tipping point” after a local teen boy was stabbed to death;
  • knife-wielding Muslim migrants shouting “Allahu akbar” brawled in a German asylum center;
  • we learned of a U.K.-based doctor discovered to be a leading member of group aiming to establish a global caliphate — and who’s still practicing medicine in Britain;
  • German police called a migrant crime wave “frightening”;
  • a jihadist plot to massacre an entire French village was exposed; and
  • it’s reported that the U.S. now has a record 49.5 million immigrants.

Of course, after all this, finally, these nations are curtailing immigration….

Actually, not a chance. No, the flow continues, as a German minister promises to take in 25 Afghan Sharia judges; the Irish pseudo-elite offers platitudes about immigration while stigmatizing dissenters; the Biden administration opens an immigration back door; and anti-balkanization commentary, such as my writing here, is called “hate speech.”

For this, it’s easy to blame the open-border pseudo-elites, with demagogues such as Sen. Dick Durbin (D-Ill.) pointing out that the changing “demographics” help his Democrats and Biden stating that America’s declining “white European stock” is “a source of our strength.” But maybe, just perhaps, these nation-breakers couldn’t hold sway were it not for their strength: immigrationism.

Immigrationism is the belief that immigration is always good, always necessary, must never be questioned in principle, and must be the one constant in an otherwise ever-changing universe of policy.

It’s pervasive in our time, too. It’s reflected when conservatives reflexively say, “I believe in immigration — I just want it done legally.” But this is like saying that we don’t mind pythons in the Everglades; we just want them introduced legally. (Note, I like pythons, but not in U.S. swamps.) A law can’t make a bad idea good. And immigration is, now, a really, really bad idea.

The historical norm has been to keep balkanization-breeding, often unassimilable foreign elements out of your lands, not invite them in. This attitude, still the norm in Japan and elsewhere, must be resurrected in the West. Immigrationism must be discredited and stigmatized, become viscerally distasteful and be completely and unsparingly eradicated as a political force.

The alternative is perpetuating the double standard with regard to foreign inundation. That is, were it visited on a primitive tribe, anthropologists would warn, “This is demographic and cultural genocide!” But when it happens to the West? That’s “diversity.”

For the West to live, immigrationism must die.

Contact Selwyn Duke, follow him on MeWe or Gettr or log on to

©2023. All rights reserved.

President Of UN Climate Confab Says There’s ‘No Science’ Behind Push To Phase Out Fossil Fuels

Sultan Ahmed Al Jaber, the president of this year’s United Nations (UN) climate summit, said that there is “no science” behind calls to eliminate fossil fuels to counter global warming, according to The Guardian.

Al Jaber also said that getting rid of fossil fuels would not allow for sustainable economic growth “unless you want to take the world back into caves,” according to The Guardian. He made the remarks during an exchange with Mary Robinson, the chair of the Elders group and a former UN special envoy for climate change, during a virtual event held on Nov. 21.

“There is no science out there, or no scenario out there, that says the phase-out of fossil fuel is what’s going to achieve 1.5,” Al Jaber told Robinson, referencing the 1.5 degrees Celsius threshold for increase in global average temperatures that many scientists and activists point to as critical to stay below, according to The Guardian.

“Please help me, show me the roadmap for a phase-out of fossil fuel that will allow for sustainable socioeconomic development, unless you want to take the world back into caves,” Al Jaber told Robinson, according to The Guardian.

Al Jaber’s comments drew the ire of other UN officials, including UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres, and climate activists, who advocate for a much stronger international effort to abandon fossil fuels and switch the world’s economy to relying on green energy generation, according to The Guardian.

Al Jaber’s presidency has also generated other controversies, as he runs the Emirati state-owned renewable firm and the state-owned oil and gas giant. Leaked documents showed that Emirati officials planned to use COP28-related meetings to discuss potential business dealings related to the two firms with foreign officials, and separate documents revealed how the companies viewed Special Presidential Envoy for Climate John Kerry as a key player in efforts to secure their future financial success.

Despite Al Jaber’s comments and the appearances of potential conflicts of interest, the conference he is overseeing has resulted in several major developments. For example, several of the world’s developed countries, including the U.S., pledged hundreds of millions of dollars combined to a de facto international “climate reparations” fund, and American officials approved a new set of methane emissions regulations that could severely impact the domestic oil and gas industry.

The UN did not respond immediately to a request for comment.





White House Deploys Kamala Harris To Represent US At Elite Climate Summit: ‘It’s Only Fitting’

Biden Could Jack Up Food Prices, Wreak Environmental Havoc With ‘Sustainable’ Jet Fuel Subsidies

EDITORS NOTE: This Daily Caller column is republished with permission. ©All rights reserved.

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Biden Could Jack Up Food Prices, Wreak Environmental Havoc With ‘Sustainable’ Jet Fuel Subsidies

The Biden administration is set to announce regulatory guidance on subsidies for corn-based “sustainable aviation fuel” that could end up hiking food prices and incentivizing practices that damage the environment.

The guidance, expected to be released by the end of the year, would enable SAFs made from corn-based ethanol to more easily qualify for tax credits under the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) if finalized, according to Reuters. Provided the change occurs, corn-based ethanol would then be poised play a huge role in the administration’s goal to have SAFs meet 100% of demand by 2050 to counter climate change.

However, the corn-based ethanol aviation fuel could have environmental and economic hidden costs that may cause more problems than it solves, experts say.

Reliance on corn-based ethanol aviation fuel “is not going to do much for global warming, but it will do quite a lot to benefit the renewable fuel industry and it will also indirectly benefit corn prices,” Prof. C. Ford Runge, Distinguished McKnight University Professor of Applied Economics and Law at the University of Minnesota, told the Daily Caller News Foundation.

The costs of corn ethanol aviation fuel will be “borne by consumers, taxpayers and the environment” as it has in the past when government policies have mandated its use in gasoline for automobiles, Runge told the DCNF. “These political, largely bipartisan, well-funded efforts by the renewable fuel lobby have been pretty successful, and they stumble on despite the evidence that ethanol is not particularly efficient or environmental.”

If the Biden administration’s targets are realized, 35 billion gallons of SAFs will be used each year to power air travel and commerce, according to the Department of Energy (DOE). The goal is to decrease carbon emissions, but corn ethanol aviation fuel may not reduce emissions enough to offset the other environmental and economic costs that are associated with its production.

“SAFs are definitely not a climate solution at all, let alone an effective solution,” Mark Jacobson, a professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering at Stanford University, told the DCNF. “Ethanol production from corn increases CO2-equivalent emissions by 0 to 24% relative to gasoline and increases the price of corn (making it more expensive to eat).”

Currently, about 40% of the country’s corn crop is used to create ethanol, which increased from 10% in the mid-2000s, according to The New York Times. About 100 million acres of American land, almost all of it in the Midwest, is used for growing corn. Meanwhile, major airline companies are starting to invest in long-term SAF plans and facilities.

More ethanol production means that there is less corn available for animal feed, which forces farmers to pay higher prices to feed their animals; that cost increase is invariably passed along to consumers, according to Farm Aid, a farmers’ advocacy organization. On top of that, production tends to fall when farmers have to deal with increased feed costs, which also puts upward pressure on the prices consumers pay for chicken, beef, pork, eggs and dairy.

Corn products are also used in a wide array of processed foods, so those goods would be subject to the same dynamics, according to Farm Aid. Additionally, increased corn yields could force farmers to grow less wheat and soy; this outcome would make cereals and grains more expensive as well.

“There’s no clear evidence that biofuels, especially corn ethanol, have an edge in reducing emissions,” Runge, who has written about the downsides of ethanol in the past, told the DCNF.

Beyond the economic impacts that boosted corn ethanol production could have, a substantial increase in corn production is likely to have considerable environmental impacts as well.

Future reliance on corn-based ethanol SAF to meet the country’s flying needs would add strain on the country’s groundwater aquifers, according to the NYT. Corn is a water-intensive crop to produce, and it can take hundreds of gallons of water to produce just one gallon of ethanol; America’s aquifers, especially in places like Kansas and Nebraska, are already facing high levels of strain, in large part due to agricultural irrigation, according to a separate NYT data analysis.

Eventually, the corn is processed into ethanol, and then transported for use to power aircrafts.

“The combustion of the fuel (in this case, in the aircraft) is always the harshest on the environment in terms of air pollutants and carbon dioxide (and contrails in the case of aircraft),” Jacobson told the DCNF. “The production of the fuel is significant, though. Emissions occur due to fertilizing, watering, tilling, extracting the corn, transporting the corn to a refinery, refining the corn to ethanol, transporting the ethanol (by train, truck or barge, since ethanol can’t be transported in pipelines).”

The White House, the Department of Agriculture and the DOE did not respond immediately to requests for comment.





President Of UN Climate Confab Says There’s ‘No Science’ Behind Push To Phase Out Fossil Fuels

Biden EPA Gives Major Handout To Big Corn

RELATED VIDEO: Kevin Schmidt on the Dennis Prager Show

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AWED MEDIA BALANCED NEWS: We cover COVID to Climate, as well as Energy to Elections.

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*** Alberta Invokes Sovereignty Act (fabulous!)

*** Report: Bisphenol A Pollution from Wind Turbines (the most toxic substance we know)

*** Study: Green Energy and Economic Fabulism

*** Study: Residents in Blue States Pay Much More for Electricity than in Red States

*** Offshore Wind cannot be justified

*** Grid operator sounds alarm as coal plant shutdown threatens power for millions

*** Household electricity prices worldwide in March 2023, by select country

*** Study: Electric Vehicle ownership equates to paying $17 a gallon for gasoline

*** How electric vehicles harm the environment that they’re supposed to save

***Tucker Carlson Offers Grim Warning For The U.S. In 2024

*** Joe can’t BS his way to a second term

*** Democrats “Violently Claimed The Last Three Republican Presidential Wins Were Stolen”

*** Teachers Conference Lecture Declares Math a ‘Tool of Oppression’

*** Lack of Discipline in Schools is a Problem

*** The Real World Confronts the Ivory Tower

*** OpenAI drama explains the human penchant for taking big risks

*** Alarms about climate are delusions

*** Shocking extreme demands as climate campaigners descend on Dubai

*** UN COP 28 is not a democracy

*** The Earth is Warming but is CO2 the Cause?

*** Short video about New Argentina President

*** Time for Truth and Accountability J6 Committee

*** “Success Sequence” Reinforces Benefits Of Traditional Principles

*** AGs blast Biden admin for foster care plan that would effectively ban Christians

*** 12 Communication Tips to Foster Meaningful Dialogue

*** COVID Censorship Trial Heading to Finish

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*** Report: The Key to Fixing the US Education System (updated re SEL)

*** Teachers Conference Lecture Declares Math a ‘Tool of Oppression’

*** Lack of Discipline in Schools is a Problem

*** Home schooling’s rise from fringe to fastest growing form of education

“Social Justice” is Driving Much of the Insanity in Our Schools

‘B-flation’ misleads parents: 89% say their child is at grade level

Zombie Public Schools, Drained of Pandemic Lifeblood, Haunt the Land

Higher Education Related:

*** The Real World Confronts the Ivory Tower

Duke Doesn’t Need “Economic Diversity”

Artificial Intelligence:

*** OpenAI drama explains the human penchant for taking big risks

AI Guardrails “Aren’t Enough” To Prevent Harm To Humanity

Greed Energy Economics:

*** Study: Green Energy and Economic Fabulism

*** Study: Residents in Blue States Pay Much More for Electricity than in Red States

Michigan Energy Plan: At Least $200 Billion For Wind, Solar and Corporate Profits With No Effect On Global Climate

The US should take warning from the huge costs of British floating wind power

Unreliables Energy Health and Ecosystem Consequences:

World Leaders Ignore Growing Safety Issues with Green Energy

Unreliables (General):

*** The Green Energy Wall gradually coming into focus

*** New York energy transition faces reliability challenges, grid operator says

The Biden Energy Slush Fund

Demonstration Challenge

Wind Energy — Offshore:

*** What Happened to the Great Lakes Offshore Wind Boom?

*** Offshore Wind cannot be justified

NAS study raises concern over offshore wind harming endangered whales

One of RI’s Top Environmentalists Is Suing to Block Offshore Wind Project

Study: Offshore Wind Areas a Biologically Important Habitat for Whales and Dolphins

Another wind-energy project in jeopardy after Virginia Beach signals they won’t let cables come ashore

Documents show Biden admin waived taxpayer safeguards for offshore wind project

Wind Energy — Other:

*** Taking the Wind Out of Climate Change (referencing 60± studies)

*** Report: Bisphenol A Pollution from Wind Turbines (the most toxic substance we know)

Solar Energy:

Biden Admin Gave $3 Billion Loan to Solar Company Accused of Scamming Elderly

Nuclear Energy:

While America pursues renewables, worldwide expansion is underway for nuclear generated electricity

Fossil Fuel Energy:

*** Grid operator sounds alarm as coal plant shutdown threatens power for millions

*** How Is the Campaign to Replace ‘Fossil Fuels’ Going?

Argentina to focus on infrastructure to ramp up oil, gas output

New Jersey to ban sales of gas-powered cars by 2035, despite industry objections

Bone Chilling

Hydrogen Bomb

Electric Vehicles (EVs):

*** How electric vehicles harm the environment that they’re supposed to save

*** Study: Electric Vehicle ownership equates to paying $17 a gallon for gasoline

*** Auto Dealers Call on Biden to Hit Brakes on Unrealistic, Unachievable Electric Vehicles Mandate

*** Dem governor withdraws EV mandate in stunning blow to environmentalists

*** Consumer Reports: EVs are way more unreliable than gas-powered cars

California Aims to Force Adoption of Electric Trucks, But 19 States Sue to Block

Misc Energy:

*** Household electricity prices worldwide in March 2023, by select country

*** Alberta Invokes Sovereignty Act

*** Gavin Newsom’s 10 favorite myths about energy and climate, refuted

Biden admin quietly developing settlement with groups seeking to tear down four Hydroelectric dams (all CO2 free sources) in Washington

New York State’s Energy Transition

Manmade Global Warming — UN COP 28:

*** COP 28 president: there is no science behind demands to phase-out fossil fuels

*** Shocking extreme demands as climate campaigners descend on Dubai

*** COP Out

*** COP28 should be the last COP

*** UN COP 28 is not a democracy

Jet-Set Hypocrites Want to Keep Billions in Poverty Around the World

Get ready for another pointless UN climate conference

Manmade Global Warming — Some Other Deceptions:

*** Alarms about climate are delusions

*** German High Court Forces Govt To Tell Voters True Costs Of Net Zero

*** Climatism Has Gone From Virtue-Signaling To Vice-Signaling

*** Bjorn Lomborg: ‘Net Zero’ fails the cost-benefit test

Nic Lewis debunks James Hansen’s overheated claims

Burn Acreage Fraud In The 2023 National Climate Assessment

Everything you hate about climate change virtue signaling in the most absurd story you’ll read this year

Manmade Global Warming — Misc:

*** The Earth is Warming but is CO2 the Cause?

*** Short video: What A Wonderful World

UCLA Law School Unethically Promotes an Anti-Science Climate Emergency

Wyoming Gov Was Standing Tall in the Saddle Until He Backed Down

Denmark: A historical victory, also for climate realism

Study: Terrestrial Temperature, Sea Levels and Ice Area Links with Solar Activity and Solar Orbital Motion

As I See It: Climate change revisited

The Church of the Climate Change Cult is losing some of its Flock

Poll: More Americans say scientists don’t understand climate change, are suspicious of eco-zealots and are tired of debating global warming

US Election: (10 major election reports by our team of experts, plus much more!)

*** Democrats “Violently Claimed The Last Three Republican Presidential Wins Were Stolen”

*** US Government Officials Sought to Censor Narratives and Interfere in 2020 Election, Newly Released Emails Show

*** Report. The Digital Personalization Effect (DPE): How personalization can dramatically increase the impact of biased online content

Why I Still Doubt the 2020 Election

Fentanyl Letters Show How Partisan Journalists Operate

Why does the Left conspire to keep election fraud quiet?

The DC establishment thinks RFK could win, and they’re panicking

Video: 2020 Presidential Election Results Explained By Biden “Spikes”

US Election — State Issues:

Making Elections Squeaky Clean (in Nevada)

Filing: Indicted Virginia Election Official ‘Altered Election Results’

More than 43,000 people went to the polls for a Louisiana election. A candidate won by 1 vote

DeSantis vs Newsom Debate:

*** Conservatives praise DeSantis debate performance against Newsom

Top 5 moments from the DeSantis, Newsom slugfest

Newsom’s Lies and Bluster in DeSantis Debate Will Not Age Well

Babylon Bee: DeSantis-Newsom Debate sponsored by UHaul

Misc US Politics:

*** Joe can’t BS his way to a second term

***Tucker Carlson Offers Grim Warning For The U.S. In 2024

*** Time for Truth and Accountability J6 Committee

American democracy: Is it worth preserving?

House GOP starts new website: Biden Impeachment Inquiry

Censorship US:

*** COVID Censorship Trial Heading to Finish

*** Politicians Urge Censorship of the Disasters They Create

New Documentary: “The Censorship Files”

Democrats Openly Attack First Amendment In Call For Censorship Of Elon Musk’s X

Misinformation Does Not Exist

Democrats Defend Censorship and Push Hunter Biden Conspiracy Theory

Dogma And Arrogance Behind Democrats’ Censorship Blunders

Societally US:

*** “Success Sequence” Reinforces Benefits Of Traditional Principles

*** 12 Communication Tips to Foster Meaningful Dialogue

WHAT “Lack Of Standing?”

What Is The American Dream?

First State to Decriminalize Hard Drugs Looking to Reverse Liberal Experiment

Iran-linked cyberattacks threaten equipment used in U.S. water systems and factories

US Politics and Socialism:

*** Short video about New Argentina President

Massive pushback against ‘woke’ agenda to affect 2024 elections

Our Picks for ’24: American Dream or Marxist Nightmare?


Giving Thanks to God, and Honoring Our Forefathers

Documentary: The Greatest History Never Told

Widening Revolt Against Globalism

Religion Related:

*** AGs blast Biden admin for foster care plan that would effectively ban Christians

Why is Christianity Considered Radical?

Why Young Evangelicals are in Danger of Becoming Puppets for Climate Marxism

RFK JR on God and being still

GOP Rep. demands answers from Biden administration on Catholic priest imprisoned in Nicaragua for 26 years: ‘Innocent man’


*** Why Research Fraud Is Getting Worse

Hundreds of Journal articles are being retracted

Transparency and Financial Conflicts of Interest in Science and Medicine


*** NY Legislature, Not Health Department, Must Create Rules For Isolation

How to Achieve Deep, Restorative Sleep–Expert Offers 7 Tips

Here’s What You Don’t Know About Marijuana

Dr. Peter McCullough: Top Internist and Cardiologist of the Year”


Harvard and Hamas

Israel-Hamas war resumes as truce ends after 7 days


Pray for the safety of the Ukrainian people

A well-rated source to make a Ukraine donation

Latest Developments in Ukraine: December 3rd

COVID-19 — Misc:

*** NY Appellate Court Paves the Way for Quarantine Camps

*** Q&A on quarantine lawsuit against Governor Hochul and NYS DOH

*** Texas AG sues Pfizer, alleges pharma giant lied about COVID vaccine efficacy

*** Video: Dr. Campbell interviews Dr. Clare Craig

Former Troops Punished over Biden’s Vaccine Mandate Sue for Billions in Lost Wages

Neurosurgeon Unveils Shocking Link Between COVID Vaccine and Brain Damage & Cancer Risk

Studies: Urinary and Prostatic Complications Occur After COVID and Its Vaccines

Cases of COVID variant BA.2.86 have tripled in 2 weeks — “health risk low”

COVID-19 — Repeated Important Information:

My webpage ( with dozens of Science-based COVID-19 reports

*** Free, At-Home COVID Tests (from US Govt)

*** World Council of Health: Early COVID-19 Treatment Guidelines

*** FLCCC Long COVID Treatment Protocol

*** COVID-19: What You Need To Know (Physicians for Informed Consent)

*** If you have received a COVID-19 injection, here’s how to Detox

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MORE HARM: Biden Regime Commits to Shutting Down ALL U.S. Coal Plants To Tackle ‘Climate’ Hoax

Not for nothing but coal fuels EV.s Where do they think electricity comes from? These people are nuts.

They just don’t stop. It’s a frenzied war against this great country and they won’t stop until we’re finished. Kaput.

We see how these policies destroyed Europe.

You won’t like what comes after America.

US commits to shutting down its coal plants during COP28

Kerry said the action forms part of America’s plan to limit global warming to 1.5 Celsius.

By Michael Dorgan Fox News, December 2, 2023 12:52pm EST

Biden admin shelling out millions for green energy projects in coal mining towns

The Biden Administration is forging ahead with its green agenda by committing the United States to not building any new coal plants and phasing out existing plants.

U.S. Special Envoy for Climate John Kerry announced at the annual United Nations climate change summit, known as COP28 and which is being held in Dubai, although no date was given for when the existing plants would have to go.

“We will be working to accelerate unabated coal phase-out across the world, building stronger economies and more resilient communities,” Kerry said in a statement.

“The first step is to stop making the problem worse: stop building new unabated coal power plants.”

Kerry said America was joining the Powering Past Coal Alliance, a pact of nearly 60 countries that have promised to accelerate the phasing out of coal-fired power stations, except the very few that have carbon capture and storage.

Keep reading.



The ‘Climate Emergency’ Is a Hoax

Biden Admin Proposes EV Subsidy Guidance That Leaves Door Open For Chinese Companies

The Biden administration proposed eligibility rules for electric vehicle (EV) tax credits on Friday that appear to leave the door open for Chinese suppliers, at least in the near-term.

The guidancereleased by the Department of Energy (DOE) and the Treasury Department, is not yet final, but it will likely reduce the number of EV models that are eligible to receive the credit by boxing out battery components made by Chinese companies starting in 2024. However, the rules allow EVs built with the minerals extracted and processed by Chinese companies to be eligible for the credit until 2025.

The rules also cover Iran, North Korea and Russia in addition to China. The consumer tax credit, which is worth $7,500 for fully-qualified EVs, is a key policy tool for the administration’s EV push because it is designed to blunt the substantially higher costs of EVs relative to internal combustion engine vehicles.

The guidance also addresses eligibility limits for Chinese EV and battery companies doing business in the U.S. or in mineral-rich countries like Indonesia, where Chinese companies have a dominant position in the EV-related mineral supply chain. Those companies would be in compliance provided that less than 25% of their equity and board seats are controlled by Chinese entities.

China dominates the global supply chain for extraction and processing of the minerals that are essential for manufacturing EVs. In addition to the consumer tax credit, the administration has committed billions to subsidize retrofits for American manufacturing plants and the buildout of a national charging station network, as well as pursued several aggressive regulations to push the market toward widespread EV adoption over the coming years. The administration is aiming to have EVs make up 50% of all new vehicle sales by 2030.

The EV market is currently in a tenuous position, with manufacturers taking considerable losses, consumer demand cooling off and executives starting to back off of some near-term production targets.

It is currently unclear how many Chinese firms might be negatively impacted by these standards. The rules state that “licensing agreements or other contractual agreements may also create control,” indicating that technology licensing deals could be allowed under the standards.

The licensing aspect of the guidance could be a win for the automobile manufacturers; some companies had paused their efforts to strike licensing deals with Chinese firms until the rules came out, while others, like Ford, had pushed ahead with partnerships despite the lack of clarity, according to The Wall Street Journal.

The Treasury Department referred the Daily Caller News Foundation to the DOE, which did not respond immediately to a request for comment.




RELATED ARTICLE: Biden Poses In Electric Car That Has A Higher Carbon Footprint Than A Gas-Powered SUV

EDITORS NOTE: This Daily Caller column is republished with permission. ©All rights reserved.

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VIDEO: Brace Yourself For What’s Coming in 2024

Watch this clip of Victor Davis Hanson warning about what will happen during the 2024 election.

Transcript by Real Clear Politics:

VICTOR DAVIS HANSON: They look at Trump as a vampire and they put a stake in his heart but they’re afraid that that stake could come out any time. That he’s undying and they’re afraid of him. They are terrified of him.

They are terrified of him because they think he’s smarter this time and he has just cause to really get angry because of what they did to him. They can write all of The Atlantic Monthly and New Yorker clever, glib little essays about “Donald Trump is a threat to democracy,” and their little Molly Ball in Time Magazine essays how clever and brilliant they were with their cabals and conspiracies to get rid of him.

But deep down inside they know that if the right ever did that to Barack Obama or Joe Biden, they could have really made something out of the fact that Barack Obama had a hot mic expose where he told the president of Russia, “You tell Vladimir that I will be flexible on missile defense.” That’s the security of the United States of America. “If he gives me space in my last election.” Putin did do that. That’s an impeachable offense if a phone call to Ukraine is. So they understand that, the right could have done that to them, and they understand now the right probably will do that to them for their own survival, and they are scared.

They’re saying that if a MAGA candidate wins, and they win the House and Senate, they’re cooked because they’re going to get special prosecutors and go after the Biden family like they’ve never gone after anybody. And they’re going to find stuff because we know Joe is crooked. And then they’re going to go after [Attorney General] Merrick Garland and [Secretary of Homeland Security Alejandro ] Mayorkas. And they’re not going to stop. And that’s why they’re scared.

Everybody thinks the danger passed, they got what they wanted. No, no, no, you’re never going to see anything like what they’re going to do in 2024. All of this could have been reconciled, all they had to do was say Donald Trump should not be president if that’s what they believe, and we’re not going to do any lawfare or try to change the voting laws or pack the court, we’re not going to let in two states, we’re not going to try to abolish the Senate filibuster, we’re not going to try to change the voting ID laws, we’re just going to play under the rules we have, we don’t need $419 million by Mark Zuckerberg infused, we don’t need Sam Bankman-Fried, the crook, giving us $100 million, we’re not going to go under the radar with George Soros, we’re just going to show you, the American people how we think Donald Trump should not be president and we’ll have a fair election. They can’t do that, and they don’t trust themselves.

They think anybody in his right mind would close that border right now. Anybody in his right mind would recall all of those DAs that have destroyed these major cities. Anybody in his right mind would not beg the Saudis or the Venezuelans or the Russians or the Iranians to pump oil on the eve of a midterm, or pump the strategic petroleum reserve when you have so much natural gas in the U.S. Nobody in their right mind would do that. Nobody in their right mind would ever just pull out of Afghanistan without warning just so Joe Biden can say that on the 20th anniversary of 9/11 or the original October invasion of Afghanistan, “I am the president that got us out.” Nobody would do that. And nobody would print $6 trillion when there’s pent-up demand post-Covid lockdown and there’s a supply chain disruption, and all that money without an audit or examination of who got it and why and how it was spent, but to inflate the economy and ruin it. Nobody would do that! So they know that and they know that they cant take that record to the American people.

They have a deductive mind because their ideologues, so they start with a premise that we’re for social justice and equity of result, so we’re morally superior and smarter than anybody else. And therefore we’re entitled to do things other people don’t do. So if, under the cover of Covid, and frightening people about Covid, we can change all the voting laws so that 30%, instead of voting absentee and early voting shall become 70% in most states, with very little audit of the level necessary to authenticate most ballots.

They just do all this stuff because they start with the deductive principle that, “We are better, this is the vision and thereof the following must happen.” And if things don’t fit the narrative, they go after the person, they censor. That’s how they work. And if you keep that in mind, than everybody makes sense.

What I’m saying is they go on from one lie to the next.

So everybody now knows that Donald Trump was impeached for things that Joe Biden got away with. OK. Everybody knows the laptop was authentic. Everybody knows that now. Everybody knows it would have made a big difference in that debate when Donald Trump said it was and Joe Biden said, “Oh, no, no, 51 authorities.” Everybody knows that Christopher Steele was a fraud, and especially Glenn Simpson. And that Hillary Clinton took over an old Never-Trump file and inflated it with a million bucks, got the FBI on it to hire Christopher Steele as a consultant-informant, hid her so-called legal expenses when she was fined and cited for that violation, through Perkins-Coie, Fusion GPS, and the DNC, and that file was fraudulent. It was made up! I said that the first time I saw it, everything in it was false. And yet we wasted 22 months and $40 million to know what was obvious. No apology, not only no apology but they got Pulitzer Prizes, some of these reporters.

Every time they give these monstrous lies, there’s no apology, and why should they? They’re just narratives, the’re post-modern Foucauldian, Lacan, Derrida narratives. They were useful. That’s what they look at. They were useful at the time, because when we went through the Mueller investigation, we crippled Donald Trump and therefore we were able to stop him. We had Anonymous, he was burrowed deep into the Homeland Security. He was a minor official, but we said he was one of the major operatives in the Trump administration, we lied. And then we printed his op-ed because it did what it was supposed to do, it weakened the right-wing agenda, so they think. And we got Admiral McRaven to come in and write an op-ed and said Trump should leave, the sooner the better. And then we got all of the four-star generals, McCaffrey, McCrystal, all of them, to say that Trump was Hitler, that he was Mussolini, that he was a liar, he was dangerous. We got Mark Milley to call the Chinese. We did all of this.

Yes, we do not want this to be done to us. If right now, a retired four-star general said Joe Biden is senile or dangerous of the Afghan thing is a disaster and he should be removed sooner or later, or his weaponization of the DOJ or FBI is Mussolini-like, or his hounding of individual people at school boards, or the way he conducted the Mar-a-Lago raid is Nazi-like — and I’m just quoting from what they’ve said — you know what’s going to happen to those people? You’re going to get [Attorney General] Merrick Garland to call up the Pentagon and they’re all going to be slapped with a Code 88, uniform code of military justice and court-martialed for disparaging the commander-in-chief. Trust me, they would in two seconds. And that’s not going to happen. They’re not going to say anything because they’re not equally going to apply their standards of correct behavior. And second, they’re going to say things about Donald Trump because they know the media and the Pentagon are not going to do anything to them. Now? They would destroy them if they ever criticized the commander-in-chief. They would go after them like you would not believe. And they know that.

We’re talking about, to sum up and end this, they understand deterrence. They are saying to the American people, “We are SOBs, we’re capable of everything and anything. Which side do you want to be on? Because if you’re on our side, you can do what Hunter Biden is, there are no consequences. If you want to say the voting machines are crooked like Jill Stein, go ahead, she said that in 2016. If you want to be Barbara Boxer and 32 Democrats and say you’re not going to certify the Ohio count and hold up the whole election, don’t worry, they did it in 2004. If you’re Al Gore and the attorney general says the votes have been counted and certified in Florida. Oh no, we’re going to sue and hold up the entire election for a month. And so, you can do all of that — as long as you’re on our side. But if you don’t do that, and you want to go on the other side, you’re in big trouble.”

That’s the message they’re trying to send, that’s what we’re really getting down to. Join the winning side. It’s sort of like in the Soviet Union, if you’re part of the nomenclature and you join the party, you’re exempt; if you’re not, well, you’re on your own.

People say to me: “You’re an academic and you spent your whole life, how did you deal with the 94% of all academics who are left-wing? … Why are they so left-wing? Do they have tenure? They’re exempt from worrying about losing their job? … Are they idealistic because they deal with words?”

I say, “No, they understand that if you want to get tenure and be promoted and liked, you parrot the majority. If it paid better, they’d be fascists.”




Jack Smith Is TARGETING Trump’s Twitter | New Document Shows Deep State Attack On 1st Amendment

Larry Elder: ‘As Goes California.’

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Morano to attend UN climate summit in Dubai – Warns of Great Reset summit where ‘Democracy goes to die’

Morano: “COP 28 is shaping up to be a doubling down on the green agenda despite the massive failure on a grand global scale. We will report on the energy rationing, blackouts, and economic disruption from the failed UN-pushed policies globally. This UN climate summit is planning nothing short of a Great Food Reset for USA. See: COP28 UN climate summit to officially target meat eating! ‘Nations will be told to curb their excessive appetite for meat’ to enforce UN plan for ‘food’s climate transition’Morano: “Make no mistake, this UN climate summit will continue the push for the collapse of our once plentiful energy, food supply, and transportation. COP 28 aims to force a ‘climate transition’ for our meat and food supply. All the usual suspects will be gathering once again: Bill Gates, King Charles, John Kerry, and the World Economic Forum. The UN’s COP 28 is nothing short of a climate/Great Reset summit in Dubai, where public health bureaucracy and climate merge & Democracy goes to die.”  

By Marc Morano – November 29, 2023

Climate Depot publisher Marc Morano will attend the UN’s COP 28 climate summit in Dubai, joining a rogue team of climate skeptics from CFACT to expose the climate agenda.

COP 28, to be held from November 30 to December 12 in Dubai, United Arab Emirates (UAE). Morano and CFACT’s President Craig Rucker of (The Committee For A Constructive Tomorrow) will be fully credentialed and registered at COP 28 and will be doing daily reports on the dangers facing America and the West from the UN confab. Morano has faced great peril at previous UN climate summits, with armed UN climate cops targeting and removing him from the summit. See: 2016 – UN Armed Security Shuts Down Skeptics After SHREDDING UN Climate Treaty at Summit Next To Trump Cut-out

‘Saving the planet, one COP (UN climate summit) at a time’ – Next stop Dubai! – ‘Climate is now a full-scale industry, with fortunes & careers to be made’

Roger Pielke Jr.: “Global Climate Policy Hasn’t Made Much Difference on Energy Transitions” … “COP28 is expecting 70,000 participants, more than double those of COP27. Climate is now a full-scale industry, with fortunes and careers to be made, and perhaps lost.”


Background on COP 28: 

Washington Post: ‘He won a Nobel Prize. Then he started denying climate change.’ John Clauser shared the Nobel in physics last year. Now he’s a self-described ‘denier’ of the overwhelming scientific consensus on a warming planet.

The UN COP 28 website explains: “COP28 UAE will take place at Expo City Dubai from November 30-December 12, 2023. The Conference is expected to convene over 70,000 participants.”

Scientists declare meat should have cigarette-style climate warning labels: Proposed label: ‘Warning: Eating meat contributes to climate change’


In the lead-up to COP 28, the UN is pushing for a ‘global tax on fossil fuels.” See: African Climate Summit issues unanimous call for world leaders to support global tax on fossil fuels

COP 28 will seek to solidify the UN’s 2030 Agenda and their Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The UN explains they are seeking “a strong outcome at COP28 Is Crucial for Climate Action and the SDGs.”