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Benghazi and Iran: The Two Faces of Sen. Dianne Feinstein

Senator Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) is much in the news as head of the Senate Intelligence Committee given the release Wednesday of the long-awaited bi-partisan Benghazi Report.  Contrast that with her withering criticism of  the  nearly veto-proof  new Iran Sanctions legislation.  On Tuesday she rose on the floor of the US Senate to give a ringing condemnation of […]


Benghazi: A Tale of Three Senators

In a time where courage is a precious commodity on Capitol Hill, a Democratic U.S. Senator has set an admirable example of statesmanship in stark contrast to two of her former colleagues. Senator Diane Feinstein of California, the Chair of Senate Intelligence Committee has sounded the alarm over the escalating threat from Jihadist terrorism and released a […]


I’ve Got the Barack Obama Blues

I have a case of the Obama blues, a nagging depression that is exacerbated daily by having to listen to the endless lies he tells about everything when he isn’t blaming Congress, the Republicans, and everyone else for the horrid state of the economy and his rejection of the leadership America demonstrated through both World […]


Senate Democrats Back off New Iran Sanctions Legislation

As if on cue, Iranian President Hassan Rouhani trumpets how the Islamic Regime won big time with the announced Joint Plan of Action (JPA) implementation last Sunday in Geneva.  As The Guardian noted in a report, “Iran nuclear deal means ‘surrender’ for Western Powers, says Rouhani”: Speaking on Tuesday in the oil-rich province of Khuzestan, Rouhani said the […]


Al Qaeda behind 95% of world’s suicide bombings

Hardest hit: Robert Pape, who several years ago published with great fanfare a study that purported to show that most suicide terror is committed by non-Muslims. Not only was Pape wrong; he was on the dole of Hamas-linked CAIR. “Study warns of growing threat to Israel from Al-Qaeda,” by Avi Issacharoff for the Times of Israel, January 14: […]


ACTION ALERT: Email FLDOE on biased World History textbook and DOJ intervention in Volusia County, FL

Research reveals startling information regarding Pearson PLC, publisher of Islamist biased World History textbook and United States Department of Justice intervention in Florida. Florida Family Association’s recent research has revealed some startling information: Pearson PLC, publisher of the Islamist friendly World History textbook, has extensive business relationships with wealthy Islamist financial institutions. Volusia County School officials […]


Why Turkey’s Jews Left following WWII

Harold  Rhode, whom we interviewed in the December 2013 edition  of the New English Review (NER), has an  review of a new book in Sephardic  Horizons about Turkish treatment of its once numerous Jewish population; 100,000 at the start of WWII now less than 15,000.  The book is Turkey, the Jews, and the Holocaust by Corry Gutstadt, originally published in German […]


Iran: P5+1 Reach Deal on Six Month Freeze

In separate announcements, Iran and the P5+1 reached agreement on the implementation of the Joint Plan of Action (JPA) to begin on January 20, 2014.  The original announcement of the interim agreement between the P5+1 and the Islamic regime in Tehran had been made on November 24, 2013. Friday reports came that the JPA agreement […]


Chris Christie is not just corrupt. He’s compromised.

As Chris Christie’s bridges come tumbling down, Jihad Watch reader Darcy asked to repost this piece I wrote in August 2012, to remind people that not only is Christie a thoroughly corrupt politician, but one who is deeply compromised and in bed with Islamic supremacists of a highly unsavory sort: “Christie’s Embrace of Islamo-Fascists,” from FrontPage, […]


Ariel Sharon (Arik Ha Melech) Has Died

Ariel Sharon, Arik Ha Melech (Arik the King), the late Israeli  Prime Minister, as many Israelis nicknamed him, was gruff and opinionated. Yet he left an indelible mark on Israel’s history.  At critical moments he exhibited effective military leadership from the 1956 Sinai Campaign to the 1973 October War when he exploited a cross canal […]


US Senate Veto-proof Iran Sanctions Legislation?

While the P5+1 negotiation on a possible agreement to curtail Iran’s  nuclear program  is going on in Geneva, a virtually veto-proof new Iran Sanctions bill is gathering support in the US Senate, Nuclear Weapon Free Iran Act of 2013 (NWFIA).    NWFIA had 26 bi-partisan co-sponsors when it was introduced on December 19, 2013.  See our Iconoclast […]


Stopping the Academic Boycott of Israel

Yesterday, at the Modern Language Association (MLA) annual meetings in Chicago there was Panel 48, one of more than 800 on this year’s program. The MLA has a membership of more than 30,000 university and college academic specialists in English, literature and history. This panel in particular has drawn media attention and controversy because of the […]


The New Liberal Killing Fields

As President Obama returns from a well deserved and earned two-week vacation in Hawaii – ok, being quite facetious here – I wonder if he did any reflection between rounds of golf. And why is it that the First Lady remained in Hawaii to celebrate her 50th birthday? Regardless, I reflected upon the words of George […]