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VIDEO: Shame on those who remain loyal to the ‘Code of the Elites’

Then President Bill Clinton speaks during the State of the Union speech about securing our Nation’s Borders, removing illegals, and providing for our National sovereignty. The 1:30 seconds clip you will see shows just how today’s politicians place ideology and posturing above We the People and the security of our Nation.  Shame on those from […]

Like Angels from Heaven ‘Prayer Warriors’ in D.C. to be ‘Prayer Shield’ for Trump

From across the fruited plains, from the mountains to the prairies, from sea to shining sea the people are coming! Farmers and fireman, plumbers, pastors, porters and cashiers; the people are coming! Electricians, educators, homemakers, hotel clerks, hospital workers, cabbies and cops; the people of America are coming! Tomorrow and throughout the weekend wave upon […]

VIDEO: Crossing the Line | Full Measure

The 2,000 mile southern Border of the United States remains a battle zone, clearly unsafe, and definitely not secure. Only those in elected office who have an ideology other than securing National sovereignty push a vastly different narrative. To compound an already complex set of issues, corruption and integrity issues within the Customs and Border […]

Hillary Clinton’s emails, Anthony Weiner, and the FBI — a Recap

The subject of FBI Director issuing communication to eight (8) leaders of Congress last week advising them the FBI had launched a new formal investigation into Hillary Clinton’s emails and related items is still controversial.  What has since been revealed, and what is purported to be revealed still this week or weekend is even more […]

FILM: Sing a Little Louder — If not you then who?

A bully is an overbearing person (or persons) who is quarrelsome, and browbeats smaller or weaker people into submission. Each individual reading this immediately knows someone who has been bullied, or him/herself has been bullied. The memory and reality of such experience is shame producing and emotionally painful. Maybe it happened to you in school, […]

VIDEO: Paris 2016 ‘Scenes from the Apocalypse’ — The Muslim Migrant Infestation

Culture shock – if you are planning a trip to France, you will have low airfares and hotel costs because quite simply, you will be traveling to a dying nation.  The flood of Muslims into France already has damaged the country almost to a point of no return. The below video and accompanying photos will […]

Confidential U.S. Intelligence Briefing: Illegal Migration and the Diseases Within

The attached report is a condensed form of the complete Intel Briefing Booklet I distributed to the attendees at the Arizona State Senate briefing. After submitting this report to a person with whom I have worked with over the past several years, and who now is an advisor on the Trump for President National Security […]

VIDEO: Why wasn’t Hillary taken to a hospital after her 9/11 collapse?

Hillary Clinton is ill, to that there is almost no disagreement other than with the most ardent Clinton supporters who cannot handle anyone piercing their little bubble, and who would march into Hell with the Clintons.  But thanks to investigative report Ray Starmann, yet another dimension to the Clinton 9/11 collapse and illness saga now […]

Medical Ticking Time Bomb

America has been blessed in so many ways. One blessing has been a health-care system which is the envy of the world. Not only is this blessing changing before our eyes, but our country is under assault by an increasing flow of third-world humanity who are bringing with them not only incredible needs in every respect, […]

California: Migrants Bringing Leprosy to Primary School — Two Infected

A closed-door intelligence briefing I personally conducted in the Arizona State Senate on August 17th, 2016, with the assistance of a subject-matter medical expert, provided detailed intelligence and medical presentations depicting a growing number of states in the United States now confronting medical challenges never before needed to be confronted, in very large and direct […]

Medical School Professor: ‘Hillary Clinton has 1 Year to Live’ [VIDEO]

A Medical School professor reviews Hillary Clinton’s physical appearance and provides a startling set of findings with a tentative diagnosis that “Hillary Clinton has 1 year to live, and knows this!”  The doctor’s report along with video describing the condition and likely pathway of deterioration are presented below. Very serious consequences for America if she […]

U.S. Border Patrol Arrests Mexican bringing $3 Million of ‘Drug Money’ into California

Two men were arrested Tuesday, August 23rd, in North San Diego County, California (Escondido) with verified $3 million in illicit American currency. Various aspects of the arrests strongly suggest the currency was drug money being transported north in two vehicles. The actual information release from Border Patrol is mentioned below my signature line. Any security […]