Company Contrast: Valentine’s Shopping Guide

February is upon us once again and that means shopping for that special someone in your life. Although it can feel overwhelming to find just the right gift, don’t let the moral  weight on your conscience hinder you from making an educated choice on where to shop this year. Let us take the guesswork out of the equation for you as we compare companies for flowers, jewelry and candy this Valentines Day season!


The two most popular flower delivery companies are 1-800-flowers and ProFlowers (owned by FTD). Taking a look at 1-800-flowers (2.49), we came across a mixed batch of information. Leaning left, we find that since 2007, the company has directed nearly $200,000 in monetary funds and in-kind donations to support the work of GLAAD – the leading LGBTQ+ media advocacy organization (source). They do, however, offer discounts for military and service members through Veterans Advantage. They also demonstrate reasonably environmentally conscious actions by supporting responsible sourcing and reforestation practices and by  participating in various recycling programs. .

Pro Flowers (3.00) (owned by FTD) was also researched but very little information was available concerning their philanthropic support and monetary donations and as such, can only be expressed as a neutral organization until more information is made available.

An alternative to these two organizations is Bloomsy Box who supports a “farm-to-table” style of service while also advocating and partnering with over 48 family farms and small businesses. By working with specific certified farms they ensure that toxic chemicals are used and by eliminating the middleman mentality that typically exists in the flower business, they are able to reduce waste. To see what they have to offer, click here.

If you are interested in a directory of Veteran Owned florists while shopping locally, allows you to search for specific businesses for a variety of your shopping needs all while supporting Veterans! Click here to see what the website has to offer for florists in your area:


Signet Jewelers Limited (1.57– the parent company to big names like Kay Jewelers (3.00), Zales (3.00) and Jared The Galleria Of Jewelry (3.00) is a popular choice when it comes to jewelry shopping. It is not, however, a great choice if you want your retail support to go to organizations that support a conservative mindset. Just a few of the actions that caused us concern are listed below:

Included in their 2020 Sustainability Report:

  • Signet Jewelers Limited openly states the incorporation of “Unconscious Bias” training for all team members.
  • Signet Jewelers Limited discloses $100,000  donation to Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation (GLAAD) organization to raise awareness and continue to support LGBTQ+ rights and activism.
  • Signet Jewelers Limited discloses $100,000 donation to NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund.
  • Signet Jewelers becomes a member of the Human Rights Campaign’s business coalition for the Equality Act – a national sexual orientation and gender identity (SOGI) accommodation mandate that would undermine 1st Amendment protections for religious liberty.
  •  Signet enhanced and expanded health-plan benefits for same sex domestic partners/spouses and expanded the parental leave policy to include parental leave for all genders.
  • In 2020, Signet donated $53,000 to United Way of Summit County as part of an annual giving campaign. Since 1997, Signet has donated more than $3.23 million from annual team member giving campaigns. United Way of Summit County supports Planned Parenthood through monetary donations typically ranging from $100,000 to $200,000 per year.

Of course we were able to locate a few good qualities from Signet. For example, they “led a community outreach drive to collect donations in partnership with Valor Home -, a housing program of Family & Community Services that offers supportive, therapeutic housing for homeless and at-risk veterans. Team members raised more than $2,000 and filled two truckloads of donated emergency supplies, which included winter coats, bed pillows, comforters, sheets, gas and grocery cards, and toiletry items.” Their subsidiary, Zales does offer a 10% discount to active duty military and veteran service members. But when comparing the pros with the cons, it is easy to say which way this large company tends to lean.

Another frequently used jewelry retailer is Tiffany & Co. (2.57) (owned by LVMH Moët Hennessy Louis Vuitton. But, unfortunately, they aren’t much better when it comes to moral and ethical high ground.

To start, Tiffany & Co. scored a 100 on the 2021 Human Rights Campaign Foundation’s Corporate Equality Index which is used as a national benchmarking tool on corporate policies, practices and benefits pertinent to lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer employees. Just like Signet, Tiffany & Co. is also a member of the HRC’s business coalition for the Equality Act. To take it a step further, Alessandro Bogliolo was a signatory to the CEO Action for Diversity and Inclusion pledge, which includes the incorporation of mandatory unconscious bias training for employees, which is linked to critical Race Theory (CRT).

Since 2000, the Tiffany and CO Foundation has awarded over $90 million in grants, with $4-$6 million in average annual grantmaking over the past several years seeking to preserve the world’s most treasured seascapes and landscapes. However, they do take a strong stand to support the Paris Climate agreement in their Sustainability statement  and by being a signatory of the We Are Still in Pledge. They do offer 10% to military and service members but I would hardly consider that a reason to have my business – especially considering the various other companies that offer the same, if not better, discount.

There are other jewelry options out there with ethically sourced diamonds and materials that are made in the U.S.A. and provide military discounts like Wonder Jewelers, Qalo and Blue Nile Jewelry. But if you want to take it a step further why not shop with those that are also Veteran owned that supports Veterans in need?

Sword & Plough (3.14is veteran owned or partially staffed by veterans. Owned by two sisters, one of which was an U.S. Army Captain who served in Afghanistan, this patriotic duo donates 10% of profits or 2% of revenue (whichever is greater) to veteran nonprofit organizations such as Got your 6, Team Red, White & Blue, Team rubicon and Pets for Vets. They also donated more than $45,000 worth of Sword & Plough products to veteran organizations and continue to partner with other veteran owned companies. They boast a conservative and valiant effort to reduce waste and minimize their carbon footprint by incorporating thousands of pounds of repurposed military surplus materials in our product line, manufacturing exclusively in the United States, and using recycled materials in our packaging. And as if you needed more of a reason to give them your business – they make more than just jewelry, offering handbags and other items for those who may not be big into jewelry. For more on Sword & Plough visit their website here.

Brass & Unity is another option if you are still looking for something a little different in the bling department. Also owned by a U.S. Veteran and Afghanistan deployed survivor, B&U donates 20% of net profits to help rehabilitate soldiers & First Responders.These funds go directly to mental health programs, prosthetic limbs, therapy/rehab programs, food/shelter/clothing for homeless Veterans, and many more – including help for their families. More on Brass & Unity can be found here.


Last, but definitely not least is my favorite part of Valentine’s Day – chocolate! Don’t bother with MARS or Hersheys this year – they both score poorly in most of our focus areas. You may be tempted to go looking for other frequently purchased brands Like Godiva and Lindt but let’s take a closer look just to be sure.

Godiva (3.00), owned by Turkish company Ulker, supports the Paris Climate Agreement. They have taken an active role in sustainability by  supporting the “A Breath for the Future” campaign of the Turkish Ministry of Agriculture & Forestry since 2019. In 2020, Ulker planted 31,000 trees in total, throughout Turkey and in the last six years, their water savings (through various water management practices) amounted to 360,000 tons – equivalent to the daily water consumption of approximately 2.5 million people. Of course, being a foreign based company, there is not much information outside of environmental efforts that is pertinent to those of us here in the United States.

Owned by Lindt & Sprüngli (3.00), we look at two other very popular candy companies – Russel Stover Okay (3.00) and Ghirardelli (3.00). Based out of Switzerland, but with headquarters here in the U.S. as well, Lindt also expresses support for the Paris Climate Agreement in their 2020 Sustainability Report, while still supporting a strong and ethical approach to sustainability, such as reforestation, conservative water management techniques and reducing C02 emissions. But being a company based outside of the U.S. makes it difficult to assess where they would stand on American issues.

For this section I have two fantastic suggestions for sweets made in the U.S.A. and Veteran owned.

Firstly, Extra Ordinary Delights Fudge , which is owned by Aaron Hale – a 14 year veteran, military chef and Explosive Ordnance Disposal (E.O.D) team leader. In December of 2011, after a traumatic injury from an unseen IED while serving in Afghanistan, Aaron returned home blind. But with a resilient heart and motivation to do it all, Aaron and his wife started EOD Fudge and have since been featured on multiple networks such as FOX Business and ESPN. To see what amazing treats they offer such as fudge, candy apples and even pies, click here.

Second, we have Lift Chocolate where “Candy Man” owner and Chocolatier Lieutenant Colonel Brandon Busch offers all-natural, handmade gourmet chocolate treats. Brandon served as a heavy-lift helicopter pilot in the United States Marine Corps and two combat tours in Iraq and Afghanistan and continues to serve as a Forward Air Controller in the Marine Corps Reserve. To see Lift Chocolates exclusive Valentine’s Day lineup, click here.

I hope this article has provided you with several options to consider this Valentine’s season. If there are other brands you are considering, we urge you to search our scores before you venture out for that special something. Every little bit counts to making conscious choices for the moral and ethical support of our American standards.


Alisa MacQuinn

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VIDEO: ‘This Month in Jihad’ with David Wood and Robert Spencer

Watch This Month in Jihad with David Wood and Robert Spencer.


Even As Crime Skyrockets, Ilhan Omar STILL Wants to Defund the Police

France: Illegal Muslim migrant murders his ex-partner, a pro-migrant activist

Sweden: Islamic party declares that is on the way ‘to taking over all of Skåne’

Pakistan’s deputy permanent representative to UN claims ‘Islamophobia’ is escalating to pandemic proportions

China’s UN rep warns of threat from East Turkestan Islamic Movement/Turkistan Islamic Party

Iran unveils new long-range missile, capable of reaching 2 regional US bases and Israeli targets

EDITORS NOTE: This Jihad Watch video is republished with permission. ©All rights reserved.

‘We Can’t Expect Them To Tell Us How To Live’: NYT Writer Questions ‘Follow The Science’ Guidance

David Leonhardt, a writer for The New York Times (NYT), questioned some of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDC) guidance in a Friday article amid a rollback of several coronavirus restrictions across the country.

Leonhardt opens his piece by noting how the CDC warns against medium-rare hamburgers because they were “undercooked” and therefore could pose a threat. He also notes how eating raw cookie dough is ill-advised among, other apparently common things.

“If you happen to be somebody who engages in any of these risky activities, I have some bad news for you this morning: You apparently do not believe in following the science,” Leonhardt wrote.

Leonhardt said the “instinct” to follow the science “is both understandable and profoundly decent” especially during the COVID-19 pandemic, “but it has led to a widespread misunderstanding.”

“Many people have come to believe that expert opinion is a unitary, omniscient force. That’s the assumption behind the phrases ‘follow the science’ and ‘what the science says.’ It imagines science almost as a god -Science- who could solve our dilemmas if we only listened.”

Leonhardt said individuals are forced to make trade-offs about science, pointing to COVID-19 restrictions as an example.

“Covid restrictions – mask mandates, extended quarantines, restrictions on gatherings, school closure during outbreaks – can both slow the virus’s spread and have harmful side effects. These restrictions can reduce serious Covid illness and death among the immunocompromised, elderly and unvaccinated. They can also lead to mental-health problems, lost learning for children, child-care hardships for lower-income families, and isolation and frustration that have fueled suicides, drug overdoses and violent crime.”

Leonhardt noted how the CDC sometimes can “miss the big picture,” pointing to the CDC’s reluctance to urge mask use and slowness “to admit that outdoor masking has little benefit.”

“As you think about your own Covid views, I encourage you to remember that C.D.C. officials and other scientists cannot make these dilemmas go away,” Leonhardt wrote. “They can provide deep expertise and vital perspective. They are also fallible and have their own biases.”

Democratic-led states, like New Jersey, New York, Delaware, and Connecticut, lifted their mask requirements recently, but President Joe Bidevoiced disagreement with the decisions.

“It’s hard to say whether they’re wrong, here’s the science saying now that masks work, masks make a difference,” Biden said. “And there’s a relationship, I think there’s only one governor drawing back immediately and most of them are somewhere in the end of February, March, April. They’re set[ting] a time limit and I assume it has something to do with whether the Omicron variant continues to dive in fewer and fewer cases.”

“I committed that I would follow the science,” Biden continued. “And the science as put forward by the CDC and the federal people and I think it’s probably premature but it’s a tough call.”

The CDC recommends individuals wear a mask indoors regardless of their vaccination status.



Reporter. Follow Brianna on Twitter


‘Follow The Science’ Crowd Finally Admits Their COVID-19 Censorship Was Political

NYC To Fire 3,000 Unvaccinated City Workers Friday

New Zealand Police Arrest 120 At Anti-Mandate Protest Outside Parliament

DHS Says COVID Misinformation Is Inspiring Terrorism, But It Won’t Provide Any Evidence

The COVID Vax Bioweapon

I believe that there was a bioweapon unleashed on the world, via a series of events that have taken place over the last 2 years.  But the bioweapon is not a virus, it is the product that was sold to us as the remedy to the so-called pandemic.  To argue my position on this matter I am going to start with the fact that the term pandemic has been used loosely by government and media to instill fear among the masses.  The definition of pandemic was actually changed back in 2009 by the WHO when we had that pesky swine flu.  The new definition doesn’t seem to differ much from the definition of epidemic.  The term pandemic as defined by The American Heritage Dictionary:

Pandemic; păn-dĕm′ĭk


  1. Widespread; general.
  2. Epidemic over a wide geographic area and affecting a large proportion of the population.
  3. Affecting a whole people or a number of countries; everywhere epidemic.

Now compare to the definition of epidemic from the same source:

Epidemic; ĕp″ĭ-dĕm′ĭk


  1. Spreading rapidly and extensively by infection and affecting many individuals in an area or a population at the same time.
  2. Widely prevalent.
  3. Common to, or affecting at the same time, a large number in a community; — applied to a disease which, spreading widely, attacks many persons at the same time; See endemic.

Prior to 2009, Pandemic was defined by the WHO as, “An influenza pandemic occurs when a new influenza virus appears against which the human population has no immunity, resulting in several, simultaneous epidemics worldwide with enormous numbers of deaths and illness.”

The term epidemic has remained the same, which seems to suggest that someone wanted to use the terms pandemic and epidemic interchangeably,probably to make it appropriate to fit the narrative of the day.

The second point I want to illustrate is the use of the word vaccine.  This definition has been changed by the CDC twice in the last two years.  The COVID jabs are in reality, a form of gene therapy.  An experimental gene therapy, as we know that the shots were given for the longest time under EUA.  The use of the word vaccine here is an attempt to take advantage of the immunity from liability that has been recognized for Bid Pharma regarding the development of vaccines since 1986, when congress acted to implement this sweetheart deal.   Is this push to use “vaccine” an admission that they were expecting severe injury and death from the get go?

Now we will address deaths that were attributed to COVID.  These “COVID deaths” were mostly made up of people that died from other conditions, or comorbidities, within a 28 day window prior to their death.  They wanted us to believe that there was massive, widespread death, globally, but the criteria wreak of ambiguity to the point where manipulation of data was a certainty as they had to promote hysteria so that the “vaccine” was profitable beyond anyone’s wildest dreams.  In Fall of 2020, the CDC released data revealing only 6% of COVID deaths resulted from COVID alone, in the absence of any other health problems.    The remaining 94% of these deaths attributed to COVID occurred in patients with 2.6 additional conditions/causes per death.  This means that 164,280 of the deaths up to this point (Fall 2020) occurred in patients suffering from other potentially fatal illnesses while only 9,857 were from COVID alone.  These are people that died in the hospital, and just happened to test positive upon their arrival, even though it was not the reason why they were there.  The best way to interpret this is that these people died with COVID, not of COVID.

On to the mask controversy, Dr. James Meehan, an ophthalmologist that went to school at the University of Oklahoma and has a practice in Tulsa, Oklahoma, has been very vocal about this subject and has received a lot of attention for speaking out, not all positive as one could expect.   Dr. Meehan has pointed out that new research has shown that cloth masks may be increasing the aerosolization of the SARSCov2 virus into the environment, causing an increase in the transmission of the disease.  He also references an increase in cases of facial rash, fungal and bacterial infections including bacterial pneumonia since this mask circus began back in 2020.  Hold that thought and let’s jump back to the early 20th century during the Spanish Flu outbreak, where they implemented mask mandates just like today.  These mandates were met with public resistance even back then.  Many pictures from this era show groups of people sporting masks.  Ok stay with me here, the National Institute of Health (NIH) acknowledges on their own .gov website, that most deaths occurring during this time of the Spanish Flu pandemic in 1918, were a result of bacterial pneumonia.

And to conclude I want to reference the average age of recorded COVID deaths compared to the average age of those that died during the Spanish Flu outbreak and how these numbers fit into the big picture.   The average age of recorded COVID deaths is 80 + years.  The average age of death for people in the midst of Spanish Flu was in the late 20’s.  Keep in mind that the average age of death for COVID patients here actually surpasses that of the current average life expectancy.

Take all of this information that I have laid out here and see the blatant deception by the so-called experts, and their willingness to double down on their inconsistency and obvious lies and you can see that COVID was only the vehicle to drive public fear and that “the virus” was a massive Psyops, perpetrated on the American people by the government and the corrupt healthcare industry.

One can see how important it was to make people afraid of the virus, so that they would line up for the real bioweapon, the COVID death jabs, incorrectly labeled vaccines to provide legal protection for big pharma when we reached the point we are at now. 

Deaths skyrocketed in 2021 after the jabs were introduced, some died of acute reactions like anaphylaxis while others will have other complications over the long term, such as autoimmune disease and general weakening of the immune system, blood clots, heart attacks, neurological symptoms, and let’s not forget a substantial increase in cancer cases as we have heard recently from Dr. Ryan Cole, a pathologist and founder of Cole Diagnostics.  Dr. Cole says, “In the laboratory, I’m seeing an uptick in cancers that I shouldn’t be seeing at rates I shouldn’t be seeing in age groups I shouldn’t be seeing,” Cole told The Epoch Times.  A major Swedish study suggests that the spike protein your body starts making after the introduction of these jabs, inhibits our body’s ability to repair DNA and has been linked to cancer cases.   The study cites that,

“the SARS–CoV–2 spike protein significantly inhibits DNA damage repair, which is required for effective V(D)J recombination in adaptive immunity.”

All of this info out there and there are still people that are displaying a level of cognitive dissonance that may prove fatal. The sad part of this whole thing, is that people have volunteered to have this bio weapon injected into their body because they were psychologically conditioned to feel that getting the jabs was a necessity for them to survive. This is one of the most consequential atrocities that has ever been unleashed on mankind. It has damaged our children, our collective mental health, and society as a whole. All perpetrated by global elites to hasten the implementation of The Great Reset. History will hopefully show that the experts led the masses to slaughter here, and I still hope that there is some recourse that can be taken by the jabbed to rectify the damage that has been done to them. The Great Awakening continues to gain steam.

Grasshopper’s Patriot Blog.

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Watch DeSantis on Mask Mandates: ‘The Science Didn’t Change —The Political Science Changed’

Spot on! DeSantis is awesome. What he would do to Biden or Harris on the debate stage. It would not be pretty.

WATCH DeSANTIS DESTROY DEMS ON MASKS: ‘The Science Didn’t Change —The Political Science Changed’

By The First, February 10, 2022

Governor Ron DeSantis (R-FL) took a moment out from talking infrastructure improvements to discuss the latest trend of blue states lifting mask mandates.

“These kids are so much happier being able to go to school without having to wear masks for 8 hours a day. Remember this: the medical science didn’t change, the political science changed.”

“They feel the heat. They know voters are tired of perpetual lockdown policies…they know they’re fixing to get whooped at the polls.”

DeSantis shared his message on Twitter:

“The medical science on forced masking children didn’t change — the political science did. In Florida, we never imposed state mask mandates, and we liberated children and parents from the local authorities that did. We hope every jurisdiction will follow suit.”

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Canada, Fortis et Liber

David Warren: An unexpected event, whether or not it’s a miracle, emerges in a world of right and wrong, of beauty and vileness, of truth and lying. Truck drivers may master it.

“The true north strong and free” comes from one of the (several) English-language recensions of Canada’s official patriotic song. The French original was a Catholic hymn, adopted as a (French-Canadian) nationalist anthem, designed as an alternative to “God Save the Queen” and, ahem, “The Maple Leaf Forever.”

Phrases from the lyrics, which include “glorious and free,” “with glowing hearts,” and “we stand on guard for thee” were baked into our apple heads as schoolchildren, and put into polite Protestant Latin in the form, “vigilamus pro te,” etc.

We are a notoriously law-abiding people, still proficient at singing national anthems. Indeed, when the sound system cut out at the beginning of a Toronto Maple Leafs’ game recently, the whole crowd cut in to sing the rest of the American anthem to cover for the soloist. It was one of those moments.

Another thousand or so moments have been supplied along the route and at the destinations of Canada’s remarkable Freedom Convoy, a migration of big and little trucks “from sea to sea.” (This is also a Canadian slogan.) You may have read about this in newspapers or on websites in the many countries where people have, perhaps for the first time, been waving Canadian flags in support. I was especially impressed by a “me too” truck parade in Bolivia.

The spirit of the thing – a national protest against lockdowns, vaccine passports, face masks, and miscellaneous “mandates” – has not been perfectly shared, however. Our prime minister, the pretty-boy Justin Trudeau, thinks we’re waving Nazi flags and committing other horrors against his medicalization program, which as everywhere else has been going on for two years. His own caucus in Parliament is beginning to walk away from him.

Too, it must be said, the old Canada remains. A certain number of Canadians have not rallied to the Liberal Party, but continue to show caution and what I would call willful obedience to their public health officers.

They have been frustrated by the million demonstrators, who have shown a high degree of logistical wisdom. This includes non-violence. They have consistently refused to take the bait from men wishing to excuse a “crackdown.” Their signs are often rude, but the display of public etiquette and the existence of legal rights have left the smug Left somewhat floating in space.

As in the United States, the mass media is on the side of the Left and only began to admit there was a protest when it had grown to an immense size. The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation is still trying to libel and slander the truckers, but their contempt has boomeranged; ditto the other networks, which are all government-subsidized.

It is, to my mind, a victory of philosophy over history. Freedom has again taken sides with philosophy, as it were.

History takes some time to gather, and changes with the seasons. While there are many who expect history to absolve them, or prove their case, it will never do that – even when the evidence is sifted to a predetermined end. Events, and the interpretation of events, suffer revision after revision.

An exception might be made for very broad historical arguments, for instance, that the Nazi or Communist regimes or the institution of slavery were exceptionally evil, though even these must be qualified with exceptions to exceptions. The world changes, and there will always be a new generation of “Commies,” and slave-hunters don’t give up.

My “iron law of paradox,” or “paradoxical law of irony,” holds that the world is large, that it was made with room for God and for the angels, and that the most provocatively holy things (to look at matters from the demonic angle) may happen in the least likely times and places. Examples may be found in the religious revivals that happen whenever religion is suppressed.

The same might be said for miracles: that they are unlikely to happen where everyone is expecting them, whether they imagine themselves to be praying or not. They are unlikely to happen anywhere, unless they do. The life of Christ came to illustrate this paradox.

Others happen before our living eyes. We may witness, for instance, the metamorphosis of a dragonfly, from larva to winged adult directly. When the snow melts – itself miraculous. This may be coming to a pond near you. I do not understand how any witness can fail to see this symbol, or its ability to present a rhyme for the Resurrection.

But most of us seem to sleep through such small, unambiguously miraculous events, which don’t count as miracles because they are so common. Nor can we keep track of things that are miraculous, on a larger scale.

The philosophical question, “Have you noticed that you are alive?” is answered, truly (in the old-fashioned sense of “loyal”); or ignored where truth is ignored.

Philosophy seeks answers that do not change, as opposed to the mere “trends” that are sought in historical studies. Philosophy can, when it is ambitious, tell us that slavery is wrong, along with murder and a few other “crimes.” Where it succeeds, it can tell what is so.

The prestige of philosophy, and by extension philosophers, even when they dabble in sophistry, is a commonplace of the higher civilizations.

By contrast, those who ask if persons or events are “on the right side of history” may mean many things by it, but all of them are false. The “philosopher of history” suffers a terrible disadvantage. He thinks he can control what is impossible to control.

The sudden, unexpected event, whether or not we call it a miracle, is engendered in a world of right and wrong, of beauty and vileness, of truth and lying. Truck drivers may master it.

Robert Royal’s Following Which Science?

Rev. Jerry J. Pokorsky’s A Pastor on the Vaccines


David Warren

David Warren is a former editor of the Idler magazine and columnist in Canadian newspapers. He has extensive experience in the Near and Far East. His blog, Essays in Idleness, is now to be found at:

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Archbishop Viganò’s IMPORTANT MESSAGE To Canadian Truckers

Tucker’s Trucker Truth


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SISSY WATCH USA: U.S. Department of Energy, Dog Collars and Sam Brinton Drag Queen and LGBTQ+ Activist

SISSY: an effeminate man or boy also : a timid, weak, or cowardly person.

We started Sissy Watch USA to expose those in high positions that are timid, weak or cowardly. We never thought we would be reporting on a Biden appointee who role-plays as a dog.

His/her/its name is Samuel “Sam” Brinton. Brinton is pictured in the below photo with other men dressed as dogs and wearing dog collars. Brinton is the tall one wearing a dress and high heals.

Click here to view Sam Brinton’s LinkedIn photo.

In a February 11th, 2022 article titled “Biden unleashes dog-role-playing fetishist on key nuclear post” the Washington Post’s  Jeremiah Poff reported:

The Biden administration’s new top dog at a key nuclear energy agency is an MIT-trained engineer whose sexual fetishes include tying up his partner while he eats dinner and watches Star Trek.

Sam Brinton was appointed to serve as deputy assistant secretary of spent fuel and waste disposition in the Office of Nuclear Energy at DOE last month after serving a stint at the gay and transgender suicide prevention organization the Trevor Project.

[ … ]

Deputy assistant secretaries at Cabinet agencies are typically under-the-radar political appointments that do not require Senate confirmation. But Brinton’s garnered attention on social media after the popular Twitter account LibsofTikTok tweeted a picture of Brinton standing over three men role-playing as dogs.

So there you have it. The Biden administration has gone to the dogs, literally.

The Bottom Line

Sam Brinton on his website states:

Whether they are walking the halls of Congress to help educate the Hill on the differences in advanced nuclear reactors or belting out their favorite tunes with the Gay Men’s Chorus of Washington, DC, it is hard to miss Sam Brinton’s passion for changing the world – and potentially their stilettos.

Sam is an ardent activist against the dangerous and discredited practices of conversion therapy. Their work sometimes takes the form of conversations at universities across the country to share their experiences and to educate on how to pass legislation banning the practice. They have spoken before the United Nations, Google Headquarters, and Congress, and has also been featured in interviews with the New York Times, TIME, MSNBC, Huffington Post, Washington Post, The Guardian, and many others.

You might not expect a nuclear engineering graduate from MIT to be strolling through the White House in stilettos, but that is part of the reason Sam does it. Having a chat on preconceptions is right up their alley. Whether it’s on technical topics or social issues like supporting LGBT survivors of conversion therapy, Sam is always willing to have the tough conversations with an open mind.

Biden and his staff are pushing all the culture war buttons by appointing a dog-role-playing, fetishist, bondage loving gay, transgender, stilettos wearing sodomite activist as the deputy assistant secretary of spent fuel and waste disposition in the Office of Nuclear Energy at DOE.

Is Biden going after the dog-role-playing vote?

Unbelievable? Of course.

But Biden is Building Back Better with sissies like Samuel “Sam” Brinton. Biden is filling his cabinet with extremists who are timid, weak and cowardly.

We are seeing the sissyfication of America one appointee at a time.

Think about how Sam will do when dealing with others both foreign and domestic. Will Sam be in full drag, wearing stilettos and a dog collar? This isn’t political satire this is today’s political reality. Elevating those with serious human frailties to positions of power is foolish and dangerous. Sam, because of his/her/its lifestyle is a potential national security risk. China, Russia, North Korea and soon Iran will be dealing with the DOE. Think about that for a moment.

Biden is making history with this appointment. It reminds us of others who put people into key positions like homosexual Ernst Julius Günther Röhm who Hitler put in charge of the Sturmabteilung or SA or Storm Detachment

As we have said before, the end is not near, it is here.

©Dr. Rich Swier. All rights reserved.


Biden Nuclear Hire Is Drag Queen Who Talks About ‘Sex with Animals’ and Has Called NIH Chief ‘Daddy Fauci’

56% of Americans Can’t Name a Single Thing Joe Biden Has Done That They Like

Pete Buttigieg makes history as 1st openly gay Cabinet member confirmed by Senate

Biden’s Building Back a Better Road to Serfdom — Rise of the DHS Thought Police

“Although we had been warned by some of the greatest political thinkers of the nineteenth century, by Tocqueville and Lord Acton, that socialism means slavery, we have steadily moved in the direction of socialism.” ― Friedrich A. Hayek, The Road to Serfdom

“In any society freedom of thought will probably be of direct significance only for a small minority.” ― Friedrich A. Hayek, The Road to Serfdom

“No one is more hated than he who speaks the truth.” ― Plato

On September 18th, 1944 the University of Chicago Press published Austrian and British economist and philosopher known for his defense of classical liberalism and free-market capitalism against socialist and collectivist thought Frederick A. Hayek’s novel The Road to Serfdom. Hayek’s novel established itself, alongside the works of Alexis de Tocqueville, John Stuart Mill, and George Orwell, for its timeless meditation on the relation between individual liberty and government authority.

Fast forward 78 years to February, 2022. Today we are seeing the ripping away of individual liberties and the exponential growth of government authority.

Breitbart’s  Joshua Klein on February 10, 2022 wrote:

Any proliferating “narratives” the Biden administration deems “false or misleading” qualifies as a “terrorism threat” according to a recent National Terrorism Advisory System bulletin released by the Biden administration’s DHS, and has received sharp backlash online after warning that Americans are expressing unwelcome beliefs on issues such as the Chinese coronavirus and election fraud pose “an ongoing threat to the nation.”

The bulletin, issued on Monday by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS), addressed the “Terrorism Threat to the U.S. Homeland.”

In it, the country is described as being in a “heightened threat environment” due to factors such as online content featuring “false or misleading narratives and conspiracy theories, and other forms of mis- dis- and mal-information (MDM) introduced and/or amplified by foreign and domestic threat actors.” [Emphasis added]

As I write this I may now be considered a “terrorism threat to the U.S. homeland” and to the Biden administration because I write the truth, a.k.a. mis- dis- and mal-information.

We are now truly in an era in America where telling the truth has become a revolutionary act.

I am waiting for the DHS thought police to come to my door and take me away to a federal reeducation camp or gulag.

Biden’s Road to Serfdom

Since taking office Biden, his cabinet and administration and the Democrat majorities in the U.S. House of Representatives and U.S. Senate have put forward the most Marxist, Socialist, Collectivist agenda in American history.

It started with Biden’s Build Back Better agenda, which at first seemed mild, but has since his inauguration become ultra radical. The Democrat Party has fully embraced and supported Biden’s ultra radical agenda via multiple legislative initiatives.

It reminds us of the days when the wife of Democrat President Franklin Delano Roosevelt, Eleanor, supported the efforts of Communist dictator Joseph Stalin, and Albert Einstein subscribed lock, stock, and barrel to the Marxist/Socialist/Communist’s programs.

For F. A. Hayek, the collectivist idea of empowering government with increasing economic control would lead not to a utopia but to the horrors of Nazi Germany and Fascist Italy.

Today we find the Biden utopian myths of the Green New Deal, Build Back Better agenda, use of government mandates and now the suppression of all opposition speech is inevitably leading to new unspeakable horrors.

New horrors such as the impending nuclear deal with Iran, a potential war between Russia and Ukraine, a potential take over of Taiwan by Communist China, government collusion with America’s enemies both foreign (Iran, China, Russia) and domestic (Black Lives Matter and Antifa).

The enemies of the state are we the people and those who write the truth (a.k.a. false or misleading information) about Biden, his administration, his Covid mandates, negative effects of getting vaxxed and his ultra radical economic, climate and foreign policies.

The Bottom Line

QUESTION: Who determines what is mis- dis- and mal-information (MDM)?

ANSWER: The federal government, empowered with mandates, driven by dictates and implemented by loyal DHS, DOJ, HHS, and OSHA enforcers.

Identity Element’s Chris Dee said,

“Power corrupts. Absolute power corrupts absolutely. Superpowers corrupt… superbly.”

The federal government now has given themselves superpowers that will without a doubt corrupt superbly.

In Julian Gore Vidal wrote,

“On the throne of the world, any delusion can become fact.”

The Biden administration and Democrat Party are founded in delusions including the myths that they can control the climate, inflict social justice upon some but not all of us, tax and spend until they have a majority of the population that votes for a living rather than works for a living and the myth of a borderless nation where any unvetted, unvaccinated or criminal illegal alien, can not only come here but vote here.

America is now in the age of a dystopian world.

America is becoming more like Orwell’s 1984 each and every day.

Under Biden and the Democrats we are witness the fundamental transformation of America from a Constitutional Republic to becoming a political, cultural and social Marxist/Islamist reality. A new utopian Red/Green alliance bent on taking total control of every aspect of your life.

The end isn’t near, it’s here!

And so ends the lesson on how power has corrupted the Democrat Party absolutely.

©Dr. Rich Swier. All rights reserved.

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DHS Says COVID Misinformation Is Inspiring Terrorism, But It Won’t Provide Any Evidence

DHS: American thought police

DHS Terrorism Bulletin Warns of Terror Threat From People “Spreading False Narratives” That Undermine Trust in Government

INFLATION EXPLODES: Consumer Prices Skyrockets 7.5% Higher, Worst Inflation in 40 Years

After they stole the election, the Democrats declared asymmetric war on the American people. They are killing us. literally and figuratively.

So 39 percent of Americans approve of this? As well as skyrocketing crime, and a chaotic Southern boarder, and mask mandates, and the stability of the world in a freefall. Bull S***! Millions of Americans voted against President Trump, because the corrupt media elites told them to do so. Today, millions of Americans are paying the price. Literally.

Consumer Prices Explode 7.5% Higher, Worst Inflation in 40 Years

By Breitbart, February 10, 2022

U.S. consumer prices jumped by the most in nearly four decades as the new year started, sapping the savings of American families, diminishing the purchasing power of worker paychecks, and putting pressure on the Federal Reserve to hike interest rates beginning in March.

The consumer price index climbed 0.6 percent from a month before, the Department of Labor said Thursday. Compared with January of last year, consumer prices are up 7.5 percent.

Economists had expected prices to rise 0.4 percent on a monthly basis and 7.2 percent above a year ago’s prices.


In December, consumer prices rose 0.6 percent compared with November. For the full year, prices were up seven percent in 2021, the worst annual inflation since 1982.

Excluding the volatile food and energy components, so-called core prices rose by 0.6 percent. The measure soared six percent from a year earlier. Both exceeded economist estimates.

Although many economists and anti-Trump journalists claimed President Donald Trump’s tariffs would raise prices, consumer prices remained low throughout his administration. Trump’s tariffs turned out not to be taxes on consumers. Instead, they were absorbed by Chinese producers and exporters and the profit margins of most large U.S. companies.

Inflation only began to accelerate last March after years of coming in below the Fed’s two percent target. The Fed had decided to keep interest rates low although the economy was recovering at a faster than expected rate. What’s more, the Biden administration pushed through billions of dollars of deficit spending in the American Rescue Plan. These combined to fuel demand for goods and services faster than supplies could expand, pushing up prices.

Federal Reserve chief Jerome Powell, following the advice of many of the economists on the central bank’s staff, initially claimed that inflation was due to transitory factors. Fed officials forecast that inflation would fall in the latter half of 2021, predicting that supply chains would swiftly unsnarl and a rebalancing of consumer demand from goods to services would relieve pricing pressure. The Biden administration, under the tutelage of former Fed chair and now Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen, largely followed suit and continued to press for even more spending.


Inflation surges 7.5% on an annual basis, even more than expected and highest since 1982

U.S. Inflation Accelerates to 40-Year High

Biden approval rating drops to 39% in an average of major polls

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Israel puts Iran Nuclear Breakout Time at 4–6 Months with Deal

Watch below. The Biden Administration is about to re-enter a more flawed version of Obama’s disastrous JCPOA. War in the Middle East is looking more likely by the day.

Israel puts Iran nuclear breakout time at 4–6 months with deal

By Axios, February 9, 2022

Israeli government experts believe that a U.S. return to the 2015 nuclear deal with Iran will set the amount of time Tehran needs to produce the amount of highly enriched uranium needed for a nuclear bomb to four to six months, a senior Israeli official told me.

Why it matters: This assessment is shorter than the six to nine month breakout time the Biden administration experts calculated, per two Israeli officials familiar with strategic consultations between the U.S. and Israel.

The big picture: The standard set by the 2015 nuclear deal was one year breakout time.

But Iran’s nuclear advances since the Trump administration withdrew from the deal made this standard irrelevant.

U.S. and Israeli officials say that Iran’s current breakout time — without a deal in place — is only about five weeks.

Behind the scenes: The six to nine month breakout time assessment by the Biden administration was relayed to Israeli officials during video strategic consultations two weeks ago, Israeli officials told me.

During the consultations with the U.S., Israeli officials learned that a renewed nuclear deal will not include destroying Iranian advanced centrifuges, which they were not allowed to use according to the 2015 agreement.

A senior Israeli official said a renewed deal will only include the storage of these advanced centrifuges in Iran under an International Atomic Energy Agency seal. Israeli officials fear this will allow Iran to resume using those centrifuges on a very short order.

A White House National Security Council spokesperson declined to detail the strategic consultations between the U.S. and Israel, which he said were meant to exchange views and trade ideas confidentially.

“We will not negotiate in the press or comment on specific claims about the negotiations,” a State Department spokesperson said.

What to watch: The Vienna nuclear talks, which resumed yesterday, have reached a critical point, with U.S. officials saying Iran must make “tough” decisions now or face an escalating crisis.

Rob Malley, the U.S. envoy for Iran, is in Vienna but continues to engage in indirect talks with the Iranians through European mediators.

The talks are expected to continue through at least next week. It’s unclear whether a breakthrough can be achieved.


Iran unveils new missile putting Israel, US regional bases within range

Horrifying video shows Muslim parading severed head of murdered wife through the Iranian streets with a smile on his face

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Biden Admin’s Totalitarian State Designates Free Speech A “Terrorism Threat”, Criticism of Government Is Terror

It is now official: you will be deemed a “terrorism threat” for misleading narratives, which sow discord or undermine public trust in US government institutions.” Stalin, Mao, Hitler, CCP and now the Democrats.

Perhaps now, people can understand my decades long fight in defense of free speech. I saw this coming when the media, academia and Western elites refused to run the Danish cartoons in 2005. It was just a matter of time. We were defamed, smeared and libeled as ‘extremists’ driven from the public square. Now everyone with a shred of decency and a love of freedom is a terrorist.

Biden’s DHS Brands Free Speech ‘Terrorism Threat’ to U.S. — ‘Welcome to Your Communist Future’

By: Joshua Klein, Breitbart, February 10, 2022:

Any proliferating “narratives” the Biden administration deems “false or misleading” qualifies as a “terrorism threat” according to a recent National Terrorism Advisory System bulletin released by the Biden administration’s DHS, and has received sharp backlash online after warning that Americans are expressing unwelcome beliefs on issues such as the Chinese coronavirus and election fraud pose “an ongoing threat to the nation.”

The bulletin, issued on Monday by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS), addressed the “Terrorism Threat to the U.S. Homeland.”

In it, the country is described as being in a “heightened threat environment” due to factors such as online content featuring “false or misleading narratives and conspiracy theories, and other forms of mis- dis- and mal-information (MDM) introduced and/or amplified by foreign and domestic threat actors.”

The “threat actors” are accused of seeking to “exacerbate societal friction to sow discord and undermine public trust in government institutions to encourage unrest,” which could potentially lead to acts of violence.

Citizens are also warned of “[m]ass casualty attacks and other acts of targeted violence” by those “acting in furtherance of ideological beliefs and/or personal grievances.”

The bulletin also designates individuals and small cells “motivated by a range of foreign and/or domestic grievances often cultivated through the consumption of certain online content” as the “primary terrorism-related threat” to the country.

“The convergence of violent extremist ideologies, false or misleading narratives, and conspiracy theories have and will continue to contribute to a heightened threat of violence in the United States,” it states.

Both “unsubstantiated widespread election fraud” and the coronavirus are listed as examples of subjects in which “false or misleading narratives” are being proliferated online.

“Grievances associated with these themes inspired violent extremist attacks during 2021,” it claims.

COVID measures such as vaccine and mask mandates are stated to “have been used by domestic violent extremists to justify violence since 2020” and can potentially continue to inspire them “to target government, healthcare, and academic institutions that they associate with those measures.”

The introduction of 5G cellular technology, too, has been subject to “false or misleading narratives,” according to the bulletin.

In addition, it claims the recent resettlement of tens of thousands of Afghan refugees following the chaotic U.S. withdrawal from Afghanistan in August may be used to “exacerbate long-standing grievances and justify attacks against immigrants.”

As a result, DHS and the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) are “sharing information and intelligence with our partners across every level of government and in the private sector” to combat the aforementioned threats.

The bulletin recommends that citizens report any “potential threats” and keep safe online by maintaining the “digital and media literacy” needed to “recognize and build resilience to false or misleading narratives.”

In response, the DHS publication drew sharp backlash online.

“The sociopaths who run our government have decided free speech = terrorism,” wrote Dan Gainor of the Media Research Center.

“So, a few of us are wondering, @DHSgov … ARE YOU OUT OF YOUR MINDS?” wrote  First Amendment lawyer Ron Coleman.

Calling it “the most shocking thing I’ve read in a while,” conservative pundit Liz Wheeler warned that “Biden is weaponizing DHS to label… well, you… as a terrorist.”

“Welcome to your communist future,” she wrote in another tweet. “You may not criticize the govt or you will be imprisoned.”

“That is the logical conclusion of this hideous document,” she added.

“This is alarming,” wrote former Evergreen Professor Bret Weinstein.

“It tells us exactly where we are in history,” he added.

“By the Feds logic here the CDC and Dr Fauci are terrorist threats. (They’re not),” wrote libertarian-conservative journalist Brad Polumbo.

“But if spreading false info on COVID or undermining the government credibility is what qualifies you as a terror threat to DHS… I have some bad news,” he added.

“Is @SecMayorkas the Minister of Truth now?” wrote Rep. Dan Bishop (R-NC).

“@JoeBiden’s DHS may consider you a ‘threat actor’ & nat’l security risk if you publicly question their Covid-19 narrative!” wrote former Homeland Security Deputy Secretary Ken Cuccinelli.

“They’re weaponizing @DHS against the very American people it exists to protect,” he added. “This is unconscionable & dangerous.”

“According to the Biden gang, distrust of the Biden gang makes you a terror threat. @DHSgov is out of control…,” wrote Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton.

“Another Biden agency proves itself a civil liberties menace,” he added in another tweet..

“New DHS bulletin says those opposed to COVID Mania are terrorists,” wrote investigative journalist Jordan Schachtel.

“Any speech the government doesn’t approve is terrorism? Is this the official govt response to @joerogan?” asked Tea Party Patriots co-founder Jenny Beth Martin.

“Frightening day for America,” she added.

“DHS is going after Free Speech. How long before they start arresting people who speak-out about our corrupt election?” wrote Arizona gubernatorial hopeful Kari Lake.

“Anybody who does not parrot their narrative will be called a domestic terrorist,” she added. “Our Government is full-on authoritarian right now.”

The recent directives come as the Justice Department is establishing its own “domestic terrorism” unit, and the left continues to routinely describe Republicans and their supporters as a domestic threat to democracy.

On Monday, Salon published a piece branding the GOP a “terrorist organization,” while accusing Republicans and Trump supporters of seeking a war against American democracy, encouraging widescale violence against the left and minorities, and using “stochastic terrorism” to achieve their aims.

The Washington Post published a piece the same day declaring that the “antidemocracy” GOP “stands for insurrection and authoritarianism” and poses a “dire danger to U.S. democracy — and to the lives of ordinary Americans.”

Last month, the New York Times published a piece claiming the U.S. may be on the verge of collapse due to right-wing threats on democracy.

Also, last month, feminist author Dr. Naomi Wolf blasted President Biden for pressuring media outlets to censor COVID “misinformation,” as she warned of a “totalitarian reality” and the “Nazification” of public discourse.

RELATED ARTICLE: DHS To Investigate Vaccine Dissenters As Potential Terrorists

RELATED VIDEO: Hi-Rez & Jimmy Levy – God Over Government (Official Video)

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Anti-Domestic Violence Play Canceled for ‘violating’ Islamic Tradition

Sharia empowers women! *to get beaten.

Respect it, Islamophobes!

Will Muslim women ever break out of their bondage and claim their rightful place among emancipated non-Muslim women? It has long been sub-humanized Muslim women who must discard Islam and claim their equal human rights. Muslim men will resort to every means to maintain their privileged position and their cruel dominance over women, citing the Quran as justification. Any document that consigns half of humans to second-class status is null and void.

Islam is consistent in its injustice. It demonizes the kefirs (unbelievers), it formally condones slavery, and institutionalizes oppression of even Muslim women. In fully 71% of the verses of the Quran where women are mentioned, they are ascribed lower status and assigned subservience to men. The Hadith even outdoes the Quran by 89%. In the Quran itself, wife-beating is recommended (Surah 4:34), marriage to prepubescent girls is condoned (Surah 65:4), following the example of Muhammad himself, who married Ayesha when she was only six years of age. Men are to view sexual intercourse as plowing a field (Surah 2:223). Sexual slavery is clearly condoned (Surah 33:50); polygamy is ordained (Surah 4:2); temporary marriages, tantamount to prostitution, are permitted (Surah 4:24).

According to Islam, women are naghes-ul-aghl (intellectually defective) and men are rulers over women Quran (4:34). A woman’s testimony is worth one half of a man’s; they are to be obedient to their husbands. A man can “marry” as many women as he desires and divorce them at will, while a woman can only be married to one man and has no such right to divorce. (more here)

Anti-domestic violence play canceled for ‘violating’ Islamic tradition

Jatt Mayor Khaled Jarrah argued that the show essentially calls for a rebellion against the traditional family roles and violates Islamic law.

By Eliav Breuer, J Post, FEBRUARY 6, 2022:

The mayor of the Arab town of Jatt near Haifa canceled a play about violence against women in the Arab sector on the same day that a 26-year-old mother of three was seriously injured in a shooting in Lod, reportedly in connection to the divorce process she was in.

The show in question, called “Voices” (“Kolot”), documents a collection of stories and situations from the lives of women, girls, and youth in romantic relationships, describing the cycle of violence they experience, which culminates in murder.

The mayor, Khaled Jarrah, argued that the show essentially calls for a rebellion against the traditional family roles and violates Islamic law.

Directed by Hisham Suleiman (Fauda, Baghdad Central, Al Medinah), the artistic director of the Nazareth Fringe Theater, and promoted by women’s rights NGO Na’amat, the play premiered in June and has been performed over 70 times since, including in the November “IsraDrama” festival, held by the Hanoch Levin Institute of Israeli Drama in Tel Aviv.

The play became popular very quickly, Suleiman said in a conversation with The Jerusalem Post. It has been performed in dozens of Arab cities and towns that often appear in the news due to gun violence.

For Suleiman, however, the more interesting part of the play is the discussion panel that the cast decided to hold immediately after it.

“For me, the real play begins after the staged show ends,” he said to the Post. “Unfortunately, the media did not notice until the extreme scenario happened – which shows that in Israel the extremes take over the daily discourse.”

The idea that Suleiman is trying to push across is that the violence against women is something that is a part of society – and is part of what boys see and learn from a young age. He wishes to draw a distinction between tradition that safeguards and anchors society, versus tradition that serves part of society and is used a weapon – in this case, quite literally.

“We educate women to be weak from childhood, and men to take control of women,” he said. “My thesis is that the play can prevent a murder or prevent a woman from being drawn into a circle of violence.”

Politicians responded to the cancellation.

“Women are killed because there are those who normalize it and demand that they remain silent when they are threatened,” Joint List (Hadash) MK Aida Touma-Sliman said. She denounced Jarrah’s hypocrisy, saying that the cancellation is an example of this phenomenon. Suleiman agreed.“We need to help women, and not shut them up.”

The play begins with obsessive questioning about the woman’s whereabouts and morphs into violence and murder. Suleiman hopes that the play can also teach women to identify signs of abuse at an early stage, before it turns violent.

“Every word in the play is true, uttered by people who experienced real violent abuse. And if they are speaking, we should listen and give them a stage,” he said.

“Art is meant to rattle you, to make you reexamine the customs you adhere to and make you change the way you see something, not to reaffirm a prior belief,” he concluded. “We count the women who are killed – 21 in 2021 – but need to start treating each one as a person with feelings, dreams, family and a future.”


Islam: “Beating Women a Wondrous Thing”

WATCH: NY Sheikh at Muslim Center of NY: Wife-Beating Permissible To Hurt The Wife’s Dignity

Islamic Scholar On Wife Beating In Islam: If She Is Nasty And Does Not Want To Understand – Beat Her To Instill Discipline, But Not In Public

WATCH Head Of Fatwa Committee At The Islamic University Of Gaza: ‘Like A Father Beats His Son, Or A Mother Her Daughter, Wife-Beating Should Be Therapeutic, Not Vindictive’

German Islamic community recommends men hit ‘unruly’ women

Detroit Imam: Wife-Beating Serves To Remind Her That She Misbehaved

Muslim Sociologist Demonstrates Correct Wife-Beating in Islam

Iran: Islamic Regime Refuses to Pass a Bill to Prevent Violence Against Women

Ex-Muslim: What Feminists Don’t Talk About, Islam HATES Women

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Iran Claims It Will Be ‘One of World’s Largest Arms Exporters’

Iran’s Chief of Staff Mohammad Bagheri has claimed that once the U.S. lifts its sanctions, Iran is poised to become one of the world’s largest arms exporters.

The claim, which is an example of Iran’s whistling in the dark, is reported on here: “Iran chief of staff: We’ll be one of the world’s largest arms exporters,” Jerusalem Post, February 7, 2022:

Iran will be one of the world’s largest arms exporters if US sanctions are lifted, claimed Chief of Staff of the Iranian Armed Forces Mohammad Bagheri during a ceremony on Monday, according to the Iranian Young Journalists Club.

“In the field of self-reliance, self-confidence and self-sufficiency, we are more than self-sufficient in weapons and equipment, in designing strategies and policies, in operational plans and tactics, and in what we must do in the defense and security of the country,” said Bagheri.

Iran’s military has not exactly proven itself impervious to attacks, both physical and cyber. Israel has repeatedly upended its nuclear program. The Stuxnet malware in 2010 set back that program for one to two years, by introducing a computer worm that caused more than 1,000 centrifuges to speed up so fast that they destroyed themselves. From 2010 to 2012, Israel managed to assassinate four of Iran’s top nuclear scientists. In 2018, the Mossad was able to locate and to seize from a warehouse in the middle of Tehran Iran’s entire nuclear archive, and bring it back to Israel. The archive provided conclusive evidence of Iran’s violation of its commitments under the JCPOA deal, and of how it managed repeatedly to foil the IAEA inspectors. Mossad then managed to attack, and very largely destroy, the nuclear facility at Natanz, and then to destroy a second facility built some fifty meters underground at the same site. In addition Mossad has been responsible for other attacks all over Iran, hitting petrochemical plants, electricity power plants, and other critical components of Iran’s superstructure. Does Bagheri think that Iran’s conventional weapons plants won’t be reached either by Mossad on the ground or in the long arm of the Israeli Air Force?

Bagheri stressed that Iran does need to import equipment from other countries, adding that “if the criminal US sanctions are lifted we will become one of the world’s largest arms exporters.”

In 2020, then Iranian defense minister Amir Hatami stated that Iran continued arms cooperation with some countries even while sanctions were imposed against arms trade with Iran. “The Islamic Republic of Iran has reached good positions in the field of arms exports to some countries during this period and agreements have been concluded in this field,” said Hatami at the time.

Iran has not been selling arms, but giving them to, inter alia: the Houthis in Yemen for use in the civil war; Kata’ib Hezbollah, a Shi’a militia in Iraq; the Syrian army; and to Hezbollah, which has 140,000 rockets and missiles received, gratis, from Iran.

There is no possibility that any of these recipients of Iranian conventional arms will be in a position to buy them from Iran. The Houthis have no money to start paying for Iranian arms that up to now have been given to them. Yemen is one of the poorest countries in the world. The Houthis are fighting the forces of the national government; these are supported by the deep-pocketed Saudis, who provide weapons unstintingly. It’s hard to imagine how the Houthis could ever begin to pay for Iranian weapons; Tehran will have to keep supplying them for free.

The same is true of Kata’ib Hezbollah, the Shi’a militia in southern Iraq that is closest to Iran. It has been supplied with weapons from Tehran, but is not now, and will not be, in a position to buy them. Like the Houthis, they are dependent on Iran giving, not selling them, weapons.

In Syria, the government may have won its civil war, but much of the country lies in ruin. The cost to reconstruct it, that is to put it back in the condition it was in in 2011, just before the civil war began, will cost at least $400 billion. Though victorious in its war, the Syrian government is in no position to buy weapons from Iran. Nor is Syria likely to continue to be an ally of Iran. Bashar Assad realizes that he needs enormous infusions of reconstruction money; such sums can only come from the Gulf Arab states, who will supply funds to Assad only if he cuts Syria’s ties to Iran.

Finally, there is Hezbollah in Lebanon. But Lebanon – and therefore Hezbollah – is impoverished; its economy lies in ruins; 60% of Lebanese now live below the poverty line; the Lebanese currency has lost 90% of its value in the last two years. Hezbollah is suffering economically just like the rest of Lebanon. The 140,000 rockets and missiles sent to Hezbollah by Iran were a gift. Hezbollah has no funds to start paying for Iranian arms; it has even had to slash the salaries of its fighters.

If Yemen’s Houthis,, Iraq’s Kata’ib Hezbollah, Syria’s army, and Lebanon’s Hezbollah all lack the wherewithal to buy Iranian arms, where else can Iran find buyers for its weapons? Not from any of the Arab states, that are among the world’s largest buyers of arms, but who want nothing to do with Iran. Has Mohammad Bagheri forgotten that? Possibly Qatar, which has maintained good relations with Iran, might become a customer, but on the other hand, Qatar is now trying to get back in the good graces of Saudi Arabia, the UAE, and the other members of the Gulf Cooperation Council. If Qatar were to buy arms from Iran, that would enrage all of its neighbors, and throw a spanner in the works of a potential reconciliation between Qatar and those Gulf states. Why would Qatar want to endanger its relations with its fellow Arabs, now that they seem willing to welcome it back in the fold?

What about Iran exporting arms to Europe? European nations would not buy Iranian arms for three reasons: First, those weapons are no match for the weaponry produced by the Americans, the French, the Germans, the British, or the Israelis. Second, any country that buys weapons from Iran will enrage Washington, which even if it lifts sanctions on Iran still remains an enemy of the Islamic Republic. Washington’s reaction is not something would-be customers for Iranian weapons can ignore.

The UN arms embargo on Iran ended in 2020, although US sanctions on arms sales are still in place. After the embargo ended Hatami claimed that Iran’s export of weapons will exceed its purchases.

Iran is known to smuggle weapons to its proxies in Iraq, Yemen, Syria and Lebanon. It is unclear if these are the exports referred to by Iranian officials.

If Mohammad Bagheri is counting on sales of weapons to the current recipients of Iranian weapons, given for free, he has another think coming. None of these – from the Houthis to Hezbollah — are going to be able to pay for weapons for many years to come.

One possible market for Iranian weapons are the five “stans” of Central Asia: Uzbekistan, Tadjikistan, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, and Turkmenistan. But there are several problems. First, there would be Russian opposition to such sales; Russia has been until now the sole supplier of weapons to the “stans” and would oppose any attempt by Iran to take away customers for Russian arms. Second, of the five stans, only one – Kazakhstan – has, because of its oil, sufficient resources to be a steady buyer of arms. Third, Turkey sees the “stans” as fellow Turkic states, and the pan-Turanian impulse to strengthen ties between Turkey and the “stans” might encourage arms sales to them from Turkey at concessionary prices, in order to strengthen the military and political links between Ankara and the Turkic “stans,” and to shut out Iran as an arms seller to the region.

Sub-Saharan Africa, too, lacks the money to make major weapons purchases. There is only one country in Sub-Saharan Africa that has been buying some arms from Iran. That is Ethiopia, which had been buying American arms, but was cut off from that source by Washington, which disapproved of how Addis Ababa was conducting its war in the Tigray region. But Ethiopia, too, is a poor country; various news outlets have noted that Ethiopia reportedly acquired several Mohajer-6 drones from Iran. “Several drones” is not exactly a significant purchase of the kind General Mohammad Bagheri has in mind.

One country that might buy Iranian weapons is Iraq. Iran had already been selling Baghdad weapons before the 2015 deal . But the amounts have been small: $10 million worth in 2014. And there is another problem: would Iraq, which is trying to be in the good graces of Saudi Arabia and the UAE, want to harm those relations by buying arms from their mortal enemy, Iran?

Far from being a “major arms exporter,” as Chief of Staff Mohammad Bagheri claims, Iran will find very few customers for its weapons, and those few – like Ethiopia and Iraq – don’t have the money to make major weapons purchases.

Meanwhile, Israeli arms exports represented 3% of global arms exports between 2016 and 2020, according to the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI). In 2018-2019, Israel was ranked 9th in SIPRI’s list of top arms exporters. In 20-19-2020, it was ranked 8th; in 2020-2021, it was ranked 7th.

In 2021, when Israel was ranked seventh in the list of arms exporters, it was just behind major powers — the U.S., Russia, China, France, Germany, and the UK. The Jewish state, in arms exports as in so much else, punches far above its weight.

In the MENA region, there are many arms purchasers, but only one major exporter of weapons That is not Iran, which is not now and never will be “a major arms exporter,” but little Israel, that convincingly demonstrates to the world – by using them on the battlefield, as in last May’s war with Hamas in Gaza – what its weapons, offensive and defensive, can do. These include its advanced military drones and the Iron Dome anti-missile batteries that intercepted 90% of incoming missiles from Gaza. Also to be operational within months is Israel’s newly-developed laser-based missile defense system, both effective and inexpensive to manufacture. Much of the weaponry that Israel produces is as advanced as that manufactured in the U.S. Meanwhile, let Iran’s Chief of Staff, Mohammad Bagheri give free rein to his vivid oriental imagination, as he contemplates Iran becoming “one of the world’s largest arms exporters.” It’s a fantasy that the ghost of Sheherazade could not have bettered.



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In Canada it’s trucks versus tweets and the trucks are winning

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has called the truckers out for antisemitism, Islamophobia, anti-Black racism, homophobia, and transphobia. Huh?

Freedom Convoy protesters open up about standing for their beliefs

Two weeks ago, the “Freedom Convoy” began in earnest, with thousands of truckers from every province crossing Canada’s icy highways to take their grievances over vaccine mandates to the nation’s capital.

After many dramatic twists and turns, hundreds of trucks and thousands of protesters still clog up Ottawa’s streets. Two of North America’s most important border crossings also remain blockaded.

Perhaps most surprising of all, the demonstration seems to be working. As of yesterday, four provincial Premiers announced plans to either eliminate or roll back key Covid measures — in Quebec, Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Prince Edward Island.

While decision-makers are eager to distance their decision-making from the protests, there is no doubt that the mood is melting in Canada. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has endured days of heckling in parliament —from both the right and the left — over his handling of the protests, with increased calls for him to reopen the country or at least listen to the truckers.

Trudeau has spent much of the last fortnight out of the public gaze. But he has been at the forefront of the Twitter war. In one tweet he characterised protesters as antisemites, Islamophobes, anti-Black racists, homophobes, and transphobes (an impressive list!). In another, he framed them as vandals, thieves and wavers of racist flags. Predictably, his words got the Twitter mobs baying.

Evidence for some of these claims is there, but scant. Footage has circulated of two lone actors, one waving a Confederate flag and one waving a Nazi flag. The former was heckled by crowds until he left the protest. He kept his identity tightly concealed, making it likely he was there to quite literally wave a false flag. The latter is still unidentified, even after a $6,500 reward was offered for leads on his identity.

Ottawa’s police chief and mayor have happily taken part in the war of words, which has helped keep things spicy on social media. Police Chief Peter Sloly warned of a “volatile” and “increasingly dangerous” situation and made repeated forecasts of impending violence that have failed to materialise. Mayor Jim Watson called a state of emergency, warning that the downtown occupiers posed a “serious danger and threat to the safety and security of residents”.

Following an injunction, honking has been banned for ten days in Ottawa, and over a thousand tickets have been given out for excessive noise and parking infractions. The city has also seen some 23 arrests over the two-week period, all in relation to “mischief”, resisting arrest, and similar misdemeanours.

The news media has likewise done its best to demonise the protest. An impressive video still circulates on Twitter — a compilation of media reports describing the demonstration as “sedition”, an “insurrection”, “a threat to democracy”, and worse. Nevertheless, even if residents and city officials are at their wits’ end, the drama in Ottawa remains leagues behind the melodrama.

Indeed, a Daily Mail journalist recently published a report after spending a full week on Ottawa’s streets trying to get a read on the situation:

“Since arrived in Ottawa last week we have seen no indication of violence or vandalism or any extremist political agenda. In fact, the demonstrations have shown the opposite. Supplies brought in for the protesters also include bouncy castles for children as protests continue into the second week…

“Every trucker spoke with said they came to protest non-violently and their only reason being there was to free Canada of its covid mandates. Truckers were conscientious of the public streets and kept them free of litter. They also shovelled snow and threw down de-icer making the streets and sidewalks easier to walk on.”

The report’s headline aptly summarises the disconnect between the online and real worlds: “Freedom Convoy truckers say Trudeau and North America’s liberal media are falsely demonising them as ultra-right-wing crazies. And after spending a week in their midst, the Mail’s reporter can only conclude these peaceful, good-natured protestors are 100% correct about that – if nothing else.”

On the pretext that the demonstration had become violent and unlawful, GoFundMe shut down a US$10 million fundraiser and refunded donors. Not to be deterred, organisers set up a new campaign via GiveSendGo that quickly raised US$8 million — but just today, the Ontario government was successful in convincing a court to freeze access to those funds, too.

If the last fortnight is anything to go on, this will only harden the demonstrators’ resolve. When police began seizing fuel from truckers, protesters saw the humorous side. They were soon seen carrying jerry cans en masse through the city — whether full or empty — to confound law enforcement officials, thereby turning the humble jerry into a symbol of Canadian dissent.

The propaganda war on Twitter will no doubt continue, but nothing beats the real world. And in the real world, the truckers are winning.


Kurt Mahlburg

Kurt Mahlburg is a writer and author, and an emerging Australian voice on culture and the Christian faith. He has a passion for both the philosophical and the personal, drawing on his background as a graduate… More by Kurt Mahlburg

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The COVID Quacks Were Wrong About Everything

The COVID quacks were wrong about everything.  Let’s take a quick trip through their latest blunders, shall we?

They were wrong about masks.  They finally admitted the cloth masks they’d been telling everybody to wear for two years are worthless and everybody should wear N95 masks.  They’re wrong about that, too.  N95 masks cause higher carbon dioxide levels, cognitive impairment, headaches, cardio-pulmonary stress, and even fatal heart attacks.

They were wrong about the definition of COVID deaths.  Public health authorities have routinely inflated the numbers by including people who die from other causes but happen to test positive for COVID.  The CDC finally admitted maybe that wasn’t a good idea and they really should separate out the number who are hospitalized for other reasons and test positive after being admitted for something else.  We’ve been jumping up and down about this for two years and we were right.

They were wrong about lockdowns. Twenty-four studies now show lockdowns “have had little to no public health effects, [but] have imposed enormous economic and social costs where they have been adopted.”

They were wrong about mandates and are now back-pedaling in Illinois, New York, three Canadian provinces, and Sweden.  Just the News  NBC-5 Chicago  Reuters  AP  The Democrats in control of Virginia’s state senate just voted to make masks optional in school.   Why is this happening now?  As Florida’s Governor Ron DeSantis put it, the medical science didn’t change, but the political science has.  Government officials now realize they’ve taken this COVID mandate thing just about as far as it will go.  People aren’t putting up with mandates anymore.  The mandates are becoming more unpopular by the day and the Democrats in control of places like Illinois and New York can see the November elections barreling down the tracks at them like a freight train.

The quacks were wrong about natural immunity.  They tried to argue people who caught COVID did not develop natural immunity to the disease.  The CDC now admits there is natural immunity and it actually works better than the vaccines.

They were wrong about COVID vaccines stopping transmission of disease. The director of the CDC later admitted the vaccines do not prevent transmission. You can be vaccinated and still pass the virus to other people.

They were wrong about how susceptible kids are to the disease.  Zeke Emanuel claimed unvaccinated kids are in danger of contracting the virus and getting a “serious condition of Omicron.”  When his argument was demolished, he claimed he “misspoke”.  Sure.

They were wrong to ignore vitamin D.  The information has been out there for a long time, but public health authorities ignored it.  Now, a study validates vitamin D deficiency makes people 14 times more susceptible to serious COVID and to die from the disease.

Fauci was wrong and flip-flopped on masks, on whether the vaccinated should wear masks, on whether kids should be in school, and on how much people should interact with each other during the pandemic.  Ron DeSantis put the flip-flops in a campaign ad and Fauci comes off looking like an idiot, because he is.

So, they were wrong about masks, COVID deaths, lockdowns, mandates, natural immunity and lots of other things.  What else are they wrong about, hmm?  Vaccine safety, maybe?  They keep saying the COVID vaccines are safe, but over 23,000 Americans have died within 14 days of being vaccinated, so far.  Where are the government safety studies that are supposed to be done when a vaccine disaster strikes?  What has the government decided about doing such studies? I’m trying to find out. I filed a Freedom of Information Act request with the CDC for this information. First, they delayed, saying my request was ‘complex’, but now they’ve put it in the ordinary queue.  What does that really mean?  Does it mean they’ll take 75 years to answer like the FDA tried to do in another COVID vaccine FOIA case recently?  I’m not willing to wait 75 years. I will soon take steps to speed things up and put my request under court supervision.  Stay tuned.

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