‘How to Destroy a Nation’

“I alone cannot change the world, but I can cast a stone across the water to create many ripples.” – Mother Teresa.

Today’s blog comes from a regular contributor whose work you have all enjoyed. It was written about a week ago but is relevant today. It’s by Chris Wright from the Skirmish. Enjoy and as always feel free to share, like and comment. 

‘How to Destroy a Nation’

By Chris Wright

I didn’t expect to be back to the subject of the border so soon, but a lot has happened since I last reported to you on the nation’s immigration crisis one week ago.

Since then, we learned Panama apprehended 52 people associated with al Qaeda Islamic terrorism who were headed to the U.S. southern border. They were among 100,000 people moving through Panama on their way north. There are separate reports of a caravan numbering thousands massing at the Mexico-Guatemala border, and 20,000 Haitians staging in Colombia to make the journey to the U.S.

It was also reported this week the Biden administration is secretly flying unaccompanied alien minors who crossed the border illegally to small airports around the country.  The border patrol encountered over 18,000 such minors in July and another 18,000 in August – over six times as many as a year ago.

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki confirmed the secret flights, then proceeded to make a joke out of them.  The flights are not in the middle of the night, she said, just “early” in the morning.  The Biden administration and government agencies involved are keeping the details secret, and not answering basic questions like how many, why at night, where exactly, at what cost, or how long this will go on.  Another good question: why isn’t the administration verifying the identities of the people picking the minors up at the airport?

lf the threats to national security, the migrant caravans, and the secrecy don’t bother you, maybe this will:

It was also reported this week the Biden administration believes tens of millions of people will be displaced by climate change over the next 20 or 30 years.  The administration’s priority is “strengthening global protection for these displaced individuals and groups.”  Indeed, the report said affording such protection is a “compelling national interest” and said the U.S. must prepare for a growing number of migrants in coming years.  Translation: not just open borders.  Open-ended open borders.

OK, so the Biden administration believes flying 18,000 minors around the country a month isn’t enough, catching 1.7 million illegal border-crossers a year isn’t enough, and the most generous legal immigration system in the world isn’t enough.  We must open up our country to tens of millions more who will be trying to resettle here in coming years.

I’m remembering the video of Dick Lamm, the Democrat former Governor of Colorado saying, if you want to destroy a nation, start with no longer enforcing its immigration laws and turning it into a multicultural country full of people who won’t assimilate.  I’m also remembering the economist Milton Friedman who said you can’t have open borders and an open welfare system at the same time, it can’t possibly work.

Thankfully, there are still people in positions of authority who view all of this as madness and are doing something about it.   Texas Governor Greg Abbott announced plans to send 5,000 National Guard troops to the border and a Texas sheriff is deputizing local citizens to secure his county’s border.

Some years ago, the Supreme Court knocked down Arizona’s efforts to enforce federal immigration laws on its own.  Recently, liberal Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer spoke out against the Democrats’ court-packing plan.  Let’s hope the Supreme Court and others have come to their senses and now oppose the Democrats’ country-packing plan.  If not enough people come to their senses, we will surely destroy a nation.

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America. It is time to fight!

Calling all Americans. Especially those who have taken an oath to defend the Constitution of the United States of America from enemies both domestic and foreign. The time has come when you are being called upon once more to serve your country. The enemy causing the most danger to our Constitutional Republic is domestic. They are right here, among us. They are in every hall of power in every city, town, county, state and federal. They are traitors. They are oath breakers. They are in every town. They are your neighbors. You have seen them. Their leftist stickers on their cars. Their Biden signs in their yards last election. You will recognize them. You will hear their words.

America, it is time to stop this madness. President Obama, oops I meant President Biden, stated today that he wanted to vaccinate 28 million kids aged 5 to 11. Yes, he is planning to do this but promising smaller needles! As soon as the CDC etc. has cleared the drug for these innocent soon to be victims ( a foregone conclusion) the Biden Administration plans on making these vaccinations available at schools and pediatricians and other doctors offices. How convenient. How gracious. How kind and benevolent. NOT!

Do any of you out there doubt at all that the schools and the staff will not pressure these kids into taking the shot regardless to the parents wishes? That they won’t make unvaccinated kids feel like second class citizens? If you do you are crazy. It means you have no idea about the leftist agenda. I know, though, that my readers do not fall into this category!!

Do you realize that children in this age group are more likely to be murdered than die of Covid? I back this statement up with the statistic just out of Chicago that more children in that age group and lower have been killed by gunfire in Chicago this year than have died in the whole of the United States this year of Covid. Read that again. More children have died of gunfire in Chicago than have died of Covid in the whole United States of America. 

Then we are faced with these insane vaccine mandates in a lot of blue cities, counties and states in our beloved constitutional republic.

Tens of thousands of good, hard-working Americans, many first responders, many single parents etc. will face the real possibility of losing their jobs and the benefits that go with them, because of the insistence of these insane leftist leaders who insist that these employees put something into their body, unconstitutionally, that they do not want, doesn’t work as described, doesn’t protect and is truthfully untested. Many of these first responders were supposedly heroes during the whole Covid pandemic, putting themselves in harms way to treat everybody regardless of politics. Now they are being rewarded with the possibility of losing their jobs and everything that goes with them.

Just yesterday the crazy New York governor, leftist and dictatorial style ego driven Kathy Hochul, commenting on the death of former Secretary of State Colin Powell, used his death to score a political point. She said that although he was extremely sick with the ending stages of cancer, somebody who was unvaccinated had given him Covid and thereby been the final cause of his death.

This statement in itself is absolutely 100% scientifically incorrect. These liberals know what they are saying is wrong. They know they are lying but just do not care. The socialist main stream media will never pick them up or say anything to disprove them. It is well known that even vaccinated people can catch, pass and die from Covid. Heck, they are making up a huge proportion of hospital admittances. These evil, sick, treasonous people worship directly at the altar of Dr. Fauci, the devil and the satanic New World order.

America, the way to help cure this madness is to have mass walkouts. Walkouts and stoppages from every industry especially those with vaccine mandates. These people will need protection from rogue cops and federal officers who either didn’t mean anything when they took their oath and leftist counter protestors.

Whether you are vaccinated or not, you should be on the side of the constitutional rights of everybody in this country to freely choose whether or not they want to put an untested vaccine into their bodies. You should be on the side of all those parents that do not want the children to be vaccinated. The massive majority of those parents are not anti- vaccine, their kids have had all the other normal vaccines, but they know the risk of danger, real and unknown future, to the lives of the children in that age group is much greater from the vaccination than any other issue.

The dishonesty from the left is so in your face. I can remember Kamala Harris saying she could not trust the vaccine because it has been developed under President Trump. As soon as criminal family crime boss Joe Biden became president, the vaccine was just the answer to everything. Even though everything they have told us from the very beginning of this pandemic, from the lockdown would only be a couple weeks to you need a shot, no make that two, whoops no make that three and then one every eight months possibly, to masking and social distancing, they have proven to be unscientific, unproven and wrong. Yet they continue with that incorrect message – deliberately. Trust me, nothing you are seeing is unplanned. Nothing. They want nothing more than a one party state where big government runs and controls your life from cradle to grave.

With the huge advances in China and Russian military and the threats being faced in Iran we cannot afford to lower our guard. We have seen over 1.7 million illegal immigrants flooding across our southern border since Biden stole the election, we have seen Iran flaunting the fact that they are producing and are very close to ending up with nuclear weapons, with Taiwan being threatened by China and our military constantly being diminished in appearance and operational functionality by this Administration, with crime rising exponentially every where Democrats are in charge and with our economy in great risk of collapse due to hyper inflation and a messed up supply chain, we cannot afford these lunatics and extremists to win this battle. Believe me, this battle is the final battle for the survival of our beloved nation.

We need to fight the new program where the banks would first report every incoming or outgoing $600 you have to the IRS, which they now have made $10,000. However, that is $10,000 a year in total. Even poor people putting $500 a month into or through their bank accounts, would be reported to the IRS. They say it is to make the rich more honest in their tax reporting but it is going to affect every single person with a bank account in the United States. It is all about control. Control and power.

It’s time to fight America.

Wokeism is communism. It’s that simple.

It is time to gird your loins and stand up and fight. Fight everything the left is trying to do. Fight CRT, the terrible woke education programs, illegal immigration, the LGBTQUI agenda, mail in voting, vaccine mandates and masking. Fight every dang thing. Fight like your kids lives are on the line because they are.

If we cannot win this battle the next step would be civil war and/or a breakup of the Union.


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A Modest Proposal

I have often wondered about people who express themselves under cover of anonymity.  I suspect that despite the bravado to support his vulgarity, he prefers secrecy lest he be recognized by family and friends.  He is properly deserving of shame.  He suggests that an incredible evil befall the world.

In response to my essay, “Endangered Species,” I received a reply from someone signed Kelvin Throop, who is R.A.J. Phillips’s literary character known for his acerbic memos.  His/her identity, therefore, remains anonymous.  And no wonder, inasmuch as s(he) expresses a theory for settling the strife in the Middle East that is taken from the worst inhumanity of Islam and Hitler’s fascism.  It is presented as an objective, modest proposal of conveniently disappearing an entire people.

We see the first sign of aggression in his opening statement, in which he devalued the target people – he thanked me for calling to his attention the similarity between Jews and polar bears.  He chooses to be unaware of the enormous and unprecedented accomplishments of such a small, scattered nation over 4,000 years.  While Throop’s ancestors were tribal pagans, sacrificing to idols, dwelling in caves or tents, and living in a state of constant infighting and chaos, the Jews were bringing monotheism, morality, and meaning to the history of humanity.

The Jews established the Sabbath for humans with comparable respect to animals, abolished slavery, and created the first human settlement in Jerusalem around 3500 BCE, which became the capital of the Jewish kingdom in 1000 BCE.   They brought us universal literacy and education; the sabbatical year; equality and justice for men and women; value to individuality and every human life; the right to a fair trial; the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness; limited government powers; and charity, all the requirements for an altruistic concept of world peace.  Today, Israelis are industrious, innovative, and leaders in science, engineering, mathematics, the arts and entertainment, earning a remarkable number of Nobel Prizes in every major field.

American President John Adams said, “I will insist that the Hebrews have done more to civilize man than any other nation.  If I were an atheist, and believed in blind eternal fate, I should still believe that chance had ordered the Jews to be the most essential instrument for civilizing the nations.”  He understood that it was the Jews who first set us on the road to civilization by challenging the prevailing notion of “blind eternal fate” with a sense of purpose based on mutual respect, justice and kindness.

Throop’s disposition and conclusions reveal his desire to rid the world of Jews by forcing their cohabitation (his word was derogatory) with their sworn enemy, which is precisely what Mohammed and his disciples have done  since 622 AD.  The Koran reveals itself as being no common prayer book, but a tome of illuminating chapters, 114 of which (suras) are a preoccupation with and inspiration for killing Jews because they rejected the cruelty of Mohammedanism.  Islamic laws command not only that Muslims maraud and murder, but that they interbreed with chosen survivors in order to annihilate all traces of their existence.  This method worked to substantially increase the Islamic population while decreasing the non-Muslim populations of many countries in the Middle East, North Africa, the Horn of Africa, Africa’s Sahel region, and Central Asia, and now in Europe, bringing only misery.  The identity of most of these peoples – Jews, Christians, Zoroastrians, Mithraists, Manicheists, Nestorians, Polytheists and more – have even been expunged from the annals of history as though they never existed.

What do we know about the 1400-year Islamic slave trade?  At least 80 to 90 percent of the captured 28 million slaves died en route to the slave market; a low estimate of 112 million never reached land.  Twice as many women as men were sent to the Middle East for sexual slavery, whereas twice as many men as women went to the Americas for agricultural work.  The male slaves in the Middle East were castrated and children of female slaves were killed at birth, whereas America’s slaves could marry, and their descendants became citizens of Brazil and the US.

Our wise antisemite, Throop, cannot comprehend that Jews, successful or failed, communist or capitalist, black or white, will not be erased, but will survive as Jews in the face of the world’s desertion or brutality —  today, as they have through millennia.  In spite of the persistence of the genociders, Israel has 6.5 million Jews, but this should be compared with 1.6 billion Muslims in the surrounding lands.  A comparison of the land masses is similar, with a mere 8,000 sq. mi. for the Jews and 7.386 million sq. mi. for the Muslims.

Islam feeds upon hate, and hate feeds upon itself.  The Palestinians have eschewed every offer for a separate Palestinian state because their purpose is another Islamic state on Israeli soil.  This is Islamic holy war, to remove Jews from their land and from history.  The Palestinians are regarded as outcasts by their brethren whose surnames and heritage they share.  The commonality, their raison d’etre – the only justification for their existence – is Israel’s destruction, Jewish annihilation by conquest or inbreeding.  Unsurprisingly, Lebanese “Palestinians” pledge allegiance to “Palestine” with the Nazi salute.”

Throop’s repulsive suggestion echoes that of the Nazi fascists, particularly Heinrich Himmler’s psychopathic obsession with a blue-eyed, blond super-race, Aryans.  Germany seriously diminished its young male population by sending its viable workforce and potential fathers to fight two world wars; by deliberately exterminating Jews, Romani, homosexuals and blacks as part of Hitler’s Final Solution; and by Germany’s Nuremberg Laws that forbade intermarriage.  This depopulation left Himmler in the position of creating the Lebensborn Project (1935) to generate racially pure children by having SS officers mate with girls and women within Germany and from occupied countries, particularly in Scandinavia (Norway), in special “breeding clinics” to produce Aryan babies.

To protect the pregnant, unmarried women from the social stigma, their identities were suppressed, and they lived secluded in comfortable Lebensborn homes – ten in Germany, nine in Norway, two in Austria, and one each in Belgium, Holland, France, Luxembourg, and Denmark – furnished from the dwellings of Jews who had been sent to Dachau.  The newborn Aryans were specially baptized in keeping with the Nazi ideology, relinquished to the SS for indoctrination, and given to elite families to raise.  Had Nazism triumphed, the unique identities of the surrounding peoples would have been absorbed into the Nazi behemoth, exactly as Throop suggests for Israel.

By 1939, Himmler’s program was ailing, and locals were critical of the immorality, but the nightmare only increased.  In 1942, Hitler encouraged the SS to fraternize with non-German women, inviting them to the Lebensborn homes for privacy and safety.  Soldiers began kidnapping light-eyed, blond children of “racially good” countries, some orphaned, some forcibly stolen, and sending them to Lebensborn centers to forget their families and become Germanized.  As many as 100,000 were stolen from Poland alone, and those who were not racially pure or could not be Nazified, were often beaten and transferred to concentration camps for execution.

At the end of the war, May 1, 1945, one day after Hitler’s death, Americans discovered 300 children, ages 6 months to 6 years.  They were either returned to their birth families or, if too Germanized to be repatriated, put up for adoption.  The estimate was that the program included the theft of hundreds of thousands of children, of which only 25,000 were returned to their families.  Some were too Germanized to leave their adoptive families, while others, thousands, who could not accept the forced identities, were also exterminated.  When the Nazi regime collapsed, the children became social outcasts who suffered from horrible stigmatization and disgrace throughout their lives – leading to severe humiliation, rape, depression, alcoholism, criminality, drug abuse, and suicide.

During the program’s ten-year operation, an estimated 20,000 children were born in Lebensborn homes (10,000 in Norway), although names were changed, and secret records destroyed.  The resulting depopulation put Germany in a position of having to acquire a foreign workforce, to accept males from a culturally disparate, hostile Islamic culture.  Sweden may never return to its peaceful days after ceding its safety, security, and national identity.

Throop and his ilk would force this nightmare scenario onto the Jews of Israel, but we should be warned: what starts with the Jews never ends with the Jews.  These theorists cannot tolerate individuality or true diversity.  They must crush humanity into one coagulated mass.

Although the despots and methods may be new, America is faced with the same ideology of destruction and depopulation.  Our country has become the new battleground for intentional depopulation by Islam, Fascism, Communism, and globalists:

  • The invasion of foreign cultures with destructive practices of drugs, violence, rape, child-trafficking, and sexual slavery;
  • The divisiveness advanced in our schools that sows tribal hatred, racial violence, denial of G-d and country, and diminished white masculinity;
  • The incorporation of Critical Race Theory to our degraded, feminized military; denigrating patriotism, and providing brainwashing reading materials;
  • Bill Gates’s open declaration to depopulate an overcrowded world, proposing 350,000 to be killed daily, using scare tactics that include an unknown virus and gene-therapy injections to be administered by government decree;
  • Launching a COVID-19 fear campaign to the populace, using quarantines and masks for the healthy, followed by mRNA vaccines that may edit genes through “retro-integration,” with DNA damage passed on to future generations, its potentially catastrophic consequences to impact fertility.

The scene is ever-changing, and the players have innocuous names and revamped methods, but the old malignancy persists beneath the surface. The goal is always destruction of identity or, failing that, extinction.

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If You Dissect a Democrat You Will Find Pure Unadulterated Hate

Since January 20th, 2021 Americans have born witness to the spread of a “virus named hate.”

Hate in American has taken many forms. Hate of oneself, hate of others, hate of government. Hate in the Democrat Party began with the forming of the Ku Klux Klan and has continued unabated. Today’s hate has spread far and wide, and like a virus is makes people ill, mentally ill.

The new American lexicon contains words like: white guilt, critical race theory and wokeness. Each of these are at their very core expressions of hate. Hate for oneself and hate of others.


The Democrat Party since 1/20/2021 has taken hate to an entirely new level. The party and its leaders are using their powers to harm Americans, their families and their welfare. The Constitution was written to protect our lives, our liberties and our pursuit of happiness.

The Democrat party has, since the inauguration of Biden and the swearing in of the new Congress, implemented policies the have destroyed lives, liberties and brought unhappiness to millions of Americans.

Here is a short list of how the Democrats have institutionalized hate:

  • Implements Critical Race Theory into public schools. According to the Encyclopedia Britannica: Critical race theory (CRT)intellectual movement and loosely organized framework of legal analysis based on the premise that race is not a natural, biologically grounded feature of physically distinct subgroups of human beings but a socially constructed (culturally invented) category that is used to oppress and exploit people of colour. Critical race theorists hold that the law and legal institutions in the United States are inherently racist insofar as they function to create and maintain social, economic, and political inequalities between whites and nonwhites, especially African Americans.
  • Failed Border Security Policies that benefit illegal aliens over legal American citizens. The Biden Administration has created an ongoing border crises that is never ending.
  • Attacks on Freedom of Religion. Jews and Christians are being attacked on a daily basis both on the streets of America and via the MSM and social media. These attacks include physical attacks against Jews and Christians, social attacks by the media and deplatforming by tech companies.
  • Attacks on White People. Since the beginning of the Black Lives Matter hate group, whites have become the new woke racists. Americans are gradually and inextricably being taught that being born white is evil. People are not judged by the content of their character, rather people, especially white people, are being judged by the color of their skin, even by fellow white people.
  • Attacks on people who do not want big government and love America. The MAGA movement since the January 6th, 2021 Capital demonstration, have been demonized and literally hunted down and killed. Look at how an unarmed, 14-Year Air Force Veteran, named Ashli Babbit was shot to death by Capital Police on January 6th, a date that the Democrats used to turn Washington, D.C. and the U.S. Capital into an military encampment.
  • Using Covid to Lockdown America and American businesses. J.W. Bryan in an article stated, “We are incessantly told by our so-called health authorities that we have a health crisis which is caused by the COVID-19 viral pandemic. However, many health officials, both physicians and scientists refute this. Many are currently proclaiming that there is no pandemic and no COVID, that it is all a concoction to create a climate of fear. The goal of the health authorities in this country is the agenda for world government, i.e., the great reset, the acquiescence, by the people of total control of our health, resulting in a license to do anything that will bring about the New World Order and the fulfillment of UN Agenda 21.”
  • Using Covid to create Vaccine Passports to control the movement of Americans. Kelleigh Nelson posted a video in an article titled “America’s Vaccine Passports and China’s Social Credit System“, stating, “[A] video by Naomi Wolf, a Democrat and feminist, has exposed exactly what will happen if the American public accepts vaccine passports.  We will have locked into China’s communist control via social credits for every American citizen who once believed our country was the land of the free and the home of the brave.  If you haven’t listened to Naomi’s 15 min. presentation about these evil covid passports, please do…what she explains is the total control of every American.  The fact that she is a democrat makes what she is saying even more important.”
  • War in the Middle East and the spread of Anti-Semitism in America and the World. Since Biden took office he has made it policy to elevate and support Iran, Hamas, the Palestinians and others against the State of Israel. This has lead to bloodshed we have not seen during the Trump administration. Death, hate and destruction are the new normal in cities and states across America. Hateful Anti-Semites are openly displaying Nazi flags at pro-Israel demonstrations. Hate is alive and well under Biden.
  • Wokeness is a cultural disease that kills people’s freedoms. Wokeness is a bottomless pit of virtue signaling. Kurt Mahlburg wrote, “The challenge with critical race theory is that it does this with a seductive veneer — buzzwords like “diversity”, “equity” and “antiracism”. But when you peel back the layers, the truth is exposed: wokeness is a fraud.”


Hate has become the new normal in the “woke” culture in America. The new normal is “white guilt.” Woke corporations, media outlets, the Democrat Party are spewing their hate for anything and everything they can think of including themselves.

Hating white people, hating America, hating working class Americans, hating anyone who disagrees, hating President Donald J. Trump and his supporters. The level of hate is rising and palatable.

Hate is now the new normal in America. If you don’t hate then there is something wrong with you.

Hate of traditional marriages, hate of those who want to protect the unborn, hate of those who want a normal life, hate of the police and law enforcement in general, hate, hate, and more hate.


©Dr. Rich Swier, Ed.D. All rights reserved.

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The Pathology of Liberalism

Bottom line, the entire world is now witnessing a regime of fixated Liberal-Leftist-Progressive children trying to run the most powerful country on earth, when what they really need is psychotropic medication, behavioral therapy, and a Congress without The Pathology of Liberalism. 

From the inception of psychology about 140 years ago, medical conditions such as autism, schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, borderline personality disorder, narcissism, Tourette’s syndrome, even stuttering, were thought to be psychological in origin—and with enough therapy, enough blaming inadequate parenting, enough talk, enough delving into “feelings,” the sufferer could be treated successfully or even cured.

We now know—thanks to tools like PET scans and pharmaceutical advances—that these conditions are largely biological in nature, more receptive to medications, augmented with behavioral-therapy techniques, than to any of the other “therapies” that were utilized so ineffectually on multimillions of people over the past many decades.

These scans, in fact, have revealed the specific areas of the brain that show increased activity during anger,  revenge, anxiety, addiction, eating disorders, stuttering, pathological lying, cheating, manipulation, obsessive-compulsive behavior, depressive disorders, even cravings for chocolate!


How do we know these conditions are for the most part biological? Because in addition to the fact that medications have treated them successfully—for example, Haldol for psychoses, Lithium for bipolar disorder, Lexapro for depression, Xanax for anxiety, et al—they have identical symptoms—albeit some more severe than others—in people raised in luxury high-rises in Buenos Aires, slums in Los Angeles, kibbutzim in Israel, huts in rain forests, and penthouses in Manhattan. And also in people raised in both harmonious and dysfunctional homes.

What we also understand is that most intractable mental conditions seem to be genetically driven, rooted in centers of the brain that are still not fully understood. Perhaps this is why political affiliation—with exceptions, of course—seems to run in families.

It is also true, as Linda Goudsmit—author of The Book of Humanitarian Hoaxes: Killing America with ‘Kindness’—points out, that both biology (genetics) and the physical environment (epigenetics)—including foods, chemicals, air, water, and EMF pollution—have profound effects on human pathology.

Whatever school—genes or environment or both—a person subscribes to, the symptoms displayed by liberals-leftists-progressives—whatever they’re calling themselves today—are obvious to even the casual observer.


Liberals are uniformly glum, both in their grim demeanors and bleak outlooks.

This is because their worldview is invariably negative. When things are good, they see only the bad and reach back decades to invoke the Misery Index cited routinely by Democrat President Jimmy Carter and resurrected not only by the dour wannabe-president—and today an alleged traitor—John Kerry in 2004, but in one way or another by every Democrat presidential, congressional, and local candidate to this day.

With liberals, the glass is always half empty, the sky is always falling. When things could be better, they see only that things could be worse.

  • In the stellar economy that President Trump created—with the GDP, employment, housing sales, and consumer confidence at peak levels: inflation, the trade deficit, and crude oil down; employment of blacks, Hispanics, women and youth sky high, and America achieving energy independence for the first time in history—the liberals among us were inconsolably miserable.
  • In measurable and quite astounding educational successes of blacks through Eva Moskowitz’s 47 Charter schools in NY City, liberals see only “too much testing” and a threat to a huge source of their power and income—unions!
  • In the face of 3,000 lives being exterminated by Islamic terrorists on September 11, 2001, and escalating Islamic terrorist attacks around the world since then, leftists only see the miniscule if non-existent threat of white supremacists.
  • Worse, they see that all of our country’s problems, according to Mary Eberstadt of The Wall St. Journal, are the fault of—ta da—America!


  • Liberals are emotional children—no matter their educational pedigrees, fancy credentials, lofty titles, prestigious positions, or economic well-being. That is why they believe in and defend and work for and donate money to and teach their children that there is nothing quite as benevolent and important as Big Government!

Proof is Joe Biden’s “American Families Plan” to provide—Venezuela-style—federal entitlements including two years of free universal prekindergarten, free childcare for all, paid family and medical leave, two years of community college, on and on and on.

While liberals pretend to fight for the “little guy,” those poor, oppressed illegal aliens, and “people of color,” et al., it is they themselves who feel needy and scared and inadequate and so project their desires to be taken care of onto people they believe have the same infantile needs.

Given their failure to grow up, it is almost predictable—as a Pew Research Center survey in March 2020 found—that white liberals were “significantly more likely than other racial and ideological groups to be diagnosed with a mental health condition.”

The survey was inspired by an Evie Magazine article on the possible “scientific correlation” between progressive ideas and mental illness, and it noted that liberal ideology often “forces its followers to wallow in feelings of helplessness and victimhood,” as opposed to “building resiliency against hardship…”

PJ O'Rourke, Liberalism


Liberals, like the children they are, live in a world of utopian dreaminess, clinging to an imagined reality and believing that if everyone would just be nice to each other, all the noisy death threats and pesky suicide bombings would go away, and all those grumpy grownups in Republican and especially Conservative circles would see the light.

And so they do what children do when they’re angry at grownups. They call names and have temper tantrums.

  • Who but an adult with a child’s mentality could participate in the Women’s March on Washington the day after Donald Trump’s inauguration and think that wearing tasteless, cringe-producing pussy hats and spewing vulgarities in front of the entire world—and their own daughters!—would inspire even one person on earth to admire them, emulate them, and want to join their ranks?
  • Who but an adult with an angry child’s lack of self-control would rip up a historical document—President Trump’s 2020 State of the Union speech—as did Democrat House Speaker Nancy Pelosi in the quintessentially inappropriate temper tantrum of our century?


To understand the left’s treasonous rage, it is important to understand that the most cherished value in the life of children (read liberals) is to be “liked” by their peers, a theory that Judith Rich Harris has exhaustively documented in her best-selling and revolutionary book, The Nurture Assumption.

According to the evangelical religion of leftism, if America were not so strong, so powerful, so rich, so successful—so enviable to the rest of the world—things would be better. This is because liberals hate strength and power and wealth and success, except, that is, when they are the beneficiaries! It is significant to note that the richest politicians in Congress are Democrats!

This fantasy flourishes, says Evan Sayet, author of THE WOKE SUPREMACY: An Anti-Socialist Manifesto, because liberals are “wedded to the childish philosophy of—multiculturalism’ … the fantasy that all cultures are equally good. It is why they “believe we should—celebrate diversity,’ as if all differences—say freedom of religion and massacring all infidels—are equally worthy of celebration.”

“We laugh at the stupidity of the Democrats who go after cartoon skunks, plastic potatoes and pancake syrups,” Sayet continues, “wondering if anything is too small for them not to be outraged about. The answer is no. Totalitarian means total—right down to the tiniest things. It’s the way it was in Nazi Germany, Stalinist Russia, Maoist China, and every other Leftist regime. It’s the way it is with the Woke Supremacist movement of today.”

The entire world, in fact, had a close-up view of this ugly trait while witnessing the four years of uncontrolled rage, fury, acting-out, and widespread criminal acts after the election of Donald J. Trump in 2016. This was the behavior of poor losers.

But even in the flush of electoral victories, liberals are unable to conceal their endemic rage and inevitably reveal themselves as sore winners! Even today, six months after the, ahem, election of Democrat Joe Biden, they’ve been unable to recover from President Donald J. Trump! No surprise….they still haven’t recovered from George W. Bush’s defeat of Al Gore in 2000!


Nothing is quite as potent as the second-most powerful emotion on earth—jealousy! (The first, of course is fear, as the recent pandemic proved beyond a shadow of a doubt).

The Cancel Culture that liberals created is really about not being able to win arguments about political policy and philosophy with objective, empirical evidence and being so envious of their rivals that they resort to eliminating, annihilating, guillotining every vestige of opposition they face, or, as writer Larry Greenfield documents, “bullying, boycotting, pressuring, and punishing” anyone who disagrees with them. It’s also about:

  • Tearing down historically important statues, including those of black heroes,
  • Burning books, the greatest offenders being Dr. Seuss and Huckleberry Finn,
  • Using athletes like Colin Kaepernick to take a knee  and LeBron James to threaten a heroic policeman—both of them, as my diplomatic late mother used to say, “not overburdened with brains.”
  • Applauding and encouraging criminals from Antifa and Black Lives Matter to continue to commit arson, theft, assault and murder to further their cause.

But as journalist and author Parker Beauregard writes: “If all blacks are oppressed, how did we get a black president? Twice, for that matter? A black female vice president? How come Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, Patrisse Cullors, and Ben Crump are millionaires while waging war in the supposed white supremacist legal system? Oprah and LeBron are worth billions. Throw in a few hundred-thousand other examples, and suddenly the BLM contrivance is absurdly debunked.

“The message by the fraudulent, deceptive, and ultimately murderous black hustlers like Obama and LeBron,” Beauregard continues, “is that the rest of black America is poor and helpless, and need the—better’ blacks to lift them out.”  How has that been going for the past half century?

“Instead of selling oppression, what these morally bereft people should be packaging is the message that—If I can do it, you can do it too – and here’s how.’ How hard would it be for black leaders to exhort other blacks to follow their lead of hard work, perseverance, and goal orientation?’”


In their childlike eyes, liberals consider just about everyone—and often anything—as both needy and helpless, including a three-inch-long delta smelt in California which inspired the insane leftist Democrats who run that state to lock down billions of gallons of water to its citizens for years to “protect”—instead of relocate—this teeny tiny plankton-eating minnow!

But they don’t stop there! There is not a gay or black or Hispanic or female or Muslim or illegal or criminal who liberals don’t consider victims. It’s an industry with them, revile as they do the majority of Americans who value accountability, independent problem solving, and the central role of law and order in society instead of Big Government dependency.

To paraphrase poet Kim Addonizio, it’s as if liberals encourage the people they consider victims to “sew rhinestones on their traumas so they can wear them to a pain festival.”

This is because suffering, or perceived suffering, animates them, makes them feel useful, like saviors, and, of course, virtuous.


Liberals entertain the conceit that they are quite evolved and superior, both morally and intellectually. In their childlike minds, they are “good” and the people who set limits, demand accountability, expect empirical results, fight their enemies and also make judgments about what is good and bad and right and wrong are “bad.”

They also socialize with like-minded people and rely on the same “experts” to guide their thinking and of course feelings.

“Follow the science,” liberals bleat when anyone challenges the lies they tell themselves and others about man-made global warming—which has no science behind it and which writer Guy K. Mitchell calls the biggest scientific fraud in history!

In fact, it is why the editors at IssuesInsights.com write of “the smug arrogance of the—science’ crowd and say that “in reality, they are the Party of Science Fiction,” and the reason they close down dialogue is because “they know their ideas are empty of substance and therefore need to shout down, cancel, and indict those who dare think differently.”

“Listen to the experts,” liberals angrily dictate, when anyone challenges the advice about the corona virus given by the World Health Organization (WHO)—which has admitted its erroneous pronouncements, or of the horrible choice of Dr. Anthony Fauci—who is almost always wrong—to be the major spokesman and “expert” about the Wuhan-generated pandemic, as journalist Roger L. Simon spells out.

“It says in the NY Times,” liberals pronounce with full intellectual pretense, and yet author Bob Kohn has exploded the myth of this newspaper’s integrity and accuracy in his blockbuster book, Journalistic Fraud: How the New York Times Distorts the News and Why It Can No Longer Be Trusted.

Yet these snooty children in adult clothing continue to harbor the conceit that—in between their temper tantrums—they are the embodiment of integrity and righteousness. This comes, of course, with the infantile proclivity for fooling oneself.


“Since Trump was elected, my childhood best friend—going back 45 years—won’t talk to me,” a friend confided. Others report that even once-close family members sound more like CNN sound bites than blood relatives. This is because children do not know how to compromise or tolerate dissenting opinions.

Not only do liberals call names, spew insults and stamp their feet at any dissent, they also line up allies in the leftist media, leftwing think tanks, and Big Tech to crush any dissent to their fantastical lies.

Much worse, they’ve aligned themselves with America’s mortal enemies, as the Biden regime has just done with Iran.


Happily, you don’t have to take my word for it. Just turn to any of the network or cable news channels—with the exceptions of Fox, OANN, and Newsmax—and simply observe their commentators and anchors and other talking heads display their rather sinister pathology close up.

Observe the symptoms I’ve mentioned. Note the anger, the pessimism, the negativity, the name-calling, the bursts of rage, the gratuitous insults, the desire to present an image of “goodness,” the transparent attempt to be liked, the willingness to change an opinion if the old one isn’t polling well, and the eagerness to placate our enemies, the better to avoid a fight so those enemies will “like” us.

Bottom line, the entire world is now witnessing a regime of fixated Liberal-Leftist-Progressive children trying to run the most powerful country on earth, when what they really need is psychotropic medication, behavioral therapy, and a Congress with enough backbone to banish Voter Fraud forever!

©Joan Swirsky. All rights reserved.

Reclaiming Our Culture from the Left

My latest in the American Thinker:

Everyone knows it: the death of George Floyd was just a pretext. The rioters who continue every night to wreak havoc in Portland, and who are poised to engage in new orgies of destruction all over the country don’t know much and care less about Floyd. They’re quite open about engaging in a “revolution” with the goal of destroying the existing order and replacing it with an authoritarian Marxist regime. But what we are seeing today is not new. Its seeds were planted decades ago. Now the question before us, if we want to preserve the United States as a free society, is what we must do to counter this violent, hate-filled movement.

There will be no easy fix. The Left’s long march through the institutions began in the 1960s and has ended in total victory; only a reverse march through the same institutions will ultimately overcome the catastrophic effects of the Left’s advance. The leftist stranglehold on the educational system is a big part of the problem: the Antifa and BLM barbarians of today learned their hatred at our colleges and universities. Our children have been taught to hate the land of their birth. Who didn’t think this would bear bitter fruit? There was some indignation among conservatives over the 1619 Project, which portrays the entire American enterprise as racist, oppressive, and hateful, winning the Pulitzer Prize, but that was just the culmination of decades of miseducation and propaganda disguised as education. I wrote Rating America’s Presidents: An America-First Look at Who Is Best, Who Is Overrated, and Who Was An Absolute Disaster as an antidote, to remind Americans, or show them for the first time, the heroes who made America great — and the failures and sellouts who got us into this fix.

But the education most of the rioters have received has made them abjectly incapable of thinking rationally and evaluating claims on the basis of their logical coherence and supporting evidence. No amount of careful reasoning, no amount of evidence is going to convince most of the rioters that their rage is based on false premises, because they have been carefully educated throughout their lives to feel rather than think, and to believe that America is a nation of deep injustice with a shameful history and an equally condemnable present. It doesn’t matter that the claims that the rioters and their defenders are making are false. It doesn’t matter that police brutality affects people of all races. It doesn’t matter that thoroughgoing civil rights legislation has made “systemic racism” a thing of the distant past.

There is much more. Read the rest here.


The Democrats Are Sending Out Mixed Messages About Linda Sarsour. Here’s Why.

State Dept: UK, France opposing Iran sanctions an ‘abdication of duty.’ Pompeo: They’re ‘siding with the ayatollahs’

Germany, France, UK ‘remain committed’ to Iran nuke deal, reject snapback of sanctions

RELATED VIDEO: Robert Spencer and David Wood on CAIR Trying to Enforce Sharia Blasphemy Laws in the US

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REPORT: Iran Paid Taliban Fighters To Attack U.S. Assets In Afghanistan, Leading To Trump Ordering Killing Of Soleimani

Iran reportedly paid bounties to a Taliban-backed Haqqani terrorist network for at least six attacks carried out against U.S. forces in Afghanistan.

U.S. intelligence identified the link between Iran and Haqqani following the December 2019 suicide attack at Bagram Air Force Base in Afghanistan, which killed two civilians and injured dozens more, CNN reported Monday morning.

Two Trump administration officials said, according to CNN, that the bounties led to President Donald Trump’s decision to kill former Quds Force General Qasem Soleimani by drone strike in January. Trump cited Soleimani and Iran allegedly planning further attacks against U.S. forces in the region as a justification for killing him.

CNN’s report comes after U.S. intelligence reports leaked accusing Russia of paying bounties to Taliban-backed fighters for attacks against U.S. soldiers. The White House said Trump did not act, arguing that there was a lack of consensus within the intelligence community (IC) over the veracity of the information. White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany told reporters at a press briefing in June that Trump would act if the IC reached a consensus on the intelligence.


The president stated during his hour-long interview with Axios’ Jonathan Swan that he did not raise the issue during a recent phone call with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

The White House, National Security Council, Office of the Director of National Intelligence, and Department of Defense did not return Daily Caller’s inquiries on the report by press time.



Senior White House correspondent. Follow Christian on Twitter and Instagram


Trump Administration Still Looking To Reduce US Troop Levels In Afghanistan

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Will Bitcoin Ever Stabilize?

Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are notorious for their volatility. Their value fluctuates from time to time. There is always an air of uncertainty surrounding their value and future. But what exactly makes BTC price so volatile? Will BTC ever stabilize?

If BTC is to become a global currency, it must overcome its volatility. Despite its market capitalization growing to its current $60B mark, BTC is still struggling with uncertainty and volatility putting its potency as a global currency into question. So, let’s discuss what exactly makes cryptocurrencies that volatile and how can BTC become stable?

Why Cryptocurrencies Are Highly Volatile

1.   Cryptos Considered Store of Value and Not Value Transfer Media

One barrier that stands on a way of cryptos’ growth is the opinion of millions worldwide that cryptos are just a store of value. People don’t see them as a currency but as assets that will be valuable in the future. As such, they don’t freely exchange them but rather hold them waiting for their values to skyrocket.

Most holders of BTC don’t use their coins for daily transactions but rather stack them waiting for prices to hike before they sell them. This creates a precarious scenario where events and news massively affect the price of BTC because of mass actions of panic. For instance, if there is news of a government planning to ban BTC in a given country, all those holding BTC in that country will try to sell which will flood the market and cause a drop in the price of BTC.

If BTC is to be considered a global currency, then people need to freely use it to pay for goods and services. Simply put, people need to use the coin in their daily transactions. How often and willing people are to use a currency for their transactions is the true sign of a global currency.

2.   Security Concerns

Although fiat currencies have security concerns of their own, they are insignificant comparing to the issues that cryptocurrencies face on a regular basis. Cryptocurrencies have more security loopholes than fiat currencies. In 2019 alone, BTC and other cryptos lost more than $4.4Billion to scams and other security breaches.

These losses are a big part of the volatility experienced in cryptocurrencies. The more significant are the losses in cryptos, the lower the confidence that people have in them.

Unless cryptocurrencies fix their systematic security vulnerabilities, they will always be subject to volatility. Any high profile scams or losses will always have a ripple effect and affect the price of a cryptocurrency.

3.   Uncertainty

The lack of certainty regarding the future of cryptocurrencies leaves them open to season fluctuations. Not a single person is sure of what the future holds for cryptocurrencies, which leaves many people with a lot of questions concerning adopting the cryptocurrencies.

As it currently stands, too many factors affect the price of BTC. Government regulations, market factors, security breaches, ‘HODLing among many other factors. The lack of proper measures in place to ensure that the effects of all the aforementioned factors are mitigated leaves a cloud of uncertainty hanging over cryptocurrencies like BTC.

4.   Fluctuating Demand

BTC’s demand is always bouncy. Therefore, there is always a fluctuation in its price. Since BTC’s supply is almost constant. Moreover, just like the real gold becomes harder to mine with time, bitcoin halving makes it harder to mine the digital gold as the reward will be two times smaller.

At the same time, huge fluctuations in the demand will always have a ripple effect on the price. This makes BTC a bad choice for a global currency. There is just too much uncertainty in its price for people to gladly accept and use BTC.

So, Will BTC Ever Stabilize?

Having seen why cryptos are so unstable, let’s discuss what does the future hold for BTC? Will Bitcoin ever stabilize?

As the leading cryptocurrency in the world, BTC is expected to be the first digital coin the price of which will stabilize. If BTC is to be considered a true global cryptocurrency, it has to overcome its volatility.  But how can it achieve this?

Ways BTC Can Reduce Volatility

Increase Demand For BTC

Since there can only be 21 million BTC in existence, the community should work towards increasing the demand and usage of BTC to a global scale. Once the demand is on a global scale and its usage is frequent and ‘normal’, the fluctuation in the price will be lower and BTC will be deemed stable.

Address Security Breaches

Since BTC is open-source software, the community has the collective responsibility of ensuring that the platform is safe for public use. Loopholes in the network should be reported and any individuals engaging in unscrupulous deals should be permanently banned from using BTC. Once the whole ecosystem becomes safe for the use of all, the confidence levels will go up and more people will adopt BTC.

Mass Education

Although most people generally have an idea of what cryptocurrencies are, very few of them have proper knowledge of how to use BTC instead of fiat currencies. If the global usage of BTC is to increase, there is a need for proper mass education and sensitization programs. These programs will see an increased uptake of BTC and other cryptocurrencies.


BTC has a long way to go. Bitcoin is far from the point of long-lasting stability.  Its volatility is too high for it to be used on a global scale. However, cryptocurrency is still a young technology that will show a massive potential once the stakeholders will start work towards making it stable.

You Deserve The Truth About Socialism/Communism

Socialism is not a laughing matter: it is an infection like coronavirus, a political disease of incompetence, dishonesty, and eventually violence spread by Soviet Charlatans. Unfortunately, the American education system has failed to teach the criminal history of Socialism. Socialism is a culture of abuse and total corruption inside a system of slavery, depriving people of all rights known to humanity. Sen. Bernie Sanders has never lived under Socialism and he is deceiving and fooling you by presenting a Soviet Style propaganda, of a ‘cosmetic’ version of Socialism in the best traditions of Stalinist Political Correctness.  Sen. Bernie Sanders is a liar and fraud. He loved the USSR and praised Fidel Castro, who enslaved the Island of Freedom (Cuba) and its people by implementing Socialism and its Soviet System. Bernie is not alone, unfortunately, there is an army of Socialist-liars in America…

Bernie’s Democratic Socialism is a fraud. The term itself is an oxymoron—a democrat can’t be a socialist, a socialist can’t be democratic. The term reveals a total absence of the knowledge of socialist policy. Socialism means a dictatorship in a struggle to end individual liberty and private property, which is the opposite of democracy. To really know and understand socialism, you must have lived through it. I am a survivor of Soviet Socialism and I know what it truly means. To prove it, I’ll give you only one feature of Soviet Socialism to grasp the reality, and it is not Gulag, Perjuries, or Show Trials, you have already heard about. I’ll give you the picture of the real human disaster that is life under Socialism/Communism.

The Real Face of Soviet Socialism—A Communal Apartment

Until I got married and moved to Estonia, my entire life since childhood had taken place in a communal apartment (kommunalka) first in Moscow and then in Leningrad. It was the very famous Pertsov’s building, biggest in Leningrad, if I am not mistaken, 10,000 people lived there. Pertsov was a successful Russian businessman dealing with railroad transportation, particularly with the first Russian railroad from St. Petersburg to Moscow. It was the famous Imperial Government of Russia Nicolas Railroad built in 1869 in honor of Czar Nicolas 1. After the 1917 Socialist Revolution all Real Estate of the country, including the Pertsov’s building was confiscated and nationalized, thus becoming the property of the State.

As thousands of 2 to 7 room apartments had become property of the government, they were remade to be communal ones, where each family received one room. My family got a room in the apartment on the second floor. Although it was a pretty big room, there was not enough light—the only window at the corner, looked out at the building’s wall. We had to have electrical lights on all the time. There were seven families in this particular apartment, which had one kitchen, one bathroom, one lavatory next to the kitchen. Can you imagine what was going on at seven o’clock in the morning in our apartment??? The long corridor outside our room had never been empty—each family had the right to locate some old items and boxes with laundry next to a door off their room.

The kitchen was big and comprised of seven tables with seven kerosenka (an oil or paraffin-stove), one on each table.  We had a table with our own kerosenka to cook. The women in the apartment would spending hours in the kitchen preparing the meals for the family. Our kitchen became the place to socialize and exchange views. The big kitchen also had a back door to take the garbage out. All the neighbors threw their garbage down stairs to the back yard, where the big wooden boxes were constructed for garbage. I am talking about the time of the 1950-60s.

If you are a woman and have a good imagination, you can perceive the life of a Soviet women for all 24/7, let alone the empty shelfs in the supermarket, and limited incomes to buy food in a farmer’s market. It was hard life for everybody in the Soviet Union, especially for the women.  Suddenly we got interesting news. In late 1958, the Soviet Union and the United States agreed to set up national exhibitions in each other’s nation as part of their new emphasis on cultural exchanges. Vice President Nixon was bringing a model of a modern American kitchen to Moscow… Now you can’t imagine what happened in each communal apartment behind the Iron Curtin… An American kitchen in Moscow!?

The apartments with an individual kitchen had been a rarity in the country, only 3-5 percent of the population had them—the Communist leaders. The rest had lived in communal apartments in a country spread across eleven time zones. After hearing the news over the radio, the entire female part of the country wanted desperately to see the American kitchen. The very air behind the Iron Curtin was buzzing with women’s whisperings, desires, and preparations. There were no barriers the women couldn’t overcome to go to Moscow to see the American kitchen. Women and men traveled by horses, by the contingent trucks, by ships, by trains, often walking miles to get some means of transportation, in the country of eleven time zones.

The men were also concerned, especially the men in power, the Communists, they had never seen such active women’s movement. The exhibition of the American kitchen occupied the minds of the population and the KGB was not ready to react adequately. The significance of the event had scared them, they had known about a desperate housing situation in the country and did not know how to respond to ‘capitalist propaganda.’ “During the grand opening ceremony of the American National Exhibition in Moscow, Vice President Richard Nixon and Soviet leader Nikita Khrushchev engaged in a heated debate about capitalism and communism in the middle of a model kitchen set up for the fair. The so-called ‘kitchen debate’ became one of the most famous episodes of the Cold War.”

In front of an army of reporters and photographers who followed them around, Nixon and Khrushchev continued their argument in the kitchen of a model home built in the exhibition: “For a few moments, in the confines of a “modern” kitchen, the diplomatic gloves had come off and America and the Soviet Union had verbally jousted over which system was superior–communism or capitalism.” The KGB and all Communists hated Nixon, because they were helpless, being exposed by the presence of the American kitchen… Yet, the enemies of democracy have a long memory and use it when circumstances present them the opportunity…

I have visited this exhibition, met a lot of women, talked to them and I know the dramatic effect of the American individual kitchen on the Soviet human mind in 1959. The KGB also recognized the dramatic effect the Soviet people had experienced and they used the opportunity of revenge to Nixon in the 1970s. It is a huge story that requires a different column to tell you how the KGB organized the Watergate and ousted President Nixon with the help of some Democrats. Ironically, history repeats itself and we are dealing with the same KGB and the same set of techniques today, fifty years later. Now the KGB works with the entire Democrat Party against President Trump, confronting his family and the people working for him. You are witnessing this every day, yet you don’t know who is really behind anti-Trump campaign… Stay tuned…

A Hundred Years War: Communism vs. Capitalism

If you read documents about the famous “kitchen debate,” you will have the big picture arguments about Capitalism and Communism, which in fact continues between America and Russia today, in 2020. It is an “epidemic of disinformation” produced by Russia today, using the old Stalinist arsenal of lies, fraud, deceptions, and obfuscations to fool and deceive you. Writing for the last thirty years and giving you a detailed anatomy of this war, I have been calling it an asymmetrical war against capitalism and Western civilization. Actually, it is the same war against the Truth, waged by the Russian Intel against the Republicans fifty years later. Knowledge is Power–Richard Nixon had known the Truth of the housing disaster in Russia. He had exposed the biggest problem of a totalitarian State—misery conditions and quality of life under Stalinist Socialism.  “The communal apartment became the predominant form of housing in the USSR for generations, and examples still exist in “the most fashionable central districts of large Russian cities.” Wikipedia

Telling the truth is a powerful method to expose the “epidemic of disinformation” that has continued since the victory of the Socialist Revolution in Russia in 1917. Knowledge is the best disinfector!  You deserve to know the Truth! Do you know that the carrier of this epidemic was then and still is the Russian Intel?  I used the term KGB writing about them to show Stalin’s skillful propaganda techniques and dirty tricks. President Nixon knew the true Housing disaster in Russia. His courageous actions cost him the presidency. The enemy of America had prearranged, connived and manufactured the activities against him with the help of some Democrats. It was open season on the Republicans and they had not defended their President–instead they surrendered. Many did not recognize deep infiltration of the Soviets into our political system and in all corners of our society, some did…

Today, fifty years later Putin can celebrate an enormous success in his collaboration with the Democrat Party against the American Republic. The Democrat Party joined and supported Putin’s KGB, which has been infiltrating America since the 20th century. Read my column: …and the KGB in the White House, June 1, 2017.  Fifty years later we see something very similar to the past: the attempt to oust another American President–Donald J. Trump. The last thirty years have given the Soviet System the time and opportunity to enhance the Russian military and its intelligence apparatus to continue its expansion to the world. The predicament in America is even worse today, due to erroneous American foreign policy, during the last thirty years. Up to now, the American public is still unaware of the ideology of real Socialism, which, to survive, will never stop fighting successful capitalism. Today we have a global political forces confronting a sitting American President… Read my books and columns…

Wake up America!  We will find remedy from Coronavirus. But…it is important to remember: there is no cure for Socialism/Communism!!!

To be continued www.simonapipko1.com or at www.drrichswier.com/author/apipko/.

© All rights reserved.

First Thoughts On the Trump Plan and How Mahmoud Abbas Will Save the Day by Hugh Fitzgerald

“The Deal of the Century” turned out to be remarkably generous to the “Palestinians,” giving them far more than they had any right to expect. It promises them a state – the state of Palestine. It doubles the size of the territory under Palestinian control. The Palestinians will under the plan possess nearly 80% of the West Bank. They will also have their capital in East Jerusalem. The plan includes Palestinian use and management of facilities in Haifa and Ashdod ports, Palestinian development of a resort area in the north shore of the Dead Sea, and continued Palestinian agricultural activity in the Jordan Valley. Ultimately, the plan envisions “modern and efficient transportation links” through the future Palestinian state, including Gaza. The West Bank and Gaza will be linked through a tunnel.

Under the Trump plan, the Palestinians will be obligated to disarm Hamas and Islamic Jihad, must stop their Pay-For-Slay plan, must stop inciting terrorism, must end the rampant corruption in the PA, must respect human rights, and must guarantee a free press and religious freedom. We shall see if the PA is able to meet these conditions precedent to achieving a state. The PA’s record to date is not encouraging.

The plan also requires Israel to observe a four-year moratorium on any new settlements in the West Bank while negotiations with the Palestinians are going on, but says nothing about whether the moratorium would continue if, after four years, negotiations are still continuing. It makes provision for $50 billion in aid to be given to the Palestinians, as had previously been announced at the “Peace Through Prosperity” workshop in Manama last June. That is a huge sum, but who would pay it? One hopes that it will not be the Western Infidels paying for the Palestinians. The $50 billion ought by rights to come from fellow Muslim Arabs, those who live in the oil-rich states of the Gulf – Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Kuwait, Qatar.

The most important concession of all, according to Trump’s peace initiative, would be the recognition of a new state, the State of Palestine. This State of Palestine would have to agree to be disarmed, but how that disarmament would be enforced, and exactly what arms it would include, remains unclear.

Israel also gets certain concessions. Existing Israeli settlements (that is, towns and cities) in the West Bank would be recognized as sovereign Israeli territory. The Palestinians would have to recognize Israel as a Jewish state. The Palestinian refugees, or “refugees” (the quotation marks indicate that these are the descendants of refugees, not true refugees themselves) would be integrated into the countries where they now live. There would be no right of return.

Netanyahu and Gantz have both declared themselves pleased with Trump’s peace plan. But can they truly be pleased with the recognition of a State of Palestine, with its capital in East Jerusalem? Perhaps they are pleased because the plan is better than any of the previous plans presented by Trump’s predecessors, and because they know that Abbas will never accept it, so they needn’t worry. They can afford to be pleased. There is no other state in the world that has been successfully disarmed. How likely is it that a State of Palestine, full of Jihadis, could be permanently disarmed, and not become a source of terrorism against Israelis, whether living in the West Bank or elsewhere in Israel?

The plan is generally good, but I confess that I expected even better. I did not think this administration would recognize a State of Palestine with its capital in East Jerusalem. I envisioned instead an arrangement whereby the local Arabs (to be carefully referred to as “Palestinian Arabs”) in the West Bank would be given as much autonomy as was consonant with Israeli security, but not a state. The safer the Israelis, the greater the degree of local autonomy. I see that I was wrong.

However, there is one thing about this plan that makes it most welcome. And that is the assurance that neither Mahmoud Abbas, nor any of his successors in the Palestinian Authority, nor anyone in Hamas, will be willing to negotiate over this plan in good faith. The Palestinians rejected Trump’s plan before they knew what was in it; they reject it again now that they know what is in it. Much of the world will be able to see that even when the Palestinians are offered a state of their own, even when they are promised that that state’s capital will be in East Jerusalem, even when they are further promised $50 billion in aid, far more than any of the more than 100 developing countries have ever received In aid, that is not enough to satisfy them. They are the spoiled brats of the international community.

Other Arab states, especially Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Bahrain, and Oman, will urge the Palestinians to take the deal — “You get a state, you have your capital in Jerusalem, the Israelis have to stop building settlements, you’ll have 80% of the West Bank” – “or else.” “Or else” would mean only this: “We are tired of your whining, tired of the whole Palestinian problem; tired of your refusal to accept $50 billion in aid. We have so many bigger problems to think about, starting but not ending with Iran. Get with the program. Or count us out.” The refusal of the Palestinians to take the deal will only widen the gap between them and the other Arabs.

In agreeing to the Trump plan, Israel will have committed itself to not building new settlements in the West Bank for four years, while negotiations are going on. It’s a big concession. But if there are no negotiations, because the Palestinians continue to refuse enter into them, then the Trump administration has made clear that Israel is no longer required to refrain from settlement building. The Trump administration has noted that, in that case, it will support Israel should it decide to unilaterally incorporate other areas of the West Bank, beyond what it will already have annexed. And the offer of a State of Palestine will not be revived. And very few, at that point, will care.


Hamas top dog writes to all Islamic heads of state, urging them to reject Trump peace plan

A General’s View of Why US Should Stay in Afghanistan

Trump: “It’s time for the Muslim world to fix the mistake of 1948 and recognize Israel”

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No, Jesus Wasn’t a Socialist

Christian charity, being voluntary and heartfelt, is utterly distinct from the compulsory, impersonal mandates of the state.

The claim that Jesus Christ was a socialist has become a popular refrain among liberals, even from some whose Christianity is lukewarm at best. But is there any truth in it?

That question cannot be answered without a reliable definition of socialism. A century ago, it was widely regarded as government ownership of the means of production. Jesus never once even hinted at that concept, let alone endorsed it. Yet the definition has changed over time. When the critiques of economists such as Ludwig von Mises, F. A. Hayek, and Milton Friedman demolished any intellectual case for the original form of socialism, and reality proved them to be devastatingly right, socialists shifted to another version: central planning of the economy.

One can scour the New Testament and find nary a word from Jesus that calls for empowering politicians or bureaucrats to allocate resources, pick winners and losers, tell entrepreneurs how to run their businesses, impose minimum wages or maximum prices, compel workers to join unions, or even to raise taxes. When the Pharisees attempted to trick Jesus of Nazareth into endorsing tax evasion, he cleverly allowed others to decide what properly belongs to the State by responding, “Render unto Caesar that which is Caesar’s and to God that which is God’s.”

Nonetheless, one of the charges that led to Jesus’s crucifixion was indeed tax evasion.

With the reputation of central planners in the dumpster worldwide, socialists have largely moved on to a different emphasis: the welfare state. The socialism of Bernie Sanders and his young ally Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is that of the benevolent, egalitarian nanny state where rich Peter is robbed to pay poor Paul. It’s characterized by lots of “free stuff” from the government—which of course isn’t free at all. It’s quite expensive both in terms of the bureaucratic brokerage fees and the demoralizing dependency it produces among its beneficiaries. Is this what Jesus had in mind?

Hardly. Yes, amid the holidays, it’s especially timely to think about helping the poor. It was, after all, a very important part of Jesus’s message. How helping the poor is to be done, however, is mighty important.

Christians are commanded in Scripture to love, to pray, to be kind, to serve, to forgive, to be truthful, to worship the one God, to learn and grow in both spirit and character. All of those things are very personal. They require no politicians, police, bureaucrats, political parties, or programs.

“The poor you will always have with you, and you can help them any time you want,” says Jesus in Matthew 26:11 and Mark 14:7. The key words there are you can help and want to help. He didn’t say, “We’re going to make you help whether you like it or not.”

In Luke 12:13-15, Jesus is approached with a redistribution request. “Master, speak to my brother that he divideth the inheritance with me,” a man asks. Jesus replied, “Man, who made me a judge or divider over you?” Then he rebuked the petitioner for his envy.

Christianity is not about passing the buck to the government when it comes to relieving the plight of the poor. Caring for them, which means helping them overcome it, not paying them to stay poor or making them dependent upon the state, has been an essential fact in the life of a true Christian for 2,000 years. Christian charity, being voluntary and heartfelt, is utterly distinct from the compulsory, impersonal mandates of the state.

But don’t take my word for it. Consider what the apostle Paul says in 2 Corinthians 9:7: “Each of you should give what you have decided in your heart to give, not reluctantly or under compulsion, for God loves a cheerful giver.”

And in Jesus’s Parable of the Good Samaritan, the traveler is regarded as “good” because he personally helped the stricken man at the roadside with his own time and resources. If, instead, he had urged the helpless chap to wait for a government check to arrive, we would likely know him today as the Good-for-Nothing Samaritan.

Jesus clearly held that compassion is a wholesome value to possess, but I know of no passage in the New Testament that suggests it’s a value he’d impose by force or gunpoint—in other words, by socialist politics.

Socialists are fond of suggesting that Jesus disdained the rich, citing two particular moments: his driving of the money-changers from the Temple and his remark that it’s easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter heaven. In the first instance, Jesus was angry that God’s house was being misused. Indeed, he never drove a money-changer from a bank or a marketplace. In the second, he was warning that with great wealth, great temptations come, too.

These were admonitions against misplaced priorities, not class warfare messages.

In his Parable of the Talents, Jesus talks about a man who entrusts his wealth to three servants for a time. When the man returns, he learns that one of the servants safeguarded his share by burying it, the second put his share to work and multiplied it, and the third invested his and generated the greatest return of all. Who’s the hero in the parable? The wealth-creating third man. The first one is admonished, and his share is taken and given to the third.

That doesn’t sound very socialist, does it?

Likewise, in Jesus’s Parable of the Workers in the Vineyard, the story upholds capitalist virtues, not socialist ones. When some workers complain that others were paid more, the employer rightfully defends the right of voluntary contract, private property, and, in effect, the law of supply and demand.

At Christmas time and throughout the year, Jesus would want each of us to be generous in helping the needy. But if you think he meant for politicians to do it with police power at twice the cost and half the effectiveness of private charity, you’re not reading the same New Testament I am.

This article was reprinted with permission from the Washington Examiner.


Lawrence W. Reed

Lawrence W. Reed is President Emeritus, Humphreys Family Senior Fellow, and Ron Manners Ambassador for Global Liberty at the Foundation for Economic Education. He is also author of Real Heroes: Incredible True Stories of Courage, Character, and Conviction and Excuse Me, Professor: Challenging the Myths of ProgressivismFollow on Twitter and Like on Facebook.

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And Then There Were None

In 2008, Abby Johnson, the manager of the Bryan, Texas (100 miles from Houston) Planned Parenthood, became that organization’s Employee of the Year.

By 2009, she quit for conscience’ sake. Why?

That year, for the first time, she saw an ultrasound of an abortion of a 13-week old unborn child in her own clinic. This was not a blob of tissue, a clump of cells, a non-living being. This was a baby that was fighting for his life.

Although Abby Johnson was a good salesman of abortions and thought that she was helping women through her work, seeing that baby fighting for his life caused the scales to fall from her eyes.

Abby says that after she saw that ultrasound,

“I knew that I had been part of a lie. I had been a part of a corrupt system, a corrupt organization, that really preyed upon women in their vulnerable states, and I knew that I needed to leave.”

She has now written a book (with Cindy Lambert) called Unplanned, and PureFlix (“God’s Not Dead”) has now turned that book into an excellent movie.

Abby Johnson has also started an outreach, And Then There Were None (ATTWN), to help abortion workers leave the field. I have interviewed Abby before and have previously written about her story. But here is an update about ATTWN, since I interviewed for Christian television two of her assistants at ATTWN recently.

One of them is Meagan Weber, who told me,

“[Abby] wrote her book hoping that a worker would pick it up as a skeptic and see the truth, and see themselves through her words, and within three months of her book’s release in 2011, she had 17 abortion workers contact her for help.”

In effect, Abby and those 17 workers became the beginning of her work to help transition abortion clinic workers out of the field. Her reasoning is simple. She says in her ATTWN website, abortionworker.com,

“We always say that nobody grows up wanting to work in the abortion industry. Nobody. Our vision statement for ‘And then there were none’ is ‘No abortion clinic workers, no abortion clinics, no abortions’—it starts with the workers. We see ourselves as being part of a pro-love movement. That we want to love these workers out of the clinics. We want to love them to a path of healing, and we want to love them back into a relationship with Jesus Christ.”

As an abortion worker, Abby Johnson had thought that what she was doing at Planned Parenthood was helping women. But she learned the hard way that the real bottom line of Planned Parenthood was its bottom line.

Weber, who serves as Abby Johnson’s Assistant, told me, “They asked her to increase the number of abortions at her facility by half, and so she said, ‘Don’t we tell the media that we want to reduce the number of abortions to make them safe, legal, and rare?’ And her supervisor laughed and said, ‘Well, Abbey, how do you think we make our money?’ And she really was blindsided by that.”

Weber also says, “Leaving your job in the abortion industry is not like leaving your job in a fast food outlet. It has the same high turnover rate, but you don’t just leave your job, you leave your friends, you leave your ideology…you go from one day championing women’s rights and abortion rights to the next day having to humble yourself and say, ‘I was wrong. I was part of a very evil system,’ and they have to come to terms with that. So there is a lot of emotional trauma, and there is abandonment.”

I also have spoken with Laura Ricketts of ATTWN for Christian television. She observed, “As we walk through the process of healing them, as we meet their practical needs with financial assistance, with resume writing, with jobs search help, as we help them pay their bills, get back on their feet, once their practical needs are met, they are ready to meet their emotion and spiritual needs.”

So far the organization has been able to help hundreds of clinic workers get out of the abortion field. Meagan states, “And so here we are seven years later, and we’ve helped 550 workers and 7 full-time doctors.”

The movie alone helped cause about a hundred abortion clinic workers to respond…to consider coming out. Ricketts told me, “I think one of the most exciting things about the movie is the impact it had across the country and now across the world. We saw hearts changed, abortion clinic workers leaving their jobs.”

Abby Johnson says, “My story is really an exposé. It’s pulling back the curtain into an industry that has been normalized. Abortion has been so incredibly normalized in our society, and it’s anything but normal.”

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U.S. Iran Brinkmanship

Like everyone else, I wonder what is going on with Iran. Whatever it is, it just does not bode well for the US, my adopted country. My country of birth, Iran, used to be my proud homeland of noble people, is now a cabal of turbaned religious bigots who took it over some four decades ago and overnight transformed a country that was once the envy of the entire Middle East into a pariah of the world.

President Trump honored his campaign pledge to withdraw from the misguided and dangerous deal the Obama administration made with the Iranian Mullahs on the nuclear issue. Some say that was a bad thing. Others say, it was a good thing to chuck it and aim for a much better and safer agreement.

Now that debate is academic, the United States of America is no longer party to that flawed agreement. The United States did not just leave by closing the door, but proposed a new deal to the Mullahs that had exactly zero chance to succeed

President Trump seems to believe that he is dealing with a group of rational pragmatic people like others he has dealt with in the world of business. A sort of give and take type of people who can find middle ground on any deal. The Mullahs are hardly the type. They are religious fanatics to their very core who are driven — now that they are in power and sit on a sea of black gold — by their deadly messianic dream to rule the world by whatever means, piecemeal or whole, intact or in shambles. Preferably in shambles so that their long-awaited and prayed-for Saheb-u-zaman (their messiah)— from his hiding place and returns and set the world straight in accordance with the idealized Shia Islamic vision.

To Islam, Death is not death. It is martyrdom — the prized achievement earning the martyr eternal peace in fabled paradise. To these cultists, Muhammad’s son-in-law, Imam Hossain is their idol and his tragic death is what they follow. They believe in the same way that Imam Hossain with a small band of his followers stood up to the usurper Yazid, they are doing the same thing at all costs battling the Great Satan (the USA).

This cult of death is on the march and in its forty years of Islamic rules has murdered tens of thousands of Iran’s best children who dared to oppose its criminal agenda.

At this point this game of chicken has played out to the Mullahs’ highest advantage. The Saudis, with their huge arsenal of fancy weapons and the world’s third highest military expenditure are just licking their wounds not even daring to name the Mullahs as the villains who bombed their lifeline. And the Saudi’s patron, the United States, shrugs and says it is the Saudi’s place to respond and it would support that. The Saudis blinked, ergo the United States blinks.

As things stand now, the Mullahs have gained incalculable prestige in the region. They have time and again poked the big tiger in the eye and the big tiger blinked and didn’t bite. What’s the lesson to everyone? The tiger is really a paper tiger. Poke it and see for yourself.

And how this brinkmanship is likely to play out? It could trigger a full war. Not just simply the parties giving each other a bloody nose and go back to a line of less cataclysmic confrontation. This is very unlikely. The Mullahs lifeline is hugely constricted and that will not do. They will do whatever they can to open that oil-finance lifeline. A more likely possibility is so called diplomacy.

The United States took a huge risk trying to undo the massively-flawed nuclear deal. The Mullahs refused. Therefore, the United States not being remotely inclined to use force, will take the diplomatic route. Meaning overtly and covertly, the United States backtracks, eases the sanctions, and the Mullahs gleefully celebrate their partial victory waiting and hoping another Democrat president takes the helm. After all, the Mullahs believe Democrats are the nice folks who see it their way. It was that very nice Jimmy Carter who catapulted the villain Khomeini to power. Recall that Carter even called Khomeini, a “saint.”

And yes. Another very nice and understanding Democrat President — the winner of the Nobel Peace Prize granted the Mullahs the right to make their own nuclear bomb if they could only wait a few years. He, Obama even sweetened the deal giving the Mullahs a starter fund of hundred and fifty billion dollars.

What is going on with Iran? Some speculations on my part:

Trump, rightly or wrongly left the nuclear deal with Iran demanding new terms that were tantamount to surrender to the Mullahs. So, they said, Hell no. Trump started to turn the economic screws on the Mullahs that began to shut down their oil sales — their life-blood.

The Mullahs had a choice: either die slowly by the U.S. sanctions that not only prevented selling oil, but also shut down their ability to deal in international banking, or playing hardball with Trump. In a way, they decided to take a chance and go down fighting, if it is necessary.

The Mullahs figured, Trump is more bluster than fight, as evident from his inaction when they shot down an American drone in international airspace. Teddy Roosevelt advised: speak softly but carry a big stick. The Mullahs see President Trump speaking loudly while carrying no stick at all.

They also figured that re-election coming up would make Trump most hesitant to unleash his military on them. Furthermore, Trump might get bounced and the Democrats will again come around and be nice to them.

Now, they have called their opponents’ bluff with great success. They have made their point: they have said time and again, if we can’t sell our oil, then we will not let anybody else sell their oil through the Gulf. Saudis making money hand over fist selling oil while the Mullahs starving? No, that’s not very nice. They decided they would do something about that. Knowing full well that those Saudi boys have no stomach at all for entangling with Iran militarily.

Now what? Simple. This time Trump lost. Next, Trump will relax the sanctions, will even look the other way for the Mullahs to sell some oil, access to the international financial system will also quietly work out and a covert “diplomacy” dance will continue.

The result: a huge victory for the Mullahs and a new long term lease on life. I certainly hope I’m wrong as I see it.

What Is This Love Affair with Socialism?

“Those who do not learn history are doomed to repeat it,” said Santayana. Many young people today claim to prefer socialism—and in some cases, even communism (which is socialism’s more violent form)—over capitalism.

Recently a candidate for city council in Denver declared that capitalism has failed and that socialism is the future. Candi Cdebaca said that we are in the “last phase” of capitalism—as if it is dying. In contrast, she said, “I believe in community ownership of land, labor, resources and distribution of those resources.” And she is willing to implement this agenda “by any means necessary.” Last week, she won the election.

A new poll says that out-of-the-closet socialist Bernie Sanders would beat capitalist Donald Trump for the U. S. presidency if the election were held today. By 9 points.

The problem with socialism and communism is that it must be forced in order to put it into practice. The communists built the Berlin Wall to keep the residents of East Germany from being able to flee “the worker’s paradise” into the West. Trump wants to build a border wall—not to keep people in, but to keep undocumented people out. The fact that so many want to come here is, in part, mute testimony to the success of capitalism.

Dr. Paul Kengor of Grove City College is a best-selling author of many books related to communism. One of his most recent books is called The Politically Incorrect Guide to Communism: The Killingest Idea Ever (Regnery, 2017).

In that book he mentions a joking T-shirt given to him by one of his former students. The T-shirt read, “Communism has only killed 100 million people. Why not give it another shot?”

Kengor points out that we are told repeatedly that the problem with socialism/communism, which repeatedly fails to “deliver the goods,” only because the right people have not tried it.

Writes Kengor,

“Again and again, we’re told that communist philosophy was never the problem. No, it was nasty leaders like Joe Stalin who have given communism a bad name. Stalin, you see, was an aberration. As were, presumably, Lenin, Trotsky, Latsis, Dzerzhinsky [founder of the KGB], Beria, Bulganin, Khrushchev, Voroshilov, Malenkov, Mikoyan, Brezhnev, Andropov, Chernenko, Chebrikov, Ulbricht, Ceausescu, Tito, Hoxha, Dimitrov, Zhivkov, Mao, Pol Pot, Ho Chi Minh, Mengistu Mariam, Kim Il-Sun, Kim Jong Il, Kim Jong Un, Fidel, Raul, and Che….”

And, of course, this would also include Hugo Chavez and General Maduro, who have presided over Venezuela’s destruction, as it went from the best economy of Latin America to the worst—precisely because of socialism.

Kengor concludes: “You would think at least one commie, somewhere along the line, would have gotten it right. Why such ugly results if the theory is so pretty? Can’t these geniuses read?”

Capitalism does not produce an equal distribution of wealth. No system does. If you say that socialism/communism does, then you are covering over the fact that in the socialistic schemes, it is always the administration that does well, not the people.

Even Bernie Sanders prospers under capitalism, selling his book that railed against capitalism. He must have cried all the way to the bank.

For all its inequities, capitalism, free enterprise, a market-based system (whatever one might call it), delivers the goods for the most amount of people. In the words of Kengor, “The free market makes consumers sovereign.” Kengor quotes Ludwig von Mises in his 1922 book, Socialism, “The consumers patronize those shops in which they can buy what they want at the cheapest price….Their buying and their abstention from buying decides who should own and run the plants and the farms.”

Under communism, an inefficient, bloated bureaucracy makes such decisions, and the consumers have no choice—and are often forced into breadlines for inferior bread.

For all of its warts, capitalism produces much greater prosperity for the most amount of people.

What does communism produce? Ultimately, a lot of dead bodies. That was the answer from former communist Eugene Fox-Genovese, who, along with his wife Elizabeth, had been the editor of Marxist Perspectives.

When the Soviet Union finally imploded in the early 1990s, Eugene told interviewer Frederica Mathewes-Green in National Review (2/24/1997):

“When it all collapsed, the question was, After seventy years, what do we have to show for it? Especially when it became clear that, even on a basic level, the system didn’t deliver the goods, the one thing it was supposed to do. So what we had to show for it was tens of millions of corpses.”

One might ask,

“Why would God allow all the suffering that the socialists and communists have imposed on this world—not to mention the total loss of religious freedom in such places?” I would answer: “So that we don’t go down that road again.”

Trump Will Get Deals With Both China And Mexico

Most of the media won’t get it, probably even when it happens, but all of the signals are pointing to President Trump getting deals with both China and Mexico — and they will be better deals than what the United States has or has had.

Mexico is actually the easier nut to crack here. The government is corrupt, weak and totally reliant on the United States for both its legal economy and its black market economy. A full-out trade-war with the U.S. would of course cause some harm to the U.S., but would be catastrophic for Mexico. And more importantly, for Mexico’s government.

If the current political leadership wants to stay in power, and if future political leadership wants to attain power, they need a decent relationship with the U.S. And given the millions of Mexicans sending billions of dollars back to Mexico in remittances, running on an anti-American plank is not likely to be popular or successful — at least for long.

The tariffs on all Mexican imports began at 5 percent and rise by 5 percentage points each month before reaching 25 percent in October — unless Mexico takes serious steps to stop the flow of Central American migrants now swamping the southern American border. These 25 percent tariffs would crush the Mexican economy, and possibly have the perverse effect of strengthening the deadly cartels even more.

Mexico’s leadership is fully attuned to this dynamic, and that is why Mexican leaders are moving quickly to respond to Trump’s punitive tariffs launched Friday, with escalations coming, by agreeing to meet in Washington today.

President Trump tweeted Sunday: “Mexico is sending a big delegation to talk about the Border. Problem is, they’ve been ‘talking’ for 25 years. We want action, not talk.”

They’ve been “talking” and American leaders have been “talking” and everyone was fine with the arrangement as long as nothing was ever done. It’s obvious this President expects something to be done or those tariffs will just keep increasing.

So Mexican Economy Minister Graciela Marquez will arrive in Washington today (Monday) to meet with U.S. Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross. On Wednesday, delegations led by Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and Mexico Foreign Relations Secretary Marcelo Ebrard will meet in Washington.

That was fast.

China is a tougher nut, but some of the same dynamics are in place as with Mexico.

As with Mexico, China is far more reliant on the U.S. than the U.S. is on China. Their economy is built on selling to the giant and prosperous U.S. consumer market. If that is cut off or diminished through tariffs, their much smaller secondary markets leave them in an economic tailspin, particularly considering that they are facing other economic headwinds, such as an aging and soon declining population, a fluctuating currency and increased competition from India (an ally that Trump should look to for a friendlier trade deal.)

One of the ways the Chinese Communist Party has maintained its iron fist of control is by not being communist, or socialist, but by freeing up its markets and allowing a form of capitalism to operate. That has created huge wealth gains, a growing economy and an emerging middle class.

Chinese who lived in generational poverty seeing the opportunity for a better life for themselves and their children have been willing to live with the totalitarianism of the Communist Party. But they may be much less willing to put up with the iron rule if the economy tanks.

One of the last things the Chinese government wants as it pursues its global ambitions is unrest at home. A trade war with the U.S. would risk that, and could begin to threaten their hold on power.

But the Chinese’ global ambitions based on their historic view of themselves as the Middle Kingdom — the center of the world — also drive them to be much more intransigent negotiators than the Mexicans. And patient negotiators as they take the long view. Newt Gingrich does a terrific job spelling this out in writing and on his podcast.

These are China’s competing interests in the negotiations: showing strength at home and abroad while actually being strong at home and abroad.

In the end though, their Middle Kingdom aspirations and desire for long-term control will mean that a new trade agreement is the lesser bitter pill to swallow. The Chinese are ultimately very pragmatic, and would likely view a new trade deal — even one that was not tilted in their favor — to be worth the trade-off for their ultimate vision.

That is why we’ve seen China moderating its original harsh rhetoric to Trump pulling out of negotiations after the Chinese deleted most of what they had agreed to. They had pulled this trick on previous administrations, counting on American president’s willingness to take a fake victory, if you will, and they were right.

However, they miscalculated with Trump. He’s just not a typical politician in so many ways.

So Beijing released a government policy paper on trade issues Sunday which as usual blamed the U.S. for the negotiations breakdown, but also turned much more conciliatory. They’ve realized Trump won’t come back to the table without real movement and so throughout the paper and at the briefing at which it was released, the Chinese government said repeatedly that they are willing to return to negotiations.

“We’re willing to adopt a cooperative approach to find a solution,” Vice Commerce Secretary Wang Shouwen said.

No talks are scheduled, but U.S. and Chinese trade officials will be at meetings of the Group of 20 major economies this weekend in Japan. A possible meeting between Mr. Trump and President Xi Jinping of China at the G-20 summit is seen as an opportunity to re-start trade talks. Don’t be surprised if that happens.

China “is expressing its wish to work together,” said Zhang Yansheng, a researcher at the state-backed think tank China Center for International Economic Exchanges, told the Wall Street Journal.

China will come back to the table that Mexico is already at. And Trump and Americans will ultimately get a better trade deal with China and better security on our southern border with Mexico — unless China holds out until November 2020 and we elect a new president that falls back to the status quo of China picking our pockets and stealing our tech.

EDITORS NOTE: This Revolutionary Act column is republished with permission.